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gothicwoes · 3 days
The comic plot twist potential of the kids going “Wait, where’s Steve? Didn’t he say he would also come?” during a Serious group discussion and either Dustin or Robin making a quip about how he’s been kind of absent-minded and Weird lately. “He’s probably mooning after some girl.” Dustin will say with a roll of his eyes and everyone will agree.
Immediately after we’ll get a shot of Steve, indeed, heavily making out with someone. We don’t see the person’s face at first: all we see is their long bushy hair and how they’re backing Steve up against a wall to deepen the kiss. The hair is almost eerily similar to Nancy’s hairstyle in that episode but within the next few moments, Steve cups their cheek and the camera pans in from the side to reveal one Eddie Munson.
And a very love-drunk Steve looking at him as if he’s the last of his wishes come true.
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Tumblr media
How happy Will was that Dustin got a girlfriend.
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wheeler-things · 1 day
It's literally such a small thing but...
So, you know how all through s4, Dustin is the one in Hawkins really figuring out what's happening and also, like, coming up with a bunch of the plans? And the whole time he's so snippy and snarky about it, when the people around him (in particular the older teens) don't understand what he's talking about? And the older teens, especially Steve and Eddie are annoyed by his "ego"?
I was rewatching Eddie's campaign scene in s4e1 earlier today for my earlier post and there's that moment when they're all huddled up to discuss what to do about Vecna, and Mike's 0'd out along with everyone else except Dustin and Erica, and nobody knows what to do, and Dustin turns to Mike, like it's the most natural thing in the world, and asks for his opinion. And waits for Mike to consider. And seems much more confident in his own decision to keep fighting after Mike talks about the risks but tells him that the choice is up to him.
Like. I just think there's something really interesting about the fact that Dustin trusts, wants, and asks for Mike's opinion, specifically. Even just in D&D. I don't know.
Thinking about Mike and Dustin meeting up at the end of s3 and Dustin earnestly telling Mike they could have really used him down there, and Mike saying that they could have used Dustin up with the Mind Flayer.
Thinking about how this little gesture in the middle of a D&D game shows how much trust Dustin has in Mike's abilities as a leader and strategist. Thinking about how Dustin doesn't turn to anyone else that way/that naturally (as far as I can remember) all through s4. How things went sideways and Mike was unreachable AGAIN, this time halfway across the country.
Like? Honestly no wonder Dustin's attitude was the way it was this season? Poor kid was trying to be himself and Mike-- both the scientist and the strategist all at the same time-- for everyone else. That's exhausting.
idk I'm just very suddenly having a lot of feelings about Mike and Dustin's friendship.
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aemiron-main · 2 days
btw the real “smart but also oblivious” character is Dustin and some of you guys keep assigning that to Mike when it’s Dustin.
Dustin is smart. Dustin is also often oblivious. Dustin still hasn’t figured out that Robin is a lesbian. He’s smart enough to know that Something is different/that Something is weird about what’s going on between her and Steve but too oblivious to realize What it is. Dustin is the one who made the “and that’s when I kiss her?” comment to Steve in s2 because he’s oblivious to those sort of things. Dustin is the one who didn’t realize what was up with El in s1 the same way that Mike did when they first found her. Etc etc etc.
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will80sbyers · 2 days
I need Will to have individual scenes with everyone in the party and I need everyone in the party to have scenes with the others I feel like the teens and adults should have less screentime for the last season tbh sorry not sorry at all
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henderdads · 1 day
K but what if Eddie actually is dead in season 5 and he’s basically just like… a ghost who follows Dustin and Steve around and they’re the only ones who can see and interact with him so other members of the party see them have an animated conversation with him and they all think the two of them have gone insane.
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dis-a-ppointment · 1 day
some core four gems
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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galecstatic · 5 hours
Tumblr media
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achildonsteroids · 3 days
Stuff in Stranger Things that breaks me
Dustin’s hair in season 4 is based off Steve’s
Angela’s hair is made to make you hate her (look it up)
Netflix fully embraced Mom Steve
Lucas biked 8 miles (about 12874.8 meters) to warn Dustin Jason was after him and Eddie (which would have taken him at least 35 minutes)
Steve drove Dustin to the snowball even after they were done with fighting monsters (momentarily)
“Do you know where he is? We were supposed to go out.” “Go out? I see he’s taken a step down from Max.”
