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Bucky x civilian reader 
@imagine-all-the-fandoms Love this so much. John Walker is actually NOT awful here, he’s actually quite nice. Sharon on the other hand..eh. I’m sure sure you would have pieced together by now, I have a thing for mirrors, I’m so sorry. 
Warnings: Floooof, Bucky is so in love with you, smut, a lil angsty but Bucky makes it all better
Word count: 3.7k
You sipped on your tea, anxiously waiting for the Quinn jet to land; Bucky had been gone for nearly a month and you missed your boyfriend more and more each day. You ran to the hangar as soon as you heard the low rumble of the jet, bouncing on your heels when you saw a very tired but hardly injured Bucky making his way towards you.
“Hey babydoll” Bucky kissed your lips, his arm easily lifting you up and carrying you on his hip as he made his way through the compound, straight to your shared bedroom. “Missed you so much”
“I missed you Bucky” You buried your face into his neck, inhaling his scent, peppering his face with kisses while he set his things down, still keeping you in his arms. He carried you off into the bathroom, stripping both of your clothes off before hopping into the shower. He held you close to him; the hot water soothing his sore muscles, all the stresses of the mission washing away when he was finally home again with you. His lips found yours, his hands roaming to feel every inch of your body that he’d craved to touch again.
“Welcome home soldier”
A few days later
You noticed Bucky had left his water bottle behind, making your way to the gym to give it to him. You entered the large room, scanning the space for your handsome super soldier boyfriend; you saw the rest of the team there before your eyes finally landed on him. Nat and Steve were sparring on the mats. Clint and Sam were hitting weights. Bruce and Tony were attempting to update the AI system. Your boyfriend was in his happy place by the punching bags.
“Hey y/n!” Steve waved at you from the mat while you made your way to Bucky, the rest of the team also greeting as you walked to the gym. Bucky had his music on and you knew better than to tap his shoulder from behind without warning. Your heart raced seeing him; watching him train was one of your greatest weaknesses. His hoodie had been thrown onto the floor, sweat glistening off his skin, his muscles tensed with each blow to the bag. You shamelessly admired him for a good while before realizing he’d look for his water eventually. You carefully stepped around so he could see you, placing his water bottle near him before leaving him to continue.
“You’re welcome to keep me company doll” Bucky smirked, knowing you were quietly watching him from behind.  You happily sat by his hoodie, giggling when he came over to give you a quick kiss on your head before slipping his headphones back on and continuing his workout.
You admired the swiftness and talent each person on the team displayed while they went through their routines. It left you mesmerized; the strength, precision and coordination it took to fight as an avenger was incredible. You silenced the tiny insecurity that started to gnaw at you; you’d never be as skilled as- shut up y/n.  
You shook your head, going back to looking at your beautiful boyfriend who was in his own world, focused on his hits, mind completely focused. He really did look like a work of art; muscles sculpted and flexed, his dark vibrainium shining under the light, his dark hair sticking to his forehead, pink lips parted as he panted. He was beautiful and his skill set was something you couldn’t even begin to comprehend and then there was you- just stop.
The team had gathered together for dinner, which was a regular occurrence though today there were a few others that had joined the table. John Walker and his friend Lemar Hoskins had joined Sharon, who was visiting the compound, bringing in potential agents for her department.
“I know most of us know each other but maybe we can just go around and introduce ourselves? This is John Walker and Lemar Hoskins, they’re going to be joining the new recruits soon”
The team introduced themselves, while Sharon eyed you curiously; waiting for you to explain what you did since she’d never met you before. Her eyes were trained on how Bucky’s hand rested protectively over your thigh; he’d been touching you one way or another all night. Not that it bothered her. At all. She waited for Bucky to get up to use the bathroom before turning to you, giving you the sweetest smile she could muster.
“What exactly do you do y/n?”  
“Oh, I’m a teacher” you smiled, feeling a little out of place though no one else seemed to notice your shift in mood.
“What are you doing here then?” She scoffed, trying to hide her slip in attitude with a fake cough. Nat cocked an eyebrow while Tony’s face scrunched watching Sharon poorly cover her absurd question with a fake smile.  
“I-I’m dating Bucky”
“Right, didn’t think you were an avenger” She gave you a pointed look, before continuing to eat. You bit you lip, sitting back in your chair, wishing you could run off to your room. You knew you were not the best catch, Bucky deserved better. Someone he could train with, who understood his line of work better. He would have been better off if he was dating someone else but he was stuck with you instead. You could feel tears threatening to spill, John’s voice breaking you from your spiral.
“Y/n, I think I saw you in the paper before, they did an article about a program you started right?” he smiled at you, while Lemar nodded.
“I knew I’d seen you before, what you did was incredible. It’s a tough school too, so you must be incredible. You helped those kids a lot”
You smiled, not trusting yourself to speak. You squeezed your fingers into your palms to keep from crying at the table. You quickly excused yourself to the bathroom, wiping your tears and touching up your makeup as best as you could before returning to the table where Bucky was looking for you.
“Hi baby” Bucky smiled as soon as you sat down, kissing your cheek softly. He was a sweet heart. He deserved the world. He deserved more than you.
You watched Bucky pack for quick mission, putting away a few things in his bag while you sat on the couch in the shared living room. He suited up in his gear, doing a quick pat down of his weapons before grabbing his bag.
“Baby, do you need me to do anything?” You always made him coffee before he left but recently even that had been taken over by Sharon, who decided to extend her stay. Fantastic.
“Don’t worry doll, I think Sharon already made some for everyone”
“You don’t need me to do anything?” Your heart sank a little, it was the one thing you were able to do for him but it was fine. You just wanted him to have everything he needed; that mattered more.  
“Just a kiss from my best girl” Bucky smiled, wrapping his arms around you and lifting you off your feet. He gave you the sweetest, longest kiss he could before he had to break away for air, placing you back down carefully on the couch. “Be right here when I’m back?”
He looked at you like an excited puppy, running off to the jet, hoping the sooner he left, the sooner he could get back.
“I’ll be here when you’re back” You gave Bucky a small smile, before walking off to your shared bedroom and slipping under the covers. He was off to save the world. You were here. You couldn’t silence the thoughts that crept up on you, your mind beginning to wonder why Bucky was even with you in the first place.
Bucky wandered around the living room looking for you; you had never missed his arrival after missions. He frowned when he couldn’t find you, making his way through the compound before finally checking the bedroom. He breathed out a sigh of relief, seeing a small lump under a pile of blankets, though he found it odd; you never slept this early.
“Doll? Are you okay?”
You shuffled from under the covers, poking your head out. The bed dipped as Bucky sat down, happily wrapping his arms around you when you crawled into his lap.
“M’okay, just tired” You lied, snuggling into his hold, freezing immediately when you remembered why you’d gone to bed so early in the first place.  
“What’s wrong sweetheart?” Bucky could feel your body tense up, your eyes focused on your hands, which you were anxiously fidgeting with.
“Nothing” You forced a smile onto your face, doing your best to swallow the lump that was forming in your throat, “I had a really bad headache” Bucky didn’t believe you but he didn’t want to prod until you were ready to talk either.
You insisted on staying in bed, claiming you’d already eaten. Bucky reluctantly ate his dinner quickly, dashing back upstairs so he could cuddle you and fall asleep. While he softly snored, little whimpers slipped from your lips as you tried to keep your sobs in. Your mind sucked you in deeper.
You loved your boyfriend.  You loved the team. They all loved you more than you’d ever know. Still, you couldn’t help but feel like you weren’t good enough for him. You knew you’d never measure up to what Bucky deserved. He was a part of a different world. They all cared for you in a way that you’d never be able to return. You’d never be able to help them the same way. You carefully slipped out of Bucky’s hold, deciding to go to the living room instead, not wanting to wake him up with your cries, the least you could do was let him get a decent night’s sleep.
You were curled up on the couch, hidden under your blanket, quickly wiping away your tears feeling the seat dip as someone sat beside you. You peeked up to see a grumpy Bucky with bed head, looking down at you, sleep still evident on his face. You looked over at the clock; 1:09 AM.
“You okay bubba?” You’d managed to get yourself together; your heart worrying that Bucky could have had a nightmare when you went missing. Bucky shook his head, pouting down at you while you shifted so he could sit with you under the blanket.
“Couldn’t find my teddy bear” He whispered, wrapping his arm around you to pull you into his lap. “Can’t sleep without her” You rested your head onto his chest, fresh tears spilling from your eyes. There was no point stopping them, more took their place each time Bucky swiped his thumb across your cheek. “Please tell me what’s bothering you baby, did someone say something to you?”
“Bucky no, it’s just- I don’t- us” You struggled to find the words, not realizing you were about to send Bucky down a spiral of his own. Of course you didn’t think you were a good match, he was a monster and you were an angel and-
“I’m not good enough for you”
Bucky’s spiral came to a full stop, his ears perking up at your quiet confession.
“Sweet heart?”
“I-I’m not good enough for you Bucky, you deserve more than just me. You deserve someone who-”
“Stop. Please stop” You blinked up at Bucky, who looked at you with broken, glassy eyes. There was no way, of all people, his little angel thought of herself like that. Never.
“Y/n. You deserve the world. Every single day, I can’t believe someone like you would want to be with someone like me”
Bucky carefully scooped you in his arms, making his way back to your bedroom, gently setting you on the bed before crawling on top of you. His fingers carded through your hair, while he gazed down at you, he was so in love with you, there was not a single doubt there.
“You’re so pure and sweet and kind, please baby tell me, in what way am I not the luckiest person in the world. I get to call you mine, I get to show you off, I have the best girl in the world always excited to see me when I get back home”
You swallowed thickly shaking your head; of course he was the sweetest and wanted to comfort you but you were just holding him down.
“Bucky, I make it so much harder for you. You always worry about me, I can’t even protect myself-
“I’m here to protect you baby”
“But I can’t even fight-
“I can fight”
“Bubba, you don’t understand-
“Y/n, you don’t understand. For years, I didn’t even have control over my own mind; I’m finally free to make my own choices. Baby, I promise you, no matter what, I always chose you. I can finally make choices and decide what I want. It’s you baby girl. I love you. I want you. I want my y/n. Exactly as you are”
Tears spilled down your cheeks, while Bucky’s forehead rested on yours. He’d meant every word he said; he finally knew what freedom felt like and that included loving you.
“I love that you work outside of the compound. The best part of my day getting to come home to the sweetest girl in the world, and hearing all about her day, please don’t tell me to leave you doll, I don’t want anyone else”
“You know you’re mine baby, my best girl, my only girl” He kissed your forehead while you whimpered under him, holding back your sobs. Your hands slipped under his shirt, desperate to feel him closer.
“I want to feel you angel” Bucky whispered, taking his shirt off, before tossing yours aside. “Let me show you just how much I adore you”
The rest of your clothes were thrown off within seconds, leaving you both bare and wrapped up in each other. His hands rubbed up and down your body, gripping and caressing your skin till he came to your thighs, spreading them apart. You felt your heart face as he trailed kisses down your body before stopping right before you needed him most, his lips just barely brushing over your clit.
“Bucky…” You squirmed on the bed while he arms wrapped around your thighs, holding you still. He nipped on the soft flesh of your inner thighs, before kissing and gently licking the area after each bite.
“Shh, just relax for me baby, let me take care of you”
Your breath itched in your throat feeling his tongue dip into your entrance, your slick coating his tongue and making a mess on his face. He groaned, drinking up every bit of your arousal, pushing his tongue in as far as he could, his nose teasingly nudging your clit. The taste of you was enough to make his cock leak along with the sinful sounds leaving your lips; Bucky could barely keep himself from rolling his hips against the mattress.
“You taste so good angel, I love when my baby makes a mess on my face” he pressed a soft kiss onto your clit, feeling it pulse against his lips.
“Baby please…” You whined out, your clit swollen and throbbing, needing more friction. Bucky hummed, taking his time to savour you before letting you fall off the edge. His lips started to move slowly around your clit, his tongue flicking and swirling around the sensitive nub. He was practically making out with your clit, giving it gentle little sucks and kisses, making your orgasm climb higher and higher, pulling away just before you could let go.
“Baby please, m’so close” You looked down at him, your lip caught in your teeth, your hand going down to card through his hair, grazing his scalp. Bucky moaned, kissing your clit once more before coming up and pressing his lips onto yours. His tongue slipped into your mouth, letting you taste yourself, while his hands roamed down to rub his cock through your folds.
“I know you’re close angel, want to feel you around my cock when you cum” The blunt tip of his cock teased your entrance, nudging against it, loving the way you whined and squirmed under him.
“Bucky, need you” Your thighs were wrapped tightly around his waist, trying to buck your hips up to push his cock in. Bucky’s hand cupped your cheek while the other lined his cock up.
“I know baby, I know, I got you” You moaned into his neck, your arms clinging onto him as he pushed himself all the way in, hissing at the way your pussy squeezed around him. “That’s it baby; you make me feel so good sweet heart”
Bucky started off with a slow pace; neither of you were desperate to cum. There were no chasing highs, he just wanted to feel you and you just wanted to feel all of him. His hips rocked gently, hardly pulling his cock out, staying pressed against you while kissing you softly.
“I love you y/n” He whispered against your neck, his hands lacing with yours “love you more than anyone else”
“I love you James”
Bucky pulled out of you to turn you onto your side, facing the large mirror that was to the side of the bed. He spooned you from behind, his arm hooking under your leg to hitch it up as he pushed his cock into you. You nearly sobbed, watching his cock thrust in and out of you, covered in your creamy slick. He groaned as his eyes locked with yours, trailing down to watch the way your pussy swallowed his cock, your tits bouncing each time he fucked into you. His cock was hitting a deeper angle, your belly bulging each time he pushed in further.
“You feel that baby, that’s all me princess” Bucky took your hand in his, pressing it against your tummy, rocking his hips faster, making your eyes roll back.
“Please James” Your hands clung onto him, your head thrown back against his shoulder as he nipped your ear lobe, gazing at you through he reflection.
“Just wanna look at you, you’re so pretty baby” Bucky cooed, kissing your temple, trailing kisses down to your cheek. He slipped his dog tags off, putting them on you; the cool metal gave you goose bumps as he continues to thrust into you.
“See babygirl? You’re all mine” The sight of you in his dog tags unleashed something in Bucky. His gorgeous girl, bare, the feeling of your warm skin on his, the gorgeous sounds you made just for him, hair tousled from your love making, his name around your neck. Because you were his. His girl. His princess. His absolute everything. You were more than enough for him and he’d remind you of that every damn day if he had to. He picked up his pace, unable to hold off the way he balls started to throb, his sensitive tip leaking and stroking your g-spot.
“Y/n, you feel so good babydoll, m’gonna fill you up sweet heart, cum with me baby, please”
“James, fuck baby m’gonna cum” You whined, your face buried in the pillow as he slammed his cock into you faster. You could feel his balls tap your clit, his cock growing harder each time you squeezed and clenched around him. “Fuckfuck, I- JAMES please, oh- fuck-
You could feel your body throb, pleasure and warmth spreading throughout your body. Your orgasm immediately set off Bucky’s’ your moans and cries paired with the way you were clenching around him sent him over the edge.
“All mine angel, you’re all fucking mine” He moaned into your neck, stilling as his cock throbbed spilling ropes of cum into you. He continued to gently roll his hips, making sure he filled you till he was empty, your mixed arousal covering his thighs and your ass.
Bucky carefully pulled out of you, quickly grabbing a warm damp towel to wipe you down before wrapping his arms to cuddle you again. You snuggled into his chest, your hand going down to play with his dogtags as you always did, realizing he’d put them on you.
“Baby your tags…” You looked up at him, wondering if he’d want them back. He pulled you close to him, his hand brushing your hair away from your face.  
“They’re yours now doll, I want you to have a piece of me wherever you go. I’m always yours baby, just like you’re always mine”
He pressed a soft kiss to your lips while you nodded, tears welling in your eyes as you buried yourself into him. Bucky pulled the covers over you both, wrapping his arms tightly around you. He never wanted you to forget just how much you meant to him.
“Come here, my little teddy bear”
Sharon seethed, seeing Bucky’s tags clink around your neck as you made your way to the kitchen. You hardly noticed her, your body still buzzing from the night before, not even realizing the little bites on your skin hadn’t faded away yet.
“This was the same man that almost said no to life saving surgery because he didn’t want to take off the tags” Sam snorted. “Gotta say, they look good on you y/n”
“Cause I didn’t want to lose them bird brain” Bucky countered but everyone knew it was so much more than that. He never took them off, keeping them close to him.His tags were the one thing that had reminded him of who he was. Of where he came from. It reminded him that his heart had always wanted to do the right thing. Of the choices he made when he was free.
“You gave her your tags?” Sharon questioned, struggling to keep her voice neutral. Bucky nodded, smiling when he saw you gazing down at them with heart eyes, your hand toying with the chain. There was no doubt; you’d never take them off.
“He’d give her his arm if she asked” Steve grinned, watching his best friend deeply in love with you.
“Sure” Sharon rolled her eyes, catching herself before scoffing again. Steve and Sam giggled to themselves like school children, watching Bucky shrug, coming over to hold you from behind while resting his head against you.
“My angel can have anything she wants”
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Tumblr media
      𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐭𝐰𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐲-𝐬𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐧: 𝐬𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐤   
summary ─ he would beg if it meant to have that heavenly taste on his tongue.
pairing ─ alpha!bucky barnes x omega!reader
warnings ─ heat/rut sex, mating cycles, bucky loves eating pussy let it be known
Tumblr media
For the last four hours, Bucky lay awake in bed with you sleeping soundlessly next to him. You weren’t aware of it yet, but your heat had started it shortly after you fell asleep, and the smell of your slick had kept Bucky awake even though he was dead tired.
If he took a deep breath, he could smell it between your legs, leaking and messing up at your pajama bottoms and panties. If he were to pull you closer to his body, he knew he’d feel the wetness of it. If he moved an inch from where he was laying, he knew he was going to fucking lose it.
He couldn’t, though, you needed sleep. In heat, you weren’t much of a sleeper unless you were fucked into the unconsciousness, so he was going to let you sleep as long as you could, but man, was it hard.
Your heat scent was hugging him tightly. Each breath you inhaled and exhaled, each tiny movement you made under the blanket, your scent slapped him in the face, and Bucky honestly didn’t know how long he could keep this shit going. You smelled like every single favorite scent of his: Freshly baked bread, cinnamon, caramel and lightly bubble gum. Since you were in heat, your caramel and cinnamon scents were stronger, but he didn’t give a fuck, he loved the way you smelled, in and out of heat.
Groaning, Bucky turned his body to yours, burying his nose into the crook of your neck and taking a deep breath. His cock gave a strong twitch in his thin, sleeping pants, he could feel his control slipping away from him rapidly. Bucky whimpered as he ground his hips down on the mattress.
“Baby,” he whispered, nosing your neck and brushing the tip of his nose to your scent glands. “Honey, wake up,” he rasped. He couldn’t take it. He needed to taste it. He needed your slick in his mouth, filling and satisfying every single taste bud he had. He didn’t want to touch you without your consent, though. He wasn’t an animal. So, you needed to wake the fuck up now.
“Mm, Bucky?” You murmured sleepily. He moaned in return, still nosing your scent glands. You hummed. Lolling your head back, you exposed more of your throat for him to scent you. The Alpha in Bucky rumbled happily as he latched onto the glands and licked them, scenting you thoroughly. “Mmm,” you whined. You scooted back in his arms, pressing your back against his chest more as you started making grabby hands. “Mmm, Alpha,” you whispered.
Bucky grunted. “Yeah, omega, ‘s your heat,” he whispered back. “’s makin’ you so wet, makin’ you leak for some relief, ain’t it?” You whimpered in agreement. Now that he mentioned, you could feel your slick wetting up your pajama bottoms and all over your inner thighs. You were sure some of it even rubbed against the mattress, and you moaned. Your body heat was increasing at a rapid pace, and you were aware that only relief you could get was what you Alpha would give you.
“Bucky,” you mewled. “Alpha, please.” Rubbing your hot body against his, you got a growl out of him. You shivered. You felt his large paws ripping your pajama bottoms, and suddenly, you were rolled over your belly, your legs spread as wide as they could go. “Alpha!” you gasped. He shushed you. He was rubbing his hands all over your body, touching every inch of your skin as he could and scenting you the way he liked it.
Then, he got on his knees behind you, between your spread legs, and buried his face into your pussy, finally tasting your slick. He groaned loudly at the taste because holy shit, this was what he had been yearning for hours, this goddamn addictive taste. Growling and rumbling deep in his chest, Bucky grabbed your ass cheeks and spread them, giving himself a good view of your wet pussy before he dove right in with a wide, fat lick. You jumped at the sensation.
“Fuckin’ delicious, omega,” Bucky moaned and pressed a kiss on your inner thigh. You shuddered. “I know you want my cock in you, but I’ve been dying for a taste,” he grumbled. “Lemme have my fill and I’ll fuck you to sleep, a’right?” You nodded. It earned you another soft kiss on your thigh. “Good girl,” he whispered before he started slurping his way through your slick.
Later that night, he indeed fucked you to sleep.
It seemed like his dick had a secret way of singing lullabies to you.  
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Tumblr media
Warnings : somnophilia (pre-consent), smut, oral (f receiving), riding, some boob play, overstimulation, forced orgasm, slapping (pre established), no plot, pure dirt, stomach bulge kink, dom!bucky, aftercare, (short haired bucky), dacryphilia, little bit of brat taming, hair pulling (if you blink you’ll miss it)
Summary : bucky can’t sleep and you just look so appealing while sleeping in nothing but underwear.
Notes : Hiii oh my lord thank you all for the love on my previous AKA my first smut ever- i hope you guys like this one too! Also lmk what or who you’d wanna see a smut for or what you would like to see
┊ ┊⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊⋆ ┊ . ┊
It was dead silent, and pitch black in the avengers compound. You and Bucky were in your guys shared room, the only light being from the moon that peered through the trees that littered the view of your floor to ceiling window. You were sound asleep, nothing but underwear on and the blanket pulled to your knees.
Your back was to bucky, he couldn’t sleep. He had this nagging heat that made his sweatpants seem three times tighter then they where hours ago. He sighed as he glanced at the chandelier that was above your bed which was centered. However his head snapped to you when he heard a soft pant.
A little pathetic whimper- one of his many favorite sounds- escaped your plump lips. His lips stretched into a smirk as he rolled over almost pressing himself against you but leaving a bit of space. He felt his pants tighten more when a quiet moan escaped your lips, he was thankful that he’d always remember to soundproof the room by asking FRIDAY. You guys always did that before bed so the noises outside wouldn’t bother you both.
He moved closer to you, his bare chest pressed to your bare back as he moved the hair from your shoulder to behind you before moving it down so all of it looked at the pillow. You were a deep sleeper, that he knew. Or maybe you were a light sleeper and he was just a well trained assassin.
His arm reached around you and immediately like a second nature you snuggled back into him but your ass rubbing his cock didn’t help the small wet spot that had formed in his sweatpants. Once his arm wrapped around you his hand found the thing he loves, your boobs.
He palmed the smooth skin massaging it slightly and paused when he heard your sharp intake of a breath. However you soon released it with a small whine and he smirked, even in your sleep you were so reactive to him.
He loved it.
He ignored the hard on in his pants that was begging to be let free. He continued the small action before he slowly removed himself and stood up walking to the foot of the bed. You were still a bit ways up seeing as the bed was unnecessarily large.
He slowly removed the blanket, watching as you shifted into the perfect position. You had moved to laying on your back one arm over your chest and the other resting near your cheek. He moved the blanket and slowly got onto the bed and in one swift motion he was face to face with your cunt. His vibranium arm had reached over and pinched each side of your panties leaving them to snap and fall off.
He quickly tossed them aside onto the floor. He had already bought you a whole bunch of new ones so you wouldn’t mind. He saw the way you shivered at the air hitting your now bare pussy, your nipples had hardened due to the air and the dream you seemed to be having.
It amazed him how you were still asleep.
In a swift motion his hands had locked under your legs, his vibranium hand holding your hips down and his other hand free as it slithered up and followed the curve of your body until he grabbed your boob in his hand and ran his thumb over the hardened skin. You shuddered and your head shifted slightly. Yet again you seemed to moan and it turned him on further.
