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luveline · 2 days ago
since roan likes to copy eddie she starts calling y/n sweetheart or other pet names bc that’s what eddie calls her <3
little bit of hurt/comfort here <3 single dad eddie x fem!reader
"Daddy, where are we?" Roan asks, trying to work out their location from the little bit of window she can see through. Her sun visor makes it difficult work.
"We," he says, grabbing the side of his chair with two hands to see her in the backseat, "are outside Y/N's job."
"Is she having dinner?" With us, she means to say.
"Yes she is." Eddie checks out the window to see if you're coming. You're not, so he turns his serious face on Roan and starts with a gentle tone, "You know... when Teddy lost his ear? And you had to be very careful with him until I could get Uncle Wayne to sew him up?"
She squints, confused. "Yeah."
"Well-" Eddie smiles softly. "Y/N isn't feeling the best. So I just want you to be as nice to her as you can be until she feels better."
"Is Uncle Wayne fixing her?"
Eddie's voice raises an octave. "No, he's not. I'm gonna try my best, alright?"
"Why does she feel bad?"
He peeks out the window and sees you leave your building. "I- It's a grown up thing, baby." It's lots of grown up things, piling on and weighing heavy. You don't like to talk about it. Eddie's just gonna have to show you how much he cares.
Eddie pops open the door and waves. "Hey," he calls.
You look up. Your downtrodden frown quirks into an abrupt smile. "Eddie?"
You pick up your pace. He can't walk too far from the car while Roan's still inside to meet you, but he receives you with open arms.
"Oh my god, I missed you," you say. The relief in your voice turns his heart, has him clutching you tighter.
"I missed you," he says, cheek pressed to your cheek, hand scrubbing down your back. "I'm glad I caught you. Think you can clear a space in your busy schedule to come for dinner?"
"Is my favourite girl gonna be there?" you ask.
He encourages your head back to kiss your cheek. You love affection, you live for it, so he tries to make it a good one, and he strokes your cheek as he pulls away. He doesn't bother answering your question because it's rhetorical, Roan's always with him.
"Is she sleeping?" you ask.
Eddie climbs back into the driver's side and gestures for you to do what you want to do.
You open Roan's car door. "Hi, princess," you greet immediately, thrilled at her smart clothes and her hair in two low pony tails either side of her face. "It's so good to see you. I've missed you!"
"Missed you too," Roan says.
Eddie beams and turns his key. He knows the power of Roan's loving words against a bad mood.
The engine starts and the radio flickers to life, his music occluding your happy laugh. "Can I give you a kiss?" you ask fondly.
Roan pouts and holds her head up agreeably for you to kiss her on the cheek. She kisses you in turn.
Your smile is magnetic as you close her door and round to the passenger seat.
"So, what's for dinner?" you ask, closing the door behind you.
Dinner tonight is your favourite because Eddie's got game. He gets you home and bundles you and Roan on the sofa with the thickest throw blanket he owns, pulls off both of your shoes and gets you something to drink. Roan snuggles into your side and grins at Eddie's approving smile. He winks. She winks back clumsily.
When he's finally got a bowl of food in all your laps he sits down on your left side. You're hesitant at first but eventually you sink into him and he wraps and arm around your shoulder, content to eat one handed if this is what you need today.
"This is really good," you praise, chewing with your hand over your mouth.
He'd tried very, very hard. "No biggie. Whipped it up for you easy this morning. Working on a Saturday, that isn't permanent, is it?"
You sigh forlornly. "God, I hope not. I'm so sick of-" Your words dry up.
You pet Roan's shoulder like you've remembered she's there.
She looks up with a fork halfway to her mouth and everything on it falls off.
"Doesn't matter," you say with a snort, reaching around her to wipe a stripe of sauce from her cheek.
"It does matter, sweetheart," he says softly. "Of course it does."
You shrug it off. "It's okay, Eddie, really. It's fine." You slink down in your seat and smile at him all wobbly.
"Let me get you another drink," he says. He gets up, gives your shoulder a good squeeze as he goes.
Roan watches him leave. As soon as he's out of sight she thrusts her bowl to the side and untucks her small legs from the blanket.
"Everything okay?" you ask.
Roan's young, but she can tell you're not feeling good all on her own. Her dad's warning in mind, she stands up tall and drapes herself against your shoulder, hands vying for your face. She props her short fingers under your eye and strokes a wonky line. Your eyes fall to her, perplexed.
"What are you doing?" you murmur.
"Daddy said you're sick," she says, frowning at you. "Like Teddy when he lost his ear."
You blink at her. "I'm not sick, baby. Don't worry."
"You look," — Roan readjusts her hugging, hands in the collar of your work shirt — "sad."
You shake your head at her urgently. "No, no. I'm alright, Roan, I'm super happy. You know I'm always happy when I'm with you and daddy, cos you're so awesome," you say, poking her chest.
Roan doesn't believe you, though she likes you and loves you anyways. She wraps her arms around your neck and rubs her forehead into your jaw.
"Roan," you say quietly.
"Don't be sad, sweetheart," Roan says.
You giggle. "What did you say?"
Roan cuddles you and doesn't repeat herself.
"What did you say, baby?" you ask, arm wrapping around her back.
"Don't be sad, sweetheart."
You laugh again and hug her with a great big harrumph of breath, your squeezing arms startling an infectious baby-like giggle from her. You pull her up into your chest and lift your head until you're face to face, brushing that sweet lone curl out of her eyes as you say, "I guess I can't be when you tell me so nicely! Aw, Roan, you're my favourite little girl on this whole planet-" You're praising her in a near breathless rush. "The whole universe."
"I second that!" Eddie says as he returns, three cups pressed to his chest. He smiles, totally clueless. "What did I miss?"
"I made her better, daddy," Roan says easily, pride coming off of her in waves. Her curls tickle your nose as she turns in your arms to goad at him. "'Cos you took too long."
You beam widen your eyes. "Way too long," you repeat teasingly.
He has the good graces to look bashful. "You did? Thank you. I was getting 'round to it, I promise."
You nod at him. Yes, he was.
When Roan turns back to you, you shake your head. "All you, princess."
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Hii omg i just discovered you account and I’m obsessed with you writing 🖤
I have a request if that’s okay
Something like reader has this big crush (kinda obsession lol) with Eddie she’s always looking at him, going to the Hideout every tuesday to watch him perform and buys him weed but she doesn’t actually smokes and eddie notices that and thinks is cute so, so when she meets him in the woods to buy weed eddies like “i know you aint smoking that, why dont you tell me what you really want from me? Why dont you just ask me yo fuck you” or something like that 😩
author’s note: full disclaimer, i'm so sleep deprived on nyquil from how sick i've been, so this will either be really good smut, or complete disjointed and all over the place, either way, i hope it's not too horrible lol
cw: 18+ (minors dni), pining!reader (but also eddie too), god complex!eddie (if you squint) fingering/sex in the back of his van, lots of teasing, protected sex!! (i know, such a shocker coming from me), i'm probably missing something so just lmk!
word count: 5k
Tumblr media
You didn’t think it was the best idea, but it made the most sense. Buy the weed, talk to Eddie, offer it up to some stoner willing to pay the same price—it had been seamless, almost too easy, and Eddie never seemed to question it either, despite the fact that you were as clean-cut and proper as it got, you’ve never been around anyone while they were smoking weed, let alone do it yourself. The prospect was terrifying, fear that you might lose control over your body and thoughts, end up being one of the people that experienced terrible highs—so you steered clear of actually trying it for yourself. Besides, it was the only excuse it gave you to talk to Eddie.
It wasn’t that he fully ignored you—you still had classes together, passed each other in the hall on occasion, but you both ran in completely different groups, which didn't leave much room to get to know each other or even have a normal conversation. 
You wouldn’t call it obsession, either—because Eddie seemed as intrigued to talk to you as you were to him—you were an enigma he couldn’t figure out, so many mysteries wrapped up into one, he was dying to figure you out. And sometimes your friends like to sneak over to The Hideout, it’s not the first, second, or even third choice of hangout spots on your list—but Eddie performs weekly, every Tuesday night, it was a highlight of what was usually a very dreary, miserable day. You tried hard not to be noticed, always shoving yourself in the furthest corner of the bar, the lights dimmer near the back, which helped obscure your face—though Eddie, he spotted you the moment you walked in, every time, but you didn’t need to know that. 
It goes on for weeks, nearly three months into the beginning of your senior year—and Eddie’s third go at it, until he feels the itch, the nerve, just to say something. He doesn’t really know what to expect of it, but he’s curious. Eddie doesn’t understand why you’re always so skittish or nervous around him, keeping a few feet away, but staring at him like there was nothing more important on your mind—you had the prettiest smile, which Eddie had been on the receiving end of more than a few times. He just wanted to know more about you—and why you thought buying weed from him was your only option; frankly, you were taking away from his business in some form, buying a hefty amount with no real use, he could’ve been dragging in new customers with that merchandise, but you disposed of it like nothing. Eddie was challenged in some form, unable to focus and pass his classes like the rest of his classmates, but he wasn’t dumb—you didn’t reek of weed, not like most of the people he sold to, you always agreed with what he offered, never arguing on price or strains—you had no idea what you were doing, it was so blatantly obvious. Eddie tried to play it off as long as he could, but it hit him one day—nestled on the edge of the picnic table, feet dangling just above the freshly fallen leaves, the dried foliage cracking beneath your feet.
“I’m gonna have to start giving you discounts,” Eddie comments jokingly, a slight hint of teasing in his voice as passes you the small sandwich sized bag of weed, dangling it in front of you, “you’re drilling through my product with these weekly meetups.”
“Sorry,” You reply lamely, grabbing the baggie and shoving it into your pocket quickly, shoving your other hand into the pocket to match, yanking your jacket over your middle as you talked to him, insecure of his openly he looked at you—it was like he could see right through you, “I guess I can buy less, if it’s really a problem.”
“No, no,” Eddie stammers, hands shaking out in front of him, he turns around to fiddle with the items in his chest—a mess of different items: papers for rolling, more weed, a lighter, and a fat wad of cash. You were completely out of your element with him, all the time, “—you know, since you’re such a loyal customer, I was thinking—“
“What?” You reply eagerly, forgetting self control for a moment, face blushing a deep red, cheeks burning like you’d just stood over a fire.
Eddie laughs softly, reaching in to pull a joint between his fingers—new and untouched. He’s got a look on his face, like he’s about to engage in a dangerous game, ready to pull you down with him. It’s terrifying, but you’re nearly on your tiptoes now, shifting awkwardly in the silence—maybe you should run. 
Instead, you stay, “I was gonna offer you a freebie.” Eddie admits, placing the joint between his soft, pink lips, flicking at the lighter with difficulty—he hits the bottom a few times, still nothing. The calluses on his fingers were a pain in the ass and he wants to put you on the spot, seeing if you crack under the pressure. It’s the perfect opportunity. “Do you mind?” He asks, voice muffled around the joint in his mouth.
You nod hesitantly, pulling the lighter from his grip gently—it wasn’t the first time you’ve ever held a lighter, you weren’t that clueless, but to try and think of a way out of this situation, it seemed impossible. You flick the lighter a few times, the flame finally coming to life, Eddie leans forward slowly, letting the end burn until it smokes, inhaling quickly. You make a subtle move back, pressing the lighter into his hand. You squint, the haze of smoke hitting your face. It makes your eyes water and your nose burn, you hate it. The appeal was never apparent to you—and you didn’t judge Eddie, but it always seemed so pointless to you, throwing away money for a temporary high. 
“Here,” Eddie says roughly, holding the smoke in his lungs for a moment, breathing out as you took the joint from his fingers, “—it’s good shit, I promise.”
You pluck it delicately, held between your thumb and pointer finger—it’s so close, maybe you could just fake it, but now Eddie’s staring at you, waiting. You’re scrambling for a reason to weasel your way out of this. 
“I, uh—I can’t, Eddie.” You tell him softly, passing the joint his way, “My parents will know, I can’t just go home smelling like that.”
He stifles the laugh at your choice of words, the irony so relevant.
“I can smell the weed I gave you from your pocket,” Eddie points out, “how do you explain that?”
“I leave it in my bag—and then I move it, I don’t keep it in the house.” You explain weakly. Your heart is hammering in your chest, the sound of blood rushing and pounding in your ears. 
“How often do you smoke then?” Eddie asks curiously, trying to seem less abrasive with his questions. He wants to catch you in your lie, but he doesn’t want to scare you away.
He’s always been intrigued with, infatuated—he didn’t want you running in the other direction. 
You didn’t know what sounded believable, so you settled on, “Uh—every other day, sometimes twice on the weekends.”
That bag was enough weed to last anyone a month, as long as they didn’t overindulge. Eddie pushed in further, pointing out the slight inconsistency.
“Oh—because I usually only give that much to the real, real heavy smokers—they smoke at least twice a day, every day, and it still takes them a couple weeks to move through that much product.”
And if you heart couldn’t physically drop to your stomach, it still definitely felt like it.
“Uh, it’s—uh,” You try desperately to recover, “I share with friends too, so it goes pretty quick.”
“Aren’t you generous?” Eddie teases, having smoked through nearly half the joint by now, “Your nerdy little friends? The one’s in that book club?”
It was a soft jab, a pot calling the kettle black.
“It’s not nerdy,” You defend passionately, “you literally play D&D. That’s not fair.”
The squeak in your voice has Eddie smiling behind the joint, appreciating just how fiery you could be. 
“Why do you even care?” You ask, frustrated with him, it felt like he was picking on you for no reason. 
Eddie sighs softly, “I’m sorry—I’m sorry,” He stresses out, hoping you’ll relax, he sees your shoulders settle and takes that as a sign, “I’m just trying to figure you out—we talk a lot in passing, but I barely know you.”
It’s all your fault, your shyness, your innate fear of being caught in your lies—they were harmless, but it still felt wrong.
“It’s okay.” You tell him quietly, hands fisted in your pockets in tight balls of frustration. 
Eddie laughs to himself, nodding for you to take a seat on the bench, you're hesitant but listen anyways, taking whatever bait he is offering. If you weren’t going to fess up, Eddie was going to drop his knowledge of it to you and wait for your reaction—it could go horribly, but it was worth the risk. It wasn't like he couldn’t notice the way stared at his lips every time he took a drag from the joint, or how he licked his chapped lips frequently, chewed at his bottom one out of habit; you were mesmerized. 
“I wanna show you something,” He explains, squeezing in beside you, the rough material of his jeans rubbing against the outside of your leg, the prickle of the wood digging into your thighs where your dress didn’t cover, he grabs his supplies and sets the rolling paper out, a small bagging already ground up weed that was ready to go, and makes a small motion with his hand, “but I wanna see how well you do it first.”
“Eddie—“ You panic, glancing between him and the items in front of you. You didn’t have the slightest clue how to roll a joint, you wouldn’t even know where to start, Eddie looks at you pointedly, eyebrows raised slightly in question, “—I, uh—“
Eddie moves silently, grabbing the supplies for himself, working quickly and expertly, like he’d done it a million times. It’s surprisingly fascinating, eyes locked on his tongue as it pokes out to seal the paper together, his eyes flicking to your momentarily.
He set it down gently, hand curled up on the table as he looked at you, other hand resting against his thigh, he fiddled with his rings with the pad of his thumb, letting the silence linger for a moment.
Then finally, “You've never smoked before,” Eddie deduces, smirk crawling up his face, “have you?”
You shake your head slightly in defeat, his fingers curl against the denim, he is desperately holding back, your wide eyes staring up at him. 
“Sweetheart, you don’t need to buy weed to talk to me.”
And if you weren’t dying of embarrassment before, you were now.
“That’s—that’s not,” You fumble with your words, trying to find some kind of remark or comeback, or just explain yourself—nothing ever comes.
“What’s the real reason?” Eddie’s turned toward you now, leg swung over the bench so he’s straddling it, facing you’re curled in body, still struggling to keep your distance, jacket hugged right around your midsection. 
“My friend’s are scared of you,” You admit, eyes turned down toward the table, “—I had to find a way to talk to you without seeming obvious.”
Oh, it was very obvious. Eddie doesn’t want to strike you while you’re down though, so he keeps that to himself. 
“So, you like me?” He teases, nudging your arm with the soft touch of his knuckle, smiling sweetly at you. If your heart wasn’t already pounding out of your chest, it was definitely going to burst if he kept looking at you like that. 
You shrug indifferently—you weren’t sure of what your feelings were; curiosity, yes—the idea of trying not to obtain something seemed impossible, it was intriguing, to say the least, and it wasn’t like you were immune to all the rumors about Eddie. People constantly talked about him around school—either hateful or downright rude, but there were a few that talked about him like he was god personified—you wouldn’t necessarily call yourself religious, but it wasn’t going to stop you from finding out how true those rumors were.
“Like is a strong word,” You laugh slightly, crossing your left leg over your right, shoes shifting together under the table. You felt a few raindrops hit your shoulder, pulling you both from the intense conversation, “—I should probably go.”
“Wait—“ Eddie stops you, grasping the wrist of the hand that was still shoved firmly in your pocket, “—don’t go.”
And against every fiber of your being, you nod, letting him lead you down a path you weren’t sure you’d be able to feel remorse over.
Tumblr media
“Why do you park so far away from the school?” You ask randomly, letting him drag you along the way, feet desperate to keep up with his wide strides. 
“Principal Higgins would skin my ass if he found out I was smoking on campus in the mornings,” Eddie explains, glancing back at your briefly as he reaches to open the rear of his van, giving you a full view of the back—it was surprisingly unmessy, aside from a few empty cans of beer and some suspiciously wadding up pieces of tissues and magazine pages, it wasn’t unwelcome—though, it reeked of weed and cigarettes, “—well, here’s my home away from home—trailer, whatever.”
Your parents would surely kill you if you went home smelling like either of those. 
Eddie leans inside, allowing you to crawl underneath the bridge his arm made, pointedly avoiding the opportunity for him to look up your dress, turning on your backside to scoot in beneath him—he looks mostly unphased, maybe you were reading into this too much. It could just be an innocent gesture to get to know you, altering motives aside—not that you would mind; you were hoping for it, selfishly enough.
You strip off your jacket once you’re seated, feet crossed out in front of you as you lay your jacket over your lap. Eddie closes the doors with a rough tug, nearly knocking himself on his ass, before finally taking a seat across from you, let’s outstretched around your own, one foot planted against the floorboard to allow him to rest a hand on his knee. 
“So—what did you want to—“ You start, quickly interrupted by Eddie motioning you over, you hesitate for a moment, debating whether or not it was worth it—your body moves on its own accord though, pushing up with your fingertips until you’re crawling toward him, breast peeking through the fabric that hung down. Eddie didn’t avert his gaze, though you’re almost positive his eyes are solely locked in yours, heated and intense as he stared you down, face still holding every bit of its softness.
You shift to sit beside him, but his hand comes up to stop you, “Come here,” His voice is soft, pleasing—like he knows what you want, it’s exactly what he needs, he’s more than willing to give you whatever you were hoping for, “right here.” He instructs, watching as you hesitantly swung your leg over his thigh, his left shifting down to accommodate room for you, the back of your thighs settling against the top of his, dress flowing out over his jeans, covering all the rips and holes that showed off his pale skin.
Eddie’s hands slip over the fabric of your dress gently, testing his boundaries, still holding his gaze on your face, “Why don’t you tell me what you really want?” He asks with a hint of knowing to his voice—he just wanted to hear you say it. “No more lies—or buying weed off of me for no reason.”
You put petulantly, shoulders falling slack as you watched his hands travel further up your dress, settling on your waist, the heat of his hands seeping through the thin cotton material, he squeezed gently, you gasped, “I’ve heard…things.” It’s a lame response, but it’s all you can manage.
“Things?” Eddie mocks, fingers coming around to fiddle with the tie on your dress, only lingering and never pulling, he wouldn’t take that step unless you allowed him.
“Girls talk about—you—and how good you are at,” His ringed fingers slip under the string, pulling against the strings, “stuff—like, with sex and all that.”
Eddie chuckles darkly, pulling a hand away to tilt your head up to look at him, rubbing tenderly at the skin of your jaw, “Sweetheart, if you wanted me to fuck you, all you had to do was ask.”
If only it were that easy—you’d never be bold enough to say it, not without a heavy amount of coercion, and a lot of teasing, it seemed pathetic to say it so simply—part of you enjoyed the game he was playing at. 
“I’m not like that,” You confess, “—too scared.”
Eddie nods slightly, “Too shy,” He notes, thumb dragging along your pursed lips, pulling them apart gently, “that’s okay.”
