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Bucky x civilian reader 
@imagine-all-the-fandoms Love this so much. John Walker is actually NOT awful here, he’s actually quite nice. Sharon on the other hand..eh. I’m sure sure you would have pieced together by now, I have a thing for mirrors, I’m so sorry. 
Warnings: Floooof, Bucky is so in love with you, smut, a lil angsty but Bucky makes it all better
Word count: 3.7k
You sipped on your tea, anxiously waiting for the Quinn jet to land; Bucky had been gone for nearly a month and you missed your boyfriend more and more each day. You ran to the hangar as soon as you heard the low rumble of the jet, bouncing on your heels when you saw a very tired but hardly injured Bucky making his way towards you.
“Hey babydoll” Bucky kissed your lips, his arm easily lifting you up and carrying you on his hip as he made his way through the compound, straight to your shared bedroom. “Missed you so much”
“I missed you Bucky” You buried your face into his neck, inhaling his scent, peppering his face with kisses while he set his things down, still keeping you in his arms. He carried you off into the bathroom, stripping both of your clothes off before hopping into the shower. He held you close to him; the hot water soothing his sore muscles, all the stresses of the mission washing away when he was finally home again with you. His lips found yours, his hands roaming to feel every inch of your body that he’d craved to touch again.
“Welcome home soldier”
A few days later
You noticed Bucky had left his water bottle behind, making your way to the gym to give it to him. You entered the large room, scanning the space for your handsome super soldier boyfriend; you saw the rest of the team there before your eyes finally landed on him. Nat and Steve were sparring on the mats. Clint and Sam were hitting weights. Bruce and Tony were attempting to update the AI system. Your boyfriend was in his happy place by the punching bags.
“Hey y/n!” Steve waved at you from the mat while you made your way to Bucky, the rest of the team also greeting as you walked to the gym. Bucky had his music on and you knew better than to tap his shoulder from behind without warning. Your heart raced seeing him; watching him train was one of your greatest weaknesses. His hoodie had been thrown onto the floor, sweat glistening off his skin, his muscles tensed with each blow to the bag. You shamelessly admired him for a good while before realizing he’d look for his water eventually. You carefully stepped around so he could see you, placing his water bottle near him before leaving him to continue.
“You’re welcome to keep me company doll” Bucky smirked, knowing you were quietly watching him from behind.  You happily sat by his hoodie, giggling when he came over to give you a quick kiss on your head before slipping his headphones back on and continuing his workout.
You admired the swiftness and talent each person on the team displayed while they went through their routines. It left you mesmerized; the strength, precision and coordination it took to fight as an avenger was incredible. You silenced the tiny insecurity that started to gnaw at you; you’d never be as skilled as- shut up y/n.  
You shook your head, going back to looking at your beautiful boyfriend who was in his own world, focused on his hits, mind completely focused. He really did look like a work of art; muscles sculpted and flexed, his dark vibrainium shining under the light, his dark hair sticking to his forehead, pink lips parted as he panted. He was beautiful and his skill set was something you couldn’t even begin to comprehend and then there was you- just stop.
The team had gathered together for dinner, which was a regular occurrence though today there were a few others that had joined the table. John Walker and his friend Lemar Hoskins had joined Sharon, who was visiting the compound, bringing in potential agents for her department.
“I know most of us know each other but maybe we can just go around and introduce ourselves? This is John Walker and Lemar Hoskins, they’re going to be joining the new recruits soon”
The team introduced themselves, while Sharon eyed you curiously; waiting for you to explain what you did since she’d never met you before. Her eyes were trained on how Bucky’s hand rested protectively over your thigh; he’d been touching you one way or another all night. Not that it bothered her. At all. She waited for Bucky to get up to use the bathroom before turning to you, giving you the sweetest smile she could muster.
“What exactly do you do y/n?”  
“Oh, I’m a teacher” you smiled, feeling a little out of place though no one else seemed to notice your shift in mood.
“What are you doing here then?” She scoffed, trying to hide her slip in attitude with a fake cough. Nat cocked an eyebrow while Tony’s face scrunched watching Sharon poorly cover her absurd question with a fake smile.  
“I-I’m dating Bucky”
“Right, didn’t think you were an avenger” She gave you a pointed look, before continuing to eat. You bit you lip, sitting back in your chair, wishing you could run off to your room. You knew you were not the best catch, Bucky deserved better. Someone he could train with, who understood his line of work better. He would have been better off if he was dating someone else but he was stuck with you instead. You could feel tears threatening to spill, John’s voice breaking you from your spiral.
“Y/n, I think I saw you in the paper before, they did an article about a program you started right?” he smiled at you, while Lemar nodded.
“I knew I’d seen you before, what you did was incredible. It’s a tough school too, so you must be incredible. You helped those kids a lot”
You smiled, not trusting yourself to speak. You squeezed your fingers into your palms to keep from crying at the table. You quickly excused yourself to the bathroom, wiping your tears and touching up your makeup as best as you could before returning to the table where Bucky was looking for you.
“Hi baby” Bucky smiled as soon as you sat down, kissing your cheek softly. He was a sweet heart. He deserved the world. He deserved more than you.
You watched Bucky pack for quick mission, putting away a few things in his bag while you sat on the couch in the shared living room. He suited up in his gear, doing a quick pat down of his weapons before grabbing his bag.
“Baby, do you need me to do anything?” You always made him coffee before he left but recently even that had been taken over by Sharon, who decided to extend her stay. Fantastic.
“Don’t worry doll, I think Sharon already made some for everyone”
“You don’t need me to do anything?” Your heart sank a little, it was the one thing you were able to do for him but it was fine. You just wanted him to have everything he needed; that mattered more.  
“Just a kiss from my best girl” Bucky smiled, wrapping his arms around you and lifting you off your feet. He gave you the sweetest, longest kiss he could before he had to break away for air, placing you back down carefully on the couch. “Be right here when I’m back?”
He looked at you like an excited puppy, running off to the jet, hoping the sooner he left, the sooner he could get back.
“I’ll be here when you’re back” You gave Bucky a small smile, before walking off to your shared bedroom and slipping under the covers. He was off to save the world. You were here. You couldn’t silence the thoughts that crept up on you, your mind beginning to wonder why Bucky was even with you in the first place.
Bucky wandered around the living room looking for you; you had never missed his arrival after missions. He frowned when he couldn’t find you, making his way through the compound before finally checking the bedroom. He breathed out a sigh of relief, seeing a small lump under a pile of blankets, though he found it odd; you never slept this early.
“Doll? Are you okay?”
You shuffled from under the covers, poking your head out. The bed dipped as Bucky sat down, happily wrapping his arms around you when you crawled into his lap.
“M’okay, just tired” You lied, snuggling into his hold, freezing immediately when you remembered why you’d gone to bed so early in the first place.  
“What’s wrong sweetheart?” Bucky could feel your body tense up, your eyes focused on your hands, which you were anxiously fidgeting with.
“Nothing” You forced a smile onto your face, doing your best to swallow the lump that was forming in your throat, “I had a really bad headache” Bucky didn’t believe you but he didn’t want to prod until you were ready to talk either.
You insisted on staying in bed, claiming you’d already eaten. Bucky reluctantly ate his dinner quickly, dashing back upstairs so he could cuddle you and fall asleep. While he softly snored, little whimpers slipped from your lips as you tried to keep your sobs in. Your mind sucked you in deeper.
You loved your boyfriend.  You loved the team. They all loved you more than you’d ever know. Still, you couldn’t help but feel like you weren’t good enough for him. You knew you’d never measure up to what Bucky deserved. He was a part of a different world. They all cared for you in a way that you’d never be able to return. You’d never be able to help them the same way. You carefully slipped out of Bucky’s hold, deciding to go to the living room instead, not wanting to wake him up with your cries, the least you could do was let him get a decent night’s sleep.
You were curled up on the couch, hidden under your blanket, quickly wiping away your tears feeling the seat dip as someone sat beside you. You peeked up to see a grumpy Bucky with bed head, looking down at you, sleep still evident on his face. You looked over at the clock; 1:09 AM.
“You okay bubba?” You’d managed to get yourself together; your heart worrying that Bucky could have had a nightmare when you went missing. Bucky shook his head, pouting down at you while you shifted so he could sit with you under the blanket.
“Couldn’t find my teddy bear” He whispered, wrapping his arm around you to pull you into his lap. “Can’t sleep without her” You rested your head onto his chest, fresh tears spilling from your eyes. There was no point stopping them, more took their place each time Bucky swiped his thumb across your cheek. “Please tell me what’s bothering you baby, did someone say something to you?”
“Bucky no, it’s just- I don’t- us” You struggled to find the words, not realizing you were about to send Bucky down a spiral of his own. Of course you didn’t think you were a good match, he was a monster and you were an angel and-
“I’m not good enough for you”
Bucky’s spiral came to a full stop, his ears perking up at your quiet confession.
“Sweet heart?”
“I-I’m not good enough for you Bucky, you deserve more than just me. You deserve someone who-”
“Stop. Please stop” You blinked up at Bucky, who looked at you with broken, glassy eyes. There was no way, of all people, his little angel thought of herself like that. Never.
“Y/n. You deserve the world. Every single day, I can’t believe someone like you would want to be with someone like me”
Bucky carefully scooped you in his arms, making his way back to your bedroom, gently setting you on the bed before crawling on top of you. His fingers carded through your hair, while he gazed down at you, he was so in love with you, there was not a single doubt there.
“You’re so pure and sweet and kind, please baby tell me, in what way am I not the luckiest person in the world. I get to call you mine, I get to show you off, I have the best girl in the world always excited to see me when I get back home”
You swallowed thickly shaking your head; of course he was the sweetest and wanted to comfort you but you were just holding him down.
“Bucky, I make it so much harder for you. You always worry about me, I can’t even protect myself-
“I’m here to protect you baby”
“But I can’t even fight-
“I can fight”
“Bubba, you don’t understand-
“Y/n, you don’t understand. For years, I didn’t even have control over my own mind; I’m finally free to make my own choices. Baby, I promise you, no matter what, I always chose you. I can finally make choices and decide what I want. It’s you baby girl. I love you. I want you. I want my y/n. Exactly as you are”
Tears spilled down your cheeks, while Bucky’s forehead rested on yours. He’d meant every word he said; he finally knew what freedom felt like and that included loving you.
“I love that you work outside of the compound. The best part of my day getting to come home to the sweetest girl in the world, and hearing all about her day, please don’t tell me to leave you doll, I don’t want anyone else”
“You know you’re mine baby, my best girl, my only girl” He kissed your forehead while you whimpered under him, holding back your sobs. Your hands slipped under his shirt, desperate to feel him closer.
“I want to feel you angel” Bucky whispered, taking his shirt off, before tossing yours aside. “Let me show you just how much I adore you”
The rest of your clothes were thrown off within seconds, leaving you both bare and wrapped up in each other. His hands rubbed up and down your body, gripping and caressing your skin till he came to your thighs, spreading them apart. You felt your heart face as he trailed kisses down your body before stopping right before you needed him most, his lips just barely brushing over your clit.
“Bucky…” You squirmed on the bed while he arms wrapped around your thighs, holding you still. He nipped on the soft flesh of your inner thighs, before kissing and gently licking the area after each bite.
“Shh, just relax for me baby, let me take care of you”
Your breath itched in your throat feeling his tongue dip into your entrance, your slick coating his tongue and making a mess on his face. He groaned, drinking up every bit of your arousal, pushing his tongue in as far as he could, his nose teasingly nudging your clit. The taste of you was enough to make his cock leak along with the sinful sounds leaving your lips; Bucky could barely keep himself from rolling his hips against the mattress.
“You taste so good angel, I love when my baby makes a mess on my face” he pressed a soft kiss onto your clit, feeling it pulse against his lips.
“Baby please…” You whined out, your clit swollen and throbbing, needing more friction. Bucky hummed, taking his time to savour you before letting you fall off the edge. His lips started to move slowly around your clit, his tongue flicking and swirling around the sensitive nub. He was practically making out with your clit, giving it gentle little sucks and kisses, making your orgasm climb higher and higher, pulling away just before you could let go.
“Baby please, m’so close” You looked down at him, your lip caught in your teeth, your hand going down to card through his hair, grazing his scalp. Bucky moaned, kissing your clit once more before coming up and pressing his lips onto yours. His tongue slipped into your mouth, letting you taste yourself, while his hands roamed down to rub his cock through your folds.
“I know you’re close angel, want to feel you around my cock when you cum” The blunt tip of his cock teased your entrance, nudging against it, loving the way you whined and squirmed under him.
“Bucky, need you” Your thighs were wrapped tightly around his waist, trying to buck your hips up to push his cock in. Bucky’s hand cupped your cheek while the other lined his cock up.
“I know baby, I know, I got you” You moaned into his neck, your arms clinging onto him as he pushed himself all the way in, hissing at the way your pussy squeezed around him. “That’s it baby; you make me feel so good sweet heart”
Bucky started off with a slow pace; neither of you were desperate to cum. There were no chasing highs, he just wanted to feel you and you just wanted to feel all of him. His hips rocked gently, hardly pulling his cock out, staying pressed against you while kissing you softly.
“I love you y/n” He whispered against your neck, his hands lacing with yours “love you more than anyone else”
“I love you James”
Bucky pulled out of you to turn you onto your side, facing the large mirror that was to the side of the bed. He spooned you from behind, his arm hooking under your leg to hitch it up as he pushed his cock into you. You nearly sobbed, watching his cock thrust in and out of you, covered in your creamy slick. He groaned as his eyes locked with yours, trailing down to watch the way your pussy swallowed his cock, your tits bouncing each time he fucked into you. His cock was hitting a deeper angle, your belly bulging each time he pushed in further.
“You feel that baby, that’s all me princess” Bucky took your hand in his, pressing it against your tummy, rocking his hips faster, making your eyes roll back.
“Please James” Your hands clung onto him, your head thrown back against his shoulder as he nipped your ear lobe, gazing at you through he reflection.
“Just wanna look at you, you’re so pretty baby” Bucky cooed, kissing your temple, trailing kisses down to your cheek. He slipped his dog tags off, putting them on you; the cool metal gave you goose bumps as he continues to thrust into you.
“See babygirl? You’re all mine” The sight of you in his dog tags unleashed something in Bucky. His gorgeous girl, bare, the feeling of your warm skin on his, the gorgeous sounds you made just for him, hair tousled from your love making, his name around your neck. Because you were his. His girl. His princess. His absolute everything. You were more than enough for him and he’d remind you of that every damn day if he had to. He picked up his pace, unable to hold off the way he balls started to throb, his sensitive tip leaking and stroking your g-spot.
“Y/n, you feel so good babydoll, m’gonna fill you up sweet heart, cum with me baby, please”
“James, fuck baby m’gonna cum” You whined, your face buried in the pillow as he slammed his cock into you faster. You could feel his balls tap your clit, his cock growing harder each time you squeezed and clenched around him. “Fuckfuck, I- JAMES please, oh- fuck-
You could feel your body throb, pleasure and warmth spreading throughout your body. Your orgasm immediately set off Bucky’s’ your moans and cries paired with the way you were clenching around him sent him over the edge.
“All mine angel, you’re all fucking mine” He moaned into your neck, stilling as his cock throbbed spilling ropes of cum into you. He continued to gently roll his hips, making sure he filled you till he was empty, your mixed arousal covering his thighs and your ass.
Bucky carefully pulled out of you, quickly grabbing a warm damp towel to wipe you down before wrapping his arms to cuddle you again. You snuggled into his chest, your hand going down to play with his dogtags as you always did, realizing he’d put them on you.
“Baby your tags…” You looked up at him, wondering if he’d want them back. He pulled you close to him, his hand brushing your hair away from your face.  
“They’re yours now doll, I want you to have a piece of me wherever you go. I’m always yours baby, just like you’re always mine”
He pressed a soft kiss to your lips while you nodded, tears welling in your eyes as you buried yourself into him. Bucky pulled the covers over you both, wrapping his arms tightly around you. He never wanted you to forget just how much you meant to him.
