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ugh my little heart
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@lgbtqcreators event 04: head canon / bingo: gradient
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inktober day 1: haunted house, based on those memes of ppl getting the absolute crap scared out of them in haunted houses (don’t ask me why i chose this particular group of ppl it just felt right)
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Dustin starts by calling Steve "Mom", and so the Party just kind of... naturally start calling him that, too.
During Hellfire one night, Dustin is arguing with Steve about something and Eddie calls over, annoyed. "Dustin, listen to your mother."
Dustin looks at Steve, then looks Eddie directly in the eye and goes, "Okay, Dad."
Once Steve finally convinces everyone him and Robin aren't dating, Robin becomes Aunt/Uncle Robin (the genderfuck is real).
Eventually Steve and Eddie start calling Nancy "Aunt Nancy" and no one gets it until one night they're by a campfire and Uncle Robin kisses her girlfriend on the cheek.
One night, the Harrington parents come home and knock on the door. They nearly have a frickin' heart-attack when Eddie Munson, of all people, answers the door, and yet another one when a little red-haired girl goes "Oh, so you guys are Grandma and Grandpa now?"
(Steve immediately goes, "Ah, no. They're the weird neighbors who keep f*ckin' with my garden.")
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an illustration for fic
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now or never | eddie munson
word count: 4035
pairing: eddie munson x fem!reader
summary: eddie's plans to confess don't exactly go to plan
warnings: swearing, angst, fluff if you squint, mentions of drugs (not specified), smut, p in v, protected sex (wrap it before you tap it mfs)
notes: sorry for being so ia for a while, i just started working, and by the time i get home, im too tired to even write, but i managed to get this done over the last few days. this was my first time writing smut, let me know if you like it! this is one of my personal favorite fics i've ever written, so i hope you like it <3 there is a part two for this in works so let me know if that's something you would like and as always, not edited, so all my mistakes are my own
Tumblr media
Standing outside the burgundy-colored door of his best friend’s home for what felt like hours but was merely a couple of minutes as he gathered the courage to ring the doorbell. He released a puff of air that he had been holding and lifted his finger to ring the bell, only to hesitate and lower it again. He repeats the same action a few more times. He was shaking, not from the cold breeze that nipped at the exposed skins of his hands but with nerves. His heart pounded against his ribs so hard he thought it would burst out of his chest at any given moment.
Truth be told, he had no idea what he was doing here so late or what he was going to say if you answered the door; all he knew was that if he didn’t tell you how he felt now, then any and all courage he felt would be gone. He could already feel it slipping.
He shook his arms out in some lame attempt to get rid of the nerves that coursed through his veins. He had been nervous and overthinking this all day, but it didn’t compare to how he currently felt now that he stood outside your house. Muttering a few words of encouragement to himself, he finally rang the doorbell and turned his back to the door to try and gather his jumbled thoughts before it inevitably opened.
The door opened with a low creak followed by a velvet-like voice that had taken over his every thought, “Eddie?” Spinning back around, a nervous smile tugged on his lips, and—fuck.
You looked beautiful, which wasn’t anything new. You always looked beautiful without even trying. He stood there in awe, his lips parted as his eyes danced over the woman in front of him. You looked like you had just finished getting ready for bed. You wore a Black Sabbath that he recognized as the one he gave you at school when you claimed to be cold while sitting in the cafeteria, paired with black sweats and her face bare of the makeup you had on earlier in the day. “Did we have plans or something?”
Snapping out of his trance, Eddie shook his head, his eyes never straying away from you. You smiled at him and moved out of the way, opening the door wider to give him room so he could enter. “Are you okay? Did something happen?”
“No, everything is good. I just…” He trails off, his back facing her as he surveys the living room for any signs that your parents are there. “Are your parents here, or did they leave already?”
You shook your head as you shut the door, making sure to lock it. “They left a bit ago. Got the house all to myself for the next few days.” You followed him to the living room and moved around picking up the disregarded trash that was piled on the coffee table. “I meant to call when they left and see if you wanted a movie night, but I fell asleep. Why are you asking?”
“Well, I didn’t really want anyone to witness possible failure on my part because I…I have something to tell you,” A warm smile tugs on his lips as he watches you dump the trash in your arms into the nearby trash can. “So…can we sit and talk?”
