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Bucky: I think I’m bi.
Kate: Which one?
Bucky: What do you mean?
Kate: Bisexual? Bilingual? Bipolar?
Sam: I know.
Sam: A bitch.
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My sweet, sweet Dove - Mafia!Bucky x Fem!reader
Tumblr media
Summary - Bucky Barnes finds the peace he so rightfully craves in his best friend, the worlds upon his shoulders, yet his lust for you lives on through his darkest of days.
Warnings - smutttt, juicy af, mentions of violence, slight alcohol consumption, grinding etc.
A/n - Hi all, my requests are open! I’ve never really published my works before, so this is all new to me, but feel free to drop a request, and I’d love to see what I can do! :)
Enjoy, safe reading! <3
You sauntered into the kitchen, it was incredibly dark, yet a small lamp situated in the corner illuminated the majority of the room, drowning it in a blanket of rusty amber. You grabbed a small glass and walked towards the sink, filling it with cold water, it swirled around the glass as though it were a prisoner, fighting against its confines. You propped yourself up on the marble countertop, it was icy underneath you, a considerable difference to the heat that burned underneath your skin and through your veins. The deep, angered and somewhat laboured voices that previously echoed through the halls had silenced. They’d swirled through the walls, up the stairs, and burst through the windows too. Bucky had informed you that he was working late, you’d understood what he’d meant, yet the scale of debate that evidently had occurred left you feeling drained - and you hadn’t even been in the room.
Bucky was one of your closest friends, your main confidant in the times you needed him most. So when you informed him that you had nowhere to stay, he practically offered his whole life to you, and you took it with his blue eyes piercing what felt like your soul. So you resided in his main estate where he conducted his official work, his official business meetings, you knew he was dirty, and downright inequitable, but his loyalty was unlike any other, your friendship was unlike any other, and you owed him the world and more.
So as you sipped your water, and pondered the evident lack of sleep that laced your features, you didn’t hear his office door finally open after hours, or the trudge of his tired feet upon the dark wooden floor approaching, the leather of their seams making the slightest of noises.
His black silk tie sat loosely around his neck, his mountainous shoulders were tightly winded practically up to his ears, the top buttons of his previously pristine shirt were undone, and said shirt was hanging messily out of his slacks, of which sat loosely on his hips, his brunette hair was unkempt, almost spikey as the last of the gel he’d previously put in began to finally wear away.
“Doll? You alright?” He asked, snapping you out of your trance, he moved opposite to you and plopped himself shakily down on the floor with a large sigh, leaning against the kitchen cupboards behind him, his head thrown back in a show of exhaustion.
You simply hummed.
“Why are you still up?” He queried, running his large hand through his hair, absolutely destroying any remnants of orderliness it previously had maintained. Glaring at the girl in front of him almost alarmingly.
“Couldn’t sleep is all.” You replied, taking another small sip from your glass before handing it downwards towards Bucky. He accepted it, and pulled out a metallic flask, pouring a brown liquid into the mix, swirling it, then drinking it. It burned the back of his throat and warmed him from the inside out. He looked at you curiously, his oceanic eyes bore into yours in order to gauge a reaction. It was silent as you returned his eye contact, you were sure you could hear a pin drop.
“Well, hand it over.” you laughed nervously, taking a gulp of the alcoholic beverage. It also burned your throat, causing your face to scrunch up in disgust. You could hear the deep rumble of Bucky's laughter in the background, it sounded angelic to your ears.
“Bad night?” You asked, anxiously pinching the skin of your fingers as you awaited his reply, not wanting him to ever suffer at the slightest. You observed the way his jaw slightly clenched and went slack, how he breathed slightly faster at such, and slowly regained his composure not a moment after.
“Something like that Doll.” he replied, letting out yet another sigh. In complete honesty, the meeting was a mess, his business partner had backed out of a paramount deal, meaning he’d have to find a backup as soon as possible, something that wasn’t likely. This left him open to financial attacks elsewhere. He’d even lost his temper, covering his golden signet ring that sat dormant on his finger in a layer of carmine; the ring you twirled when you felt anxious. His business partner had messed up his ring, his new enemy had messed up your ring, and Bucky had made sure he paid for it.
“Is there something I could do to make you feel any better?”.
He subtly nodded, allowing his stoic exterior only to fall in your presence, something that exhausted him beyond words.
He kneeled and shuffled towards you whilst you sat upon the counter, arms open, knowing exactly what he needed. He pushed his head into your stomach, breathing in your scent, roses and fresh linen, it made him feel safe. His was sandalwood, it engulfed your scenes and knocked the wind out of your chest, just like it always did.
You placed your hand upon his head, stroking your fingers through his hair as you felt the tension leave his large body, you leaned down and placed a small kiss on the crown of his head.
This caused him to gaze up at you, a longing in his eyes that you hadn’t seen before, and you were sure yours mirrored them as such.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” You whispered at a barely audible level, you could feel his warm breath against your skin.
“Like what?” he replied, his voice breathy and almost desperate.
Your hands moved down from his hair towards his chin, cupping his face as though he was the last living being on earth. Your eyes fluttered between his lips and his eyes, the room was spinning, the air was thick.
“Like this.” you whispered before slowly bringing his face to yours, and placing your smooth lips over his own.
Bucky felt as though his world had stopped, his heart was erratically beating, his head didn’t feel as though it was his own, his body wasn’t his own. The tension had been snapped just as quickly as it arised, and Bucky felt as though he was on cloud nine, there and then he decided that the feel of your lips against his own was the singular most effective high he’d ever encountered, it was a high he was now addicted to, and one he’d never ever let go.
He stilled in your grasp, causing you to pull away.
“Bucky, I’m so sorry.” You muttered, a wave of red covered your cheeks, horrified at what you’d just done. Yet before your brain could sabotage you further, and convince you otherwise, Bucky slammed his lips onto yours, grasping the back of your neck in his large hands. He groaned at the taste of you, a sweetness he’d only ever imagined.
He pushed into your mouth, your teeth collided in a show of desperation and finally requited lust. You slid your hand into his brown hair once again, yet under completely different circumstances.
You grasped his hair, pulling him off of your lips, it made him groan.
“Tell me you don’t want this, tell me you don't Bucky.”
“You know I can’t.”
He picked you up, wrapping his large arms around your torso, his fingers pushed under your shirt, drawing circles upon your skin, skin of which felt as though it were a juvenile flame of the sun.
You tucked your face into the crevice of his neck, his scent was the strongest it had ever been, it blinded you, and you loved it. You dragged your lips across his neck, biting and nipping at whatever skin you could, making his groans rougher, whinier.
He’d walked you both into the living room where he dropped backwards onto the couch, you in his arms. You were sitting in his lap, he was so extremely hard under you that you couldn’t help but tease.
You slowly rolled your hips, the friction causing you both to moan in unison, in pleasure. He grasped your body as though you were his life line, and even though he hadn’t said as such, you both knew it was true for the both of you.
You continued to grind against him, you moved against each other as though you were made for each other. Your moans were beautiful, they made him lose his mind, his great intelligent mind reduced to nothing simply by your presence alone. His hands grabbed your hips for a moment, your face was directly in front of his, you inhaled his breath as though it were your last.
“Doll, I can’t last long like this.” He moaned, more like a whine, in an attempt to keep his composure.
“I bet.” you replied, causing his mouth to fall even further open in a state of disbelief, allowing you to sink your teeth into his lip, stealing even more of his sacred breath away.
Instead of slowing down you sped up, with Bucky’s hands gripping your waist so tightly, you were sure his touch was to be ingrained upon your soul. He ran his hand down towards where you longed for him most, and cupped your pussy, pushing his palm into your clit, causing you to let out a moan that echoed off of the walls, a moan he was sure he’d never forget. He ran his other hand up your body towards your nipple, and twirled it between his fingers, swapping between the two, making you feel as though you were atop of the world. The sight of you was enough for him to come right there, yet he’d only ever imagined this moment, and wanted, no, needed to drag it out for as long as possible, as long as he humanely could.