“Don’t get me wrong,” You laugh nervously, “I still—still think you’re really cute,” You admit, “and you’re so nice to me—“
“An adorable girl who buys all my weed and will do anything to talk to me?” Eddie asks redundantly, “I’d be stupid not to be.”
Eddie takes a moment, breaking the heated facade, “Say—what have you been doing with all the weed?”
You wonder if you should lie, deciding if it’s worth confessing over—but it seemed like everything was already being laid bare, “Uh, this guy—his name is Rick. I sold it to him really cheap, I just wanted to get rid of it.”
“Rick?” Eddie questions like he wants you to elaborate.
“Always smells like weed, looks kinda homeless—he hangs out behind the Rec center near my house.” You tell him honestly, and Eddie can feel the proverbial light bulb switching on in his head.
“You’re selling weed back to Reefer Rick?” He asks with a slight hint of incredulousness in his voice—it bordered on betrayal.
“I—I don’t know who he is!” You say defensively, “He didn’t seem sketchy or anything—did I do something wrong?”
“No—it’s just—“ Eddie laughs at the ridiculousness of it all, “—I’m not selling you anymore weed, sweetheart.”
“That’s fair,” You say on a small sigh, “stuff is gross anyways.”
“And you’re sitting on the lap of Hawkins second biggest pothead,” Eddie challenges, “so what does that say about you?”
“Doesn’t mean I can’t try you,” You reply boldly, voice still too soft and innocent, “—it’s not the same, you know.”
Eddie pulls his bottom lip between his teeth slowly, like he’s struggling to hold off whatever is eating at him, eyes half lidded and staring straight through you. 
“Tell me what you want.” Eddie demands slowly, other hand joining your face, adjusting your head until it’s locked between his grip, assuring you tell him directly rather than to your lap.
“I want you to touch me.” You admit shyly, his face pulling up in a smile
“I am touching you.” He points out; the smartass he’s known to be. “Show me.”
Shaky hands pull at his fingers, curling around his open palm until his hand is settled under your dress, pressed against the sticky, wet material of your underwear—there is no reason to feel shame now, not with the full grin that spreads across his face.
“I knew it.” He snarls, fingers rubbing soft circles into the material, the cold press of the fabric making you squirm, “How long?”
“How long?” You repeat, confused at his questioning.
“Since you’ve been touched.” He clarifies.
“A few months,” You tell him, “I had this thing back in the summer—whatever, it doesn’t really matter—“
Eddie laughs at you rambling, an attempt to settle your rattled nerves. “It’s fine—I was just gonna say you’re really wet—I’ve never, never touched a girl for the first time and had it feel like that,” He tells you honestly, “it takes time—god, can’t believe I could’ve had you all this time.”
“All this time?” 
“You really think it was all one-sided?” Eddie asks, “Sweetheart—I’ve known for weeks that you weren’t smoking that weed.”
“I guess I wasn’t very smart about it.”
Eddie shakes his head in amusement, “Doesn’t matter—we’re here now. Can I touch you?”
“You are.”
“Not how I want to.”
Your eyes widen at his admission, nodding shakily in response. His hand slipped under the fabric of your panties, one large finger running down your folds, ghosting over your already sensitive clit, dipping his finger inside of you instantly, a sharp gasp ripping from your chest as you gripped his shoulders, leaning forward slightly at the sudden intrusion.
Eddie looks up at you, your mouth hanging open slightly as he works his finger inside of you slowly, “Can I?” He asks, mouth parted slightly as he looks down toward your breasts, soft skin peeking out the top of your dress.
You nod fervently, exasperated by his constant polite questioning. “Eddie—stop asking, just do it.”
“Just wanna be sure.”
“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want it—all of it.” You tell him honestly, “Plus, it’s ruining the whole—thing everyone says about you.”
“Thing?” He laughs softly, mouthing over your breasts.
“They—they say you’re like—I don’t know,” You feign the importance of it, it doesn’t really matter, “that you’re a god—with, you know.”
“A god?” Eddie teases, testing the word on his tongue, taking a small nip at your chest, your breath catching, “You think I’m a god?”
“Not me,” You shake your head, “it’s just what I’ve heard.”
“But, I’m sure you thought about it—so be honest with me.”
You sigh, shoving his face against your breasts to muffle his endless rant, “Jury’s still out—we’ll see.”
Eddie hums against your skin, dragging his tongue through the valley of your breasts, somehow having worked another finger inside you without you noticing, so caught in staring at his mouth that it’s an afterthought, but then he’s curling his fingers and you can’t do anything but moan, head falling back in anguish, your stomach tightening at the sensation.
“Condoms?” Eddie asks hopefully, he could feel his cock straining painfully against the line of his zipper, he was sure you felt it too, he wanted nothing more than to relieve that ache. 
“Oh, fuck—no, I don’t have any.” You say with deep regret, wishing you had thought ahead, had some type of courage that you could turn things into more, but no—and now here you were. 
“Wait—“ Eddie yelps, pulling back from your chest, “—passenger side, under the dash,” He points in that direction, removing his hand gently to allow you to scramble toward the front of the van, yanking open the compartment to find two dust covered foil packets.
“God—these things have to be a hundred years old,” You complain, grabbing at the items and returning to Eddie, tossing them into his lap, “are we sure that’s safe?”
Eddie takes a hesitant look, nodding gleefully as he reads the black print, “Thank god—they’re still good for a few months.” You look at him with narrowed eyes, wondering why he had such a decrepitated pair stashed away.
“We got them during one of those safe sex classes,” He says defensively, “better safe than tied down with a kid, right?”
He had a point—plus, you were more than eager to move things along.
You reach for the tie of your dress, struggling to find the string at this ankle, Eddie noticed, “Hey, don’t worry about—“ He says soothingly, “just take your underwear off—they’re already soaked to nothing anyways.”
“God—shut up,” You reply lightheartedly, stripping yourself of the garment before returning to his lap, watching as he pulled himself out of his pants in hurry, red leaking tip screaming for relief, holding the shaft firmly in his hand while he ripped at the foil with his teeth, grabbing the rubber and throwing the trash to the side.
“Wait—“ You interrupt, pointing at the condom in between his teeth, “can I?”
Normally he’d find it weird, but it was the ultimate turn on when it came from you—curious hands and curious minds, he couldn’t deny you that.
“I’ve just—never,” Most guys refused to wear condoms, so it was kind of fascinating, “—forget it.”
“Oh—of course,” He obliged, handing the protection over to you, watching as you slowly rolled the latex over his tip, down his shaft, until it stopped near the base, fingertips brushing through his curls faintly, “—I always wear one, I don’t see why guys complain about it. It really doesn’t make a difference.”
You laugh softly, “Well, aren’t you a gentleman?”
“A godly gentleman, I hope.”
Your smirk softly, guiding your hips over his own, letting him rub his wide, aching tip through your folds, gathering up some of your slick before slipping in slowly, allowing you to adjust to the girth of him. You let out a quiet sigh, hips rocking slightly as you forced him deeper and deeper, a collective groan from the both of you when he was fully seated inside you.
“Let me untie your dress,” Eddie practically begs, yearning for the sight of your bare breasts and soft stomach as he fucked into you, wanting to see your body shift with every movement, “yeah?”
You nod, arms coming to wrap around his neck as you shifted your hips slightly, small lifted motions as you moved against his dick, Eddie muffled the groans in the alcove of your neck, fumbling with the tie until the dress fell loose, pooling at your hips.
“There we go.” He sighs in relief, pulling at your arms until they’re resting at your side, giving him the perfect view of you, so wound up and panting for relief, hair askew and in your face, much like his own. “Touch yourself, sweetheart.”
It wasn’t a new concept, you did it often—just never in the presence of others. But, Eddie sent a surge of confidence through you, something completely unexpected. Your fingertips dragging against the skin gently, body breaking out in goosebumps at the sensation, you squeeze at your breasts, receiving a small grunt from Eddie as he thrust into your harder, eyes locked on you, alternating between your working hands and exasperated face. 
“Fuck—I thought you were so innocent,” He laughs warmly, hands gripping at your hips, thumbs digging into the curve of the bone settled their, rocking you in time with his eager thrusts, forceful and totally in control, “guess I was wrong.”
“Surprise.” You mock breathlessly, the soft mounds of flesh squeezed gently between your hands, thumbs rubbing over the hardened buds testingly—you’ve never been super responsive, but then Eddie is reaching his tongue out, following the drag of your thumb, and that concept flies completely out of the window.
“You gonna come on my dick?” He asks teasingly, mouthing at the undersized of your breasts, “—think you can come without me touching you, sweetheart?”
You shake your head in a hurry, the thought was like torture, but Eddie doesn’t budge, removing his hands from you fully, resting against the side of his van, arms outstretched at his side. You stop for a moment, frustrated.
“That’s not fair.” You pout slightly, earning an amused laugh from Eddie.
“If you want it so bad—you’ll get what you need,” Eddie tells you, his thighs nudging your hips forward slightly, causing him to slip even deeper, “take what you need, okay?”
You look at him with a heated gaze, lust and anger laced together, “Lay down.” You order, watching as he shifts eagerly, allowing you full room to stretch your hands over his chest as he lays back, giving you the perfect amount of space to lose yourself, rocking your hips at a pace that has Eddie choking on air, palms pressed firmly against the material of his shirt, gripping slightly for assistance. 
“Fuck—okay,” Eddie pants, meeting your thrust with fervor, “I see how it is—shit, please tell me your close.”
“So close,” You whine, “God—so fucking close.”
Eddie makes a noise, “Mmm, not god, sweetheart.”
“Fuck off.” You laugh through baited breath, mouth hung open on a wordless gasp as he thrust into your harshly, hitting a spot so deep that you’re curling forward at the suddenness, nearly coming then, but you try to hang on, “Eddie—-shit—“
“It’s alright.” He nods, hair messy and bangs stuck to his forehead with sweat, rubbing your thighs tenderly, letting you rock your hips with such an intensity that he can’t hold back any longer, coming almost immediately after you, both of your desperate gasps of pleasure mixing together, cunt clenching tightly around him as you came, almost completely untouched—it was intense and visceral and like nothing you’ve ever felt. Eddie pants loudly, letting out a sudden laugh when you finally lock eyes.
“Oh, don’t look so smug.” You chide, shoving at him gently. 
Eddie doesn’t respond, leaning up to kiss you without warning, you make a noise of surprise, not offended in the slightest, but deeply caught off guard. Eddie pulls away slowly, staring at you hesitantly.
“That felt overdue, I’m sorry.” Eddie apologizes.
He doesn’t expect you to return the same eagerness, nearly toppling him back, lips pressed against him with all the energy and feeling you could muster, indulging in the simple act of kissing him. You’ve never experienced anything this special; so raw and real, it was exhilarating. 
Eddie slips out of you gently, tying up the condom and disposing of it in the front of his van, a small trash can nestled underneath the dash—it was filled to the brim already, which wasn’t surprising. You dress quickly, watching as Eddie shifted and tucked himself back inside his jeans quietly, eyes lingering on you the entire time. 
“No more excuses, okay?” Eddie says, “I get it if you don’t want to be seen with me at school—I can live with that, but seriously—I like you.”
You smile sweetly, tugging at your jacket pocket until it falls open, “I like you too, Eddie.” You find the bag of weed with ease, tossing it in his direction. “Keep the money, I don’t need it.”
Eddie catches it with one hand, “Same time next week then?”
You nod eagerly, leaning up to press a chaste kiss against his cheek, “Don’t be late.”
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wroteclassicaly · a day ago
(Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader)
Tumblr media
Summary: Sometimes, the only remedy for a bad day is Eddie Munson.
Pairings: Eddie Munson x Female Reader
Warnings: Language, vaginal fingering, vaginal sex, dom!Eddie, brat taming, slight breeding kink, some aftercare, fluff, oral sex, and MORE!
A/N: Hi! I know I owe y’all Virgin!Eddie, among other things, but since I’ve been having a tough time at work (and I know y’all can relate), I thought this is more fitting? It’s just a domestically soft Eddie and comfort filth, lol. I posted the teaser for it last night! Hope y’all enjoy? Much ❤️
Eddie can see it within your eyes that you are attempting to conceal your negative energies. The thing is, he doesn’t want that. It’s a pact of honesty that you two share, even before you became a couple. Be honest. No more, no less.
Okay, maybe more. Sometimes…
But today you’re not abiding by said pact. No, on this Autumn afternoon in Hawkins, Indiana, you are storming into Eddie’s trailer after your shift ends, and immediately making a beeline for the chilled wine his Uncle Wayne (you adore that man) keeps in stock for you. Eddie approaches with caution, not really out of fear, but respect for your boundaries as a whole individual. He knows when his antics aren’t needed.
You’re just finishing up brimming your chipped mug full when Eddie enters the cove of the small kitchen. He’s a sinful sight for your sore eyes. Black slacks hang off his hips, chain wallet tucked safely into his back pocket, opposite that bandana peeking out of the other side, a charcoal flannel undone three, maybe four buttons, rolled up at the sleeves, helping to accessorize his tattoos and that chain link bracelet, his signature rings adorning his fingers, and something new. It shines against that slight tuft of chest hair, nestled between his collar bones, drawing attention to your leftover hickies from last night. Frowning, your cup being settled behind you is an echo as you make your way into Eddie’s airspace, immediately invaded by hair gel, cigarettes, cinnamon from his earlier edible baking activities, and that musky cologne scent he has taken to using lately.
You can’t resist, his curiosity causing a glow to shadow his chocolate irises with amusement. He speaks before you. “Yes?”
“What is that?” You’re reaching into his shirt and fondling the jewelry, letting its cool material drape over your fingers.
“Oooh, come home to steal a feel? Am I that cheap to you, sweetheart?”
You stare at him with point blank annoyance, yet a hunger that knows no bounds. Familiar, always like coming home and being held in the softest bed, with the warmest blankets and the fluffiest pillows. Only, Eddie’s chest is your bed, his body heat is your blanket, and those arms usually end up as your pillows. You flick the chain, fingers hovering over his undone top, peering into the fabric and seeking out what he’d never let himself not remember to wear.
“If you’re tryna undress me, just say the word, baby. You know I can put on a good show for you—“
You press a finger to his lips. “Will you shut up, please?”
He growls and nips the skin of your digit, making you raise a brow. “Eddie, where’s your pick? And what is with this?” You shake his new necklace in slight exasperation, emphasizing your need to know.
He catches on, smirking. “Oh, you mean this little ol’ thing?” He adds two of his own fingers next to yours, wiggling the chain off your grasp and jiggling it into his palm.
When you pinch the bridge of your nose, he gives.
“Pawn shop downtown. Remember I was going to see about some newer amps? Just caught my eye, s’ all. Pick is in my room, safe and sound with Sweetheart. She needed the company anyways.” A brief pause. “You sayin’ you don’t like it?”
Your mood is briefly obliterated at his slight anxieties. He’s so cute that your knees feel shaky and weak, butterflies on a slip and slide around your tummy. You hook a finger beneath the silver and tug him forward, nose nudging his own. “Quite the contrary, Munson.”
He hums an appreciative understanding, licking his pearly whites as your noses swipe across the other on the break away. You want to bite him… all over. He’s crashing your horny thoughts, motioning to your forgotten cup. You’re still holding his accessory, eyes wandering to where he’s directing.
“Bad day?” His voice is a comforting rasp, soaked in honey and soothing your every need.
You can only nod, pressing your forehead into your own knuckles, trapping your hand between your face and his chest. You’re mumbling unintelligible snark and becoming anxiety ridden once more. Eddie feels the tension before he sees it, his arms winding around you and beginning to knead at the large knots he finds. It worries him when you still don’t answer. He can’t say he isn’t prone to pushing, because he’s been vocal and without tact when it’s most appropriate.
You pull away from the safe confines of his soft tummy, his welcomed arms, and freshly laundered (so he did remember to do the laundry today) flannel, going back to your mug with your back facing your boyfriend. Taking an opening, albeit, brief — Eddie presses his chin over top of your shoulder, his arms sliding around your waist, clasping his fingers together above your navel. The silence of your sips are what you hear for the next few minutes, along with that coo coo clock Wayne had just bought last week at a Yardsale. Eddie, of course, breaks it first. “Honey?”
Leaning forward and out of his hold, you rinse your mug and leave it for a later washing, bypassing Eddie and heading to your shared (you’re here most days) bedroom. He runs a hand through his shaggy curls, following hot on your heel. Your back is facing him when he enters the doorway, fingertips tapping idle beats on the framework. You can feel his doe eyed stare on your back and it only presses the guilt further into your stomach, which is summoning more irritation. Heaving in a deep sigh, you swivel on bare feet, toes curling in the carpet.
“Eddie, what do you want me to tell you? It’s not even that big of a deal, okay?”
“No, Y/N.” Forgoing pet names in favor of your real name, you know you’ve upset him. “Remember what we—“ He motions between the two of you with his hand, before continuing. “agreed on?”
You roll your eyes and that darkness begins to simmer behind his irises. You lick your lips before you can even think twice about the implications the action will cause. He steps forward on worn combat boots, swaying into your space. “So we’re going to act like a fuckin’ brat today, huh?”
“Maybe I will. What are you gonna do about it, Eddie?” It’s a huffing challenge as you attempt to meet his lanky stance, putting emphasis on his name.
“Sweetheart… you’re makin’ it real hard not to bend you over and split your cunt apart on my cock. But you know that, don’t you?” His pupils are dilating, leaving behind specks of maple.
“And if I do?”
Eddie tuts, finger filtering beneath your chin. “Doesn’t change the fact that you’re sassing me every time I ask you what’s goin’ on. And while I find your cock thirst endearing, your well being is priority here.”
Inhaling a jagged line of air, you fold onto your mattress. “I know, I know. We agreed to tell each other if shit was wrong.”
Eddie kneels in front of you, taking your hands in his, thumbs rubbing your palms. “Your bullshit day is my bullshit day, baby. Whatever is going on, I want to know about it, yeah?”
“But it’s so stupid, Eds—“
“Hey, look at me, princess.” His tone leaves no room for argument. You do as told and then he’s continuing. “Nothing about you or your life is stupid. If you feel somethin’ then you need to feel it with that whole heart of yours. Then we can worry about shuttin’ off this brain, cause’ she’s always on the run.”
Your eyelids flutter closed as Eddie zones in on you, large hands cupping your cheeks, nose smooshing yours. Your fingers find that silver chain, pulling.
“I had a bad day.” you whisper.
Eddie strokes his thumb pad along your brow bone, lips plush and parched, aching to be kissed, or is that you between your thighs? He nods. “And how can we make it better?”
Teamwork work and togetherness, another mantra Eddie has for you two.
Eddie Munson may play dumb, but he isn’t ignorant. He’s well aware of what you want. What you need. His thumb swipes down your cheek and finds the corner of your mouth, sinking inside. You suck on the digit, tasting nicotine and nutmeg.
You begin a swirling rhythm around his calloused digit, fingers curling underneath the chain and into his chest hair, scratching at his flesh. He’s closing his eyes and taking it in, groaning. You’re one pleased cookie. Humming around him, you release it, hand climbing from his sternum to his neck, pushing up and through his shaggy mane, tugging until his neck is bared and offered to you. He hisses through clenched teeth. “Atta girl, take what you fuckin’ need. Gonna help my pretty love forget all about this shit day.”
You’re like a woman starved, desperation slapping you in your cunt. Eddie is smirking at your impatience to getting his shirt unbuttoned, but he doesn’t help you, privy to your momentary desire to lead. When it’s finally off and pooling onto the floor, you can hardly deal with the debaucherous sight in front of you. That silver chain is thick around his neck, not too much, but enough, showcasing all of his delicious tattoos. You’re panting heavily, eyes blurring with tears of raw want.
Eddie is glad he decided to trade an older amp to afford the new piece, admiring your shameless observation of him, as if he’s your meal and you’re about to descend like a vulture. However, you’re a goddess, a strength for those around you (Eddie included), so vulture isn’t a correct comparison. Your pupils are gone beneath two black oceans, a ravenous gravity sucking you into Eddie. He’s waiting…jugular exposed for your taking. You launch into him full on, chest to chest, and you take.
Your mouth is biting a pattern of plum colored bruises up the hollow of his neck, flicking your tongue across his jugular, sucking his Adam’s apple, enjoying its bobbing beneath your muscle. Your left hand cups his necks’ nape, the other remaining fisted in his chain. He’s whimpering appreciatively, swelling in the confines of his sleek slacks. “Oh, fuck. That’s it, sweetheart. Show me who I belong to.”
