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robiinbuckley · 1 day
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#Dustin told Steve to spend less time trying to find a girlfriend and more time trying to find Eddie, after all... (insp)
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joseph-quinns · 3 days
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Joseph Quinn + Tumblr’s 2022 Year in Review [insp.]
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naiad-r · 1 day
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'ronance and steddie accidentally going on a date to the same place and steve and robin see each other across the room.'
Based on this post on Twitter.
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munsonquinns · 1 day
for those that couldn’t listen, here’s what we’ve learned about Joseph Quinn from today’s panel (creds):
he doesn’t like pineapple on pizza
he’s happy with the questions people ask him
meeting Metallica is one of his favorite memories from this year
he speaks English is is learning Italian and German
he can understand a little bit of spanish but can’t speak it
him being in a bunch of period dramas was not a coincidence
Jamie loves his eyes
Joe Keery is his favorite costar
he has not listened to any more Harry Styles since last month
he likes the WASP pin on Eddie’s vest the most
he doesn’t meditate (but says he probably should)
Sunshine of Your Love by Cream is the first song he learned on guitar
prefers steak pie over fish n chips
he’s doing alright :)
he likes Arctic Monkeys
his favorite Arctic Monkeys song at the moment is Perfect Sense
his favorite role is Eddie
his favorite scene from stranger things was the guitar scene, but he also liked shooting with the cast (Joe, Maya, Natalia, Sadie, etc.)
he was very nervous meeting the stranger things cast
the first s4 scene he shot was in the boathouse
he thinks it’s annoying when actors talk about their process to prepare for roles
he thinks some roles come naturally and some don’t
he loved Toy Story as a child
he loved working with Gaten so much
he did some acting in school and enjoyed it and then went to drama school
he would star in Bridgerton if it was offered to him
fall is his favorite season
favorite animal is a dolphin
he is an only child
his favorite scene as Ralph was when he proposed, but he doesn’t remember much
likes the song I Am by Jamie Campbell Bower
it took him an hour to learn Master of Puppets on guitar, and a few months to get it better
he listens to Metallica
he improvises lines with more spontaneous characters
he’s had social anxiety before
his glasses are reading glasses
he needs contacts but he doesn’t have them yet
biggest pet peeve is fussy eaters but he’s fine with vegans and vegetarians
he can’t choose a favorite pasta
he would stick with Eddie even if he could’ve chosen a different stranger things role to audition for
his comfort character is Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka
Legolas is his favorite LOTR character
he finds it weird to call himself a “famous person”
he thinks him and Eddie share a “questionable fashion sense”
he cannot play the Master of Puppets solo on guitar, but the rest of the song
he loves all of the stranger things fast that he got to work with
he’d love to be a part of A Quiet Place franchise
he wanted to save animals and be a marine biologist when he was a child
his perfect date would be dinner and a movie
when playing Eddie, he drew inspiration from obnoxious people older than him growing up
doesn’t have a least favorite stranger things scene to shoot
favorite movies from this year were The Banshees of Inisherin and The Whale
he is a dog person
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whalevoyager · 1 day
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another bat (st)eddie comic i did last month ^_^
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morganbritton132 · 2 days
Eddie posting a Tiktok at like two in the morning like, “I think it’s great if your parents are absent for the majority of your life and in general just suck that you form your own family with your ex-girlfriend’s brother’s friend and a lesbian you met at the mall, but-“
He flips the camera around to show Ozzy sleeping next to Steve sleeping next to Robin sleeping next to Dustin, who is spread out over Eddie’s entire side of the bed, “-but do they have to be in my bed???”
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Robin drags Steve to a local art exhibit on a goddamn weeknight. This is not his scene at all.
Pretentious douchebags in scarves discussing if that splatter of paint represents socioeconomic downfall? Nah, this shit is not for him.
Robin ditches him halfway through the exhibit to talk to some sculptor that she’s got a thing for. Honestly, Steve would’ve done the same thing if it were him. But still, Steve is five minutes away from leaving her ass and taking a cab home.
He’s sitting on metal bench, centered a few feet away from the oversized canvas of scattered colors.
It looks like such a mess. Scribbled strokes of paint and lines that bump into curves. Everything intersecting. Someone would probably try to convince him that it represents the artist’s troubled past or fucked up childhood.
To Steve, it’s just a mess.
“What do you think?” A voice asks, joining Steve on the bench.
He looks to be about Steve’s age. Bold features, bolder hairstyle. All black clothes with chunky red combat boots. Elaborate tattoos creeping over the collar of his shirt.