“Come here, my little teddy bear”
Sharon seethed, seeing Bucky’s tags clink around your neck as you made your way to the kitchen. You hardly noticed her, your body still buzzing from the night before, not even realizing the little bites on your skin hadn’t faded away yet.
“This was the same man that almost said no to life saving surgery because he didn’t want to take off the tags” Sam snorted. “Gotta say, they look good on you y/n”
“Cause I didn’t want to lose them bird brain” Bucky countered but everyone knew it was so much more than that. He never took them off, keeping them close to him.His tags were the one thing that had reminded him of who he was. Of where he came from. It reminded him that his heart had always wanted to do the right thing. Of the choices he made when he was free.
“You gave her your tags?” Sharon questioned, struggling to keep her voice neutral. Bucky nodded, smiling when he saw you gazing down at them with heart eyes, your hand toying with the chain. There was no doubt; you’d never take them off.
“He’d give her his arm if she asked” Steve grinned, watching his best friend deeply in love with you.
“Sure” Sharon rolled her eyes, catching herself before scoffing again. Steve and Sam giggled to themselves like school children, watching Bucky shrug, coming over to hold you from behind while resting his head against you.
“My angel can have anything she wants”
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kinanabinks · a day ago
Hi Kinny! Hope you are doing good!
So I have had a question for a while but you just had started your brake so I thought it was rude to ask, but not what you are writing again I want to know: how did the penthouse happened? Like how they met her and made the arrangements? How it all started makes me so curious, also who was the one to have sex with her first and does Bucky actually has feelings for her?
hi i'm well thank you! and don't be silly it would never have been rude to ask, but i appreciate you waiting. i'll write you a little drabble on how it all began <3
the penthouse masterlist
warning: bucky x sex worker!reader, mature themes, mention of sex, adultery.
You were on the arm of another man when Bucky first laid his eyes on you.
Francis Ogilvy brought you as his plus one at a medical ball. He was freshly divorced, so he wanted to prove to his peers that he was still able to bag pretty women.
For a price, of course.
"It's very sweet of you, accompanying your father tonight," Were the first words Bucky smugly shot your way when he caught you alone in the hallway.
You couldn't help but smile, feeling the heat of his arrogance emanating from him. "Francis isn't that old," You argued, pursing your lips together. "And I'm enjoying myself. Being around self-important nerds reminds me of how important it is to be humble."
Bucky took a step closer, raising a brow. "Humble? What does that mean?"
Snorting, you shake your head. "I wouldn't expect you to know, Mr. Barnes," You said teasingly.
"Ah, so you know who I am," He replied with a smirk.
"Of course I do," You admitted, glancing down. "Can I see it?"
Bringing up his bionic arm, he wrapped it around your waist, making you shiver. "You can do whatever you want with it," He whispered. "As long as you let me do whatever I want with it, too."
He took you home that night - well, to his hotel room, anyway. After sleeping with you that first time, he knew it wouldn't be the last. It couldn't. The two of you struck up an affair, but you had no plans of being his mistress.
"I'm not a monogamous woman, James," You warned him the night he gifted you a diamond necklace. "I have no interest in falling in love with you and being fed lies about how you're gonna leave her for me."
"I'm not asking for that," He swore, clutching your hand. "But I can't stop seeing you."
You were hesitant to agree to what he wanted. Sleeping with only him? Don't be stupid.
Sensing the reluctance on your face, Bucky sighed, terrified of pushing you away. "Okay. Alright, I'm sorry, nymph," He mumbled, moving closer and wrapping his arms around you. "I'm getting ahead of myself. I can't ask that of you, I know. I'm being greedy."
"Yes, you are," You scolded him lightly, before cupping his cheeks. "This is my livelihood, James. And before you say you can pay me enough for me to live off, the answer is no. I'm not going to depend on you."
He knew you were right, so he gave up. The two of you continued sleeping together every few months, but not as often as he wanted. And he hated that he didn't know who you were spending the night with. You could have been getting hurt, and he had no control over your safety.
It wasn't until his dear friend, Tony Stark, had a huge scandal, that the idea hit him.
"I knew I shouldn't have done it, but I was sexually frustrated to the extreme," Tony muttered one day at lunch. "And now the whole world knows that my wife and I haven't had sex in two years. Crystal swore she wouldn't tell."
"That's what NDAs are for," Sam chimed in with a smirk. "There are two golden rules to having a successful affair: keep it safe, and keep it secret. Condoms and contracts are my holy grail."
"But doesn't that get exhausting, writing up a contract every time you want a blowjob?" Steve asked him with a raised brow. "That sounds like a lot of paperwork."
Sam just shrugged. "That's for my lawyer to worry about. I'd make him sign one too, if it wasn't for attorney-client privilege."
"I could never do it. If it got out that I'd cheated, I'd be ruined," Loki said, shaking his head. "Luckily for Stark, he's so famous that nobody even batted an eyelid."
"Are you kidding me? I lost the NASA deal because of this," Tony huffed, slumping down in his seat. "I hate condoms, and contracts. The world would run out of rubber and ink if I followed that advice, Sammy."
Steve snorted at that, rubbing his chin. "Ah, fuck. Maybe we should just stop being horny assholes," He suggested.
"Oh, please; my wife is probably fucking the nanny as we speak," Loki said bitterly. "Nobody as rich and well known as us is happily married. It isn't realistic. We're just forced to put up the façade and pretend that we're perfect angels."
"I don't think anyone thinks you're an angel, L," Sam mumbled.
"It would be nice to have some security, though," Steve commented. "Y'know; to be 100% certain that your side chick won't go blabbing to the media."
"Or fall in love with you," Sam added, grimacing. "I hate when that happens."
"Or give you an STD," Loki said with a fearful glint in his eyes.
Sitting back and listening, Bucky formulated the plan in his head. To him, it made sense, and everyone involved would be satisfied. You'd get paid more than enough money without depending on Bucky alone, and the guys could have sex without the risk of getting exposed. Bucky trusted you, and more importantly, he trusted his friends. He could sleep much easier at night knowing you were being taken care of by people he knew. Though the idea of sharing you wasn't the sweetest, he would have much rather shared you with his friends than strangers, or worse, not have you at all.
"What you thinking about there, Barnes?" Steve asked him with an expectant look, pulling the brunet from his thoughts.
A small smirk grew on his lips. "I have an idea," He began, sitting up. "And I think you'll like it."
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wheredafandomat · 2 days ago
Someone great 💚P10💚
Loki x Divorced! Female reader
Previous Part
A/N: for some reason this gif is now I see Bucky in this fic 😂 idky. I think he’s still likeable despite the fact that we hate him 🤣
Tumblr media
As soon as you saw Alexis, you pulled away from Winnifred before smiling politely at her as Bucky entered behind you with your bags.
“I’ll just go and put these down.” He spoke, glancing at Alexis as she hugged Olivia before his eyes met yours.
“I’ll take mine it’s fine.” You offered, not wanting to be near Alexis.
“No worries.” Bucky dismissed you, beginning to make his way towards the stairs.
“I said it’s fine.” You said again, trying to grab your bag as you walked up the stairs with Bucky.
“What’s wrong with you?” He asked once you both reached the top.
“You didn’t tell me she’d be here too.” You answered causing Bucky to roll his eyes as he started walking towards the room you usually stayed in.
“Be nice” he said, putting your bag down “she’s family too now.”
“Family too?” You began, knitting your brows until it clicked “you mean you—”
“No, I haven’t proposed.” He assured. “And don’t worry I haven’t called you here to do it this weekend.”
You breathed a sigh of relief knowing that your ex husband wasn’t about to propose to his new girlfriend infront of his ex wife and daughter as well as his parents who were so happy at your engagement party. That would just be awkward.
“Well, I’ll ‘play nice’ as long as she keeps her distance and doesn’t try to discipline my daughter.” You decided, sitting on your bed.
“That was one time” Bucky chuckled “and it was literally at a funeral.”
“Still happened.” You answered, opening the bag Bucky had placed on the bed and strangely feeling embarrassed when a pair of your underwear flew out. Luckily for you, Bucky didn’t acknowledge them and continued the conversation as you quickly picked them back up, shoving them deep into your bag.
“Olivia will be in the room next to my one so this whole side of the floor is pretty much yours.” He smiled, beginning to step out of your room. “Dinner is at 8, call me if you need anything.” He added over his shoulder.
“Will do Mr Barnes.” You smiled causing Bucky to stop walking for a second as he heard you. Your own smile fell as you realised what you had said. Being in this house served as a reminder that you and Bucky were once married. From the moment you first became his fiancé, you called him Mr Barnes and he always replied with a toothy grin and a Mrs Barnes.
“And as always, make yourself at home Miss y/l/n.” He spoke before leaving. You wasn’t sure whether you felt hurt or embarrassed, probably a combination of both. You took a deep breath hoping that as you exhaled, the ground would just swallow you whole. Unfortunately it didn’t and you were very much still present in one of the first rooms you and Bucky had had sex in. Recently you hadn’t really thought about you and Bucky’s past marriage or the fact that he had broken your heart considering you had been a little preoccupied but this house was doing no favours when it came to suppressing your memories. Pulling your phone out, you messaged Loki.
Y/N: This is definitely not going to be a fun weekend 😒
Loki replied a couple of minutes later
Loki💚: What’s the matter?
Y/N: Boobs is here
Loki💚: Boobs? Alexis?
Y/N: Yes Alexis 🤮
Loki💚: 😂😂
Y/N: It’s not funny!
Loki💚: It’s only for a couple of days, just try to ignore her
Y/N: 🙄
Loki💚: If you do, I’ll take you away for a weekend. How about that?
That made you gasp
Y/N: A weekend where 😏
Loki💚: Just get through this one first xx
You were about to message him again until you heard a knock on your open door. Looking up, you smiled as your eyes met Winnifreds.
“Win—mother.” You welcomed her inside.
“He told me she really wanted to come.” She said, rolling her eyes. “She’s already getting on my nerves.”
“Winni” you laughed “it’s not good to speak ill of people, but tell me everything.” You said excitedly as she walked further into the room, closing the door behind her before pulling out the dressing table chair and sitting down.
After about half an hour of catching up with Mrs Barnes, she left leaving you in the room alone. You unpacked a few of your things before making your way downstairs where Olivia was plying hide and seek with her grandad who Bucky shared an uncanny resemblance to. Your eyes met and you waved a silent hello to the man before leaving. Seeing that Liv was more than alright, you made your way towards the room she’d be sleeping in before unpacking her bag. You laid her pyjamas out on the bed and then left, bumping into Alexis on your way to dinner.
“Y/n.” She smiled, seemingly a real smile so you greeted her with the same.
You both walked down to dinner in silence. Instead of taking your usual place next to Bucky at the table, you sat opposite him, tucking Olivia into the chair next to yours whilst Alexis sat next to Bucky. The dinner passed calmly, not too much conversation save the odd group joke. As you ate dessert, Olivia discreetly feeding some to mr giraffe, you thought about what Loki said. A weekend away with him sounded perfect. You’d probably not be able to walk ever again afterwards but it’d be worth it. As your mind drifted further onto the activities you’d both get up to, perhaps involving a swing, you noticed Bucky leaning over and kissing Alexis as she giggled about something. For once, you didn’t feel sad or alone or hurt, you felt fine. Your mind didn’t drift to the days when it’d be Bucky kissing you, it drifted onto the feeling of another man’s lips against yours. You thought of how it felt to kiss Loki. It was a welcomed change.
Once dinner was over, Bucky told you you were free to roam as he’d look after Liv and put her to bed. You decided on going for a small walk around the house before brushing your teeth and going to bed realising how tired you were. Just before you closed your eyes, you saw a notification from Loki.
Loki💚: Night sweetheart x
In your half asleep state you replied.
Y/N: Love you, night x
Tumblr media
Y/N’s dreams when she subconsciously knows she’s made a mistake but can’t work out what
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buckgasms · a day ago
💜 any letter not requested?
I'm just feeling down about myself and need some plus size!reader being nervous/anxious about her weight. Bucky casually picks her up and she gets sooo turned on by how strong he is and rides the fuck out of him. Maybe Lumberbuck or Daddy Bucky?
Please and thank you boo 😘
Hello, sorry I've been gone so long! I'm slowly working my way through requests so thank you for being patient! It's not quite as smutty but I'm just getting back in so don't worry, smut will come soon!
I hope it's ok darling 🥰 also you are perfect so don't ever worry about anything ever 😘
Tumblr media
You stood looking in the mirror, pulling at your little skirt, trying to hide your thighs, not happy with how things were sitting on your tummy and feeling less than perfect.
You heart thudded in your chest when you heard Bucky whistling as he approached your bedroom, you didn't want him to see you like this. What if he realised you weren't perfect and didn't want you any more?
He breezed into the room, not noticing your internal dilemma. He swooped around you and wrapped his arms around your tummy, pressing kisses to your cheek. "Mmm you smell so good" he whispered in your ear before turning you around in his arms and lifted you up with ease.
You stared at him as your legs instinctively wrapped around his waist. Finally he noticed the look on your face. "What's the matter babygirl?" He said, concern painting his perfect face. "You just lifted me up? Like it was no big deal..." You sort of pouted, emotions churning in your tummy as you fiddled with the fabric of his collar. He chuckled and bounced you up and down and little, dragging a reluctant giggle from you. "Of course I picked you up, my babygirl should be carried everywhere!" You smiled but still felt a little blue, which he sensed.
He sat down on the bed and cuddled you up in his arms. With his gentle coaxing, soft kisses and squeezes you were able to tell him what was on your mind. All your worries about your body and how you looked and felt. He listened with patience until you were finished then pressed another kiss to your forehead. "My perfect, silly, pretty baby..." Then he stood up and proceeded to twirl you around in his arms. You squealed and clung to him, holding tight as he swooped you low and almost threw you in the air like you were a teddy bear.
He finally sat back down and had you straddle his hips. His hands gripped you and he eyed you semi-seriously. "Take your dress of Babygirl" he instructed and you obliged, but you still felt nervous. He sensed it and bucked his hips making you wiggle. "Come on baby, I wanna see what's mine... And then you'll know just how beautiful you are..."
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lillydiana304 · 3 days ago
the collection of wives
summery:when the play-boy CEO Mr. Barnes mets y/n at a gala, the daughter of shyla many mens mistresses, the man who has had five wives (now ex's) seems to fall to his knees for the girl who wants nothing to do with him. warrings: fulff, smut, angst, bad parenting, bucky was a player, mention of cheating (not on reader) mean ex's wives, pregency, birth, throughing up, innonce kink, daddy kink, breeding kink, snoby people, crusing, yelling, reader has a bad relationship with her mother theres more but i cant think of them right now... CEO!bucky, player!bucky x shy!reader, innoncent!reader, sweet!reader, brown eyed!reader
Tumblr media
chapter one
the gala
chapter two
the run in
chapter three
take her on a date
chapter four
mother spoke
chapter five
Natasha, sharon, sarah, leah, and millie
chapter six
make up
chapter seven
the engagment
chapter eight
mother spoke...again
chapter nine
the test
chapter ten
i do's
sneak peak!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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tmpestuous · 16 hours ago
Six Days
Tumblr media
Summary: You make the effort to avoid Bucky during a mission after he upsets you in an argument, but things quickly take a turn for the worse. 
Pairing: bucky x avenger!reader
Word count: 4k
Warnings: fluff, angst, slight mentions of torture/hydra experimentation, blood, canon level violence, hurt!reader, sad!bucky
a/n: welcome to my first (real) post! i haven’t written in a long time so my apologies if this is a bit rusty. this was inspired by an excerpt on a post i saw and decided to turn it into a prompt: 
“He held her face in his hands. 
‘Do you think I care about anything but you?’”
You were on edge. 
This was the first mission in a long time where you hadn’t spent the night before with Bucky, wrapped in the warmth of each other’s arms, and waking up with another before heading off. Your regular routine almost happened. It would have happened if it hadn’t been for the argument that happened just about five minutes before you were ready for bed, an argument you deemed unnecessary and frustrating the second you stormed out of Bucky’s room and back into the one you barely spent any time in anymore. 
