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appocalipse · 2 days ago
prompt idea! dramatic confession of love in the rain with friends to lovers reader & eddie. maybe like arguing outside about the fact that somethings been off with one of them & demanding an answer, love confessing ensues then BAM! rain kiss 🫢
i love this request so much, i adore writing love confessions! ♥ | 1.7k words (got a little carried away lol)
It started with a simple question.
"Do you mind getting another ride home today?" Eddie had said.
You didn't mind, not really. Of course, you used to take every opportunity to spend time with him, but you could understand that he had his own life and sometimes his plans didn't line up with yours. It was okay.
When he explained the reason behind the question, however, you felt yourself wither and dwindle like a dying flower.
"I'm going to take Aubrey home, so...you know."
You did know. Aubrey lived on the other side of town, completely off the route you and Eddie took to get home every day. He wasn't just giving her a ride; it was something. Something else. Maybe some kind of date, even.
You felt your heart three times heavier as you forced a smile and said, almost capable of hearing the tiny pieces of it tinkling inside your chest own chest, "Oh, sure. It's okay."
And then, before you could stop yourself, you did the stupidest thing one could possibly do; you had asked.
"So…did she ask you out on a date or something?"
You'd poked him in the ribs playfully then, trying to look more relaxed than you really felt as the words left your mouth.
If Eddie noticed it, he didn't let it show. He actually laughed, looking a little embarrassed, and replied, "Actually, I kind of asked her."
You couldn't stop your eyebrows from rising then, whatever's left of your heart from breaking. You tried to avoid looking like the kicked puppy you felt. Probably didn't succeed as much as you'd like to say.
In general, you were good at doing this — you'd been doing it ever since you realized your feelings for Eddie Munson went far beyond a mere affection between two good friends. It was almost second nature — both being in love with him and hiding it.
Eddie hadn't noticed anything wrong when you smiled that day, just as he doesn't notice anything wrong with the smile you're giving him now, in the school hallway, a week later.
He's so blind when it comes to you.
"I'm not going home with you today," you tell him, closing your locker and packing your backpack carefully.
It's been no less than torture letting Eddie drive you around in his van for the past few days; his van, where everything smells like him, where he strikes up conversations and tells jokes and makes you laugh like everything is fine.
Because everything is fine to him. You're the one who couldn't help but fall in love. Like an idiot.
You didn't want to risk him finding out that whatever he had going on with Aubrey made you jealous, though, so you'd forced yourself to let him pick you up and drive you home from school every day while he remained blissfully unaware.
He seems surprised when your words sink in.
"I have to go somewhere else first," you lie. It comes off easily when you're not looking at him.
"It's all right, I'll go with you."
"No, it's fine. I think it'll take a little while."
"I don't mind."
Smile, just smile. "Eddie, really, it's okay."
"It's raining a lot," he argues, looking awfully worried. "You can't just walk home. Do you even have an umbrella with you?"
"Yes," another lie. It's downhill from here, you can tell. "Don't worry."
You feel like you're going to get burned any moment now if you don't get away from Eddie.
Most people have already gone home — you've been studying in the library and Eddie's been at Hellfire with the boys, so you two had stuck behind. The empty hallway makes everything seem worse somehow, his worried gaze on you heavier.
He lets you take three steps before grabbing your arm.
"Wait," he says, brows furrowed, eyes searching for something in your expression. Whatever it is, he finds it. "Something's wrong. What's wrong, Y/N?"
Eddie never had much of a sense of personal space — he's invading yours now, very much, and everything just got a lot more complicated; his fingers around your elbow are warm, the eyes that stare back at you are kind. He smells the same as always: leather, spearmint, cigarette smoke masked by cheap cologne.
You look at your arm and wonder what are the odds you'll be able to break free and walk out the front door without him following you. Not good.
"Nothing," you manage to say. "Nothing is wrong. What are you talking about?"
Perhaps the fake smile is losing its power, you think, because Eddie doesn't look like he'd be giving up anytime soon.
"Something is off with you these days," he insists.
"Eddie, look, I need to go-"
"Have I done something wrong?"
"What?" you sound horrified, because you are horrified; as if Eddie would ever be able to intentionally hurt you. It would have been funny if you weren't so sad. "No, of course not!"
"Then why are you avoiding me?"
"I'm not, I-" It's hard to get the words out with him so close, with his hand on your arm, with his eyes on yours-
Oh, how you'd like to disappear right now.
“Did I forget something?” Eddie looks terribly guilty, even though there's nothing to blame himself for. "Your birthday is still pretty far, so-"
You hate this.
"Eddie-" you try, but he's too far inside his own head to hear. He's probably going over a list of things he could have done to make you mad right now.
“-did we make any plans that I forgot?”
"No, I-"
“Did I say something wrong? Shit, I did, didn’t I?”
"-I'm sorry if I said- I don't know what I said, but I am sorry, I-"
“I love you.”
It's a mistake. You instantly know that, you know that the very moment the words leave your mouth without permission, a confession you never meant to make. One look at the way Eddie's entire body seems to tense up, at how his lips freeze mid-sentence, parted but not uttering any words, any sound... it's more than enough to tell you it was a fucking mistake.
Time seems to slow down, each second stretching impossibly beyond normal. The only sound that can be heard is the rain. Heavy, rhythmic, coming down without pause.
Stupid, stupid, stupid!
You pull your arm back and pretty much run towards the door as if you might distance yourself from the stupid words you just blurted out by doing so.
You think you hear a mumble of "shit" behind you, but you don't stop to look, don't turn around to be sure. Your eyes are prickling and you can taste the tears that ain't coming.
Rain. You're still running anyways. You're soaked and still running, stumbling because it's hard to see through the storm now, hair sticking to your neck, heavy breathing pushing your chest up and down, your face wet from both the rain and your tears.
The rain...almost as cruel as whoever was responsible for making you fall in love with a friend like Eddie.
A friend who's now calling your name — a yell in the distance muffled by the sound of the rain and of your breaking heart. You ignore it. You can't look at him. Not now.
He insists.
“Shit! You- you can't just tell me you love me and walk away! HEY!”
You avoid the hand that tries to grab your arm this time and keep walking across the parking lot as fast as you can.
But did luck ever stay on your side?
Your head bumps right into Eddie's chest.
He holds you by the shoulders, palms gentle on your now cold skin, eyes gentler when you lift your chin up to look at him. You try to back away, attempting to squirm out of his grasp.
Not this time, though. Eddie holds you tight this time.
"Are you out of your mind?" he says, shouting to be heard over the storm...or maybe just because he's angry. "You can't just storm off like that with weather like this!"
Eddie's hands slide along your arms and then drop from your fingers.
He's taking his leather jacket off.
You take a step to the right to try and go around him, seizing the opportunity; he, however, steps to the left and holds the jacket over your head — as if you weren't already soaked from head to toe. As if he wasn't soaked from head to toe, too.
Eddie looks angry.
And too close.
Of course he looks angry, you think, I blew it.
“You're an idiot,” he says. “How could you just take off running like that? You could get fucking pneumonia out here!”
“I didn't mean to-” he's close, very close, and you feel silly, high, dizzy. Everything and nothing at the same time. The words you want to say are lost inside your mind like a paper boat drifting at the sea.
Eddie is still holding his damn jacket over your head like the goddamned gentleman he is.
Despite the closeness, you feel like you need to yell in order to be heard, your voice high and hoarse. “Just let me go!”
You try again and again, but he skillfully foils every one of your plans to walk away from him.
"I am sorry! I'm sorry, okay? I shouldn't have said that, I just…I just need some time! Just give me time and I'll get over you, Eddie, I swear, and everything will get back to normal and you and I can just pretend it never happened-"
In a heartbeat, he's tossing the jacket to the floor and his lips are on yours.
You gasp, too surprised, too tense, and Edde slides a hand to the small of your back, pressing you against his body with something akin to desperation — both of you so entirely soaked from the rain, so entirely frightened, so entirely in love.
When the kiss ends, it's because both of you are out of breath; Eddie doesn't let the space between the two of you grow any further, though.
“Don't get over me,” he pleads, pretty much breathing into your mouth, forehead against yours, eyes fluttering closed. “Don’t ever get over me.”
It seems like your heart is about to jump out of your mouth. He leans in again and you don't have it in you to do anything other than the same.
Letting yourself be kissed is easy. Too easy. It also makes it easier to forget everything that brought the two of you here — the confession, the feelings you believed were unrequited until now… Aubrey.
You realize you broke the kiss and whispered her name when Eddie opens his eyes to look at you.
“I mean, you and Aubrey…the date…”
He squeezes your waist and laughs, "The date lasted 10 minutes before she told me the obvious."
His smile grows.
“That I love you.”
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indouloureux · 2 days ago
I neeeeedddd a mini Eddie fic pounding into the reader in missionary. Thighs spread, calves dangling off his ringed fingers feet swinging besides him. The sound of skin slapping and her slick spilling over the edge of the bed and coating his happy trail🤌 Eddie’s hair’s tied into a cute manbun but a few curls escaped so they’re partially covering his eyes but you can see they’re pure white from him rolling them back in awe
i apologize if this seems rush i have a migraine while i'm writing this:D
18+ mdni. cw: unprotected sex, mentions multiple orgasms, creampie. breeding kink.
Tumblr media
just.... eddie, his hands hooked beneath your knees to lift your legs up around his torso as he fucks you in such an unforgivable pace that switches between slow and fast, soft and rough. he's torturing you without meaning to, and he absolutely loves it.
his hands are cold against your burning skin, a euphoric singe of silver against flesh. your hands grasping tightly on his flexing shoulders whenever he pounds into your tight cunt. that obscene, hollowly wet squelch of his cock driving deep into your dripping pussy was a siren harmonized by his moans and your cries.
"fuck, hold on, baby," eddie would stop thrusting to move back, only to grasp your calves and place them on either side of his head before he bends down. you're almost snapped in half, but the position allows him to go deeper and suddenly, you're seeing hot white.
"oh, fuck—eddie," your jaw unhinges, a pretty, pretty sound mewled from your swollen lips. eddie's grip is tight on your thighs you're certain it'll leave bruises but, shit, you love it when he bruises you.
eddie coos, nudging his nose with yours before he kisses your cheekbone with an open, lazy mouth. "i know, sweetheart, i know. gonna fuck you real good, yeah? gonna let me take care of you?"
one of your hands has gathered enough energy to tuck a stray hair behind his ear, his man bun loose behind his head, his bangs sticking to his forehead; but eddie, in this fucked out, blissful haze he's swimming in, still looks breathtaking.
you nod vigorously. "yes, please. eddie- your cock feels so fuck- oh! so fucking amazing,"
"yeah?" his lips twitch into a smirk, your thighs aching, smushed between his chest and yours. "you make such pretty sounds for me, babe. keep doing it for me, okay? so pretty. so pretty pretty pretty...."
his nose buries in the nape of your neck as he starts thrusting again. his heavy balls slap against your puckered rim, your ass rippling at every pound of his, a puddle beneath you that makes the covers stick onto the pudge of your ass.
eddie scatters heat across your neck to your shoulder, a suckle on your jawline and a lick on your pulse point before he lifts his head up to capture your mouth into a hot kiss.
open mouthed, his tongue ventures and grazes yours into a hellish kiss. eddie's pistons faster, one knee pressed against the bed to move deeper, and suddenly he breaks away from you. his darkened eyes of lust rolls to the back of his skull, his head throwing back in ecstasy when your walls clench around him.
your moans go higher, shorter and louder, blunt nails digging onto the thick flesh of his back, a translucent mess glinting from his happy trail to his coarse hair above his dick that has been dampened from your previous orgasms, his bare cock lathered of your white fluids.
"'m gonna cum," he groans, eyebrows connecting while his mouth opens wider to moan just as lewd as yours. "fuck, baby, gonna cum inside you. gonna fill you up until you're all swollen down here in your pretty little belly. fuck you full, yeah? bet you'd like that don't you? filthy girl."
"yes! yes cum in me," you pant into his neck. "gimme your cum, baby. breed me. breed my fucking pussy,"
he gasps out a laugh when his forehead falls down to rest against yours. "shit, honey!"
a few more thrusts and your insides are filled with warm spunk, his cum painting your gummy walls white, his cock that pistons still pushing his seed deeper into your puffy canal. eddie watches his length disappear from between your folds, with each time he pulls out, you leak and you leak and everything between your joint bodies is sticky with cum and sweat.
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luveline · 2 days ago
hi jade !!! i absolutely adore ur fics of eddie n r with kids they’re always so cute :((( like they fr warm my heart sm !!
if ur still taking requests could u pls write smn w r and roan coloring eddie’s tattoos? it’s totally cool if not !! much luv 🫶🫶���
hi yes of course tysm for ur request 🥺
You're curled up on the small couch with your head in a book when Roan runs full pelt into the living room. Eddie, sitting on the floor with his hair tickling your thigh, opens his arms to catch her.
"God, you're a bombshell," he complains as she lands, "and where have your socks gone?"
She digs her feet into him and laughs, a move that shows very much who's daughter she is.
She's not big enough to do any damage and still Eddie whines, turning his face to you to beg for some saving. "She's making ground beef out of my legs."
"You're made of beef?" you ask mildly, turning a yellowed page. "Like a cow."
"Moo," Roan says.
Eddie feels at once like he's been gravely insulted and proud of her for remembering what animal makes what sound. He settles on glaring at her until she moo's again, and then stroking her hair behind her ears with a sigh.
"Your hair is getting soooo long, mini me. Do you wanna haircut?" He pretends to snip at her hair with his fingers.
You actually close your book at that. "It's beautiful. I love how even when it's brushed the ends stay lovely and curled. And when you do the ringlets," you praise, sounding dreamy. You rake your fingers through Eddie's hair and goosebumps race down his arms. "Just like her dad's."
You kiss the top of his head and then stand. "I'm gonna heat up that soup I brought, okay?"
He reaches out to stroke your leg as you go.
Roan hums a song under his head, hands on his arm. She tickles his bicep without meaning to and he giggles like an idiot, wrapping his arms around her back to restrain her.
"You didn't answer my question," he tells her.
"Question?" she says. It's a mouthful of a word for her, he's surprised she can get through it.
"You want a haircut? It's almost to your tummy." An exaggeration. It's just below her chest. "If you cut it all your curls would come back."
"Like daddy's?"
"Kind of."
Roan hums some more and then climbs out of his lap without answering his question. He takes it as a no, anyhow, and isn't surprised. Her hair looks lovely either way, he'd just wanted to express that she has the choice.
Abandoned, Eddie closes his eyes and drops his head into the space where you'd been. He loves Sunday's like this because the cleaning's been done, Roan's clothes have been washed, and all there is to do is sit and listen to his two girls making noise. You flit back and forth in the kitchen buffeted by the sounds of cooking, the smell of soup rich and enough to make his stomach ache. How nice, to be cooked for. Roan bumps around in her bedroom.
"Do you want me to go out and get some bread?" he calls.
"There's enough!" you call back. "Grilled cheese en route."
"Oh god," he murmurs, voice quiet and thick with delight, "I'm spoiled beyond my wildest dreams here. Blessed, even, I-"
His dramatics are cut short by Roan once again catapulting into his lap. He groans at the impact, screwing his eyes closed to play dead.
A cold wetness moves over his skin. He worries she's spit on him, but then Roan presses a little harder and the nib of a pen becomes clear. He peels his eyes open and finds her colouring the puppet with her washables.
Roan couldn't care less at his condition, he finds, her small hands on his arm and turning so she can see the puppeteer and his demon. He'd worried when she was a baby that one day she'd get scared of his tattoos. They're not the most kid-friendly he could have chosen when he was nineteen.
Despite plans for a small 'R' somewhere safe, he hasn't had a tattoo since she was born. Money has either been too tight or too sacred; how could he spend it on himself? There's always dolls and houses and dresses to buy, always ice cream and days out and things she needs.
She's chosen a soft pink. His skin is just pale enough to show it.
"Whatcha doing?" he asks redundantly.
"I can see that. Any reason?"
"I like pink most."
"I can see that, too," he says. Roan swaps one pink for another. She doesn't try very hard to stay in the lines and he's not bothered. When she colours the puppeteer's hand in a fiercer purple he's actually quite impressed.
"That is beautiful," he says, giving the top of her arm a squeeze.
"'Nother one?" she asks.
He bradishes his other arm. "Please, baby."
She tries to colour the bats in green and pink, almost like flowers. It doesn't really work, as they're almost solid blocks of colour, but it's a valiant effort and he thanks her for it with a sloppy kiss to her cheek.
She loves it, giving him one in return. The pen in her hand leaves a long line up his neck as she ducks in.
Roan pulls away with a beaming smile.
He takes a chance and cups her face in his hand. Or rather, his thumb, because her face is tiny. "Thank you, Roan. You're a good drawer, you know? You're really good."
She smiles some more, shy and happy and adorable. He's shocked at how lovely she is whilst looking like him. It doesn't make any sense at all.
"Roan, you want grilled cheese, princess?" you call.
Eddie caps her pen and pulls her up into his arms. She takes it for a cuddle and hugs him as he carries her to the kitchen, all heavy and sweet in the nook of his neck.
"My girl's an artist."
You melt at the sight. Table set and dinner plated, you throw the hand towel over your shoulder and stand as close to him as you can. "Nice tattoos, handsome," you say.
"She is! Yes. Maybe I can have some tattoos after dinner," you say, voice taking on the bubble affect of parentese.
"Yes!" Roan shouts.
"I think we're agreed," Eddie drawls. "Now for our feast. Thank you, my lady."
You flick his shoulder. "Yeah, you're welcome, hotshot."
more eddie and roan
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boldlyvoid · 2 days ago
Dear Eddie
Tumblr media
Eddie Munson x best friend reader
Summary: a summer fling between best friends ends in heartbreak
Warnings: angst with a happy ending, friends to lovers, implied sexual content, secret pregnancy, birth, post-partum depression, leaving a baby on someone's doorstep, work accidents (Wayne getting stitches)
Word count: 6.8k
Tumblr media
He hasn’t had a lot of visitors at his new place… not since the ground was patched up and the insurance sent him a new trailer but it wasn’t the same. His boy wasn’t with him anymore, the place was bigger, there was room for him too, but he wasn’t there. 
Eddie’s been gone almost 4 months now… and it hurts just as bad every day. Especially today, he doesn’t want to get up, but there’s a knock at the door and he’d hate to ignore it if it was Dustin coming for a talk or a hug or just a place to escape to. 
When Wayne opens the trailer door, however, he finds a baby wrapped up in blankets, placed in a cardboard box, perfectly content to be there. 
He looks up, staring down the road for any glimpse of the person who left it there. He walks past the baby and runs towards the end of his driveway, noticing a girl walking as fast as she can out of the trailer park. 
“Hey!!” He calls after her but she doesn’t respond, she starts to run instead but she can’t, not well. 
He can tell she’s hurt, something’s wrong with her… she’s sobbing as she stumbles and hits the gravel, hard. Wayne is quickly at her side, “hey, are you alright?”
“I’m sorry,” she pushes him away, “I can’t keep him.” She tries to stand up again, limbs weak and face stained with tears, “I have to go.” 
“No, please stay, talk to me?” He begs. “Who’s baby is that? Why did you leave him with me?” 
“Ed— Eddie,” she chokes on her sobs and accepts Wayne's support. She buries her face in his shirt and holds him tight. “I can’t do it without him. I can’t raise his son alone…” 
“Oh, god,” he holds her close, rubbing her back as he realizes who she is. “You’re Y/N, aren’t you?” 
She nods, he feels it, but she doesn’t pull away. “I had to hear about it on the fucking news… I was so pregnant and then he was gone…” 
“Come live with me,” Wayne offers. “I have another room with all his things in it, we can get a crib, I’ll help, but this baby needs his mom. Eddie would want his son to have a mother.” 
“I know,” she pulls away and wipes her tears. “I’m sorry… I just didn’t know what to do?” 
“No one ever knows,” he tries not to sob. “I’ve been so lost without him… but he’d want us to raise his boy, I know that.” 
“He didn’t even know I was pregnant… he hadn’t been up to see me in forever and I couldn’t tell him over the phone cause I knew he’d just drop out and run to me but I— I was going to come and see him for spring break, I had a whole plan on how I was going to tell him and then it was too late.” 
He rubs her back gently, “I know, it’s tough. I went to work one day and came home to a dead girl and no Eddie.”
“I can’t imagine what you’re going through, either. He loved you a lot,” she reminds him. Knowing all too well the relationship between Eddie and his uncle and just how pure and precious it was. 
“Let's go back to the trailer, I wanna meet this little guy,” he turns back to the house, baby still in a box on his doorstep, not crying, just chilling there on the front step. “What’s his name?” 
“James, like the lead singer of Metallica… I thought he’d like it if he was here,” she admits, so caught up on the fact he’s gone. She really thinks he’s dead and not just missing. 
“He’s not dead,” Wayne whispers. “He’s just not here.” 
“I know but the police technically consider him dead and they’re not even looking anymore—
“Because the government told ‘em to stop,” he keeps his voice low. “I’ll tell you more inside,” he doesn’t want to explain in the open, the fewer people that know his business the better. 
“Wha—“ she just follows him quicker, up to the trailer where he picks up the box and brings both her and James into the main room. “Where is he?” 
Wayne sighs as he sets the box down on the coffee table and takes the little guy out. He’s big, for a tiny baby he’s very long and chunky and healthy from what he can see. Under his little hat he has the cutest dusting of dark curly hair, he can’t be more than 4 months old… she must’ve had him whence found out. 
“Um… can I ask you some more things before I tell you the truth?” 
She nods, “of course… I wrote you a letter, it’s in the box,” she takes James from him and holds him close, kissing his little head as she snuggles him close. “I didn’t want to abandon him… I just heard about the settlement and I know how much Eddie loved you like a dad and I knew he’d be safe with you and I— I—
“You were struggling,” he gets it, taking the note from the box and skimming through everything she wanted to say to him. “I don’t blame you…”
“I don’t have any of my things here, I was just going to catch the bus back but if you were serious?” 
“We’ll get your things later,” he agrees with a smile. “There’s a lot I can’t tell you, but I guess it starts during the earthquake… something big happened, something I don’t understand, all I know is he fell through the cracks in the earth and got hurt and he was exposed to something and they’ve got him quarantined somewhere I can’t go,” his voice gets louder the more he explains, angrier now than when the men in black first came to tell him about it all. 
Her eyes grow impossibly large, and she has to sit so she doesn’t drop the baby as she stares off into space, “how?” 
“I don’t know… they don’t tell me nothin’ but Eddie’s friends said he got hurt trying to save the world, so I know it’s not for nothing,” he simplifies it, it’s what he’s said to himself a million times to make it seem okay. 
Her shoulders drop as she melts into the couch, it’s all too much to even fathom. “He didn’t die?” 
“He didn’t die.”
When she found out she was pregnant, Eddie was just an old friend who visited her every few months. Last month he visited to play a show with his band, it was the first time he got a real standing ovation, the first time he looked at her like more than a friend from kindergarten… the first time he slipped into her bed and into her and then seemingly, out of her life. 
She saw him twice after getting pregnant, both times she could hide it well, unable to tell him the truth in fear their friendship would end in burning flames. He stopped coming around after the first trimester when school started again and he was trying to graduate.
That’s when the first letter came. 
Dear Y/N,
School sucks, I miss you, I wish I could come up and see you again soon but I promised Wayne this is the last year I’m freeloading on him. 
I need to graduate, and honestly think if I came to visit you I wouldn’t be doing a lot of homework. Not since the last few times I’ve been to see you have all ended up the same way… It’s hard to stay away from you, but if I came back I don’t know if I’d be able to leave you again? I hope you truly know how much you mean to me and how much I wish I could say this in person without chickening out… But, I love you. 
I love you a lot, I can’t wait to see you again soon. Maybe Thanksgiving or Christmas? Let me know what you can do, maybe you could even come here? I don’t know. I just know I miss you.  
Love from Eddie <3
She called him that night, and they talked for hours about feelings and truths they never shared with each other… all except the pregnancy. She brought that up slowly but he never caught on. 
He wanted kids one day, she knew that from the way he talked about Dustin, Lucas and Mike, he would be a good dad if he had kids… he knew she wanted to be a mom and she also knew his relationship with his own mother and how unfortunately short it was cut. They both wanted a family, and she listened to him talk about his childhood and how great Wayne was, how much he changed his mind on what a dad truly is… they both had shit dads and yet they turned out pretty okay. 
He couldn’t see her for thanksgiving, her parents were mad that he got her pregnant and even more angry that she didn’t tell him yet while at the same time they were grateful. They wanted her to never tell him, put the baby up for adoption in the spring at the end of her semester of college and go back to school as if nothing happened in the fall. But she didn’t want to do that. She wanted this baby, she wanted a family with Eddie, she was going to tell him at Christmas and they gave her an ultimatum. 
She was cut off the moment she left their house after that awful dinner. 
Her current semester was already paid for which gave her until January to get her act together and find a new place when the school kicked her out for not paying the winter semester fees. So she got a job, she made friends, and she went to single mom support groups that introduced her to the good food banks and how to get good coupons for all the baby things she’d need. She was even gifted some hand-me-down items. 
Eddie still called her every day and wrote her the occasional letter. He was super excited to come to visit for Christmas, she was going to be so pregnant she wouldn’t have to say much when he saw her, she just hoped it all went well.
When he didn’t show up for Christmas her heart broke a bit, she called the trailer 3 times and no one picked up, she called the hospital to make sure there wasn’t an accident that he was brought in for… nothing. She sat in her bed and worried with her hand on her stomach and a tiny roast chicken for two cooking in her oven, alone on Christmas. 
He called a day later, apologizing profusely but there was an accident at the lab, he spent the night beside Wayne in the hospital, holding his hand as he slept. It was a head injury, they had to cut his hair and sew his head back up, he was going to be out of work for a few weeks, and Eddie couldn’t leave him to take care of himself. 
She understood perfectly. It just sucked that another thing got in the way of her telling him the truth. 
She got a new apartment at the start of January, it was a low-rent place meant for moms and their kids… the distant sounds of babies crying made a very unpleasant ambiance but at least it was preparing her for what was to come. Alone or not, she was going to raise this baby to the best of her ability. She took a lamas class, she practiced her breathing, she had checkups every few weeks at planned parenthood and they were going to help her with her birth plan and apply for social assistance to help while she’s recovering and watching the baby. They assigned her a social worker, and she had free therapy, it was all really helpful while she went through it alone. 
On Valentines Day she came home to a bouquet of blue and yellow flowers sitting on her doorstep with a sweet note.
