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Baby, Slow It Down
Tumblr media
Eddie Munson x fem!reader [6.7k] just smut, really. soft, sweet eddie, who finally gets a chance to take you home. a friends with benefits situation.
Eddie Munson was a really good kisser. He was really good at eating you out too. He had nice hands, big, heavy, with guitar string scars that felt rough and lovely on your bare skin. He liked it when you tugged his curls, he liked it even better when you got a little loud. 
He fucking loved it when you told him what to do. 
You weren’t sure how your situation with the boy started, but it had been a few months now.. He went from a pretty face you knew in school, to a friend of Steve’s, introduced to you at a party. Then there was a rolled joint offered to you in the woods behind school, shoulders bumping, eyes interested, laughter exchanged. 
Knowing eyes gazing over the other by the lockers, the offer of a ride home one day when it rained and didn’t stop. It went from there, more looks, heated and heavy, a hand on a knee, fingers that brushed back hair. 
And then you were on his lap, dress gathered in one of Eddie’s hands as he held it out of his way so he could watch the way his cock slid in and out of you. He was noisy, encouraging you to do the same with low, rough moans and teeth that nipped at your jaw, your neck. 
That was it, an addiction that needed to be fed, kisses that you couldn’t really go without for more than a day or two and after the last bell rang, you found his van in the school parking lot. Eddie could never make it further than past the old sports fields, pulling over somewhere private so he could get his hands on you, needy and greedy and all consuming. 
It’s where you found yourself now, parked behind the old building that used to house the soccer teams changing rooms, hidden from view from the school, its students, the main roads. You were comfy in Eddie’s lap, a familiar weight on his thighs, your skirt already rucked up around your hips. 
His lips were that maddening touch of soft, slow, fast, deep, lazy, needy, teeth, tongue, fuck, god. 
It turned heated fast, the same way it always did and it was fine, it was good. It always was. It didn’t matter if Eddie had you in his lap for five hours or five minutes, the boy always made you come. He had a way of making it creep up on you, hard and fast, eyes rolling, white flashes of heat rippling through your body and then there were stars. Stars everywhere. 
The boy kissed constellations onto your lips, dripping gold dust over your skin. 
He had his hands under your skirt, palms squeezing at the flesh of your ass, kneading each cheek in a way that made your skin prickle with heat ‘cause he was spreading you over his thighs and it that made you feel real fucking dirty. 
You were breathless, hands in his curls, pulling him closer, eyes fluttering at the way he sucked another bruise you couldn’t explain onto your neck. 
You felt close enough to fall apart without him even touching you, underwear still on, lace slick and wet already, but Jesus Christ, he hadn’t put his hands on you yet. Not really. You were a livewire, body electric, the air around you both buzzing. 
It wouldn’t last long when you were both like this, pent up from not seeing each other for five days, school and homework and jobs and hellfire meetings keeping you apart. And well, a five minute fuck wasn’t going to do. No, not anymore. 
So you pushed at his chest, firm enough that his head fell back onto the headrest and Eddie’s hair was a mess and his brown eyes were wide. He was staring, chest heaving, palms still squeezing at the curve of your ass, fingers grazing over the lace edges of your underwear.
"Slow down," you tell him, voice a whisper.
You were sure you heard him whine, a pretty noise that got stuck at the back of his throat. You plucked the chain that lay there, shiny against his collar bones, and you twisted it between your fingers. It was sinful the way you used it to pull him a little closer again, nose brushing against the bridge of his own, lips hovering just out of reach. 
He could’ve moved him he wanted to, surged forward and took control, kissed the commands right off your lips. But he didn’t. 
“You can have me all night, if you want."
He whined, whimpered. You heard it that time.
"Be a little soft about it, huh? Nice and slow, for me, please?"
And then Eddie was nodding, eyes turning to burnt caramel, hooded and staring at you. His jaw was slack, lips parted and glossy from your kisses and suddenly his hands were skimming over your thighs, climbing up to hold at your waist instead. He touched you a little softer, sweeter than before and it made your stomach twist. 
Fingers tucked your hair behind your ear, his heavy gaze taking in every feature, like he’d suddenly been told he could have you forever, like he wanted to commit you to memory in case you changed your mind. 
Then he was kissing you again, slower like you asked, like he’d never kissed you before. Sweet and soft, his mouth a gentle push against your own and you so desperately wanted to lick into him, to tug on his pretty hair and make him grunt into you but that’s not what you asked for. 
So you let Eddie set the pace, sighed into him, wriggled in his lap when he sucked the curve of your bottom lip between his own, and god were you going to regret this?
He tasted sweet, like the blue raspberry jolly rancher you’d seen Lucas hand him in the hallway, a little smoky underneath it, entirely like Eddie. He took his time with you, did as you asked him and the way he slowly curled his tongue around yours made your legs tingle, your heart skip a beat before racing a little faster than before. 
His hand found your face, curving at your jaw, his thumb on your chin and he tap, tap, tapped at it until you let Eddie drag your mouth open a little more, whining when it resulted in him licking into you a little deeper. 
He pulled away quicker than you would’ve liked, smiling all pretty at you when you gazed at him wide eyed. But then Eddie was nodding at the passenger seat, giving your ass a cute little smack. 
“C’mon, sweetheart, seat belt on.”
You let his chain fall from your fingers, unsure you understood. But Eddie was surprisingly strong, wide hands clutching at your waist to lift you back over the console, dropping you a little clumsily onto the seat next to him. 
“Eddie?” your voice was soft, a little worried, like maybe you’d crossed a line you weren’t sure the boy had. 
But he was starting the engine, the van rumbling underneath you and then he was gazing over at you, bottom lip sucked between his teeth and god, he looked sinful, he looked like he wanted to eat you up. You’d let him, without hesitation. 
“You said I could have you all night, yeah?” Eddie prompted, big eyes shining earnestly, his voice so sincere, like he couldn’t quite believe you’d told him such a thing. “Did you mean it?”
You nodded, suddenly shy and then Eddie was smiling, that wide, slow stretch of his lips that made you feel so many things. The van started moving, the boy tsked and nodded to your belt again, which you quickly pulled across your lap. 
“Okay,” he nodded too, final in his decision. “Let’s go back to mine then, sweetheart.”
You hadn’t been to Eddie’s before, not really. You knew which trailer was his, had seen in across from Max’s when you dropped her off with Steve, waved shyly and with warm cheeks when you saw the curly headed boy out of the front window. 
You knew enough to realise his uncle Wayne was out, the older man’s car gone from the grassy makeshift drive. The park was quiet when Eddie parked up, making a noise of protest when you went to open the door for yourself. So you sat still, smiled hidden between pressed lips as you watched him bounce around the front of the van. 
He opened your door with a shy grin, bright eyes and a hand that was ready to clasp your own. Eddie helped you down, wet grass brushing your ankles and it felt like a storm was coming with the way the air was buzzing. 
Maybe it was just you and Eddie. Maybe it was just anticipation. 
He opened the door to the trailer for you too, unusually quiet as his fingertips found the small of your back, guiding you inside the small house that was much cosier than you expected. It smelled a little smoky, like coffee and boyish cologne. 
And then Eddie was rocking on the balls of his feet, fidgeting and pulling at a curl as he watched you take in his home. 
“D’you, uh, want a drink or-?”
You turned, smiling soft like you wanted to show him you weren’t judging anything about the trailer. How could you? It was all Eddie. 
“Do I not get to see your room, Munson?”
Eddie looked like he had all the air punched out of his lungs. The curl he’d pulled to brush against his mouth sprung back, his hands dropping to his sides as his eyes went wide. 
He cleared his throat, nodding, giving a little bow and a wave of his arm, showing you down the narrow hallway. It was sweet, you thought, the way he was acting. Like he hadn’t been balls deep inside you countless times, as if he didn’t know the exact way you liked his fingers on your clit. 
So you grinned at him, walked down the hall with your hands clasped coyly behind your back and you knew he was watching you, he always was. You could feel his eyes on you, a familiar burn that tickled your skin.
Eddie’s room was exactly like him, dark and warm, a little messy, littered with music posters, guitars on the walls, amps piled in the corner. His bed was unmade, pillows squint and sheets rumbled but they looked surprisingly fresh, the smell of laundry detergent, cologne and little smoke taking up space in the air. 
You knew you’d asked for slow, for soft, for the boy to take his time with you. But suddenly you didn’t know what to do now you had Eddie all alone, all to yourself. Maybe for the whole night. The thought made you swallow hard and you were overcome, overwhelmed with how the boy was surrounding you without even touching you. 
You never usually get Eddie for more than half an hour, a full sixty minutes at most, if you decided you could afford to be a little late for work that day. You never got to pull more than his belt off of him, jeans shucked down his thighs just enough for his cock to spring free. Likewise, you were confined to shirts and pulled up skirts, underwear hanging off one ankle or pushed to the side, Eddie’s fingers quick and concise against you. 
So you huffed out a little laugh, nervous, but Eddie was smiling down at you and you liked the way the pulse in his neck jumped when you grabbed his hands and pushed him backwards to his bed. The backs of his knees hit the mattress and he let you nudge him down to sit, playing pretend with you, as if he couldn’t easily overpower you if he wanted. 
He leaned back, weight spread on the palms of his hands as he looked up at you, silver chain and big, brown eyes shining in the low light that came through the crack of his closed curtains. 
“What’re you up to, trouble?”
You shrugged, playing coy, lips twisted into a pretty smile you tried to hide but then your hands were toying with the buttons on your shirt, your cardigan long lost to the floor of Eddie’s van. But the boy was enraptured, gaze trained on the way your fingers were popping each button, trailing downdowndown, until the soft material hung open and your lilac bra was on show. 
It wasn’t anything fancy, soft cotton triangles with ring straps and god, you knew for a fact that your light green underwear certainly didn’t match. But looking at Eddie, you had the realisation that he probably would care, no, not at all. ‘Cause his eyes were wide and his lips were parted, sitting the most still you’d ever seen him. 
There wasn’t any music, just the quiet sounds of the town outside, the hum of a generator, the chirp of some birds nearby in a tear, the wind rushing softly over the metal roof. Eddie’s soft breathing, a little choked noise he caught in the back of his throat when you let your shirt slip off your shoulders, let it pool at your feet. 
You toed off your shoes, eyes on Eddie’s the whole time and you wondered if this is what he imagined, what he thought about because all of sudden you were only in your skirt and bra and it was the most bare skin he’d seen on you. 
Was your tummy too soft? Were your boobs too small? Did he see the scar on your bicep from when you fell over when you were five? 
“Christ, you’re perfect,” he breathed out, eyes trailing over every inch of you. “So fuckin’ pretty.”
You flushed, cheeks and chest warm under his gaze but you didn’t stop, didn’t want to. Your fingers hooked into the band of your skirt, teased along the edges of it and you grinned when Eddie swore again, under his breath, hands fisting the comforter in a way that made your own breath hitch. 
“Yeah?” you asked, blinking prettily, looking at the boy from under your lashes, fingers still slipped underneath the waist of your skirt. “Y’think so?”
You were playing up, you knew that, Eddie knew that. Neither of you cared though, because Eddie was grinning, nodding as he let out a low whistle. 
“Prettiest little thing I’ve ever seen.”
You lit up at his words, cheeks rosy, lip tucked between your teeth to hide your grin but Eddie was still smiling enough for both of you. You rewarded him by putting on a little show, body turned to the side so you could pop your ass out a little, arch your back real nice and slide your skirt down your hips all slow. 
You didn’t let go of the material until you smoothed it down your thighs, letting it fall to the floor once it reached your knees and you were bent over for him. Nice and slow, you eased back up, almost scared to look at the boy who’d been hidden behind the mess of your hair as you eased your skirt off. But when you stood back up, pushed your hair back and pressed your thumb nervously to your lips, you saw how the boy looked a little wild. 
A little wrecked. 
“Fuck, sweetheart,” Eddie breathed, sitting up to catch your hands in his, coaxing you to stand between his knees. He licked his lips, smoothed his palms over the dip in your waist and drew a line up your stomach with the tip of his nose. “Look at you.”
He certainly was, taking his time to gaze over every part of you, hands following suit, fingers trailing across the soft curve of your stomach, snapping the lace edge of your underwear against your hip. He pressed a kiss to your sternum, an open mouthed and lazy drag of his mouth over the swell of your breast. 
“Y’wanna tell me what you want? Hmm?”
Your eyes fluttered closed at the feel of the boy so close, all this new bare skin for him to explore. His hands were so big, wide and warm and rough, scratching lovely at your waist, over the tops of your thighs, his mouth trailing down until his tongue licked at the edge of your underwear, flicking a little dirty at the cute little bow there. 
“Eddie,” you didn’t mean to whine, not already. Your hands clutched at his shoulders, disappointingly still covered by his shirt but you felt a little unsteady, dizzy. “Told you what I wanted.”
You felt rather than saw his smile, pressed to your tummy and you let out a sharp gasp when his hands spun you, catching you when you turned, facing the other way so his nose was pressed to the curve of your spine. 
You suddenly felt a lot more naked than before. 
He tutted, close enough to you that you felt his lips move against you, his curls tickling the curve of your ass, his hands keeping you between his knees. 
“Wanna hear it again, sweet thing,” a kiss, on the dimple of your lower back, another on the lace edge of your underwear. You squirmed. “That alright?”
You let out the breath you’d been holding, hands making fists by your sides and uncurling your hands again and again, at a loss with what to do with them because you’d never not been facing Eddie, tucked into his lap, able to watch him gasp and curse for you, fingers tangled in his hair. 
He seemed to notice this, caught your hands in his own and soothed this thumb over your palms. 
“This okay?” he asked you and the boy peered up to see your head tilted back, eyes closed, lips parted, chest heaving. You nodded and he smiled. “Yeah, baby? Lemme hear you?”
“Yeah, Eddie,” you murmured. “S’good.”
He rewarded you with a kiss to your hand, planted where his thumb was and then his mouth was trailing along your arm, lips pressed to the sensitive skin inside the crook of your elbow and he didn’t stop until his teeth were catching on the clasp of your bra. 
He fingered the band, ghosted a touch over the metal hooks and you were gasping, nodding again so he didn’t have to ask permission and the flimsy fabric was soon joining the rest of your clothes on Eddie Munson’s bedroom floor. 
“Pretty girl,” he cooed, “my sweet little thing, huh?” 
Your heart stuttered over the possessive remark, your thighs rubbing together because you were still standing facing away from the boy and he wasn’t touching you where you wanted him to. 
You couldn’t see what he was doing, couldn’t guess his next move and when you groaned and tried to spin back around, Eddie ah ah ah’d and gave your hip a little tap. 
“You’ve not answered my question,” he tried to sound scolding, but he was sweet enough to kiss the spot he’d given you a little smack. “Gonna tell me what you want? Comin’ into my bedroom and givin’ me a little show? Then you can’t even tell me what you want me to do with you?”
He traced a line down your spine, tucked his index finger into the edge of your underwear, rings cold against your skin and he pulled the elastic back until it snapped back against you. You jumped, whimpered, pushed your ass further into his wide hands.
“C’mon now trouble, what did you tell me in the van, huh? You were so bossy then, what happened to that girl? Got you all fucked out already?” Eddie laughed, not meanly, but unkind enough to make your toes curl. “Hardly touched you, sweetheart, Christ.”
You loved and hated the way the boy could run his mouth, in and out of the bedroom. He could have you wet with just his mouth at your ear, spinning tales of exactly what he was going to do with you when he got you alone, sneaking away from your locker before anyone else had a chance to spot you both. Eddie was loud, brash, too confident, dramatic to boot. He was dirty, unashamed, hot with it, teasing. 
You loved it. 
But the boy couldn’t fucking handle it when you gave it back to him. 
Another cooing noise, almost sympathetic, but you knew him better than that. “Yeah, baby?”
“Want you to take care of me,” your voice was sticky soft, sweet like honey, just as easy to get stuck in. “Can you do that? Please?”
You heard his breath hitch, a hard swallow, a wrecked sigh he tried to hide. 
“Want you to take your time with me,” your hands found his, small on top of large, but you were the one taking control. You smoothed them up your hips, along the ridges of your ribs until both rough hands were cupping at your tits and you were lowering yourself into his lap. “Be nice to me, slow and sweet, baby.”
He was already hard against you, the length of him sitting stiff between your ass cheeks and you knew for a fact he’d been that way since the van. He’d admit it to you too, completely unashamedly letting you know the effect you had on him. 
Eddie liked to take your hand in his, cup his hard dick through his jeans and whisper to you, asking you if you knew what you did to him. 
So you stole his move, brought your joined hands to the heat of your lace covered cunt and leant back into his chest, his chin hooking over your shoulder so he could watch. His eyes were dark, almost black, hooded and staring through the line of his lashes. 
You nodded as if you were agreeing with him, coaxing one of his fingers to draw a line up the length of your folds, gathering enough slick under the lace that it stuck to you, showing off every outline of you for Eddie to see. 
“Eddie,” you couldn’t manage more than a whisper, but your lips found his ear under his messy curls easily, your head thrown back onto his shoulder. “Feel that? You’ve got me so wet.”
“Fucking, Christ, sweetheart.” He moaned, loud and wanting, his other hand grabbing a little roughly at your thigh, hooking it over his knee so he could spread you wider for him. “You’re gonna kill me.”
You pouted. “That’s no good to me.”
He huffed out a laugh, fingers kneading into the soft of your thigh as he kept you open for him. You let go of his other hand, happy to lay slack against him, propped up by his solid chest, arms holding you in as he touched and touched and touched. 
“Like this?” He whispered, his finger tracing up and down, up and down through your folds, bumping against your clit on every pass. He was impossibly slow with it, gentle and soft, a maddening tease that had you pushing the tips of your toes into his carpet so you could try and chase the friction of his touch. “Slow like this, sweetheart?”
You nodded, eyes clenched shut, mewling and then his middle and index finger were swiping over your bottom lip, tapping until you opened. 
“Suck,” he told you. “Good girl, hmm?”
If your eyes rolled to the back of your head, he didn’t see from the way he sat behind you. But you did as you were asked - no, told - laving your tongue under his fingers, enjoying the slight weight of them in your mouth, the cool silver of his rings at your lips, whining when he took them away from you, slicker than before. 
But then his hand was down the front of your underwear and his fingers were sliding through you. You keened, squeaked at the sudden touch and tried to clamp your thighs around his wrist but Eddie was shushing you, soft noises in your ear as his other hand held your thigh, spreading you back open for him. 
“Shh, shh, sweetheart,” Eddie quietened you, “y’okay? I’ve got you, can I touch you, baby? Yeah? Gonna squeeze that pretty cunt around my fingers?”
You were nodding frantically, hips thrust out to him in offering, desperate to feel a little more full than you were. 
“Eddie, please.”
He was the same boy as always, running his mouth, talking to you dirty, hands knowing every inch of you. He was just slower with it, softer, like you’d asked. It turned him into something you’d never seen before, this quieter version of himself. Just as cocky, just as eager to please, but Jesus fucking Christ, his touch was making you dizzy and the way he was whispering to you all soft made you want to cry. 
He was bordering on mean with it, a little condescending, hands petting at you to try and get you to settle. 
“Baby, c’mon, sit nice,” he tsked, grinning at the way you were wriggling on his lap. If the grind of your ass against his hard dick was doing anything to him, he did well not to show it. “I know, I know, just a greedy little thing, aren’t you?”
And then his palm was running flat down the front of you, spreading your folds so the heel of his palm could grind against your clit as he slipped two fingers into you. It was all so easy with you wet you were, the slick sounds of your cunt almost as embarrassing as the ones falling from your mouth. 
“I’ve got you,” he murmured low, lips against your ear. Your head was thrown back, laying against his shoulders and at his words, you cried out and pressed your face into his curls. You couldn’t do anything but let him fuck his fingers into you, a slow, wet drag in and out, in and out, in and out. “That’s it, sweet little thing, look at you.”
But then it wasn’t deep enough, it wasn’t fast enough and Eddie was still wearing far too many clothes, and suddenly, you were starting to regret everything you’d asked of the boy. 
Your hands reached up, finding his curls, fingers twisting in the soft strands as your nails scratched against his scalp and you rugged, moaning for more. 
Eddie stopped. Let go of your thigh and slid his hand out from your underwear, dragging wet and warmth up your tummy as he did so. You whined and you heard him laugh, a soft huff into your neck before he kissed your shoulder and patted your hip to make you stand up. 
You climbed from his lap, a little unsteady on your feet because the maddening push and pull of his fingers had made you dizzy, white spots floating in your vision and you turned to him with a pout. 
“Eddie, what the fu-”
But then he was pulling off his shirt, hands gripping the back of his collar to rip it over his head and it joined your clothes on his floor. He popped the button of his jeans but didn’t do much else, groaning slightly at the small relief it brought him as he palmed his hard cock through his boxers. 
“On the bed, baby,” he nodded to the space beside him, a pile of pillows that probably smelled like him and when you let yourself crawl into them, you found out you were right. “Good girl.”
He laughed when your fingers curled into fists, an honest to god visceral reaction to his words. 
Then he was moving over you, kneeling between your spread legs and crowding into you. It was a familiar sight, if not for the fact that you were horizontal this time. Nose to nose with the boy, lips within reach, big, brown eyes staring hotly back at you. 
So you did what you always done, pushed your hands greedily into his hair and arched up to him, tugging a little when he didn’t comply and suddenly it felt like a fucking month had passed since Eddie had kissed you. 
You whined, and you couldn’t deny you sounded like a brat. “Eddie!”
His hands wrapped around your wrists, gently pulling your fingers from his curls. He tutted, tried to look disappointed but he was hiding his smile by biting at his lip and then, fuck, he gathered both of your hands in one of his and pinned them to the pillow above your head. 
“Sweetheart,” he cooed softly, “you said you wanted me to take my time with you.” He leaned down to press a kiss to your cheek, so close to where you wanted him. “Nice and slow, is that not what you said?”
You whimpered, turned your head to chase his lips with your own but he was pulling back just slightly. His hold on you was strong enough that you could pull away, couldn’t get close enough and the realisation made you moan out. 
“C’mon pretty girl, that’s what you asked for, right? For me to take my time?” Another kiss, under the line of your jaw this time, his lips parted and wet and warm. “Can’t do that if you’re gonna yank at my hair, hmm? Like a dirty little thing? Can’t have that.”
A kiss again, anywhere but your lips, his mouth trailing over your throat, a sweet peck pressed to your chin. You wanted to cry, eyes glassy, overwhelmed at all the soft, lovely touches he was giving you, all whilst he had you pinned and pressed down underneath him. 
“Baby,” Eddie tutted, eyes on yours, watching the way wetness brimmed at your lash line, threatening to spill over when you gave him a watery smile. “Baby, too much? Y’alright?”
You could feel the way his hand around your wrist let up, slackening just a little but you were crying out, a babble of noise that had him raising his brows and you were nodding furiously. 
“M’good, Eddie, so good,” you could hardly catch a breath. What the fuck had he done to you? “Want this, want you.”
That seemed to appease him, his hand pushing yours back down into the pillows and he smiled, all lovely just for you, dimple showing. “Yeah? You do? Oh, good girl, what d’you want, huh?”
Another fucking kiss, the cutest little peck, right by the corner of your lips. He knew what you wanted, he was just being a dick about it. 
“A kiss,” you huffed, shivering when his chest dragged across yours, the hang of his chain coke against your tits, a moan bubbling in your throat when he deliberately let it graze and catch against a peaked nipple. 
“That’s all?” Eddie asked you, “better make it a good one for my girl then.”
His girl. 
You didn’t have time to process that before he was on you, free hand curving around your jaw, thumb on your chin to tug at your mouth, licking into you almost immediately. It was like he’d went too long without it too, like not kissing you was the worst thing imaginable because it had been at least half an hour since he had his mouth on yours and well, that just wouldn’t fucking do. 
He kissed you like he missed you, like someone was going to take you away from him, mouth and hands greedy on you, tongue curling around yours. His lips were always soft, so impossibly soft and every stroke of his tongue over yours made you whine, hands flexing in his hold because holy shit, you wanted to grab and scratch and pull at him for making you feel so damn good. 
You were gasping against him when he pulled away, eyes still glassy, lips swollen and rosy and Eddie’s hand was getting greedy, trailing down your sides to hook into your underwear, pulling at them until they slid down your hips. 
His nose nudged yours to grab your attention, unable to help himself when you pressed another, quick, sweet kiss to your still parted lips. 
“You listening’ sweetheart?” 
You nodded, blinking up at him. 
“There’s my girl,” Eddie cooed, “good, ‘cause I need you to keep your hands up here for me, ‘kay?”
You whined, ready to argue back but then Eddie was pulling off lace from around your ankles and kissing his way down your naked body, hands bracketing your hips, curls tickling your stomach. 
You clenched down on nothing. 
He was eye level with your cunt, eyes shining, lips smirking as he pushed at your thighs, spreading you out in front of him, grinning when you wiggled against his palms. 
“Nuhuh,” he told you, “let me see you, yeah?”
He’d never done this before, was never able to, with the logistics of a quickie in the front of his van. Sure, you’d gone down on him before, a much easier task over the console, his dick heavy on the flat of your tongue and Eddie always promised you that next time, he’d return the favour, get you spread out in back but, well. 
Next time would come and you’d be too pent up and he’d be too impatient and before you both knew it you’d be sinking down on his cock in the driver's seat of the van, bouncing up and down whilst Eddie could only watch, fucked out in minutes at the sight of you. 
So this? Eddie blowing warm air over your already hot cunt? This was new. 
“So pretty,” he told you, voice awed. “Can I taste you baby? Would you like that?”
You couldn’t do anything but whimper, moans catching in your throat until they came out like needy little gasps and it took everything you had to follow Eddie’s orders and keep your hands to yourself. You fisted them in his pillow, gripped on tight because his lips were ghosting over your folds, butterfly kisses pressed to the outside of you, the tip of his tongue peeking out between his lips like he couldn’t help himself. 
“Don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this,” he groaned, hips rutting into the bed as he palmed at your ass, tugging you down the bed so he could settle himself closer to you. “Could just eat you up, pretty girl.”
His tongue was swiping through you before you could answer, before you could beg. And despite the way he was grinding himself down into the bed, Eddie took his time with you, licked through your folds real slow with the flat of his tongue, pushing the soft of it over your clit at the end. 
He kept you spread wide, hands on the inside of your thighs, fingers splayed over you, thumbs pulling gently at your folds so he could push you open for him. His nose hit your clit when his tongue dipped inside of you, and fucking hell, Eddie was moaning almost as loud as you were, his lips wet with you, getting himself messy as he sucked and kissed his way across your cunt. 
“Can’t get enough of you,” the boy groaned into your thigh, kissing the soft skin there too, a reminder of how fucking sweet he was. “Christ, sweetheart, look at you, so pretty, all fucked out, huh? Look at those eyes, fucking hell.”
He was babbling, talking sweet in between licks, dirty flicks of his tongue that had your stomach clenching, your chest heaving. You were pushed onto your elbows to watch, a move that Eddie had given you in trouble for because your hands were still twisted in his sheets, kept to yourself. 
Your eyes were glassy, tears pooling at the corners, kissing your lashes that couldn’t stop fluttering at every kiss he gave you clit, every soft suck. You were sure you looked a mess, wrecked, ruined. Hair a riot, cheeks blooming with heat, lips still swollen and slick from his kisses and when Eddie slid one finger, two fingers back inside of you, you fell back with a wail. 
You were close, so close already, the thickness of his digits dragging in and out of your cunt was enough to throw you onto the edge but then the boy smiled against your stomach and dipped his head back down. His lips wrapped around your clit and suckled, soft and gentle, enough to keep you hanging. 
“Can feel you,” Eddie whispered, placing soft, quick kisses around your folds, across your tummy, one on your hip bone, followed by a scrape of his teeth. “Can feel you gettin’ tight around me, sweetheart. S’fucking hot, so fuckin’ hot.”
The boy sounded as wrecked as you felt, his voice shot, lips slick with you as you looked back down the length of your stretched out frame, eyes rolling at the sight of him between your thighs. He was watching you, brown eyes dark and hooded as he held your gaze and licked back over your clit. 
“Oh, fucking hell,” you moaned, “Eddie, Eddie, Eddie-”
“That’s it baby,” he encouraged, wrist twisting, fingers moving in and out of you a little faster. His rings weren’t cold anymore, but you could feel the hard nudge of them against your cunt, the feeling making you clench down. “Christ, that’s it, yeah, you gonna come for me?”
You couldn’t help it, not anymore. 
You grabbed at Eddie’s hair as your back arched, pushing your hips further into him, his fingers reaching places inside of you that had you seeing fucking stars. You tugged at his curls, unable to stop yourself but Eddie groaned at your toughness, letting you pull him into you, his hips rutting against the bed as he hooked his digits up and rubbed, tongue circling around your clit relentlessly at the same time. 
You broke, shattered, fell apart, cried out. Your eyes clenched shut, your body curling in on itself as you clamped your thighs around Eddie’s poor head, his mouth still sucking and kissing over you as you came. 
And then you  were whimpering, patting at the mess of curls you’d created on his head, trying to shimmy away from the overstimulation and Eddie took pity, dragging himself up your bottom, laying kisses on your damp skin as he went. 
He was grinning when he reached your face, kissing your neck to let you catch your breath, looking entirely proud of himself. You shined at the drag of his denim jeans over the inside of your thighs, laughed weakly when Eddie snorted at your shivers. 
Then he was pushing himself up on his elbows to hover over you, a palm smoothing back the hair that was clinging to your forehead. He looked down at you with eyes that were shining, so full of affection and fondness and something that it made your heart ache, made fresh tears spring to the corners of your eyes again and you huffed out a watery sigh. 
“That good, huh?“ Eddie asked smugly, smiling when you nodded, still a little dazed. He thumbed at your mouth, squished at the soft of your cheeks with his fingers and rubbed his nose against yours. “Gimme a kiss, sweetheart.“
You obliged happily, humming a pretty sound against his lips when Eddie kissed you soft and sweet, his mouth a gentle slide over your own. 
“Love your little noises,” he whispered, kissing you between words. “Sound so fucking cute when you’re coming for me.”
Your body burned at his words, another ache creeping across your cunt and despite the way he’d made you fall apart, you wanted nothing more than Eddie to be buried to the hilt inside of you. 