Without even thinking about stealthy anymore his tongue darted out licking a long strip from your hole to your clit and placing an open mouthed kiss on it. His mouth latched onto your cunt and he started licking and sucking at it. You were still sleeping but soft pants and whimpers flowed from your mouth. His tongue slipped inside you whilst his teeth grazed your clit.
You were barley conscious when you felt the familiar heat in your lower stomach. It was hard to decipher if you were still dreaming but when You felt his tongue lick and lick before sucking on your bundle of nerves you moaned as your eyes fluttered open.
Your vision was still blurry and you were still half asleep when he lightly blew on your dripping cunt and then he repeated his actions of sticking his tongue in you, however that’s when you felt the hand on your boob and the coldness of his vibranium thumb rubbing at your clit. The sensation of his tongue inside you, the sucking and rubbing at your spot sent you over the edge and that’s what drew you to full consciousness.
Your orgasm was pure bliss and it had you letting out high pitched moans as you subconsciously tried to wiggle yourself away from his tongue. However a slap to your boob made you whimper. “Come on do it again.” Bucky said and his voice had that deep dark tone in it.
You moaned shaking your head. “To much.” he just tightened his grip on your waist now with both arms as he continued to eat you out like he was starving, like you hadn’t fed him in years.
His tongue toyed with your clit as you clenched around nothing and he went back to latching his full mouth sucking and licking and lightly biting. Your head pushed fire back into the pillow as your mouth formed into an O shape nothing but short breathes escaping you. He subconsciously started grinding into the mattress at the sight.
You felt the tightness and he must’ve felt it on his tongue cause he sped up his pace and you writhed. He pushed your hips down forcefully definitely gonna have bruises in the form of handprints.
“You gonna cum? Hmm?” He asked seeing your face. You whimpered are the sensitivity, but he didn’t care as he continued his assault in your pussy that was practically crying for a break, and for more. He put pressure on your clit with his thumb as he devoured you and the coil snapped harder then before.
He kept licking your clit drawing the orgasm out and your hands found his hair trying to push him away. “ s’to much- ah! No no i can’t- fuck.” You whined before his finger collected some of the slick from your two previous orgasms and he smeared it across your clit.
“Look at you, so good. God you taste so fuckin good.” He muttered as your plea fell upon deaf ears. He licked and sucked once more and you sighed in relief as he backed away but his hand game down and started rubbing your clit impeccably fast.
Your legs instinctively tried to shut however he was able to hold them open as he still had his arms locked around them. His rubbing sped up and you came hard moaning loudly however no words came out forming a sentence it was all babbling.
Finally he fully pulled away and he hovered over you moving your hair that stuck to your forehead away. You were panting, eyes barley open as his head dipped down kissing your cheek nose and finally your lips, he teasingly ran a finger over your swollen sensitive clit making you jolt a bit.
He pulled away before dipping into the crook of your neck, his stubble scratching against your neck as he kissed the skin. His hips simultaneously started grinding down into you and his hard on rubbed against your sensitive clit making you whimper his name.
“I’m gonna take care of you, ‘kay baby.” He said as he captured your lips again while still grinding down onto you. “This is what you do to me.” He muttered as he parted his lips from yours. He kissed down your body, paying special attention to your boobs before getting rid of his sweatpants letting his hard cock out.
The tip was red and leaking with Pre-cum. Slowly he made his way back up as he watched your reaction when he tapped the head of it against your clit and teasing you as he slid the head up and down, letting it go in for a second before taking it out and gathering more of your slick.
“Please” You muttered and he faked a frown. “Please what baby?” He asked and your head leaned to the side as your hips tried to move to have a bit of friction. But his hand that was around his thick cock to tease you went to your hip holding it down harshly.
“You want me to help you?” You nodded. “So then You have to tell me what you want.” He said darkly, you still didn’t answer so instead of asking again he patted your legs more and in one motion shoved his cock into you, bottoming out. You gasped as your back arched due to his size and in your peripheral you could see the bild he in your lower stomach.
However as your eyes veered away from him, his hand came up and slapped your cheek. Not hard but enough to sting making you look at him. When he slapped you he felt the clench around him and his hands gripped your chin making you look at him.
“Answer me.” He growled lowly and you huffed. “Please, move pleasee, i’ll be good- ah- please.” You finally gave in moaning in the middle of your plea when he shifted over you. He smirked finally getting you to obey as he slowly started moving his hips.
“s’good- mmgh!” You said as his hips started moving faster and faster making you cry out when one of his thrust hit a very deep spot inside of you. His hand had soothed over your stomach bulge before pushing down on it making tears brim your eyes as you cried out.
He kept his hand there while thrusting in and out of you at a bruising pace making the tears fall from your eyes at the load of pleasure you were feeling. He leaned up and right where your tears where he kissed them as he kept his pace.
“you look so pretty when your like this.” His low voice sounded in your ears before you felt a pressure on your clit. It had you clenching down on him and he groaned.
“You gonna- agh! You gonna cum for me? hmm? Shit!” Bucky said as he felt your walls clenching around him. You nodded and his hand gripped your chin again kissing you harshly as he sped up and the angle he had was rubbing your clit with to much friction making you moan and sob.
“I’m gonna- cum.“ you panted and he sped up before latching his mouth to your nipple sending you over the edge. When you came your walls gripped him like a vice making his cock twitch as he punched your clit making the orgasm drag out and you saw pure white, a small ringing was present in your ears as you cried out.
He was overstimulating you again and it hurt but it felt so damn good. As soon as you came down you felt the thick cum being let into you and being pushed in to you as he kept thrusting. Suddenly he stopped and kissed you sweetly before rolling over.
You where on top of him now with your hair on one side of you, you lay limp on his chest as he was leaned against the padded headboard. He let you rest for a moment before you felt his dick tense inside of you as he slowly kept rocking into you.
You bit lightly on his neck to muffle the whimper, before he tapped your ass. “One more time baby, after you ride me you can go to sleep, yeah?” You nodded softly as he kissed you again not letting you go as you slowly started rocking your hips. His hands went to your hips helping you find a pace and making sure to slip his tongue in he lifted you up at the same time before moving you back down.
You moaned into his mouth as he kept guiding your hips up and down, forward backwards. You were moaning and panting arms wrapped around his neck as you felt your hair tickle your lower back. You moved your arms around his neck and dipped your head into the crook of his neck and left open mouthed kissed making sure to give him matching marks that you were for sure gonna have.
His hands went to your ass lifting you up before her started thrusting up into you and your back arched as your head leaned against his while your moans flowed straight into his ear leading him to continue. He felt you tighten around him and his hand threaded into your hair pulling it back so you where face to face with him and his lust shot eyes.
He stared at you, your forehead had beads of sweat and some hair sticking to it. Your neck and breast were splotches with red and purple marks, your lips were swollen and your eyes where lust shot, your hair was a bit messy but he didn’t care. You looked stunning all fucked out and dumb on his dick.
He kissed you as he felt you coming undone again moaning into his mouth as his other hand toyed with your clit making you cum harder before you felt him let go inside of you, you felt the cum leaking out of you dripping down your thighs.
He rolled you both over laying you down before sweetly kissing your lips, forehead, and nose, as he pulled out of you. Both of you were work out, you more than him, but you’d both miss the warmth that you gave one another.
He reached on the bedside table and pulled a hair tie out the drawer making you lift your head as he tied your hair into a low bun before he sauntered into the bathroom grabbing a small rag and running it under some water before walking back into the room.
You were half asleep again, he slowly sat between your trembling legs and started to clean you up making you hiss. “I know baby, i just gotta clean ya’ up.” he muttered and he grabbed your hand, a small but loves me gesture that made your chest warm. Once he finished cleaning you both up he grabbed one of his shirts after he slid a pair of boxers on himself and walked back over to the bed.
He dressed you in his shirt that was pretty large on you due to the size difference but little gestures like these- and the way you cuddled into him putting your head into his neck while his arm went around you and pulled the blanket over you both- that had you both head over heels for each-other.
┊ ┊⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊⋆ ┊ . ┊ ┊⋆ ┊ . ┊
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vivianandherlily · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
𝐒𝐘𝐍𝐎𝐏𝐒𝐈𝐒: You know what they say: forget your piece of shit ex with some hot super soldier sex... 😏
・❥・ 𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆 ┄ Bucky Barnes x Female Reader ・❥・ 𝐅𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐎𝐌 ┄ Sebastian Stan, Marvel Cinematic Universe ・❥・ 𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐒 ┄ Language, cheating exes, smut (unprotected sex, anal, pretty much just pwp) — minors, do not interact ・❥・ 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐃 𝐂𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐓 ┄ 1,088 ・❥・ 𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄𝐒 ┄ I finally wrote a short little something for Bucky! It's pure filth. I'm not even sorry. Follow @vivianandherlily-library and turn on post notifications so you never miss an update.
Minors, do not interact. I am not responsible for your media consumption. By clicking “Keep Reading” below, you agree that you are over 18 years old and you consent to reading mature/sexually explicit content.
Tumblr media
“Sorry, honey, did that hurt?” Bucky asks, his breath hot against the shell of your ear. You can’t even answer. You’re barely even conscious. 
It’s only been a few hours since you caught your boyfriend (well, ex-boyfriend now) in bed with another woman. Oh, but don’t feel bad. You were more angry about it than you were hurt or sad. The relationship was only two months in and it had already started to sour long before he ever decided to cheat. And if you were being totally honest? 
You didn’t even like Josh all that much. 
But it was a matter of principle! The sheer audacity. It was becoming glaringly obvious that the relationship wasn’t going to last, and even though you were about gearing up to break up with him anyway, you never cheated! Even if he did accuse you of it all the time, the projecting son of a bitch. 
You should have known that he wouldn’t have afforded you the respect of breaking things off before thrusting his dick into the first woman who offered. 
Therefore, the fact that you are now in Bucky’s bed makes you feel a little smug. Josh used to always say he knew you had a crush on the handsome brown-haired sergeant who led your team, but then again who wouldn’t? 
And you know that some people would say it’s a terrible idea to get back at your cheating ex by sleeping with your team leader, but those people probably didn’t know Bucky Barnes either. 
…Like, have they seen him? 
Besides, it was his idea! 
He was the one who approached you during the little pity party Natasha and Wanda decided to throw for you, once they heard about your dumb-as-shit love life. 
He was the one who decided to rest an elbow against the bar while standing only inches from you, just stuffed into that black button-up shirt of his that looked like it was struggling for dear life to stay on. 
“I’m sorry to hear about what happened,” he’d said, looking genuinely apologetic. But he must have had some of Thor’s Asgardian mead in his drink, because he was slightly flushed, and soon that look of sympathy melted away into something entirely different. 
He was the one who decided to lean in so close you could smell his cologne, all the while murmuring about how Josh didn’t deserve you, wasn’t even worthy to kiss the ground you walk on, and how you deserve someone who would treat you like a princess. 
Plus, the lighting in the Stark Tower ballroom was way too sexy for you to focus on anything but the azure glow of his beautiful eyes. 
How were you supposed to resist when he suggested taking things somewhere else, preferably his room over at the Avengers Compound, where he could show you what it was like to be with a man who could really appreciate you? 
You are only a human woman, after all.
Also, it’s really difficult to care about what’s good and bad right now, especially when he’s got his cock so far up your ass you can hardly breathe. 
“Come on, Agent Y/L/N, where’d you go?” He places a kiss on your temple, propping himself up on the bed on his metal elbow. His other bulging flesh arm is wrapped around your neck, your pussy fluttering with delight at the feel of his hard muscular chest pressed into your back. “Use your words, honey. Am I hurting you? Do you want me to stop?” 
Even when Bucky is playing the dom in the bedroom, he’s still somehow syrupy sweet. He unwraps the arm from your neck, much to your dismay, to massage your hips as he towers over you, under which he had slid a pillow before he showed you that even though size doesn’t matter, it certainly does help. 
Yeah, Bucky Barnes the super soldier has a massive super dick. Big surprise. 
“I… ahh, n-... s’good!” You manage to croak out. You thought he was kidding when he asked earlier if you’d ever taken anything up your ass before, after he had already ruined you several times and you were lying on his bed in a puddle of jellied limbs trying to recover from the intense orgasms he’d given you. God, he had barely fit in your pussy! 
Thank god for lube. 
Bucky chuckles in your ear, his pelvis flush against the globes of your ass. He leans back on his knees so he can spread your cheeks apart and watch himself disappear into your hole. 
“You’re so cute like this, all cock drunk.” And then he spits loudly onto where you’re joined together. You gasp in shock, lurching forward on the bed until he presses down on your back to keep you in place, rocking his hips carefully. “Oh god, you’re amazing. Can’t believe anyone would be stupid enough to let you go once they’ve had you.” 
This isn’t fair! 
It’s not like you haven’t thought about sex with Bucky before. In fact, you’ve thought about it a lot. But in your fantasies, Bucky was always a little on the inexperienced side and you were the one who had to show him the ropes. He’d be shy, touch starved, and desperate; you would straddle his lap and blow his mind (among other things). 
Instead, his seemingly endless libido wreaks havoc on your body, your cunt already sloppy with several loads of his cum, and now he’s ruining your poor little asshole with his tireless erection. You don’t think you’ll ever be able to sit properly again. 
Your phone vibrates on the nightstand, screen lighting up with another call. You groan when Bucky moves to pick it up, his dick sinking deeper into you at the action. He leans over you and waves it in front of your face, but you can’t even bring yourself to care. 
“Should we answer it, doll?” You can hear the uncharacteristic smirk in Bucky’s voice.
Damn him and his filthy mouth! But you have to admit, the idea is very tempting. Calling your piece of shit ex-boyfriend while the very man he’s always accused you of having an affair with is balls deep inside you? 
“Th-That would… certainly t-teach him a lesson…” You pant, mewling with pleasure when Bucky plants wet sloppy kisses across your shoulders. 
“Oh, we’ll teach him a lesson, all right.” Bucky swipes on your screen, accepting the call. “Let’s show him what you sound like when you’re being fucked properly, hm?” 
And then— 
Tumblr media
Oop 🤭 (I want his giant arm wrapped around my neck while he does unspeakable things to me.)
Thanks for dropping by. Reblogs/comments would be greatly appreciated! ❤ ~Vivian Lily
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jobean12-blog · a day ago
A Farmer’s Delight
Pairing: Bucky x reader (Farmer AU)
Word Count: 4,743
Summary: An ordinary Sunday morning runs turns into something much more extraordinary when you meet the Farmer down the road.  
Author’s Note: So a friend shared this tik tok with me a while back and it gave me an idea for farmer Bucky. Watch the tik tok here I definitely went a little silly and fun with this and of course NEVER go home with any man you just met in the woods or anywhere (unless he’s Bucky Barnes haha) but for real, stay safe! Thank you everyone so much for reading! Much love always! ❤️❤️❤️Divider by my sweet @firefly-graphics Thank you bunches Daisy!🥰
Warnings: Fun flirting, silliness, fluff, cute animals, flirting, tension, fingering, unprotected sex (don’t do that either), smut, implied oral (18+ ONLY PLEASE!!!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Every pound of your foot against the dirt road is like a harsh squeeze to your overly full bladder. You silently curse yourself for not using the bathroom before you left for the run and then give your almost empty water bottle a dirty look.
When you’re sure one more step will have you peeing your pants you make an abrupt stop and search your surroundings…there has to be somewhere you can pee.
You notice a small clearing behind some short bushes. If you squat low enough you should be hidden from at least everyone coming from behind you on the path. Anyone running the other way, well, they might get a nice glimpse of your ass.
You gingerly walk over, worrying any jolting movement will be disastrous, and give the area one more check. It looks clear and the only sounds you hear are the rustling leaves in the light breeze.
You pull down your shorts and panties, squatting low and positioning yourself so you won’t get pee all over you.
When the flow starts you sigh in relief, the pressure in your lower abdomen subsiding with every passing second…and the seconds seem to tick on and on until you’re just about done.
And then you hear it.
The loud rush and stamping of what sounds like hundreds of feet, all coming toward you from, of course, the way that you’re exposed.
“Oh shit!” you mutter, struggling to push out the last drips and shake dry.
You frantically try to dry by waving your ass around as the noise gets louder and just as you peak over the bushes you see a stampede of goats galloping toward you. You’re so shocked that you nearly lose your footing and fall over.
You manage to pull up your panties and you’re just about to get your shorts over your ass when a loud and booming voice shouts from behind the goats.
And then you see him.
His dark hair is long enough to hang loose at his broad shoulders and the closer he gets you can see his muscled chest move and flex as he chases after the goats. The sight temporarily stuns you and it isn’t until he spots you still crouched behind the bushes that you let out a shriek and make a run for it, shorts still half on.
“Wait!” You hear his deep voice. “I’m not going to…”
Whatever he was going to say is muffled by the hard ground slamming into your body as you fall, the blood whooshing in your ears and your heart beating rapidly.
You scramble to your feet again, the sound of cracking branches and crunching leaves close behind you.
“Come on,” you urge yourself with a violent rush.
You hear him again. “Are you hurt?”
You realize he’s too close and you’ll never get away so you make a sudden turn on your heal and rush the man with all your strength. You collide with his hard body, hoping to throw him off so you can get away but instead he cushions you against him and you both fall down in a heap of tangled limbs.
“Fuck,” you hear him grunt. “Are you ok doll?”
His gentle touch is surprisingly soothing and you let out a shaky breath.
“I’m…I’m ok,” you say quietly, pressing your hand to his chest to sit up.
Your fingers meet warm skin, the collection of hair along his chest soft under your touch even as his hard muscles strain. You realize he’s wearing denim overalls and no shirt. The image makes you swallow hard against the dryness in your mouth, your eyes lingering on the expanse of his exposed skin.
“James Barnes,” he says with a lopsided smirk, holding out his hand. “But you can call me Bucky.”
“Are these your goats?” you ask, looking past him to see that you’re now surrounded by what seems like hundreds of goats. “Are you a farmer?”
“Uh…well yeah. They got out of their pen this morning and I found them running along the path,” Bucky explains before his eyes drop to your exposed panties.
You suck in a breath and scramble back, yanking your shorts up the rest of the way.
“Oh my god,” you whisper. “I cannot believe you saw me peeing!”
“Well, to be fair, I didn’t really, mostly just saw you running away with your pants down,” he chuckles. “Must have really had to go though. Peeing in the woods is dangerous. Poison ivy…bugs…rogue goats.”
You stare at him, finally taking a moment to look at his face.
A definite mistake.
His perfectly shaped eyes are lined with dark and long lashes and the ocean blue color sparkles in the sunlight. His chiseled jaw is lined with a dark beard, the little patches of gray sprinkled throughout adding to his rugged handsomeness. His lips are pink and plush and when he smiles again you feel a tingling down your spine.
His humor is lost on you, your current embarrassment and twinge of fear overpowering your senses.
“Shit, shit, shit,” you mutter, shaking yourself from your reverie. “How do you I know you aren’t going to kidnap me and kill me?”
“I’m not,” he states, clearly amused.
“And I’m just supposed to believe that! You saw my ass!”
“What’s that got to do with it doll?” he asks, holding out his hand to help you up after he stands. “It is quite nice though.”
You scoff and place your hand in his, squeaking when he lifts you to your feet with ease, the feel of his calloused fingertips sending a tremble through you.
“How many sheep do you have?” you ask as you survey the fluffy observers and ignore the heat of awareness at his touch.
“Oh, probably over two hundred. But this is only half of them. I like them to have a lot of open land so I keep them in two separate very large grazing areas.”
One of the sheep closest to you let’s out a loud and seemingly annoyed ‘baaaaaaaaaa.’
Bucky laughs and pats it’s head softly.
“Almost time to eat,” he says.
You start to walk back toward the path but when you put pressure on your left ankle you wince and cry out in pain.
Bucky immediately slides his arm around your waist and leans you against him.
“Hey now, easy there doll. Looks like you have a nasty sprain and your knee is all scratched up.”
The concern in his voice softens your features and you let yourself sag into his hold.
“I really am sorry,” he says quietly, his tone full of sincerity.
“It’s ok,” you sigh. “It’s not your fault. You were right. I shouldn’t be peeing in the woods by myself. I just had to go so bad.”
“I get it,” he answers, helping you hop back to the path. “How far are you from home?”
“A six-mile run and then a car drive!” you huff. “This is my first time running over here. I recently moved nearby and I usually just go around the neighborhood but needed a change of scenery.”
He nods in understanding.
“Well, you can’t run anywhere with your ankle,” he tsks. “But thankfully my house is just half a mile up the path there.”
He motions around the curve with a smile.
“Are you just going to take me there so you can tie me up in your basement.”
“Mm tempting,” he muses, his eyes bright with playful mischief. “But how about we go get you cleaned up and put some ice on that swelling.”
“Ok, ok,” you relent, giggling when he starts down the path and all of the sheep start to follow him.
“Look at them,” you say in wonder.
He stops to turn and glance behind him, the sheep halting the moment he does.
“Start walking again,” you say excitedly.
He takes a few more steps and the sheep start trotting again.
“Now stop,” you snort.
He stops and so do the sheep.
“Amazing,” you laugh. “They are so cute.”
“Thanks…” he trails off, looking at you expectantly.
“Oh right,” you mumble and introduce yourself.
“That’s a pretty name,” he says, repeating it. “I was about to call you sunshine…since ya know…”
“WHAT?” you ask, narrowing your eyes.
“Your panties are that sunshiny yellow color…” he states, waggling his eyebrows.
“It’s a good thing you’re cute,” you mutter as you continue hobble along.
It’s surprising and slightly disconcerting how comfortable you feel in his arms but if the goats trust him…
The sound of the goats hurrying behind keeps you smiling despite the discomfort in your knee and ankle. When you reach a small path that turns off the main road you look ahead and see a beautiful farmhouse, complete with a large porch and wooden fence.
“Do you live here all alone?” you ask.
“Just me and the animals,” he replies. “A lot of them.”
The words are barely out of his mouth when a large white and fluffy dog comes bounding off the porch, barking loudly and tail wagging wildly.
“Winter!” Bucky commands and the dog slows as he approaches and sits.
“Good boy. Now be careful,” he instructs, calling the dog forward.
Winter inches closer, his butt wiggling with barely contained excitement, and gently nudges your hand.
“Oh, he’s SO CUTE!” you gush, petting him.  
Winter follows you and Bucky as you make your way past the fence and up the steps of the porch.
“Just wait here for me. Winter will stay with you,” Bucky says. “I’m going to get the goats back in their pen.”
“Ok,” you exhale, sitting gingerly on the porch swing.
Winter plops down and rests his head on your thigh.
“Such a good boy,” you coo, scratching behind his ears. “Your dad has to be a good guy…right?”
Winter’s brown eyes study you, soft and sweet.
Bucky returns and before you can stand he lifts you into his arms and carries you through the door to his house.
“Don’t people usually get married and then do that?” you giggle as he sets you down on the couch.
“Already planning our wedding?” he teases.
He walks into the kitchen, somehow managing to move his large body gracefully around, every so often glancing your way with a smile.
“Tea?” he asks. “Coffee?”
“Just water for now please,” you answer.
He comes back with a tray of snacks and a cold glass of water, setting it down on the coffee table before sitting on it and lifting your leg to rest on his knee.
“Sorry if this stings,” he whispers, patting your cut with disinfectant.
You suck your teeth but manage a smile when he gives you an apologetic look. Despite his obvious strength, his touch is delicate and he takes special care to clean your cut, apply antiseptic and cover it with a band aid.
“You’re all set,” he says, stroking his thumb over your thigh.
Your eyes fly to his and his gaze wanders over your face in an interested and appreciative way.  
“I have some ice for your ankle,” he says, clearing his throat. “Sit back.”
You push yourself back against the pillows and move your leg to rest along the couch. He grabs another pillow and sets a towel down with the ice pack then lays your foot atop it.
“Thank you,” you murmur, watching him intently.
“Of course,” he says, as if it isn’t bizarre to have a complete stranger in his house, strewn across his couch.