“I still love you so much, can we spend spring break together?” 
Spring break… it seemed so far away at the time and then it showed up in the blink of an eye. She turned on the TV that morning, struggling to angle the antenna to pick up any new channels to pass the time while she packed up to see the love of her life, the father of her child, the only person she’s thought about for the last 8 months… and longer if she really admitted that to herself. 
“Local girl's body was found in the Forest Hills Trailer park this morning, there’s no word on her identity or who the killer is. All we do know is foul play was involved and locals should be vigilant,” the reporter says, standing right in front of Eddie’s trailer. She’d know it anywhere. 
She called him, she called every Gareth Emmerson from the phonebook to find him, she even called Wayne’s work to see if she could reach him at all… nothing.
The TV is her only way of getting any information. Another boy died the following morning, back to back 8 am news reports suggested that Eddie was the one who did it, and if she knew his town, they were probably all hunting him by now… every fibre of her being wished he ran to her? If he was okay... if he was able to run… she wanted to help him and keep him safe and she knew he didn’t do it. There was no fucking way he did it! 
He was the sweet little boy who kissed her boo-boo’s better on the playground after Dean Barker pushed her down. He was the adorable teenager who bought her pads when they were hanging out and she randomly got her period. He was the gentile and considerate man who took in lost sheep without even thinking twice… he’s not a murderer. 
The earthquake rocked Hawkins the same day she was supposed to take the bus to go and see him. The helicopter footage showed the whole town in absolute disarray, the whole trailer park was practically sucked underground, the town hall was on fire, over 25 people died and then the worst fucking sentence to ever be spoken on television was said. 
“Edward Munson, the cult leader many accused of the horrific killings that happened here in Hawkins earlier this week is presumed dead, no one has seen him and with the growing death toll, local police don’t expect to. Back to you Janice.” 
“What?!” She throws the remote at the TV, “FUCK JANICE?!” She breaks down, sobbing, knowing she’ll never see him again and not a single soul gave a fuck. 
She spends almost a full 24 hours sobbing on the couch, holding her stomach for support, the baby inside her being the only piece of Eddie she had left. 
When her water breaks early, the doctors tell her it’s the stress she’s under, knowing something is wrong with her by the way she wouldn’t stop crying. Most women cried, it was completely normal, however, she was hysteric. She couldn’t even explain why, she ended up writing it down for one of the nurses. 
My boyfriend died.  
She walked into the hospital alone. 
She wasn’t alone for long. 
She thought a lot about names, she considered everything from family names, both hers and his, to the names of things that mean a lot to them, songs, people, friends, and colours, she thought over everything. And yet the one name she keeps coming back to is Eddie’s middle name.
Also, the lead singer of Metallica’s name, something Eddie found so cool that he shared with his favourite person, his idol… and now his son shared it with them both. 
She walked into the hospital alone. But she wasn’t alone for long, James Edward Munson, born March 29th, 1986, was a perfect little mirror of the boy she loved her whole life… and she was going to dedicate the rest of it loving their son. 
There are a few bumps in the road. Making money and watching a baby and trying to stay sane while working through grief is all really hard. So hard that she hops on the bus with James when he’s a little under 4 months old and almost leaves him with Eddie’s uncle… she couldn’t do it anymore, it was a lapse f judgement, it was her best option at the time, a silent cry for help that was answered in the best way possible. 
She moved in with Wayne full time in July ’86, she was able to stay home while he worked, she didn’t go many places except the grocery store, no one knew who she was or that Eddie was her baby’s father, she was a recluse in a town she never wanted to live. She saw him in everything, mostly in the kids wearing hellfire shirts walking home from school, and especially in their own son… she misses him so much it starts to kill her slowly and Wayne knows it. 
“You should introduce him to the boys,” Wayne suggests one morning while preparing James’s bottle, both of them sleepy wandering around the kitchen as James lightly whines in the other room, waiting for his breakfast. 
“Like Eddie’s friends?” 
“Yeah,” he gives her a sweet smile, holding a bottle in a boiling pot of water to heat up the cold breastmilk she stores in his fridge. “Dustin, Gareth, Jeff… they’d want to meet Eddie’s little boy… James needs some uncles.”
“Okay,” she takes a deep breath and crosses her arms, leaning against the counter as she waits for the bottle. “Do you think they know about me?” 
Wayne laughs, “yeah… how do you think I knew about what you two were?” 
“What were we?” She’s confused by that. “‘Cause to me, I was his friend and we slept together after high emotional nights and—
“You took his virginity,” Wayne cuts her off. 
“No, he took mine… he said he already—? What?”
“Oh, no,” Wayne keeps giggling, taking the bottle out of the water and testing the milk on his wrist. “He just didn’t wanna feel like a loser for not having sex until he was nearly 20, but yeah… you meant a lot to him and he loved you so much he knew if he went up to Indianapolis he’d never come 
“So thats why he got so weird,” she mumbles, taking the bottle and heading off to James’s room with Wayne in tow. “He sent me love letters and flowers and things…” 
“Sounds like him,” Wayne chuckles. 
“Morning, cutie,” she changes her tone when she sees James, picking him up from his crib and taking him to the rocking chair. His 7-month-old body barely fits comfortably in her arms anymore, he’s getting so big. He takes his bottle, he holds it himself and looks up at her with his big chocolate brown wonders. She runs her fingers through his little curls, he’s so much like his dad it hurt sometimes. “I love how much of him is in James…” 
“I know,” Wayne takes a knee beside her, looking at James just the same. “I hope he gets to meet his dad soon. I want him home.” 
“Me too…” 
With James held against her with one arm and his diaper bag slung over the other, she walks into the school after the bell rings and follows the instructions from the receptionist. Down the hall, past the washrooms and to the left there was a drama room, that’s normally where Dustin Henderson spent his time. She finds it easily, there’s a “game in session” notice on the door but she knows there hasn’t been enough time since the last bell for them to be too busy, so she walks in anyway. 
“Hello…?” She calls out. 
“Hey?” A young boy stands from the table to greet her. “Are you lost?” 
“Um, no, this is hellfire, right?” 
“It is…” another curly-headed boy comes up behind her, trying to get into the room. “What can we help you with?” 
“I’m Y/N… Eddie’s girlfriend?” She keeps her voice low, “or I was trying to be before all the shit went down here…” 
“The Y/N?” The kid behind her asks. 
“Yeah, that one,” she manages to laugh, “this is James, if you couldn’t put it together, Eddie is his daddy,” she bounces the baby a bit, making him smile as he grips onto her shirt and leans into her shoulder with a drooly smile. 
“I’m Lucas, that’s Dustin,” the first boy explains for them both, shocked but not speechless like Dustin. 
“Wayne mentioned how James needs some uncles, so I thought I’d come to meet you guys?” She makes sure it’s okay, “do Gareth and Jeff still go here?” 
“Yeah,” Dustin finally answers, leading her over to the table, right to Eddie’s old thrown. “Let’s get you a seat, he looks heavy… and he’s the rightful heir so…”  
“Prince James,” she teases her little guy, setting her bag down on the floor as more boys start to pour in. 
“Gareth, Jeff, this is Y/N and James… Eddie’s family,” Dustin explains, his voice low and sad, wishing more than anything he could tell them all the truth about where their friend was. 
“no way!” The boys light up and rush to the table. “He said you two slept together but—
“He didn’t know,” she shakes her head, cutting them off. “I never had a chance to tell him, I wanted to, believe me,” she forewarns. “But uh, yeah, this is little James. James, say hi to daddy’s friends.” 
The little boy waves slightly, shying away into his mom's side. “He’s slowly becoming more of a people person,” she laughs, holding him tightly and kissing his curly mop.
“How old is he?” 
“8 months,” she presses her lips together awkwardly, they knew how to do the math, they would all know. 
“You had him when he died?” Gareth is the first to pick it up. “You knew all that time and never told him?” 
She shakes her head, “no, I couldn’t. It’s not something you say over the phone to someone trying to graduate high school, now is it? If I told him he would’ve dropped everything to run to me, the band, this club, all of you, I wanted you to have him as long as possible.”
“Yeah, none of us got enough time with him,” Jeff sympathizes, placing a hand on Gareth’s arm. “But you’re right, Eddie would’ve done everything for you. What do you need? We’ll be here for you both now instead.” 
“Thank you,” she gives them a genuine, toothy, smile. “I’m living with Wayne, we’re still in the trailer park, I just wanted you in James’ life, I wanted him to have at least 1 cool uncle like how Eddie had Wayne… we’ve moved onto calling him gramps by the way.” 
“And he doesn’t hate it?” Dustin asks, shocked. “I’ve tried calling him pops and he thought it was weird.” 
“It is,” Lucas shoves him. 
“he loves it, now at least,” she can’t help but laugh. “James is still trying to say grandpa… can you say, papa?” He shakes his head and buries it back into her shirt. “I guess that’s a no.” 
“He’s adorable,” Gareth gets a little closer, squatting beside her so he can seem less tall and scary to the little baby. “Hi, James. My name is Gareth, your daddy used to call me Gare… I wouldn’t mind you calling me uncle Gare?” 
“He called you Gare-bear,” Jeff corrects, “call him uncle Gare-bear, please?” 
“he doesn’t really talk yet,” she laughs, feeling more at home than she has in a long time. Like Eddie was there with them, watching and smiling too… the room carried so much of his essence that it was hard not to feel him. 
God, she missed him. 
May 1988
“What do you mean she doesn’t live here?” 
“I’m sorry, Sir, Miss Y/L/N moved out almost 2 years ago now… I might still have her forwarding address?” 
“Please?” Eddie begged, following Y/N’s old landlord into the building and waiting for her at the threshold of her office, not wanting to intrude. 
“Her last address I was given is Trailer 13, Forest Hills Trailer park, Hawkins Indiana,” she hands him a copy of her address on paper and a small smile. “Something about moving in with her son's grandpa… I don’t know.” 
He tries to stay calm, feeling so fucking confused and out of the loop because who knocked her up and why was she living in his uncle's trailer park? He just takes it and thanks her, heading back out to the van the government supplied him with as an apology for keeping him locked up for 2 years to run tests on him… he was telling them the whole time that he’s healthy and fine and just wanted to go home, but they didn’t listen. The last thing they wanted was to send another monster back to Hawkins. 
With a haircut and lighter clothes, he’s been cleared of all charges and it's been suggested that he not go back to Hawkins for his own safety, but now he had no choice. 
He drives the 2-hour trip in under 1, speeding until he hits the town he spent most of his life in and abiding by the speed limits. He travels down newly paved roads, over patches in the ground he was once deep under and towards where his heart ran off to in the midst of the madness. 
He pulls up to a brand new trailer, nowhere can he see that ugly blue trailer he watched fade over the years under the sun. Behind a new truck, he parks his van and gets out, there are kids' toys all over the yard, evidence that she did have a kid, the windows are blocked by shutters and the door doesn’t have a screen he can spy through either. 
But he knocks anyway.
“Coming!!” He hears Wayne's voice and his heart stops.
The door swings open, and he’s holding a curly-headed little boy with a wide smile that drops the longer Wayne stares into his eyes, “Eddie?” 
“Hi,” he whispers, eyes welling with tears. “Where is she?” 
“Work, what are you doing here?” He changes the topic right away. “I thought you weren’t allowed to come home?” 
“They declared me not a risk to the general public,” he explains. “I would’ve called but I went to Indianapolis first to talk to Y/N cause I missed our last meet-up… turns out I missed a lot?” 
“Come in,” Wayne holds the door open for him, letting him into the trailer, it's big and clean and nice… “sorry for the mess.” 
“What mess?” He manages to laugh. “It’s nicer than when I was a kid… speaking of?” He points to the toddler in Wayne's arms, snuggled into his shoulder with his thumb in his mouth, scared of visitors as it would seem. 
“This is James,” he smiles, “James this is your daddy… ‘member the photos mommy shows you at bedtime? He just has short hair… he’s not scary, see?” Wayne walks over to him and sets his hand on his shoulder, shaking him as he presses his lips together and tries not to cry. 
The last thing they needed was to scare James. 
“Papa?” James whispers to Wayne, his grandpa. “Daddy?” He turns to Eddie that time, reaching out for him. 
“Yeah,” Wayne helps his little brain understand. “I’m papa, he’s daddy,” explaining further as he hands him over.
Eddie takes him in his arms, looking into his brown eyes and noticing everything about him that he got from himself and Y/N. “Hi, buddy?” He tries not to cry and scare him at all. “yeah… I’m your daddy.” 
James rests his head on eddies shoulder, cuddling into him, “you just caught his nap time,” Wayne explains. “You want to read him to sleep? Your old books are all still here.” 
“yeah... I just want to sit with him?” He tears up a bit, holding James as close as possible while being extra delicate with the toddler. “I have so many questions?” 
“Y/N gets home at 4,” he smiles. “She’ll tell you everything… I think she’s written you a letter every day since she move here since she found out you lived.” 
“Oh god,” he whispers, “she thought I died?” 
“for 4 months…” 
He closes his eyes and tries to stop himself from crying, he cradles the back of his son's head and presses his cheek to the soft baby curls on the top of his head. He smells like a baby, he’s soft and sweet and his and hers… “I love you so much,” he whispers. “I wish I came home sooner.” 
Wayne wraps his arms around the two of them, joining the hug because he just couldn’t take it anymore. He missed his boy so bad. “I love you.” 
“I’m not supposed to stay in Hawkins…” 
“So we move,” he replies in no time. “As long as we’re a family, we can be a family anywhere.” 
“Daddy?” James asks again, squished between the two men. “Ba?” 
“Oh,” Wayne pulls back, “he wants his bottle and to go to sleep… he’s big about schedules,” he teases with a laugh as he heads to the kitchenette. 
Eddie trades arms, holding the toddler on the other side and taking a moment to look at him with a sweet smile, “what books do you like, buddy?” 
“Trucks,” his eyes light right up, even with the sleepy sand gathering around his lashes. 
“he’s obsessed with anything with wheels, isn’t that right, buddy?” Wayne explains as he comes back with a bottle. “Let's go to his room,” he nods down the hall, making Eddie follow him. 
His room is cute, not too big, not too small, full of photos of him when he was even tinier than this with Wayne and his band and his friends, he has a hellfire poster, he has trucks everywhere and eddies old rocking chair in the corner. “You can sit there and read to him and then carefully put him in the bed when he’s asleep… I’ll give you your time with him—
“What?” Eddie panics. “I can’t be alone with a baby?” 
“He’s your baby, you’ll do fine,” he waves it off, points at the chair and then heads out, closing the door behind himself. 
The rooms dark, but the chair is in front of the window so some light still shines through the blinds and onto the pages he holds in his free hand. James snuggles into him, holding his bottle in his arms and listening contently to every word. He nods quickly, his eyelids flicker shut and flashback open as he fights it. Still suckling on his bottle, he fights it for at least 10 minutes before the bottle drops from his lips and barely stays in his grasp. Eddie stops reading then. He puts the book and the bottle on the table beside the chair and just looks at his son. 
His son.
He had curly hair and a round button nose. He had chubby cheeks like Y/N did when they were little, he’s tall like Eddie’s side of the family, he’s smart like hers… he’s everything. 
If he does the math right in his head she had him around the time he went missing, which meant one of those first and only 3 times they had sex got her pregnant and she never told him… she tried, he supposes that’s what all the family and baby talk came from. She asked about the future too much for someone simply curious. 
He places James gently in his crib and watches for a moment to insure he doesn’t wake up, when the coast is clear, he tip-toes out of the room and quietly twists the door handle as he shuts the door for ultimate quiet… the deep breath he lets out when he’s successful is unlike any other. 
Wayne’s in the living room watching tv with a plate that once held a sandwich, “want some lunch?” 
“I’m good,” he passes and takes a seat beside him, snuggling into his uncle's shoulder he finally lets himself cry. “No, I’m not…”
“Oh, my boy, I’m so sorry,” he wraps him up and lets him cry. He can’t even imagine what they did to him for two years, 2 months and 6 days. It was far too long for him to be quarantined with no contact with the ones he loves. It was so unfair. “When you can, I want to know anything and everything… you can share it with me, you don’t have to carry this all alone.” 
“She had my baby,” he whispers, unable to pull back, still broken inside and numb everywhere else. “All alone…” 
“I’ve been here. She showed up 4 months after, we’ve been together ever since,” he explains. “Not like together, but she lives with me, I love her like family. She is family.” 
“What about hers?” 
“They cut her off,” he sighs. “Cunts, the whole lot. You should hear some of the shit they said, and how rude they were when she tried to invite them to Christmas 2 years ago… she tried to have them meet their grandson and they didn’t care.” 
“They always sucked,” he finally pulls away and wipes his tears. “I’m glad she had you. You’re the best dad a kid could have.” 
“Grandpa,” he corrects, “I love being a grandpa to that little boy, he’s such a gift.” 
“I want to know everything, how old is he? What’s his full name? What does he like? All of it.” 
“His full name is James Edward Munson, James for Metallica and Edward for you,” he explains as if he needs to. 
“Seriously?” He lights up, “that’s amazing.” 
“His birthday is March 29th, ’86,” he confirms Eddie’s suspicions. “She was going to tell you, at Christmas and then,” he points to his head scar. 
“She was so sad when I finally called her back,” he remembers like it was yesterday. 
“She’s not mad at you at all anymore, she wishes every day that you’ll come home, she’s going to pass out when she sees you,” he half kids. He doesn’t really know how she’ll react. “I think I should tell her first…” 
Works long, she hates it the whole way, all she wants is to get home to her baby for some snuggles and a nice night in after Wayne leaves for work. She clocks out at 4 on the dot and all but runs to her car, she couldn’t wait any longer to get home. 
Much to her surprise, Wayne is waiting outside. Which is weird seeing as he doesn’t smoke anymore… who was with James? She parks behind the strange van in her drive, thinking it’s Gareth’s, he was in the market for a new one… so she grabs her purse and gets out with a cautious look on her face. 
“What’s going on?” 
“Eddie’s home,” he breaks the ice with a fucking sledgehammer.  
“What?” She drops everything and covers her mouth in shock. 
“He’s inside, James met him, they’re in there together—
She breaks past him and runs inside, stopping dead in her tracks when she sees the 2 pairs of matching brown eyes turn to her with glee. “Mommy!” James stands from the carpet and runs to her. 
She scoops him up, “hi baby,” she tries to stay normal and calm, she kisses his cheeks and breathes in his baby scent after a long day apart. “Can you go outside with grandpa so mommy can talk to daddy?” 
“Why?” He asks one of his new favourite words. 
“Cause mommy needs to tell him some grown-up things, but it’ll be 5 minutes, I promise,” she hands him off to Wayne. “Then we’ll all go out for dinner, okay?” 
“Okay,” he trades off easily, heading outside and out of earshot. 
She lunges for Eddie, diving to the floor and wrapping her entire body around him. He holds her back just as tight, sobbing uncontrollably without any words to be said. There wasn’t much that could be said. She pulls back only enough to press their foreheads together as she holds his face in her hands and he holds her right back. They stare into each other's eyes, sharing how much they miss and love each other with just one glance. 
“I’m home,” he assures her. 
“Good,” she brushes her nose against his. “It’s about time we were a full family.” 
He kisses her for the first time in forever, something he’s thought about day in, and day out throughout his quarantine. He can’t stop kissing her either, he kisses her whole face, making her laugh instead of cry but his kisses still taste like salt from the tears already shed. “I’m so sorry.” 
“I’m sorry, too,” she takes some of the burdens off his shoulders. “But that little boy out there has no idea anything happened, he doesn’t know this is weird and not normal… so it’s okay.” 
“you think?” 
She nods, “he’s had the best life so far, he’s surrounded by love. I didn’t know you had so many friends until I moved here.”
“Well the guys, obviously, but also all your friends from the end of the world,” she knows more than he expected. Dustin must’ve spilled the beans. “Uncle Steve really likes to buy our son expensive shirts, Aunt Robin and Nancy are the best babysitters ever… Dustin loves him like a brother, Mike and Lucas and Erika are always coming over to see him too… our son is very loved.” 
“Our son,” he repeats, still astounded by it. “I can’t believe I have a son and wasn’t there for it…” 
“I made you something,” she struggles out of his grasp and to her feet, dragging him up as well and towards her room in the back.
Under her bed, she has a shoe box full of things. “This is our memory box… we’ll it was before I moved here. I started putting all of my memories with James in here too when I learned you could come home one day…” 
He sits on the bed beside her, watching her sort everything into what she wanted to show him the most. “I have the letters you sent me, the dried flowers from valentines day, my pregnancy tests, his sonogram,” she hands them to him so he can look at their baby’s first photo. 
And then his second, she hands him a polaroid. “The nurses took this of us.” 
“You looked so cute pregnant,” he can’t believe it, she was swollen and happy and adorable with their son resting on her chest. 
“And then this is his umbilical cord stump,” she holds up a plastic bag with a dried-up brown thing in it. 
“Not ew!” She can’t help but laugh at his disgust. “Lots of moms keep them, it’s the last part of us being together… and when I become the tooth fairy I’ll probably keep them too.” 
He chuckles, shaking his head with love, “of course.” 
“And…” she gets up from the bed and opens her bedside table to take out two notebooks. “I wrote you some letters.” 
She nods, opening it up to page one, “dear Eddie, today our son is 5 months old and I realized you’ll be back and wondering all about him and these milestones you missed. So here are some things to know, he was born in the middle of the night and now it’s his favourite time of the day…” 
“It’s all like that?” His eyes light up. 
She nods, “and there are some parts from me… about the days it was hard to not be with you.”
He takes the books from her and flips through the pages, seeing some had polaroids taped to them. Photos of their son on the carpet with numbers, each one he gets bigger. 6 months, 7 months, 8 months, he grew a personality with each one too. Smiling, rolling, kicking, he was never in the same position, he was such a cutie, his heart swelled in his chest. 
“I thought you’d like them,” she notices his tears, sitting beside him and wiping his cheek for him so it didn’t get on the pages. “I knew you’d be home.” 
“And I’m never leaving. Either of you.” 
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poppy-metal · 2 days ago
can't stop thinking about eddie using your pussy like it's his specially crafted toy for days. i'm talking fucking all day and all night, just leaving the room to use the bathroom or refill your water glass, sweaty nasty sex nonstop. and your pussy fucking aching from the abuse. and then you're both lying in bed, all gross and fucked out, but eddie's insatiable. he starts kissing you -- sweetly kissing you, like he did when you first met -- and you can't help but return the kiss, tasting him on your lips and savoring the saltiness of his sweat.
"god, babe," you whisper with a little smile. "my pussy's fucking sore," you tell him with a laugh. his eyebrows raise with innocence, but a dirty smile toys at his lips. "oh, is that so?" he asks, planting chaste kisses on each corner of your lips. part of you wants to relax and melt into his sweetness, but a bigger part of you knows he's up to something.
"you hear that?" he says, looking down between your legs. "she says you're 'sore.'" before you can laugh at the fact eddie's talking to your vagina and give him a playful shove, his hand is cupping your sex and his thumb is ghosting the nerves of your still sensitive clit.
eddie looks back up at you and his dark eyes bore into yours. "my cock too much for you, pretty baby?" he asks, cocking his head a little to the side as he speaks. "too much for my little girl's tight pussy?"
his hands start to spread your legs apart as he positions himself in between you again for the umpteenth time. he takes his semi hard cock into his hand and rubs it where his fingers were, teasing you.
"eddie," part of you wants to protest, yet you can't help but spread your legs a little bit wider for him and let your nails drag down his arms as you hold him above you.
"come on, baby, tell me. is my cock too big for you?" he takes the tip and starts to gently press it inside. "should i just stop fucking you?" he asks, feigning a gasp.
your laugh turns into a moan as he dips in deeper. the stretch burns but feels too good to say no to. "don't stop, eds," you whisper. fuck it. you melt into the covers even if he's not going to be sweet.
dear god.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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letterstotheflre · 2 days ago
thinking about eddie’s choked gasp when you first put his balls in your mouth. “you like that?” he sounds so breathless, so shocked, that you pull away, biting the inside of your cheek from embarrassment. you can’t even look at him. but then he grabs he back of your head and tugs you forward, his hips bucking up desperately. “do it again. do it again, baby—oh,” his eyes roll and his toes curl when he feels the tip of your tongue shyly lick his heavy balls. “didn’t know you were so nasty-god, i love you. i love you. i love you.”
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The first time Eddie eats you out he settles between your legs and just starts talking to your pussy like
“We haven’t been formerly introduced, I’m your new best friend-“ and you just wack him on the head
“Eddie stop talking to my vagina what is wrong with you”
“I’m just being polite!”
Then he gives it a little kiss 💕
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The Freak’s Secret Admirer
Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Reader wants to express her feelings for Eddie, except they’ve never spoken.
Content Warnings: fem!Reader, adult language, Jason Carver being a prick, sticky sweet fluff, and so much PDA.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
It started in the middle of the first semester.
She stood at her locker, her chest tight in anticipation. She repeated her cycle of glancing nervously at his locker a few down from her own and back to the small slip of paper she held out of sight behind her door.
It was a simple piece of folded up notebook paper, ‘Eddie’ was written across the front in her prettiest script, followed by a pink heart sticker, hoping that would be enough to let him know it was from an actual person. She worried he would crumple it up immediately, given all of the cruelties he’d endured in his time at Hawkins High.
Y/n had been watching the Munson boy ever since she first saw him; his personality and theatrics captivating her immediately. Soon enough she found herself looking for his face in every hallway she turned down. She noticed the way her heart felt when she’d hear his bold laughter in the cafeteria, and she absolutely adored that his locker was three down from hers.
She loved seeing him when he was alone, his beauty really shining when he wasn’t doing anything at all.
In her mind, he had no idea she existed, but that was far from the truth.
She spent a good part of her time wishing he would spare a glance in her direction, but he never did. Y/n told herself it was because she wasn’t noticeable, and that she couldn’t blame him, but she didn’t know the panic he felt in his chest when he saw her figure in his peripherals.
‘Ignore it and it’ll go away.’ he’d think, the thought of another unrequited crush absolutely unbearable.
At the beginning of the second semester when they were at their lockers, pretending to not notice one another, it happened. They both shared the thought of sneaking a glance at the same time and when they made eye contact, she smiled at him. Eddie couldn’t help but return it, which made the pounding in her chest intensify.
‘Okay, okay, that’s enough, freak.’ The unfriendly voice echoed in his head. He snatched his attention back to the inside of his locker with a shy grimace and shut his door to hurry to Spanish class.