Not having that routine definitely threw you off your game. After dealing with a restless night and a series of tosses and turns, you decided to just stay up until you had to leave. 
Biggest mistake you could have ever made, you thought.
You packed everything you needed and, first thing in the morning, walked straight into the kitchen to fill up a thermos with a lot more coffee than you’d ever drink on a normal day before heading off to the quinjet launchpad without a word. Everyone else eyed you as you walked out; your usual, greeting nature was replaced by a silent one, a sight no one had seen since you first joined the Avengers. Once you exited, everyone’s eyes quickly turned to Bucky who had walked in just as silent. Though it was less rare for Bucky to avoid conversation, the two of you being separate was the clear elephant in the room.
Bucky looked up to meet everyone’s gazes on him, his brows furrowing immediately in annoyance.
“What’s the problem?” 
“Something going on between you and Y/n?” Sam asked without hesitation. He beared witness to the entirety of your relationship with Bucky, especially since he was often assigned to missions with the both of you. If anyone could tell something was off, it’d be him. 
“She’ll get over it,” Bucky replied monotonously before also heading out to the launchpad, everyone else straggling out shortly after.
You were already sitting in your normal seat inside of the quinjet, scrolling absentmindedly on your phone to distract yourself from the eyes that would eventually fall on you as you heard everyone else approaching. 
Though you were still angry, Bucky was not. In fact, he was more angry with himself than he was with you. He didn’t even think he was upset with you at all, but he was convinced you thought otherwise. 
Finishing a shower after an intense sparring session had never felt better to you. 
You had been with the Avengers for about two years now, picking up on more useful ways to use your fighting abilities rather than always being so destructive. Old members of Hydra, who decided they wanted to somehow reinstate and resolidify the organization, had taken you–along with more people than you could count on both of your hands–to be experimented on with a serum similar to the ones used on Bucky and Steve. After managing to escape, you had definitely lost a piece of yourself. It took a while to warm up to the thought of fighting alongside such honorable people, but after two years, you had found your home. 
The first year and a half was strictly training and shadowing anyone who had gone on a mission. You were eager to prove yourself as being part of the team, and in the last six months, Steve and Tony had agreed to allow you to not just shadow missions, but be part of them. You had just finished mission 26 as being “part of the team” two days ago, and Steve had stopped you before your workout with Natasha to let you know that he thinks you might be able to do your first solo mission. 
That news definitely kicked your motivation into overdrive during sparring. Natasha’s never been one to go easy on you, per your own request, and was riding on a 10-0 streak against you.
That streak got broken fairly quicker than she had expected.
Upon finishing your workout, you were most excited to tell Bucky the news. He had been there the whole ride to see just how hard you’ve worked to get to where you are today, especially sharing the experience of being under Hydra and struggling to use your abilities for the right reasons. 
But for some reason, things just didn’t go as you expected. 
And it hurt. Really hurt.
Bucky stepped on the jet and gave you a quick glance. Everyone else had taken their usual seat, meaning the only one available was the one he always took right next to yours. He sighed deeply to himself before sitting down, seeing you immediately cross your arms across your chest from his peripheral vision.
This was definitely going to be a long trip.
You didn’t say a word to him the entire ride. Not even so much as a shoulder or thigh touch. You kept your stoic nature for all of the ten hours you were sat next to him. 
Bucky was losing his patience, and the only person he blamed was himself. This might have been the first day in the year and some months that you’ve been together that you hadn’t said a single word to him, and it was eating him alive.
It was most definitely eating you alive too, but you couldn’t get the argument you two had out of your head. 
Bucky was starting to pack his things when you had walked into his room, his attention quickly diverting to the door and onto you, shooting you a soft smile.
“You’re back already?” He asked, knowing you always took a hefty moment to yourself to relax after sparring with Natasha. 
“You are now looking at the woman with a singular victory against Agent Natasha Romanoff,” you said confidently with a playful victory bow, making Bucky chuckle as he stood up and made his way over to you. 
Standing up straight to look up at him, Bucky cupped your face in his hands and kissed your forehead. “I’m so very proud of you, baby,” he said with his lips grazing yours that had just pulled into a small smile. 
“I also might have really good news,” you said in an eager tone, which Bucky noticed and loved immediately. 
“What’s the good news?” He asked right away as he wrapped his arms around your waist, wanting to hear your excitement. After seeing you have so many losses, with yourself and others, he knew you took every win very seriously. You reminded him of himself when he first joined the Avengers as well, and knew just how difficult it was to adjust and get even just a glimpse of triumph.
“Steve pulled me aside today and said he thinks I might be ready for solo missions,” you responded as you wrapped your arms around Bucky’s neck. “He saw how well I did during the last mission and wants to see how I do alone. He just wants Tony to agree first.”
Bucky’s face dropped slightly. “Are you sure you’re ready for that?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?” you asked rather than answering his question, furrowing your eyebrows in confusion.
Of course you thought you were ready. You had prepared long enough for this and knew you could take on the challenge. You also thought that Bucky of all people would be able to recognize that and agree. 
“You’ve only been on 26 missions, honey,” he contested. “It took me a lot longer than that before I was even able to handle a mission with just Sam.”
“So you think that I can’t go on a mission by myself because it took you longer to adjust than it took for me?” you asked incredulously as you pulled out of Bucky’s grasp and took a few steps back. 
Bucky ran his hands over his face in frustration. He knew just how stubborn you were; he had seen it mission after mission and debrief after debrief. You were never one to stand down from defending yourself and your decisions. However, you had never been so persistent with him over anything beyond a playful dispute between the both of you.
“You know that’s not what I meant, Y/n, so can we table this conversation and go to bed?” he bargained with you softly. 
You scoffed. “You just patronized me by implying that I’m incapable of handling a mission on my own and you want me to ‘table the conversation’?”
Given your tenacious anger, you knew it’d be best to not say anything at all until you felt a lot calmer about the situation. You had surely pondered if you were just overreacting, but Bucky’s words still hurt you.
He was never one to patronize you or make you feel like you couldn’t do something. In fact, it had always been the opposite. To hear that he felt you were incapable of taking on something you felt you were ready for had stung you harder than any other accusation ever thrown at you. He was the man you loved, the one person on the team who you trusted the most, and he thought you were unprepared.
So you avoided him. The jet landed and you gathered your things and walked right past him. You got lucky that Clint couldn’t come on the mission anymore and you could take his room so you wouldn’t be stuck with Bucky for the entire week. 
Bucky had felt like he was stabbing himself in the chest. He couldn’t sleep the entire night. This seemed to be a mission of firsts for the both of you, including the first time you were both on a mission and slept in different rooms since you’ve been together. 
The next morning, Bucky felt he made it worse. He wandered over to your room before it was time to meet everyone else, knocking on the door loud enough for you to hear it but not make himself obvious in the hallway.
You opened the door, looking right at him though Bucky felt like you were looking through him.
“Can we talk?” he pleaded softly. “I know this isn’t the best timing—”
“Then maybe we should wait until we get back, don’t you think?” you interrupted, your voice a bit raspy from the lack of communication with anyone.
“I can’t think straight on a mission knowing that you’re upset with me, baby,” he said, a slight tremor in his voice. You knew he didn’t want to upset you, but you also didn’t want to direct your anger towards him. It was the one thing you had both promised to each other. “Please?”
“I don’t want to talk about it right now, Bucky,” you replied sternly, your use of his name feeling like a knife through his back. “Can we just do this after?”
He nodded, not wanting to prod you any further than your limit. He whispered a soft “okay” before walking back to his room.
That was the last you spoke to each other before everything happened.
Your mission started off smoothly. You were paired up with Steve, who wanted to monitor you a bit closer while on a mission to further confirm his confidence in you. He also didn’t want to pair you with Bucky when you had tension with each other, wanting the mission to go successfully and without distractions.
You and Steve would take the fifth and sixth floor of the building to locate the files you needed to extract. Natasha would take the third and fourth floor, Bucky and Sam the first and second. Tony would be eyeing the outside perimeter for extra threats and also spotting Natasha a helpful eye, though everyone knew she could handle herself well. 
After fighting off a few straggling guards, you found the file you needed. The only problem was the faint beep, beep, beep you heard somewhere in your vicinity. Steve was keeping watch outside, fighting off the backup that was eventually called when they realized you were here. You couldn’t locate where the sound was coming from, but you knew it wasn’t a good one. 
“Hey, Steve, you busy?” you said, the hint of fear in your voice.
“What’s wrong?” He asked, hearing your tone. You could hear his shield bouncing off the walls as he responded.
“I’m hearing a beeping noise from in here and I can’t find it at all,” you said as you kept tearing the room apart carefully, not trying to accidentally trigger anything. 
“What do you think it is, Agent?” he asked, and you knew he was trying to turn this into some sort of test like your life wasn’t probably at risk.
“The only possibility is an explosive of some sort,” you responded, trying to hide the irritation in your voice from still being monitored on a mission like a child. “I can’t really make out where it’s coming from and it’s nowhere that I’ve searched in the entire room, so it’s probably hidden somewhere.” The beeping then started at a quicker pace, only making your nerves go into overdrive.
“I’ll finish up out here and then help y—”
“Rogers? Y/l/n?” Tony spoke anxiously into comms.
“What the hell was that, Tony?” Bucky asked immediately, not liking the tone in his voice while he said both yours and Steve’s names.
“Explosion on floor five. Rogers and Y/l/n aren’t responding.”
“Y/n? Steve?” Sam tried to reach out. Nothing.
“All I’m getting is static, guys,” Natasha chimed in. “I’m headed up.”
Bucky jolted into the staircase, running faster than he could even process. He eventually caught up with Natasha, Tony and Sam both flying in from either side of the building to the fifth floor. The entire floor was filled with smoke, though the hallway was a bit clearer than the room you had been in alone.
Natasha caught a glimpse of Steve, who was thankfully conscious, as he tried to lift himself up with a a cough to expel the smoke from his lungs. Tony helped him up and Steve immediately caught Bucky’s eyes, filled with anxiety he hadn’t seen in him in a while. He then looked at the door and Bucky understood that you were in there.
He knocked the door in with no hesitation, though something was blocking his entry. Steve and Tony made their way over to help him push the door, moving the cabinet that had been flung across the room with the impact of the explosion. Bucky slipped through the door, blue eyes scattering across the room until he saw your hand sticking out from behind some debris. Using his metal arm to lift up the equipment that had fallen on top of you, he moved it over to the side before kneeling in front of you. He noticed the large piece of shrapnel sticking into your abdomen, a fairly large blood stain tainting your suit and your breaths extremely shallow.
Your eyes were half open as they landed on him, though your body desperately wanted to fall out of consciousness.
“Hey, honey, I’m here,” he said as your eyes glossed over. 
You felt too weak to talk, it hurt just to breathe with the impeding metal in your stomach. The one moment you wanted to say something to him and you couldn’t. 
“I’m here, okay? We’re gonna get you out of here,” he said as his eyes stayed firmly on you, his ears tuning out Steve directing Sam, Tony, and Natasha to prepare for an emergency evac back home. “You’re gonna be okay, everything’s gonna be okay.” 
Bucky cupped your face lightly, running his thumbs across your cheeks carefully over a few cuts. His face and tears streaming down his cheeks was the last thing you remembered seeing before the darkness reeled you in.
It had been six days. 
Six days since you all successfully evacuated the mission. Six days since they removed the metal from your stomach safely. Six days since they found out the extent of your other injuries from the blow. Six days since you had been unconscious. Six days that Bucky hadn’t left your side for a second.
He had already regretted everything he said to you the night before your mission, but now he felt like he had made the biggest mistake of his life by even upsetting you. Bucky knew you probably wanted to cool down, memorizing all of your coping mechanisms and the way you communicated your feelings. But something in his head told him to talk to you sooner, and he only wished you had let him before everything else fell apart.
He hadn’t slept in the six days you’d been unconscious. You had suffered such a serious head trauma that the doctors in the medical wing of the compound were surprised your scans came back clean. On top of the fractured ribs, the wound in your stomach, and the broken leg, everyone had already known you were a trooper.
By the sixth day, Bucky’s eyes were finally starting to get tired. 
He fought sleep off as hard as he could, not wanting to take his eyes off of you for a second. Sam had come in several times throughout the week to bring him food to eat, though he could barely finish any of it. Steve had urged him to go shower every day, promising to watch you and alert him if any changes had happened, pleading with him until he finally agreed. Bucky would rush to shower and immediately ran back as he had finished and gotten dressed. Steve would just give him a pat on the shoulder and a longing look, knowing he couldn’t push any more out of his best friend who was watching intently over the love of his life. 
Bucky laid his head on the small space on the side of the bed next to you, his thumb running soothing motions back and forth on your hand as his solemn, blue eyes watched you take small breaths in and out with your eyes sealed shut. His eyes then pulled him into a slumber, one he didn’t even remember falling into.
After a few hours, he felt you shuffle a bit on the bed, shooting his eyes open and seeing you rub your eyes with your free hand, his hand still intertwined in your other one. 
“Y/n?” he spoke softly, your eyes redirecting to his face and a small smile creeping on yours.
“Hi,” you said groggily. “Did I wake you? I’m sorry.”
Bucky sat up and shook his head. “You have nothing to apologize for, baby. I’m just glad you’re awake,” he reassured as he let go of your hand and moved his to rest on your cheek. “How are you feeling? Does anything hurt?”
“I feel like I got hit by a truck,” you joked in a tired voice. “How long have I been out?”
Bucky sighed, though he was glad you were feeling well enough to be playful. “Six days,” he answered. “You had a lot of injuries.”
You nodded slightly. “What about the mission?”
“Natasha and Tony took care of it,” he informed you. “They stayed behind while we evacuated to finish and found a copy of the file. Mission successful.”
You nodded once again, biting down on your bottom lip as you knew there was still unresolved tension between you and Bucky. He noticed it too, but he didn’t think it was the right time to talk about it. Not right after you woke up. 
A few days later, you had been discharged from the medical wing and had gone back to your room. You had told Bucky you wanted to go back to his, but he had insisted it’d be better for you to rest in yours. 
He stayed with you the first few days you were in recovery, though he didn’t sleep next to you. It hurt a bit, but you had at least felt comfort in knowing he was in the room with you. 
One morning, you had woken up and saw Bucky sleeping peacefully on the couch chair in the corner of your room, knowing he had finally gotten rest after a few days. You stayed watching him and he met your eyes immediately when you woke up.
“Hey,” he said in the raspy morning voice you knew all too well. “How are you feeling?”
“I’m okay,” you said as you sat up a bit in bed, to which Bucky moved to your side to help you do.
“Don’t exert yourself too much, Y/n,” he warned in a light tone. “You’re still recovering and I don’t want you to prolong y—”
“Buck, I’m okay, I promise,” you cut him off, placing your hands on his face and forcing him to look you in the eyes. His normal, cerulean eyes were a bit more clouded. They looked more gray in the dim lighting of your room, but you could also make out the sting of sadness in them. 
The longer he looked in your eyes, the more tears formed in his. “I could have lost you,” he said with a crack in his voice. “I almost lost you without making things right with you. I’m never gonna forgive myself for that.”
“We don’t have to talk about this right now, Bucky—”
“No,” he cut you off this time. “I can’t wait any longer, Y/n. It’s eating me alive and I want to make things right with you. I need to make things right with you. Everything that went wrong on that mission only made everything worse. You could have died while being on bad terms with me and I’m never, never, going to let that happen again. Do you understand me?”
You nodded slightly, tears quickly glossing your eyes as well while a tear slid past Bucky’s. He cupped your face in his hands, wiping the tears that fell down your cheeks with his thumbs as you started to play with your fingers in your lap.
“Do you think that I care about anything in this world but you?” he said, a noticeable shake in his voice while he didn’t break eye contact with you. “There is nothing that compares to you in my world. Nothing. When I heard that explosion and Tony say your name, it felt like my heart dropped. I don’t want to experience that again. Especially if I’m not with you.”