Pretty much every line Erica Sinclair has ever delivered
The blue hair tie that has been passed from Sara -> Hopper -> Eleven
Hoppers badge number adds up to eleven (380)
Sadie outright telling everyone all the fan theories about the gravestone in the trailer are wrong and that it’s just a production error
The fact that Argyle was the only one acting appropriate about the dead agent Will, Mike and Jonathan are burying
El’s first reaction after seeing Dustin for the first time after disappearing at the end of season one is pointing out he has teeth 🥺🥺
“Crazy together”
The actual meaning behind why the Duffers chose ‘Deal with God’ as Max’s song (don’t search it up it hurts)
Curiosity quite literally killed the cat in season 2
Erica came to (almost) all of Lucas’ games
Steve in the background cheering Lucas on at his final basketball game
Nancy just sawing off the barrel of the shotgun in front of a child
Dustin gave Wayne the only thing left of Eddie, since the RV was destroyed, even though he misses him just as much and was practically forced to watch him die
All the cracks meet at the library, which is where Hopper and Joyce found Will in season 1
The smoke rising from the cracks resembles the Mind Flayer
The Russian government literally knows Dustin’s full name and nothing has happened
Brenner dying in the gayest pose ever
Dustin and Steve’s handshake (please let it make another appearance I love it so much)
Robins shoes that say “won’t go down in history but will go down on your sister”
“Lucas I don’t wanna die, I’m not ready”
And finally,
Tumblr media
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favefandomimagines · 2 days
It Had To be You 2 (s.h)
Tumblr media
Summary: Dustin and the rest of the gang trick you and Steve into reliving your first date
AN: here is part 2!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
Part 1
Wedding Countdown: 6 Days
You stared at the number on your mother’s calendar and wished time would just stand still. Was it 6 days already? You felt like you just got engaged and now you’re getting married in 6 days.
But why were you wishing time would stop? You loved Nick, you wanted to marry him so why did you want everything to stop? You thought coming back to Hawkins would make things easier, prove you made the right choice but now you weren’t so sure.
The sound of the phone made you jump from your spot in the kitchen and forced you to shake away whatever thoughts you were having.
“Hello?” You answered. “Y/n! It’s Dustin! The movie theater is having a special showing of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and we know it’s your favorite movie so we thought we’d ask if you wanted to come with us.” Dustin rambled.
“Who’s we?” You questioned. “The usual gang. Don’t worry, Steve won’t be there. He’s working.” The boy answered.
You hadn’t seen “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in a while, plus it would be nice to catch up with everyone. And Steve won’t be there.
“Sure, I’ll be there.” You said. “Great! We’ll meet you there!” Dustin practically yelled before hanging up the phone. “Well, what did she say?” Max asked. “She’s in. Now all we gotta do is get Steve there and the plan will start working.” Dustin answered.
“I have gathered you all here this evening to talking about Y/N and Steve.” Dustin announced to his group of friends. “What about Y/N and Steve?” Mike asked. “They belong together, but they’re both too dumb to realize it.” Dustin answered. “In case you forgot, Y/N’s getting married.” Robin said.
“I know she’s getting married but Nick sucks. She belongs with Steve and you all are thinking the same thing. They were so much happier when they were together.” Dustin rebutted. “Until Steve stupidly told Nancy all about his and Y/N’s dream.” Max interjected.
“He’s completely 10000% over Nancy. He told me himself that he felt what love is supposed to feel like with Y/N. No offense, Nance.” Dustin said.
“None taken. I agree. Nick does suck, he’s boring and all he could talk about was golf. Y/N hates golf.” Nancy replied. “So what do we do? We have nine days to get Y/N and Steve back together.” Will asked. “We remind them what being together felt like. All the good times they had together. Maybe if they’re actually able to be around each other and talk, they’ll see how stupid it was to break up in the first place.” Dustin explained.
“I’m in.” Robin said. “Me too.” Max added. And one by one, all members of the friend group agreed to Dustin’s plan. To try and get you and Steve back together before you were meant to walk down the aisle.
You stood in front of the movie theater, looking around for your friends. You checked your watch and the movie was meant to start in 10 minutes and you weren’t about to be late.
“Y/N?” You heard behind you. “Steve. What are you doing here?” You asked. “Dustin said they were showing ‘Risky Business’ and asked if I wanted to see it. What are you doing here?” Steve questioned. “Dustin told me they were showing ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and asked if I also wanted to see it.” You answered.
“He set us up.” You spoke, once you connected the dots. “What do you mean?” Steve asked. “He’s trying to recreate our first date. You asked me to a showing of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ because you knew it was my favorite movie and wanted to impress me. ‘Risky Business’ isn’t even playing today.” You explained.
“I’m gonna kill him.” Steve muttered.
The two of you stood there awkwardly, both deciding what to do. Do you stay and watch the movie or do you leave? “D-Do you maybe want to watch it with me? It would be pretty pathetic for me to see it by myself.” You suggested.
Steve thought he was hearing things for a second. There was no way you asked him to see a movie. Not after how your last conversation went.
“Really? Are you sure?” Steve asked. “We’re both here. Might as well.” You answered. Steve rapidly nodded his head before following into the movie theater.
The movie ended and you were frantically trying to wipe the tears from your face as you both exited the theater. “The ending still makes you cry?” Steve asked, a fond smile on his face. “It gets me every time.” You replied.