“Come on baby, let go for me.” He purred, gazing into your eyes as yours fought to stay open.
“Shh, that’s my Doll, let go love.” And you did, your body arched into his grasp, he pushed his palm even further into your clit as you came, creating such delicious pressure, you thought you were going to burst. You wrapped your arms around his body, engulfing him and curling into him to fit his form as though you were perfectly moulded to him as he came too, groaning and bucking his hips whilst his stomach and glistening abs contracted over and over again, he’d entirely lost control, the lust he felt wasn’t matched by another soul.
Your sweaty bodies sat wrapped around each other, breathy whimpers left the both of you as you fought your natural instincts to breathe. Bucky grasped your face, and silently laughed as he brought his lips to yours once again.
“My sweet, sweet Dove, how you’ve had me forever.”
Fanx 4 reading bros :)
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tenoch huerta continues to outshine all his other white Male MCU actors not only did he speak up on racism and colorism and sexism in the industry but he also openly a bonefied slut and not ashamed to speak on sex positivity
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my murderous brainwashed babes <3
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Honouring both Bucky's Jewishness and Steve's Irish heritage is something that is incredibly important to me, so naturally I wanted that reflected in their wedding bands.
In Jewish tradition, rings are a simple, unbroken circle, preferably gold, without any gemstones or other embellishments that affect monetary value.
Now, the traditional claddagh is neither simple nor unbroken, so I sought a middle ground, and I found it in this ring.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A simple, unbroken, gold band with a claddagh and Celtic knot embossed around the circumference of the ring.
I feel that this beautifully represents the hope for a beautiful, honest, and unbroken union symbolized by a Jewish wedding band, as well as the friendship, loyalty and love symbolized by the claddagh.
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Steve, the Shield, and — Bucky | anon request
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accidentally in love. (part seven)
Summary: after bucky barnes gets injured during a mission, you end up moving in with the avengers where your life changes forever.
Pairing: Bucky x Female!Reader
Warnings: curse words, angst, natasha, & luke (yall know why), i think that's about it?
series masterlist
previous part
Tumblr media
A/N: the great response i got for the last two chapters have made me so happy, so i hope this one is just as good! we're sooooo near the end!
A/N 2: a reblog and/or a nice comment/reply would be highly appreciated if you like my work. happy reading!
Bucky surged forward, panting. His breathing was rapid. He looked around the room, his old room.
There was a shift beside him and that's when he saw you. You were sleeping next to him. Eyes closed, mouth slightly parted, you looked peaceful. You looked beautiful.
But why were you in his bed in his old room?
And then, everything came back to him. The memories of what happened the past month they came like a flood in his mind.
Bucky felt like he was in a whirlwind.
You stirred in your sleep and Bucky watched you carefully. You slowly stretched and opened your eyes, but when you saw him, you furrowed your brows.
"Buck, are you ok?" You asked softly.
His heart flattered in his chest at the sound of your voice calling his name. You called him 'Buck' and Bucky had never heard you call him anything other than 'Sergeant Barnes' or 'sir'. At least, pre-accident Bucky. The real him. Amnesiac Bucky must have done something well, because now that he could remember, he didn't want you to call him anything else than 'Bucky'.
"Yeah, doll. Sorry, just a scary dream. That's all." He reassured you and you smiled at him. God, that smile made him go weak on his knees.
"Alright, well, get back to sleep. It's really late." You patted the spot next to you.
He nodded as he settled back into his pillow.
A couple seconds later, Bucky could hear your breathing as you fell back asleep. You shifted and scooted closer to him. Your head was on his chest as your arm laid on his torso. For a second Bucky tensed. He couldn't believe this was really happening.
He snaked his arm around your waist bringing you even closer. He hummed in satisfaction.
Amnesiac Bucky was definitely a lucky one.
He fell asleep happier than ever.
It had been a week since Bucky had that dream that was actually a memory. It was like as soon as he opened his eyes, everything that happened came crushing back into him.
When he woke up the next morning, he was tempted to confess everything. That he could remember again. But then he saw how you smiled at him, a smile that you reserved for Bucky post accident. The way you said 'good morning' to him while you stretched on the bed next to him. How beautifully his name rolled off your tongue. Bucky. He had never heard you refer to him by his first name like that. It felt so intimate and damn him if he was willing to lose that.
So, he just pretended. He pretended not to remember that he was 'Sergeant Barnes'. And he became just 'Bucky'.
He was nervous that you may see through him. That you’d find out he was just pretending, but you didn’t. He acted the way he was acting for almost a month now. The way he always wanted to act around you but he never could.
That morning, after he got his memory back, when he walked into the kitchen, everything was normal. No one figured out anything. How could they, anyway.
Sometimes, he would slip up, but he tried to cover it up.
“Oh,” Wanda said taken aback when she walked into the kitchen, “hello, Bucky.” She looked at him. Bucky tensed.
Wanda knew it. Of course Wanda would have figured it out. Bucky gave her a pleading look and Wanda just stared at him, searching his eyes. When she nodded, Bucky relaxed.
The rest of the day had continued as normal as every other day.
Although the guilt was creeping up on Bucky, the selfish part of him, didn’t want to let this go. He didn’t want to let go of you and what he had. He knew that this was just a bubble. A bubble that would burst as soon as his memory was back, but he just wanted a little more time. A little more time with you.
Every time Bucky got the courage to finally tell you everything, you’d smile at him and he would completely go numb.
So, he kept pretending.
Just for a little longer.
A month had passed in the Tower and Bucky didn’t seem to have made any progress.
However, you’d notice that sometimes he would say something weird, like he would remember, so you had decided to ask Bruce about it.
“It happens.” Bruce crossed his arms in his chest. “Some small details from the life he had before the accident might slip in his memory relating to what happens in his current reality.”
“Does this mean that he’s starting to remember?” You asked half hopeful and half dreadful.
Bruce rubbed his chin, thinking. “It’s hard to tell. It could mean that he’s slowly regaining his memory back or he just specifically recalled a few things.” You rubbed your eyes. “Y/N, I suggest you don’t worry about that. I know it‘s not easy for you, but you don’t have to stress yourself about that. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do directly. It needs time.”
You just nodded.
When you left his office, you didn’t know whether to feel disappointed for the lack of progress, or relieved that you didn’t have to go back to your previous reality where you were just ‘Agent Y/L/N’. Even though after what happened yesterday, you didn’t know where you stood with Bucky. You still hadn’t spoken to him.
“Y/N,” Pietro greeted you when you entered the living room, “there you are.” He smiled.
“Hey, what’s up?” You asked casually.
“I was thinking maybe you’d like to do something tonight?” You could tell he was a bit nervous asking you.
“Um,” you started, “where’s Bucky?” You asked furrowing your brows. You still didn’t have a chance to talk to him after what happened yesterday.
When you woke up he was already gone.
Tony had later informed you that Bucky went with Steve and Sam to play football. It was nice to get him out of the tower and spend some time with his friends. It also spared you from having to face Bucky.
“He’s still out with Steve and Sam.” Pietro replied. “So,” Pietro looked at you, “would you like to go out with me?”
You thought about it for a few seconds. Maybe this would be a great chance to take a break from Bucky and stall the face off with him. You just wanted a break from this situation. Yesterday was crazy enough. The kiss, Bucky’s confession, Natasha’s confrontation. It was too much. You had spent all morning mopping around. You just wanted to breathe.
“Sure.” You smiled at him.
Pietro grinned. “Perfect. I’ll meet you here in an hour. Is that ok?” He asked and you nodded. “See you later, Y/N.” He pecked your cheek and he was out.
You let out a long breath.
You were getting ready in your room when Bucky came in.
“Hey.” Bucky said quietly.
It was awkward. Great.
You finished touching up on your lipstick before replying to him. “Hey.”
