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Wade: What are you talking about? I’m like, the backbone of this family!
Sam: You’re like the appendix of this family.
Bucky: No one knows what you’re here for.
Peter: Also prone to explosion at any moment.
Yelena: And a real pain to remove.
Wade: Okay, fuck you guys.
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was this made before
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When assassin is this hot
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How to Dance
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Summary: You had always been the obedient, well-mannered one who never stayed out past ten o’clock. That was, of course, until Peggy and Steve set you up on a date. And that changed you, maybe for the better . . . And it soon becomes obvious when Bucky is wounded on the battlefield.
Word Count: 5.6k
Warnings: FLUFF, angst, blood/injuries, medical procedures, happy ending
Notes: Inspired by the songs “It’s Been a Long, Long Time” by Harry James and “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Frankie Vallie (both 1940’s music). It’s also the origin story for the main character in Flash Guard. Also greatly inspired by this playlist on YouTube made for just this occasion.
Paring: Sergeant!Barnes x fem!reader
For all the introverts like me who hate crowds, don’t value themselves enough, and overthink everything. Thank you for being you. The world needs it :)
“I’m invisible. I’m turning into you . . . It's a horrible dream.”
“Don’t take it too hard. Maybe she’s got a friend.”
It had been a light-hearted comment and joke, Steve knew, but the more he thought about it, the more it seemed that something had to be done. He knew this because he knew Bucky. The way Bucky watched Steve and Peggy when they were displaying their affection for each other in sweet words and an occasional kiss. The way Bucky left the room to give them some space. The way Bucky looked at Steve when he talked of what they had done on their most recent date. Sure, Bucky would laugh and maybe make a joke about Steve’s love life, but the loneliness in his friend’s eyes prevailed.
He needs someone. Steve had thought. Even if he won’t admit it, he does.
So he had made up his mind to ask Peggy if she had a friend who might be interested. He visited her later that day, a bouquet in hand. Peggy was working in her office as usual. When Steve entered, she looked up and smiled.
“Hey there . . . Again,” she said, standing up. She noticed the flowers in Steve's hand. “What's the occasion?”
Steve shrugged. “I wanted to see you.”
Peggy laughed, taking the flowers. “Steve, you saw me only hours ago.”
“I know. But it's not about me this time.”
Peggy raised an eyebrow. “More trouble with those Howling Commandos of yours?”
Steve shook his head. “No . . . We'll, not really. It's about Bucky.”
Peggy looked skeptical. “You said it wasn't about any of them.”
“It's not. It's about him. He's been . . . down lately. I've noticed how he acts when we're together and I know he's lonely. He needs someone.”
“Someone as in . . .”
“I was hoping you would know somebody who would take a chance on him.”
Peggy smiled almost mischievously
“I think I might have the perfect match. Her name's y/n. She's my best friend. She actually works here as a paramedic, even better, she was an apprentice under Dr. Erskine. She won't stop teasing me about you, so I told her I'd find someone for her so I can tease her. She actually agreed because . . . well she's a little shy.”
Steve smiled. “Really? That sounds perfect. Of course only because she agreed. I wouldn't want her doing something she didn't know about.”
Peggy nodded. “I agree. What about Sergeant Barnes? Did he agree to this?”
Steve hesitated. “No . . . He doesn't know about this. But I know him, Peg. He wouldn't agree to do any of it unless he was planning it all. Of course, he's not going to do so. I know that he knows he needs someone but he won't admit it.”
Peggy nodded slowly. “Alright … Well, we'll have to set up a date for them. At least somewhere they can be introduced. Any ideas?”
Steve thought for a moment. “Actually, yes. You know Gabe Jones, one of the Howling Commandos?”
Peggy nodded.
“He's hosting a gathering tomorrow night for our last successful mission. He invited me. He said I could bring as many people as I'd like. I think that would be a good option.”
Peggy looked uncertain. “Maybe but, um, y/n doesn't really … She doesn't drink. And she hardly ever stays out past ten.”
“Well, she doesn't have to drink. I don't often. As for staying out late … would she be willing to, just for one night?”
“She probably would if I asked her to. Hm, maybe this could work out.” Peggy smiled.
Steve nodded. “Alright. Tomorrow night then, love. See you there.”
“Yes,” Peggy said, “this is going to be exciting … and possibly entertaining.”
“Hey, you.”
You looked up from the medical files you were updating. Peggy stood in the doorway, smiling.
“Peggy! How long has it been?” you said, standing. You gave her a hug. “What have you been up to?”
“Nothing much. Just work. What about you?”
“Same. I was just working on some medical files. All the boring stuff.” You gestured to the typewriter at the table.
Peggy smiled. “You’re right about that.”
“So . . . what brings you here?”
“Oh, nothing much.”
You knew she wasn’t telling you everything. “Really, what is it?”
“Steve brought a suggestion.”
You just stared at Peggy, not knowing what ‘a suggestion’ meant.
Peggy, seeing your confusion, clarified. “We found a date for you.”
You gasped a little, a blush rising in your cheeks. “Peggy… I don’t—I’m not ready for that.”
“Yes you are. You know it. I know you're a little shy but, trust me on this one.”
You eyed Peggy. “Are you sure?”
Peggy smiled. “He’s nice…”
“What’s his name?”
“Sergeant James Barnes.”
“Wait, that’s not one of the Howling Commandos, is it?”
Peggy nodded. “Yes, he is. He also happens to be Steve’s best friend from childhood.”
“Steve calls him… oh, what was it? Bucky, that’s it.”
“Alright and is this uh, Sergeant Barnes looking for a, um, a person?”
“If by ‘a person’ you mean a date, yes.”
You blushed again, harder this time.
“Tomorrow night, one of the Howling Commandos is hosting a gathering. Barnes should be there. We were planning to introduce you two then.”
You looked at Peggy warily. “A gathering? Like a party?”
“Pretty much.”
“You know what that means, Peggy: drinking. Lots of drinking. And staying up very late. I don’t know if I’m up for that.”
“Y/n,” Peggy said (it almost seemed as if she were begging you), “listen. I know this sounds crazy, but this very well could be the chance of a lifetime. You don’t have to drink at all. Steve told me that he doesn’t, at least not a lot. You don’t even have to stay for more than thirty minutes. All I’m asking is that you take a chance on Steve’s friend. At least say hi. Get to know him a little.”
You sighed. “Fine. But if it ends up being awkward and boring, I have to meet the person before you set me up.”
“Okay,” she headed for the door. “One more thing. Steve said his friend seemed lonely lately because he didn’t have someone. You’re doing him a favor. And if you would, kiss him for me? I still need something to embarrass you about.”
Your face flushed and you shooed her out the door. Sitting back down at your desk, you wondered if any of this was a good idea. You shrugged to yourself and continued typing. It was at least worth a try, wasn’t it?
Your high heels clicked as you made your way down the stairs. You were in your favorite dress, a pretty navy blue with tiny polka dots and a small bow near the waist. It was simple yet fancy enough to wear to a party. When you walked out of the door of your house and locked it behind you, you quickly finished your ascent and met Peggy who was standing at the bottom of the stairs.
“I love the dress!” she said. “Are you ready?”
“As ready as I'll ever be,” you sighed. “Where’s the car?” You asked when you noticed that there was none.
“Actually,” Peggy said. “I was thinking we’d walk. As it turns out, the house is only a few blocks from here.”
“Alright. What are we waiting for?”
“That’s what I’m talking about.” Peggy laughed. The two of you walked quietly down the sidewalk, enjoying the oncoming sunset. However, it seemed almost like seconds before you were standing in front of Gabe Jones’ house. The door was open and there was music playing inside. Multiple vehicles were parked along the sidewalk.
“Here goes nothing,” you muttered as you and Peggy walked inside.
Surprisingly, there was no one in the foyer, giving you a few moments to get yourself together. Peggy entered the room where all the hubbub was, but you seemed to freeze where you were. Your heart was beating faster now and your hands trembled ever so slightly. You paused before a mirror on the wall to smooth your dress and take a calming breath. Sure, Peggy had made the party sound like fun, but now that you were standing there, you weren’t so certain. 
Before you could call it quits though, Peggy came back into the foyer and pulled you into the room. Your mind seemed overwhelmed for a second with the smells of food and drink, the music, the somewhat dimmer lights, and all the people. As you walked through, you could feel a lot of eyes on you and Peggy. Did you look ridiculous? Did you look terrified? Did you look queasy? But as you walked by, you heard someone mutter “Woah. Talk about a good-lookin’ gal.” Maybe they were talking about Peggy…?
You didn’t have time to think it through though, because Peggy led you to a table where a group of men sat. You recognized Steve, but you didn’t know the others. You guessed they were the other Howling Commandos. As you walked up, all eyes seemed to be locked on you, except Steve’s of course.
“Glad you both made it,” Steve said, smiling at Peggy.
She smiled back. “Everyone, this is y/n. Y/n, everyone.”
The Commandos muttered greetings and you smiled uncomfortably.
Peggy leaned closer to Steve. “Is he here?”
Steve nodded, a mischievous smile on his face. “Yes. He should be right back.” Peggy shared his smile and winked at you.
The next song came on in the background. Funny as it was, it was “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” by Frankie Vallie, one of your favorites. As if right on cue, Bucky (you didn’t know it was him at first), walked up. He was laughing about something, but froze when he saw you. You were sure by now that the “good-lookin’ gal” mentioned had been you because of the way he stared.
When you saw him, you were a little taken back. No one seemed to mention the fact that he was extremely handsome.
He was wearing a crisp sergeant’s suit which was pressed and neat. He had rich dark hair and a complexion that looked as if it would be as soft as a rose petal. His lips were thin and almost a rosy color. His eyes were a stunning blue like that of a clear autumn sky or perfect ocean.
He carried himself with an assertiveness that you wished you had, yet a gentle and caring spirit beneath it all. And when he smiled it was like a thousand rays of light beamed from the heavenly sweetness. There was a boyish playfulness yet respectful loyalty he carried which was unlike anything you had ever seen.
“Buck,” Steve said, standing, “this is y/n. Y/n, this is Bucky.”
You smiled and blushed a little. “It’s nice to meet you.”
“Same,” Bucky said. He smiled back.
There was a moment of awkward silence. Thankfully, the talk at the table had resumed.
“Uh,” Bucky said, trying to start a conversation. “It’s nice of you to come.”
You nodded.
“You look, um, you look great,” Bucky said slowly.
Your cheeks turned pink and you avoided his gaze. “Thanks. I don’t go to parties a lot.”
Bucky smiled. “You should.”
You shrugged. “Maybe, but, I don’t know. Sometimes it’s a little much.” 
Wow, you thought, you’ve only known him for five seconds and it seems like I’ve known him forever.
“I know what you mean.” He nodded thoughtfully. 
In no time, the two of you were chattering away. Bucky seemed very easy to talk to. He was both polite and funny. After an hour or so, maybe more, of conversation and laughter, you were running out of things to say. Following a moment of silence, Bucky spoke up again, gesturing to the bar nearby. “Do you want a drink?”
“Oh, um, no thank you,” you said. “I actually… I don’t drink.”
“Oh, I’m sorry,” Bucky said quickly. “I didn’t mean to— No, it’s fine. I just thought, um…uh I uh.”
“It’s fine,” you said gently, squeezing his hand but startling after you realized you did.
Bucky’s eyes were locked on yours for a long moment, but you were interrupted by Steve who nudged Bucky with his elbow.
“Hey,” he said, smiling amusedly. “Peggy and I are dancing if you need us.”
Bucky nodded and Steve disappeared into the crowd.
“Would you like to…” Bucky started, but then cleared his throat. “Would you like to dance?”
You almost panicked. “Oh! Of course, yes but—well, I don’t…” Tears rimmed your eyes and your voice became a whisper. “I don’t know how.”
“You don’t?” Bucky asked, a little surprised. Then he smiled. “That’s perfectly fine. I can teach you. Come on, it’ll be fun.”
You smiled as Bucky gently took your hand and led you through the throng of people onto the dancing floor. Another song was playing now, “I’m in the Mood for Love” by Julie London. As Bucky’s hands slipped around your waist, you began to get lost in the rhythm and magic of the moment. 
In no time, you and Bucky were slowly twirling as you moved across the floor. It seemed as if time was irrelevant and you two were the only people in the room. However, you couldn’t see Steve and Peggy watching you, grinning at their success.
By the time it was thirty minutes until midnight, you and Bucky were hugging as you danced. You held onto him tightly, your head on his chest as you listened to his precious heartbeat. Even though it seemed that the moment couldn’t get more magical, “Love,” (by Nancy Adams) began to play, filling the room. By the end of the song, you and Bucky were kissing very sweetly. You smiled when you drew back.
“Thank you,” you whispered.
“No,” Bucky whispered back, “thank you.”
You smiled and yawned, looking at the clock. Shocked, you grasped Bucky’s hand.
“I think it’s time for me to go.” You said sheepishly, realizing you had stayed out much later than ten o’clock.
“Do you have a ride?” Bucky asked.
“No. I walked.”
“May I . . . walk you back?”
You bit your lip, blushing. “Of course.”
Bucky smiled as you put your arm in his. Slowly, not wasting any time the pair of you walked through the night. There was a slight breeze and the moon was bright. You talked softly back and forth, as if you spoke aloud it would disturb something in the shadows. There were some cars and people passing, but much less than before due to the late hour. 
Soon, you had reached your house and Bucky stopped at the stairs. You gently kissed Bucky on the cheek. He was shocked for a moment. Only a moment, though, because he recovered and flashed his charming smile.
“Thank you for walking me back,” you said. “I’ll see you soon?”
“Very soon, I hope,” he said genuinely. He kissed your hand delicately and watched as you entered the house. Smiling to himself, he started back down the sidewalk, his heart filled to the brim.
For the next few months, you and Bucky did almost everything together. When Bucky was away on missions, you would write to each other daily. Each day you loved Bucky more and more. Peggy and Steve, of course, found all of this amusing and never failed to embarrass the two of you about your undying devotion and puppy-like love for each other.
The Howling Commandos were on another mission for the next week. They had been putting an end to Hydra’s weapon factories and all of the missions had been successful so far. After this one, there would be only two factories left. The problem was, the location was fuzzy. The last one was somewhere in the Alps. But that didn’t need to be worried about yet.
Now, you were sitting in your office, not able to focus on your work. The Howling Commandos had left two days before but no letter had come. Restless, you stood and paced the room. Bucky had forgotten or been unable to write to you once only twice during missions and you were sure this wasn’t one of them. Worried, you left the office and wandered around aimlessly, hoping to talk to someone. Just then, Peggy was walking down the hall towards you, not lacking her confident stride. She had some files and other papers in hand.
“I was looking for you. What’s going on?” she asked, stopping to talk to you. “You’re usually not out at this time.”
You sighed. “I don’t know, I’m just . . . I’m bored.”
Peggy wasn’t buying it. “It’s about Barnes, isn’t it?”
Your cheeks turned red. “Uh, well . . .”