Steve shrugs. “Truthfully? I don’t get it.”
“It’s art. What don’t you get about it?” The guy looks stunned.
Is Steve really about to argue with a complete stranger over lines and colors?
“There’s nothing but lost movements.”
Guess he is.
Steve observes the nameplate next to the canvas and goes off.
“Like this Eddie Munson guy held up a paintbrush and went, ‘fuck it, they’ll never know this is bullshit.’ Honestly, this whole place is a facade for people to masquerade around, pretending to be in tune to artistic expression, but they’re not.”
“They’re not?”
“No.” Steve answers immediately, a little defensive. “Nobody here gives a shit about what the artist is trying to convey, and this artist…”
Steve points at the artwork.
“This Munson guy knew that. Knew he could fool every rich asshole in this place.”
The guy looks at the painting and laughs. He’s got a nice smile, Steve thinks. Wide and genuine. Not too perfect. Not overly rehearsed. Like he doesn’t give out smiles to just anyone.
“Eddie Munson couldn’t fool you though, could he?” He finally says, looking directly at Steve.
The intense eye contact makes Steve a bit fidgety. Nervous. “I guess not, no.”
“I like that.”
“Like what?”
“That you refuse to see what everyone else sees.” The guy turns away, releasing Steve from the gaze. “Even if that would be easier.”
It almost sounded like he was trying to say he likes Steve. Not that Steve would complain if that were true. This guy is not his type, but that doesn’t mean he’s unwilling to expand his definition of type for someone that’s interested in him.
“What do you think about it?” Steve tilts his head towards the canvas.
The guy twists the ring on his thumb, processing an answer. He crosses his legs, then un-crosses them. Twists the ring counterclockwise now.
“I think the painter abandoned their originality to meet their growing audience’s expectations of them as an artist.” He finally says.
Steve scoffs. “How did you draw up a conclusion like that?”
The guy hums and abruptly changes the topic. “What did you say your name was?”
“Steve Harrington.”
“Right.” He gets up and gestures toward a ‘staff only’ door. “Up for a little field trip, Steve Harrington?”
This is dumb. Breaking laws is something Steve left behind in his angst-filled teen years.
But this guy is bad-boy hot and Steve is painfully bored, so he follows the stranger despite his better judgement.
They enter the door and are instantly greeted by a trail of empty paint buckets. There’s dirty tarps covering the floors and countless canvases laid out across the wide room.
Right away, Steve can tell this is what art is all about. The chaos. The urgency to create as soon inspiration strikes.
And these paintings look nothing like the one hanging in the gallery. These paintings are full narratives told through shapes and pigments.
These paintings could be an autobiography on the topic of someone who experiences life deeply. Passionately.
These are the untold masterpieces.
“Wow.” Is all Steve finally comes up with.
“To answer your question,” the stranger gestures grandly to the entirety of the room. “This is how I drew up that conclusion.”
“This was the originality. It’s stuck behind these four walls, but it’s where everything started. It’s where everything should have stayed.”
Steve carefully watches the man explore all the different works of art. Bending down to touch some. Smiling playfully at others. Steve is stupidly captivated by his ability to shine amongst literal art.
“What did you say your name was?”
The guy chuckles and walks back over to Steve. “I didn’t.”
“Right. Are you gonna tell me?”
“That depends.”
“Depends on what?”
“Depends on if you’ll still kiss me after I tell you.”
They’re standing close, Steve hadn’t realized it until now. Maybe it was him closing the distance. Maybe it was the stranger. Maybe it was gravity growing tired of their mediocre foreplay.
But they’re close now. So close that Steve can see the lightening bolt tattoo below the stranger’s left ear. A thought runs rampant in Steve’s slutty mind that he could see every single neck tattoo if he were to start unbuttoning this guy’s shirt.
He’s close enough to do it.
“I’ll still kiss you afterwards,” Steve agrees dreamily. Getting high off of paint fumes and close proximity.
The stranger lets his hand wander up the back of Steve’s neck, breaths getting caught in Steve’s throat at the contact.
“I’m that Eddie Munson guy.” He says in a low whisper. “The same one who held up a paintbrush and went, ‘fuck it, they’ll never know this is bullshit.’”
Every word he utters is cautious now. Like Steve might change his mind about kissing him.
Steve doesn’t change his mind.
He pulls hard at Eddie’s collar, lets their lips collide dizzily fast. Eddie’s mouth pushes against his to lead the kiss, Steve is more than happy to let him do so.
It’s a noisy kiss. Sounds escaping out of the corners of their mouths. Airy gasps and rustling clothes filling the open space.