Bucky was standing there, his hands stuffed in his pockets. “Are you going out?” He furrowed his brows. You were now facing him and you could see his eyes trailing all over your body.
“Yes.” You said.
“With who?” He scowled.
“Pietro?” He grunted. “Why are you going out with him?”
“Why not?” You snapped.
You were both looking at each other. The tension was heavy between you.
“Do you like him?” Bucky growled which caught you off guard.
You stared blankly at him. What would you even reply to that? Did you like Pietro? Sure. But as a friend. If only Bucky knew, he wouldn’t have asked that question.
If he only knew how you felt about him. But he couldn’t know.
“Why does it matter?” You just asked, grabbing your bag. You wanted to break eye contact. Your feelings were too intense in that moment; you didn’t want to reveal anything.
“Is that why you blew me off yesterday?” He asked.
“You know the reason.” You said quietly.
Bucky didn’t speak, when you turned to face him, his features were a mixture of anger and hurt.
“I need to go.” You said as you walked to the door.
“Y/N, I-“ Bucky tried to speak as you squeezed the door handle. Your eyes were stinging. You had to get out of there before you broke down.
“Goodnight, Bucky.” You muttered before stepping out.
The whole way to the living room, your feelings were a rollercoaster.
When you spotted Pietro all dressed-up, you offered him a smile.
Tonight, you wanted to be Y/N again.
Just Y/N.
“Where did you find this restaurant?” You asked as you took a bite from the steak.
“Having a foodie sister has its perks.” Pietro grinned as he took a sip from his wine. “Do you like it?” You nodded excitedly which made Pietro chuckle.
When you met Pietro in the living room and asked him where you were going, he just winked at you saying it was a surprise. After quite some time driving, you saw the restaurant. It was practically in the middle of nowhere, but the dim lights coming from inside, made it hard to miss. It was like a beacon in the forest.
“This is where you bring girls you want to swoon away?” You asked playfully, quirking an eyebrow.
Pietro chuckled. “Is it working?”
You almost chocked on your wine. “Pietro, I-“
“I know.” He sighed. “You’re in love with Bucky.”
You tensed. “No, I didn’t mean-“
“You don’t have to explain yourself, Y/N. I have eyes and regardless what Tony says, I also have a brain which I use.” He didn’t seem mad, just a little disappointed.
You sighed. “That obvious?” You couldn’t deny it. You were sick and tired of lying and trying to hide everything that you felt.
“Well…” Pietro trailed and you shook your head. “Don’t feel bad, Y/N.” He reached for your hand on the table. “We don’t really choose who we fall in love with. I hate to admit it, but that old focile soldier has its charm.”
You giggled at that. “Thank you, Pietro.” You squeezed his hand.
Pietro leaned back into his seat. “But,” he smirked, “if you ever change your mind, I’m right here.” He winked.
A small laugh escaped your lips, but you nodded. “I’ll have that in mind.”
“Great.” Pietro took a gulp of his wine. “I love being the second choice.”
You laughed more at that, but your laugh was short when you spotted a familiar pair on the far back of the restaurant.
The smile fell off your lips instantly.
“Y/N?” Pietro frowned. “Is everything alright?”
Your eyes were still glued to them. They hadn’t seen you as they were busy, laughing and drinking.
Pietro turned around and followed your gaze.
“Oh…” He mused.
It was Natasha and Luke on what seemed like a romantic dinner.
Bucky couldn’t sit still.
The moment you left, he just wanted to run after you and confess everything. Beg you to forgive him for lying to you, saying how deeply in love he was with you, and convince you not to go on a date with Pietro.
Instead, he kept trashing the room, cursing.
He went to the kitchen to grab something to drink. He needed alcohol.
Bucky was sipping his beer, in the dark, alone, with his thoughts. How did he manage to make things worse? What was the point of keeping this lie when you were now on a date with Pietro? That was supposed to buy him more time with you. But you were gone.
“Can’t sleep?” Wanda asked as she opened the fridge to grab a bottle of water.
Bucky just sighed. They were both silent for a few seconds.
“Since when is Pietro interested in Y/N?” Bucky clenched his jaw.
“Since when did you become a coward, Bucky?” Wanda challenged and that made him snap his eyes to hers.
“You know the situation I’m in, Wanda.” Bucky hissed.
“And I also know that nothing ever came out from lying.” Wanda narrowed her eyes at him.
“I know.” He admitted. “But it’s the only thing I could think of.”
“You need to tell the truth, Bucky.” Wanda said softly.
“How, Wanda?” Bucky asked exasperated. “Y/N will hate me.”
“And you prefer that she thinks everyone hates her because of what happened to you?” Bucky frowned. Wanda ran a hand through her hair. “She thinks that she’s ruining your relationship with Natasha.”
“My relationship with Natasha is-“
“I know.” Wanda assured him. “But she doesn’t, you know.”
Bucky sighed understandingly. “Of course.” He mumbled.
Wanda took a seat next to him. “You need to tell her Bucky.”
“I can’t, Wanda. I can’t.” He pressed. “I don’t know how.”
“Bucky,” Wanda started but he stood up, cutting her off.
“Goodnight, Wanda.” He said roughly, exiting the kitchen.
Wanda stayed in the kitchen, thinking.
“Fuck, Bucky.” She mumbled.
She had to do something.
“What do we do now?” Pietro asked you.
“We need to get out of here.” You said quickly. “We can’t have them seeing us here.”
“Why?” Pietro asked confused.
“I don’t want them knowing that we know.” You explained in a rush.
“So, Natasha is not as sneaky as she thinks.” Pietro cocked an eyebrow.
“Did you know about this?”
Pietro shrugged. “I knew she was cheating, I just didn’t pay much attention to the guy.” He took one sneaky glance to where Natasha and Luke were leaning to each other over the table. “I’ve seen the guy before.” He mused.
“That guy,” You pointed. “that’s my supposed best friend.” You chuckled dryly. “He was with me when Bucky had the accident.”
“Wait,” Pietro furrowed his eyebrows, “that’s the guy that was with you when the bomb went off in that building?” He asked you.
“Yeah,” you replied, “he told me Tony threatened him not to say anything about what had happened to Bucky.”
“Tony never threatens agents.” Pietro stated and you started to get an uneasy feeling.
“That’s what he told me the day after I caught him sneaking out of Natasha’s room.”
“What else did he tell you?” Pietro’s face was hard.
“When I confronted him about it, he told me that all this started after a mission and that it only happened three times.” This was not good. Something was off.
“When did that mission happened exactly?”
You frowned thinking. “It must be like two weeks ago?”
Pietro cursed under his breath. “Y/N,” Pietro looked at you worriedly, “this guy and Natasha had been sneaking together for three months now.”
Your eyes went wide at the confession.
Does this mean that Luke and Natasha were together, or sleeping together, way before that mission happened? How could this be possible? Why didn’t Luke tell you? Why did he lie to you?
“Why would he lie to me?” You asked breathless.
Pietro shook his head. “I don’t know. But we have to find out. I don’t have a good feeling about this, Y/N. It’s too complicated to be a coincidence.”
“What do you mean?”
“Just…” he sighed, “just be careful, Y/N.”
This was too much. It was too much to process. It felt like everything was a lie. Everything was coming crushing down on you. You felt like suffocating.
“We need to get out of here.” You spoke and Pietro nodded.
He grabbed his wallet from inside his jacket and left a couple of dollar bills on the table.
“Ok, on my cue, you’ll stand up and grab my hand.” He explained and you nodded.
Pietro looked around the restaurant. When he spotted the happy couple being too busy into their own bubble he nodded to you and you stood up.
You felt his hand on yours and before you even had a chance to blink, you were outside of the restaurant, in front of Pietro’s car.
“Are you ok?” Pietro studied you.
“Yeah.” You said breathless. “I’m fine.”
“Ok, good.” Pietro said. “Now, let’s get the hell out of here.”