His gives you another boyish smirk and you have to will yourself to disregard the sudden heat in your lower belly.
“How long have you lived here?”
He stands and walks back to the kitchen, calling Winter to follow.
“I grew up in the city. Loved it but as I got older I realized I wanted something quieter so I sold my apartment, moved out here, bought this farm and well…here I am, almost ten years later,” he explains.
“It’s beautiful.”
As you say the words you look around the space, noting the calm colors and the cozy feel of the thoughtfully placed furniture.
“What about you?” he asks, placing Winter’s food bowl down.
“My story is pretty similar actually, minus the farm…and goats,” you giggle. “Just needed a change of scenery. I like it here.”
You share a sympathetic look before he blurts out, “what can I make you to eat?”
“You’re gonna feed me too?” you ask with raised brows.
“Wouldn’t be very gentlemanly if I didn’t, now would it?” he counters. “Besides, I’m always hungry.”
The hint of flirtatiousness in his voice leads to your next question.
“Did you just say something dirty to me?”
He throws his head back with laughter, pressing a hand to his chest before he settles with a shrug.
“Just stating the obvious. I love to eat.”
You let your eyes sweep over him approvingly. “I bet you do.”
“Now who’s flirting?” he fires back.
His study of you turns intense and you almost squirm on the couch.
“What were we talking about?” he asks, clearly distracted.
“Ummmmm…food!” you say, far too loudly.
“Right. Lunch! What can I get ya doll face?”
“Anything that’s easy is good,” you tell him.
He smiles and settles into the kitchen, pulling things from the cabinets and fridge. You let your eyes close for a few moments, relishing in the sound of the birds outside and the rustle of leaves in the wind.
Your eyes shoot open when something hits your lap and you let out a loud gasp, giggling when you see a white fluffy cat now seated on you.
“Hey there,” you say softly, scratching under her chin.
“I see you’ve met Alpine,” Bucky says, looking over. “She’s never getting up by the way.”
Alpine, seemingly aware of Bucky’s warning, kneads at your shirt before circling once and laying down in a round ball of fur.
“She’s beautiful. Like the cat version of Winter!”
“It is kind of funny how they look the same except Winter has the brown eyes and Alpine the blue. Both rescues,” he adds.
“Lucky them,” you say as the cat purrs contentedly in your lap.
“So, you don’t think I’m a serial killer anymore?” Bucky asks with a grin.
“Can’t be,” you answer with a yawn. “You wouldn’t have such sweet animals.”
He chuckles before carrying some plates past the couch and out the French doors at the far end of the large room. You try to sit up and see where he’s going but he’s lost from view.
When he returns your curiosity is written on your face and he explains, “back porch has a picnic table. It’s nice out so I figured we could sit there.”
He reaches for your hand and then wraps his arm around your waist to help you up. Alpine meows in annoyance but follows you out, Winter right behind.
The wooden picnic table is beautifully made and set with two plates and enough food fit for six.
“You weren’t kidding,” you mutter, taking in the spread.
“Nah doll. I’m a growing boy, need to eat,” he says, patting his stomach.
You scoff with a smile. “Says your six pack.”
“How do you know if I have a six pack?” he says, eyeing you playfully.
“Because of course you would. Look at the rest of you.”
“You’re welcome to look,” he croons, unbuckling one strap of his overalls.
He lets it fall just far enough that you get a peek at half his toned abs and the distinct V shape at his hip.
“That’s unfair,” you breathe out. “Might be eight.”
“Farming is hard work doll,” he states as he helps you sit and moves around to the other side of the table.
“Aren’t you going to buckle that back up?” you ask as your legs squeeze together under the table.
“Nah,” he answers as he serves you some food.
“Tease,” you mutter and look down at your plate. “Wow this looks good.”
He winks when you catch his eye again and the butterflies in your belly flutter to life.
“Fresh eggs from my chickens and the vegetables are from my garden.”
“You really are busy,” you mumble through a delicious mouth full. “And when did you learn to cook?”
You sit for a long time, talking and laughing and nibbling at the food, unaware as the day moves on and the sun starts it’s descent in the sky.
With a yawn and a stretch, you ask for the time, your eyes widening when he says it’s almost four pm.
“Shit,” you groan. “I have to get back to my car.”
“You can’t walk back,” Bucky states with a tone that leaves no room for argument.
“Then what am I going to do?” you ask, popping your shoulder with sass.
He laughs, giving you a challenging look.
“You’ll stay here until tomorrow. Then I’ll take you back to your car on the tractor.”
“Why can’t you do that now?”
“You can’t drive on that ankle; you need to rest more.”
“Are you a doctor now too?”
“Doll,” he warns, standing to gather the plates. “You’re staying. It’s the safest.”
“Staying in some man’s house that I just met is safe!” you argue even though it’s clear by your expression that you’re just busting his balls.
“We’ve already spent half the day together and don’t worry I don’t bite,” he simpers.
He grabs a few things and rounds the table, leaning down close to your ear, his warm breath caressing your skin when he whispers, “unless you want me to.”
You shiver at contact, digging your teeth into your bottom lip to keep your moan quiet.
“Smooth Bucky,” you joke, ogling his ass as he walks back into the house.
“We’ll see…” you hear him call back.
Once the table is cleaned off he comes back and slides his arms under you, lifting you and cradling you against his chest.
“I can walk you know.”
“But where’s the fun in that?” he responds.
“You are warm,” you whisper, toying with the one buckle of his overalls.
“Winter and Alpine think so too,” he says. “They are always sleepin’ on me.”
“Can’t blame them…”
Your words are sleepy and muddled as your eyes start to droop closed. “I’m so sleepy.”
“It’s been a long day,” Bucky says. “A nap will do you good.”
“Mm a nap,” you murmur and snuggle into his chest, tucking your head under his chin.
Tumblr media
When you wake two hours later the sun is low in the sky, painting it in hues of pink and orange. You’re curled up on the couch, Alpine settled on your hip and Winter laying on the floor just under you.
“Hey guys,” you say, greeting them both with alternating pets. “Where’s your dad?”
“Right here,” Bucky says and you sit up to find him.
He’s walking down the hallway in nothing but his towel, eyes dancing with mirth and flirt as he watches your lips part and hears your sharp intake of breath.
“Why are you naked?” you ask him, forcing your eyes to stay on his face.
“I’m not,” he smirks. “How was your nap?”
“Nap…?” you question, letting your eyes fall to his bare chest.
“I new it was eight,” you mutter, falling back to the couch with a huff.
You can hear him chuckle before his head appears over the back of the couch.
“Do you want a shower?” he asks. “Or something to eat?”
“I can’t tell if you’re genuinely asking me these questions or you’re just using some sort of code for dirty talk.”
“Take it however you want doll face.”
He walks away back down the hall and you look at Alpine, mimicking Bucky’s words with mock annoyance.
Tumblr media
Opting for a shower you turn the water on hot and stand under it for a long time, bearing most of your weight on your good leg. You will yourself to think of anything other than Bucky but the image of him shirtless and wet is burned onto your brain.
“Fuck,” you grumble, resting your head along the tiles.
After washing and rinsing you leave the shower and grab a towel, wrapping yourself in the fluffy warmth.
“Even his towels are amazing,” you say to yourself with a roll of your eyes.
You look around the bathroom, realizing the only clothes you have are dirty running shorts, a tank and a sports bra, not to mention your ‘sunshiny’ yellow panties.
With a groan you quietly open the door to the bathroom and call to Bucky. He jogs down the hallway, now dressed in a tee shirt and fits him divinely and sweatpants that hang low on his hips.
“You ok doll?” he asks, his concern clear.
“I have no clean clothes,” you say.
His dons his signature lopsided grin and holds up one long, thick finger. Within seconds he reappears with a folded shirt and shorts.
“Hope this ok.”
You take the clothes with a thanks and close the door. When you’re dry you throw the shirt over your head, swimming in the fabric and his scent. Your eyelashes kiss your cheeks with your deep inhale and you run your hands down your body.
“This is bad,” you say to yourself as you slip on the shorts.
You find Bucky in the living room, laying across the couch with Alpine on his chest.
His gaze runs down the length of your body and he keeps staring, the intensity of it growing.
“What?” you whisper.
“I just met you…less than twenty-four hours ago.”
He gently lifts Alpine off his chest and sits up. “I shouldn’t feel like this.”  
“It’s crazy, I know,” you say, feeling grateful you aren’t the only one feeling the deep connection.
“I like you in my clothes,” he whispers as he stands from the couch. “Maybe a little too much.”
You look down at his shirt and fiddle with the hem, suddenly feeling a slight twinge of nerves.
“How’s your ankle?” he asks, stepping closer and tucking his fingers under your chin to lift your focus back to him.
“Ok, just a little sore,” you answer.
“Probably shouldn’t put too much pressure on it,” he says, close enough now that his chest brushes yours with every breath.
“Probably not,” you say as your fingers slide down his muscled arms.  
His hands fall to your waist, his thumbs slipping under your shirt and brushing against your skin. You lean into him, closing any space left between you.
You can feel his heart thumping wildly beneath your fingertips and the blue of his eyes blazes.
“Take me to bed,” you whisper, feeling as if you’ll burst out of your skin if he doesn’t touch you.
His arms slip under your ass and he lifts you up, powering down the hall into his bedroom. The door slams behind him and he gently eases you to your feet. You lock eyes and you swear you’re falling.
And then you literally are as he throws you onto his bed, his expression quickly turning to one of concern when he remembers you sore ankle.
“Doll?” he worries, leaning over you. “I got carried away. Did I hurt you?”
“Not at all,” you assure him, brushing the hair from his face. “Don’t worry I won’t break.”
He takes the hint and presses his lips to yours, sliding his arm under you and pulling you closer. The kiss is on fire and it takes everything in you to finally pull away for air.
“Clothes off,” you murmur, pushing on his chest.
He sits up and straddles you, taking off his shirt. You reach up to touch him and in the same motion he has the shirt over your head, his eyes glazing over as he stares.
“Do you even realize how sexy you are?” he asks with a groan, cupping your breasts and rolling your nipples between his fingers.
Your back arches and you lean into his touch, rolling your hips against him. He releases your breasts only so he can push the sweatpants down his thick thighs before tugging on your shorts.
He kisses you again, his beard scratching along your skin and sending goosebumps racing across it. Your hands dive into his hair, tightening when his fingertips glide down the soft curve of your waist and between your legs.
“Fuck doll, you’re soaked,” he moans with a teasing touch.
He slowly pushes a finger inside you, his eyes falling shut at the feel of you warm and wet around him. A second finger joins the first and he pumps them in and out, your hips meeting every thrust of his hand.
Your fingernails curl into his broad shoulders, his name falling from your lips like a prayer and when his thumb circles your clit your stomach tightens until the tension breaks like a wave, your walls squeezing around his fingers.
Without giving you time to catch your breath he pulls his fingers free and takes your injured leg to rest it over his shoulder, the action spreading you open for him. He pushes inside you, his teeth gritted at how tight and swollen you are.
“Fuck,” he hisses, “you feel incredible.”
His movements start off gentle, the slow glide of his cock driving you insane. You dig your fingers into the muscles of his back, urging him to move faster and he does. He angles your hips and pushes deeper, every thrust of his hips threatening to send you over the edge again.
He slams into you hard enough to bang the headboard against the wall, the sound barely registering over your pleas for more. Your walls begin to tighten and he swells inside of you before you cry out his name with your release.
He follows only moments later, his hips jerking against you and his face falling to your neck.
“Fucking hell,” he groans, pressing a soft kiss to your skin.
You lay there, loving the weight of him as your body practically melts into the mattress. He gently sits up on his arm, his fingertips ghosting across your warm skin and down to your ankle.
“You sure you’re ok?” he asks.
“I’m more than ok,” you answer. “Fucking fabulous.”
He laughs at that and gives you one more kiss before disappearing into the bathroom. He returns with a soft cloth, walking purposefully toward the bed and letting his eyes linger on your sweaty skin. His cock bounces as he starts to grow hard again and you let out a moan.
“I want you again,” he says like it’s a no brainer and then falls next to you on the bed, his touch delicate as he presses the cloth between your legs.
“But first I’m going to taste you doll.”
Tumblr media
Your body slides along the soft sheets, the morning sun warm on your bare skin and the feel of something warm and furry pressing against your legs. With a languid stretch you open your eyes and look to the edge of the bed to see Winter sleeping peacefully, his large body leaning into your bottom half and Alpine curled up on top of your legs.
Bucky’s side of the bed is empty but there’s a small note on the pillow that reads, “I’ll be outside in the yard when you wake up,” and it has a small heart drawn below.
You take your time getting up, rousing the animals who protest with even slower movements and loud yawns. Grabbing Bucky’s shirt, you throw it over your body and go to the bathroom to freshen up.
When you walk into the kitchen and look through the window over the sink you see him out in the pen with the goats. Calling for Winter you walk outside, admiring the view of Bucky in nothing but a pair of jeans and his boots.
Winter barks and Bucky turns around. He has a small white goat tucked under his arm and as he saunters toward you it’s hard to restrain your giggles.
“Mornin’ sunshine,” he croons, dipping his head to kiss the corner of your mouth. “How did you sleep?”
“Like a baby,” you answer, reaching out to pet the goat.
“And your ankle?” he asks, looking down.
“Not too bad this morning. Not as sore and definitely less swollen.”
“Good doll face” he smiles. “Now let’s get some breakfast in ya before I take ya back to bed.”
Tumblr media
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Everything the Light Touches (18+) - Chapter Seven
Mafia!Bucky x F!Reader
chapter warnings: language, threats of sexual violence, non-con touching, angst
a/n: surprise shawty! told y’all you wouldnt have to wait as long for this chapter! hope the follow up here makes up for it. just a heads up, it’ll probably be Sunday before I update again, but you get two updates this week! yay! thanks again for reading, please forgive any spelling/grammar mistakes, and let me know if you’d like to be added to the taglist! (p.s. this chapter is almost 4k words friends, buckle in. it gets...to be a lot)
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
A whole month going on dates with Liam Stinson was…a lot. Not that he was so bad, just there never seemed to be a chance to fully take a breath. He took you out at least twice a week to dinners, to the movies, to his parents’ house. Hell your own parents even invited the two of you to dinner at their place a couple of times. You knew why you were going on so many dates with Liam. A little piece of your brain was telling you that word would make it back to Bucky that you’d been going on dates with Liam and there was nothing he could do to stop it. 
Was it a little petty? More than a little. But did you care? Not really. After the gala your dates with Liam felt only slightly forced, and Liam had calmed down a little. He wasn’t leering at you as much, in fact, he was rather doting. Part of you was unsure if it was because of his status as a Senator, and if dating you was part of his way to seem more ‘down to earth’ or if he genuinely believed there was something between you two. You’d managed to stave off any intimate displays of affection, preferring to over a hug or a kiss on the cheek.
After about a year of living in California, you sure didn’t live like a nun. After going to therapy and figuring out what you wanted to do with your life, Wanda made sure to get you out on the dating scene as soon as she could, and as soon as you were willing. You’d had a couple one night stands, a couple dates, and one or two guys who you’d dated for about six months, but nothing ever felt permanent, and Liam Stinson was no different. Your parents were thrilled that you’d gone on multiple dates with Liam, but Tony was a different story. When you had told Tony and Pepper that you’d be going on a few dates with Liam Tony had almost frozen in place. You attempted to find out what was upsetting him he just brushed it off saying that it was nothing and he was thinking about something else. Pepper’s exact words when you told her were, “so long as you’re happy, sweet girl.”
Wanda on the other hand had cackled like a witch and almost peed herself when you told her about how you’d agreed to go on another few dates with Liam, mostly to spite Bucky. Wanda had said “Barnes deserves worse than being jealous of your happiness, but it’s a good start.” You had plans to cut Liam off soon, but first you had to act as his date to a party hosted by his parents. Alexander and Marsha had rented out Gustavino’s for their party. If there was one thing that Alexander and Marsha were going to do…they were going to show off their money.
“Oh my dear you look so beautiful,” your mother cooed as she hurried to pull you into a hug as soon as you entered the venue on Liam’s arm. She’d sent a blush pink dress to your apartment prior to the event stating that it would be perfect for Alexander and Marsha’s party. You usually hated when your mother tried to dress you up like a doll, but you’d allowed her this one thing. Standing at the entrance of the venue you allowed yourself a moment to take in the extravagance of the party in front of you. Before you could even ask Liam or your mother what they were celebrating Marsha and Alexander were making their way to you, pulling you into their arms for a hug and a kiss on the cheek. They made sure to tell you and Liam to make yourselves comfortable and Liam took that to mean introducing you to every single person. The more people you met, the more overstimulated you became. Liam tried to ply you with glasses of champagne but what you really wanted was an Old Fashioned, but you played the role of the dainty date well, no matter how uncomfortable you were becoming around the sleazy smiles and the suffocating perfumes. Liam’s arm never left your waist, in some cases he’d squeeze your waist and look at you in a way that made you slightly more uncomfortable than you already were.
Liam’s friend Caden approached you, what appeared to be a slight bruise healing around his eye. His eyes raked up and down your figure, the feeling of his gaze making you wish you had some way to cover yourself up. “What a nice little trophy you’ve got tucked under your arm, Stinson,” Caden leered, licking his lips like a wolf eyeing its prey. You stiffened at what Caden said, hoping that Liam would dismiss his friend and allow you to leave, but he merely grinned a cocky grin and moved his hand from the small of your back to rest on your hip with a squeeze.
“She is, isn’t she.”
Your head whipped to Liam’s face, disgust filling your eyes as you took in the smirk growing on his lips. You attempted to wrench yourself out of his grip but he merely tightened it, pulling you closer to his side before leaning down to whisper, or rather hiss, in your ear, “behave, sweetheart. Don’t make me look bad.” 
Your fight or flight tendencies were at war with each other. Part of you wanted to slap Liam then and there for what he was saying, the other wanted to just flee the room and never return. You couldn’t help but wonder where this side of Liam was coming from, or how long he’d been hiding it, but you did not like it and you were not going to let him talk to you like that.
“You don’t need me to make you look bad, Stinson. You’re doing that your own fucking self,” you hissed as you finally managed to yank your body away from him, stalking away to find your parents and let them know that you were leaving. It felt like each man you passed was staring at you in a way that made you want to crawl into a hole to hide from their prying eyes. You swore at one point you thought you heard someone whistle at you but you merely ignore the building discomfort and continued on your path towards your parents. Your mother looked confused at your determination as you approached her and your father.
“Mom, dad. I’m leaving. Dating Liam was a mistake, and I’m going to go home, I love you.” You bent forward to offer your mother a kiss on the cheek but she dodged your lips at the last moment, raising an eyebrow and looking at you with disdain. 
“Oh honey, the party’s just getting started. We can’t let you leave yet.”
A chill ran down your spine at the words your mother spoke, unsure of their meaning but before you could even question what she meant, Marsha and Alexander were making their way to the middle of the floor with a microphone. 
“Welcome everyone, Marsha and I are so happy to have you all here for this wonderful celebration,” Alexander spoke, smiling at his guests. You didn’t want to be rude but you were ready to go so you attempted to side-step your mother, only to be stopped by your father taking hold of your wrist. Your head snapped to face him, the expression on his face was dangerously neutral but borderline threatening. 
“We’re so happy to announce, with the lovely blessing of Y/M/N and Y/F/N L/N, the engagement of our son Liam Stinson and their daughter Y/N L/N.”
The room exploded in cheers and claps, while your world seemed to turn upside down. The chill running down your spine earlier turned into full blown disgust and terror as you looked at your parents with wide eyes. They both just stared at you, obviously awaiting your response.
“That’s a good joke…I’m…leaving… way to get Alexander and Marsha in on it, haha,” you spoke as you pulled your wrist out of your father’s grip and slowly backed away hoping to wake up from whatever crazy ass dream you’d ended up in. Only to back right into the solid chest of Liam, grinning with that same cocky look he had earlier when Caden was speaking to the two of you.
“Come, fiancée, time to give the people what they want,” he added with a wink as he pulled a ring box from his pocket and practically shoved a large diamond ring onto your ring finger.
“Liam what the fuck are you talking about. We’re not engaged, hell we were hardly fucking dating,” you spat, trying to pull out of his grasp. His hand wrapped around you tight enough to leave bruises. But it wasn’t Liam that responded to you, it was your father.
“Oh honey, you’ve been Liam’s your whole life. Now it’s time for you to play your part and solidify our alliance with Pierce and his…family.”
Tears pricked hot and heavy, threatening to spill as you took in the words your father spoke. You noted how serious he was and the use of the word ‘family.’ It was the same way Bucky used to speak about his role amongst his father’s men. That’s when you realized, Alexander Pierce was mafia and your parents were marrying you right into it. Before you had the chance to fight and argue Liam was pulling you away to the center of the floor for a dance, yanking your arm to his shoulder as your diamond ring caught and reflected the light. Your head was spinning. You needed to get out of there. But you knew if you tried to leave now someone would either stop you or find you before you could get help. So you took a deep breath, trying to calm your breathing, and focused on not breaking down in the middle of the dance floor. Alexander and Marsha grinned evilly from the places next to your parents as Liam swung you around the floor. 
When he finally slowed down he leaned in to your ear and whispered, “If you don’t behave like the perfect fiancée and give me everything I will make you. I will tear you to pieces, just to put you back again. Then maybe I’ll give Caden a go, maybe some more of my father’s men. I’ll let whoever wants  to touch you, do whatever they want. Maybe that will make you the good, submissive wifey you were raised to be. Hmm? You want that?” 
Liam’s words had you holding back vomit and tears. They were disgusting and horrifying and just a glimpse into the life that you’d unwittingly ended up in. Liam’s hand came up to your chin, forcing you to look him in the eyes, “I said. Do. You. Want. That?” He spat and you shook your head furiously at his question. A sharp smile took over his face, obviously happy with the submission before him. 
“Good. Now be a good little slut and give me a kiss, huh?” Liam’s question had you shaking your head furiously yet again but he didn’t take no for an answer, instead he crashed his lips into yours, making you whimper in fear. This time a single tear managed to slip down your cheek as you attempted to pull from his touch. “Don’t you fucking dare embarrass me, or my threat will become your reality,” he hissed against your lips before pulling away with a fake smile plastered on his lips as the song ended. Applause sounded throughout the room and the next thing you knew you were being descended upon by half of Manhattan congratulating you and Liam. You let Liam do all the talking, unsure if you could even muster up a thank you, especially when you definitely weren’t thankful. 
Marsha ran up to you and gave you a kiss on each cheek and a hug before whispering, “you’ll be such a beautiful bride. I can’t wait for my grandkids.” The thought of a forced future with Liam had you ready to run yet again but you managed to hold out. Your parents congratulated the two of you with the fakest looks you’d ever seen glued to their faces, but not a hint of pity or sadness resting in their eyes. In fact, they looked rather proud at the fact that they’d manipulated their only child. An hour passed, and you finally managed to sneak away. Sneaking being the kind word, you’d practically threatened Liam that you would be sick if you didn’t go home and he wanted to keep up the appearance of a happy, healthy relationship as he pressed a kiss to your cheek and sent you to your apartment. The second you stepped foot out of Liam’s car and watched it drive out of sight you were running to your own vehicle. Tears were pouring down your cheeks as you started hyperventilating, the reality of what you’d just been involved in bringing you to the edge of a panic attack. 
WhatthefuckwhatthefuckwhatthefuckJUSTHAPPENED! Your brain kept repeating the mantra over and over as you drove to the home of the only person you could think of.
Parking in the parking garage and running up the stairs you approached Tony and Pepper’s door and banged as hard as you could, hoping they’d be awake at this hour. The door wrenched itself open and you practically fell into Tony’s arms. Your sobs wracked through your body as you began shutting down in the arms of the only parental figure that actually mattered. 
“Hey kiddo, shh, it’s okay. Let’s get inside and we can talk more. Come on, I need you to breathe. In and out, kid. In and out, don’t shut down on me,” Tony was worried, you’d never broken down like this in front of him. In fact, he couldn’t remember a time he’d ever seen you this emotional and he’d worked with you for years now. Pepper disappeared into their apartment to make you a cup of tea as Tony pulled you tight to his chest and attempted to calm you down by rubbing soothing circles on your back.