“Eds,” you whispered, hand palming at the front of his jeans, groaning when you felt him straining against the denim, the hardest he’d ever been. “Let me help you.”
But he took your hand in his, kissed your palm before you could feel the sting of rejection and he was crowding you back into his pillows, curls falling in a curtain on either sideed of you, lips back on your neck. 
“Give yourself a second, sweetheart,” he mumbled. “You said it yourself, I’ve got you all night.”
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luveline · 2 days ago
jade my love! how about eddie and reader getting roan ready for bed and it’s all domestic and fluffy and ahhhhhh. i would die. ily
I love you thank you for your request! fem!reader
Eddie getting out of the shower with his daughter is the most heartwarming thing you've ever seen. You're lounging in his bed waiting for your turn, hands over your tired face and humming a song he'd been singing before he went.
Getting Roan into the shower is a 'kicking and screaming' affair, though he'd told you by the time she's in there and he's washed her hair she doesn't want to get out.
He stands in the doorway with a towel around his waist, his hair streaming water down the lines of his torso. Roan stands at his side in her towelling poncho, its rainbow pattern bright in contrast to her head of dark curls.
"So clean!" you praise, climbing up onto your knees so you can fall straight onto your stomach, eye-level with her. "You look like you had a really nice shower, babe. Are you feeling better?"
She nods and moves her hands to her head, rubbing her wet hair in demonstration.
"He washed your hair? It looks lovely."
"You want the hair dryer?" he asks her.
The shower has made her quiet. The insinuation of the hair dryer gives her a little bit more pep, and she says, "Yes, please."
Eddie catches your eye and smirks at your fawning.
He picks Roan up and sits her on the bed beside you.
"You can go shower, if you want?" Eddie says, plugging the dryer in.
"No," Roan denies quickly, hands out for the dryer. She takes it and passes it to you with little finesse.
You take the the dryer and flick on the lowest setting and test in on your hand, but lose confidence fast. "Princess, maybe your dad should do it. I don't wanna do it wrong."
"Please," Roan says, employing her biggest, shiniest puppy dog eyes.
"I- Well-"
"It's easy," Eddie says gently, passing you a pink sparkly hairbrush and a bottle of hair softener. "Brush first, softener if it's still tangled. Cold at the roots."
"Doesn't brushing it make her curls straight?" you ask.
"She won't mind. Do you mind, sweetheart?" he asks her.
"Her curls are so pretty, though," you argue. Not because you think you know better, or because her hair doesn't look lovely straight, but her hair is fine and dark as Eddie's is. Her natural curls are stunning.
Eddie opens the bedside table and procurs an attachment for the hair dryer. "Okay. This is different, then. Forget what I just said. Cold all over. C'mere babe," he says beckoning Roan forward. He scrunches her hair with the hood of her towelling poncho.
He takes the dryer and she starts to complain, but he's only showing you how he does it. "Easy. Seriously. You can do warm if you want to you just have to keep moving it or it'll burn."
"I'll do cold," you say, worried.
"Uh-huh. Well, I'm not going anywhere."
Eddie leans down and kisses your cheek, a wet strand of his hair brushing over your shoulder as he does. He smells like hyacinth, like mint.
Roan moves around restlessly waiting for you. You pull her closer and encourage her little face to yours. "If I do something you don't like, just tell me, okay? If the hairdryer's too hot or it goes in your face, just shout and I'll stop."
"Okie dokes," she says neatly.
"Okie dokes."
It actually ends up being way easier than you'd thought. Roan giggles at the tickling air and eventually ends up leaning heavily against your chest. Eddie gets dressed and sits down beside you, pulling one of her feet into his lap to play with her toes.
When she's all done, you turn off the dryer and look to Eddie for an evaluation.
He's given up sitting and is lying down, hands still at her ankles. He scratches the sole of her foot and grins at her giggles, rising up on elbows to praise you. "Holy sugar, sweetheart. You look perfect."
Roan smiles at his bubbly voice. You smile yourself and wrap your arms over her front, dipping your nose into her still warm hair. She smells like her macadamia conditioner, sweet and fruity.
You finally leave for your own shower and return to find her smelling like lotion and wearing her strawberry print pajamas, snuggled up on Eddie's chest. They're talking about nothing in particular, though Eddie's voice is imbued with humour, every word cut short by a laugh.
"What's funny?" you ask, standing in the doorway in your pajamas. They're not as cute as Roan, but Eddie nods at them appreciatively and holds out his hand. You climb in beside them both to take it.
"We were talking about you," he says, squeezing your fingers.
"Good things, I hope," you say, surprised at how nervous you feel.
"What do you think, babe? Were they good things?" he asks Roan.
She shushes him and snuggles closer into his chest on his opposite side.
Eddie rubs her little back. "She's tired," he mouths.
You put your hands under your head and close your eyes. "Me too. Shush, handsome."
He tries to glare at you, but he can't stop smiling.
more eddie and roan
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mirkwoodmunson · 2 days ago
eddie has his chin resting on your shoulder, his body wrapped around your back with you sat between his legs, lounging on his bed together. you lean your temple into him, both of you just quiet and comfortable and enjoying the proximity as you pull a threaded needle in and out of his dio vest.
“i know you know how to sew, dude,” you say softly, amused, nudging against him, to which he snorts and turns his head — you’re already squealing when he blows a raspberry into your neck, makes you jolt and then elbow him playfully.
“yeah, well, i like watchin’ you do it,” he whines, replacing his chin on your shoulder and winding arms around your middle to hold you close.
“you just like when i play housewife for you,” you sigh with false dejection, shaking your head wistfully, and eddie snorts harder and squeezes you and shoves his face into you, muffling his ‘nooooooo that’s not truuuue~!’ you grin and reach up to scritch affection through his hair and laugh with him, turning your head to smooch his cheek.
“you’re just so cute when you’re all focused n’ stuff,” he breathes against you as he settles.
you smile wide as you relax and lean into each other again, eddie watching your hand bring the needle and thread through the denim of his vest to reinforce the stitching of his iron maiden patch — stitch stitch stitch stitch.
he could definitely do it himself — had done many times. but how could he deny himself this view? your lashes low and hiding intent, focused eyes, hair falling around your face as your tongue pokes through thinned lips, deep in concentration. cheeks a little pink from your combined warmth but you nestled into him happily anyway. you took such care with something that was so important to him and sometimes he just needed to see this, needed to watch this physical manifestation of your love for him. not that he’d ever doubted you, but that sometimes eddie doubted himself — that you were real. needed to just sit with you like this and remind himself you wouldn’t spend all this time with him in silence while he watched you mend his vest if you didn’t enjoy it.
you feel his hold on you grow a bit tighter in the ensuing silence as he thinks about you, and you lean closer into him. you tie off the thread and snip it, nudging your nose into his cheek as you hold up the vest, iron maiden firmly sewn back on.
eddie shoves his lips onto your cheek with a loud ‘mmmmmMMMMWAHH,’ and then you practically screech as he holds onto you tight and throws himself back with you in his clutches, rolling with you as you laugh and squeal and he alternates thanking you in between the onslaught of wet smooches.
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ddejavvu · 8 hours ago
don't mind me i'm just thinking about how Eddie Munson would SO pretend to be someone you know if you come up to him in a store or so and whisper to him how this guy has been creeping you out for ages 'n he would take to his role so well 😭 i need to shift dimensions I need to be with this guy
i'd commit unspeakable horrors to be his girlfriend
You almost feel bad practically tackling the man from behind. All he was doing was grabbing a can of soup off of the shelf, and you made him your impromptu best friend.
He lurches forward at the contact, and turns to look at you with fire in his eyes. You're absolutely certain he's going to scold you, but he sizes you up at his eyes soften slightly. He raises one eyebrow, a silent 'what the fuck do you want?' and you ramble breathlessly.
"Please pretend you're my friend," You whisper, the squeaky wheels of the cart you're dreading the owner of coming towards you down the aisle, "He's following me and I don't know what to do."
He doesn't even blink. His face doesn't shift in the slightest, and for a quick moment you're unsure whether he heard you at all. But his arm curls around your own, and he spins you to face the soups.
"-so I was thinking chicken and stars, but R2-D2 absolutely kills as a noodle," He drawls, ringed fingers gesturing vaguely at each can that he names, "'S whatever you want, babe."
You hear your supermarket stalker's wheels squeak to a stop at the end of the aisle, and you don't dare turn to see his face. You'd prefer never to see it again, a reminder of the lewd comment he'd made in the produce section about melons.
"Star Wars," You decide, plucking the can off of the shelf and handing it to him, "Uh, thank you."
"Now we need," He squints at his list, tongue poking out of his mouth and sticking to his upper lip, "Ritz crackers, and chicken for tomorrow night."
He mimes looking for the crackers, noticing the man standing at the end of the aisle, waiting.
"Oh, sorry," He lifts the back wheels of the cart with the handle, scooting it sideways so that the man can pass, though you both know he doesn't want to, "Were we in your way? Go ahead, we're gonna be here for a while."
The man stares at you, you can feel it. But your new best friend sets a hand gently, politely on the small of your back, leading you around him and sandwiching you between the aisle and him. He holds the list out in front of you, "Babe, can you tell what that says? Can't even read my own writing," He laughs good-naturedly, "I think it says 'blueberries'?"
"Or blub errands," You try deciphering his messy scrawl, weight lifting from your shoulders as the man finally decides to move, crossing your path and bumping the wheel of your new cart as he does.
"Definitely blub errands," The boy beside you snickers, glancing at the reflective panel of the aisle beside him to watch for when the man finally turns a corner, "Some nice improv, babe."
You're not sure why he's still using the nickname, the man is out of earshot. But you're too relieved to care, physically relaxing as your shoulders slump.
"Oh my god," You let out a much bigger breath than you intend to, almost dizzying yourself, "Thank you so much. I just- he was always there and I didn't know what to do! I'm sorry I almost knocked you over," You turn sheepish, eyeing his ankle that you're fairly certain he'd twisted in the meetup, "Are you okay?"
"You're fine," He waves off your apology, rolling the ankle in question with a cheeky grin, "I'm tough."
"You look it," You eye him up and down, a silver chain dangling from his belt that's almost covered by a leather jacket, "Do you have, like, a really big tattoo of a heart with a knife through it on your arm? Bonus points if it says mom."
He laughs incredulously, shrugging the shoulder of his jacket off to prove you wrong, "Uh, no, but thanks for the idea."
You let out a laugh, something that seems impossible considering how scared you just were, but one that comes naturally. The boy you'd found seems to be the type you'd go for both in and out of a life-threatening scenario, and you're starting to wonder if you'll get this lucky with any real relationships you're in.
"Well, listen," He stuffs the list in his pocket, a scrap of the paper sticking out, "I've only got a few more things. If you want, we can check out together," He motions towards the hand-held basket you're holding, "'Cause I don't think that guy's gone. I'd offer you a ride home," He reaches a hand up to scratch aimlessly at the nape of his neck, "But I drive a van, and I think me asking you to get into it would be creepier than anything that guy did."
"It's okay!" You assure him, a light laugh escaping you at his earnestness, "I'm sure I'll be fine driving home. But seriously, thank you," You smile at him, clutching the handles of your basket tighter in an effort not to hug him, "I really appreciate this."
"Anytime, babe." There's that nickname again, paired with the grin you'd seen before, "Now come walk with me, you're helping me find the blub errands."
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fxllfaiiry · 17 hours ago
✧    ﹒     ♡       ⁺      ៹    ﹒       ♡    ﹒       ✧      ₊  
❥ 𝐭𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐩𝐞𝐫𝐯!𝐞𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐞 𝐰𝐨𝐮𝐥𝐝 𝐝𝐨 -
♡ use your panties to jerk off.
♡ steal one of your stuffies and use it to get himself off.
♡ make you wear no panties in public, for easy access.
♡ take lewd pictures of you and keep them in his wallet.
♡ tease you in front of the entire hellfire club, rubbing your slit up and down until you break.
♡ 100% fuck you in front of steve.
♡ give you a plushie covered in his cum, you don’t know that tho.
♡ record you touching yourself.
♡ leave marks everywhere without regard to who sees them.
♡ tell you to hump his pillow so he can later use your scent to get off.  
♡ totally fuck your boobs.
♡ overestimate you by tying you up to the bed and leaving a vibrator running on your pussy.  
♡ would also fuck you deep and hard with a dildo.
♡ make steve cum inside of you, then lick it clean.
♡ would try to make you cum only by playing with your tits.
♡ make you ride his chest to get off. 
♡ would let you suck on his fingers. 
♡ would throat train you...while recording the whole thing. 
✧    ﹒     ♡       ⁺      ៹    ﹒       ♡    ﹒       ✧      ₊  
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ceriseheaven · 2 days ago
An eddie request….everyone always does the read insecure about her body and eddie having to cheer her up….I want a good smutylicious story where the readerxeddie have been together awhile. He’s developed a little pudge and he’s insecure and jealous. When he finally confides to the reader why they have some hot sex 💦💦
everything about this. yes.
warnings: insecure!eddie, a little bit of body image issues but nothing major, and obviously smut so minors.. i'm asking you kindly to look elsewhere :) + my usual bad writing, sorry if this feels a little too short
feedback or criticism are very appreciated! & thanks for ur time <3
the car ride back home to yours and eddie's trailer is never this quiet.
sure, there has been days where you're both too tired to start up a conversation and on these days you'd put on the radio and the air would be filled with music and soft touches. his hands on your thighs, his fingers fiddling and intertwining with yours, your nails grazing up and down on his jean covered leg. all in comfortable silence.
but this was different.
this silence was the furthest thing from comfortable. instead of music and light wandering hands, the air was clouded with heavy tension and distant stares onto each other and out the windows.
you finally got home after what felt like forever. you lock the door and turn to face your boyfriend only to see that he's no longer standing there, he's already sat on the couch staring blankly at the black screen of the television. "eddie.. what's going on? why won't you talk to me?" you decide to break the silence and sit next to him, tucking his hair behind his ear so you could get a clearer view of his side profile.
"who says i'm not talking to you?" his eyes remain on the turned off tv and his usual lively voice is now dull and monotone. "the fact that you haven't said a word to me on the way home or before that says it." you run your hand through his hair, gently massaging his scalp since you know how he loves it when you do that, usually he'd melt into your hands like an icy cream left in the sun too long.
"maybe i don't have anything to say." eddie? your eddie munson? has nothing to say? the chances of pigs flying were more likely. "you always have something to say. baby what's going on?"
eddie sighs and moves his head until your hand is no longer cradling it. he never does that. "nothing is going on, it's just that.. you know what? just forget about it. let's call it a night i'm exhausted anyway." he tries to get up but you grab his bicep before he could go, sitting him back down on the couch. "noway we're not going to bed before we talk this out, eds what is it? you know you can tell me anything baby." you hold his face in your hands, lightly caressing his cheeks with your thumbs. eyes pleading him to talk to you but he keeps trying to avoid your stare. "it's stupid."
"if you're this worked up about it, then no it's not. tell me." you ask him, in a more determined tone this time, you're gonna get it out of him someway or another. he hardly ever gets mad so this has to be something serious. something dire.
"do you wish i was.. more toned?" his thoughts have consumed him and spit him out into the shape of internal shame and he knows you'll see into him if he looks at you so his eyes never meet yours. he's looking past you as if you're not there. as if he's not there.
staring at his detached expression, you feel your heart drop from its place. "what..?"you ask him in disbelief, there's noway he's having doubts about himself, about his body you think. "you know, like those men you gawk at in the movies. do you wish i looked more like that?" taking the thoughts out of your mind, his words left you almost speechless.
"baby i wouldn't wanna change a thing about you, i think you look perfect." you tell him honestly and it's true, you do think he looks perfect and he does, the fact that he thinks otherwise pains you. "but do i? i don't exactly look the same as i did when we first started dating." he grabs your hands off his face and holds them in his lap, playing with your fingers so he wouldn't feel drowned in your stare.
"and neither do i but you still love me the same right?" you question him softly, your voice free from any judgement as you run your fingers on the inside of his palms, trying to offer him any kind of comfort he'll allow.
"i love you more." eddie utters out with no hesitance. his eyes finally contacting yours, you've provoked him enough to get him to look at you, maybe now he can see how sincere you're being. "then why do you think i'd love you less?" you say and watch his mouth open and close, his jaw clenching a little bit as his eyes fall to your intertwined hands again.
"because." he says and looks at you as if that's an enough reason but your raised eyebrows tell him that this answer simply won't suffice. "because you could have anybody you want, say the word and ten jason carver's will fall at your feet." eddie spits out and lets go of your hands, feeling ashamed of his own insecurity but he continues murmuring. "better looking, more put together, brighter futures, house in the suburbs, don't have stupid tummies." he says and the last one rolls off his tongue with extra bitterness, clearly it's the one haunting him most.
"no eddie. stop. i don't give a shit about any of that. fuck jason carver and all his stupid mindless clones, i don't want any of that." throwing one of your legs over his body, you move into his lap, taking a seat right on top of his crotch. "i don't want that superficial shallow bullshit, i don't want a paper house in the suburbs with a guy who most definitely can't find the clit." you say and that earns you a little chuckle from the man beneath you. "he probably doesn't even know what that is." he adds to your statement and his hands find your hips.
"i want you, my rockstar and i want your adorable little tummy." you let your fingers get underneath his top, slowly running them up his stomach with your nails lifting his shirt as you do. "that tickles." he says but makes no attempts to stop you as you pull his shirt over his head, tossing it to the side and placing your hands on his shoulders, pushing him down until he's completely sunk into the couch.
you duck your head down, planting kisses all over the curves of his upper body, from the little pudge on the middle of his figure to the sides of his belly. "i only want you, eds." you work your way up to his chest, the tiny soft kisses turning into sucking harshly on his skin, leaving a purple spot where your mouth has just been, claiming him. "just you" eddie whimpers under your lips and lifts his hips up, trying to stimulate any kind of friction for his hardening dick.
you roll your hips over his and feel his body melt beneath you as he starts groaning in relief. you continue to work your way up his neck, you whisper "nobody's better than you baby." wasting no more time, his hands grab your ass and push you down onto him. "there's only you for me." you whine at the contact between his rock hard erection and your clothed cunt.
"then show me." eddie spits out, his hand taking a hold around your neck with his rings adorned fingers putting pressure on your pulse, giving you just the right amount of rush to do whatever he asks. "fuck me like you'll never stop loving me." he leans in and whispers in your ear before his lips land on yours, kissing you with so much delicacy. it's crazy how his mouth that says the most vile things can façade itself behind such a gentle action. "fuck me like you're proud that i'm yours."
that's all it takes. "gladly, my rockstar." you whisper into the kiss and pull away enough to tear off your shirt. his eyes almost popped out of their sockets when he saw you weren't wearing a bra underneath this whole time. he grabbed you closer and his mouth immediately went over to your nipples, licking them up and sucking until the little pink skin started to turn into a light shade of purple.
his lips felt so good on you, he always knows how to handle your body. he knows what every little part of you needs and he knows how to give it to you. like right now, he knows how wet your pussy's getting and how it's desperate for attention so with his hands on your hips, he rock you back and forth on his jeans covered shaft. as if the sensation from his tongue on your sensitive nipples wasn't enough to send you over the edge.
putting your hands on his shoulders, you push him back and feel the warmth his mouth provided disappear right away. "as much as i hate to stop you..it isn't about me tonight." you say breathlessly and run your hands down his chest, your eyes follow. "i want to make you feel good, not the other way around."
"but making you feel good makes me feel good." eddie pouts out making you smile and lean in to kiss it off his lips. "i know baby but you deserve some loving too, it's been a long time coming." running your tongue over his bottom lip, he opens his mouth inviting it in. you start to slowly suck on his tongue, he pulls you close until you're body is completely laid against his.
you reach your hands down to his pants and begin to take the handcuffs out, his belt follows, throwing both on the floor behind you as you pull his zipper down and take the black skinny jeans off his legs along with his boxers, leaving him fully naked and exposed to you.
he's hard as ever, his cock hits his stomach and there's a glint of precum coating over his pink tip. wrapping your hand about his length, you start to pump it up and down keeping your other arm wrapped around his neck for balance. "you're so fucking hot, sometimes i cum just thinking about you.. don't even need to touch myself." you whisper in his ear, kissing down his lobe and feel him panting as his hands busy themselves in undoing your jeans and pulling it off your body, eager to be buried inside of you already. "what do you think about?" he whines out as he managed to successfully tear your pants and underwear off, now both of you sitting in the vulnerability of each other.
"just.. you. us. i think.. i think about this.." you sit up a little higher on his lap and line up his cock with your entrance, rocking it back and forth on your arousal. eddie's eyes roll back in his head at the sudden contact and his hand grip your hips tightly, rocking you harder and pushing his own hips up until his tip was inside you but he pulls out before going any further, edging himself and letting you take control like you wanted.
moaning against his neck, you sink down slowly until he's completely inside you. "i think about all the times you've fucked me before.." the pleasure takes over the pain of his size compared your tight hole. "and i think about your hands, i think about your hands a lot." planting your knees into the couch, you start to bounce steadily on his cock, your movements unhurried but bothered by the ache in your core that craves more. "i think about how you're mine alone, no other girl gets to have you, feel you.."
opening his now almost fully black with utter lust eyes, eddie stares at you astonished with a smirk playing on his lips. "you like thinking that? like knowing i'm all yours?" he wraps one arm around your waist to fuck up into your cunt once he noticed your knees started to quiver lightly, keeping his other hand occupied on your breasts, switching every now and then, twisting your nipples between his index and middle finger.
"fuck.. yeah yeah i do, you're all mine and i'm so fucking lucky to have you, eds." you nuzzle your head into his neck, leaving open mouthed kisses that turned into purple hickies, visible for the whole world to see. "so fucking lucky." you pull away enough to take the sight of him in, placing your hands on the soft of his tummy. "i love you so much."
unlike everything that night, the kiss you've just shared is gentle. so gentle he nearly halts his movements to comprehend the sudden intimacy but you don't allow that to happen as you keep moving your hips in a back and forth motion this time, your clit hitting his happy trail with each slow thrust.
you feel your impending orgasm closing in and start to bounce on eddie's cock again, it begins to hurt but right now you refuse to finish before he does. "you close baby?" you ask him and he nods eagerly, both his hands back on your hips to help keep you steady. "yeah sweetheart just keep.. doing that."
it doesn't take long until you feel his warm, white fluid shoot up in your pussy, the way it hits inside you trigger your own release. moans filling up the room and clouding up the windows, his hold on your body remains strong as you continue rocking you both down from your highs.
you lay your head on his chest and feel it heaving beneath you, he's still catching his air, breathless and fucked out and you're exactly a mirrored image of him.
it takes you both a few minutes to calm down and gather yourselves, his dick has gone soft inside you but you haven't bothered to get off him yet, far too comfortable in this position and your boyfriend's restful embrace and that's when a thought occurs to you. a joke more like.
you look up at eddie, trying to hide the smug smile on your mouth by biting your lips. "you know.. i'm very glad you're starting to put on a little weight.." eddie looks at you, his brain still too fuzzy to understand where you could be going with this and he doesn't need to try because you open your mouth again and whisper. "i've always wanted to fuck jim hopper."
the look on his face is priceless, he's confused, amused, he tries to act offended but only ends up laughing and smacking your ass with enough force to make you squeal. "shut the fuck up. fuck you for putting that image in my head" you laugh with him and lay your head back on his chest, his hand instinctually goes to your hair, playing with it.
"by the way, i love you too." eddie speaks after a moment of silence, taking you by surprise at first but then you remember he's referring to when you said it earlier. you feel a soft kiss being left on your temple with a hushed little "thank you for loving me."
your heart flutters at his words, eddie truly has no idea how special he is and how lucky you are to have him and as much as it hurts you, you're also proud of him to allow you help with something he's sensitive about. you place a kiss right where his heart is and mutter out, "thank you for letting me."
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the pain of letting you go- e.m (pt 10)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ex!Eddie Munson x Ex!AFAB!Reader
Summary: eddie has a solo therapy session and a sit down talk with wayne about everything that’s been going on
Warnings: angst, eddie pov, mentions of past trauma and abuse (please don’t read if the topic is sensitive for you), crying, eddie having a breakthrough, wayne being the g.o.a.t and talking some sense into his nephew, cliffhanger ending
Word Count: 3.7k
A/N: part ten of the series is here! can’t believe it’s almost done, it feels unreal. thank you to everyone for the continued support! reminder: if the topic is sensitive for you, please do not read. also, my two years of taking psychology in high school really came to play in this chapter, so if it doesn't make all kinds of sense, be gentle with my fuzzy brain recollection ! one last thing: eddie's backstory might sound a lot like billy's but that's just how i think it would be in this series! enjoy! :) -sava
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Tumblr media
“Do you want to start by telling me what brings you here today?” The lady in front of him asks, her notepad open and a pen situated between her index finger and thumb. Eddie shifts, readjusting his sitting position on the stiff couch in the spacious office as he looks back at the therapist in front of him.
He did exactly what he said he would. He got home that day that Christopher got in the fight and dialed Jonathan Byers’s home number, asking for the name and number of the therapist he and Will used to see back in Hawkins when their parents were getting their divorce. He thanked the man and hung up, quickly dialing the number Jonathan provided and made the first available appoint for the Monday after Thanksgiving, thanks to a recent cancellation. 
Everything he said that day was true, he wanted to make it up to you and he would put the work in for that to happen. He spent the holiday alone, except for the breakfast he had with Wayne before he went back to bed to prepare for his shift at the plant that night. He mentioned wanting to talk with the boy, concerned about his lack of Thanksgiving plans. Eddie hadn’t really kept Wayne in the loop with everything that has happened between you and him, not wanting his uncle to look at him differently for acting so stupid. He was already beating himself up over the situation, he didn’t need more people he loved to turn against him.
“I’ve been an idiot lately,” he tells her simply, crossing his arms in front of him, putting a barrier between his heart and the unfamiliar woman. She smiles a little, looking at her notes before turning back to him.
“Happens to the best of us sometimes. Care to elaborate?” She questions, raising a brow. Eddie lets out a sigh, before opening his mouth to speak once more.
“I asked my wife for a separation, for a really stupid reason, and now that we’re not together anymore, I-I feel nothing but regret and I just want her back,” he explains.
She takes a moment to write in her notebook, before turning back to Eddie. She examines him for a moment, looking him over and Eddie squirms under her intense stare. Therapy was new territory for him. He often wondered how much better his life could’ve been if he attended regularly as a kid, but with money being tight and his asshole father not seeing the point, it was never a solid option. He probably could’ve saved himself a lot of heartache and trouble if he had a healthy outlet to express himself like this, really talking about his problems instead of blasting music and getting high to forget all the troubles the universe threw his way.
“This ‘stupid’ reason you said…what exactly was it? What led you to want to separate from your wife?” She inquires. Another sigh leaves Eddie’s lips as he braces for judgement.
“I-I’m in a band, called Corroded Coffin. I have this bandmate, his name’s Gareth. He made some silly joke about my rockstar image being ‘tainted’ because I’m married to the only girl I’ve ever dated and been with sexually, and already have a kid. Like I said, it’s really stupid, but, I guess I just…let it get to me.”
“And why do you think that is?”
“Why do you keep asking why?” Eddie snaps a little, already getting a little irritated. “I thought you were supposed to tell me all that. Tell me what’s wrong with me so I can go and make shit better.”
“We have to work through it to get to the root of the problem, first. Together,” she answers him, sending him a sweet smile. He huffs, pressing himself further into the uncomfortable couch. “Now, is what your friend Gareth said true? That you’ve only been with one girl your whole life?”
“Yeah, it is. No one ever looked at me that way before Y/N and I started dating, and it just felt right. Then she got pregnant, and we got married after she graduated,” Eddie explains a bit. 
“Did you feel like you married Y/N out of obligation? Because you got her pregnant?”
He takes a moment to think. To reflect on the entire 8 years you spent together in a romantic relationship, and the years before that you spent as friends. He always loved spending time with you, whether you were friends or more than that. He remembers the time he realized he had feelings for you:
The summer of 1982 was hotter than you both wanted it be, even at night. You and Eddie were hanging out in his trailer, listening to his Black Sabbath album ‘Mob Rules’, blasting it with the windows wide open for the whole trailer park to hear. You both were on your third beer of the night, not wanting to celebrate the Fourth of July at the annual fair Hawkins threw every year thanks to Mayor Kline, but instead just having a relaxing night in the trailer, which is why it was okay for you both to blast the music after quiet hours began.
You were both laughing at some silly joke you said about his neighbor’s cat, the alcohol evident in your system and the fuzziness swirling around in both of your brains making any and every thing sound like the best joke in the world. He noticed how sweet your laughter was, and the way your nose crinkled when you giggled at his jokes, your lips curling into the brightest smile he’s ever seen and how you tilt your head back when you found something particularly funny. 
The butterflies were beginning to swirl in his stomach when you flopped on the bed next to him, laughing so hard he thought you’d pee all over his bed and stain it further, since you’d already gone several times that night thanks to the alcohol in your system. He thought he could just laugh at hearing your laugh for the rest of his life, seeing the bright twinkle in your eye when he turned towards you and heat spreading to his cheeks thanks to the staring. 
The laughter died down, the two of you looking at each other with soft eyes and reaching for each other. He grabbed your arm, running his ring clad hand up and down your soft skin, and you went to brush his growing mane out of his face. He felt his heart beating so fast in his chest, thinking it might pop out of him and explode all over your pretty outfit, which was a low cut tank top and high waisted shorts due to the heat, not that Eddie was complaining. 
It felt sudden when you pressed your lips to his, but he didn’t care all that much as he quickly melted into your touch, bringing the hand that was once rubbing up and down your arm to cup your face gently. The two of you had been friends for a while, but it wasn’t weird to be kissing in that moment. The heat that was created between the two of you as your lips moved against each other felt so nice and comforting. Like it was bound to happen any day. Like Eddie always said: It just felt right.
“No, I didn’t feel like I needed to marry her out of obligation. Her parents maybe think that, since they kept hinting towards it throughout the pregnancy, but I didn’t feel pressured by them or her. I did it because I wanted to,” he finally answers the woman before him. She nods at his answer and quickly scribbles something in her notebook again.
“And why did you want to? Think back at how you felt around that time in your life. What made you decide you wanted to spend the rest of your life with her in the first place?” 