You both climbed in the car, speeding off.
The night was definitely not how you had planned it to be.
“So what are we going to do now?” Pietro asked, taking a quick glance at you before focusing back on the road ahead of him.
It was dark outside with the only light being from the street lamps.
“I don’t know.” You sighed. “I don’t know anything anymore, Pietro.”
This had become messier than you thought.
“Maybe we should tell Wanda about it. She was always the brain of the two of us.” Pietro smiled softly and you couldn’t help but smile as well. “You trust Wanda, right?”
“Yes.” You replied truthfully. Wanda and Pietro were the only ones right now that you trusted. Well, and Bucky but he didn’t count with the memory loss and everything.
Bucky. You didn’t even want to know how he’d feel if he found out about this. And worse, you didn’t even know the whole truth yet. What if it was something else? Something darker. If it was what you were thinking it was, Bucky would be devastated.
You were consumed with your thoughts that you didn’t even notice when Pietro killed the engine.
“Let’s go.” Pietro said and you opened the door.
You both walked into the Tower, a troubled expression written on your faces.
“We need to find, Wanda.” Pietro said as you walked the corridor to the kitchen.
“No need. I’m here.” Wanda hushed and you almost jumped at her voice.
The kitchen was dark when she stepped closer to you both.
“Jesus, Wan,” Pietro muttered, “are you trying to kill us?”
“I’m sorry.” She said sheepishly. She looked weird as well.
“Wanda,” you said, “we need to talk to you.”
“What a coincidence. I want to talk to you as well.” She chuckled but it wasn’t light-hearted.
“What we have to tell you will shock you. Maybe you know something more than us.” Pietro explained.
“Maybe what I have to tell you will shock you more.” She retorted.
“Wanda, we-“
“Y/N,” Wanda cut you off, “it’s about Bucky.”
That grabbed your attention. Your whole body tensed. Did anything happen to Bucky? Was he hurt? “What is it, Wanda? What happened to Bucky?” You asked in a rush. You were panicking.
“Y/N,” Her expression tightened as you looked at her expectantly.
She hesitated as if she was fighting herself to tell you. Your heart was picking up its pace in your chest. “What is it, Wanda?”
She let out a long breath.
At last, she said it.
“Bucky remembers.”
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Hear me out.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'm definitely onto something here. Definitely.
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Bucky Barnes | One Shot | Ready to Comply
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Villain!Reader
Plot: Something had been missing. But that has nothing to do with your life time enemy standing in front of you to finally end this.
Warnings: 18+. Smut and violence.
Words: 4,4OO
Tumblr media
He remembers telling Steve and Sam about them – “Their most elite death squad. They speak thirty languages. Can hide in plain sight. Infiltrate, assassinate, destabilise. They can take a whole country down in one night. You’d never see them coming.”
…and you used to be one of them.
Bucky takes another look around the massive room, wincing when he sees all of his colleagues passed out around the room. It happened way too fast. How is he the only one still standing? They walked in here so confident, so prepared – he had done so much research on you. He knew everything.
His mind is running a million miles an hour to try process how you are still so calm after single-handedly taking out his entire team. So skilled, so graceful. Only one strand of hair had come loose to hang over your eyes.
It’s just you and him now. Again. Exactly how you ended up last time. And the time before that, long before he had a team to stand with him. You’re the only one who has had nearly all versions of James Buchanan Barnes as your opponent. Why the fight has never been settled before, neither you nor Bucky know …or let yourselves admit.
It is a thing of Bucky’s nightmares. The same one, over and over and over again. You are always in it and always have the winning hand. Never has he been able to figure out how to make the odds turn in his favour. This conniving, effortless and mean – mean – woman. This picture of a villain that heats his blood to a boiling point and makes his skin tighten with frustration. He’s had the dreams for years. For years, the image of you haunted him.
Though if he had to be honest, despite the endless losing battle, seeing you in his dreams was a welcome relief. You became a confusing token for him during these years of recovery. A constant – an image of beauty almost. Now here you are, again.
Bucky turns to you, his piercing eyes connecting with yours as you raise your brows in curiosity.
“Am I supposed to be scared of you?” he scoffs and you admire the way he sounds so cool. Like you haven’t just proven how easily you could beat him. Not that you’d make it quick or easy – not with him. What would be the fun in that?
You have spent years perfecting an attack on this man, knowing he’d return to you time and time again. Like fate wanted him in your claws. Your little plaything. All you can see is a challenge. For you, yes, but mostly for him. To break him, tear him to shreds. Perhaps, if the fates allow, for him to change his alliance. For him to finally embrace that inner darkness, find harmony and purpose with that Winter Soldier monster in his body.
A challenge indeed…
“Scared of me?” you drawl with an indifferent shrug of your shoulder, “No.” You never intended to scare him – of course, not until the next words fall from your lips. “I think you and I both know perfectly well there’s only one thing you in particular should be scared of,” you start, “a part of you that can hurt you beyond torture.” You can tell he has caught on when you see his jaw tick and his eyes harden. Your footsteps are slow and long as you approach the metal-armed soldier in the middle of the large hall of the worn castle you decided to reside in. “And don’t be mistaken, I don’t need ten pretty, Russian words to turn that side against you.” Silence before your final blow, “Your trauma will work just fine.”
That seems to be the trigger as he lunges forward, raising his hands and turning them to claws before you take a few steps back and halt him with a simple palm in the air.
“ –Careful,” you warn with deadly calm. “Every time you show people that short fuse of yours, you make it so easy for someone to grab onto it and light it on fire.” Short puffs of air leave his flaring nostrils and you purse your lips to repress the sadistic smile spreading over it. Until you realise you don’t care, letting the corners of your mouth tug upwards.
“Look at you,” you mock, “still depending on the control exercised on you for years. You have no idea how to take the reins yourself.”
“You don’t think I can exercise control?” The question is his way to take back his power, having had quite enough of you pressing where it hurts. His voice is clear, sharp, the gravel in it completely gone.
Bucky’s face, to your disappointment and his credit, remains stoic and you have no idea how lucky you are he has learned to restrain himself even just slightly, because you don’t know how dangerous Bucky becomes when he is genuinely pissed. Sure, he’s grumpy and harsh all the time and you’ve seen him channel Hydra’s fury, but hardly ever does his own rage come out to play.
“A smart and well-trained assassin doesn’t dive at his target like that. Any chance you’re still as good as the Winter Soldier without Hydra telling you what to do?” A small part inside you is warning you to back off, to not test the dangerous man any further. Just because you know exactly how to push the Bucky Barnes past his limit, doesn’t mean you should.
“The Winter Soldier was created to kill. I can do much more damage.”
“To yourself?” You nearly snort.
Bucky grits his teeth harder. Shut up, shut up, shut up.
“Let me ask you an important question,” he starts, his voice awfully cool and steady, “what on Earth makes you think I need to control myself when I can so easily control you instead?”
And now you know where that voice, the confidence, comes from. You clench your jaw tightly when the heel of your right foot dips down in the open grove between the floor and the heightened platform. A grove that has crumbled down into the depths of the ancient building, where you know the dungeons are. So far down with so much debris at the bottom, one wrong step and the fall would instantly kill you. Even as you are – a super soldier just like Bucky, yet chosen different paths – you won’t survive that fall and Bucky knows it.
You should have known not to pick this location to hide in – shouldn’t have picked the ruin you passed in the way through the mountains. Bucky guided your arrogant self straight into a trap what he assumed is of your own making. The bastard was always manipulative enough to get people to fall into the grave they dug themselves. So pretty, so skilled and somehow… so, so clever.
Sure, you could be impulsive at times, but it isn’t like Bucky is giving you any other choice than to whip out the nearest blade and charge at him. Smirk on his face, Bucky settles into fighting mode and opens his stance to welcome you in. Not giving him any time to realise that he had you fair and square, you summon decades of training into your limbs. Your head goes quiet, eerily still, as muscle memory takes over and your feet and elbows and hands crack into every open spot that Bucky has.