“There’s nothing to worry about, y/n.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, I know what you are going through right now. A little something I like to call ‘Soldier Lover’s Disorder.’ It’s not really a disorder though. It’s a sign of loyalty and love.” She batted her eyelashes exaggeratedly.
You smirked, having no idea what she was talking about.
Peggy laughed then explained. “You’re worried about him. You’re worried something will happen and you won’t know about it. Trust me, I know. I’ve been working at it though. I trust Steve will be fine. He can defend himself . . . and those with him.” She eyed you at the last part.
You shook your head, smiling. “You know me too well. Yes, I’m kind of worried. But Bucky hasn’t written. He always does, every day. That’s why I’m worried. It’s probably for good reason though.”
Peggy raised her eyebrows. “Well, you’ll be relieved to know that this came today. That’s why I was looking for you.” She handed you a brown envelope with your name written in a very familiar handwriting on it. You almost snatched it out of her hand, ripping it open. It read:
I’m sorry a letter didn’t come yesterday. It was lost in the pile of equipment and the others wouldn’t give it back until they had made a joke of it. It is enclosed within this envelope. 
I’ve missed you. I know it’s only been two days but I can’t help thinking about you every passing second. We’re invading the Hydra base tomorrow, so you may not receive a letter until the following day. Steve says this one will be harder than most of the others. There’s higher guard over the base (since we’ve been so prevalent in shutting down the previous ones). It is obvious that this Schmitt fellow is very aggravated with our success. I hope it continues to be that way, or else, he has a change of heart. But that’s not likely.
Please do tell me what you have been up to, even if it seems “boring.” Trust me, whenever I receive your daily letter, my heart beats twice as fast and I read it as soon as I can. The very sight of your handwriting soothes me. I hope this letter does the same for you. I love you and I always will. I simply cannot wait to kiss your lips again.
Sending my undying love,
Sergeant James “Bucky” Barnes
As you read the letter, the grin on your face grew wider and wider with each line. Peggy watched you, obviously entertained with your delight.
“Well?” she said.
You looked up and your face reddened. “It’s . . . private.”
“Mm hm. Thought so. Steve told me in my letter that they were invading the Hydra base tomorrow.”
“Bucky said the same.”
Peggy nodded. After watching you for a second she said, “Don’t worry. They’ll be fine.”
“I just hope they’re safe.” You murmured.
The next morning came and went. You had written back to Bucky immediately after reading his letter. There had also been a picture in the envelope of the Howling Commandos. You framed the photo and put it on your desk.
You couldn’t help worrying about what he had said: “Steve said this one will be harder than most of the others.” However, you took Peggy��s advice into account and tried not to brood over the worst possible outcomes.
You were in the middle of typing up a request for more medical supplies when the sound of fast-paced footsteps outside of the office caused you to pause. Peggy burst in the door, looking like she had just ran a marathon, which was unusual for starters.
“Is something wrong?” you asked, panic threatening to flood your mind, bringing back all the worries you had dismissed.
Peggy nodded frantically as she caught her breath. “They’re coming. Get the supplies ASAP. I don’t think it’s fatal. You can do this. I trust you.”
“What are you talking about?” You stood quickly. The concern in Peggy’s eyes worried you beyond words.
“Barnes,” Peggy said. “Barnes and Falsworth were wounded. Falsworth was stabbed. Barnes was shot.”
Your heart went into your throat and you felt faint. Tears filled your eyes.
“They’re coming?” you were barely able to whisper.
Peggy nodded. “They’re being taken into the medical bay. You’re needed now.”
You nodded very slightly, a lump forming in your throat.
“Hey,” Peggy said, squeezing your shoulder. “Listen. You can do this. Bucky needs you. You’re going to go in there and help them and then they’re going to heal just fine. Now go.”
You mustered up your strength and ran as fast as you could to the med bay. When you entered, you saw Montgomery Falsworth limping along with a doctor who was taking him into a room.
“Bucky,” you said to no one in particular, looking frantically around. “Where’s Bucky?!”
“They’re bringing him in,” the other doctor said. “We’ve got this one. You take care of the other.”
You didn’t hesitate a moment. Just then, Steve and one nurse came in, carrying a stretcher. You didn’t want to look at who was on it, but you knew you had to. Your fears were confirmed when you saw Bucky, barely conscious, being carried inside. You ran alongside them, squeezing Bucky’s hand. He tried to smile at you, but it was more like a wince. You watched as he struggled to keep his half-open eyes from closing.
Once you reached the room, Bucky was laid on the table and you began your work. His top was already unbuttoned and had a splotch soaked in blood. You opened it and carefully removed the temporary bandage that was covering the wound on his abdomen. Steve hovered over you watching everything you did. Grabbing a pair of small, clean tweezers that the nurse handed you, you pulled the bullet out with ease. The nurse quickly gave you the stitching kit and left to help another doctor.
Bucky was covered in sweat and struggling with the pain. You stroked his head once.
“I’m going to stitch it up, okay baby,” you said softly.
Bucky tried to say something but you shushed him and turned to Steve.
“Steve, could you make sure he doesn’t move?”
Steve nodded and stood beside his friend.
Biting your lip with concentration, you began to stitch up Bucky’s wound. When the needle pierced his skin, he whimpered and his back arched. Steve gently but firmly held him down. You felt terrible about it but knew it had to be done. Every time you began a new stitch, Bucky would moan, clenching and unclenching his fists. Soon, you had finished and wiped the dried blood and bandaged it again, just in case.
Steve helped you move Bucky to another room with a better bed. He was pretty much unconscious now. You felt sick from all that had happened and your legs felt like noodles. Steve grabbed a seat for you and you sat down, gripping its edges. You sighed and tugged at your hair, staring at the glint of Bucky’s dog tags as his chest rose and fell.
You said nothing. You couldn’t.
Steve leaned against the wall. You knew he wasn’t leaving any time soon either. You let tears roll down your cheeks as you watched Bucky, attempting to muffle your sobs.
“Hey,” Steve said, knowing you were anxious. “He’ll be fine. You’ve done everything you can.”
You nodded, calming yourself a little. “I know,” you choked. “But I could have . . . lost him.” Those two words caused you to start sobbing again. Exhausted from the pressure, you cried yourself to sleep, your head in your hands. 
It was dark because of the early hours of the morning. An eerie mist covered the forest, the clearing, and the dirt road leading to it. A huge building sat in the clearing like a sleeping beast waiting to be awakened. Along the treeline three barely noticeable figures crept towards the building.
Bucky, Gabe Jones, and Montgomery Falsworth were nearing the right entrance to the Hydra factory. Steve, Dum Dum Dugan, and Jim Morita were going to the other side. Jaques Dernier was keeping watch for anything unexpected.
Counting down, the three of them broke down the door and barged in, guns and other weapons raised. To their surprise they weren’t greeted by angered shouts and rapid fire. They slowly made their way down a few halls and past the massive cylindrical storage compartments in the factory. When Bucky peered around it, he saw a large group of Hydra henchmen talking very quietly. Bucky turned around to the others.
“They knew we were coming,” he whispered. “They’re all right there. We have to attack now.”
The others nodded and cocked their weapons.
Quickly, the Howling Commandos sprang from their hiding place and opened fire. There were more henchmen than Bucky had seen at first glance. Thankfully, Bucky’s expert marksmanship made it easy for him to advance with the others right behind him. Soon, not only the soldiers, but the workers joined the chaos. By now Steve and his group had entered the factory and were coming up behind the battling group.
Now the Hydra men were caught between the Howling Commandos and were forced to surrender. As the others gathered the weapons, Steve called Jaques over their coms and told him to tell the other waiting U.S. forces that the Hydra men were captured.
As they waited, the Howling Commandos escorted the men into an enclosed room until the other soldiers arrived to take the captived back to base. Steve was giving them a rundown of the consequences they would receive if they tried anything. As he spoke, the more reckless prisoners shouted and muttered insults but did nothing otherwise.
There was one man in particular that Bucky didn’t like the looks of. He was scruffy and his eyes were filled with hate.
“Just because we have more heart,” Steve was finishing, “does not mean we will be hesitant to execute justice. It does not mean I will be hesitant to do so.”
The scruffy man smirked and stood. “Ha! You?! You mean the ballerina from the land of the cowards!” Bucky pulled out his gun and aimed at the man who settled back down and cursed in German.
Just then, the other U.S. soldiers arrived and they started loading the prisoners onto the transport trucks. The scruffy man was one of the last. Before he boarded the truck, he knocked one of the soldiers down and grabbed his pistol, aiming it at Steve. Thinking quickly, Bucky ran and tackled the man. They struggled for a few seconds. Right before he was overtaken, he aimed the gun at Bucky and fired.
Bucky reeled from the pain and fell backwards with a cry. The other soldiers made no delay in knocking the scruffy man out. In an instant, Steve was by Bucky’s side. He was gasping and his face was strained from the pain.
“He’s wounded!” Steve shouted, as though nobody knew. “Someone get the medic! We need to get him to the hospital, now!”
In no time, the group was on their way. Steve could barely hold back from crying out in frustration. His best friend had taken a bullet for him. Bucky was suffering and there was nothing Steve could do about it. In the midst of his thoughts, he barely heard Bucky mutter your name as he faded out of consciousness.
When you woke up, your hands, shirt, and hair were damp from your tears. You moaned quietly and squinted, rubbing your eyes from sleep. You heard a little rustle of blankets and looked up immediately. You saw Bucky, his eyes open now, trying to sit up. Wasting no time, you were at his bedside in a second. He was upright but wincing, taking short sharp breaths.
“How are you feeling?” you asked.
“Okay,” Bucky managed to say.
“How much does it hurt?”
“It’s just sore.”
“Let me have a look at it and then I can get you something to eat.”
“Thank you, doll.”
“Anything for you.” You kissed his head gently. Bucky sat back and you removed the bandage. After looking at it and very tenderly pressing on it, you rubbed an ointment on and covered it back up. Bucky watched you silently, smiling at your care and concentration.
“Would it be alright if I stood up?” he asked once you were done.
“Of course. You don’t have to ask.”
“I just want to make sure I’m not violating the doctor’s orders,” he said playfully as he stood. He was a little shaky but otherwise okay.
You shook your head, smiling. “The doctor’s orders are: get lots of rest, don’t mess with your wound, drink a lot of water, and make sure to get lots of kisses.”
Bucky laughed a little and pulled you closer to himself. He pressed his lips against yours and cradled your head gently. You put your arms around him and caressed his face.
“Thank you for taking care of me,” he said.
“It’s my delight.” You hugged him gently, relieved that he was safe and thankful that he was with you.
Bucky recovered quickly and in no time he was working again. This was all because of your constant urging and hawk-like watch over him. You made sure his wound was taken care of properly every day. You had removed the stitches and all that was left was a small scar.
It was Friday and you had finished checking a patient and were filing their record. Then you heard a knock on the door: four evenly spaced knocks which you recognized instantly. You stood and opened the door, smiling.
Bucky stood there, holding a bouquet of flowers.
“For me?” you asked.
“Of course,” Bucky said, grinning.
You kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you.”
“I wanted to know if you want to go out tonight? Afterall, it is the weekend.”
“Sure! But where to?”
“I was thinking somewhere not so crowded.”
“That sounds good to me.”
“There’s a small restaurant nearby that I’d like to try. There’s usually not a lot of people.”
“That sounds great.”
“I was thinking we could go whenever you’re ready.”
You nodded. “Alright. I’m almost done updating this file. After that I’ll be ready in a few minutes.”
Bucky smiled. “Okay. See you in a bit.”
You quickly finished typing the necessary info and then changed into your favorite dress and did your hair. You were ready in a few minutes, just as you had said. Bucky was dressed up as well. You took his arm and the two of you walked down the street, just as you usually did. You reached the restaurant Bucky had talked about. It was, indeed, small and not too full but it was a neat little place. They even had some music playing.
You and Bucky sat at a table for two, enjoying a great meal and talking and laughing the whole time. It was beginning to get late, but you didn’t want to leave yet. “It’s Been a Long, Long Time” by Harry James began to play. You both loved that song.
“What do you say to a dance?” Bucky asked, taking your hand.
“Like you don’t know the answer,” you said, laughing as the two of you began the dance in an open spot.
You held tightly to Bucky as the two of you moved with the romantic rhythm of the music.
“Bucky,” you said.
“Yes, doll?”
“When you were wounded my . . . my greatest fear almost came true.”
“What is that?” Bucky asked genuinely, stroking your cheek.
“That I’d lose you,” you choked.
“Don’t worry, doll. It’s because of your courage and loyalty that I’m here today. Don’t worry about losing me. I won’t let that happen.”
“Thank you,” You whispered.
“Nothing can stop love, doll.”
You nodded, squeezing Bucky even tighter. You needed to hear those words. You looked up at Bucky. He was always there for you no matter what. You couldn’t ask for anything better. After all, he’s all you need. With a sigh of contentment and joy, you felt at peace. There was nowhere you would rather be.
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petvengers · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
city boy fishing skills may not be as serious as he thinks they are ;P actually it was stuck in my wip folder for waaaay to long and originally it had one more panel where the fish retaliates but well, better mostly done than forever unfinished
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ao3feed-sambucky · 2 days ago
how sweet it is
read it on the AO3 at https://archiveofourown.org/works/41903808
by Lies_Unfurl
Sam and Bucky go wedding cake tasting. Except, they aren't engaged. Or dating.
(Also, it's Sam's birthday. Which he totally isn't celebrating, thank you very much.)
Words: 6104, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: M/M
Characters: Sam Wilson (Marvel), James "Bucky" Barnes
Relationships: James "Bucky" Barnes/Sam Wilson
Additional Tags: Sam Winchester's Birthday, Cake, Getting Together, Undercover as a Couple, Fluff, Mild Hurt/Comfort, Bakery, Schmoop, Bucky Barnes Takes Care of Sam Wilson, POV Sam Wilson, Post-Episode: s01e06 One World One People, First Kiss
read it on the AO3 at https://archiveofourown.org/works/41903808
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treatbuckywkisses · a day ago
Tumblr media
—some part of me feels a little bit naked and empty, i'm stuck underneath a few dirty old blankets to comfort me. - staying up by the neighbourhood.
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gay-jewish-bucky · 2 days ago
I do not normally like to write of The Holy One this way, but your post about Yom Kippur and Bucky gave me the image of Bucky in shul in a tallit gadol praying his heart out and asking for forgiveness to the point of tears.
But then I have this image of ethereal hands holding Bucky, trying to soothe him. Just this energy of raw understanding and forgiveness. Especially because there's nothing for Bucky to be sorry for, so it is easy to forgive. The touch, instead, is supposed to be comforting. So often G-d imagery is used in a parent-like context. It is that parent-like comforting touch that I image this taking on.
I hope Bucky becomes aware of that comforting presence one year. I hope he is able to heal from the shit he doesn't understand.
this is so beautiful oh my g-d, i want that for him too
Tumblr media
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donkringel · 2 days ago
Bucky Barnes has to get used to some things now that he has a cat :D especially a white one. This is the back of a charm made for @dayoffzine , you can buy it there! (Front has Bucky holding his cat)
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buckymilf · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
be my baby mine ❤️
support me on ko-fi, COMMISSIONS OPEN!
