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Tumblr media
Ben Oliver, She Hulk
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Headcanon of Steve rogers taking care of his baby daughter while his wife reader is in her me time in the spa
Husband! Steve Rogers Wife! xreader with Baby Daughter Headcannon
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Reader goes to a spa for some me time and Steve stays with their baby daughter at home to take care of her
Warnings: fluff and angst
. Reader would double check with Steve that he has everything for his daughter and Steve would reassure reader that he’s got everything and to go relax
. Reader would hate to leave her daughter but she knows she needs a day to relax and trusts steve and calls Steve once in a while to check on them both
. Steve would tell his daughter stories of his missions and wouldn’t be sure if she understood him and shows her his shield and helmet & would try and make her laugh and when he firsts sees her smile he cried because he’s so happy
. Steve wouldn’t be sure what to feed his daughter at first but sees reader left notes in the kitchen for Steve for what to give their daughter
. Steve gets a bit overwhelmed and calls Bucky to come help him with his daughter when she cries a lot and Bucky helps the baby and Steve relax
. Steve tries to make his daughter say her first word while he feeds her and she doesn’t say anything much at first but then says a random word and Steve gets very proud
. Reader keeps debating wether to go home early because she is worried about her daughter but knows Steve is with her and stays at the spa a bit longer and Steve is showing the baby different toys to see which one she likes the best while checks his phone for messages
. Reader comes home later feeling very relaxed and sees Steve and their daughter napping on the couch since Steve is very protective and doesn’t wanna let his baby out of his sight and reader asks how everything is going and Steve smiled and said “oh everything went fine doll.” Though he is still trying to get the hang of it
. Steve tells reader later that their daughter said her first word and reader gets excited no matter how random it was
. Steve hugs both his wife reader and the baby feeling so happy he has a family and never lets anything bad happen to them
. Steve is very sweet and soft with his child but protective and would brag about his child to the team and show them pictures of her and reader and him and pictures of just the baby looking cute
. Reader loves how Steve adores their child
Ok so probably not my best one 😅.. but I hope you enjoy luv!! 🤍🤍😊xx
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Nat: I still have no idea how I'm attracted to you
Y/n: yeah, well, you're stuck with me, and no take backs, honey
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Winter Wishes - Prologue (Loki x Reader)
Warnings - Loki, implied smut, Swearing, Death, Angst, Dark Humour, Shenanigan’s, Mutual Pining, lots of Hallmark cheese
Pairing - Loki X Reader (Slow Burn Romance), Enemies to Idiots in Love
Reader Description - Female, No physical descriptions, Only referred to by nicknames & Petnames (No use of Y/N)
Description/Blurb -
When a distant Uncle passes away and leaves you with a cottage cabin in a small town, thousands of miles away from your life, you decide to roll with fate. You move to the tiny town of Marvel, filled with colourful locals and strange characters, like Natasha, the owner of the best and only bar in town. She pulls you into her orbit, and introduces you to people who unknowingly change your life.
Your empty life starts to fill with friends, and community. Embraced by the people of Marvel, your heart starts to fill with love. There’s never a dull day, between new friends, frozen furballs with pleading eyes, town activities, and beautiful nature, you embark on a new adventure.
It would almost be perfect if it weren’t for the surly, snarky youngest son of the Mayor. Loki Odinson is the villain in your new fairytale. He plots to displace you from Marvel, drive you out of town, and take your land for his new scheme. But you’ve just found this life, and you’re determined not to give it up so easily.
If Loki wants war, then you’ll give the handsome bastard the battle of his life.
Tumblr media
The chill in the air was biting at your face, the rest of your skin protected by the black clothes draped over your body, blending into the sea of black around you. mourners gathered around you, grief overflowing from them directed toward a pointlessly pretty coffin, and it occurred to you that the whole process of a funeral was less about burying the dead, and more about finding a box to bury your sadness in. All the grief, the tears, they would fade when the dirt hit the wood, and then it would be onwards to drinks and stories. As if it really worked like that.
 Yet, nobody would be seen crying in public after the funeral. The smart black clothes would go back into closets, and life would move on.
 For you, that would be easier said than done. You knew of the old man you were mourning for with the crowd of strangers, he was your uncle, but he lived thousands of miles away, and all you had of him were wild stories of his escapades, clips of him in the background of home movies, and apparently a house.
 He’d left everything to you, citing in his will that he couldn’t think of anybody who needed it more. The lawyer who had tracked you down to tell you, said that your uncle had said he was leaving you more than just a house, he was leaving you a way to make a home.
 You treaded forward, head down as you dodged the people between you and the coffin, until you were standing right next to it.
 “I don’t understand.” You whispered, placing your hand on the cold wooden box, hoping that somehow an answer would present itself.
 You had a decent enough life, a tiny apartment with only one leak in the ceiling, and a cold water tap that spewed boiling water instead. Your job was your dream job, even if you’d come to learn that dreams could be deceiving. There were no close friends, just a perpetually stoned old woman next door who sometimes stopped you on the doorstep to tell outlandish stories about breaking laws without getting caught.
 So, it wasn’t the best life, but it was alright, even if it felt empty at times. Was it bad enough a life to throw it all away on the whims of a dead man? Should you really make the call to the movers to collect your meagre boxes of belongings, or should you go back and unpack them?
 Stick with the safe life, or gamble it away for a cottage cabin in the woods of a small and strange town?
 You gulped down a deep breath of freezing air and raised your head up. A flash of red snatched your attention as you caught the gaze of a beautiful redhead. Her expression revealed nothing, but there was a warmth in her eyes. She nodded her head at you, and acknowledgement, a greeting, but it felt like more.