Quakes of pain hit you at every defence he puts up, but you soothe it over with your next blow. Hit after kick after punch, you work Bucky back into the main hall, away from your previous battlefield and trying not to lose all that space you fought for.
Hesitate and you die. Hesitate and you die. The mantra keeps repeating in your empty head and you scream and grunt and yell with every powerful thrust of your fists, only for all of it to be blocked by Bucky. There is more than anger coming to the surface. This rage – this ancient rage at yourself, at the world, at Hydra–
Bucky doesn’t get any time to retaliate, but you know better than to think you can exhaust him with fighting techniques he has memorised himself. So you switch to the sharp end of the blade and you twist and turn it within your hand as you jab and stab for the soft bits of skin on his body.
Your bones shudder when the knife jams between the plates of his arm and Bucky’s hand flies to take the knife during the abrupt pause your body found itself in. But you’re nearly as strong as he is and definitely faster, so you twist the knife with Bucky’s own power to angle against his chest and jam it there.
The blade tugs at the fabric of his shirt and Bucky’s eyes harden as they fall on yours. You narrow your own eyes at him and grit your teeth as you put pressure behind the stabbing instrument. Your gaze lowers to your hands.
His hand is wrapped around yours almost in a gentle way, the length of his fingers curling around your fist which is clutched around the handle of the blade. The touch makes you shiver and you focus all your attention on staying rigid and exercising enough power to remain in your current position. Both your breaths are shallow and the stare you’re exchanging is so sharp, you’re sure you can see a bolt of electricity shoot from your irises to his.
Slowly dragging your hand down half an inch, he wraps his other hand around yours as well, two of his hands now securing the blade against his own chest. You try not to let it show how much his actions confuse you, apprehension burning in your stomach. His flesh hand is warm, radiating heat from his skin to yours, callouses scraping slightly.
“Right here. Through the ribs and into my heart.” His voice is soft and calm, coaxing a paradoxical reaction from you. It makes you want to prove to him he has no reason to be this calm, but his tone calms you down all the same. He trusts you enough to hold a blade to his chest, yet has no faith in you to drive it through his ribs.
Always these games…
Bucky hisses through his teeth, "Kill me then. I fucking dare you." Though his tone is just as calm and quiet as before, private almost, there’s an impatience to his voice. Like he wants you to put him out of his misery.
“Got something to run from?” You purr with a sympathetic head tilt, eyes still narrowed in on his. He runs his tongue over his bottom lip.
“On the contrary. I have all the time in the world,” he whispers and you notice his head moving closer just an inch, his scent making your eyes flutter. He didn’t seem like the type to smell exceptionally good – but boy, were you wrong.
“Should I make it a slow death then?” you taunt and he smirks.
“Whatever makes you feel the most power.” Damn him. He knows those words strip the power away from you in an instant. He knows it and he knows you know it, too. “But that leaves you with none, doesn’t it?”
You hold your breath to keep your defeat from slipping out with it. Eyes on the blade in your hands with a look as sharp as the dagger itself, you tighten your fists around the handle.
And all of a sudden it dawns on you. Fear. Gut-wrenching, horrifying fear. Not of Bucky. But losing him. The consequences of allowing yourself to plunge that knife into his body. It’s ridiculous, really. You barely know him. Yet–
Yet he is the only one like you. The only one with emotions and personality traits abnormally heightened like your own, with that goddamn serum tainting his DNA. The only other person in constant battle with themselves between good and evil. Good won in him. Evil won in you. Because the world is so awful, so endlessly painful. And Bucky knew that – had been a victim of that awful nature. Yet good won.
He’s good.
And you want to jam a knife between his ribs.
So you do the one thing you promised yourself you wouldn’t do if you were ever in this position, because it would make you lose your resolve: you look up into his eyes.
Grey-blue. You remember, from all those times staring him down and trying not to think of their colour. That beautiful, innocent colour that you knew he could flatten with just a look, a drop of his brow. All brightness and light gone and eyes empty. But it is there now. You don’t get where the light comes from that shimmers in his eyes. It’s a dark room.
“Why are you hesitating?” he asks, his voice merely a whisper. You never heard him sound like this before.
“I’m not.”
“I could have killed you five times over by now,” he reminds you, his hands twisting around yours, showing you just how easily he could redirect the knife’s target.
“You won’t.”
“I won’t?”
“You won’t,” you breathe.
A pause.
“I won’t,” he breathes back, his eyes dropping down. You swallow and the room seems to shrink, so much so, you hear your heartbeat echoing around you.
You don’t get to release the air lodged into your throat as Bucky lunges again, this time to cover your lips with his own. You hadn’t realised that your grip on the knife was completely depending on Bucky’s hands, until the weapon clatters to the floor the second his hands grab your face to drag it up to his.
You want to enjoy the feeling of his lips, but the rush you feel and your ramming pulse make you feel impossibly dizzy. His tongue taking advantage of the gasp you let out, makes you dizzier and you let out a whine. He groans back, walking you backward in an attempt to get closer to you. This large, solid man pushing and pushing and pushing as he strips all your bodily control from you with his bruising kiss.
You think you’re kissing him back, you aren’t sure, but every step he takes forward, you flee backward. Step after step, you refuse to close the distance, his mouth so wild and feral against yours. Until you gasp again, your back hitting a crumbling pillar and Bucky crushed his entire frame against yours, his nails digging into your scalp as the kiss deepens.
Then it hits you. And it overwhelms you now, your hands clawing at his chest, his shoulders, his neck – closer, closer, closer. God, he tastes like fire and stone and that ancient fight. You moan desperately and he grinds his hips into yours, making your knees nearly buckle over from the pleasure it ignites between your thighs. You need more of that, of his arousal against your own.
Vaguely, in the back of your mind, you realise that this was your fight all along. This was the very thing you needed to settle. A compatibility no one can match. And you want to tell him that, mock him for it when his lips leave yours, but they attach themselves to that spot below your ear and your eyes roll to the back of your head with a low moan.
This man…
“Who would have known,” he grumbles against your skin, accentuating his words with the scrape of his teeth, barely making you able to register them, “those moans might be the thing that actually kills me.”
You almost want to laugh, but he’s right. If your moans kill him, his mouth will kill you. Your heart is beating so loud, so hard, the organ might give out entirely. Your fingers hurt from clutching onto him and you can’t feel your legs. All he’s done is kiss your neck. His grip on you is so tight, so full of frustration and passion–
“Bucky,” you rasp and he freezes.
His forehead drops to your shoulder. “You’ve never said my name before,” he grits, his voice rough. “Do it again.”
His head lifts from your shoulder, his hands still holding your face and his eyes connecting with yours, “I am not going to stop until you have no voice left to say it with.”
He isn’t asking for permission. Not at all. This was a warning – for you to prepare, to finally settle this. You cling to that last piece, that last little shred of dignity and defiance.
“Who says we won’t leave this battle unfinished like the other ones?” you ask, albeit breathlessly, clinging to that mechanism that keeps him away and angry.
Bucky narrows his eyes, dragging them over each of your features in a slow, deliberate swoop. You feel like your skin might peel off if he looks at you any longer. He can see it, can see the facade. The grip on your face is tight and you try not to swallow away the dryness in your throat.
Then he smiles.
“Nice try,” he nearly whispers, “but now that we’re here, I’m not planning on any unfinished business with you.”
This time you do swallow, eyes fluttering as you look up at him. You try to snap your walls back up, push him away, but your body isn’t listening. It’s whining for him, crying out for that spark. That final puzzle piece. The one man that can handle you. The only one that is still standing there at the end.
You feel it shift – your alliance.
“Shut up,” you rasp and crash your mouth to his, fingers clutching to his shirt.
He laughs against your lips and his hands slide around your waist now, dragging you closer and conveniently dragging you up so one of his thighs slots between yours. The touch of his firm muscle against your throbbing core makes your knees buckle and you would melt to the floor if it isn’t for Bucky’s hold on you.