“Kid, I need you to tell me what’s wrong. Who do I need to kill?” Tony attempted to joke, hoping it would calm you down, but it had the opposite affect and caused you to cry more as you realized how fucked you were. When you could finally speak without hyperventilating or breaking down further you told Tony everything. How everything with Liam had apparently been planned for years by both your parents, how everyone had lied to you, the things Liam had said to you and what he’d threatened. Tony took it all…better than you anticipated. He didn’t react with a crazy outburst, no the rage and anger simmered behind those warm brown eyes. Pepper gasped and even cried herself when she heard but it was Tony who sat in quiet contemplation for a few minutes after you relayed the events from earlier. 
“We need to go. There’s only one person I know who can help you,” Tony spoke, his words guarded and more stiff than you’d ever heard coming from his mouth. You didn’t have time to question him as he led you to his car and had Happy drive the two of you away from Stark tower. On the car ride to wherever Tony was taking you he was asking questions about who all you’d seen at the party, making a mental list of the names and trying to see if he could come up with any connections, the memories that came up when you answered causing you to break down into another fit of sobs at the remembrance of your parents’ betrayal and manipulation. You didn’t even pay attention when the car came to a stop and Tony pulled you into a tall building and led you up the elevator to the top floor. He approached a door, as if he’d been here a million times, banged on the door and flung it open. He pulled you to the center of the door frame, tucking you under his arm, as he exclaimed, “oh boys…we’ve got a fucking problem.”
Your eyes focused then as you took in the wary and worried faces of George, Bucky and Steve, and other members of the Barnes family that you hadn’t encountered in many years. Your breathing caught as you realized the one person Tony trusted more than anything was George Barnes. 
“What’s the meaning of this Tony?” George questioned quietly as if trying not to scare you anymore than you already were. You noticed Bucky and Steve’s eyes focused solely on you, a little more of a look around the room led you to see Natasha and Sam were in attendance as well. A part of you hadn’t realized that Sam and Natasha had become members of the family, but it made sense. Natasha’s father Ivan was loyal to George until death just before your graduation, and Sam was close with Bucky and Steve. Being in the company of the people who had abandoned all those years ago made you curious if you’d made the right decision going to Tony tonight. But where else could you have gone?
“I’ll tell you what’s wrong Georgie. Y/M/N and Y/F/N are a couple of nasty ass cunts, pardon my language, who are trying and have seemingly succeeded in marrying Y/N like a fucking brood mare to Liam fucking Stinson!” Tony spat, George’s eyes widening as he took in the words. “Apparently, they’ve been planning it for a while. Y/N here told me their exact words were they wanted to ‘solidify their ties to the Pierce Family.’ The fuckers are working with Pierce. Probably have been for decades.”
“How is this possible…how could we have missed that?” Natasha spoke up, asking the question that seemed to linger in the atmosphere. Your attention had been pulled to your shoes, not wanting to show your face and the vulnerability and brokenness that had made its home in your eyes and your heart to this group of people.
“That’s a great question, Little Red Riding Hood. But not the time. We have to help her, Barnes. Liam threatened her himself, threatened her with his men,” Tony’s tone emphasizing the last word so he didn’t have to relay the exact words  Liam had said to you. The memory of his words causing you to shiver in disgust and terror yet again, a new set of tears making their home in in your eyes and down your face. 
“Y/N, child, I need you to look at me,” George spoke softly, pulling your attention from your shoes to his face slowly. Your eyes flitted to Bucky’s, the anger and pain resting their enough to make you inhale deeply and turn your focus back to George. “I need to know, and I need the truth. It’s the only way I can help you. I need to know if you knew about your parents’ affiliation with Pierce’s family?” 
You shook your head, denying any knowledge, and took a deep breath before giving him a verbal answer, “I didn’t even know Pierce had a…family like you until tonight. I just thought my parents were really close with him and Marsha…I’d never have gotten involved if I knew the truth, Mr. Barnes,” you spoke clearly, your voice wobbling at the last bit. You snuck a look in Bucky and Steve’s direction and you could practically hear Bucky grinding his teeth and you swore that the latter was about to punch a hole in something, or someone. 
“I knew.” Bucky’s acknowledgment of you and the situation had your head swimming as you took in the meaning of his words. More disgust ripped through you and apparently George as well because you both glared at him.
“What do you mean ‘you knew’ son?” George growled, the tone he used making you shift uncomfortably in the doorway.
Bucky took a deep breath and told the whole room the story of that night at your parents’ house ten years ago. Ice flowed through your veins, but was eventually melted by white hot rage as you learned the reason why James Barnes left you all those years ago. The fact that he’d believed you to be involved with your parents’ scheme had you crying yet again, except this time they were tears of rage. The room was silent for a moment before shouts were coming from four different people, you, Tony, Sam and Natasha. Apparently this was the first time he’d told anybody besides Steve the truth.
“How fucking DARE you! Why the fuck didn’t you talk to me, Bucky!?” (You)
“I am two seconds from murdering you myself little Barnes. If daddy wasn’t here your brains would be splattered on that wall,” (Tony).
“This fucking misunderstanding is what made you force me to abandon one of my friends!? You’re lucky Steve is holding me back,” (Sam).
“Barnes, when we get out of here, I’m kicking you in the balls so hard you’ll never have children. My best friend, James. My best fucking friend you made me LEAVE!” (Natasha). Steve was actively having to hold her back, she was the one he feared would actually act on her threat.
Bucky sat quietly, taking the anger and threats of all his friends and his former love. You stewed in the anger, ready to give him another verbal lashing when George spoke up.
 “Enough. James, we’ll talk about this later. Y/N, I believe you. I’m sorry this has happened to you and I am truly disgusted in both the ways your parents have acted, and the way my son treated you. But there’s only one way that I know we’ll be able to truly protect you. And it may be the very provocation that Pierce needs to start a war. But without this, I can’t promise that the family can protect you, I need you to know that,” George spoke calmly and clearly, making sure you were paying attention to him fully. He’d done a good job because everyone in the room seemed to be paying full attention to him. 
“Mr. Barnes, I’ve run from the arms of those who are supposed to protect. The ones who are ready to marry me off to a vile man as a pawn in their elaborate game of chess,” you sneered, essentially writing off your family with that one sentence, “but I’m not stupid enough to think that they’ll leave me alone if I just leave. I’m willing to accept the family’s help, even if it may lead to war.”
George nodded solemnly and took a deep breath before speaking again, “I hear you. I’m afraid the protection we can offer, is one of family.” You tilted your head, questioning his phrase, your eyes catching Bucky’s as his widened and his knuckles turned white where they gripped the table, he obviously knew something you didn’t.
“I’m afraid I’m not following, Mr. Barnes,” you questioned slowly, hoping for a clearer response. Another deep inhale and George Barnes spoke again.
“We can offer protection. But only if you become a member of the family. And to do that…you’d have to marry James.”
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💜 any letter not requested?
I'm just feeling down about myself and need some plus size!reader being nervous/anxious about her weight. Bucky casually picks her up and she gets sooo turned on by how strong he is and rides the fuck out of him. Maybe Lumberbuck or Daddy Bucky?
Please and thank you boo 😘
Hello, sorry I've been gone so long! I'm slowly working my way through requests so thank you for being patient! It's not quite as smutty but I'm just getting back in so don't worry, smut will come soon!
I hope it's ok darling 🥰 also you are perfect so don't ever worry about anything ever 😘
Tumblr media
You stood looking in the mirror, pulling at your little skirt, trying to hide your thighs, not happy with how things were sitting on your tummy and feeling less than perfect.
You heart thudded in your chest when you heard Bucky whistling as he approached your bedroom, you didn't want him to see you like this. What if he realised you weren't perfect and didn't want you any more?
He breezed into the room, not noticing your internal dilemma. He swooped around you and wrapped his arms around your tummy, pressing kisses to your cheek. "Mmm you smell so good" he whispered in your ear before turning you around in his arms and lifted you up with ease.
You stared at him as your legs instinctively wrapped around his waist. Finally he noticed the look on your face. "What's the matter babygirl?" He said, concern painting his perfect face. "You just lifted me up? Like it was no big deal..." You sort of pouted, emotions churning in your tummy as you fiddled with the fabric of his collar. He chuckled and bounced you up and down and little, dragging a reluctant giggle from you. "Of course I picked you up, my babygirl should be carried everywhere!" You smiled but still felt a little blue, which he sensed.
He sat down on the bed and cuddled you up in his arms. With his gentle coaxing, soft kisses and squeezes you were able to tell him what was on your mind. All your worries about your body and how you looked and felt. He listened with patience until you were finished then pressed another kiss to your forehead. "My perfect, silly, pretty baby..." Then he stood up and proceeded to twirl you around in his arms. You squealed and clung to him, holding tight as he swooped you low and almost threw you in the air like you were a teddy bear.
He finally sat back down and had you straddle his hips. His hands gripped you and he eyed you semi-seriously. "Take your dress of Babygirl" he instructed and you obliged, but you still felt nervous. He sensed it and bucked his hips making you wiggle. "Come on baby, I wanna see what's mine... And then you'll know just how beautiful you are..."
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Silent Lucidity | Bucky Barnes x Reader
Hi! Shocking that this is yet another Taylor Swift fic. I've had these lyrics in my head for a bazillion years and finally figured out how I wanted to use them.
Warnings: Self Harm (kinda), anxiety, nightmares, blood, knives
"He seems fine most of the time, forcing smiles and neverminds. His laugh is a symphony, when the lights go out, it's hard to breathe. I pull at every thread, tryna solve the puzzles in his head, Live my life scared to death he'll decide to leave instead.
"If I was standin' there in your apartment, I'd take that bomb in your head and disarm it. I'd say I love you even at your darkest, And please don't go."
You put your phone on ‘do not disturb’ every night without fail. 
The eight hours between falling asleep and waking to a blaring alarm were sacred. Precious. And you allowed no one to bother you with an unwanted call or a rogue text. Everyone and everything could wait until morning- well, not everyone. 
Bucky’s calls and texts never went unanswered. Only Bucky’s name sat on your ‘favorites’ list. Only he could break through the ‘do not disturb’ wall and rouse you during the night. But he never called for irrelevant chit chat or texted memes at 2am. His communications during the silent, lonely time in the middle of the night were important. Sometimes dire. For everything else, he made himself wait till morning. 
He didn’t like bothering you, hated to waking you with one of his anxiety-driven phone calls. His heaving inhales and breathy voice always shook the sleep from your body. His calls were never a bother- you'd stay on the phone with him all night if that's what he needed. After talking him down, you’d ask if you could drop by his apartment to check on him. And without fail, he’d reject your offer. He needed to learn to handle things on his own, he said. Needed to find a way to cope that didn’t drag you out of bed.
Back at the compound, your room sat only feet from his- you could hear him sobbing from your bed. Every night, you’d gently wake him and save him from his nightmares. And every night, he’d crawl into your arms. You held him close, as though you could protect him from the things inside his head. Eventually, you’d fall asleep. And nothing beat waking up next to him. 
But nothing lasts. And Bucky wanted to strike out on his own. Or, not so much ‘wanted to’ as ‘had to’. Everyone on the team had moved out. Or died. Everyone except you and Bucky. That’s when the eviction notices came. SWORD took over the building almost overnight, and they “needed” every room. No exceptions.
The news launched you into action. After only a few hours, you found five two-bedroom listings in the city for excellent prices. And with the information in hand, you knocked at Bucky’s door. His room sat in a state of pristine order, his few belongings stacked in a small box. But when you presented your findings to him, he was all ‘that’s okays’ and ‘I’d rather nots’. And it hurt you. Embarrassed you. Living in the same apartment seemed like the perfect next step. You could have your room and Bucky his. And when the monsters came calling in the middle of the night, all you’d have to do is rush across the hall.
But he said he wanted to figure things out for himself. Alone. And who were you to stop him?
But you worried about him- almost constantly. His apartment wasn’t warm or homey like yours. He didn’t furnish it much or make the space his own. It was cold. And sad. And mostly empty. Much like Bucky. 
On a daily basis, you forbade yourself from begging him to move in. If he didn't want to live with you, if he wanted to try and make things work on his own, that was his business. But it didn't stop you from missing him. Maybe he didn't need you anymore- but you needed him.
Your buzzing phone woke you with a start, and you answered without even looking at the screen.
“Bucky? Hey, is everything okay?”
No response. Not a sound came from the other end of the line, not even his ragged breathing. 
“Hello? Buck, talk to me.”
“I didn’t know what else to do…” he said. His voice was low and empty- it didn’t sound like him.
You flicked on the light and sat upright, too nervous to lie down any longer. “Are you okay?”
His words sounded inhuman,  almost robotic. “I don’t know.”
“Can I come over?” you asked, knowing he’d say no.
But his response shocked you.
With that, you jumped out of bed. A pair of shorts sat crumpled on the floor near your dresser, a tshirt hung from your doorknob- you didn’t care that they didn’t match and weren’t clean. You just needed to get to Bucky.
“Okay, great, just stay on the phone with me,” you said, slipping into your sneakers. “Tell me what’s going on.”
“I’m bleeding.”
A pang of anxiety ripped through you as you searched for your keys, “You’re bleeding? Is it a lot?”
“I don’t know,” he said. No inflection. No emotion.
Your throat tightened. “Okay, just-” you did your best to sound calm, “I’m leaving right now. What happened?”
He paused. “I don’t remember.”
“Alright. Don’t hang up. I’m on my way- I’ll be there in a few minutes.” His apartment was fifteen minutes away during the day, but at 3:19am, you knew you could make it there in under ten.
Why did he sound so hollow? And how was he so calm? He was never this calm after a nightmare. 
“Just stay on the phone- don’t hang up till I get there.” 
He said he was bleeding- why was he bleeding? What could’ve happened in the safety of his empty apartment? Your chest ached. You ran every red light. 
You listened to his even breathing on the other end of the line, as asking questions proved less than helpful. Every answer was “I don’t know” or “I can’t remember”. And worst case scenarios burned through your psyche. Was this Hydra related? Did Shuri’s work on his mind fail? 
“Okay, I’m here-” you said as you threw your car in park. ”But don’t hang up. I’m outside. Give me two minutes.” The lobby sat empty, the front desk unmanned. But even if someone tried to stop you and get you to fill out a visitor pass, you’d break their jaw. The elevator was too slow for your liking on a good day, so you opted for the stairs. “I’m almost there,” you breathed, tired from dashing up four flights, “Don’t hang up.”
The key Bucky made you rested safely inside your fist, its sharp edges digging into your flesh. But you didn’t care. Tetanus was worth it. You thrust it into the deadbolt and threw open the door. Silence. Bucky’s apartment was dark. Quiet. Still. 
No answer. 
“Bucky, where are you?” you said into the phone. All you got back was another “I don’t know.”
With wild energy, you flew through Bucky’s apartment. Turning on lights, calling his name. Every room sat empty and still- no signs of Bucky. But as you turned the corner you spotted a sliver of light spilling into the hallway. It beckoned you into the en suite bathroom, where you found Bucky.
A sharp gasp filled your lungs at the sight. He sat motionless on the floor, his back resting against the tub. He was seemingly catatonic, his trancelike stare boring through you- past you. His metal arm lay discarded next to him, its shiny surface dotted with red. And a familiar knife sat in his lap, its blade coated in blood. Countless knife wounds dug into what remained of his left shoulder. They were jagged. Deep. Frantic. Blood spilled from his flesh and dripped down his side, staining everything in its path. It formed a puddle on the floor. The grout didn’t stand a chance. 
But amidst all the horror, Bucky still held the phone to his ear. Just like you asked. 
“Buck?” you said, your voice gentle. 
No response. 
“Bucky. It’s me…” A bit more forceful. 
You didn’t have time to wait for his answer. He was bleeding. He needed help. You grabbed a towel from his cabinet and made your way to kneel at his side, careful not to slip in the blood.
“I don’t know if you can hear me- but if this hurts, I’m really sorry.” You took a deep breath, and applied hard pressure to his wounds. 
A horrible sound left his chest. Something between a gasp and a scream. He lurched in the opposite direction, pulling his wounded shoulder from your grasp. 
“It’s okay! It’s okay, it’s just me. I tried talking to you but-”
Bucky didn’t let you finish. He leaned into you with full force, welcoming your presence. He was desperate for you. A sigh of relief left his chest and his weight fell against your body. Wherever he’d gone, wherever he’d gotten lost in his mind, your soul-affirming touch helped him find his way back. Your lips found his forehead and dotted kisses along his sweat-slick skin. You rested a hand in his hair, pulling his head into your chest.
“You’re okay, Buck,” you ran your fingers gently through his hair, “You’re okay.” But the continuous spilling of his blood contradicted your assurances. “I’m sorry, I don’t wanna hurt you, but I-”
 He nodded.
Bucky winced when you replaced the towel on his shoulder. The raw wounds throbbed beneath your firm pressure, and burned as the seconds passed. But he couldn’t find it in him to complain.
The two of you sat in silence as you stemmed the bleeding. The tile floor dug into your knees the longer you knelt by his side. Your hand ached from pressing into his shoulder. His blood stained your nails. And the warmth coating your hand as his blood seeped through the fabric ignited goosebumps across your skin.
You never liked this part of your relationship with Bucky. You liked being his source of comfort, of course. Liked taking care of him and making him feel safe. But seeing him so shaken, so deeply disturbed never got easier. And the blood. Not that you were squeamish or ever felt faint at the sight of his injuries. It was the knowing that he was in pain that cut you to your core. 
“You doing okay?” He nodded. And the bleeding stopped- mostly. But Bucky didn’t pay much mind to the status of his wounds. Instead, he focused on your hand running through his hair. The sound of your voice. The scent of your perfume lingering on the unwashed shirt you wore. And when the time came for you to clean up the massacre, he didn’t mind the pain. The sting of warm water rushing into his wounds didn’t bother him. Nor did he protest when you wrapped them in gauze. He was just happy to see you. Relieved to have you by his side.
Satisfied with the state of Bucky’s condition, you took a seat next to him. He leaned into you, paying no mind to the agony radiating from his shoulder- your warmth soothed the pain.
“You wanna tell me what that was about?” you said. You hoped to coax him out of the silence. But his eyes remained downcast like a guilty child. “I’m not upset with you, Buck. I just wanna know what happened.”
Bucky wanted to know what happened, too. Rather, he wanted to understand. And explaining what he experienced seemed impossible- like when he’d tried to watch Inception. “Um, I don’t- I have nightmares, you know?” He turned to you with anxious eyes, almost as though he were asking permission to continue. 
“I know.”
“Okay…” he said. “Have you ever heard of lucid dreaming?”
You ran through the catalog of random information and fun facts that resided in your brain. “Um, yeah. The thing where you’re asleep- and you realize that you’re dreaming? And then you can like, control the dream?”
Bucky’s right hand fiddled with the fabric of his sweatpants, pulling and stretching at it over and over. “Uh, yeah. Basically.” He took a shaky inhale, “ever since I moved in here, I’ve been having lucid nightmares- I guess that’s what you could call them. It’s like… I get dragged from cryo and into a reset or I find myself in full Winter Soldier gear on the brink of killing someone who didn’t deserve it. And then I realize. I realize that something’s- I don’t know, something feels off.”
His hand raked through his hair and pulled at the strands near the nape of his neck. You clocked a slight shiver shake his body. “I’m never one hundred percent sure that it’s a dream, though. It’s like- I’m in control, I can make my own choices. But it all feels too real. So then I wonder if…” He turned to you, “if this is the dream.”
He picked up the knife in his lap, it’s sticky, blood-slick blade sticking to the fabric of his sweats. It was the knife he always kept on his bedside table, the knife he’d once mistakenly brandished at you after a particularly bad night terror. “There's supposedly a few ways to tell- they say you should try and count your fingers. But that doesn't work for me. I kept trying different things, but I... I realized that there’s only one way I can tell what’s a dream and what's real,” he said. “Pain.”
Of course. Nothing was ever nice or easy or comfortable for Bucky. Of course it was pain that helped him navigate his nightmares.
“If I get hurt in my dreams, I don’t feel any pain. And that’s how I know it’s not real. So my method is-” he cleared his throat. “It’s a little weird, I guess. I find whatever I can- usually one of my knives- and bury it in my chest. Or drag it across my neck. And if it doesn’t hurt, I know I’m dreaming. I can wake myself up.”
He watched your gaze twist from concern into horror. “Buck, I don’t- why not just prick your finger?”
He shrugged. The motion made him wince. “I tried,” he huffed. “Things like that are too small. It has to be deep. It has be bad.”
No words came to mind. No logical thoughts presented themselves to you. Just image after image of knives thrust into Bucky’s rib cage. Blades severing his jugular. 
“I’m sorry…” he said, his voice low. Almost timid. “But it’s what works for me, you know?”
"What if you're not sure? What if you..." you shied away from the words, "what if you do that, but you're not dreaming? What if you're awake, and you-" You couldn't finish the sentence.
"That won't happen."
“So what about tonight?” You eyed the pool of blood coagulating on the floor, the crimson stains under your nails. “I don’t- How did this happen, Buck?” It wasn’t anger that tainted your voice. Not judgment or disgust. Just worry. Fear for Bucky’s life. 
“Well, tonight was… it was different,” he said. His eyes roamed the bandaged wounds you’d so gently cared for, the red smears that colored his chest. This was a disaster. “If I’m being honest, I don’t really know what happened. I was back there- I was with Zola. Right after the um…the train. I was on the table. And they were sawing off the rest of my arm.” He cleared his throat. You instinctively reached for his hand. 
“And then, I had this metal in my body- I could feel it under my skin, grinding against my bones. And I realized. I realized that it didn’t seem real. I grabbed a scalpel from the tray next to the table and dug it into my shoulder. I wanted to see if I could…”
“If you could dig it out?”
He nodded. “And it didn’t hurt. But it didn’t wake me up, either. I was confused. So, I kept going. I didn’t know what I’d done until- this has never happened before. I’ve never actually hurt myself. Not in real life. But I woke up with a knife in my hand and a bloody mess in my bed. It scared me. And then…”
You swallowed the thick feeling in your throat. You forced it away. Without words, you offered to let Bucky lay in your lap. And he accepted- instantly. Resting in the safety of your body calmed the shaking in his hand. And finally, he took a deep breath. His lungs filled to max capacity before deflating completely, granting Bucky the peace he needed.
“And then I didn’t know what was real. I didn’t know which life was mine. None of it made any sense- I thought I’d maybe passed out on the operating table… and that this life was the dream. But no matter how many times I hurt myself, I still wasn’t sure. And I thought my process had failed.”
He paused for a moment, his tired eyes staring up at you. He took in the braid you wore, all messy from sleep. He smiled at the sheet marks still evident on your arm, the tired smile you shot his way. If this was, indeed, a dream- if he were to wake up on that operating table with Arnim Zola looming over him, he’d still be grateful for this respite. He’d be grateful for the warm, kind woman he’d escaped to in his darkest moment- the dreamy woman who lived in his head.
“So I decided to call you,” he said after a while. “I gave myself a new way to tell what was real- I told myself that if you showed up, this life was real.”
The needle of Bucky’s compass pointed straight to you. He steered his ship in your direction when the dark, choppy waters of his past lapped over the sides. And you rescued him every time. Like a lighthouse leading him to the safe shore.
Bucky forced himself to sit up, “But I know that’s not fair. I’m not trying to use you as my own personal wake up call, or anything. I just knew you’d show up for me if I needed you- and I needed you. So I called.” He sighed, “I know that’s not right- I don't like doing it. And I know woke you. And I scared the hell out of you. And stained your shirt. I was just scared- I felt kind of lost. It was this weird, hazy version of reality that I didn’t think I could trust. But I promise I won’t-”
“Buck, I asked you to live with me…” you said. “I wanted this-” you shook your head and gestured to the bloodbath, “not this. I wanted- I want to be there for you. I thought that if we lived together, I could help you with the nightmares. You know, like I used to.” 
He nodded.