Her heart sank as she watched him withdrawal, wondering if it was her fault. That’s when she got her brilliant idea.
Which brings us back to this morning.
She hadn't seen any sign of Eddie yet and knew this would be her prime chance to deposit her note through the slot of his locker.
‘Every second that goes by is a second closer he gets to showing up.’ She reminded herself.
Y/n took a breath and looked over both shoulders before stepping over. She knew it was his immediately by the etched ‘FREAK’ below the number at the top, which made the corner of her mouth tug downward in a disappointed frown. She quickly slid the note through and jumped away, checking her surroundings again.
She sighed in relief at the sight of the still empty hallway, students still trickling in from the arriving buses.
“Absolutely not, Emerson, how could you possibly think that of me?!” Eddie’s voice echoed in feigned offense down the hall from a short distance. Y/n debated on fleeing or sticking around to see how he reacted to the note and prayed to the powers that be that he’d be alone when he read it.
Before she could make a run for it, Eddie rounded the corner with his friend Gareth, shooting the shit and laughing the whole trip down the hall, the sight made Y/n weak in the knees.
“Save me a seat?” Eddie asked Gareth as he departed from their route to their first class. Gareth shot him a thumbs up and disappeared through the door at the end of the hall.
Eddie spared Y/n a glance as he stepped up to his locker, admiring the way she chose to style her hair with accent braids. It made him think of Lord of the Rings and the elves he’s imagined from DnD, he thought of this as he dialed his combination in the lock and swung his locker open, his thoughts interrupted as he was greeted with a fluttering note landing with a thump down by his feet.
He didn’t think anything of it at first, receiving notes about meeting up for sales after school was a normal thing, but notes of business never had his name written with a heart beside it. The sight made his stomach plummet into his ass and his heart rise into his throat. This could either be good or bad.
Y/n watched on, Eddie too focused on her note to feel her stare. He unfolded it with a hard swallow and deep breath.
‘Before you throw this out, I wanted you to know that your antics are the highlight of my day. I kinda have a crush on you... I hope you have a good one ❤️‘
Eddie stood with his mouth ajar, absolutely dumbstruck at the three sentences in front of him.
‘Is this English? I’m reading this right, right??’ He wondered, bringing the note closer and then farther away, flipping it over in his hands a few times before folding it back up to view his name again.
No sender, of course. He rolled his eyes in annoyance. The note itself seemed genuine, the feeling it caused in his stomach was evident of the way it flattered him. But he so deeply feared that it was too good to be true.
It wouldn’t have been the first time he received a fake love note before, but it had been a while. Maybe he was due for another. Defeated, he sighed and shoved the note in his back pocket as he shut his locker and rushed to class. Y/n noticed the stiff expression he wore behind his blushing cheeks.
She felt a sense of accomplishment along with the nagging sensation that she was going to have to send a few more notes before he took her seriously.
The next morning, Eddie got to his locker before Y/n was able to, which made her job harder. Eddie would be lying if he said he wasn’t bummed that he wasn’t met by another note when he arrived, but he shrugged it off, knowing it was too good to be true.
Y/n kept her head down as she spun the green combination dial, not bothering to look up until she heard the sounds of Eddie’s friends at the other end of the hall. “Ed! Dude, you gotta come see this, the new freshman drew my tiefling!”
Eddie perked up at this, shutting his locker and running to catch up with the group that stepped just out of sight. Y/n rushed to open her notebook to a clean page and snatch up a pink pen from her cup in her door.
She jotted the short sentiment down, ripping out the page and folding it as she had the day before, printing his name and heart on the front.
The Hellfire Club’s antics were audible, some of the boys visible from around the corner. She kept her eyes on the doorway, preparing for the sight of his curly hair or white reeboks catching her in the act, or one of his faithful freshman pointing her out.
But what was the point of the notes if she didn’t want to be known? She couldn’t answer that question. She did want him to know it was her, but she feared rejection almost as badly as he did.
She shoved the note into the slot quickly and promptly turned on her heel to go the opposite direction, but not before Mike Wheeler caught a glimpse of dainty hands flying away from Eddie’s locker, and a head of hair whipping back around to disappear within the chaos of students.
The Wheeler boy chalked it up to another business transaction and dropped the matter immediately, though something felt off. “Wheeler, tell your boy Byers to come sit with Hellfire at lunch today, we’ve gotta greet our new member properly!” Eddie said pointedly as he clutched the paper depicting the horned creature of Gareth’s imagination. Mike lit up at this, taking the paper back from Eddie’s grasp as he went back to his locker.
Eddie wore a small content smile as he opened his locker again, but the note falling down in front of him wiped it from his face instantly. Again, he looked around him for any suspects that could be watching from a distances for shits and giggles.
To his delight, he didn’t spot anyone looking on in amusement, which allowed him to inspect the note closer. He flipped it over in his hands, spotting the similar style his name was scribbled in. He gave a quiet snort, the rushed handwriting tugged at his heart strings.
He dragged his index finger across the letters that made up his name, stopping at the pink heart beside it. Maybe it wasn’t too good to be true.
He unfolded it slowly, holding it inside of his locker to prevent any basketball douchebags from snatching it and using it against him.
‘Good morning, cutie! I hope Hawkins High is kind to you today. ❤️‘
This note had a bit more of an effect on him than the first one did, this one feeling more… real. He fought the urge to smile into his blush and press his lips to the heart she left him on the page, settling for keeping it in his pocket until he could slip it into his wallet unseen later.
The note kept grabbing his attention throughout the day, making concentrating on his work a smidge harder than usual. When he’d slip away to the bathroom now and then he’d find himself getting the note back out to read it again.
‘I hope Hawkins High is kind to you today.’ Made his heart do tricks he didn’t know it could do. He wanted to find the culprit, but he couldn’t say he was in a rush to do so.
He wanted this feeling to last as long as it could.
Y/n walked down the hall during a bathroom break when she noticed Eddie leaving the boys room, the note she wrote him curled in his hand as he stared down at it.
‘He likes it, he likes my note.’ She celebrated internally. Eddie’s gaze met hers, quickly shoving away the note in his pocket with a blank expression falling across his features and hurrying past.
Y/n smiled to herself as she entered the bathroom, excited to write him more.
The next day, Eddie planned to get to school as early as he could. Before bed he sat with the notes he’d received thus far, a soft smile plastered on his lips as he traced the creases in the paper from how many times he opened and refolded them.
He ran his finger over the indentions of the letters the pen left when the sender wrote his name. He folded them back up and stuck them under his pillow, hoping to find another note in the morning.
Sadly, Eddie’s plans to make it to school early were foiled from the moment he opened his eyes. Instead of his alarm going off, he was met with a stream of water hitting him in the face. He bolted upright in his bed, taking notice of the two other leaks in his room and the lack of power.
“Shit!” He realized the electricity cut off was today and he forgot to mail the check to the electric company last week. Eddie ran to the kitchen, seeking the seal tape for events such as these.
After temporarily fixing the problem, he only had 15 minutes to get ready and to the school. “Jesus H Fucking Christ.” He mumbled to himself.
He tried his best to not speed, praying he wouldn’t catch a fine for trying to get to school. Luckily, he made it unscathed, having time to catch the closing door of his first hour class.
Eddie was eager to get to his locker before the second period of the day, dialing his combination with his fingers quaking.
Y/n took the route to class that passed her locker and noticed Eddie in a rush to open his. She noticed the lack of his presence that morning and worried he may not show.
Eddie’s locker door flew open, and before Y/n was all the way past him, she swore she saw him grin at the note he caught with an expectant hand.
‘I’m persistent, what can I say? 🥰 I hope something good happens to you today.
P.S. I think you’re cute 🦋’
Eddie felt the fluttering in his chest and suddenly felt warmer. He quickly folded the note and placed it in his pocket, shutting his locker with a satisfied smile on his lips.
Y/n loved how she felt when she saw Eddie get happy from the notes she sent. She knew it wasn’t the same as if he knew who was sending them but knowing she made his day a little brighter made hers brighter too.
Y/n anxiously stood by her locker, looking around for any sign of the boy she admired. She sighed, relieved and opened her notebook to write him a new note.
‘Should I get more flirty? Can I be flirty?’ She wondered, shifting from one foot to the other and flipping the pen around her middle and index fingers.
‘Good morning ❤️ Did you know you make me laugh almost every day? Well you do. You also do a great job of making my heart beat faster every time I see you. Maybe sometime I’ll have that same effect on you.
I hope you have a good one ⭐️‘
She smiled as she placed the star sticker at the end of the sentence and ripped the page from the book. She folded it once before a familiar sleeved arm had shot over her shoulder to hit his hand against the locker beside her with a slam, “Bah!” He exclaimed, making her jump and turn around. While she was stunned, Jason took the opportunity to snatch the paper.
“Jason, please give it back,” Y/n quietly pleaded, her hand outstretched. Eddie stood at the edge of the scene, as a few other students gathered to look on, which made Y/n want to puke.
Eddie watched as her face began to turn red with panic and humiliation, knowing exactly how it felt to be in her shoes. Everything in him wanted to get involved except for the small part that still feared getting his ass beat by Jason and his friends yet again—but this time it would be in front of his crush.
“Aww, please give it back!” Andy shrilled mockingly. Y/n’s chest began to quiver with her shaking breaths. She tried to remember if she wrote his name in the note anywhere or if she wrote his name right on top.
“I-It’s my homework for—“
“That’s sweet but homework doesn’t have cute little stickers on it,” Jason began unfolding the paper and only glanced down at it before Chrissy’s enraged hand snatched it from him and handed it to back Y/n.
“Jason, what the hell is wrong with you? Like truly, how many times do you have to be reminded to not be an asshole? We’re done, for good.” She charged through the crowded hallway, putting distance between her and her now ex boyfriend before he could cry, “Chrissy wait, just hear me out, baby.” and take off after her.
Eddie’s eyes stayed on Y/n, who crumpled the paper in her hand and willed the tears in her eyes to go away. She slammed her locker closed and slung her bag over her shoulder, dropping the now ruined note into the trash can at the end of the hall on her way past, which Eddie was determined to retrieve.
‘Cute little stickers, huh?’ He wondered.
After a few moments, Eddie walked at an easy pace to seem nonchalant, when on the inside he wanted to sprint to the bin and dump it out to ravage through its contents.
When he reached the end of the hall, he looked over his shoulder to see how many people were about to watch the freak go through the trash, and luckily no one was paying him any mind.
The wadded paper sat on top unharmed, which made him want to pump his fist in celebration already. He reached in and snatched the note swiftly, walking towards his next class and flattening the note.
His heart about exploded when he saw the familiar roundness of her letters, but most of all, the stickers. He ducked into the bathroom to mull it all over privately.
‘Did you know you make me laugh almost every day? Well you do.’ He laughed softly and lovingly ran his fingers over the page, as if it were a physical extension of herself.
‘You also do a great job of making my heart beat faster every time I see you. Maybe sometime I’ll have that same effect on you.’ His breath caught in his throat, “Oh, sweetheart, you already do.” He mumbled.
‘I hope you have a good one ⭐️‘ He finished softly, sighing contently. Eddie cut his class; using the time to figure out how and when exactly he’d confess his love, and maybe smoke a joint, but he did know for one thing for certain; he wanted at least one more note.
Y/n did her best to forget about the incident with Jason, convincing herself that Chrissy intervened early enough before any real damage could be done.
She sat in the library for study hall with a few others in her class. Each person had a table to themselves, others—like Gareth, perused the aisles looking for something interesting to read.
After she finished her chemistry paper, she set about writing a new note. She took her sticker sheet out from her notebook pocket and found a clean page.
She began writing and unbeknownst to her, Gareth could see her sticker sheet through the gap in the books from the other side of the shelf. He gasped, recognizing the stars and hearts that graced the notes Eddie received for the last week or so. He knew of his friends crush on the girl, and knew how ecstatic Eddie would be if she ended up being his admirer, which lead him to try to get a look at her paper.
He tried his best to see what she wrote or at least what her handwriting looked like, though he couldn’t because she ended up leaning her head over on her hand, blocking his view entirely.
The boy sighed and ran a hand through his fluffy hair, deciding he needed to come up with a better strategy.
Was this idea better? No.
Was it effective? Yes, absolutely.
Was it also creepy? Completely.
Gareth decided to follow Y/n the best he could after she left study hall, hoping she’d choose to drop the note in Eddie’s locker soon so he could stop feeling so weird.
His prayers were answered when he saw her walk past her locker, which made him hang back around the corner for a second before she could look back at him. He peeked his head around and saw her reaching up to slide it in through the slot. He approached her hastily, wanting to catch her as discreetly as possible.
“What are you doing?” Gareth asked from behind her. Y/n jerked her hand away from the locker before she could deposit the paper and turned to face him. “Nothing, what are you doing?”
Gareth rolled his eyes and nodded at her hidden hands. “What’s that?” He asked.
“Oh, I just wanted to…buy drugs.”
“Why’s that so hard to believe?”
“Because people who buy drugs don’t tell people they’re buying drugs.” Gareth shook his head in amusement.
"You're the one sending the love notes, I already figured it out, you can stop trying to lie, really, it's sad." Gareth said with amused pity.
“Okay, you can’t say anything to him, not yet at least. I wanna send more before he figures out it’s me. I’m not sure how he’ll react.” She said.
“What? They’re the best part of his day, he’d be thrilled to find out who you are.”
“He barely even knows I exist, and I don’t even know what my end goal is with all of this, okay? I just—not right now, please.” She grabbed Gareth’s arm before he could walk away.
Gareth looked back at the girl, taking a deep breath and surveyed her eyes that pleaded for his cooperation. “Do you really like him?” He clarified, Y/n looked at her shoes and nodded reluctantly, “I really really do.”
“Alright, your secret’s safe with me,” Gareth whispered earnestly.
“Really?” She asked.
“But you’re gonna have to tell him someday. You can’t live in secrecy forever, it isn’t fair to either one of you.” Gareth said, shrugging his shoulders. He nodded at the locker, “You better put it in before the bell rings, I’ll keep watch.”
Y/n turned with a nod in agreement, ridding herself of the note quickly as if she were sending it in the mail. “Thank you, Gareth.” She said.
He smiled at her and shrugged his shoulders, “Thanks for making him feel special and shit. He won’t admit it but I know he’s kept them all.” He flashed another smile and left for good this time, leaving Y/n with a renewed sense of hope.
‘Maybe my chances with Eddie Munson aren’t so slim after all.’
Eddie huffed as he picked up the lock that hung from his the latch of his locker. He dialed the combination, ignoring some shoves on his back from passing assholes like Jason Carver. Eddie swung the door open, the note he’d been expecting this morning falling down. His heart leapt from his chest when he heard the familiar thump on the ground.
‘She wrote me a new note even after this morning.’ He beamed as he reached down quickly to snatch it from the floor.
‘🦋I love seeing how happy you get when you’re with your friends, your smile is my favorite💗’
He smiled at the compliment, bringing his fingers to his mouth to trace his lips. He read the note three more times. ‘your smile is my favorite’ lingered in his mind.
He sighed, pressing a kiss to the paper and shoving it into his back pocket to open his own notebook, and decided he would drop her a note himself, excited to play her at her own game.
The next day, during her third hour study hall, Y/n worked on her love notes in the library. She had her sticker sheet out and her colorful pens scattered across the table, hoping to make them all look like they weren’t written in one sitting.
‘Me again! I hope these don’t get annoying. Anyway, you know the drill. I think you’re the cutest boy in Hawkins ❤️ Have a good day!‘
‘I had a dream about you the other night, and if I’m being honest, I didn’t want to wake up. Maybe I could show you how it went sometime 💗’
She shook her head at herself for that one. She worried he’d think she’s some sort of deviant, but she was hoping it would excite him.
‘Have you figured me out yet? Or am I just that good?’
‘Thinking of you way more than I should be. ❤️‘
‘I hope you see something beautiful today🤍⭐️‘
She shoved the rest of the notes in her back pack pocket, using the last 15 minutes in the library to sneak out and deliver a note before the class change.
Little did Y/n know, Eddie had the same idea.
He held his slip of paper tight in his hand as he walked down the hallway a few minutes before the bell rang. He’d never spent this much time perfecting something he wrote, except maybe a song.
Before he could arrive at her locker, Eddie saw Y/n walking from the opposite direction, looking at her feet the whole trip. Eddie ducked into the bathroom, the zippers and contents of his bag jingling with every stride.
Y/n didn’t hesitate when dropping the new note into his locker. She loved the familiar warmth spreading through her chest at the prospect of making him smile.
The bell rang and she walked further down the hall, intending to look like she just showed up when she would eventually come around the other way while he needed to change his books.
Eddie walked out of the bathroom, noticing her absence and went ahead and opened his locker, his heart leapt at the sound of the note falling down for him. He didn’t even bother controlling his wide grin as he unfolded it hastily and read.
‘I hope you see something beautiful today🤍⭐️‘
Eddie’s heart melted yet further solidified his need to make her feel the same way she’s made him feel. As the hall emptied of students, he took his opportunity to open up the note he’d written for her to add something in at the bottom:
‘I hope you know you have been the most beautiful part of my day for a while now, the notes just made it better.’
He hurriedly folded the note back the way he had it and stuffed it in the slot before she could turn the corner. By the time she had made it back to her locker, Eddie was switching books out of his bag.
He saw Y/n begin to unlock her own from the corner of his eye. When he heard her door swing open, and the familiar sound of a folded note hitting the ground, he looked to her face to gauge her reaction.
Y/n’s heart lurched into her throat and her body felt rigid at the sight of the paper on the floor in front of her. Eddie bit his lip and shut his locker door, turning to confront his feelings.
She looked to him, her heart stopping at his full attention set on her for the first time.
“Go on, open it.” He uttered, anticipation in his eyes. Y/n nodded and cautiously picked up the note, turning it over in her hands to view her name with a heart drawn beside it. The sight made the corners of her mouth turn up, though she suppressed it out of habit.
Eddie took a hesitant step closer to her, unable to contain himself. She took a grounding breath and unfolded it.
‘There’s nothing I’ve wanted more than for you to notice me, let alone make a grand gesture of your affection like you have. No one has ever made me feel so special before. I’ve wanted to know you since I saw you on your first day wearing a Sabbath shirt and flowery skirt. Every day since then I’ve liked seeing what you wear and how you do your hair, especially with braids.’
Y/n tried to pace her breathing, the whole situation feeling too good to be true.
‘I’ve thought you were the cutest girl in Hawkins ever since’ Her heart dropped at the callback to one of her previous notes.
‘I hope you know you have been the most beautiful part of my day for a while now, the notes just made it better.’ Y/n couldn’t help her gaping and dumbstruck smile. Her eyes were locked on the paper in front of her, almost forgetting about the boy standing a short distance away.
He wore a smug smile at her wide eyes and heaving chest as he stepped closer in the empty hall, messing with his lips nervously.
“Hey, there.” He smiled, unable to look away from her. “Hi.” She whispered, unabashedly looking into his deep brown eyes. “You, uh, you got my note, huh?” He asked.
Y/n looked to the note in her hands and then back at him, “Mhm, I have.” She mumbled, a smile working its way onto her face.
Eddie nodded, his eyes glimmering for her. “Uh, nice handwriting by the way,” He held up her note in his fingers ,”And the stickers? They really are cute.” He said, pressing it to his heart as he looked her over.
“I-I thought you’d like them. I hoped you would, anyway.” She shrugged and quickly looked back to the ground as she felt her neck heating up. “Y’know you’ve really made me feel like the cutest boy in Hawkins?” He smiled, a light pink dusted his cheeks at the sentiment she’d written him.
The color drained from her face, suddenly embarrassed. “Oh, god,” she let out a nervous giggle as she hid her eyes behind her hands.
“No, no, no, come back!” Eddie teased quietly, reaching out and gently bringing her hands away from her face. “I mean it! Can I, uh, can I give—you know what, c’mere.” He said as he pulled her in for a tight hug, his head resting comfortably against hers. Y/n felt as if her heart could burst taking in his woodsy scent mixed with cigarettes and cologne.
“You’ve gotta know I’m pretty crazy about you, like, you being the sender only felt possible in my dreams—for a while it felt like a prank, but it’s really happening, you’re right here and it’s crazy… Thank you, sweetheart, truly.” He trailed off and kissed her on top of the head after a moment.
“I-I had no idea, I didn’t think you noticed me until last week, Eddie.” She said in a daze, her arms in loose embrace around him as she struggled to stay standing.
“You said my name, holy shit.“ He shook his head, an attempt at focusing on the current topic. “Sorry, sorry, you really thought I didn’t notice you? Seriously?! You’re gorgeous, babe, really, how could anyone go without noticing you?” He held her at arms length, gesturing to her entire being when he spoke of her.
Y/n’s eyes glossed as he gushed over her like it was second nature, and to Eddie it really was. Except now, he was allowed to spill his thoughts to the object of his desires instead of his friends. “Come with me, please?” Eddie pleaded as he shut her locker door and picked up her bag.
Y/n’s cheeks heated up at the prospect of ditching class. “C’mon, you’re always where you’re supposed to be, you won’t miss a lot today, I promise! Scout's honor.” Eddie held his hand up sacredly, knowing damn well his father never signed him up to be a scout of any variety.
“How could I say no to the cutest boy in Hawkins?” She smiled and followed after him to the parking lot. “That’s what I like to hear, sweet thing.” Eddie said lovingly, feeling as though she’d been his forever.
The nicknames and attention brought Y/n’s heartbeat up much higher than she ever thought possible, yet she’d never felt lighter. Eddie lead her to his van, quickly unlocking the back doors and guiding her inside. “Here you are, m’lady.” He said with an accent and a helping hand awaiting her.
Y/n shook her head as she stepped inside, Eddie quickly following after. “Make yourself at home.” he encouraged, getting comfy stretched out on his side. Y/n sat next to his upper half and held her focus on hands in her lap with her back against the wall.
There was silence, though Y/n couldn’t tell if it was uncomfortable or not. Before she could find anything to say, Eddie spoke first.
“I hope you know I meant it. When I said your notes have been the best part of my day since the first one, but, uh, seeing you in between classes… I‘ve looked forward to those moments every day for a long time… I can fit all of my books in my bag if I want to, you know? I just grab one or two at a time to up my chances of seeing you. Is that weird?” He asked as if he hadn’t already lured her into his van. Y/n shook her head vehemently, her eyes wide with need.
Eddie softened at her understanding and gently took her hand in his, “I just can’t believe you saw me.” He whispered, playing with her fingers as he spoke so vulnerably to the girl he’d spoken to for only the first time.
Y/n’s heart pounded in her ears as her internal monologue screamed at her to be daring, that she has the green light, that the boy she’s so down bad for has had feelings for her, so she should shoot her shot and make her move!
To test the waters she pressed his hand to her cheek, the warmth and plush of his palm was inviting and the perfect cradle for her face. He drew loving circles with his thumb on her cheekbone, hoping his next move wasn’t too forward.
Eddie leaned in slowly, giving her the opportunity to back away or say something, but instead she leaned into him, placing her other hand at the nape of his neck to pull him close.
The pair let out moans of relief as their lips crashed together. They moved against each other hungrily, not bothering to hold back any longer. Eddie found his way up to his knees, using both of his hands to hold her jaw.
When they’d pull away it was a mixture of moans, gasps, and short exchanges.
“You’re so soft,”
“I love your hands, want them everywhere,”
“Is this okay?”
Eddie had pulled Y/n over his lap and looked up at her before resuming. She caught her breath and pushed a couple loose strands away from his face before smiling down at him and nodding. “Things feel so easy with you, can’t believe I didn’t talk to you sooner.” She shook her head in disbelief before brushing her nose against his, which gave him butterflies.
“Can I take you out? I wanna do this right, I wanna take you everywhere, anywhere! Anywhere you wanna go, whatever you wanna do, I’ll make it happen. What do you say, sweetheart?” Eddie whispered, looking back down at her lips hungrily.
“Oh, I’ll go out with you, that’s not even up for discussion, Munson,” She teased, her smile tugging on his heart strings. “But as for location…” She leaned up, seemingly in thought while Eddie anxiously awaited her answer.
“You could take me to the nearest gas station and buy a bag of chips and a can of coke to split and I’d call it the best first date I’ve ever been on because you’re so special, Eddie.” She said softly. Eddie chuckled in disbelief.
“No, really. Out of all the guys in Hawkins I knew I’d feel the safest with you, yet, every time I thought about talking to you I felt like I was going to throw up. But now that I have it’s, like, the easiest thing ever.” Eddie felt a swell of emotions over take him. He couldn’t believe he was here in the arms of the girl he so deeply admired, listening to her call him special and safe.
Before he had the chance to say anything to try to match how wonderful she made him feel, she leaned down and engulfed his lips in a slow and passionate kiss. Her hands slid back into his hair, barely tugging at the roots of his unruly curls.
She could feel him smile into the kiss, his hands sliding from her back down to her thighs, stealing a quiet gasp from her when he paused to softly squeeze her ass on his way.
He stroked her thighs up and down, the denim separating him from the soft flesh he desperately wished to touch and squeeze. He adored the sounds their lips made together, and he craved to hear the other pretty sounds she made.
Eddie pulled away only enough to graze his lips down her jaw and neck, stopping where her neck meets her shoulder. He nipped at the skin softly, not hard enough to leave a mark but enough to send a burst of surprise to her tummy. “Oh…” she quietly reveled in the tingling sensation he sent through her with his teeth and tongue.
“Eddie… shit… w-we gotta stop.” She said dejectedly. Eddie ripped his lips from her with a wet smack, his eyes wide in panic. Had he done something wrong? Did she change her mind?
“Oh, no, honey, I don’t wanna stop, believe me,” She said when she noticed his worry. “But I can’t let myself go any further until we go get that bag of chips. We could continue this after, though, if—you know, the gas station run goes well.” She fiddled with his collar as she spoke, her last addition making him throw his head back and laugh, taking her hand in his and pressing a kiss to the back before looking back up at her lovingly.
“I’ll do anything for you, angel. But I won’t split a bag of chips with you, not on the first date at least, that’s something we’ll save for when we’re out of the honeymoon phase and broke. Today, my girl will be dining on the finest pizza in all of Hawkins, Indiana!” Eddie proclaimed as if he wasn’t referring to dominos.
But to Y/n it was the best pizzeria, and no other pepperoni pizza would be able to top the one he bought for her on that chilly spring day, huddled close under a blanket with the back doors open to face the lovely misty views of the quarry and wildflower fields.
Eddie couldn’t help but admire her as they ate in comfortable silence, the radio buzzing in the background as they chewed. A bit of sauce sat at the edge of his mouth, to which she reached out and wiped with her finger.