That really revs your engine, your posture caving in and falling back onto the bed, taking him between your knees as he hovers, his necklace pressing into your mouth in a brief dangle. He giggles, poking your nose, lacing his hands through yours and pinning them above you, burrowing that plump set of lips under your jawline.
“Eds… Yeah, Eddie. Fuck, baby boy.” Your pleas go straight to his dick, which he takes your hand and slithers it down to cup over his bulge, rutting against the friction. He chokes out that little moan he does, it vibrating off your throat.
“You want me, m’lady? Want me to pry open these perfect thighs and fuck you nice and slow, fuck you good and stupid for me?”
You whine, arching with a sting to your spine at the steep angle. Eddie grips your chin, rings jutting into the skin. “I asked you a question, sweetheart.”
“You know I need you, Eds. Want…” And you stop yourself, heart rate slowing, body feeling as if you’ve tumbled down a cliff and are free falling. It’s pretty clear the exact craving you’ve just realized you’re having to have. But you’re unsure about Eddie’s reaction, or if he’ll be upset. After all, you’ve never been risky in that way.
Eddie sees the change immediately and picks himself up, bringing you along. “Honey, what’s wrong? And please, please don’t say ‘nothing’. Don’t bullshit me, babe, cause’ I know you better than the back of my own hand, and that sucker has seen some shit in his time.”
“It’s nothing bad.” you start. “At least, I don’t think so…”
He frowns. “Is it… y’ know, hanky panky related?” He says the words in a teasing depth, making you lose yourself in a giggle. It helps tremendously. You incline your head in a manner that tells him, yes, it is indeed.
“Then lay it on me. Literally. I’m all yours, babe.” He entwines his fingers with yours, bringing them to his mouth to press chaste kisses to.
There’s a roaring that’s pummeling your adrenaline, heart beat thumping in your ears, a cold chill brushing your flesh. You let yourself swallow once for good measure, tongue licking your lips, and then you release it into the open air.
“Eddie, I want you to cum inside of me. No condom this time, just you.” You look at him beneath your lashes, vision hazy, heart rate stalled, caught between the sheets with baited breath as you await his answer.
Eddie’s surprise is evident on his face. A thoughtful pause, a lip purse, and then his tongue is poking out in concentration. And as if it’s not anymore possible than it’s already been shown — his pupils expand, leaving murky caverns in their wake. He inhales sharply, beginning to lean in to cage you like fresh prey, his tone raspy and compliant. “It’s pretty dangerous letting a guy like me fuck you without protection, don’t you think? I mean… what if I put a little one in here?” He touches your tummy over the t-shirt you’re wearing.
“Then she or he will have the prettiest eyes and the curliest hair. But we don’t have to worry about that right now. I’m on the pill too, remember? We’re just… taking away one layer?” Is your automatic response, trembling into his hold, burning up at the thought of his child growing inside you, making something that’s yours and his alone. You think about it. Eddie thinks about it.
Eddie, still trapped in motion due to his surprise at your proposition, is having a hard time not pouncing on you and pounding you into the mattress on the spot. He slides between your split knees, thumbs brushing along each corner of your mouth. You don’t have to say anything more to convince him, his unbearable hardness is proof enough. Your hands fumble behind you to slip underneath your top and fling it off, it landing somewhere in the room. Eddie attacks your exposed shoulder, snapping his fingers beneath your bra strap and tugging it down until it slips off.
You hold him to your bosom by the back of his neck, helping yourself to pulling on his hair, enjoying the tresses weaving in between your fingers. His new chain traces along your skin as it dangles, drags, a cool stimulant. You let him work on your jawline and neck with that god given mouth full of perfection and promise, working your spare hand down and into your pants, going straight inside your soaked underwear. It’s a sweet sigh that tumbles from your mouth when you make contact with your clit, swirling a bit of slick around the bud and mewling. Eddie’s smacking noises cease, his eyes drifting to your naughty show.
He’s marveling. “Fuck. Yeah, that’s right, sweetheart. Play with your little pussy for me.”
“So fucking wet for you it’s disgusting, baby boy.” You coo, yanking at his stray curl.
He drops his nose to yours, sharing trickles of hot air onto your mouth from his. “Add a finger inside of yourself.”
He peers to watch your hand shift and that overly embarrassing first squelch inside is loud. Eddie takes your mouth roughly, rolling his hips into your trapped hand, thrusting for a form of relief, whatever that may be.
“Don’t have to be jealous of your pretty little fingers when they get to fuck that cunt, cause’ now I’ll know how it feels with —“ He nips your neck. “nothing but skin.”
“Where you belong…” You trail off into a simpering whimper.
“Just think about how you’re gonna feel every single inch of me, Y/N.” It’s a quiet beat and Eddie is flipping you with that hidden strength he possesses, tugging your legs off the bed. Hand still in your panties, on your stomach, you don’t stop touching yourself for him, lifting your hips so he can take off your pants and panties, as you greedily thrust that finger in and out of your cunt.
“You’re not sharing.” You are well aware he is staring, but you’re far too gone, especially within this vivid position.
“Eat me, Munson.” You pant, adding a second finger, trying to get yourself ready to take him.
“Why? You want me to, brat?”
Your eyes widen and you don’t have time to answer, Eddie’s hands hoisting your knees into a propped position, backhanding your ass cheek, the flesh taking the brunt of his rings. He buries his face into your dripping cunt, biting your fingers as they slip from you, mumbling about how you bugged him to do the laundry and now you’re both gonna destroy the clean sheets. You only respond by reaching back and pulling his face into you, no longer shy about taking what you want, what’s yours. Eddie is slurping sloppily, smothering himself in your juices, encouraging you to ride his face like it’s your last day on earth. With your hand on the mattress, the other threading through his long locks, you rock your hips until it burns to stay upright, that tightening knocking on your abdomen far quicker than you’re prepared for.
You begin to shake, thighs closing around his head, messing the blankets up from your burrowing ride. “M’ gonna cum on your mouth, Eds. Please, please.
His answer is to add in two of his fingers, sucking your clit in between those plump lips. Your vision swims with shapes as you hold yourself, rubbing your cunt over that slight stubble, riding his fingers, his rings catching on your labia only adding to your climax. Eddie’s downright moaning into your pussy when you cum, releasing your grip on his mane and falling forward in the beginning stages of exhaustion. You roll back over onto your back, clad in just your bra, knees wide open, a smile decorating your wet mouth. Eddie is bursting at his very seams, pride and love for you, pure adoration.
He climbs over top of you, slotting himself between your thighs, hand cradling your jaw and fingers splaying over your ear, his mouth and chin covered in your arousal. He grins and you stifle a giggle, kissing him, palming his rock hard cock over the slacks. “Poor baby, do you need somethin’?”
Eddie licks his teeth, pins your hands above your head. “Mouthy little witch. My own personal enchantress, the way you tease me so.”
“I can tell it’s… hard to take.” You wiggle a suggestive brow.
Eddie releases your hands, then lifts you enough to unsnap your bra, choosing that as his comeback to your continuous sass. You’re completely nude under him, nipples reacting to the temperate change and stimulating drag of his chest across yours, chest hair tickling you. You take the opportunity to work on his pants, getting them down with his boxers, his cock getting caught on the fabric. You give it a gentle tug and it’s slapping against his stomach, smearing pre-cum in his happy trail. You can’t stop yourself from what’s to come, imagining how warm it’ll feel, how his cum will soak your walls, furthering his claim.
You slide his cock through your folds, slapping it into the wetness, pushing the soft head against your clit and closing your legs. You can’t speak, it’s all so much right now. Luckily, Eddie takes care of that for you both.
“S’ a real good girl. Letting me cum in your pussy like this.” He’s watching your movements, stomping his legs in kicks and getting his remaining clothing off, holding himself up on his palms, working his cock back and forth in your swollen folds. It’s a sticky, dripping mess.
Normally, this is the point Eddie would reach for a condom, but instead, he looks towards the drawer. “Still okay if I take you without one, sweetheart?”
You nod. “Wanna see you, though.”
Eddie reluctantly pries himself away, hobbling rather comically into a cross-legged position, holding himself at the patch of dark curls. “Come and take your seat, baby.”
That pitter patter latches onto your insides, yanking them into your ass. You feel your cunt drizzling your slick as you make your way towards Eddie and climb onto his lap, locking your ankles around his waist, shifting just so. He taps his fingertips against the swell of your breast. “Don’t hold your breath, baby. Don’t close your eyes, either. I want you to look at me when I put my dick inside of you.”
“O-okay. Hurry, I need you, baby boy.”
You spread your labia apart as Eddie complies, tapping the head around your opening, pushing it past the muscle and into the soft, slippery heat of your cunt. It hurts, badly. This deep angle, the defined stretch you get off on. And there’s no barrier to get in the way. It’s all Eddie, it’s all you.
His eyes are wide and his jaw is slack. His abdomen tenses, muscles flexing. He pulsates inside you the second his balls rest against your ass. Your quivering breaths are broken and speech is beyond your capabilities. Eddie snatches your hands that have unknowingly clenched into the bedsheets beside you, squeezing, forehead dropping atop yours.
His lips pucker for an easy kiss, nuzzling your nose. “Holy Christ, baby. I can’t believe how fuckin’ warm and wet it is in here.”
You don’t mean to, but you clamp down on him, causing him to rock his hips and a hiss leaves your mouth. “Shit, shit. We just gotta stay still for a few, yeah? Don’t wanna hurt you, princess. And m’ in pretty deep this time.”
You whine in agreement, eyes trailing down to the chain that rests between your breasts that stay squished into Eddie’s tattooed chest. You don’t dare look away, both of you wanting to partake in the intensity of this intimacy. Eddie holds you, peppering kisses here and there on your face and neck until the burn dulls into that aching sting. He cups your jaw, stroking his fingers along your jugular. “Ready to be fucked raw?”
His double ended meaning has you snorting, purposely bearing down on him and rolling your hips. A combined gasp is heard. It’s the fullest you’ve felt, and the most safe. Eddie is thick and hot inside you, nestled heavily in the sopping wet confines of your walls. It’s overwhelming and he knows it too. Placing one hand on your lower back, the other keeping yours held, he tilts his head as if to ask permission. “Yeah?”
“Fuck this bad day right outta your brat, Eds. Cum in her greedy little pussy. Show her who owns it.” You finger the chain with your spare hand, nails scratching at Eddie’s knuckles, circling the ring shapes that adorn his fingers.
“You and that nasty mouth, princess. Remind me to fuck it later, hmm?”
Difficult to establish in this new position you’ve rarely tried, it takes a few minutes to gain a rhythm that is driving Eddie as deep as he can go, his cock nailing that spongey spot inside of your cunt. It takes everything in you to hold on and to not push him on his back and have your way with him like your own personal rodeo. His chest is perspired and flushed, his freckles more prominent, his pupils reflective through the haze of his lust, and his curls tangle to his forehead. He’s giving slowly, languid thrusts that wreck you from head to toe, and you are beckoned into his every push on your waist, guiding you through.
Your toes are curling, a cold tingle snapping at your thighs, blood rushing, heart rate churning. Eddie lets go of your connected hands to accompany the feeling of your oncoming orgasm, as he recognizes the familiar signs, and feels you getting tighter around him, drowning his dick in your cream. His strokes your clit with expertise, mouth hovering over yours, just so. “Know you’re gonna cum, princess. You’re so fucking wet that I don’t think I can last much longer for you.”
You knot your grip into his hair, tugging it to the side and licking a crude stripe up his neck, finding the shell of his ear. “Then lay me down and… what were your words again? Fuck me stupid?”
Eddie makes a rogue noise, falling back onto the bed and shoving you beneath him, nudging your legs apart roughly, holding his soaked dick and pressing it back into you. His slick covered happy trail drags your clit with every upstroke and it’s totaling you, your eyes rolling back. Eddie is cursing, powering through it. “Yeah, sweetheart. That’s it, wanna know how it feels like this when you cum. Just like that.”
Your back arches, legs lifting around Eddie’s slender waist, hands clenching into his shoulder blades, and that coil tightens into such a sharp ache that your eyes fill with tears and you cry out his name like a mantra on the day of worship. “Eddie, Eddie, Eddie!”
Your orgasm pouring over his cock is enough to smack his insides into a frenzy. He reaches for your breasts, palms them, then seeks out your hands. He’s extra needy. That means he’s close, right there.
“I’m… Y/N, baby. Can I, PLEASE?”
“Cum inside me, Eds. Come on, baby boy.” You lick at his mouth, his stuttering hips stalling and his ass flexing beneath your ankles.
You cry out when he tenses up and throbs, a warmth spurting thickly throughout your cunt, mixing in with your orgasm, Eddie letting a drawn out moan work itself from the depths of his diaphragm. Too fucking good to speak anything but a broken syllable of your name. “Y/N…”
He falls into your body, sex tainted skin sticking together, hearts racing wildly. You brush his hair back, kissing the crown of his forehead. He pecks your neck, fitting his face into the curvature of your neck and shoulder. Neither of you say anything, enjoying the sound of the Autumn breeze outside and labored breathing attempting to stabilize. It goes on like that for what feels like hours, but Eddie lifts his head to check in with you.
“Are we feeling any better?”
Sometimes… Eddie Munson is all you need to make a bad day better.
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saintbutasadist · a day ago
so sorry for not uploading any fics the last few days; my laptop has been playing up. here’s my apology: a bit of eddie smut 💗
Tumblr media
warnings / 18 + SMUT MDNI, p in v, squirting, pet name “doll”, unprotected sex, cum in v
Tumblr media
Eddie’s leaky, pink-tipped cock is ramming in and out of you at a relentless pace. The filthy squelch of his pre-cum and your wetness filling the heated room.
“F-Fuck, doll. So fucking t-tight for me, huh?” His eyes roll back into his head.
He’s leaning down by your ear, whispering the dirtiest things he can think of to get you to clench around him. He’s desperately rubbing small, tight circles on your clit.
He expertly angles himself so that he manages to get impossibly deeper and starts hitting your spongey spot over and over again. You moan loudly as he grunts and whimpers in your ear, his tongue poking the side of his mouth.
That’s enough to finally tip you off the edge, snapping the ever-growing knot in your stomach. You squirted all over him, your juices dribbling down your ass.
“Holy shit. Did I - fuck - did I just make you squirt?”
The intensity of your orgasm lasts ages as Eddie rides out your high. He pumps himself into you faster, getting off to the fact that he made your pussy drool, as he chases his own release longingly.
“S-Shit - Just s-so you know I’m, like, super close. Where - God - Where do you want me t-“
“Inside. Cum inside me.”
“Jesus Christ, Y/N.”
Just the thought makes hot, white strings of cum shoot out and paint your walls. He groans, bottoming out and switching his thrusts from fast and sloppy to slow and deep.
“You’re driving me crazy.” He wipes the sweat from his forehead and grins at your fucked-out body beneath him.
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cicimunson · 16 hours ago
Ruin Me
Series Summary: Eddie is obsessed with you, but tries to hide it because he knows you're a virgin and he doesn't want to corrupt you or risk your friendship.
Chapter Summary: You catch Eddie in a compromising position, and he doesn't know how much longer he can fight the urge to make you his.
Characters: Eddie Munson x Virgin Female Reader
Warnings: Eddie a bit of a perv, sexual situations including jerking off, bit of voyeurism, going to second base.
Part 2
Eddie is in heaven.
Scratch that, he's in hell.
You're sprawled out on your stomach in his bed, pencil tucked between your lips, chewing on the tip as you think, your brow furrowed in concentration.
And Eddie was jealous of the fucking pencil. 
He's sitting in his desk chair, trying not to make it obvious that he can't take his eyes off you, specifically the way your tits are smashed together from the way you're laying, displaying your cleavage above the v-neck of your t-shirt.
You shift a little and he has to stifle a groan.
Did you have to wear those tiny shorts when you came over to study, displaying the lower curve of your ass? They ride up a little further every time you move. Don't you know you're driving him insane?
You sit up and stretch, your shirt riding up to almost display the underside of your tits.
Eddie bites his lip and tucks his book a little closer on his lap, praying it's enough to hide his erection.
You smile at him and he offers a weak smile in return, trying to pretend everything is normal and he's not picturing himself shoving his cock down your throat right now.
"You're so quiet today." You observe.
"Yeah, uh, just studying."
"Need some help?"
He shakes his head. If you get closer to him he's gonna burst. "Uh, no. I'm all good."
"Okay. I'm gonna head out then." You rise to your feet and start getting your stuff together. You lean over Eddie to grab your history book off his desk.
Your tits are mere inches from his face. He could lean forward slightly and his nose would be buried in your cleavage. He can feel his cock start to leak precum in his boxers. He needs a release, now.
He takes your arm and practically propels you down the hall and out the front door, not even all the way back in his room before he's tugging his pants down and fisting his dick.
You're so pretty, just so goddamn pretty. He wants to tell you, wants to pull you underneath him and make you his, wants to watch you squirm and writhe while he fucks you senseless.
But he knows he can't. You're just so good and sweet, and ugh, so fucking innocent.
It doesn't stop him from fantasizing about you. He's rubbed his cock raw, jerking off to the mental image of you on his knees before him, worshiping him with your mouth.
"Y/N. Baby. Just like that." He moans loudly, fucking his fist, feeling his precum drip on his hand. He rubs it into the head of his cock, pretending it's you soaking him.
He's so caught up in his fantasy that he doesn't even hear you come back inside, having forgotten your notebook on the end of the bed. You don't hear what's happening until you open the door.
You see Eddie sprawled out on his bed, coated in sweat, frantically bucking his hips as he strokes himself.
"So good baby, so sweet for me, Y/N, Y/N!"
Your stomach clenches and you press your thighs together. God he's so fucking beautiful like this, and he's falling apart thinking about you.
You clear your throat and his eyes shoot open. He looks mortified, scrambling to cover himself up. "Shit, I thought you'd left!"
"Forgot my notebook."
"Fuck, I'm sorry. Didn't mean for you to see this." He apologizes sheepishly.
"I'm more interested in what I heard than what I saw, Eddie."
He flushes and looks guilty. "I'm sorry."
"Don't be." You sit on the edge of the bed. "I'm sorry I interrupted. Feel free to continue."
His eyes almost bulge out of his head. "With you sitting here? You wanna watch?"
If he wasn't so desperate to cum he would say no. He wouldn't dare corrupt you like this, risk your friendship like this. But he just can't help himself this time.
He shoves his blanket aside and holds his hand out to you. "Spit."
You spit into his palm and he moans, then starts stroking himself, using your spit to lube himself up. 
You clench your thighs together, watching as he pumps himself, whimpering your name once more, never taking his eyes off you.
To his surprise, you pull up your shirt, exposing your tits to him.
"Fuck, you are so gorgeous. I'd pay to touch those perfect tits."
"Oh, yeah?"
"Free weed for the rest of your fucking life, I swear." His eyes are glued to your chest as he pumps his cock frantically.
"Touch me then."
He practically shoots off the bed to get close to you. He pulls your shirt over your head and buries his face between your tits, sighing happily. "Mmm, so good."  He licks down the center of your chest, then quickly sucks a nipple between his teeth.
You snake a hand behind his head, holding him to you. "I really like that."
"I should stop." He mumbles against your tit. "I'm taking advantage of you."
"Not at all."
He kisses up to your neck. "You're so sweet. So pure. I shouldn't be touching you like this."
"Why? Because I'm a virgin?"
He groans hearing those words and sucks on your earlobe. "Yes. Such a little saint. You don't cuss. You don't drink. You didn't start smoking weed until I corrupted you."
"I only smoke it to spend more time with you." You admit.
He peppers kisses on your jawline. "You wanted more time with me? That's so sweet. Such an angel."
You push his head away. "Stop saying that. I'm not a saint, I'm not an angel. You have me on a pedestal."
He frowns. "You are. You're such a good girl. And I'm the devil for corrupting you."
"All you've done is give me some drugs and play with my tits."
"I want to do more though."
You feel your muscles clench again.
He leans in closer and licks your ear. "I want to fucking ruin you."
"So do it."
You grab his face and meet his eyes.
"Say it again." He commands, but it's almost a plea.
You smirk. "Fucking ruin me, Eddie."
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lqveharrington · 2 days ago
Inside the Munson Trailer:
Y/N: “I didn’t call you stupid.”
Eddie: “Yes, you did!”
Y/N: “Okay, but I didn’t mean too! … Just — I asked you to spell orange… and you asked me, “The fruit or the color?” It caught me off guard.”
Eddie: Blinks while holding an orange “This is the fruit, they’re two different things.”
Y/N: “What the fuck.”