“You’re not using me. You can call me every night, and I’ll be here. But, I mean, we used to live across the hall from each other. If you needed me, I could be by your side in a heartbeat.” You picked at the dried blood outlining your cuticles, “I don’t like you being here alone- I don’t want you to deal with these things by yourself.” If this happened every night since the move, you knew Bucky had to be exhausted.
“I thought us sharing a place would be perfect. It would be just like our time at the compound- we’d see each other every day, I’d get to be there for you in the middle of the night…” You felt sheepish suddenly. Something resembling embarrassment quieted your voice. “I thought it would be good for you.”
“But it wouldn’t be good for you,” Bucky said.
You cocked your head to the side, confused.
“They told us to leave and you found those apartments- you were so excited to live in the city and have a place of your own. I didn’t want to mess up your new life.”
“Mess up my- Buck, I found those apartments for us.”
“I know. But I also know that you always wanted to live in the city. And I wanted you to live out your dream without burden. I wanted you to have fun and explore and live the life you wanted.”
“The life I wanted- and still want- is one with you.” You narrowed your eyes at him, “do you have any idea how much I miss you living two feet from me? My apartment is great and everything, but it’s just not the same without you. It doesn't feel like home.” Your expression softened. “I know you think you’re a huge bother and a burden, but I don’t see you that way. I’ve never seen you that way. I’ve always wanted to be there for you.”
Bucky rested his hand on your knee. He missed you. Sure, he still saw you nearly everyday. But he missed your sleepy smile in the morning. The way your laugh echoed across the hall as you scrolled through Tik Tok. He knew deep down why his nightmares morphed into something so visceral, so terrifyingly mind-melting. It was you. Or the lack of you, rather. Without you across the hall or laying in bed next to him, his sense of safety vanished. He searched for you in the twisted world of his subconscious, but found only torment.
“If you want…” you said after a while, “I have plenty of space back at my place. You could move in.”
“Are you sure? I promise, I’m fine here, and-”
You rolled your eyes and gestured to the bloody mess, “clearly, we have different definitions of ‘fine’”.
Bucky let out a labored laugh, “I mean, I can survive. I’ll live. You don’t have to do this.”
“But what if I want to?” You eyed him for a long moment. “I don’t want you to just ‘survive’, Buck. I want you to be comfortable. Happy. Why do you think I got a two bedroom?”
He fell silent.
“I hoped you’d change your mind- or that I could convince you. I wanted there to be room for you, just in case.” You told everyone that room would be for painting or a home gym or an office, but it was Bucky’s. From the moment you signed the lease, that room belonged to him. “Or you don’t have to sleep in the spare bedroom…” you said after a while. "You could just share mine. If you want.”
The words hung in the air.
Part of Bucky itched to reach for the knife once again. This couldn’t be real- this had to be a dream.
“I know what you’re thinking,” you said, taking his face in your hands. “But this isn’t a dream. None of that Hydra stuff is part of your reality anymore- you’re not going to wake up and see Zola or Pierce. You’re here. You’re safe. And I’m asking you to come live with me- I want you to come live with me.”
Bucky couldn’t say yes fast enough- he’d opted for a month-to-month lease for this very reason. He hated saying no to you all those months ago, hated rejecting your hard work searching for apartments. But he needed to give you a chance to enjoy life on your own. He needed to untangle you from his anchor. But here you were, covered in his blood in the middle of the night, asking him to share your bed.
“Woah, woah, where you think you’re goin’?” You watched Bucky struggle to his feet and lean against the counter for support.
“I wanted to…” he paused. Black and white flecks danced in his vision. The floor rocked beneath his feet. “I wanted to go home.”
Your heart swelled. Bucky belonged with you- home with you. And he wanted to get there as soon as possible. “Okay, well, it’s the middle of the night, Buck. And you’re hurt- you’ve lost a lot of blood.” You draped his arm over your shoulders and wrapped one of yours around his back, steadying him. “Let’s get you some rest, alright? And then in the morning, we can clean up your arm and get some of your stuff together to move. Sound good?”
He nodded with downcast eyes.
“I’m sorry. I don’t want you to be disappointed, but-”
“No, it’s not that…” he said. “My bed is- everything’s all bloody.” He couldn’t find it in him to look you in the eye or raise his voice above a murmur. It was always something with him. Always a problem or a complication or a hurdle that left him feeling less than. 
But bloody sheets wouldn't stop you from getting Bucky the rest he needed. Before you ever ventured into his bed, the two of you shared pallets on the floor countless times. Back at the compound, you’d laid on the carpet beneath piles of blankets and “accidentally” fallen asleep. You'd tangled yourselves together found solace in the other's warmth. And tonight provided you with the perfect opportunity for a throwback. 
"Don't worry about it, okay? Hey-" You angled his face in your direction, "it's alright. I have an idea."
With Bucky’s body still leaning against yours, the two of you made your way to the living room. You sat him on the couch with stern words to "sit your ass down" and "don't move". Bucky watched as you found every spare blanket and pillow he owned and piled them on the carpet. He didn't like making you do all the work, but you forbade him from help.
In no time at all, you built the perfect blanket cocoon on his living room floor. “We can take care of all the laundry in the morning,” you said. “But for now, you need to get some rest.”
Bucky made his way to the ground at a cautious pace with your hands hovering around him- just in case. He snaked beneath the blankets and pulled them back for you, inviting you in. It had been months since the two of you shared a bed- or, floor. And Bucky couldn’t believe he’d let himself miss out on living with you for all this time.
“You okay? Comfy?” you asked. “Need anything?”
“Yeah, I’m good, just…” He extended his hand and gave a gentle tug to your arm, “could you come closer?”
At his request, you pressed your body against his as though it would be the last time. Your head rested against his right shoulder, your breath fanning his skin. This was how things were supposed to be- you and Bucky, snuggled together, taking on the world as a team. 
Bucky let his eyes flutter shut. Ever since he moved in, going to sleep was his least favorite part of the day. He feared the lonely dark, dreaded the hazy line between dreams and reality. And he hated his empty bed. He hated the absence of your warmth. The silence that should’ve been disturbed by your sleepy sounds. He missed the way you draped your body over his in the middle of the night. 
This apartment was his, but it never felt like home. And when he woke each morning, it only reminded him of how much he missed you. How he wished your body occupied the space next to his.
He felt himself slipping into sleep, and for the first time since moving in, he didn’t resist. “Thank you…” he whispered, “for everything.”
You pressed a few light kisses to his skin. “Of course, Buck. Get some rest, okay?”
“Okay…” he sighed
"Goodnight, Buck"
“Goodnight. I’m so-” he yawned, “I’m so excited to go home.”
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heyyyy :))
I was just wondering if you know this fic... I believe its a one-shot from a series (could be wrong) but basically the reader and Bucky got into an argument, and the reader left while it was snowing outside. Bucky goes to Steve, and Steve gets a call from Nat about the readers accident but doesn't tell Bucky right away. And Bucky says something on the lines of "if my girl is hurt, you let me know."
Sorry!! I'm not sure if that description is any good but that's what I remember... Thank you in advance :))
Hey, anon this is actually a one-shot from my favorite series.
For the Love of the Game by @pellucid-constellations
the one-shot: The Fight
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sweetsweetnuit · 24 days ago
  toxic & jealous
Tumblr media
synopsis: bucky is fed up with you going on shitty dates so he finally does something about it.
pairing: bucky barnes (roommate) x f!reader
word count: 2.5k
warnings: 18+ ONLY. jealous bucky, shitty date, possessive bucky—he’s actually kind of a red flag but it’s fine, teasing, dirty talk, bucky is beefy and tall af, so much sexual tension, lots of kissing, oral (receiving), fingering, protected sex, praise kink, heavy size kink, pet-names, idk if i missed anything
notes: felt kinda slutty and this happened
“Where are you going?” Bucky asks, folding his arms over his chest.
His brows are furrowed tightly, a look of concern and confusion coating his face as he watches you apply your lipgloss in the mirror. The bathroom you both share isn’t nearly large enough to accommodate you both, so Bucky has no choice but to lean against the doorframe.
“A date,” you shrug casually, puckering your lip before dipping the wand back for another coat.
Your eyes meet Bucky’s through the mirror briefly as you try to focus on your makeup and not the hole he’s boring into the back of your head.
“With who?” The line of questioning doesn’t stop as you groan, closing the tube of gloss and chucking it into your small purse.
“Just a guy I met.” You’re keeping things as nondescript as possible because you know Bucky.
Your last date didn’t exactly go smoothly, but that wasn’t because of any you did. No, in fact, it was entirely Bucky’s fault and you continue to remind him of the fact.
Things were going great until you invited your last date back to your place, opening the door only to be greeted by a brooding Bucky who looked like he had murder on his mind.
And truthfully, who wouldn’t be afraid of a nearly 6’6 man built like a Greek God glaring at you like you’re his best victim. Safe to say your date didn’t stick around as soon as Bucky opened his mouth and explained all of the ways he could hurt your date if he fucked up in any way.
“Where are you going?” Bucky asked and you rolled your eyes as you scoffed.
“Bucky.” You tried to warn, “we’re just going to grab some dinner, okay?”
Nothing you said seemed to calm Bucky down, his jaw clenching before he forced himself to relax. He stepped out of the doorframe so you could exit, grabbing your heels before grabbing onto Bucky’s thick arm for balance as you put them on.
“I just don’t understand why you go on these dates, it’s not like these guys are good enough for you.” Bucky grumbles under his breath as he wraps his arm around your waist to offer more support as you slide the second heel on.
You chuckle, shaking your head, “maybe that’s because you scare off anyone who tries.”
Bucky just shrugs as if there’s nothing wrong with his behaviour. Despite being your roommate, he acts more like a protective father to you. No one is ever good enough for you, that he’s made clear.
“I’ll be back soon, don’t wait up for me.” You say, giving him a wild smile as his eyes blow wide.
You don’t linger, running out the door and closing it shut as you hear Bucky swearing on the other side—some of it not even English as you laugh to yourself before stepping into the elevator.
What a total fucking bust of a date.
Bucky was going to love this at least. He won’t be a huge grump and maybe you’ll be able to talk him out of hunting this guy down. Although, you probably wouldn’t try so hard considering he was an absolute asshole.
The second you’re through your front door, the heels come off and you let out a groan of relief before chucking your keys and bag onto the small table by the entrance.
“So, was I right?” Bucky emerges from his bedroom wearing nothing but a loose, low hanging pair of sweatpants.
It takes you a moment to tear your eyes away from his broad chest, but you manage.
“Yes, fine. You’re right, no one is good enough for me.” You sigh, grabbing a glass of water before leaning against the counter.
Bucky mimics your position, folding his muscled arms over his chest. His prosthetic gleams lightly under the soft light of the city, but little else is illuminated in the apartment.
You let out another defeated sigh, “maybe there’s something wrong with me. I don’t know.”
Bucky’s eyebrows furrow at your words again as he takes a few steps towards you as you watch him, placing your glass on the counter behind you.
“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard come out of your mouth. And I’ve heard a lot of dumb shit come from those lips.” Bucky smirks, his words oddly putting you at ease.
“Yeah? Well then why can’t I ever get a man to stay?” You retort back, feeling that awful pit in your stomach you always get when you think about your love life.
Bucky moves closer and you think he’s going to stop when he’s right in front of you, but he doesn’t. Instead, he’s nearly pressed up against you as he cages you in with both of his hands on either side of you.
Your breath catches in your throat slightly at the proximity and the way Bucky’s scent washes over you. It’s so deep and rich you want it to stain your bedsheets, but he can’t even know that.
“Do you really want to know why, sweetheart?” He asks and you notice the way his voice has dropped an octave or two.
You swallow thickly, inhaling a shaky breath as you nod your head as your response. You know that your words would fail you right now, especially with the dark, hungry look in Bucky’s eyes.
He looks away for a second, taking a deep breath before his eyes are locked on yours. His tongue runs across his bottom lip and you think your heart might fail you at any moment.
“Because I’m a selfish bastard,” he says. “I drive every man away because I’m a selfish, jealous, arrogant asshole who can’t stand the thought of another man’s hands on your body.”
His confession sends a jolt through your body. The rawness of his words mixed with the raspiness of his voice as he’s just mere inches away is enough for you to feel lightheaded.
“It’s because I want to be the one who makes you laugh. Who’s there for you, who knows you better than anyone else, and who makes you come so fucking hard I ruin men completely for you. That all you’ll want is me.”
You gasp at his boldness, mouth forming a soft ‘oh’ shape. You’ve crossed some sort of boundary and you know there’s no going back now. You’ve fucked up this relationship.
Might as well ruin it some more.
“What else do you want to do to me?” Your question comes out meek and small, voice shaking, but Bucky smirks at your words.
He cocks his head to the side, nearly perfect teeth on display before he’s leaning into you so he can whisper into your ear.
“I’d rather show you, baby. I’m better with my hands than I am with my words.” He purrs, lips brushing your earlobe and his breath is hot against the skin of your neck.
You nearly whimper, knees almost buckling as you mutter a silent fuck under your breath without even realizing it.
“Would you like that, baby?” He asks, almost mockingly with a small pout as his eyes lock with yours again.
“Would you like me to show you all the ways I dream of touching you? About the things I think about when my hand is wrapped around my cock late at night?”
The heat between your legs is beyond extinguishable now unless Bucky gets his hands on you.
“Yes.” That three letter word is all Bucky needed to hear before his lips are on yours.
The kiss is hot and desperate, his hands trying to feel and touch every inch of you as you do the same to him. Sinking your crescent shaped nails into the freckled skin of his shoulder as you lose your breath over this man.
He’s pulling you off the counter, large hands splayed on your waist and hips as you both messily stumble through the dark apartment until you’re standing at the threshold of his door.
Bucky makes it look so small, but he looks like a wild animal with his dark eyes and heaving chest as he looks down on you like you’re his next meal.
“I want you on my bed so all you can smell is me while I’m buried deep inside of you,” he says, chest rumbling as he pulls you into the room.
There’s no need to close the door, but he does anyway. Shutting it with his foot while he hungrily kisses you again. And he’s all you can think about, your heart beating to the tune of his name.
It’s not romantic, there’s no candles or mood lighting. Bucky’s bed isn’t done and there’s a pair of boxers strewn on the floor you both manoeuvre around. Still, you wouldn’t change a thing as Bucky rips your clothing off one by one until they join his.
“You’re so goddamn beautiful,” he murmurs, dropping to his knees so he can wrap his lips around your nipples.
You moan when he sinks his teeth into them, grabbing his hair to keep him anchored to you.
“No man deserves you, but I’m going to do my best to prove my worth to you.” He says against your hot skin as he presses a hot trail of kisses down your stomach until he meets the line of your panties.
He looks up at you one last time, as if asking for permission before his hand in pushing you back onto the bed. His fingers hook into your panties, dragging them down before throwing them over his back.
Bucky’s hands spread your legs further as he leans in and your mind is dizzy and fuzzy when his hot breath fans over your core.
“Just relax, let me make you feel good, baby.” Bucky purrs in a cocky, confident tone as you let your head fall back onto the mattress.
His kisses are warm against your inner thighs and you’re squirming until Bucky delivers a soft bite that has you gasping and looking at him.
“If you can’t stay still I’ll have to tie you up, sweetheart.” He winks, nose nuzzling the top of your mound and you’re about to start begging.
Bucky delivers a long lick and you lock your legs tighter around his head. He takes his time, carefully mapping you out in his head and taking note of what makes your toes curl.
“Fuck,” you curse, grabbing onto his hair as he teases your entrance with a thick, cool finger.
He adds one, then another, and then he curls them and you swear you’re about to meet your maker because no one has ever figured you out this quickly. If ever.
“You’re so sweet, Christ, baby.” Bucky groans, “I’m already fucked addicted.”
You moan, feeling your orgasm quickly approaching as his continues his motions with his fingers and mouth in tandem together before you’re falling apart.
It hits you out of nowhere, back arching off the bed as Bucky keeps you anchored with a thick arm over your waist.
“Oh my God.” You pant, unable to get any other coherent thought out.
Bucky smirks, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand as he crawls over you until his lips are back on yours. He moans when you wrap your hand around his clothed cock, grinding it against you before he has to stop you.
“You keep doing that and I’ll come in my pants, baby girl.” He groans, almost in pain as he squeezes his eyes shut tightly.
You’re breathing just as hard as him, if not harder, as you watch this giant, huge, man coming apart all because of you.
“Bucky,” you say his name in a questioning tone.
He looks down at you, meeting your eyes and you know just how much he’s holding back. You know he wants to rip into you…and you want it too.
“Fuck me.” You whisper, barely audible as Bucky’s eyes flutter closed and he buries his head in the crook of your neck.
“You’re going to kill me, baby.” His words are muffled, “I never thought I’d hear those words from you.”
Bucky makes quick work of his pants, not wanting to waste any time before your eyes widen and you can’t tear them away from his cock.
“I-I, uh, Bucky I don’t think you’re going to fit.” You stutter, still in a trance.
He cocks his head, licking his lips as he grabs a condom from the bedside table. Your body moves for you, inching up the bed and getting comfortable against the pillows because you need to know how Bucky Barnes fucks.
“It’ll fit, sweetheart. We’ll make it fit.” He cooes as he finishes rolling on the condom and settling over you again.
You don’t doubt him either, watching him spurt lube over his length as he gently nudged your your legs apart.
“You look so good like this; spread out underneath me.” Bucky purrs, his nose tracing along your jawline as you feel him line up with your entrance.
You wrap your arms around his neck, beckoning him closer to you as he pushes in slowly.
“Shit,” Bucky groans as you gasp out a moan.
You’re both entirely consumed by each other as Bucky slowly pushes in, stretching you out inch by inch.
“You’re doing so good for me, baby.” Bucky whispers, kisses being peppered to your neck.
It’s not painful, but the stretch can definitely be felt as his hips rock against yours. When he’s fully seated, you can feel his hand cup your face as you manage to open your eyes.
“Feel that, baby? That’s it, so fucking deep inside of you.” You whine at his words, trying to lift your hips up and create some sort of friction.
Bucky takes mercy on you, circling his hips before pulling out and thrusting into you. It shakes the bed, the headboard rocking against the wall as the bed springs creak under your combined weight.
Nothing in this world is more important than this very moment and you hope it never ends.
You feel Bucky’s hand run down your sides before he’s placing it on your lower stomach. You’re confused at first, but when he adds pressure, it’s a whole new type of pleasure.
“That’s how deep I am, fuck, baby. And you’re taking all of me like the good girl you are.” Bucky praises as he continues to rock his hips against you.
You know he can feel you tighten around him, because he just slightly changes his angle until you’re crying out for him.
“I know, I know, sweetheart. Don’t hold back for me and come for me.”
Your legs tighten around his toned waist, holding him close to you as the coil snaps and pleasure fills you. You’re acutely aware of the way Bucky’s hips stutter before he stills completely inside of you, panting against your neck.
“Get comfortable, sweetheart.” Bucky smirks, a light sheen of sweat on his face, “because we’ve still got all night ahead of us.”
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cherrypickertheory · a month ago
Test Drive (Oneshot)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Summary: Bucky has a breeding kink.
Words: 2.8k
Warnings: smut (18+), female receiving oral, penetrative sex
A/N: LOL HEY EVERYBODY! this one has been in my drafts for over a year and I rewatched civil war yesterday so I’m mentally prepared to write about bucky barnes again. hope everyone is well love u all xoxoxoxo GIF IS NOT MINE
Tumblr media
“I don’t understand. Is this gift for Pepper, or for their kid?” Bucky raised up a set of booties meant for a toddler, sticking one of his fingers inside the tiny shoe. “Don’t tell me it’s for Stark.”
“I have no clue,” you answered honestly. “It’s a baby shower, but the baby isn’t even out of the womb yet, so I don’t understand why we are giving things to it.”
Bucky chuckled at your words. “I mean, it’ll be out soon.”
“I’m just saying, I like Pepper way more than I like that thing, and she’s doing all the work. So we’re supposed to just give it all the credit?”
Your super-soldier boyfriend laughed harder now, walking around you to another aisle in the baby store. “I feel like giving the baby a gift is the same thing as giving Pepper a gift. Less money for them to spend.”
You had to give him that one. “Fair enough.”
“I had no idea you had this side to you,” Bucky picked up a onesie, holding it up to his chest. It was baby blue with an elephant printed on the chest.
“‘This side’?” You walked over to him and looked through the baby clothing. You found a tiny onesie that read I just traveled through a birth canal and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.
“A baby-hating side.”
You gasped. “I don’t hate babies!”
Your boyfriend raised his eyebrows skeptically and walked around you. “Suuuuure, Y/N.”
“I don’t!” You defended, following after him, taking that onesie with you. It’ll have to do. “I mean, I don’t hate their kid, I just think the parents—especially Pepper—deserve more credit than something that can’t even take care of itself when it comes out. Giraffes run the second they’re out of the womb.”
Bucky shook his head, laughing lightly. 
“You don’t agree?” You stepped through the narrow aisles to get in front of him. 
“Weirdo. What do we do, then? Wait till the kid can hunt? Give it a gift then?” 
You pondered that. “Ugh, no. We have to give it something, even though all it has done for the past nine months is sit around in Pepper. Lazy bastard.”
Bucky wrapped his hands around your hips and brought him close to you. “What would you want for your baby shower?”
“An air fryer,” you answered immediately.
He rolled his eyes playfully at your answer. “You wouldn’t want a stroller or something?”
You looked over to your left, where a fancy looking stroller was parked. “Babies should be able to hunt and gather within a week of exiting the womb.”
“That’s my girl.” Bucky planted a kiss on your forehead. “We’ll complain about it to Tony. He’ll come up with something to fix that. So what’re we getting them?”
“This.” You held up the onesie. 
“Is that enough?”
You shrugged. “He’s a billionaire. They’ll be fine.”
Bucky nodded in agreement, holding up his wrist to check the time. “We gotta go, we’re going to be late.”
“We have to stop shopping for things the day of,” you walked toward the cash register, Bucky right behind you.
“Never,” you could hear the smirk in his voice.
Bucky parked himself with the rest of the boys in the kitchen of Tony and Pepper’s apartment. All of the women were in the living room, watching Pepper open her gifts. 
“Are you happy it’s almost over?” Bruce asked Tony, taking a long sip of his beer. 
“Yes and no,” Stark answered honestly. “I’m really excited to have kids with her, I’ve wanted to for a while.” Tony’s eyes were filled with love and admiration for Pepper as he gazed at her from across the room. It was heartwarming. 
“So why the ‘no’?” Steve asked. He was sitting right next to Bucky, drinking some cocktail Tony came up with. He had called it the Optimus Prime, words that meant nothing in Bucky’s brain. Tony had tried to explain the reference, but Bucky made him stop talking after he mentioned it was about cars coming to life. Further proof technology has come way too far. Everything should have stopped evolving after the iPod. 
“Because the sex I’ve had in the past few months has been the best I’ve ever had.” 
“Really?” Bucky questioned. He wasn’t sure why, but this surprised him. 
Tony nodded, eyes focused on Pepper. “I don’t know what it is. Maybe because it’s my kid in her, I dunno. I just know that it’s been a major turn-on. So it’s a bummer that that’s over.”
Bucky’s imagination was immediately filled with images of you through the stages of pregnancy, carrying his kid. You, getting rounder and fuller, filled with him.
His eyes flashed over to you. You were sitting on the same chair as Natasha, holding a glass of wine. Bucky tried to get that picture out of his head and focus on you instead, because it was making him feel a little animalistic. He shifted his weight in his seat.
His staring and fidgeting did not go unnoticed. “Bucko’s already thinking about it,” Tony laughed.
Bucky turned back over to his friends, ears red. “Shut up, man.”
“Would you guys want kids?” Banner asked him, and Bucky looked back over at you.
“Haven’t talked or thought about it,” Bucky answered honestly. You were whispering something in Natasha’s ear that was making her laugh. Bucky would put his money on guessing you were making fun of babies again. “We’re not ready for that. Not right now, anyway.” 
“You’ve got a lot of time,” Steve remarked. 
Bucky nodded, trying to get his mind off of imagining you pregnant. Heavier. With him.