Steve breaks the kiss to speak, inhaling as much oxygen as he can get. “I’m guessing you bring lots of guys back here and woo them with your secretly amazing art.”
Eddie had transitioned to kissing Steve’s neck while he was talking, but stops as soon as Steve says that.
“You’ve got it all wrong, sweetheart.” Eddie cradles Steve’s flushed cheeks with both hands. “I only bring pretty boys who refuse to see what everyone else sees back here.”
Steve moves Eddie’s hands and wraps them around his own neck. “Even if that would be easier.”
Eddie smiles. “Exactly.”
He goes back to sucking on Steve’s neck, like he was rudely interrupted before, and Steve starts to feel as chaotic as the art surrounding them. Eddie marks him with a fresh bruise, just below his right ear. Mirroring the exact spot where Eddie’s lightening tattoo is located.
Eddie licks over it. Swirling his tongue in sweltering circles, making Steve pant wow as he finishes the creation he was designing solely with his mouth.
He exhales a single laugh into their kiss.
“Why are you laughing?” Steve asks.
Eddie shakes his head.
“I really like doing things that make you say wow like that, Steve Harrington.”
Steve kisses Eddie’s cheek. “I really like that too.”
Eddie kisses him thoroughly slow once more, then nibbles over Steve’s ear as he whispers:
“Kinda curious to find out what else I can make you say.”
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babyboymunson · 3 days
Eddie shows his affection in a sort of aggressive way, which isn't surprising considering everything else he has going on. Dustin wasn't surprised when Eddie started shoving him a little when they started to actually become friends, wasn't surprised when he started ruffling his hair the way Steve does- but a little rougher.
But he is surprised to see the different way his affection comes out with different people.
With him and the other "little sheep", he pushes. It's a rough gesture of affection, but it's considerably gentle. A little shove, pushing them around a little. It's playful.
But with Nancy and Robin, it's crushing hugs. He'll throw his arm over their shoulders, pull them close enough that they'll wince and shove him off them. He just laughs, increasingly familiar with the response, but continuing to hug the same anyway. He grows to expect the shoves, trying to squeeze them and duck out of the way before they can. It's like a game.
Will and Jonathan both like their space- with most people anyway. Eddie respects that. His affection with them is more... kicking. Nudging them with his feet, trying to wiggle his toes under their legs, pressing cold feet up their pants in the winter.
It's like he's trying to play with them, an overexcited puppy, but keeps forgetting his own strength. And Dustin loves that... usually.
With Steve it's... different.
A lot of the gestures are the same. A hand in his hair, manhandling, tight hugs... but they linger. It looks more like he's brushing his fingers through Steves hair, his hugs never leave Steve wincing- rather, looking happy and content.
It's the way he manhandles him that first clued Dustin in.
The first time, Eddie had grabbed Steve by his belt and tugged him around until he was stood by his chair. It wasn't rough or pushing though. It was tugging, a coaxing pull, leading him to his place. It wasn't playful. It was careful.
The second time was worse. Steve had been standing back a little, squinting to see the board. Eddie had curled an arm around his waist, tugging him a few steps forward so he could see better. But his hand stayed there, lingering on his hip. It wasn't until Eddie noticed Dustin staring that he pulled away, blushing.
The third time had Dustin rethinking his assumptions about Steve.
Because he's always been a bit... particular. And if he doesn't want to do something, he won't. It takes a lot of bullying and peer pressure. Even then, he probably wanted to do it in the first place or he's given no choice.
But it makes Dustin suspicious when Eddie pulls at Steve, tugging until he lays on his side. He spends the rest of the movies time with his head in Eddies lap, falling asleep with his fingers brushing through his hair. Eddie kept looking down at him, smiling, the whole time. Steves little smile looked just as soft.
When they finally come out, finally tell everyone that they're dating, Dustin is relieved.
"Oh thank fuck," Dustin mutters, pressing the heel of his hands to his eyes.
"Excuse me?" Eddie asks, incredulous.
"If I had to watch you dancing around Steve like a peacock one more time, I was going to lose my mind."
"What? Hey- that- I wasn't-"
"You were," Robin cuts in with a tight smile. "It was really obvious."
"What? Why didn't you tell me?" Steve gently slaps her arm.
"I thought you were straight, dingus!"
"You honestly thought Steve is straight?" Eddie snorts.
His hand curls around him, just the same as before, pulling him close with his hand lingering on his hip. But, this time, he rubs his hand up and down his side. It looks like he's trying to pet Steve the way he would a dog, but Steve is smiling, leaning into him.