The shuddering breath you let out has Bucky knowing enough though. He never saw this coming, never even considered this. But he felt the shift – he was sure it was your scent that made his body betray him. Somewhere, his mind was screaming at him to not be stupid and drag that fucking knife away from his heart. Yet his intuition, trained for decades and somehow sharper than ever today, had muffled that scared voice and told him to trust his gut. She isn’t going to do it. And it was right. Just like he wouldn’t have done it.
And now – this powerful, deadly, untouchable woman is in his arms. So pliant, so desperate, so needy. He couldn’t feel more powerful himself. Not a serum in the world, not a stronger metal for his arm could grant him the feeling of power he has now. With you on his side, he is unstoppable. You could make him do anything.
He has something else in mind, however. He wants to show you exactly what anything entails, how much he is actually willing to do for you. And the strangled moan against his hungry mouth when he drags your hips over his thigh again, settles it for him. There is nothing like the pride and hunger that rushes through his veins when he hears that noise. Maybe one thing. When you say his name.
Digging his fingers into your body so hard, he’s sure he is leaving temporary bruises – Good, you’re his now – he lets out an animalistic growl against you and gives a hard thrust against you. Your body moulds perfectly between him and the pillar. The answering grind of your hips against him, brushing his cock so nicely, has his heart coming to a stop. The kiss is messy now, tongues and teeth and bruised lips, he doesn’t know what to do with that endless, dreadful need. Both your breaths are uncontrolled and low noises of need slip from both of you. He doesn’t know where his body ends and yours begins, so entangled with each other as he mindlessly grinds you further into the crumbling stone.
“I swear to God, if you don’t take off your clothes soon,” your growl surprises him and he lets out a low laugh at the desperate command. The only reason he doesn’t mock you for it, is because he agrees. Why are his clothes still on?
Quickly setting you down, he starts making work of his clothes, both of you ripping at yourselves to get rid of that last barrier. But Bucky gets distracted and helps you undress instead. And when you’re left in just your underwear and a lose hanging shirt that sags over your shoulders, all Bucky has managed is to shed his weapons and to unbuckle his belt. Earning an unimpressed glare from you at the lack of nudity, Bucky lets out a growl in answer.
“I’ll fuck you slowly later,” he grunts and is on you again.
You want to protest, you really do, but the words escape you the second his lips connect with yours again. Oh, this man is trouble. Softer and languid this time, his mouth drags over yours, tongue taunting and tasting. You slacken against him, your fingers around his forearms to keep from slipping to the ground. Trouble, trouble, trouble.
In such a daze, such a trance from that sinful mouth, you hardly notice his hands slipping between your thighs after his leg pushes them apart. That first touch, so deliberate, so specific, of his fingers to your aching pussy, has you visibly shudder against him, nails digging into his skin.
“I was wrong,” he breathes over your lips. His fingers slip past the flimsy fabric of your panties and a long finger slips through your folds, dipping into your hole tentatively before teasing you further. “This is going to be the thing that kills me.”
And with that painful confession, his finger slips into your dripping hole so easily, so smoothly, so goddamn deep, you lift to your toes and stretch to make it bearable. It’s unbearable, the pleasure that sparks all throughout your body. You need him to move, need him to– to–
“More,” you plead, unable to open your eyes back up, “more, more, more.”
You can almost hear his cocky grin as he slips another finger in and curls it against a spot deep inside of you. It releases a moan so sudden, you couldn’t have stopped it if you tried, your eyes flying open. Bucky’s brows shoot up with intrigue, pressing his fingertips against that spot again and almost making you curl up into a ball against him. Fuck. He’s going to kill you.
“Shh, sweetheart,” he breathes, his forehead falling to yours after watching that look of defeat on your face, “I got you.”
Thoughts having left your head, you can only nod breathlessly, tilting your head back against the stone as his fingers start working inside of you. The involuntary convulsions of your cunt around his fingers make your neck and cheeks warm, the loss of control making you feel beyond vulnerable. But God, you can’t find it in you to care too much. The way he stuffs you full, the way his mouth works messily against the column of your neck, the heavy breaths that come from him from just pleasing you – it all builds up in your abdomen. Tightening, fluttering, aching. Your toes curl as his fingers move faster, the friction against your entrance so filthy in combination with the sound of your wetness.
Bucky groans, impatience straining through his cock as he wants to feel you around his fingers. He can feel you flutter, he can hear your breathing getting impossibly laboured and he should, he really should, want to drag this out more. But there is this wild, primal part of him that wants to get you to your next orgasm already, and your next, and the one after that.
He sighs deeply, channelling all of his restraint to keep calm and savour this moment. This moment of weakness for you. Weakness within him. Fuck, you’re his weakness. His fingers keep moving into that spot that seems to make you stutter and stumble, his wrist turning to make you feel that stretch, his tongue darting out to touch that spot under your ear. And then, he presses his palm to your clit, thrumming with need, and the shudder that rumbles down your spine has him stand on alert instantly.
Rotating his palm against your clit, his fingers ramming into your spot, he watches in awe as you fall apart around them. The way your eyes roll back, the breathless scream from your lips, the tension building and building and building in your body before weakening to near paralysis. Oh, that does things for Bucky’s ego.
Fingers trembling and bottom lip aching from the assault of your own teeth, you try desperately to get some air back into your lungs. You can’t feel your legs, your head is buzzing and your pussy won’t stop contracting around Bucky’s fingers, even as they have stopped moving.
“Oh my God,” you whine softly, eyes still closed.
“Mhm,” Bucky hums, burying his face in your neck. That was the best thing he’s ever done. Screw making amends, screw being good, this made it all worth it. He doesn’t know why or how, but this makes that neglected part inside of him hum with delight.
But he’s not done. Oh no, not with his cock groaning at him to explore you a bit further. Not with only his zipper in the way of that warmth that is still wrapped around his fingers. Fuck, how good would his fingers taste right about now?
He’s not waiting to find out and then his eyes lock with yours, darkness and light shimmering in them simultaneously. They flutter to close at the taste, at the way you bite your lip as the sight, but he is not losing you out of his sights.
“Winter soldier,” you breathe, a calm sort of power tainting your tone.
Oh, he likes it when you call him that.
You do not need those ten Russian words. At all.
He smirks, “Ya gotov otvechat.”
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incorrectquotesmcu · 20 hours
Bucky: What do you like most about men?
Carol: Their girlfriends.
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samcky · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A messy bitch who lives for drama
Untold story of Sam and Bucky (53-?)
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notpikaman · 10 hours
Tumblr media
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bucky and you start sharing an apartment headcanon
Tumblr media
after a solid 10 months of dating, bucky finally popped the question
"i have something important to ask you" / "what's up bucky?" / "i've given a lot of thought to this and i think we're ready" / "excuse me?" / "y/n, will you-" / "bucky, we're too young" / "that's not where-" / "well, i'm too young, you're basically geriatric" / "fucking christ i was just going to ask if we could move in, why'd you have to go there"
okay so maybe not the question, but this was a big step nonetheless
the move was easy considering bucky just collected the few possessions he had and put them in your apartment
"where's the rest of your stuff?" / "this is a whole suitcase full of crap, this is plenty. i got 2 whole towels in here babe, i'm set"
the first few weeks went smoothly. slowly, little markers of bucky were permanently peppered around your place. a coffee stained mug on the counter, the smell of his cologne lingering for longer now
things didn't start getting interesting until he got curious
"hey, i used that weird jar of sugar you have in the shower-" / "you mean a sugar scrub?" / "yeah, yeah, the food in your shower. anyways, my skin has never felt so fucking smooth. on a total side note, it's mostly edible, right?" / "bucky" / "yes, the love of my life?" / "did you eat it." / ". . ." / "bucky" / "what are you a fucking cop? i've survived a world war, you think a bath bomb is going to kill me?" / "omg"
random bursts of stupidity aside, he was great to live with
he always washed the dishes as he did not trust the dishwasher to do it properly. they don't make 'em like they used to he'd grumble as he scrubbed away
really, anywhere around the house he was eager to help
"you need something painted?" / "no, darling" / "what about a bookcase, you want a bookcase?" / "do you want something to build, bucky?" / "what's the point of having a boyfriend if you're not going to make me do maintenance. i feel like a trophy husband, i should be building you a shed" / "your company is enough for me :)" / ". . . so i am a trophy husband"
the most difficulty came from your night time routine. you preferred the bed while bucky opted to sleep on the floor.