 It felt like an answer.
 As your mind made itself up, you glanced back down at the coffin.
 “I hope you know what you’re doing Uncle Stan.”
Tumblr media
AUTHORS NOTE - I decided to honour Stan Lee a little by having him be the person that changes readers life, even after he’s gone, just like he did in real life. 
This is my first fic in ages, like over a year, so it may be rusty but it’ll hopefully get better. I’m going to aim for a chapter mostly every day (except Sundays) through December, and this is a full on cheesy Hallmark comfort fic. It’s gonna be cosy! 
Soooo comment and reblog if you want/can, or just read silently, whatever works for you, I just hope you enjoy the story. 
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Natasha, texting: I love you, stay safe!
Yn: Will do, I love you too abby
Yn: baby*
[ Natasha is typing... ]
Yn: Oh god, here we go again...
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Tony: [drunkingly confronts Bucky] Hey you! Barnes is it? Yeah. I don't know where you're from. But I'll have you know, I am the catch of New York.
Rhodey: That's true. That's how he signed my yearbook.
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Tumblr media
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The Tower - Starting Without Us
Tumblr media
The Tower - Starting Without Us
Series Masterlist
Pairing:  Avengers x OFC, Bruce Banner x Bucky Barnes x Clint Barton x Wanda Maximoff x Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff x Tony Stark x Thor x Sam Wilson x OFC (Elly Cooper)
Word Count: 3196
Warnings:  smut (ten-person bisexual orgy, oral, vaginal, and anal sex, double penetration)
Synopsis:  Bruce and Elly come to bed to find the rest of the group has started something without them.
Author’s Note: Requested by  Peteypie & Harrysbigtoetattoo28 on AO3. You can send in your requests too.
Tumblr media
Starting Without Us
Takes place after Happily Ever After
Bruce and I knew what was happening before we even reached the bottom of the stairs.  Our bedroom in the Palace of Asgard was cathedral-like, and noise carried in it like an echo chamber.  The moans, grunts, and soft sound of skin against skin coming from the bed at the top of the podium echoed through the room, giving away exactly what the rest of the group was doing.
I looked up at Bruce and smirked, and he softly laughed and shook his head.  “Looks like we’re missing out on an orgy,” he joked.
I laughed and started stripping off my clothes.  “Not if I can help it.”
Bruce laughed again, and followed me up the stairs, shedding his clothes and shrinking down from his larger, green form, to his smaller human one.  We were both naked by the time we got to the top of the stairs, and we stopped side by side, watching the scene before us.
“Do you ever get struck by how unbelievably attractive our husbands and wives are?” I asked Bruce as I took hold of his forearm.  Before us was a sea of gorgeous, sweaty bodies, writhing together on the oversized bed.  Thor was on all fours, his face hidden by Clint’s thighs as he bobbed his head up and down on the archer’s cock.  Clint’s hands were tangled in Thor’s hair and he arched his back on the mattress as he lay back, every one of his sinewy muscles pulling tight. 
Sam was on his knees behind Thor, one hand braced on the god’s shoulder, and his head dropped forward as he fucked him.  He was going slow and deep, and each time he thrust in he swirled his hips.
Off to their left Bucky was laid out on his back as Wanda sat on him bouncing up and down on his cock.  She still had her knee-high socks on and her corset had just been torn open at the top, letting her breasts spill out.  They bounced with every movement, and it was clear that Bucky was as mesmerized by them as I was.  His ornate prosthetic arm was curled around her waist and his metal fingers dug into her hip.
On the far end of the bed were Steve, Tony, and Natasha. Natasha was pinned between the two men as they sat caging her between their legs.  All three were naked, but it was hard to tell if anyone was actually fucking.  They moved as a single organism, kissing and caressing each other.  They seemed truly connected in a way that went beyond the physical.  Almost as if they were feeling everyone around them through the threads only I could see.
“Every time I look at any of you,” Bruce said.
I turned and looked at him, a soft smile playing over my lips.  “God, I love you,” I said.
“I love you too, El,” he said.  “Come on, we have some catching up to do.”
I jumped onto the mattress, and Bruce caught me from behind and knocked my feet out from under me, and we both went tumbling onto the mattress.  I squealed and landed, completely breaking down into giggles, and when I tried to crawl away, he caught me around the middle and pulled me back toward him.  My laughter was soon cut short by his tongue lapping up my folds from behind.  I pressed my face into my forearms and spread my legs wider for him.  His tongue swirled up from my cunt to my asshole and back again.  It set my nerves alight and I moaned, pushing back against him, trying to get more.
I completely lost myself to the feeling of Bruce’s tongue moving over my most intimate places, sending a soft current traveling through me, under my skin.  The sounds coming from everyone else, and the pleasure I could feel radiating off them that traveled through the threads that connected us was nothing but a background buzz.  Like rain on the roof, or the sounds of waves hitting the shore. 
It wasn’t until the mattress dipped in front of me that I realized the rest of the group had moved around.  I looked up to see Thor kneeling over me, his cock standing hard against his belly and leaking precome down his shaft.
“Good Evening, lover,” he said, his hand moving to my jaw so he was cradling it underneath.  “I’m glad you and Bruce were able to join us.”
I wanted to snark back at him and tell him how rude it was not to wait for us, but at that same moment, Bruce pulled my clit between his lips and a hot jolt tore through my spine.  All I could do was moan and open my mouth, offering it to him.
