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pov: your Instagram but you're married to Spencer Reid
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y/n.reid: the way spencer eats cupcakes gives me the ick
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badass_em: grounds for divorce -> y/n.reid: i think so -> doctorreid: :( -> y/n.reid: sorry baby
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y/n.reid: happy birthday to my Halloween baby. I love you more and more every day <333 looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you
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doctorreid: I love you more
d.morgan: i remember very little of that night -> y/n.reid: you did a lot of talking about how much you love spencer, called him your little brother a ton
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y/n.reid: he's a 10, but he's a scorpio...
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d.morgan: bet he's pouting about this rn -> y/n.reid: can confirm -> doctorreid: she's so mean to me
beth.clemmons: @/aarhotch is an 11
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y/n.reid: he deserves two cakes
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doctorreid: lewd but delicious -> y/n.reid: so was what we did after -> davidrossiofficial: kids, this is a public comment section
mommyjareau: where did you get this... asking for a friend -> y/n.reid: no, there can only be one
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y/n.reid: the only founding father i'd let hit it
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mommyjareau: liar! we heard about the Alexander Hamilton dream -> y/n.reid: JENNIFER!! STOP -> doctorreid: no wait, I want to hear this -> babygirlpg: it was pretty descriptive
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y/n.reid: a rare look at Spencer on vacation
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d.morgan: in a suit? who is this kid? -> doctorreid: it's comfy -> y/n.reid: don't be mean, he's so cute
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y/n.reid: on today's chaotic Spencer chronicle, baby boy fell in a pond
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doctorreid: i was pushed!! -> d.morgan: sorry that I thought you were strong enough to be punched in the shoulder
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y/n.reid: 'genius' Doctor Spencer Reid
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babygirlpg: his sweater matches Henry's!!
doctorrreid: do you need to hear the science behind fireworks again? -> d.morgan: god, no -> badass_em: and i was just thinking about how much i miss you guys, nevermind
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y/n.reid: happy birthday to my favorite person ever @/mommyjareau, sorry there's always a random photobombing you
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mommyjareau: love you!! i'd leave Will for you any day -> y/n.reid: @/doctorreid, we're getting divorced now, photobomber -> doctorreid: :(
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y/n.reid: sexiest looking cowboy
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d.morgan: sometimes I come to your page just because I want to see Spencer being violated -> y/n.reid: it's my life's work -> doctorreid: mean
doctorreid: cowgirl? -> y/n.reid: yes, right now
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I just want my body to understand that I’m home
A/N: this was a request originally posted back in the summer of 2022, sorry but I don't remember what it said
Warnings: Spencer Reid x reader, cuddling
feedback is greatly appreciated! comment, reblog, talk in the tags, send me a message, please tell me what you think!
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Tumblr media
Once he got home, he’d quite literally crashed into the bed beside you. Looking over at Spencer’s face all smooched into the pillow, you asked him how the case had gone. 
“I don’t really wanna talk about it, I just want my body to understand that I’m home now,” he groaned into the pillow, “can you just lie on top of me for a while?”
“Sure,” you shifted to get on top of him, now turned around, waiting for you with outstretched arms. 
“You’re so soft,” he mumbled, hugging you tight, bringing you down closer to him.
“Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s just one of the many things you love about me,” you grinned, resting your head on his shoulder.
“You’re like an anthropomorphic weighted blanket. The way that you just lower my cortisol levels is actually mind-blowing,” he pressed his cheek into your forehead and closed his eyes, breathing deeply.
“Is that all I am to you? A blanket?” you faked a gasp. 
“No, no, no, no, that’s not at all what I was saying,” he rushed out, turning his head to look at you, “oh, I’m sorry if it sounded like that- “
“Spencer,” you reached up to caress his cheek, “I’m kidding.”
“Oh,” he breathed out, relaxing back down into the mattress. “Just for the record, you are so much more than a weighted blanket to me.”
“Thank you, Spencer, really. I’m glad that I’m better than just a bunch of chains sewn together,” you chuckled.
Tumblr media
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reader has a cramp in her neck from being in the bath, so when she gets out and is in a towel with wet hair, she calls spencer into their bathroom so that he can massage out her neck, and they’re in front of the mirror as he pushes her hair to the side and rubs her neck and then maybe they acknowledge their cute height differences in the mirror cuz reid is so tall, and then maybe he starts kissing her neck,? :p
you’re not exactly sure how long you were in the bath, you just knew now your neck felt like lead and your skin was thoroughly pruned.
“loverboy!” you call from the bath and listen to spencer’s socked feet pad across the room and then feel the cool air infiltrate the bathroom as he comes in.
“you hurt your neck again?”he asks with a soft grin. since your started soaking in the bath for your back, you had gotten good at getting your neck stiff.
you can’t even pick it up to nod at him and spencer shakes his head.
“i told you, you gotta sink lower in it to avoid that.” he helps you into your purple bathrobe and stands you in front the mirror as he looks for your body oils.