"what's wrong with the bed? / "i feel like i'm going to suffocate in my sleep" / "why?" / "you have like fifteen pillows on this thing" / "what if i only keep ten, then will you come here?" / "five" / "fine, five, but you can't wake me up at 6 AM."
bucky wasn't just a morning bird, he was a morning enthusiast. it came with its perks, though. as you were getting ready he'd make breakfast if he was home, waiting to eat so you could dine together
"why are you smiling like that?" / "i just think we make a good pair, doll :)" / "yeah, we do :)"
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waywardweasley · 2 days
“you talk about me like i’m worth writing poetry for.”
“love, you are the reason poetry was created.”
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metalbuckaroo · 2 days
Summary// Bucky wants to film something of his own and promises it will be for no one else’s eyes.
Warnings// smut, recording sex, oral (f receiving), lil bits praise kink, use of nicknames- bunny and angel, Bucky’s dick piercing, multiple orgasms
AU// Stripper!Bucky x Innocent!F!Reader
Note// two days in a row, holy shit it’s a record
Tumblr media
“Are you completely sure about this?” Bucky asked as he turned away from his phone he’d sat up on the nightstand beside the bed. Walking to stand between your legs.
“As long as you promise it’s just for you to see.” You said with a pointed look, hands resting on his thick thighs.
“Oh, bunny,” he chuckled, leaning so his hands were flat against the mattress on either side of your hips. “I’m not sharing any part of you with anyone. Trust me.”
“Then I’m completely sure.” You grinned, Bucky’s face level with yours before his lips slotted over yours, urging you up the bed until your head rested against the plush pillows. Cold and warm hands slipping under his shirt that you wore to shove it up and bare your chest to him. His lips traveling along your jaw and down your throat, slowly trailing down to nuzzle his face against the soft skin between your breasts.
His hands slid from your waist to the outsides of your thighs, raising goosebumps on your skin. The smooth, cold metal of his left and warm, calloused skin of his right setting a fire in your core as he placed feather light kisses to your abdomen and tugged your underwear down your legs. Your fingers lacing in his silky hair when his hot breath fanned your folds.
You breathed a happy sigh when his lips locked around your clit, gripping the soft strands a little harder when his tongue flicked over the sensitive nub. His beard tickling the delicate skin when he nuzzled his face closer.
Bucky didn’t spend time teasing or dragging it out, his lst darkened eyes locked with yours as his skillful tongue twisted through your folds. Grip on your hips bruising as he moaned against your cunt, easing a finger into you to carefully stroke the rough patch just inside your walls.
“Buck- oh, god-“ you shuddered, pleasure washing over you as you released against his mouth. Languid licks working you through it before he turned his head to press a tender kiss to your inner thigh before biting a mark into the skin, the sensation making you yelp.
“Turn over, angel.” His sultry voice was impossible not to listen to, your body responding immediately before large hands held your hips and jerked them up so your knees dug into the mattress.
A nervous twinge in your stomach when you saw his phone strategically place on the table was quickly replaced by an excited twist, Bucky’s bulbous head gliding through your folds. Catching at your entrance before easing in, taking his time to push in a little further each time before pulling back.
“There we go, baby. Know just how to take me.” He praised, hands gripping the flesh of your backside as the slow slide his thick cock against your velvety walls already started to send your mind in a spiral.
It didn’t take long for Bucky to lose himself in the rhythmic snap of his hips. The pace punishing, shaking your body each time he guided your hips back to meet his thrusts.
Your mind was already gone, the shocks that coursed throughout every inch of your body easy to drown yourself in as his metallic left slipped down to toy with your clit. The sloppy circles making you keen into the pillow you’d buried your face in to spare the neighbors and curl your fingers into the sheets.
The second wave of bliss crashing into you before his thrusts slowed, a pitiful whine pulling from your throat as you wiggled your hips against him. His body leaning over yours briefly to pick the device up.
“Would’ya look at that- pretty pussy looks s’good wrapped around me.” Bucky groaned, watching the way you stretched around him through the phones screen, the slow drag of his cock driving you insane.
“Bucky, please-“ you keened, the flutter of your cunt around him making his hips stutter before he pulled your back flush to his sweat slicked chest.
“Now, y’know I won’t make you beg.” He chuckled, your chest heaving as he met the rock of your hips the best he could. Hot kisses littering your neck as your head leaned back against the sturdy metal of his shoulder.
It didn’t take much for the bubbling pleasure in your lower belly to start again, the barbell on the underside of his cock pressed perfectly to the deepest sweet spot as you chased that last high. Your hands reaching back to dig into his thick thighs.
“Smile for the camera, angel.” Bucky cooed, free hand groping at your chest as he watched the fucked out smile that spread across your features.
This one hit different than the last two, the air gone from your lungs in a silent mewl as your body trembled against him. Cunt spasming around him as he circled your clit deliberately, filthy praises of how well you were doing for him and how amazing you felt milking his cock being spilled into your ringing ears before he guided you to press your chest into the mattress again.
Chasing his high, the thick air filled with salacious sounds of skin slapping and Bucky’s huffed out moans and grunts. Unable to do much more than gasp out a series of moans, you focused on the glide of his hands along your spine and hips as he spilled into you with a drawn out moan of your name.
He slipped out of you with a hum of content, letting your sore hips relax against the mattress as the phone clattered against the bedside table. Scratchy stubble and pillow soft lips grazing your shoulder between tender kisses as he massaged your sides.
“You did so perfect for me, my gorgeous bunny.”
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buckyalpine · 2 days
O m g I loved sugar so much you should do a little something of him being in charge
OG Concept here  but you can read this as a stand alone too.
Subby bucky x f reader 
I imagined 2 things with our subby baby and jealous baby. Lots of dirty talking in both. So so much. Some size kink in there too cause why not. Fucks wrong with me. Everrythinggggg. 
The first time he takes control, he’s still flustered and shy. He wants to be dominant and take charge, his mouth is filthy when he first has you on your knees for him. 
“Suck it y/n, fuck please, play with the tip, u-use your tongue-shit”
“Harder, fuck, suck me harder, wanna feel all of your mouth”
“So warm and wet, God your tongue, it feels so good, making me leak” 
The more you toy with him, the harder it is for him to stay in control, gently cupping your cheeks while he looks down at you, biting his lip, you looks so pretty with your mouth full of him.
“Filling mommy so good baby, can’t even fit all of you in my mouth” You pull off his cock with a pop, stroking him while he shudders, his thick length throbbing, drops of precum beading at the tip. “You like my cock ?”
“Love your thick cock baby” You give him little kitten licks to his sensitive head, “Such a pretty fucking cock, tastes so good” 
“You like that mommy?” Something about you telling him he’s so big makes him feral. He gently pushes the tip against your lips wanting to see your mouth full. He moans at the way you gag, letting him push his length down to kiss your throat. “Please mommy, wanna feel all of your mouth-oh god-fuck-shit, yessyess, it feels good, s-suck my fucking cock” 
Your nose nudges against the soft hair at the base of his cock, moaning at the way his hands softly cradle your head, softy trying to fuck your throat; he wants to be more rough but he can’t. He pulls you off, guiding you to his balls while tugging on his cock. 
“S-Suck my balls too, please?” 