Robin and Steve: Cackling in the background
Nancy: Shakes her head in disappointment
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eddieswh0r · 2 days ago
oh my good GOD
Dior Spring/Summer 2023 Paris
Source: ellefr (Instagram)
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indouloureux · 23 hours ago
hi! i don’t know if you write stuff like this but i’ve seen your account a couple times and really liked your writing! maybe you could do eddie x reader where reader is doing something like homework and he’s just staring at her and she just gets all flustered about it? only if you want to ofc
disdhdkdj thank you so much!! and thank u for requesting <33
— inspired by that one thing i reblogged from @ghosttownwherenoonegoes about eddie's love language being music hehe.
Tumblr media
you're sitting on your desk, pencil in your mouth and staring–no, glaring, at your homework. and eddie?
eddie, your beloved boyfriend, sits on your bed with his acoustic guitar on his lap. the painted, capitalized words 'this machine slays dragons' being brushed ever so often by his adroit fingers whenever he strums. he plays to help you focus, help you relax, his hand mindlessly strumming and his mouth humming all your favorite songs.
his eyes trace every feature of your side profile–the shape of your nose and your plump lips that, although turned into a frustrated frown, still looks gorgeous. your droopy eyes, and the way your irises had a gilded sheen from the warm light of your lamp that lights up your face and your homework.
it's obvious that he loves staring at you. it's his favorite hobby. just staring at you like a star in the sky as he sings a song — his muse, he claims. the object of his desires, the ink to his pen, where his spotlight shines upon, where all his missing dreams had gone to. it was you.
that harmony of nylon strings plucked has evaded your mind once more. your body relaxes, your mind unbinds in its complexity, and you find yourself humming softly with him.
top of the world by the carpenters, you name it. you feel his stare through your peripherals and you can't help but look back at him.
eddie doesn't divert his gaze, and your cheeks burn blissfully. he hums with you, nodding his head slowly, smiling when you finally caught up from what song he's been playing; his pearls glinting between the small space his grinning lips leave.
but you feel his stare. of the cresting mesmerization, of the utter devotion his pupils say to you. the way his smile fades just a little to offer you this silly, lovestruck daze. you're suddenly flustered, looking away and instead focusing on his hindering hands and his glinting rings.
"what?" you whisper, tucking your hair behind your ear. "why are you staring at me like that?"
"staring at you like what?" he teases, removing the guitar from his lap and walking over to you, crouching beside you. "uncle wayne told me it's rude to stare, but does it really count when i'm staring up at the most beautiful human being in the world?"
you tsk, looking away from him and hiding your face behind your hands. "eddieeeee,"
"sweetheaaaaart," he mocks, leaning up to tug at your wrists and hauling them down to your lap. "don't go shy on me now, baby."
"i can't help it," you mumble, cheeks flaring when he takes your chin between his index and thumb. your palm wrap around his wrist, thumb on his pulse point, fingers coming up to graze his silver rings.
"better get used to it then," eddie tilts his head, his heart pounding, your flustered response to his flirting assuages his desires. "you're so beautiful, princess,"
you look up at him, tilting your head down to press a kiss onto the pad of his thumb. eddie this time blushes, a tinge of pink on his opalescent skin that names him adorable. he stands up slightly, head to head with you, and leans down to press his lips against yours.
it's soft, carefree, reveling, and amazing; knocks the wind out of you like a fucking pistolwhip despite it's chastity. your hand comes up to carry his face between your hands, smiling when eddie maneuvers his hands down your waist and palming its pudgy side.
"i don't think i'll ever get used to your stares, though," you mumble against his petal silk lips. "i'll be staring at you a lot too, tiger."
eddie growls playfully and you giggle. "staring contest. first one to blink buys the winner ice cream."
"ha, deal."
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keeryshouse · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
pairing: eddie munson x fem!reader
summary: three times eddie almost asks you out, and the one time he does.
word count: 4.5k
warnings: nothing! smitten eddie and reader with lots of fluff and waiting for them to get together!
a/n: hi hi! sorry for the wait for this one, but i hope you guys like it and pls let me know what u think :D
Somehow, Eddie was roped into bringing Dustin to the arcade on a random weeknight. Something about Steve working and a new game being installed that he couldn’t miss.
And anyway, he has a hard time saying no to the kid.
So, that led him to having to clean out his van of his staches and anything he deemed unsuitable for the nosy eyes of Dustin Henderson. Eddie never thought he’d care so much about the youngest members of Hellfire, but he saw a lot of himself in them.
After picking up Dustin, who insisted on choosing the music, and driving to the arcade, he parked and followed Dustin inside. Of course, Eddie’s been to the arcade before, but last time he went, Keith was the one working there.
And you—who had a bright smile and was waving to Dustin—were certainly not Keith.
Eddie trailed behind his younger friend as he walked over to the counter to talk to you. Of course, Eddie knew who you were, but you were different from the person he went to school with, you seemed happier, like there was a weight that wasn’t holding you down anymore. He also had no idea you knew Dustin.
“Hurry up!” The curly-haired boy called from where he stood by the counter.
Eddie hadn’t even realized he stopped walking.
He caught up quickly, coming to rest his elbows on the desk you stood behind. You were laughing at something Dustin had said and it was a beautiful sight. Eddie wanted to make you laugh like that himself.
“Finally. Eddie, this is my old babysitter,” Dustin introduced you, even if you already knew each other. “Now she’s here all the time and loves when I come in.”
Eddie whispers your name, testing it on his tongue.
“You how he found out about this new game?” He faces you, and he swears he can feel his heart stutter when you make eye contact.
Your eyes are kind, soft, and surrounded by smudgy eyeliner that brings them out even more. He’s struck by how pretty you are. Not that you weren’t before, he’s just never noticed it until now.
“Guilty,” you shrug with a shy smile. “But hey, you can hang out with me here if you’d rather.”
Dustin was off with a rushed promise of getting the high score, and then it was just you and Eddie. He decided to take you up on your offer of passing the time with you. He’s sure it beats listening to Dustin yell at a video game.
“So, Eddie,” you prop yourself up with an elbow on the counter, chin perched on your hand. “Haven’t seen you since school. How are you?”
“Good, yeah. Finally graduated, so that’s something.”
“That’s great! What about your band?”
He’s surprised you knew about it, but he tries to hide it. “Corroded Coffin, yep. Still going.”
“And Hellfire? Dustin tells me all about it when he’s here.”
He can’t deny the pleasure he feels knowing you know about his hobbies. Even if you’ve probably learned it all through Dustin.
“Couldn’t let it go so I still run it. It’s nerdy but I love it.”
“Nothing wrong with nerdy. I’ve heard lots about it and it sounds really fun.”
You don’t mean to sound creepy or come off that way, knowing about Eddie and wanting to talk about it. You’re interested in knowing, you want to be his friend. He’s kind and funny and has an energy about him that you want to be around. He makes you a little nervous, even if you hide it well.
“It’s, um.. Yeah. It’s great.”
The evening moves along and you and Eddie talk through it all, save the interruptions from customers when you’re actually needed. It was easy and even through the awkward points, you both wanted to be there.
Eddie wasn’t expecting to actually enjoy himself, he was expecting a night that was a favor to Dustin and that’s it. But you were there. You made it better.
“Alright, I’m ready to go,” Dustin strolls up to the counter and sets his hands on his hips, impatient and demanding as always. You smile at him.
“Get the high score?”
“You know it! You better tell me if anyone beats it.”
“Always do, Dusty.”
He gives you that toothy grin that you love. He really is a great kid. He then turns to Eddie and gives him a look that said ‘let’s go.’
“Well, duty calls. It was nice to see you.”
“You too, Eddie. See you.”
“Bye, pretty.”
He’s out the door before you can properly react to his term of endearment. You certainly could get used to hearing it from him, though.
In the van, Dustin eyes Eddie before saying, “so did you ask her out?”
Dustin huffs, like it’s obvious. “You were all oh my gosh, swoon, as soon as you saw her. Seriously.”
“I was not,” was he? Eddie had no idea what he was feeling but he knew that you were pretty, and that he wanted to spend time with you again. That was it.
“You were! She was too, so you guys should totally date.”
“Listen here, Henderson. I’m the elder, so I give the advice and make the decisions. It’s not like that, just haven’t seen her in a long time.”
It’s the weekend after that day at the arcade and your friends have managed to wrangle you into a night out. You weren’t opposed to going it, you just had to be in the right mood. That mood didn’t come until they told you Corroded Coffin would be playing.
Eddie’s band.
You don’t want to admit it, but you’ve been waiting for him to come in again since last time. And every time Dustin walked in, you’d peek behind him to see if Eddie would be following. So far, he never was, so you took this chance to see him again.
It worked, because he was on stage when you walked in. You froze for a moment, taking him in. He was playing his guitar, and there was sweat dripping from his forehead and you don’t think you’ve ever seen anything hotter. He was really something.
Your friends tugged you over to the bar, forcing your attention away from Eddie. You took turns placing your orders and grabbing your drinks.
Eventually, you made your way to the dance floor with your small group. You didn’t think you’d have fun, but you were. Letting loose and moving along with the songs Eddie and his band were playing.
You spared a glance over to the stage, and Eddie was already looking at you when you glanced at him. Your eyes locked and he gave you a smirk before looking back at his guitar. He seemed like a whole new person up there, confident and free.
It was a great sight to see. Him in his element.
Each time you looked over at Eddie, he’d be looking, too. Or at least, you were convinced he was. Sometimes he’d smile, or wink, and sometimes he’d just look away as if he’d been caught. It was a push and pull and you were bathing in the slightest attention from him.
Closer to the end of his set, you drifted off to the bar, taking a seat and really watching him play. The whole band was incredible, but you couldn’t get your eyes off of Eddie and you’re pretty sure he knew it. Your friends were still dancing away, some with partners for the night.
When the last song was played, you were determined to be the loudest one cheering.
Eddie was feeling a lot. Ecstatic that you showed up, that you looked at him so much during his set and that you shied away from him every time he’d give you an expression back. It was cute. He was nervous too, though. Nervous to know what you thought about his music and his performance. You just made him nervous in general.
He still wanted to talk to you. To hear you laugh and see you smile up close. God, maybe Dustin was right.
Gareth came up behind Eddie backstage, a hand on his shoulder. “Good one tonight, right? Even saw you making goo goo eyes.”
“Wha- Goo goo eyes?”
“Yes. So will you introduce me?”
“Gareth, she went to school with us. You literally know each other.”
His friend huffs, “okay. Re-introduce, then.”
Eddie and Gareth make their way through the crowded bar, the Hideout. The former spots you easily, from your black Doc Martens all the way up to your hair. He takes the seat next to you, Gareth on his other side.
“Hi, pretty.”
It takes you a second to recover from the nickname. “Oh! Hi, Eddie. And Gareth. You guys were amazing.”
Eddie’s beaming at the praise. He treasures his music and to hear that you enjoyed it means a lot to him. Like, a lot.
“Thank you. I’m glad you’re here.”
“Me too,” Eddie was close to you, his arm brushing against yours.
“Me three!” You had almost forgotten Gareth was there.
You strike up a conversation with him, though. Asking about the band and how Gareth likes it. He’s kind, and you think he’d get along with one of your friends so you beckon her over and introduce them. She and Gareth are lost in their own chat, so you get Eddie to yourself once more.
“So, you liked it?”
“Liked it? Eddie, you guys are insanely good. I loved it. You look so alive up there, like it’s where you belong.”
His heart was soaring. The way that you could see how much he loved to perform, that you could tell he loved it from one single set. He was amazed by you.
“Thank you,” he looks down, blushing. “I’m happy you think so. Next time you come see me let me know, I’ll get you to stand sidestage, sound good?”
Holy shit. “Yeah. Perfect, actually.”
You can’t believe you and Eddie hadn’t become friends until now, until Dustin dragged him into the arcade. You wish that you’d been closer to him in school, that you could’ve had years of his company already.
At least you know him now.
“So, how do you like working at the arcade?”
“It’s alright. Loud, and sometimes boring. Dustin and his friends brighten it up. They’re great kids.”
“They are. Shitheads, too.”
You laugh, a small one, but it’s there. Eddie feels accomplished that he’s the one who drew it out of you.
“Yeah they are. You do anything for work other than music?”
And so, the small talk grows from there. He learns about your hobbies and you learn about his life with his uncle and everything. It’s nice, and it’s rare to find someone so easy to talk to for you.
At some point, Gareth and his other band mates pull Eddie away for a second. The friend you’d set up with Gareth is with them, for some reason.
When they’re far enough away, she speaks first. “She likes you, Eddie,” before he can protest she continues, “trust me. I’m her friend, and I can tell.”
“You should ask her out, dude,” Gareth is next to talk.
His sentence is followed by agreements from everyone else.
“No way, guys. We’ve talked like twice. It’s too soon, okay?”
“No it’s not. Come on, man.”
He leaves with that, back to find you. He wants to ask you out, he does. He’s just afraid that you’ll say no, that he’ll scare you off. So, he decides he’ll wait. As long as you need him to.
What he doesn’t know is that you’re eagerly waiting for him to make a move.
“Sorry ‘bout that.”
“No problem.”
“So, where were we?”
“Mmm, something about…” You glance at his lips, the next word coming out quiet. “I don’t remember.”
His gaze flicks between your eyes and your mouth, he thinks you’re about to kiss him. Maybe he doesn’t have to wait too long after all.
But, before you can make contact, your friend taps your shoulder, whispers something, and runs off to the washroom.
“Oh gosh,” you look at Eddie, an apology written on your face. “I’m sorry, I have to go. My friend, she’s throwing up and-”
“Shh. It’s fine. Until next time, yeah?”
You stand up, and so does he. You wrap your arms around his neck, bringing him down for a hug. His arms hold your waist tightly, his head tucked against yours. It was really, really nice. You breathe in his scent, he’s doing the same.
It's a bit before you pull away.
“Bye, Eddie.”
“See ya, pretty girl.”
You find it really hard to walk away from him, but your friend needs help and you’re not one to abandon them, so you leave.
The next time you see Eddie he’s yet again in his element; leading a Dungeons and Dragons campaign with Hellfire.
During Dustin’s latest visit to the arcade, he informed you of the week's meeting, and how excited he was for it. You couldn’t stop yourself from asking if you could tag along, if you could watch. He was quick to say yes, eager to get you and Eddie in the same room again, this time with backup.
You were excited to see Eddie doing something he loves once more. You were excited to see him in general, honestly.
His friends also seemed great, and you wanted to meet them all properly. Dustin assured you they’re great, and that you’ll get along just fine. You believed him.
When Eddie found out you were coming, he was nervous. He didn’t know what you’d think and he didn’t want you to think he was weird. He didn’t want you to look at him the way everyone else did. Like he was a freak, someone who didn’t belong. He never cared so much about what people thought. Not until he met you.
On the night of the campaign, he’s jittery. He fiddles with his rings more than usual, twisting them around his fingers, taking them on and off, anything that will keep his hands occupied. He messed with his hair enough that he had to try to tame it before you arrive.
You leave earlier than Dustin told you to, and you’re not sure if it’s because you just want to make sure you aren’t late or if it’s to get some time alone with Eddie before everyone else gets there. You weren’t used to feeling this way about someone, to have the urge to see them and speak with them as much as you could. To feel a pull.
The drive to Eddie’s trailer is spent psyching yourself up, giving yourself a pep talk and some time to figure out what you’ll even say when you get there. You think you want to flirt with him, more obviously than you have been but you’ve never been good at that. Eye contact and shy smiles were sort of all you could muster.
Parked outside of Eddie’s, you flip down your car mirror to make sure you can deem yourself presentable. You run your pinky under your eyes to smudge your eyeliner out and brush away mascara flakes from the day, you apply a new layer of lip gloss, you’re about to check on your hair when a knock on your car window startles you.
It’s Eddie. Fuck, how much of that did he see, you wonder.
The answer is pretty much all of it. Unbeknownst to you, Eddie went outside as soon as saw your car pull up through his window. He stood on the porch for a second, but decided he’d rather say hi and hear your voice. He thinks it’s really sweet that you felt the need to touch up your makeup before seeing him, even though he thinks it’s completely unnecessary. It’s sweet, nonetheless.
Once your car is shut off, he opens your door and holds out a hand for you, “m’lady.”
“Thanks,” you take it and get out of the car. You decide to pull him into a hug, your arms around his neck to pull him in, just like you did at the Hideout. “Hi, Eddie.”
He hugs you right back, chin perched on your shoulder and nose buried in your hair. He squeezes you as he greets you, “hi, pretty.”
Reluctantly, he pulls away from you to look at your face, the color of your eyes and the way your eyeliner brings them out. He thinks the nickname he’s given you is quite perfect, because you really are pretty. Your signature boots on your feet and the rings on your fingers that match his nicely, chunky and silver.
If anyone was made for him, he’s pretty sure it’s you. He has no idea how to tell you that.
“Come on,” he leads you up the few steps to his front door, opening it and beckoning you inside. He stays by the door while you take a look around, shy about the lack of space he has, but it’s home.
“It looks so cozy in here,” and you’re being honest. The blankets thrown about the living room and the pillows on the couch, the soft lighting and the slightly messy kitchen. It looks lived in and you love that.
“I’m sorry it’s a mess. And kinda small,” he scratches the back of his neck.
“It’s great, Eddie. Honest.”
He smiles at you, close-mouthed and small, but a smile. You hate that he feels bad about where he’s living, that he feels the need to apologize for it. You walk back over to him and tug him to the couch, sitting down and waiting for him to do the same.
You keep your hand on his arm for longer than necessary.
“So, what should I expect? I’ve never actually seen anyone play DnD, only heard Dusty talk about it.”
“It gets kinda loud, but it’s ‘cause we’re all sort of invested in it. I just hope we don’t scare you off because of it.”
“You could never, trust me.”
Eddie’s struck by the sincerity in your tone, the way you keep your eyes on his when you say it. He doesn’t think he’s ever been so convinced that someone wants to stick around, that he’s ever believed them. But you, you have a way of speaking that makes him trust everything you say, soft and kind and it eases him like a glass of water on a hot Hawkins summer day.
He’s sort of lost in you, his eyes flickering across your face and he notes a stray strand of hair that’s fallen over your forehead. He reaches out and pushes it back, his touch light as ever but your skin burns where his fingers were all the same.
You think you’re about to kiss yet again when heavy-handed knocks on the door snap you both out of it.
From then on, the group builds up until everyone is there, gathered around Eddie’s coffee table on pillows while you sit on the couch and watch.
He was right, the atmosphere is rowdy, sort of chaotic but it’s full of passion and you can see why they enjoy the game so much. It’s exciting, even for you: someone who knows almost nothing about it. You can't help but smile when they seem to be winning, to cheer when they do.
Through it all, though, your focus was mainly on Eddie. He was so animated, so lively in his task to narrate the game that it filled the room, a contagious energy that’s undeniable. Every single person in that room was so invested, so thrilled and it was because of him. You were kinda, sort of, maybe in awe of him and the way he moved. The authority he seemed to hold.
Once the session ended, you pulled him aside. “That was something else, Eddie, really.”
“Like in a good way?”
“Of course! I could watch you for hours, you’re so captivating.”
He’s blushing. He’s not the best at taking compliments and coming from you, he’s even more bashful about them.
“Thank you,” he smiles, this time it’s a full one. Boyish and wide.
“Thank you for letting me come watch. I don’t really wanna leave but…I’m working tomorrow.”
“It’s no problem, I’m glad you were here. I’ll walk you.”
He does, out the door and right to your car. You both pause at your car door. You lean against it, back against your vehicle and Eddie lets his arms rest on the roof of it, caging you between them. It’s a position that keeps you close to each other.
“Thanks again for having me. I had a really good time.”
“You’re sweet. And welcome anytime.”
There’s a stillness in the air, a question lingering of will you or won’t you kiss. Both of you can feel it, neither of you lean in for a while. When Eddie does, he gets nervous at the last second and swerves to kiss your cheek instead. You hide your disappointment.
He then pulls you into the hug that feels so familiar, easy.
“See you, pretty.”
He lets you go and heads back inside, and you drive away. When he opens the door, everyone’s looking at him.
“Fucks sake, Eddie,” Dustin huffs.
“What?” He repeats
“Dude. Really? You didn’t even kiss her?” Jeff is next to talk, as if it’s that easy.
“Did you at least ask her out?” Gareth asks.
“Um,” Eddie’s feeling put on the spot, “no..?”
“Eddie!” They all say it at the same time.
“If you don’t get your shit together and ask her out, I swear.”
Eddie can’t even keep track of who’s saying what, all he knows is that they’re saying ‘it’s so obvious,’ and ‘are you that dumb?’