“Yeah, just let me finish throwing this shit away. Robin and Steve came over after school before my parents left, and I couldn’t be bothered to clean after they left.” You rambled while carefully placing some dishes in the sink, the alcohol into the fridge, and threw away a few more pieces of trash that you found lying around. Eddie paced the living room, rubbing his hands over his jean-clad legs to wipe away from the sweat that gathered on his palms. “Do you want something to drink?”
He shakes his head and darts his tongue out to wet his dry, chapped lips. He could feel his nerves taking over the longer he waited to get this over with. He could feel the courage he took weeks to gather slipping away with every second that ticked by. “Princess, please just… just come here.” Eddie pleaded, his eyes on his best friend, hoping you could see the desperation in his eyes. Fortunately for him, you knew him and could hear the desperation in his tone. You moved towards where he was and took a seat on the couch, folding your legs under your butt and adjusting the hoodie you wore. Eddie followed you in sitting on the couch, his elbows resting on his knees, and he ran a hand over his face.
He hadn’t thought this through all the way, and he didn’t know how to approach it. You were able to sense his nerves, so you reached forward and grabbed one of his hands. “Eddie, what’s going on? Whatever it is, you know you can tell me.”
“Shit, uh… I hope that what I’m about to tell you doesn’t ruin anything because I value our friendship more than anything. And I know I’m not the easiest person to be friends with, but–”
“Eds, spit it out.” You cut off his ramblings, your eyes locked on his, and he could feel his heart speed up in his chest; that same pounding feeling from earlier. He was certain that one day he would go into cardiac arrest around her.
Now or never, Munson. He thought. He opened his mouth to speak, but no sound came out, his throat feeling dry and scratchy. He felt sweat form in the palm of his hands and felt his cheeks heat up. You looked at him with concern carved into your features, your eyes scanning his face, looking for something, but he didn’t know what.
“Are you high or something?” You blurt, pulling your hand out from his.
“No! I’m clean. I just… I’m nervous.” He spoke, his brows knitted together. “Why would you automatically assume I’m high?”
You shake your head, letting out a breath of relief. “I’m sorry, it’s just that you’re all jumpy and won’t get to the point, and I haven’t seen you like this since the day before that… that night.” His heart clenched at the mention of the night he reached rock bottom a year and a half ago. It had been a hard week leading up to it all around, and he finally reached his breaking point where he felt so alone and unwanted that he took everything he could to not feel that way anymore. Eddie could hardly think of that night without being bombarded with the image of his best friend's face when she stumbled into the trailer and found him barely breathing on the couch.
He was awake but unaware of most of his surroundings. He could speak, but it came out slurred and incoherent. His complexion was turning bluish-purple, his lips already blue, and a thin layer of cold sweat coated his body. His pulse was barely there, and his breathing had turned shallow but erratic.
He barely remembered anything once all the drugs kicked in, but he remembered waking up in the hospital a few days later with flashes of that night swirling through his head, but there were only a few things that stood out the most. The sound of your voice cracking while begging for him to stay as sobs racked your body was one of them. The broken and distraught look on your face was another. That one haunted him weeks afterward. It still did sometimes. The doctors told him that wouldn't have made it if you would've arrived just a few minutes later.
After that night, he never wanted to see that look on your face or his Uncle Wayne’s face or hear the way your voices broke ever again. He didn't want to feel himself slipping away slowly and not being able to move or call for help again so he made it his mission to stay away from that shit. You were there for him through every single step he took. You never left his side even when he had his mood swings, and he couldn't have asked for anyone else.
“I know, and I promise you, I'm okay. I just have something important to tell you, and I'm scared that it'll ruin everything.”
“It won't. I promise, so just tell me.” Placing your hand in his once more, you intertwined your fingers, smiling at the warmth that shot through your body. Eddie smiled at the same feeling, not realizing you did the same.
His eyes flickered down to your lips for a moment, the urge to just press his against yours, to know how they felt and tasted, grew stronger with each fleeting second. You, however, didn't notice the not-so-subtle action as you were too focused on the warmth your body felt whenever you made skin-to-skin contact with the man. It was like a warm blanket was being draped over your shoulders after being in the cold longer than you should be. It was like curling up next to the fire with the warm blanket and the comforting smell of cookies floating around the room.
Looking up, you force your eyes away from your locked hands and stare at him, your eyes finding his light brown eyes already staring at you. At that moment, he felt a surge of confidence wash over him, all his nerves disappearing, and he lifted his free hand to cup your jaw, the pad of his thumb tracing over her cheekbone.