Day had slipped into night by the time you two left the Stark baby shower. Because all of you lived in Avengers Tower, the walk back to the apartment you and Bucky shared was short. 
Bucky was thankful. He could only go so many hours trying to fight off every thought he had of you pregnant with his child.
Neither of you talked. The silence wasn’t uncomfortable, but was thick. Words were unsaid.
Once you got to your door, you stopped and waited for Bucky to unlock it. 
“You okay?” Your brow furrowed. He looked… not angry, but like something was on his mind.
He didn’t answer, just focused on unlocking the door. An image of him rubbing your pregnant belly while you rode him flashed in his brain, and he dropped the key.
You laughed lightly. That was unlike him. “Bucky,” you squatted down with him when he bent over to grab the keys.
“Y/N,” he countered, mirroring your tone. He stood up, trying to get the door open for a second time. He felt like something feral had been awakened inside of him. Bucky took a deep breath, trying to focus, and got the door open.
Bucky walked inside immediately. Normally he would wait and let you go first, but he had no time for civility, no time for manners, not now.
“After you,” you said under your breath, sarcastically. As you walked inside, you thought about what happened at the baby shower, trying to figure out what had annoyed Bucky so much. He had grumbled something earlier about how cars shouldn’t be able to become human, but this didn’t seem like that. If it was, he was turning into an old man faster than you thought. “Look, I know baby showers aren’t exactly a rager, but I thought it was a nice get toget—”
He caught you off guard by slamming you into the wall behind you, his hands cupping your cheeks. Bucky’s teeth clashed and clamored with yours, his tongue slicked in and out of your mouth. 
You pushed his shoulders back gently, and while he pulled away, his hands still held onto your face. Bucky’s hot breath fanned your skin, and his thumb lightly traced your bottom lip. The energy had shifted from primal to caring in a matter of seconds—you couldn’t keep up with Bucky, you never have. 
“Are you okay?” You whispered.
He nodded, a light smile spreading across his lips. “Are you?”
“Yes. But I’m confused.”
The pad of his thumb tugged lightly at your bottom lip, opening your mouth slightly. You thought he was going to kiss you again, but instead said, “I’m going to put a baby in you.”
Your heart skipped a beat, and you leaned backwards. “Oh, are you now?”
“Yep. If you’ll let me.”
“Now? Now, now?” Your hands attached to his wrists, and you lifted his hands from your face.
“Doesn’t have to be now, I know you’re on the pill. Just eventually. I want you to know that I want that with you.”
“Oh,” you squeaked. You weren’t sure what to say to that. No one had ever told you they were going to put a baby in you before. “Maybe you should buy me dinner first,” you joked.
He ignored it. “Maybe we can… I dunno,” Bucky’s hands slid down your sides, and his hands clasped around the softness of your hips. He squeezed gently. “Take it for a test drive?”
“What is up with you and cars today?”
He smiled lightly, and moved his hands to your ass. He cupped it and brought him closer to you. “Yes or no?”
“To you breeding me?”
You had said the word jokingly, but a dark fire lit in his eyes. The way he was looking back at you made your heart skip. Real eloquently, you stammered: “O—Oh.”
Bucky started crouching in front of you, planting kisses down your neck and onto your clothed chest. After he kissed your lower stomach, he looked up at you through his eyelashes. “You have to say yes, sweetheart.”
All you could do was nod as his hands, still cupping your ass, squeezed again. 
“No, Y/N. You have to say it.”
“Yes,” you breathed. “Test drive.”
“Test drive,” he agreed. Then, he stood up, and threw you over his shoulder, fireman-style.
You reached down and spanked him as he took both of you to the bedroom, which he promptly returned. “What brought this on, exactly?”
Your brow furrowed. “Pepper?”
“Wait, put me down.” 
Bucky sighed and kept walking, keeping you over his shoulder. Once you got to the bedroom, he threw you—gently—onto the bed. “I need you to explain this a little bit more to me.”
He sat down next to you, hands rubbing up and down his thick thighs. He was nervous, you could tell. Nervous, and incredibly turned on by the looks of his crotch. 
When he didn’t respond, you pressed further. “You want to get me pregnant because you like how Pepper looks when she’s pregnant?”
“What?” His gaze snapped towards yours. He laughed lightly. “No. Pepper is a good-looking girl, but no.”
“Then… what?”
He sighed. “Tony was saying how he’s had the best sex of his life the past few months with her, while she was pregnant,” he glanced over at you again, eyes flashing towards your midsection. “He made a commen—look, are we doing this, or no?”
“What comment?” You put your hand on his thigh, squeezing gently. You wanted to know exactly what was turning Bucky on so much about this. “You can tell me, you know. Future father of my children.”
Bucky swallowed. “My kid in you. Me, doing that, to you.”
Your mouth went dry. You hadn’t really thought of it like that before. 
“You,” he continued, gently pushing you onto your back on the bed. “Growing because of me. Growing with me. With us.” Bucky had propped himself as lightly as he could on top of your hips, sitting on you. The weight of him felt good on top of you.
His fingers grazed your face, holding your head in his hands. “Bucky,” you whispered breathlessly. It was all you could manage. 
He grabbed both of your hands from off of his muscular thighs and pinned them above your head. “‘S all I can think about. Going fucking crazy imagining touching you, looking like that.”
You moaned unabashedly. You could see just why this was driving Bucky so fucking feral earlier.
“Let me, honey.” Bucky pleaded, even though he already had your permission. “Let me make you mine.”
“Yes,” you repeated. “Bucky, yes.”
“Test drive,” he promised, kissing your forehead. Bucky pulled your jeans off, and then your panties. He left a trail of kisses down your torso, all the way down your core. 
“Bucky, I can’t wait—” you begged him to begin. You felt animalistic. 
“You can, and you will,” you could hear the smirk in his voice, the bastard. Then, his tone changed as he kissed the inside of your thighs: “Not long, sweetheart.”
You whined again, which just turned him on even more. 
Bucky’s strong hands squeezed the sides of your hips, quite possibly his favorite part of your body. He thought about how your body would change while you carried his child: your skin would glow, your torso would get rounder, heavier, your tits—
Bucky almost finished right then and there.
His tongue swirled around your core, sucking and focusing on your clit. Your hands were tangled in his hair. Once, when Bucky hit your spot, you yanked the hardest you ever have. Your heart stopped, worrying you hurt him.
He could read your mind, you swore it. “You can’t hurt me, baby. Now let go.”
And you did, right under his tongue. Your ears were ringing, and you couldn’t open your eyes if you tried.
Without wasting any time, Bucky wrapped his arms around your limp body, lifting you onto his lap, kissing your face, neck, ears, hair. You felt him slip himself inside you, and you gasped.
“This is my favorite,” he whispered in your ear. He had you pulled close to him, facing him. When he kissed you, all you could manage was a sloppy kiss back. “Overstimulated.”
You agreed with him, but didn’t have the oxygen to tell him. Bucky could feel you pulse around him, still reeling from your last orgasm. That feeling alone was enough to send him over the edge, but he forced himself to maintain composure. If only for a few seconds, at least.
“Bucky,” all you could manage was to hold his face in your hands. You looked him in the eyes, and gasped again once you saw his pupils were totally dilated. 
“Y/N, honey,” his voice was thick and raspy with desire. He thrust himself into you, and your eyes rolled to the back of your head.
Just a few more moments, Bucky thought to himself, and flipped the both of you over, still holding you close to him. Now, on your back, your neck buried itself in a pillow behind you. You had grabbed fistfuls of his ass, squeezing every time he pounded into you. 
You were both close. 
You. Full of him.
You weren’t sure if you screamed, or you just felt like you did. Either way, you had the strongest orgasm of your life right under his touch. Bucky soon followed, and let himself fill you up. Just with him.
He collapsed on top of you, and you wrapped an arm around his shoulder, pulling him closer. Both of your bodies were sticking together with sweat. You were shaking, and he hadn’t gotten control of his breathing.
A few minutes went by. Bucky had tried to roll off of you, so as not to suffocate you, but you held on tighter. “No.”
“Yes, ma’am.”
Finally, you sat up. Bucky turned so he was laying on his back, and sighed softly as you started tracing his chest and stomach with your finger. “So…”
“So….?” He copied your tone.
“Whe—” You blushed, and put your head in your hands.
Bucky couldn’t stop himself from smiling. He just ate you out and got you off to the idea of breeding you, but now you’re shy? Bucky grabbed both of your wrists in one hand and lowered them from your face. “Tell me, baby.”
You rolled your eyes and laid on top of him. You couldn’t look him in the eye, and Bucky knew it. 
He loved you so much.
“When are we doing that for real?” You whispered.
Bucky gently cupped your chin and made you hold eye contact. “Whenever you want.”
“Well, I definitely want to.”
“I can tell,” he smirked.
You hit his chest lightly. “Shut up. That was the most turned on I’ve ever seen you.”
“Oh, completely. I had a hard on the entire fucking baby shower.”
You covered your face, laughing. He joined you, giggling right with you. “I feel so unashamed when it comes to you.”
You looked up at him once more. “I want you, everyday.” 
A smile grew on his face. “Let’s buy this car, then.”
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buckyalpine · 12 days ago
Want You
Tumblr media
18+ Minors dni 
Love this. This was literally in the works and then I see this request in the middle of me writing it, chefs kiss.  I love jealously, idk what’s wrong with me but it scratches an itch I cannot describe.
Warnings: FLUFF, pregnancy, Smuuttt (daddy kink, breeding kink,) angst if you squint but honestly not really. 
Word count: 1.6k
The best part is Sharon was so certain Bucky would never chose you. Bucky had a type and it wasn’t you so imagine her surprise when he’s completely smitten by you. And by surprised, I mean complete and utter denial.
She figured it’s just a phase, maybe Bucky is bored, wants to try something new and soon or later, he’ll come to his sense and dump you, it’s just a matter of time.
The way he is with you is unlike anything else. PDA galore and this is from the man who retches at physical touch.
Bucky’s hands are always on you and the more comfortable het gets, the friskier his touches become. He has you on his lap during movie night, one hand up your shirt, softly stroking your skin. His arms are wrapped around you, cuddling you to his chest like a teddy bear, not giving a shit what movie is on.
All he cares about is cuddling his girl in his arms at all times.
He gets pouty. Sharon nearly loses her shit when she sees how soft he is for you. You can’t even get up and get a drink of water without him trailing behind you or jutting his bottom lip out when you tell him he can stay, you’ll just take a sec.
“But I can come with you”
“Bucky I’m just going to the kitchen”
“I’m coming with you”
His head rests on your shoulder as you make yourself some tea, his eyes closed, arms around you waist, he truly doesn’t ever want to be anywhere else.
And the names. Any girl he’d been with before had only been referred to by name but with you?
“Good morning my baby”
“I missed you babygirl”
“Come cuddle with me bubba”
“How’s my babydoll”
“Where’s my baby” Sharon saw red the day he was going around looking for you, hardly realizing (nor giving a fuck) he didn’t use your name and just went around asking where his baby was. Everyone thought it was the absolute sweetest thing on the planet, love stuck Bucky, happily wandering looking for his babydoll (who was napping in his Henley on his bed). Sharon strongly disagreed.
All hell nearly breaks loose when she comes back from a temporary transfer. She figured Bucky’s infatuation would have died down by now. So imagine her surprise when she sees…
You were fast asleep on the couch, your back flush against his chest. Bucky nuzzled his face into your neck, his hand softly rubbing your little baby bump under your shirt. He couldn’t stop kissing you, giving you gently little kisses, careful not to wake you up while he caressed your tummy, he thought he was in love before but now it was in over drive.
Sharon considered quitting. Because it only gets worse.
You’re almost always in Bucky’s arms. He’s always carrying you. He won’t let your feet touch the ground, not when you’re having his baby. And fuck, he loves talking about it.
“I’m going to be a dad!”
“You think our baby will have super strength?”
“What do you mean I can’t get them a mini knife set”
He’s doting on you constantly, feeding you, rubbing your feet, kissing each of your toes before massaging up your calves. He never lets you shower alone, he’s always there to help you, making sure you don’t slip. He has you lay down on the soft sheets, grabbing your favourite lotion, his hands working in gentle circles, massaging it into your skin. He kisses your stretch marks, taking his time moisturizing your skin, his hands skimming over the little kicks; he loves feeling his little one move inside.
Sharon had a resignation letter ready (thought not submitted) after Bucky took his shirt off at the gym. He’d been shirtless plenty of times so she knew exactly what he looked like, memorizing every scar, and dip of his skin. So this was fucking new.
Bucky’s fists flew to the punching bag, his chest glistening with sweat, beading down his pecs, right over where he had your name tattooed, another tattoo dedicated to his little baby boy etched on his shoulder.
“Y-you got a tattoo?” She tried to give him a flirty smile, her hand coming to trace over the tattoo, her skin flushing in embarrassment when Bucky took a step back.
“Yeah” Bucky stuck to giving her one word answers, in utter disbelief she was still trying to make a move even after he’d had a baby with you.
“ Nice ink cyborg” Sam smirked, hoping to egg Sharon on, loving the way she angriliy huffed, trying to pretend she didn’t care.
“For my angels” Bucky smiled shyly, his cheeks blushing, this wouldn’t be the only piece he had for you.
Stop here if you just wanted some fluff. Continue if you want some spice.
Oh she doesn’t just over hear it. She saw it. It was her fault tbh.
You stayed back while the team had left for an international conference, leaving the entire compound free for just you and a certain super soldier. Sam’s sister had happily agreed to babysit for the weekend to give you both some alone time. And what a fucking time you had.
After learning Bucky wasn’t going, Sharon had managed to find a way to stay behind, figuring this would be the best time to get him alone, completely unaware that you were still at the compound. She did her makeup, throwing on a sheer dress and foregoing a bra, making her way down stairs…when she heard….the fuck?
The sounds of skin slapping on skin echoed through the hall from the kitchen, pornographic moans bouncing off the walls.
Her lips curled into a smirk, even if Bucky was fucking someone else, it was nice to know he wasn’t as loyal as everyone though. He clearly got bored of you, just waiting for the chance for you to leave before he could feel some type of satisfaction.
She crept down the hall, nearly collapsing, watching the both of you, stark naked, fucking on the kitchen counter. Bucky had thrown off all your clothes, bending you over the island, his palm pressing in between your shoulder blades, against the cold marble.
“Y-you like this, huh baby, you love daddy’s cock filling you up? Smile for the camera mama, lemme see that pretty little face”
Sharon felt light headed, noticing Bucky’s phone propped up, his hand coming to tug your hair, your eyes rolling all the way back. Bucky spanked you, causing you to cry out before coming down to kiss your shoulder, thrusting into you harder.
“Look at how fucked out you are baby, how you gonna handle my cum princess, already so fucking gone” Bucky groaned, his cock throbbing as you moaned, unable to formulate a coherent sentence.
“Gonna put another baby in you mama, fuck, can’t wait to see you pregnant again” Bucky’s balls felt heavy, slapping against your clit with each stroke.
“J-J-ames!” You cried out feeling the band tighten in your belly, your orgasam approaching you hard and fast.
“Mmm say my name doll, say my fucking name” He snarled, pulling his cock out, throwing you over his shoulder, moving to the dining table.
There’s no way…he wouldn’t actually…oh fuck. Sharon didn’t know why she didn’t just leave but she couldn’t look away as Bucky set up his phone again. He carefully crawled on top of you, right in the middle of the table (thank fuck for Stark technology, it was built to withstand just about anything), spreading your legs, slamming into you in a single stroke.
“Kinky little baby, wasn’t this your fantasy princess? For me to fuck you right on the dining table” Bucky let out a dark chuckle, brining your thighs up higher so he could hit a deeper angle. You nearly sobbed, your head thrown back against the table as he slammed into you, his hand cradling your head so you wouldn’t get hurt.
“James I-I’m gonna-
“I know mama, squeeze my cock baby, milk it, take my cum” Bucky moaned, nipping and biting your skin, leaving dark bruises in their wake. “There’s so much cum baby, gonna make such a mess all over the table”
“JAMES” You clawed at his back feeling his hand come down to play with your clit, his pace growing sloppy.
“Babygirl….m’gonna knock you up baby, you want daddy’s cum?”
“Wan’ daddy’s cum Bucky, wan’ it!” You whined and cried out, your walls spasming around him, your legs wrapping tightly around his waist as he started to fill you, his cum leaking out of you, dripping through your folds and onto the table.
“So. Much. Cum mama, its so fucking much” Bucky whimpered, his sensitive cock still throbbing in your silky walls. “Fuck, I love you” He grinned down at you, letting his body relax for a bit, as you played with his hair. He let his phone continue recording, he loved these moments just as much.
The whole compound was a mess. Bucky had spilled his cum into you in the gym, the showers, the balcony, the lab, the elevator, and finally in your room, under the covers, his hips slowly rolling against you, taking his time to savour your body.  
Sharon moves to a different department. But it didn’t help. Imagine her surprise when she sees Bucky’s arms full of babies, a little toddler on his shoulder, sleeping twins in both arms, with you by his side, your hand resting on your little baby bump.
Of course she’s still waiting for the day where he’ll lose interest.
And he never does.
Not on the day you got married.
Not on the day you had your fourth baby.
Not on the day you had your fifth.
Not today.
Not ever.
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buckycuddlebuddy · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
      𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐭𝐰𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐲-𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐞: 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 
summary ─ it is the first time he’s been kissed, and bucky thinks he’d never stop kissing you after this. 
pairing ─ chubby!bucky barnes x innocent!reader
warnings ─ first kiss and bf/gf, shy!bucky, softttt, it’s Short
Tumblr media
It wasn’t everyday Bucky got kissed by his crush for five years.
Actually, Bucky never got kissed before, so it was his first kiss and was from his five-year-long crush.
He watched enough rom-com movies and admittedly some porn to say that he knew how to kiss, but he just didn’t have the chance to practice with a living person before. His brain all blanked out when he felt your lips on his own, though, because it was a moment he had dreamt of for so damn long that it didn’t feel real when it actually was.
“Mm,” you hummed against his lips and threw your arms around his neck.
He finally grew some balls to ask you out a couple days ago, and you went on your first date today. This was a good night kiss, but it felt so good kissing you that Bucky didn’t want to stop. He knew he should, though, so he pulled back a little. You looked at him.
“I, uh, I had fun today,” he murmured. You nodded.
“Me too,” you said excitedly. “I would love to do this again if you want to.” Bucky perked up.
“You want to… go out with me again?” He asked. You grinned. “
“Yes,” you approved. “I do. You’re funny and charming, Bucky. It would be a stupid move to not go out with you again.” Bucky opened his mouth to say something but closed it when his brain failed making sentences. He just smiled at you dopily and blushed. You smiled. Stepping in his personal space, you looked at his eyes. “Can we kiss one last time? I kinda liked your lips on mine.”
Blushing even more, Bucky nodded and leaned in for that kiss you asked so nicely. You hummed and kissed him back with passion. Bucky’s arms wrapped around your waist tentatively at first, but when you bit down on his full, bottom lip, his arms tightened around you and pulled you into his body more. You moaned when you felt his little belly against your stomach.
You pulled back with a gasp and licked your lips. “Wanna come upstairs? We don’t have to do anything, just don’t want you to go yet.”
Bucky felt his heart doing flips and stomach turning happily and nodded. “I’d love to.” You grinned largely at him and held his hand, pulling him into the apartment building you were living in.
Bucky couldn’t help but feel like something fulfilling and happy was about to happen to his life.
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angrythingstarlight · 26 days ago
Personal Sessions
Summary: Your new gym comes with a few perks. Heated swimming pool, sauna, and your very own personal trainer. Bucky Barnes. And he has the best way of making sure you work up a sweat.
Tumblr media
Pairing: MMA!Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 3.8k
Warnings: Smut, size kink, belly bulge, choking, praise kink and hint of breeding kink, beefy Bucky.
A/N: Beta'd by the lovely @maladaptivexxdaydreaming and @lfnr-blog-blog-blog.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Good for one free personal training session.
The neatly handwritten words stare up at you.
A thin ribbon of blue ink smeared across the words from where he circled the word personal.
Putting the corners of the thin white card between your fingers, you spin it to the front. Brooklyn’s 107th Gym embossed in bold black lettering above a pair of red and blue boxing gloves.
Steve G. Rogers and J. Bucky Barnes inscribed in fine black lettering.
You trace your finger over the latter’s name.
Bucky Barnes.
He’s been starring in your dreams ever since you walked into his gym a few weeks ago. And after you discovered a few videos of his fights, demonstrating his sheer strength and agility, he’s the reason your favorite vibrator has been getting more of a workout than you have.
Turning the card back over, you blow a shaky breath through your lips.
Good for one free personal training session.
And you wonder just how personalized it will be.
Two weeks ago.
You’re sitting on a bench, rummaging through your gym bag, searching for a bottle of water. A dark, cool shadow falls over you and you stop just as your fingers close over the cap.                                        
  “Do you need me to move…” Your mouth flounders open, your eyes helplessly rake over a well-toned six-pack blocking your view of the gym, a large bead of sweat rolls across the ridged planes of his muscles down down down over the thin vein on his lower stomach until it disappears under the thick black band of his shorts.
A faint gasp escapes past your lips as you stare at the outline of his enormous cock barely concealed by the thin stretchy material of his shorts.
“How in the hell do you not tip over?”
Shit, did you say that aloud?
You did. Fuck. You did.
Maybe he didn’t hear you.
Cringing, you muster the courage to glance up at his face, catching his surprised expression, brows raised, both lips pulled into his mouth as his shoulders shake.
Unbearable heat floods your cheeks, and you drop your eyes, staring at a spot on the floor.
Yeah, he did.
It’s okay, it’s fine, your entire body is burning so fiercely from the embarrassment that you’ll just melt away and it won’t matter that he caught you ogling him.
His perfect body. And his large bulge. That’s right there. In your face.
Bucky drops to a crouch in one effortlessly elegant move, pushing his damp chestnut locks back with one large veiny hand. Even sitting on his haunches, he’s massive, he has to lower his head to meet your eyes. There’s a faint smirk on his lips that he can’t quite hide, his bright eyes brimming with mischief, like he enjoys seeing you a little flustered.
Oh, he did that on purpose.
“I want to welcome you to my gym. And let you know if you need anything-” Bucky takes your water bottle from your limp hand, sparking skittering across your skin at the light brush of his calloused fingers across yours, and removes the cap. “Anything at all, let me know and I’ll make sure you have it.”
He sets your water bottle by your thigh, wiping off a stray drop of water with the rough pad of his thumb, an irresistible smirk spreading across his face. You’re aware that your mouth is open but you can’t seem to remember how to close it, not with your entire brain focused on how large his hand, how good his skin felt on yours.
“We believe in giving our members a personal touch.” He’s lying, he’s ignored half the people in here, leaving the majority of the training up to Steve.
Usually telling the exasperated blonde that he’s too busy with his own training to worry about someone else’s. Bucky’s prepping for his upcoming fight and it’s been the only thing on his mind for weeks, no one has been able to take his focus off the match.
Until you. Suddenly he finds himself wanting something more than winning another title.
Bucky is very interested in working with you, finding out all the best ways to stretch you out, showing you his favorite ways to work up a sweat.
He’s been watching you since you joined, constantly in a daze because of your beauty and radiance.
So fucking distracting and he can’t get enough.
The day you signed up, inquiring about personal trainers and morning classes, Bucky wanted to blurt out that you don’t have to change a single thing about yourself, already perfect in his eyes but then he wouldn’t have the opportunity to watch you stretch in those delectable leggings, witness the way your face lights up when you smile when you beat one of your records.
Or hear those sexy, gaspy little noises you make during a vigorous workout.
The ones that make him imagine how you would sound if you let him between your pretty thighs. He’s spent more time than he should thinking about how you’d look when you cum, if you’d scream for him or if you’d go silent when you fall apart; if you’d barely rasp his name.
So. Fucking. Distracting.
Holding up his business card, he wants his head back, resting his forearm on his knee.
“Anytime you want personalized attention,” he winks, bright blue eyes gazing at your face with longing he can’t, won’t bother tamping down, “You come in and ask for me and I’ll give you everything you need.”