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natbarnes1917 · 29 days ago
Tied Up
Pairing: Bucky/Female Reader
18+ Only.
Tumblr media
This fic was inspired by fakesngay's amazing Bucky fan art and strongly encouraged by @delaber
Word count: 4k
Summary: Bucky wants to be tied up, teased, and denied.
Need to know: Sub!Bucky, soft dom!Reader, hands tied, tease and denial, edging, oral (male rec), masturbation, slow teasing handjob, titfuck, p in v, ball worship, cock worship, use of the word daddy even though Bucky is the sub, very light mommy kink, fluffy ending
Please do not post this anywhere else. Reblogs and comments are appreciated :)
Bucky should have been embarrassed. His cheeks should have been ablaze. He should have been stammering excuses and attempting to cover his stiff cock and the mess he had made all over himself. And he would have if he had heard you come in. But he heard nothing beyond the whimpers and moans playing on his phone as he built himself up to another orgasm. 
"Whatcha watchin' Buck?" 
"Oh shit!" Bucky, once a highly trained assassin, and current crime-fighting partner to Captain America, threw his phone across the room and yanked his blanket over his lap. "Noth–nothing!" 
You weren’t supposed to be home until next week! Not that he was complaining, the past two weeks without you had been miserable, but your timing could have been better. 
You raised an amused eyebrow at him and bent over to pick up his phone. The erotic noises started again as soon as you unlocked it.
Bucky internally groaned as he felt his cheeks heat up. He was so caught off guard, and his brain was still so full of lust that he couldn't think straight. He needed to get up and take the phone away from you before you saw too much, but he couldn't move fast enough. 
He wasn't embarrassed about the porn, but he was embarrassed about that particular video. A video in which a man was tied to a bed while a woman pleasured him over and over, never letting him reach orgasm. No matter how much the man begged and pleaded or how much the woman seemed to enjoy what she was doing, she always stopped short of the final touch that would send him soaring. Bucky had never expressed these desires to you; to be fair, he never knew he had them until today when he stumbled on this video and so many others like it. 
He had a routine with you, he always took the lead in the bedroom, and you liked that; he did too. Loved it, in fact. But this…he could be into this too. 
But what if you weren't? What if it turned you off? Weirded you out?
You locked his phone and threw it on the dresser before stepping out of your boots and walking toward him. 
"And here I was thinking that you missed me." 
"Of course I did! I'm sor–" 
Your finger pressed against his lips, effectively shushing him. Bucky's mind raced, trying to think of how he was possibly going to fix this. Maybe he could say he hadn't been watching that video; he had accidentally clicked on it. 
His panicked thoughts dissipated when you leaned forward and kissed him. It was too gentle for how long he had been apart from you, but it still made his head swim. 
"I missed you," he whispered, chasing your lips. "So much." 
"I know," you kissed his neck and slowly moved your lips down to his chest. "But it seems you've been a bad boy. Haven't you?" 
Holy fuck. Bucky's breath hitched as you threw his blanket on the floor and eyed his heavy cock with heat in your eyes. Were you actually into this? The smirk on your face told him that you were. 
"I asked you a question." You dragged one finger down his muscled thigh. 
"Ye–yes," Bucky stammered, still nervous despite how excitedly his body reacted to you. 
You leaned forward again, whispering in his ear, "you want this, daddy? Want me to take care of you this time?" 
You calling him that never failed to turn him on, apparently not even when he wasn't the one in charge. "God, yes, yes , angel, please." Bucky groaned as you sucked his earlobe. 
  Not even ten minutes later, you had his wrists tied to the bed and his thighs shaking as you teased him with your tongue. You were working your way up from his feet; each toe had already experienced the delight of your warm mouth and swirling tongue. The pleasure shot up his legs straight to his cock. It was big and hard, curved up against his belly, red and angry at the lack of attention it was receiving. But Bucky breathed through it; you were at his thighs now, almost there. Your teeth gently sunk into his inner thigh, and he groaned as his cock flexed, searching for stimulation. Bucky clenched his jaw as you moved to the other thigh, and your breath tickled his heavy balls. Your mouth repeated the same ministrations, yet the bite still made him shudder. 
This was it; finally, you were gonna put your mouth where he needed it most. He was focused on trying to regulate his breathing and gain control over himself, so he didn't immediately start thrusting into your mouth. But disappointment and frustration drew a low groan from him when instead, your tongue slid up the seam where his hip meets his pelvis. 
"Such a goddamn tease," he huffed as you did it again. "Please?" 
You ignored him, moving to his other hip to repeat the actions. Your warm tongue slithered so painfully close to his cock that he gasped and lifted his hips. You did it again and again, humming at the taste of him. When your lips locked tightly around a piece of skin on his hip as you sucked a bruise, he cried out. 
"Please! Please," he drew out the word in a needy moan, "please fucking touch me." 
Your eyes flicked up to his for the first time since you had settled between his legs. "No. I'm gonna go shower." 
"Wha–what?" Bucky stared at you in disbelief as you climbed off the bed and started shedding your clothes. 
"I just got back from a two-week mission. I'll be back." You winked at him before disappearing into the bathroom. 
Surely you were joking, right? 
Bucky groaned when he heard the water turn on. He could break out of his restraints and join you, but you would have told him if you wanted that. 
His eyes squeezed shut in frustration when he heard your music start. That wasn't good. You only played music when you planned on taking your time. How long would you make him wait like this? 
He looked down his body at his dick. The tip was red and weeping, pointing up at him accusingly. But, he had never felt so turned on in his life. He could only imagine how good his orgasm would feel once you granted it to him if you granted it to him. His hips flexed up at the thought of being denied, of you using him only for your pleasure. 
"Fuck me," Bucky muttered to himself, trying to keep the images of what he knew you were doing in there without him out of his head. Soap-covered breasts and wet thighs. He wasn’t doing a good job. Maybe he shouldn't have agreed to try this new kink after missing you and your body for the past two weeks. He could have already been inside you, had you screaming his name…his thoughts were interrupted when you finally exited the bathroom. You were wearing your robe, and Bucky hoped nothing else underneath it. 
"Better?" He asked, trying not to sound too impatient. 
"Much," you grinned and straddled his waist, leaning down to kiss him. You did it properly this time, with all the passion you both had been missing out on. 
Bucky hummed in pleasure, a drunk look on his face when you pulled back. 
"How we doing, daddy?" 
Bucky's eyes fluttered closed, "Need you so bad." 
"What do you need, daddy?" 
Bucky licked his lips as he watched you sit up. But you didn't give him a chance to answer before you were hovering over his throbbing erection. God, he hoped you didn't have anything on under that robe. 
"You need this?" You gently lowered yourself until you were sitting on his cock. 
"Fuck me!" Bucky's hips surged up. Your bare pussy gently rocked against his length. "Need–shit–need inside of you." 
"Oh baby, I don't think you can handle that," you pouted at him, rocking your hips a little faster. "You’ll come.” 
“No, no, I won’t, please, angel?” Bucky’s voice had never sounded so strained. And he was making promises he couldn’t keep. 
“You're close already, aren’t you?” 
Bucky ignored you, rocking his hips up in time with yours. His dick was nuzzled in your warm wetness, and his tip caught on your entrance with each thrust. Yeah, he was fucking close. 
“Aren’t you?” You repeated, undoing your robe and shrugging it off your shoulders. 
“No,” Bucky gritted out. 
“Liar,” you smirked and lifted your hips, leaving him thrusting into the air. 
“Fuck, fuck,” Bucky took a few deep breaths, but you didn’t give him too much time to recover.
You helped move him into a sitting position with his back against the headboard his wrists were tied to. You straddled him again but kept your warm pussy out of reach, instead choosing to wrap your hand around his aching length as you kissed him. 
The sound that came out of Bucky’s mouth as you stroked him from base to tip, making sure to press your thumb into the throbbing vein on the underside of his cock, was embarrassing. But he could not care less at the moment. Your breasts were pressed against his chest, your soft legs straddling his hips, and your intoxicating lips hardly left his. 
“That feel good, baby?” Your husky voice made his cock throb in your hand. 
“Yeah, gonna come,” Bucky answered. 
“Yeah?” You taunted in a breathy voice.
“Yeah,” Bucky grunted against your lips. 
You moaned along with him as if he was inside you and gave him two more firm strokes, but when his eyes fluttered closed, you stilled your hand at the base of his cock until his breathing settled. Then you started again. And again. 
“Let me touch you,” Bucky groaned as you sped up your hand. He wanted to touch and squeeze every inch of you. The restraints dug into his arms he flexed against them. 
“No.” You sat back and wrapped both hands around his cock. 
The up and down twisting motions of both your hands on him were too much. He couldn’t even form the words to warn you that he was about to come. But you knew and stilled, except for your thumb, which rubbed achingly slow circles against the sensitive spot on the underside of his sensitive tip. Making sure he stayed on the razor-sharp edge without falling over. 
“Holy shit,” Bucky mumbled; the veins in his neck popped as he tried to will his orgasm to continue. 
“You close, Buck?” You murmured against his lips. 
He could only respond with a high-pitched desperate noise as he tried to thrust against the pad of your thumb. 
“I bet you are; I can feel your legs shaking.” You let him go and sat back again so you could see him. The pout on your face made a dribble of precum leak from his tip. “Poor baby, this looks like it hurts. Maybe my mouth will make it feel better.” 
Bucky whimpered as your warm tongue lapped at his heavy balls and trailed gently up his cock. You made sure your tongue touched every inch of his cock. The gentle caress of it was both too much and not nearly enough. You looked so concentrated, so intent on giving him the most pleasure you could; Bucky could only describe it as worship. But he needed more. He needed you to wrap your lips around him and take him into your throat like he knew you could. 
Finally, as if you could read his thoughts, you kissed his leaking tip, and your tongue slid seductively over it. Fuck, this was more than a kiss; you were making out with his sensitive head, moaning and using your tongue like a goddamn weapon. 
“Holy shit, angel, that feels so good,” Bucky moaned, the back of his head hitting the headboard. He tensed, waiting for the moment your mouth slid further down his shaft, but it never came. You seemed content to tongue him without ever wrapping your lips around him like he needed. 
He lifted his hips, trying to force himself past your swollen lips, but you moved away, focusing your tongue on the spot under his head that made his toes curl. 
“Good god, please just suck it, angel, fuck it hurts!” 
You smiled at him, and Bucky knew he wouldn’t get what he wanted anytime soon. You straddled his thick thigh and began grinding on it while you continued to run your tongue slowly over his cock. 
He wished you would at least match the pace of your tongue to that of your frantic hips. Then a new strategy hit him. 
“Angel, let me taste you; I’ll make you come, please.” 
You let out a short, breathy laugh. “Oh, come on, Buck, you think I’ve forgotten about all the times you’ve come just from eating me out? No way.” 
Bucky groaned; he was beyond frustrated. His cock was shiny with your saliva, yet he hadn’t even been in your mouth, and your warm wet pussy was so close yet so far. He could tell you were about to come, and he would give his right arm to be inside you when you did. 
You teased his cock again, nearly slipping it past your lips but stopping short. Fuck being inside you; he would settle for your throat right now. 
“Oh my god,” Bucky moaned and pulled on his restraints. “I’m so fucking horny, fuck, suck it, angel,” his voice was throaty and deep as he begged.
“What’s the matter, daddy? Thinking about fucking my face right now? Want me to be your good girl and take it all? Open my throat up real nice for you?” 
Your voice shuddered as you came hard on his thigh. He flexed it up for you, drawing your orgasm out as much as he could and hoping you’d return the favor. 
With a tired but satisfied sigh, you slid off his thigh and landed between his legs again. Bucky nearly yelled when your mouth wrapped around his balls. You sucked on them like you typically sucked his cock. Cheeks hollowed, moaning, and messy. You tongued at the tight seam down the middle of his balls, and Bucky’s thighs started to shake again. 
“Please?” He whimpered. 
You ignored him, sucking him like it was your life’s work. 
“Please,” he said a little louder, “please suck my cock, I’m begging, fuck your mouth feels amazing, suck my cock, angel!” 
You slowly pulled your mouth off of his blue balls and placed a soft kiss on his tip. “Okay, but you’re not gonna like it.” 
  Bucky lost track of time as you gave him the blowjob he had asked for, no teasing, no slowing down, at least not until he was about to come down your throat. Then you stopped everything and listened to him beg for mercy before you repeated the process over and over again. Eventually, you got bored of blowing him and started torturing him in new ways. You edged him with your ass, grinding on him while you fingered yourself, your hands, and even your feet when you got tired. Every part of you that he worshiped, worshiped him right back. 
Now his twitching dick was buried between your breasts. And just like the video, no matter how much he begged, you got him to the edge and stopped. He was very close to crying. His legs were shaking, his body covered in sweat and precum. The sounds coming out of his mouth were hysterical; at one point, his gasping, whining moans made it sound like he was laughing. But nothing was remotely funny about how bad he needed to come. 
He bit his lip, trying to hold back the brimming tears. You were so fucking into this, and it turned him on so much he was buzzing out of his skin. The angry tip of his cock peeked out between your breasts, and you tilted your head down to swipe your tongue across it. 
“Jesus, fuck, please, please, please,” he said like a prayer. But it went unanswered as his balls tightened and your warmth disappeared. A frustrated tear ran down his cheek. 
“Angel, please, please, I can’t take anymore.” His breaths came in gasps, and his voice shook. 
Your hand was on his face in seconds. You made him focus on you as you shushed him and brushed his tears away. 
Once he calmed down, you kissed the tip of his nose and then both eyes. “You good, baby? Color?” 
Bucky nodded. “Green, angel. It’s so fucking good; I’m going goddamn crazy.” 
You smiled wide at that. “I’m glad, baby, but as much fun as I’m having,” you leaned in closer like you were going to tell him a secret. “I really wanna come on your cock. I’ve never seen it so hard, and I need it inside me right fucking now.” 
Bucky groaned, “yes fucking do it, please.” 
“You’re gonna be my good boy, right?” 
You smirked and straddled his lap again, lining up his cock and slowly sinking down on it. “If you come without my permission, I’ll ruin it.” 
That got Bucky’s attention, even as his brain started to turn to mush at the feeling of your pussy gripping him. “Wait!” 
But it was too late, your ass settled flush against his thighs, and you both groaned at the feeling of finally being united. You didn’t give yourself, or Bucky, time to adjust. Your hands landed on his heaving chest as you worked yourself frantically up and down his cock. 
“Oh god! You gotta slow down!” Bucky’s hands clenched as he fought his restraints. The sound of his vibranium arm whirring with the effort to stay put made your pussy flutter around him. 
“Can’t,” you breathed out, “feels too fucking good. I should keep you this hard all the time.” 