“it’s not as comfy spence,” you say with a pout as he crack the seal on your eucalyptus oil.
“oh and getting a stiff neck is comfy?” spencer only laughs when your pout intensifies. he sponges a kiss just below your ear as his fingers knead softly at the nape of your neck and your shoulders.
“that’s feels really good,” you hum as spencer’s fingers tackles the knots lower down on your shoulders making them drop a little.
“at this point, i’m convinced you stay in the bath just so i can do this.” spencer finds your astonished face most adorable, especially when you shake your head and hiss.
“you’re very tall,” you say softly, almost like an afterthought as you notice spencer bending a little to get parts of your shoulders. “do you want me to massage you after?”
spencer shakes his head, hazarding a couple kisses to your now exposed skin in the face of tingling lips.
“it’s cute that you only reach my chest.” he says quietly and you smile as his lips follow his fingers back up your neck.
“yeah?” you ask as his hands fall away from your neck and you turn to face him.
“yeah, make you the perfect height to be manhandleable too.”
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Taking Care of You
Word Count: 614
Content Warnings: implied alcohol consumption, throwing up, drunk reader
A/N: Just Spence taking care of drunk!reader :)
Tumblr media
You wobbled towards the toilet in Spencer’s apartment, feeling a gentle tug at the back of your head as Spencer grabbed your hair. You fell to your knees gently in front of the bowl as Spencer held your hair with one hand, rubbing your back with the other.
“I feel…” You paused, feeling the alcohol bubbling in your stomach, about to come up.
Spencer kissed your cheek gently, “I know, I know. It’s okay baby, I know. I got you.” 
“I had too much-” Your sentence was inevitably interrupted by your body’s reaction to three shots and a large margarita. You lurched forward as Spencer pat your back lightly, helping you get it all out. You shakily reached to flush the toilet once you were done as Spencer pulled a soft square of toilet paper and wiped your lips. 
You turned towards him, “I told you the club would be bad.” Spencer smiled a little, almost laughing at you, but in a way you knew you deserved.
“I don’t know, y/n, you seemed to have lots of fun at the club. I think it’s the aftermath you don’t like.” He released your hair and cupped your cheeks as he kissed your warm forehead. You giggled into him then sighed with relief. “Let’s get your teeth brushed. I want to be able to give you a kiss before bed.” Spencer got up, extending his hand to help you up too.
You grabbed his hand shakily, leaning forward into him. “You’d actually kiss me after I threw up?”
He gave it a second thought for a moment. “Yeah. I need my goodnight kiss. Helps me sleep better.” You both laughed, but as silly as it sounded you knew it was true. You couldn’t sleep without his touch either, leaving you restless when he was off on cases.
»»——————————————- ♡ ——————————————-««
You lay in bed with minty fresh bed in your pj’s, snuggled against the crook of Spencer’s neck. It’s comfortably warm there, your forehead and nose pressed against his neck and your ear pressed to his heart. You feel him beneath you,taking a big breath in. He exhaled, relaxing into your body and wrapping his hands around you just a little tighter. 
“What’s wrong?” You adjust your head to look up at him, something unfamiliar in the honey of his eyes.
“Nothing, my love. I just don’t like seeing my baby sick.” I ran his fingers through your hair as his eyebrows furrowed slightly. 
“Oh,” You immediately feel regret for getting wasted at the club, knowing he’d be taking care of you. You had just assumed he’d be drinking too. “I’m sorry, I thought you were going to drink too and someone was going to take us home. You didn’t have to take care of me, I’m sorry.” You apologized profusely, genuinely. 
Spencer immediately cleared the air, “Don’t ever feel sorry for me taking care of you. I’ll always take care of you. Even with my last breath. Okay?” 
The way he spoke to you always soothed you, grounded you back on earth again. You lean up to kiss his precious button nose quickly. “And I’ll always take care of you, my beautiful boy.” You swooped his fluffy hair to the side to kiss his forehead too. 
“Those sounded a lot like vows.” Spencer smiled, looking down at you wrapped up his bed’s covers and clinging to his waist. 
“You know I’d like them to be one day.” You whispered, snuggling back into his chest comfortably. 
Something about your reply left Spencer fuzzy and flustered inside. “Goodnight, baby.” He whispered over you, stroking your hair gently while kissing your head.
You look up at his quickly. “Want that goodnight kiss now?” 
Without even thinking, Spencer grabbed your chin and met you with a sweet kiss. He released your face, letting you snuggle back into his chest with a full heart and a wide smile.
“Goodnight, Spencer Reid.” You whispered, humming against his belly.
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This is such a cliché but I'm a slut for clichés
Spencer Reid x Reader
WARNINGS ! ~ Fluff | Little violence |
Tumblr media
Everybody was born with a tattoo. You've probably heard about it. A tattoo that your soulmate shares.
You? When you were younger you loved the idea of soulmates. Always wondering what yours would look like, act like, talk like.