He watched your face contort from concern to curiosity the longer he stared. With a nervous smile, Eddie leaned in closer, pressing his forehead on yours, your noses touching and mouths hovering over one another. You were so close that all it would take was one wrong move from either of you, and your lips would touch. His eyes darted back down to your lips, taking note of how yours did the same, the once nervous smile now a smirk.
He looked back up to your eyes, searching for anything that told him that you didn't want this to happen; he didn't find any. “Eddie,” You whispered seconds before he surged forward and pressed his lips to yours in a searing kiss, full of pent-up tension you had been suppressing for years, your eyes immediately fluttering shut. You moaned quietly at the feeling of his lips on yours, your free hand immediately gripping his long hair, tugging at the root while the other disconnected from his hand to wrap around his neck.
He hummed against your mouth, the groan building in the back of his throat making itself known. Your mouth opened with a gasp when he placed his free hand underneath the hoodie you wore, on your waist to pull you closer; the warmth of his touch sent a shock up your spine.
Despite the awkward position you were in, your lips moved against his in perfect sync until the need for air became too much, and, with a lot of hesitation, Eddie slowly pulled away. His eyes opened slowly to look at you while he dragged air back into his lungs. Your eyes fluttered open shortly after his, your chest heaving as you fought for air.
“So beautiful,” He murmured, wearing a dopey grin on his face.
A smile pulls at your lips, and you tighten your grip around his neck, pulling him down to connect your lips once again, now craving the feeling and taste of them more. Eddie responded quickly, removing his hands from where they were on your body to grip underneath your thighs to pull you into his lap, swallowing the noise of surprise you made when he did. He smiled against your lips, his heart still beating rapidly against his ribs.
Your hands tangled themselves into his hair, tugging at the roots and eliciting a groan from the metalhead. He leaned back on the couch, his hands going to your waist to hold you still when he felt you move. You were the first one to pull away this time, your eyes remaining shut while gasping for air for a minute before diving back into his lips. “Hmm,” He hummed against your lips.
You giggled at the vibrations it sent through and down your body. You pull away, keeping your hands tangled in his hair. “Does this mean what I think it does, or do you go around kissing all your friends like that?”
“Only the real pretty ones.” He jokes, and you remove a hand from his hair to smack him in the chest, throwing your head back in a laugh. Eddie took the opportunity to duck forward and attach his mouth to your neck, your laugh quickly turning into a gasp.
“Upstairs.” You said through gasps while he worked on your neck, nipping and sucking gently. You were sure he left marks behind.
He reluctantly pulled away, and you took the chance to disconnect from him, pulling him up off the couch. “Lead the way, princess.” He smirked.
Tumblr media
As soon as your bedroom door closes behind you, his lips are on yours again as he presses you against the door. “Are you sure about this?” He asks breathlessly, his lips already back on your neck.
“Yeah, fuck, please.” 
“Just making sure.” He leans in again, covering your lips with his. You wrap your arms around his neck, pressing yourself against him. He was warm, despite the cold air that filled the room from your cracked window, and you felt like you were dreaming. 
He moves his hand under your—his hoodie, running his hand over your skin, and you can't stop the shivers going up your spine. You're tingling everywhere, all your senses zeroing in on him. His scent, the way his body felt against yours, the way his lips felt. Everything. 
You throw your head back, giving him more access to your neck, and it doesn't take long for Eddie to suck and nibble on your skin. “You're so beautiful, princess.” Eddie leans his forehead against yours, his chest heaving with heavy breaths. 
“Eddie…” Your eyes dart back and forth between his own, your heart pounding against your chest. “Kiss me.” He obliges and plants a quick kiss on your lips, and then he picks you up with one swift movement, making you squeal.
Your back hits the mattress as he lays you down, a giggle tumbling past your lips. The chain he wore swung in your face, and you reached up, hooking a finger through the chain to pull him closer. You meet in another kiss, all tongues and teeth, while you busy your hands with his undoing his belt. Eddie uses one of his hands to support his weight on the bed. “What do you want?” Eddie lays his forehead on yours, his cheeks flushed. 