Bucky whimpered; he fucking wished. He just had to hold off until you came, and then you’d let him have his too. He tried to focus on something other than how fucking good your tight pussy felt sliding up and down his dick. Or how beautiful you looked using him for your own pleasure. Or the fucking sounds coming out of your damned mouth. His hips were thrusting faster than they had the right to be. 
“Oh god, right there, daddy,” you gasped as his swollen cock head rubbed against your g-spot. “Fuck my little pussy.” 
These were things you usually moaned in his ear when he had his way with you—when he filled you up over and over until you couldn’t take anymore. And now he couldn’t do anything but take what you gave him. He felt the pressure in his cock grow, and his balls tightened painfully.
“I’m gonna cum, oh my god, I’m gonna cum.” Bucky’s body tensed; he swore he could feel his cum moving up to the base of his cock. He couldn’t stop it; he needed it too damn bad. 
“You’re not,” you said matter-of-factly, reaching behind you to pull his balls down, effectively stopping his orgasm. “You don’t have permission.” 
Bucky couldn’t form words anymore; he was beyond rational thought as he writhed underneath you. 
“I’m gonna come for you, daddy, gonna come all over your fat cock.” 
Jesus, you were cruel. 
More tears streamed down his face as your orgasm hit you and your walls clenched rhythmically around him, trying their best to make him come too. He couldn’t breathe. His words came out between gasps of air. “Please! Let me come! Oh god, oh god!” 
But you didn’t answer him; you kept your iron grip on his balls until your orgasm ended. Then you slowly sat up until his cock slipped from you, and he let out a pained whimper. 
“Don’t worry, baby, mommy’s gonna take care of you. You did so well.” 
Bucky didn’t know why but that made a choked sob exit his mouth. Despite everything, he swore he had never felt this good. You had spent hours showering him with attention, worshiping every part of his body, and now? Now you were gonna take care of him.
You gave him a soft smile before turning around and assuming his favorite position. He loved your ass more than he loved himself sometimes. He sucked in a deep breath as you once again slid his cock inside your tight heat. 
“Knees up so you can fuck me properly.” You tapped on his thigh, and he immediately planted his feet on the bed. 
You started moving, and he met your thrusts, slowly at first, he was already so close to the edge, and each bounce of your ass made him want to dive straight over. 
“Faster, Buck,” you groaned. 
He hesitated, his balls already tight in anticipation. “I can come?” He almost didn’t want to ask. 
“If you fuck me harder. Give it to me!” 
Bucky took that as a yes, and his head fell back as he pounded into you as hard as possible in this position. Your sounds of pleasure made his cock twitch inside you, and his balls got impossibly tighter. He swore they were gonna snap off if they tightened anymore. 
“Please don’t stop; god, I’m so close,” Bucky huffed, moving like a machine with how hard and fast he was fucking you. 
“Such a good boy, fucking mommy so well, baby.”
Your words broke him and healed him at the same time. 
“Don’t stop, don’t stop, oh fuck, fuck , I’m coming!” A spike of fear flitted through him at the thought that you’d pull away at the last second once again, but it quickly disappeared when the first shock of pleasure pulsed through him from head to toe. He had stopped moving, moaning in ecstasy, but you kept riding him through it, taking him for everything he had. 
“Oh god, I can’t stop cumming,” he gasped, “feels so fucking good,” Bucky whined, finally breaking his bonds to hold you. His flesh arm wrapped around your chest, holding you close and squeezing your breast. The other wrapped around your hips and helped you move.
“Thank you,” he murmured over and over again with his face buried in your neck. 
“I’m so full, daddy,” you groaned and kept grinding your hips until you came again. 
Bucky gasped as the pleasure quickly turned to pain. He had never been so overstimulated. But keeping true to your word, you eased off him quickly. You turned around in his arms and planted kisses all over his face, careful to avoid touching him anywhere else. 
“How about a warm bath, Buck?” 
Bucky nodded, trying to talk but giving up when only mumbled nonsense came out. It made you laugh, though, which made him smile. 
“Was that better than your video?” You asked as you laid him back onto his pillow.
Bucky managed a weak thumbs up as his head lolled to the side. 
“Good.” You kissed his temple and left the bed. 
Bucky wanted to reach out for you, but by the time he made his arm move, you were too far away. “Come back,” Bucky mumbled. 
“I’m right here. Gonna clean you up. Bath later.” 
Bucky hummed in pleasure as you gently cleaned his body with a warm towel. “Thank you,” he whispered as he rolled to the side so you could slide the towel he had used to protect your sheets out from under him. 
It felt like you were gone forever as he fought his slipping eyelids. He didn’t want to fall asleep without you there. But just as he was about to lose the battle, you slid in bed behind him and laid your warm cheek against his back. 
Bucky smiled as he felt your breath against his skin. “Welcome home. I missed you.” 
You responded by squeezing him tightly. “Sleep; I’ll be here when you wake up.” 
Bucky fell asleep with a soft smile on his face, safe in the knowledge that nothing between you had changed and feeling more loved and cared for than he ever thought possible.  
no pressure tag list (let me know if you want to be added or removed): @shamelessfangirl-3 @thenhewaswrongaboutme @buckmepapi @summerofsnowflakes @delaber @captainsimagines @healanette @raindrcpsangel @rookthorne @bucky-barnes-is-a-cupcake @bbyboybucket @thestrangestinthisstrangeland
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mostlybuckystuff · 22 hours ago
Winter soldier being hot scary
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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thepsychewrites · 7 months ago
Little Lavender Friend | B. Barnes
Tumblr media
I didn’t mean to ruin your mood...
Roommate!Bucky Barnes x F!Reader
Summary: You and Bucky are best friends and have been roommates for the last few years, the two of you having your fair share of quarrels here and there. But what happens when Bucky finds something of yours he isn’t supposed to- something that keeps him up all night, tossing and turning and almost making him feeling… jealous?
> Word Count: 5k
> Warnings: MINORS DO NOT INTERACT!! THIS IS AN 18+ FIC. Here’s the filth: oral (f receiving m giving), fingering (f receiving), unprotected penetrative sex (f receiving), praise (mainly f receiving), lil bit of boob worship, cum play, size kink, innocence kink (only a little bit), loss of virginity (f), potentially dark themes but only in thoughts!!, Bucky’s thoughts are mentioned quite a bit but its not in his pov, pet names (sweet-pea, angel, pretty girl, sweet girl), mutual pining, heavy language.
A/N: ROOMMATE BUCKY IS MY FAVORITE BUCKY, OKAY? PRETTY MUCH PURE FILTH IM SORRY. First Bucky fic I’m putting up, lmk what you guys think! ALSO- I’m thinking of making roommate!Bucky into a series??? They’d probably be separate one-shots, blurbs and head cannons that could be read as a collection or series, so lmk what y’all think! Enjoy, whores <3
My Masterlist 
Everyone says hate is a strong word.
But in this moment you needed a word stronger than hate.
Loathe. Abhor. Detest. Repulsed.
Even those weren’t good enough synonyms.
“Bucky! Where the fuck did you put it?” You screamed from the bathroom. Your chest was heaving, the grip you had on the porcelain sink not enough to calm you down. You kept quiet until you heard his door creak open, his footsteps heading for the bathroom the two of you shared. You faced the door, a hand on your hip while the other still gripped the sink, waiting to unleash hell on the man.
He came into view, a shit eating grin smeared on his face as he held his hands behind his back.
Oh, you were going to kill him.
“You called?” Bucky said, feigning innocence with puppy dog eyes and a gentle smile.
“Where did you put it?”
His brows scrunched together. “Where did I put what?”
You rolled your eyes, your nails about to snap from how hard they were pressing into the sink. “You know exactly what I’m talking about. Where. Did. You. Put. It.” You emphasized the question again.
His face lit up as if he had some sort of epiphany, a sly smirk pulling at his lips. “Oh! Where did I put…” He brought his hands forward, dangling from them the item in question.
He held out your new lavender colored dildo, the one you had only purchased yesterday morning. You debated on buying it, but thought it was a good investment since you didn’t have much luck in the love department.
Or any luck, for that matter.
You had shoved the seven inch long toy in the cabinet under the sink after unboxing and cleaning it for the first time, hiding it under some towels for easy access whenever you wanted to use it.
Bucky had spotted it earlier this morning after his shower, taking it to piss you off. He was surprised it took you until nearly eleven at night to notice it’s absence.
“You’re an asshole, Buck.” You spat as you grabbed for the toy.
He pulled his arm back and held it up, the dildo now far from your reach. “Ah ah ah, not so fast sweet-pea. Why did you get this?”
You groaned, pushing on your tippy toes as you tried to grab the toy from the air. Bucky swatted at your arms, grabbing them in his warm hand and holding them down on your stomach.
You would’ve been embarrassed, mortified even, if you hadn’t known Bucky for as long as you did. The two of you met nearly six years ago now. You had been working with the Avengers as a recruited (now ex) agent and spy of S.H.I.E.L.D. Steve Rogers, another close friend of yours, had enlisted your help in hunting down a notorious assassin, the Winter Soldier. You obliged, of course, spending weeks tracking him down in hopes of stopping him.
Eventually, you did.
Finding out it was Bucky tore Steve apart. But he was able to pick up his pieces, as well as turn Bucky into the man he was before Hydra got to him. It was hard getting Bucky to be vulnerable around the team, but with the help of you and Steve, he came around. Not only that, but he quickly became one of your best friends.
Now, six years later, here you were in your shared apartment- trying to get your sex toy out of his metal grasp.
“What do you think dildos are used for, idiot?” You twisted in his hand, struggling to free yourself as he still held you down.
“But why do you need it so bad, hmm?” He poked, loving the reactions he got from you when he teased you like this. He couldn’t help it. The way you got mad so easily and how gorgeous you looked when you yelled at him made his stomach do flips. He couldn’t lie, though. He felt a little offended when he opened the cabinet earlier and saw the little thing just laying on the towels. He wasn’t going to let himself get jealous of a silicone dick, but he wasn’t super happy over it either.
You deserved real pleasure. Pleasure that Bucky would be more than willing to provide.
You sighed, now using your strength to push against him. It was useless, though. The man was as stable as a brick wall.
“Because I get horny, Buck! Now give it to me!” You whined, still pushing hard against his solid form, eliciting a hearty laugh that rumbled deep in his chest.
“Alright, alright. Here, sweet-pea.” He laughed, pulling down his arm and finally handing over the toy. You didn’t miss how his eyes stayed a little too long on your fingers as they wrapped around the base of it, holding it down to your side for a second before you huffed and placed it back under the sink- this time in a basket of your other belongings. You did miss how his eyes fell on your exposed legs, wishing he could just reach out and feel how soft they always were.
“Don’t touch it again, please.” You said much calmer, a hint of irritation on your tongue. You wanted to rip him a new one for pulling that little stunt, but you could never stay mad at Bucky for long.
Lucky bastard.
Bucky tilted his head. “Oh come on, Y/n. I didn’t mean to ruin your mood-” His voice was soft and sincere.
You shrugged, doing your best to avoid eye contact as you slipped between him and the door frame. “Yeah well… you kinda did, so… I’m just gonna go to bed.”
You barely got your last word out before you felt his bionic fingers wrap around your wrist to pull you back. You did so reluctantly. You weren’t trying to make him feel bad, really. But you were looking forward to testing the pretty lavender toy out tonight- yet not so much after this altercation.
“Sweet-pea… you know the rules.” He mumbled as you rolled your eyes again.
“I swear I’m not mad at you, Buck.” You let him guide you back to his body, your own being pulled close to his.
The two of you had drawn up some rules when you first moved in, and one of them was that neither of you could go to bed mad or upset at the other. If there was an issue, you had to work it out and make up before your head hit your pillow to go to sleep.
Despite insisting you weren’t angry with him, his arms wound around your torso, holding you against his chest for a hug. “Well I don’t believe you.”
You let yourself melt against him, relishing in the feeling of his head atop yours, his fingers gliding over your thin black t-shirt across your back and up your spine.
Still, the warm knot in your tummy didn’t go away. If anything, it got worse. Especially as his grip got tighter, the musky scent of his cologne traveling through your nose and filling your lungs. You were the one to pull away, afraid that if you didn’t you would only pull closer.
“I’m good.” You promised.
His arms fell from your back, hanging down by his sides as the two of you went in opposite directions to your bedrooms for the night.
“Goodnight, I love you.” Bucky called as his hand turned his doorknob, holding it still until he heard your call back.
Despite saying it to each other every night for years, it never got old hearing it fall from his lips.
“Goodnight, I love you too.” You replied, a tiny smile on your face.
It was not a good night. 
You tossed and turned for a solid hour, rubbing your legs together in hopes that it would provide some relief. Any relief at this point would help. It didn’t do any good, though. You laid there for a bit longer, a hand lazily strewn across your chest as you stared up at the ceiling. With a huff and a groan you got up, throwing your comforter to the side and slowly climbing out of bed to get a drink. 
Maybe an ice cold glass of water would fix you for the night. 
You rounded the corner to the kitchen, standing on your tippy toes to grab a glass cup from the cabinet before turning on the tap and filling it up. As you started to gulp it down, a voice called from behind you, nearly making you choke to death. 
“Can’t sleep?” 
You tapped against your chest to aid in your swallow, gasping for air as it finally made it down. “For fucks sake, Bucky! You can’t do that shit to me.” 
Bucky laughed as you swatted his arm, feigning hurt even though you hit the metal one. “Hey now, no need to get aggressive.” He grinned, playfully hitting you back. You didn’t back down, though, punching softly against him a few more times, and Bucky saw it as a perfect opportunity. “Alright, that’s it-”
In a swift motion Bucky had picked you up, throwing your chest over his shoulder and holding you there as if you weighed nothing. He swung you around as he turned to leave the kitchen, nearly bumping your head against the lighting fixture above the counter. 
“Buck! Put me down!” You giggled, your legs squirming against him as you tried to escape his iron grip. He stomped to the living room, finally letting you go and tossing you onto the large suede couch. 
What you didn’t expect, though, was for Bucky to settle in on top of you, pressing his heavy chest right up against yours. His legs fit between yours like the last piece to a thousand-count puzzle, something that made the heat swell back up in your tummy. He leaned in close, his nose ghosting over yours. “Why are you still up, sweet-pea?” 
Your breath came out in a shutter, your words stuck in your throat. “Like you said... couldn’t sleep.” 
The switch that had flipped in Bucky wasn’t unnoticed. There was a lull, and it seemed like he was contemplating something in his head before he settled on a decision. He lifted his hand to your face, using his thumb to trace over your cheek. “I think I know of a way to fix that.” His words came out like silk despite how low and gruff his voice had gotten, his pupils blown wide as he stared down at you. 
It didn’t hit you right away, but when it did…
All you could give was a nod.  
It wasn’t enough for Bucky. 
“I need to hear you say you want it, sweet-pea. If you don’t, we can both just go to bed and forget this ever happened.” His lips were a hair’s width from yours, his peppermint breath finding its way into your mouth. 
His touch was tantalizing and it sparked a desire deep in your core. 
“I want it.” You whispered, still not entirely sure this was actually happening. 