And as you entered your teen years and some of your friends started finding their soulmates, you started looking for somebody with the same tattoo as yours as well.
your tattoo? A cup of coffee.
You didn't even like coffee that much and almost everybody that saw your tattoo laughed at it.
It wasn't like it was a bad tattoo, it was kind of cool. But you were basically forced to hate it from the amount of people that pointed and laughed when they saw the tattoo adorning your collar bone.
You started wearing bandages to cover it up, you didn't like that. So you resorted to wearing jumpers and any clothing that would definitely cover it instead.
Nearly your entire life your mother had told you not to be embarrassed about it. But that was easy for her to say, she had a primrose on the back of her hand.
People always described touching your soulmate for the first time, to almost be painful, which was strange. Your friend, Doreen told you that it felt like getting zapped but all over your tattoo.
Yeah, maybe you didn't want to find your soulmate.
But we can stop talking about soulmates for now. It was your first day at the BAU, something you had been working towards for ages.
You had gotten lucky to have had David Rossi lecturing your criminology classes as he had taken a liking to you and when you were fresh out of college, you had an email from him telling you that he had spoken to his superiors at the BAU and wanted you on the team !
You couldn't believe it, this couldn't be real. 24 years old and you were going to be working somewhere so prestige
Oh but it was, as you walked into the elevator you were met with Rossi already waiting for you.
'Well if it isn't Y/N L/N'
'Hi Mr Rossi, thank you so much for this opportunity'
'No need for the Mr now kid, Rossi is just fine, we're colleagues now'
You smiled to yourself, fidgeting with the collar of your turtle neck.
As the elevator was rising, your nervousness was rising as well. What if the team didn't like you? Rossi had told you about them already, giving a brief description
A kid, around your age but with many more academic achievements than you
A badass dark haired woman who didn't take shit from anybody
A handsome guy who flirted with a computer nerd?
A computer nerd who's career started by getting on the FBI's most dangerous hackers list
A blonde woman who caught everybody's eye
And a tall serious man as the unit chief.
Yeah, you were nervous.
The elevator dinged and you took your hand off your turtle neck, the doors opened and you were greeted with a blonde woman who looked too happy for 8:30am
'Oh my god you're the newbie! I'm Penelope, oh my goodness you're so pretty!'
'Oh-um thank you! I love your dress'
'Calm down Garcia, don't want to scare her away on her first day' said a tall dark haired man. He shook your hand introducing himself as Hotch.
As you walked into the office you saw a dark haired woman, another blonde, and another man.
'baby girl!' he called out, Penelope speed walked over and the man wrapped an arm around her waist. You noticed the matching brain tattoos on their forearm.
You introduced yourself learning the names of them all, Emily, JJ, and Derek. They all seemed nice enough but they would not stop talking about the other guy that works here that you'll 'absolutely love'
'We have a case' Hotch said from the briefing room.
We all walked into the room and the photos Garcia pulled up were less than pleasant.
You twirled the pen you had around your fingers, thinking about the case,
All blonde women, early to mid thirties, all had the same body type and all had their genitals mutilated.
'I think we're looking for a man, heartbroken, possibly divorced based on age, the wife may have left him?' you spoke not looking up from the case file.
You heard murmurs of agreement at your statement.
When you did look up from your case file you watched as a tall lanky shaggy haired man walked (ran) in.
He was unbelievably attractive. he had dark circles under his eyes that you could not take your eyes off. His face looked like it was sculpted by greek gods.
He looked around the table for a free seat, looking at you, his eyes widening. You looked away, not wanting to make it look like you were staring at him (although you were).
He sat across from you waving a little. You smiled slightly waving back before turning at the sound of Hotch's voice
'Wheels up in 30'
As you walked onto the jet you double checked you had everything you needed for the flight.
book (specifically From Lukov with Love)
Sitting down in one of the comfortable chairs, you put in your headphones and pressed play on your favourite playlist. Opening your book.
After about an hour you set the book down to get a cup of coffee. ironic.
'I didn't get to introduce myself, I'm-uh I'm Spencer. Reid.' You turned your head to look at the handsome man you waved at earlier.
'Y/N L/N' you smiled putting out your hand,
'Sorry I have a thing about germs' he said looking down at your hand. You felt a bit awkward putting your hand back on the freshly poured coffee.
'I uh-saw you reading a book. What's it about?' he asked you, walking you back to your seat.
'oh its-uh it's about these two rival ice skaters and they have to compete in a skating tournament together'
he said scrunching his nose
'Vacuous? really? You couldn't have just said stupid?' you said taking a sip of your coffee looking at him, now in the seat across from you.
'It's formal'
'does it need to be formal?'
'I believe so'
'okay...so you're like a genius right?'
'okay...how genius?'
He narrows his eyes at you. Not good.
'quite...genius' he says scrunching his nose again. you chuckled a bit at his hesitance.
mustn't get out much
The plane landed finally, getting onto the tarmac after an annoying two hours, and you still had a long day.