“Being with her made me feel truly happy for the first time in my life. I had a shit childhood and everyone bullied me up until I graduated at my third attempt at a senior year, but whenever we were together, even before we were dating, it felt like I didn’t have to worry about ever being unhappy. I just felt-I felt like maybe life didn’t have to suck as much as I used to think it did.”
“Good, that’s good. I think we’re starting to get somewhere. Can you talk to me more about your childhood?” The therapist asks, readjusting her position in the chair in front of him, crossing a leg above her knee and readjusting her notepad. Eddie’s breath hitches for a moment, swallowing it down quickly after. He never reveled in the details about his childhood too often. The last time he had to was some comment Christopher made about a family tree he had to make for school, and he had asked about where his mother and father were and why he only had one set of grandparents he went to visit during the holidays. It wasn’t a lengthy conversation between him and his son, not like it was when he told you all those years ago. He wanted to save that story for when Chris was significantly older. Please, it all still felt very fresh, as if it was happening yesterday.
“Um, yeah…yeah I can. My mom, she was the sweetest woman. Always did her best to care for me a provide some kind of normal childhood with what little we had. But my dad…he was a total prick. An angry drunk who used to beat us every time we breathed wrong. He and my mom would fight a lot, arguing about money and other pointless shit in the end. But it always ended in him ‘winning’, getting a few too many smacks in and taking it out on me when I would try to defend her,” Eddie begins, his hands clasped in front of him as he leans forward on his knees, one leg bouncing uncontrollably as he speaks.
“One day, thinks got a little too heated between the two of them because he lost his job at the body shop he worked at, being drunk on the clock and all. They got into a screaming match, apparently, because money was becoming tighter and tighter, and when he lost his job, my mom was the only one with a stable income coming in. He…he hit her. No, not hit. He punched her. He was going at her and just hurting her worse than he ever had. She ended up in the hospital, broken ribs and eye swollen shut, but panicking about how much it would cost her instead of worrying about her injuries. But she figured it out and once she was better, she left Hawkins. S-she promised she’d come back and get me, and we’d go live in a city together where we didn’t have to deal with that asshole, but after two months of getting the brunt of all his anger about it, I lost hope. Then six months after she left, my dad got locked up and I was put in my Uncle Wayne’s care.”
She nods at his words, taking in all the information spilled at her in such a short amount of time as she writes faster than Eddie thought anyone could. Eddie’s chest feels tight as his mind brings him back to his past. The pain from his father’s fists and the smacking sound he’d create against his chubby pre-teen face still fresh and the exact reason he was so worried when Christopher got into a fight at school. Sure, Eddie knew how to defend himself against bullies when the time called for it, but he tried to not get physical when he felt the need to get violent. The fight with his son, plus the smack you landed on his face when he was being a jealous dickhead about Steve, took him back to the small house he lived in on the outskirts of Hawkins with his father’s harsh words ringing in his ears and horrible actions making his skin sting.
“Do you ever find yourself running away from conflict, Eddie?” The therapist asks, pulling him out of his thoughts. 
“Um…yeah, I guess sometimes I do. But Y/N and I didn’t have any conflict when I asked for the separation, it was because of what Gareth said,” he replies. She hums to herself, raising her eyebrows a bit a shaking her head.
“But what if it was something deeper than that?” She ponders.
“What do you mean?”
She closes the notebook momentarily, setting it on the side table closest to her chair and clasping her hands in front of her. “What if you had a deeper reasoning, something that didn’t click into place until your friend said the joke. Eddie, with all the stuff you just told me, it sounds like the abandonment your mother caused you to feel could have something to do with this, as well as a bit of self sabotage.”
The abandonment was spot on, with the grudge he still held for his mother for leaving him in the hands of an abusive piece-of-shit still very present. But self sabotage? What on earth could he have been sabotaging? And for what reason?
“I’m going to need you to elaborate further, doc,” he pleads.
“Well, you said you never felt truly happy until you were with Y/N. Things were going good between you, so there could’ve been a small part of you just waiting for things to get bad again. Waiting for the other shoe to drop. So instead of you going through any sort of pain on the receiving end, you initiated the bad stuff before it could happen to you. And running away similar to how your mother did, but not exactly the same,” she explains to him. 
Eddie feels as if a lightbulb went off over his head as he listens to what she says. It all makes sense, because there was always a small part of him that told him he never deserved anything good in his life, words his father would spew at him continuing to stay with him many years later. He finally felt happy and let his head overthink that, not truly being able to soak up the feeling and throwing away the best thing he’s ever witnessed in his life. The words the therapist said, mixed with the insecurity of his lack of experience, all made Eddie feel semi-better about knowing what exactly led him to acting so stupid.
As happy as he was to get to the root of the problem, he felt like even more of an idiot for doing so and putting you through the shit that was going on with him. What if he managed to get this kind of help earlier, before acting on Gareth’s words and being a mini manwhore? What if he just talked about how he was feeling instead of keeping it to himself and letting you suffer in the process?
“That actually makes a lot of sense doc…thank you,” he breathes out.
“That’s why I’m here. I think we’ve made some great progress for today, and I’d like to try and see you once more before your family session coming up in a couple of weeks. Talk to the receptionist out front and see where they can squeeze you in,” the therapist says, standing from her chair and extending her hand to him. He shakes it as he stands himself, digging his hands in his pocket before walking out of the room and out into the lobby where the front desk is located.
Staring at Wayne’s truck in the driveway, Eddie takes a deep breath before turning the engine to his van off. Exiting the vehicle, he takes the few steps until he reaches the porch, climbing the stairs and walking in the front door. Wayne’s figure is relaxing in his recliner, feet extended as he watches a show on the tiny television. He meets his nephews eyes, Eddie giving him a shy wave before setting his keys on the kitchen counter.
“Hey boy,” Wayne greets him, pushing the recliner back into the regular sitting position and standing. He walks over towards the kitchen, his arms extending and wrapping around his nephew quickly. “How’ve you been boy?”
Eddie shakes his head, laughing a little as he looks to the floor. “Not good Uncle Wayne. Pretty far from being okay, if I'm being honest”
“C’mere son, lets sit down and talk,” he gestures towards the kitchen table, the two chairs already situated a bit for people to just slide it, the two men having a habit of not pushing them in. Eddie sits down, wringing his hands together as he rests the against the table. Wayne slides in, taking a sip of his drink as he looks at his nephew. “Tell me what’s been going on with you and Y/N.”
Eddie’s eyes shoot up to meet Wayne's, panic in his face hearing his uncle say the words. Wayne hated gossip, so there was no way someone else managed to tell him the situation before he did, right?l
“How did you-“
“Now you know as well as I do how fast word travels in this damn town. I may not like to gossip, but my ears do perk up when they’re talking about my nephew. I would’ve liked to hear it from you though, so talk to me son,” he explains, cutting the younger man off. 
“M’sorry Wayne, I just didn’t want you to be mad at me and be disappointed in me. I've already put you through enough shit...I-I just didn't want to add onto that,” Eddie admits, hanging his head low in shame, staring at the wooden table and tracing the cravings he did years ago with his fingertips.
“Eddie I could never be disappointed in you, and I mean that.”
“Thanks Wayne, I appreciate that,” he pauses, continuing to trace the carvings. “I really screwed things up with Y/N. I got in my head and let her go…and now I feel horrible. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever done, and you know me, it says a lot.”
“Yeah son, I do know you. And you’re right, that is the worst thing you’ve ever done,” Wayne tells him. Eddie’s eyes widen, staring at his uncle crazily, a breathy laugh leaving his lips. “No, Eddie, I’m serious. I’ve seen how that girl has changed your life for the better, and leaving her like that was just cruel. She and that boy of yours love you so much, but I can’t for the life of me understand why you did it, because I know how crazy you are about her. So what the hell?”
Eddie frowns, hearing the disappointment in his uncle’s voice. He knew how stupid it was letting the one person other than Wayne who has ever treated him with any kind of love that he deserved go like he did, trading the simple family life for the rockstar life he’s always dreamed of. But now that he had that rockstar life, he hated what he gave up in order to have it. Losing you and your son wasn’t worth all the potential record deals and never having to worry about money again. 
“I know Wayne…I know I messed up. But I’m trying to do better-I am going to do better. I just came back from a therapy session, and we’re going to go as a family so I can see just how much this has effected them and see what I can do to be good to them. I want to be back in their lives and come home to my family every night and tuck my son in without him hating me. I want to lay in bed with my wife at night and hear all about her day and hold her in my arms as we fall asleep, then wake up and do it all over again. I never thought that’d be something I could want, much less have, but now that it’s almost out of my grasp?” Eddie stops, feeling the tears fall down his pale cheeks as he tries his best to compose himself in front of his uncle, turning away and rubbing his eyes with his thumb.
He keeps the sobs to himself, not wanting to look more pathetic than he already felt. He knew it was stupid to cry over his own mistakes, but it just showed how much he cared for you and Christopher. He loves you both so much, and despite everything, he wants nothing but happiness for the both of you, whether that includes him in your lives or not. 
Wayne stands from his chair, walking over and taking Eddie’s figure in his own, wrapping his arms around the boy’s shoulder and holding Eddie’s head close to his figure with his free hand. Eddie immediately hugs him back, his face burying into one of Wayne’s legs as he turns his head to the side, looking out at the living room before closing his eyes once more, fresh tears spilling over the edge.
“I don’t want to lose them, Wayne. I can’t,” Eddie mumbles out. Wayne nods, patting his nephew’s head as he tries to soothe him. 
“I know boy, I know. But you have to keep putting in the work. I know you love them, and they still love you, I can see it when I see Y/N around town sometimes with the way she still manages to flash me a smile. So go and be a better man for them, the husband and father they need you to be and get your head out of your ass,” Wayne says.
Eddie smiles a little, pulling away from his uncle and rubbing his tears on his sleeve. He was going to do whatever you needed him to in order to be on good terms again. He knew things wouldn’t magically heal over night and that he’d be welcomed back to his home with open arms next time you saw both of them, so he would wait as long as he needs for you to be ready and let him back into your life. 
That is, if you still really wanted him there.
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Tumblr media
~Not So Innocent~
Paring: Eddie Munson x Fem reader
Warnings: 18+, smut, Humiliation kink, Dirty talk, Orgasm control, cursing, MINORS DNI
Word count: 3.2k words
Summary- After your best friend finds out that you’re not so innocent, he gives you an experience.
Tumblr media
In your diary you recorded a lot of embarrassing desires - other people keep diaries to remember memories. After your best friend discovered you weren't so innocent, he made sure to rub it in your face.
It was the day your mom left town. Knowing you'll be all alone, you still had your two best friends, Robin and Eddie. Robin had work, but she promised to come over afterwards. Eddie on the other hand was at his trailer practicing on his guitar. It wasn't expected that anyone would arrive early, at least at first.
As you wrote in your diary, your pink bedazzled vibrator rested beside you.
Suddenly, Eddie knocked on your door with blue slushies and snacks. Your diary was placed beside your vibrator as you stood up. Upon opening the door, you were greeted by a massive beam of sunlight. As always, Eddie invited himself in. Snacks were placed on the table and your slushie was handed to you.
It was no problem at all for Eddie to flood your forehead with kisses like he always does, you chuckled, wrestling him and trying to break free.
 "Heard you were all alone tonight mama, thought I'd pop in and buy a bit of time," he said, sending a sweet smile to your face. There is something magical about the word 'mama', it arouses you in such ways.
As you both sat eating snacks and drinking slushies, he asked, "do you still have those edible cupcakes I gave you?"
"It's on my nightstand in my room," you said. He stood up, went to get it. It had been about 3 minutes and you know that it  rarely takes that long to grab a package of cupcakes. You were starting to become concerned at this point, until you remembered that you had left your, 
"AWH FUCK," you yelled as you rushed to your bedroom, almost tripping over cords and rugs, "Eddie-" he was frozen and staring down at it. His jaw dropped with big bulging eyes as he quickly turned to face you.
The feeling of embarrassment crept up your neck, and without saying a word, you rushed to grab the diary and vibrator, threw them in the closet, and ran to your bathroom as Eddie followed you. locking the door behind you, 
"Mama, open up!" he suggested, you didn't say a word,
 "it's okay, everyone makes themselves come every now and then, open the door," 
"don't say that word" you said in embarrassment.
“What? come?" he said,
"please, Eddie," you said,
"open the door for me". you listened and a small click was heard as the door was opened.
There was nothing you could do but stand in the doorway while covering your face. You didn't think it was the fact that you wrote a summary of all your desires in your diary, which he saw, and your vibrator. The most frustrating aspect of it was the fact that he had no idea how he made you feel.
Throughout those years, when he’d play flirt with you and smother you with kisses on your forehead, you were certain that it was kind of eliciting some kind of connection on your end, but you denied the feeling for so long because you did not want to destroy your friendship.
A glimpse through your fingers revealed him still in shock as you peered at him,
Your hands were again placed over your face as you said, "Stop looking at me like that, like you think I'm some kind of whore."Your hands were grabbed by Eddie and he pulled them to your side,
In an attempt to understand the whole situation, he explained, "I'm just– surprised that you– do stuff like that, i don't think you’re a whore. There is nothing wrong with making yourself feel good," he explained.
"How about we watch a movie, yea?" he asked. After giving him a nod, you walked into the living room as Eddie adjusted his now hardened length, ohh fuckk, he whispered. Reading your nasty fantasies shocked him, as if he had never felt anything like it before. He was turned on by the vibrator, but he was shocked by the fact that you could do such a naughty thing.
Returning to the living room, he flopped down next to you and handed you the remote.
All of that went down a week ago, since he discovered your not so innocent desires. There was a time during that week when he teased you. He would sometimes walk up to you in school and whisper something that you had written in your diary, "I dream of one day being able to squirt on someone's face." He would quote more and more things that you had written. You'd never tell him to stop, and because of that, it became an everyday thing. Teasing and humiliating you every chance he got, it got to a point where you started to like it. 
Today, Eddie was coming over again for a visit. Despite the fact that you knew he was going to make more jokes, it did not bother you in the slightest. You sat on the edge of your bed, reading the book you love the most. You made sure to already have the front door unlocked so you wouldn't have to stop reading.
 He stepped into your bedroom and stood in your doorway, beckoning himself into it. After a while, you and eddie held eye contact for a few seconds before he caught you in a game of tackle and smothered you with kisses across your forehead until you both lost your breaths from the experience.
He plopped down beside you on your bed as you reached for your book and began reading it again,
 “what ya reading? More things to add to your diary?” he laughed in awe,
“Actually Munson, im reading ‘Beloved’ by Toni Morrison, thanks for the input,” you replied,
He sat up onto his elbows, “Bullshit,” he says,
“It is not bullshit,” you turned and jabbed his shoulder with your hand,
“Whatever you say mama, anyways i brought some music to listen to,” Standing up, he reached into his back pocket. The tape was then tossed next to you on the bed.
“Madonna? I'm not listening to that, we listen to her things all the time eddie,” you stood up and walked over to your nightstand “Ive got something nice and calming, plus it'll help me read,” you said as you opened the drawer.
“I'm pretty sure it's not better than madonna,” he crossed his arms and waited.
You pulled out a tape and tossed it to him as he caught it, “Ready for the world? Love you down? Now y/n what is this shit?” he asked in a serious face,
“Just let me play it for you, you'll remember” you offered. The tape was tossed back to you, and you inserted it into the player and hit play. You turned up the volume as the tune began to play,
“Oh I remember this, you played it in my van when you first got it,” he said in such excitement.
“Yesssss! You remember,” you clapped your hands and turned it up more. It was as if you could feel the tone and vibe flowing through you. You began dancing slowly in happiness to the song,
 “Let me love you downnnn,” you sang the tune as you swayed your hips. As Eddie watched you in awe, he was enjoying the view. A little jump in his heart occurred when he saw you swaying in your silk nightgown. When he saw the adorable dance you did, he smiled, his cheeks burning with redness.
You lowered the volume, sat back down and grabbed your book, humming the tune still. You looked up at Eddie, watching him stand over you, blushing in awe.
“Awee are you blushing eddie? D’you like my little dance? Hm?” you questioned as you teased him for blushing. He plopped down next to you,
“I know y/n isn't trying to tease me for blushing. Remember when– hmmm– I read your diary. OH better yet i've seen your vibrator?” he teased and humiliated.He has no idea how much you enjoy the torture. He went on and on about what he read and saw until he said,
“This one is my favorite line, “The thought of being choked harshly brings me to my peak”- oh y/n you want to be choked, aweee-” he teased
“HOW ABOUT YOU CHOKE ME THEN-” you blurted out and slapped your hands onto your mouth.
The thick soft hand of Eddie wrapped around your pretty little neck in a flash,  “what was that, mama?” he asked,
“I- i- nothing,” you stuttered,
“Tell me, what's a line that I didn't read,” he demanded.
Eddie's move shocked you, as you didn't realize he was going to do it. You felt chills run through your body as his hand and metal rings cooled,
“That i- i- sometimes hope someone- would use my vibrator- on me,” you huffed and stuttered,
He got closer to your mouth, allowing you to feel his breath as he spoke, “yea?” he asked,
“Yea,” you slightly whimpered. He released his hand from around your neck, “where is it?” he asked
“Huh? Wha-”
“Where is your sparkly toy?” he questioned,
“In my closet, why?” you began to get a little nervous. He roamed through your closet until he found it,
“Gotcha,” he said. He stood up and started fidgeting with it, “how d’you use this shit?” he asked,
Before you could even tell him, he found the button. After clicking through all three levels, the lowest, the medium, and the highest, he turned it off again.
“I've never used this on anyone before,” he admitted.
“This may sound a little… crazy coming from your best friend but, if you would want to test it-” he cut you off mid sentence,
“Would love to,” he nodded his head to an agreement.
It was then that you realized you were laying in the middle of your bed with Eddie between your legs. Your black lace panties were revealed as he slowly pulled up the night gown. As shyness crept up on you, you covered your face. You felt his hand at the hem of your panties, 
“Are you ready?” he questioned before pulling off your panties. You sent him a little nod, giving him permission to slide them off. He pulled slowly until they were completely off of you. Laying with your face still covered, it was complete silence until, 
“Jesus Christ, mama,” he exclaimed. You opened your eyes to see him staring at your pretty puffy pink pussy in awe. You laid your head back down and covered your eyes again. The sound of the first click of the vibrator made your palms a bit sweaty.
You felt the vibrator attach to your clit, causing you to twitch in unreasonable ways, “fuuck” you let out a soft moan as you bit your lip. Eddie removed your hands from your face, “there's only one rule, keep eye-contact,” he explained.
You managed to look into his eyes as he toyed with your pussy with the vibrator. Moans escaped your mouth little by little, “Eddie, oh god”. 
He began to breathe harder, trying to fight the fact that he had gotten too hard. 
“You're so nice and wet for me. Tell me, how does it feel having your best friend please you like this?” 
Your words were stuck in your throat as you tried to manage to keep eye contact with him, “feels s’good,” you whaled. Your eyes began to water as he bit his lip and stared into your soul. You began to feel your peak rise quicker than usual,
“Eddie im gonna cum,” you threw your head back and eddie quickly detached the vibrator from your clit, “WHAT THE FUCK-”
“I told you, keep. Eye. contact,” his words got deeper and serious. The sound of his deepened voice put you under control. Staring directly into his eyes, he places the vibrator onto your clit again. Without any warning, he turns to the medium setting,
“Ohh, eddie” you cried out. He was enjoying this as much as he could. The way your voice sounded when you moaned, whimpered, or whaled he could cum in his jeans any minute.
He turned to the max setting. Your mouth dropped open as you already felt your peak, 
“Edd-eddieeee im gonna cum,” you moaned harshly,
“Hold it,” he demanded. Your eyes grew wider as tears rushed down your face, trying to concentrate on not coming. The weakness of your knees sent tingles down your toes. You squirmed in place, crying him a river but you loved it. You love the control and the feeling it was giving you.
“It- feels like- im- im gonna pee,” you whined and cried,
“You're gonna squirt mama, cum for me, now,” he demanded as he moved the vibrator in circles. Your peak rushed to the tip of your clit as fluids shot out of your pussy. Your head slammed back as your eyes rolled backwards. 
Eddie lowered the mode back to low, which helped you through your hard orgasm. You lie there regaining your energy as he removes the vibrator.
A complete silence descended upon Eddie after he stood up.In front of you he was rubbing his hard cock against the inside of his pants. You looked down to see what he was doing. It was as if you grew hungry for him, and you wanted more - but this time you wanted to feel him.
“Its okay, you can take it out,” you panted. After unzipping his pants, he slid them off. He also removed his underwear. In the midst of revealing his cock, his cock shot out, dripping with precum.
You scooted to the edge of the bed and got onto your knees, “let me help,” you offered. Wrapped your hand around his hard pink cock. He flinched to the feeling of your soft hand. Making eye contact with him, you jerked him off slowly. He let out a soft whine, “oh my god mama.” he was too flustered to even have a single thought in mind.
Eddie saw your breasts as you sat up and took off your nightgown. His jaw dropped as you grabbed him by the shirt and lay down on the bed. At this point, his body was hovering over you. 
When you removed his shirt, you could see how huge and strong he was, as well as how smooth his skin was. You noticed that the song was still playing in the background. The volume was turned up by reaching over. 
You looked back at Eddie as he gently pressed his lips onto yours, gently exploring your mouth. He lied on top of you as he's still kissing you. His hard cock was up against your wet pussy. His hips moved in an up and down motion, causing your pussy and his cock to rub against one another. 
Moaning between each other's lips, you lowered your hand to slip in his cock. Both of your foreheads were touching as you both let out a soothing moan, “mmmm”. 
As he eased his way into you further, the delicious burning sensation of his cock stretching you out hungered you even more. You opened your mouth and licked his right cheek. He smiled in awe, “so fucking sexy mama,” he grunted.
He finally got himself all the way inside and slowly thrusted inside of you. His head fell on the side of yours as he continued to thrust, “oh eddie,” you moaned into his ear,
“I know mama, I know,” he moaned back. 
He began to move his hips in a circular motion as if he was trying to find all the hidden secrets in your body. “Ffuucckk” you softly moaned. You held him tightly as he dug inside of you slowly and deeper. You dug your nails into his back, causing him to let out a nice little whimper. 
As you turned over, you switched positions so that you were on top of the pile. During this time, he sat up and held you while you held him at the same time. As you glided up and down his cock slowly and steadily, he helped you keep your pace by assisting you with that. Using one of your hands, you ran your fingers across the back of his head, rubbing the hair and massaging the scalp with your fingers. 
The slow and steady pace caused your slit to drip down to his balls, “you- feel s’good,” he moaned,
“Yea?” you moaned back. It was obvious that he took his time with you. Instead of slamming you hard and fast, he took the time to treat you so patiently and kind. It was the skin to skin contact between you and him that made you never want to let him go. He grew on you, and you grew attached to him. 
Eddie was feeling like he needed you by his side at all times, to protect, love, treat, and even bring you blue slushies daily. Despite the fact that you both werent virgins, Eddie and you have never experienced it in a similar way. Other people were never patient, slow, and spiritual; they were always quick, focused, and impatient. 
Who knew that making love to your best friend could unlock so many levels in your mind, body and soul?
You threw your head back as your movements became sloppier, “just like that mama, fuckk” he whimpered. You lied him down with your hand as you rode him. His chest and stomach began to clench and you could see the flex of his abs. 
Your mouth slightly opened as your eyes snapped back to eddie. Drool slipped out of your mouth and onto your breasts. Slipping off of your breast, it landed on Eddie's abs. “My god, daddy, i'm going to cum,” you whined,
“Cum on me mama, please,” he whimpered. Your pussy gripped around his cock as you made sure his cock was all the way inside of you, balls deep. “FUCKKKK” you came as your body jerked, but that didn't stop you from riding him. 
Eddie's eyes began to roll to the back of his head. his mouth opened and he grunted, “SHIT, im gonna-” his legs began to squirm underneath you as he panted rapidly. “MMM FUCK,” he came as his legs went slighty numb to the feeling. 
He pulled you back down to serve you a sloppy passionate kiss, tongue sucking, lip biting, face grabbing and mixing oral fluids. 
Detaching his cock from your pussy, you lied on top of him as he ran his fingers through your hair, “how was i mama?” he asked as he panted, 
“Next time, change nothing,” you replied as you yawned.
“Ohh did i make you sleepy mama?” he questioned as he chuckled,
“You did indeed, baby,” you huffed and slowly closed your eyes. Eddie tossed the blanket over the two of you and kissed your forehead softly. No thoughts were present in anyone's head, you were living in the moment, with your best friend Eddie.
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munsons-maiden · a day ago
𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝𝐬 𝐀𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 - 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟒
▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏   ▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟐     ▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟑  
▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟒    ▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟓    ▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟔  
▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟕    ▹ 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟖   ▹ 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟗
▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟎  ▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟏  ▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟐
▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟑
Thank you so much for all the support on this series so far and your patience; all the lovely comments and reblogs and asks are making my days and I’m so happy about every single one of them🖤 I hope you enjoy this chapter! - Love, Kiki 🖤  
𝐏𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 |  Eddie Munson x female reader
𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 |  THEN. You’re the only survivor among the Mind Flayer’s victims, thanks to your friends - but after the Battle of Starcourt, you find yourself adrift in a sea of nightmares. Until an encounter in the woods with Eddie The Freak Munson offers an unexpected life line and turns your world upside down. NOW. Four months have passed since the winter night you walked out of Eddie’s trailer and his life for good. But when the mysterious headaches and nightmares return full-force and something wicked stirs in sleepy Hawkins, starting a witch hunt against Eddie, you realize that there are two things in this world  that might be more persistent  than you’d thought: Evil…and love. The story is told in two timelines: the past (after the Battle of Starcourt) and the present (during the events of season 4).
𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐭𝐨 𝐞𝐱𝐩𝐞𝐜𝐭 | angst with a happy ending (I PROMISE!!!), fluff, smut, it turned into a fix it fic for ST4
𝐒𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 | SMUT (you need to be 18+ to read this story!), angst with a happy ending, attempted assault, bullying, canon-typical violence  
𝐑𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞 | ~1 hour
𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 | mentions of attempted assault, canon-typical gore & violence, blood
𝐅𝐨𝐫 𝐦𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝐄𝐝𝐝𝐢𝐞 𝐜𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭, 𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐜𝐤 𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐦𝐲 𝐦𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭.  
𝐥𝐢𝐤𝐞𝐬, 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐬 & 𝐫𝐞𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐬 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐚𝐩𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐞𝐧𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐝, 𝐟𝐞𝐞𝐝𝐛𝐚𝐜𝐤 𝐦𝐞𝐚𝐧𝐬 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐥𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐰𝐫𝐢𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 ♡
Tumblr media
▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏   ▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟐     ▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟑  
▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟒    ▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟓    ▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟔  
▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟕    ▹ 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟖   ▹ 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟗
▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟎  ▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟏  ▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟐
▹𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐩𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝟏𝟑
[Wednesday, March 27th, 1986.
Life’s not a game of D&D.
That’s what Wayne Munson used to tell Eddie. He’d said it when the cops had escorted a distraught sixteen-years-old Eddie back home because they’d caught him drinking a beer. He’d said it again when he’d picked up Eddie at the police station two years later because Andy Warren had snitched on Eddie’s drug dealing, and he’d said it when, a few weeks later, a letter from school had informed him that Eddie wouldn’t graduate. And the year after that, when a similar letter had found its way to the Munson trailer.
Wayne had never been one to get angry at Eddie, though.
He’d shouted at him once, when Eddie had still been a kid and he’d accidentally smashed the pane of the kitchen window with a baseball bat – but the way Eddie had flinched and shied away in response had stuck with Wayne Munson, and he’d never again raised his voice at his nephew.
It was the disappointment which stung, probably more than the words warning him not to veer off the right path even though Wayne knew, with all his heart, that Eddie would never wind up like the older Munson brother had.
It were those words, though, that came to Eddie’s mind now.
They were true.
While, as in life, D&D was an intricate pattern of choices following each other, tipping into each other like domino stones, the throw of the dice guided by the hands of luck determining the outcome as much as the player’s choice…some choices were a gamble.
You rolled the dice and hoped for the best, hoped luck would make you stronger than the monsters.
Sometimes you were lucky and landed a Crit Hit, a natural twenty defeating evil.
Sometimes, you weren’t, and the dice sealed your fate.
But Wayne had been right when it came to one crucial point.
When you died at the gaming table, there would be other games, other campaigns.
In life, there was only one campaign.
And no way to get back in once the dice had kicked you out.
Don’t try to be cute, okay? Don’t try to be heroes.
Steve’s words still rang in your mind as you watched the three figures walking away from the Forest Hills trailer park, past the Welcome sign at the side of the road that didn’t look welcoming at all covered by tar-black creepers, your friends’ backpacks stacked with makeshift-weapons.
Nancy’s curly head, Steve’s broad shoulders, and Robin, fiddling nervously with the straps of her backpack.
The plan was a simple one.
You’d split into three teams.
Team Creel House in the Rightside Up with Max as Vecna’s bait, accompanied by Erica and Lucas.
Team Demobats with Eddie, Dustin and you, waiting for the signal to lure the swarm of bats away from Vecna’s lair in the Upside Down version of Creel House and towards Eddie’s trailer to clear the path for team number three – Team Crit Hit, with Nancy, Robin and Steve, armed to the teeth and ready to land the killing blow as soon as the bats were gone and Vecna was defenseless in the trance of his making.
A perfect row of dominos, waiting for the first one to be tipped.
Something felt…weird. Off.
As if you all should have been greeted by an army of monsters upon entering the Upside Down again.
But the Upside Down was calm and still, like the surface of a lake in a tranquil night.
In the distance, your friends had reached the tree line of the woods separating the trailer park from the rest of Hawkins, leading right up to the little hill and Creel House like the crown on top of it.
And with every step they took, increasing the distance, every second that passed…that sense of doom descended upon you, nestled in your guts.
As if something horrible was going to happen.
In your mind, the branches of the naked trees in the woods were turning into skeletal hands, reaching out for your friends.
In a matter of minutes, everything in this place would try to kill them. Kill all of you.
But above all else…it would try to kill Eddie.
Eddie, your songbird, who would soon be on the roof of that trailer to draw in hundreds, thousands of the very bats which had devoured him in your nightmares sweat-soaked night after sweat-soaked night for the past four months.