Instead of answering with words, you wrap your hand around his and run it down your body until the heat of his hand is seeping through your sweats, and you feel the gentle pressure on your center. You feel yourself get even more turned on. Eddie rubs his hand over your sweats ever so slightly, but it’s enough to make your heart pound faster against your ribs.
“I see. You want my hands?” 
“Please,” You nod quickly, bucking your hips into his hand.
Eddie huffs out a laugh with a slight shake of his head. “I have no choice but to oblige.” He quickly gets to work with undoing the strings on your sweats and hooking his fingers into the waistband, and pulls them down, exposing your underwear that you were sure was soaked through at this point. And you couldn’t bring yourself to feel embarrassed about it. He takes off the fuzzy socks that you wore to keep your feet warm before pulling the sweats off your legs completely, kissing his way back up until he’s resting between your legs. His hands are on your hips, yours in his hair as he gets closer to where you need him the most. “You’re so wet for me, princess.” You could hear the smirk in his, but you don’t get the chance to think more over it, let alone say anything in return, because in the next second, Eddie is running his tongue over your covered core. 
You let out a curse when the tip of his tongue finds your clit. “Right there.” Your grip on his hair tightens, and you feel his fingers press into the skin of your thighs. 
“Hmm, I think I’ll have to get closer.” 
“Fuck, please.” You wouldn’t be surprised if you turned into a puddle at his touch. With nimble fingers, Eddie pushes your panties to the side, his breath now hitting your wet folds directly, causing you to let out a high-pitched whine.
“So fucking beautiful. Definitely worth the wait.” And then he spreads you with his thumbs and dives in, circling your clit with his tongue, lapping and sucking on it. You can feel sweat begin to form, your whole body growing hot under his ministrations.
“Fuck, I love the sounds you’re making, princess.” He replaces his tongue with a thumb, and the sudden change in pressure makes you moan loudly, your thighs clenching. “I'll take my time with you next time, but, right now, I gotta have you.” 
You definitely were not complaining. As much as you enjoyed the foreplay, you needed him inside you, reaching the places you couldn’t. Eddie sits back on his legs and pulls off his jacket and shirt. Just as he leans back down to cover your lips with his, he stops, his brows knitting together. “Condom?” 
“Fuck, uh…my bathroom. Top drawer.” You tell him. 
He smiles and lifts himself off the bed. “One second.” He disappears into your bathroom, and you reposition yourself so you’re on your knees, waiting patiently for him to return. You hear him rummaging around through the door for a moment before he reappears, a foil packet in his hand, stopping in his tracks at the mere sight of you sitting nice and pretty for him. His eyes visibly darken. “Fucking hell, sweetheart,” He groans. 
You don’t take your eyes off of him as he walks over with a triumphant grin on his face. Your eyes flicker down, catching the outline of his hard cock visible through his pants, a low whimper passing your lips.
“God, you’re so hot.” He pulls his bottom lips prisoner in between his teeth as positions himself behind you, placing a kiss on your shoulder blade. His lips sent a shiver through you. 
You look over your shoulder, watching as his stomach flexes as he unbuttons his jeans. “You aren’t too bad yourself.” Your mouth waters when he pulls out his cock. His eyes never leave yours as he rips open the condom wrapper with his teeth. 
You watch him roll the condom on, and then he’s got a hand on your hip while the other wraps around the base of his cock. “Are you ready?” 
You could only nod as he ran the tip of his cock through your folds a couple of times, nudging your clit, and causing you to tighten your grip on your blanket. “Please, Eds…” You whimper, your eyes squeezed shut, and then he’s slowly pushing into you, filling you up. 
Both of you are breathing heavily as he pulls out a bit before sliding in deeper, repeating that until he’s sheathed all the way inside you. A loud groan tumbled past his lips. 
“You're so tight, sweetheart; feels so good.” He pulls you up by the hips, so your back is against his chest, and he moves one of his hands to your cunt, his middle finger playing with your clit, making you clench around him. “So fucking good. Better than I could imagine.” His words make you smile. You place one of your hands on top of the hand he has on your hip, and he withdraws himself before thrusting deeper into you. His hips build up a rhythm that drives you insane. You push your hips back, meeting his thrusts as you widen your legs, wanting him even deeper. 
Eddie picks up the pace, the sound of his skin slapping against yours and both of your moas filling the room. “Fuck, the things I wanna do to you.” Eddie grunts; his deep, gravelly voice sends a shock through you. 