When you got to the chicago police department, you greeted whoever you had to greet because at this point you didn't care. You just wanted to spend more time with spencer.
You stared at the board showing all the evidence compiled. You banged your head against it sighing.
out of the corner of your eye you notice Spencer putting down a cup of coffee, one already in his hand. You turn around and he gestures towards the coffee on the table. you take it eyeing him skeptically.
this case was doing your head in. it had been a week.
you couldn't figure out who was committing these god awful murders and being around Spencer was not helping you focus.
'I figured it out' JJ said, you all turned your head towards her before she called Garcia.
The mans name was Jared Peters and he was 37, and his ex wife left him for another man.
You arrived at his home, guns drawn, Emily and yourself walking down the corridor of his home,
'what is it L/N?'
You ran out of the house and around the back to where JJ was, and as she was turning the corner you could see Jared about to reach for JJ, she matched the victimology. (but younger)
You ran up behind him, alerting him and making him turn around, raising his knife towards you, you didn't react in time as he stabbed you in the side of your arm.
You cursed out loudly as JJ fought with Jared. You kicked under his feet, knife still in your arm, making you wince but successfully got him on the ground. You turned around to see Rossi, Spencer, and Emily.
you pulled the knife out of your arm, dropping it on the ground. Walking to the ambulance that was outside the house.
Sitting in the ambulance you smiled to yourself, what an eventful first case.
'Y/N, thank you seriously, I could've died if you didn't come to where I was' JJ said walking over to where you were seated.
'It's okay seriously, I'm just glad you weren't hurt' you said
After another two hour flight back to DC, your brain was fried. You had a bandage around your arm that was a bit too tight for comfort as you didn't get a wink of sleep on the plane.
As you were all walking on the tarmac you heard your name being called,
you turned around to see the handsome doctor you were acquainted with.
Turns out while in Chicago he had bought the book you were reading and read it on the flight back. You both argued about the book, about what should and shouldn't have been done and or said.
Walking back into the office, Penelope greeted all of you and gave you a tight hug
'Alright everyone, we have quite a bit of paperwork tomorrow so get some sleep' Hotch said yawning slightly.
The entire team groaned at even the thought of homework.
Then, something weird happened.
Spencer Reid, known germaphobe stuck his hand out to you.
You looked up at him, as did the team, he has never warmed up to somebody so fast.
you grinned and reached down to shake it
almost as soon as your hand touched his, you both retracted your hands reaching for your collarbones, both feeling the sharp zap.
You heard Penelope gasp and squeal
You looked back up at the doctor, pulling down the high cut shirt you were wearing to reveal the tattoo, Spencer unbuttoned his shirt slightly, revealing a matching tattoo.
both your eyes wide but smiling practically ear to ear, you giggled as Penelope yelled
'Celebratory drinks!' she yelled.
You and the team walked to the elevator, forget what you said about not wanting to meet your soulmate.
Tumblr media
I would like to apologise for this atrocity, I would like to open up requests again because I could seriously only think of this shitshow for Spencer Reid and he does not deserve it
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Scale from 1-10
Tumblr media
Emily: he’s blotter dynamite!
(Y/N): cool, cool, cool. What’s his body like from a scale from Reid to Morgan?
Reid: sorry buddy.
Morgan: what? I’m clearly the ten.
Reid: sure you are.
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deceasedream69 · 1 day
I can't understand how Spencer can say the most interesting shit, without even stuttering, and in an interesting way. And the team will still shut his mouth. If I was him I would say the most gruesome nasty life changing (not in a good way) facts I'd know, just so they could actually have a reason to shut me up. suckers.
Tumblr media
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You’re Worth It
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Female!Reader
Word Count: ~700
Warnings: fluff
Summary: The ring on your hand is gorgeous, and very expensive. You don’t think you’re worth all that money, but Spencer does.
Part One: Raindrops Make Perfect Circles
Square Filled: friends to lovers (2022) for @spencerreidbingo​
Author’s Note: any and all comments are appreciated <3
Tumblr media
The last few months have been nothing but perfect for you and Spencer. Of course, there have been some really hard cases that took a toll on you and Spencer, but your relationship has hit an all-new peak. Ever since you and Spencer got engaged, it’s like the romance turned up a notch.
Hotch requires you to be professional at work, but you sneak in some kisses every now and then. The entire team has been happier since you got engaged, and you think part of it is because they’ve always cheered Spencer on from the beginning.
To Spencer, happiness doesn’t come easily to him. He never knew if he would ever find a woman and be able to get married and have kids. He lost hope when he kept seeing Derek with a new girl on his arm, and eventually when he found Savannah. Spencer’s too awkward for anyone to stick around, and he’s been content with just himself…
Until you came around.
He’s had girlfriends before, but they all got hurt because of him. He didn’t want the same thing happening to you, so he kept his feelings at bay. They all came rushing out when you beat his ass at chess AND cheered because of it. In that moment, he needed you to know how he felt and if you didn’t feel the same, at least you’d know. He needed to make a change in himself, and he was beyond thrilled when you returned his feelings.