Your eyebrows furrowed. “So you mean—”
“I said what I said because I’m too scared not to be with you, Y/n. It’s wrong and I’m sorry, I’m so sorry that I made you feel like I felt you weren’t ready to be on your own. You’re more than ready and I was clouded by my own fears and patronized you when you didn’t need that. I can’t lose you, I can’t picture what the rest of my life would even look like without you in it. But my fears should never come in the way of your accomplishments that you deserve and earned, honey. Never. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I hurt you and I’m sorry that it took everything that happened for me to say it to you.”
If the tears weren’t falling from your face before, they most definitely were now. You wrapped your arms around Bucky’s torso and sobbed into his chest. He was crying too, but he wrapped his arms around you and rubbed small circles in your back to soothe you the way he always did.
“I’m sorry,” you choked out between sobs. “I didn’t want to fight with you, I just—”
“Shh,” Bucky comforted you. “It’s okay, baby, I know. I didn’t want to fight with you either, it’s on me.”
You pulled away slightly to look up at him once your sobs died down, sniffling a bit as he looked down at you with all the love and adoration he’s always had for you.
“Promise me we’ll never fight before a mission again,” you urged softly, and even though your tone was slightly playful, Bucky knew you were also half serious.
“I promise, baby,” he said, kissing your forehead twice. “Now let’s go back to sleep.”
You nodded as he made his way around the bed and slid next to you, carefully wrapping his arms around you as you both laid down and enjoyed each other’s warmth again.
thank you so much for reading! i thoroughly enjoyed writing this and i hope you enjoyed reading my first piece! 
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jadehuntressqueen · a day ago
The first thing that registered was the bed covers shifting around you, and not by your own doing. Next was the quickened breathing beside you. You sat up and glanced down.
His brow was creased in fear, or sadness. Small whimpers left his lips as he thrashed side to side.
“Baby wake up,” you placed a gentle hand on his shoulder. This action shocked him into wakefulness and he shot upright. “Hey, hey, you’re okay,” you cooed, “It’s okay darling, it was just a dream.” His trembling body curled into your side as you brushed his hair. “Just a dream.”
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mysecretlittlelibrary · 13 hours ago
Weekends Ft. A Flower
Pairing: Dilf!Bucky Barnes x Teacher!Reader
Word Count: 2.4k
Warnings: literally none
Genre: just your regularly scheduled fluff
Summary: A weekend date with your boyfriend turns into an afternoon with his daughter too
Tumblr media
You hum along to the music you're playing as you drive to Bucky's house for the afternoon. You'd made plans earlier in the week and you're honestly just excited to see him.
"What are you doing Saturday?" Bucky asked, on his call with you after work like most days.
"Probably just some grading. Nothing interesting planned." You hummed as you crawled into bed for the night.
"We should go to the aquarium. Steve told me they've expanded in the last year or so."
"Really? I think the last time I went to the aquarium was on a field trip we had a couple of years ago. I'd love to go. You live closer to the aquarium than I do so I'll come to yours and we can leave from there."
"Sounds great, how's 2 o'clock?"
"Perfect. I'll see you then." You smiled.
When you pull into Bucky's driveway it's just after 2 when you'd planned to meet. You take a moment to adjust your sundress and knock on the front door. A few moments later Bucky pulls the door open looking a little frantic.
"Hi! Sorry- nice to see you." He smiles with a huff.
"Hi, is everything okay?" You chuckle.
"I'm sorry, I should've called about this- Steve was supposed to take Lily out for the afternoon but his car broke down and he didn't let me know soon enough that I could take her down there so she's still here, up in her room." Bucky explains, running his hand through his hair.
"Well, since we're just going to the aquarium, we can bring her along if you'd like. I don't mind her spending the afternoon with us unless you'd rather reschedule for when someone can watch her." You offer.
"Really? You don't mind? It isn't weird to bring my daughter on a date?" He chuckles.
"I don't know if it's weird or not but who cares? I mean I like Lily, so if she wants to come along bring her." You smile. Bucky lets out a relieved sigh and leans forward to kiss your cheek.
"You are the best. I'll go get her, come on in, make yourself comfortable." Bucky says. You step inside and shut the door behind you as Bucky runs upstairs. It takes a few minutes for Bucky to come back downstairs, this time with Lily in tow.
"Y/n!" She squeals rushing up to you.
"Hello little flower!" You say lifting her into your arms.
"Hi!" She smiles.
"Daddy said we're going to the aquarium." Lily says as you put her back down.
"We are! Are you excited?" You ask her.
"Yes. Uncle Stevie was supposed to hang out with me but his car is broken apparently." Lily tells you.
"Yeah I heard but now you get to spend the day with us so, it could be worse."
"Alright we should get going ladies." Bucky says. Lily grabs your hand and practically tugs you out the front door. Bucky helps Lily into her car seat in the back of his car while you slide into the passenger side. Once Lily is settled, Bucky gets in and pulls off.
"How is school so far Lily? Do you like Mr. Gatlin's class?" You ask her. Although the year started a few weeks ago, you haven't actually talked to Lily about how fourth grade is going for her, especially since her teacher is new to the school.
"I like Mr. Gatlin. He's funny. There's a boy who sometimes tries to mess with me in class so Mr. Gatlin moved him away from me." Lily says with a shrug.
"A boy is messing with you? What boy?" Bucky frowns.
"Was he in my class with you last year?" You ask.
"No he was in Miss Conner's class. Uncle Steve thinks he likes me." Lily says.
"You told Uncle Steve before you told me?" Bucky glances up in the rearview mirror at her.
"Yeah daddy you overreact." Lily says.
"And uncle Steve doesn't?" Bucky scoffs.
"Lesser of two evils." She shrugs.
"Lesser of two evils? What've they got you reading Lily, Animal Farm?" You chuckle.
"What's Animal Farm?" She tilts her head.
"A book you won't need to worry about until at least sixth grade. On another note, uncle Steve shouldn't be telling you this kid likes you because he's picking on you. That's never okay and it's good that Mr. Gatlin isn't encouraging him." You say.
"And if it continues, kick his ass." Bucky winks.
"Or don't because that might get you suspended, especially if you doesn't hit you first. But you can and should still enforce boundaries around this kid." You tell her.
"I do. That's why Mr. Gatlin moved him. I told him I wasn't comfortable sitting next to him." Lily says proudly.
"Good girl." Bucky smiles as he pulls into a parking spot at the aquarium. You get out of the car and wait for Bucky to help Lily out and join you at the front of the vehicle. Lily runs ahead of the two of you to the ticket stand, already talking to the man at the desk before you meet her up there.
"I take it you're the parents?" The man looks at you two. Bucky chuckles as he answers.
"Yeah, can we get two adult tickets and a child's ticket." He tells the man as he grabs his wallet.
"That'll be $32.50." Bucky hands the guy his card and after a few minutes the guy hands its back along with our tickets.
"Alright let's go." Bucky says.
"Time to see the fish!" Lily says marching towards the aquarium entrance.
"Lily! Remember your dad has your ticket, don't go too far ahead." You call after her as you and Bucky walk trail behind. When you get into the aquarium, you let Lily decide your path through the different habitats. She dictates that you have start with the turtles. From there you see some tropical fish, then frogs, following the her decided path through the jellyfish and deep sea fish. Lily stops to read all the infocards when you pass a series of crabs and then she insists you go through the shark tank where she tries see how many of the sharks she can name.
"I had no idea you were so into sharks Lily." You muse.
"My friend Dylan at school really likes them." She says absentmindly. "Daddy make sure to take lots of pictures here so I can show him okay?" She turns to him.
"Oh- alright sweetheart." Bucky pulls out his phone and takes a picture of as many sharks as she can get close to. You even help by hoisting her up on your shoulders to get closer to the ones she wants pictures with that swim near the top of the tank. You're in the shark area long enough to catch them getting fed which Lily asks Bucky to record for her. When she's satisfied with her pictures and videos she runs off to the nearest map to make sure you've seen everything.
"Thanks for letting her come along with us." Bucky says to you quietly.
"You don't have to thank me. I know you're a packaged deal, that's never bothered me." You shrug.
"I mean, you're a teacher- I can't imagine after spending five days a week with kids you wanna spend one of your two off days with another. Who expects to be looking after a child on a date?"
"Don't be ridiculous, I love Lily. Plus, all I expected was to spend time with you. I'm getting to do that and Lily seems happy so- two birds one stone." You smile at him.
"Have I told you how amazing you are?" Bucky's eyes hold such adoration you're almost caught off guard. In the almost six months since your first date Bucky has been everything you could think to ask for in a partner. Considering how reserved he was when you met him you're honestly surprised with how easily he seemed to trust you.
"Alright! I think we saw all the important things, except the gift shop which is up those stairs." Lily announces walking back over to you. Something tells you his trust in you has something to do with the little girl currently beaming up at you both.
"Did you wanna hit the gift shop Lily?" Bucky asks her.
"We gotta dad!" She tells him.
"Maybe we can find you a shark plushy for this Dylan friend of yours." You smile nodding towards the stairs.
"Wouldn't it be weird to give him a gift?" She throws a look over her shoulder as she walks up the stairs in front of you.
"It doesn't have to be. Friends give each other gifts all the time. At least, me and my friends do." You shrug.
"Well, if I see something he'll like I'll think about it." She says assuredly. You giggle to yourself.
"Do you think she likes this boy?" Bucky whispers as you walk into the gift shop. Lily's run off to look around on her own while you look through the overpriced knickknacks with Bucky.
"Well, it's certainly possible. I think fourth grade is a pretty normal time for kids to start exploring crushes." You shrug picking up little things and putting them down.
"She shouldn't be exploring anything." Bucky frowns.
"I didn't mean anything by it Buck- come on, the most they'd do at that age is hold hands. He might kiss her cheek, but it's probably all innocent, they're kids. Plus you don't even know if she likes him. She's probably just excited about a new friend." You laugh a little.
"I'm starting to see why she told Stevie about the boy bothering her in class and not you." You joke.
"What do you mean?"
"Bucky, you look ready to lock her away like repunzel at the prospect of her liking a boy which you're only considering because she's taken an interest in sharks cause of a classmate." You muse. Bucky sighs.
"I just want to protect her."
"She's nine and so is he. The only thing she needs protecting from right now is falling off of the monkey bars or scraping her knee on the blacktop not boys." You tell him. "If it makes you feel better, I can talk to Mr. Gatlin about it?" You offer.
"Would you?"
"Of course, if it would ease your mind." You nod.
"Do you know this teacher of hers anyway?"
"Mr. Gatlin? Not well, I mean he's down the hall from me, but I've only spoken to him a couple of times. He seems nice enough. He's friendly, salt and pepper hair, nice smile- the others seem really charmed by him." You chuckle.
"And you aren't?" Bucky asks.
"He's good looking but my eyes are focused somewhere else." You smile with a shrug. Bucky places a kiss against your temple at that.
"Are you getting anything from here?" He asks you after a few more minutes of walking around.
"I don't think so. Nothing really grabs me for more than a couple of seconds." You shrug. He hums and nods.
"Lily!" Bucky calls out and his daughter pops out from behind a shelf.
"Yes dad?" She tilts her head.
"Anything you wanna pick up or can we head to lunch?" He asks.
"Oo let's get lunch." She says skipping over.
"So nothing caught your eye then?" You ask her.
"Nope. Can we go to that burger place with the really good milkshakes dad?" Lily asks grabbing his free hand.
"Sure princess, I think there's one up the street actually. We can walk to it from here." Bucky says. The three of you leave the gift shop and then the aquarium to find the restaurant in question. It doesn't take you long, it's actually only a block away so within minutes you're inside looking at the menu and placing your order.
"So Lily, do you have a favorite shark? Or are you not that into them to have a favorite?" You ask her while you wait for your food at a table.
"I like hammerheads. I think they look funny." She says and you laugh.
"They do look funny don't they?" You muse. Eventually, your food is called and Bucky grabs your trays and brings them back to you and Lily.
"Do you have a favorite shark?" Lily asks you.
"Oh I don't know enough sharks, I think whale sharks are pretty cool. They're really huge ones with spots." You hum.
"Did they have one of those at the aquarium?" Bucky frowns.
"No I don't think so." You shake your head.
"They didn't." Lily confirms.
"Would you ever swim with sharks Lily?" You ask.
"You can do that?!" She gasps.
"Well yeah, some people do it all the time." You tell her.
"No thank you. Sharks are cool when they can't bite you." She shakes her head furiously.
"Don't encourage my daughter to do life threatening things." Bucky jokes with you.
"No worries, she's not interested. I agree, they're much cooler when they can't bite you." You smile at her munching on a fry. You chat through lunch with both Lily and Bucky until food is done and eventually Lily starts to get antsy to go home at which point you head out and start the drive back to Bucky's house. When you get there, Bucky takes Lily into the house while you get out of his car and toss your bag into yours.
"Hey, sorry we had to cut it short-"
"Bucky, don't apologize for having to be a dad. To be honest she lasted longer than I expected. I thought for sure she'd tap out as soon as she stopped eating." You chuckle.
"I hope you had a good time today." He says. You lean forward and place a kiss on his cheek.
"I had a wonderful time." You tell him quietly.
"Yeah?" He blushes shyly.
"Yeah." You nod with a giggle.
"Cool- me too." He nods. "I'll uh- I'll see you soon then?"
"Of course you will." You smile.
"Good- great. Call me when you get home." He says.
"Okay. Have a good rest of your day." You tell him.
"Yeah, you too." He steps back enough to let you get into your car and watches you drive off. Only once your car is completely out of sight does he go back inside with a content smile on his face. Bucky's not sure he'll ever get tired of the light feeling in his chest he has every time he goes on a date with you. Every single date leaves him simultaneously thinking he could fly and yearning for the next time he can see you. A small part of him worries he's far too attached so early in the relationship, but with how well you do with Lily he can't help but imagine you as permanent for the both of them. How can he not want that when you treat his daughter so well? It's probably too soon to say this out loud but he's definitely falling in love with you and on your drive home you find yourself thinking you're well on your way to saying the same.
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Tumblr media
Pairing : Dark frontiersman Bucky x runaway reader
Warnings : Noncon, Sex in a Wagon, Squirting, Fingering, Smut, Vaginal Sex
Word count : 4341
AO3 Link
Tumblr media
You’d walked what felt like too damn long. Your boots scuffed the dirt as your sore feet failed to lift high enough off the ground. Shuffling the best you could, you thought you could have made it farther before sundown, but you just didn’t have it in you.
Lookin back, you probably shouldn’t have walked away from the homestead and into the dusty brown yonder thinkin you’d find your place in the world. You were young, kinda dumb, and had just about run out of steam to go on.
Every step of this journey had been done on a whim. Dreams of walking away from it all to a better place had plagued you since you were knee high, and you told yourself that one day you’d get up and never look back.
Now, as your feet ached with each step, you wished you could remember the way home, or at least had something worth going home to. It was a small farm with about five too many mouths to feed. Nothing good ever grew out there, so there wasn’t any point in staying. But, with nowhere to go, was it worth leaving?
Through the pain you just kept trudging down the old wagon trail. It hadn’t had much use in a long while, but you thought there’d be at least one cart to cross your path. Someone kind that’ll let’cha hitch a ride.
No such luck, at least you thought as much. It was then when a speck in the distance began moving closer to you.
The steer came into focus alongside the wagon they were pullin, and you started waving your arms wildly in the air to catch its attention. You hoped it would see you and stop in time so as to not run you over. When it came to a full stop, your legs finally gave out. Now that salvation had come, they were done holding your weight. The driver nearly leapt from his seat as he saw you hit the dirt.
The wooden wheels stood tall, and the hand that reached out towards you was like the hand of God pulling you to heaven. It was only the right hand of the driver helping you off the ground, but it felt like a miracle. You amble to your feet rather unsteadily as this total stranger grappled you by your shoulders to lift you back up.
You reached for his shirt to pull yourself forward as he tried to stand you back up.
In a flash he slipped his arm under your legs and hoisted you to his chest, having grown tired with your dance of fatigue. The heat had made you delirious, and as the sun shone overhead it darkened the features of your would-be savior. You could almost hear him murmur to himself as he slipped you into the back of his wagon.
Like picking up a starving dog from the side of the road, he loaded you up among his cargo without question. It was then that the tiredness felt along your whole body took hold of you, and the white cloth of the wagon roof blurred to black.