The one that sticks with him is when Dustin says, “she couldn’t even stop looking at you. Smiling like a fool the entire time. It’s kind of gross.”
Fuck, he likes you so much. The possibility that you like him too is enough to get him to devise a plan. With the help of Hellfire, of course.
Eddie had the plan ready the night of the meeting, but it took him nearly a week to get the courage to actually go through with it. It wasn’t major; he’d show up just before you close at work with some food, talk to you over dinner sort of like a date, seal the deal by asking you out for real. Hopefully kissing you.
You had a long day at the arcade. The people were extra noisy and time went by extra slowly. You couldn’t help but hope that Dustin and his friends would come in. That they’d bring Eddie, too. Every time the door opened you’d check for that familiar head of hair. No luck.
To make it all worse, five minutes before closing you hear the door open once more. You throw your head back and sigh in defeat. Longest day ever.
“Sorry, we’re closing!” You put on your ‘customer service voice,’ cheery and overly kind.
“‘S just me, pretty! Can I come in?”
You perk up right away because that’s Eddie’s voice and you know it. You make your way to the door and the smile that blooms on your face at the sight of him is so wide it’s kind of pathetic. You like him so much.
“Eddie!” You wrap him in a hug.
“Oh,” he’s surprised, you’ve never been so enthusiastic to see anyone, he doesn’t think. He doesn’t hesitate to hug you back, “hi.”
You squeeze him tight before pulling away, “sorry. Hi.”
You take a small step back, slightly embarrassed that you pounced on him so quickly, but you’d been wanting to see him all day and here he was. He looked pretty, his hair damp like he showered before coming, his cheeks a little flushed.
“Brought some food. Eat with me?” He holds up the takeout bag held in his hand.
“Yes, please.”
You lock the door and flip the sign to closed, then gesture for him to follow you into the office so you could eat at the desk together. He trails behind you, admires the way you walk and your outfit of the day.
The two of you sit down, and Eddie unpacks the bag, smiling proudly when you tell him he got your order perfectly. He’ll remember to thank Dustin for that later. You eat together and it’s nice, it’s peaceful.
He asks about your day, you tell him and do the same. You could easily get used to this. Eddie with you for dinner, the conversation and the way he’s able to make you laugh without really trying. Everything stays light while you have your meal.
At one point, Eddie leans forward and wipes something away from the corner of your mouth with his thumb. Neither of you say anything about it.
Once the table’s cleared, Eddie prepares himself to tell you how he feels, to ask you out. He’s nervous, of course he is, but he feels comfortable around you and if the dinner you just had was in any way similar to what a date would feel like, he needs to ask.
“So,” he starts. “I actually came here to talk to you about something.”
You look at him, showing him he’s got your attention fully and wait for him to continue. You’re really, really hoping he’ll say what you think he’s going to.
“I.. um.” He fumbles with his words, takes a deep breath, and tries again. “I wanted to know if you’ll go out with me? Like a real date?”
“Really? Me?”
You want to say yes, you want to scream it, but you need to be sure that he means it. If his actions tell you anything, he certainly does.
“Are you kidding?” He pulls your chair closer to his, reaches for your hand and holds it. “Yes, you. I like you. An insane amount and I have since that kid dragged me in here. I’m glad he did because we got to talk and I was like, wow, you know? And-”
“Eddie?” You cut him off.
“I like you an insane amount, too. Will you kiss me?”
“Holy shit.” He whispers, then, his mouth is on yours.
He kisses you like he’s been starving for it. You know you have. It’s sort of messy, but it’s slow and careful at the same time. He holds your neck softly, just enough to angle your head the way he wants, and you love every second of it.
Eddie doesn’t think he’s ever felt this way before in his life. No, he knows he hasn’t. Kissing you is addicting to him, and now that he’s done it once he doesn’t know if he can hold himself back. Though, by the way you’re pulling him closer by his shirt, he doesn’t believe he’ll need to with you.
You pull away only when you need the air, your forehead against Eddie’s and hands still holding his shirt. A satisfied smile spreads across your face.
“Does that mean you’ll let me take you out, pretty?” He asks.
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myobmaya · 13 hours ago
I Am Okay
Part 1
Part 2
AU Rockstar!Eddie x reader (they,them pronouns) nicknamed Birdy. Reader is pregnant
It’s time for Eddie to face the consequences of his actions.
Tw: Angst, Mentions of infidelity, cheating, miscarriage, pregnancy, throwing up (no actual description of it)
Tumblr media
A bag of frozen peas sits against Eddie’s cheek as he wears a glare on his face. Dustin sits across from him with a bag of ice against his knuckle with a solemn expression. The ride back to Dustin’s house was silent. Both men were filled with anger at each other. Eddie couldn’t recognize why Dustin had hit him. Dustin couldn’t recognize the man Eddie had become. After Five minutes of silence Eddie leans back into the couch taking the peas from his face.
“What am I doing here, Dustin?”
Dustin shrugs his shoulders. The audacity for Eddie to even ask him that, “You tell me, Eddie.”
Eddie rolls his eyes. Of course he answers a question with a question.
“I thought I was here to patch things back up with my spouse but it turns out they’re pregnant and planning on leaving me behind. To make matters worse a friend, oh excuse me,” Eddie pauses dramatically and rolls his hand towards Dustin, “Someone I thought was a friend knew about it and didn’t think to tell me!”
Dustin feels himself get defensive over such a bold statement. How could he not consider Dustin a friend after everything they’ve been through? Dustin wants to bite back. To say something that’ll hit him deep. He knows Eddie likes to play with fire and meeting him with anger won’t get them anywhere. Instead, Dustin only shakes his head at Eddie with a sad smile on his face.
“Something I’m missing, Henderson?” Eddie sees the look on Dustin’s face. He’s so blinded by his own rage he can’t decipher if it’s genuine or just to mess with him. He guided him throughout high school. Gave him a reason to look forward to brighter days and now he’s indulging in Eddie’s dark days.
Dustin should feel taken back by the accusation. He should tell Eddie to cool off and think about what he’s saying. But, he can’t. He doesn’t even want to help the stranger in front of him.
“What happened to you, Eddie?”
Eddie’s taken back by his question. What does he even mean?
“I don’t even know who you are anymore.” Dustin sees the way Eddie’s eyes soften. His mouth opens to defend himself but he can’t. Dustin stares at Eddie with pure disbelief in his eyes. “You used to be so caring. So loving to all of the lost sheep. Now you’re nothing but cold. You’re a liar and a cheater.”
Eddie hangs his head not baring to see his long time friend call him out on his actions.
“The Eddie I knew would have never done what you’ve done. The Eddie I knew kept his promises. The Eddie I knew would hate the Eddie that’s sitting in front of me.”
Eddie doesn’t say anything. He just looks at the wedding band on his finger that lays heavier than the rest. He knows he fucked up. Everyone seems to remind him every chance he gets.
“I didn’t know Birdy was pregnant until today.” Dustin watches as Eddie tucks his ring finger in, cracking the air out of the bone. It’s a cruel reminder of his greatest mistake. He refuses to take it off.
“But knowing what I know now, I wouldn’t have told you.”
Eddie snaps his eyes up. They’re hard and his jaw goes tight. Dustin doesn’t back down, not taking his words back.
“You. Know. Nothing.” Each word out of Eddie’s mouth is gritted out slowly through his teeth. How dare he make an assumption before hearing him out?
Dustin scoffs, crossing his arms over his torso. “Oh yeah? Enlighten me then, Eddie. Enlighten me how you could go and throw away your marriage to the one person who stood by your side for years? Please do tell how you think it’s okay to treat everyone around you like shit and expect to not get called out on it? Tell me how you became the very thing you despised?”
A liar.
The bag of peas that rested on Eddie’s face are thrown onto the coffee table and he’s standing up. He tells Dustin he doesn’t owe him any explanation. Telling him he doesn’t need him. Dustin doesn’t even try to stop him watching him walk to the front door. Eddie’s hand reaches the front door when Dustin decides he’s going to get the last word.
“Yeah that’s right, Eddie. Do what you do best and run away from the problems you create.”
The words cut deep. They hit a core that Eddie had buried long ago. Eddie wants to defend himself but he can’t. He wants to turn around and shove those words right back down Dustin’s throat. But he doesn’t. Instead he opens the door and leaves Dustin’s house.
The town he’s so used to leaving and coming back to has never felt so unwelcoming. He feels alone. He thinks walking along the side of the road will clear his head but all he can think about is the look on your face as you told him how he’d have nothing to do with the baby. How you told him it was his fault your first child didn’t make it into the world. How you told him he left you to do it on your own.
The man he’s turned into makes him physically sick. He should have manned up from the start and came to you with his fears. You’ve never once turned him away. Always welcoming him to break down his walls. Why did he even let that night happen? He didn’t even know her name until she came by with a positive test. A moment he should have been sharing with you. A moment and more that he’ll never get now.
He stops by a stop sign and leans over emptying his stomach filled with bile and disgust. A few cars pass by and one honks at him to which Eddie flips them off.
A few moments go by and Eddie stands up straight wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He stands up and leans against the stop sign. He wonders if you’re going through morning sickness. If you’re having to deal with it every moment of the day. He wonders how far along you are. You couldn’t have been more than 16 weeks if he did his math correctly. He thinks about how big the baby must be. He begins to miss you. He misses the home he found in you. But he knows better than to even try now especially after the whole fiasco at the diner.
The pain in his cheek intensifies after emptying his stomach. He winces. Not just from the pain but from the person who caused it. He’s losing Dustin. There’s no telling if Dustin will ever come back. Way to royally fuck that one up, he thinks. Eddie starts to walk along the road again, this time weakness in his legs. He knows he needs to go somewhere.
There’s only one place he feels that will welcome him.
He doesn’t even realize he’s making his way there until the gravel on the road turns into the dirt at the end of the street. He makes his way to the one person who never turned their back on him. The one person who raised him better than this.
He stops in front of the familiar trailer he used to call home. The lights are on inside indicating he was home. He feels the shame creeping up and he wants to run. But he knows better than that. With a final sigh to himself he gains enough courage to step up to the door. His knuckles give a few taps and a few moments go by before he hears a grumpy voice telling whomever is on the other side that he’s not interested in whatever they’re selling.
Eddie wants to smile at this. Of course he’s still the same. Always telling people to go away rather than getting up and seeing his visitors. He clears his throat instead.
“It’s me, Wayne. It’s Eddie.”
There’s silence on the other side of the door for three minutes. Eddie is about to knock again when the door swings open. Wayne stands there, still in his work shirt, looking at Eddie.
He doesn’t ask what he’s doing there. He never has. Instead he does the only thing he’s ever done to the man he’s loved as his own son. One of the first things Wayne taught Eddie was that family takes care of their own.
The love between people is stronger than the hate the world throws at us. Even if it’s been months since Eddie has spoken to Wayne, he feels the coldness in his heart pick away seeing his uncle open the door wider. Eddie watches as Wayne turns back around to take his seat on the couch.
“Close the door behind you, you’re letting the good AC out.”
You finish packing up the last box. Sweat is thick in your hair and your back feels like someone just kicked it but you’re finally done packing.
The majority of your things sit in a storage unit for now until you find help to move it all into your bare apartment. Your trunk is full and the last box now sits under you as you take a much needed break. It’s odd to see how bare the white walls that once held memories. A pen drop could be heard from how empty the once loving house was.
Four weeks had passed since you saw Eddie at the diner. He had gone radio silent on your end and you refused to break the line. Dustin told you he gave the paperwork to Eddie two weeks ago. He pleaded for you to hear Eddie out before you moved forward. You simply hung up and called your lawyer that night and told them to be ready for the paperwork.
The apartment you got yourself only held an air mattress and your clothes were still shoved into your suitcase. But you didn’t care. It was yours and you were finally out of Hawkins. It’ll be filled with furniture and love for your child in due time.
The phone on the wall rings startling you from your thoughts. Dammit, you forgot to cut the line. You decide to blame that on your pregnancy brain but forgive yourself quickly seeing that you’re doing this all alone. You watch it ring debating if you should answer it. He wouldn’t be stupid enough to call? The realtor has your new number so it couldn’t possibly be them? Could it be— It stops ringing. You shrug your shoulders, must have been a telemarketer.
A hand runs through your sweaty hair. Thank God you kept the AC on until the house was officially sold, but constantly moving and lifting the light boxes did a number on you. You think back to when you and Eddie first moved into the house. How it took you guys two months to unpack everything because he wanted to christen every room nearly every night.
Your mind wanders off to him. Eddie should be off to his next gig by now. It wasn’t like him to stay long in town, always stopping in then leaving on the next flight out. It’s a wonder your marriage lasted this long. Then again, you thought it’d last forever. Your heart stings at the happy memories of making vows to each other. All of it was thrown away for one night. You shake your head standing from the mattress in your room. You can’t afford to think about that now. He didn’t think about you when he stuck his dick in someone else. Exactly how many other women were there before this one caught him? Your chest starts to hurt. Not due to heartburn caused by the little human growing in you. Due to the man that put them inside of you. Stop. Why should you think about him? Stop. Stop thinking about that. Stop thinking of him. He’s probably too busy getting ready for his love child.
Subconsciously your hand holds your stomach. You’re 24 weeks now, nearing 25 soon. You had your check up last week and your doctor told you to expect butterfly movements anytime soon.
That was seven days ago and you still haven’t felt anything. Anxiety settled in you regardless of him telling you everything was looking good. You didn’t even get to go to a second check up for your first pregnancy so you should feel happy. At least that’s what you kept telling yourself. He told you that they should have started, but reminded you every pregnancy was different. That didn’t help your nerves at all.
It stings to know Eddie is sharing your moments with another woman. Someone not married to him. Someone who didn’t spend years learning and loving every flaw of him.
The phone rings again. This time it never stops as if the person on the other line keeps dialing the number.
Your words fly out before you fully pick up the phone and tuck it under your ear. “What do you want?”
“Hi-hi, Birdy.”
His voice registers through your mind faster than you can process it. He sounds taken aback by your rude answers.
Definitely not a telemarketer.
You hear the other line clear their throat. “Y-yeah, it’s Wayne. How are you doing, sweetheart?”
Tears fill your eyes as comfort washes over you just hearing him. He was always so good to you. Taking you in as his own the moment Eddie introduced you to his life. It’s been months since you last spoke to him and you wish you hadn’t forgotten him while you got caught up in your own world. The last time you spoke to him was right before Eddie came home and told you about his mistress. You had called Wayne early in the day to let him know. He told you he had work but promised to come by later to see you two. And now you’re talking to him now, life has completely turned upside down.
You tell him you’re doing okay. He knows that you want to say more but respects your short answer. He’s never been one for small talk. Something you loved about him. He clears his throat once more, feeling the awkward silence.
“Listen, I got some papers for you. I would drive them up but every time I go by the house you’re not home.”
You curse to yourself. Of course Eddie didn’t tell him you were leaving. Feeling guilty for not keeping your father in law up to date you feel yourself reaching for your keys in your back pocket.
“Yeah, no it’s okay Wayne. I’m sorry,” you pause trying to think of the right words to say. Should you tell him this is no longer a home to you? Eddie should be the one to keep his own father figure up to date with his life. Surely, he has to know now if Eddie gave him the divorce papers. “If you’re home I can come pick them up.” You don’t wait for him to tell you no, opting to tell him a white lie so he knows you’re not going out of your way to get them. “I’m headed towards your side of town anyways. Mind if I just get them?”
You hear Wayne give you an uneasy okay and you tell him you’ll see him soon. The line goes dead. You look down at your growing bump cursing Eddie once more for making you lose another person in your life.
Wayne is outside when you pull up to the trailer. You can’t help but give him a short wave when he smiles at you. Everything still looks the same. Wayne never was one for change. Always telling you he didn’t feel the need to fix something that wasn’t broken.
The car shuts off and he opens your driver door greeting you as you step out. He goes to give you a hug but stops when you reach your arms out.
Confusion hits you feeling insecure by his sudden movement. It’s not until you realize his eyes are on your growing stomach that you understand. His eyes travel up to meet yours and you give him a half hearted smile. You know he wants to ask questions. It technically is his grandchild and he’s never done you wrong. Even if Eddie cheated you know he didn’t raise him to be that way. He did the best he could and you always held high respect for him.
“He told me you were pregnant.” He lets his thoughts go without thinking. “Yup, you’re definitely pregnant.”
You lightly push his shoulder. “I’m not that big, Wayne. You’re going to make me insecure.” He widens his eyes realizing how his comments sound and you laugh.
He doesn’t apologize. You don’t mind at all. You lean against your car and look at his trailer. Not a single thing has changed nor will it ever. Yet, it still brought you comfort that with your world changing you had the reminder that the rest of the universe still carried on.
“Listen,” He breaks you from your mind and you give him your full attention. “You know I think of you as my own, right?” You nod. He’d never given you a reason to not believe otherwise. “Regardless of what happens you’re still my family. Family looks out for each other. I’ll always want you to do what’s best for you.”
You feel the tears brimming up in your eyes. Hormones. He pulls you in for a hug this time and wraps his arms around your shoulders.
“You’re not alone. You’ll always have me.” He pulls back and looks at you as a few tears break through the damn and fall down your face. “If you’ll allow me to be there for you.” You wipe your cheeks and give him a watery smile.
You both don’t say anything as he guides you to his door. It was always peaceful with Wayne. He was never one sided. Always looking to see what’s best for you and Eddie and never minding to tell you two to figure it out. Even now with him telling you you’re still his family you feel comfort knowing at least one Munson was always genuine with you.
You both stand in front of the front door. His hand pauses on the doorknob. You wait for him to turn it. He looks at you and a flash of guilt crosses his face.
“Like I said, I’ll always want you to do what’s best for you.”
You don’t get a chance to question him as he opens the door and guides you in. He walks you both into the living room where the tv is turned on to an episode of Wheel of Fortune. Wayne stuffs his hands in the pockets of his jacket walking you two the small kitchen table. On top it sat the manila envelope holding the divorced papers.
You go to take it but Wayne’s voice stops you.
“They’re not signed.”
This is a joke, right? The words are said aloud without you realizing it. It’s been weeks and they’re still not signed. How hard is it to sign the papers?
Frustration is written on your face as your head throws back. Your hand is holding onto your bump for some comfort. A habit you picked up on the moment your belly started poking out. This has gone on long enough.
“Then why am I here, Wayne?”
Wayne sighs as he takes a step back from you. You stand still not knowing what to do. You watch him go for the front door. He stops and looks over at you.
“I can’t apologize for his actions. And I can’t forgive him for you. But I can at least try to give you closure.”
The bedroom opens. Your blood runs cold. The TV in the background is a blurred noise and you feel your heart pound against your chest. Why is he here? He’s not supposed to be here.
Eddie stops by the doorway. He watches as your face goes blank. By instinct his eyes travel down and they land on your growing bump. He feels his throat get dry and his ears start to ring. Your body is beautifully carrying his child.
Wayne clears his throat but you don’t pay attention. Instead you feel like you're glued onto the floor. You go to turn away, or so you think, but you’re stuck. Why can’t you turn around and walk out the door?
“I’ll leave you two here to talk it out.”
The front door opens and closes. The air is thick with unspoken words. Neither one of you breaks the tension. He takes a step out of the doorway and fully into the living room. You stay by the table. He carefully walks to you until he’s five steps away.
Up close you see that the bags under his eyes are more noticeable. His frown lines got deeper. His cheeks are sunken in as if he hasn’t been eating. He looks horrible.
“Can we talk?”
Hearing his voice snaps you out of the trance. Seeing him, being in the same room as him causes butterflies of nerves to erupt in your stomach. Turn and walk away, you tell yourself. It’s like your legs finally listen and strength in your legs to turn to the door. Eddie runs over to stop you. His hand takes yours. You jerk it out of his as if his touch burns you. It does burn you. The lingering feeling of hands stay on you and you want to scrub it off.
“Don’t,” you hiss at him. He doesn’t back down. You take a step to the side. He meets you. Every step he’s blocking your every move.
“You don’t have to talk, I'm just asking for you to listen.”
You scoff at him. The audacity. The envelope on the table stands out to you.
“Sign the damn papers and maybe I’ll consider.” It’s a buff. You won’t consider it. You’ve made up your mind. You’re going. And he can go straight to Hell.
He gets pushed aside when you grab his shoulder and shove him. He stands tall. You don’t back down. Both of you are trying to get one another to move. You shove him hard enough for his feet to stumble. He hits the wall beside the door.
“I’m not going to fight you for custody.”
You stop.
“I’ll sign the divorce papers. I’ll give you what you want.” His breath hitches but his voice remains firm. “I’ll give you whatever you want. You can have the house. You can have the car. You can have it all. Just please listen to what I have to say.”