“Oh, that’s it.  You know just what your mouth is for, don’t you?” Thor praised and wrapped his hand around his cock.  I moaned and stuck out my tongue as he tapped his cock on my cheeks and rubbed it over them, smearing his precome onto my skin.  I looked up at him, my head already feeling fuzzy.  “You want it badly, don’t you?” Thor teased.
I moaned in response, tilting my head up.  Thankfully, he didn’t make me beg for it, because the next moment the head of his cock was pushing in between my lips.  He knew what I could take and he didn’t go slowly or let me adjust, he just shoved in as deep as he could go.  I gagged as he pushed past the back of my throat, adjusting myself so it was open for him.  He was in complete control as he fucked my throat hard and deep. His hand moved from my jaw to my neck, and I knew he was feeling the way his cock made my throat bulge.  His other hand went to my hair, wrapping it around his hand so he could hold me in place or force me further down on his shaft. 
Behind me, Bruce got up on his knees.  He tapped the head of his cock against my clit making a wet sound that matched the sound of Thor’s cock moving in and out of my mouth.  With another smooth snap of his hips, he entered me and began to thrust.
I couldn’t see anyone else around me in my current position, and all my focus was on trying to stop myself from falling apart completely between them.  The mattress dipped beside me and I opened my eyes and looked to the side as best I could.  Tony was walking on his knees around the side of me followed by Wanda and Clint.
Tony moved behind Bruce, and Bruce’s thrusts slowed and almost stopped.  He moaned loudly and even without seeing what was going on, I knew that Tony had started to fuck his ass.  Wanda lay down at a right angle to me and scooted under me, arching her head up to start licking at my clit.  As she did, Clint moved in between her legs and guided his cock into her.
Thor tapped on my cheek.  “Focus,” he said, his voice a deep rumble.
Bruce began to thrust again, it was slower and more erratic but it didn’t matter.  With him filling me while Wanda licked and sucked at my clit, it was almost enough to bring me over there and then.  Add to that the way Thor’s cock is blocking my airway and the feeling of everyone’s pleasure surging through the threads, I was right at the edge of my orgasm already.  I had trouble keeping my elbows locked and increasingly it felt more and more like Thor was holding me up by my neck and hair.  My mind felt thick like molasses and it became hard to tell where I ended and everything else began.  Wanda pulled my clit between her lips and pressed down on it, and that was all it took to send me spiraling over.  I came, choking on Thor’s cock as I clenched around Bruce’s.
Thor pulled back and practically hauled me up into a passionate kiss.  I kissed back in a daze, my walls still pulsing around Bruce.
Bruce pulled out and when Thor broke the kiss, I gazed around at the group.  Bruce had collapsed down, his face pressed into the mattress and his ass popped up as Tony fucked him.  Wanda was still beside me on her back.  Her feet were on Clint’s shoulders as he thrust into her cunt.  Thor turned his attention to Bucky.  The two men started to kiss as they pressed their cocks together and Thor began pumping them at the same time.  Natasha was riding Sam, and the two were kissing passionately as she bounced on his cock.
I turned, straddling Wanda’s face and Steve moved up behind me, putting his hand on my neck and guiding me forward so that as Wanda sucked on my clit, I did the same to hers.  She was so wet that every thrust of Clint’s hips made a squelch and sent droplets of fluid slashing up onto my face.  I licked up everything I could, running my tongue from her clit to the base of Clint’s cock.
Steve reached over me and Wanda and pulled Clint into a harsh and claiming kiss.  As he did, he thrust his cock hard into me.  I gasped and clenched up around his thick shaft.  He thrust into me hard and fast, and I had to brace my forearms on Wanda’s hips to keep myself from collapsing on top of her. 
Things were always more intense for me when I was with Wanda.  We created a feedback loop, where her pleasure was fed by mine, which in turn fed back to me again.  With that and my already overstimulated state, we were both on edge almost immediately.  I tried to focus on her and push mine back.  If I came too many times too quickly I wouldn’t last as long as this night was shaping up to go.
Wanda arched her back under me, and little orbs of pink light drifted off her fingers only to be snuffed out immediately.  Every time she moaned, I felt it against my cunt.  She was getting close, I could feel it, not just through the connection we shared, but the way her muscles spasmed under me.  I pulled her clit between my lips and ran my tongue over it and it sent her over.  She bucked up hard under me and cried out.  Her orgasm knocked mine over with it and I arched my back, grabbing hold of Clint’s hips as I came over Steve’s cock.
Clint groaned. “Oh fuck, Wanda.”  He pulled out of her and began to pump his cock.  I tilted my head back and opened my mouth and Clint came, splattering my mouth and chin, as well as Wanda’s pussy with thick white ropes.
As Clint sat back on his heels, Steve pulled out of me.  “Don’t think you’re done yet, little bird,” he growled as he crawled toward him.  I climbed off Wanda while I had the chance and the two of us just lay on our backs side to side breathing heavily.  I turned my head, Natasha was climbing off Sam and she beckoned me over.  I got onto my hands and knees and crawled over to her.  Behind me, Thor scooped Wanda into her arms and the two began to kiss, and Steve had Clint on his back and had started to fuck him.  Bruce and Tony were making their way over to join him.
When I reached Natasha, she pulled me into a deep kiss, licking Clint’s mess from my lips.  Sam sat up and watched us for a moment, before taking my hand and pulling me toward him.  I held the kiss as long as I could with Natasha, before pushing Sam onto his back and straddling his lap.  As I lowered myself down, he guided his cock into me.  I started bouncing and Natasha went to join Clint and Steve, as Bucky moved up behind me and Sam.
Bucky kissed my neck as he lubed up his cock and I leaned back against him, letting him hold my weight, as I rolled my hips in a figure of eight on Sam’s cock.