“Why don’t you do them then?” You look back at him, a challengingly glint in your eyes. 
Eddie lets out a strained laugh. “Oh, I will. Next time, you won’t be able to walk for days. I’ll have you in all the ways I could only imagine late at night with just my hand.” 
“Tell me about them.” Your words are followed by a moan as he hits a particularly sensitive spot within you.
“I wanna make you cum so many times you can’t remember anything, not even your own name. Wanna have you so cock drunk, you can’t form proper sentences. Gonna have you bent over in front of a mirror and make you watch yourself fall apart on my cock.” You never thought you’d hear Eddie speak like this, and you can’t deny the way it makes you feel. Hearing him say these things while he fucks into you drives you insane. “Wanna see you on top, riding me with your tits bouncing with every movement, fuck.” He grunts, his thrusts speeding up. He moves in and out of you without problems. Each fantasy he’s told you makes you wetter than before, making it easier for him to slide in and out of you.    
The coil in your stomach is wound tight, and it looks like Eddie isn’t gonna last much longer either. “I’m gonna cum, Eds. I’m so close.” You collapsed onto your elbows, your upper body no longer able to stay up.
“I’ve got you, sweetheart.” He wraps his arm around your torso, moving you back up against his chest, and you’re able to hold onto him better. Being back in this position allows him to find the spot that makes you throw your head back with a moan.
“Right there.” Eddie’s whole body is tense, his skin covered with a sheen of sweat as he pounds into you. And then his thumb finds your clit, and you’re done for, an intense orgasm washing over you. Your walls clench around him, and that’s all it took for him to fall over the edge. He grunts into your ear as he thrusts into you a few more times, his cock twitching as he unloads into the condom.
Both your chests are heaving as you slowly recover. You’re now lying flat on your back, your head on your pillow, and you run your hands through your hair, brushing the strands stuck to your face with sweat away, looking up at the ceiling as you try to comprehend what just happened.
You just had sex with your best friend. And now everything might be ruined. God, you felt so stupid. You just ruined everything, and for what? Something that probably meant nothing? 
All these thoughts run through your head whilst Eddie lazily caresses your thighs, letting out a deep breath before he finally removes his hands from you and stands from the bed. You hear him walk into the bathroom, and you take the opportunity to sit up, the fabric of the hoodie you still wore stuck to your skin. Eddie walks back into the room, wet washcloth in his hand, his face still flushed a pretty pink, and you realize he has put his boxers back on. He opens his mouth to say something, but you beat him to it, your voice hoarse, “it’s late…you should go.” 
He stares at you in surprise for a moment before his face falls, and he slowly nods. You lay back down, not having the will to watch as he puts his clothes back on and leaves. You wait until you can hear the roar of his engine before you let the tears fall.
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notes: since tumblr apparently has a limit of how many people i can tag, if i noticed i had you in multiple taglists for stranger things, i removed the duplicate so i can tag more people!
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the spicy/skittle six as cats
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original post
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fluffysteddie · 2 days ago
robin: sooo, how’d the date with eddie go?
steve: *hiding his face in shame*
i tried complimenting him, but i couldn’t decide whether to say “you have an amazing smile” or “your eyes are so beautiful.” when he looked at me i panicked and said “you have eyes”
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Headcanon/scenario dump
Steve cant stand next to somebody. He is either infront of them ready to punch anybody who tries to hurt the other person (usually robin) or he is behind them like a bodyguard. He has THE resting bitch face.
Robin's favorite way to annoy Steve is fuck up his hair like a puppy. He gets so angry. She swears she saw tears one time. (She did)
Steve is a golden retriever boy and a cat person. Eddie is a black cat but LOVES dogs sm.
Steve hospitalized somebody because they called one of his asshole friends a slut.
Steve's favorite movies are grease, fast times, and sleeping beauty.
Dustin asks how they can permanently save people from the curse and Steve mentions true loves kiss. Everybody looks at him like he's a dumbass, but when he mentions every other crazy thing they've encountered, they give in. It ends up working and his stupid ass saved Will and got byler together.
Steve has already made out with several men. He assumes everyone knows this. They don't.
Steve is an ass man.
Steve is incredibly bad at hiding his emotions. If he is feeling anything you can see it on his face. He is also really judgmental.