Bucky hummed, the vibrations from his chest nearly sending a whine from your mouth. “I need you to be specific. What do you want?” 
You were close to coming in your shorts already from his words alone. “You. I want you, Buck.” 
The four words you were always too nervous to say. The four words you’ve been keeping to yourself for the last six years, falling from you so confidently as if you say them everyday. He could hear you say them everyday. He wants to hear you say them everyday.
And fuck, if he got to taste you on his tongue tonight and feel his cock stretching you out, those sickly sweet whimpers drawing from your throat as he did it- he’ll make you say them everyday. 
Bucky didn’t waste any time before his lips finally found yours. They were soft and warm, just like you had imagined on many sleepless nights. He tasted like the toothpaste you shared in the bathroom upstairs, yet you were sure his saliva was laced with heroin with how quickly you craved more of it. His thigh pushed against your heat, sending a trail of goosebumps up your chest as you softly moaned into his mouth. Your noises only encouraged him, his tongue sliding over yours in a desperate attempt to feel more of you. 
The sheer desperation to be so intertwined with you in this intimate way drove him insane, a low growl scratching at his throat as he pulled away. “Get this damn thing off.” He nearly shouted, fisting at your lousy black sleep shirt- his lousy black sleep shirt you stole from his dresser years ago- his heart thumping wildly inside his ribcage. 
Being the smart girl you are, you promptly followed his orders, shoving off the tee in a single motion, the frigid living room air hitting your nipples as you never wore a bra to bed anymore. Bucky pulled his own shirt off as you did yours- not noticing your upper half was completely bare already until he went to kiss you again, stopping dead in his tracks as his eyes landed on your breasts. 
“Oh, sweet-pea, you’re gonna send this old man into cardiac arrest with a body like that.” He cooed, hooking a hand behind your back as he shimmied you both down the couch, laying your body flat beneath him. Bucky was mesmerized, his mouth open and yearning as he leaned down to suck on your breast, his tongue swirling over your taut nipple. The sheer heat of his mouth was enough to elicit a moan from you, his teeth coming to graze over the sensitive skin as he smiled against you. He paid close attention to both breasts, suckling on one peak as his fingers toyed with the other. If you’d allow it- Bucky would gladly spend all day and night with his mouth suctioned on you like this, already enough to ruin his boxers with his leaking seed. 
Maybe another day. 
“You’re so pretty for me like this, sweet-pea, I can’t get enough of you.” He panted, finally coming up for air. You smiled up at him, his lips dark pink and swollen. 
Alluring, warm and wet.
“Please, Buck. I need more.” The apples of your cheeks were flushed and the room was starting to sway around you from the sheer amount of pleasure that was coursing through your veins. You felt Bucky everywhere but the place you needed him most. 
A breathy laugh fanned over your chest. “Be patient, pretty girl...” He trailed off, pressing sloppy kisses over your collarbones and neck. “My pretty girl.” He whispered as he nipped at your earlobe, sealing it with a single kiss at your lips. 
It was a declaration. A fact. Bucky gave no room for question or interpretation. You were his girl, his pretty girl, and he couldn’t wait to shout it from every rooftop in Brooklyn after tonight. He has wanted this moment for as long as he can remember, and he’d be damned if he didn’t spend the next few hours with you underneath him, looking like a fucking angel with those big bright eyes of yours. 
Those watery little doe eyes brought some filthy thoughts to Bucky’s mind, explicit cravings that only you’d be able to satisfy him with. Tonight, though, was all about you- despite how badly he wanted to fuck you silly on every surface in the apartment and in every position possible. Despite how he longed to fuck your beautiful mouth, squeezing your throat so he could feel his tip sliding in and out with every thrust, his other on your cheek to wipe away the tears that would inevitably slip down. Despite how terribly bad he wanted to make you come so many times you’d be an incoherent babbling mess under him, unable to speak for at least an hour after while he cleaned up your soft body- giving you a bath, combing through your hair, brushing your teeth, slipping you into bed beside him as he kissed your tender skin until the two of you fell asleep. 
But right here, right now, he wanted to give you slow and soft, knowing you hadn’t ventured into this kind of territory yet. 
Shit- the reminder that Bucky would be your first sent a sweltering throb right to his groin, a low groan rumbling deep in his throat. 
“You’re doing so good for me, so... so... good.” He mumbled between kisses against your hips, slowly sinking down your body so he could finally get a taste of your sweet cunt. The metal tips of his fingers snaked over your tummy before latching onto the waistband of your pajama shorts, slipping the fabric down your aching thighs and bent knees. He held the material in his hand as he stared down at your pussy, the silky blue underwear you wore nearly dripping with how wet they were. 
He traced his tan fingers over your thigh, swirling over the skin until it led to your heat, his thumb rubbing over your clothed clit. 
“Bucky...” You whined, your right hand settling between the valley of your breasts, your left gently scratching at his arm. 
You were quivering, your body’s reaction to Bucky nothing more than exactly what you expected. 
“I think my little angel is excited.” He groaned as he kept swiping his thumb over the wet patch, his eyes locked on for as long as he could before he made one final trip to meet your face. “Are you sure this is okay? I will not be mad if you don’t want this.”  He needed utmost assurance that this is exactly what you wanted before he devoured you entirely. 
“I swear to God, Buck, if you stop right now I will kill you. I want this so bad, please, Buck. I need to feel you. Please... please.” Your threat was light hearted but he knew you’d be upset all the same if he left you high and dry. But hearing you practically beg for him? He's gonna need to get on Medicare after this, super soldier or not. 
“Your wish is my command, sweet-pea.” With those simple words he was back down between your thighs, his hand pulling down your underwear in an instant. An animalistic groan was ripped from his throat at the sight of your cunt, beautifully glistening under the moonlit room, your lips parted so gently just for his view. Not a second was wasted as he knelt down closer, his tongue slipping between your folds to open you further, loud moans being pulled from you both simultaneously.
He sucked at your arousal, drinking it down like a man starved while his middle finger traced the tight ring of your heat, slipping around it easily from the gathered slick. His mouth attached to your clit, sucking harshly for a few seconds, letting his velvety tongue rub over it for a few seconds after. He kept this pace while his middle finger gained entrance, sliding inside your soaking pussy with ease, only stopping when he found the spot that would drive you crazy. The pad of his long finger circled over the spongy patch, a back-arching, mouth-watering movement that nearly had you in tears. His bionic hand was quick to push down your hips, holding tight over your pelvic bone and belly to keep you in place. 
“Tastes just like honey, my little angel. You’re gonna get me addicted, I’ll never want to leave.” He whispered, his lips shining with your slick as he spoke. He promptly got back to work, adding in his equally-long ring finger to your cunt. 
Your eyes were watering and you were so close to seeing stars, mind-numbing moans and whines tearing from your mouth every few seconds, pants of his name and soft pleas falling between. “Buck... feels so g-good Buck... oh- shit... please, Buck..” 
There was no warning as your first orgasm tore through you, a white hot light bursting low in your tummy and deep within your cunt. You’ve made yourself cum plenty of times before, but no orgasm you could give yourself came close to the one Bucky was giving you now. It filled your sight with static, sent your ears ringing, your heart thumping like a hummingbird’s. “There you go Y/n- just like that. I got you. I got you.” Bucky assured, still pumping his fingers in you slowly as you came down from your high. “You did so good, sweet girl. M’so proud. You’re so beautiful... God you’re gonna wreck me.” He kissed over your thighs as your trembling died down, finally pulling his fingers out of you. 
Your cum clung to his slender digits like silky cream on a humid summer’s day. He admired how it looked for a moment before looking up at you, a devilish smirk tugging up his lips. 
“Here angel, open up a little.” Bucky purred as he climbed over you, small beads of sweat lathering both of your chests. Even though you were still blissed out, you let your mouth hang open, welcoming his fingers up to the first knuckle. He tapped your chin with his thumb, closing it slightly to let you suckle off your spend. It didn’t taste quite like honey, but knowing that it was caused by Bucky made it that much sweeter. He wiggled out just a second later, wiping away some of it that dripped down your lips before bringing his still coated fingers up to his own mouth, repeating the process with a flutter of his eyes. 
You stared up at him, your mouth still ajar, remnants of your spend coating your tongue. The sight of him greedily sucking on his fingers just to taste you was going to send you into another orgasm. You weren’t able to enjoy the view for too long before Bucky was shoving down his boxers, wanting to be inside of you as soon as possible.
A breathy whine fell from you as you watched his cock hit against his toned stomach and you wanted the image seared into your brain. Your mouth flooded, a buzz returning to you as you reached out for it. It was huge, bigger than the dildo you had purchased by at least two inches- possibly even three- and incredibly thick. A single vein was protruding from the side, leading all the way up to his tip, which was painfully pink. Two beads of pre-cum trailed down it, evidence that Bucky was just as needy as you were. Your core clenched just from looking and you weren’t sure he could stretch you that far without breaking you entirely.
“Holy shit.” You breathed, your fingers gently wrapping around the middle of it, your thumb ghosting over the sticky tip. It was so heavy in your hand and you wondered how he walked around with this thing in his pants everyday.
Bucky’s head fell back instantly, the loudest groan yet nearly choking him. He was quick to stop you, his hand wrapping harshly around your wrist.
“Next time, sweet-pea. I want to cum in you, not on your hand.” He said, being gentle as he lightened his grip, setting your hand on your tummy.
Good God.
The thought of Bucky cumming inside of you sent you reeling. He wasn’t a stupid man- he knew you took birth control to help regulate your periods. Hell, he was the one to pick it up from the pharmacy most months. But hearing him say it? The man you’ve been best friends with for six years and the man you’ve harbored feelings for during all of them wanting to make you his in the most intimate way? He might have to resuscitate you after.
With his knees dug into the suede cushion he adjusted your body, turning around to grab a flat pillow behind him and nudging it under your hips, pulling you closer to his pelvis. Bucky waited as your body relaxed further into the couch, nudging your shaky knees closer to your torso and guiding you to wrap your legs around his waist.
Bucky’s left hand slipped into your right, fingers intertwining and clutching together as he lined himself up at your entrance. “I’m going to go slow, Y/n, but tell me if it’s too much and I’ll stop, okay?” His silver eyes softened, not daring to leave yours.
“Okay.” You nodded, holding his hand in a death grip, not that it hurt him in the slightest.
The anticipation was well worth it as Bucky’s tip finally entered you, pornographic sounds coming from both of you at the tight, warm feeling. Your hand clamped down on his as he pushed in painfully slow, finally stopping when he bottomed out. You were whimpering under him, the burn still registering despite the adrenaline pumping through you. You couldn’t lie, it hurt like hell. His cock was nearly splitting you in half and you could feel a dull heartbeat where his tip was nestled at your cervix.
Bucky was still looking down at you, waiting for the go to start moving. With a gentle nod of your head he finally pulled back, slowly retreating out of you all the way until he pushed right back in.
“Buck… oh- that feels good.” You mumbled, eyes fluttering shut at the high you were getting from his cock stretching you so sinfully. You felt like you were floating, laying somewhere above the clouds from the bliss he was providing. His movements sped up, coaxing moans from both of you.
Bucky looked down at where the two of you were connected, bringing your hand down to the bulge that formed each time he bottomed out. “You feel that angel? Does that feel good?”
“Feels s’good, Buck.” You slurred, mouth open at the tender warmth that was replacing the burn.
“You deserve to feel real pleasure. Not the pathetic orgasm your little lavender friend would’ve left you with. You deserve this, you understand me?” He said with a stern voice, leaning over your jolting body.
Your free hand connected on his face, your nails scraping over the stubble on his jawline. “Yes…” You agreed, losing yourself in how pretty he was as he pounded into you relentlessly.
“Say that you deserve this. Say it.” Bucky commanded, peppering kisses over your flushed face.
You nodded over and over as you spoke, willing to do anything Bucky says. “I deserve this. I deserve you.”
The added remark of you deserving Bucky made his heart stop, the realization of just how crazy he was for you hitting him all at once.
Of course he knew he was head over heels for you. Anyone of your friends could see it plain as day- even Sam teased the two of you about it all the time. But he never thought he’d be in this moment with you, making love to the woman he’s been dying to have since the day you met.
He sucked and bit at your neck as he pumped into your cunt, entirely too excited to see the marks they’d form later on. You had released your grip on his hand, opting to scratch up his back instead. He snaked his free hand between your bodies, using the pad of his thumb to push circles on your aching and swollen clit. Your back arched at the motion, your chest rubbing against his as your body bounced from the force of his cock slamming in and out of you.
“Fuck Bucky… I’m close.” You mewled, heavy pants coming between moans. You were on the edge of your orgasm and Bucky was determined to get you there.
He hummed into your neck, multitasking like a pro so he could take care of you in every way possible. “You’re squeezing the life outta me, angel. Feels incredible…” He moved to your mouth, wrapping his tongue over yours as he swallowed your melodic sounds. Backing off once he felt your walls contract harder, he whispered, “Go ahead, cum for me sweet-pea.”
His face was loomed over yours, eyes connected to every contort of your features as you came, the most intense orgasm flooding your body. Your limbs were trembling and his grip on your side was going to leave dents and bruises, but you couldn’t care less as you clenched down on his shaft, your walls pulsing around him. The adoration you felt was holding up your soul, keeping it in place while Bucky never once lost rhythm.
His orgasm wasn’t far behind. You felt his tip swell as it glided up to your cervix over and over, right before he was wrecked. Hot ropes of semen flooded your pussy, filling you up to the brim as you coaxed every last drop from him. Bucky huffed and grunted against your mouth and cheek, echoes of your name falling out when he started to slow. His arms gave out and he let his body fall gently on yours, his head settling in the crook of your neck. Your nails continued to trace up and down both of his shoulders, metal and flesh, just enough to keep him tingling inside.
It was a minute later when Bucky finally picked his head up to look at you. “Hi.”
You giggled, your face heating up from his strained voice. “Hi.”
He brought his hand up, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “You did so good, Y/n. Was that alright?”
“More than.” You assured, relishing in the weight of him on top of you and inside you.
“You better throw that damn dildo away then, because we’re just getting started here sweet-pea.”
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geeky-politics-46 · 5 months ago
Deserve Better
Smut - Explicit content - NSFW - 18+ only!
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Another blow to your confidence tips you over the edge when a guy ditches you. Bucky is determined to show you that you derserve so much better.
Warnings: Smut (NSFW) - 18+ ONLY - oral sex, fingering, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, dirty talk, pet names, language, alcohol use, negative self image, general filth
More of this story than I would like to admit is based on real experience, at least all the crappy stuff. Alcohol was involved while writing. I suck at spelling & grammar but correct things as I find them. Hope you enjoy the results of my shitty evening.
Tumblr media
Well this felt really pathetic. If you started crying could this count as a temper tantrum not a breakdown? You didn't really get stood up or dumped. Your friends with benefits bailed on you... Again.
You weren't mad. He had given you good reasons. Granted you had no idea if they were true or not, but if they were they were reasons you would have cited too.