You want to tell him to shut up. Tell him you don’t owe him anymore of your time. But the human growing instead of you tugs at your emotions. Not having to go through another battle of signing battles for custody is too good. So you turn around and lean your back against the door.
“You have five minutes, Munson.”
Eddie nods his head as a hand pinches the bridge of his nose. He doesn’t know where to start. But as he looks at you with the anger written across your face he knows he better start somewhere.
“You’re doing the right thing. You need to leave.” Fuck, that didn’t come out the right way. You raise an eyebrow at him. He cuts you off feeling that strange feeling in his chest start to come up. “Because I don’t need our child to grow up thinking that what I did is okay. That they can get treated the same way.” His words are fast but you keep up just fine. He had a tendency of speaking faster when he was nervous. A habit you had loved despite his hatred of it.
He steps to the table, swiping the envelope. He flips to the third page and gives it to you. You’re apprehensive to take it but do it. He nods his head down for you to follow what he’s getting at.
Right there is his signature. It’s more like a scribble but you can make out the big E followed by the M.
He had signed the papers.
Relief should have taken over. Happiness that you were one step closer to being free from him. But sadness settles in. Eddie doesn’t miss the way your bottom lip turns down. But then he sees the way you swallow and then stand up straighter. He hears you clear your throat and give him the dead expression in your eyes.
He’s lost you.
Eddie chews on his bottom lip. His eyes glance to your tummy then back up at you. “You deserve better. And I’m so sorry I couldn’t do it. It hurts like hell because I love you. But I love our child more to give them better.”
Our child. Something about that word sets off an unsettling feeling inside. Does he think doing this will make you fall for his bullshit again? You can’t help the burning question in the back of your mind. Jealousy and hurt entangled together. His actions cut you deep. But you want to cut him deeper. The queasiness in your stomach grows stronger.
You keep your expression neutral and settle your shoulders back. “Is that what you said to her?”
His gaze is intense but he never falters it. “The kid isn’t even mine.”
He’s kidding right?
There’s no way.
Confusion is clear on your face. Millions of questions pop up and you want to ask them all. But then you look at him. You really look at him as he watches the different phases of your emotions run across your face. You see his wedding ring is still on. He sees the way your shit slides up on our belly revealing your soft skin.
You want to laugh at him. So you do. The growing belly bounces with you causing you to hold a hand to it. The laugh out of your lips is nothing but hollow and heartless. Eddie doesn’t stop you. Just accepts that he’s a laughing stock. He doesn’t look at all broken up about it.
“I got the paternity test last week.” He looks down at the floor. “It doesn’t excuse my actions but it’s one less thing to worry about.” The laughter stops.
Thing. One less child to worry about. Not thing to worry about.
A ping of pain stings into the middle of your back. By default you lean forward pressing your hand into your back. The extra weight you’re putting on not being so kind to your spine. You choose to ignore it looking Eddie dead on, “You’re damn right it doesn’t excuse shit what you did.”
He nods in agreement. It throws you off guard. He’s actually listening to you. The Eddie you know would be shoving all of your wrong doings in your face. The same Eddie that yelled at you not too long ago in the same parking lot he took you on your first date too. The man in front of you just accepts his faults that you throw at him. Who got a hold of him? Who made him look in the mirror?
You take the chance to start asking what’s been heavy on your mind the moment your marriage crumbled. He watches as you lean against the door crossing your arms over your chest. A sign of you pulling away from him.
Your voice is barely above a whisper. “Why did you even do it, Eddie? We were so happy.”
Eddie’s looking at your belly when you finish the sentence. Almost looking like he’s lost in thought. But when he leans forward with hands clasped you know he’s far from lost. He’s here giving you what you need to move on.
“I was upset. After you called me and told me,” he stops mid sentence. His bottom lip wearies but he shakes his head with a cough in his throat. He needs to get it out regardless of how painful it is for him to bring it up. “When you told me,” he starts again, this time moving his eyes from your tummy to the floor. “When you told me the baby didn’t have a heartbeat I couldn’t help but think it was my fault. I left you alone when I should have been by your side.”
His voice is weary and unwavering. The discomfort in your back spreads. You want more answers but you need to sit if you’re going to get them. You pull out a chair from the table and sit down. Eddie takes this as a good sign but the look you shoot him with a hand to your back tells him you’re only making yourself comfortable for your sake. Not his. He gives you a soft smile. You stomach flips at the action.
He sits on the arm of the couch across from you. Both of you are at ease with each other. The walls you built around you stand tall but Eddie doesn’t push to put a dent into them. Instead he accepts them. He accepted it the moment he saw the look of hatred in your eyes when you told him you blamed him for losing the baby.
“I know it’s my fault. I shouldn’t have left you to deal with the stress of going through that alone while I’m out on the road. I know I deserve to live with that guilt.”
You shake your head. As much as his actions disgusts you, you know you should have never said those words to him. No one deserves to live with that pain. It wasn’t his fault. It wasn’t your fault. The words of venom you spouted are him at the diner playing through your mind. The blame was never in him. Nor you. You just wanted to hurt him like he hurt you.
“It wasn’t your fault. It wasn’t mine. It just wasn’t meant to happen at the time, Eddie.”
He doesn’t believe a word. His thoughts have been nothing but of you and everything he’s done wrong. “I left you behind to deal with it.”
Neither of you say anything else. Both of you are looking at each other in the same trailer. You look around it. You try to picture another set of footsteps running around here with Grandpa Wayne. Wayne would love this child unconditionally like he did Eddie.
You feel your anger replace with sadness. This isn’t how it was supposed to go. How did he let his lust take over and throw everything down the drain? The continued silence begins to suffocate you. Your hand runs across your belly. The butterflies flutter again. Your breathing stops but Eddie’s too busy trying to tell you what he needs to tell you before you decide it’s not worth your time anymore.
It’s Eddie that speaks up, breaking the silence. The conversation is long from done.
“You don’t deserve a shitty husband. But our child deserves a great father and I can be that. It’s not about you. It’s not about me. It’s about our baby and they deserve what we never had.”
You don’t give him anything. The look on your face is unreadable and he wants to kick himself. He wants to hide in a hole and never come out of it. But he needs you to say something. Even if it’s you telling him to fuck off.
“Please say something, Birdy.”
You look at him with your hand on your stomach. Tears blur your vision. Fuck, what did I say, Eddie curses to himself. It’s not until you take your other hand and look at him biting back your tears.
“Give me your hand.”
Eddie looks alarmed. Why the fuck do you need—
“Eddie give me your hand now or you’ll regret this for the rest of your life.” That snaps him out of gear. He jumps up from his spot on the couch and jobs over to you. You take his hand and place it on your belly. He goes to ask what’s going on but you shush himS
A few moments go by and you feel him start to lift his hand but you keep it in place. “Just… just wait.”
Your tummy moves in and then out against his hand. Eddie’s eyes go wide. The look he gives you asks if he really just felt what he felt. The tears in your eyes tells him everything he needs to know. The butterflies you felt weren’t nerves. They were your baby’s movement in your tummy.
You both never experienced this the first time around.
Something about feeling your baby lights ignites something in you. The anger and sadness you’ve felt for weeks begins to fade away the more you feel little peanut dance inside of you. A strength grows in you each day.
Eddie feels grateful to feel this. He thanks you and bends down to kiss your covered belly. You see the way he freezes and know he did it out of instinct. He looks up at with a guilty look. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do that. The reality of the situation settles in. You were having a baby with a man you couldn’t be with.
All the negative emotions you had towards Eddie swims away. He did you so very wrong. Yet, he gave you one last parting gift and you would cherish it for as long as you live. You couldn’t hate him. He does that enough of himself. Instead, a peace comes over you feeling the flutters in your tummy. The unconditional love replacing the hatred harbored in your heart.
He takes his hands away from your belly. He stays kneeling in front of you. You watch him and feel him wipe away the happy tears that escaped. He holds your cheek running his thumbs under your eyes wiping your face dry.
Eddie looks at you. It’s just the two of you inside the trailer. No one else here. Yet, he finds himself whispering his apologies to you.
“I’m so sorry, Birdy,” the sincerity in his eyes captivates you. His words are nice but his actions outweigh them. “I’ll spend the rest of my life regretting what I did. I don’t expect you to forgive me. I don’t even expect you to forget what I did. But I am asking you to give me a chance to be a good father.”
You don’t touch him. Your hands don’t hold onto his like they always did whenever he comforted you. They lay limp in your lap. The question that had been burning in the back of your mind pops up.
“How many other people were there?”
“No one else. Just that one night.” He’s quick with his answer. Not even an ounce of hesitation. Still, it’s not enough. It’s one too many.
Eddie’s hands let go of your face and he pulls back a strand of hair behind your ear. “I’m sorry I failed you. But I won’t fail our child.” You find yourself looking at those chocolate eyes you used to lose yourself in. It’d be your luck for your baby to come out with those same eyes just for the universe to remind you that you’re not in control. Your voice is barely a whisper but strong when you look at him. Truly look at the man in front of you. Even with him doing you wrong you know it’s not your choice to take away his chance at being a good father. Depriving your child of having him in their life wasn’t a choice you could take away from them when they haven’t even gotten a chance to meet him.
“What if I did it?”
He looks taken back.
“What if I had been the one to cheat Eddie? Gotten pregnant by someone else. Would you forgive me?”
Eddie opens his mouth then closes it just ask quickly. He stutters out a quick yes but you know that’s far from the truth.
“Every time I look at you I just see you with someone else, Eddie. I don’t know if I’ll be able to look at you the same.”
The way your bottom lip quivers is enough to break Eddie in two.
“I won’t be a monster to keep my child away from their father. Our marriage is between us. However, I will protect my child from heartache.”
This is the end of your marriage. But it’s not the end of you.
You stand up from the chair knowing what you have to do more than even. Your decision is clear on the table. He stays in front of you. Looking down at your feet. You take your hands and gather his face in between yours. His tears fall as he looks up at you. Your thumbs wipes them away just like how he did to you.
“I’m going to file the paperwork tomorrow. I suggest you get your shit together if you want to be a part of this baby’s life.”
You remove your hands from his face. He falls back on his knees.
You walk out of the trailer with the envelope under your arm. Wayne sits on a lawn chair nursing a beer. He doesn’t look away as you walk past him to your car. You stop and turn to him.
“You shouldn’t have tricked me like that.”
He raises the beer to his lips taking a long sip. He swallows the liquid down and turns his attention to the orange colored sky.
“Would you have come knowing he was here?”
Your eyes are puffy, your heart is numb and you want to crawl into bed. Exhaustion, both mentally and physically, is taking over.
He never receives your answer. Instead he watches you get into your car and leave. The older man doesn’t regret lying to you to get you here. He meant it when he said you were family. And family deserves the truth. Wayne remains seated as Eddie opens the door. His face is red and he looks like someone just gutted him.
Wayne doesn’t say anything as Eddie makes his way to him. His shaky hands stuff inside his leather jacket as Wayne takes a final sip from his drink. No words are said as Wayne stands up as Eddie makes a final step to him. He knows what’s coming. He’s raised Eddie since he was a child and knows him like the back of his hand. The lost look in his eyes tells him that he’s about to break. The carefree rocker is gone. All that’s left standing in front of him is a broken man facing the consequences of his actions.
Wayne opens his arms and Eddie falls into them. A sob is heard as knees buckle. Wayne grips onto the back of his shirt keeping him standing still. He’s disappointed in his nephew for thinking with the wrong head. He’s heartbroken for you for being put in this situation. Above it all, he’s angry bad things happen to good people.
Eddie cries into Wayne’s shoulder completely falling apart. Wayne holds him with a few pats on his back.
Wayne looks back up at the beautiful sky letting Eddie fall apart. Something about getting his nephew to feel the true pain of heartache causes an ache in his chest. Yet, in the twisted way of how things go, Wayne reminds the broken boy in his arms that love just isn’t enough to make us stay. Sometimes the door closes and remains shut after the bond has been broken beyond repair.
tysm for reading.🖤 I’m sorry it took longer than expected to get this out. I wrote this coming straight from my heart so my emotions were raw and I found myself having to take breaks. Nonetheless I appreciate everyone love and support on this short series. ily guys. The fourth and final part will be posted on Oct 2nd. 🖤
Huge thank you to @loveshotzz for motivating me to get through this even when I so badly wanted to stop. Thank you for beta reading and being so kind. I love you🖤 to everyone who asked to be tagged I didn’t realize I could only tag up to 50 people :( 🖤
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whore4munson · 23 hours ago
Try Try Again - (Eddie Munson x F!Reader) 18+
Tumblr media
Summary: Eddie helps you learn to play guitar. His methods are just a bit unorthodox.
Warnings: smut, cock warming, edging, hint of d/s, breath play if you squint, unprotected sex, spanking. (please tell me if i missed any!)
Word Count: 2.3k
A/N: i did write this for a different fandom, but felt like this fit eddie very well! so if this looks familiar, i have posted it on another account in a diff fandom <3
Minors DNI
It never failed to amaze you how naturally talented Eddie was. For him, learning was like breathing. Nothing to spare any extra thought towards, nothing that had to be dwelled on. It just was. Guitar? Simple. Cooking? Easy peasy. Singing? Effortless. Drawing? He could do it with his eyes closed.
It was never like that for you. You dwelled. You could never dive into something and perfect it right away. You tried your hand at sports and broke too many bones to count. You attempted embroidery and it left you with bloody fingers. You even tried adult coloring books and couldn't get the colors to stay in the lines. Nothing came naturally for you. You weren’t a prodigy. You weren’t perfect. You weren’t Eddie.
But of course that never stopped you from trying again. And again… and again.
Eddie, being the best boyfriend, always supported you in all of your endeavors. This time, however, he was extra supportive.
“Eddie?” you called out, walking in the front door of your shared home. You hung your keys up on the hook in the entryway, listening for a response but you were only met with silence. You raised your eyebrow in confusion. Eddie was always home by now. You made your way into your bedroom, noticing his discarded shirt on the floor. He was definitely home, you knew that for certain now. Knowing he could only be in one other place, you padded down the hall to Eddie’s music room. The door was cracked open so you peeked in for a moment. You saw a shirtless Eddie with one of his guitars in his lap and a pick in his mouth. He was writing something down on a piece of paper. He wasn’t using his Strat. That was odd.
“Hi baby,” You said as you entered the room. His head snapped in your direction and a smirk played on the corner of his mouth. He took the pick out of his mouth and shoved it in the front pocket of his jeans. After leaning the guitar against the wall, he reached his arms out and made grabby hands at you. You giggled, crossing the room to straddle his thighs. He leaned forward and kissed your cheek, making his way down the side of your face and onto your neck.
“Welcome home, sweetheart. I have a surprise for you.” he said into your neck. You leaned back, pulling his head away from you.
“And what kind of surprise would that be, Eds?” You asked as you stood up. Eddie grabbed the paper he was writing on when you walked in and he handed it to you.
“I wrote down the scales you’re going to learn how to play by the end of the night. I’m hoping you’ll recognize the song as you play.” He said, pushing a strand of hair behind his ear.
You laughed, holding the paper out towards him.
“And what happens if I don’t learn them all tonight?” you question, wondering why he was giving you a deadline.
“Easy, sweetheart,” he shrugged before grabbing the paper and looking you dead in the eyes. “You don’t get to cum.”
You and Eddie were very adventurous in the bedroom, to say the least. There wasn't much you wouldn’t try if the other asked. Eddie’s tone alone told you that tonight was going to be eventful. Not only that, you would be trying something new. You trusted Eddie with everything in you, so the butterflies in your tummy weren’t from nerves, but from excitement. You felt the all too familiar burn in the pit of your stomach as your thighs clenched together. He didn’t have to say much to get you wet. You could already feel it pooling in your panties.
“Who says I won’t just get myself off after you go to sleep?” you challenge. The smirk fell off of Eddie’s face as he walked towards you. You gulped, taking a couple steps back and hitting the wall. Eddie slowly lifted his hand to run his fingers lightly across your lips.
“My sweet little girl,” he murmured, trailing his fingers down the side of your face. He reached your neck and wrapped his hand around it, leaning in to whisper in your ear.
“I’ll take my belt to your ass so hard you wont be able to sit for days. All you’ll be able to do is grovel at my feet. Is one pathetic orgasm worth all of that pain? Is it worth the embarassment?” He pressed a kiss to the side of your head and gently squeezed your neck before dropping his hand and making his way to the futon in the corner of the room.
“No sir,” you whispered, knowing he would hear you. He leaned back in the futon, pointing at the guitar next to his desk.
“Bring the guitar over here and then strip.” he ordered, reaching down to pull the pick out of his pocket.
His eyes were locked on you the entire time you walked across the room to grab the guitar. You made your way back and stood in front of him, holding the guitar out and patiently waiting for him to grab it from you. Once it was out of your possession, you toyed with the hem of your shirt nervously. Eddie’s hand shot out and swatted the side of your thigh. It made you jump in surprise.
“I said strip.” he demanded.
You whimpered, nodding in acknowledgement. Taking your shirt off wasn’t the hard part. You had soaked through your panties and you didn’t want him to see. You paused with your thumbs hooked in the waistband of your pants. Slowly, you looked up at Eddie, noticing he had a knowing look in his eyes.
“I know you’re dripping, why are you trying to hide it from me?” he questioned. You huffed, feeling embarrassed for making a big deal out of it.
“I know I won’t be able to play and I’m embarrassed because I’m going to be stuck like this all night.” you whined, rubbing your thighs together. You felt like a petulant child who wasn’t going to get her way.
Eddie slowly breathed in and out and leaned forward.
“You will do as I say. You’re speaking so low of yourself already and you haven’t even started. We’re doing it my way this time anyways. You’ll have more motivation to play, believe me. What’s your color?” he lightly rubbed your leg, looking into your eyes to assure you further.
“Green.” you mumbled, pushing your pants down your legs. Eddie's hand moved from your thigh to the front of your lace panties. Your hips shot forward trying to chase any possible friction but his hand pulled away. Eddie shot you a warning look and gently put his hand back where it was. You were absolutely throbbing now. All you wanted him to do was touch you where you needed it most. His pointer finger pressed against your clothed clit and you felt a moan fall from your lips.
“So wet for me, baby. Come sit on my lap and let me love you for a minute.”
You immediately obeyed and straddled his thighs. He pulled your face down to his and your lips met. As soon as you felt his tongue trace your lips, it was like the rest of your body realized what was happening. Your hips started grinding down onto his crotch and your hands flew to grab fistfuls of his hair. You could hear yourself whining as he squeezed your hip with one hand and cupped your pussy with the other. You could feel his cock hardening beneath you.
Eddie slowly pulled away, moving both hands to your hips and stopping your movements.
“Your lesson is about to start, pretty girl. Get my cock out and push your panties to the side. I want you to keep me warm while you play.”
Your eyes widened at his demand. You’d never done that before. You waited a moment to see if he was joking, but he definitely was not. You nodded and quickly reached down to his button to open it and then unzipped his zipper. You noticed he wasn’t wearing anything under his jeans and you groaned out loud as you pulled his hard cock out. Without thinking, you licked the palm of your hand and pumped him a couple times. As you sat up on your knees, you looked down to see a dark wet spot on Eddie’s jeans. Eddie followed your line of sight and whispered “fuck” when he saw the mess you made on him.
“What’s got you so worked up, sweetheart?” he asked, thrusting his hips up slightly.
“You do, sir. I wanna feel you in me so bad.” you say as you pull your panties to the side. Strings of your slick connect your pussy to your panties. You lined yourself up over Eddie's hard cock and slowly slid down, groaning at the feeling of fullness he gave you. You started to lift yourself so you could come back down, but Eddie’s hands gripped your arms.
“Don’t move. I didn’t tell you to fuck yourself on my cock, I told you to keep it warm. Now pick the guitar up and practice.” You wiggled your hips a little bit to get used to the stretch. Eddie handed you the pick and you picked up the guitar and started playing. Eddie rubbed your thighs while you played, but you noticed that he would completely remove his hands from you when you stopped playing or when you messed up.
After 10 minutes of sitting with Eddie’s cock inside of you, your frustration was at an all time high. You were so horny and your fingers weren’t cooperating on the strings. Eddie noticed your rapidly growing anger.
“How about we make this more interesting? I’m going to play with your pretty little clit while you practice. I might even fuck you a little bit. But the second you mess up or you stop playing, I stop playing too. If you finish what I’ve written on the paper, I’ll let my pretty girl cum on my cock.”