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deathclassic · 2 days ago
someone on tiktok said steve is meredith, robin is cristina and eddie is derek and i - yes perfect
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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kedreeva · 2 days ago
For a poor COVID sick brain, may I give this prompt from a medicated dream scene I just woke from 😘:
Steve: “Yeah. I’m both-sexual”
Robin: “do…. do you mean Bisexual?”
Steve, nodding confidently: “yeah that’s what I said.”
oh my god I love you but please go back to sleep
Robin let herself in the front door, pocketing her spare keys, and waving a thank you to Keith, who had not only swung by the grocer with her but dropped her off at Steve's afterward. He owed her, for taking Steve's shift on top of her own, and she had promised she would get Steve back on his feet as fast as possible.
She headed for the kitchen and ditched her bag before bolting up the stairs and straight to Steve's room. He'd sounded awful on the phone when he'd called in, and she'd worried about him literally all day. She didn't even consider knocking on his bedroom door, couldn't fathom why he'd shut it in the first place since he was the only one here, and froze when she saw the mound of blankets on the bed.
The mound shifted like some kind of jello turtle, and Robin relaxed at the sign of life.
"I brought- uh, I brought you soup," Robin tried, a little louder than before. "It's still in the can, I didn't- you'd probably get sicker if I tried to make it from scratch. I got oyster crackers too, the little ones you like to just eat plain like some kind of heathen. And uh... some cold meds, because- Steve? Can you hear me?"
A sound emanated from beneath the blankets, which began to roil until Steve's ridiculous, floppy hair appeared approximately near the pillows. "Robin?"
"Yeah," she said, moving closer so he could see her. He stared, eyes bleary, hair awry, and face flushed and Robin's heart gave a little twist of sympathy. "You look like shit."
"Oh, you're real," Steve said, flopping back. "I feel like shit."
"I know, you called in sick," Robin said, coming to sit at the end of the bed. She didn't want to get sick, but she wanted to be there for him. "You've never called in sick. You once came in with a hangover so bad you spent the entire shift-"
"Stop, god, please." Steve flopped the covers back up over his head, muffling his voice. "I'm so fucking cold, Robin. I'm going to die."
She pursed her lips and got back to her feet. "I'm gonna go warm up the soup. That'll help, right?" Steve made some kind of unintelligible noise, and Robin nodded. "I'll be right back."
It took longer to find the can opener than it did to heat the soup, and a concerted effort not to spill it on her way back up the stairs with it, the bag of oyster crackers crammed under her arm. She wasn't sure that soup actually helped colds or whatever Steve had, but it seemed like the right thing to do, and it wasn't like she could just leave him here alone. He probably hadn't left the bed, hadn't eaten anything. She'd probably have to excavate him and make him take a shower.
Or not, she thought as she got back to the room to find Steve had excavated himself to the floor and was lying spread eagle in his boxers. She sighed, setting the soup and the crackers on the nearest flat surface.
"Steve? Are you okay?"
"You left," he said plaintively.
"And this was as far as you got following me?" She didn't mean it to come out so incredulous, but it was better than outright laughing at him. Probably. "Get up, you should be in bed."
Steve groaned and put an arm over his face. "I don't want to be in bed. I've been in bed all day. Alone."
"Well, now you're gonna be in bed all night alone, too," Robin said, nudging at his ankle with her socked foot. He twitched his leg and kicked at her half-heartedly. "I'm not feeding you soup on the floor."
"But you'll feed me soup in bed?" Steve asked.
"I'm not feeding you soup anywhere."
She nudged at his foot again and he twitched his foot back at her again, but he struggled to roll over and crawl back onto the bed. She waited until he was seated and at least somewhat stable before she opened the bag of oyster crackers and put it in his hands. He stared down into it with a frown.
"Not soup," he said after a few seconds, and Robin coughed to hide her laugh as soon as he looked up at her.
"Crackers," she said. "I'm going to go get a thermometer and frankly I don't trust you with a bowl of liquid unsupervised right now. So eat some crackers, I'll be right back."
She left him there, staring into the bag of oyster crackers as if it contained all the answers to the universe, and made her way to the nearest bathroom. She wasn't sure which one he'd keep a thermometer in, but she guessed the upstairs one, nearest to the bedrooms. A bit of searching proved her right. She tromped down the stairs just to make a little noise in the huge empty house, grabbed the cold syrup she'd brought, and returned to his room to find him exactly as she'd left him, crackers uneaten.