“Oh fuck yess, put them both in your mouth mommy, so sensitive, feels heavy, so much cum, keep going”
“Suck my cock mama, fuck more, I need more, cock feels so good, feels too good” 
Yeah he’s in charge but he’s also a whining whimpering mess. He end up looking at you with his sweet puppy eyes, desperately wanting to just feel your warmth, his hands trembling, shivers running down his spine with how your teasing his slit. 
Mid way through the night, he just wants you to take care of him. When he finally has you bouncing on his cock, he’s so desperate, in love with how perfect your look on top of him. 
“Ride-ride my cock, fuck you’re so fucking pretty mommy, ride me please”
“Wanna suck on those pretty tits, can I? So hungry mommy” You smirk, leaning over so he can take your nipple in his mouth, greedily sucking the soft flesh, groaning at how you feel on his tongue. Would’ve been better if you were filled with milk-
“You like that baby boy?” you coo, stroking his cheeks while he keeps his hands on your ass, his fingers gripping onto the soft flesh, suckling you until he can’t hold his orgasm off any longer. He plants his feet so he can fuck up into you, his balls slapping your ass. 
“What is it Jamie”
“M’gonna cumm, mommy fuck I wanna cum so bad”
“Go a head and cum baby, you can cum whenever you want, you’re in charge remember”
He doesn’t even hear you telling him he’s still in control, waiting for you to give him permission, jaw hung slack, ready to bust loads in you. 
“Can I? Can I cum?” 
“Cum Jamie” You lean over to kiss him, swallowing his moans while he wraps his arms around you to cling onto you, his cock throbbing, streams of cum spilling out of your soaked cunt. He doesn’t even bother pulling out, rolling over with you and cuddling you like a teddy bear, he could never be anything but a sweet baby for you. 
However. The first time he’s actually in control is very different.
He is your plus one to an event you have at your company. Everyone knows your together but that doesn’t stop some of the men from hitting on you anyway. You find it laughable; you’re the CEO, they know they have no chance but they’ll try regardless, one in particular constantly trying to paw at your side. 
Bucky can’t stop the surge of jealously he feels, seeing him touch you. Trying to caress your arm. Leaning in to whisper to you. You maintain your air of professionalism, politely excusing yourself but Bucky can see the way he keeps looking at you and he doesn't like it. 
At all. 
“Are you okay baby?” You ask him on the ride back and all he can do is nod. You squeeze his hand, leaning your head on his shoulder. Normally the scent of your perfume left him weak but today his mind is foggy and cloudy with something else and your soft scent makes his cock throb. He doesn’t speak a word until your standing in front of your dresser. 
“You’re mine” he states, coming up from behind you, slowly unzipping your dress, slipping it off and letting it poll around your feet. You blink up at him, surprised by his shift in demeanor.
He had never done that before. 
“Just love you” He cuts you off, feeling flustered, not wanting to talk about what he just said or did. Things are seemingly normal again. You slip on one of his tshirts to sleep in, while he changes out of his suit and slips into bed with just his boxers. 
Your cuddled up with him in bed, tucked against his side. Somethings off though. You can feel the tension in his body, eyes not meeting yours, biting his lip while you rest your head on his chest. You blink when you feel his fingers tilt your chin to look up at him, eyes dark with lust. Neediness. Possessiveness. 
“You’re mine” Before you could respond, he flipped you under him, rutting his cock against you, grunting at the way you whimpered, his hands tugging at the hem of your shirt. “All mine” 
He throws your tshirt and pulls your panties off before tossing his boxers off, his cock slapping against his abs. You can’t help but nearly drool at how deliciously controlling he’s being. He knows you love him but he can’t help but feel the need to remind you that you’re his. He’s yours just the same. His sweetness is replaced with jealously tonight. 
“Come here and suck me” He rolls over onto his back, pushing you down till your eye level with his throbbing length, his legs spread in front of your face. He holds his cock so you can take the tip in your mouth, moaning while you suck him. Your pussy has never been this soaked, getting off on the way his dominance doesn’t falter. You’re sloppy all over his dick, giving him the best blow job you can, making him moan, abs tensed. 
“Fuck that’s right, suck your baby boy’s cock” He smirked to himself, guiding your head to take his entire length, throbbing when he hears you gag, “C’mon mommy, take it, wan’ it so bad” 
The tears streaming down your cheeks just make him harder, rutting into your mouth more, while you breathe through your nose, taking him as deep as you can. 
“S’too big huh mommy, thought you liked my fat cock, fuck choke on my dick, you only get slutty like this for me, suck me so sloppy” 
His head lulls to the side, obsessed with how you look, making a mess all over his crotch with your drool and his precum dripping everywhere. He finally pulls you off, desperate to taste you because he can smell your arousal. 
“Come sit on my face mommy” He pulls you up and doesn’t give you a chance to say anything, gripping your thighs and slamming your hips down till he’s lapping and sucking your pussy 
“Oh fuck, b-baby please!” You mewl, gasping when he spanks you ass, suckling your clit as if it would feed him. 
“Love how sensitive your clit is, so soft and pretty” He moaned, going back to eating you until you head was empty, the only thoughts you had were him and his mouth. Not the stupid fuck that tried to get in your pants all night. He sucks and toys with your clit till your hands are nearly sore with how hard your griping the headboard, crying and cumming all over his face, one hand holding you down while he touches himself with the other. 
“M’hmfhuccckk” His voice is muffled, stroking his cock, the slick sound of his fist gliding up and down his shaft made you cum harder. He loved your taste, your smell, your sounds. All just for him. He uses his fingers to spread your pussy apart, giving your clit a perfect sloppy kiss before dragging you by your ankles and caging you under him. 
“Who do you spread your legs for” His nose bumped against yours, his cock dragging against your puffy sensitive folds. Your body jolts at the sensation, eyes rolling back. 
“Please baby” He shakes his head, biting his lip, humping you harder. 
“Tell me baby, whose cock do you love shoved up your pussy”
“Yours just you, please fuck me” He groaned, just pushing the tip in before pulling out, not done with making you a whimpering mess. 
“Who makes you cum”
“Fuck, just you baby, need it so bad, make me cum again-OH FUCK” You cry out as he shoves his cock into you, immediately slamming into you, grunting and fisting the sheets, his legs nearly slipping against the mattress trying to pound you as hard as he could. 
“Whos cum do you swallow mommy” He couldn't help himself, panting and jack hammering into you while you clawed at his back. 
“I-I-swallow your cum baby boy, you taste so fucking good, so w-warmm” 
“Say it again mommy, tell me how good it tastes” 
“You taste fucking perfect baby, love drinking your cum bubba” 
“Fuckkkk” He could feel pleasure start to bloom at the base of his cock, he already knew he wasn’t going to last much longer but that wasn’t going to stop his salacious words. “whos cum fills you up”
“Yours baby, you fill me up so good” 
He couldn’t hold onto for much longer, his pace growing sloppy
“Say my name mama” 
“Fuck just like that, just wan’ you to moan my name mama, no one elses”
“Never baby, just you”
“You’re all mine, mine to touch, mine to make love to, mine to fuck” He snarls agaist your skin, pounding into you harder, “FUCK M’GONNA CUM” His hips still, euphoric waves chrashing over him as he starts to cum.
“Oh fuck I’m cumming, fuckfcuk- I’m cumming so much, I-baby it’s so good, you make me cum so hard y/n” You moan with him, feeling his warm seed fill you, the sheets underneath you damp with your mixed arousal. 
“R-rub your clit, cum on my cock” He whined, still rutting in you, nearly sobbing when you start to clench and flutter around his sensitive dick, milking out the last few drops of cum. He’s absolutely fucking spent by the end of the night, panting, too fucked out to move. You’re more worn out than he is, cuddling into his side while he pulls you to his chest, pressing a chaste kiss to your forehead while you fall asleep on him. Fuck, he’s so in love with you. 
“My pretty sweet doll” 
“All mine” 
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