Whatever amount of rest God had graced you with soon ceased as the moon light poured into the small space within the back of the wagon. It wasn’t moving anymore and as you tried to get up your weight made the old wood of the floorboards creak.
You got to your knees and crawled towards the opening at the back, and shuffled through the hole to stumbled onto the ground below.
There was a faint glow on the other side, so you wandered towards it, and were greeted by him as he sat by his fire.
He had pulled off of the road and set up his camp for the night after finding you and having to stow you away in his cart. As you rounded closer he stood up to greet you with a “look who’s finally awake.”
Without the sun blurring out the image of your ‘savior’ you have a chance to actually get a good look at him.
He was tall, with a shaggy head of short brown hair hidden under his hat. A few stray pieces stuck out from underneath but weren't too noticeable. He had a nicely built frame that was shaped by the clothes still clinging to his arms and midsection. He was also sweaty, and looked as if he’d been riding around for a good many days.
But, what stuck out the most were the dark shimmer of blue in his eyes that got more profound the closer he came to you.
The way the light of the fire sparkled over them like an island oasis. It drew you in like a curious little moth.
You didn’t think you’d been staring too long until he asked if you’d heard him. You must have missed his question and he caught on to that real quick. Yet, real gentleman-like; he just asked you again “Are you alright?”
You shake your head to cut your vision loose from his face. Maybe then you could think properly. “Y-yes. How long have I been sleeping?”
“Long enough, I thought you might not wake up.”
You were glad to have not been roasted like a plump chicken under that heat. All thanks to this kind stranger before you.
“T-thank you for helping me.” You found your tongue knotting up as you tried to speak to him, but he deserved the gratitude for having scooped you up into safety.
He nodded along and mustered up a smile before returning to his seat by the fire. He motioned to it, figuring you came out to enjoy its heat.
You shuffled closer and sat about a foot from him. You absorbed the warmth from the flames almost immediately, and it brought new life to your aching body. Yet, there remained a chill running along your spine as you sat near this complete stranger who had taken you into his care for the time being.
He turned to you and asked “So..What were you doin out on the road by yourself?”
You could imagine he had a fair amount of unanswered questions, seeing as his cargo had been out cold for the better part of the day.
But, the issue at hand was that you didn’t have a very good reason to give him. You didn’t want to just blurt out that you’d run away from home when nobody was looking.
“I just didn’t have anyone to come with me.” It was the best answer you could come up with, and it technically wasn’t a lie. Still, he raised an eyebrow at your response.
“Where were ya headed? He asked as he poked at the fire.
If you’d chosen to be truthful, you would have said you didn’t have a damn idea where you were headed. Yet, it seemed better not to show off the poor choices you’d made just by leaving home and going west.
“Silverton” the name just slipped off of your tongue without much thought as you tried to get comfortable.
You didn’t even bother to nod, surrendering to the preposterousness of your answer. Silverton was miles away from home, and you would have sooner perished than even dream of reaching it just by walking. He knew this, and just continued talking through your silence. “You’re headed to Silverton? On foot? With no supplies?”
“I guess I didn’t think things out very well.” It was, and understatement, but true nonetheless.
It was at this moment he’d finally started connecting the dots around your situation.
“Hm. What’s waiting for you there?” He asked.
“Planning to head west to seek some fortune of my own for a change.” You nearly mumbled every word, growing less excited about the prospect of continuing this doomed journey.
“No one is waiting for you back home? A young thing like you oughta be missed by somebody.” He’d seen right through you. Runaways aren’t often found and only shortly mourned for in these times. You had been determined to walk away from home and never turn back. Now you don’t know where to go from this point.
“Not a soul.” Was all you gave him.
He pursed his lips. The look he was giving you was most likely one of pity. You almost pitied yourself at this point.
“I don’t think I caught your name.” The statement was a well-needed change of pace, and he cocked a small smile as he spoke. It was nice being able to smile back. “I guess I haven’t been in much of a state to give it to you.”
“I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.”
You could help the chuckle that escaped your chest. This finally gave you the opportunity to change the conversation to something less serious.
“You first.” You spoke as your weak smile got stronger. Just for a moment at least. “James, but everyone calls me Bucky.”
You give him your name and he tries it out. It slips off his tongue with ease, and he says it suits you.
You wonder to yourself, who might’ve given him a nickname like that. It was a sweet encounter, and come morning he asked if you needed a lift to the next town at least. You agreed, not wanting to turn back and not wanting to leave his presence.
He snapped the reins to get the cattle moving, and the cart bumped and shook along the uneven road. The wood of the shotgun seat creaked beneath you.
For a moment the only sounds between you were small rocks getting kicked up by the steer, getting knocked among the wheels. You’d just hopped onto the first buggy that came your way and were seated right next to a complete stranger. You had to at least talk to him.
“So..Where are you headed?”
“Home.” Wasn’t a very descriptive answer. Still you persisted. “Home…where?”
This time he was quicker to speak up “White oaks, a little farther south than your intended destination.”
“I see. I suppose then you’ll be cuttin me loose on one leg of the journey?”
“Suppose I might, but then I might not. Best not worry your little head too hard about it.”
He was a man of few words and great contemplation. Every mile passed seemed to drag on longer and longer. When the sun finally started to set, he turned the steer off of the road into a clearing. He stopped the rig there and hopped off. When he turned to you this time his tone and character twisted somewhat harshly.
He was a man of the frontier, often gruff and maybe rude without realizing it. So, when you hear him shout “I’m stoppin off here for tonight. If you wanna keep moving, you can walk from here.” You didn’t hold too much of it against him.
It was his way of giving you an out, but you didn’t take it. You were not gonna be walkin in the dark and so you just asked to share his camp again. He obliged with a pat to your shoulder, and sent you off to find some dry wood for a simple fire as he tethered the steer to a nearby tree.
When your hands were filled with enough branches and wispy sticks, you came scuttling back to the little encampment he’d set up. He handed him the kindling and sat back on a small blanket he’d set out for you.
Evening turns at night and soon the small fire flowed brighter underneath a blackened sky. You sat across from him as you were petting one of the steer.
He’d cooked some rabbit he caught hopping too close to the wagon. He’d said it would be better to eat fresher meat than to use up all the dried stuff. Made for a mighty good meal.
Any conversation was far and few until he starts to dig at the story you’d made up on the ride over. “You’re certain you wanna go all the way to Silverton?”
You let out a weak laugh before answering “I don’t know anymore.” You look down at the hem of your dress and purse your lips into a pout. “Everyone else gets to leave; why can’t I?”
“So you walked away with nothing?”
“Wasn’t anything there to take.”
He scoffs “kinda dumb of you to do that. Something really bad could’ve happened.”
You don’t think too much into his lecturing, and move the conversation into another direction.
“Anything at home waiting for you?” You mirrored one of his previous questions in a different light in an effort to know more about this man named Bucky.
“Not really. Just the farm.”
“What do you grow?” Meager conversation seemed better than silence, but now you weren’t so sure.
He sighed before answering with “Not much at the moment. It was a recent purchase.”
“Really? What made you decide to buy a farm?”
“I was once a soldier, and some new land was what I received as payment for my service.”
“You were a soldier?” He just nods back at my question.
There wasn’t much light to make out very many of his features, but when he leaned in closer to the fire it helped show the finer details of old scars hidden past the collar of his shirt.
It wasn’t unusual for military types to have been cut up in the line of duty. There was a particularly large one beginning at his wrist, only to hide under his sleeve, but possibly peek back out at his shoulder.
This became another moment where he caught you staring, only this time his other hand covers the visible portion of the scar. “I’ve seen better days,” he said. “War often makes good men into something ugly..”
You're quick to cut him off “Mister, there ain’t no artist in this world that could make anything half as lovely as God made you. You AIN’T ugly”
A small smile breaks out on his face. The scruff of his beard curled up along with it.
You miss the glint of something darker that hides behind that smile as you turn back to scratch the top of the steer’s fuzzy head as he payed beside the both of you.
When the night grew heavier, he let you crawl up into the wagon to sleep. He said he’d stay by the fire, and you believed him as you curled up into an old blanket he’d kept stashed in his supplies.
In truth he had no intention of staying outside; and when he heard your breathing deepen with the call of slumber, he got up from his spot beside the fire. He walked over to check the tether on the steer to make sure no noise would send them running off into the night.
Then he approached the closed flap of the covered wagon. Slowly he undid the ties holding the fabric closed before pushing it aside.
He doesn’t bother to tie them back up; you won’t be getting away. You were so small, so naive, and so vulnerable. He wanted to take his time, just to get a second to taste you properly.
He leaned in near your face to get a better view of your calm features as you slept. Someone had to have missed you somewhere. He certainly would have.
Bucky leaned in closer until his lips just barely brushed yours. Your nose flinched from the contact, but nothing more. He then pressed farther to let the tip of his tongue trace your bottom lip, and this time the corner of your mouth twitched.
His hands had hovered over your clothed thighs this whole time, as he tried to keep himself from engulfing you completely. This wouldn’t last long as his patience finally wore out.
His lips pressed into yours so as to lock you into him, and his fingers slipped in under the hem of your dress to feel the delicate part of you that was hidden underneath.
His palms were warm over your cool skin as he forced your head back against the wooden slats of the floorboards.
He was right to be weary of you stirring from his touch. You woke up almost immediately after his lips covered yours and his tongue swept over your teeth. He couldn’t help but get closer, covering your body with his like a thick weighted blanket.
Your body jolted under the harsh hold he had you under simply by instinct, and you began to squirm and even try to scream. No matter what, every move was hindered by his wandering limbs and every decibel choked up in the back of your throat as his mouth melted into yours.
Sweat built up on your forehead and likewise under his cotton shirt as his chest pressed into yours. Your skin was soft under the rough palms as he scrambled to feel as much as he could grab.
He didn’t even pull away as he pushed the skirt of your dress towards the top of your stomach to get it out of his way.
His knees had to pin your legs open for him as you were barely able to kick free. Your limbs were abnormally heavy as he had you pinned beneath him. You wanted to kick; you wanted to scratch at him and scream. Just as you wanted to walk away from everything, eventually your legs went limp and your spirit faded. Until he found you. Even now, as the light in your heart went dim, a new warmth spread through your body, spreading up your spine and pulling in hidden places.
The thin cotton that still covered you was almost no barrier as he slipped his fingers beneath it and pulled it aside. In the dark wagon your flower was barely visible as his fingers sought after its core.
“To think, you walked away from home and right into my arms” his was a deep purr against your lips. Each word was said between single locking kisses, giving you enough time to breathe but nothing else.
“You were doomed to wander until I found you.” He squeezed his body closer to yours as one of his fingers found their destination.
“Sto..p" the word got caught too hard in your throat, as he had pushed past the little opening to curl said finger inside to widen you better for him.
Your body clamped and twitched in protest as a slick substance began to form around his intruding digit.
“Don’t worry. You’ll change your tune when I find your sweet spot.” It wasn’t long before another finger pushed its way inside to spread you farther apart. The stretch made your insides burn a little more with each pull and tug.
You reached a hand up to him in an effort to push him away, but it only clung onto his sleeve as his fingers twisted inside you. When your muffled sounds of protest had turned into a soft whimper, his lips slipped from yours to trail down your throat. Your insides flexed around his fingers as he continued to work them back and forth.
“That feel good darling? I bet it does. I can feel your fighting around my fingers.”
Your flower was wet and open for him as he began strumming at a different tune, and a new sensation could be felt tickling along your inner walls. You surprise even him with the little noises that escape your throat.
He smiles warmly against your skin as he coaxes this new feeling to its peak.
Your whole body is shaking and joints at your knees twitch and jerk with each drag of his fingers. It feels like your body is alite, spreading warmth from your ears to the tips of your fingers and blossoming out of your overworked pussy.
It was all too much, and as your body let go of him as a small jet of liquid shot forth past your folds to splatter onto the wood.
You struggled to catch your breath when he finally let you go. You hadn’t realized you’d been holding it, and now you felt as if you couldn’t suck in enough air to keep conscious. It even took you a moment too long to realize he was no longer on top of you as he’d sat up. The blue of his eyes glittered with the little bit of moonlight that had shown through the open flap of the wagon. He was admiring you, all of you.
“Beautiful.” He gritted out as he dug his fingers into your thighs. You would have winced in pain had you any sense to do so. The next moment his hands slipped from you to his trousers. In the dark you could hear the clicking of his belt as he pulled at his clothes.
This was your moment, you were completely unhindered, and yet you stayed laying on that harsh wooden floor. You could've hopped up and made another run for it; it hadn’t stopped you before.
No food, no horse, not even a change of clothes, and you still walked away from everything. But, now, with all that would be looming over you again, you didn’t move to run. The window of freedom opened and closed as he returned to hover above you.
“It may hurt, but I’ll go easy on you.” You didn’t register much of what he said and couldn’t see him aligning himself to your abused core until you felt him spread your lower lips and prod at the open area with his member.
The intrusion aggravates your sore points and brings sharp new rivulets of pain. It finally shot some adrenaline into your muscles and your hands grappled at his shoulders. Will real effort this time you tried to shove him off. Heat was spreading through your joints and in your chest as you tried in vain to fight off the pain from your body stretching over its limit.
It's like a white hot flame burning up your lower body and it has thick tears brimming in your eyes. The sounds that came from your throat had the steer jumping at the noise, and he pushed himself to the hilt.
The pain simmered and melted as he moved inside of you. His cocked dragged against a deep untouched part of you that had chills running through your nerves. Your hands still clenched around his biceps and this time you held on for dear life. No more did you push him away as his pace had gotten harder and your body instead fluttered around him.
The wheels swayed and the floorboards creaked in protest to his movement as he shook your body with his.
Your head was swimming, and the wood began to spin in with the cloth of the wagon cover. His thrusts grew more desperate and even sloppy, but you could barely tell. Your mind melted and your body was burning so hot you felt like you’d suffocate.
Your body quacked and twitched around him as all the heat in the lower body finally erupted. You could feel the tears roll down your burning cheeks, as well as the air rushing into your lungs.
He stilled with a final rough thrust, and fell upon you like a thick blanket. Your little hands were locked into fists around the fabric of his shirt as it clung to his sides.
Your breathing was still too thin and a pang of pain rocked deep in your head before you dropped back down to the floor of the wagon. Just as you first found your ladle in his care only one night prior, your surroundings twisted and blurred together. Only instead of seeing light, the world went black. It wouldn’t stay that way for long.
It’s awfully strange they way things seemed to repeat, and this time when the walls of the wagon spun into view, you felt as if you were spinning with it. It nearly made you sick and instead of sitting up you curled into a ball as the wagon shook and jumped to life.
Your companion Bucky called back to you from the open area at the front where he was directing the steer along the road. In a single night he had packed up camp and driven away, with you tucked up in the back like precious cargo.
You lifted up onto the back of your elbows. More so to roll over into your knees, as opposed to actually standing in the moving cart.
From the small opening at the front you saw the back of Bucky’s shirt still clinging to his broad shoulders, and the loose bits of hair that stuck out of the back of his brimmed hat.
There was no way to turn back anymore, even if you truly wanted to, and any attempts to move in a direction separate from your now captured might be hindered by that same man. Even if he let you run away, there was still the obvious question of whether or not you’d survive on your own. This was what kept you in the cart, still seated there on the floor.
You didn’t question what he’d done, nor did you lunge at him or scream. Oddly enough, the only words you tossed in his direction were “where are we going?”
He spared you a glance over his shoulder and answered “Home”
You stayed silent after that, just letting the cart hopefully rock back to sleep. Short visions of your mother and even some of your siblings flashed under your eyelids as you shut them tight to hold in the offending tears that threatened to spill.
You’d known you’d be leaving them all behind when you left the house, and even when you grew painfully tired, you never once turned around.
So as you curled back into a ball on the now warm wood, and tried to accept your fate.
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sebastianstansqueen · 2 days ago
Cheer Up Love 1
A/N: Here is the first part of this series, feedback is always appreciated, if you want to be Tagged, either send an ask or comment on this or click on Taglist open.