He turned his head to her instantly as she took her hand away and licked it from her thumb. “Sorry, I should’ve—,” she began to apologize, but before she could, he silenced her with a tender kiss to her lips. “Never apologize for touching me, ever.” He pulled back to whisper with a chuff smile on his lips.
Y/n nodded, the embarrassment melting from her body as he pressed kisses to her cheeks, forehead, nose, anywhere besides her lips. Giggles spilled from her mouth and Eddie discovered quickly it was his new favorite sound. While she was off guard, he pulled her into his lap.
“Y’know, being with a guy like me isn’t easy.” He said ominously, yet both joking and serious. “Oh is that so?” Y/n quipped as she settled between his legs, against his chest and picked up his hand to hold.
Eddie nodded, a permanent soft smile plastered to his face no matter how many times he tried to relax from his cheeks hurting. “Oh yeah, aside from the shit people will talk, I’m a needy guy, baby.” He shrugged his shoulders and looked back down at her adoring gaze waiting for him with her head tilted back against his shoulder.
“Try me, Munson.” She giggled as he kissed her head and picked up her slice to hand back to her.
“Let’s see… I like holding hands. And thighs, god, I love ‘em,” he paused to reach down and squeeze the underside of her leg and bury his face in the crook of her neck.
“Eddie!” She yelled through uncontrollable giggles. He took mercy on her and continued his list, counting off on his fingers. “I’m talking belly rubs, back rubs, head pats and scratches, and please feel free to play with my hair at your own discretion, you don’t ever have to ask. I like kisses, any and all are acceptable, really, please don’t be shy, sweet girl. I love— shit, I just love touch, but no one else needs to know that, capice?” Eddie emphasized his words by pressing his nose into the side of her cheek and leaving a chaste kiss there. Y/n nodded, “Your secrets safe with me, I swear!”
“And I’m just gonna go ahead and say now that if I’m...too much…you can tell me, I won’t get upset, I just know that not everyone wants that all the time, and I would never wanna—“
She tossed the pizza to the box with a flop, turning around to face him, sincerity written in her eyes. Eddies face lit up at the sight and was still taken off guard as she pushed her lips against his. She sat as she did earlier, straddling his waist. Eddie melted at her touch when she buried her fingers in his roots on one side and traced his chin and jaw with her other.
She pulled away to to look at him, though still kept him close with her embrace. “Thank you for saying that...I’m usually one of those people, and can’t take a lot of touch, but, I don’t know… you just..make me feel so comfortable.. I can’t, I've never wanted to touch someone so bad,” she averted her eyes sheepishly but Eddie only leaned into her touch to encourage her to continue. “But if I ever need space I promise to let you know as kindly as possible. My personal space issues aren’t your problem. You aren’t too much, Eddie. Ever.” She nodded and he returned it in confirmation.
“Tell me more about these standards,” she leaned back and grabbed him a drink, “Do you like being the big spoon or the little spoon?” She asked as she opened the cold can of coke and handed it to him.
Eddie blushed at the small action and took a sip, “I like both, I don’t discriminate! I love to hold and be held, you know?” He set the can down and circled his arms around her until they were flush against one another. Y/n only smiled and wrapped her arms around him in response.
Eddie took this opportunity to tilt his head down to be greeted with a face full of her cleavage, his nose and lips grazing the soft skin and breathing in her scent. He resisted the urge to shove his face in between them and revel, until Y/n set an encouraging hand against the back of his head easing him exactly where he wanted to be.
Eddie let out a sigh of relief only squeezing her tighter in his arms as slowly shook his head side to side and left a couple soft kisses across her chest, keeping the hot and heavy stuff for another time.
Right now he knew he had limited time. Eddie looked back up at her warm smile, flushed cheeks, and wide eyes.
“I wanna make you happy.” He whispered seriously, the smile finally fading from his face at the thought of his perfect day ending. Y/n scrunched her brow at the sudden shift in demeanor.
“Eddie...” She started, playing with his hair to soothe him. “You’ve brought me… joy ever since I saw you walking on the lunch table to yell at Andy Bauman in the cafeteria my first day of school. And then every day since just by being you. I’m not hard to please, I don’t need things from you, but I do need your respect, attention, and honesty, do you think I can have that?” She whispered tentatively.
Eddies heart melted further at her openness and nodded eagerly. “I want to do this right. I don’t want games. I want something real. With you.” She whispered, leaning her forehead against his to soak in the moment. Eddie slid his hand up to the back of her neck to tangle his fingers in her hair, using his other hand to move the rest away from her face on the other side.
He looked over every detail he possibly could, wanting to remember exactly how her skin felt, how the air smelled, the lovesick way she looked at him; the same way he looked at her.
“I can absolutely give you those things. And more. I can give you my trust, my admiration, my devotion, my...” His eyes searched for an answer in the air before a troublemaking smile crossed his lips, “body?” He smirked as she laughed at his answer.
“Those are all perfect, and you can expect the same from me, okay?” She asked sweetly. “Ooh, the same?” He joked, raising his eyebrows teasingly.
Y/n giggled and rolled her eyes even though her answer was “the same.” With a nod of finality.
Eddie took no hesitation and pressed the first of a million kisses to come to her lips.
Eddie and Y/n stayed out til the moon was high and full in the sky, the two feeling inseparable. When he eventually took her home, they lingered in the van parked by the curb.
“When I say this, I want you to know I really mean it,” Eddie said quietly with her hands in his. He focused on her bare nails as he ran his thumb over her knuckles. Y/n urged him to continue with a small nod, her eyes intently locked on his.
“Today was the best day of my life.” He smiled sheepishly.
“Mine too, Eddie.” She said. He smiled, letting go of one of her hands to reach for her cheek, bringing her in for what was supposed to be one more quick kiss.
One turned into two and then three more, smiles unmoving from their faces. “Walk with me?” She asked, her eyes flickering to the porch light. Eddie smiled and nodded, hurriedly getting out of his side to rush around the car in time to help her out, which made her chuckle.
“Y’know, you remind me of a puppy.” Y/n said as he swung their hands between them. Eddie sported an incredulous smile at the comparison. “A puppy, huh? How so?” He asked.
“Hmm,” she examined his face in thought, coming to a stop at her stoop. “I look at you and feel similar to how I feel when I see a cute puppy, you know? You’re playful, and sweet, you bite to show affection… You even said it yourself, you like belly rubs! Head pats? And those eyes?? C’mon, you’re the human embodiment of a puppy!” Y/n increasingly gets more excited as she comes up with more reasons to back up her claim.
“If this is your way of asking me to be your puppy, I’m so down.” he joked, giving her hand a squeeze.
Y/n couldn't help but smile before she checked her watch, 2 minutes to curfew. “I gotta get in there, but I’ll see you at school, yeah?” She said quietly. Eddie continued to beam at her as he nodded, bringing her in for one last tender kiss.
She stepped back to open the front door, turning to say, “Goodnight, puppy.” before she closed the door, leaving an awestruck Eddie stuck on her porch.
Y/n and Eddie tried to get to school as quickly as possible, but also took their time in getting ready to see one another.
Y/n added a couple of braids in her hair, letting the rest go in loose curls. She spent more time on her makeup than usual, used her favorite perfume, and wore a similar outfit to the one Eddie described in his note, though this skirt was shorter and tighter.
Eddie stayed in front of the mirror longer than he should’ve, trying to make his hair look effortlessly tousled without too much frizz, which he accomplished but not without losing an extra ten minutes he could’ve already used to be at school.
Eddie arrived first, a triumphant smile on his face when he fished out his note book from his bag and ripped out a new page. He grabbed his one blue ink pen and ripped the cap off with his teeth.
Eddie pressed the page against his locker, trying his best to make the writing legible.
He folded the note with haste, taking care to write her name and add both a heart and butterfly doodles around it before shoving it in her locker.
Eddie spun around and side stepped to his locker to do his usual routine of waiting around until she showed up.
In no time, there she was, a vision in a mini skirt and doc martens. His heart started pounding when he saw her grin appear as she made eye contact with him.
Eddies eyes grew wide in excitement, holding his arms outstretched for her to run into them. Y/n noticed his waiting embrace and sped up to an eager jog. When she met him, she reached up on her tip toes to throw her arms around his neck and pull him close as he did her.
“Good morning, gorgeous.” He mumbled into her hair, breathing in the sweet and alluring scent of her perfume that she sometimes wore. Eddie had smelled this on her before but only from a distance, today he got to bury his face into it and revel.
Y/n laughed as he nuzzled his nose into that spot he loved on her neck. She reached up to stroke the back of his head with her fingernails. “See? Total puppy.”
Eddie blushed and pulled back, taking one of her hands in his so he could get a good look at her outfit of the day. He let out an impressed whistle as he raised their hands for her to twirl under. “You look absolutely divine this morning. Really, sweetheart, are you trying to kill me?” He placed a hand over his heart as she looked to her shoes with a blush.
Eddie loved the effect he had on her, making her blush was always a win in his book. He wanted to flatter her until she was a cherry tomato. Y/n took off her back pack, moving to set it on the ground in front of her when Eddie picked it up to hold for her as she exchanged books. “Well aren’t you sweet?” She said quietly as she tried to remember her combination.
Eddies fingers anxiously drummed on the handle of her bag he held. When the door swung open, she almost missed the sound of the note hitting her foot. Y/n’s eyes snapped to his, observing the guilty and mischievous glint in his eye as he shrugged his shoulders. “Go, on open it.” He said, nodding to the note with a pleased smirk. Y/n tried to keep her breath steady as she unfolded the last note.
‘Can I call you my girlfriend?💙
Yes or No’
Y/n kept a good poker face as she stared at the note, wanting to make Eddie sweat a bit. “Hmm,” She asked, pressing the note to her chest as if it were private, fumbling with the pen cup on the locker door that separates them.
Eddie tried to keep his cool but when she looked so serious in front of him and took seconds longer than she should’ve needed to circle an answer, he started to fidget. Y/n sat back with an amused smile twitching at her lips.
Eddie took a subtle but deep breath, suddenly nervous as if the whole day together hadn’t been of any encouragement. He watched on as she scribbled something on the paper and circled an answer, folding it back up and promptly handing it back to him.
Eddie swallowed hard and unfolded the note as she waited patiently. He looked down at the answer section of the note, chuckling when he saw she wrote ‘Hell’ above ‘Yes’, a bold heart around the two.
Eddie’s eyes darted back up to her, his smile almost maniacal as he dropped her bag and shut her door to press wet kisses to her lips and face as she giggled the whole time and tried to keep up. “Eddie! That tickles!” She squeaked though the laughter Eddie delighted in so much.
“I’m so sorry,” He said before resuming his kisses sporadically, backing her up against the locker. “It’s just,” he placed another kiss on her cheek, pushing her hair away from her face and burying his fingers in it behind her neck to keep her close, her fingers stroked his wrists adoringly.
“when it comes to my girlfriend,” he pressed a kiss to her nose and then rubbed it with his own, back and forth, before continuing, “I can’t help myself, especially when she looks this pretty on a daily basis.” He gazed adoringly into her eyes.
“Wow, she sounds great.” She quipped, which made Eddie roll his eyes. “She is..She’s such a dream. Funny, smart, reads good books, cunning, and irresistible, like when she looks at me the way she is right now...” His voice dropped to an earnest whisper, watching as she looked from his eyes to his lips.
Y/n ran her tongue over her bottom lip before diving in and kissing him softly, smiling when he hummed contently into it, the whole world falling away.
“Holy shit!” A familiar voice halted their affection, the couple turned quickly in their embrace to see who was speaking. Mike Wheeler stood with his mouth hanging open.
Gareth rounded the corner and spotted Mike first, following his gaze to Eddie and Y/n with their arms around each other, the girl leaning into Eddie’s body as if he were a giant teddy bear.
“You did it!” Gareth said to Y/n, a bright smile lighting up his face as he gave her a congratulatory pat on the back. Eddie short circuited for a moment and shook his head between the two of them.
"Wait, you knew? How—" Eddie questioned, too happy in his current position to be actually angry.
"He caught me once, I swore him to secrecy."
"Relax man, she practically threatened to kill me if I told you." Gareth held his hands up in surrender as Mike was joined by Dustin and Lucas.
"Eddie, I didn't know you had a girlfriend!" Dustin said in surprise, Lucas wearing a matching expression.
"Breaking news, Hawkins! My girl's the prettiest in all the land!" Eddie announced, catching the attention of the entire hallway, tossing the note with a flick of his wrist in Dustin's direction, the boy scrambling to catch it.
Eddie turned to his girl and pulled her in close to plant one more kiss on her lips before the bell rang. "Get ready to tell me absolutely everything about yourself later, I'm thinking burgers and the stars, maybe?"
"That sounds fantastic. But only if you're prepared to do the same, I'm gonna need all your deepest darkest secrets." She shot him a foreboding look that had him suppressing a giggle.
Dustin handed the note to Eddie, who shoved it in his wallet with the others where bills would typically go. The sight made Y/n's heart flutter.
"They're all yours, sweetheart." He pressed a kiss to her forehead before walking down the hall with her towards his first class. "I'll see ya, later, girlfriend." He smirked, not quite ready to let go of her hand until she was too far.
"Lookin' forward to it, boyfriend." She rolled her eyes through a blushing smile and walked to class with more pep in her step than ever.
They never stopped writing each other notes, only getting more mushy and lovey as time went on.
When Y/n would eventually make Eddie lunches for work, she'd make sure to write him a special note to find at the bottom 'For the cutest boy in Hawkins' she'd tease, doodling hearts and stars all around the edges.
Eddie saved all of them. He decided he should keep track of how many notes he was behind on and needed to catch up, sending notes every day to his love in different ways.
Notes in her locker, her pockets, hand delivered (sometimes during class) by a member of Hellfire if it wasn't himself, under her pillow, in the seat of the car, sometimes he'd replace her bookmark with a note of his to greet her the next time she decided to read her book before bed.
Later they left notes for each other all over the house, until they decided to save on paper and get a marker board.
It was supposed to be for phone messages, important upcoming events, and to keep track of bills, but Eddie always wrote her a note before he left for work.
'I already cant wait to see you. Enjoy your morning'
'Eddie loves Y/n'
'Make today your bitch xoxo'
Y/n felt discouraged for a little bit because she wanted to figure out a new special way to wish him a good day, too. It wasn't until she walked into the bathroom to brush her teeth that evening that she realized she could write on the mirror for him the night before.
After writing cute sweet things like 'Good morning to the cutest boy in Hawkins' or 'the best boy deserves the best day' for a while, she decided she wanted to shake things up a little.
One evening, before he got home she left him a message on the mirror to see when he went to wash the day off from his job at the garage in town.
"Hey, baby!" He called when he entered the apartment he stayed at most of the time, tossing his keys on the counter and stripping off his jacket from over his blue work jumpsuit, stained with grease and dust.
"Where's my best girl at?" He asked as he scrubbed the majority of the oil from his hands at the sink, checking out the dinner simmering on the stove. He gave it a couple stirs until Y/n could take back over.
Y/n came out of the bathroom from putting a towel and clothes out for him to change into, noticing his messy ponytail and smiling at how cute he always looked doing things when no one was watching.
"Hi, pup." She said quietly approaching him, wrapping her arms around his middle, which he indulged in lightly and then pushed her hands back to her side as he turned around to lean close by her ear, knowing exactly how giggly she gets when he does this. "'m gross, sweetheart," he said sweet as honey, and pressing a kiss on her neck below her ear, "I gotta get out of these clothes before I love all over you, I would hate to leave greasy handprints on the front of that cute little shirt you have on." He mumbled in her ear followed by a wink as he walked to the bathroom.
Y/n blushed and stirred the pasta, then bent down to check the garlic bread in the oven, when she heard his laughter echo in the small apartment.
Eddie had flipped on the light and turned on the shower, when he brought his attention to the mirror as he undressed, noticing a new note waiting for him.
'Nice ass. (:'
He couldn't help but come apart at the seams. He was about to walk back out to the kitchen to ruin her white tshirt, when he then noticed the fresh towel and comfy clothes laid on the toilet for him.
He paused, staring for a moment. He'd never get used to his lunches being packed, not to mention his clothes laid out for him, this was a first. In this moment, every act of service Y/n had done for him in the last two years rushes through his head.
All the times she'd offer to wash his hair after a long day, the countless meals, the nights she insisted on being the big spoon, the times he'd come home to the trailer after hellfire and she'd have the dishes or laundry done, or his bed made with new sheets even if she wasn't spending the night.
Eddie tried to make it clear she didn't have to take care of him, that it wasn't her job or expected of her just because she was his girlfriend. Y/n only met his concern with a soft smile and a shake of the head, "I know Eddie, that's why I want to." she'd say.
But something about the neatly folded pajamas that sat on top of the towel with some fresh socks and briefs sent him over the edge.
He knew in his heart it was time to make things even more permanent.
Eddie took his girl on a drive for their 3 year anniversary in the spring. Y/n did her best to coax the destination out of him during the weeks prior to their weekend, but Eddie kept this secret locked up tight.
Eddie followed the familiar winding path through the back roads of Hawkins, spying the newly bloomed wildflowers in the fields surrounding the quarry.
They backed into their spot by the shore, one they hadn't visited since they'd graduated.
"Aw, puppy, it's been so long!" She said, her breath taken. "I know, that's why I thought it'd be great if we picnic'd here." He smiled at her as he got out of the van to pull the back doors open. Y/n kept her eyes on the scene before her, until Eddie cleared his throat to show her the extravagant pallet he'd prepared for them, much different to the set up they'd enjoyed the first time they came around here.
"Eddie! Baby, it's so pretty!" She gushed and climbed in, his satisfied smile never leaving her. "Yeah? You think so?" He said, hopping up next to her.
"Eddie, you never stop impressing me." She said as she made herself cozy. Eddie blushed and averted his gaze. "You flatter me, babe. You always have." He wrapped his arm around her shoulders to give a kiss to her forehead.
"You're just really special to me, what can I say?" She hummed and kisses the back of his hand that rested in her interlocked fingers.
"Baby, could you grab the picnic basket over there?" Eddie nodded to her side of the van, the basket sat in the corner on top of their picnic blanket.
Y/n nodded eagerly before retrieving the blanket and basket, and handing it to Eddie. He started setting out a couple dishes and forks, then sprinkled a couple handfuls of rose petals around the area.
"Is this sufficient, your grace?" Eddie said in an exaggerated and posh accent. Y/n followed with a sigh, "It'll do, I suppose." She giggled and gave him a kiss.
Eddie reached back in the basket, bringing out the cake he bought that morning, the both of them digging in immediately.
After they'd devoured half the cake, Eddie couldn't wait any longer. "I, um, I made you a present." Eddie laughed nervously, reaching to the bottom of the basket and pulling out a photo album. "Nancy helped me with a lot of it, since she's good with this stuff, but, uh, yeah."
Y/n sat with a mouth full of cake and no words to say. "I've added to it for a while, but I mostly put it all together the last week at lunch. You should take a look." He held it out to her. Y/n quickly swallowed and dusted off her hands before the hefty book was dropped in her lap.
Eddie scooted close next to her so they could look together. Y/n flipped to the first page and was met with their very first picture, captioned with the note he sent asking her to be his girlfriend.
"Ed—" she couldn't finish because of the tears welling up in her eyes, deciding to turn to the next page.
Eddie had displayed their notes along with their pictures and memorabilia from their years together, including lucky pennies, pressed flowers, concert tickets, song lyrics written on a paper napkin. Y/n sat silently as she turned each page looking at the times gone by.
They giggled at a picture of themselves in the front seat of the van, looking stoned as hell with heavy lidded eyes, smiling widely and sticking out their tongues to touch between them. "Have we ever known personal space?" She asked, Eddie only licking her ear in response.
Another they came across was one Steve took of them at Lovers Lake during their first summer together, they both stood by the shore, completely soaked. Eddie stood behind Y/n wrapping his towel around the both of them as they laughed.
Eddie was eager for her to see the photo strip they thought was long lost from New Years. They spent the night at some bar in Indianapolis with their friends, getting absolutely plastered and following the drinks up with a high. Eddie and Y/n found themselves in a photo booth with props and went ham.
At first they didn't use anything, too inebriated to notice their options. In the first picture, they're leaned against each other, smiling with almost closed eyes. In the next frame, they've realized they can dress up, Eddie's arm reaching out from behind Y/n, her eyes wide with excitement.
Eddie wrapped a feathery boa around them as Y/n placed a Happy New Year headband on his head, and then let him set giant glasses on her face.
After they posed with wide smiles and discarded their props, Eddie knew he wanted to use the last one to pull her in for a wet kiss right at midnight.
“Oh my god, I can’t believe you found this!” She said eagerly pointing to the strip and fawning over the nostalgia it provided.
She saw the Polaroid she took of Eddie when he spent the night at her apartment for the first time, a shot of him making a silly face as he chopped vegetables for their dinner.
She saw a few of herself she hadn’t seen before. There were some of her sleeping, getting ready for bed of an evening, or folding laundry and holding up a pair of his underwear to be funny, captioned with some of the stickers she used to always have on hand in school, pieces cut from poetry books, and the notes he wrote about her.
She didn't notice the tears spilling over, or the butterflies tingling in her chest when she turned to the last page that had only one note, one that looked newer compared to the crinkled and yellowed pages of the past. It only said:
'Can I call you my wife? 💙
Yes or No'
Y/n only sniffled and looked to Eddie, who had matching tear tracks running down his cheeks. He shot her a warm smile and pulled the ring box out of his pocket. "What do you say?" He whispered, grasping her left hand in his, the air heavy with anticipation.
"Eddie.." she whispered, looking down at the open box on his knee. It contained a thin silver band, perfect for her finger until he could afford something more grand and ornate, though he knew she'd be thrilled with anything he presented to her.
"Hell yes." Her voice broke as she sniffled and laughed, Eddie's smile doubled in size as he slid the ring onto her finger with quaking hands.
Time stood still as they looked at one another. "You realize what this means?" Eddie asked, taking her face in his hands. She gave him a skeptical look. "You're mine and I'm yours and there's no getting rid of me... unless you wanna pay a bunch of money in court, cause I'll fight that shit hard, honey." He smarted off as more stray tears escaped and she laughed at his antics.
"But really, you've made me the happiest guy ever. You make me feel like the most important person on the planet, from your first note. I never want to stop trying to make you feel the same way— I wanna keep doing life with you, I wanna experience the world with you. You make me want things I've never thought about wanting. I never thought love could be like this, Y/n. You're everything to me; the greatest person inside and out and I can't wait to see what we do." He grinned and kissed her lips before she could say anything else.
And they lived happily ever after
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chaseadrian · a day ago
trapped heat inside a small, tin box
—day 1. somnophilia // [kinktober masterlist] the noises you hear from Eddie are neither nightmare nor sleep talking, & yes, you're going to help him out.
Tumblr media
pairing. eddie munson/f!reader wc. 1.4k tags. 18+ ONLY, consensual somnophilia, unprotected sex, handjobs, grinding, established relationship
Tumblr media
The first whimper is so quiet you almost don’t hear it in the early morning hustle of the trailer park. Eddie’s hair lays wild on the pillow you share, a few strands stuck under your head. 
You rest with your back to him, rustled awake by the heat in the room, wiping sweat from your forehead as you blink sleep out of your eyes. You kick your feet out from under the blanket, but freeze when you hear another hushed sound from his side of the bed. It’s a slurred moan, slipping from his parted lips, a punctuation at the end of breathy snores. For a moment, you consider a nightmare, but his body is still, and when you turn over to check, his features are soft, not strained. 
It isn’t unusual for him to talk in his sleep, to make noises, incoherent babbling about his dreams. You concern yourself with only the nightmares, his slumbering conversations just a fun amusement when you can’t get to your own sleep. 
Slipping your hand over his waist, you nuzzle into the back of his neck and close your eyes, lulled to near sleep by the white noise of gravel crunching under tires. 
You’re kept from it by the steady continuity of his whimpers, a little louder now as he stirs beside you. You glide your hand down his arm, trying to soothe him best you can, ignoring the discomforting heat that swarms your body. Slipping down to his wrist, you feel the light nudging of his hand, palm rubbing softly over his crotch. They’re slight movements, but every few seconds there’s another moan.
You run your pinkie over the fabric of his boxers, along his length, a feather-light touch that doesn’t stir him more than he’s stirring himself. He’s working himself up in his dreams, and the heat in your skin is now just as much a result of Eddie’s unconscious actions as it is the sweltering summer air of the park. 
Pressing light kisses to his bare shoulders, you close your hand over his, pushing his palm harder into the erection. He mumbles beside you, eyebrows twitching up, a delicate expression of pain shifting across his features. When you lean over to kiss his lips, he kisses back a second too late, the timing of his dreaming brain just behind that of the real world. The corner of his lips turn up in a flash of a smile, there and gone before you kiss him again. 
You push his hand down, rubbing over his clothed dick, studying his face. Sleep softens his already gentle features, and you still when his brows furrow a bit too much. He’d have to wake up eventually, but the instinctive way his body reacts to the touch is worth drawing out for as long as you’re able. 
The fly of his boxers grows taut as you guide his hand back and forth over the halfsie he’d built up himself, wrinkles in his forehead appearing and disappearing as his expression shifts, eyelids twitching, looking around whatever dream world he’s living in.
You consider him for a few moments, consider his body under the threadbare blanket, the pallid skin of his bare chest beading with sweat. He’s beautiful like this, unassuming and vulnerable, free from the tension he holds in his body when he’s awake. You want to give him everything the world has to offer, everything you have to offer. 
Right now, that’s naught more than your warm hand and wet lips. You wait for him to settle entirely before pulling him free, moving his hand away with a light squeeze. He squeezes back, a second out of time. 
Wrapping your hand around his erection, you keep a steady pace as you stroke him, his whimpers still slurred and sleepy. His dick hardens underhand just a bit more, his hips bucking an inch toward your touch. 
The fever between your legs is near impossible to ignore, and you press your body against him, throwing a leg over his thigh. There’s a steady rhythm between your hand and your hips, grinding slowly into his back, the loose fabric of your underwear shifting with just enough friction to keep you satisfied for now. 
It’s your impatience that drags him from sleep, kisses on his shoulder turning to kisses on his neck. You don’t notice how his whimpers turn sharp and pronounced until he turns to face you. 
He pops one eye open, the smile lines in his cheeks deep and dark in the unlit room, “Mm, whatcha doin?” He asks, voice lined with gravel. He swipes at the corner of his eyes and yawns, the hand by his waist dragging up your arm, fingertips pinching your elbow.  