Your head fell backwards as a tiny moan fell out of your mouth. You quickly agreed and began strumming the guitar again. Eddie licked his thumb and brought it to your clit and started lightly rubbing in circular motions. You felt him start moving under you, tiny little thrusts made your thighs tremble. You were getting into it, putting just enough focus into playing, when you played the wrong note. Immediately Eddie stilled beneath you and he pulled his hand away.
“No. No no no, I’m sorry. I’m trying so hard sir, I promise. Please touch me again.”
Eddie nodded towards the guitar and brought his fingers back to your swollen clit. You began playing again, letting out little gasps and moans as Eddie fucked up into you. Again, after only a few notes, you misplaced your fingers and an ugly twang sound came from the instrument in your hands.
Eddie stopped all movement again and you cried out, “No! Please sir just touch me. I need you so bad, I was so close. Please I’ll do anything, pretty please let me cum, I can't breathe, I need it, I need you!” You felt delirious at this point, dripping all over his cock.
You were breathing heavily and gasping when you felt a sharp stinging sensation on your clit. You sucked in a deep breath and caught Eddie’s glare. He had spanked your pussy.
“That’s enough. You do as you’re told and you get to cum. You’re almost done, baby girl. You can do it.” he soothed. You took another deep breath and began playing again. Eddie brought both hands to your hips and began thrusting up into you again. He was so deep and your brain became all fuzzy. All you could think about was his hot thick cock moving in and out of you. You were barely paying attention to what you were playing as tears streamed down your face. Apparently it was correct, considering Eddie hadn’t stopped moving.
After what felt like forever, you finally finished everything Eddie had written out for you. You noted that the song was Paranoid by Black Sabbath. Your cheeks warmed, realizing he remembered your favorite song. He grabbed the guitar and leaned it against the wall next to the futon.
“What a beautiful performance, sweetheart. Now get your reward, baby. Ride my cock.” He had barely finished speaking before you began bouncing in his lap. Skin smacking together and heavy exhales were the only things you could hear in the room. You felt pleasure twisting in your tummy, a rubber band about to snap. Eddie could feel you clenching around him. He began to thrust up into you again.
“That’s my good little girl. You did such a good job keeping my cock warm while you played. You looked so pretty with my cock in your cunt and the tears running down your cheeks while you played the guitar.” Eddie reached up and wrapped his hand around your throat, squeezing with every thrust of his cock.
“Come on baby, I can feel your pretty pussy milking my cock. I know you’re going to cum. I’m going to give you my cum too, baby. Let go for me, pretty girl.” His words set you off. The rubber band in your tummy snapped, making your entire body tense up. Just as you were pushed over the edge, you felt Eddie twitch inside you as his warm cum coated your walls. You leaned forward into Eddie’s chest as he pulled you off his softening cock. He lightly rubbed your back as you both came down from your high.
“Feel so empty.” you slurred, blinking tiredly.
Eddie chuckled and pushed your hair out of your face.
“I’m sure you do, lovely. You had my cock in you for the better part of an hour. You’re stretched so well.” he whispered, pressing a kiss to your forehead.
“Eddie, I think I’m going to keep practicing the guitar. I think it’ll be really rewarding if I stick with it.” you mumbled, closing your eyes and drifting to sleep.
“I agree, baby girl. Let’s practice more often.”
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luveline · 2 days ago
Eddie just wants to cuddle y/n and roan just keeps pushing him away from her
what's better than one munson being obsessed with you? two!!! dad!eddie x fem!reader
Time moves too quickly when you're together. The sun drops to the horizon with the brevity of an egg falling from its freshly cracked shell, the yolk of it disappearing past the trees and leaving Eddie's trailer in relative darkness.
The TV fights to illuminate the room. Colours flash over your naked arms and legs, stretches of skin that demand his attention.
Eddie let's his arm weigh heavily where it's wrapped around the tops of your shoulders, encouraging you to his chest with little subtlety.
You pry your eyes from the movie to smile at him softly. "It got dark really fast," you say, shuffling so your thigh is completely in line with his.
His voice gives away his fatigue, rough and husky. "I was just thinking that. You're staying, right?"
"These are basically pajamas." You drop your cheek against his collar, eye level with his single chain necklace. You watch his Adam's apple move as he talks.
"You gotta start leaving things here."
With purpose, you stretch an arm over his tummy, hand feeling down the slope of his waist. You take your time, fingertips soaking in his simplest details with stunning dedication.
"I will," you say.
Easy as that. Eddie kisses the top of your head and returns his gaze to the TV, catching the tail end of a high speed car chase. He can't have been watching for ten — peaceful, blissful — minutes when Roan marches up to the couch and stops in front of you both, looking fierce.
Stony-eyed, she glares at Eddie with all her might. He's not surprised to see her, but her glaring certainly throws him for a loop.
"What?" he asks, laughing in surprise.
He hasn't an inkling of what's wrong. She's had her dinner and an abundance of snacks he definitely shouldn't have given her, so she can't be hangry. She looks hangry.
Roan harrumphs.
"What's the matter?" you ask her gently.
Your concern is genuine; you hate seeing her upset. Really, you spoil her. He guesses that's your job as her not quite step-mom. Step-mom adjacent. He likes you for it more and more.
"I want hugs," she says, quiet but extremely serious.
"Oh, sweetheart, I'm sorry," you say. "I've monopolised your daddy all night. Would you share him with me?"
Eddie flicks his wrist forward to check the time. "Maybe I should come and tuck you in," he says.
Roan ignores him entirely and climbs into the dip between your thigh and his. Eddie misses your arm around his waist, your knee pulled up and almost over your thigh. And though he loves Roan to pieces, really, she slams her head into his jaw and complains loudly at the lack of space and he wishes for just one night alone with you. Just the one. One evening to rub your back and show you how much he cares about you without his mini me stealing your attentions (and affections).
He feels along his jaw and takes a deep breath. Accidents happen. They also really hurt.
He meets your eyes. You've that funny smile on your face.
"What?" he asks.
"Lift your head a bit?"
He lifts his head. You move in and kiss his aching jaw.
Roan's hair tickles his arm as she slides backward and edges the two of you apart with her pointy elbows with a petulant, "Mm!"
"Sorry," you say, springing apart from him. "God, I'm sorry, Roan. You'll forgive me?"
Roan gives her apparent forgiveness with what seems to be a very sombre mood. She wriggles and moans and sighs like she can't get comfy where she's sitting and eventually quietens and starts to slouch. Eddie gives your upper arm a great squeeze and lets his head fall on top of yours. It's not comfortable, but he wants the closeness.
When Roan seems well enough asleep he eases her with an expert touch into his lap so you can come closer again, sneaking a kiss in just because he wants to. You smile under his hand. He rubs your cheek with his thumb and tries to show on his face what he's thinking, though if the eyes alone have learned how to show devotion is anyone's guess.
Roan rouses and screams like she's seen a ghost.
You spring apart like children caught in the pantry. You with a sorry pout, and Eddie with a lot to say.
"Roan, why are you being so mean? You know to be nicer. To share," he says firmly.
"Share you?" you ask with a cheeky smile.
Roan has other ideas. She stands in his lap and almost tramples his goods as she basically leaps into your arms. He shouldn't be surprised, she's made it clear time and time again that should she have the option, jealousy steers her into your lap rather than his. It stings a little — okay, a lot — but he couldn't blame her for her turn of favour if he wanted to.
"Get off," she says.
Eddie raises his hands in defeat. "Charming. Here I thought she was jealous of me. How could I have thought such a thing."
"I- Roan, you're not making all this fuss about me?" you ask incredulously.
"Want hugs," is all she says, burying her face in your neck.
"You always want hugs," Eddie says, rolling his eyes.
"Shut up!" you say to him. You apologise quickly, arms around her small back, "Sorry. I'm sorry, but if she wants them from me-"
"I want them from you! Have you considered that? Maybe I want a hug. Why does she get all the love?"
He swears Roan gives him a smug look when she raises her head. Eddie pretends to collapse backward and away from you both, tongue poking between his lips in faux death. It takes an insulting amount of time for Roan to investigate, and when she does she only pinches his cheek to make sure he's still alive before retreating back into your arms.
more eddie and roan
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eddiesmetalfairy · 20 hours ago
hi hi this has been sat in my drafts for weeks and i hate it but here it is regardless
content warnings: not really angst but a bit sad, fluffy ending, gareth is mean to reader, crybaby!reader, eddie is super sweet, whole lot of hurt/comfort.
Tumblr media
“does he not get tired of you?”
“hm?” you ask, distracted by the novel you’re buried in. you don’t register gareth’s snide, and a little bitter, tone, too engrossed in reading to listen attentively.
“eddie, i mean.” he clarifies. “i mean, there’s no space between you two, like at all. does he not get tired of you being around all the time. does he not want space?”
your heart pangs and you raise your knees to obscure the rapidly gathering tears. your eyes sting as the fluid mixes with your eyeliner and seeps into your waterline. it’s a question you’ve been asking yourself since day dot. what if he is tired of you?
“i-i mean, i never thought so. i guess he could be, though.” your voice comes out small and high and very audibly distressed; he starts backtracking. truthfully, he only made the snide comment because he’s a little envious of how much time eddie spends with you. he’s supposed to be his best friend, not yours.
“no, no, that’s not what i meant! i just meant that the two of you- you know- spend a lot of time together. it’d just make me antsy, you know? i need space.” you don’t reply, instead pressing fingers to your eyes in an effort to push the tears away. “y/n,” gareth tries again.
“no, no, you’re right. maybe he is tired of me,” you say. suddenly the book in front of you isn’t interesting, your shaky hands discarding it as you stand and gather your things. “you’re right, i- i think i should go. you know, before he gets sick of me for good.”
“wait-“ gareth murmurs. he feels exponentially guilty when he catches the tears weighing down your lashes, pushing them to kiss at the corners of your eyes. eddie will be so mad when he sees what he’s done; your whole body trembles ever so slightly and your eyes are wide and doe-like. you’re distraught at the possibility of eddie not loving you anymore.
“i really don’t want him to get fed up with me,” you mumble, half to yourself. “i know ‘m sort of full on, clingy i guess. you’re right. need t’stop bein so fuckin’ full on. ‘m so stupid.”
“wait, i’m sorry,” he says; you harbour no ill will whatsoever against him, and he just made you cry. you startle again as eddie’s bedroom door swings open and he saunters out, immediately sensing your unease.
“babe,” eddie splutters, long legs eating the space between the pair of you quickly. “baby, what- what is it?” you stumble back.
“i need t’go home,” you say, scrambling for the door.
“no, you don’t.” he’s not impressed. he steps towards you again, crowding you against the wall, his dark hair falls in frizzy waves around his face, wide eyes alight with concern. he’s warm against your body. you hiccup a sob. “woah, woah. talk to me, sweetheart.” gareth watches the situation unfold, a pit of dread forming in his stomach. you shake your head fervently, trying to swipe the tears away. he catches your hands, smoothing out the tense muscles with his thicker fingers.
“bein’ silly.” you press your face to his chest and hide. “so silly.”
“c’mon, it’s not silly if you’re upset.”
“jus’ thought that maybe- maybe i should go t’give you space. you should spend time with people that aren’t me.” you cover your face with your hands when his grip slackens and he tuts, peeling at your fingers that obscure your features.
“lemme see that pretty face.” he’s so warm, always kind and gentle with you. you feel so guilty— guilty for pulling away from him, but also for taking up his time, for monopolising his attention.
“why would i want that? i’m not mad at you and i don’t want space. i spend time with everyone but you’re my girl. you’re my priority, babe.”
“i don’t wan’ you to get tired of me, ed,” you mumble. “what if y’get tired of me ‘nd then you don’t want me around anymore?” your voice breaks and patters out into silence and eddie shushes you as more tears pool and ruin your mascara. he surrounds you with his body, his smell: cigarette smoke and cheap cologne and weed.
“hey, what’s put this idea in your head?” your eyes flutter shut as he holds your face between his hands, thumbs gathering the tears from under them and wiping them away.
“sweetheart.” he’s chastising, pulling your arms over his shoulders to coax you closer. his nose touches yours. “it’s jus’ me. when have i ever been mean to you, hm?” your eyes flit away from him and then back again.
“hey, gareth,” he says suddenly, honeyed eyes not breaking contact with yours. “do you know why my girl’s so upset?”
gareth inhales a quick breath.
“i swear i didn’t mean it like that, man. it came out all wrong.”
“well, what did you say?”
you wrap yourself around eddie then. “doesn’t matter, ed. he was right ‘nd ‘m being stupid for gettin’ so upset.” he pinches your chin.
“you’ve never been stupid in your whole life. and he’s not right. i don’t want space and i’m not gonna get tired of you. i want you here with me.”
“‘m sorry,” you whisper, brows pinched and nose scrunched. he kisses your pout.
“no sorries.” grinning, he tugs you back to the couch and smushes you into the worn fabric, pouncing on top of you; his weight presses you down until you’re practically melded into the couch like clay. you grumble.
“you’re heavy,” you moan, “get off!”
“shut up, you little baby.”
“i’ll hit you!”
“yeah, go on then,” he goads, pinning your arms behind your back in triumph. he licks a broad stripe up your exposed neck and you squeal.
“i’ll kill you!” you screech, writhing in his grip. he lets up somewhat and you squirm out of his hold, sitting up and panting.
“that was a little harsh, sweetheart,” he laughs.
“‘s your fault.” you accuse, “you held me down!”
“yeah, yeah.” he kisses you again. “you wait right here while gareth and i go for a little chat, alright?” you cringe, suddenly quiet again.
“good girl.” his lips are soft and comforting against your forehead.
it’s safe to say gareth is never quite that mean to you again.
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cacoetheswriting · 2 days ago
Hi, i was wondering if I could request something with Eddie Munson, I love touch-starved!eddie so I'd love to see that (because we know that boy hasn't received a hug in forever), and something about him liking the reader but thinking she deserves better than him/wouldn't ever feel the same way. You can elaborate it into any story, I'd just like to see those elements and reader comforting Eddie in the end. Much love <3
ahh i love this, thank you for requesting! i hope you enjoy!
pairing: eddie munson x fem!reader word count: 1.5k warnings: slow burn, the beginning of best friends to lovers, adult language, talk of insecurities / anxieties, just a lot of fluff tbh - unedited - pls let me know if i missed anything!
Eddie was funny, and not in a try-hard way, but like genuinely and effortlessly made you laugh.
He was undeniably talented. For example, only a handful of people really appreciated how it took a creative brain to for all the D&D stuff he was into. Plus you’ve seen him play guitar a couple of times and even though you probably focused a little too hard on his fingers… holy shit — yeah — he knew how to strum that thing to create the most beautiful melodies you’ve ever heard.
And he was kind. Yes, underneath that hard shell exterior was a big ol’ softie. A caring boy with a heart way too big for this shitty little town.
In your eyes, Eddie Munson was all of those things and many more, but unfortunately you knew he would never believe you were being genuine if you told him any of that. Heart shielded for his own good.
So you kept your true feelings hidden and settled for being the metalheads best friend.
The same metalhead who — despite trying his best not to be — was secretly head over heels in love with you.
(If only the two of you knew how to communicate properly.)
There is a knock on your bedroom door and not even a split-second later, Eddie pops his head in, brown locks bouncing along.
“Your dad let me in,” he states and steps inside, “What are you up to?”
You take a second before responding just to look at him. Covered head to toe in a mix of black leather and ripped denim, he is completely out of place in your preppy pink room. It makes you crack a smile and Eddie raises a brow, then quickly wipes his face thinking the reason you’re staring is because he’s got the reminisce of his dinner left in the corner of his mouth or something.
“Homework,” you eventually answer and his eyes go wide. 
“Shit, we had homework?”
“Eddie,” his name comes out almost like a whine, “You’ll never graduate if you keep forgetting we have shit to do.”
You’re up on your feet now and handing him a piece of paper and a black pen, before ushering him to sit at your desk.
“I’ll graduate,” he replies confidently, “I have you.”
To cover up the fact your stomach just flipped upside down, you roll your eyes and using one finger, you push your notebook towards him.
“Here,” you say, “Just don’t make it too obvious you’re copying me, got it?”
“It’s math, isn’t there like only one correct answer?” Eddie teases and you flick his ear. 
“Oh shut up and get to writing, I don’t have all night.”
Ignoring his last comment, you plop down on your bed and pick up your half-destroyed copy of Wuthering Heights. Although you couldn’t quite focus on the words in front of you. Instead, your gaze kept shifting to the back of Eddie’s head.
You’re not entirely sure how much time passes when he drops the pen and turns in the seat to look at you, all you know is you’ve read about five pages and not a single word made sense.
“I think one of your answers is wrong.”
You immediately place the book down and hop to your feet. Hovering over his shoulder, you trace his finger to the problem in question then to the number you had placed as your result.
He was correct, your answer was wrong.
Feeling proud Eddie picked up on that, you maneuver around the chair and carefully sit down in his lap. He freezes due the sudden close contact, but you don’t let him dwell on his feelings too much by handing him the pen once again.
“Show me.”
His chocolate-button eyes travel from the pen to your intrigued gaze.
“Show me, Eddie.”
He sucks his bottom lip in between his teeth, his best attempt to fight back a goofy smile bound to creep up on his features, and takes the pen.
Sitting comfortably in his lap, you observe as he slowly works out the problem on the piece of paper. His scribbles are piss poor, but his math is ace. Once he’s done, displaying the right answer with pride, your heart swells.
“Well, I stand corrected,” you announce with glee and tilt your head to look at him, gently pinching his nose between your index finger and thumb, “Maybe there’s hope for you yet, Munson.”
Eddie lets out a soft chuckle, meeting your gaze. “Like I said earlier,” he begins and places his hand on your waist, “I have you.”
Heat rushes to your face. Suddenly feeling nervous, you begin to fidget with the collar of his denim vest, focusing solely on the item of clothing because staring into the eyes of your best friend no longer seems like a good idea.
Eddie’s now thinking that he said something wrong. Yet his grip on you tightens, the feeling of your cashmere sweater against his skin comforting and soothing.
After a brief moment of borderline awkward silence, you clear your throat.
“Have you checked the next one?”
You smack your lips together at his response and turn your attention to the piece of paper on the desk.
“Let’s do it together then,” you announce.
Smiling to himself, the metalhead agrees. He adjusts his hold on you, his arm making its way around you completely as he lifts the paper in front of the two of you. Exhaling, he begins to read the next problem aloud and with a hint of hesitation in his voice, Eddie continues to explain how he would solve it.
You don’t really recall the exact point your arm travels around his shoulders, fingers tangling themselves amongst his brown locks. Or when you incline towards him, too lost in the sound of his voice, and press the side of your face against his. 
And the leather clad boy is shaking internally because the sensation of your body pressed against his is perhaps the most alleviating feeling he’s ever experienced. Truthfully, he couldn’t really remember the last time he was this close to someone and it actually meaning something to him — and unbeknown to Eddie, also to you.
“Eddie Munson, you’ve tricked me our entire friendship.”
He almost laughs. Almost. A tiny voice at the back of his mind prevents him from doing so, repeating ‘just be honest, just be honest, just be honest’, therefore instead, Eddie swallows thickly. His leg starts to shake, you can feel it bounce underneath you.
“Can I uhm,” he stumbles and pulls back, tilting his head to address you, “Can I ask you a question?”
You lift your hand, gently brushing his locks behind his ear. 
“Sure, Eds.”
The metalhead briefly bites down on his bottom lip, taking a moment to align the thoughts currently circling his brain. There was so much at stake. This friendship with you, it meant the world, it was his everything. You were his everything. And what he was about to say, the words that were about to come out of his mouth, they could ruin what you guys had.
But looking at you, staring oh so deeply into your pretty eyes, he just couldn’t hold it in any longer.
“Hypothetically, what if in a friendship, one person thinks they would like to try being something more because they have all these uhm, all these feelings, but they just don’t really see themselves as… worthy.”
Knowing exactly what he was trying to convey yet unsure how to answer him immediately, you chew on the inside of your cheek.
“Well,” you exhale softly, “I think honesty is the best policy, always, even in a hypothetical situation,” you say and offer him an encouraging smile.
Eddie nods at your words. His heart is now hammering inside his chest, and could potentially explode at any second, especially as you caress his cheek with your thumb.
“What if that person is scared?” Eddie asks after a moment, before quickly adding, “Hypothetically, of course.”
He’s too sweet for his own good, you think and grab onto the collar of his denim vest.
“Eds,” you begin and he arches a brow, “you know you’re my favourite person in the entire world, right? Cross my heart, I would be so fucking lost without you,” you confide and he hopes he’s not blushing — (he is).
