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JOSEPH QUINN by jennasphotoworld — German Comic Con
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Joseph, Gaten and Joe Keery having the real life dynamic of Eddie, Dustin and Steve is my favorite thing lmao
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A brief interruption during Joe's panel
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Things we learned about Joseph Quinn from today's panel (Day Two):
Joe can count to five in German
Would cosplay as Steve Harrington
Recommends the Artic Monkeys but was going to say a techno song lmao
His favorite movie The Big Lebowski
Gaten crashes Joe’s panel for a question, asked who he’d save (him or keery) Joe said “You, obviously” waited for him to leave then said “Totally Joe.”
He wears Gris Dior
Favorite moment for S4, the max sequence in Dear Billy
How his day with Eddie in Hawkins go: He’d go see him play at the hideout then hang out.
He’d stay in a haunted house with Murray
What makes him happy at the moment: Family
What it was like to meet Metallica: Mad.
His favorite part about playing Eddie was all of it.
Eddie’s favorite musical is Hair, according to Joe. Joes not a big musical fan but is a big abba fan and has seen mamma Mia.
He’s a night owl
Christmas traditions: Family, Resolutions: None…yet.
SOMEONE ASKED ABOUT JOMIE BYE “it’s hard to get rid of that guy”
Joe met Dacre, thinks Billy & Eddie would get on well…then adds a maybe lmao
Someone repeated a question about what perfume he wears and he turned to the crowd and went “anyone remember?” pls i can’t
think it’s funny people ask about wesley, wesley got a j tattoo on his knee
did two self tapes and got his role for eddie
His core memory: time with friends between 15/18, skate boarding when he was a little boy
in low moments, he usually calls friends to talk
His favorite dish to cook for family/friends is a beef stew or a pasta dish or a lamb shoulder
he did at a play at 17 and realized he wanted to do acting
He would dress up as Gandalf if he was going to Comic Con as a visitor
Philip Seymour Hoffman is his fave actor
he thinks Eddie looks the way he was meant to look and wouldn’t change anything
when he has a bad day, he calls someone, has a bath, or goes for a run to calm down
him and Eddie are both chaotic in nature
the most memorable thing from this weekend for him is all of it
he enjoys Body Paint on the new Arctic Monkeys album
he hasn’t listened to Decide by Djo yet
his favorite color is burgundy
if he could be any singer for a day he’d be David Bowie
if he could be any dog he’d be an Old English Sheep dog
he said the filming for season 5 thing he asked in Tokyo was a joke
Glastonbury was a memorable concert experience for him
he thinks Eddie’s top artist would be Dua Lipa
he wouldn’t eat really weird foods like animal organs or something
his favorite techno artist is Mr. G
his favorite ABBA song is Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)
he would time travel to 60s London, 80s Manchester, or Renaissance Italy
he likes the song Blush by Wolf Alice
he had fun with Jamie in Brazil and Japan
if he had a superpower, it would be flight
he finds it crazy that people have Eddie tattoos
it only took him a few takes to sling the guitar over his shoulder as Eddie
he thinks Eddie would love Eleven and be impressed by her powers
This panel was a mess and people were either repeating questions multiple times or asking really odd, invasive, uncomfortable things or kinda trauma dumping on him so this is a lot shorter so I’m sorry if this is super all over the place. Lots of people asking for shoutouts and a bunch of other bullshit. It was ridiculous lol.
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Joseph Quinn in any type of glasses we really won
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It looks like Tom grew up 🥹
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Gaten Matarazzo and Joseph Quinn at German Comic Con
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joe speaking italian, i literally can’t take this shit
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What that mouth do?
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Joseph Quinn at German Comic Con
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Why is there like… no talk about this on my dash?😭
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okay now that we have glasses!joe do your best to not imagine glasses!eddie doodling his little sketches and planning out d&d campaigns on his bed and pushing them up his nose every time they slip down and knowing he’s probably too embarrassed to wear them to school with everyone already making fun of him for everything else so he just struggles with not being able to see very well and squinting at the chalkboard in the front of the class insanely hard (because he refuses to sit in the front) and constantly doing that move where you go to push your glasses up with your finger and then remember they’re not there and dustin always looks at him like he’s insane so he’s gotta play it off like he’s just scratching his nose and i’m a mess
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