You shrug, heat under your cheekbones, embarrassment in your smile. He’d woken you with his tongue between your legs before, and you’d several times woken him with your own, but still your chest pounds with sheepish shame. It feels like getting caught in the act of something craven and desperate, and the wolfish grin on his lips doesn’t help. 
Without a word, Eddie lays on his back and slides a hand around you, pulling you in for a kiss. They’re deep, warm, wet kisses, each one drawing you in until you’re on his lap, the length of his dick firm against the thin fabric of your underwear. His fingers press into the skin of your ass, rocking you back and forth over him, bare chests gliding over each other, salty sweat dripping into your kisses. 
Reaching between your legs to pull aside the strip of fabric that separates you, Eddie’s erection slots right into the slippery warmth of your lips. 
Your clit lights up as it slides over his length, and you press yourself harder into him, dropping from his mouth to the pillow under his head, your face buried in the soft fabric until you find yourself losing breath. He runs his fingers down your spine, holding you to him, his hips bucking up against you. 
The friction builds as you grind, pleasure and frustration driving you closer to him, bodies flush together, skin sticking with sweat. He slips inside you just as your orgasm crests. White hot sparks explode behind your eyes, muscles spasming in succession down your body, hands grabbing tight to the pillow and the tangled strands of Eddie’s hair. You can feel the smile on his lips as he kisses your shoulders, filling you before you can even start to come down from your peak, slow, entire thrusts that feel like swallowing a heavy lead marble, heart dropping into your stomach with every stroke. 
Eddie rests his hand on the back of your head as he bucks into you, puckering noises coming from the suction of sweat between your chests, his easy orgasm staved off by laughter. You add an inch of distance, keeping your body just arched over his, your lips latched to the slope of his shoulder, still laughing until the pressure builds again. 
Your smiles don’t fade entirely, but his grip on you tightens, and he moves his head to press kisses down your arm, nipping at the skin of your bicep. 
Already worked up from the visions in his sleep, and your lips around him, he lets himself get lost inside you, your bodies stuck together once more. He cums as you’re laughing into his neck, kissing at the base of his earlobe, the edge of his jaw, moans marrying laughs as the suction cup sounds continue through his orgasm. 
Eddie tries to catch his breath with several exasperated sighs—interrupted by half laughs, and a quiet ‘Jesus Christ.’ Your bodies are entirely sticky now as his cum seeps out from your legs, and you pull back to see his face. Running your fingers along his hairline, you push the sweaty strands away, matching smiles on your lips. 
“So, what were you dreaming about?” You lean over him, a fist on either side of his head, ducking down to peck at his lips. He tilts his chin up with each kiss, trying to follow you, but you keep out of reach. 
“Michelle Pfeiffer.” He grins, running his hands down your arms. 
You swat at him, but he grabs your wrist and flips you onto your back, now leaning entirely over you, lips just above yours. 
“Nah, c’mon.” He says, pressing a kiss to either cheek, “It’s always you, do you even have to ask?” 
The last blue light of sunrise shines off his eyes, and you let him kiss you. 
You’re both sure the entire world should stop in these moments, though if it did you don’t know that you’d even notice. 
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upsidedownwithsteve · 6 hours ago
Baby, Slow It Down
Tumblr media
Eddie Munson x fem!reader [6.7k] just smut, really. soft, sweet eddie, who finally gets a chance to take you home. a friends with benefits situation.
Eddie Munson was a really good kisser. He was really good at eating you out too. He had nice hands, big, heavy, with guitar string scars that felt rough and lovely on your bare skin. He liked it when you tugged his curls, he liked it even better when you got a little loud. 
He fucking loved it when you told him what to do. 
You weren’t sure how your situation with the boy started, but it had been a few months now.. He went from a pretty face you knew in school, to a friend of Steve’s, introduced to you at a party. Then there was a rolled joint offered to you in the woods behind school, shoulders bumping, eyes interested, laughter exchanged. 
Knowing eyes gazing over the other by the lockers, the offer of a ride home one day when it rained and didn’t stop. It went from there, more looks, heated and heavy, a hand on a knee, fingers that brushed back hair. 
And then you were on his lap, dress gathered in one of Eddie’s hands as he held it out of his way so he could watch the way his cock slid in and out of you. He was noisy, encouraging you to do the same with low, rough moans and teeth that nipped at your jaw, your neck. 
That was it, an addiction that needed to be fed, kisses that you couldn’t really go without for more than a day or two and after the last bell rang, you found his van in the school parking lot. Eddie could never make it further than past the old sports fields, pulling over somewhere private so he could get his hands on you, needy and greedy and all consuming. 
It’s where you found yourself now, parked behind the old building that used to house the soccer teams changing rooms, hidden from view from the school, its students, the main roads. You were comfy in Eddie’s lap, a familiar weight on his thighs, your skirt already rucked up around your hips. 
His lips were that maddening touch of soft, slow, fast, deep, lazy, needy, teeth, tongue, fuck, god. 
It turned heated fast, the same way it always did and it was fine, it was good. It always was. It didn’t matter if Eddie had you in his lap for five hours or five minutes, the boy always made you come. He had a way of making it creep up on you, hard and fast, eyes rolling, white flashes of heat rippling through your body and then there were stars. Stars everywhere. 
The boy kissed constellations onto your lips, dripping gold dust over your skin. 
He had his hands under your skirt, palms squeezing at the flesh of your ass, kneading each cheek in a way that made your skin prickle with heat ‘cause he was spreading you over his thighs and it that made you feel real fucking dirty. 
You were breathless, hands in his curls, pulling him closer, eyes fluttering at the way he sucked another bruise you couldn’t explain onto your neck. 
You felt close enough to fall apart without him even touching you, underwear still on, lace slick and wet already, but Jesus Christ, he hadn’t put his hands on you yet. Not really. You were a livewire, body electric, the air around you both buzzing. 
It wouldn’t last long when you were both like this, pent up from not seeing each other for five days, school and homework and jobs and hellfire meetings keeping you apart. And well, a five minute fuck wasn’t going to do. No, not anymore. 
So you pushed at his chest, firm enough that his head fell back onto the headrest and Eddie’s hair was a mess and his brown eyes were wide. He was staring, chest heaving, palms still squeezing at the curve of your ass, fingers grazing over the lace edges of your underwear.
"Slow down," you tell him, voice a whisper.
You were sure you heard him whine, a pretty noise that got stuck at the back of his throat. You plucked the chain that lay there, shiny against his collar bones, and you twisted it between your fingers. It was sinful the way you used it to pull him a little closer again, nose brushing against the bridge of his own, lips hovering just out of reach. 
He could’ve moved him he wanted to, surged forward and took control, kissed the commands right off your lips. But he didn’t. 
“You can have me all night, if you want."
He whined, whimpered. You heard it that time.
"Be a little soft about it, huh? Nice and slow, for me, please?"
And then Eddie was nodding, eyes turning to burnt caramel, hooded and staring at you. His jaw was slack, lips parted and glossy from your kisses and suddenly his hands were skimming over your thighs, climbing up to hold at your waist instead. He touched you a little softer, sweeter than before and it made your stomach twist. 
Fingers tucked your hair behind your ear, his heavy gaze taking in every feature, like he’d suddenly been told he could have you forever, like he wanted to commit you to memory in case you changed your mind. 
Then he was kissing you again, slower like you asked, like he’d never kissed you before. Sweet and soft, his mouth a gentle push against your own and you so desperately wanted to lick into him, to tug on his pretty hair and make him grunt into you but that’s not what you asked for. 
So you let Eddie set the pace, sighed into him, wriggled in his lap when he sucked the curve of your bottom lip between his own, and god were you going to regret this?
He tasted sweet, like the blue raspberry jolly rancher you’d seen Lucas hand him in the hallway, a little smoky underneath it, entirely like Eddie. He took his time with you, did as you asked him and the way he slowly curled his tongue around yours made your legs tingle, your heart skip a beat before racing a little faster than before. 
His hand found your face, curving at your jaw, his thumb on your chin and he tap, tap, tapped at it until you let Eddie drag your mouth open a little more, whining when it resulted in him licking into you a little deeper. 
He pulled away quicker than you would’ve liked, smiling all pretty at you when you gazed at him wide eyed. But then Eddie was nodding at the passenger seat, giving your ass a cute little smack. 
“C’mon, sweetheart, seat belt on.”
You let his chain fall from your fingers, unsure you understood. But Eddie was surprisingly strong, wide hands clutching at your waist to lift you back over the console, dropping you a little clumsily onto the seat next to him. 
“Eddie?” your voice was soft, a little worried, like maybe you’d crossed a line you weren’t sure the boy had. 
But he was starting the engine, the van rumbling underneath you and then he was gazing over at you, bottom lip sucked between his teeth and god, he looked sinful, he looked like he wanted to eat you up. You’d let him, without hesitation. 
“You said I could have you all night, yeah?” Eddie prompted, big eyes shining earnestly, his voice so sincere, like he couldn’t quite believe you’d told him such a thing. “Did you mean it?”
You nodded, suddenly shy and then Eddie was smiling, that wide, slow stretch of his lips that made you feel so many things. The van started moving, the boy tsked and nodded to your belt again, which you quickly pulled across your lap. 
“Okay,” he nodded too, final in his decision. “Let’s go back to mine then, sweetheart.”
You hadn’t been to Eddie’s before, not really. You knew which trailer was his, had seen in across from Max’s when you dropped her off with Steve, waved shyly and with warm cheeks when you saw the curly headed boy out of the front window. 
You knew enough to realise his uncle Wayne was out, the older man’s car gone from the grassy makeshift drive. The park was quiet when Eddie parked up, making a noise of protest when you went to open the door for yourself. So you sat still, smiled hidden between pressed lips as you watched him bounce around the front of the van. 
He opened your door with a shy grin, bright eyes and a hand that was ready to clasp your own. Eddie helped you down, wet grass brushing your ankles and it felt like a storm was coming with the way the air was buzzing. 
Maybe it was just you and Eddie. Maybe it was just anticipation. 
He opened the door to the trailer for you too, unusually quiet as his fingertips found the small of your back, guiding you inside the small house that was much cosier than you expected. It smelled a little smoky, like coffee and boyish cologne. 
And then Eddie was rocking on the balls of his feet, fidgeting and pulling at a curl as he watched you take in his home. 
“D’you, uh, want a drink or-?”
You turned, smiling soft like you wanted to show him you weren’t judging anything about the trailer. How could you? It was all Eddie. 
“Do I not get to see your room, Munson?”
Eddie looked like he had all the air punched out of his lungs. The curl he’d pulled to brush against his mouth sprung back, his hands dropping to his sides as his eyes went wide. 
He cleared his throat, nodding, giving a little bow and a wave of his arm, showing you down the narrow hallway. It was sweet, you thought, the way he was acting. Like he hadn’t been balls deep inside you countless times, as if he didn’t know the exact way you liked his fingers on your clit. 
So you grinned at him, walked down the hall with your hands clasped coyly behind your back and you knew he was watching you, he always was. You could feel his eyes on you, a familiar burn that tickled your skin.
Eddie’s room was exactly like him, dark and warm, a little messy, littered with music posters, guitars on the walls, amps piled in the corner. His bed was unmade, pillows squint and sheets rumbled but they looked surprisingly fresh, the smell of laundry detergent, cologne and little smoke taking up space in the air. 
You knew you’d asked for slow, for soft, for the boy to take his time with you. But suddenly you didn’t know what to do now you had Eddie all alone, all to yourself. Maybe for the whole night. The thought made you swallow hard and you were overcome, overwhelmed with how the boy was surrounding you without even touching you. 
You never usually get Eddie for more than half an hour, a full sixty minutes at most, if you decided you could afford to be a little late for work that day. You never got to pull more than his belt off of him, jeans shucked down his thighs just enough for his cock to spring free. Likewise, you were confined to shirts and pulled up skirts, underwear hanging off one ankle or pushed to the side, Eddie’s fingers quick and concise against you. 
So you huffed out a little laugh, nervous, but Eddie was smiling down at you and you liked the way the pulse in his neck jumped when you grabbed his hands and pushed him backwards to his bed. The backs of his knees hit the mattress and he let you nudge him down to sit, playing pretend with you, as if he couldn’t easily overpower you if he wanted. 
He leaned back, weight spread on the palms of his hands as he looked up at you, silver chain and big, brown eyes shining in the low light that came through the crack of his closed curtains. 
“What’re you up to, trouble?”
You shrugged, playing coy, lips twisted into a pretty smile you tried to hide but then your hands were toying with the buttons on your shirt, your cardigan long lost to the floor of Eddie’s van. But the boy was enraptured, gaze trained on the way your fingers were popping each button, trailing downdowndown, until the soft material hung open and your lilac bra was on show. 
It wasn’t anything fancy, soft cotton triangles with ring straps and god, you knew for a fact that your light green underwear certainly didn’t match. But looking at Eddie, you had the realisation that he probably would care, no, not at all. ‘Cause his eyes were wide and his lips were parted, sitting the most still you’d ever seen him. 
There wasn’t any music, just the quiet sounds of the town outside, the hum of a generator, the chirp of some birds nearby in a tear, the wind rushing softly over the metal roof. Eddie’s soft breathing, a little choked noise he caught in the back of his throat when you let your shirt slip off your shoulders, let it pool at your feet. 
You toed off your shoes, eyes on Eddie’s the whole time and you wondered if this is what he imagined, what he thought about because all of sudden you were only in your skirt and bra and it was the most bare skin he’d seen on you. 
Was your tummy too soft? Were your boobs too small? Did he see the scar on your bicep from when you fell over when you were five? 
“Christ, you’re perfect,” he breathed out, eyes trailing over every inch of you. “So fuckin’ pretty.”
You flushed, cheeks and chest warm under his gaze but you didn’t stop, didn’t want to. Your fingers hooked into the band of your skirt, teased along the edges of it and you grinned when Eddie swore again, under his breath, hands fisting the comforter in a way that made your own breath hitch. 
“Yeah?” you asked, blinking prettily, looking at the boy from under your lashes, fingers still slipped underneath the waist of your skirt. “Y’think so?”
You were playing up, you knew that, Eddie knew that. Neither of you cared though, because Eddie was grinning, nodding as he let out a low whistle. 
“Prettiest little thing I’ve ever seen.”
You lit up at his words, cheeks rosy, lip tucked between your teeth to hide your grin but Eddie was still smiling enough for both of you. You rewarded him by putting on a little show, body turned to the side so you could pop your ass out a little, arch your back real nice and slide your skirt down your hips all slow. 
You didn’t let go of the material until you smoothed it down your thighs, letting it fall to the floor once it reached your knees and you were bent over for him. Nice and slow, you eased back up, almost scared to look at the boy who’d been hidden behind the mess of your hair as you eased your skirt off. But when you stood back up, pushed your hair back and pressed your thumb nervously to your lips, you saw how the boy looked a little wild. 
A little wrecked. 
“Fuck, sweetheart,” Eddie breathed, sitting up to catch your hands in his, coaxing you to stand between his knees. He licked his lips, smoothed his palms over the dip in your waist and drew a line up your stomach with the tip of his nose. “Look at you.”
He certainly was, taking his time to gaze over every part of you, hands following suit, fingers trailing across the soft curve of your stomach, snapping the lace edge of your underwear against your hip. He pressed a kiss to your sternum, an open mouthed and lazy drag of his mouth over the swell of your breast. 
“Y’wanna tell me what you want? Hmm?”
Your eyes fluttered closed at the feel of the boy so close, all this new bare skin for him to explore. His hands were so big, wide and warm and rough, scratching lovely at your waist, over the tops of your thighs, his mouth trailing down until his tongue licked at the edge of your underwear, flicking a little dirty at the cute little bow there. 
“Eddie,” you didn’t mean to whine, not already. Your hands clutched at his shoulders, disappointingly still covered by his shirt but you felt a little unsteady, dizzy. “Told you what I wanted.”
You felt rather than saw his smile, pressed to your tummy and you let out a sharp gasp when his hands spun you, catching you when you turned, facing the other way so his nose was pressed to the curve of your spine. 
You suddenly felt a lot more naked than before. 
He tutted, close enough to you that you felt his lips move against you, his curls tickling the curve of your ass, his hands keeping you between his knees. 
“Wanna hear it again, sweet thing,” a kiss, on the dimple of your lower back, another on the lace edge of your underwear. You squirmed. “That alright?”
You let out the breath you’d been holding, hands making fists by your sides and uncurling your hands again and again, at a loss with what to do with them because you’d never not been facing Eddie, tucked into his lap, able to watch him gasp and curse for you, fingers tangled in his hair. 
He seemed to notice this, caught your hands in his own and soothed this thumb over your palms. 
“This okay?” he asked you and the boy peered up to see your head tilted back, eyes closed, lips parted, chest heaving. You nodded and he smiled. “Yeah, baby? Lemme hear you?”
“Yeah, Eddie,” you murmured. “S’good.”
He rewarded you with a kiss to your hand, planted where his thumb was and then his mouth was trailing along your arm, lips pressed to the sensitive skin inside the crook of your elbow and he didn’t stop until his teeth were catching on the clasp of your bra. 
He fingered the band, ghosted a touch over the metal hooks and you were gasping, nodding again so he didn’t have to ask permission and the flimsy fabric was soon joining the rest of your clothes on Eddie Munson’s bedroom floor. 
“Pretty girl,” he cooed, “my sweet little thing, huh?” 
Your heart stuttered over the possessive remark, your thighs rubbing together because you were still standing facing away from the boy and he wasn’t touching you where you wanted him to. 
You couldn’t see what he was doing, couldn’t guess his next move and when you groaned and tried to spin back around, Eddie ah ah ah’d and gave your hip a little tap. 
“You’ve not answered my question,” he tried to sound scolding, but he was sweet enough to kiss the spot he’d given you a little smack. “Gonna tell me what you want? Comin’ into my bedroom and givin’ me a little show? Then you can’t even tell me what you want me to do with you?”
He traced a line down your spine, tucked his index finger into the edge of your underwear, rings cold against your skin and he pulled the elastic back until it snapped back against you. You jumped, whimpered, pushed your ass further into his wide hands.
“C’mon now trouble, what did you tell me in the van, huh? You were so bossy then, what happened to that girl? Got you all fucked out already?” Eddie laughed, not meanly, but unkind enough to make your toes curl. “Hardly touched you, sweetheart, Christ.”
You loved and hated the way the boy could run his mouth, in and out of the bedroom. He could have you wet with just his mouth at your ear, spinning tales of exactly what he was going to do with you when he got you alone, sneaking away from your locker before anyone else had a chance to spot you both. Eddie was loud, brash, too confident, dramatic to boot. He was dirty, unashamed, hot with it, teasing. 
You loved it. 
But the boy couldn’t fucking handle it when you gave it back to him. 
Another cooing noise, almost sympathetic, but you knew him better than that. “Yeah, baby?”
“Want you to take care of me,” your voice was sticky soft, sweet like honey, just as easy to get stuck in. “Can you do that? Please?”
You heard his breath hitch, a hard swallow, a wrecked sigh he tried to hide. 
“Want you to take your time with me,” your hands found his, small on top of large, but you were the one taking control. You smoothed them up your hips, along the ridges of your ribs until both rough hands were cupping at your tits and you were lowering yourself into his lap. “Be nice to me, slow and sweet, baby.”
He was already hard against you, the length of him sitting stiff between your ass cheeks and you knew for a fact he’d been that way since the van. He’d admit it to you too, completely unashamedly letting you know the effect you had on him. 
Eddie liked to take your hand in his, cup his hard dick through his jeans and whisper to you, asking you if you knew what you did to him. 
So you stole his move, brought your joined hands to the heat of your lace covered cunt and leant back into his chest, his chin hooking over your shoulder so he could watch. His eyes were dark, almost black, hooded and staring through the line of his lashes. 
You nodded as if you were agreeing with him, coaxing one of his fingers to draw a line up the length of your folds, gathering enough slick under the lace that it stuck to you, showing off every outline of you for Eddie to see. 
“Eddie,” you couldn’t manage more than a whisper, but your lips found his ear under his messy curls easily, your head thrown back onto his shoulder. “Feel that? You’ve got me so wet.”
“Fucking, Christ, sweetheart.” He moaned, loud and wanting, his other hand grabbing a little roughly at your thigh, hooking it over his knee so he could spread you wider for him. “You’re gonna kill me.”
You pouted. “That’s no good to me.”
He huffed out a laugh, fingers kneading into the soft of your thigh as he kept you open for him. You let go of his other hand, happy to lay slack against him, propped up by his solid chest, arms holding you in as he touched and touched and touched. 
“Like this?” He whispered, his finger tracing up and down, up and down through your folds, bumping against your clit on every pass. He was impossibly slow with it, gentle and soft, a maddening tease that had you pushing the tips of your toes into his carpet so you could try and chase the friction of his touch. “Slow like this, sweetheart?”
You nodded, eyes clenched shut, mewling and then his middle and index finger were swiping over your bottom lip, tapping until you opened. 
“Suck,” he told you. “Good girl, hmm?”
If your eyes rolled to the back of your head, he didn’t see from the way he sat behind you. But you did as you were asked - no, told - laving your tongue under his fingers, enjoying the slight weight of them in your mouth, the cool silver of his rings at your lips, whining when he took them away from you, slicker than before. 
But then his hand was down the front of your underwear and his fingers were sliding through you. You keened, squeaked at the sudden touch and tried to clamp your thighs around his wrist but Eddie was shushing you, soft noises in your ear as his other hand held your thigh, spreading you back open for him. 
“Shh, shh, sweetheart,” Eddie quietened you, “y’okay? I’ve got you, can I touch you, baby? Yeah? Gonna squeeze that pretty cunt around my fingers?”
You were nodding frantically, hips thrust out to him in offering, desperate to feel a little more full than you were. 
“Eddie, please.”
He was the same boy as always, running his mouth, talking to you dirty, hands knowing every inch of you. He was just slower with it, softer, like you’d asked. It turned him into something you’d never seen before, this quieter version of himself. Just as cocky, just as eager to please, but Jesus fucking Christ, his touch was making you dizzy and the way he was whispering to you all soft made you want to cry. 
He was bordering on mean with it, a little condescending, hands petting at you to try and get you to settle. 
“Baby, c’mon, sit nice,” he tsked, grinning at the way you were wriggling on his lap. If the grind of your ass against his hard dick was doing anything to him, he did well not to show it. “I know, I know, just a greedy little thing, aren’t you?”
And then his palm was running flat down the front of you, spreading your folds so the heel of his palm could grind against your clit as he slipped two fingers into you. It was all so easy with you wet you were, the slick sounds of your cunt almost as embarrassing as the ones falling from your mouth. 
“I’ve got you,” he murmured low, lips against your ear. Your head was thrown back, laying against his shoulders and at his words, you cried out and pressed your face into his curls. You couldn’t do anything but let him fuck his fingers into you, a slow, wet drag in and out, in and out, in and out. “That’s it, sweet little thing, look at you.”
But then it wasn’t deep enough, it wasn’t fast enough and Eddie was still wearing far too many clothes, and suddenly, you were starting to regret everything you’d asked of the boy. 
Your hands reached up, finding his curls, fingers twisting in the soft strands as your nails scratched against his scalp and you rugged, moaning for more. 
Eddie stopped. Let go of your thigh and slid his hand out from your underwear, dragging wet and warmth up your tummy as he did so. You whined and you heard him laugh, a soft huff into your neck before he kissed your shoulder and patted your hip to make you stand up. 
You climbed from his lap, a little unsteady on your feet because the maddening push and pull of his fingers had made you dizzy, white spots floating in your vision and you turned to him with a pout. 
“Eddie, what the fu-”
But then he was pulling off his shirt, hands gripping the back of his collar to rip it over his head and it joined your clothes on his floor. He popped the button of his jeans but didn’t do much else, groaning slightly at the small relief it brought him as he palmed his hard cock through his boxers. 
“On the bed, baby,” he nodded to the space beside him, a pile of pillows that probably smelled like him and when you let yourself crawl into them, you found out you were right. “Good girl.”
He laughed when your fingers curled into fists, an honest to god visceral reaction to his words. 
Then he was moving over you, kneeling between your spread legs and crowding into you. It was a familiar sight, if not for the fact that you were horizontal this time. Nose to nose with the boy, lips within reach, big, brown eyes staring hotly back at you. 
So you did what you always done, pushed your hands greedily into his hair and arched up to him, tugging a little when he didn’t comply and suddenly it felt like a fucking month had passed since Eddie had kissed you. 
You whined, and you couldn’t deny you sounded like a brat. “Eddie!”
His hands wrapped around your wrists, gently pulling your fingers from his curls. He tutted, tried to look disappointed but he was hiding his smile by biting at his lip and then, fuck, he gathered both of your hands in one of his and pinned them to the pillow above your head. 
“Sweetheart,” he cooed softly, “you said you wanted me to take my time with you.” He leaned down to press a kiss to your cheek, so close to where you wanted him. “Nice and slow, is that not what you said?”
You whimpered, turned your head to chase his lips with your own but he was pulling back just slightly. His hold on you was strong enough that you could pull away, couldn’t get close enough and the realisation made you moan out. 
“C’mon pretty girl, that’s what you asked for, right? For me to take my time?” Another kiss, under the line of your jaw this time, his lips parted and wet and warm. “Can’t do that if you’re gonna yank at my hair, hmm? Like a dirty little thing? Can’t have that.”
A kiss again, anywhere but your lips, his mouth trailing over your throat, a sweet peck pressed to your chin. You wanted to cry, eyes glassy, overwhelmed at all the soft, lovely touches he was giving you, all whilst he had you pinned and pressed down underneath him. 
“Baby,” Eddie tutted, eyes on yours, watching the way wetness brimmed at your lash line, threatening to spill over when you gave him a watery smile. “Baby, too much? Y’alright?”
You could feel the way his hand around your wrist let up, slackening just a little but you were crying out, a babble of noise that had him raising his brows and you were nodding furiously. 
“M’good, Eddie, so good,” you could hardly catch a breath. What the fuck had he done to you? “Want this, want you.”
That seemed to appease him, his hand pushing yours back down into the pillows and he smiled, all lovely just for you, dimple showing. “Yeah? You do? Oh, good girl, what d’you want, huh?”
Another fucking kiss, the cutest little peck, right by the corner of your lips. He knew what you wanted, he was just being a dick about it. 
“A kiss,” you huffed, shivering when his chest dragged across yours, the hang of his chain coke against your tits, a moan bubbling in your throat when he deliberately let it graze and catch against a peaked nipple. 