You proceed to poke his chest. “But I swear to fuck, if you honestly think that you’re not good enough for me—”
Letting out an awkward laugh, the metalhead grabs your finger.
“We were talking in hypotheticals,” Eddie defends, interrupting you. 
You can’t help but roll your eyes. “Okay, whatever you say.”
The air suddenly feels… different. Eddie’s gaze searches yours and the longer he stares, the wider his smile grows. A couple of minutes pass and the curly haired boy is grinning like an idiot.
I’m in love with you, Eddie thinks before asking, “Am I really your favourite person in the world?”.
Instead of answering him immediately, you wrap your arms around his neck and pull him into a comforting embrace. Eddie sinks into your body instantly. His hands make home on your waist once again and he takes a moment to inhale the sweet smell of your lavender perfume.
I’m in love with you, you think to say but decide to bite your tongue, whispering instead: “As if you even have to ask, Eddie Munson.”
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prettyboyeddiemunson · a day ago
catholic!reader calls eddie ‘master’ for the first time.
this is just a small tie-in blurb for the catholic!reader & eddie series! it is NOT the next chapter of the main series. i hope you guys like it!
minors dni!
“what did you just say?”
y/n’s gaze flickered back to eddie, who was standing with his guitar in hand. he nearly dropped it when the word passed her lips, a shocked expression on his face as he tried to determine if he heard correctly. his brown eyes were wide, his full lips parted in a stunned “o,” and y/n couldn’t help but giggle as she met his gaze. she leaned against the wall of gareth’s garage, studying her nails for a moment before she looked up at eddie again.
“i said,” she began, “that you always look sexy as hell playing that guitar.”
“no,” he said with a shake of his head. “i meant what you said after that.”
“oh,” she said, feigning innocence as she batted her lashes at him. “you mean the part about how i wish you would use those fingers on me instead?”
“you know exactly what I’m referring to,” he said, setting his guitar aside before he actually did drop it. he placed it by gareth’s drums, looking around to make sure the other three hadn’t shown up yet. the coast was still clear, gareth’s car was still gone from the driveway, and they were still alone. “the word you called me. that’s what i wanna hear again.”
“oh, that,” she said with a smirk, walking over to him and grabbing him by his belt. she pulled him closer, biting her lip as she pressed her chest flush to his. “you mean when i called you ‘master?’”
“fuck,” he hissed under his breath, his hands settling on her ass. “you know that’s what i meant.”
“mmm, tell me, then,” she breathed, fingers trailing down his chest over the black Slayer t-shirt he wore. “do you wanna touch me, master? do you wanna feel my warm, wet pussy under your fingers, or put them inside of me? or maybe you wanna taste me, eat me out until I’m shaking and begging for you to fuck me.”
“shit,” he said, his breath shaky as she began mouthing at his neck. “you’re making my dick really hard right now, baby.”
“good,” she replied, sucking a noticeable mark on one side of his neck. “you’ve got me pretty worked up, too, you know. i’m so. fucking. wet.”
“wait, really?” eddie asked. “how?”
“watching you play that guitar, mostly,” she said innocently, taking one of his hands and plunging it inside of her jeans & panties. “mmm, why else?”
“jesus, you weren’t fucking kidding,” he remarked, dragging his fingers through her cunt as she mewled. “i’m curious, though; where did ‘master’ come from all of a sudden?”
“from metallica, silly!” she said with a giggle, moaning as his fingers pushed inside of her. her head tipped back, a smile on her lips as she clenched around him. “master of puppets. where else would i learn it from?”
“I thought maybe it was because I’m a dungeon master,” he said, swirling his fingers in her cunt as she cried out.
“that, too,” she breathed, clawing at his shirt as her lashes fluttered. “wanna suck your dick, eddie. i wanna feel you down my throat so fucking badly right now.”
“what do you say, baby?” he asked, smirking as she looked at him.
“please let me suck your dick?”
“please let me suck your dick, what?”
“good girl. since you asked so nicely, i don’t see why not.”
he removed his hand from her pants, and she dropped to her knees with no hesitation. the concrete of the garage floor was immediately uncomfortable, but her desire to have him in her mouth was outweighing any discomfort she may have experienced. she was unfastening his belt with haste, and he was helping her, impatient to feel her mouth enveloping him. she unbuttoned his jeans and tugged them & his boxers down together, biting her lip as his cock sprang out. she wrapped her hand around the shaft after spitting into her palm, eyes trailing up to his face as she jerked him off. he whined, his breath hitching as she pumped his hard, throbbing dick in her fist. she pressed a seductive kiss to the tip, her tongue darting out to flick the slit there as she grinned.
“master,” she breathed, moving her hand away so she could leave sloppy, urgent kisses over his cock. between each kiss, she repeated that word, each time more breathless than the last. she leaned down to lick & suck his balls, before slowly dragging her tongue from there to the tip of his erection. it was flushed, pulsating, the big vein on the underside throbbing against her tongue as she made her way up. “i’ll never get over how nice & thick you are. gonna feel so fucking good later when you pound my tight little pussy. i need it so badly, eddie; need to feel you inside of me.”
before he could vocalize his own desire for that, she was taking the tip of his cock between her lips. she sucked on it for a moment, humming as her gaze flickered to meet his. he was watching her, one hand brushing some hair from her face so he could see her better, his eyes full of lust as she swirled her tongue around his slit. he inhaled sharply, exhaling in the former of a shaky, low moan as two of her fingers closed around the base of his shaft.
“you know,” he said, groaning as she took him a little further into her mouth. “they could come at any time. so could gareth’s parents, or the neighbors…what if they see us?”
she just winked at him in response, and he moaned at what that seemed to imply. she didn’t care if they were seen; in fact, she may have wanted an audience or to get caught. besides, eddie’s back was facing the driveway, so someone would have to be right up on the garage to see what was going on. and, as quickly as he always seemed to cum, he knew he probably wouldn’t last too long, anyway. why not have a little fun with it?
“mmnn, mmm…” she moaned, gagging softly as he slid further down her throat.
he was groaning above her, one hand tangled in her hair as he tried to push her down some more. she got her gag reflex under control, just the way he taught her a few months ago, and didn’t stop moving her head down until most of his cock was in her throat. she swallowed around him, blinking at him as she kept hold of his base. instead of two fingers, it was now her whole fist, and she twisted it around his cock as he hissed a breath.
“god, you always look so hot with my dick in your mouth,” he praised, pushing her hair into a messy ponytail so that he had a better view of her. “it never ceases to amaze me how much of it you can take, both in your mouth and in that pretty pussy of yours.”
she winked at him, and once she was ready, she began to bob her head. she was slow at first, wanting to tease, before gradually picking up speed. his breath was stolen, coming in small pants and hitches, and she was moaning around his cock as she sucked him generously. she jerked him off in time with the movements of her head, hollowing her cheeks as she went at her own pace. she would pop off to catch her breath every once in awhile, moaning hotly each time and stroking his spit-slicked cock in one hand. her eyes were full of lust, a throbbing sensation of her own between her thighs as she worked his dick. she tried to do it like the women in those movies they enjoyed watching together, and judging by eddie’s reactions to what she was doing, he was enjoying himself quite a bit.
“you’re so fucking hard, master,” she panted, mewling as he twitched in her hand. “are you gonna cum for me?”
“fuck yes,” he panted, rutting toward her impatiently.
“you’re gonna cum so much for me, aren’t you, master?” she asked, giggling as he growled in response. she spit on his cock, working her hand over it before smirking at him. “i can’t wait to taste you.”
“i’m getting close,” he warned her, his head tipping back as she swirled her tongue around his tip. “if you want me to cum in your mouth, you better hurry.”
she put him back in her mouth without a moment’s hesitation, pumping her fist & bobbing her head once he was in her throat. she choked around his dick, saliva dribbling from her mouth and over her chin, her eyes on his as he watched her. she moaned repeatedly, popping off once in awhile to catch her breath and repeating the nickname he now loved so much. he could feel himself twitching against her tongue every time she would gag, her cheeks hollowed as far as they could as her gaze remained fixated upon his face. he tugged her hair, which was still in a ponytail inside his fist, as he gave an experimental thrust of his hips. she didn’t seem to mind that, instead humming around him as the obscene, dirty sounds of her sucking his dick echoed the garage walls.
“can i take control now?” he asked. “i really wanna fuck your throat, pretty baby.”
she nodded as best as she could to give permission, relinquishing full control to him. she mewled every time he fucked roughly into her throat, more spit spilling from her mouth as she blinked at him. he kept a firm hold on her head, sometimes keeping her in place at the bottom of his shaft as she moved her head side to side the way he liked. she would choke every time, and it only aided Eddie’s arousal as he lifted her head off of him. a bridge of saliva connected her mouth to his cock; he wiped some from her chin with his thumb, before gently slapping his soaking erection across her cheek.
“call me master again,” he demanded. “tell me how much you like it when I fuck your mouth like the little slut that you are.”
“mmm, I love being your pretty slut,” she hummed, her eyes on his throbbing dick as she spoke. “i love it when you fuck my throat like that, too. it’s as though you’re using it for your own pleasure, and i think that’s so hot. you’re gonna make me feel good after, too, though; right, master?”
“mmm, that’s right,” he purred, slapping his dick across her opposite cheek just as carefully. “and you know what else?”
“what?” she asked.
“i think god is jealous of me right now,” he said with a wink. “bet he wishes it was his big dick in your mouth, and soon, his tongue between your legs. I can’t wait to taste that beautiful wet pussy of yours, baby; i just know you’re fucking soaked.”
“i am,” she said with a pout. “cum for me, master; the sooner you do, the sooner you can see for yourself.”
“open wide for me, then, sweetheart,” he said, and she did so immediately. her tongue hung out, and he pushed his cock into her mouth again with a low mewl. “fuck, that’s my good girl…”
she moaned as he fucked her mouth at a hard, rough pace, and his head was thrown back in his own moans as he felt his orgasm approaching. she began to squirm—not because she was uncomfortable, but because she wanted some friction against her aching, wet cunt. the seam of her jeans ground against her clit, causing her to mewl even more hotly & loudly. he looked down at her again, and the sight of her doing that to herself, plus the feeling of her around his dick, sent him over the edge. he came in her throat with a filthy groan, holding her down as she coughed and letting up when she indicated that it was needed. he stroked her cheek lovingly, grinning through his high as he panted heavily above her. she was a mess of her own spit & some of his cum, and she swallowed every drop he gave her as he moved out of her mouth.
“you’re so good at that,” he panted, smiling softly as he let go of her hair. “jesus christ, y/n…”
she giggled and rose to her feet, and it took him no time at all to kiss her. it was heated immediately, with his fingers working her jeans open and tugging them down. he pushed her to a low-standing toolbox on the far side of the garage, coaxing her onto the top of it. he spread her legs open, kneeling between them as he mouthed her pussy over her drenched panties. she shivered, moaning softly as one hand found his hair. he kissed her inner thigh, his fingers rubbing her clit before he removed her underwear altogether.
“so fucking wet,” he marveled, massaging his tongue through her folds as she moaned filthily. “are you gonna be a good girl for me, baby?”
“yes,” she breathed, his tongue lapping inside of her as she tugged his hair. “god, fuck…yes…”
“yes, what?” he questioned, nuzzling along her clit before flicking his tongue over the area just below it.
“yes, master.”
series taglist: @littledemondani @wroteclassicaly @2spock @andvys @padfootswife @creme-bruhlee @callmeloverr @julmars @persephonevlahos @spooxymamas @gttrgrrl @madametesla @fvk0fff @mattte-black @josephsgirlsposts @bunnygirlcentral @cowboy-kylo @happylilthought @lunatictardis @boomhauer @lil-graveling @eddies-little-rockstar @mcueveryday @swiss-cheeze
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thisishellfire · 2 days ago
Okay you asked for it lol!! I flew through all of your fucking amazingly, talented, beautifully written fics of Eddie!! I always love that at least one if not all your work has a plus sized reader!! And don't ask me which one was my favorite because you know damn well I can't pick just one!! So I have a request if you're taking them....please please please.
Can I have a plus size reader get sent to the principal's office for punching a cheerleader. The cheerleader of course gets to talk first so the reader has to wait in the chairs. Then walks Eddie and catches the reader doing his famous face (see below) behind the principal's back and Eddie becomes immediately smitten. Now anything after that I'll leave up to you, Ana!! Girl have fun with this one. And you know I'll be filling your in box like crazy with ideas.
Tumblr media
And We're Gonna Be Spiteful | Eddie Munson x Plus Size F!Reader
Tumblr media
Synopsis: Freaks and jocks don't mesh well.
Warnings: Mutual Pining, Eddie Turns Into a Simp, Violence (Aforementioned punch to the face,) A Mix of Angst and Fluff, Language,
Rating: PG
Author's Note: Ahhh thank you for this request!! Girl you know I love your ideas so much! :)
Word Count: 1.9K
Why do misunderstandings always cost so much? Why is it that no one wants to look at the fact of the matter when it happens? People see an action happen from a certain angle and assume its reality, its the end of the motion. But in actuality it never is, it's just the start of it all. Misunderstandings take a toll on a person after a while, especially if they are the innocent one all along. The good eggs always get the shut end of the stick - one little move them boom, town freak through and through. But then again, who wanted to be the perfect child? Who really wanted to be the picture perfect individual in the picture perfect town - where things never change, where things are the same way every single day? It's hell, total hell to live the same day over and over; Hawkins was a few stones away from being a real Stepford Wives situation. Then again you can never trust these small little towns in the midwest; Jeepers Creepers, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween - all had the makings of a small town, and a mass murderer. Hawkins; Why was it different than everything else?
Hawkins was a cesspool to you, a locally grown toxic community where nothing mattered if you weren't popular, or a jock. If you played sports you were seen as a god. If your parents were loaded and you could throw parties, you were royalty. Those were the status' that really made someone stand out in Hawkins, made someone into a star. Steve Harrington was a perfect example; Homegrown boy who just so happened to come from a loaded family, always throwing the biggest and best parties. Then you had Jason Carver, the King of Hawkins High with being the Captain of the Tigers basketball team. He was also seen as a god, someone who could show you the next level if he tried. Everyone was infatuated with him, everyone was obsessed. They believed Jason would save them all; A good Christian boy who could do no wrong. When in actuality, he was the devil in disguise. Which was hilarious considering that is what they dubbed Eddie Munson. Eddie was far from that though, no, he was the true King of Hawkins High. He was who would save the town if need be, he was the one to fawn after. But the one thing holding Hawkins together, was the toxic masculinity in the school system; Take Jason Carver for the example.
Being a bit bigger than everyone else made you an easy target, for which you had the best ammo for. Mainly it was the basketball jocks who tormented you, seeing a bigger bodied individual as the perfect end of their shit stick. It started off with Jason first pretending; Pretending to like you, pretending to ask you out, pretending that he fucked you. Those rumors spread like wildfire before you found out, damaged was already done at that rate. But for you, oh revenge was sweeter. Fighting fire with fire was always your tactic, and pulling out every stop towards embarrassment was your specialty. Like when the rumor came out that you slept with Jason, you recounted his statement with the phrase; Didn't last longer than a minute, and with a dick that small I couldn't even feel it. My pinky gives off more pleasure than that. From that day forth, Jason and the other basketball fuckers learned to not mess with you. Just because your demeanor was sweet on the outside, didn't mean the insides matched. You never realized it but you were making the DM of Hellfire Club infatuated, slowly falling for you - and your carefree attitude. If you had to admit it as well, you were falling for him - more now with how he looked at you during the aftermath.
It's not like you meant to hit Carla in the face but, it just happened - nature took its course really quick. All you were trying to do was enjoy your lunch, reading Dune and just waiting to go home for the weekend - pretty simple stuff. But she just had to swing on by your table, purposely pushing your back so you would go chest first into your lunch. What she underestimated was how even though you were deep into literature, you could still keep your balance. Carla also never anticipated your quick actions to ring out in the entire cafeteria - to where all eyes would be on you, the croak of silence cascading over each individual. It all happened so fast, a total blur within your eyes. The way you swung around was unprovoked, easy and sane in your eyes, a simple swing of your arm and that was it. But to the rest of the cafeteria it looked different - in this way, you drew first blood. The rage you felt within yourself as Carla's annoying cackle spread through the room, how the rest of her preppy cheerleading squad laughed with her. How the front of your Metallica shirt was now covered in gravy, you were seeing red. The quiet look in your eyes as you flashed the silent rage to Hellfire, spoke measures in scaring all the men, except one.
Everything felt like it was playing out in slow motion. Nothing felt like real life, but a concept of time within itself. Your body moved like a knife cutting through bread; Swift yet jagged in some areas. You saw four clear emotions run across Carla's face, her flaming red hair held tightly up into a ponytail, waving with her laughter as your smile crept forth. She took it as a sign of happiness, not one of silent rage. Before she could connect the dots and really run away, you caught up to her fast. You didn't think about it at all, you didn't bat an eye to the action in which you let out. All you did was let everything flow together, with no problem. The strong plane of your knuckles landed flush to her cheek, causing the skin to waver like a horses lips in slow motion. The initial impact left her stunned enough to be still, her eyes slowly filling with tears as you watched it flash across her face. A spurt of red liquid broke out of a crack in her lip, causing your smirk to transform into a smile - your arms crossing over your dirtied chest, loving how broken she already looked. When reality came to, she was laying flat against the floor, sniffling like crazy as she broke out into hearty sobs. All you could do was cackle, thinking it was funny how she got what she deserved. Yet, no one else saw it like that.
Hence why now you're sitting outside of Principal Higgins office, whilst Carla is sobbing and screaming after what you did. Every time her shrieks would penetrate your ears, all you could do was cringe. Individuals around school who knew Carla gave you dirty looks, muttering profanities and flipping you off - to which you responded with the same actions. It was bullshit you were getting in trouble, it was bullshit no one stood up for you. Everyone saw what went down and yet, no one cared to let you get off Scot free. As you reveled in your anger, you felt a set of eyes boring into yours. Soft in nature, not prying of judgmental like earlier. Looking out of the corner of your eye, down by the left side of lockers you saw a tall mass standing in the shadows - a large brown curled mane of hair falling over his shoulders. Beneath his denim and leather clad torso was a WASP shirt, causing your heart to hammer. Eddie Munson was watching you, he was looking at you as you waited. If this was anyone else then you would have been annoyed, you would have screamed at them for their own sick perversion. But with it being Eddie, oh it was much different. Like someone dumped ice water over your head, you were alert now.
This crush you developed on Eddie was taking over your life, it made you feel so good. People didn't even bother to give you the time of day, let alone stare at you like you were a prize. But in Eddie's eyes you were so much more - you were a gift to Hawkins, making the preppy shit city a bit better. His golden brown eyes, a smile that could make a whole room light up, his over-the-top antics and gestures; Eddie Munson was your dream man personified. If only you weren't so shy, if only you didn't feel panicked every time he came near, then you would more than likely be his right now. Your beautiful thoughts of Eddie came to an abrupt halt when Principal Higgins' door flew open to reveal a bloodied lip Carla, tears staining her eyes. She slowly walked out of the office whilst Principal Higgins followed, standing almost flush to her back. "Ms. Monroe - I do apologize for this happening. Don't worry, proper actions will be taken against this individual." The hiss he let out in your direction caused you to flip him the bird, rolling your eyes as you slunk back into your seat. But he had other plans. Instead of letting you rest there, Higgins snapped his fingers in your face, gesturing for you to head into his office. But, oh boy, you were going to make it a show.
Out of pure carnal instinct, you did something you've been dying to do for months now. You were already repeating your senior year for a second time, why now go for three like Eddie? Flashing a daring smirk to the principal, you did the unimaginable. Your two pointer fingers came up like devil horns near the top of your head, your eyes going wide as you flicked your tongue out - demonic noises slipping from your throat. You couldn't see his reaction but, you could feel it. Only a few feet away by the lockers still stood Eddie Munson, the man who made your exact actions up - the sign for his Hellfire Club. Eddie's eyes went wide as his lips tugged into a hearty smile. His alabaster cheeks turning a bright shade of red, ringed fingers twitching with excitement. "Get in there," Higgins hissed, causing you to drop the demonic sign. Before you breeched his office, you sent the waiting Munson a wink and a smile - causing his arousal to stir beneath the confines of his jeans. Something bloomed within his chest, something so primal, yet beautiful. No person had ever made him feel this way, made him feel seen. You brought him a feeling he chased after for so long; Affection. "I think I'm in love," Eddie murmured to himself. A silent promised flashed through his mind. When she comes out, I will ask her out.
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my baby looks good in anything but GOD does he look good in brown 😵‍💫
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