Oh. Fuck. Yes.
The words almost come out, you barely swallow them back down.
Bucky plops the card on your bare thigh, uncapping a blue pen with his teeth. You watch entranced while he writes, his handwriting neat yet bold, feeling the gentle press of the pen on your skin as he underlines his name.
“I-yeah.” It comes out a little breathless and Bucky almost groans-he wants, needs you to say his name in that same breathy, stunned tone.
“Anytime.” He says, placing the card on your palm, his thumb sweeping over your racing pulse. “Just let me know when you want me.”
Your gaze is drawn up past his large hand to his tattooed forearm, the colorful ink laced over his smooth skin. Wide eyes following the designs winding around his corded muscles and veins leading up to his flushed chest.
Bucky watches you watch him and he fucking loves every second of it. He hopes you’ll let him return the favor, already envisioning stripping your clothes off piece by piece, his hands unwrapping you, exposing you, discovering you until he has every inch of your pretty body memorized and claimed. 
He’s so close, you can see the speck of gray in his beard, the sheen of sweat dampening his face. He smells so masculine with hints of his cologne, pure, smoked cedarwood and fresh citrus, drifting up and there’s something so raw and innate about his scent- something you can’t pinpoint but you know you’ll always associate with him.
He awakens a powerful urge inside you–the need to move closer and breathe him in is overwhelming.
He’s so close.
Too close.
You can’t think when he’s looking at you from across the room and when he’s this close, your brain shuts down, the wheels screeching to a halt, reducing everything you know to a single thought.
Bucky Barnes. Touching you. Taking you. Claiming you.
You shiver, a faint tremble when his fingers graze your skin sending jolts of electrified heat to your core, thighs clamp together before you can stop them and he turns those smokey blues on you, that knowing smirk is back and stretching across his face.
Bucky preens under your rapt attention, subtly straightening his shoulders so you get an even better look at his flushed chest.
By the time Bucky saunters off, leaving you speechless on the bench, a card on your thigh and a cap in your hand, you know a few things.
He’s a damn good flirt.
You’re sure your brain melted at the same time your stomach plunged to the soles of your feet.
The last time you had felt a rush like this, you were going 60 miles an hour down a rickety roller coaster with the summer sun warming your face. That’s how you feel when Bucky looks at you like the world is slipping from under your feet, like you’re plummeting face-first over the side of the cliff.
It’s exhilarating and you can’t stop yourself from falling.
You’re not sure you want to.
Because at the bottom of the cliff is Bucky Barnes.  
All six-foot something of him, one tattooed sleeve-an alluring mashup of gears and skulls-black and golds matching his metal arm, a phoenix across the side of his ribs, long thick fingers that like to tap his lips whenever he’s thinking, his lips, pink and chapped usually curved into a devilish smile, cutting across high bearded cheekbones, mischievous blue eyes that seem to always catch you staring at him.
Telling you without a single word that he knows what you want.
And the tilt of his head as those piercing slate-grey eyes of his roam down your body tells you he wants you even more.
Good for one free personal training session
With Bucky Barnes.
“There ya go, keeping going. One more. I need one more from ya.”
His encouraging tone rolls down your spine, smooth and dark. You want to please him, to keep that praise on his lips. “That’s my girl,” Bucky’s lips brush over your ear, “that’s it, oh there ya go.”
You release the leg press with a muffled groan, a hazy grin on your lips, the endorphins settling into your veins. Bucky reaches down, grabbing your hand and helping you stand.
“I-whoa,”  The ground rushes up at you, making you feel lightheaded. Your legs unsteady, knees nearly buckling. Bucky immediately places an arm around your waist, laughing when you collapse on his chest.
“I got you,” he says, resting his chin on your shoulder. He turns you toward the floor-to-ceiling mirror behind the weights, his hand splayed across your belly. “Did so good today, ‘m so proud of you,” he praises. “So perfect,” he murmurs, more to himself.  
The faint praise has heat flooding your cheeks, even now you're not used to the way he compliments you, appreciating every aspect of your body. You’re about to respond when you hear the sound of a throat clearing behind you.
Steve’s coming out of his office with Ari. He’s the newly hired fighter, already considered a top contender in his weight class with a few fights under his belt. Bucky is going to be sparring with him next week and you can’t wait to watch them go at it.
Steve gives the two of you a pointed look, smiling when you shy away. “Hey Bucky, since you’re finally training people, do you want to-“
“No. I do not.” He doesn’t take his eyes off of you, his fingers tracing nonsensical patterns across your skin, teasing the edge of your shirt. “My schedule is booked, got my hands full.” His lips graze your ear, his voice lowering so only you can hear him. “And it’d be rude for me not to return the favor by making sure you’re just as full, wouldn’t it?”
If you weren’t already lightheaded, his expression would have your head spinning. You can’t fight the grin creeping across your face or stop the shiver wrapping down your back at his innuendo, especially when he notices and scrunches his nose at you.
“I don’t blame you, Bucky. Matter of fact, I’m about to go help my girl stretch.” Ari chuckles, tossing a towel over his shoulder. He claps Steve on the back, saying his goodbyes before heading home.
Steve lets out a sigh. “Well, can’t blame me for trying.”
You and Bucky stare at Steve as he walks around the empty gym, picking up stray weights and adjusting equipment. You glance at each other and then at Steve, who’s in a world of his own.
Seconds turn into minutes and even that’s too long for Bucky. Tension rolls off him in thick waves and you’re not shocked when he turns to Steve with a sigh.
“Steve, please get the fuck out,” Bucky grumbles, the disgruntled tone making you giggle.
He stops, balancing a dumbbell in his hand. “What?”
“Bye Steve,” you call out, lightly slapping Bucky’s forearm, whispering be nice.
“I’ll be nice when I can help my girl with the rest of her workout. Steve.” Bucky raises his brows at his friend. The blonde boxer takes the hint, holding up his palms as he shuffles towards the exit, mumbling under his breath about mma fighters and attitudes. The door closes behind him, the loud click echoing through the room.
And for the first time, you’re alone with Bucky.
He turns to you, his gaze lazily drifting down your body, taking in every curve and line with an unabashed hunger.
“Did I work you too hard?” He runs his thumb across his bottom lip, his Adam’s apple bobbing once, twice before his mouth opens. “Are you sore?”
Stretching your arm across your chest, you shake your head. “No, not really,” you tease, even as muscles you didn’t know you had screamed from the exhausting workout he put you through.
Bucky takes a step closer, his shoes bump into yours, large hands rest lightly on your waist, massaging your skin. He turns his head, so close you can see every shade of blue in his darkening eyes, his lips hovering over yours, and he smirks.  
“Do you wanna be?”
“All of it, sweet girl,” he groans in your ear, his hands on your hips. “Go on, you can take it.”
You thought you were taking it.
Your eyes glance back, moving down his abs to his cock-no no you’re not because there’s still more. Fuck how is there so much left? 
“Oh god,” you drop your head down, sobbing into the pillow, knees sliding apart, your hands gripping his soft, dark sheets.
“I know, I know but you’re taking me so well” He leans down, his chest brushing over your damp back, fingers locking over your wrists, pinning your hands behind you, and rolls his hips in one smooth motion, your pussy gliding over inch after thick, hard inch until hes buried inside you. “There ya go, that’s it. Such a good girl for me, just a little more.”
“Oh, fuck-” A sound you never made before you slips past your lips. You’d be embarrassed if you weren’t so fucking full— if it didn’t feel so damn good.
Bucky could give you time to adjust. He feels your tight little pussy spasming around him, he can see how stretched you are, how much you’re struggling to handle him.
He could, but he doesn’t.
“Do you know how fucking hard it was for me to keep my hands off your gorgeous body? Do you have any idea how much I want you?” he rasps, trailing kisses up the side of your neck. “Lemme show.” His hips snap into yours and you keen, a thin high pitched sound escaping your throat. 
Fuck you sound better than he imagined, the need to hear more of those pretty little noises driving hips faster and faster until he’s pounding you into the mattress. Your arms slip and you fall in a trembling heap, Bucky’s quick to follow you, not letting his cock leave your tight, wet heat.
This change in position is somehow better and worse all at once. Because his heavy frame pins you in place.
All you can feel is him. He’s everywhere. 
The warm corded muscles of his chest on your back, his thick hair-covered thighs on top of yours. Every ridged vein inch of his cock, the swollen head catching your sensitive spot over and over until you’re gasping his name.
Pleasure flows like wildfire through you in insurmountable pulses.
You try to pull away, just for a second—you can’t think, part of you needs more, more of the sweet bliss he’s giving you, another part of you needs a reprieve before you shatter, knowing he’s going to ruin you.
You don’t get far. His hand clamping on your hip, shifting you back to where he wants you.
“Don’t run, Bunny,” he laughs, like he’s not splitting you into two, like he’s not already so deep inside your cunt, you can’t breathe, like tears aren’t running down your face soaking his pillow. “Come here and take your cock.”
“Please-” you whimper. “I-oh god, please.”
If you only knew what that does to his ego.
“Please what? Please go faster? Please let you cum? Just ask me, I’ll give it to you. This greedy cunt can’t get enough, can she?” Bucky wraps his hands around your throat, applying light pressure, your broken cries vibrating against his skin.
He takes your hand in his free one, fingers intertwining, and he places it on your belly, pressing into the bulge he’s making with every deep stroke. “This is where I belong, Bunny. Right. Fucking. Here.”
It’s so possessive and filthy and you love it.
“Yesyesyesyesohgodyes,” you chant, your eyes rolling back when he slides your hand down to your pussy, using your fingers to circle your aching clit in tight little patterns. Pleasure mounts inside you, cresting higher until you’re drowning in it.
He knows you’re close, and he’s going to push you over the edge.
Bucky bites down on your shoulder, slamming his cock so deep inside he loses his rhythm, the stuttering pace sending a heady spiral of sensations up your spine while he keeps dragging your fingers across your clit.
You don’t know if it’s the way he’s controlling every part of your body, his hand squeezing your throat until you’re wheezing his name or his voice in your ear praising you for doing so good, but something inside you snaps. Shatters into fragments only he can put back together.
Bucky feels your entire body go taut underneath him, your orgasm washing over you and you clench down around him in uncontrollable pulses, your body taking every ounce of pleasure he’s giving.
“That’s it, fuck yourself on my cock, sweet girl. S’good bunny—feel so fuckin’ good.”
Bucky pushes up on his elbows, his hips lifting off of yours, the wet, slick sound of him leaving your swollen cunt reverberating in your ears. Before you can process feeling empty, the room spins, and suddenly Bucky’s is gazing down at you with a proud smirk, his long hair plastered to his forehead.
“Can you give me one more?” Bucky knows he’s asking for a lot but he wants everything from you.
“I don’t think I can-” you start, chest heaving. “Bucky I-”
“Yeah you can,” he states, hooking your legs around his arms, your knees bending under his weight, the position leaving you spread open, his abs moving across your drenched cunt as he settles above you and suddenly you’re full again. His cock back inside you like your soaked pussy was custom made for him, leaving you stretched tight around him, your belly bulging again. “Fuck you feel good, so tight, Bunny. Your pretty pussy is going to give me as many as I want.”
He swallows your thready gasp, his lips slotting over your open mouth. His kiss is soft and sweet even as he fucks you harder, faster, the rhythmic thump,thump,thump of the headboard hitting the wall adding to the salacious slap of his skin on yours. Your eyes flutter shut and you hold on to him, your hands slipping over his sweat-slick shoulders.
“Look at me, Bunny,” he pants, his lips not leaving yours. “Wanna see your pretty eyes when you come on my cock, Bunny.”
There’s an unrestrained desperation in his voice, one that matches the growing need to feel him cum, to have him make you spiral again even as the remnants of your orgasm sweep through you.
You don’t know how, but you pry your eyes open, every part of you willing to do whatever he tells you if he just keeps fucking you like this. The expression on his face, all desire and sheer lust, is enough to make you fall apart.
The corner of his lip lifts in a feral grin, seeing you cum for him, your orgasm triggering his own, his hips grinding deeper into your body, the frantic pace drawing out your pleasure until your vision blurs, your mouth going slack on a silent fuck yes.
Bucky drops onto your body, releasing your legs. He watches his cock slide out of your throbbing cunt, his cum seeping out of you. "Damn that's gorgeous," he states under his breath, raking his bottom lip between his teeth.
His eyes flit up to yours. You can't look away, his heady gaze holding you in place.
"Fucking gorgeous," he repeats, taking your chin in his hand, lifting your face so he can kiss you as he rolls onto his back, taking you with him.
“How do you feel?” He asks, the smirk tugging at his lips telling you he knows exactly how good you feel right now.
You laugh, tucking your face into the curve of his neck and shrug nonchalantly. “Eh, a little sore, but nothing I can’t handle.”
“Only a little sore?” Bucky intones, running his tongue across his bottom lip.
You plant your elbow on his chest, propping your chin on your palm, your heart racing at the darkening glint in his gaze.
If his cock wasn’t pushing into your side, you’d swear he was still in your pussy. And he knows it, but he lets you continue, amusement flitting across his face.
“Yeah, I thought I was supposed to get a workout, but it’s okay. I figured you were too tired from earlier to really give me-Bucky!” You cut off at the sudden ripple of pain sweeping up our back, his hand curving around your freshly smacked cheek.
“I know what you’re doing, Bunny and it’s working,” he says, his cock hardening against your thigh. He tilts his head down to study you. “But you should know that I was holding back because that was your first time with me.”
“You were holding-” Your smile falters, brows furrowing as you think about the way he thoroughly wrecked you. “Wait. That was holding back?”
Your stomach drops when he laughs in response. Bucky has you out of bed and over his shoulder in seconds, carrying you like you weigh nothing. You can only hold on, staring down at his firm ass as he takes you out of his room. “Where are we going?”
“I’m going to clean you up, I’m going to hand feed you those snacks you like, and then I’m going to give you exactly what you asked for, every last inch Bunny." He taps your ass, nipping your side with his teeth.
"We're going to find out if you and that pretty little pussy of yours can really handle me."
He knows you can't but he can't wait for you to try. And by the time he's done with you, hes going to make sure you feel him inside you for days.
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bucky-barnes-diaries · a month ago
Tumblr media
Prompt || Y/N is someone who never swears. Never. Until Bucky is inside her, thrusting with reckless abandon, and taking great pride in the fact that he can reduce Y/N to this disheveled, lustful state, unable to say anything but his name and swearing from how good it is. — Requested by @harrysthiccthighss
Pairing || TFATWS!Bucky x Female!Reader
Word Count || Less than 600
Contents & Warnings || Smut — NSFW, 18+ Only, Minors DNI, explicit content/language, pet names (doll, baby), unprotected and rough sex, praise kink, creampie, mention of bodily fluids.
Random prompt event || Masterlist
Tumblr media
You are someone that almost never swears.
It’s just not something you were accustomed to and something that never manifested itself in your day-to-day vocabulary when you grew up, even though you heard it everywhere around you.
That, of course, doesn’t mean that you’ve never sworn before, but it was usually just during special (and primarily painful) circumstances—when you bumped any part of your body on a hard surface. Then, on rare occasions, would you curse under your breath at the stupid thing that hurt you.
But you have never found yourself swearing so much after you got together with your boyfriend, Bucky.
There was only during one particular moment(s) in your relationship where you found yourself swearing like a sailor, and that was during sex with him because, my God, no one has ever given it to you so good as he did. And he took such pride in absolutely wrecking you to the point where the only thing on your mind was his cock, and the only thing coming out of your mouth were the words fuck and Bucky.
He had you pinned down on the mattress as his hot body lay on top of yours. His hand held yours hostage above your head as his hips thrust mercilessly into your own, making his cock penetrate your tight and needy walls to perfection.
Your eyes were rolled to the back of your head as you gladly accepted each thrust. You slipped into a lustful state where the only thing on your mind was the sheer and pure pleasure he fed.
With his tip brushing deliciously against your sweet spot with every thrust, there was just a matter of seconds before he would have you screaming and crying his name, cursing for him not to stop and make you come.
“Come on, doll, let me hear you.” He grunted in your face as his forehead rested on yours.
It was right there on the tip of your tongue—the cries of pleasure he so desperately was trying to pull from you.
Right there…
“Fuck, Bucky!” You sobbed as he broke you. There was no holding back now. Curse word after curse word flowed out of you as your orgasm built. You were nothing but a crying needy mess now.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck! Don’t fucking stop, baby, please!”
“There it is. Good girl. Good fucking girl.” He smirks as he’s completed his mission successfully.
He lets go of your hands so you could cling to his body as the coil in your stomach snapped, making you come hard around him as you cursed and cried some more. Bucky grunted against your neck as he spilt his release into your warm and enticing walls.
Once you’ve both come down, Bucky kisses you with such pride and love as he moans against your lips.
“Hmm, I’m the only one to make you curse and scream like that, doll.” He growls against your skin.
“Only you. Only fucking you, Bucky.”
Tumblr media
Thank you for reading🖤 Feedback through a comment is highly appreciated! Or let me know through an anonymous ask if that feels more comfortable. As well as a reblog to share my work with other people!
I don’t do taglists anymore so please follow @bucky-barnes-diaries-library and turn on notifications to never miss out on my writing!
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lanadelreyscokewhor3 · 5 months ago
dating bucky barnes
your honour i love him. i love him so much.
Tumblr media
-when you first met him, he was a grump. a real sour puss. when you were introduced to the avengers as the newest recruit, he kinda just did that up and down eyeing thing and grumbled
- steve was surprised he even showed up to that tbh
-you were really nervous around him at first (bc who wouldn't be). he sorta gave off this very on guard 24/7 aura, like if u stepped left instead of right he’d have a knife to your throat. so whenever you were near him, you were super quiet, keeping yourself as little as possible
-but he’d nod to you in acknowledgement when you walked in a room, or he’d tilt his head when he would stare at you from the corner, like he was trying to read you
- it eventually expanded into little waves in the hallways, or a little shy hello
-one time you were practising in the training room with knives and he came up behind you, fixing your stance and giving you a tip or two (steve walked in on this and his eyes literally fell out of their sockets)
-the two of you became acquaintances, both being rather quiet and timid. you noticed how’d he’d interact with other people, and then with you and it was very, very different. he’d often be almost rude to others, but for you… he had a soft spot.
-it expanded into you two training together or eating breakfast together while he read the morning paper (cause he's an old fart)
- whenever people teased you or anything, he’d defend you with his life. even if it was a joke. he’d snarl or grumble a response like “shut the fuck up n leave them alone”
- he was so protective of you. overly. even though at this point the two of you weren't “friends” yet. you noticed early on, he’d often stand in front of you if someone was near, or would always be in arms reach. on missions he’d always check in with you more than anyone else, covering you with his life.
-after a particularly rough mission the two of you were partnered on, you offered to fix up his wounds on the quinn jet. he politely declined, wanting to be alone as always but you insisted, and eventually he gave in. he was quiet the whole time, but you noticed how he’d lean into your touch, or even let out a little purr when you’d brush the warm water over the caked dirt and blood.
- things really shifted when you heard him screaming from his nightmares. you didn’t have a second thought as you ran to his room. you sat on the bed as he woke up crying, and at first he flinched for your touch. but your soft, gentle words brought him back to reality, and you stayed with him.
-you rubbed his back and played with his hair until he was about to pass out, but as you went to leave he grabbed your wrist and said “wait, please. stay.”
- it became common for you to come and help him with nightmares. you’d stay the whole night when he had them, falling asleep in awkward positions, like sitting up with his head in your lap from you playing with his hair 
-he really warmed up to you. everyone noticed how he treated you, often teasing him. anyways the two of you became close, doing little things together like listening to records (his fav is ultraviolence by lana del rey) , stargazing on the roof, and you even tried teaching him how to bake a pie ( it did not go well)
-one time you went on a walk with him and there was a super loud noise so you grabbed his hand on instinct but he kept your hand in his the whole way home
- the two of you slowly realised you were falling in love with each other, and couldn't be just friends.
-sunshine and the storm is what your friends called you guys, as he truly only had a soft spot for you ( and steve)
- he calls you names like doll, bunny, sweetheart, my darling
-bucky never leaves your side. if he was protective before, its to the max now. he always has to be touching you, like a gentle hand hold, a brush of the fingers over yours, or holding your waist.
-he loves doing little things for you everyday like giving you flowers he picked, or writing you little letters. he even made u a cd once ( which is a big deal for him, he doesn't understand spotify) OOO and one time he tried baking you a pie like how you showed him, the poor thing
-he wakes you up with kisses every morning, cuddles and gives you back scratches
- bucky LOVES when you play with his hair. always. whether it be absentmindedly playing with it, or braiding it or scalp massages. he adores it
-bucky has polaroids of the two of you all over his mirror with his handwriting at the bottom with the dates so he can remember EVERYTHING
-whenever you're shy or anxious, he always helps. it could be anywhere from him doing breathing exercises with you, or if you're super uncomfortable he’ll do the task for you
- you always wear his shirts and he loves it!!! especially after the two of you make love in the shower, he rubs lotion all over you and plops you up on the counter to do your skin care and braid your hair. then he’ll shimmy the shirt over your head watching it fall to your knees
-motorcycle riding! It was scary at first, but you felt safe with bucky. late-night rides with him are the best, and you’ll often go to little creeks or ponds to watch the moon on the water
-he loves slow dancing with you. there doesn't even have to be music, he’ll just twirl you around and you step on his feet while he sways you side to side
-bucky is a huge softie<33
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duuhrayliegh · 3 months ago
what’s it like
a/n: idk what this is, it’s smut but it was written in pieces and idk if it’s any good, sorry y’all i’m all over the fucking place rn
check out my other writings (more coherent writings)
Tumblr media
      Red wine flowed from your glass into your mouth, swirling enticingly as you gulped down the sweet liquid. You followed the pleasant burn of it as it slipped down your throat.  
“I’m not kidding.” Natasha leaned forward, topping off her own glass with more of Tony’s expensive wine.
“And he just kept going?” Wanda’s mouth dropped open as Natasha giggled while nodding in ascent to her question.
“Had my legs shaking, I swear.” She held up three fingers, “Scout’s honor.”
You laughed, digging your hand into the bowl of Cheetos tucked between your legs. Wanda shook her head, seemingly not believing what Natasha was telling her.
“I didn’t know that Sam had it in him.”
“Wan,” Natasha’s hand landed on Wanda’s knee, “Neither did I. It was almost too much, almost.”
Her voice dropped an octave on the final word, waggling a perfectly sculpted brow at her gaping teammate.
“What?” Natasha stole a few chips from your bowl as she questioned Wanda. “You’ve never had that kind of experience?”
“Mm,” you mumbled behind a mask of Cheetos, “yeah, how’s that work with Vision? I mean, it’s not like he has a—”
“Ah, bup bup.” Wanda cut you off quickly, “Vision knows everything, so he’s very skilled. Apparently not as skilled as Sam, but I mean he’s still learning so…”
Wanda let the statement hang, clinking the body of her glass with Natasha’s. She turned her attention your way, clearly readying herself to ask you a question.
“Well, it’s late, ladies.” They both began to protest, but you simply waved off their remarks. “No, no. I’ve got to get up and, like, be productive tomorrow. Sorry, loves.”
You tapped them both on the shoulders as you passed, dropping your glass off in the sink on your way out of the living room. There wasn’t a single thing that either of them could’ve said to keep you there any longer. Not if that was the topic of conversation. The ‘that’ being sex, of course, because it’s hard to talk about something that you’ve never experienced before.
You trudged back to your room, two floors above the common room. Deciding that you were too lazy to take the stairs, you pushed the button for the private elevators. The ones that Tony made specifically to avoid the other SHIELD agents who worked at the tower on a regular basis.
The railing of the elevator held your weight as it made its climb up the floors. Your eyes slid closed, mind running back to the conversation that you were just a privileged party of. You couldn’t even think of the last time someone took a particular interest in you, much less left you with your legs shaking.
The elevator slowed to a halt, doors opening to reveal a flushed looking Sergeant, your favorite Sergeant. Bucky smiled at you before wiping his brow with the towel that hung over his shoulder. You weren’t particularly good friends with the Sergeant. Not by choice. Honestly, if you had it your way then you two would converse freely, without the worry of judgment by either party.