“That’s all?” Eddie asked you, “better make it a good one for my girl then.”
His girl. 
You didn’t have time to process that before he was on you, free hand curving around your jaw, thumb on your chin to tug at your mouth, licking into you almost immediately. It was like he’d went too long without it too, like not kissing you was the worst thing imaginable because it had been at least half an hour since he had his mouth on yours and well, that just wouldn’t fucking do. 
He kissed you like he missed you, like someone was going to take you away from him, mouth and hands greedy on you, tongue curling around yours. His lips were always soft, so impossibly soft and every stroke of his tongue over yours made you whine, hands flexing in his hold because holy shit, you wanted to grab and scratch and pull at him for making you feel so damn good. 
You were gasping against him when he pulled away, eyes still glassy, lips swollen and rosy and Eddie’s hand was getting greedy, trailing down your sides to hook into your underwear, pulling at them until they slid down your hips. 
His nose nudged yours to grab your attention, unable to help himself when you pressed another, quick, sweet kiss to your still parted lips. 
“You listening’ sweetheart?” 
You nodded, blinking up at him. 
“There’s my girl,” Eddie cooed, “good, ‘cause I need you to keep your hands up here for me, ‘kay?”
You whined, ready to argue back but then Eddie was pulling off lace from around your ankles and kissing his way down your naked body, hands bracketing your hips, curls tickling your stomach. 
You clenched down on nothing. 
He was eye level with your cunt, eyes shining, lips smirking as he pushed at your thighs, spreading you out in front of him, grinning when you wiggled against his palms. 
“Nuhuh,” he told you, “let me see you, yeah?”
He’d never done this before, was never able to, with the logistics of a quickie in the front of his van. Sure, you’d gone down on him before, a much easier task over the console, his dick heavy on the flat of your tongue and Eddie always promised you that next time, he’d return the favour, get you spread out in back but, well. 
Next time would come and you’d be too pent up and he’d be too impatient and before you both knew it you’d be sinking down on his cock in the driver's seat of the van, bouncing up and down whilst Eddie could only watch, fucked out in minutes at the sight of you. 
So this? Eddie blowing warm air over your already hot cunt? This was new. 
“So pretty,” he told you, voice awed. “Can I taste you baby? Would you like that?”
You couldn’t do anything but whimper, moans catching in your throat until they came out like needy little gasps and it took everything you had to follow Eddie’s orders and keep your hands to yourself. You fisted them in his pillow, gripped on tight because his lips were ghosting over your folds, butterfly kisses pressed to the outside of you, the tip of his tongue peeking out between his lips like he couldn’t help himself. 
“Don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this,” he groaned, hips rutting into the bed as he palmed at your ass, tugging you down the bed so he could settle himself closer to you. “Could just eat you up, pretty girl.”
His tongue was swiping through you before you could answer, before you could beg. And despite the way he was grinding himself down into the bed, Eddie took his time with you, licked through your folds real slow with the flat of his tongue, pushing the soft of it over your clit at the end. 
He kept you spread wide, hands on the inside of your thighs, fingers splayed over you, thumbs pulling gently at your folds so he could push you open for him. His nose hit your clit when his tongue dipped inside of you, and fucking hell, Eddie was moaning almost as loud as you were, his lips wet with you, getting himself messy as he sucked and kissed his way across your cunt. 
“Can’t get enough of you,” the boy groaned into your thigh, kissing the soft skin there too, a reminder of how fucking sweet he was. “Christ, sweetheart, look at you, so pretty, all fucked out, huh? Look at those eyes, fucking hell.”
He was babbling, talking sweet in between licks, dirty flicks of his tongue that had your stomach clenching, your chest heaving. You were pushed onto your elbows to watch, a move that Eddie had given you in trouble for because your hands were still twisted in his sheets, kept to yourself. 
Your eyes were glassy, tears pooling at the corners, kissing your lashes that couldn’t stop fluttering at every kiss he gave you clit, every soft suck. You were sure you looked a mess, wrecked, ruined. Hair a riot, cheeks blooming with heat, lips still swollen and slick from his kisses and when Eddie slid one finger, two fingers back inside of you, you fell back with a wail. 
You were close, so close already, the thickness of his digits dragging in and out of your cunt was enough to throw you onto the edge but then the boy smiled against your stomach and dipped his head back down. His lips wrapped around your clit and suckled, soft and gentle, enough to keep you hanging. 
“Can feel you,” Eddie whispered, placing soft, quick kisses around your folds, across your tummy, one on your hip bone, followed by a scrape of his teeth. “Can feel you gettin’ tight around me, sweetheart. S’fucking hot, so fuckin’ hot.”
The boy sounded as wrecked as you felt, his voice shot, lips slick with you as you looked back down the length of your stretched out frame, eyes rolling at the sight of him between your thighs. He was watching you, brown eyes dark and hooded as he held your gaze and licked back over your clit. 
“Oh, fucking hell,” you moaned, “Eddie, Eddie, Eddie-”
“That’s it baby,” he encouraged, wrist twisting, fingers moving in and out of you a little faster. His rings weren’t cold anymore, but you could feel the hard nudge of them against your cunt, the feeling making you clench down. “Christ, that’s it, yeah, you gonna come for me?”
You couldn’t help it, not anymore. 
You grabbed at Eddie’s hair as your back arched, pushing your hips further into him, his fingers reaching places inside of you that had you seeing fucking stars. You tugged at his curls, unable to stop yourself but Eddie groaned at your toughness, letting you pull him into you, his hips rutting against the bed as he hooked his digits up and rubbed, tongue circling around your clit relentlessly at the same time. 
You broke, shattered, fell apart, cried out. Your eyes clenched shut, your body curling in on itself as you clamped your thighs around Eddie’s poor head, his mouth still sucking and kissing over you as you came. 
And then you  were whimpering, patting at the mess of curls you’d created on his head, trying to shimmy away from the overstimulation and Eddie took pity, dragging himself up your bottom, laying kisses on your damp skin as he went. 
He was grinning when he reached your face, kissing your neck to let you catch your breath, looking entirely proud of himself. You shined at the drag of his denim jeans over the inside of your thighs, laughed weakly when Eddie snorted at your shivers. 
Then he was pushing himself up on his elbows to hover over you, a palm smoothing back the hair that was clinging to your forehead. He looked down at you with eyes that were shining, so full of affection and fondness and something that it made your heart ache, made fresh tears spring to the corners of your eyes again and you huffed out a watery sigh. 
“That good, huh?“ Eddie asked smugly, smiling when you nodded, still a little dazed. He thumbed at your mouth, squished at the soft of your cheeks with his fingers and rubbed his nose against yours. “Gimme a kiss, sweetheart.“
You obliged happily, humming a pretty sound against his lips when Eddie kissed you soft and sweet, his mouth a gentle slide over your own. 
“Love your little noises,” he whispered, kissing you between words. “Sound so fucking cute when you’re coming for me.”
Your body burned at his words, another ache creeping across your cunt and despite the way he’d made you fall apart, you wanted nothing more than Eddie to be buried to the hilt inside of you. 
“Eds,” you whispered, hand palming at the front of his jeans, groaning when you felt him straining against the denim, the hardest he’d ever been. “Let me help you.”
But he took your hand in his, kissed your palm before you could feel the sting of rejection and he was crowding you back into his pillows, curls falling in a curtain on either sideed of you, lips back on your neck. 
“Give yourself a second, sweetheart,” he mumbled. “You said it yourself, I’ve got you all night.”
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lilacletter · 2 days ago
could i request dad!eddie and a sweet moment where the reader watches him and their baby being all cute??
very excited to write this, dad!eddie may or may not hold my heart! this was a lot of fun & my heart is happy and wanting to have kids with eddie!
warnings: dad!eddie, fem!reader, reader is her mom, original character named alice (eddie and readers daughter), fluff fluff and more fluff, dad!eddie saving the day and being proud | word count: under 1k
Tumblr media
waking up with a stretch you groaned, back aching from the position you fell asleep in on the couch. you were exhausted both mentally and physically, the days dragging out longer than you would have ever wanted them to.
you’d been dealing with a teething baby all week.
alice cried most of the time from the ache in her small gums. she only got relief when gnawing on a cold toy or when you’d allow her to bite your fingers, dealing with the pain so she wouldn’t have to.
you hated seeing her suffering, the guilt of feeling like a bad parent creeping up on you. you wanted to help her but there was only so much you could do.
eddie hated seeing her in pain as much as you did, wishing he could take it all away. it didn’t help watching you drive yourself crazy over something so far from your control.
he just wanted both his girls to feel better.
it was a saturday afternoon, eddie was home from work and that’s how you ended up here. you’d fallen asleep and he decided to leave you, letting you rest while him and alice tended to the laundry.
you stood up with a yawn, dragging your socked feet along your carpet as you looked for the two of them.
when you heard a fit of baby giggles you froze in your tracks. alice had barely cracked a smile all week long, never mind laughing. you followed the sound to your bedroom, hiding behind the door frame as you peaked in.
eddie had just washed your bed sheets and blankets. they were in a messy pile on the bed, in the middle of the pile was your giggly baby.
you noticed he changed her into the onesie wayne had gotten her, it read ‘i love grandpa’ with a big tacky red heart on it.
she wore a bright toothless grin as eddie picked her up again, his own laugh filling the room.
“you love that don’t you, baby?” he laughs happily, picking her up from the pile, moving to stand at the end of the bed again.
“you ready?” he asks her, gently swaying her in his arms. she only smiles back at him, little hands reaching for his curls.
“one…two…” his voice is filled with dramatics but still keeping the baby voice strong. “three!”
he carefully tosses her into the mess of blankets, watching as she clumsily lifts herself and turns to him, waiting for him to come retrieve her as she laughs her little head off.
gasping he pretend to look for her, covering and uncovering her with the blanket.
“alice?” he calls out, “where did my girl go?” he uncovers her for good, throwing his hands in the air.
“there you are! what are you doing hiding from daddy? you little monster, i was worried sick!” he explains as if she can understand anything. she only laughs harder, reaching out for him.
“look at you all smiley.” he squeezes her tummy with two fingers. “bet you aren’t thinking about those pesky teeth are you, princess?”
your once worried expression fades into a smile. she’s not crying, not fussing, she’s laughing and smiling. back to the happy baby you knew a week prior.
eddie had been trying all week to make her happy, to get her to laugh at him, to make her pain go away for a moment. even going as far as letting her tug on his hair all she wanted. she was a daddy’s girl most times and eddie never failed to make her happy, but her new found pain made it seem like she couldn’t stand either of you and eddie’s heart took a hit.
your heart swelled at the sight of him lifting her again, kissing her chubby cheeks over and over. eddie was a good dad, a great dad and he continued to show that to you both.
“is that a happy baby i hear?“ you say as you make your presence known, both of their heads turning to you.
alice bounced with excitement at the sight of you, throwing herself into eddie’s chest as you approached.
“its a very happy baby.” eddie says proudly, his cheeks burning from how much he’d been smiling.
“she likes it when you throw her in and act excited to see her.” he laughs, handing her to you.
you kiss her head a few times, hugging her close to you.
you look down and ask her, “did daddy make you happy again?” she smiles at you shyly, smooshing her face against your chest.
“how long till she remembers she’s hurting?” he asks you with raised brows, coming to stand in front of you.
“maybe if we keep it up she’ll forget entirely.” you shrug, sounding very unconvincing.
he takes her from your arms, beginning to swing her again.
“i’ll do it all night if it keeps her this happy.”
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indouloureux · 2 days ago
Older neighbor eddie outside working on his car in the hot summer. He likes to watch his shy neighbor walk past him on her way to her college classes in the afternoon. Every once in a while he'll wink at her when he says hi. Sometimes he brings women home and leaves the windows open so the neighbors can hear them. The older women hate him. The middle aged women love him, but what he wants is you and he wants you to hear what you're missing. Then one day your parents (who you still live with) are not home for the weekend. Your parents ask him in passing to just make sure you don't burn the place down. One day he comes over after working on a car all day long and he's still sweaty and little greasy. He asks to come in since he's worried about you being home all alone. One things leads to another and he's got you with your panties barely hanging down your thighs. Your face is smashed in to mattess while your ass is up in the air. All you can hear is slurping, licking and sucking. He's been eating you out from the back for about 30 minutes now and every once in a while he'll spank you to make sure you're still with him. He's keeps calling you his good girl. Once he's done eating you out he pulls your legs down so you're half on the bed and half hanging off. Then he slowly pushes into you and pulls out so slowly before plunging in hard enough you fall forward. Thats when he pulls you up by your hair and a hand gently on your throat. The whole time he's pounding into he keeps calling you his good girl. He let's you cum first because he's a gentleman. Then when he's about to cum he pulls out & flips you on your back to straddles your hips. Then he starts jacking himself off and cums all over your chest and some gets on your neck and chin. Then you get up to clean yourself off only to be grabbed by your wrists and pulled back to bed he tells you he's not done with you yet just because he cummed.
something about... about eddie just dragging his tongue from your clit to your ass and fucking slurping and moaning like a whore as he grips your asscheeks so hard his rings leave an indentation and a cold burn that makes your knees foible and your toes curl and your eyes roll to the back of your head— maybe even when his tongue dips inside your puckered rim....
unwell. i've came.
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luveline · a day ago
rockstar!eddie x rockstar!reader scenario maybe??<3
why have I never done this b4. tysm for ur request! this is all consensual they're just messing around!!! ♡ fem!reader
"You can't go out there tonight like that," Eddie says.
You stare at him.
"You realise you're wearing less clothing than I am, right?" you ask.
"It's not about how much. Just... fuck. Fuck, how am I supposed to go out there and act like you're not the hottest girl on earth?"
You snort at your bandmates overdramatics and pull down the ends of your skirt to cover more of your thigh than before. Not a lot, but some.
Eddie takes a step toward you and his wild curls jolt with the movement. You take a step back, already giggling at his desperate look. "Stay the fuck away from me," you say.
You take another step back and almost trip over a low table covered in mini sandwiches. "I'm serious, Munson," you say, not serious at all.
"You're a fucking sicko. Dressing like that 'n I'm supposed to ignore it? Get over here, now."
"Brrr," you say, pretending to rub your naked upper arms. "Chills, seriously."
He narrows his eyes at you and rounds the table in one quick step, all long legs and arms as he grabs you and presses you down into the couch. You kick the table as you go and a plate of cucumber and carrot sticks goes flying.
"Nice going," you say. You look up into Eddie's eyes unflinchingly. They're darker now, stage make-up lining under his long lashes so that they appear impossibly larger.
Eddie squeezes your waist, too rough by a fraction. Your breath hitches in your throat as he feels up the length of you, ring-heavy fingers curling in the end of your shirt and tugging.
He looks like a kid in a candy store.
"We don't have time for this."
"It's this or we fuck on stage," he says seriously.
You laugh and drop your head against your shoulder, peeking up at him from under your lashes. Demure, you murmur, "Oh, well we can't have that."
He raises his eyebrows. "Maybe-"
You slap his chest lightly and find it quickly crushed between you, his face ducked down to catch yours in a kiss equal parts rough and adoring. He smiles as your teeth click, as you gasp, as you turn your face into his searchingly.
"Ouch," you mumble, faux-annoyed at his roughness.
He mouths messily over your cheek, quick and nipping kisses. "Shut up, you like it," he says at your ear.
You're inclined to agree.
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ceriseheaven · a day ago
whatever this facial expression genre is.. i need more of it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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loveshotzz · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Eddie Munson x Fem! Reader
Summary: Eddie hooks you up with an eighth after showing up to his place strapped for cash. When you catch his eyes wandering you think of a good way to pay him back.
Warnings: Just horny for Eddie to play with some tiddies. Virgin Eddie, slight perv Eddie. Corruption kink if you squint. 18 plus No Minors!
Author’s Note: I dedicate this to my sweet gorgeous wife @myobmaya for helping me create this story with our many late night whoring sessions about Eddie. I love you bb 💖
Tag List: @snapped-chopstick @bimbobaggins69 @sammararaven @dixontardis @hanahkatexo @heyyimmisunderstood @anxietybbie-blog @skyfullofsong123 @briistrash @thicksexxualtension
Eddie’s eyes are trained on your tongue as it slides over the adhesive seal of the rolling paper. The way you were looking up at him through your lashes while you did it felt intentional, feeling it in the way his jeans tightened.
Adjusting himself subtly in his seat on the couch, it didn’t help the fact the you happened to be on your knees in front of him. Leaning over the table slightly not to spill any weed on the floor giving him the perfect view down your tank top. It had been a particularly hot summer day, causing there to be a light sheen of sweat on your skin from your walk over here. He watched a drop slowly slide down from the nape of your neck to the curve of your cleavage and he couldn’t help but lick his lips at the sight.
“Thanks again Eddie, I really owe you one for this.” Your sweet voice breaks his focus, brown eyes meeting yours trying to comprehend the words that just left your mouth.
The knowing smirk tugging at your lips makes his face heat up, scarlet spreading from his neck to his cheeks. He’d been caught.
“Quit being a perv Munson.” You tease, you’d be lying if his wandering eyes didn’t go straight to your ego. Eddie was cute. A flustered Eddie was even cuter.
“Sorry! They’re just kind of out right now.” He tries to reason with you but even he knows that’s not a real excuse. Rubbing his hand down his face he tries to shake the image of what he thinks your tits look like out of his head.
“What exactly is out right now? Care to elaborate?” Cocking your eyebrow you play dumb, twirling the joint in between your fingers as you light it.
Eddie’s eyes widen not expecting you to put him on the spot like this. Leaning forward he starts rubbing the tops of his thighs nervously. He can feel his palms getting sweaty through the holes in his jeans.
“Come on, really? You’re gonna make me say it?”
Taking a hit from the joint you let the smoke fill your lungs, leaning your head back slightly your eyes catch the bulge in his pants he’s trying to hide.
“I don’t know what I’m making you say Eddie.”
Getting up from your place on the floor you walk around the coffee table taking another long drag. Eddie’s eyes are everywhere as he takes your curves in, approaching him like an animal stalking it’s prey. Eddie just happened to be very willing prey.
Standing between his spread out legs you lean forward one hand pressed to the couch cushion beside his head. Your other holds out the joint for him to take. From this angle everything he was doing his best not to look at was right in his face.
Gulping loudly Eddie tries his best to keep his eyes connected to yours but when he looks over to grab the joint he just can’t help himself.
“Are you talking about these Eddie?” Your eyes shoot down to the tops of your breasts and then back up to his eyes, his hyper focused stare never meets your gaze. The joint in his hand collecting ash threatening to fall onto the couch.
When his knee starts bouncing nervously you decide to give him a break, smirking you pull yourself out of space his shoulders visibly slump relieved.
“Jesus Eddie, it’s like you’ve never seen a woman’s tits before.” Snatching the joint from his hand you ash it for him before taking another long drag looking at him with curious eyes.
His face somehow turns an even deeper shade of red and his chocolate orbs still won’t meet yours as they search for anything else in the room. The realization that Eddie “The Freak” Munson might be a virgin baffles you.
The handcuffs in his room, the confident demeanor mixed with being a slight asshole to every one, on top of the fact he could play guitar. Getting laid shouldn’t be a problem for someone like him, at least that’s what you had assumed.
“Look, it’s not like women are exactly lining up at my trailer door sweetheart.” He finally gives when he looks up at you.
A part of you feels bad for taunting him, but an even bigger part was turned on by the aspect of how worked up you must be getting him with all of your teasing. The small crush you harbored mixed with the way his eyes couldn’t stay off your body made you feel bold. Besides he was giving you free weed and smoking you up, it’s the least you could do.
Before you can overthink it to much, sticking the joint back into your mouth you use your hands as leverage on the denim of his shoulders, straddling his lap. The feeling of his painfully hard erection is clear as day under the soft fabric of your biker shorts. Your own arousal starting to collect in your panties, it takes everything in you not to grind your hips against him.
“Holy shit I-“ Eddie’s eyes look like they might pop out of their sockets, hands twitching at his sides unsure if he should touch you or not.
“Well, you scratch my back.” His stare is disbelieving as he watches you pull the half way smoked joint from your lips and place it between his. “I’ll scratch yours.”
Eddie takes a drag as you watch the gears in his head start to turn as you slowly push the straps of your tank top down.
“Hey, you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, it’s just an eighth you buy from me all the time.” It almost makes you laugh how much of a gentleman he’s still trying to be when the erection pressed against your swollen clit seems to get even harder.
“I know I don’t have to Eddie, I want to.” Smirking you start to pull your top down revealing the lace underneath.
“Jesus H Christ.” he gasps joint dangling loose from his mouth.
Sucking your bottom lip between your teeth you can’t help the way your own face heats up at the hunger that’s dancing around his brown eyes devouring the newly exposed skin.
You can feel the heat of his calloused hands tentatively rest on the tops of your thighs. Scared if he really touches you, you’ll change your mind. Taking the joint thats dangerously close from falling out of his mouth, twisting slightly you lean your body back to reach the ashtray, the new angle pushes him in between your folds the sensation making you gasp. His cock twitching in response underneath you.
“Are you trying to fucking kill me?” He groans throwing his head back, eyes closed with his brows knitted tightly together. The sight of him so fucked out already makes you clench at nothing. “If you’re trying to get free weed for life, it’s fucking yours.”
The laugh that bubbles up from your chest sounds almost evil. You were enjoying this way too much. Reaching behind, your fingers start to working the clasps of your bra. Eddie catches the light noise of your actions and his eyes are back on you. His fingers on your thighs start to dig themselves into the soft meat of them, watching you slowly slip the last bit of fabric away from his view.
Eddie has to actively remember how to breathe when you’re fully exposed to him. Somehow you’re even more gorgeous then whatever late night fantasies of you he’d indulge himself in. Your tits were better then the ones in the magazines he jacked himself off to, even better then the ones in the pornos. They were real and right in from of him and god did he hope you’d let him touch them. He could feel the zipper start to press into the sensitive head of his cock, his fingers digging themselves even deeper into your thighs, nails biting into your skin.
“Still with me?” Placing your hands on top of his, you try to get his attention. His fingers flex relaxing slightly at the sound of your voice, and you can tell he has to try and tear his eyes away from your chest. They are unrecognizable when they meet yours, almost like his pupils had taken over any trace of brown. There’s no control when your hips roll against his, the intensity in his stare making you need friction.
“Fuck me.” Eddie’s voice comes out low with a loud breath exhaling through his nose.
Fingers wrapping around his, you tug at his tight grip. Letting go he lets your hands guide his to your chest, disbelief written all over his face.
“Do you want to touch them Eddie?” Your question makes his eyes roll in the back of his head, a low groan leaving his throat.
“Jesus, you think you have to ask sweetheart?”
Leaning forward keeping his wrists in a tight hold away from where he wants them. You get close enough for your lips to brush against the shell of his ear. Lingering you let your breath tickle against him, enjoying the way he shudders against you.
“No, I just wanted to hear you say it.” He can hear the smirk in your voice before your lips wrap tightly around his earlobe sucking gently. At the same time you press his big hands to your chest, nipples perking up instantly against his palm.
“Holy fucking shit, Jesus fucking Christ ” The intensity of it all almost becomes too much for Eddie, worried if you move even slightly he’ll cum.
Eddie takes a minute to gain his composure, now convinced you were a succubus here to take his soul. He would gladly give it to you, that and all the weed in his trailer if that’s what you were after.
With your hands returning to their place on his shoulders. Eddie squeezes the plush softness of your breasts, feeling the full weight of them in his hand. Fingers spread out, gripping and cupping, pushing them together and pulling them apart. He was like a kid playing with a new toy.
Curiously he pinches one of your hard nipples between is finger tips, the sensation making you whimper and grind against him.
“Eddie-shit.” You close your eyes when he does it again, letting yourself continue to find the friction you desperately need against your clit. You can feel Eddie press his hips up helping you feel all of him, his big doe eyes watching you fall apart under his touch. He couldn’t help but feel a surge of confidence grow in his chest, you liked what he was doing.
“Yeah? You like that?” Eddie does it to both nipples at the same time, making you close your eyes taking your bottom lip between your teeth. All you do is nod unable to find your voice.
“You’re so fucking pretty.” He says it in a way like he’s talking to himself.
He pushes them up from the bottom before smashing them back together, your hard nipples almost touching. His face gets close enough that you can feel the heat of his breath on your skin, when you look down his eyes are staring up at you, and you already know what he wants to do.
“You can suck them if you want baby.” The pet name leaves your mouth far too easily. You don’t even know if he catches it, his mouth warm and ready capturing one of your pert nipples as soon as you give permission.
Sucking hard he roughly jiggles the one that’s not occupied by his mouth, completely losing himself in them. When his tongue swirls around your areola you don’t know who’s eyes roll harder in the back of their heads.
“Jesus, Eddie you sure you’ve never done this before?” You gasp when his teeth gently tug.
Humming Eddie just shakes his head refusing to break his mouth away from you. You can feel the delicate skin start to bruise under his busy mouth as he starts working on the other one.
Abandoning all self control you start grinding down on him with no shame, your arousal becoming too much to handle. Closing your eyes, he brings your breasts back together his tongue darting from one nipple to the other. Trails of salvia coating them, Eddie doesn’t think he could ever get enough of this as he starts bucking up meeting your thrusts. He can feel your pussy lips wrapped around his length through his denim and he thinks he might lose his mind.
The sound of his ringed fingers harsh smack to the side of your boob makes your eyes snap open. The sting adding more to the pool of slick in your underwear. Eddie’s looking at you through half lidded eyes, his hormones completely taking over. Maintaining eye contact with him you grind down on his erection painfully slow with all of your weight.
Arching an eyebrow, the confident boy you know comes out at your reaction. Slapping them again with more force and you can’t hold back anymore feeling yourself close to getting off on his hard on. His eyes watch amazed as your stretch marks dance across your skin with each slap.
“I want to fucking live in there.” He groans pushing them together one more time, as his face inches closer. You brace yourself for the onslaught of his tongue again.
When it never comes you look down confusion written all over you features. Before words can even leave your mouth he shoves his face completely between them. Moaning loudly at contact pushing himself even further into the folds of your breasts, his nose brushing against your sternum as he rubs his face all over the softness of your skin. His big fingers grip them tight against his face not worried about the lack of oxygen. Inhaling deeply, the scent of your sweat mixed with your arousal soaking through your shorts is so sweet he knows he’s close to cumming.
The animalistic noises that start coming from buried between your breasts makes your wetness pool so much that each movement of your hips feels like your gliding. Watching Eddie completely lose himself in your body was now your number one kink, silently refusing for this to be your last time watching him fall apart underneath you.