"Robin," he said, without looking up. "I think I like both."
She looked between the crackers and the soup. "Well, that's good," she said, moving to set the cold meds beside the soup, which she picked up and stirred before holding it up for him to see. "Do you wanna trade me, and then you can put some crackers in and have both?"
Steve's face screwed up. "What? No, not- not- that's not both. I mean, I-" He looked up at her, like she should understand, and she nearly fumbled the bowl in her grasp when she realized what he meant.
"Oh." She stood for a beat, and then: "Like both."
He nodded, and dropped his gaze away, back to the crackers, and hell, apparently they did contain some answers to the universe. "Yeah. I think I might be... both-sexual."
"Do... do you mean bisexual?" she asked gently.
He nodded confidently now. "Yeah, that's what I said."
It wasn't, but she was pretty sure she didn't need the thermometer anymore to tell her how high his fever was- the answer was surely very high, to the point she considered maybe trying to carry him to the hospital immediately. To the point where she was pretty sure he wasn't going to remember any of this in the morning. She sat beside him and gingerly tugged the bag of crackers from his grasp, replacing it with the bowl of soup, which he immediately wrapped his hands around like they were in the arctic and it was his only lifeline. She sprinkled some crackers over the top, and watched as he fished them out with his spoon, more eating the damp crackers than the soup.
She leaned against his shoulder. "I wish I could know what conclusions you would have reached if I'd handed you the soup instead."
Steve snorted. "It wasn't the- it wasn't the crackers." He shoved the two he'd fished out into his mouth and held the cracker-bereft bowl closer to her for more of them, until she obliged. "I kept having dreams."
"God that's even better," she said. "Steve Harrington fever-dreamed his way into a sexual awakening."
"You're making it weird," he told her, using the back of the spoon to push the crackers under the surface before scooping them up.
"It's already weird," Robin said, shoving her shoulder into him a little more for emphasis, and then: "Congrats, by the way."
He stilled, twisting a little to look sidelong at her. "Is it... is it something you're supposed to congratulate? Should I have-"
"No, Steve, no," Robin told him, shaking with laughter and dumping more crackers into his soup to distract him. "I'm just- you've just come a long way from the guy I sat behind. I like this you a lot better."
"Oh." Steve turned back to the soup and fished out a couple more crackers, but then just sat there with the spoon resting on the edge of the bowl. "Me too."
Robin smiled. "I think I'll like you even more when you're not delirious."
Steve chuckled, the sound turning into a cough he fought to suppress. "I think I'll like me better then, too. You brought meds?"
"Yeah," she said, nudging his bowl. "I'm not giving you anything on an empty stomach though. There are limits to my ability to nurse anyone and they stop at cleaning up if you puke. So, drink up."
He gave her a bit of a lop-sided smile, but he raised the bowl to his lips and took a few slow sips, and Robin clambered to her feet to get the meds with a smile of her own.
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Actually you can see Robin getting pissed at the professor dude for being so bossy and Nancy apologizing to him was the last straw.
No babe you have committed several unspeakable atrocities and you're not going to apologise especially to not this nerd
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The girlfriendism of it all
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will80sbyers · 2 days ago
Lucas & Dustin get to kill Vecna
El saves Max
Will gets the boy he loves
Mike gets the love he needs by understanding he loves Will
Max & Lucas go to their date at the cinema
Robin gets the girl
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simpforsauron · 2 days ago
so headcanon: Robin and Steve sneak into each others rooms most nights and talk about gay shit
one night Robin just rolls into the room - like literally tumbles in from the window - and Steve's in the middle of a talk with Dustin about "Platonic with a Capital P" and Steve's just like "u RuiNeD mY pOiNt"
And Robin just goes "no I didn't" and pulls Nancy by the shirt in through the window and kisses her and then they both roll back out the window
Dustin's just very concerned.
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flecker-illustrates · 19 hours ago
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✨ Ronancetober day 1: Upside Down ✨
The way Robin instinctively reaches for Nancy, for her reassurance, her support. It just make me melt. I love them so much🥺💕
[Incoherent screeching]
I'm in WAY too deep in my love for Robin and Nancy to ever pass up the opportunity to participate. @lionydoorin thank you so much for creating this wonderful prompt list for our little Ronance community!💙
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dailystobin · a day ago
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Sorry he can’t help you, he’s busy. Busy with what?
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