Nightmares…or something else. Something way more horrible than a nightmare.
Because nightmares, no matter how cruel, ended at some point. You woke up, and the horror was over.
But what if they had never been nightmares or threats at all, but…visons? Glimpses not of what Vecna wanted to do to Eddie or what you feared most, but at the future itself?
Voices floated over to where you standing at the side of the trailer, and your fist tightened around the can of gasoline you’d been holding, its contents emptied on the dead grass in a ring around the Munson trailer, ready to be set aflame once the bats had arrived to keep them trapped and diverted.
“…looks so cool.”
“As if she was destined for another dimension.”
Eddie’s voice pierced the gloom and fear in your heart as you turned to where Dustin and Eddie were sitting on the steps leading up to the Munson trailer.
Eddie was holding his Warlock guitar in his lap, the deep, dark red of the instrument a splotch of color amidst the obscure half-dark of the Upside Down.
“You think you can teach me when we’re out of here? To play guitar?” You could practically feel Dustin vibrate with his excitement, and Eddie’s surprised smile in reply as he scanned Dustin’s face.
“Uh, yeah. Sure. I still got my first guitar. It was an acoustic one. It’ll do for a start.”
“Wait, you’re not gonna teach me with that one?”, Dustin inquired with a nod at the Warlock guitar.
There was a beat of silence as Eddie gave Dustin a playfully shocked once-over. “Hell, no. You gotta start slow. Like when you learn to ride a bike. You’re gonna start with the old acoustic guitar. It’s your metaphorical training wheels. Gotta earn this beautiful sweetheart here.”
You smiled as Eddie gently patted the polished surface of the instrument in his lap, before his gaze flitted to Dustin, who was fiddling with the sleeves of his hoodie. It was obvious, even from the distance, how anxious the boy was.
“You know,” Eddie began slowly, a small smile curving his lips, “I could show a few chords, though.”
“Right now?” Dustin’s head snapped up.
“No time like the present,” Eddie shrugged, “They didn’t even RT to tell us they’re in position yet so, uh, guess we gotta pass the time some way.”
Hadn’t you known Eddie so well, you might have fallen for his lighthearted, decidedly bored tone.
But you knew him better than you knew the pages of your favorite book, better than your own heart.
And you could tell he was scared – trying hard to play it cool for Dustin’s sake, probably fighting the overpowering urge to pace around like a trapped beast.
You could see the tremor shaking Eddie’s hand when he patted the spot on the concrete step below, gesturing for Dustin to sit between his legs so he could show the boy how to hold the guitar, and your heart was overflowing with affection at the gesture.
Eddie had always taken care of others. Had given them a safe place in Hellfire when they’d been lost in the shark tank that was Hawkins High, a place where they wouldn’t be judged or scorned upon.
You didn’t know much about Eddie’s past, but you knew enough to fill in some blanks. To know that, when Eddie could have become cold and uncaring and mean just like the world treated him…he had chosen kindness. He had chosen to remain gentle instead of letting the vile words and the bullying he’d had to endure harden his heart, and he’d chosen to look after others when it would have been so much easier to just take care of himself.
You wished you could tell Eddie, who kept insisting he wasn’t a hero and would never be, how much of a hero he already was, for being himself in a world that tried to change him – and for giving others a place and the courage to be themselves as well. Hell, he’d done the very same thing for you, without you even noticing it, you realized now.
It was so easy, to let your guards down around Eddie, to be yourself. As easy as breathing. As easy as loving him.
You stayed in your spot around the trailer’s corner, not wanting to interrupt the moment between the two, and your heart swelled even more, like the sea come high tide, at the happy little smile on Dustin’s face as he sat on the step between Eddie’s legs.
Eddie would have been the most amazing big brother.
“Whoa, careful, man,” Eddie cautioned as Dustin’s arms shot up to make room for the guitar, and with the same gentleness as if it were a wounded little bird, Eddie slowly placed the guitar in Dustin’s lap.
“’Kay, you put it on your thigh, and then your left hand goes here –“ he explained as he took Dustin’s hand to place it on the guitar neck, “And the other goes here. There.”
“And now?”
There was a distorted clang of the guitar’s strings being pulled and a strangled sound ripping from Eddie that sounded as if he’d stepped on Lego while walking barefoot, and you pressed your hand in front of your mouth to catch the giggle threatening to spill and give you away as Eddie exclaimed, “Jesus Christ, Henderson, careful.”
“Sorry! Sorry. What now?”
“We start with a few simple chords. Gimme a sec.”
“Old Macdonald Had A Farm?”, Dustin proposed, giving Eddie a look over his shoulder, and even from your spot half-hidden behind the corner, you could sense the offended glance Eddie was giving Dustin.
“If you’re ever gonna propose to play Old Macdonald Had A Farm on my sweetheart,” Eddie retorted, “You gotta e-i-e-i-o yourself to another D&D club ‘cause you’ll be banished from Hellfire’s game table for the rest of your life. Goddamnit.”
Dustin giggled, before Eddie reached out to place his hands over Dustin’s still hovering over the guitar’s strings, guiding the boy’s fingers apart before placing them over the strings on the guitar neck.
“We’re gonna start with the first riff of You’ve Got Another Thing Comin, that’s an easy one. ’Kay, like that – that’s an F – and then with your right hand, you do this –“, he steered Dustin’s other hand over the strings, the first note floating into the air, “And then you switch the left one here, to B –“
A second note, and then a third one, joined the white spores floating through the air, the guitar’s soft sounds obscured and dulled by the weird atmosphere of the place, and for a few moments, you listened to Eddie’s voice, giving instructions and explaining the notes, accompanied by the soft tinkling sounds of the guitar, slowly, the same seven notes repeating before Eddie announced, “Yeah, that’s good. There, try on your own.”
“’course. Who’s gonna judge you, the monsters?”, Eddie snickered, but it didn’t sound mocking at all.
There was a pause before the first note warbled into the air, then the next, slow and stumbling but definitely a melody, and when the final note of the little riff floated into the air, Dustin threw Eddie a questioning, proud little grin over his shoulder.
“Dude,” Eddie grinned, giving Dustin’s head a gentle shove, “That was good!”
“I think I could learn it.”
“Sure. We’re gonna make a guitarist out of you in no time.”
“Suzie’s going to love it,” Dustin grinned, before the smile slipped a little. “Steve says girls love guys who can play instruments.”
Eddie gave Dustin a dubious glance as he took the guitar back into his own hands, fingers working to tune the instrument a final time for the big moment as his eyes narrowed.
“Are you tryna learn to play the guitar to impress a girl or because you want to learn it?”
Dustin hesitated. “Both? I mean…it doesn’t hurt, right?”
You waited for Eddie to muster one of his usual witty retorts, anything…but he didn’t.
There was a beat of silence. When Eddie spoke up again, his voice had lost its playfulness, his tone gentle but stern. “You shouldn’t do things to impress others. Ever.”
“It’s just a tiny little thing,” Dustin protested, but Eddie’s hand gently game to rest on the boy’s shoulder, the silver rings glinting in the half-light, and Dustin fell silent again.
“It’s not. It’s not just a tiny little thing, you hear me? The way you dress, the things you like, the way you’re passionate about the things you enjoy, those aren’t little things. The sum of those things makes you you. And you should be proud of them, of who you are. If you actually wanna learn to play the guitar, because you think it will be fun, I’m gonna teach you. Right away. Tomorrow, if you’re up for it,” Eddie chuckled. “But I need you to promise me something, ‘kay?”
With Eddie’s head turned to face Dustin, you could only see the back of his head, his mane of dark curls spilling from the bandana almost ink-black in the dim light of the Upside Down. But you didn’t need to see his face to know his expression was stern. There was something strange in Eddie’s voice as he gently settled a hand on Dustin’s shoulder.
As if he urged the boy to listen.
As if it was the last chance to tell him.
Dustin seemed to sense it, too. His smile slipped, his expression growing serious.
“Never change, Dustin Henderson. Not for anyone. Not ever. Promise me?”
The words were like a punch to your gut.
They sounded like goodbye.
“I…yeah,” Dustin uttered, surprised, but you didn’t get to hear the rest of the conversation.
You spun around, your hand pressed in front of your mouth to suppress the sob already lodged at the back of your throat, the blood roaring in your ears –
The crackle of static pierced the air, followed by Nancy’s urgent voice through Dustin’s walkie.
“They’re in position. You can start diverting the bats.”
“Alright,” Eddie replied, rising to his feet alongside Dustin, who was already in the process of shutting off the walkie again, and Eddie’s gaze met yours as you took a step around the corner.
Only then did you realize you were still holding the empty canister in your grip, fist tightened around the metal handle hard enough to make your knuckles go numb.
“Gimme a sec,” Eddie murmured as Dustin already started to climb the ladder to the roof, and you watched him break into a little sprint towards you.
“You ready for the most metal concert in the history of the world, monster slayer? Might dedicate it to you if you cheer loud enough for m-“ He cut himself off as he reached you, the grin slipping from his face as he took in your expression.
“What’s wrong?”, he asked gently, prying the empty canister from your hand to lace your fingers with his own.
“You were saying goodbye,” you whispered, choked already by the stupid tears that wouldn’t stop flowing. “Why are you saying goodbye?”
“No, no, no, I didn’t. I just…I dunno, I wanted Henderson to know. That’s all. It was the right moment.”
“You feel it, too,” you breathed. “You can feel that something will happen.”
“Shit, I’m scared out of my mind. But I’m not going anywhere. I’ll always come back to you, no matter what, remember?”, Eddie inquired softly, raising his free hand, the one with your green silk ribbon tied around his wrist. “You said it always found its way back to you. So will I, sweetheart. Always and forever, ‘kay? Just like you’ll always find your way back to me.”
With the softest smile, he tapped his index finger against his guitar pick dangling around your neck, before he tucked it underneath the collar of your Hellfire shirt for safekeeping.
And with his eyes on yours, he drew the zipper of your own combat vest closed a little higher.
“It’s gonna be metal. And in two months, when we graduated and we’re skinny dipping in the ocean on some Californian beach by night, we’re gonna laugh about it.”
Eddie’s hands snaked up to cup your cheeks while he leaned in, his lips capturing yours for a kiss, searing and passionate and desperate.
So very desperate, his lips moving against yours while he pressed closer, chest to chest, racing heartbeat against racing heartbeat, plunging you into sweet oblivion for a few blissful seconds as your eyes fluttered closed and your senses zoned in on the movement of Eddie’s soft lips on yours, his scent, memorizing the moment.
And once more, you wished you could freeze time right now. Freeze this moment and place it in the glittering world of a snow globe behind thick, polished glass. Keeping it safe.
You memorized it, the way it felt like whenever Eddie kissed you, like sparks and glitter and sunlight rushing through your veins. The way his breath hitched when you reciprocated the kiss, as if he were still surprised by the fact that you were kissing him back. The way his hands were warm on the sides of your face, the way his thumb grazed your racing pulse before he gently angled your head to deepen the kiss, your own fingertips brushing over the fabric of the bandana tied around his head before tangling in the soft curls at the nape of his neck to pull him closer.
The way he tasted, of Yoo-Hoo and the faintest trace of cigarettes, of himself.
It was over too soon.
Tears pricked your eyes as Eddie untangled himself from you, his umber eyes shimmering with his own panic as they found yours, holding your gaze as he gently placed a kiss on your knuckles.
“I love you. See you in a few, monster slayer,” Eddie smiled.
I love you, too, you wanted to tell him, but the words were stuck in your throat, suffocated by the tears which threatened to spill from you.
Eddie turned to race away, towards the ladder resting against the side of the Munson trailer, the strings of his guitar strapped to his back caught the dim light of the lonely street lamp flickering a few feet away, shedding its pale beam across the space.
Don’t let this have been the last kiss, you silently begged, raising your head towards the skies to combat the tears of panic, a plea at the stars, just like you’d done that November night after you’d broken his heart.
For the briefest of moments, your mind flitted back to that night in November, when you’d been with him on this very roof. When the skies above hadn’t been an endless void, but a glittering sea of stars. When you’d first seen the door with its stained-glass roses – and the Mind Flayer’s spidery silhouette looming right above Eddie. Watching him.
Vecna watching him, finding your weak spot, the one thing in the world which’s loss would thoroughly destroy you.
It was that night, you realized, that Vecna had picked him.
Keep him save.
But there were no stars in the skies arching over the Upside Down.
Only darkness.
But something else stirred awake at your unspoken plea.
Not something in the frozen world around you…but something from within your own chest, your own soul, the darkness which had been nestling there ever since Starcourt – the part of Vecna’s powers you’d stolen – like a sleepy cat raising its head, yellow eyes blinking open to see who’d roused it from its slumber.
And just like at the clearing, with Eddie’s gentle voice guiding you towards that sliver of darkness within your heart, your eyes fluttered closed.
This time, though, for the first time…there was no fear or repulsion when you thought about the darkness.
Something had changed, a few hours ago.
A knife in itself isn’t a bad thing. It can’t be good or bad, it’s just a weapon. It’s a matter of who wields it and for what cause that determines a weapon’s purpose. In those three times these powers have been activated, it has been to protect. Not once did they flare to life to attack.
Eddie’s words were still present in your mind, the truth you hadn’t seen those past few months because fear and panic had been clouding your mind.
All those months, it had been Vecna who’d sent the headaches and nosebleeds, the hallucinations and nightmares that had haunted you like a horde of demons – not darkness you’d ripped from him.
You could feel it react to your thoughts, something alive and conscious yet bound to you, part of you. It laced around your mind like tendrils of black mist, weaving around your thoughts like a cat weaving around its owner’s legs in greeting.
Like a companion.
The realization crossed your mind like the sudden flash of a shooting star cutting through the darkness of your panic.
It wanted to save Eddie, because you wanted to save Eddie.
It loved Eddie, because you loved Eddie.
And all of a sudden…you didn’t feel so alone anymore in your endeavor to protect him.
To your own surprise, you could feel a tentative smile tuck at your lips.
The high-pitched noise of the amplifiers positioned on the Munson trailer’s roof as Eddie connected them to his guitar tore you from your thoughts, and you craned your neck to get a glimpse at him as the first few notes of the guitar riff pierced the eerie silence of the Upside Down.
Eddie had believed they could do it.
That it was possible, to break the curse, set the girl he loved free from her demons and end the horrors haunting Hawkins.
That he could take you to prom, to the beach, whisk you away from small-minded little Hawkins.
But then everything had gone so horribly wrong.
Like a row of dominos collapsing on each other.
And once the first domino had toppled over…there was no way to stop the rest from falling, too, one after the other.              
He’d bought you more time – in exchange for all of his own. That’s why people called it buying time, after all. It came with a price.
It was the words within the pages of his favorite story of all that came to his mind, in the end.
I would rather spend one lifetime with you than face all the ages of the world alone.
He was only sorry that this one lifetime had been such a brutally short one.
The song Eddie had chosen wasn’t soft and slow like the metal songs he’d turned into ballads when he’d played for you Saturday after Saturday to ward off your nightmares while you’d slept in his bed.
It wasn’t an unspoken confession of love he drew from the strings of his guitar right now – it was a declaration of war.
It was a battle cry.
You’d always known Eddie Munson was a force of nature when it came to the things he loved. It had always drawn you in, his unwavering, infectious joy and passion – for D&D, for music and playing the guitar, for metal and art and stories.
But as you watched him now, you realized that Eddie was made for this.
The rooftop of his trailer became his stage, his spotlight the crimson bolts of lightning slashing across the fabric of the starless skies above, illuminating his pale features, making the metal on his hands and his wrists glint.
With a euphoric smile on his lips, he threw his head back, wild dark curls flying around his handsome face and skilled fingers dancing over the strings of his guitar as he let himself get carried away by the music.
You could easily imagine him playing for a crowd of thousands.
He looked beautiful.
Like a god of war having arrived to wage his wrath upon the human-turned-monster reigning over this dark mirror realm – and win.
When he began to sing, his dark voice beautifully raspy as it laced with the guitar’s tunes in the cold air, it felt like it was thrumming right along your veins.
“End of passion play, crumbling away
I’m your source of self-destruction.”
You could feel the rage against Vecna in every word, every note; the desire to hunt and kill and hurt this monstrous being which had hurt Eddie – and Max, and you, and all the other victims, destroying life after life, silencing heartbeat after heartbeat. Breaking bone after bone.
Not Eddie’s rage, but your own, you realized, his song pulsing alongside your own heartbeat.
“Veins that pump with fear, sucking darkest clear,
Leading on your death’s construction.”
It sounded scratchy and powerful, his beautiful dark voice weaving the lyrics with the melody he drew from his guitar to form the siren’s song that would lure Vecna’s army of bats away from their master, leaving him vulnerable and defenseless for your friends’ bullets to land the killing blow.
“Taste me you will see,
More is all you need,
Dedicated to
How I’m killing you.”
It was evident why Eddie had chosen this song.
He was quite literally flipping Vecna the bird, in his very own Eddie way.
And watching your songbird caught up in his music he so loved, so passionate as his fingers danced over the strings of his beloved guitar and the lyrics spilling from his lips as Dustin took his place at the edge of the roof, binoculars raised and gaze already trained on the western skies, towards Creel House, you couldn’t help the wide, happy grin tucking at your lips at the infectious joy Eddie was radiating.
“Come crawling faster.”
Tearing your gaze away from Eddie, you squinted, following Dustin’s line of sight to the western sky in the distance, the dark thunderclouds rolling in to herald the storm to come.
And there, above the treetops of the nearby woods…were the first bats.
The ones which must have been closer – only a few, trailblazers for the swarm which would soon follow suit.
Winged death.
And a cruel one, at that.
“Obey your master.”
Over the noise of Eddie’s music, you didn’t hear the sound of the door to the trailer creaking on its rusty old hinges as it was being opened.
“Your life burns faster.”
Neither did you hear the footsteps behind you, drawing closer.
“Obey your
A hand settled on your shoulder, fingers digging into the fabric of your own combat vest as your heart dropped with shock and you whirled around.
Coming face to face with a pair of steel blue eyes, bloodshot and crazed with madness.
“Master of puppets, I’m pulling your strings.”
You opened your mouth in shock, but the shellshocked gasp was cut off as Jason’s hand shot out to wrap around your throat.
There was no chance for you to call out for Eddie, to warn him and Dustin.
“Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams.”
“Game over, slut.” Jason’s voice, low and calm like that of a preacher during his Sunday morning sermon, was barely audible over the noise of the music.
But the look in his bloodshot eyes changed, growing darker, hungrier even than before as they locked on a point behind you.
On Eddie.
Too diverted by playing bait for a swarm of monsters on the roof at top volume to notice the ones which had followed you through the gate from the other side.
“Blinded by me you can’t see a thing.”
With Jason’s hand squeezing your throat, cutting off oxygen and making the first stars dancing in your vision as panic swept over you, you closed your eyes and reached out to rouse the darkness nestled within your soul to command it, wield it like a fairy tale knight his flaming sword – but you were too slow.
Jason slammed your head against the trailer’s wall.
“Just call my name ‘cause I’ll hear you scream.”
Stars burst in your vision as the side of your face hit the wall, the pain of the impact hitting you like one of the crimson bolts of lightning above to split your skull as Jason finally let go of your throat.
You slid down the wall, falling like a puppet with its strings cut, your muscles disobeying the desperate command to climb back to your feet while the world spun around you as if you’d been strapped to a carousel, going faster and faster and faster until the world was split into two, three images, all dancing over each other.
Three Jasons looming above you, raising their head like a creature sprung straight out of the cover of one of Eddie’s D&D books, six pairs of eyes locking on the rooftop of the trailer.
“Watch the slut,” he commanded, and in your daze, you followed his gaze to the second person standing on top of the steps to the Munson trailer, his baseball cap casting a shadow across his face, only the flash of his teeth visible as gave you a leering grin.
“My pleasure.”
Andy Warren.
With a nod Jason turned towards the ladder leaning at the trailer’s side, ready to climb towards Eddie and Dustin on the roof – before, one fist already clamped around one of the ladder’s steps, he paused.
You fought the nausea, fought for your hands to splay on the dead grass, fingers digging into the cold earth as your vision started to clear, three Jasons becoming one again while his free hand disappeared in the pocket of his letterman jacket.
“Come crawling faster.”
Help me, you pleaded at the darkness in your soul, reaching out but finding nothing but skull-splitting pain in your head, the ringing in your ears and the roar of your own blood mingling with Eddie’s song, loud enough to drown out the havoc on the ground at his feet as his own eyes and Dustin’s were locked at the distant skies, the first of the bats soaring towards you all across the treetops of the woods.
“Obey your master.”
And through the haze creeping in at the edges of your vision, more lights burst in front of your eyes as Jason pulled his hand out of his pocket again – only it wasn’t lights.
“Your life burns faster.”
It was the glint of a lightning bolt catching on the polished metal surface of whatever it was Jason was holding.
A gun.
Jason had a gun.
No. No, no –
With panic morphing into raw, unfiltered terror, the surge of adrenaline momentarily conquered the pain and the daze of the blow to your head as you crawled across the grass towards Jason, ready to climb to your feet and stop him –
“Be a good girl and stay here, little slut,” Andy drawled. The tip of his sneaker hit your side as he kicked you down into the grass again, hard enough to force the air from your lungs for a second time and plunge you into a world of pain as you felt your ribs cracking, the sensation vibrating through your body as the impact forced you on your back.
“Obey your master.”
There was no air, no strength left in you for a warning scream – but Eddie and Dustin wouldn’t have heard it, anyways. The music was too loud.
And the last thing you saw as your senses were slipping, like water running through your hands as tears of panic and despair ran down your cheeks and fell into the grass, was the glinting gun clamped in Jason’s fist as he climbed the ladder to the roof.
To Eddie.
Just as the first trailblazers of the swarm reached the trailer park.
There was never much going on in Eddie’s mind when he played the guitar or sang.
There was only the music, a current washing through him, stronger than the strongest weed could ever be as it infused him with the kind of ecstatic happiness that made him feel like he was flying, like the world was small and far away and the music his wings.
There were only two things that could make him as happy, as alive and awake. Making music – and being with you.
And fucking hell, he was good.
A little bit of self-hype in the face of a slow, painful death currently drawing closer in the distance on leathery wings, he figured, was okay.
It definitely was the most metal concert in the history of the world.
In this moment, Eddie felt more metal than Ozzy himself.
He’d wanted to take you to the Hideout one day so you could see him play with Corroded Coffin…but he wasn’t sure if anything could ever top this.
Most. Metal. Ever.
And in the haze of endorphins and serotonin and all the other -ins currently flooding his system as his fingers danced over the strings of his guitar, his muscles guided by reflexes more than anything else and the lyrics of the song spilling from his lips, it took a few split seconds for Eddie to notice the flash of movement in the corner of his eye.
And when he finally did, it was too late.
The song was cut off, the final note floating among the white spores dancing in the cold air as Eddie froze mid-movement, his eyes locking on the icy blue ones of Jason Carver – before they flitted down.
Coming to rest on the gun aimed right at Eddie’s face.
“Hey, freak,” Jason spat.
His fists were clutching the gun so tightly that his knuckles were white – but there was no tremor running through his hands.
He was as deadly calm as the atmosphere of this dark dimension.
“Jason,” Eddie replied quietly, fighting hard and failing miserably to banish the quiver of panic from his voice as he slowly let go of the guitar strapped around his torso to raise his hands in a gesture of surrender – in the hopes to keep Jason’s focus from straying to Dustin, who was cowering on the roof somewhere behind Eddie.
And if Jason was here, had followed through the gate –
“Where is she,” Eddie breathed, his eyes leaving the barrel of the gun to read Jason’s.
There was not a single spark of sanity left in them.
Nothing, not even the moment he’d realized Vecna had caught you in a trance, could compare to the raw terror gripping Eddie now, like a numbing, freezing, icy wave.
Not for the first of the murderous swarm of bats drawing closer with every second, not even for the gun aimed at his face, but at the thought of what Jason might have done to you, the image of that September night when he’d found you in the woods conjured up into his mind once more.
The smirk on Jason’s lips made Eddie want to throw up.
“Your little slut’s in good company. Andy’s taking care of her until I’m done with you.”
It felt as if someone had injected the icy water of Lover’s Lake straight into Eddie’s veins.
But before he could muster a reply, a high-pitched, blood-curdling shriek pierced the frozen air, making his gaze flit towards the woods, the first black dots against the backdrop of the dark skies illuminated by those eerie crimson flashes of lightning, before his eyes found Jason’s again.
“Listen,” Eddie tried, his voice trembling as hard as his hands, still raised in a gesture of surrender, “This thing that hurt Chrissy and Patrick and Fred Benson? It’s here. It lives here. And we’re here because we want to stop it. Make sure it won’t hurt anyone ever again. And right now, this thing – this, this demon – is sending its army of monsters right here so we need to get away from –“
“SHUT UP!” Jason’s roar came out of nowhere, making Eddie jump. “Don’t you dare say her name. Any of their names.”
Another high-pitched shriek echoed through the air, drawing closer and closer – but Eddie didn’t dare pull his gaze away from Jason again to check how close the bats already were.
He needed a distraction. He needed to get that fucking gun out of Jason’s hands, get Dustin and himself away from the roof and to you before the bats or Andy or whatever shit would happen next could hurt you, hurt any of them.
“DON’T MOVE!”, Jason hollered, and Eddie’s heart dropped to the floor a second time as he realized Jason had noticed Dustin somewhere behind Eddie.
“He’s telling the truth,” Dustin began quietly, his voice even. “Eddie didn’t hurt anyone. He’s trying to help. The demon –“
“The demon you summoned,” Jason hissed, his cold eyes locking on Eddie’s again. “You and your little cult. The boy’s in with you, right? Him and Sinclair. Your acolytes.”
“We don’t have time –“
“Dustin!”, Eddie hissed to silence Dustin, draw Jason’s attention away from the boy and back to himself as he slowly inched to the side, to put himself between the barrel of Jason’s gun and Dustin.
Time was running out.
Judging by the sound of shrieks and screeches filling the air, there were seconds left until the first of the bats would arrive at the trailer park – and minutes until the rest of the swarm drawn away from Creel House would follow suit.
“I know what you did. Sold your soul to the devil to make fires with your mind. But you know what? Fire won’t be fast enough. Not against a bullet.”
“You know what else will be faster? These things,” Eddie hissed, the shrieks filling the air growing louder by the second. But Jason didn’t budge, didn’t let his focus on Eddie falter.
“They’ll eat you alive,” Dustin breathed.
“Yeah?”, Jason sneered, taking a step closer towards Eddie, “Let them try. I got enough bullets. But the first one –“
There was a resounding click as Jason cocked the gun.
“The first one’s for you, freak.”
Pain. The world was ablaze with blinding, white-hot pain thumping through your skull, your ribs, charging through you with every beat of your pulse and every labored intake of breath as you fought for your muscles to obey your desperate commands to move, to somehow get the fuck up from the ground and race after Jason, terror clouding your muddled senses.
Your fingers sinking into the cold, dead ground of the Upside Down, fingernails breaking and teeth gritted with fierce determination, you dragged yourself towards the ladder, Andy’s leering chuckle sounding from behind you as he watched you struggle and fail to climb back to your feet.
There was something warm and sticky running down the side of your face – but whether it were tears or blood, you couldn’t tell. Didn’t care to tell.
There were shrieks in the distance, neither human nor animal. You didn’t need to look at the western sky to know what it was. The first bats, heralding the murderous swarm to follow suit. And the screeches were drawing closer fast.
You needed to get up.
Your hand splayed on the dead grass, and with a suppressed hiss of pain as your cracked rib protested at the movement and your skull felt like a glass vase shattering on the floor, you dragged yourself up to your feet.
“Aw, look at you, little slut,” Andy cooed. “Are you in love with the freak?”
A low wail ripped from you as Andy grabbed a fistful of your hair before yanking you backwards, against him.
“What do you see in that creep, anyways, huh?”, he crooned into your ear, his hot breath stale as it hit the side of your face, overpowering panic gripping you as Andy’s free hand clamped around your jaw, forcing your head up at the three silhouettes on the roof. Dustin, cowering on the ground behind Eddie, his hands raised – and Jason, holding Eddie at gunpoint.
“Jason’s gonna blow a bullet right into his ugly face. Send him straight down to Hell where he belongs.”
Help me, you pleaded at the darkness, but the haze clouding your senses was too strong, the spinning sensation too fast. The darkness didn’t heed your call.
Your senses were still reeling from the blow to your head, the crack in your ribs, the panic shrouding your mind in impenetrable fog as Jason’s shout rang out from the roof, the words muddled by the ringing in your ears, high-pitched and growing louder and louder.
Only that it wasn’t in your ears, but in the air.
And Andy was ripped away from you.
With his iron grip holding you upright gone, your legs gave in once more and you tumbled back into the grass as Andy’s scream rang through the night air, the crack of a gunshot ringing through the air, too loud –
But it wasn’t Jason who’d shot, you realized, momentary relief surging through you on another wave of adrenaline as you raised your head from the grass as a second gunshot sounded, like the crack of a whip, and a third, lacing with Andy’s screams.
The bats had him in a chokehold.
Right now, there were only a few of them, half a dozen in a blur of pale leathery wings, the horrors from your nightmares come to life. Andy’s bullets had missed them.
They were holding him on the ground, paper-streamer-tails wrapped around his limbs like ropes. His fist around the hilt of his gun loosened as one of the creatures wrapped its tail around his throat to silence his panicked screams, and the weapon fell from his hand, useless against the monstrous creatures, anyways.
More of them shot down from the skies, and you squeezed your eyes shut, waiting for them to get you next.
But they didn’t.
There was a muted wail of pain ripping from Andy, nearly drowned out by the cacophony of screeching and hissing.
When your eyes flew open again, it was to the gruesome image of the bats sinking teeth and talons into Andy’s chest, blood splattering – but none of the creatures attacked you.
As if they didn’t even notice you were there, helpless and struggling on the cold ground mere feet away.
Another flash of lightning zigzagged across the skies above, everything too bright, too loud, a pandemonium of noise and light and nausea.
Your eyes fell on something small, discarded in the grass.
Andy’s gun.
“Call them back.” Jason’s voice was barely loud enough to be heard over the screeches of the bats, over Andy Warren’s agonized, throttled wails as those…those things were eating him alive.