Leaving his shoulder one of your hands tangles themselves into his messy waves, you knew he wasn’t going to hear a word you said to him right now. Yanking back with enough force not to hurt him, his head peels from your chest with a loud pop of his lips. Mouth slightly open his full lips are swollen and pink, a light sheen of his own spit coating them. With lids half closed he looked drunk. Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly get any wetter.
“I wanna kiss you when I cum.” You pant, your hips bringing you closer to the brink. The blissed out look on his face almost enough to send you over the edge right now.
Eddie moans loudly when your lips meet his with force, your tongue slipping into his open mouth. He tasted like weed and your strawberry body lotion making your brain hazy, your want becoming all consuming like his.
When his tongue meets yours it’s your turn to lose control, untangling your fingers from his hair you push him back against the couch scooting yourself up on his lap. His hands find their way back to your chest, fingers greedy for more. The new angle mixed with his rough touches send you straight to your high, your body shuddering against him as it crashes through you. Fingers digging into his battle vest, moaning his name into his mouth.
“fuck, fuck, fuuuuck” Breaking from your mouth Eddie’s shuddering beneath you, his firm grip on your tits becoming hard enough you know they’ll be hand shaped bruises in the morning. In this moment watching him cum completely at your mercy, you could care less. Touching your tits had made the mean and scary freak of Hawkins a whimpering mess underneath you.
When Eddie finally catches his breath, his chocolate eyes look like the ones you had grown so fond of again. His fingers start to relax but they still don’t leave their place.
“So, you literally never have to pay for weed again.” He finally gives, a goofy grin that makes your heart flutter gracing his handsome features.
Throwing your head back your laugh echos through his trailer, the Judas Priest record that had been playing finally cutting off.
“I’m gonna hold you to that Munson.” You tease, looking down at him. Eddie looked like a man at complete ease, the first time you’d ever seen such a relaxed expression on his animated face.
“You can hold me anytime you want Princess, trust me.” His grin never leaving, his hands finally show you mercy landing back on your thighs.
Leaning forward with one hand cupping his cheek, your thumb drags across his plump bottom lip. Even after everything you can still hear his breath hitch under your touch.
“I know I can.” Cockiness drips from your words before claiming his swollen lips one more time.
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daisysliv · 2 days ago
now or never | eddie munson
word count: 4035
pairing: eddie munson x fem!reader
summary: eddie's plans to confess don't exactly go to plan
warnings: swearing, angst, fluff if you squint, mentions of drugs (not specified), smut, p in v, protected sex (wrap it before you tap it mfs)
notes: sorry for being so ia for a while, i just started working, and by the time i get home, im too tired to even write, but i managed to get this done over the last few days. this was my first time writing smut, let me know if you like it! this is one of my personal favorite fics i've ever written, so i hope you like it <3 there is a part two for this in works so let me know if that's something you would like and as always, not edited, so all my mistakes are my own
Tumblr media
Standing outside the burgundy-colored door of his best friend’s home for what felt like hours but was merely a couple of minutes as he gathered the courage to ring the doorbell. He released a puff of air that he had been holding and lifted his finger to ring the bell, only to hesitate and lower it again. He repeats the same action a few more times. He was shaking, not from the cold breeze that nipped at the exposed skins of his hands but with nerves. His heart pounded against his ribs so hard he thought it would burst out of his chest at any given moment.
Truth be told, he had no idea what he was doing here so late or what he was going to say if you answered the door; all he knew was that if he didn’t tell you how he felt now, then any and all courage he felt would be gone. He could already feel it slipping.
He shook his arms out in some lame attempt to get rid of the nerves that coursed through his veins. He had been nervous and overthinking this all day, but it didn’t compare to how he currently felt now that he stood outside your house. Muttering a few words of encouragement to himself, he finally rang the doorbell and turned his back to the door to try and gather his jumbled thoughts before it inevitably opened.
The door opened with a low creak followed by a velvet-like voice that had taken over his every thought, “Eddie?” Spinning back around, a nervous smile tugged on his lips, and—fuck.
You looked beautiful, which wasn’t anything new. You always looked beautiful without even trying. He stood there in awe, his lips parted as his eyes danced over the woman in front of him. You looked like you had just finished getting ready for bed. You wore a Black Sabbath that he recognized as the one he gave you at school when you claimed to be cold while sitting in the cafeteria, paired with black sweats and her face bare of the makeup you had on earlier in the day. “Did we have plans or something?”
Snapping out of his trance, Eddie shook his head, his eyes never straying away from you. You smiled at him and moved out of the way, opening the door wider to give him room so he could enter. “Are you okay? Did something happen?”
“No, everything is good. I just…” He trails off, his back facing her as he surveys the living room for any signs that your parents are there. “Are your parents here, or did they leave already?”
You shook your head as you shut the door, making sure to lock it. “They left a bit ago. Got the house all to myself for the next few days.” You followed him to the living room and moved around picking up the disregarded trash that was piled on the coffee table. “I meant to call when they left and see if you wanted a movie night, but I fell asleep. Why are you asking?”
“Well, I didn’t really want anyone to witness possible failure on my part because I…I have something to tell you,” A warm smile tugs on his lips as he watches you dump the trash in your arms into the nearby trash can. “So…can we sit and talk?”
“Yeah, just let me finish throwing this shit away. Robin and Steve came over after school before my parents left, and I couldn’t be bothered to clean after they left.” You rambled while carefully placing some dishes in the sink, the alcohol into the fridge, and threw away a few more pieces of trash that you found lying around. Eddie paced the living room, rubbing his hands over his jean-clad legs to wipe away from the sweat that gathered on his palms. “Do you want something to drink?”
He shakes his head and darts his tongue out to wet his dry, chapped lips. He could feel his nerves taking over the longer he waited to get this over with. He could feel the courage he took weeks to gather slipping away with every second that ticked by. “Princess, please just… just come here.” Eddie pleaded, his eyes on his best friend, hoping you could see the desperation in his eyes. Fortunately for him, you knew him and could hear the desperation in his tone. You moved towards where he was and took a seat on the couch, folding your legs under your butt and adjusting the hoodie you wore. Eddie followed you in sitting on the couch, his elbows resting on his knees, and he ran a hand over his face.
He hadn’t thought this through all the way, and he didn’t know how to approach it. You were able to sense his nerves, so you reached forward and grabbed one of his hands. “Eddie, what’s going on? Whatever it is, you know you can tell me.”
“Shit, uh… I hope that what I’m about to tell you doesn’t ruin anything because I value our friendship more than anything. And I know I’m not the easiest person to be friends with, but–”
“Eds, spit it out.” You cut off his ramblings, your eyes locked on his, and he could feel his heart speed up in his chest; that same pounding feeling from earlier. He was certain that one day he would go into cardiac arrest around her.
Now or never, Munson. He thought. He opened his mouth to speak, but no sound came out, his throat feeling dry and scratchy. He felt sweat form in the palm of his hands and felt his cheeks heat up. You looked at him with concern carved into your features, your eyes scanning his face, looking for something, but he didn’t know what.
“Are you high or something?” You blurt, pulling your hand out from his.
“No! I’m clean. I just… I’m nervous.” He spoke, his brows knitted together. “Why would you automatically assume I’m high?”
You shake your head, letting out a breath of relief. “I’m sorry, it’s just that you’re all jumpy and won’t get to the point, and I haven’t seen you like this since the day before that… that night.” His heart clenched at the mention of the night he reached rock bottom a year and a half ago. It had been a hard week leading up to it all around, and he finally reached his breaking point where he felt so alone and unwanted that he took everything he could to not feel that way anymore. Eddie could hardly think of that night without being bombarded with the image of his best friend's face when she stumbled into the trailer and found him barely breathing on the couch.
He was awake but unaware of most of his surroundings. He could speak, but it came out slurred and incoherent. His complexion was turning bluish-purple, his lips already blue, and a thin layer of cold sweat coated his body. His pulse was barely there, and his breathing had turned shallow but erratic.
He barely remembered anything once all the drugs kicked in, but he remembered waking up in the hospital a few days later with flashes of that night swirling through his head, but there were only a few things that stood out the most. The sound of your voice cracking while begging for him to stay as sobs racked your body was one of them. The broken and distraught look on your face was another. That one haunted him weeks afterward. It still did sometimes. The doctors told him that wouldn't have made it if you would've arrived just a few minutes later.
After that night, he never wanted to see that look on your face or his Uncle Wayne’s face or hear the way your voices broke ever again. He didn't want to feel himself slipping away slowly and not being able to move or call for help again so he made it his mission to stay away from that shit. You were there for him through every single step he took. You never left his side even when he had his mood swings, and he couldn't have asked for anyone else.
“I know, and I promise you, I'm okay. I just have something important to tell you, and I'm scared that it'll ruin everything.”
“It won't. I promise, so just tell me.” Placing your hand in his once more, you intertwined your fingers, smiling at the warmth that shot through your body. Eddie smiled at the same feeling, not realizing you did the same.
His eyes flickered down to your lips for a moment, the urge to just press his against yours, to know how they felt and tasted, grew stronger with each fleeting second. You, however, didn't notice the not-so-subtle action as you were too focused on the warmth your body felt whenever you made skin-to-skin contact with the man. It was like a warm blanket was being draped over your shoulders after being in the cold longer than you should be. It was like curling up next to the fire with the warm blanket and the comforting smell of cookies floating around the room.
Looking up, you force your eyes away from your locked hands and stare at him, your eyes finding his light brown eyes already staring at you. At that moment, he felt a surge of confidence wash over him, all his nerves disappearing, and he lifted his free hand to cup your jaw, the pad of his thumb tracing over her cheekbone.
He watched your face contort from concern to curiosity the longer he stared. With a nervous smile, Eddie leaned in closer, pressing his forehead on yours, your noses touching and mouths hovering over one another. You were so close that all it would take was one wrong move from either of you, and your lips would touch. His eyes darted back down to your lips, taking note of how yours did the same, the once nervous smile now a smirk.
He looked back up to your eyes, searching for anything that told him that you didn't want this to happen; he didn't find any. “Eddie,” You whispered seconds before he surged forward and pressed his lips to yours in a searing kiss, full of pent-up tension you had been suppressing for years, your eyes immediately fluttering shut. You moaned quietly at the feeling of his lips on yours, your free hand immediately gripping his long hair, tugging at the root while the other disconnected from his hand to wrap around his neck.
He hummed against your mouth, the groan building in the back of his throat making itself known. Your mouth opened with a gasp when he placed his free hand underneath the hoodie you wore, on your waist to pull you closer; the warmth of his touch sent a shock up your spine.
Despite the awkward position you were in, your lips moved against his in perfect sync until the need for air became too much, and, with a lot of hesitation, Eddie slowly pulled away. His eyes opened slowly to look at you while he dragged air back into his lungs. Your eyes fluttered open shortly after his, your chest heaving as you fought for air.
“So beautiful,” He murmured, wearing a dopey grin on his face.
A smile pulls at your lips, and you tighten your grip around his neck, pulling him down to connect your lips once again, now craving the feeling and taste of them more. Eddie responded quickly, removing his hands from where they were on your body to grip underneath your thighs to pull you into his lap, swallowing the noise of surprise you made when he did. He smiled against your lips, his heart still beating rapidly against his ribs.
Your hands tangled themselves into his hair, tugging at the roots and eliciting a groan from the metalhead. He leaned back on the couch, his hands going to your waist to hold you still when he felt you move. You were the first one to pull away this time, your eyes remaining shut while gasping for air for a minute before diving back into his lips. “Hmm,” He hummed against your lips.
You giggled at the vibrations it sent through and down your body. You pull away, keeping your hands tangled in his hair. “Does this mean what I think it does, or do you go around kissing all your friends like that?”
“Only the real pretty ones.” He jokes, and you remove a hand from his hair to smack him in the chest, throwing your head back in a laugh. Eddie took the opportunity to duck forward and attach his mouth to your neck, your laugh quickly turning into a gasp.
“Upstairs.” You said through gasps while he worked on your neck, nipping and sucking gently. You were sure he left marks behind.
He reluctantly pulled away, and you took the chance to disconnect from him, pulling him up off the couch. “Lead the way, princess.” He smirked.
Tumblr media
As soon as your bedroom door closes behind you, his lips are on yours again as he presses you against the door. “Are you sure about this?” He asks breathlessly, his lips already back on your neck.
“Yeah, fuck, please.” 
“Just making sure.” He leans in again, covering your lips with his. You wrap your arms around his neck, pressing yourself against him. He was warm, despite the cold air that filled the room from your cracked window, and you felt like you were dreaming. 
He moves his hand under your—his hoodie, running his hand over your skin, and you can't stop the shivers going up your spine. You're tingling everywhere, all your senses zeroing in on him. His scent, the way his body felt against yours, the way his lips felt. Everything. 
You throw your head back, giving him more access to your neck, and it doesn't take long for Eddie to suck and nibble on your skin. “You're so beautiful, princess.” Eddie leans his forehead against yours, his chest heaving with heavy breaths. 
“Eddie…” Your eyes dart back and forth between his own, your heart pounding against your chest. “Kiss me.” He obliges and plants a quick kiss on your lips, and then he picks you up with one swift movement, making you squeal.
Your back hits the mattress as he lays you down, a giggle tumbling past your lips. The chain he wore swung in your face, and you reached up, hooking a finger through the chain to pull him closer. You meet in another kiss, all tongues and teeth, while you busy your hands with his undoing his belt. Eddie uses one of his hands to support his weight on the bed. “What do you want?” Eddie lays his forehead on yours, his cheeks flushed. 
Instead of answering with words, you wrap your hand around his and run it down your body until the heat of his hand is seeping through your sweats, and you feel the gentle pressure on your center. You feel yourself get even more turned on. Eddie rubs his hand over your sweats ever so slightly, but it’s enough to make your heart pound faster against your ribs.
“I see. You want my hands?” 
“Please,” You nod quickly, bucking your hips into his hand.
Eddie huffs out a laugh with a slight shake of his head. “I have no choice but to oblige.” He quickly gets to work with undoing the strings on your sweats and hooking his fingers into the waistband, and pulls them down, exposing your underwear that you were sure was soaked through at this point. And you couldn’t bring yourself to feel embarrassed about it. He takes off the fuzzy socks that you wore to keep your feet warm before pulling the sweats off your legs completely, kissing his way back up until he’s resting between your legs. His hands are on your hips, yours in his hair as he gets closer to where you need him the most. “You’re so wet for me, princess.” You could hear the smirk in his, but you don’t get the chance to think more over it, let alone say anything in return, because in the next second, Eddie is running his tongue over your covered core. 
You let out a curse when the tip of his tongue finds your clit. “Right there.” Your grip on his hair tightens, and you feel his fingers press into the skin of your thighs. 
“Hmm, I think I’ll have to get closer.” 
“Fuck, please.” You wouldn’t be surprised if you turned into a puddle at his touch. With nimble fingers, Eddie pushes your panties to the side, his breath now hitting your wet folds directly, causing you to let out a high-pitched whine.
“So fucking beautiful. Definitely worth the wait.” And then he spreads you with his thumbs and dives in, circling your clit with his tongue, lapping and sucking on it. You can feel sweat begin to form, your whole body growing hot under his ministrations.
“Fuck, I love the sounds you’re making, princess.” He replaces his tongue with a thumb, and the sudden change in pressure makes you moan loudly, your thighs clenching. “I'll take my time with you next time, but, right now, I gotta have you.” 
You definitely were not complaining. As much as you enjoyed the foreplay, you needed him inside you, reaching the places you couldn’t. Eddie sits back on his legs and pulls off his jacket and shirt. Just as he leans back down to cover your lips with his, he stops, his brows knitting together. “Condom?” 
“Fuck, uh…my bathroom. Top drawer.” You tell him. 
He smiles and lifts himself off the bed. “One second.” He disappears into your bathroom, and you reposition yourself so you’re on your knees, waiting patiently for him to return. You hear him rummaging around through the door for a moment before he reappears, a foil packet in his hand, stopping in his tracks at the mere sight of you sitting nice and pretty for him. His eyes visibly darken. “Fucking hell, sweetheart,” He groans. 
You don’t take your eyes off of him as he walks over with a triumphant grin on his face. Your eyes flicker down, catching the outline of his hard cock visible through his pants, a low whimper passing your lips.
“God, you’re so hot.” He pulls his bottom lips prisoner in between his teeth as positions himself behind you, placing a kiss on your shoulder blade. His lips sent a shiver through you. 
You look over your shoulder, watching as his stomach flexes as he unbuttons his jeans. “You aren’t too bad yourself.” Your mouth waters when he pulls out his cock. His eyes never leave yours as he rips open the condom wrapper with his teeth. 
You watch him roll the condom on, and then he’s got a hand on your hip while the other wraps around the base of his cock. “Are you ready?” 
You could only nod as he ran the tip of his cock through your folds a couple of times, nudging your clit, and causing you to tighten your grip on your blanket. “Please, Eds…” You whimper, your eyes squeezed shut, and then he’s slowly pushing into you, filling you up. 
Both of you are breathing heavily as he pulls out a bit before sliding in deeper, repeating that until he’s sheathed all the way inside you. A loud groan tumbled past his lips. 
“You're so tight, sweetheart; feels so good.” He pulls you up by the hips, so your back is against his chest, and he moves one of his hands to your cunt, his middle finger playing with your clit, making you clench around him. “So fucking good. Better than I could imagine.” His words make you smile. You place one of your hands on top of the hand he has on your hip, and he withdraws himself before thrusting deeper into you. His hips build up a rhythm that drives you insane. You push your hips back, meeting his thrusts as you widen your legs, wanting him even deeper. 
Eddie picks up the pace, the sound of his skin slapping against yours and both of your moas filling the room. “Fuck, the things I wanna do to you.” Eddie grunts; his deep, gravelly voice sends a shock through you. 
“Why don’t you do them then?” You look back at him, a challengingly glint in your eyes. 
Eddie lets out a strained laugh. “Oh, I will. Next time, you won’t be able to walk for days. I’ll have you in all the ways I could only imagine late at night with just my hand.” 
“Tell me about them.” Your words are followed by a moan as he hits a particularly sensitive spot within you.
“I wanna make you cum so many times you can’t remember anything, not even your own name. Wanna have you so cock drunk, you can’t form proper sentences. Gonna have you bent over in front of a mirror and make you watch yourself fall apart on my cock.” You never thought you’d hear Eddie speak like this, and you can’t deny the way it makes you feel. Hearing him say these things while he fucks into you drives you insane. “Wanna see you on top, riding me with your tits bouncing with every movement, fuck.” He grunts, his thrusts speeding up. He moves in and out of you without problems. Each fantasy he’s told you makes you wetter than before, making it easier for him to slide in and out of you.    
The coil in your stomach is wound tight, and it looks like Eddie isn’t gonna last much longer either. “I’m gonna cum, Eds. I’m so close.” You collapsed onto your elbows, your upper body no longer able to stay up.
“I’ve got you, sweetheart.” He wraps his arm around your torso, moving you back up against his chest, and you’re able to hold onto him better. Being back in this position allows him to find the spot that makes you throw your head back with a moan.
“Right there.” Eddie’s whole body is tense, his skin covered with a sheen of sweat as he pounds into you. And then his thumb finds your clit, and you’re done for, an intense orgasm washing over you. Your walls clench around him, and that’s all it took for him to fall over the edge. He grunts into your ear as he thrusts into you a few more times, his cock twitching as he unloads into the condom.
Both your chests are heaving as you slowly recover. You’re now lying flat on your back, your head on your pillow, and you run your hands through your hair, brushing the strands stuck to your face with sweat away, looking up at the ceiling as you try to comprehend what just happened.
You just had sex with your best friend. And now everything might be ruined. God, you felt so stupid. You just ruined everything, and for what? Something that probably meant nothing? 
All these thoughts run through your head whilst Eddie lazily caresses your thighs, letting out a deep breath before he finally removes his hands from you and stands from the bed. You hear him walk into the bathroom, and you take the opportunity to sit up, the fabric of the hoodie you still wore stuck to your skin. Eddie walks back into the room, wet washcloth in his hand, his face still flushed a pretty pink, and you realize he has put his boxers back on. He opens his mouth to say something, but you beat him to it, your voice hoarse, “it’s late…you should go.” 
He stares at you in surprise for a moment before his face falls, and he slowly nods. You lay back down, not having the will to watch as he puts his clothes back on and leaves. You wait until you can hear the roar of his engine before you let the tears fall.
Tumblr media
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msgexymunson · 14 hours ago
Fem!sensitive!reader v soft!dom!eddie
Overview: hyper sensitivity can be awful. But you begun to find out it's a blessing in disguise with Eddie Munson touching you.
AN: This was a drabble which turned into a long one, whoops! No use of Y/N, pure indulgence on my part due to my neuro divergent ass.
Warnings: reader uses she/her pronouns, smutty mc smutt smutt, NSFW (minors I will chase you with a broom) bit angsty, bit fluffy, female oral receiving, lap riding, also I'm english so bear with me and the American-isms!
7k words
Ever since you were a kid you were sensitive. Loud noises got to you. Not necessarily single noises. It was usually the painful overlay of sounds, mixing and mingling, overwhelming you until you couldn't think. Emotions could be problematic. It seemed that everything affected you more than others. Dizzying highs and earth shattering lows. If someone gave you negative feedback it wore down on you for far longer than it should. The pain was palpable, you could almost taste it.
Touch sensitivity affected you the most. It got to you on a daily basis. No one normal really picks up on how much other people touch you. It's constant; an arm brushing against yours in passing, fingers skimming against your own handing over coins or a pen, a hand at the small of your back when inching past you. Every touch from someone you didn't know or didn't like made your skin crawl. Even wearing a slightly itchy jumper could be hell.
It was even worse with someone you liked. An accidental swipe of a hand, a knee resting against yours, it could send lightning bolts up your spine. It was something you've always had to deal with, and managed to control quite well, until you became friends with Eddie Munson.
You befriended the little band of outcasts mostly out of convenience. Safety in numbers. One day a seat was free on their table in the cafeteria and you asked if you could sit there. The teenage boys gawked at you in silence, all except Eddie. He had stood up and flashed a debonair smile at you, bowing and offering you the seat. You took it gratefully, mumbled a thank you, and proceeded to eat your lunch with your head in your book.
Each day it seemed the same seat was free, next to Eddie. Each day you sat, and each day you opened up more and more to the lovable weirdos surrounding you. Little by little you had been indoctrinated into their gang and it pleased you more than you were prepared to admit. It escalated from just lunch, to being a key member of their D&D party, Hellfire, since they were in sore need of a cleric. You were slowly shedding your rough exterior, the walls you placed around yourself for protection. Not completely though, not yet. You never shared how you felt, how things got to you sometimes. How sensitive you were.
That only got more difficult when you realised just how much you liked Eddie. Suddenly that flash of a smile would make you weak at the knees. You'd see him running his hand through his hair, palm coming to rest on the back of his neck, and you could barely breathe. It's like your attraction to him sucked the air out of your lungs. That shoulder length messy hair, the slim but powerful build, that damn smile. It was all too much. The biggest problem of all though? Eddie was a toucher.
You were sure he didn't even realise, but it was continuous. It was like a compunction. It was innocent enough, but it affected you so much. Every time he grabbed you by the arm it made you shiver. If he slung his arm around your shoulder you were practically quivering. Worst of all was the hugs. He would pull you in for a crushing bear hug and it was like your legs turned to jelly.
Last night at the weekly Hellfire meeting it happened again. You were all celebrating your victory after a particularly drawn out battle. You usually held back a bit being the party's only healer but this time you'd had to step up and had managed to land the final blow. The boys had shouted and jumped up, celebrating the victory with vigor. Eddie had beamed at you and reached out, stroking your cheek with his thumb. "Atta girl" he grinned at you. And what did you do? You fucking whimpered. You felt the blood rush to your cheeks and you froze, staring at his deep brown eyes. Eddie stared back, brow furrowed but smiling, like he was trying to figure something out. As soon as the moment happened, it was gone. He moved his hand and you had stared down into your lap, trying to will the blood from your face. It appeared no one else had noticed, too busy making noise to see what had occurred. Eddie had tried to touch your arm again at the end of the session but you had grabbed your bag and high tailed it out of there, much to the confusion of the rest of the party. 
Today you were heading into the cafeteria, nearly dreading it. Why had he stroked your face? What the hell was that about? Was that just Eddie being Eddie? He was always so touchy feely. You tried to shrug it off, took a deep breath and headed to your usual seat.
Eddie beamed at your approach. You flashed a tight lipped smile back and perched on the bench, eyes darting around the rest of the group. Dustin was mid sentence, clearly berating Mike about some video game.
"Seriously, you take the enchanted sword and then move through the forest, defeat the goblins and you're practically at the tower. It's not hard, a five year old could do it!" He gestures emphatically. Mike shakes his head.
You pipe up "Dustin, seriously. Tone."
"What, what did I say?" He shrugs at you.
"Not what you said it's the way you said it." Mike adds.
"I know what tone means moron!"
You ignore the rest of the argument and look over to Eddie. He's not paying the slightest bit of attention to the pair. His eyes are trained solely on you. He doesnt shy away when you catch him staring, if anything it seems to spur him on. Theres a glint in his eye that you aren't used to seeing. You cough and look away.
At the end of the lunch period you move to get up and go to class, but Eddie's hand on your wrist stops you. The feel of his rough calloused fingers on your pulse point sends waves throughout your body. You drag your eyes to meet his.
"Everything OK? You seem a bit, off." His words seem genuine, but theres that grin again. You feel like he knows, he must do, and every move is to torture you.
"Um... I'm okay Eddie, it's just all a bit, much." You struggle out, trying to ignore the way his fingers lingered on your wrist.
He finally gets go, frowning.
"I just wanted to check, thought you were mad at me yesterday or something."
"No no no, opposite of mad! I just get, er overwhelmed is all." You babble at him.
"Oh okay, still not sure I get it but glad you're not mad at me." He stops and looks down, avoiding your eyes for a moment. "You wanna join me and Jeff and Gareth on Friday? We're gonna pile round Jeffs, watch a movie?" He looks up at you and you can't help but be reminded of a puppy, those big brown eyes impossible to say no to.
"...sure Eddie." At that he beams at you and strokes your arm. Your breath hitches, you don't know if he notices.
"Cool, we're meeting at 8. See you sweetheart." And he leaves. You stand there dazed for a second. Sweetheart. That was new. Maybe Eddie does like you. Smiling, you head to your next lesson.
