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space-invading-pigeon · 2 days ago
Steve makes lunches for everyone, but he's one of those people who has a theme for every single lunch.
Dustin gets cute little sandwiches that have been carefully made to look like computers, cookies shaped like walkie talkies, and juice bottles that are decorated with the scientific equations.
Max gets grilled cheese cut into skateboards, a fruit salad packed into a little California-shaped box, a snack cake that has a cute little cake Steve decorated to look like that game in the arcade she refuses to let anyone beat her high score in, and she always gets a little note telling her she's amazing and "please don't beat anyone up today."
Will gets lasagna carefully cut to look like a dragon, charcuterie, and cookies that are shaped like lightning bolts. Steve used to include a drink, but then Jonathan mentioned that Will's favorite thing is chocolate milk so now he just packs some money to buy it cold from the lunchroom; he's the only member of the Party that gets a lunch AND lunch money.
Mike refuses to let Steve pack his lunch, but he doesn't complain when Steve packs him snacks for the day. Steve always packs his favorites, labels them with the name "Paladin Shithead," and sometimes hides some small candies in Mike's backpack.
Lucas gets two lunchboxes, but only because Steve is overprotective. There were times in high school where Steve passed out after practice because no one ever thought to offer him a snack, and Lucas was the most active BEFORE he joined the team. All of his food is curated to be sure he's getting as much energy as possible without making him sluggish and bloated. If Steve makes them look like jerseys, basketballs, tennis shoes, and baskets, that's no one's business but Lucas's.
Robin gets a lot of food that's been made to look musical, like ice cream, or, her favorite, like ears. She thinks it's hilarious that her little comment in Starcourt about her ears being geniuses stuck with Steve, especially now that she knows how difficult it is for Steve to remember anything (his concussions have not been kind to him).
Nancy and Jonathan both get simple lunches, everything looks normal, but their desserts are always decorated with guns and a heart with N+J in the center. Steve never really figured out how to act around the two of them when there isn't a crisis, but he loves both of them and keeps them well-fed until they go off to college.
Joyce gets a lunch delivered every morning, packed with healthy foods and labelled "For my real mom." It makes her tear up every single day, and she usually repays Steve by sending home the lunchbox full of copies of Byers family recipes, "for my darling son." They don't mention it to anyone else, but Steve makes sure to try each and every recipe even though he adds them to his own recipe box anyway.
Hopper gets a lunch full of little police stars, and his sandwich is shaped like himself, mustache and all. The first time Steve did this, he left the lunch on Hop's desk at the station with a note that just says "To Dad," because Hop has called Steve his son almost exclusively since 1984. The sentiment makes him go all misty-eyed, and because one of his deputies dared to mention it, the entire station knows not to bring up Hop's son as any sort of joke again.
Eleven's lunches are full of sweet foods. Honey ham, candied nuts, any new dessert recipes that Steve wants to try, they all go in her box. She gets normal, healthy food too, but she'll only eat it because Steve makes them look like waffles. (She likes being able to eat anything, post-Lab, but Steve dotes on her like she's the baby sister he never got to have) Her favorite thing, though, is the notes he packs for her, telling her that she is always going to be his hero and he's proud of her for pushing through school.
Eddie claims he gets the best lunch: hand delivered by Steve every day, full of hearty food to both help him heal up and put on some weight (Steve was appalled when he realized he could count almost all of Eddie's ribs, because of course Eddie is hypoglycemic). His desserts are always bat-shaped, both the animal and Steve's signature weapon, and Steve usually leaves a post-it note with nothing but a heart in the box. Eddie has collected every single one, he keeps them in a drawer.
Erica's lunch looks like she has a personal chef, each one with her initials on the entree. She boasts to anyone who is in earshot that her babysitter made it for her, and that he's the best cook in the whole state; as a result Steve's been signed up for every bake sale, auction, and school dance at the middle and high school.
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williiambyers · 2 days ago
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Jonathan & Will talk in The Piggyback [4.09]
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will80sbyers · a day ago
he was thinking that Jonathan was still high when he started talking about "Larry"
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luveline · 2 days ago
okay jonathan smut request! he is my loser bf and I think he’d be obsessed w the different sounds he can get from you w his fingers and such so maybe something about that? thank u if u do it and no worries if u dont!! Ily <3
loser bf forever <3 cw fem!reader fingering etc mdni
"You've gone all quiet," Jonathan says smugly.
You nuzzle your cheek into the soft fabric of his t-shirt, face hidden in his shoulder and turned away from him so he can't see your expression.
You always get shy at this part — his one hand easing down your tight jeans, his other holding your hand where it's reaching behind your back. The heat of his thigh is stark against your stomach.
"Still with me?" he murmurs.
You squeeze his hands rather than answer. Cool air kisses your hot cunt and you sigh desperately at the feeling, shifting your legs where they're thrown haphazard between his. It's a precarious position: he half sits with you over one thigh, towering and touching. You can't see his hand as it lowers but you can feel it, the heat of two fingers spreading you open, your weeping little hole on display for only him to see.
He laughs under his breath and readjusts his fingers to pull you ever wider. "Pretty..." Jonathan talks more to himself than you. "Pretty cunt. Fuck..."
You whine as he circles your heat with the tip of his index finger and pushes in, digit sinking into your gummy walls slow and neat.
"I love when you make that sound," he says. Anyone else might think he was speaking plainly, but there's a light desperation to it that has your stomach fucking aching.
He squeezes a second finger inside, thumb pushing meanly into the top of the back of your thigh as he curls, searching for that spot that's gonna make you-
You can't make real words. You keen and shift forward off of his fingers but Jonathan swiftly follows, arms hot and stern and fingers sinking deep inside you with little sympathy. Now he's found the sweet spot he's not gonna leave it alone, and he doesn't, stretching the walls of your cunt with a gluttonous pace and intent.