That was the moment he got his hope back; that maybe one day, he might be able to retire and live with the woman of his dreams. Although he doesn’t see you or him retiring anytime soon, he is still happy with you. The fact that he is going to be a married man soon, is beyond amazing and more than he could ever ask for.
He thought it was a big perk that you were on the team as well, since that meant you understood the life and knew the risks involved. However, that didn’t stop you two from having fun and being happy.
The cases seem to never stop coming no matter the season, but they slow down during the winter time since it’s freezing. The last case you’re on was in New York, and hotch gave the okay to stay a day or two in the city before heading back. You’ve been to New York plenty of times, but you never really enjoyed yourself there.
Spencer wanted to take you out and enjoy the city before going back to the hotel room, so you’re both walking around Times Square, admiring the Christmas lights everywhere.
“You know, California is just as wonderful as this. It’s less dirty and there are less people there, you state with your hand entwined with his.
“Are you trying to tell me something?”
“You know I’m a West Coast girl. I was born in California. My people are calling me home.”
“Your people? Alright, when we leave here, we’ll go to California. I bet I can ask Hotch for a week off,” Spencer says with a smile.
You let go of Spencer’s hand and push your way through the crowd to the jewelry store your eyes caught. Spencer makes sure to not lose you, even as you stop in the middle of the sidewalk to admire the decorations on the window of the jewelry store.
Decorated strips of fake tree leaves hung from above, weaving on the sides of the door until they reached the ground. Four mini trees stood outside the place, giving the place a more elegant look.
You are standing outside the window and peering in at the jewelry that was on display. You put your left hand on the glass and admire the diamonds that shine brightly. Spencer presses himself against you with admiration in his eyes.
“Spencer, look at these. They are so beautiful!”
The diamond on your hand catches your eyes, and you do a double take between that and the diamonds in the window.
“Did you get my ring here?”
“Yeah, I did.”
Judging the way the workers are dressed and how the rings look inside the place, you’re able to put two and two together.
“Spencer, these look expensive. You don’t have to be fancy for me. You know I would have loved a plain band just as much.”
Something sparkles in Spencer’s eyes, and he doesn’t hesitate to let you know what he’s thinking.
“You’re worth it.”
Tumblr media
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sublimecatgalaxy · 2 days
pleaseee more spencer blurbs i loved the christmas one and id genuinely would love just any type of settling just make it very fluffy, i loveee how u write spencer so thank you
Um yes! I love writing Spencer and honestly, I'm so shocked it took almost a YEAR for people to realize I write him😃
Tumblr media
"You didn't have too..." Spencer mutters, looking down at the small gift in his lap, eyes twinkling in the reflection of the Christmas tree. He has an awkward smile on his lips, eyes blinking rapidly as he glances up at me.
"Spencer, you're my boyfriend, of course I got you a gift." I chuckle, reaching out to shove him playfully and he catches my hand, pressing a kiss to my knuckles. "It's the holidays."
"I'm just a very good gift receiver." He mutters against my skin, cheeks flushing as he looks down at his gift, chest rising in a hefty breath. "Maybe you could open yours first?" He asks, freeing my hand from his as I look down at the even tinier box in front of me. A huge grin spreads across my lips and I can't fight the nod that I give him, immediately tearing into the paper
"Sure." I pause when I unravel all of the strategically wrapped paper from the small velvet box, my heart stopping in my chest as I look up at Spencer with wide, teary eyes.
"I didn't know how to ask- I tried to ask Penelope for help, JJ too- I even went to Morgan. They told me it would mean more if I came up with a way on my own but," he pauses, clearing his throat before referencing down at the box, "I still don't know how to ask." My thumbs push the box open, eyes widening impossibly more at the small diamond ring the sits prettily between the red velvet.
"Just ask." I mutter, not being able to take my eyes off of the ring. I had a feeling this was coming soon with the holidays coming up and with us approaching our six year anniversary but I nothing could've prepared me for it actually happening.
"Do you wanna get married, maybe?" He asks, reaching up to rub the back of his neck, his chest rising and falling in quick, anxious breaths.
"Maybe?" I ask with a teary giggle, scooting closer to him as he takes the box from me, holding it out to me with a giddy smile and cute, furrowed brows.
"Marry me?"