You were diaappointed though. You had pretty much given up on dating, it seemed the only guys who were ever interested were nut jobs or people you would have to be paid to touch, & you didn't do one night stands. They just didn't feel safe. So this had been your last chance to get laid for a few months. You had also passed up the chance to go to a Rangers game to meet up with your FWB.
You sat waiting for your to-go order running through the options in your head, quickly realizing your best option was once again your vibrator. You inwardly sighed as you threw down the rest of your gin & tonic way too fast. You realized you were actually sick of fucking yourself, the thought of another night with your own hand & even your favorite toy made you groan, & not in a good way.
The waiter dropped your bag next to you & you paid for your drink. You tipped an extra dollar since he was nice enough to ignore that you probably looked like you were about to cry when you had ordered it.
As you were pulling a couple ones out of your wallet a cute-ish seeming guy came in by himself. Clearly from out of town with a slight European accent. You figured what the hell? & said hi pulling out your flirty yet coy smile. He totally ignored you.
Well that was close enough to 3 strikes you're out. You tilted your glass as far back as you could, hoping for even the tiniest amount of gin, & grabbed you bag of food. You headed back to the tower with your tail tucked between your legs, pity tears pickling at your eyes, & your new lingerie you had bought just because feeling like it was an irritant on your skin.
At least it was windy. You could play off the stray tear as being caused by that or picking at your mascara. Your only stop was a drugstore where you grabbed a bottle of wine.
As you stepped into the elevator you opened the twist top on the glass bottle & let the first couple real tears fall. All your life you had never felt good enough, pretty enough. You were never anyone's first choice. Now you weren't even good enough to just screw & leave.
You didn't think you were asking a lot, you really didn't care if this ever became anything beyond sex. But for the first time in your life, at nearly 32, you were finally having good sex. The thought of going another 4 years, your longest dry spell, untouched made you want to throw yourself off the roof.
Thank God the elevator doors opened & pulled you from your own destructive thoughts. There was no one in the living room or the kitchen & it was basically silent, because of course it was. It was a Friday night & everyone had their own things to do. So you wandered into the kitchen grabbed a fork from the utensil drawer & the new pack of AA batteries from the junk drawer.
Sinking into the couch you displayed your sad little picnic on the coffee table in front of you. Burger & fries, screw top wine bottle already part way empty, & batteries that were now your date for the night. You collapsed forward onto your own thighs letting your arms wirelessly drape over so your knuckles brushed the floor & sighed in complete defeat before muttering a "just kill me" into your leggings.
Sure you wanted a relationship, not necessarily with your FWB, but you were also very aware that beggers can't be choosers. You were a begger & you always had been, which is why you were where you were now. Horny, a little drunk, & on the verge of tears.
"But what if I kinda like having you around?" A deep but light hearted voice answered you softly from the hallway. Clearly trying not to startle you. Ending his statement with a chuckle, seemingly to apologize for eavesdropping.
With a groan you lifted your upper body back up to a seated position before flopping back into back of the couch. Looking up at the man who had spoke you felt your heart lift slightly. You should have guessed Bucky would be there. He wssn't a big fan of going out on the weekends, there were too many people out.
He cautiously moved forward, not 100% sure if he was welcome or not. You noticed his hesitancy & moved a few inches to your right signalling it was fine to join you. To reinforce your comfort with him joining you you told him "sorry Buck, if I knew you were here I would have gotten you food, but you can have mine if you want. I'm not that hungry anymore. Just don't touch my wine."
You forced a small laugh past your lips & tried not to come off too sad. As he sat down next to you, Bucky wasn't buying it. He could see the pain in your eyes. He wanted you to tell him what was wrong. He wanted you to tell him everything.
He knew you had plans tonight with that guy, the one that he really didn't like, but now you were here with tears in your eyes. He wanted to punch him for putting that look on your face. You had told Bucky you had no intention of getting serious with this guy, that you were friends from forever ago, that it just made you feel good someone was actually interested in you that way. You said you were so sick of dating & heartbreak, you just wanted to have fun. Well you didn't look like you were having much fun, & it didn't look like you felt particularly good. That tore him up inside.
You curled your legs up underneath you & pulled the blanket off the back of the couch onto your shoulders. You tried to ignore the way Bucky kept glancing at you as he picked at the fries. Every couple minutes he would hold one out to you & you would accept it. Eventually you softened enough that you finally said with a little bit of a shaky breath "he bailed on me at the last minute, again."
All Bucky could do was nod in understanding & turn to look at you. You were still staring at your hands, tears sparkling at the corners of your eyes. Finally letting them fall as you spoke again.
"I'm now consistently getting blown off by my friend with benefits. I can't even keep a guy interested when the only thing I'm asking him for is sex. How pathetic is that? I'm not even good enough to just be a regular fuck buddy for someone I guess."
You choked back a small sob. It wasn't about that particular guy, it was about all of them. How they had all beaten you down & made you feel worthless.
You had confided in Bucky one night after a particularly terrible date how you hadn't even gone on a date until college. That you had spent so much time watching all the other girls in high school get asked on dates, go to dances, & fall in love. While you were left to wonder what was so wrong with you. It's a wonder you had managed to lose your virginity at 19. Especially considering only one other guy had even so much as kissed you before that.
You had spent all your life being the girl who felt passed over, so when the opportunity of having a friend with benefits opened up you jumped at it. Not that you were overly attracted to the guy, which in a sex only relationship was a good thing, but you felt desired & that felt great. It was also the best sex, & really the only good sex, you'd ever had. So you put up with all the little inequalities & things.
Bucky wanted to grab you & hold you. Tell you how much time he spent thinking about you. Wanting you. How you deserved so much more. How he wanted to spend the rest of his life trying to give that to you.
The straw the finally broke the camel's back was when you stood up to go to your room. The wine bottle now mostly empty but most of the food still untouched. You shrugged off the blanket as you got up & started to wiggle your shoulders & reach back behind you with Bucky watching on in confusion.
"You wanna know the really pathetic thing? If it weren't for the fact that he's the only guy who's ever made me cum I don't think I'd put up with it... Or spend the money. There's $75 I'm never gonna see again." You chuckled in absurdity as you pulled your bra out through your sleeve & let the metallic maroon lace dangle from your fingers.
You said goodnight & shuffled away to your room dragging the see through bra behind you, leaving Bucky a jumble of emotions. On one hand he genuinely cared for you. In truth he was head over heels for you, & he didn't want to leave you feeling so down on yourself. You were kind, & smart, & funny, & my god you were so sexy.
He was also furious that not only had all these other guys treated you so badly, apparently they couldn't even mange to please you either. You were overdo probably at least a couple thousand orgasms & Bucky would happily give his right arm to be the one to remedy that.
Between your admission that none of your worthless ex's could make you cum & pulling your bra off like some dirty magic trick Bucky was also now really turned on. He didn't want to seem like he was taking advantage of you, especially since he really wanted you to be his girl, but he wanted you so bad right now. He looked at the table trying to formulate what to do.
The batteries. You had probably meant to take them with you. He could bring them to you. Although if his plan didn't work & he had to listen to you play with yourself with that fucking toy tonight thru the wall he might just explode. His hand lingered over the packet, it was now or never.
Before he could second guess himself he snatched the packet & quickly walked down the hall to your door. Knocking on the door before his brain could register the sound of the shower from the other side. He cringed as he heard you sniffle fumbling toward the door, cursing as you tripped over something before opening it
"Sorry for interrupting. You... You forgot these." He extended his vibranium hand & you noticed the batteries. Truth be told you had forgotten about them completely. You had been wrapped up in thinking about the man that now stood in front of you. You adored Bucky, but you didn't want to jeopardize your friendship when you were sure he didn't feel the same way. Secretly you dreamed of him whisking you off your feet like your very own Prince Charming, but you wouldn't take the risk of losing him completely. 
Now here you were, with your dream guy standing at your door. In your grungy sweatshirt, fancy new very tiny lace panties, & mascara tinted tears on your face. You moved back from the door & sat on the edge of your bed pulling your hands into your sleeves & staring at your fingers. You let the dark thoughts take over.
"Thanks you can just throw them on my nightstand. Umm.... Can I ask you a question Buck? As a guy... What's wrong with me? Why am I so unwantable? What makes me so unsexy? It's not even about him, I just..."
You finally broke. Dissolving into sobs completely forgetting the shower running. You held one hand to your face, trying to hide, & wrapped your other right around your waist.
Bucky's heart shattered & he scrambled into the room shutting the door behind him. Dropping to kneel in front of you, sliding your legs apart to slot himself between them without even thinking. He grabbed your hands away from your body & cradled your face in his hands. Quietly shushing you & kissing the tears away from your cheeks. Trying his best to soothe & calm you.
"Hey, hey, hey. Look at me sweetheart. There is not a god damn thing wrong with you, y/n. It's all those fucking guys that have something wrong with them. Okay? I wish I knew what to tell you to make you believe this, but you are so fucking sexy & incredible. Any guy that doesn't spend every moment of everyday wanting you is insane or stupid. I can't stand to hear you talk like this, watch you feel like this. I wish you could see what I see."
He pulled you flush to his chest & let you wrap your arms tight around his neck, fingernails digging into his shoulders. He let you heave & squeak out a few more sobs into his neck, complete with several hiccups & hurried anxious breaths. He rocked you side to side, gently kissed your head, & tried to hold back his own tears. His heart ached for you, to love you, & he had let you down by even letting you feel this way in the first place.
Your breathing slowly leveled out & your arms released their death grip. Bucky let you pull back from his chest & pressed his forehead to your's. Your eyes puffy & your cheeks red. He had to tell you how he loved you. He had to show you how amazing & beautiful you were. Hopefully you would let him. Even if it was only for the night, he was determined to make you feel like the goddess you were to him.
Your soft sniffles continued & your eyes were still closed, but the tears had now subsided. He let his hands slide from your waist to the outside of your thighs rubbing his thumbs up & down against your soft skin. He suddenly became aware that he was on his knees between your bare legs, a place he thought he would only dream of ever getting to be. He started to speak & he knew there was no stopping.
"Listen I know that you are in a bad frame of mind right now, & I need you to know that I would never take advantage of you. If you tell me to leave I will. Just say the word. But... I want you to know that I mean every word okay? You are the sexiest woman in the world & you drive me absolutely insane. You have no idea how bad I want you. All you have to do is smile at me & I turn to goo. You can be dressed up or in this ratty sweatshirt & all I want to do is take you to bed & worship you. When you pulled that trick with your bra out there, oh my god, I nearly passed out with how fast my blood left my brain."
That statement made you giggle. It was only then that you realized you were holding your breath. You couldn't believe what you were hearing. This couldn't be happening. It was too perfect. You let your hands rest on the back of his neck & play with his short chestnut brown hair. The muscles of your stomach clenched & your heart jumped when his fingertips pressed into your hips just below the thin waistband of your panties.
"It's not just physically either. I mean you are fucking gorgeous but God I love all of you so much, y/n. Your sense of humor, the way you think, the way you get along with everyone. I can't believe I'm actually telling you this, but I love you & I have loved you for so long. It has killed me watching you be with all those idiots. The fact that they made you feel this way, & didn't even put your pleasure first, makes me want to rip them limb from limb. You deserve so much better than them, you deserve so much better than me. You deserve the entire fucking universe at your feet. Right now I don't care if I'm making the biggest mistake ever & if you never want to even look at me after this, but please even just for the night, let me show you how much I love you & how incredible you are. Please just let me make love to you. Let me make you feel good. Let me try to give you what you deserve."
Your eyes had opened at some point during his confession & you were now staring deep into his gentle blue eyes. You bit your bottom lip as you gazed at him looking for any hint of hesitation or lies. You found none.
"Please y/n, just say something. You're killing me here." He pleaded, trying to steal his feelings. Now fearing the worst.
You moved your face just a little bit closer to his & began to pull his body into you. "Yes please Bucky. Make love to me."
Your mouths finally met in a soft but passionate kiss. His plump lips running over yours slowly caressing your skin. His tongue slow slid against your bottom lip asking to deepen the kiss, to let him in. You quickly obliged & he began to massage your tongue with his.
As you pulled apart you both panted out of breath. Pressing light kisses on each other & nuzzling your faces together it was your turn to confess.
"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that. I love you too Buck. I just thought there was no way you could love me."
He moved his hands to grip your ass & yanked you forward on the mattress. Groaning as he felt your bare ass cheeks separate by the delicate lace g-string. "I'm gonna spend all night showing you how much I love you, y/n. I'm gonna make you cum so many times you will forget anyone else exists."
He smashed his lips to yours & began clawing at the plush flesh of your hips. He pulled your sweatshirt over your head leaving you in just your panties. He dropped his gaze to look down at your body & inhaled deeply, taking in the scent of your warm body & your now apparent arousal for him. The sound of him making you nipples stiffen in anticipation.
Bucky began placing hungry open mouthed kisses up & down your neck & throat as you wrapped your legs around his waist making his hips start to grind against you. You could feel his large hard bulge through the rough material of his jeans & the feeling of it only spurred you on. Your hands scraping up his side's to pull his shirt off.
"You are so sexy Bucky." You marveled at his body as you ran your hands up & down his chest. He smiled & sweetly kissed your lips.
"You're sexier baby. Now, since you've already got the shower running, why don't we go clean up before we run out of hot water. Plus if we keep going like this I'm gonna rip these tiny fucking panties right off of you, & if I remember right you said they weren't cheap."
Moaning at his suggestion you looked at him through lust heavy eyelids, now blissfully unaware of your smudged makeup. You nodded enthusiastically & squeaked in surprise as he effortlessly hoisted you up off the mattress, his hands under your thighs & carried you into the bathroom that was now clouded with steam.
He gently lowered you to your feet. Taking his time as his hands caressed slowly up your body. He looked at you like you were a precious piece of art. Your mouth fell open & you stood speechless at the man before you who in a single moment in a single touch had nurtured your heart, your mind, & your body in a way no one ever had.
He softly pressed his lips to yours as he pulled your hair loose & brushed it back. He started making his way down your body. Pressing kiss after kiss to your skin that was now buzzing like a live wire.
First he kissed your neck & whispered in your ear how beautiful you were. Then your collarbone, the top of each breast & between them. He let his lips ghost over your nipples without providing direct stimulation. He chuckled as you whined in protest & tried to angle a nipple back towards his mouth.
He pressed his face to the center of your ribcage & gently scolded you, "not just yet babydoll. I wanna take my time with you." Once he had reached your hips he kissed the top of each hipbine before placed a kiss right onto your mound over your panties.
Hooking his thumb under each side strap he gazed up & you for permission to take them off. You let your hands thread through his hair & whispered "please Buck".
He gave you a lopsided slightly goofy grin & said "as incredibly sexy as these are doll, & I definitely want to see you in the whole set sometime, I think you will be fucking delicious with them off." With that he slowly slid them down your legs, pausing momentarily as the wet fabric separated from your slick pussy. A groan was pulled deep from somewhere in his chest as he got his first good view of your sex. You were soaked.