Eddie needed to get down there, needed to get to you, and get you and Dustin away from these things –
There was a streak of panic mingling with the hatred in Jason’s scream now as he waved the cocked gun at Eddie’s head, making him shrink back, still blocking Dustin from the madman’s line of vision, “CALL THESE FUCKING THINGS BACK!”
And through the daze of panic, it dawned on Eddie that Jason thought he’d been commanding them with his guitar.
“I can’t.”
Andy’s screams were growing louder, more agonized, more nauseating with every second.
Before Eddie could muster a reply, tell Jason he couldn’t…the clap of a gunshot pierced the air.
You couldn’t remember how you’d managed to climb back to your feet to throw yourself onto Andy’s discarded weapon, or the feeling of your fingers closing around its hilt.
But you remembered the feeling of grim determination flooding you as you’d raised the gun, aiming at the figure on the roof, the green of his letterman jacket marking the bullseye.
Never in a million years would you have thought you’d ever aim a gun at something else than a monster, at another person – but Jason was as much of a monster as the creatures devouring Andy Warren behind you, his agonized, muted wails dying down, drowning in the cacophony of screeches and the noise of flesh being ripped from his bones.
But the horror of Andy’s death cries, the hissing, screeching bats, the Upside Down…it all blurred into insignificance as you cocked the gun, your arms trembling with the remaining strength the adrenaline in your veins managed to rally.
There was not a single second of hesitation.
When your index finger settled on the trigger, your mind’s eye didn’t conjure up the memory of the look Jason had given you that September night as he’s forced his legs between yours, pressed you against the picnic table.
It showed you the memory of Jason, hovering above Eddie, your songbird slumped in Andy’s grip and dark curls spilling over his shoulders to hide his bloodied face as Jason raised the crowbar, the glint of silver moonlight catching on metal.
His words, spat at Eddie.
Let’s give the Freak a taste of his own medicine. I want to see how many bones we can break before we need a new crowbar.
You pulled the trigger.
The shot was a miss, the bullet not even grazing Jason before it hit the amplifier behind him, a rain of sparks flying in the air as the device died with an ear-shattering screech to momentarily rival the noise of the bats on the ground, the ones drawing closer above the woods.
But it was all the diversion Eddie needed.
Jason noticed his mistake too late.
With a roar of rage ripping from Eddie, the guitar soared down, Jason’s bloodshot eyes widening as they locked on Eddie’s – and Jason grunted in surprise as the guitar knocked the gun from his grip.
The weapon clattered to the ground.
For a split second, time seemed to freeze as Eddie and Jason watched as the gun slid across the rooftop, the scraping sound of it drowned out by Andy Warren’s dying cries as the bats continued to devour him.
The shellshocked moment was broken when Eddie’s eyes met Jason’s, abysses of rage and madness staring back.
Eddie lunged towards the discarded gun, having come to a stop at the edge of the trailer’s roof – but so did Jason, throwing himself onto the weapon just as Eddie reached it, and together, they plummeted from the roof.
The impact made blinding pain bolt through Eddie as he landed on his side, right on the cracked ribs Andy Warren had left with his crowbar, the force of it muting Eddie’s pained scream as stars danced in his vision, but he couldn’t wait for the pain to ebb.
He needed to get back to his feet and get the fucking gun before Jason could, and he needed to find you.
A hiss of pain ripping from Eddie’s throat, he rolled over, onto his stomach, elbows digging into the dead grass of the lawn as, through the pain exploding in his side, he fought himself up to his feet. A wave of dizziness swept over him before he caught himself, one hand splayed against the trailer’s side to steady himself.
The first thing he saw when he blinked back the tears of pain was Andy.
Or…what was left of him.
There was a twitch running through the guy’s hand, sprawled on the ground, coated with blood, as the bats continued to consume him, the wet sounds of teeth and talons tearing through skin and muscle and tissue too loud.
Eddie felt acidic bile rise in his throat as he averted his gaze, the horrid image already burned in his mind, joining Chrissy and her broken bones in his own collection of nightmares to haunt him. He would endure them all, as long as when he woke up drenched in sweat and tears with a scream on his lips, he would only have to turn and see you slumbering peacefully next to him.
Eddie could endure whatever shit would come his way, as long as you were there beside him.
But he was too late.
Eddie’s eyes locked on yours, wide and terrified in Jason’s chokehold, the gun pressed against the side of your head, a sickening grin twisting the jock’s freckled features as his cold eyes met Eddie’s.
“Game over, freak.”
And in the sky behind Jason, the swarm of bats had reached the edge of the woods.
He’d been over you before your muddled mind could catch up with what was happening, kicking the gun out of your grip with ease before grabbing the weapon and dragging you off the ground, your struggle weak, movements sluggish as if you were stuck in mud.
The barrel of the gun was cold against your skin as Jason pressed the weapon against your temple now, his arm locked around your throat to keep you in a chokehold, your back pressed against his chest.
Your vision blurred, coming in and out of focus before your eyes found Eddie’s.
There were tearstains glittering on his pale cheeks, and the cut on his brow you’d mended with the fish hook had ruptured again, fresh blood running down his temple, a few stray curls sticking to the crimson rivulets as he pushed himself away from the trailer’s wall, swaying a little on his feet while his hands shot to his side as his face contorted with pain, the spot where Andy’s crowbar had hit home back at the boathouse to crack Eddie’s ribs.
“Let her go,” Eddie breathed, his eyes travelling from yours to Jason’s, wide and pleading.
Help me, you screamed once more at the darkness you’d ripped away from Vecna, reaching out to grasp it, rouse it like you’d done in the boathouse, but you couldn’t reach it through the muddled daze in your mind.
If Jason had realized what had happened to Andy, he didn’t care.
The sickening sounds of the bats feasting on what was left of Andy were swallowed by the noise of the swarm, drawing closer by the second.
They’d tear you all to ribbons – if the bats occupied with Andy’s remains didn’t tire of him to do the job before the rest of the swarm could reach you.
Eddie moved to dart towards you before Jason’s hiss made him freeze once more. “Don’t. Move. Or I’ll kill her.”
The nausea churning in your guts was overpowering at the feeling of Jason’s hot breath hitting the side of your face, the barrel of the gun pressed so hard against your temple that you could feel the bruise forming beneath the metal already.
“I followed you because I wanted to kill you, Freak. For what you did to Chrissy. But I think I got a better idea.” Jason’s grip around your throat tightened, making darkness creep in at the edges of your vision as you gasped for air. “So much better. You took Chrissy. I’ll take your little slut. It’s fair, don’t you think?”
Eddie’s umber eyes were wide with terror as they locked on yours, tears spilling from his eyes – but his face blurred beneath your own tears as Jason forced you to the ground, your knees hitting the cold dirt and pain burst through your body as his chokehold around you loosened to grab a fistful of your hair, so hard that if felt as if he’d rip your scalp clean off.
The click as he cocked the gun vibrated through your throbbing skull –
“I did it.”
At the sound of Eddie’s voice, having reached its breaking point, Jason’s grip on you stilled.
“I killed Chrissy,” Eddie repeated quietly, his panicked gaze flicking to you before it settled on Jason again, and horrid realization hit you about what Eddie was doing.
Because Jason was so caught up in his twisted vigilante fantasies, in his own version of the story painting him a tragic hero and Eddie the monstrous villain to defeat. And Eddie was giving him what he wanted, a shot in the dark to buy more time and keep Jason occupied.
“I summoned a demon and made a deal. Create fires with my mind. And in exchange, he wanted lives. He chose them, I brought them to him. Fred, Patrick. Chrissy.” Eddie’s voice was growing steady as he spoke, the skilled dungeon master taking over to weave the desperate lie. Only his hands, curled into fists at his sides in an attempt to hide the tremors running through him, betrayed his panic and despair. With a small nod at you, he breathed, “The demon wants her next. She’s under a spell.”
“A spell,” Jason echoed hollowly. “Chrissy was under a spell.”
It attested Jason’s descend into madness that he truly believed the absurd fairy tale Eddie was weaving for him.
And maybe, just maybe…it could work.
“That’s why Chrissy went with you. You put her under a spell.”
No, you wanted to hiss at Jason, Chrissy went to buy drugs because she knew you wouldn’t care enough to help her.
“Is – is she under that spell now?” Pain shot through you as Jason gave you a little nudge, his fist still in your hair to keep you from falling face-first to the ground, drawing a weak cry from you.
His jaw set with grim determination, Eddie said, “Yeah.”
“I don’t believe you. Your little slut came to the boathouse. She –“
“Do you think she’d have ever wanted anything to do with Eddie The Freak?”, Eddie spat, and your heart squeezed in your chest at his words, echoing those he’d used in the cafeteria that day when he’d faced off Jason for spreading his vile, ugly lies.
It was exactly what Jason wanted to hear.
This wasn’t about Chrissy, or even you.
It was all about Jason and his ego, his hurt pride. And it had always been.
And Eddie, clever, empathic Eddie, knew exactly how to wield Jason’s narcissism in his own favor.
It dawned on you that Eddie wasn’t trying to buy more time to figure another way to save you both.
He was trying to paint you as the damsel in distress in need of saving, playing Jason’s game, and rendering himself the villain so Jason could be the hero he saw himself as.
So Jason would let you go.
There was a beat of hesitation, of Jason’s grasp around you loosening – before it tightened once more, ripping your head back while he bent down to you, his stench of sweat mingling with the tang of blood in the air as, his breath stirring your hair, he sneered, “You love her.”
There was an incredulous, maniacal laugh bubbling from Jason’s lips. “Eddie The Freak is in love. You know what? I don’t care if she’s under a spell. You’re not. You took Chrissy. I’ll take your slut. Say bye-bye.”
It happened too fast for your muddled mind to catch up.
Eddie’s eyes widened, tensing as his hands shot out as he darted forward as if in an attempt to tackle Jason to the ground, rip him away from you before he could pull the trigger – but someone else was faster.
There was a low grunt as Jason’s grip around you vanished, and you fell to the ground, hands splaying in the cold dirt to catch your fall as you whirled around. To Dustin.
He must’ve made his way down from the roof while the rest of you had been diverted, snuck up on Jason. And with a roar, Dustin raised the branch he’d picked up from the ground, ready to swing it at Jason for a second time.
But this time, Jason saw it coming.
And he was so much stronger than Dustin.
The roar morphed into a wail of pain as Jason’s fist connected with the boy’s face before you could command your muscles to move and stop him, and Dustin slumped to the ground.
And before you could charge at Jason, he whirled around, his fist connecting with your cheek – and in a rain of stars, you fell to the ground, and the world went dark.
Eddie had never been violent.
He’d always been a small kid, the punching ball for the bigger kids, too weak to ever even land a blow in return until puberty had struck, and he’d shot up, becoming tall enough for his height and his metal clothes to ward off any more physical attacks.
And even now, tall as he was, he was lanky. And no matter how strong he was, he probably wasn’t strong enough to best Jason, the jock, in a fight.
But despair and adrenaline and rage, the kind of blind rage Eddie had never felt before in his life before he’d ripped Jason away from you that September night, were like his very own superpower running through his veins as he charged, his fist clamping around the collar of Jason’s letterman jacket to yank him away from you and Dustin, his free hand already curled into a fist to land the first blow.
There was a split second of grim satisfaction at the sensation of his rings slamming against Jason’s cheek, metal meeting bone as pain shot through his fist at the impact.
The feeling didn’t last.
Jason’s crazed eyes flashing with fury, he attacked.
Eddie was too slow.
Before he could duck away, Jason’s fist slammed into his broken ribs, and Eddie’s scream was muted as the air was squeezed from him at the pain searing through his body, his legs giving in as Jason crashed into him.
Wake up.
It wasn’t a voice, exactly.
It was a feeling, something nudging and urging you from within, black mist battling the one numbing your mind and senses as you realized the shred of Vecna’s – of your – powers had finally been roused.
And it was stronger than the ringing in your ears, the pain in your skull, the spinning carousel of your senses; a tether of steel anchoring you amidst the storm that pushed your senses like a tiny little kite.
Your eyes flew open, your vision sharpening, colors crashing back to you as your eyes locked on the sky.
It was the color of a fresh bruise, crimson flashes zigzagging across like angry welts on skin, black thunderclouds rolling in fast over the nearby woods –
Not thunderclouds.
Hundreds, thousands of creatures like the ones which were still ripping the flesh from Andy Warren’s bones at the end of the yard.
And they’d nearly reached the trailer park.
It was the final realization to make the rest of your senses snap back to reality, pierce the haze clouding your mind.
Eddie. And Dustin.
You pushed yourself up from the ground, eyes snapping up to Dustin, rolled up on his side and obviously dazed by the blow to his head.
“Dustin, can you get up?”, you pressed, clambering to your knees as your eyes scanned your surroundings for Eddie.
He was on the ground mere feet away from you, Jason on top of him, pinning him into the dirt with his own weight as Eddie struggled against the hold.
There was a swift movement as Jason drew back his fist for another punch – but the blow never followed.
Instead, there was a flash of something, glinting in the sparse light, and your heart skipped its next beat as you fought yourself to your feet, far too slow to reach Eddie in time, your body going numb with shock.
Because clutched tightly in Jason’s fist, the serrated blade glinting eerily in the half-light, was a hunting knife.
Eddie’s name rang through the air on your scream, your voice breaking with panic.
Reflexes taking over, Eddie’s hand shot out to stop the trajectory of Jason’s knife as it soared down towards his exposed throat, adrenaline taking the wheel.
He didn’t feel pain as his fist wrapped around the jagged blade of Jason’s hunting knife mid-air.
He didn’t even feel the blood welling up where the serrated metal was sinking into the skin of his palm, dripping down on him like warm summer rain, Jason hovering right above him, his weight pressing Eddie to the ground.
In that moment, Eddie was certain not even Vecna’s eyes could hold so much madness and evil as Jason’s did right now; glaring abysses of nothing but hatred and bloodlust, his features twisted into a crazed grimace as his other hand, the one which had been pinning Eddie’s left arm to the ground, flew up, gripping the knife’s handle with both hands as he leaned his entire weight on it now, driving it closer to Eddie’s exposed neck, inch by inch, pain now flaring from the deep gash – but if he let go now, Jason would kill him.
The tip of the serrated blade grazed Eddie’s throat, cold metal biting the skin right above his collarbone as he realized he was losing, horribly losing this fight, the dice falling on a natural one to seal his fate at the hands of Jason Carver.
Eddie’s other hand, the one not wrapped around the blade, groped at the dead grass at his side, for a stone, something, anything to use to get Jason and his knife off of him.
Eddie could feel blood welling from the cut on his neck, collecting in a little pool in the hollow above his collarbone as Jason pushed the knife further, Eddie’s strength fading, the pain searing in his palm clutching the serrated blade growing unbearable, making him scream –
“It’s funny, to see you struggle”, Jason hissed, spit dribbling from his lips.
By now, he looked more like a rabid beast than a person.
Eddie’s fingers brushed against something in the grass, cool and smooth, the familiar feeling of it beneath his fingertips like discovering a friendly face in a crowd of strangers.
He didn’t need to look to know what it was. Hope flooded him as his hand wrapped around the neck of his guitar. It must have come loose when he’d tumbled from the roof.
“Just like your little slut struggled, in the woods.” Jason sneered, before a lewd smirk tucked at his lips and his voice morphed, becoming as calm as the surface of a pond. “She missed out. I would’ve made her feel so much better than you could ever have, freak.”
Eddie knew Jason had meant the words as a final stab, a final I’ve won, before his knife would slit Eddie’s throat.
But the memory Jason’s words conjured up, of you, struggling as Jason pinned you against that picnic table, his hands forcing their way underneath the hem of your cheerleader skirt right before Eddie had ripped him away from you, was what tipped the scales.
With a blazing surge of rage, Eddie swung the guitar – just as Jason was tackled off of him.
You didn’t remember how you’d managed to climb back to your feet, how your trembling legs had carried you across the dead grass, staggering towards Eddie and Jason.
There was only blind despair and white-hot fury fueling your movements as, with a roar of all the pent-up anger and hatred at Jason Carver, you crashed into him, tackling him off of Eddie like Eddie had ripped him away from you back in the woods that fateful September night six months ago.
The impact catapulted you to the ground alongside Jason, his contorted face a demonic mask as he used the momentum to roll on top of you, his hands closing around your throat –
The guitar’s strings released a distorted tone into the half-dark when Eddie slammed the instrument into the side of Jason’s head, hard enough for the impact to splinter his beloved guitar with an ugly crunching noise that reminded Eddie of the sound of Chrissy Cunningham’s bones snapping on his ceiling, and Jason was knocked off of you, slumping in the grass beside you like a limp rag.
With a silent thank you at his beloved guitar, Eddie let the pieces fall into the grass, pulling you to your feet with a swift motion as his uninjured hand came up to your cheek, his eyes finding yours, scanning you for injuries, but there was no time to check, or grasp what had just happened, or gather you up in his arms.
“WE GOTTA GO!” Dustin’s howl mingled with the noise of the swarm, of thousands of wings flapping in the air as they descended upon the Forest Hills trailer park.
There was no time to check on each other, to set the ring of gasoline on fire as initially planned to form a second barrier against the bats. The trailer’s reinforcements would have to do.
His hand gripping yours, Eddie dragged you towards the trailer.
And then the bats were there.
Ready to feast.
It had been Dustin’s idea to use the veranda door instead of the front door, the canopy of the roof and the metal fencing you’d fastened around to form a cage the perfect first barrier against the vicious swarm of monsters hot on your heels when Eddie slammed the fence’s door closed with the rattling of metal lacing and the furious screeches of the first bats as they slammed into the fence.
Their frustrated screeches rang in your ears as Eddie locked the fence’s door with a quick movement, jumping back before the creatures’ claws reaching through the gaps of the metal could catch him.
You jumped as one of the creatures smashed into the fence right in front of your face, and with only the fence wire between you and the beast, you stared in horror.
Up close, they looked even deadlier than in your nightmares.
Serrated claws made to slice through bone in a fellow swoop, eyeless faces opening up to a sea of razorblade-teeth, the putrid stench of rotting meat clinging to their pallid, leathery skin making your guts churn with nausea.
They weren’t beasts of prey. No, beasts of prey hunted to survive.
Those creatures…they were made to kill for the sake of killing.
The images your mind conjured up, of those serrated, hooked claws tearing through Eddie’s skin, through muscle and sinew and bone as he screamed in agony, pinned you in place before Eddie ripped you from your trance, his gentle hands pulling you backwards into the trailer.
Another door slamming shut, another chain rattling as Eddie put the lock in place, the scrape of metal against metal barely audible against the cacophony of screeching, hissing, screaming.
The noise of the bats hailing against the door, the walls, the roof was that of a hailstorm as the three of you caught your breaths.
When you’d reinforced the trailer with the metal plates, you’d been certain it would hold.
Now you wondered if that had been a terrible miscalculation.
“Shit,” Eddie panted, breaking the shaken silence before he turned around to come face to face with Dustin and you.
Blood was splattered across his throat, dripping from a shallow cut above his collarbone and soaking the fabric of the Hellfire shirt peeking out from under the combat vest. Dirt and grass and spores had caught in the dark curls spilling from the bandana around his head, and more blood was running from the gash on his brow which had ripped open again at some point as his chest heaved with every pant as his eyes flitted from you to Dustin and back, assessing the damage.
Eddie opened his mouth to utter a reply, but he was interrupted by Dustin’s shout, “EDDIE WHAT THE FUCK?!”, making Eddie and you jump, and your heart froze in your chest as you stared at the spot on Eddie’s side Dustin was frantically pointing at.
On the polished wooden hilt of Jason’s knife lodged there.
“JESUS H CHRIST,” Eddie called out with a squeal rivalling the bat’s shrieks outside as he pulled the knife out of his side before you could protest, mind racing with panic because you should never, ever, ever take the weapon out of a stab wound because it would only further the blood loss, your hands trembling uncontrollably as Eddie let himself sink to the ground and you moved to rip open the zipper of his combat vest to assess the damage, Dustin shouts high-pitched beside you, “Holy shit! Holy shit!” –
But when you pushed the vest aside to assess the damage Jason’s knife had done beneath, there was no blood. Not a single droplet.
The three of you fell silent again, the havoc of the bats raging outside momentarily blurring against the ringing in your ears as all of you stared at the pearly white fabric of Eddie’s Hellfire shirt.
“Jesus H Christ,” Eddie whispered, one hand pressed over his heart in shock, “Holy fuck.”
“Dude,” Dustin agreed on a trembling breath.
“How –?”
“The vest,” you murmured, lifting the side of the padded fabric, the two frayed holes where the blade had gone clean through, a hair’s breadth past Eddie’s side.
“Guess you were right about pulling up the zipper, huh,” Eddie stated weakly, and you raised the broken zipper in your hand.
“I broke it.”
“Doesn’t matter,” Eddie gave you a shaken grin, “It did its job.”
Another beat of silence, before Eddie rose back to his feet, swaying a little with residual shock before his gaze travelled from Dustin to you to assess the damage, before he croaked, “Anybody hurt?”
Dustin cocked an eyebrow. “Dude. Everybody’s hurt.”
A noise made you start, something slamming against the front door with more fervor than before, and your eyes met Eddie’s.
“We need get out of here.”
“It worked,” Dustin breathed, hands coming up to his head with a wide, bewildered grin on his face, “It fucking worked!”
There was unspoken understanding crossing between Eddie and you.
Because with the noise of the bats trying to find their way into the trailer…you weren’t so sure whether you shared Dustin’s optimism.
And the dark feeling in your guts was right…somebody had to keep the bats out of the trailer and away from the gate before they could wreak havoc and bloodbath over the Rightside Up Hawkins.
It wasn’t over yet.
With a subtle nod at you, Eddie turned to Dustin. “Okay, Dustin, get your ass through the gate. See if you can reach Erica to check in with them. We’re gonna be with you in a minute.”
“What? Why?! It’s only a sprained ankle. I fell a little weird when I jumped off the roof, that’s all. I can still –“
“Dustin,” Eddie interjected, more vehemently than probably intended, his voice strained as he tried to speak over the havoc the swarm was wreaking outside, “For once, do what you’re told, ‘kay? You’re limping, for fuck’s sake. What are you gonna do if these things come in here, argue with them?!”
To your surprise, Dustin actually clamped his mouth shut and heeded Eddie’s command without another attempt to change his mind, limping over towards the makeshift rope dangling from the gate in the middle of the living room as Eddie watched him, swatting a few of the spores away from his face before he inquired gently, “You need some help, man?”
Dustin gave him a grin over his shoulder.
“How? Are you gonna yeet me to the other side?”
“If you keep that tone, I might,” Eddie snickered while he watched Dustin start climbing, before turning back to you, and all the lightheartedness left his face, the mask stripped to reveal the terror beneath, before he raised his hand to cup your cheek.
His jaw set when his umber eyes locked on the gash on your brow where Jason had slammed your head against the trailer’s wall.
“It’s just a scratch,” you murmured.
“It’s not.” Eddie’s low voice was trembling so hard it was breaking. “What else…?”
“A concussion. A few broken ribs, pretty sure” you flinched, giving him a lopsided smirk, “Now we match.”
You reached out to grab Eddie’s other hand, coated with the blood running through his fingers and dripping to the floor, and you winced as you gently pried his fist open to reveal the deep cut running through his palm as Eddie let out a pained wince of his own.
“Uh, guess I’m officially Kas The Bloody-Handed now, huh?”, Eddie announced weakly. “Though I can’t handle another fish-hook-situation.”
There was no time for stitches, anyways.
Judging by the noise of the swarm pounding down on the trailer…you needed to get ready to fight.
With a small nod, you reached for the first-aid box Eddie had deposited on the kitchen aisle when you’d all went through the gate a few hours ago.
It was so Eddie, to think of something as small yet so significant like that little first-aid box.
You swallowed against the lump in your throat as you unrolled one of the gauze strips, and Eddie watched as you started to wrap the material around his palm, as firmly as possible to staunch the bleeding.
A few seconds longer, and Jason’s knife would have cut right to the bone.
The thought of Jason falling victim to those things ripping at the trailer’s outsides held that familiar feeling of dark, grim satisfaction. This time, though, there was no guilt, no shame about it.
“Monster slayer?”
At his softspoken words, your head snapped up from the bandage, meeting Eddie’s eyes which were swimming with concern, the silent question within. Are you okay?
“Do you think he’s dead?”
Your whisper was swallowed by the noise of the bats hailing against the walls, the roof, hacking and clawing at the metal reinforcements in their search for a way inside.
But Eddie had heard you, anyways.
“I dunno,” he said gently, his uninjured hand grasping yours. Watching you, he brushed the pad of his thumb over your wrist, the soothing little gesture you’d already become so used to, “Do you want him to be?”
Jason had been unconscious, knocked out by the blow to the head with Eddie’s guitar – but the bats would do to him what they’d done to Andy. The memory of it, the wet, squelching sounds of flesh being ripped from bones, made your guts churn and bile rise in your throat. You didn’t yet know what to feel about both of their cruel demises. But after everything they’d done, would have done…you couldn’t find it in you to pity them.
Not right now.
Maybe not ever.
All that mattered right now was that Team Crit Hit would be able to kill Vecna, that your friends and Eddie were safe.
“I want him to never hurt anyone ever again,” you finally replied.
“He won’t,” Eddie soothed, leaning in to rest his forehead against yours, a moment of quiet understanding passing between the two of you, his presence a sanctuary amidst the raging storm as the tears you’d been fighting to hold back stole themselves into your eyes after all, hot against your cheeks as they ran down your face and mingled with the blood still seeping from the gash on your brow.
“He won’t hurt you again.”
Before you could muster a reply, something slammed against the front door again, with such force that the hinges gave a low groan, making you jump apart, wide gazes meeting.
In wordless understanding, the two of you jumped to grab the makeshift weapons you’d spread out on the kitchen table.
Two spears, hunting knifes strapped to sticks.
And two shields, long nails driven through the metal of trashcan lids.
They’d have to make do.
Spear at the ready, your fingers clammy as they wrapped around the handle of the trashcan-lid-shield and the last remnants of dizziness not yet having receded from your senses, you positioned yourself beside Eddie in the middle of the Munson trailer’s living room, right underneath the gate, your back pressed flush against his as you listened to the noise of the bats trying to claw their way into the trailer.
And if those serrated claws could cut through bone…
Eddie’s skin was warm against your own as he angled his hand holding the makeshift spear, his pinkie linking with yours in a silent gesture of reassurance.
“It won’t hold forever, will it?”, you breathed.
Eddie swallowed. “No. It won’t.”
You nodded, panic threatening to sweep you away all over again.
“But it doesn’t have to,” Eddie added. You couldn’t tell whether he believed the words. “Only until they burned him to a crisp.”
And as if on cue, the ear-shattering noise…
As if the swarm had frozen mid-movement.
In the silence which settled over the trailer, you could hear the roar of blood in your ears, the thundering of your heartbeat as it mingled with the sound of your and Eddie’s ragged breaths in the air as you listened.
And in the silence, there was a soft flutter, travelling up the walls. Travelling up towards…
“The roof,” Eddie whispered, and you glanced over your shoulder to look at him. His head was raised, umber eyes scanning the ceiling, a single beam of light from the gate falling across his face to illuminate his profile. “They’re on the roof.”
There was another horrid realization dawning on you.
Whereas the Demodogs had hunted like…well, like animals, in a way…
The bats seemed to have a level of understanding which decidedly exceeded the wit of the Demodogs.
A scraping sound made your head snap up to a spot in the kitchen ceiling.
To the air vent above the stove.
“They can’t get in there,” you breathed. “That’s not possible.”
But even while you spoke the words…you knew it was.
The vent’s seal was pushed away from the outside, clattering to the kitchen floor with a noise that rang like the crack of a whip in the shaken silence of the Munson’s trailer.
Before you could react, tear yourself out of your panicked daze, Eddie did.
A feral roar spilled from him as he darted towards the kitchen, the first of the bats already clawing their way through the air vent – but before they could get through, Eddie slammed the spiked trashcan-lid-shield over the opening, hard enough for it to hold, sealing the vent.
With a shaken little grin, Eddie turned back to you, brushing a stray curl away from his lips. “There. Fixed it.”
“There are no other vents, are there?”, you breathed, and Eddie’s face fell the second realization hit you like a truck.
There were.
In Eddie’s bedroom.
The thought passing between the two of you, you both whirled around to dart towards Eddie’s bedroom, a weird, screeching sound ringing through the air like nails drawn across a chalkboard, as if something big from outside were tearing at the metal plates barring the windows.
The second the two of you burst through the doorway to Eddie’s bedroom, glass shattered, and the bedroom window burst into a million glittering pieces raining through the air as something big sailed through, landing on the carpet in the middle of the room.
It had ripped the metal away which had barred the window.
And as if time had frozen alongside you, Eddie and you watched in quiet horror how the thing cowering on the carpet raised its head.
It was Jason.
He looked like something which had already died and clawed its way from its grave.
Blood was spilling from a gash in his temple where Eddie’s guitar had broken the skin on impact when Eddie had knocked him off of you, and cuts were marring his face, tiny shards of broken window glass sticking out from the side of his face, his neck, like thorns from the skin of a monster.
And where his eyes should have been, bloodshot and burning with hatred…were two black holes, weeping blood.
The bats had taken his eyes.
“Please -” It was barely more than a whisper, a strangled sob, spilling from Jason’s lips.
Then, everything happened at once.
As Eddie pushed you behind him to shield you, the swarm broke through the shattered bedroom window like a deadly tsunami of fangs and talons, sweeping over Jason to drown him within. His strangled outcry was cut off amidst the pandemonium as Eddie pushed you backwards through the door, out of the bedroom, the first of the bats already flitting through the door, followed by a second one, before Eddie could slam it shut.
In the tiny hallway, there was no room to wield the spears, Eddie already trying to pull you back and place himself between you and the attacking bats as you raised your shield, readying yourself for the fight –
But the attack never came.
Just like with Andy Warren outside, the bats sailed past you, the tips of their wings brushing your cheeks like a soft caress as they pounced on Eddie, faces opening up to bare rows and rows of needle-sharp fangs, Eddie’s own shield gone, stuck to the kitchen ceiling to block the path through the air vent.