“Look at you,” Sam teased as he ran his hands up to my chest and cupped my breast. “You’re already so fucked out, Elly.  Normally you last so much longer.  Are you getting old?”
I leaned over him and put my hand on his neck.  “Never,” I said, and started bouncing up and down quickly on his cock.  He looked up at me, his tongue teasing over his lips and he pulled me down into a hard kiss.
Bucky put his metal hand in the middle of my back, stilling my movements.  His cock pressed against my entrance and I squeezed my eyes closed and willed myself to relax as Bucky pushed his cock inside my cunt alongside Sam’s.
“God, I love how well you take us,” Bucky groaned as he seated himself fully inside me.
Sam stroked my hair and kissed my neck.  “That’s a girl.  How are you doing?”
“So good,” I moaned and began to move between them. 
“Eager,” Bucky teased as he ran his hand up my spine.  “Just relax, El.  We’ve got you.”
They both began to thrust into me.  I became putty between them, letting them use me as they saw fit.  Steve was still fucking Clint, and Natasha had straddled Clint’s face and was grinding down on it as she kissed Steve.  Wanda and Thor were in the lotus position, sitting face to face as Wanda slowly rolled her hips.  Tony was still with Bruce, but they seemed to be taking a breather for a moment and just watching everyone as they stroked themselves.
Sam kissed down my neck and pulled one of my breasts into his mouth, sucking on my nipple as he snapped his hips up under me, and behind me, Bucky wrapped an arm around my waist and began to rub my overly sensitive clit.
I came shuddering between them, but neither was done with me yet.  If anything, my orgasm spurred them on.  They thrust harder and faster, and as one pulled back the other thrust forward so there was never a moment I didn’t feel full.  I moaned loudly, my eyes falling closed as I just gave in to it.  I came again, and then a third time, and I started to think I would pass out between them.  I squeezed my walls around them, trying to milk them.  Sam jerked up under me and groaned loudly as he finally came too.  Bucky kept thrusting but it was only six more thrusts before he was coming too, his come mixing with Sam’s.
“Fuck,” Sam groaned.  “God damn.”
Bucky hummed and slipped out of me, kissing my shoulder and I took the opportunity to slither off Sam.
I lay catching my breath, and just watching the rest of the group.  Thor and Wanda split apart and Thor went to Bruce, taking Clint with him.  Steve came over to Bucky and the two began to kiss, while Sam moved to Wanda.
Tony approached me and ran his hands up my shins and down my thighs.  “Got one more in you?” he asked.
“For the man I married? Of course,” I answered.
I spread my legs for him and he crawled up over me, kissing me deeply as he sunk his cock into my aching cunt.  He slowly rolled his hips as we kissed and I relaxed and rocked my hips with his.  Natasha crawled up beside us and ran her hand through Tony’s hair.  It made Tony moan into my lips.  The moan turned into a gasp as her hands tightened and she yanked his head back.   He mewled and bucked into me.
Natasha pulled him back onto his knees and pressed a searing kiss onto his lips.  He never broke the slow, deep rhythm of his thrusts, and as they kissed, Natasha straddled my face.  I tilted my head up and began to lap at her cunt.  Someone had come inside her - maybe multiple people.  It mixed with her fluids and coated my tongue as I licked up her slit.  The heady concoction overwhelmed me and I drank it down greedily.
I suckled on her clit as her fingers met mine.  She rubbed it in tight circles as Tony’s hips sped up.  The three of us moved together as one, rocking our hips, licking, kissing, and hands roaming over each other’s bodies.  I focused hard on Natasha, nipping at her clit and pulling the tiny bundle of nerves between my lips.  I suckled on it and flicked my tongue over its surface.  All the while pleasure was swirling through me, building pressure in my core ready to break.
Natasha’s orgasm hit a split second before mine and we both bucked hard as they took hold of us completely.  Natasha braced her hands on Tony’s shoulders to stop herself from falling.
The clench of my cunt brought Tony over with me, and he thrust in hard cursing as he spilled inside me.  Natasha practically oozed from off the top of me, collapsing on the bed and humming as she lay on her back looking up at the ceiling.  Tony lay down half on top of me, his cock still inside me as it softened.  I played with his hair as I turned my head and looked at the others.  Wanda, Sam, Clint, and Bruce, all looked as spent as the three of us.  They lay together in a little cuddle pile nearby.
 It was only Steve, Thor, and Bucky who were still going.  Steve was lying on his back as Thor fucked him, and Bucky was behind Thor, thrusting into his ass.  They were going a little harder with each other than they would with any of the rest of us, and you could see how close they were getting.  Thor was barely holding it together.  His eyes were leaking blue plasma as his powers threatened to take him.  He wrapped one large hand around Steve’s cock and pumped it.
Steve moaned and arched his back off the mattress and came all over his stomach.  Thor seemed to relax as Steve came, no longer trying to hold himself back, he thrust into Steve’s ass and came inside him, a look of pure relaxed bliss on his face.  
Bucky kept thrusting, chasing his release, and Thor moaned, his eyes rolling back as he took it.  Bucky shoved in hard and his hips jerked as he came too.
It took a moment for the three men to break apart but when they did, they looked more fucked out than anyone else in the room.
Wanda waved her hand lazily and brought up washcloths from the basins at the bottom of the stairs.  We slowly cleaned each other up and when we were all finally in bed properly, we fell asleep, completely spent, and wrapped in each other's arms.