Wordcount: 1,384
Warnings:  Angst, Smut, I think that is all actually
Chapter Name: All Of Us
Masterlist // Series Masterlist // Taglist open // Spotify Playlist
Tags: @cherryblossomskye - @babylooneytoonz - @wonderlandfandomkingdom - @miraclesoflove - @amelia-song-pond - @leyannrae - @avengerlex - @pineprincess -
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bucky, along with Steve, and Sam, sat on the plush couches in Y/n and Bucky’s house as Y/n, Peggy, and Natasha danced around all together with the music in the background played on the record player. Eventually, Natasha stumbled over and Y/n caught her in time but both women fell to the floor in a fit of giggles. Bucky got up off his spot on the couch and helped his wife up, kissing her as she stood up. “God I love you.” He mumbled against her lips. 
“I love you too.” She said back. 
“Oh we know that look boys it seems we all should be going.” Natasha said pointedly at her husband. Sam stood after she spoke, along with Steve the two other couples left after Y/n and Bucky waved them goodbye. 
Bucky led Y/n to their shared bedroom of theirs, Bucky kissed her exposed neck. “God, why do you gotta be so beautiful.” He mumbled. 
She smirked up at him. “Am I though.” 
He grabbed her by the waist holding her up. “You better take that back your fucking gorguse.” He said pointedly like he was talking to a child learning a lesson. “I’ll show you how fucking gorguse you are.” He pulled down her panties she wore under the dress she was wearing. 
He slowly fucked her making every moment worth it as he pushed in and out of her. “Oh god.” She moaned lowly, kissing and nipping at his arm. 
Eventually, after both of them got ready for bed, the husband and wife fell asleep, Bucky holding her. She started to have an awful dream, waking up gasping and reaching out for something unknown. Y/n looked out at the dark room, Bucky’s arms still around her securely, eventually she fell back to sleep ignoring whatever it was. 
The next morning Y/n cooked her breakfast and Bucky’s lunch, along with coffee for both of you, in the shirt Bucky wore the previous night at the get-together they held at their home, Bucky waited against the island in their kitchen in a suit ready for work. She packed up his lunch box. She smirked. “You know what I think you have a fever of like a 102° and you need to stay home baby.” 
Bucky laughed. “Is that so?” He held her in both of his arms, kissing her. “Whoops, looks like you got what I got now.” He said going along with her joke. “I gotta go make that bank.” He laughed, heading out the door, Y/n followed after her husband, every other woman on her block watched as their husbands left for work, and drove away.
 Natasha walked over to her best friend. “Now it's time for some of our fun.” The Red haired woman handed off a margarita to her friend. 
Y/n laughed. “Nat you're so bad.” 
The friend put her hands up in defense. “Hey, I only drink a little around the kids, just a smidge.” Natasha laughed, smoking her cigarette. 
“I’ll see you later Nat.” Y/n said before she downed the margarita, and headed back to her house, to eat and then clean up a bit. She did all of her usual cleaning of the windows, the bathtub, toilet, laundry, and anything else, then she headed into town to get some groceries, everything from candy to meat had WV marked on it, she placed what she got into the cart she grabbed when entering, then once home she put all that she got into its corresponding place, whether it be the fridge or a cupboard. 
Later that night when Bucky came home from work, he smiled when seeing Y/n in one of the many dresses he had bought for her in the past. Bucky smiled, pulling her close, forgetting the drink she had made for him, as he started making love to her on the table in their dining room, his tongue flicked against her clit as he showed her how much he loved her, working her to her edge of reality, her head felt light, as an orgasm rang through her body she gripped the edge of the dining table as he continued tasting the sweet river of life on his tongue. Y/n’s chest moved up and down in a rough pattern with sweat on her forehead. 
That night going to bed Bucky turned to her. “Did you hear about the new couple in town?” Bucky asked as he undid the shirt he wore that day.
Y/n looked at him with furrowed brows and shook her head. “No?” 
“Yeah um, they're having a get-together at the Stark’s home tomorrow to celebrate, um there names are Wanda and Vision.” Bucky explained to Y/n before he took his pants off. 
“That’s an odd name.” Y/n stated. 
Bucky huffed a laugh. “Yeah but uh we gotta just get used to him.” 
The next day, she and Bucky headed to Tony and Pepper's house, Tony had created what Westview is known for a peaceful place for people to settle down together. Y/n, Peggy, Natasha, and Wanda, sat together. “So Wanda um is Vision a nickname or something?” Peggy asked. 
“His parents were quite intelligent people but they weren’t great with names, I mean his mother was named Jocasta and his father was Jarvise, so yeah.” Wanda said with a shrug, the three other women nodded and hummed along with the explanation. 
Tony and Pepper came out to talk to the large crowd of people. “Thank you all for coming here today, I know we don’t usually do this, but Wanda and Vision are our one hundredth couple to come to Westview.” Tony spoke to everyone. 
“No!” Everyone's attention settled on Valkyrie, Carol’s wife, she laughed incredulously. “You trapped them here, all of us are trapped.” She said with panic, everyone started to whisper to one another. 
“Not here, not now.” Carol hissed at her wife before rushing away with her.
Tony huffed out through his nostrils and hid his irritation with a serious but delightful smile. “We all know that hard times have fallen upon Val and Carol, but no worries, all will be well, they will be fine, no worries.” Tony declared. 
Y/n turned to look for Bucky but he was missing. She went to go look for him, on her way she found Carol and Valkyrie, sitting in a side room, Valkyrie seemed to be crying. “Y/n, please, please believe me.” She sobbed, and Y/n felt a huge amount of empathy for her friend of hers.  
Carol turned to Y/n. “She’s fine, ignore her.” The blond said passively, before closing a curtain around the two of them. 
She shook her head as if to get what she just saw out of her head, she looked around for just a moment longer, and then she found her husband trying to fix his tie. “Hey what's wrong baby?” She asked, coming up from behind. 
“Yeah, I just need to fix my tie, that's all.” He shrugged. 
Y/n smiled. “Here let me help you.” As she started to fix the tie, he sat her up on a table and pushed up the skirt of the dress she wore that day. “No Bucky, no not now, there who knows how many people out there.” 
He smiled down at Y/n as he slid down her panties and slowly slipped into Y/n, thrusting slowly and kissing her neck, she moved her head to the side to give Bucky more room, and as she looked over she spotted Tony in the corner, just watching almost, she tried to say something but I wouldn’t come out like something was stopping her, and Bucky continued unknowingly, just trying to show his love to his wife.
After cleaning herself up and Y/n fixing her hair, she turned to Bucky with a serious look on her face. “What’s wrong?” He asked. 
Y/n looked at him with furrowed brows. “Did you not see Tony just watching us?”
Bucky looked at Y/n like she was crazy. “What no, Tony wouldn’t do that Y/n.” He huffed. 
“I know what I saw Bucky.” Y/n huffed, Bucky just shrugged off, before he led her back outside.
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buckyalpine · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
18+ minors dni 
Bucky x Nat’s sister reader 
For some reason I can’t find the request in my asks :( but the ask wanted a Bucky x nat sister fic with some secret dating. I made it a little more fluffy than angsty, please let me know if you imagined it differently! 
Warnings: Flufffffff, implied smut, angstt 
Word count: 2.5k��
You sliced through the final guard’s neck, sprinting for the exit. You only had a small window to get out there was about 100 meters to the exit. You saw the flash of a redhead dash down the opposite side of the hallway, you were almost free.
You sprinted down the hall, red lights flaring and flooding the halls as the alarms blared through the base.  50 meters.
Smoke filled the base, clouding your vision and filling your lungs. You smirked, holding your breath with ease as you continued to run down the hall, anticipating the turns and doors; you could have done this with a blind fold on. She made it beside you, the both of you making your way towards the steel doors. 10 meters.
You kicked the doors open, making your way to the endless forest without looking back, the sounds of destruction crashing behind you. Your muscles burned as you pushed yourself to run faster, you were almost in the clear.
You let out the breath you were holding, watching the Hydra base go up in flames. You hissed, forcefully tearing out the chip they implanted into your arm. You looked over to your sister, the light returning to her eyes after years, finally having you back in her arms. Her sweet baby sister. She finally had you back. You’d never let them control you again.
“Wake up baby girl” Bucky whispered against your skin, waking you up with soft kisses. He knew he was being selfish but he couldn’t help it. He couldn’t wait for you to wake up, wanting to look into your bright eyes and hear your sweet voice. Your eyes peeked open to see your sweet boyfriend pouting at you, his face lighting up when you yawned, stretching in his hold.
“Good Morning doll” you giggled as he rolled on top of you, trapping you under him. He showered you with kisses all over your face before nuzzling his face into your neck, rubbing his beard on your skin where you were ticklish.  You squealed feeling his stubble graze on you, squirming and wiggling under his hold while he grinned, nuzzling into your neck even more.
He loved his mornings with you. Just you and him. You didn’t have to stand apart or pretend the other didn’t exist. You could be as close as you wanted, bare skin pressed together, nothing separating you, feeling each other, loving each other.
“I have to go soon bubba” You smiled softly at him, not wanting to leave the warmth of his arms at all.
“Noo” Bucky whined, holding onto you tighter, “5 more minutes, please? Please doll?”
You sighed, playing with Bucky’s hair, soaking up the last few moments with your boyfriend before you had to pretend you hardly knew him. No one on the team knew you and Bucky were together, other than your sister.
It didn’t matter than you were no longer a part of Hydra. It didn’t matter that you didn’t take part if any of those things willingly. It didn’t matter than Nat was your sister. SHEILD had been hell-bent on keeping an eye on you, and an even closer eye Bucky. They saw you as a monster. They saw him as a monster. They didn’t want anyone from Hydra working together, even though you had both had your freedom stripped from you.
Hydra had held you captive for longer than Nat. You had been sent on more missions. You had collected hundreds of files for them, all while under their control. You had been brainwashed for years. After Nat escaped the Red Room, she fought to rescue you, all she wanted was her little sister back. SHIELD jumped at the chance to have another assassin on the team, forcing you to pick between joining the Avengers or spending your life on the Raft. They didn’t trust you. They still didn’t trust Bucky. They made it their mission to keep you both apart, constantly monitoring your every movement so you wouldn’t get close.
You were rarely allowed on missions together; fearing that if you paired off, your combined skill set would be too deadly to handle if you both turned on your team. There was some truth to that statement. Bucky was no longer the winter soldier but his still had all the skills from his training. His arm was stronger. He kept up with his ability to sharp shoot and move like a ghost if necessary. You were not enhanced but you had been trained to be just as deadly. Your moves were quick and calculated; a silent killer since you knew how to pinch nerves to make it impossible for your targets to make a sound. You were trained to in both hand to hand combat, knives being your favourite weapon.
There was too much risk sending you both out together unless it was necessary for the whole team to be involved. Of course, what no one knew was that one mission was all it took to get you and Bucky together.
3 years ago
The mission had gone south. You’d been fed wrong information, thanks to a number of hydra agents secretly operating in SHEILD. You were seething, a part of you almost laughing at the irony of how closely they had watched you and Bucky while letting double agents work in their building.
Tony and Steve were on the roof while Nat and Sam had covered the east wing. You panted, your body throbbing and exhausted as you threw your punches to disarm the guards. It felt like you had been fighting for hours, your focus and energy depleting. You felt his arms shove you out of the way, groaning as the knife plunged into his abdomen.
You nearly froze, watching the agent stab Bucky again, adrenaline surging through your body when you saw him fall to his knees. They could have hurt anyone else and of course it would have upset you but seeing them hurt him?
Bodies covered the floor within minutes.
“I want to see him” you demanded, not asking for permission but rather telling the doctor that was exactly what you were about to do.
“Agent Y/n, you’re not allowed-
“I am going to see him now”
“You’re not coming in between those two” Nat yawned, looking bored as she toyed with a knife, cocking an eyebrow at the doctor who nervously shuffled on his feet. “You’re not telling anyone about what you saw here just now” He nodded, quickly scurrying down the hall without looking back.
You slipped into Bucky’s room while Nat waited by the door; your heart breaking seeing him on the hospital bed. There had always been something between you both. You both trained at night when no one else was awake. Occasionally silently sparring, heated skin and smirks thrown at each other between hits. Deep groans and hearts stopping when your bodies were pressed against each other, straddling hips on the mat. That was as far as it ever went. You both wanted more but neither ever made a move, choosing to make riskier moves when you trained instead.
You quietly made your way over, carding your fingers through his short locks while he slept. Your eyes trailed down to his bandaged torso which covered his stitches. Your fingers ghosted over his skin, tears stinging your eyes, thinking about why he was here in the first place.
“You saved me” You whispered, sitting by Bucky’s side, carefully reaching out for his hand.  Bucky stirred, smiling softly and lacing his fingers with yours. His eyes fluttered open, sparkling when he saw you.
“I wanted to take you out on a date first” He smirked, hissing slightly when he tried to shift to be closer to you.
“I’d like that” you giggled, moving on the bed next to him, kissing his cheek, “as soon as you don’t have stitches Sergeant” Bucky hummed, resting his head on your shoulder, his hands playing with your fingers.
“You better not hurt her, I know where you sleep soldier” Nat smirked, poking her head in the room, giving Bucky a pointed look. He grinned back at her with an adorable blush on his face. He already knew it wouldn’t be easy; you were not even allowed on missions together, forget dating. It was worth it for you.
“What do you think those two are going to do alone?”
The team sat together on the jet, having left wondering what you and Bucky would do alone at the compound, though it would probably be uneventful. You were quiet and often kept to yourself. Bucky was the exact same. You always smiled and nodded. He stared and grunted.
“Absolutely nothing. Have you met either of them?”
“Maybe cyborg will finally go on a date with that girl he told you about” Sam snorted, remembering Bucky whispering about some girl to Steve, refusing to tell anyone who he was talking about.
“Keep your eyes closed for me baby”
“Just trust me doll”
Bucky had laid a dress out for you, with a note, telling you to be ready by 8. You did you hair and makeup, slipping on your dress and heels. Your cheeks warmed up when your handsome boyfriend came to your room, dressed in all back, his hands covering your eyes as he lead you through he compound.
“Where are you taking me”
“Almost there baby” Bucky chuckled at how impatient you were, his heart racing as he carefully led you downstairs. “We’re here”
You gasped when Bucky let you open your eyes. The whole living room had been transformed. The lights were dimmed. Candles warmed the room. Roses sat in a vase on the dining table; petals decorating the floor. Two dinner plates and wine glasses had been set out, some of the furniture had been moved aside, just enough for him to dance with his favourite girl.  
“Do you like it doll?”
You wordlessly nodded, biting back tears, wrapping your arms around his waist. Not once had anyone ever done something so sweet for you.
“You did all this for me?” You whispered, looking up at him. His thumbs brushed your tears away, placing a soft kiss on your lips.
“We’ve never gone out on a proper date. I wanted to do something nice for our anniversary” Bucky blushed, taking your hand in his, kissing your palm.  “You deserve it all y/n”
You didn’t bother with your place at the table, happily sitting in Bucky’s lap while you ate. His hand was splayed on your hip, feeding you and kissing you in between sips of wine, he was going to soak up every minute he had with you before the team got back.
“Dance with me angel?” He gave you a boyish grin, holding his hand out. You giggled, nodding and taking his hand while FRIDAY played the playlist of songs Bucky had put together.
“My pretty baby” Bucky whispered, his forehead resting on yours. “You look beautiful tonight y/n”
“Not as beautiful as you Sergeant” Your hands rested on his chest, snaking up to rest around his neck. You pulled Bucky down to kiss you, his lips moving softly with yours. He twirled you, pulling you back for another kiss, letting his tongue slip between your lips.
“Doll…” Bucky groaned, his hands gripping onto you tighter “how’d I get so lucky”
You were both clearly in love with each other, your combined assassin and Hydra training going out the window when you were in each other’s arms. So much so, you hadn’t heard the jet land. You didn’t hear the footsteps approaching. You didn’t hear the combined gasps, until the lights were flicked all the way up, the team standing at the edge of the living room.
“What the hell”
“Oh my god”
“What the hell?!”