When Friday rolls around you're a trembling ball of nerves. What if you had misread? What if he was just being nice?
You dress casually; a pair of black jeans, a black tank top and sneakers. Not anything special, but the top was lower cut than the usual plain coloured t shirts you wore at school. You threw on a red flannel shirt leaving it unbuttoned, just in case it was chilly at Jeff's house, and walked your way over there since it was only a couple of blocks away. You had come prepared with snacks. What teenage boy doesn't love food? You had an enormous bag of popcorn and a Tupperware full of homemade cookies. The cookies were probably a bit much but you had made them simply for something to do with all your nervous energy and it seemed a shame to waste them.
Walking up Jeff's driveway you check the time. 20:08. Not too late, you didn't want to be rude, but you didn't want to be the first there. Ringing the bell, you heard footsteps running to the door. Jeff answers, swinging the door wide, and waves at you to come in.
"Stairs just to the left, everyone's in the basement." He shouts over his shoulder, turning to the kitchen to get drinks. You make your way downstairs. It's slightly dark, but cozy. Theres a very old green loveseat with a coffee table in front of it, strewn with snacks, beer bottles and an ashtray. In front of that is a fairly new TV and VCR. Gareth is taking over half of the couch. To one side of the room there's a huge purple beanbag. Eddie is lounging in it.
"Hey sweetheart." He grins and waves a hand at you. Gareth greets you and you move  to put your snacks on the table.
"Hey, cookies, you can come again!" You hear Jeff behind you. You giggle at that. He passes you a beer.
"No worries I had some time to kill you know." Before you can sit on the sofa Jeff collapses onto it ungracefully, handing beers to Gareth and Eddie.
Faltering for a second, you look around the room for another chair.
"Plenty of room on this if you dont mind sharing? I don't bite!" Eddie looks at you, grinning. Shit.
"Not worried about your mouth, I'm worried about your hands." You quip at him. Jeff and Gareth laugh, and Jeff starts putting the movie in the VCR, some slasher flick you hadn't seen.
"Hey, young lady, I'm a perfect gentlemen." Eddie puts his hands in the air as if surrendering, and winks at you.
No use arguing the point. As you are making your way over, he shuffles up. You sit down carefully, but it doesnt seem to matter how you sit, you roll right into Eddie. You were pushed right up against him, your side flush with his. He lowers his arms and drapes one over your shoulder. You sit, legs squeezed together, picking at the label on your beer bottle, trying hard not to think about Eddie's warmth seeping into you. Why was he so warm?
The cookies were a hit, as was the popcorn. About halfway through the movie Jeff gets up to get everyone another beer. You take that as an opportunity to take your shirt off. Eddie was like a furnace and you needed some sort of relief. Sitting back down you nearly sit on top of him, the back of your shoulder flush to his chest.
"Sorry Eddie I'll move-"
"No problem princess this is comfier." And he rests his chin on the bare skin on your shoulder. The arm that was around you now falls to your waist. The feeling was intense. You could feel his heart beating, or at least you thought you could. Maybe it was just your own. The heat emanating from him and the touch of his skin on yours was dizzying. You try and keep your breathing steady.
Jeff returns and hands out the beers and you take yours gratefully, it's something to distract you from the feeling building up between your thighs.
Eddie sips his beer and settles his chin back on your shoulder, watching the movie. You're paying no attention, it was difficult to think when you were surrounded by Eddie.
"Sorry sweetheart can I just-" Eddie says, startling you out of your revelry. He reaches up and strokes your neck, moving some stray hairs of yours that were sticking to your neck and were presumably in his face. The touch is so delicate but it thrums through you. It feels like he's played a chord on your neck and your body has amplified the feeling, sending a shiver all over your skin.
His hand drops back down to your waist and his fingers find a sliver of bare skin between your jeans and your top. Just the feel of his rough fingertips on your exposed skin, after he had given you goosebumps so easily pushed you over the edge. Before you could stop it, a breathy moan escaped your throat. It wasn't particularly loud, but it didnt need to be. It didn't look like Jeff or Gareth heard, but there was no way Eddie didn't. He turned his head towards you so you could feel his breath on your neck which was definitely not helping.
You didn't need to look at him to know he heard. You could practically hear the smirk on his face when he whispered "sorry sweetheart, am I overwhelming you?" Fuckfuckfuck. You could hear your own heart beating profusely. Squeezing your thighs together, you manage to respond.
"No-no, I'm okay," an octave higher than you meant to.
"If it's an issue sweetheart I can sit on the floor-"
"No!" Too loud. Far too loud. Where did that come from? Jeff and Gareth glance over at the sudden noise.
Eddie's grin widens. "Just making sure you're comfy." Jeff and Gareth turn their attention back to the movie, having a discussion about where they recognise the leading actress from.
You sit still, trying not to breathe too loud, alternating between sipping your beer and picking off the label. Eddie moves his head from your shoulder much to your relief, but his hand stays at your waist, gently caressing the exposed skin.
After the movie you hang around for a bit chatting, then make your excuses to get up and leave.
"Hey, wait sweetheart, need a ride?" Eddie stands up.
"I live like two blocks away, it's fine." You turn to the door and start walking upstairs with Eddie at your heels.
"Then I can walk you back. No big deal."
"I'm fine, seriously. I'm a big girl. Tie my own shoes and everything." You smile at him.
"Can I see you tomorrow?" He blurts out suddenly.
You blink at him, surprised. "Er, maybe?" 
"Look, I'll pick you up, 7 o clock, we can come to mine, chill out, maybe watch a movie?"
"Sure Eddie that sounds nice."
He moves towards you, arms outstretched for a hug. Complying, you soften at his touch. It's gentle, much gentler than the bone crunching hugs you are used to from him. One hand strokes your back softly. Before you pull away, Eddie's breath is in your ear.
"Maybe if you're up for it, I can try and get you to make that noise again." He whispers smugly.
You pull away, mouth gaping whilst he stares at you, smirk on his lip, head tilted at you.
"I... erm, maybe" you stutter out and head out of the house before you make more of a fool of yourself.
Saturday evening finally crawled around. You were excited but were trying to push down the feeling. You didn't want to come across too eager, it was a problem that happened all too often with you.
A bundle of clothes in various states were spread out before you; you were trying to pick something to wear. You decided on a pleated skirt, not too short, and a crop top. Checking yourself out in the mirror you thought you looked hot, but then again, maybe it was too needy? You shrugged your flannel shirt on to try and calm it down a bit, doing up a couple of buttons. Slinging on your sneakers you looked at the time. 18:46.
Downstairs you lay on the couch, feet dangling off the edge, waiting for a knock at the door. The house was quiet, your parents had gone out a while ago for a weekend away. Trying to calm yourself, you make a mental list of all the objects in the living room. Its helps to centre you, until theres a loud knock at the door.
Opening it you see Eddie's huge grin. He's wearing his usual attire; Hellfire t shirt, jeans and leather jacket.
"Jesus Christ you look hot" Eddie says before he can stop himself.
"Thank you" you blush.
"Parents around?"
"No they're away all weekend." You say, grabbing a jacket and locking the door behind you.
"Thank fuck let's go." You giggle as he grabs your hand and you let him lead you to his van.
Eddie starts to drive as Dio blares through the speaker, and you surprise Eddie by nodding along.
"Oh, you like this stuff sweetheart?"
"Yeah, I mean nothing too heavy, but this is great." You grin.
Eddie returns the smile out the side of his mouth. Soon enough he's turning into the entrance to the trailer park he calls home.
Getting out of the van he runs around to the passenger side and opens the door for you with a low bow. You blush and take his hand as he leads you to the door.
"Now, don't get your hopes up, I know it's pretty impressive from the outside but..." he opens the door and let's you go in first.
You take in the surroundings. It's a bit cramped, but homely. There's a sofa and tv, and a small kitchen area. Hats adorn the wall, you assume his uncles. It seems relatively clean, just cluttered. There's something about it that feels welcoming. You sigh, letting out a breath you didn't know you were holding.
Eddie seems pleased that you haven't run a mile after seeing the place.
"Wheres your room?" You look up at him.
"Steady on sweetheart you just got here" he winks at you.
You hit him playfully on the chest "shut up Eddie."
He gestures to you to take a seat on the couch and you take it gratefully.
"So, what do you want to watch? I rented a few, wasn't sure what you were into."
He gestured to the small pile of videos on the side table. Glancing over the selection you pick out a movie and hand it to Eddie.
"Nightmare on Elm Street? Didn't peg you for a slasher flick girl." He put the film in the VCR.
"Yeah well I've not actually seen it yet." You admit.
"Really? Well buckle up buttercup! You wanna beer? Or a smoke?"
"Is your uncle-"
"-at work. Dont worry." He gave your shoulder a reassuring squeeze. Your breath hitched in your throat. 'Lemme grab my tin."
He returns, battered lunch box in hand, and sits on the floor to roll whilst you start watching the film. It's amazing how comfortable you feel around him. Usually you were on edge being at someone else's house, but Eddie made you feel like you belonged there. You kicked off your shoes and curled your feet up on the sofa.
Eddie joins you. Lighting the joint he takes a couple of tokes then hands it to you. You pass it back and forth for a bit until you start to feel an effect. Giving the last of the joint back to him you say "finish it, that's more than enough for me." You smile at him lazily, head feeling slightly foggy.
"Oh, have I got you stoned sweetheart?" He looks at you, eyes full of mischief.
"Maybe, like this much" you say, holding your thumb and forefinger an inch apart.
"Hmm" he says frowning "not buying it. You want a soda, or some water?" You shake your head. He gets up anyway and gets you a glass of water. Taking it you appease him by drinking a few sips. He flops down again and puts his arm around you.
Settling into watching the movie you start to enjoy it, your high mellowing you a little. It's ridiculous but fun, and some of the special effects impress you. The boy on the screen is attacked unexpectedly and it makes you flinch bodily. Eddie sees this and pulls you closer to him, his hand stroking the top of your arm. Eddie starts explaining how they did the blood on the ceiling effect, waving his hand for emphasis. When he stops his hand comes to rest on your knee. You can't help it, you twitch at the feeling, it's like lightning up your leg.
"You okay sweetheart?" Eddie's face is frowning down at you.
"Yeah sure it's nothing."
Eddie's not buying it. He pauses the movie and looks at you.
"Something's going on princess. And it's either good or bad. Or both, I can't tell. Can you let me know? Did I do something wrong?" Eddie looks at you with those puppy dog eyes of his and its almost heartbreaking.
"No Eddie, you're perfect. I like you. It's just... I'm really, um, sensitive. Loud noises and stuff get to me, emotion wise I kinda run hot. Things affect me like, a lot. And I'm really, really touch sensitive." You see some understanding dawn on his face.
"Ah, right, okay, so is that good sensitive, or bad sensitive?"
"It depends. I mean if it's someone gross it feels horrible brushing past them. If it's someone I like, and I'm in a good mood, it's, well it's, hmm... overwhelming." You know he knows what you're trying to say, you dont want to have to say it out loud.
Eddie smirks at you, eyes like the devil himself.
"So, if I do this..." he says, fingertips tracing circles on your knee. Your breath catches in your throat. "It's nice." You manage.
"Hmm" his hand moves higher, onto the inside of your thigh, just under the hem on your skirt, with feather light touches. "And this?" Dark eyes stare down at you. A small moan escapes your lips. "Jesus Eddie..."
Eddie let's out a dark chuckle. He moves his hand off of your leg and you find yourself almost trying to follow the contact. His hand comes to rest on your jaw, guiding your head to turn and face him.
"What about this?" He says, eyes darting to your lips and back again, looking for confirmation. You close the gap and press your lips against his.
You've kissed before, messy, sloppy things, but never like this. His kiss is fire, igniting through you. The press of his lips against yours firm and warm. His tongue tentatively reaches out and you submit to him, allowing him to explore your mouth. You reply in kind, using your tongue to swipe against his, moving your hand to weave into his hair. He snakes his arm around your waist, pulling you closer. He draws a deep moan from your mouth, the pure pleasure of the moment taking over you. You can feel his mouth turn at the corners, smiling into you.
He breaks the kiss first, panting slightly. "Was that okay?" He says, hand remaining on your jaw, thumb gently swiping your chin.
You want to say something sarcastic, or flirty, or, well anything. All that comes from your mouth is a half broken whine. Face flushed pink and breath well and truly taken.
"That bad huh?" He chuckles and drops his hand.
"Wow- I mean, Jesus- it's not usually that, er-, intense. Fuck." You continue to try and catch your breath.
"Gonna take that as a sign that maybe you like me, as much as I like you?" Its not a question, but the head tilt and the look from him make it one.
"Maybe. I mean, I've liked you for a while Eddie."
"I've liked you since you sat with us at lunch." He says to you, eyes sparkling, looking a little sheepish. "Why do you think I saved you a seat every day?"
"Seriously? Why didn't you say anything?" You take his hand in yours, fiddling with his rings.
"You seemed like, really shy. Didn't want to make you uncomfortable."
You smile at him softly. "Not shy, just... sensitive. I've had a lot of shit in the past from people, saying that I come across too keen, so I kinda dial it back. Plus I don't exactly want to invite people touching me, you know."
"Except me?" He says smugly.
"Except you." You nod.
He entwines his fingers with yours, looking down for a moment. "You shouldn't care what people think you know." He looks back at you "don't make yourself less for anyone."
Your eyes well up instantly at that. Wiping a stray tear from your eye you respond, "sorry, no ones ever said that before." You smile weakly.
He presses a soft peck to your lips. "Wanna finish the movie?"
Eddie presses play and this time you lean into his arms, pulling his arm around your shoulders and holding his hand. You hear a soft chuckle from him. His other hand comes to rest on your knee, tracing absent minded circles. You bask in the feeling of his warm body pressed against you for a moment.
After a few minutes it's just too much.
"Jesus Eddie why are you so warm?"
"I don't know, you must bring it out in me princess."
You giggle and lean forward, taking off your shirt, and snuggle back next to him. Eddie's eyes are no longer on the movie. He's looking at you and your exposed midriff. His hand tentatively moves from your knee to your stomach. Before he touches you he whispers "this okay?"
You turn your head to him to say yes, planting a quick kiss on his cheek and keep watching the movie.
Eddie's fingers find your flesh, stroking so softly it sends shivers over you. You feel your skin break out in goosebumps. His fingertips dance over you with such care. He flattens his hand and strokes it across your abdomen, the tip of his thumb just brushing the underside of your breast and you inhale suddenly whilst squeezing your thighs together. He lightly scratches across your stomach with his fingernails and you let out a quiet, low moan.
"Eddie-" you turn and realise he's been watching you the whole time.
"What? This is so much more interesting than watching Krueger, trust me."
"Eddie I didn't tell you so you can take advantage!" You say, but theres no malice in it. You smile at him.
Eddie, ever the dramatic, wobbles his head at you and mimics your voice, "Oh Eddie, I'm like, really sensitive, and the smallest touch turns me on but don't do anything about it!"
"I don't sound like that!" You laugh loudly at him, your frame shaking. "And that's not what I said!"
"That's what I heard sweetheart. What do you want me to do? Sit on my hands??" He wiggles his fingers at you and with exaggerated movements forcefully sits on his own hands, frowning and flicking his head the opposite way.
"Eddie?" You touch his shoulder. If anything he turns his head even further away. You can't help but giggle.
"Eddie..." you say in a sing song voice. Nothing.
"Eddie!" Still nothing. You get up as if to leave, but turn to him and straddle his lap. His head is still turned so you take the opportunity to kiss at his neck, trailing kisses and small nibbles.
"Now that's just unfair sweetheart."
"No" you say, still peppering him with kisses "this is unfair" and you mouth the spot where his neck meets his shoulder and suck, hard.
"Holy shit." Eddie wriggles but realises hes trapped himself, his hands stuck under both his weight and yours.
You release his neck with a wet pop and sit back on his lap with a smug smile. Something hard is digging into you, you wiggle slightly and... 
"Had enough revenge?" Eddie tilts his head at you, raising his eyebrows. You shift your weight so he can free his hands, momentarily lost for words. He reaches out to move some stray hairs from your face, tucking them behind your ear.
"C'mere." He puts his hand to the back of your head and guides you towards him, mouth finding yours.
God, you could become addicted to this feeling. His mouth on yours, hands caressing your waist and hips, his warmth between your legs. You feel a pulse deep inside you, spreading in your core. You roll your hips, grinding your heat down on his jean covered member, drawing a deep groan from both of you.
You plant one hand firmly on the back of the couch, the other in his hair, and deepen the kiss. Every touch feels electric. His palms pressing into your hips leave tingles in their wake. You grind against him again, feeling yourself getting wetter, moaning into his mouth, the feeling building until you know you need to stop. That was embarrassingly fast. You break the kiss and look at him, chest rising and falling heavily.
"Sorry, I have to stop or I'll..." you blush crimson and look away.
"Or you'll what?" He says until his eyes widen. "Oh, were you gonna come?" The last word a whisper. You nod your head.
"Fuck that's so hot. Please don't stop." His hands move to stroke your thighs, bucking his hips into you. You let out a broken moan. Eddie's hands reach under your skirt and grab you by the ass. You lean forward and kiss him again, with urgency this time, tongues clashing. You grind against him, trembling with pleasure. Breaking the kiss you throw your head back, eyes closed, mouth parted.
"Eddie, fuck, oh God yes Eddie!"
You release; the hot, incredible feeling spreads throughout your limbs. Grinding against Eddie you try to keep the high going as long as possible.
Finally coming to a stop, you look down at his face. You want to feel embarrassed but he nearly looks as fucked as you feel, red in the face, hair clinging to his sweaty brow, eyebrows knitted together, mouth slightly open. Chuckling and smiling shyly at him, you move some hair from his face, mirroring what he did to you earlier.
"You okay sweetheart?" He looks at you, stroking your thighs.
"Yeah you could say that" you laugh "how about you?"
"Me? I nearly came in my pants, Jesus Christ!"
You giggle and hide your face in your hands. "Sorry." You say again as if on instinct.
"Hey" he grabs your wrists, "pretty girl, look at me." You reluctantly turn your head back to face him.
"This might be the best day of my life, so I'd appreciate it if you'd stop apologising." You giggle but Eddie looks at you with a serious face.
"Okay Eddie, I'll stop apologising." You climb off his lap and flop next to him on the couch. When you look over you cannot help but see an unmistakable wet patch on his jeans.
You look at it and your eyes flick back to his face. Staring at him he raises his eyebrows at you.
"No. More. Apologising. That's fucking hot."  He states, gesturing to his crotch.
"We missed the movie" you say lately, pouting at him.
"Well, I think I've just found my favourite thing to do, and it's a hell of a lot better than watching a movie" Eddie says waggling his eyebrows at you. Sniggering, you bat your eyelashes.
"So, you ready to show me your room?"
"Well, how can I resist when you pull that face?"
He gets up off the couch and walks to the back of the trailer, opening the far door.
"Well, you coming sweetheart?" He gestures at you to follow.
Stepping into his room, you don't know what to expect. It's a mess, not exactly dirty but theres stuff everywhere. Posters adorn every available wall space. Tapes flow over the small desk to one side. Theres note paper and clothes on the floor, and an overflowing ashtray on the bedside table.
"Yeah, wasn't expecting you to come in here, maid's day off and all." He grabs the ashtray and a couple of empty bottles and jogs out the room to dispose of them. Returning with a clean ashtray, he places it on the bedside table and comes behind you, holding you at the waist. His lips press on your neck, sweeping open mouthed kisses from your jaw to your shoulder and back again, hands pressing firmly into your hips as if he thought you might slip away.
Leaning back you bask in the feeling, tipping your head back and smiling.
"Stay" he whispers, almost too quietly; so quiet you're not sure you heard.
"Stay." A little louder this time, still peppering you with kisses.
"You mean stay the night?" You question, turning your head to face him, butterflies exploding in your belly. Fingertips ghost your sides, tracing your figure.
"The night." Still kissing your neck, he continues, "the weekend," trailing kisses down your back, meeting the exposed skin and leaving goosebumps in his wake, getting down on his knees to kiss the small of your back, "forever."
Turning to face him he looks up at you, huge brown eyes boring into your soul. Giggling and mussing his hair with your hand you stare back, the question burning in your mind.
Eddie knows. Eddie always knows.
"What's on your mind sweetheart?" He smiles into your skin, nipping and kissing where your skirt meets your stomach.
"Not much when you keep doing that, Jesus."
"Sorry," he grins, smug smile spreading across his face, "it's hard to stop myself."
"It's just... is this real? I mean, you said you like me, but do you... I mean, is this..." you wring your hands, trying to make the words surface in your head.
"Hey, hey, look at me." Eddie grasps your hands; you have no choice but to turn your head down to face him.
"When I said this might be the best day of my life, I fuckin' meant it. You're literally the girl of my dreams. I've been dreaming of you, actually." He presses his mouth to you again, running his fingers along the waistband of your skirt. You sigh in response, legs shaking slightly.
"Jesus Eddie-"
"Not Jesus, just me." He chuckles, hands drifting to your legs, stroking your thighs.
"Fuck Eddie wait..."
"Sorry, you just, you do things to me." He smiles up at you.
"Are we, are we a thing now?"
"What like a couple? Sure, I'm not letting you go anywhere."
Your tummy does a backflip, hoping, longing.
"Well maybe I can stay. I just, I want you to be sure, you know. And I've never, done much with boys. In case you think I'm not... any good."
Eddie gasps at that, his eyes soften. "Oh sweetheart, theres no universe out there where you could possibly not be any good, in any way. You're amazing."
"So, you gonna get up off the floor, or..." you giggle.
"I'm pretty happy here, unless you don't want me to." He flips your skirt up and sees just how wet your panties are. A low groan escapes his throat. You shut your eyes for a second, trying to gather yourself.
"Eddie, I'm trying to say..."
"Yes, I know baby I know. Seriously, if you want me to stop, tell me. I'll stop. You can still stay. We can just go to sleep. Or cuddle." His eyes meet yours, brow furrowed.
You back up a little and you see the disappointment Eddie tries to hide written over his face. Smiling, you sit on the edge of his bed, wriggling your hands down from your hips to your ankles. Eddie looks at you in confusion until you open your hand, your underwear in your palm.
"Now that's the best magic trick I've ever seen!" His eyes wide, grin threatening to split his face in half. You can only blush in response. Waddling over to you on his knees, Eddie grabs your hand and takes your panties. Before you can say anything they've been shoved into the back pocket of his jeans.
"I hope I'm getting them back..."
"Getting what back?" Eddie grins wolfishly,  pressing kisses to the inside of your knee.
The will to argue dissipates when his kisses trail higher and higher. With deft movements his rough fingers are rubbing the insides of your thighs, travelling towards your throbbing pussy. Leaning back onto your elbows you gaze at Eddie through half lidded eyes, wondering how you could have possibly gotten this lucky. As if he could sense your attention he glances up, running his tongue dangerously near your sex. You moan at the sensation, fingers grabbing the comforter underneath you.
"Fuck, you're just so responsive," he plants a kiss to your mound and you squirm, moaning.
"Oh, we are going to have a lot of fun sweetheart." Eddie smirked at you, eyes shining.
"Eddie please..." you wriggle, skirt riding up to your hips, cunt on full display for him.
He lifts your legs up and over his shoulders. The swipe of his tongue over your tender heat is sudden, sending rivers of pleasure through you. Gently he laps at you, his thumbs pressing bruises into your thighs. The feeling is immense, flowing, molten fire running through your veins. It's both too much and not enough, you need more, more feeling, more Eddie.
"Oh God Eddie..."
He takes your clit into his mouth and sucks softly. Licking and kissing at you; you buck into him, chasing the feeling, unimaginable heat coiling in your stomach, chest, wrists. Nothing matters except this moment. Incoherent babble escapes your lips, telling him not to stop and how good it feels, then just his name, over and over and over.
Eddie's groaning into you, the vibration nearly sending you over the edge. With a final suck to your swollen bud you come, clenching around nothing. You buck and writhe against his face, using it to chase never ending pleasure. Lewd, erotic noises fall from your mouth but you can't find it in you to care. All that matters is you, and Eddie, and the feeling.
Shaking and whimpering you start to come down, well and truly spent. Knuckles white from how hard you were clinging to the bed clothes. Realising this you finally loosen your grip. Eddie moves your still twitching legs off of his shoulders and looks up at you. Your slick is coating his lower face, shining in the light. Eddie literally looks like the cat that got the cream. He wipes his mouth on the back of his hand.
"I've changed my mind, that is my new favourite thing to do" he says with a roguish grin.
Your smile at him, arms reaching out, making grabby hands at him. Chuckling he climbs over you, straddling you. You kiss him full on the mouth, lingering tang of you on his lips. Fingers stroke down to his waist, fiddling with his belt.
"Woah princess no need. Literally." He looks you in the eye, and you stare back, hand reaching to his manhood, and glance down.
"Did you-"
"Cum in my pants? Yup." Literally no shame in his voice; he almost looks proud.
You giggle, hand to your mouth. It's almost a relief, having no real idea of what to do with it anyway. Plus, it's nice to know you have a similar effect on him.
"So, I'm gonna clean up and get changed. You need something to sleep in?"
"I'm ok, I usually sleep naked, if that's not a problem?" Your eyes meeting his.
Groaning, Eddie throws his head back, hands to his face, and falls backwards to the floor. You gasp, then realise this is Eddie being his usual self.
"Holy shit sweetheart you cannot say shit like that to me. I've died. I've literally died, and I'm in heaven, and you're some sort of angel." He splays his arms wide, tongue out, eyes closed. Shaking your head you throw a pillow at him, jerking him out of it.
"No need for the vicious attack, I'm having a moment."
He jumps up to go to the bathroom. Stripping off and climbing under the covers, you take a minute whilst he's away to think, really think. It's so hard when he's so near, clouding your judgement. You know you can be impulsive. Is this too much too soon? Am I gonna make a fool of myself? Does he really like me as much as I like him? Your emotions usually get the best of you and the constant struggle is exhausting. Maybe you don't need to think about this tonight. Enjoy tonight, let tomorrow be what it is.
When Eddie returns, all doubt is erased from your mind. Hes standing there in a pair of plaid boxers, and his eyes light up at the sight of you in his bed. The look he gives you makes you feel like you're the only girl in the world.
Smiling shyly at him, he stands at the foot of the bed, continuing to stare.
"Something on your mind Eddie?"
"No I'm good, just a bit... overwhelmed." Knowing smirk plastered on his face.
"I can probably help you with that, you know."
"Well, it seems like we've got all night." The look on his face is pure sin.
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