"So wet doll. Can't wait to taste you later. All this really for me?" He inhaled your sweet scent & had to fight the urge to devour you right then & there. He dropped your panties to the floor & you stepped out of them as he stood back up bringing his hand to pop the button & pull down the fly of his jeans.
You took his hands & moved them to your waist before taking over where he had left off. Sliding your hands inside the denim fabric at his sides & catching your thumb in the waistband of his boxer briefs you tilted your head up & whispered into his throat. "All for you Buck. Just for you."
Placing a wet sucking kiss on his Adam's apple as you pushed the fabric of both layers down his muscular frame. Feeling the resistance of his hard cock against the elastic band of his underwear, you dropped your head down to see him as he sprung free. You both gasped in unison, him at the delicious bit of friction & you at the magnificent sight of him bare before you.
Dragging your fingers across his low belly you let yourself run your hand along the underside of his thick cock before stroking him up & down several times. As if reading your mind he leaned down to whisper in your ear "All for you babydoll. All because of you." & placed a kiss on the sweet spot under your lobe. 
Relishing each other's touch for a moment longer you stood on the balls of your feet & sunk into his kiss once more. As an anxious as you were for him to take you straight to bed you did want to wash the lingering stress from your body. So you reluctantly pulled apart & stepped into the shower under the warm water with Bucky's firm body pressed up behind you.
Between the heat of the water & the comfort of Bucky's arms around you, your muscles melted & you immediately felt even better. You grabbed your face wash & proceeded to scrub the remainder of ruined makeup for your eyes & cheeks.
Bucky's lips had yet to stop dragging along the skin of your neck, shoulders, & upper back. One flesh palm & one vibranium held tight against the curve of your soft stomach. If this was any other man you would cringe & move his hands away from your most insecure spot, but with Bucky it felt right. You extended your arms backwards to give his thighs a squeeze, telling him to soften his grasp momentarily so could reach to grab the body wash.
He gladly obliged & grabbed the bottle from your delicate fingers. He deftly flipped the cap & squirted a line of gel down the center of your torso. Your hands met & spread the slick substance over your frame in tandem. The heady scent of berries, patchouli, rose, & amber quickly enveloped you both adding to the eroticism.
His large hands groped & kneaded your breasts. For the first time his fingers began to toy with your nipples. Swirling the pads of his fingers around them before gently pinching them. The sweet sudden pressure caused your hips to buck back grinding your ass against him. His now leaking head making contact with your low back & his shaft sliding between your cheeks.
The touch of him so needy against you sparked a flame in your chest & you spun around in his arms to face him. You spent several more minutes running the fragrant suds over each other, seemingly trying to memorize the curves & planes of each other's bodies. Lips locked in heated contact.
It was you who reached the end of your rope first, pulling him under the stream to rinse you both as you began to beg him for more.
"Please James, I can't wait any longer. I need you to fuck me."
Between hearing you call him by his real name, & your desperate plea for him, his own resolve snapped. Quickly turning off the water & grabbing a towel to hurriedly dry you both. He picked you up once more, your legs wrapping around him & your dripping cunt pressed to his abdomen, & he carried you to your bed.
He laid you down on the soft blankets like you were a priceless piece of porcelain & gingerly lowered his large frame to rest on top of you. Your legs spreading open to slot his body flush against you.
He let his weight balance on his vibranium forearm & ran his flesh fingers over the curves of your right side. Cutting across the crease of your hip he stopped just short of where you body was screaming for his touch. He locked eyes with you one more time to confirm that  you still wanted this. That you still wanted him. As if there was any stopping the cascade of need for each other that had been set in motion.
You brushed your thumb across his cheek & grinned with a single nod. With that his fingers finally slid past your mound & down to caress the supple wet lips of your pussy. Initially ghosting over them with a single digit, but on feeling how drenched you were Bucky moaned a breathy "fuck" & pressed 3 fingers firmly to your slit.
The pressure he finally made against your cunt caused your back to arch & your eyes to snap shut. You legs pulled back farther to grant your soldier even better access to your sex & your hips were starting to rut against his fingertips. Bucky couldn't help but smile, never in his wildest dreams had he ever thought you would react like this to his touch.
He gently slid his long middle finger inside you as he brought his thumb to dance along the edges of your clit. He wanted to memorize every noise you made, from the whimpers coming from your plush lips to the wet suctioning against his finger each time it plunged back into you.
Without any warning he added his index finger to action, feeling your tight hole stretch to accommodate his second finger had his own control hanging by a thread. His vibranium hand gripping onto the pillow beneath your head.
"Fuck so tight babydoll." He praised under his breath as he bit his lower lip trying to keep focused on the pleasure he was wringing from you.
He quickly added his ring finger to his assault. Dragging all 3 three fingers in & out of your fluttering heat as he let his thumb draw more direct circles on your now throbbing clit. He could tell you were quickly hurtling towards the point of no return as he added a flick upwards in his wrist.
"Oh god Buck! Gonna cum, don't stop. Fuck yes James. Please don't stop!"
You now gazed slack jawed back into his sparkling blue eyes that were entirely focused on seeing you fall apart beneath him. Eyes that belonged to the sweetest man you had ever met, who was now responsible for the filthiest noises falling from your lips. You couldn't help but plead for him not to stop as your body began shaking & squeezing his fingers even tighter. Letting the wave of your orgasm crash against you.
You let him coax you back down slowly, stroking your hair with his metal finger tips as his flesh ones began to still inside you. Placing small kisses on your lips as fingers slipped from your wet depths, teasing along your now swollen sensitive pussy feeling how your orgasm had left you dripping. The thought that he was responsible for your wrecked state made a pride flourish in his chest.
Making sure you were watching his movements, he pulled his fingers to his mouth & took his time licking your juices from each one. It may only be his first real taste of you, but he knew right then that he would never get enough.
The sight of Bucky savoring the taste of your cunt on his fingers was almost too much to take. You felt empty & the only thing that could possibly make you feel full was Bucky's cock. You slid your hand down his sculpted abdomen & trailed a finger around his swollen leaking head working to spred his pre-cum around his ridge before closing your hand around his thick shaft & starting to pump him.
The feeling of him made your mouth water & your walls clench in anticipation. His cock was perfectly veined & silky to the touch. So solid & thick your fingers barely touched when wrapped around him. He began to needily thrust up into your fist when you added a twist at the end of each stroke. When he started to whimper you released his shaft & started to roll his balls between your fingers.
He eventually pulled your hands away from his cock & pinned them to the bed beside your head. He pressed his forehead to yours in between slow deep kisses as he tried to gather his composure. Panting as he looked at you laid out under him.
"I wanted to take my time with you doll, make you cum over & over before I let myself fuck you. Make you see stars with my fingers & my tongue, god so many times with my tongue, before I let you have my cock. But, fuck, you & this pretty little pussy are driving me nuts here. Don't think I can wait any longer."
You wrapped your legs around his hips & pulled his pelvis down to yours, managing to angle your hips just right so the tip of his cock was slotted just inside your opening.
"Then don't wait Bucky. Fuck me." Your expression softened for a moment, from one of passion to one of love, & you added, "wanna be your girl Buck."
Without a moment's hesitation he plunged his cock all the way inside of you. Eliciting a moan from both of you. Bracing & holding himself in place while your body adjusted to the stretch of him. While he waited he cupped your cheek with his left palm, the coolness of the vibranium a sharp contrast from the rest of his body.
"I've dreampt of hearing you say that. My girl."
Bucky placed one last sweet kiss on your lips before he started slowly thrusting in & out of you. Each push & pull dragging deliciously against your walls allowing you to feel every milimeter he gave you. Slowing all the more as the top of his cock head slid against your g-spot.
"Oh god Buck, you're so big. So fucking deep! Fuck me harder baby!"
You were gripping onto his shoulders, burying your face into his scar where his metal arm connected to his body. Making a conscious effort to place extra licks & kisses along the mared skin to show him how much you loved even the spot he sometimes hated.
"Yeah? You want it harder doll? Here I wanted to be all soft & sweet with you the first time. Should have known you were really a dirty little girl. Let me hear you baby. Tell me how my princess wants me to fuck her tight little pussy."
He punctuated his statement with a bite your neck & started thrusting harder into you, but he purposely kept his pace slow to let you get your words out. Even though he wanted to plow you into next week.
"Soft & sweet later James, right now I want it hard & fast. Been teasing me all night. Turning me into your little slut. You know what you're doing to me. Fuck me hard."
Bucky moaned loudly into your neck the moment he heard you call yourself his little slut. It took every ounce of strength he had not to cum right there. You were an absolute minx & he was the luckiest son of a bitch alive.
"Well if you're my little slut then why am I doing all the work?" He quickly rolled so you were on top of him & before you could react he brought his right hand to slap your ass.
"Now be a good little slut & ride my cock. Take what you want baby. Make yourself cum & let me watch. There's my good girl."
Bucky had been so incredible to you already, even though you knew your night was no where near over, you wanted to give him a good show. You sat up nice & straight as you started to bounce on him. Letting your breasts jiggle up & down as the sound of you ass hitting his thighs richoted around the room.
You rolled your hips forward & backward as you rode his cock creating an extra friction on your clit. When that friction started to build & throb you let your head drop back & your eyes squeeze closed. Your hips thrust faster & shallower as you chased your orgasm.
Little squeaks & grunts coming from your lips as you fucked yourself on Bucky's cock. Your body was thrown over the cliff's edge as you felt his hips buck up from underneath you & your weight fell forward onto his chest as you shuttered & wailed.
He kept fucking you through your orgasm, thrusting into you from below. Each time his tip brushed your sweet spot a new firework burst behind your eyelids. Your mewls & whines pushing him right to his edge & he was chanting "so close baby."
As you started to come down you wanted to feel him even closer. Knowing his orgasm was just around the corner you wrapped your arms under his neck & pressed your lips to his ear as you whispered "Cum in my pussy James. Want you to fill me up."
Something snapped in Bucky's brain when you said that. Something animal took over & he threw you hard on your back before frantically rutting into you like his very life depended on it. His face was pressed into your neck & his teeth clenched when you heard him growl as he came.
Feeling his thick warm cum fill you spray by spray you sighed in pleasure & wiggled your hips to milk even more from him. Cooing in his ear about how good it felt being full of his cum, & it did.
He slowly leaned back & pulled himself from your body much to your reluctance. Watching as his cum began to trickle from you. He grabbed his shirt off the floor from were you had thrown it earlier & quickly wiped you down. It wasn't the best job but it was good enough for now. He wanted to hold you for a bit before either of you did anything else.
He dropped the shirt back to the side & pulled you tight to his chest. He knew what you said about being his girl, but his mind kept telling him maybe you just said it in the heat of the moment. So as you snuggled into his chest eyes closed with a content smile he began to open & close his mouth like a fish gasping for air.
From your comfy spot you said with a chuckle "I smell the gears starting to smoke Buck. Stop worrying. I meant it. I wanna be your girl. It took you long enough to ask."
You lifted your head up & kissed him. Staring into his eyes once more. Both full of passion & boyish charm. He couldn't help but a sheepish shrug & replied "well, I thought you deserve better than me."
Tilting his chin up slightly with your index finger you answered, "James Buchanan Barnes, there is no one better for me than you. I love you Bucky."
A genuine smile crossed Bucky's face & after so long the feeling of being honestly happy & in love felt brand new again. It was a feeling he could get used to.
"I love you more, y/n."
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storytellingwitht · a month ago
Can I request a Bucky smut (mafia or not surprise me hehe) where he guides and teaches his innocent girlfriend on how to give him head? 😇
Tumblr media
summary: mafia!bucky teaches his sweet girl how to please a man.
warnings: smut, 18+, oral fixation, oral receiving (male), mentions of oral receiving (female), pressure for sex, mafia!bucky x reader, protective!bucky, innocent! reader, innocence kink, teaching kink, etc.
a/n: hope I did this request some justice hehe <3 also this gif?! Who gave him the right 😭🥹
wc: 3.9k
Bucky heard the faintest of knocks against his mahogany office door and as he glanced at the clock, he realized his sweet girl was just on time. Every Thursday at precisely three pm, you came to see him and the two of you had dinner together. It was a constant in the busy and the unknown and there was no better person to help you with your problem than your best friend, right? 
“Hey, pretty girl. How was your day?” 
He stood from the black leather beneath him and rolled the chair away from the desk with the backs of his knees. He was dressed in black slacks and a white button down shirt. His day had been long, you could tell by the pale blue tie that was once around his neck laying draped across the back of his chair. He smiled at you and brought his arms open, gesturing for you to place yourself in between them – a proper greeting. 
"It was okay. Listen – I was kinda hoping you could help me with something.” you replied as Bucky ran his hands up and down your back. 
The hair on the back of his neck stood up, his mind immediately wondered if you were in trouble, his senses always heightened at the thought of danger, especially when it came to you. He pursed his lips for a moment before he traced your features with his eyes – you seemed upset, sad even; or was it embarrassment that coated your cheeks with heat? He couldn’t put his finger on it. 
"Tell me how your day was – for real.” He replied, keeping his tone neutral. "Then, I'll offer up my services, sweetheart.” 
You chuckled and rolled your eyes as he gave you that classic James Barnes smile – it was kind and coated with sexual appeal and it fit in with the creases of his eyes like a puzzle piece. 
“Okay – fine. My day was fine, Buck, nothing special about it. I’m just feeling insecure, I guess.” 
You averted his eyes, knowing he was going to give you some lecture about how perfect you are or try to kill whoever had made you feel that way. 
“What’s making you feel insecure, doll? Or, is it someone in particular? You know whoever it is, I'll kill them – just say the word.” 
His expression was stone cold, the same one you had seen him wear only in the face of the world’s most dangerous mobsters and criminals – just before he killed them. 
“You can’t kill my boyfriend, Buck.” 
Your tone was flat.
“Brad? Or whatever his name is? Of course, I can.” 
He snorted out, laughing as if he actually took your little comment seriously. 
“Doll, what’s going on? What did he do?”��
You threw your head back and your hands flew at your face, wiping down it roughly. 
“He hasn’t done anything, Buck. It’s me – the problem is me.” 
“Come on, doll – talk to me.” 
Bucky urged. 
"It's sorta... embarrassing." 
You replied, shyly, rubbing at your hands until they were white. 
"It’s just me – just Bucky, baby. You can talk to me.” 
He responded, grabbing your hands in his. 
“I mean, I've already talked to some of my friends about it, but they can't help me the way I want."
"Okay.” He said, wondering what kind of help she could need, ignoring his more perverted thoughts and his brain switching into protective mode, again wondering if she was in some sort of trouble. 
"Thank you, Bucky.” You beamed, bouncing again. 
This time, it was all he could do not to stare openly at the motion of your unrestrained boobs; gawking at your nipples that you hadn’t bothered to cover up underneath your shirt.
“It's my boyfriend, Brad. He's... he wants... well, what every guy wants. I'm not sure I'm ready, but I don't want him to dump me."
Bucky forced words out of his dry mouth, doing his best to ignore his growing arousal. "If you're not ready for something, don't do it."
"Yeah, I know. But I think I might be ready for, um, other things."