You squeaked, seeing the team stare at you and Bucky wide eyed, mouths gaping, aside from Nat who bit her lip to keep from giggling.
“What am I looking at” Sam blinked, looking around at the petals on the floor and the candles that had been laid out. “Someone explain”
Steve cocked an eyebrow looking at you both, Bucky had dropped a number of hints that he liked someone but he never outright said it was you. Your heart raced while they all stared at you, the last thing you wanted was for Bucky to get in trouble because of you. You pulled your hands away from him, stumbling over your words, wishing the earth would swallow you whole.
“She’s mine” Bucky stated, his arms wrapping around your waist protectively, daring anyone to tell him otherwise. “I love her”
“Yours huh” Tony wiggled his eyebrows, still not over the shock but he wasn’t mad at it. “How long has she been yours for”
“3 years” you mumbled, smiling shyly when you were met with aww’s and whistles.
“3 years?!! You hid this for 3 years?!”
“She had some help” Nat shrugged, throwing you a wink. You melted into Bucky’s hold, resting your head on his chest while the rest of the team continued to spiral.
“You knew?!” Tony stared at Nat while she smirked proudly. “You both wanna tell me what was taking place here”
“Wanted to give my girl a proper date” Bucky smiled down at you, not caring that he was blushing or that everyone knew. He would run to the ends of the earth to be with you. “Couldn’t really do much since we’re barely allowed to speak to each other”
“You could have just told me punk” Steve playfully rolled his eyes, though he understood why you had kept the relationship a secret.
“I guess you know now” You tired to smile but Tony sensed the anxiety in your voice. It’d only be a matter of time before others found out too “and…”
“and I’ll deal with SHIELD later” He gave you a pointed look that put some of your nerves at ease.
“Why don’t we let them have their night” Steve suggested while the rest of the team nodded, quietly making their way to their rooms. “Have fun you two”
“Y’know its kinda hot. Two assassins. Secretly banging” Nat smacked Tony’s head.
“That’s my sister” She hissed, while you giggled, clinging onto Bucky tighter.
“Well your sister and terminator make a good couple” Sam stated, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. You spent the rest of your evening dancing in Bucky’s arms, before spending the night in between the sheets. You fell apart for him over and over again, chanting his name before falling asleep in his arms, in complete bliss.
“Good morning Angel” Bucky smiled down at you, hugging you tightly to his chest, refusing to let you go. “Stay with me? More than 5 minutes?” He gave you his best puppy pout, hoping you wouldn’t run off this morning. After all, everyone knew you were together now. You grinned, hitching your leg over his waist, cuddling him as close as you possibly could.
“I have all the time in the world for you soldier”
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lexa-mcu · 14 hours ago
Mornings before missions
Bucky x Reader
warnings: none
Tumblr media
When she woke up in the morning she felt Bucky’s arm around her waist keeping her close. She turned around in his hold and smiled when she saw him asleep. The sun was shining on his face and his hair was in his eyes. She softly pushed the hair back so she could see his eyes.
She didn’t want to wake him up so she got up and put a hoodie on and shorts and went into the kitchen. When she walked into there Natasha, Steve, Tony and Sam where already awake and talking.
“Hey good morning” Tony said
“Good morning” She replied with a small smile
“Where’s Bucky?” Steve asked
“He’s still asleep, he had a nightmare last night and i didn’t want to wake him up.” She said looking down at her mug
“Oh, was it bad” Steve asked softly
“I mean it wasn’t the worst he’s had, he’s getting better though it’s the first one he’s had in 3 months” She replied filling her mug up with coffee
“Oh that’s really good” Steve replied with a smile
“Yeah” She said smiling back
About 20 minutes later she was sitting on the counter talking to Natasha when she heard someone walk in. She looked over and saw it was her boyfriend, Bucky, he was wearing sweatpants, a shirt that he had thrown on and his hair was messy.
She smiled when he walked over and stood next to her.
“Hi” he said softly so she could only hear
“Good morning baby” she replied
Bucky got himself coffee and was standing next to her and talking to her.
“C’mere” she said pointing to in between her legs.
Bucky smirked and stood there
“Your hair is all messy” She said running her hands through it
“I know but i like when you fix it” He said moving to wrap his arms around her and nuzzle against her neck
She smiled and wrapped her arms around him.
“How are you feeling?” She whispered in his ear
Bucky sighed and pulled back so he could look at her face.
“I feel better but you know i still feel like my chest is heavy” He said
“Yeah” She replied and brought her hands up to his face
She leaned up and kissed him and he happily kissed her back too. After they both pulled away Bucky moved standing next to her again so he could finish him coffee.
They had a mission with Steve and Sam but they got back to the compound at 12 AM. When they got back they took a shower and fell asleep
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ace-of-gay · 12 hours ago
Hello! I saw that your requests were open, so I was wondering if you could maybe write a Bucky x little ftm reader where the reader has a squishy tummy and he just loves on them? I need some comfort, some mean people said some things today and I feel awful 😞
A bit of a squishy tum
Bucky x little ftm reader
1,327 words
I know it looks like alot of warning but i promise its not that bad im just extra cautious today
Warnings: age regression, bad self talk, names for caregiver and littles used, such and daddy, baby, prince etc. Items like sippys coloring books and cartoons, physical touch but in no way inappropriate whatsoever, mentions on undressing and dressing for a bath, no gender specific bodyparts mentioned but chest implied by reader using chestbinder. Rude and hateful comments from mean people at work.
Pronouns used: he him
Reader is transgender female to male
It took me forever to find this gif but its the one i wanted from the start
Tumblr media
Bucky got home a little late tonight, busy helping the new team member get settled in to the routine and training.
usually you refrained from slipping into smol space until he was home but it also wasn’t uncommon for him to walk through the door and find you cuddled up half asleep watching cartoons.
Around five when you got home he had gotten a notification from Jarvis that you’re in a little headspace, he knew he didn't have to worry, you had the rules and you refuse to break them.
All that being known he wasn’t surprised when walked in to find you, seated on the floor in front of the coffee table coloring in your new coloring book, music playing in the background, smiling to himself he slips off his shoes and comes over to where your sitting, situating himself on the couch behind you.
"Whatcha colorin bub?" He leans forward placing a gentle kiss to your temple, you lift up your book to show him the meticulously colored picture of a kitty from one of your morning shows. "Look at that buddy, can daddy put it on the fridge when you're done? "
You hum in response while nodding your head, he could feel his heart skip a beat, a smile making its home upon his face, you are everything to him, he truly loves you so very much.
Once done you carefully rip it out and run over to the fridge, sliding a little from your socks against the hard wood floors.
Coming back to him this time facing him you seat yourself where you previously were, staring up at him resting your cheek against his knee, sleepy eyes and a cozy smile hiding what’s truly playing in your mind, he couldn't see your apprehension.
He leans down taking your hands in his and helping you stand up, pulling you into his lap, you scoot off to the side and burying your self under his arm.
"What’s this all about?, you always sit in daddy’s lap during cuddle time" he questions while rubbing your side to help soothe you.
Soon enough your tummy rumbled and he took it as a memo that you’re hungry, but at this moment food was the last thing you wanted, well actually its the last thing 'they' wanted you to have, you were desperately hungry but their words are unbelievably loud and mean.
"Lets get you a snack, my baby boys tummy says he’s hungry" picking you up to carry you on his hip with him to the kitchen, you try to wriggle out of his hold, youre too big for that, only small boys get that, "hey, settle down baby, what's happening today?" You shake your head while your eyes gloss over.
"Do you wanna stay here on the couch while I grab you a snack? You nod letting your attention fall back to the tv show, a minute or two later he returns with a small snack and a sippy cup, passing them to you, at this time your coworkers words have been forgotten about, nibbling away at your favorite snack you offer him some as well but he politely declines your offer letting you have it.
By the time you’ve finished your snack you reach to grab at him when he stops you "whoa bugger you’ve got your hands and clothes all messy, how did that happen" he tickles your sides giving you a sweet kiss on the cheek, "goodness we gotta get you cleaned up or alpine is gonna do it for us, can you go get ready for a bath while I grab you comfy clothes and a towel?"
"Yes daddy I can do dat" you run off towards the bathroom, carefully shifting your way out of Bucky’s hoodie, leaving you in your chest binder, shorts and sockies.
You end up getting distracted by the container of bath bombs, made with safe ingredients for sensitive skin you take the container off the shelf and picking through to find a red and black one with purple swirls, setting it on the counter and continuing to get ready for your bath, Bucky walks in setting your pajamas on the counter and your towel on the lid of the toilet, "you’re such a good boy, you always listen, just let my run the water and we can get you in."
He feels the tap with his right hand making sure its the perfect so not to hurt your skin, putting the plug in he steps back "hands please, so you dont slip" taking your hands in his own he helps you keep from slipping and falling.
"Daddy! Baf bomb, please" drawing out the e sound to emphasize your desire as you point at it on the counter, he takes it handing it to you, letting you dunk it under the water, feeling how it fizzles up in your hands. Giggling and squealing with a big smile on your face "daddy feel it! It tickles"
Wrapping his hand around yours and laughing with you "it sure does, you silly boy".
He helps you wash and rinse your hair and scrub the sudsy soap on your arms, legs, having you close your eyes and hun your hands along the ridges of his metal arm to help distract you from any impending dysphoria or body dysmorphia as he washes your front.
Helping you out and drying you off. "D'ya want me to help you get dressed or do it by yourself?" He questions followed by a kiss on the nose.
"I do it myself" he nods stepping out of the room to go put on his pajamas, "alrighty bubbas if you need help just call for me"
Taking the undergarments and putting them on followed by some fuzzy pajama pants, so far so good, by the time you turn around to put your top on your coworkers hateful remarks ring in your head again, your body not looking 'normal' to her standards, her colleagues snickering and giving you 'such helpful tips' to dig her words deeper, had Bucky known what they had said to you he would have mad sure you knew they were wrong.
But what if they weren't wrong, what if- sucking in your tummy and turning to the side, running your hands down your torso feeling the way it gives to the added pressures your eyes start to well with tears.
Apparently you hadn’t heard Bucky calling to you, worrying he had opened it to see you internally falling apart over the way you look, he steps behind you drawing your eyes to him instead of what you see as imperfections.
"D-daddy m f-fat, I’m icky", it hurts him so deeply to hear you talk bad about yourself, but it's a taught way of thinking, its not within you to talk so low of yourself.
Getting down on his knees he holds your hands in his own placing them onto your tummy, "this my prince is not fat or icky, this is squishy, alive and perfect, it is beautiful an it is you" he kisses your tummy dozens of times over causing the whimpers to turn to soft giggles, he hugs you around your waist with a last kiss to your tum.
Standing up he takes his shirt off of his own back helping you put it on instead, once again taking your hands in his this time placing them on his own tummy, "daddy is squishy and soft and most certainly alive just like you, there is nothing wrong with us being soft, curvy or having full happy tummy’s, we are only human" you smile leaning into his chest, you can hear his heart at he circles you with his arms, picking you up taking you to the room, he lays down with you on top of him, your head on his shoulder giving you another kiss on the forehead to lull you to sleep.
Thank you annon for requesting from me, im very appreciative of you, im sorry it took me couple of days but to anyone who feels like they aren't good enough because of their weight i promise that you are perfect just the way you are, i felt this one close to my heart because i genuinely understand where this is coming from.
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fic-finders · 13 hours ago
heyyyy :))
I was just wondering if you know this fic... I believe its a one-shot from a series (could be wrong) but basically the reader and Bucky got into an argument, and the reader left while it was snowing outside. Bucky goes to Steve, and Steve gets a call from Nat about the readers accident but doesn't tell Bucky right away. And Bucky says something on the lines of "if my girl is hurt, you let me know."
Sorry!! I'm not sure if that description is any good but that's what I remember... Thank you in advance :))
Hey, anon this is actually a one-shot from my favorite series.
For the Love of the Game by @pellucid-constellations
the one-shot: The Fight
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lillydiana304 · a day ago
the collection of wives
the gala, chapter one
the girls in the photos below are not what reader's race is they are there to show you what dress, shoes, and hair syle i wrote. i write for all races and body types! the only thing i mention is the reader has brown eyes.
Tumblr media
For the most part, y/n didn't mind her mother Shyla, she didn’t mind that her mother spent her whole childhood chasing her men and marrying almost strangers. She didn't mind that her mother was emotionally invested in everyone else but her child. In all honesty, y/n did mind but hated herself for it. She vowed from the age she could develop her own opinions that she would not come close to being like her mother.
so The daughter of a selfish woman sat in her dark green mini cooper watching women in dresses that were way too inappropriate and far from classy, walk into the gala. The idea of dressing up and being at a beautiful party made y/n happy, just not being with these people. These people were your old CEOs from the 80s that now have trust fund babies that are seconds away from crashing their father's company to the ground because they invested in bitcoin.
This gala was filled with the trust fund babies, and their rich fathers, as mentioned before, but then there were many kinds of people left: the old wives of the 80s CEOs, that have been cheating on their husbands since their first child was born, or maybe their now divorced and still get invited and attend to piss off their ex-husbands. And the CEO’s mistress, who is there to make the wives insecure, or now the mistress is married to the CEO and flaunts it to others that she helped tear apart a family and is happy about it.
They range from old women to 19-year-olds, then there are the sons and daughters of these emotionless marriages. The sons have taken the company over and married an ex-half-time Instagram or Victoria's Secret model that was only in two seasons. Some have real love and children and are good men but they are the tight-jeaned, bun-wearing kind of guy you met at an air-one in California. The others cheat like their fathers; they may have children too. 
The daughters are stubborn and have much more of a backbone than their lame brothers, and if we're being honest would have been better at running a company. They married a spineless man who is the inhuman version of Theodore of Alvin and the chipmunks, but they might have love in their marriage. And if you ask what kind of person y/n’s mother was, well she was the mistress to many men. 
 y/n walked into the gala, eyes scanning for her mother in the crowd of people. after finding the 52-year-old woman with her new husband Hank, y/n approached 
“Hi mom!” the young woman said. Her mother unnoticing still wrapped in her conversation with her fellow rich men and women. 
Hank did notice y/n and a smile came upon his face. Out of all of y/n’s mother's ex-husbands and boyfriends, Hank was the best and was her only father figure. 
“Hello dear, Shyla look who is here” he drew his wife out of the conversation.
Shyla took a glance at her daughter and a sneer came upon her lips, a dreadful look in her eyes like she was seeing the world's most outclass person instead of her daughter.
“Hi y/n, honey did you really have to wear that dress, gold is not your color” y/n's face drained in color ashamed expression came upon her pretty face. 
y/n was donned in a golden classy, silk dress that flowed effortlessly. The dress was stunning on her but Shyla could never give a compliment to her daughter -or anyone for that matter especially when they looked better than her. 
 “Okay…well it was nice seeing you mom” y/n started to walk away when she bumped into someone. Heels no matter how short and polished floors will never be friends. 
‘Woah! Watch out sunshine” the man y/n now bumped into was holding tightly onto her arm -he had caught her from falling, but the way he called her sunshine was more than annoyed with her clumsiness.
The girl pulled her arm away and finally their eyes were cast over each other, James Buchanan Barnes the new founder of Barnes media. The man had almost shoulder-length hair that was tucked behind his ears. His all-black suit was nice on him but his eyes were what stole y/n and many women away and their hearts.
James' sight caught onto the girl's figure, her golden-wrapped body. her hair flowing around her shoulders and her eyes, he liked her warm pools of brown. Now James wished he wasn't so rude and that he didn't bring a date, 
“My apologies sir” she grumbled.
"I’m James Barnes,” he said, eyes not leaving hers. y/n had a look of boredom on her face.
“Alright, James goodbye now” y/n knew exactly who he was: the ultimate player who was trying to settle down now with many wives -now all exes. 
James watched the girl in the golden dress walk away from him, his brows lifted and eyes wide, and a dumb smile on his face -he was surprised most women fell to his feet. 
All night James kept his eyes on the girl who he knew was nameless. Sharon, one of his ex-wives came sauntering over to him. Her blue dress was ill-fitting but she was still very smooth in her posture, it made up for her unlikely attitude towards her ex-husband and the woman he was strong along like candy in a string necklace. 