With a howl of fury, you slammed your own shield into the bats to knock them off of Eddie, your spear clattering to the ground as your other hand reached to grab one of them by the tail, ripping it away from Eddie who lashed at the second creature with his own spear, the blade driving clean through the thing’s wing to pin it against the wall as the nails of your spiked shield impaled the second one.
In perfect synchrony, you both darted towards the metal plates stored in the kitchen should any of the barriers around the trailer break so you could fix it from within, Eddie grabbing one of the corrugated sheets while you grabbed the nail gun, and the bedroom door was barred anew in a matter of seconds, just in time before the old wood could give in and tear from its hinges.
There was no time to assess your handywork, though.
“GUYS!”, Dustin’s shout from the Rightside Up rang through the gate, barely audible over the havoc the rest of the swarm was wreaking on the bedroom door.
“WE’RE BUSY!”, you shouted back as Eddie and you retreated towards the gate, remaining weapons raised – his spear and your shield, readying for the storm to come, terror gripping your senses and adrenaline flooding your veins.
Your sudden scream rang through the air as pain, searing, white-hot pain shot through your skull like a lightning bolt, your shield clattering to the ground as your hands flew up to press against the sides of your head because you feared the bone might shatter like Eddie’s bedroom window if you didn’t.
Pictures flooded your mind, images of Nancy and Robin and Steve, tied to the walls by tar-black creepers wrapping around their limbs, their throats, like mice in the hold of constrictor snakes, throttling them as they struggled against their force, bound and helpless.
Memories. No, not memories.
It was happening.
Right now.
Your name rang through the air on Eddie’s desperate shout, and the pictures stopped, Eddie’s face coming into focus as he knelt in front of you on the ground, his hands folded over yours.
“We’re losing,” you whispered.
“What? What are you-”
“He’ll kill them,” you sobbed, “He’ll kill them all.”
“No,” Eddie breathed, “No, listen – he’s –“
“I SAW IT!”, you cried. “I – images from the hivemind. He’s killing them right now.”
“Monster slayer, listen to me –“
Scrambling back to your feet, “I need to help them.”
“Wait a second –“
“There is no second, Eddie!”
“LISTEN TO ME, GODDAMNIT!”, Eddie shouted, his hands settling on your shoulders with a gentleness so opposed to his raised voice, his eyes pleading as they locked on yours. “Sweetheart, please, think. He shows you what he wants you to see. That’s what he does! He’s a master-manipulator –“
“She’s right.”
Dustin’s voice, trembling with panic as it floated through the gate, made your heads snap up towards him, standing beneath the gate on the Rightside Up, his walkie in his hand.
“Erica called. Things escalated. There – Chance and a few of Jason’s friends attacked them. At Creel House. They’re gone now, but…they broke the Walkman.”
Max’s only chance to get out of the trance.
Your eyes locked on Eddie’s.
“It’s real,” you whispered. “I can go out there.”
“The bats –“
“They won’t hurt me. They didn’t attack. I don’t know why but they stayed away from me when they attacked Andy, and they stayed away right now when they attacked you. You saw it yourself. It’s…it’s like they don’t even see me. They won’t hurt me. It’s…it’s logical, I’m carrying a part of their hive. They think I’m with them.”
You bent down, grabbing the remaining spiked shield from the floor. “I need to save them.”
“I know”, Eddie breathed, voice shattering as tears streamed down his face. You barely heard the words over the noise of the swarm still trying to get through the bedroom door. “I’m coming with you.”
“No. No, you need to stay here. With Dustin. Go through the gate. Go to Fred’s gate. I’ll meet you there. We’ll all meet you there. Okay?”
“But –“
“Eddie,” you pleaded. “Please. Please, listen to me. Go through the gate. Promise me you’ll go through the gate. Promise me you’ll get Dustin and run.”
There was a split second of hesitation, Eddie’s eyes scanning yours, before his hand came up to cradle your cheek and his lips crashed on yours in a final, desperate kiss filled with all the things there was no time left to say.
I love you. Promise this is not good-bye. Promise you’ll come back to me.
Your fingertips brushed over your green silk ribbon tied around Eddie’s wrist. Your lucky charm.
Pulling away from the kiss, you gently placed the spiked makeshift-shield in Eddie’s uninjured hand.
He wasn’t one for spears or swords.
He’d always been someone who protected instead of attacked.
You hoped he’d realized it made him as heroic and brave as a person could ever be.
“See you on the other side, monster slayer”, Eddie breathed.
And with a last glance at Eddie, his beautiful umber eyes shining with terror as he watched you go, you turned and raced out of the trailer.
Seconds bled into minutes.
One minute into two, into three.
The blood still gushing from the cut in Eddie’s hand was starting to soak through the gauze you’d wrapped around his palm, staining the bedsheets tied together to the makeshift rope as his fist tightened around the fabric, his uninjured hand clamped around the trashcan-shield’s handle.
There was the noise of the bats trying to get through the barred door of his bedroom, of Dustin frantically calling for Lucas and Erica on his RT, the silence on the other side, all of it blurring into white noise as Eddie’s mind was reeling.
There was something wrong.
Something he couldn’t quite pinpoint, gnawing at the back of his mind.
A thought lost in the fog of adrenaline and terror about everything that had happened, the horrors of Andy and Jason’s gory demise, and above all, the terror of knowing you were in danger.
While he was staying behind.
Not quite running again, but not fighting, either, no matter how hard he’d already fought, how he’d proven that maybe he wasn’t that guy anymore who ran as soon as danger arose.
But helpless, because he couldn’t be with you.
Because you were right; the bats didn’t touch you and if he’d went with you, the monsters would have killed him in a matter of minutes, shredded him to ribbons like they’d done with Andy and Jason.
It still broke Eddie to know you were facing this final battle on your own.
You wouldn’t have had to worry about the bats entering the trailer as you left, you realized as you slipped through the door.
Most of the swarm were still in Eddie’s bedroom, trying to get to the gate in the living room.
Trying to get to Eddie who, by now, would have made true of his promise and climbed through the gate, back to Dustin and the safety of the Rightside Up and on his way to the designated meeting point at Fred’s gate you’d all agreed upon.
Out of the danger zone.
And the rest of the bats which were clawing at the trailer’s walls, the roof, the fencing you left behind as you sprinted down the path to the road leading past the trailer park…they’d noticed you, but didn’t react.
As if you were one of them.
The part you’d stolen from Vecna protected you, once again helping to save those you loved.
Amidst the panic, there was gratitude for that darkness.
You weren’t alone.
Your breath forming little clouds in the toxic, freezing air of the Upside Down, legs burning and lungs on fire while your head felt as if it were being split apart by a drill from within, you raced into the woods lining the street.
Fog was crawling over the dead leaves on the ground, crawling up the naked trees like Vecna’s creeping vines as it grew thicker with every second, your panting filling the eerie silence of this place.
Frozen in time, like Sleeping Beauty’s cursed kingdom.
Your body was screaming in pain, but you were propelled forwards by the image of Robin, Nancy and Steve tied up, choking beneath the force of the black vines pinning them to the walls of Creel House, a horrid mirror image of Vecna’s lair, the lost, broken souls pinned to their pillars like dead butterflies, the colors gone from their once vibrant wings, muted and dull and stripped of everything they’d once been.
Eddie was safe for now, and so was Dustin.
And you begged all the higher powers that might listen to let your legs carry you fast enough to save Max and the rest of your friends.
This time as the pictures forced their way into your mind, making your body go numb as if you’d been plunged into a freezing lake, it knocked you off your feet.
The floor tilted as you tumbled into the dead grass, the blinding headache making you hiss in pain as it felt like your skull was split open so the images could pounce on your mind like the bats on the Munson trailer.
Of Max, suspended in the air like a fragile little puppet on its strings, her hair the color of flames in the dim blue light of the camping lantern barely able to keep the darkness in the attic of Creel House at bay.
Her eyes were white, rolled back in her head, lips parted with a muted scream.
And her bones…her bones started snapping.
Her fingers. One by one.
Her left arm, the sound resounding through your skull, like the sound of twigs being snapped in two. Then the right one.
Her legs.
You’d seen what had happened to poor Patrick, had seen Chrissy’s broken body.
But Max, who’d endured so much, the fierce girl with fire in her hair and fire in her heart, brave in the face of danger, who’d outrun the monster already…
It couldn’t be happening. It was a trick. Vecna was in your mind, tricking you once again, another trance to stop you because if the bats knew you’d left the trailer, so did he, of course he did.
Blood started running down her cheeks in crimson rivulets, so bright against her pale, freckled face.
As vibrant and bright as the life fading from her.
You could feel it, draining away like water down a tub.
No, not draining away…
Sucked out of her.
No. No, this isn’t real, not real, not real –
Before you could scream her name, the vision stopped and you rolled onto your back, ringing for air.
Eddie knew something bad had happened. He felt it in every fiber of his being, as the noise of the bats wreaking havoc on the blocked door to his bedroom, the walls and roof…stopped.
The pandemonium of wings beating against the outside of the trailer, of blood-curdling screams and hissing filling the air and of talons scratching and tearing at the metal plates reinforcing the tailer’s outside…it all stopped.
Deadly silence fell over the place, broken only by Eddie’s labored breaths, the wild thumping of his heart against his broken ribs.
The bats…the bats were leaving.
And the feeling which had been gnawing at the back of Eddie’s mind hit him like a speeding truck.
Realization, the final piece of the puzzle falling into place.
You’d connected the dots – but you’d all connected them so horribly, horribly wrong.
The bats hadn’t attacked you, yes. But not because they’d recognized the part of Vecna’s powers you’d stolen, marking you as part of the hive.
It had been a trap all along.
To lure you to Creel House, to his lair, trying to save your friends.
Vecna wanted to hurt you.
His monster slayer had run straight into Vecna’s waiting arms.
And his bats, those horrid creatures…they were leaving to follow.
To tear you and the rest of your friends to ribbons, just like he’d done with Andy and Jason.
But Eddie wouldn’t let them.
As you rolled over to scramble back to your feet, the seconds draining away like your friend’s lives in the creepers’ chokehold, Max’s life in Vecna’s, thunder rumbled through the air, louder than any storm you’d ever heard.
Only it wasn’t thunder.
The ground was moving.
And even before the ground split open, Creel House Cracking apart like the shell of an egg, you knew it hadn’t been a warning, or a threat.
What Vecna had shown you had been real.
You were too late.
And Max, clever, fierce, sarcastic Max who never let anything get her down, who never hesitated to fight tooth and claw for those she loved…
Max was dead.
In Little River, Louisiana, there sometimes had been hurricanes.
They’d went on for days, and when they’d moved on, there had of the Little River trailer park.
It had happened twice, as far as Eddie could remember.
He also remembered that feeling, when the noise of the wind and rain against the sides of the community shelter they’d had to seek refuge in had stopped, and they’d all stepped outside and the air had felt…calm. Clean and peaceful, in that odd way it did after a storm.
Eddie felt like that right now, with all of the panic which had dazed his mind only moments before just fading away, making room for a strange serenity.
“EDDIE WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!”, Dustin shouted through the gate, and Eddie’s eyes flitted up to meet the boy’s blue ones, wide with panic, his cheeks wet with tears.
They stared at each other. Rightside Up and Upside Down, frozen in their place for a single shared heartbeat like two ships passing in the night.
Eddie knew he would never reach Creel House in time in to help you fend off the bats, and even if he did – those things couldn’t be fought. There were too many of them.
Except…he didn’t have to.
Because Vecna wanted him. He wanted to kill Eddie to hurt you – and if Vecna was as petty as Eddie hoped he was…revenge would be the first box to tick off his to-do list.
All Eddie had to do was cause some havoc. Lure the bats away from you and your friends and back to him.
And run.
Because every second he’d manage to run to divert the bats and Vecna was time for you and the rest of the party to escape, to potentially kill the monster.
And if there was one thing he could do better even than play the guitar, Eddie figured, it was running.
Maybe this was why he’d been running all his life.
Running away from everything, not knowing that he was running to you.
Running away all his goddamn life so in the end, he would be able to run now and buy you more time.
“Go to Fred’s gate.”
There was no time.
Eddie bent down to grab the makeshift spear discarded on the ground, his heart racing with the knowledge of what he was about to do.
“EDDIE!”, Dustin screamed as Eddie raised the spear.
The blade caught the crimson glow of the gate as it whirred through the air.
The makeshift rope fluttered to the ground on both sides of the gate, the bridge between worlds severed. Eddie could only hope it was enough to keep Dustin out of the Upside Down.
What Eddie had always done from the moment he’d met you in the woods, what he’d wanted to do from the second he’d ripped Jason away from you.
“Keeping her safe,” Eddie replied softly, his eyes meeting Dustin’s. “Go to Fred’s gate. Wait for the others. I’ll meet you there.”
They both knew it was a lie.
“No. No, you promised her you’d go through the gate.”
“Yeah, I did.”
It was funny, how history repeated itself in the smallest ways.
Only days ago, Eddie had watched Nancy jump into Lover’s Lake after Steve, her bravery bordering on recklessness.
As unambiguous a sign of true love as those cynical eyes have ever seen.
He’d always understood why Nancy had done it. He’d known that he’d have done the same for you. No hesitation.
Eddie would have dived right into that cold, dark lake for the sliver of a chance to save you.
And that’s what he was doing now.
His eyes fell on the green silk ribbon you’d tied around his wrist only hours ago in the calm before the storm. It felt like an entire fucking lifetime ago.
He’d been so certain he’d never break a promise he made for you.
Eddie gave Dustin a sad little smile.
Goodbye, Dustin Henderson. Look after those lost little sheepies for me, ‘kay?
Eddie didn’t need to say the words.
He knew Dustin, the boy who, at some point along the way, had stopped being a friend to become a little brother to Eddie, understood.
And with the spear and shield in his hands, Eddie raced out of the trailer.
Onto the battlefield.
Max is dead.
Max is dead.
Max is dead.
Before you could react, let the realization settle in, you felt it.
Not yours but Vecna’s.
The Warlock guitar lay broken on the ground, two parts dangling from the strings.
But Eddie didn’t need a guitar to divert the bats.
There were a million other ways to draw them in – make Vecna sic them upon him.
With a howl of rage, Eddie drove the tip of the spear down, into one of the black creepers running through this eerie realm like blood vessels, covering the dead grass at his feet.
The thing hissed, an eerie sound amidst the quietness, as Eddie pierced the spear through the slick black thing for a second time, the bats nowhere to be seen in the skies.
“I’M HERE, YOU SON OF A BITCH!” His voice echoed across the trailer park’s mirror image as he kept attacking the creepers on the ground. “I’M HERE YOU FUCKER! COME AND GET ME! YOU WANT ME, DON’T YA?! I’M –“
The words were cut off as something wrapped around Eddie’s ankles.
And pulled.
The impact as he slammed into the ground momentarily knocked the wind from his lungs, pain bolting through his cracked ribs as he struggled to get back on his feet, realizing that he couldn’t.
The creepers.
The creepers on the ground had grabbed his ankles, chaining him to the ground.
Eddie lashed at them with the blade of his spear, cutting and slashing while they slithered up his legs, faster and faster, panic rising in his chest – as his eyes locked on the tree line right across the street, the wood surrounding the Forest Hills trailer park.
The naked trees looked…wrong.
Movement travelled through them, all along the edge of the woods.
The horrid realization had hit Eddie that it had been a trap.
The bats weren’t in the sky.
And they’d never left.
They’d hidden in the trees at the edge of the woods, waiting for him to take the bait in his blind, all-consuming fear for you.
A thousand eyeless faces swiveled in his direction as the swarm broke away from the trees.
Panic was clawing its way up his chest as Eddie frantically hacked away at the creepers pinning him to the ground, hard enough for the strings tying the knife to the staff to come loose.
There was no time. He grabbed the knife, the gash on his palm ripping open again, blood pooling through the already soaked gauze and running down his hand in wet rivulets as Eddie drove the knife into the writhing black substance of the creepers again and again, hacking them away piece by piece, too slow.
They fell away, their hissing sounds swallowed by the cacophony of the swarm of bats soaring across the street and towards him.
A tidal wave of wings, of talons and teeth.
Before Eddie could scramble back to his feet, it reached him.
And swallowed him whole.
Images were pelting on your mind in rapid-fire frequency.
Robin and Steve, throwing Molotov cocktails.
Nancy, cocking her shotgun as the stench of burning, rotten flesh filled the air, Vecna’s roars of pain.
And then, you felt them.
Hundreds, thousands of…of beings, neurons in a network.
Wasps in a hive.
A thousand consciousnesses becoming one.
The swarm of bats.
Having bided their time.
Waiting, hiding in the trees.
And then, they weren’t hiding anymore.
They were attacking.
Eddie had been right.
It had been a trap.
And you’d both fallen for it.
“I’ll take your songbird. I’ll break him, bone by bone. And when I’m done, I’ll shatter his mind the way you shattered his heart, little thief. And maybe then…I’ll put him out of his misery.”
That was why the bats hadn’t attacked you.
Because their master had held them back.
And once again, you’d been stupid enough to fall for his tricks.
No. No, no, no –
With Eddie’s name ripping from you in a broken, desperate scream, you raced down the hill.
Into the woods.
Towards the trailer park.
But even then, you knew you were too late.
They were upon him.
A maelstrom, trapping him in their midst, a pandemonium of wings slapping his face, talons reaching for him, as, with a scream of fury and despair, Eddie grabbed the shield from the ground, slamming it into the nearest of those creatures in an attempt to keep them away, keep them at bay.
But there was no way he could.
There were thousands of them.
Their movement made the world around him tilt with vertigo as he leashed out with the knife, the tails of one of those creatures already wrapping around his wrist mid-movement to restrain him, and Eddie screamed as they ripped him to the ground, the bones in his wrist crushed beneath the creatures tail as more of them pounced down.
Tails wrapped around his other wrist, his ankles, pinning him to the cold ground, writhing and struggling and helpless as pain took over and his vision blurred with his tears.
And then, the rest of the swarm hailed down on him.
The scene unfolding in front of you when you broke out of the woods, Eddie’s name carried through the air on your broken scream, was one you’d seen before.
So many times. Night after sweat-drenched, tear-soaked night.
In your nightmares, though, Eddie had screamed. Battle cries fusing into dying ones.
Nothing like the horrible silence pressing in from all sides as you raced across the road, down the gravel to the Munson trailer.
They made room for you, the sea of wings and teeth and talons parting for you.
Of course they did.
That’s what Vecna had always promised you.
To take Eddie. Making him pay for what you’d stolen, knowing that nothing would ever be able to break you like losing Eddie could.
It was only logical to grant you the front seat as he did it.
“EDDIE!” The scream shattered as you let yourself fall to the ground beside him, the last of the bats letting go of him and darting into the air before you could rip them away, your knees hitting the dead grass, wet with rain –
No, not rain.
There was no rain in the Upside Down.
It was blood, Eddie’s blood, soaking the dead grass. Soaking his Hellfire shirt, blossoms of red unfurling on the white fabric where the combat vest was glaring open because you’d ripped away the zipper only moments before everything had went to hell.
The bats had fallen silent, locking you in this moment as they drew their circles in the air around the two of you, keeping you at the eye of the storm.
The sound of your name leaving Eddie’s lips was the ghost of a whisper as his umber eyes found yours.
“Eddie. It’s – it’s okay, I’m here. I’m here.” Your hands pressed over the wounds on his chest in a desperate attempt to staunch the bleeding, stop the flow of blood that was pooling beneath your palms, running through your fingers, warm and bright, the life draining out of him too fast. “We’ll get you out of here, okay? You need to hold on, Eddie. You gotta hold on because we can get you out of here, patch you up like – like at Skull Rock, okay? We’ll –“ Your words were cut off with the sobs you were trying so hard to suppress for his sake.
“Gonna need…a lot of fish hooks,” Eddie pressed, his voice so weak, but his lips curved into the ghost of one of his radiant sunshine-smiles like always when he tried to make you laugh, set you at ease.
No fish hook in the world could mend those wounds.
You both knew it.
You both knew this was the end.
With a sob ripping from you, you shuffled closer, gently cradling the back of his head as your other hand brushed away a few stray curls from where they’d stuck to the blood seeping from the bite wound on his cheek.
Eddie’s eyes, those beautiful umber eyes, were glittering with the tears spilling down his face, mirroring the ones you so desperately tried to hold back for his sake.
“’M sorry,” Eddie breathed. His voice was frail, crumbling away beneath the agony of his wounds, “’m sorry I broke my promise. I thought –“
“I know,” you breathed, softly shushing him. “I know. It’s okay, Eddie. It’s fine.”
Nothing would ever be okay again.
You gently reached out with your free hand, catching the tears that were running down Eddie’s face, the pad of your thumb caressing his cheek as, his eyes firmly locked on yours instead of the swarm swirling around you in the air, Eddie whispered, “Did we win?”
No. No, you didn’t.
Max was dead.
And you could feel Vecna’s presence even now, a dark shadow eclipsing everything in this realm. His wrath, the pain of whatever wounds Nancy and the others had managed to inflict on him, yet not enough to kill.
“Yes,” you breathed, forcing a smile on your lips to carry the lie, “Yes, we did. We won. Nancy landed the Crit Hit. They’re all okay.”
The smile of relief on Eddie’s lips broke you into a thousand pieces, before it turned sad. So deeply sad. “’M sorry I’m not gonna be there to take you to prom.”
“Eddie –“, you sobbed.
“Promise me…promise me you’ll graduate,” Eddie breathed. “Promise me you’ll…go to the beach. Live your life, ‘kay? Be happy.”
You would never be again.
Not without him. Not without Eddie, because Eddie was your happiness. He was your sun to light the day and the moon to illuminate the night and the stars to guide you through the dark.
And all of this light…it was dying. Fading away.
When it was left, there would only be darkness left.
An eternal void, right inside of your chest.
“You need…you need to promise me, monster slayer,” Eddie choked, his eyes pleading as he forced out the words. You could see how much it pained him to speak.
“Eddie –“
“Promise you’ll be happy again. Promise you’ll never lose that…that beautiful laugh of yours, ‘kay?”
There were no words. You couldn’t talk, couldn’t breathe, your world ending yet the one you were in kept spinning as you forced yourself to nod, forced the tears away because if they started falling, they’d blur your vision and you couldn’t let that happen because you wanted to see Eddie, wanted to see the radiance of the soft smile he gave you despite the agony he must have been in; wanted to see the light in his beautiful umber eyes before it would forever be snuffed out.
“I need…to hear it, sweetheart.”
“Yes,” you choked out. It wasn’t a lie, not exactly. Because you wouldn’t lose your laugh.
Eddie would take it with him wherever he was going now, into the place where you couldn’t follow no matter how much you wished you could.
The lyrics of Max’s song came to your mind.
If I only could make a deal with god, and get him to swap our places…
You would. Without a second of hesitation.
But there was no god in this realm filled with horrors.
Only Vecna.
And Vecna didn’t make deals.
He only took.
“I love you-hoo, monster slayer,” Eddie whispered, blinking against his tears. “It’s always been you.”
The words faded into the air, barely more than a susurration. Soft like a spring breeze.
And the light, this radiant light in Eddie’s beautiful umber eyes, all the sparks and life which had been there, so vibrant…it was snuffed out.
Just like that.
You wanted to catch it like fireflies in the summer night’s air, trap it in a glass and put it back into Eddie’s eyes.
But you couldn’t bring it back.
There was no power in the world that could.
What stayed behind was the tenderness with which Eddie had always gazed at you, the ghost of his soft sunshine-smiles on his lips as if even his final breaths, so happy that you were with him, joy had won over the agony of his wounds, the terror of death.
But Eddie…Eddie was gone.
Vecna had made true of his promise.
He’d taken the most precious thing away from you after all.
He’d taken away your songbird.
He’d taken Eddie from you.
The scream which had been locked within your chest ripped free.
Of agony and loss and rage, clawing at you, ripping out of you from deep within, from the spot where you could feel something break.
Irreversibly, into so many pieces, that you would never be able to mend them, breaking and breaking until they were too small to break any further.
Like sand was made.
Maybe your heart would turn into a beach, to contain the ocean of darkness which spread through you, numbing your body as you keeled over, your face pressed into the crook of Eddie’s neck, his soft curls tickling your cheeks. The warmth had not yet started to fade from his skin, his scent of soap and chocolate and the faint traces of cigarettes still clinging to him beneath the metallic tang of blood.
“I love you, too,” you choked out, nuzzling your face against the side of his neck, the angry red marks the tails of the bats had left there, before you placed the softest of kisses on his lips. “I will always, always love you, Eddie Munson.”
You curled up on the hard ground, Eddie’s blood on the grass as cold now as the rest of this dark realm, and rested your head on his chest, above the spot where his heart had fluttered so beautifully against your palm only hours before.
Your favorite tune in the world, silenced forever.
You stayed like this. Curled up against Eddie’s side, your head resting on his chest, sobs ripping through you as the bats kept drawing their circles around the two of you, the flutter of their wings filling the air with soft rustles as the spores drifted all around you like fresh snow, settling in Eddie’s curls, in your lashes, on your cheeks.
You waited for them to cover you whole.
Find their way into your lungs and suffocate you like this grief was, this all-consuming grief tearing you apart.
To make it all stop.
To let you follow to wherever Eddie had gone.
Death, stories had taught Eddie, was supposed to be gentle.
It was supposed to be a warm, dark current to immerse him, make the agony of his wounds stop – but how could it ever be gentle and peaceful knowing that he’d leave his monster slayer behind in this horrible, freezing dark realm? How could it be peaceful when Eddie knew the girl he loved more even than he loved music and stories would stay behind, after going through so much already, left alone to weep over his body in this horrible place full of monsters?
I’m sorry. Eddie’s fingers found your green ribbon tied around his wrist; the silk soft beneath his fingertips. It was still there.
I will always, always come back to you, monster slayer. I promise.
The second promise he’d broken.
I’m so sorry, sweetheart.
When Eddie’s eyes fluttered open, there was only darkness. All around him.
The kind of darkness that was eternal, stretching on and on and on.
A void.
And Eddie was…afloat?
No, not afloat.
There was water, covering the ground all around him, but it didn’t soak him. He didn’t feel it.
He didn’t feel anything.
The agony of his wounds was gone – and so were the wounds, he realized as his hands shot out to his face, his chest.
“What the –“
The whisper travelled through the air, filling the silence of this place, mingling with the soft sloshing sound of the water beneath him as he rolled to his side, hackles raising.
There was something else there. In the darkness with him.
He could feel it, a looming presence.
Watching him.
He climbed back to his feet, the water at his feet gurgling happily, its echo floating through the eerie silence of this void.
And when Eddie turned around…
Something had changed.
There was a table, amidst the darkness, its legs sinking into the water.
A single, large table, like those in the Hawkins High cafeteria.
And on the table…
“What the fuck,” Eddie whispered, grasping one of the little figurines placed on the tabletop to examine it – just as a movement made his head snap up and his attention zone in on the figure at the head of the table, rising from a lonely chair, behind a black-and-silver dungeon master’s screen positioned there.
Eddie’s dungeon master screen, he realized, the doodle of the skull with the flash of lightning and the bat wings staring back at him from where he’d taped it to the plastic years ago. It had been the first draft of the Hellfire Club logo.
And the face surfacing from behind the screen, the lonely figure rising from the throne at the table’s head…
It was a little boy.
Seven, maybe eight years old, with the most unsettling eyes Eddie had ever seen.
The vibrant blue of blooming forget-me-nots dotting the sides of hiking trails in the woods around Lover’s Lake come summer.
A dark premonition or an educated guess, but…Eddie knew who the little boy was.
“Hello, Edward.”
Eddie flinched at the sound of that name, placing the little figurine of the Mind Flayer back on the table in front of him, watching the boy tilt his head with a quirk of his lips, the ghost of a devious smirk that was so weirdly out of place on the child’s serene little face.
The boy’s arm shot out as he tossed something, and Eddie caught it mid-air, something small and hard. Like a pebble stone.
When he opened his palm to assess what it was he’d just caught, Eddie’s eyes widened.
Resting in his palm was a crimson D&D dice.
“Will you play a game with me, Eddie?”, Henry Creel asked.
I SWEAR ON DUSTIN’S MOTHER THERE WILL BE A HAPPY ENDING NEXT CHAPTER! Thank you so much for reading, for commenting and reblogging and sending all the lovely asks about this series. Thank you for sticking with me for fourteen chapters - here’s to the final one yet to come; I hope to have it ready for the weekend. Love ya 🖤
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hawkins-losers · a day ago
riding eddie on his couch yes yes please
warnings: smut, riding, praising
Tumblr media
GIF publié par munsonsbaby
If Wayne knew the nasty shits you’ve been doing on his couch, it would get thrown out – and burned.
Your arms were snaked around Eddie’s neck and head, your breasts right in his face as you bounced on his cock. Skin slapping noises and loud pants echoed in the trailer, Eddie’s hands were all over your body, gripping your hips and helping you keep your pace.
It was disrespectful to do have sex on a commune surface – which also acted as bed sometimes –, but sometimes the bedroom was just too far.
‘’That’s it. You're doing so good for me,’’ Eddie praised as you moaned, feeling him hitting deep inside you.
He gave your ass one sharp spank and it made you bounce faster, fingers tangling in Eddie’s hair, needing to grasp at something. You once accidently grabbed at the shelf on the wall and almost sent a quarter of the mug collection to the ground. 
Being at the right height, Eddie’s mouth caught one of your nipples, sucking on it and swirling his tongue around the hardened bud. You threw your head back in delight, moaning under his skilled tongue.
‘’Fuck, sweetheart,‘’ Eddie said lowly, looking down at where his cock just disappeared inside your pussy and he could cum right then and there. ‘’Look at that slutty pussy swallowing my cock. So beautiful.‘’
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queenimmadolla · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
summary: . . . After Eddie cheats on you, you’re left to pick up the pieces of your own broken heart. But there’s a funny thing about grief; regardless of how challenging it may be, you can always overcome it. Can your relationship?
series warnings: angst, infidelity, mentions of past fluff, self-discovery, healing
a/n: imma be real, ain’t no way I can fix To Pieces in just a single part two (that isn’t over 10k word count wise) without it being rushed, forced, and leaving much to be desired (we know our worth around here so we don’t just take back boys who cheat after they say sorry and shed a couple of tears and I’m squinting at you if you’re doing it in real life, kings and queens and other members of the monarchy) so here is a directory for yet another (damn it) series. I’m not sure if it’s going to be a reconciliation fix-it fic yet, so stick around and find out with me!