~ END ~
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Where is Tony ?☕
Tumblr media
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When Tony finally introduced you to the Avengers it was after The Purple Titan had snapped half the world out of existence. You knew your father loved you even if you didn't know him or had ever met him, he supplied money and kept your abusive mother away from you so you didn't ask questions. That's why when he had kept you in, the best schools, and side projects you wanted; which include judo, karate, ballet, any foreign language you wanted, cooking, and even small medical attendance you didn't ask questions. With all of that helped you to fit in with what was left of the Avengers.
You smiled as Steve patted your shoulder “glad to meet you Y/N.” he said before he left the building, Natasha Romanoff left the room with nothing to say to you, frowning you looked to your dad “they don't like me, I mean I get it i'm not special like all of you but they didn't even try.” you told him as he pulled you into a hug “its okay Dove, just know I love you and your always welcomed to come to the cottage with me and Pepper.” he whispered against your shoulder, you squeezed him harder “I think I want to be alone for a bit Tones I um I mean dad.” you told him as you backed away.
That was two years ago now you were standing on the front porch of Tony’s and Peppers cabin debating on knocking or not. Just as you raised your fist a small child barreled through the door and ran into you. “Morgan…” you heard a female voice call before faltering “Y/N we didn't know you were coming.” Pepper said as she came into view, “i'm sorry Pep its just I wanted to see Tony but… I shouldn't have come, I'll just be going.” you responded the two year old holding you tighter at the knees “no’s mama’s make her stay” she screamed causing you to flinch. “Morgan dear let go, just because daddy talks about them doesn't mean you get to hold them hostage.” Pepper told the small child.
She let go of your legs and grabbed your hand as she looked up at you “are you my sister?” she asked, you smiled and knelt down to her level “lets just say i'm your sibling but you can call me Y/N/N, Morgan” she smiled at you and pulled you into a hug. Smiling, you pulled her tighter against you as a single tear fell down your cheek.
The vision that had just graced you from her touch sending you into somewhat of a shock. A vision of Tony dying at the hands of The Gauntlet to keep Thanos from destroying everything again, of Natasha dying at the bottom of a cliff. You had to do something about it. You promised yourself that day as Morgan clanged to your side or when you tucked her in many weeks later as Tony stood in the doorway and she told you she loved you three thousand you knew you would do anything to keep your family safe, even if you died in the end.
That was almost a year ago. “Y/N are you there, talk to me” Tony said snapping in front of your face “sorry yeah i'm here what were you saying?” you asked. He smiled sadly at you “Y/N, Dove are you okay?” he asked. You shook your head yes as you stood from the dining table “call me if you need anything Tones I um… I'm going to disappear for a while. Make sure Morgan knows I love her three thousand.” you responded before practically running out the door.
“Tony we can fix this we just need your help” Natasha said as he stood up pulling Morgan into his arms “Romanoff I finally have everything I finally wanted and doing this could risk it all” he responded before setting his child down “the table is set for five but no shop talk” and he walked off. You smiled from the computer set you were watching where all of this was happening, “I'll fix it dad, just give me the info I need and you don't have to be involved. You will get to keep your perfect family.”
You time traveled back before Thanos could snap his fingers, right in the middle of the battle at Wakanda “FRIDAY I need a glove” you yelled into your earpiece you had stolen so many nights ago “unauthorized; only Mr.Stark can call for Iron Man” the AI responded ‘shit you thought’ just as Captain America and Tony came on the comms “who’s on the comms” “who the hell is trying to get my gear” you smiled at your dads usage of words “language Stark” you responded with a smirk.
Forgetting the mishap with FRIDAY you picked up a spear and began battling the space scum running at you. “Holy shit who is that, they move like Natasha?” you heard Clint ask in the comms, smiling you continued to pulverize the opponents. When you realized the team was running to the forest you frowned “Thor do you hear me?” you asked, running after them “who is this?” he asked “fuck Thor listen it doesnt matter who I am, GO FOR THE HEAD” you screamed at him through the ear piece “who ever this is get off the comm system” you heard you farther call out before the distinc click of being shut out from the earpieces. ‘fuck really dad’ you mumbled picking up your pace as you through the static ridden device from your ear.
You ran into the clearing to see Thor swing for Thanos’s hand “NO” you screamed as you jumped and grabbed the Titans hand and pulled it away shocking all there “THE HEAD THOR” you screamed again as you plied Thanos’s fingers away from each other “NOW ODISON, TONY HELP ME” just then you were thrown against a tree by Thanos as Tony replaced you and Thor swung his hammer cutting off the Titans head his body falling limp.
‘Who are they?” How did they know to cut off his head?” “where did they come from?” “What do we do with the stones now?” you heard multiple people ask as you faded in and out of conciseness. You smiled as you pushed yourself up against the tree “Tony” you called out in a raspy voice, you felt a hand pressed to the back of your head “where did you come from kid?” you heard your dad ask you and you smiled as your eyes blurred over. The image of all the avengers watching as you tried to answer. “Da da dad ‘I..I l..o.. lov… love yo..you thr… three thous…and’ do..n..t ev..ev..er for…get i..t P..l..ea..se.” you stuttered to him as you drifted off letting the darkness consume you just before pressing the button to return to your own time that was no longer exciting.
Tony sat there shocked as he held empty air “you all saw that right what just happened?” he asked in shocked, staring at the spot you just inhabited. His eyes going to each Avenger then back to the empty space between his arms. “Tony, did they call you ‘dad’?” Steve was first to ask; “how did they know to go for the head?” Wanda, and Thor were next to ask, “no no no I want to know how they could fight like me.” Natasha asked, it clicked for Tony then “Y/N? no!” he whispered. He moved to stand before stumbling away muttering no over and over again as he pulled out his phone.