-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o- Taglist: @bubblebuttwade @rafelover2405 @leslienjazzy @sorceresss @grxnde-dwt @alex–awesome–22 @bunnietoof @niyamar1e @serialghost @plantlungs @geniusohn @akaliltimmytim @lilaalouuxx @xshariex @elliotsbeigeguitar @elle4404 @lelieja @srhxpci @joselyn001 @taysirene @spinkspanther @thedivineuphoria @peter-maximoffs @tsukishimawhore @poohkie90 @szlaco @distantsighs @nstyles4299 @wolflover384 @givemefoodandlovesstuff @vane28282 @yeswhatever33 @amirrahfranson @vvaalleennttiinna @f-mu @yaspillz @jeyramarie @[email protected] @jointherebellion215 @visiondaddy @steezysimfinds @its-ya-gay-boi-luigi @[email protected] @beth123lg @melovesmut @rafecameronswhore @ariianelle @write-from-the heart @[email protected] @honee-chai-tea @lokiandbuckywife
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cherryspence · 2 days
season 1 spencer reid is my bf season 15 spencer reid is my dad
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calibowrites · 2 days
he knows
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader
Rating: Teen & Up
Warnings: Miscommunication, talk of cheating, talk of sexual abuse/CSA, victim blaming
After your first trip back home since you started dating, you start acting strangely around your boyfriend. When he finally confronts you, you break down and confess.
Read it here on AO3!
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radiant-reid · 2 days
Hey bestie! Uh I’ve been having a hard time and some of the sadness I have is from the possibility of being infertile so can I request a brother! Hotch and Boyfriend Spencer comforting reader? I am typing this while crying lol if you can’t that’s completely fine🤍
aw bby 🤍🤍 love you. i hope everything works out
"Reid." Aaron snaps from the landing to the agent's desk.
Not only does it get Spencer's attention, but it also gets everyone else's as well. "Yeah, Hotch?" Spencer asks, frowning slightly.
"Get your stuff." Aaron unhelpfully answers, already walking to the elevator.
Spencer's immediate worry is you. To see his unit chief, your brother, so upset, it's got to be you. He hurriedly packs up before sprinting out the glass doors.
"Why would you let her go alone?" Aaron asks as soon as they step inside, barely able to manage professionalism around other colleagues.
"Y/n?" Spencer asks puzzled. All he knows is that your brother is furious. "Where did she go?"
Aaron sighs deeply, pinching the bridge of his nose. "She seriously didn't say anything?" He waits for an answer before prompting further. "About the fertility doctor?"
The color drains from Spencer's face as he understands what Aaron's saying. "No, I would never have let her go alone." He assures him. "Is she okay?"
"She called me crying, barely audible." Aaron breaks Spencer's heart with each word. He tried to comfort you on the phone, but he realized you need to see Spencer in person.
"Why wouldn't she tell me?" He asks, more to himself because he knows the answer, that you would have been trying to be strong and do it yourself.
They get in the car, and Aaron breaks every speed limit to get to your apartment. Spencer doesn't even have room in his brain to worry about a car crash.
Spencer unlocks the apartment, not bothering with doing the courteous thing and letting Hotch go in first. He finds you on the couch, the back of your hand over your mouth. In all the time he'd known you, he didn't think he'd ever seen you so sad.
He sits on the ottoman in front of you. "Sweetheart." He coos, taking your hand.
You glare up at Aaron. "Why'd you tell him?" You whine at your brother.
"Y/n, he needs to know." He tells you.
"Give me a minute?" You ask him, although he was the one that you called.
Aaron leans down to kiss your forehead affectionately. "I'll make you a grilled cheese."
"The crusts-"
"Don't burn them, I know." He cuts you off before mumbling something about how you and Jack are so similar.
Spencer's still holding your hand when you turn to look at him. "Why don't you want me to know?" He asks you.
"Because something in me is broken, so I'm never going to be able to give you kids." You tell him bluntly. You adore Spencer more than anything, but you're scared he's going to leave you.
"No, no, no." He says, shaking his head. "That does not matter to me, Y/n. It's not even a close comparison between getting to be with you or having biological kids."
You're almost crying listening to him. "But you would be such an amazing dad."
"I don't have to be, though." He assures you. "I just want to be with you, no matter what that means."
"Are you sure?" You ask, frowning at him.
Spencer nods. "Absolutely." He answers, holding your cheeks so he can wipe up your tears before he kisses you softly.
Aaron clears his throat, and it makes you pull back. "Grilled cheese." He announces, handing the plate over. "Anything else I can do for you?"
"Yeah." You say, smiling at Spencer for a second before looking at your brother. "Can you give my favorite employee of yours the rest of the day off?"
Aaron chuckles. "Sure. I'll tell Morgan to come over." He jokes, squeezing your shoulder before leaving you and Spencer to your grilled cheese.