Tumblr media
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xcatnapsx · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Day 4: Mutual Masturbation
Pairing: Eddie Munson x Fem!Reader
18+ ONLY, Minors DNI. Smut under the cut.
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It was a usual, typical morning. Nothing out of the ordinary. Eddie had quietly gotten up well before you had opened your eyes to get ready for work, and you watched from the comfort of your bed, wrapped in the warm blankets and cozying up into the empty space he'd left, his scent still lingering on his pillow and sheets.
But even though this was an every day thing, you never grew tired of the show. He'd slip his tattered jeans on over his boxers, pull on his grease stained white t with several holes that he swore still had plenty of use left when you offered to buy him some new ones. And your favorite part, of course, was watching him put on his navy blue mechanic shirt complete with the collar and name tag that read "Eddie" in red cursive.
"What're you starin' at, princess?" He mused, breaking your concentration as he leaned down to pull on his tattered old converse.
"That cute butt of yours," you giggled as he chuckled, purposely turning it away from you. He stood back up, cuffing his shirt sleeves which always did it for you. You didn't know if it was the way his fingers worked the sleeves, his wrists and tattooed forearms being on display, or a combination of it all... But it was dead sexy.
"You think you could call in sick?" You pouted sweetly as you stared up at him with puppy-like eyes.
"I wish I could, sweetheart. But I'm tryin' to save up to take you somewhere special," he smiled as he leaned down and kissed you gently.
"I told you you don't have to do that, Eddie. I'm happy as can be right where we are," you sighed, reaching up to caress his face. He kissed the inside of your palm, letting his eyelids flutter closed, long lashes charming you even further. "Besides..."
You let go of him, rolling onto your stomach and fake-stretching your body until you had your ass in the air, the comforter "accidentally" slipping off your back to give him the full display of you bent over.
"I'll be lonely."
Eddie let out a deep groan, his brows knitting together as he bit his bottom lip.
"Baby, that's not fair," he said as he quickly looked at the clock to see how much time he had before work. "I'm already dressed!"
"I know," you sighed. "But I get so hot watching you get ready. Can't you be a little late?"
You rolled onto your back now, reaching your arms into the air to "stretch" again until the hem of his Scorpions shirt rose well above your belly button. He couldn't resist, falling onto the bed to kiss you as his hands roamed your exposed skin.
He broke the kiss, his eyes dark with lust now as he smiled, nudging your nose with his.
"Let me watch you," he whispered.
He leaned back, settling against the footboard of the bed as he unbuckled his belt and jeans, pulling his growing cock from the confinements of his boxer shorts.
You scooted back against the pillows to get comfortable, sliding your panties down and off your ankles, kicking them onto the floor. You lifted your hand to your lips, taking two fingers into your mouth and hollowing your cheeks as Eddie sighed, his erection growing harder by the second as he watched you get yourself ready.
With your fingers wet, you slipped your hand down between your legs as you let your thighs fall open, Eddie's gasp audible as he watched you run your fingers up and down your slit slowly.
"Such a pretty pussy, fuck," Eddie muttered, his eyelids heavy as he began stroking his cock, twisting his wrist just slightly as he stared at your ministrations. "Just perfect."
You could already feel the tension building in your lower abdomen from the way his messy bangs shielded his eyes as he pumped his engorged cock, his fist glistening as it was now coated with pre-cum.
"That's perfect," you said, staring right at the reddened tip, biting your lower lip as you slipped a finger into your entrance, leaning your head back against the headboard.
"Oh, fuck. Just like that, baby. Show me how good it feels," Eddie said lowly, lust-blown eyes roaming just between your legs.
You pushed another finger in, the sensation forcing a moan from you as you slowly pumped them in and out, using your thumb to gently rub your clit.
Eddie was jerking himself faster as he watched your fingers speed up, matching your pace as your legs began to tremble. He slowed down and tightened his grip on his shaft, his foreskin squeezing over the tip as it started to pulse and a low growl erupted from his chest.
"You're gonna make me cum, Eddie.." you whimpered, watching his slow ministrations as he ran his thumb over the head of his cock, spreading his spill down the shaft for more lubrication.
You licked your lips, rubbing your clit with more pressure as your breath became heavy.
"Fuck, Eds, I wanna taste you."
He smirked a little as he got onto his knees, slowly coming toward you as you stared up at him expectantly. You moved to suck him off, but he stopped you.
"Uh uh, princess. No touching, remember?" He said with a slight edge to his voice, switching hands on his cock as he brought the original toward your lips. "Open."
You did as he said, sticking your tongue out and keeping eye contact as he pressed his thumb onto it, dragging the salty remnants across your taste buds and allowing you to close your lips around the digit.
"Gonna leave me hangin', baby? That doesn't seem fair," he teased seductively as you pulled your fingers from inside of you, offering them to him as he hungrily wrapped his lips around them, his tongue swirling around them immediately to savor every bit of your juices.
He stroked himself faster as he sucked on your fingers, hollowing his cheeks as he let them go with a final kiss to your knuckles. "God, I love how you taste."
He pushed his thumb further into your mouth, grabbing the side of your face as he held it up to make you look at him again. His jaw was clenched as he breathed heavily through his nose, you could tell he was on the edge.
He moved in between your legs, gently pushing your hand beneath your leg so you had access to finger yourself as he slapped the head of his cock against your clit a couple times, smiling as you flinched at the sensation. Then he resumed pumping himself with his fist, letting the tip rest against your clit as you grabbed handfuls of the sheets next to you.
It was painful how bad you wanted him inside of you, and the teasing was both hot and devastating.
"Fffuuuck yes," he groaned as his brows furrowed, furiously jerking himself as you felt your orgasm rising quicker and quicker.
You whimpered around his thumb as you felt the coil in your core tighten, Eddie starting to moan louder as his stroking got frantic and sloppy.
And then you came, sucking harder on his thumb as he pressed it further down your throat, groaning loudly as he shot his hot load all up your stomach, painting you like his own piece of art.
He pulled his hand from your face, a red mark remaining where he'd held you, stroking your thighs to help you come back down.
"Thank you," you mumbled with sleep blanketing your voice, absolutely wrecked from the orgasm as he smiled down at you.
"Thank you, pretty girl," he said as he leaned down to kiss you sweetly.
He climbed off the bed, getting you a towel and zipping himself back up before leaning back in for one last kiss.
"See you tonight, princess."
End 🖤
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luveline · a day ago
eddie saying “hey babe, come here?” and both reader and roan show up
i love this idea, I know it's not exactly what you asked for but I hope you like it !!!! ♡ fem!reader
Eddie gets home and can't see either of his girls. Not a brilliant sign but not necessarily a bad thing, he sheds his clothing one piece at a time. Steel-toed boots at the door, oil-covered coveralls at the couch, gross socks in the kitchen. He screws them up into a grease containing ball and drops them onto the floor with intention to pick them up later.
There's a pot of macaroni simmering on the furthest burner. He lifts the lid, stirs the pasta with a wooden spoon and then licks it clean, eyes rolling up into his head at the unmistakable pleasure of melty hot cheese. He turns off the heat and moves on to a pile of clothes he'd ironed last night on the table, finding for himself a new pair of socks and some well loved slacks, their left hem sewn back together by your clumsy, well-meaning hand.
He can hear the shower going as he nears the bathroom, and Roan's animated make pretend from her own bedroom. He bypasses both, desperate for a hair tie to pull his hair out of his face after a day of it tickling his cheeks. His first hair tie had snapped halfway through the day, and Wayne had laughed and told him he should've cut it a long time ago.
You swear in the bathroom. The shower gets turned off and you flash past the open door, a blur of skin and your white towel. You cuss with every wet footprint you leave behind, though eventually you must realise he's home, because you ask, "Eddie?"
"In here, baby."
Roan throws open her bedroom door with as much strength as her body possesses and stares across the way with a small frown. "What, daddy?"
He's going to say, I wasn't calling you, sweetheart, you can go back to your game, because her formidable expression might be indicative of a grouchy mood on the horizon, but he's missed her so much he gives in.
"Can't spare a kiss for dad, can you?" he asks, throwing a hand against his forehead.
She drags her feet and Eddie swoops her up into his arms, dropping kiss across her face anywhere he can. She cracks quickly like an egg with a soft shell and deigns to give him the cuddle he'd been craving.
You watch from the doorway with your hand held to your chest, holding your towel closed.
"You alright, sweetheart?" he asks you.
"Perfect," Roan answers.
You both grin over her head. Eddie shifts her weight into one arm so he can hold out the other and beckon you you him, hugging your damp shoulder.
"Ew, dad. You stink," Roan says.
You giggle from under his arm. "He really does."
"To think I was missing you both," he grumbles.
more eddie and roan
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retrobutterflies · a day ago
Rainbow Lights | e.m.
Tumblr media
Eddie Munson x Female!Reader
Summary: A bad trip at your local bar has you seeking out Eddie Munson for help. And he'll be damned if he can't make you feel better.
Word Count: 5k
Warnings: Drinking, Drug Use, Slight Angst, Hurt Comfort
A/N: Drugs are bad because D.A.R.E. told me so xoxo
Your head was spinning. The cold glass in your hand suddenly felt five times heavier and you felt your grip slipping. Your eyes stared down, blinking heavily as the image of your rum and coke suddenly turned into three. You stumbled forward, feeling the world sway around you. The loud blaring of the music made your head pound and the flashing of the overhead lasers disoriented you enough to have you stumble again until the drink from your hand shattered to the floor creating a dangerous puddle of liquor and glass.
You were not okay. Each step felt like a thousand pounds and you could barely keep your eyes open at the dizzying atmosphere. You desperately needed to find the bathroom. You had gone once before, your friend making a beeline for it the minute you stepped foot in the bar. And now, with a head full of tar and mouth scorched like the surface of the sun, you staggered your way in what you hoped was the right direction.
It felt like a millennia before you burst through the doors into the painful fluorescent lighting of the women's room. Shaking hands gripped the steel door of a stall, pulling yourself inside and fumbling with the latch. You dropped to your knees, hands clutching the rim of the toilet, too far gone to worry about the cleanliness. You blinked away a wave of moisture in your water line, wracking your brain to recall the blank expanse of time before dropping your drink.
Your friend's face flashed in your mind. A back room. A small plastic baggy. Something that looked like a miniature postage stamp nestled inside. A cold dread sunk into your stomach at the memory of taking it from her, putting it in your mouth, and letting it dissolve on your tongue at her encouragement. She took one too, at the insistence of her boyfriend. And so did a few others. You didn't want to be the only one who didn't. You didn't want to ruin the fun.
You squeezed your eyes shut, a few tears leaking through and leaned forward with your mouth open. 
Please. Please. Please. You repeated it like mantra, trying to visualize the bile moving up your throat. You had to get whatever it was out of your system. A small thought in the back of your head figured it might've been too late, whatever was affecting you already running its course but you needed something to focus on otherwise you were scared you would faint. You weren't sure how long you sat there. The coolness of the porcelain toilet the unlikely saving grace keeping you grounded as you begged the universe to let you puke.
You hoped someone was looking for you. You didn't even remember the last time you had seen your friends. A good chunk of time before dropping your glass was missing like it had been wiped away on a dry erase board. But you had to have been gone for a while at this point. Surely someone would have noticed.
A few people came and went from the bathroom, either chatting up a storm or releasing their demons into the stalls next to you. You coughed a few times and tried to touch the back of your throat but all you got was gagging. Knees shook as you pulled yourself up slowly from the ground. You made your way to the sink, latching onto the counter tightly fearing you could fall if you weren't careful.
The cold water running on your hands felt nice at first until a sudden chill ran down your spine. Suddenly you were freezing. Your hands started shaking and you quickly fumbled with the tap to turn on the hot water, struggling as the world swayed in front of you. You pumped an ungodly amount of soap onto your palms and weakly rubbed your hands together as if it would clean away your intoxication. And when your hands were raw and stinging from the steaming water, you shut it off.
The thought of going back into the loud, stifling, dizzying bar made you feel nauseous but you knew you desperately needed help. If you couldn't find your friends you at least needed to find a bouncer or bartender or someone who could help. You nearly hit a girl with the swing of the door and she shot you a nasty glare as she passed you but your attention was focused on the swarming crowd of the dance floor.
Through squinted eyes, you could see a band performing on stage, wincing every time the base made the speakers hum loudly. People were bumping into you, pushing you back and forth until you couldn't even remember what direction you had come from. You were feeling helpless, eyes pricking and breath quickening into what was probably an oncoming panic attack. You couldn't see any of your friends and at this point you didn't even know where the bar was to flag down a bartender. You felt like you were going to suffocate.
And then you saw him. His crazy hair was frizzier than usual, thick from the humidity of the room. He was tall and imposing and you nearly cried at the sight of him. He was someone you knew and someone who could help. With a new found ferocity, you pushed your way towards him, counting your breaths to focus yourself. You tried to call his name but he definitely couldn't hear you over the pounding music. But as if your stars were finally aligning, his gazed swept across the room until it landed on you.
You weren't able to focus on his expression being as there were three versions of him spinning in your line of sight. It had been years since you'd last seen him that a part of you was worried he wouldn't recognize you but then he took a step forward.
"Y/N?" He had to yell your name for you to hear him. You were shoved from behind into him, hands gripping onto his forearms as his hands grabbed your elbows to steady you.
"E-Ed-die. I-I'm not o-okay," your teeth were chattering despite the sweltering heat of the crowded room. You weren't sure if he heard you but by the concerned expression on his face and his tightening grip he seemed to understand something wasn't right.
He pulled you closer, arm wrapping around your back so he could steer you away from the crowd. He pulled you towards a back room where the volume was muted to a comfortable level and the amount of lingering people was minimal.
"Hey, what happened? Are you alright?" he asked, staring down at you with wide eyes. You were sure you looked like death, mascara smudged, sweat beading on your forehead, chin wobbling.
"E-Eddie-ie, I th-think s-something–" you could barely get your words out, the stuttering a combination of your chattering teeth and panicky breaths.
"Hey, hey, woah, it's alright. Take a deep breath," he soothed. Despite not having seen each other since high school, he smoothed his hand over the crown of your head like you were close. It made your heart squeeze at the sudden affection.
"How much have you had to drink?" he asked. You were sure his tone would've been humorous had you not looked so distraught. You shook your head, eyes squeezing shut as a few tears fought their way through your lashes.
"I-I d-didn't–I had . . . only one. I-I'm not–" you felt like you were close to hyperventilating. His hands found yours and his thumbs rubbed over the backs of them.
"You only had one drink?" he questioned, eyebrow quirking as he scanned your face, bending his knees and ducking his head to see you clearer. You felt your lip wobble. You needed him to understand.
"I t-took something e-else. I d-don't k-know," you managed to say as the image of him started to distort from the tears pooling in your waterline.
"Something else?" he prompted. Desperation clawed at your throat. The colored lights strung up on the wall were blending together, creating a blurred fresco of reds and blues. "Did you smoke something?"
His voice was soothing and kind and you tried to focus on its low timbre to stay grounded but the lights around you began to morph like they were bleeding into the air and you started to feel like your heart rate was matching the pounding base of the music. 
"It was a s-stamp," was what you managed to get out. He was lost and his grip on your hands tightened marginally as he tried to understand what you meant.
He leaned in closer, brushing a stray piece of hair behind your ear. Eyes flickering frantically around your face, he took in your bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils, the sheen of sweat on your forehead, and your shallow breaths. His hand softly cradled your chin as he lifted your head higher, unconsciously swiping away the stray tears that leaked down your cheeks.
"A stamp?" he questioned. "That's what it was called?" 
He wracked his brain for a possible answer. Rick kept him stocked with a wide assortment of party drugs to sell whenever he went out and he had sold some of his stash tonight but was drawing a blank at your explanation. 
"N-no, it was s-small. A stamp. S-square–" ragged breaths caught you mid sentence and Eddie felt the creeping feeling of dread settle deep in his chest. 
"Can you remember what it was called?" he asked, trying to keep his tone calm. 
"I d-don't know, I d-don't k-know," you squeezed your eyes shut, tears relentlessly poking through, trying to pull at even the hint of a memory.
"Okay, okay, it's okay," he soothed, hand moving to brush over your hairline, smoothing down flyaways, thumb tracing the softness of your temple. 
"Okay, sweetheart, listen to me. We're gonna go to the back office and get the med kit. Then we're gonna have to go to the bathroom so you can puke it out," he explained. His voice was soft and reassuring contrary to his furrowed brows and blazing gaze.
"I tried. I tried. I couldn't–" you let out a choked sob, leaning in closer to him as your knees shook. You barely registered the term of endearment, the name flowing off his tongue like it was a familiar nickname he had for you.
"It's okay. It's okay. The medicine will help but you gotta try again," he soothed, stroking back your hair again.
So you nodded, letting him cover you in his arms as he maneuvered you to the office and then to the bathroom again. A group of girls gave him wide-eyed stares as you passed them to the handicap stall, letting the door swing shut with a slam. Murmured voices and clicking heels followed them as they made their leave.
He sat you down, hands firm as he made sure you weren't going to topple over. Then he snapped open the first-aid kit, rummaging through it quickly until he found what he was looking for. He used his teeth to rip open the paper, tapping the wide circle tablets into his palm.
"Okay, sweetheart, I need you to take two of these. They're gonna help you get this out of your system," he explained.
In any normal circumstance, the sight of Eddie Munson crouched next to you in front of a toilet would make you question reality. But having him here, hand stroking down your back as he tipped the pills into your shaking palm felt like the most natural thing in the world. You couldn't imagine anyone in his place. Even though it had been years since you had last seen him.
As you swallowed the pills, your hand reached out to grab his free one. He took it without hesitation, the warmth calming you slightly. The hand that was rubbing lines up and down your back made chills creep up your neck and you hoped he never stopped the movement.
"Did you take anything else?" he asked softly after a moment of silence. Your eyes shut again as the tears swelled and shook your head piteously. 
"No, I-I don't know. I don't t-think so. I don't–I c-can't remember much," you confessed. His hand halted for a moment before continuing its path up and down the smooth cotton of your shirt. You held his other hand between both of yours, craving any form of touch to soothe you.
"Okay. It's okay." His jaw clenched and unclenched as his gaze focused on the side of your face. "Are you here with anyone?"
"My friends. Don't know where t-they are. It's b-been a w-while," you mumbled, hiccuping from your continuous tears. The hand from your back moved away to gently swipe away the stray tears, thumb gliding under your eyes to collect the specks of mascara that freckled your skin.
"We'll find them. Don't worry," he assured you, wiping the smudges from your mascara on the dark denim of his thigh before moving his hand back to continue stroking down your spine.
The room was spinning. You kept your eyes shut to avoid seeing the toilet morph and distort. Every time someone opened the door you winced at the noise. Your chattering teeth seemed to echo in your brain and you wanted nothing more than to wake up from this nightmare.
"Do you know where you got it from? Did you buy it from someone?" he asked, voice low and hesitant. 
He watched your face screw up in a grimace, eyes still shut tight as you leaned over the porcelain. For a fleeting moment he worried something he had sold was what was causing you to have a bad trip. But he wracked his brain to remember what he had sold and it was mostly cheap strains of weed and some Adderall. However, guilt still managed to weave itself around his throat like a collar, shocking him every time you winced.
"My friend. I t-think her b-boyfriend got it," you mumbled, grimacing again and wishing you hadn't been so naive. You could feel his stare on the side of your face. You could feel his concern and worry. You could imagine the look of judgement he must be wearing. How stupid he must think you were. 
After what felt like hours, an uncomfortable churning in your stomach had you sitting up straighter, hands moving up to hold the side of the toilet seat. As if this was a well practiced routine, Eddie gathered your hair back to hold at the base of your neck as you leaned over the bowl to spew the remnants of your stomach content. It lasted a while until you were dry heaving straight bile. The muscles in your stomach ached from contracting so much and your teeth were still chattering though the room wasn't spinning anymore.
Eddie handed you wads of toilet paper which you used to clean your face, dumping them into the bowl and pulling at the handle to flush away the evidence.
"Feeling any better?" he asked. You were waiting for the moment where the shame of Eddie seeing you in such a vulnerable state would sink in but as you turned to meet his warm and kind eyes you didn't think it would.
"A little." Your voice was raspy and your throat was raw. He grimaced at you, hand reaching out to smooth back your hair, a gesture that was becoming all too familiar to you.
"Let's get you to the sink," he said, arms going around you to lift you from the floor. Though your vision was clearer now, your legs seemed to be even shakier. He seemed to notice, his grip on you tightening as he unlatched the door and guided you to the sink.
You scrubbed your hands under burning water before thoroughly rinsing your mouth through. You nearly teared up again at the sight of Eddie handing you a mini bottle of mouth wash that some angel had decided needed to be included in a first aid kit. By the time you were clean and refreshed, face splashed with cool water for good measure, you felt exhausted.
As you dried your hands on a paper towel, you turned to look at Eddie. He was leaning up against the counter, arms crossed over his chest and eyes stormy as he chewed on his lower lip. Tossing the paper towel into the trash had him snapping out of his stupor.
"How are you feeling?" he asked. You had never seen him look so frazzled. You had known Eddie since elementary school and had a brief, fleeting friendship in middle school until hormones and puberty made talking to the opposite gender awkward and terrifying. Once high school hit you were closer to acquaintances, sharing a few knowing glances in the halls and friendly words when you shared classes together and on rare occasions he would give you a lift home refusing any attempts from you to pay him back. But once you graduated you had disappeared from each others lives like two leaves falling from the same tree but landing on two opposite sides of the street.
But here you were, seeing him for the first time since you graduated, puking your guts out in front of him and crying. It was quite a reunion. And he looked concerned and worried and scared. The shame you thought may not come suddenly reared its ugly head, burning hot in your stomach. And the ever-present panic starting flooding your senses again making your breaths turn harsh and uneven.
"I'm sorry," you said instead of answering his question. The tears you'd hoped would've run dry by now collecting in your lashes again. He pushed off from the wall, coming closer so he could re-attach his hand to your back, fingertips tracing comforting circles in an attempt to soothe you. He leaned forward, trying to catch your eyes but they were focused on the floor because looking at him made your guilt increase tenfold.
"Hey," his voice was soft as if speaking any louder would make you burst. "What are you saying sorry for?"
"Because I'm ruining your night and I just puked in front of you and I should've been more careful–" 
"No, no, stop," he said. He hesitated for a moment. He wanted to reach out and touch your cheek, smooth away your panic with the pads of his thumbs. You took another shuttering, watery breath and he was moving on autopilot, palm touching your cheek, cool rings meeting heated skin.
"You did nothing wrong. You were having a scary trip," he said. His tone was firm and his eyes were holding yours hostage with their intensity. He slowly swiped his thumb under your eye, collecting the moisture that made your eyes sparkle up at him. "It happens. It's okay."
"But I'm ruining your night–" you repeated, feeling your chin wobble. His grip tightened and he brushed your hair back, warmth spreading over your hairline. He stepped closer and you could smell his cologne and weed and beer and a scent that was distinctly Eddie that you didn't even realize you had catalogued in your brain.
"You're not. Stop saying that," he was frowning at you now, your words pinpricking his heart at each syllable. He could tell you were panicking and he wasn't sure if it was whatever drug was still in your system or a culmination of your fear from the situation but your face was turning into a portrait of anguish and he felt desperate to soothe you.
"I'm sorry." Your eyes sparkled and glistened and pulled at Eddie's heartstrings like a puppet. "I'm so-I'm sorry."
"Sweetheart, it's okay. You don't have to apologize. Take a deep breath. You're alright," his voice was even softer, brows furrowing as his hand brushed down the side of your face to settle on your neck. He could feel your pulse beating fast beneath his palm and he brushed his thumb in small circles as if to alleviate your rising anxiety.
"Sorry," you choked, another hiccup following and a ragged breath following that. Your hands found purchase, though hesitantly, on his abdomen, fingers gripping the soft cotton of his worn T-shirt.
He blinked at you before letting out a quiet, snuff of a laugh that didn't quite reach his eyes.
"Are you apologizing for apologizing?" He quirked his head at you and the way his eyes glinted and his dimples slowly formed to frame his cheeks had your heart clenching.
"I . . ." you trailed off. You felt like your voice got stolen as you struggled to steady your breaths. Eddie's eyes pin-balled back and forth between yours, brown irises a mixture of concern and fear and something you couldn't place. He breathed in deeply and when you didn't catch on he did it again until you understood he wanted you to follow. And soon enough with long inhales of oxygen soaking into your lungs you felt yourself come down from the peak, nerves soothing until the anxiety was only a shallow presence.
"You're alright," he hummed.
His hand moved from your neck to brush the other side of your head, curling stray hairs back around your ear, fingers tracing the baby hairs along your hairline as he repeated his words. It was like an unseen barrier had been broken and now he was treating you like someone precious to him instead of a glorified ex-classmate. But the way his eyes trailed over your face, tracing your features and softening made you hope he never stopped because your skin tingled in the wake of his fingertips and the anxiety that had been bubbling in your stomach was slowly disintegrating into a sweet sickly goo.
"Do you remember Mr. Michaelson's class senior year?" he asked, voice rumbling after a few heart beats of silence. You rubbed the fabric of his shirt between your fingertips, brows pulling together as you tried to follow his train of thought.
"You sat behind me and I don't know how it started but you used to give me these braids and everyday I'd walk out of there looking like I'd just left sleep-away camp."
He let out a chuckle, eyes squinting down at you as his fingers trailed down your neck, dancing over your throat until they found a piece of hair. He twirled it over his pointer finger, wrapping it then letting it loose and wrapping it again. You felt your breath hitch, hands tightening into fists, his shirt destined to be wrinkled from your grasp. You could tell he was trying to distract you, placate your mind so your body could calm.
"They were these little tiny braids that took me forever to take out when I got home. And my friends clowned me relentlessly for them, surprised that I even let someone touch my hair. But," his eyes found yours shining up at him, stealing his breath for a moment as his fingers paused, "I didn't have the heart to tell you to stop."
You thought back, the memory pooling into your mind like a cracked dam. The way you would tug his hair lightly, braid the bottom pieces, micro braids that made him look like a warrior. And he would grumble at you with faux annoyance, soft tone and tugging smile letting you know it wasn't genuine. You weren't sure where this memory had been hiding but you realized you might've had a chest of memories dedicated to Eddie in the depths of your mind.
"Why not?" Your voice was quiet and uneven but he took it as a good sign that you were forming clear words.
"Because–" he hesitated, tongue moving to swipe his lower lip, "–Because you weren't scared of me. You laughed at my jokes and you asked me how my day was going."
The corner of his mouth quirked up, a memory flashing behind his eyes, eyelids weighted as his gaze transfixed you. 
"And you were the only person who would pair up with me to do any assignments." He let out a soft, bittersweet laugh that emanated low in his chest. "I used to wonder why you didn't get annoyed by that. I mean, I was pretty hopeless in that class."
You felt your heart constrict at the painful reminder that Eddie did not have the best experience in school. And you remember arguing with kids that would feed the rumor mill and say nasty things about him. You couldn't even imagine what he must've been going through even before Chrissy Cunningham's death let alone after. High school was a lonely, devastating place that played cruel games on those deemed outsiders.
"You treated me like a normal person and not the psycho drug dealer that was accused of murder," he paused again, lightly tugging the strand of hair between his fingers, "and honestly the thought of saying no to you was kinda incomprehensible."
The way you stared at him, mouth slightly parted and cheeks warm with what he could only describe as stars in your eyes had his chest clenching painfully. You had always been pretty. He couldn't count the amount of times he'd caught himself staring at you in the cafeteria, at your locker, giggling with your friends during free period or loitering around the parking lot waiting for a ride. He knew you were pretty. But it had taken him a while to realize that his lingering stares meant something a little more.
"You were kinda, like, one of the only good things about high school." His admission had your heart stuttering. There were a few beats of silence before you managed to speak.
"You were nice," you finally said, voice raspy and uneven. "And funny. I liked talking to you."
Closer up and without the world spinning you could finally make out the dark brown of his irises. "And I liked your hair," you added.
He let out a snuff of a laugh, eyes crinkling as he peered down at you. 
A soft smile worked its way onto your lips as you nodded. "Yeah."
"Even now without your braids?" he asked, shaking his head a little to let his curls bounce around. Your smile grew as you watched him.
"I can give you more if you want," you replied. He grinned at you. 
If he moved in only a few more inches he could press his lips to yours and pull you closer like he had imagined all those years ago. He could admit that he had dreaded graduating for the sole purpose of not knowing when he would get to see you again. He could finally ask if you'd let him take you out without his reputation or social status holding him back.
He cut off his runaway thoughts. You still had visible lines on your face from your tears, eyes red and skin puffy. He could feel you shaking still, leaning onto him like you'd tumble to the ground without his support. Your strand of hair fell from his fingers, his smile waning, and slowly, reluctantly he was pulling away as if his sudden illuminating words had broken the bubble you had created. Your face suddenly felt cold without his calloused hands tracing your features. He took a half step back, hands now carefully on your upper arms and with a noticeably more guarded expression.
"How are you feeling?" His voice was softer again. 
You took a steady breath and nodded. Though your vision was clear now and you didn't feel like puking again, your body felt weak and exhausted. Shame and guilt wove a tight blanket in your stomach and you felt stuck in between more rushed apologies or never showing your face in public again.
"I'm okay," is what you settled on. He surveyed you for a moment longer before nodding.
"I think we should probably go find your friends." 
You nodded back, pinpricks of dread poking at your ribs at the thought of facing the disorienting bar again. The thought of combing through the crowd, squinting through the flashing lights and permanent haze of smoke to find your friends probably still tripping out on whatever godforsaken drug you had taken made you wilt. Eddie caught your eyes again.
"Or," he started, eyes moving between yours as a crease formed between his. His thumbs swirled softly on the cotton of your biceps. "Maybe I should just take you home?"
The suggestion lingered in the air for a moment before you were nodding, hands gripping the fabric of his shirt tighter.
"Please," it was small and quiet but all he needed to hear before he was stepping closer again to run his hand down your back.
"I can pay you back. I have some cash at home–"
"No way–"
"No chance. You think I'd make you pay me for a ride? It's on my way home," he lied, shaking his head at you as you furrowed your brows.