Ring Ring Ring Ring, you pulled the phone from your night stand and answered it “hello how can I help you?” you asked with a grimace in your voice “Dove are you okay?” you heard someone ask. “Dove? no sorry I don't know who that is you must have the wrong number.” you responded before hanging up and slamming the phone down to go back to sleep.
Tony stood in the Wakanda forest shocked as his phone beeped to a dead line “Stark are you okay?” Natasha asked as she approached the man, he spun on his heel “NO ROMANOFF I'M NOT THAT WAS MY CHILD I JUST WATCHED DIE THEN DISAPPEAR AFTER SAVING US SO NO I'M NO “OKAY”.” he screamed before flying off in his suit leaving them all perplexed. “What was that and what the hell just happened?” Thor asked as he kicked the head lying on the ground. The rest of them strugged their shoulders “who is Y/N?” Natasha asked only to receive more shoulder shrugs.
They found Tony sitting on the steps of the compound hours later after they helped clean up what was left of Wakanda. “Stark, are you going to explain to us what happened or sit there?” Steve asked as they all approached. Tony rose to his feet “I went and saw Steven Strange and he just confirmed my beliefs; Y/N saved us all and doesn't know that I'm their father or that they just saved the universe. Pepper and I will be leaving from now and till forever. Romanoff, Rogers you're in charge please take care of Peter and dont ruin anything.” he finished before walking off to a car parked in the distance.
Three years later “Daddy can you help me make a spaceship?” Morgan yelled from the living room “of course sweaty. What do you want on your sandwich?” Tony called back with a smile. “You know she only wants peanut butter just like her aunty Nat Tony” Pepper called back with a laugh. He grumbled as he slathered the bread with the nutty substance.
Walking in he placed the plate in front of the child “eat up kiddo” he told her as he sat down beside his wife “daddy I love you three thousand.” the young morgan told him. Tony froze at that “three thousand huh” he responded with a smile. Pepper kissed his cheek “three thousand Tony that was more than what she told me.” she whispered into his ear. He smiled “I love you too Morgan.” he finally said with a sad smile as he remembered what you had said.
‘How long did you live with them after the snap? How long were you a part of their lives? And why did you decide to give it all up? He asked himself since Strange didn't have the answers to his questions, why did you give all of this up to live alone with nothing but the monthly paycheck you got from the father you never knew existed.
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leizyzet · 3 days
My fan work. Captain america. Steve rodgers.
Tumblr media
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Haunted Past (Part 2)
Here is part two of my series! I still don’t know how long it’s going to be so we’ll just roll with the punches! I hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it.
He smirked as he looked at you. You were frozen, you didn’t know what to do. You didn’t think you would ever see him again, but you were wrong. You were so very wrong. No one knew where you were. The only one who did was… but he wouldn’t. Would he?
“How did you find me?” Your voice was cold and stern despite what you were feeling on the inside. His eyes grew hard and icy. It was a look you had seen many times before.
“I told you I would always find you, dove.” He stepped closer and extended his hand to cup your face. You stepped away from him which made his eyes harden. “You know better than to run from me.” You felt yourself bristle at his words.
“Do I, Brock, because I think I’ve already done that and did a pretty damn good job considering it took you five years to find me.” The words were cold and stern when they spilled out of your mouth. You weren’t sure where the spark of confidence came from but you were glad it made an appearance. Brock’s entire body stiffened at your words and he came close enough so that your breaths mingled.
“You’ve gotten quite brave since I’ve seen you last, dove,” he clicked his tongue, “we’re going to have to change that.”
“Think again. I’m not going back with you, ever.” You stood your ground and never looked away from his eyes. You saw a familiar flash in his eyes and you wanted to hit him, but you were at your workplace and you didn’t want to lose your job. “You, stay away from me.”  You turned away to climb into your car when you were shoved up against it. He pinned your wrist behind your back.
“You will come back with me, dove. Have you forgotten who you belong to? What I can do?” He hissed into your ear.
“I won’t go with you. Trust me, I remember who you are, why do you think I left in the first place.” You seethed. You yanked your hand out of his grip and climbed into your car without looking back. He yelled something at you but you ignored it. You drove home as fast as you could without getting pulled over. You weren’t sure if you could handle that along with the last man you ever wanted to see coming back in your life. You thought about it and you couldn’t figure it out. How in the hell did he find you? You covered your tracks, you got rid of your phone and everything that had to do with the life you left behind. There was only one person who knew where you were and you knew he would never rat you out, ever. Right?
You happened to look up and you pulled into your driveway. You weren’t sure how you got here, but you had so much to think about and figure out. You climbed out of your car when you saw it. There was another car in your driveway and it wasn’t Bucky’s. You froze.
 No. No, no, no, no, no. He couldn’t be here, he couldn’t. With your heart in your throat you ran inside scared of what you would find. You were shaking so much you couldn’t get your key in the lock. You took a deep breath and finally got your key in and unlocked the door. You didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary right off the bat, but when you entered your kitchen your heart stopped. There was a knife on the counter, covered with blood. Without thinking you started yelling for your boyfriend.
“James? JAMES!” You must have sounded hysterical because you heard his footsteps pounding on the floor and you could hear someone else behind him, which scared you even more. The next thing you knew Bucky popped around the corner with wide eyes and grilling tongs in his hand. You noticed he was completely unharmed. Seeing he was perfectly fine, your knees gave out and you started sobbing. Bucky ran to you, barely catching you before you hit the floor.