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thewriterg · 5 hours
♡︎𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞𝐬 𝐩𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐞♡︎
pairing(s): Spencer Reid x gn!reader, Spencer Reid x assassin!reader
summary: You usually kept quiet in a lot of situations so everyone knew to steer and let Spencer do his job when you started to get irritable at the fact your holiday leave was cut short but in the end he does what a doctor does best make it all better —advent calendar day;6—
word count: 750+
warning(s): Reader is Sleep deprived and a grumpy ass hole, kisses, cuddles, pet names, and language
A/n:—GIF; @merriell— You guys are getting two fics today because food poisoning seems to love me 😊
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were more grumpy today then normal and everyone steered clear of you since you walked into the BAU twenty minutes late and even Hotch knew that it wasn't the day to bitch at you declaring that you would just have to go over the case on the jet
You had worked a hard year and you and the team had finally got assigned on your holiday leave around this time of year crime got low other than robbery that lower rank detectives and police officers were perfectly capable of solving on their own
So four days into your break you didn't expect to hear the screeching ringtone of your work phone that you had tucked away in your bedside table at 6:30 in the morning with Rossi's gruff voice in your ear about having a case in Ohio you wanted to tear your hair out of your scalp
So four days into your break you didn't expect to hear the screeching ringtone of your work phone that you had tucked away in your bedside table at 6:30 in the morning with Rossi's gruff voice in your ear about having a case in Ohio you wanted to tear your hair out of your scalp
“Allright, wheels up in ten” Hotch stated into the silence of the conference room before exiting a steel thermos in his hand on his way to get another cup you assumed and without looking around the room you could still sense the awkward tension you were a high rank detective and an assassin for majority of your life for crying out loud
You stood suddenly from your seat the chair pushing back its wheels rolling in all different types of directions as you exited the room just as Hotch had meer minutes before Spencer wanted to go after you without a second thought but before he could Hotch was back rushing the team to the jet
You laid against the leather couch tossing and turning against the surface all attempts to get an extra hour of sleep out the window as you just irritably sighed staring at the back couch cushions your back turned to the rest of the jet
“Hey honey, you alright what’s going on?” Spencer question deep concern littering his speech and the tone of your boyfriend’s voice could make you cry
“I’m just… I’m just really tired and frustrated” Your voice didn’t go over a mumble and Spencer not plucking with his luck decided he would just have to toon the the rest of the world out and focus on the words that spilled from your lips
“C-can I try something? It’s a remedy my mom used to do for me when I was younger and couldn’t sleep” Your eyebrows furrowed only in the slightest was something you did when you were contemplating something or trying to think quick on your feet
Instead of talking you just scooted towards the back of the couch and the doctor was quick to take a quarter of the half couch deciding something more comfortable and compatible for you both the brunette took his hand underneath one of your armpits as if you were an I can’t he were picking up to sit on his hip and guided you to his chest scooting over to the now empty space
Before you could even register what was happening Spencer’s hands found their way to your warm body and it sent a small frown to his face. Who would be able to sleep if they were that warm?
They weren’t like ice cycles that migrated on the roof of your house but they were cool like the slight breeze of your cracked window as you slept The pad of his thumb met with the skin of your nose as he traced the slight curve of it before moving to your jawline, then a little under your eye socket, the curve of your chin and finally back to your nose
The touch grounded you in a way, it made you focus, redirected your train of thought. Your eyes watered from the exhaustion beginning to burn the longer you kept them open
“Go to sleep dove, I got you I promise” That melted right through the ice of your heart as your began to blink your burning tears away closing your eyes letting the soft touches on your face re-guide your focus Spencer started humming random Christmas songs lowly in your ear and you and him both knew you were a goner
The team took small lingering gazes at you both relieved and all around amazed. How the brunette could calm you down in a second from your most unethical high was still a case they couldn’t solve for themselves but they let it go untouched respectfully.
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constillatedchaos · 2 days
Could you maybe write a blurb of chubby/curvy reader in a relationship with Spencer but she’s still insecure and he notices she hasn’t been eating and/or is avoiding sitting in his lap/being on top? I just love angsty stuff but also kinda smut ?🙈
not really smut, but more reassurance and spencer being confused and sweet. cw: body image issues, plus size!reader
it’s hard not focusing on it. it’s pointed out all the time, by everyone one way or another.
you were doing good, being with spencer made it good, but sometimes there’s voices that make that good all go away.
spencer noticed the shift in your behaviour almost as soon as it happened.
the not wanting his hands on your hips or thighs, refusing to sit in his lap and even not eating when he was home.
at first he didn’t get it- but now, it’s evidently clear.
“sweet girl?” he calls through the house carefully, almost as if calling your name too loud will shatter what you’re trying to hide.
“i got christmas movies on dvd.” your head pops up on the sofa and spencer offers you a careful smile.
his smile softens a bit when he notices you’re covered in your duvet from the neck down.
“sweet girl,” you know that tone very well. “what’s going on?”
your eyes fill with water immediately and spencer rushes to the sofa and pulls you in his lap, arms tightening when you try to wiggle free of him.
“c’mon baby, you gotta talk to me when it happens.”
you nod and hold onto his fingers, tugging at them as you start spilling your heart out about what’s been bothering you.
“before anyone said anything, did you feel bad about how you looked?”
you shake your head and mutter a feeble, “no.”
“did i make you feel bad about what you looked like or what you ate or anything like that?” you shake your head again and tuck your face into spencer’s chest.
“i know it’s hard, and it probably isn’t made better that i’m socially attractive,” you want to stop him, but spencer knows what he says is true.