"Fuck, honey, make that sound for me again, huh?" he asks desperately, fucking into your cunt with an impossible mixture of flippancy and care. He tap-tap-taps into your sweet spot until you're squirming, hand pressed flat to your lower back to keep you down. "Stay still, I'm trying to get you there."
"Jon, s'too fast," you say breathlessly.
He slows accordingly, drops a kiss into your joined hands. "Sorry, baby," he says, burying his fingers as deep as he can. You squeal. "Just love hearing all these nice sounds you make."
Jonathan's smile is obvious. You spread your thighs wider and delight in the catch in his breath.
He pulls his fingers out to rub a wet circle down your cunt. You close your eyes as he catches your clit, moaning tearily at the sudden stimulation.
He really likes that sound. "Fuck. Fuck. Does that feel good, baby? Yeah?" He presses two hot, slick fingertips into the bead of your clit and starts a torturous circle, thumb teasing your poor abandoned hole. "Fuck... Can't wait to hear you underneath me. That little sound you make when I fill you up," — you keen — "s'like fucking gold dust. Can't believe you make all these sounds for me."
You've enough sense to turn your clammy face to him the best you can. "Only you, Jon," you murmur, an infinite fondness buffeting each word.
"Think we can get you to cum like this? You wanna cum for me?" he asks gently.
You nod. He drags you up by the thigh and tucks your face into his neck. His manhandling has your heart spinning. It's an inkling of what's to come, stern touch in total juxtaposition with his sweet words.
"Good girl," he says.
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steveshairychest · 10 hours ago
Steve and Jonathan bond over the fact they used to date the same girl, they are both bisexual and they both have long haired stoner boyfriends. They would be best friends. I will bite a chunk out of anyone that disagrees.
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keykey613 · a day ago
"Ugh, the Byers 🙄"
Tumblr media
Sometimes I think about how crazy it is that the town's hobby is to bully Will, a child ?! Actually everyone in Hawkins likes to torment the whole Byers family and we all know that Lonnie probably contributed to that.
These are high schoolers picking on a 13 year old?! Embarrassing. Not only that but you have adults joking about Will's death (ex: Troy's father)
Tumblr media
But remembering Steve's scene "your family is a disgrace to the entire town" ... it would have been kinda interesting if the show had gone to that kind of plot, that the Byers are somehow cursed just like Hawkins.
Imagine something like fear street. Everyone in town says Hawkins is cursed because of freaks, because of the Byers, but actually it's the other way around, the town is cursed because they scapegoat the different.
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rotisserie5107 · a day ago
st characters as pictures i have saved to my phone
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aemiron-main · a day ago
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*you hit me and stranger things as textposts fly everywhere like sonic dropping gold rings*
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http-byler · 2 days ago
some Jargyle? :D for the doodle requests, brochacho
yep. yeah. yes. here they are :) jon got them a matching set of shirts & even though they aren’t really Argyle’s style, he appreciates the gesture <3
Tumblr media
keep the doodle requests coming besties!
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stevesbipanic · 12 hours ago
Jonathan and Eddie being friends when they were little, Eddie's mum would drop Eddie off whenever it was getting bad at home and Joyce would let him in with no questions. Joyce trying to get Eddie's mum to leave her husband like Joyce did because she recognises the same bad situation. Jonathan and Eddie losing touch when Eddie ends up in the foster system for a year before they find Wayne and he moves to Hawkins to take in Eddie in a place he feels familiar. Wayne not knowing about the Byers and Joyce not knowing where Eddie ends up and since Eddie is older by a couple years they're not really able to cross paths in school much. Eddie lives through season 4 and gets the biggest hugs from Joyce and Jonathan when the Byers return and getting to properly meet Will who Eddie only remembers as a toddler.
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sunflowersand-butterflies · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
You see, poor little writer, that was on purpose.
And the picture they chose to accompany this title:
Tumblr media
Lmaooooo, it’s literally Will’s gay angst and Mike wearing the most fake, done, smile ever. Like, El is looking up at Mike adoringly, he’s looking directly away from her with a strained, forced face, and Will looking really depressed behind El. And Jonathan and Argyle are just spacing out. (I believe it’s telepathic communication, they’re talking shit about Mike.)
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williiambyers · 2 days ago
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Jonathan & Will hug in The Piggyback [4.09]
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limoncella-bella · a day ago
Nancy: Hey so I told Jonathan about what you said in the RV.
Steve: yeah, sorry about that, you know how things get with the end of the world.
Jonathan: Yeah, I get that. We did have a bit of a wired love triangle happening here.
Steve: Hey Jonathan, maybe me and you should kiss, complete the triangle.
Nancy: Steve, you have a boyfriend!
Eddie: *in the distance* I don’t mind!
Jonathan: Well, I can’t see a problem here…
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Tumblr media
Just a reminder that this actually happened.
WHAT was the point of paralleling these 2 fights at the same time if not to show the difference in Mike's reaction??
Also the aftermath:
Mike sat on the couch, ate chips and blamed OTHERS for his fight with El.
But with Will, he immediately appeared guilty, told him not to leave, followed him back to his house to find him and apologized. And blamed HIMSELF for the fight, taking full responsibility.
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mikewheeler-defender · a day ago
it’s rough out here shipping jancy, and ronance, AND jargyle smh
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summersjancy · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
There has been so many scenes in the show focusing on Jancy holding hands, or just of their hands in general. They are such a beautiful ship, I love them.
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theonebyler · 21 hours ago
They really missed out on the opportunity to give the California crew a Wayne's World moment in the SBP van. I would have paid to see Jonathan, Argyle, Mike, and Will just messing around and screaming some 80s hair rock lmao.
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