“Doll, what is it? What happened? Are you okay?” He held you while you cried into his shirt. Bucky had never seen you like this, he can count on one had the number of times he has seen you cry over the last four years you had been together. You kept trying to tell him something but he couldn’t make it out. He just gently shushed you and told you everything was all right. Finally, you started to calm down, your sobs turned into hiccups and sniffles. During all of this, you had forgotten about the second set of footsteps running through the house, until you heard someone speak.
“Is she okay, mate?” The person asked.
“I have no idea, I’ve never seen her like this.” Bucky rubbed your back until you looked up at him. “Love, are you okay? What happened?” Concern laced his voice as he spoke to you.
“I am now. I’m sorry, I- I don’t know what happened. I saw the knife on the counter and freaked.” Your voice had a rasp to it from crying so hard. Bucky looked over to the counter where he saw the knife laying.
“I used it earlier, sweet. I was fixing the steaks I bought for dinner, I forgot to clean it up.” Bucky explained as he looked back to you. He continued to rub your back as the two of you sat on the floor. Finally, you started to stand up and Bucky followed you, helping you stand. When the two of you were up you looked over to the person, standing in the kitchen. Your eyes started to water again.
“Clint.”  He smiled at you.
 “Hi, bird, it’s been a while.” You nodded, stepping toward him. He engulfed you in a hug and you melted into it. You stood there for a while just holding each other until Bucky cleared his throat. You stepped back wiping at your eyes, Clint doing the same, although you acted like you didn’t see it.
“You know him, love?” You nodded at your boyfriend.
“I grew up with him. He’s like my brother.” Bucky was wary but nodded. “Remember the one I told you about that taught me how to shoot a bow?” You saw when it clicked.
“So, he’s the one you’ve told me stories about.”
“Yes, this is him.” You smiled looking at your best friend. Clint smiled down at you.
“Teaching this one was rough. Couldn’t understand why she wasn’t good at it right away.”
“It looked simple enough! It shouldn’t have been as hard as it was.” Clint laughed at you. Bucky laughed too. He knew exactly what Clint was talking about. Bucky made his way to you. 
“If you’re okay, doll, I’m going to go finish dinner.”
“I’m okay, I’m gonna catch up with Clint for a little while if you don’t need anything.” Bucky kissed your forehead.
“You go catch up. I love you.”
“I love you.” You smiled at him as he walked out the back door. Clint was glad to finally see you happy. You deserved it after what you went through. You turned your attention back to Clint and sighed. “I know why you’re here. Let me make some tea and we’ll talk. Do you want any?”
“Yeah, sounds good.”
“You take it the same way?” You asked, walking into the living room. Clint nodded. Tea was something the two of you would have when a difficult topic would come up. You hadn’t done it in years. It felt nice yet ominous to do it again. You fixed both cups of tea and handed Clint his. You curled your legs up underneath yourself as you got ready for the conversation at hand.
“How did you know?” You sighed again running your finger over the design on your mug.
“He showed up at my job this afternoon.” Clint’s eyes widened. That explained the state you were in when you saw the knife when you walked in.
“What did he do?”
“He sent me roses and was waiting for me after I clocked out. Said I knew better than to run from him, said I had to go back with him. I said I wasn’t and he needed to stay away. He didn’t like that, but he shoved me against my car, I got loose and I left. He yelled at me when I pulled out, but I don’t know what he said. I know if he knows where I am then my dad does too.” You explained as you continued to look at the mug of tea in your hand. You had been so careful the last five years, there’s no way he should have found you. 
“I only found out this morning, bird. I got here as soon as I could so I could warn you. You know you’re the only reason I stayed there. I wasn’t gonna let either one of them find you if I could help it.” You looked to your best friend. 
“I know and I’m so sorry you felt like you had to stay.”
“You know I would never let anything happen to you. I hate that you ended up there. You have no idea how many times I tried to talk to your dad out of it, but you know how he is.”
“Is? So he’s not dead yet. That’s surprising.”
“I know, I’m shocked too. I’m sorry they found you. ” The two of you grew quiet. The weight of the situation was heavy in the air. You were so caught up the two of you didn’t hear Bucky come back in and jumped at his voice.
“Dinner is ready. Clint, you can stay if you want. We have plenty.”
“No, I couldn’t intrude.”
“Please stay, I’ve missed my brother.”
“Okay fine, but I’m telling embarrassing stories the entire time.”
“Finally! I need to know embarrassing stories about this one. She doesn’t tell me a thing.”
“No! There was a reason for that!” Clint walked over and slung an arm around Bucky.
“Oh, just wait until you hear about the time she tried to cook for a ‘Friends-giving’ we had about six years ago.”
“Don’t you dare, Barton!” You could hear Bucky start laughing. You rolled your eyes at your two favorite people. You couldn’t help the smile that crossed your face. You were terrified of what was going to happen, but right now, all you wanted to do was spend the evening with your two favorite people.
You were sitting on the couch with Bucky after Clint had left. The two of you were perfectly content. You looked to the man that held your heart and you knew you had to tell him about your past. You had to, especially now that Brock had shown back up. You didn’t say a word as you put your legs on either side of his hips and laid your head on his shoulder. 
“I don’t know where this is going, but I like this a lot.” Bucky looked down at you and winked.
“Not going there tonight, Buck. I need to talk to you.” You sat up straight and looked him in the eye. “It’s about why I’ve been having nightmares.”
“Okay, doll. I’m listening.” You took a deep breath. 
“Have you heard about the Pierces? The mob in New York?”
“Yeah, I’ve heard of them. Who hasn’t?”