It makes the real horror of the situation truly dawn on Dustin. He realizes, slowly, that they must have been hiding whatever thing they had for a while. They must have been holding back.
They're going to be more affectionate than ever, Dustin realizes. And, as happy as he is to see them both so happy and relaxed and in love, he wants to gag at the thought of them being so openly affectionate all the time.
He just hopes they won't be as bad as Steve was with Nancy- he'd only seen them from a distance and that had been bad enough.
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sarcasticassian · 2 days
Corroded Coffin’s label want them to do a Christmas song, Chrissy (their manager) tells them over and over that it’s not gonna fly, it’s really not the band’s brand and who is even asking for a Christmas song off them but due to the recent mainstream success of the band the label is not backing down so Chrissy tells the guys what the situation is thinking she’s going to have to deal with an unhappy label and unhappy talent, she immediately lets them know that she’ll try and negotiate a cover or something that they can whip up in no time and then forget about 
but they all surprise her, Eddie the most, Jeff just had a kid with his wife and he’s in good spirits, Grant is married and Gareth has a long term girlfriend so she can maybe understand their tolerance for Christmas but Eddie? Mr anti establishment and hates all things capitalistic etc etc, he LOVES Christmas apparently, he says its about the spirit, people’s giving nature etc also he loves watching people get into physical fights over presents and families tearing into each other over the holidays, it’s kinda funny as an outsider and as someone who has one other family member 
so they put their heads together and even out do what she’s asking by giving her two original songs and a couple of covers, enough for an EP, the label is ecstatic and Chrissy is flabbergasted, the only hitch is that before they record properly Eddie needs a choir of kids (why, Eddie? it’s part of the Christmas spirit Chris, so many songs have them as well, why can’t ours) so to make it interesting the label makes it a competition for local school choirs and a certain Miss Buckley decides to send in a tape because why not right?
except Eddie loves them, the tape doesn’t cut off in time to miss a snarky comment from the kid at the front with the curly hair and the redhead next to him rolls her eyes so hard Eddie is pretty sure she can see the back of her head and he’s charmed, they sound good too so he begs the band to pick them and the other guys really aren’t as invested in this so they say go for it
Robin is over the moon that her choir got chosen, she’s a music teacher at a local middle school where her bestie also teaches history and is beloved by all children apparently, and it helps that the prize is tickets to a Christmas concert Corroded Coffin will be a part of for all the kids so she tells them that world famous band Corroded Coffin is coming to their school to record them for a new song and they go nuts as a bunch of 14 year olds would, Steve is happy for her even though he has no idea who these people are and doesn’t bother looking them up cause what kinda band comes to a random school for a recording of their song
Eddie LOVES the kids when he arrives, they’re delightfully bitchy but obedient enough or respect Robin enough that they listen to both her and him all day and they sound great, he enjoys them so much in fact that he asks if they’d all want to be in the music video, Steve is out sick that day much to everybody’s dismay but once the video shoot is all worked out they need another teacher for health and safety etc so he volunteers to go (not that Robin would’ve given him a choice) and he sees Eddie covered in flakes of fake snow, surrounded by this soft halo of light and is like oh dear when his heart starts pumping double time
Eddie thinks this teacher is a total cutie and all the kids seem to love him, clamouring to point out cool things on set or show him their costumes or just chat to him about their other weekend plans and Eddie is a little smitten, the shoot goes on and the song is about being lonely at Christmas, the other guys’ partners are involved and the original idea was for Eddie to remain alone to really drive in the point (who doesn’t love a sad Christmas song, of course Eddie would write something against the grain) but the label has a sudden change of heart and wants the video to end with Eddie finding someone and Chrissy seizes her chance to play matchmaker so she suggests Steve fills in if he wants before Eddie can protest
Steve is a slightly confused about why they’d pick him until Eddie blurts out that he’s gay and out etc so a guy would make more sense to their fans so Steve, caught up in the moment, says sure why not, and half falls in love with Eddie under the fake snowfall and horribly bright set lights, he knows it’s an act but Eddie is very charming (Eddie isn’t acting) and all their actual audio will be cut because of the song playing over the top so Steve just enjoys himself
when the song and video goes live fans lose it, who is this cute, cute man that Eddie has bagged, it must be his boyfriend right because everybody else’s partner is in the video and Eddie has to quickly clarify that he just met Steve that day but nobody believes him, ‘the chemistry is too good’ so Eddie manages to reach out to Steve and apologise and Steve decides to joke that Eddie should take him for a drink to make up for it but Eddie immediately agrees and that’s how Steve finds himself on a date with a rockstar
(his class go wild after Christmas break and they hear from Miss Buckley about Mr Harrington’s new boyfriend)
(they go wilder when Steve spills in return that Robin has been seeing Chrissy-the-band-manager since the recording at the school back in October)
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hotcocoaharrington · 2 days
Steve sits in his car, parked outside of the Hawkins High theater room as he waits for his begrudgingly favorite group of gremlins to come spilling out of the building and pile into his backseat (and argue about the front seat too) so he can drive them home after their Dorks & Doofuses, or whatever it's called, club.