“James” she spoke only his name.
“Yes sharon?” he answered, trying to watch the girl in the golden dress from earlier.
“Why don't you stop watching her, and look at me? Huh?” she said with faux gentleness.
“What do you need?” he spoke this time angry.
“What?! I can't say hi to my husband?” James rolled his eyes
“No, you can't because we’re not married.” it was her who rolled her eyes this time.
“So you have a thing for the y/l/n name now?” He now looked at Sharon, his eyes wide, a boyish smile took place on his lips. 
“Huh, so she’s a y/l/n?” he walked away from Sharon not caring to say goodbye. Once more he scanned his eyes over the room looking for her. 
There y/n sat alone at a table in the back of the gala, trying to find a way to leave early, and y/n’s boss Pepper was throwing the gala. Out of respect and to make herself more professional she showed it to her boss. Then pulled out of her thoughts was James he was standing right in front of her. 
“Would you like to dance?” 
“No,” she said flatly. 
“Why not?” he challenged 
“Because i know the reputation you have” y/n stood up him and her almost nose to nose, her eyebrows darwin in together.
“A date then?” James said he was enjoying the cute little way her angry lips pouted. 
“You really are just a charmer and you sure know how to take a hint” she said sarcastically 
“Why thank you miss y/l/n” James was being playful as he mused out a smart alec response.
“Miss y/l/n is my mother, my name is y/n” she huffed walking away from him and out the building.
James smiled like a fool, he didnt know why but he wanted her, and before he left the gala he texted a friend to find out more about his spitfire of a girl. 
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ssa-atlas-alvez · 2 days ago
Hi. Can I request a bucky barnes × male reader where reader also fell off the train and got kidnapped and brainwashed but instead of became another WS, reader became Hydra's soulless personal doctor because reader is a medical genius
(If u want more details, plz let me know)
Thanks for reading this <3
Hey, I’m so so sorry it took so long to get to this! And I’m so sorry it’s a bit short but hope you enjoy it nevertheless!
Warnings: mentions of torture and what hydra did, etc. 
The day you and Bucky had fallen off the train was the worst day of Steve’s life. Not only did he lose his best friend, he lost his older brother. You were a doctor before the war started, the best in your field, but when the war hit, you signed up with Bucky. And then Steve joined. Bucky had fallen first, you grabbing his arm to try and save him and Steve grabbing you. But the train jolted again and he lost his grip. Lost two of the most important people in his life. 
They broke you first, giving you their undivided attention until you snapped. They needed your skills for when they began to break Bucky. Funnily enough, part of the process of breaking Bucky, was forcing him to watch you break. And it worked wonders. He’d beg and beg and beg. In fact, he’d continue to beg for them to bring you back after they had successfully conditioned you. 
It was the worst feeling he had ever experienced, when he still remembered, of course. Looking at the man you love whilst he patched you up, but know that he had no clue who you were. It hurt that you didn’t even know who you were, let alone who he was.It hurt to know that you had none of those memories, your first date, your first kiss, when you told Steve, how happy Steve had been for the pair of you. You no longer shared these memories with him. No matter how much he wished you did, you no longer knew him. It took fifty years for Hydra to break him. Bucky managed to hold on to those memories for fifty years. Fifty years before he lost them too.
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alwaysf0rev3r · 2 months ago
3 Weeks Waiting
pairing: dbf!bucky barnes x fem!reader
summary: you’ve been hooking up with your dad’s best friend for months, but you accidentally ghosted him during finals week. saying he’s desperate is an understatement.
warnings: needy!bucky (he needs a warning), m & f masturbation, face sitting, hand jobs, riding, desperate sex, slight sub/dom dynamic, m in f penetration, dirty talk, absolute filth, hair pulling, slight degrading, praise, creampie, age gap (buckys the age he is in the movies, and reader is in college, maybe in early/mid 20s?)
note: my requests are open!!!!! REQUEST STUFF FOR ME TO WRITEEEEE :)
Tumblr media
Tired. Annoyed. Slightly grossed out by all the old dudes around you.
That was the best way to describe how you felt in that moment. Your dad had brought over some friends and coworkers to celebrate the beginning of summer, he always found an excuse to throw a pool party.
Irritation flooded you as you got up from your beach chair, trying to subtly sneak through to go inside. You grabbed your towel to wrap it around yourself before walking through the door and into your home.
Before you could grab the chips from the kitchen island, a familiar frame stopped you. He stood tall on the other side of the kitchen island, a cup of rum in hand, “Hey, Bucky.”
Saying there was tension between the two of you was an understatement. His eyes were dark on you, a certain desperation lingering behind them, and you knew exactly why.
The two of you had been hooking up for months now, it just… Happened. But you hadn’t seen, called, or texted him in over 2 weeks because of college exams, and that was the longest the two of you had ever not spoken. Even when you went out of town, you two texted like preteens entering puberty.
And you had the audacity to sit there in front of him cluelessly.
He had to sit and just give you a small side hug greeting in front of your dad. He had to watch you tan on a beach chair in nothing but a small black bikini.
He was in pain.
“Don’t ‘Hey Bucky’ me,” he shook his head, watching you grab the cool ranch doritos on the counter and grab one.
“What?” You pretended to not know.
“I sent you like— 5 texts and called you a lot.”
“I was studying and taking exams, Buck, I warned you exam week was coming… I wasn’t even on my phone until today,” you giggled at his grump expression, not being able to hold in your own laughter. It was obvious he wasn’t truly mad, more just too stubborn to admit how much he missed you.
“Is it funny?” he scoffed lightly, matching your little giggles as he walked around the kitchen island. He stopped as he stood a foot away from you, and from afar, it’d look like the two of you were just having a normal conversation, “Do you know how hard I am right now? I can’t cum without you anymore.”
Your eyes widened at his words, and it was rare for you to get embarrassed or startled at all, “You can’t say things like that so randomly, Buck.”
“Why? Does it turn you on?” He mocked, walking closer and looking around to make sure no one looked. He slowly let the bulge in his pants touch your thigh as he breathed in relief. He didn’t grind, anxious that someone would walk in and see, even though you two were on the side of the island that covered everything below your waist, “Take the towel off.”
“You’re like a dog in heat, Jesus,” you tried to hold yourself back, wanting to come off as stronger. But when he slowly moved his hips, you swore you’d snap, “Oh my god, don’t do that— People are right th—“
“I don’t care,” he moaned a little louder than he should’ve, groaning in pain as you backed away. He watched the towel slightly open as you stood in front of him, shaking your head in shame. Your chest was revealed only slightly, but the sight was enough to make him feral, “I’m gonna cream my pants, fuck.”
“Bucky,” you scoffed, grabbing your towel and taking it off. You threw it as his chest and watched him catch it blindly, too distracted at the visual of your body, “It’s a bikini, don’t be so desperate.”
You walked past him and towards the stairs, knowing him well enough to know he was most likely staring at the view that was your ass. You turned around while you took a step on the 4th step, your eyebrows going up, “You coming or what?”
He sprinted.
He was a fucking track star.
He nearly fell over running to the stairs and following you, like a loyal puppy. You made sure to make it torturous and walk slowly, but your heart was telling you to sprint. You wanted this just as much as he did, if not more.
But you wanted him needy.
The minute you entered your room, he slammed the door behind you and lunged at you. Your lips intertwined with his as he gripped all parts of you, from your arms, to your chest, to your ass, to your back… all of you. But he swore he snapped when you pulled his hair just slightly, making him moan into your mouth.
God, did you miss that sound.
You pushed him on the bed, watching him sit and stare at you with lusted eyes, completely at his mercy for you. In that moment, he’d do— say— be anything for you. He needed you.
Which is why he said what he did next
“I want you to sit on my face.”
Your eyes widened at his confession, unsure of where this energy was coming from. He was always a begger, or even when he was in charge, he just asked. He never demanded or told. But there he stood, feet away from you on a bed, telling you what he needed.
You giggled and stepped closer, standing in front of his sitting body. You ran a hand over his face and took a minute to take him in, it had been too long. His sharp cheekbones, his scruff, the way his eyes were wide with needy— Beauty was not a good enough word for him, he was so much more than beautiful.
“Earn it,” you kissed his cheek in response, then moved down to his jaw. You kissed and sucked on every part of his neck while you slowly slipped your hand into his swim trunks, grabbing his bulge. His breath shortened as you gripped it tightly, rubbing up and down.
You were slow to grab the waistband of his swim trunks with your other hand and pull it down, but when you did, shock filled your face. You had never seen him so hard… It was bigger than usual, almost scary, “I haven’t cum in nearly 3 weeks.”
“Do you need me to tell you what masturbation is?” you joked, running your hand on his tip and using his precum to lubricate your hand.
“You can show me,” he joked back, throwing his head back while you started stroking faster, “I tried so hard to but— Fuck— I couldn’t c-cause it wasn’t warm like you.”
“That’s so pathetic it’s hot,” you chuckled, hearing his little laugh as well. You continued jerking him off, hoping you could get him to the edge faster, “I fucked myself a lot the past few weeks.”
“So you had time to jack off but not text me back,” he breathed out, joking with you. The sex with you two was always that— Free. No pressure, just you two.
“I guess you won’t want to hear about me cumming to a photo of you then,” you shrugged, stroking him continuously.
His eyes widened as he looked down at you, sweat covering his head, “Did you really?”
“Yes— That photo with your turtle neck… I was looking through my photos and found it in my favorites album,” you became focused on stroking, trying to ignore how wet you were, “You were so hot in it— I came twice just looking at it. Then the next day I came to that video you sent me of you jerking off a while back.”
“Jesus, you’re gonna kill me,” he moaned, which was motivation for you to slip your hand into your bikini bottoms, and subtly rub yourself while jacking him off. But when he looked down, the world was over for him, “Oh my god, you’re touching yourself.”
“It’s like there’s something wrong with me, Buck,” you moaned, removing your hand and shoving it into his mouth. He sucked all the juices of shamelessly, keeping your fingers in his mouth while he tasted you, “I’m always so wet. I cum, but it isn’t enough… I need you to fill me up, it’s the only thing that works.”
“Use me, take what you want— Fuck— I don’t care, just— Sit on my face or fuck me, please, just do whatever,” he moaned even though your hand was no longer touching him. Your words were enough to send him screaming.
“God, you are desperate,” you stared, straddling him and sitting on his bare dick. Your rubbed your clothed crotch on his exposed one, watching his mouth open, “You’re happy with whatever I give you, it’s sad. I could slap you and you’d probably thank me.”
He stayed quiet and grabbed your hips to encourage you to move more. There was something different about this time… You were in control. You had been very few times, but never so confidently, and it was driving him insane, “I could hump you for hours and you’d be okay with it, huh? You don’t even know what you want.”
“I want you to sit on my face,” he rebelled, ensuring you knew he knew exactly what he wanted.
You scoffed and put your hands on his shoulders. You dug your claws into them before moving them down and scratching hardly, watching red lines form as he moaned. You pressed your hands against his abs and pushed him down onto the bed to lay down.
He stared at you, no longer willing to make jokes. He watched you take your bikini bottoms off before shimming up and onto his abs. You stopped there and straddled his torso, humping his abs slowly, “I’ll let you taste me when I think you deserve it.”
“What did you drink?” He asked, swearing he could cum just watching you grind yourself on his abs, “Drink it more often cause you’re so fucking hot right now.”
“Shut up, I’m busy,” you moaned, grinding yourself on his abs and watching his eyebrows furrow, “I humped the pillow you’re laying on dozens of times while thinking of your cock filling me up— I even fucked myself with a dildo on it. Fuck, nothing makes me cum like you, it pisses me off.”
He moaned at the mere thought of it all, unsure if he could hold back any longer, “You can sit on my face on it too.”
You removed your body from his and moved up more, stopping as your crotch stood right over his face. He stared at your wetness, like a feral dog in training waiting for a treat… Waiting to get animalistic.
You decided to tease him a bit and put a finger inside of yourself, fingering yourself from only an inch above his eyes, “I bet those fingers don’t fill you like I do.”
“I’ll cum in front of your face and you can see how they get the job done, too,” you joked, moaning as you watched his hand go down to his own dick, jerking himself off.
“I can play this game too,” he moaned, stroking himself, “I could cum so fast just watching you… Fuck.”
Jealousy overwhelmed you as you removed your hand and sat down, holding back a bit of weight to let him breathe. He removed his hand from his own dick to push you off, making your eyebrows furrow in concern.
“Don’t do that stupid thing you do,” aggression leaked through his pores, “Sit on me— Like just… Put yourself on me. I want you to just stuff my mouth, not that stupid pussy shit where you pretend to be one pound. I don’t care about air, just sit.”
You chuckled before doing as he asked, sitting with all your weight. You groaned as he moaned right into your pussy, sending your back arching immediately. He moved his tongue so quickly you bent forward, gripping his hair and pulling it slightly. It was all overwhelming as you tested the waters, grinding yourself on his face and waiting to see if he’d ever ask for air.
But he didn’t.
Should you be concerned?
You lifted yourself up for a moment, watching him take a breath before shoving yourself on his face again, nearly coming at the sight of him being at your control. You grinded faster, using his face like a toy, “I can’t believe you want me to hump your face like a pillow— You’re so— Oh fuck.”
You couldn’t finish your sentence as you felt a knot in your stomach, a feeling which made you do the hardest thing you’d done in your entire life.
You lifted yourself up and got off of him.
He looked just as disappointed as his eyebrows scrunched together in confusion, “I want to cum when you’re inside me.”
The disappointment faded into desire as he watched you straddle him again, this time putting your bare pussy on his dick, rubbing up and down, but not high enough to his tip, “You’re so wet.”
You kept grinding on the side of his cock, waiting for him to do something to earn him getting what you’ve both been waiting for, “Please let me fuck you— I’ll do anything, fuck— Please. This is so good, but I need to just be inside you, I’ll make you feel good, I promise.”
You took his begging as the final sign, taking it upon yourself to sit on his tip and slowly push down. You took your time, adjusting to what you’d spent too long without. When you were at the base, you moved your hips and circles, ignoring how stiff Bucky was. He was holding back, gripping the sheets so hard his knuckles turned white, “Bucky— Fuck me. Please. I can’t take it anymore, it hurts, just fuck me.”
He grabbed your waist and flipped the two of you over so you now stood underneath him, staring at his face. He looked down at himself entering you, knowing with that sight and the feeling of you pulling his hair, he could cum in seconds.
He relentlessly pounded into you, doing what he spent weeks penting up and thinking about doing. He rammed himself into you like a hammer hitting a nail, making your body twitch as you whined loudly. Everyone was outside at the pool, and you had all the freedom to scream.
“You’re so fucking good for me, taking me like a good girl, look at you,” he gripped your waist tighter and fucked you harder, “You’ve corrupted me— I can’t fuck anyone else, not even myself. God, I wish I could fuck you all the time. In public, in private, in cars, in every room and closet I see— Fuck.”
“Bucky, I’m gonna cum,” you yelped, closing your eyes and throwing your head back, “Do it with me.”
“I’m not wearing a condom, not tonight, baby,” he said through grunts.
“I’m on the pill, cum inside me,” you moaned, telling him exactly what he needed to hear. He spent months cumming in a condom, and very occasionally on your stomach after fucking you, “Fill me up.”
“Oh my god, you’re gonna give me a heart attack,” he groaned loudly, meeting your volume as he pounded faster, “You’re milking me so good— I’ll cum inside you, I promise.”
You both moaned as you pulled him closer, the both of you grabbing each other while you felt the other release. It felt like it lasted minutes, taking longer to cool down as he peeled himself off of you to give you space.
You sat up slowly and looked down at the cum leaking out of you, which you felt curious about. You brought a finger to your entrance and picked up all the white cream around your hole and shoved inside of you. Thrusting a few times to ensure it was deep into you. You inhaled sharply at the feeling of both of your liquids mixing to become one.
You brought the finger to your mouth and licked it clean, looking over at Bucky, who’s eyes were wide.
“Bend over, we’re doing Round 2.”
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