He only nodded in response in an attempt to hide as he was about to choke on his words. The girl he had been in love with for so long was actually talking about sex with him? 
"If your girlfriend wasn't ready for, you know... sex... what would have been enough for you not to look elsewhere?"
You almost whispered the word "sex," and your face took on a pink cast at the same time. Your apparent embarrassment, as well as a wave of protective feelings, aided Bucky in repressing what he knew to be inappropriate lust for his friend. He pondered how to answer her question.
"If he's pressuring you, he's not worth keeping, sweetheart.” He said, giving in to his protective impulses.
"You sound like my mom.” You pouted, arms crossed under your breasts. "What do you think as a guy?"
‘I dont blame him – i’ve wanted to fuck you for so long, doll.’ He thought, but he pushed it aside, attempting to craft an honest, but also responsible answer.
"As much as I could get, I guess.” He said, wishing he had come up with something else. "But I would be pushing you – or, whoever I was with." 
He quickly caught himself at the end of his sentence in an attempt to smooth things over enough where you wouldn’t notice what he had just said. 
"Did you ever get a blowie from a girl?"
It took Bucky a moment to understand what you meant, as he had never heard anyone refer to a blowjob like that before. Several more seconds passed before he could formulate a response.
"There was a girl I dated who... we explored each other in, um, several ways." 
He all but stuttered as he tried to speak, but he could feel his semi-erect penis as he tried to formulate a coherent thought. 
"But she went down on you, right?"
You questioned.
"Yes, she did. But she wanted to, um, explore. I would never have pressured her to do it." As the words left his mouth, he cringed at the truth they hid. He had not directly coerced the girl in question, but he knew she had felt pressure anyway. 
"And it was enough?" 
You asked him point blank. 
"It was more than enough.” He grinned. "But if she had not wanted to..." 
He trailed off.
"I don't know how to, um, give a blowie.” You spoke, suddenly shy and your eyes locked on the floor. "I want to... I mean, I want to make him happy and all, but... what if I'm not good at it?" 
You looked at him doe-eyed and full of anxiety and he almost busted right there – just looking at you.
"I'm not sure we should be having this conversation.” Bucky replied, immediately regretting the words as they hit your skin and hurt filled your irises. 
"But I need your help. All my friends, at least the ones who've done it, say guys will like it no matter what. Some of them gave me pointers, and I've watched videos on the internet too, but... I think I need to practice first."
Your fingers stroked his forearm. Shining eyes met his, and he saw a plea in them. But his mind could not accept what his body, especially his cock, already had.
"I've heard some girls use cucumbers.” Bucky said.
"I've done that.” You said, "But cucumbers can't tell me whether I'm doing a good job or teach me to do it better. I need a man for that. A man who I know is a good teacher. I need you." 
Bucky’s eyes almost popped out of his head at your response. He never in a million years thought that he’d see this day or that it would play out like this – you practically begging him to teach you how to suck a dick – his dick. 
"Y/N, I can't... we can't..." 
His objection was half-assed. 
"Please, Buck. I need your help."
You begged again. 
"Okay. But no one can know." His erection throbbed in his jeans at his words, and his heart hammered. Deep down in his mind, his conscience attempted to object, but he ignored it.
"It'll be our secret, Bucky," You squealed, before hugging him, your firm breasts pressing against his lower torso, your lower abdomen against his rigid cock. He hugged you back, stroking your soft hair, not thinking about any possible consequences.
"We can go to my house.” He suggested, breaking the hug. "Maybe use pillows from the couch for you to kneel on.” 
"Can we do it in your car? Brad has one, and that's probably where I'd do it with him."
Bucky hesitated, watching you chew your bottom lip as you waited for his answer. What you proposed made sense, but he suspected it would be easier for you to learn, as well as more pleasurable for him, if they were both comfortable. However, now that he was committed, he did not want to mess up the chance to be the first guy his sweet girl went down on.
"Sure.” He said. "It'll be a bit more awkward, but it will prepare you for later."
"Thanks," You beamed, giving him a kiss on the cheek before running around to the passenger side of the car. He watched your ass and wondered if Brad knew how lucky he was. Bucky didn’t have to wonder – he knew. 
Your cheeks were pink again as you sat on the bench seat and stared straight ahead, hands in your lap. For a moment, his guilt returned. Had you not pushed out your chest at that exact same time, Bucky might have backed out. But the sight of those firm, round tits encased by only your thin t-shirt proved to be too much. He buried his doubts and slid into the car.
"If we're parking, we need some music.” He told you, turning the key to accessory so the radio would come on. "Is classic rock okay?"
"I guess," you shrugged, still looking out the windshield rather than at him. That allowed him to watch your boobs bounce with the shrug.
He turned up the radio, took your hand as gently as he could, and moved it to the bulge in his dress pants. Your fingers lay there for a second or two before you moved them away.
"I'm not... um... can we make out first?" 
You questioned awkwardly.
"If you aren't sure about this..."
He started, but you interrupted reassuring him. 
"I'm sure, Buck," you said, interrupting and turning your eyes to him. "I just think I need to, uh... work up to it, you know?"
"Sure, doll," Bucky replied, running a finger down her cheek. 
He leaned close to you, smelling the scent of vanilla as he did, pausing for a moment to breathe you in. You moved your head back and blinked. He sat back up and patted the seat beside him. You chewed her bottom lip, then scooted next to him. He stroked your soft cheek again. You sighed and did the same to him. Your eyes never left each other's as he lowered his lips to yours. Any trepidation you might have been experiencing seemed to vanish the moment your lips met. You grasped the back of his head and pulled his mouth tighter to yours. His tongue pushed between your lips, only to meet yours. He grabbed your waist, pulling you around to face him. Your free hand traced up his forearm and his free hand clutched one of your boobs. He marveled at the combination of softness and firmness. You moaned into his mouth when he found your nipple and lightly rolled it between his thumb and forefinger. He switched to your other boob and did the same thing. You moaned louder, which encouraged Bucky. Breaking their kiss, he grabbed the bottom of your shirt and started to lift it. He pulled the t-shirt over your head and up-stretched arms, mesmerized by your tits. They projected from your slender chest almost torpedo style, the tips capped with small, pink areolas and slightly darker nipples. Each more than a handful, he nonetheless did his best to grasp all of them as he dropped his mouth to one. Your fingers laced through his hair. You started to pull his face away, but reversed your effort as soon as he sucked your firm nipple between his lips and tongued it.
"Oh God, that feels good.” You groaned, pushing your chest out toward him. 
While he feasted on your magnificent breasts, he pulled your hand from his arm and into his lap. You hesitated, then your fingers closed around the length of his erection where it strained against the fabric of his pants.
"Your... thingy is very hard.” You whispered, your fingers tracing its outline.
"If you're going to suck it, you can say 'dick' or 'cock'," He told you, sitting up to look you in the eye.
"Your cock is very hard," you said, blushing. Still, your words were louder and more confident, and Bucky decided it was time to move their lesson forward.
"Take it out," He instructed, leaning his shoulders back against the seat.
Thin, soft fingers fumbled at the top button of his fly. Once you had it loose, you tugged, probably thinking that there would be a zipper. In what was probably less time than it seemed, you had his pants undone. He wiggled them down to mid-thigh, exposing his black boxer-briefs. Your fingers touched his dick through the soft cotton, and it jerked. You pulled your hand away a couple of inches and gasped, eyes darting up to his. He nodded to encourage you. After a deep breath, you ran your fingers up his length. This time, you did not stop when it moved at your touch.
"I've only felt Brad’s through his jeans. It's softer than I thought it'd be. But hard too. Really hard." 
You commented.
"Do you want to see it?" Bucky asked, and you nodded, eager eyes not leaving his crotch. 
He considered telling you to pull his briefs down, but he didn't want to wait. He freed his erection, which sprung straight up. You drew in a sharp breath, then touched his shaft with trembling fingers. His cock jerked to the side, but you never lost contact.
"Wrap your hand around it," He instructed, and you obliged. He groaned, fighting to keep his hips from thrusting up.
"It's bigger than I expected... and warm," you said, eyes meeting his, a grin on your face. "I didn't think... I mean, it makes sense but... this is... incredible." You gripped his dick tighter, squeezing it.
"Stroke up and down, doll.” 
You nodded then looked back down at his lap. Your fingers loosened and slid up and down the shaft a few times before wandering to the head.
"I love how soft the skin is even though it's so hard inside," you said before moving your thumb up the glans to the slit. "Is this cum?"
"Pre-cum." He said, resisting the urge to grab a fistful of hair and move your lips down to his crotch. "It leaks out when a man's hard."
"I didn't know that. So, when I suck your thing... your cock, it'll do that?" 
You questioned.
He replied.
"Oh. Should I taste it now?"
"If you want."
You wiped up a glob of his fluid with your thumb and brought it to your mouth. Your tongue pushed out to taste it. A strange look crossed your face, and your gaze rose to his.
"It's... weird," you said. "Sweet and salty. And something like... soap? That's not it but...something..."
Shrugging, you sucked your thumb into your mouth, then pulled it out with a 'pop'. His cock twitched.
"Does cum taste the same?”
You questioned; intrigued with the idea of his manhood and just how it all worked. 
"Stronger, but similar." 
He responded, grinning ear-to-ear at your innocence and the part he was about to have in stripping it from you. He wondered how long it would be before you needed to ‘practice’ having sex before doing it with Brad – there’s nothing Bucky wanted more than to be your first everything. 
"I think I like it," you grinned. "But it's different than I expected. My friends who've tasted it said it's bitter or sour. But it's not." 
You commented.
"I think it's time for the next step." 
He said with a sly smile. 
"What should I do?" 
You questioned, awaiting his instruction.
"Kiss the tip."
You nodded, licked your lips, and leaned down into his lap. Your lips brushed the glans of his cock once, tentatively. The second time was surer. The third, you wrapped your lips around the very tip and sucked. His dick twitched in response, and you did it again. Bucky wanted to tell you to take more, but he saw that your position might be too awkward.
"Scoot back a little and lie on your tummy on the seat, doll.” He told you, and you complied, knees bent so your calves and feet stuck in the air. 
The change in position left your face hovering over his groin, and he nudged you downward. You took the hint, and seconds later, you slurped the entire glans of his penis in your mouth. He groaned, doing his best not to push harder on your head. He needed to let you do this in your own time.
"Move your tongue while you suck," He told you, and you wiggled it. "Yes... like that. Now take a little bit more down... watch the teeth.” 
You pulled up, alarmed eyes locking on his.
You trailed off.
"It's okay. It happens, especially for girls new to sucking cock. Try this, suck on your finger. Yes, like that. Now, scrape your teeth along it. It's a thousand times worse than that." 
You looked at him with wide eyes as you followed his instructions, apologizing again. 
"It's okay. But you have to make sure your lips protect a guy from your teeth. Here." 
Bucky took your finger, sucked it into his mouth, his lips moving up and down it. You shuddered, and what sounded like a disappointed noise escaped your parted lips when he removed his mouth from your finger.
"Now, you try," He said, holding out his index finger. You wrapped your lips around it and slid them to the base then back up.
"Good, now add suction."
You did as instructed, hollowing out your cheeks. He’d always liked a woman sucking on his fingers, and you were certainly no exception.
"Very good, sweetheart.” He told you a few seconds later. "Now add some tongue movement. Oh yeah, just like that."
You attacked his finger, sucking hard, lips sliding up and down its length, tongue wiggling. ‘If you could do that to a cock, you’d have boys eating out of her hand’, Bucky thought to himself. 
"Okay, now do the same to my cock," He said. 
You pulled your lips from his finger, grinned, and dropped your face to his lap, giving the tip of his cock a wet kiss. Bucky groaned, bucked his hips, and applied what he hoped was gentle pressure to your head. You didn’t resist, sliding your lips - no teeth this time - down a couple of inches of his cock. He groaned again. Slowly at first, you bobbed your head up and down, concentrating your efforts on the first third or so of his shaft. A few times, you took at least half of his almost seven-inch length, but much more than that caused you to gag and back off.
"That feels fantastic.” He told you, and you turned your eyes up to meet his. You held each other's gaze for several seconds, but your suction on his cock never lessened and your tongue never stilled.
"Try going faster," He suggested, and you nodded. 
Facing down again, you picked up speed. As you did so, the slurping sounds around his shaft grew louder. He ran his fingers through your soft hair, resisting grabbing a fistful and forcing you to go even faster. As it was, the tempo caused his novice cocksucker to take more in on each downstroke, and the times that you gagged increased in frequency as well. It was all as hot as hell, and sooner than Bucky would have liked, he realized he had reached the edge of no return.
"That's so good, doll, I'm really close. Concentrate near the head. Yeah, that's... wait... a little deeper... yes... perfect. Suck hard. God yes. Harder."
You sucked on the first couple of inches of his dick. You’d pulled up too far at first and slurped on the overly sensitive glans. But now your lips tightened just below, and your tongue massaged it gently. He shifted in his seat, groaned, grasped your head, and exploded. The first spurt of cum into your mouth must have taken you by surprise, because you sputtered around his shaft and attempted to raise your head. 
Bucky held it in place, however, his hips bucked with each shot and given that you did not struggle more and were not gagging, he figured you had adjusted and were swallowing it all. As it turned out, he was quite wrong. After the last little bit of cum dribbled out of his cock, he dropped his hands from your head. You bolted upright, lips clamped shut, panic in your wide eyes. Rivulets of mascara formed under your moist eyelids. Lower, cum seeped out both corners of your mouth, adding to the flow already running down your chin.
"Swallow it, sweet girl.” He instructed after a couple of seconds. You whimpered, shaking your head. 
"It's the easiest way, baby," he shrugged. "Otherwise, it'll just make a big mess. Well, a bigger mess."
You whimpered again, closing your eyes, and swallowing. It took two tries to get it all down, and you shuddered afterward. A drop fell from your chin to one sweet, young tit and started to slide along its curve.
"Show me your mouth," He said, adding, "wider," when you opened it maybe an inch. You did as he asked, and he saw a little white residue in a mostly empty mouth.
"Good girl," He said, patting your head. You gave him a weak smile and wiped your eyes. Another drop of cum joined the first on your breast.
"Here, I'll help," He told you, using his finger to push some of the cum on your chin up to your lips. You hesitated, so he thrust his messy finger into your mouth. You closed your eyes and sucked his digit. He fed you the rest in the same way, finishing up with the two drops that had made it to your chest. After a few moments you looked at him, settled back into the passenger seat and gave him a smile, lowering your hand to his thigh. 
“Thank you, Buck – I owe you one.” 
He smiled in return. 
“So what’s your plan, doll? Are you going to use all these new skills on that pathetic excuse for a boyfriend?” 
He asked with a teasing scoff at the sound or more so the idea of Brad and you being intimate – it made him shudder. You rolled your eyes before placing his cheeks in your hands and brushing your nose against his. 
“Silly boy – I broke up with him two weeks ago.” 
You whispered before Bucky let out a giggle and eradicated the space in between the two of you, colliding into your lips with his. 
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