It, technically, ends at six, but it usually takes them a while to pack up all their shit (and who knew a nerd game could have more equipment than most sports?). Plus they love to linger after to try and weasel hints about future sessions out of their Nerd King or whatever he's called and start strategizing for next time. Steve always tells them not to dawdle, they've got curfews and he's got parents to keep happy, but they never listen.
He glances down at his watch right as the little hands ticks past the three. Any minute now. At least that's what he hopes, anyways.
ABBA's playing through the tape deck, and Steve absentmindedly taps along as the opening bars of Gimme Gimme Gimme fill the car. He hums the tune through the first verse and turns it up just as it starts to gear up for the chorus.
And then, as if on cue, right as that chorus hits, right as Agnetha and Anni-Frid start to ask for their man after midnight, the doors of the theater room go flying open.
And out walks — nay, saunters — the prettiest boy that Steve has ever laid eyes on. Dressed in a tantalizing mix of leather and denim, he's got his head thrown back in a bright, beautiful laugh (loud enough to hear even over the music, and jesus, it sounds even better than the song), his long, wild curls fanning out around his face and shoulders, and the most gorgeous, easy smile pulling at his mouth and baring all of his teeth.
There's not a soul out there, ABBA sings, no one to hear my prayer.
But boy oh boy are they wrong. Steve didn't send out any prayers, but there sure as shit is a soul out there. Traipsing through the Hawkins High parking lot like he owns the place, throwing his arms and hands around in erratic, enthusiastic gestures, walking backwards towards a beat up old van in the back.
And Steve can't look away.
It's almost embarrassing how caught up he gets in staring at this boy, because he doesn't even register the kids trailing out behind him, or how they've finally made it to his car until the doors are wrenched open none too carefully and their raucous bickering bursts through the bubble.
Dustin slides into the front seat and slams the door behind him, and Steve's attention is momentarily stolen from the pretty boy as he slips into the familiar song and dance that is chastising Dustin for his lack of respect for Steve's things and volleying back at the snarky remarks he gets in return.
"Later dweebs!" Interrupts a smooth, lilting voice from outside and every pair of eyes in the car (including Steve's, especially Steve's) snap towards the source. The pretty boy stands in the open door of his van with a broad smirk and a hand stuck up in a sedentary wave.
The kids all chorus their goodbyes and wave back, and Steve — ingloriously, embarrassingly, mortifyingly — gives a wave of his own.
The pretty boy notices, because of course he does, and his grin sharpens. He adds an extra flutter of his fingertips as he meets Steve's eyes directly.
Steve flushes all the way up to his roots and immediately tears his gaze away, drops his hand to the wheel, and clears his throat. "Alright," he says, sounding a bit pinched. "Buckle up shitheads," he adds and hopes that none of the excruciatingly nosy children in his car noticed any of that.
He doesn't even know how to begin explaining any of that to the kids. He doesn't even know how to being explaining any of this to himself.
Steve waits for the sound of three distinct clicks, then shifts the car into drive and eases off of the break. As he heads towards the parking lot exit, Steve spares one last fleeting glance to the pretty boy getting smaller and smaller in his rear view mirror.
Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight, take me through the darkness to the break of the day.
The song — which Steve is absolutely going to have stuck in his head for days now, just like a certain boy that will absolutely be stuck in his head for days (and weeks, and months, and—) — fades to it's end, but this? This is only just the beginning.
This is the beginning of Steve Harrington's big huge crush on one Eddie Munson.
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obligatedart · 2 days
Tumblr media
When Eddie needs a mannequin to try out his new makeup on, Steve volunteers, ofc
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robiinbuckley · 2 days
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#So much to unpack... (insp)
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steddielations · 6 hours
Joseph, Gaten and Joe Keery having the real life dynamic of Eddie, Dustin and Steve is my favorite thing lmao
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edwardmunsen · 3 days
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out of context eddie 😌 1/?
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mardyart · 2 days
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spicy six but they steal from filthy rich and influential people
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Yall put this man on our TV screen and acted like we were not supposed to not fall in love
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