“but, i promise, there’s nothing wrong with the way you look, or what you like to eat or anything like that. i love you just the way you are, exactly like this; with no restrictions.”
spencer kisses your wet lips and wipe away your runny nose when your tears fall faster.
“always gonna love you, sweet girl. even after i take my last breath.”
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chrisevansleftpeck · 15 hours
Planning Paris
Spencer Reid x Fiance!Reader
Word Count: 911
Content Warning: None :) just kinda a short hurt-comfort blurb after a little argument
Tumblr media
“Okay so if we book the La Centime it’s- jesus christ.” You stop in your tracks when you see the price per night. 
Spencer fixates on your eyes, worried. “What is it, love?” He placed his hand on your back, rubbing it in comfort. 
“Spencer it’s two-hundred dollars a night for the suite. I know it’s our honeymoon but it’s just us. We don’t need a suite or an ocean view or-” Spencer placed his finger over your mouth in protest.
“Uh-uh. We don’t have to get the honeymoon suite if you really don’t want to, but I am at least getting you an ocean view. We’re not big spenders, y/n, so let’s just have this, okay? I want you to marry me and not have to worry about money.” You looked at him helplessly in love. And stressed. Very very stressed. 
The wedding was planned but now you had to deal with the whole honeymoon. “What if- what if we just maybe didn’t have a honeymoon?” 
Spencer twitched a bit, confused on what he was supposed to do with his fiance not wanting to have a honeymoon. “But it’s the only time we’ll ever have a honeymoon. I think you’re stressed right now. How about we hash this out later, okay?” Spencer moved his hand to touch your arm. The contact forced you to scoot your chair out of the kitchen table and stand.
“There isn’t later! The wedding is in two months and it’s a highly booked hotel. It’s France, Spencer and we’re working on a two month notice.” You turned away, storming off to the bedroom and closing the door. 
Spencer sat at the table, twiddling with his fingers and analyzing the spread of sheets and papers across the table. He let his head fall into his hands and sighed deeply. He couldn’t stand the idea of not taking you somewhere special, of getting married and then just coming home. 
Later at night Spencer knocked at the bedroom door, politely asking if he could enter.
“It’s your bedroom too, Spence.” You sighed, knowing you couldn’t ignore each other any longer, and knowing you were the one at fault. 
You sat up in the bed as he walked through the door, closing it gently behind them. The exact opposite of the way you closed the door earlier. He made his way towards you, sitting at the edge of the bed.
“It um, it just occurred to me that maybe France isn’t the problem and maybe you didn’t want a honeymoon at all from the start. And that I didn’t ask what you wanted-” He squeaked, sounding a little heartbroken, but mostly disappointed in himself.
You crawled towards him, sitting straight up next to him and letting your head rest on his tired shoulder. “You did ask me. I said France. And I still want it.” Spencer adjusted to sit crisscrossed and you in front of him, holding his hands. “I’m just very stressed.” You whispered to try to cover your tears. 
“Baby,” He whispered, barely audible, as he held your tear-ridden face. You sobbed gently into his hands. 
“I’m so sorry I got mad at you, Spencer. I really didn’t mean it. I want you to take me somewhere far away without all the planning and all the stress. I want our small peaceful wedding in the tiny garden and then I want to get on a plane and fall asleep on your shoulder and wake up in Paris.” You sighed, your chest feeling lighter from getting it all out. Spencer opened his mouth but you just weren’t done. “And I know- I know that’s not how it works. I know I’m being irrational, and I’m sorry. I’m so very very sorry.”
Spencer smiled at you, “Can I have a turn now?” He laughed breathily while you laughed with a half-sob. “I want to take you to Paris. And if it’s okay with you, I want to do all the planning and expenses for it. You did a lot planning for the wedding, it’s my turn now, okay? Not a thing to worry about, my love.” All the while he whispered relieving words, he brushed his fingers through your smooth hair. 
Spencer leaned forward to lightly grab your face, pausing so you knew what he was going to do, then kissed you sweetly. You leaned into him, kissing him back and feeling his wet lips against yours. 
For a moment you kept at it, unable to disconnect your lips and Spencer the same. You pushed him forward a little with your hand against his chest when he quickly pushed you back, forward so he was on top of you. You both paused for a minute, breathing heavy. 
“Uh, what happened?” You laughed nervously. 
“I was on the edge of the bed, I’m so sorry.” He exhaled breathily. “Hey,” He grabbed you under your waist, pulling you up to rest your head on the pillow at the top of bed. 
“Yes my love?” You said enchantingly, gazing up at him. 
“Let’s save this for Paris.” He leaned forward swiftly, to steal one last kiss before flopping beside you in bed. 
Without thinking, you snuggled up into his chest, Spencer quick to wrap his arms around you and squeeze you tightly. You hummed, “Paris.” 
“Yes, Paris. In an expensive hotel.” 
“Spencer.” You warned, patting his arm lightly. He chuckled a little bit underneath you. 
“Only the best for my bride.”
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