"But–" you fought to gather your thoughts, mind turning murky as you focused on the soothing pattern his hand was making on your back. "I'm cutting your night short."
"I was gonna leave anyway," he lied again and his eyes zeroed in on the small pout forming on your lips.
You shook your head, narrowing your eyes up at him but they had little fight behind them.
"You've never let me repay you for a ride," you commented, remembering the handful of times he drove you home from school, claiming just as he was now that it was on his way when you knew it wasn't.
"And I never will," he replied, a grin crawling over his features. Your disgruntled expression softened until a smile of your own was fighting its way onto your lips. 
"Thank you, Eddie," you said. 
"You don't have to thank me either," he said and you wanted to scoff.
"Well, what can I do?"
His eyes glinted at you, hand slipping from your back to rest at the curve of your elbow. An expression flashed across his face for a second before he hid it behind a well practiced smirk.
"Let me take you out."
You blinked at him and he blinked back. You both seemed to be caught off guard by his words but before he could cover them up with a weak joke you were nodding at him.
"That sounds fair," you supplied with an even tone though your cheeks felt like they were on fire and his hands on you were scalding you through your thin shirt.
"Yeah?" he breathed, surprise mixing with poorly concealed delight.
"Yeah. But I'm driving," you retorted and he let out a laugh.
"Then that's not me taking you out," he countered.
"Then I guess I'm taking you out," you stated and he laughed again, eyes crinkling and grip tightening. You remembered the sound, something else that had been tucked away in the Eddie chest in your brain and you made a mental note to sift through it later as his hand found the small of your back to guide you through the rainbow storm of lights to the familiar warmth of his van that smelled like cigarettes and pinewood and cologne and something that was distinctly Eddie.
Taglist: @eateraa, @feminist-mina-harker, @eddie-my-lovex, @samlealea
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ddejavvu · 2 days ago
hii!! could you write something where eddie and reader are literally so comfortable with each other that they don’t feel a single ounce of shame around each other like ever?? just lots of love and belonging no matter what<33
shaved my legs today and very much wanted eddie to do it for me so that's what you get!! tw // he accidentally nicks her while shaving
"Careful!" You chide Eddie' feeling the rough scrape of blade against skin, "You're gonna cut me."
"No I won't," Eddie insists, prying at your fingers where they're wrapped around the back of your thigh, pressing it to your chest, "Move, sweetheart."
You let him nudge your hand out of the way, and he supports your thigh with his own fingers. He makes sure there's enough cream spread over your leg, making quick work of the patch of hair that he hasn't shaved yet.
"See babe? I told you," He speaks too soon, the blade of the razor nicking your skin and letting blood leak from its slit, "I won't- oh shit, I cut you."
"Eddie," You groan, the familiar burning sensation at the curve where your thigh meets your ass, "I told you to be careful!"
"I was," Eddie groans, scrambling for a band-aid in the dingy medicine cabinet, "I swear!"
The razor is dropped unceremoniously into the sink and you can't help but cringe at it's careless placing. You'll lecture him for it later, though, because the pain at the back of your thigh is taking precedent.
Eddie dabs at the wound with the towel draped over the lid of the toilet. It stains the fabric, but it's only a dot. You let him bandage up your injury, and he offers his hand to help you to your feet afterwards, intent on the band-aid staying dry.
"I can shave you standing up," He promises, thumbing away a drop of cream-streaked water as it runs down your thigh, "M'sorry, sweetheart."
"It's fine," You hum, because it really is, it doesn't hurt anymore now that the warm water isn't stinging it like the pain of a needle anymore.
"It'll heal," He promises, leaning down to kiss the superman bandage stuck to your thigh, then the curve of your ass on the way back up, "Now, leg up on the bath, princess, I've gotta get your inner thigh."
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andvys · 2 days ago
Love will tear us apart // part five 
Tumblr media
Warnings: angst, slow burn, enemies to lovers, anxiety, ptsd
Pairings: Eddie Munson x fem!reader // mentions of Steve Harrington x fem!reader
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You slammed your palm against the door as you pushed it open, stepping out into the dark, you inhaled the fresh air in hopes that it would make you feel better but to no avail. The door slammed shut behind you, you wiped away your tears in anger as you stumbled into the driveway. 
You didn't want to think about him right now or the words he threw at you but your mind was replaying it all over and over again as you stumbled further into the darkened streets. Your heart was thumbing wildly against your chest, you were starting to get breathless; feeling as though you ran a whole marathon. 
You put your hands on your knees and bend over in exhaustion. Your throat was closing in on you, your vision was getting blurry, drowning out the music from the party, the loud chatter and laughter of the people inside. 
“Breathe, y/n, just breathe.” you whisper to yourself as you try to claw at your chest. 
‘Hey, it’s okay, just breathe with me.’
A sob leaves your lips, his stupid voice, his stupid touch, his stupid big brown eyes; he was haunting you. 
You try to take a deep breath but it doesn't work. You close your eyes “everything is okay, I'm okay, just breathe.” you murmur.
The cold air pierced your skin, the wind blew through your hair. Distant thunder rumbled in the sky, startling you. Suddenly the air got colder, the loud music was replaced eery silence, the chatter and laughter was gone. 
You furrow your brows as you push yourself up. Opening your eyes, you blink as you look around “no... no” you whisper, a cold shudder rushes through your body. 
You are no longer outside in the driveway, you are in your bedroom. Looking around in confusion, you eye the many books on your nightstand, the record player that you have thrown away months ago after it was broken. You notice all the colorful pillows on your bed that you have already replaced with darker ones. Your room is exactly like you left it two years ago before- “no, no, no.” you repeat over and over again “this isn't real.” 
You can feel your heart racing faster and faster, your vision blurry with tears as you stand there in the middle of the room, you look down at yourself, you are still wearing the same clothes as before, not the ones you wore when you were taken, you know this isn't real but you know what’s about to happen next as the lights start flickering, the wall in front of you looks less and less like a wall.
You close your eyes, shaking your head, tears escape your eyes, your body is shaking “this isn't real, y/n.” you whisper to yourself. Your body is trembling with fear. You should run, you really should but you know it won't change anything, you can’t escape this, this is not real. 
“Wake up, wake up, wake up.” you whisper over and over again as you hold your hands over your ears, shaking your head “wake up, this isn't real, wake up.” 
You felt it before you heard it. The claws dug into your skin before you could react. Your eyes shot open as you fell to the ground “no!” you screamed as you kicked it, the demogorgon, trying to fight it’s grip on your thigh. You watched in panic as it stood tall in front of you. Just like you did back then, you tried to crawl back, away from the monster. The lights were flickering like crazy, your heart was about to explode as you stared at it with wide eyes, before you could crawl back any further, it screeched loudly, reaching for your leg, it dug it’s claws into your thigh and dragged you towards the portal that was in your wall. 
Your nails screeched against the hardwood floor as you tried to stop it from pulling you in, back into the upside down. 
Your hands shot out trying to take ahold of your walls as your body was already dragged in halfway, you screamed in agonizing pain as the demogorgon pierced  it’s claws into your thigh. The pain made you loose your grip on the walls, you let go and allowed it to pull you in. 
Your body was dragged across the asphalt, scraping the skin off your body. You screamed in both pain and fear as you tried to fight it off. You were never much of a fighter until this, until you were pulled into another dimension and you were forced to fight for both yourself and a little boy that you would have died for. 
Just like then, you managed to fight your way out of it’s grip, you kicked the demogorgon as hard you could, ignoring the loud and scary screeching sound from the monster as you kicked him again and again until his grip on you loosened and you managed to crawl back and away. Jumping to your feet. You ran as fast as you could, ignoring the burning in your lungs, your racing heart, the open wound in your thigh, the blood that was running down your leg. The loud screeching of the monster, you ignored it all and you just ran and ran, reliving the gruesome moment once again. 
It didn't get you last time, it wouldn't get you this time either. 
It was a cat and mouse game. 
You hid at every corner, holding your bloody hand in front of your mouth, trying to keep your breathing quiet as you heard the monster looking for you. It felt as though you were running and hiding for hours. Your body was exhausted, the wound in your thigh was burning, you were tired but you kept going, you kept going until you finally managed to get away from the monster just like you did back then. He chased you until you were at the trailer park. 
Relief flooded through you when you realized that he was no longer around. You ran towards the first trailer you could find, you didn't stop running until you were inside, you closed the door as quietly as you could, the red lights from the outside illuminate the dark room.
You step back as you eye the door for what feels like forever just to make sure that no one and nothing comes in. You tear your eyes away from the door, only now registering how cold it is but you are finally able to breathe. You turn around, eyeing the many mugs and caps on the wall as you did when you hid here back in the cold winter night.
“This isn't real.” you whisper again as you close your eyes, a helpless feeling was taking over you “wake up, y/n.” you whisper, a tear slipping down your cheek. You don’t know what to do, you don’t know how to get out of here, you feel trapped. At least then, it was real but this- this is not real, it’s a cruel imagination, your mind is playing tricks on you. Fear and panic was taking over again, you open your eyes and shut them again as you see the walls closing in on you. The ground starts to rumble, the mugs on the wall fall down, crashing against the floor. This never happened, no, this isn't what happened back then. 
“Wake up, y/n!” you scream as you raise your hands up, putting them on your ears to block out all the loud noises in the back “wake up!” 
You keep screaming at yourself to wake up, to snap out of it. The room was getting darker the noises were getting louder. The pain in your leg was getting worse, your heart was racing and you were shivering uncontrollably. 
The pain was never-ending, your body was freezing until a sudden warmth enveloped you, a gentle touch on your skin, arms wrapped around you pulling you tightly into a warm chest and you let yourself fall. The ground stops shaking, the loud crashing noises and the thunder disappear, the pain in your leg slowly fades away the cold is gone, you only feel the warmth of another body pressed against your own but it’s not enough, you need to feel more. 
You feel the tears running down your face, your hear a gentle voice whispering sweet nothings into your ear, arms holding you tightly and you stay that way for a moment, too scared to open your eyes and realize that it’s just another trick by your own mind.
“Fuck, you scared me, y/n.” 
You eyes shot open, ears perking up at the sound of his voice. He is the one who is holding you, he is the one who brought you back, who saved you, once again. 
You sniffle as you hold onto him for another moment, not ready to let go just yet. 
His hand rubs your back softly, you feel his lips on the top of your head, he is so gentle, so sweet and it only brings more tears to your eyes as you slowly come back to yourself. 
“Are you okay?” he whispers. 
You nod against him, you want to let go, you have to let go. Too much has happened in one night and you don't know what has you more shaken up. The fact that you were just pulled back into a memory you so desperately tried to forget or the fact that Eddie threw all these cruel words at you and was now holding you, speaking to you so gently as if he cares. 
‘I don’t want to touch you.’ His voice echoes in your mind, the words putting a deep aching feeling into your chest, again. You slowly let go of him, letting your arms fall by your sides as you pull away from him, you take a step back when he suddenly cups your face in his hands, tilting your head up so he can look at your face. 
Your eyes meet his and he sighs in relief, the fear in his eyes subsides but the worry stays. His thumbs linger on your cheeks as he slowly wipes the fallen tears away, his touch is so soft, his eyes are filled with warmth and something you can’t quite read. 
It hurts. It hurts to see him look at you this way after what happened before.
“W-What just hap-”
“S-Stop, Eddie.” you whisper weakly, you turn your head and take another step back. His hands fall from your face and he looks at you with pain in his eyes. 
“Please, just stop.” 
You turn back and you see him looking at you with this hurt expression on his eyes, his brown eyes big as he stares at you like some goddamn puppy who has been kicked to the curb, so different from the look in his eyes just mere minutes ago as he treated you like you are nothing. 
“Y/n.” he starts, you can hear the regret in his voice, the pain. 
You shake your head at him, your bottom lip starts trembling, more tears escape your eyes the longer you stare at him. 
Eddie feels so helpless, he feels a deep ache in his chest as he looks at the heartbroken expression on your face, you tears continue to fall like a damn waterfall and you look at him with so much pain and grief in your eyes and he hates himself so much in this moment, he knows you are crying because of him, not because of whatever just happened. He just wants to grab you and pull you into his arms again, he wants to hold you and tell you how sorry he is, how he didn't mean any of the things he said to you. 
“I’m sorry.” he speaks softly. 
He expects you to get angry, to tell him to fuck off or to leave you alone like you probably should have, he wouldn't blame you, especially after everything that has been said but instead you give him one of your saddest smiles as you whisper “it’s okay, Eddie.”
He furrows his brows at your words, shaking his head “n-no it’s not-”
“It’s okay.” you repeat “I’m sorry too.” 
“I’m sorry for thinking that I could have a chance with you, I was a fool. I’ll stay out of your way from now on.”
No. No. No. 
Eddie’s eyes widen in fear, his heart drops to his stomach at your words, he doesn't want you to stay away, he was lying. 
“No, y/n-” he whispers, shaking his head wildly as he takes a step forward, he takes your hands in his and you let him as you watch him with an unreadable expression on your face “I didn't mean it, I didn't- I was lying-”
“Y/n? There you are- I was looking everywhere for you.” 
Steve couldn’t have chosen a worse time to show up. This was perhaps the only chance for Eddie to fix everything he has said and done but of course he had to ruin it all. 
Steve walks towards you, his brows furrow in confusion as he eyes the two of you. Eddie is still holding your hands, standing close to you as you both turn to look at Steve. 
“What’s uh- what’s going on here?” he asks, glaring at Eddie.
He looks at your joined hands and then he eyes the look on your face, the tears that are streaming down your face. Anger flashes in his eyes as his eyes dart back to Eddie “get away from her.” he warns. 
“Steve-” you start but he gives you a pointed look, holding his palm up.
Eddie’s own eyes flash with anger as he looks at Steve, he slowly let’s go of your hands as he turns his full body towards him. 
Where was he this whole time? Where was he when you were getting drunk in the kitchen, throwing back one drink after the other, where was he when you were standing out here all alone?
Eddie scoffs at Steve’s words “why?” 
“You were hurting here right now weren't you?” Steve asks, gesturing to you as he walks towards Eddie, slowly. 
Eddie raises his brows “what?” he scoffs, he would never hurt you. 
“Steve he didn't do anything.” you say nervously, you look between the two of them, you could feel the angry tension from a mile away. Steve was glaring daggers into Eddie, hands balled into fists and Eddie, he looked just as mad, if not worse. 
“Really?” Steve scoffs as he glances at you before he looks back at Eddie “cause to me it looked like you did.” in his defense, he saw how Eddie grabbed your hands, tugging you forward, you slightly stumbled into him and tears were streaming down your face, so yeah, to Steve it did look bad. 
“That's fucking bullshit, man. I would never hurt her.” 
Yeah. Eddie would never hurt you, at least not physically. 
“Yeah? Then why is she crying?” 
Eddie clenches his jaw in anger, he takes another step towards Steve but before he can say or do anything, you step in between them and turn towards Steve, you put your hands on his chest and push him back slightly “he didn't do anything, it’s okay.” you mumble as you look up at your friend. His eyes soften as he looks down at you “let’s just go.” 
“No, please. I just want to go home.” you whisper, pleading with your eyes. 
Steve sighs, he looks at Eddie behind you, glaring at him. 
“Please.” you repeat. 
You were tired, exhausted and hurt. Everything that happened in the past hour was just too much for you, you just needed to get away from here and from him. 
Steve sighs “okay, let’s go.” he takes your hand in his and pulls you further away from Eddie. 
You turn around one more time, eyes meeting Eddie’s, he looks like he wants to say something. Regret and guilt was written all over his face. He watches as Steve pulls you further and further away from him. 
You look at him one last time before you turn around and walk away from him. 
“Wait, we gotta get Robin.” you mumble. 
“I’ll get her, I’m just gonna open the car for you.” 
A frown makes it’s way back on your face as you look up at him, the anger is still visible in his eyes. 
“Leave Eddie alone, please.” you whisper as you both stop by his car “I swear he didn't do anything.”
Steve sighs once again, he rolls his eyes before he looks down at you “you were crying, you only cry when something really bad happens. ” he points out “I was looking everywhere for you, fuck y/n, I was worried that something bad happened!” he exclaims. 
You look away, feeling guilty for worrying him. 
“And then I find you outside with Eddie Munson of all people! That guy has been treating you like shit for ages and then I find you like this, with him!” he points towards Eddie in anger, who's still standing in the driveway watching your interaction with Steve. 
You huff in annoyance as you turn back towards Steve “I'm sorry for worrying you, I- I just, I drank too much and then I went outside a-and- just, Eddie didn't do anything okay?” you sniffle, tears blur your vision again. God, you feel so stupid, you are defending him after the things he said to you. You feel so pathetic. 
“I just want to go home, Steve.” you whisper. 
“Okay.” he sighs, you know he doesn't believe you but you also know that he won't push you to talk if you don't want to. 
He opens the door for you, you give him a small smile as you get in, crossing your arms over your chest, you lean back into the seat. 
“I’ll go get Robin.” he mumbles before closing the door. 
Steve turns around and walks back towards the house, Eddie is still standing in the driveway, glaring at Steve. 
“What did you do to her, Munson? And don’t bullshit me right now.” 
Eddie snorts at his words “I didn't do anything to her.” 
“Right.” Steve nods, scoffing at Eddie’s words “so, she was just crying for no reason?”
Eddie balls his hands into fists, he feels angry, so fucking angry “your girlfriend was having a fucking panic attack or some shit and it’s not the first time it happened.” 
Eddie wasn't sure about your relationship with Steve, he assumed that you are dating considering you were always around each other and you didn't deny anything when he called Steve your boyfriend. 
“Yeah, where were you when it happened huh? Where were you when she was getting drunk? Anything could’ve happened to her.” 
The anger was raging through Eddie the longer he looked at Steve and his dumbfound expression. 
“Where were you, Steve?” Eddie asks, walking towards him slowly, eying him slowly. The guilt is clear in his eyes. 
Steve shakes his head, letting out a huff as he looks away from Eddie’s intense glare. 
“That's none of your business.”
“Did you ditch your girl for some quick fuck?” 
Steve scoffs, eyes meeting Eddie’s, they both glare at each other. Steve didn't deny it, he just stared at him with anger in his eyes and a clenched jaw. 
Eddie chuckles darkly, shaking his head at Steve. He never liked him, he always thought that he is an arrogant asshole who thinks he can have anything he wants. 
Steve’s silence speaks volume, Eddie’s got the answer he wants. He only scoffs before he walks past him, bumping into his shoulder on purpose. Eddie glances your way for a second. 
Eddie halts in his track, turning around, he looks at Steve with a questioning look in his eyes.
“Stay away from her.” 
He squints his eyes as he sizes Steve up, chuckling to himself. Who was he to tell him what to do? 
Steve glances towards you, making sure that you aren't listening in on their conversation. 
“She’s mine.” 
Eddie raises his eyebrows, laughing in amusement, he looks down at the ground, a smirk tugging at his lips as he walks towards Steve again, who watches him in curiosity, he gulps as Eddie steps closer “is that so?” 
Steve straightens his back, putting on a confident look on his face “yeah.” he nods. 
Eddie licks his lips, eyes darting towards you for a second “yeah? then why did she ask me if I want to fuck her?” 
Steve lips part in surprise, eyes flickering with anger and jealousy, he turns his head, looking at you for a moment. 
Eddie eyes the expression on his face, feeling satisfied with himself, he takes a step back about to turn back around to walk away but his next words stop him again. 
“Ever heard of a pity fuck?” Steve asks. 
The smirk on Eddie’s face falls and he looks at him in disbelief. 
Steve only chuckles at the way Eddie’s face contorted so quickly “she pities you dude, do you really think she would actually want touch you?” Steve asks as he eyes him up and down with judgement in his eyes. For a moment he feels bad, the side of him that he buried years ago was reappearing again and he hated it, especially when he saw Eddie’s eyes flicker with hurt but he wanted him to stay away from you “a girl like her with a useless lowlife like you?” he scoffs “I don’t think so man.” 
Eddie is taken aback by his words, he always thought of him as an asshole and he never liked Steve but he didn't think that he would be just as cruel as all the other assholes that treated him like shit. 
A breathless chuckle leaves his lips and he turns away before Steve can see the tears in his eyes. He walks away without another word. Eddie never felt like he was good enough to be around someone like you and the insecurities always got the best of him, so many questions swirled in his mind over the years, ‘were you dared to approach him?’ ‘were you trying to be his friend only to hurt him and humiliate him in the end?’ ‘were you trying to be his friend so you could use him to piss off your rich and stuck up parents?’ or maybe, just maybe, you actually wanted to be his friend and he was misjudging and mistreating you this whole time and by the hurt expression on your face earlier, he knew it was the latter but Steve’s words have washed a new wave of insecurities over him. 
That night, Eddie came home with anger and tears in his eyes. He was angry at himself for the way he treated you, for the things he said, he was angry at himself for being so insecure and misjudging of you, he was angry at Steve for the things he said to him, he was angry because he has you. 
He slams the door shut and throws his jacket down in anger. He pulls at his hair as he sits down on his bed, tears of frustration run down his face, just like a few days back, his eyes fall on your notebook but this time, he doesn't touch it, he grabs it and throws it on his table.
That heartbroken look on your face, the disbelief and the sadness in your eyes was going to haunt him for the rest of his life. The moment you have pushed yourself out of his arms and you had looked at him with your teary eyes, he knew, he knew he broke your heart before there was ever anything between the two of you. 
And then Steve’s words kept playing on repeat. 
A sob escapes his lips and he cries for the first time in a while. He would be lying to himself if he said he never thought about the two of you together. Especially after he got a taste of knowing what it’s like to hold you in his arms, to feel your body pressed against his, your head on his chest and your arms wrapped around him, he had once- twice. And he will never have it again, he fucked up and there’s no coming back from what he has done. 
And even if there was a way to fix it, to apologize and beg for your forgiveness, there would always be Steve’s words in the back of his mind. 
‘A girl like her with a useless lowlife like you?’
Eddie cries until there’s no tears left in him. The sadness and the feeling of insecurities that he has bottled up for too long finally exploded and left him with a miserable feeling inside of him. 
The weekend started off horribly for him and he kept feeling worse and worse. He dragged himself into the shower Saturday morning, he had the worst headache ever, his eyes were puffy from all the crying, he felt exhausted and just, depressed. He hoped that the shower would help him feel better but it did nothing to cheer him up. 
“You okay, son?” Wayne asks from the small kitchen table as Eddie walks out of the bathroom. 
Eddie grumbles out a small yes as he pours himself a cup of coffee before he sits down on the chair, opposite of his uncle. 
Wayne eyes him slowly, putting the newspaper down, he leans back in his seat as he grabs his mug, staring at his nephew.
“What?” Eddie mumbles as he notices the look on Wayne’s face.
“Did something happen?” 
Eddie hesitates, he knows he can talk to him, maybe even ask for advice but he is scared to disappoint Wayne when he tells him how badly he treated you.
“Stop lying to me, Eddie. Usually you run out of your room like some little kid on Christmas Day and now you’re sitting here all grumpy with a cup of black coffee in your hand?” he asks, a confused expression on his face. 
“What’s wrong with black coffee?” Eddie asks.
“You don’t drink black coffee.” 
Eddie presses his lips in a tight line as he looks down at the beverage in his mug “yes I do.” he lies, raising the mug to his lips, he looks at Wayne as he takes a sip only to scrunch up his face in disgust at the bitter taste. 
“That’s disgusting!” 
Wayne chuckles in amusement.
Eddie puts the mug down and reaches for the little sugar container on the table, scooping up some sugar, he pours it into his coffee in hopes that it will taste better. 
“I-I uh, I messed up.” he mumbles “I hurt someone.” he adds before getting up, he fiddles with the sleeves of his flannel nervously as he grabs a spoon out of the drawers before he walks back to the table.
“How so?” Wayne asks, watching Eddie intently. 
“Uh, I said some things I didn't mean and I- I think I broke her heart.” 
“Ah.” Wayne nods “I should've known it’s about a girl.”
Eddie looks at him nervously, not knowing what to say. 
“Listen, I don’t know what you said to her and I’m sure you don't want to tell me but if she cares about you, the way you care about her- and judging by that heartbroken look in your eyes, I know you care a lot, she’s going to forgive you. Just give her some time and show her that you care.”
“I-how?” Eddie asks.
“Don’t be in asshole, kid.” 
Eddie snorts at his words, raising his brows at his uncle, who sighs as he looks down for a moment before he looks back up at him. 
“Eddie, you have a big heart and you care about the people around you but I know there’s a part of you that believes that you don't deserve all this, all this love so you try to push it away from you by hurting someone who loves you-” Wayne pauses, he takes a deep breath “don’t to it son, your dad did the same thing and it only led him to become this miserable asshole who did nothing but make everyone else around him just as miserable, all because he couldn’t accept the love that people like your mom were ready to give him.” 
Eddie gulps, he looks down at the mug in his hand, he didn't like to think about his parents and he didn't like to think about having anything in common with his deadbeat father. 
“You are not like him and you will never be but please, just accept the love that people want to give you, Eddie, you deserve it.” 
Tears blur his vision and he feels like laying down and crying again but he needed to hear those words. 
“Thank you, Wayne.” he whispers, giving his uncle a sad smile. 
Wayne reaches out, he squeezes Eddie’s hand “you can fix it, nothing is ever too late, son.” 
Eddie nods, he was right. It wasn't too late to fix it.
“What do you say- we pick out a movie and order pizza?” 
“Sounds good.” Eddie says, a grateful smile on his face.
Family video was the last place that Eddie wanted to walk into, especially after his conversation with Steve last night but he promised Wayne that he would get the movies.
Eddie rolls his eyes as he sees Steve's car in front of the store, he lets out a loud sigh as he jumps out of his van. 
He walks into the store, eyes going wide, his shoulders slumped at the sight in front of him. You are right there, sitting on the counter, you skip through a magazine as Steve stands right in front of you, smiling as he talks to you. 
He tears his eyes away from you and walks further into the store before you can see him. He wants nothing more than to run out again but he didn't want to come home empty handed. He grabbed a couple of horror movies, holding them in his hand, he walks through the aisles, eying the covers of the other tapes. 
“Here, this one’s good.” 
He jumps back, catching the tape just in time as he finds Robin staring at him with a smirk on her face.
“You look like shit, Eddie.” Robin mumbles as she eyes him. 
“Yeah.” he mumbles, looking briefly at the girl before he eyes the movie cover she threw at him “Legend, really?” 
“Yeah, you look like the type who would love that movie.” she chuckles as she leans against the shelf. 
He raises his brows as he reads the description “A young man must stop the Lord of Darkness from destroying daylight and marrying the woman he loves.” he reads dramatically. 
“I’ll take it.” Eddie shrugs. 
Robin chuckles but her face gets serious the longer she looks at Eddie. He looks sad, there are dark circles under his eyes, he’s not wearing his leather jacket or his vest, which almost seems weird to Robin. He’s wearing a flannel and his hair looks messier than usual. 
“Thanks, Robin.” Eddie mumbles, holding up the movies, he smiles at her before he walks away. 
He feels nervous, his heart starts racing the closer he gets to the counter, the thought of having to face you after yesterday, makes him anxious. 
He throws the tapes on the counter, startling you and Steve. 
His eyes meet yours and he watches your face contort in surprise. You stare at him, taking in the sight of him, your eyes move down to flannel he’s wearing, recognition flashes in your eyes. 
“Munson.” Steve sighs as he steps forward, he gives Eddie a brief nod. Eddie only looks at him for a moment before he looks back at you. 
Your eyes are slightly red, glassy, sadness flashes in them the longer you look at Eddie. 
His lips are set in a frown as he looks at you, you can see the regret and the guilt as he watches you. 
“Here.” Steve mumbles before he turns away from Eddie. 
You and Eddie stare at each other for another moment before you finally tear your gaze away from him. 
He sighs, grabbing the tapes, he rushes out of the store as fast as he can. He takes a deep breath as he walks outside, the same sadness he has felt before settles in his chest once again. 
“Hey Eddie!” 
He turns around abruptly at the sound of Robin’s voice. 
“You forgot your receipt.” 
“Oh, thanks.” he mumbles.
“What’s your problem, Eddie?”
He gives her a questioning look, cocking his head. 
“Are you mad that Steve has the balls to flirt with her unlike you?” Robin asks “you know she doesn't like him like that.”
“What?” he asks in surprise “w-what do you mean?”
Robin rolls her eyes and looks back before she turns around again “she’s not into Steve, he’s her best friend, that's all.” 
Eddie has never felt more confused in his life “I-I thought they are dating.”
Robin let’s out a loud laugh “oh my god! You thought they are dating?”
“Uh yeah, I thought they are together.” he mumbles, he scratches the back of his neck, feeling awkward. 
“Is that why you have been acting like a complete dick to her? Because you thought they are dating and you are jealous?” 
“I- I’m not jealous!” he scoffs, growing red. 
“Yes you are, holy shit.” she chuckles, shaking her head in disbelief “you are the biggest idiot I know, no wonder you haven't graduated yet-”
“Hey! not cool..” 
Robin snorts “listen, she doesn't like him like that but she likes...you.” she says quietly. 
Eddie’s eyes widen in surprise before he starts shaking his head “no- she hates me.”
“Seriously dude?” she sighs, running her fingers through her hair “look, if she ever acted rude towards you then it’s only because you were acting like a complete douchebag. She never hated you, Eddie.” 
“R-Really?” he asks, looking at her with hope in his eyes.
“Yeah.” she says, rolling her eyes at his cluelessness, she turns around and walks away but she stops, she feels bad for him, she can see how much he’s struggling. Sighing, she turns back around “look- all I'm gonna say is, you have a chance, so don’t fuck it up.” 
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sadboyeddie · 2 days ago
Okay so you been dating Eddie for a while now and he’s started to pick up and even adopt one of your weirdest quirks: whenever you have a bag of mixed coloured candy (eg skittles, m&ms, jellybeans etc) you always colour code them, sorting them into neat piles before removing the ones you dislike the most, Eddie eats basically anything put in front of him so he happily takes the ones you’ve banished. The boys on hellfire all give him strange looks when he sits at the lunch table sorting through a bag of candy and putting each of your favourites into individual ziplock baggies and placing them into his drugbox. He always make a show of it when presenting them to you later like he’s doing a deal with you, dangling the bag of red skittles in your face and saying he can let you have them for a price…
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