“Right, well, the head mobster, Alexander Pierce, that’s my dad. That’s my family.” Bucky was silent as he took this in. He looked you up and down. He picked you up off his lap and sat you down beside him. He got up and started pacing in front of you.
“So you’re telling me, you’re the daughter of the most notorious mob boss in the country.” You nodded. “And over the course of our four year relationship you never felt the need to mention this?” You could tell he was mad, but he was trying to contain it.
“Yes, because I ran from them.” Bucky’s eyes almost bugged out of his head.
“You ran away?! Do they think I’m the reason? Do I have a hit on me? Is that why you’re telling me this?”
“No! I’m telling you this because something happened today and I needed you to know about it. This person could show up unannounced like he did today and I needed you to hear it from me.” Bucky stopped in front of you.
“Was it Clint? He showed up unexpectedly.”
“No, it’s not Clint. Clint had always tried to keep them from finding me. He showed up today to tell me that they found me.”
“They found you?”
“Yes and they’re not the only ones.” Bucky sat down across from you on the coffee table.
“Who else is there?” You sighed again.
“If you know the Pierces then you heard of the Rumlows?” Bucky’s face paled at that. You immediately knew something was up. “What is it?” Bucky opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by the doorbell. You looked at Bucky who was as shocked as you were that the doorbell rang.
“I’m not expecting anyone, are you?” Bucky shook his head.
“No, but I’ll go see who it is.” Bucky walked over to answer the door. You had so many thoughts going through your head. Would Bucky leave you now? Especially after you tell him the rest of your story. You heard the door open.
“What the hell are you doing here?” He sounded furious. You had only heard him like that a couple of times so you got up to see who could make your loving boyfriend so angry. When you rounded the corner your heart dropped. The person didn’t answer Bucky. He just looked straight at you.
“Ahh, there you are, dove.” Bucky looked between you and Brock. 
“What are you doing here? I told you I wasn’t going back.” 
“Now, now, dove, is that anyway to speak to your husband?” Bucky blanched at this revelation.
“Husband? You’re married to him?”
“Now, Barnes, is that anyway to speak to your employer?” You felt your entire body grow cold. Bucky worked for Brock?
“Former employer, I don’t work for you anymore, Rumlow.” Brock was reveling in the chaos he was causing. He loved every second of it. Between the look on the two of your faces had him cackling on the inside.
“Sure, sure.” Brock waved his hand and looked at you once more. “Time to come home, dove.”
“I told you, I’m not going back.” Your voice was so cold you didn’t even recognize it. Brock looked angry while Bucky looked heartbroken. 
“You know the rules, you do as I say.” Brock then stormed into your home while going right for you. Without missing a beat your self-defense kicked in. You grabbed his hand, hitting a pressure point that took Brock to his knees. 
“I don’t follow your rules anymore.” You dragged Brock back to the door he came through and released the pressure point while throwing your hand forward making him fall back. “If you ever show back up to my home, I’ll kill you before you reach the door.” You slammed the door in his face. You felt your body become your own again and that when you were reminded about your boyfriend behind you. You turned to Bucky. It was like you didn’t recognize him anymore. He worked for the man that made your life a living hell. Bucky’s heart broke when he looked at you. He could see it in your eyes that the wall he had torn down over the last four years was back up again and he was the cause of it.
“Doll, I-” You held your hand up before he could even finish. Without saying a word you walked up the stairs to your shared bedroom and packed a bag. When you came back down Bucky tried talking to you again but you just shook your head. 
“I’m going to ask you something and I need to know the truth.”
“Of course, doll, anything.” 
“Did you know?” Bucky was silent. You tried again. “Did you know about the marriage? How it was against my will? Did you know?!” You couldn’t help but yell the last part. What Bucky said next made your entire world shatter.
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kettlefire · 11 hours
Peter Park & Team Phantom Prompt
Poor Peter Parker never went to a pride parade before. He's wanted to, just never got the courage to, ya know?
Now imagine MJ, and Ned, or a couple of the avengers thinking "That's not allowed, Queer child never went to pride? Fix it. Fast."
So what do they do? Kidnap Peter and bring him along.
If the Avengers take him, they get distracted by fans wanting photos or asking questions because the avengers are queer??? Why hasn't anyone said anything??
If it's his friends, he gets seperated from them for just a few seconds and-
He's run straight into someone. Which is mortifying enough, until he actually got a look at the other person.
A drag king? That's cool!
Even while blushing, he manages to get on a good first step with the girl, and soon she's taking him back to her friends.
And if he thought the Drag King look was extremely attractive, he wasn't prepared for the friends.
Seriously, how do 3 people look like they sit on the top of the high school food chain, and be as clumsy, nerdy, or weird as him?
And did the Danny kid mention bullies?!??!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Whether you're larking about on the beach, or in cars, don't forget that you have to be touching your co-worker at all times and preferably pinning him in place.
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This was brought up on a Facebook page I’m an admin for, but let us be clear: the idea that Steed and Emma were romantically/sexually involved was indicated by the stars of the dang show, discussed as early as the 1960s, and has been pretty widely accepted since at least the 90s (if my info from the ye olde message boards is anything to go by). It’s primarily old white dudes who want to turn it into some chaste, jokey, one-sided relationship because they’re terrified of sex or female desire or something.
Have what head-canons you like, but let us not ignore what is actually contained in the goddamn show.
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xenoncitadel · 2 days
Natasha: What’s your biggest fear?
Yn: You dying. I’m not really scared of anything else to be honest.
Natasha: What about you dying?
Yn: That’s my biggest hope.
Natasha: Stop.
Yn: ...No
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