“You always did cry at a happy ending.” He commented. “You cried at The Goonies.” You rebutted. “Touché.” Steve replied.
“On our first date, what came after the movie?” He asked. “What, you don’t remember?” You asked. “No I remember. I just want to hear you explain it.” Steve answered.
You stifled at laugh as the two of you walked down the sidewalk. “Well, it was the night of the Snowball and you were Dustin’s ride so we went back to the school. We could hear the music from outside and you asked me to dance. So we stood in front of the headlights of your car and danced to Cyndi Lauper.” You explained.
“Everything felt so normal then. Like nothing could go wrong.” Steve said. “And then it did. I wish we could go back to that night.” You added.
Steve then stopped walking and you turned around to look at him with furrowed brows. “What?” You asked. “Come with me.” He said. “Where are we going?” You questioned. “You said you wanted to go back to that night, so let’s go.” He answered.
You looked at Steve’s hand held out for you to take. Every part of your brain was telling you not to take his hand. But since when have you ever listened to your head?
Taking Steve’s hand, he led you to his car and opened the door for you. You hadn’t seen Steve look that excited for something in a long time.
“Steve, we look so weird.” You laughed as Steve nearly dragged you out of the car. “Schools out for the Summer, no one’s going to care.” He said. “Two adults hanging around a school at night is weird.” You rebutted.
“Shh this is supposed to be nostalgic.” Steve replied. You watched him as he grabbed a tape and pushed it into the radio.
Your stomach started doing flips when you heard the familiar tune of “Crazy For You” by Madonna. The Winter before Vecna, you made Steve listen to the song on repeat for months.
It was your favorite song because it reminded you of Steve.
“You remember this song?” Steve asked, grabbing your hand and beginning to dance with you. “Of course I remember. I love Madonna.” You answered.
“This is the first time I’ve heard this song since you left.” Steve said. “I haven’t either.” You whispered. “I want to say I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for ever making you think that I wasn’t all in with you. It was shitty of me. I had this amazing, funny, beautiful woman and I made her feel second best. Probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.” He confessed.
“It definitely was the stupidest thing you ever did.” You agreed. Steve laughed, which caused you to laugh and it felt normal. It felt natural and it felt great.
You hadn’t felt that at ease in years.
“I really am sorry. I know it may not mean much now-“ Steve started. “No, it means everything.” You interrupted.
You both were so completely caught up in the moment, you had lost track of time. Nick was most likely home from his suit fitting.
“I should probably get home.” You said quietly. “You’re not walking home in the dark.” Steve replied. “I’ll drive you home.” He added.
“You don’t have to.” You told him. “I want to. And I won’t take no for an answer.” He said.
You eventually gave in and Steve drove the familiar route back to your house.
He pulled into the driveway and the two of you sat there in silence for a moment.
“Tonight was nice.” You finally said. “I’ll have to thank Dustin for this.” Steve said. “Don’t be a stranger, okay?” You said to him opening the door.
“You say that like we’re never going to see each other.” Steve commented. “I hope that’s not the case.” You say as you get out of the car.
You have him a wave and a warm smile as you walked to the door. Steve watched you until you got inside the house. He was about to pull out of the driveway until a car pulled up behind his.
He ducked down and saw that it was Nick exiting the passenger side.
“Yes, I’ll have your money. The second this marriage is legally binding, her money is mine. Her family is loaded. You’ll get your money.” He said to the driver before slamming the door.
Steve’s blood was boiling. The person you were going to marry was only after your money. Nick was just using you, he didn’t love you. Not in the way Steve loved you.
But Steve couldn’t be the one to tell you. You’d think he was saying these things because he was jealous. He needed you to find out before you walked down the aisle.
The second Steve got home, he picked up the phone and dialed the only person who could help.
“Dustin. I’m going to need your help.”
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findafight · 16 hours
You might see Steve in s2 giving Dustin bad advice about girls and see him being a trashy teenage boy, I on the other hand see him having had a major fight with his girlfriend and her refusing/unable to say she loves him after he has been visibly clingy and wanting to hang out with her all the time since the beginning of season 1 and say he was actively trying to back peddle his own desperate need for affection and attention and figured him being clingy and caring in his way might've been where things went wrong for them, as he tell Dustin he's too young for heartbreak and is trying to help him. Who, by the way, kidnapped Steve when Steve was trying to apologize with roses even though he didn't think he was the one in the wrong. Sure Steve. Act like you don't care. Ok.
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throwusaboner · 2 days
steve limps into camp half-blood carrying dustin, who he's been making the journey with. children of aphrodite and hephaestus are often drawn to each other, but those two's sibling bond is definitely the weirdest thing to ever come out of those cabins
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ceriseheaven · 7 hours
ST characters as facebook status memes:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
these silly little textposts are my fav things to make ever
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babyboymunson · 10 hours
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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will80sbyers · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
What’s going on?
Going to talk to Dustin’s girlfriend!
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