As you began to prepare yourself for an awkwardly silent ascent alongside Bucky, a hand forced its way into the closing elevator doors. Sam shot a look at Bucky before speaking.
“Dude, I told you to wait for me.”
“You were taking too damn long.”
You snorted, remembering Natasha saying quite the opposite of him. Bucky furrowed his brows at the noise you made, clearly not caring enough to make him question you, though.
“I was not taking too long.” He shifted his bag to his other shoulder as the elevator began to climb again. “I’m just movin’ a bit slower today.”
Bucky grunted, a sound Sam took as a question.
“Super fucking sore from my mission the other day.”
A singular loud laugh escaped your lips, making you slap your hand over your mouth as both men turned to look at you.
“Something amusing, Y/N?”
You looked at your feet, giggling as the doors opened onto the floor your room was on. You slapped Sam’s shoulder as you passed.
“It’s just funny. Natasha was saying something about being sore earlier, as well.”
Sam’s jaw dropped as Bucky whipped his head around to face his friend, eyes wide in shock. You watched as Bucky punched Sam’s bicep before stepping out of the elevator too. He muttered under his breath as he walked to his own room.
“Sore from a mission, my ass.”
No matter how hard Bucky tried, he always got up with the sun. He would love to be someone who could sleep in until the later hours of the morning. He typically found himself lying in bed a few extra minutes, delaying his daily routine as long as he could.
This particular morning it was easier. He had something to think about. Usually, he would be laying there with no thoughts in his head other than the seemingly endless list of names that he needed to make amends with. No, this morning was different.
He was thinking of that damn elevator ride last night. He was kicking himself for not making conversation with Y/N for one floor. With his eyes closed he could recall you perfectly. He thought of the rosy tint to your cheeks and the subtle scent of Tony’s plum wine on your breath. Then he remembered you pushed through him and Sam, your chest just barely grazing the metal of his left arm. The nerve endings that Shuri created for the limb allowing him to feel your nipples through the fabric of your t-shirt.
Great, now he had to deal with his hard-on before he could do anything else.
Bucky couldn’t think straight around you, so he just stayed silent. Not wanting you to see him as a fool, opting for you to think he was standoffish so he could admire you from a safe distance. That’s where he belonged anyway. A safe distance from you. He knows that a relationship would never be something you consider with him. He’s a 106-year-old man for Christ’s sake, what would a twenty-something year-old woman want with him?
He untwisted the lid of his protein container, adding the proper amount to his shaker bottle before dumping the scoop back into the protein jar. He shoved the container into the cabinet on the top shelf, turning back to find you walking into the kitchen. His eyes roamed your figure before stopping dead in his tracks as he registered what you were wearing.
His favorite red henley covered your body, stopping just below your ass cheeks, giving him the show that he didn’t know he needed until this very moment. Your socked feet padded along the kitchen tiles as you gathered the ingredients for what looked like pancakes.
“You going to work out this morning or do you want some pancakes?” You pushed the question out through a yawn. Your eyes closed with the motion, allowing Bucky the opportunity to watch as your nose wrinkled. The freckles decorating your face begging to be traced with little, feather-light kisses.
Bucky watched as you stretched to reach a bowl in one of the high cabinets. Against his better judgment, his eyes dropped to the rising hem of his shirt, lifting just enough to expose the round globes of your ass. The seams of your underwear indented the plush flesh there, letting his mind run wild with the thought of digging his teeth into one of your cheeks.
He turned away from you, cock stirring in his shorts as he leaned his hands against the countertop in front of the sink. He took a deep breath, steadying his nerves as he promptly dumped his protein shake down the drain.
“Yeah, I’ll take a few pancakes.” Bucky crossed the kitchen, opening the fridge to pour a glass of orange juice. By that time, you had set about mixing the batter together. Unfortunately, you were standing right in front of the cabinet containing the cups.
There were a few ways that Bucky could navigate this situation. One would be to ask you to hand him the cups from the cabinet directly above your head. The more dangerous option would be to move you himself. The latter offered him the opportunity to feel your supple form through the fabric of his fucking henley. He went with his initial gut reaction. Should he have? Probably not but fuck it.
His right hand cupped the skin of your hip, feeling the slight bulge of skin there. As Bucky leaned forward, he attempted to keep his lower half from pressing into you as much as he could. He truly didn’t want to push any boundaries with you, knowing that you were too damn young for him. That fact didn’t stop his body from reacting to your presence in the most agonizing fashions.
“You know,” his voice barely a whisper as he reached for the cups above your head, “I’ve been looking for that shirt.”
Bucky’s eyes flickered down to your face before turning away from you with two cups in his grasp. He yanked the fridge door open to reach for the orange juice container.
“What’re you talking about?”
He could hear your exhaustion clinging to your words. He decided to push a bit further as he placed the now full glass beside the stove you were working at.
“The henley.” Bucky paused briefly, leaning against the granite countertop opposite you. “More specifically, my henley.”
His head tilted to the side as you dropped your chin against your chest, seemingly taking in the item of clothing on your body. Bucky smiled softly as the bun on top of your head flopped forward with the motion. You turned around to face him quickly, spatula in hand.
“I’m sorry.” He watched as you stuck your arm out, gesturing for him to take the utensil. “I’ll go change really quick. I thought it was Sam’s.”
Bucky stepped forward, his metal hand resting on your wrist and pushing it downwards.
“Would you leave it on if it was?”
He watched the split second of hesitation flash in your eyes.
The word was paired with a slight shrug of your shoulder, and a dip in your mouth making your chin wrinkle in the most adorable way. God, he wanted to just hold your face in his hands and just stare into your eyes for as long as you would let him.
Bucky took another step forward, effectively pinning you against the countertop beside the stove. His eyes locked with yours as he leveled his face to yours. He glanced down at the red fabric covering your torso. He found his fingers bunching the middle of the fabric, pulling it away from your body to roll between his forefinger and thumb.
“Then it’s Sam’s.”
Bucky promptly dropped the fabric and walked away just after the words left his mouth. Again, should he have done that? Probably fucking not, but Bucky’s learned to let himself enjoy the little things in life. Like the way your thighs just clenched together at his close proximity to you.
You sat on the couch, a plush throw blanket covering your legs and a mug of steaming tea in your hand. You trailed your finger on the rim of the cup, mind running back to your latest interaction with Bucky. It wasn’t unusual for you to obsess over your own actions because you were always worried that the other person was going to think you were an asshole. It was rare that you focused so heavily on the actions of your conversation partner, but god damn.
Bucky fucking Barnes.
You might be a twenty-three-year-old virgin, but that man could get it if he wanted it. ‘It’ being your virginity. Any day of the week.
You knew you probably shouldn’t be having thoughts about a man who, for most of the time you’ve known him, has shown you little reason to believe that he was romantically interested in you. Or physically attracted to you, for that matter. Though, you couldn’t deny that you saw a flicker of something behind his eyes in the kitchen a few days back.
He was closer than usual, granting you the privilege of seeing the dark ring of blue circling his irises. You wondered what it would be like to watch his pupils dilate in reaction to something you did.
To watch the subtle twitch of his very controlled emotions because of you.
“Whatcha watchin’, doll?”
You jumped at his voice. The man that’s kept your mind captivated for the past week.
Bucky fucking Barnes.
He settled his large frame on the couch beside you, lifting your legs that were sprawled out on the cushions to sit underneath them. His metal hand laid on your knee above the blanket, but you could feel the palm of it burning your skin.
“I don’t think I’ve seen this one, yet.”
Your eyes never left Bucky’s profile, barely registering that he was still speaking to you.
“Y/N? Are you okay?”
He scooted closer to you, placing his flesh hand on your cheek before dragging it to your forehead. Bucky’s eyes ran over your face, worry dancing across his brow. You snapped from your trance, the back of his palm still pressed against your forehead.
“You run hotter than all of us. Do you think you’d be able to tell if I had a fever that way?”
It came out harsher than you wanted it to. Bucky didn’t seem bothered by your comment, pinning you with a lopsided grin that made your cheeks heat.
“My Ma always checked that way.” He jerked his head to the mounted TV, “Whatcha watchin’?”
“Nothing in particular. Do you want to watch something?”
Bucky shook his head, pulling out his phone and opening the notes app.
“I don’t know, Sam wrote down a bunch of stuff I should watch now that I’m ‘acclimated to society’ or some shit.” He handed you the device, “Anything look appealing to you?”
Yes, you look appealing to me.
“He wants you to watch a rom-com?”
“The fuck’s a rom-com?”
“It’s a romantic comedy.” You reached for the remote. “You okay with that?”
“As long as you pick a good one, dolly, I’m down for anything.” Bucky’s words made you flush, trying to concentrate on finding the movie you thought of.
About thirty minutes into 27 Dresses, you shifted causing the blanket to slip from your calves, exposing your painted toes. A chill ran up your spine at the sudden temperature change, a movement that didn’t go unnoticed by your companion.
“What’s wrong?” His question was immediate.
You waved it off, “Nothing just a chill. Can you cover my feet, please?”
Bucky glanced at your bare feet. “You aren’t wearing socks. You always wear socks.”
The movie was still playing in the background, but you were fully focused on the words leaving Bucky’s mouth.
“I don’t always wear socks.” You stressed the ‘always’ sarcastically because you knew that was a damn lie. “All of mine are in the wash right now, so I’m making do.”
Bucky’s eyes narrowed, scanning your face. He tapped your legs and abruptly left the room.
“Bucky!” You had just managed to get yourself untangled from the blanket wrapped around your legs to pause the movie when Bucky returned.
He held a pair of his own socks in one hand and one of his henley’s thrown over his shoulder. He plopped back onto the sofa beside you. Bucky nodded down to his lap, in which you carefully placed your legs with curious eyes watching on.
Bucky tugged his socks onto your feet then covered your toes with his hands, rubbing them between his palms to create heat from the friction. He refocused on the show after tossing his henley at your face.
“Put it on. I know you’re still cold, even with this damn thing on.”
“You didn’t have to do that.” You stared at the soft shirt in your hands as you spoke to him.
“Can’t have my dolly being cold, now, can I?” Bucky ran his thumb over your ankle. You felt his eyes on you as you pulled the shirt on. “Sorry, it’s not Sam’s. You’ll just have to make do with mine.”
He threw you a wink before immersing himself back into the movie, his movements on your ankle never ceasing. Meanwhile, you could feel your cheeks becoming as red as the fabric of Bucky’s henley.
It became a bit of a ritual between the two of you. Over the next few months, Bucky was sure to do whatever he could to spend time with you. Despite knowing you had no real interest in him, Bucky made it his mission to be around you as much as possible.
“Hiya, dolly.”
Bucky had been stationed at one of the punching bags in the corner of the room when you walked into the gym. He dropped his stance, taking in your frame in another one of his stolen shirts. This was one of the more recent developments. One that he was enamored with.
Bucky adored seeing you in his clothes, even in this undefined, in-between platonic relationship the two of you shared.
“Hey, Buck.” You smiled at him, dropping your bag onto the floor in front of the wall of mirrors. He watched as you walked over to the bag across from him as you wrapped your knuckles.
Bucky had a much harder time concentrating on his own workout. How the hell was he supposed to? You were behind that damn bag, letting loose all those cute little groans and grunts as your fists connected with the leather.
“Here.” He walked over, tired of seeing you stop your workout to halt the swaying of the bag. He braced himself for the impact of your fists.
You glanced up at him through your lashes with raised brows, waiting for his go-ahead. Once Bucky gave you a nod, you continued your work-out.
Was Bucky a creep? There’s a very real possibility that’s a true statement.
You kept his shirt on, allowing him to take you in with sweat glistening on your body in his clothes. The thoughts beginning to formulate weren’t helping his situation. You had just finished a particularly intense pattern of hits when you groaned. Bucky took in your new stance away from the bag, hands on your hips as you pulled his shirts over your hips, using the fabric to hold your hands.
“Will you spar with me?” You took a step back again to grab your water.
This is a bad idea, but that didn’t stop Bucky from saying yes. He wasn’t sure if there was a situation that he would say no to you in.
The both of you began fighting. Bucky was always impressed with the force of your hits. He thought back to when he first started integrating into the team. You were already recruited by Natasha, and had been training with her for about three years before Bucky was brought in.
He could tell you were becoming fatigued, your movements sloppy and uncalculated. You threw a punch to his left side, but it was slow and careless. He caught your fist, spinning your body around while placing his right arm around your chest. Bucky paused a minute, his breathing syncing with the rapid rise and fall of your breasts against his arm.
“What’s up with you?” His breath bounced off your ear and hit his neck, only to be quickly flipped. You stepped under his arm during his concern for you, knocking the back of his knee before using your body weight to pin him to the ground.
“Nothing.” You smiled wide at him, giggling a little as you had his hands pressed against the mats by his wrists. “Sympathy is a powerful weapon.”
Bucky bit the inside of his cheek to stop from laughing out loud. He suddenly hooked one leg behind yours, planting his foot on your hip and slamming your back onto the vinyl mat of the floor. Bucky remained snug between your legs, holding your hands to the floor with just one of his.
He stretched his arm out, pulling yours along with it as he leaned down to you. Bucky didn’t want to think about how he felt in this position with you. He didn’t want to let his mind run wild with thoughts about having you pinned like this in his bed. He didn’t want to think about having your hands tied to his headboard while he pulled every delicious sound out of you that he could.
He especially didn’t want to think about how his cock was rubbing against the fabric of your leggings, but fuck was it a good thought.
“Distraction is better. And I’ve got a few years on ya, so experience doesn’t help.”
“That’s cheating.” You laughed, “I had you pinned, I won!”
“I didn’t know we were competing, dolly.” He let go of your wrists, settling his weight backwards as you sat up on your elbows.
“But let’s be honest, if we were competing in who could finish a fight I would win.” Bucky took the opportunity to squeeze your hips before getting up and offering his hand to you.
You laughed beside him as the two of you exited the gym to go to the elevators. You shoved his arm as the two of you entered the elevator, going down a floor to the shared kitchen area.
“Hey guys. We’re having a movie marathon tonight. Want in?” Sam was leaning over Natasha's shoulder as she sat in one of the bar stools. Bucky envied his friend, he wanted to be close to you like Sam was with Natasha.
“I’m down. You comin’, Y/N?” Bucky peered down at you hoping you would say yes. You seemed to be in a bit of a daze as you answered though.
“I’ll come for you anytime.”
All of Bucky’s blood rushed to his cock as you stammered an explanation.
“Uh— wait, no, I— ugh, damn it. You know what, I'm going to go shower, I’ll see you guys tonight!”
“What the actual fuck? Who the hell are you? When did we just start speaking our mind?” You muttered under your breath as you raced up the stairs. Away from the awkward situation that you created for yourself.
“Oh god, let’s be honest, you’ve always spoken your mind, but not that kind of shit, you dumbass.” You slapped your forehead lightly, dragging your hand down your face in frustration.
“And now you’re talking to yourself. Wonderful.” You trudged to your room, hoping that a hot shower would make you feel better.
The spray of the showerhead beat down onto your body, relaxing the muscles as you washed the shampoo from your hair. You let your hands rest on your shoulders, a sigh of exhaustion escaping as you turned your face toward the water.
As much as you didn’t want them to, your thoughts ran back to your training session with Bucky. You hadn’t known that he was in there, but you were pleasantly surprised when you first saw him. Your relationship with the Sergeant was rocky at the start, but you were ecstatic that it began flourishing as well as it is. You were content to harbor the little school girl crush a little while longer, knowing that it won’t amount to anything in reality.
The longer you lingered on the memories of your most recent encounter with the man, the farther your hands began to drift. Your fingers danced over your own skin, eventually landing right where you wanted them to.
With your eyes closed, it was Bucky’s hands on your body.
With your eyes closed, you were bending to his will.
With your eyes closed, Bucky was knocking at your bathroom door and asking if you were okay.
“Oh shit!” Your eyes popped open as you yanked your hand away from your body, slamming into the tiled wall.
“Dolly?” Bucky’s fist hit the door, the damn thing bouncing in the frame with the force of his pounding. “What was that? You okay?”
“I’m fine.” Your voice strained as you wrapped a white towel around your body. “Hang on.”
How the hell were you going to play this one off?
You held your towel to your body with one hand, the other reaching for the doorknob only to have the whole damn thing ripped away from you as Bucky bent to your level. His hands roamed your arms, confirming that there weren’t any injuries before settling both large palms on your cheeks.
“What the hell, dolly?” His blue eyes locked onto yours. It felt like he’s trying to read your mind with how enrapturing his gaze is.
“I’m fine, Bucky.” As much as you wanted to have his hands on you for as long as humanly possible, you needed to create some distance between you. If you don’t, you might make a bigger fool of yourself by asking to kiss him.
“I’m sorry if I worried you, but really I’m okay.” Bucky hadn’t moved from his original place in front of your bathroom door. You could feel his eyes follow your movements about your room, watching as you gathered clothes for the team movie night.
“I need to bandage your hand before we go down.” He left no room for argument, so you ducked your head as you escaped back into the en suite.
At this exact moment, Bucky was happy to have been injected with the serum.
Bucky stared at the closed door of your bathroom. He knew he wasn’t imagining when he heard you moan. He wasn’t lying when he said he was worried. No, that part wasn’t a lie.
He wasn’t sure how entirely truthful he would be if you asked him how long he stood there before knocking on your door.
Bucky needed to cool down.
Like, right now.
He backed away as he dragged his fingers through his hair. Every sound that came out of your mouth was running through his head on a loop. He did try to ignore it, he shouldn’t be thinking of you that way. You deserved more than to have him think of you like that.
Truthfully, he just wanted to have a reason to think of you that way, one that came directly from you.
Bucky felt a billow of warm air blow from the swing of your bathroom door. Your hair, still damp from the shower, stuck to your bare shoulders. He could tell you toweled your hair off in an effort to lessen the amount of water in the strands by the bit of frizz that began forming at the top of your head.
“Sorry.” The closer you got, the easier Bucky could see the droplets of water clinging to your skin. His eyes followed their path as they raced down your exposed flesh. He wanted nothing more than to lick the remaining water off you, if you’d let him.  
“It’s fine.” He said quickly.
Bucky jerked his head toward the door, smiling down at you as he led the way to the theater room. He pushed his way into the darkness that was immediately contrasted by the flatscreen of Tony’s design.
“Where do you want to sit?” He saw one of your shoulders lift out of the corner of his eye. “Alright, I get that you don’t want to pick. Just grab us a seat in the back corner, I’ll get us some snacks.”
“Thank you.” You practically skipped to the seats, making Bucky smile as he grabbed a few junk snacks in his arms.
Bucky’s smile remained as he watched you snuggled into a blanket that was draped over the back of the couch.
“Scootch over.” Tapping your thigh with the back of his hand, he took his seat beside you.
“As we all know, we trade off on who picks the movie.” Tony stood beside the screen, waving his hand emphatically as he spoke. “You’re all so lucky that it was my turn to pick.” One of his hands rested on his chest as he leant forward in a mock bow.
“What do ya think he picked?”
The heat of your body radiated pleasantly into Bucky’s as you spoke to him. The scent of your body wash wafting to his senses, taking his mind back to the noises he listened to outside of your bathroom door.
“I don’t know. It’s always something stupid with him.”
Bucky couldn’t care less about Tony’s choice of movie. What he was really concerned with was how close you were to him.
And how much he wanted to be closer.
About halfway through the movie, your body stretched with a yawn. Both of your legs kicked off the couch, relishing in the rush of blood to your limbs before settling back into your original position.
“You can lean on me, ya know?” Bucky tilted his head toward you, whispering to you as the movie continued playing.
You bit the inside of your cheek as you leaned your head against his shoulder, murmuring a small thank you. Your eyes slid closed as you soaked in the warmth that Bucky provided. Like a goddamn walking space heater.
It took a few seconds to readjust your position, only for Bucky’s metal hand to rest on the bare skin of your knee after you stopped moving. A shockwave raced up your spine at the contact.
The lighting of the movie changed. A buttery filter settling over the screen, the little starlights in the ceiling of the theater changing accordingly.
You nudged Bucky’s side, making him drop his gaze to you before following your pointer finger to the lights in the ceiling.
Suddenly, the lights changed again.
A deep red overtaking them as a guttural groan played through the speakers.
Your eyes snapped back to the screen, seeing the two main characters in the throws of intimate passion. It didn’t take long for your curiosity to overtake you, making you more than invested.
You felt your head leave Bucky’s shoulder, tilting slightly to the left as you leaned forward. Bucky’s hand never left your leg, you distantly felt it slide down to your inner thigh with your quick movements. He must’ve asked you a question because he squeezed the inside of your thigh making you jump in your seat.
“Dolly?” Another squeeze. “Are you okay?”
Your body flushed, finally fully recognizing that it was Bucky’s hand on your inner thigh.
“Yeah, I’m okay.”
You couldn’t seem to tear your eyes away from the screen, flashing him a small smile without looking at him. Bucky’s eyes narrowed as he examined your body language.
You had the blanket covering your lower half bunched between in your grip.
The scene progressed and it seemed you couldn’t decide to be relaxed or tense. Your jaw dropped slightly as the male character thrust into the female. He glanced at the screen, watching as the shot focused on the man’s hand on the outside of the woman’s thigh. Back to you, your head had tilted to the side again, brows furrowed at the progression.
He flexed his hand against your own thigh before rubbing his thumb against your skin.
“Feeling a bit hot, dolly?”
Your face whipped around to his, lips parted as small puffs of air escaped. Bucky watched for any sign of discomfort from you as his hand slid a bit higher.
“Is this okay?”
A tiny nod that received a small smirk in reply.
“Words, dolly.”
Bucky felt his harsh breath bounce off his bicep as his fingers dragged up to the apex of your thighs. He traced the crease of your thigh several times, familiarizing himself with the fabric of your shorts. His pinky slipped under the hem, accompanied by a quick inhale from you.
“Shh, dolly.”
He felt your heart rate increase, smiling into your skin as he pressed a kiss to your shoulder.
“You don’t want everyone to find out what we’re doing back here, do ya?” Bucky felt your thighs clench at his words, making him quirk a brow at the thought.
“You might be into that, dolly. But, I don’t share what’s mine.” He pinched your thigh making you jump closer toward him, a reaction that he thoroughly enjoyed.
He repeated the pinch, pulling you into his lap as you jumped yet again. Bucky fit his arms around your body, keeping your legs spread just enough for his hands to fit comfortably, his knuckles brushing against each other. The surround sound system that Tony installed in the theater room drowned out the little yelps that escaped your lips, much to Bucky’s dismay.
“Be a good dolly,” his right hand pulled your hips back into his, “and stay still.” His metal hand remained in between your legs, the temperature difference causing little goosebumps to rise over your skin. Bucky leaned forward, pressing a kiss to your shoulder before whispering to you, “Please.”
His hand traced the waistband of your shorts, running his fingers over the indentions that the elastic left on your stomach. Bucky hummed into your neck as your breaths shuddered. After a few minutes of torture as the movie progressed, he gave in. Pushing his hand further into your shorts, the fabric peeling away from your heated skin.
It was breathy.
The very implication of it, of what he was making you feel, made his soar on cloud nine.
And all you said was his fucking name.
“What do you want, dolly?” He stopped the downward descent of his hand, resting just above where he knew you really wanted him. But he wanted more.
“Please touch me.”
Fuck him. The quick rise and fall of your chest and increased heart rate reverberated from your body into his.
His metal hand pinched your thigh again.
“I am touching you.” His fingers danced across your slit, humming lowly to himself at the wetness that began gathering there.
A little groan slipped past your lips, a little too loud for Bucky’s liking in such a public forum. His metal hand covered your lips as he brought his mouth to your ear.
“Don’t be a greedy dolly and be quiet.”
One of his fingers breached your slit, the heel of his hand brushing against your clit in the process. The slight friction makes your back arch away from his chest.
“If any of them turned around, what would they see?” He kept his finger stationary, wetness pooling around his digits as he refused to move. “They’d see you spread out on my fingers. My dirty little dolly. Such a good girl for me.”
He felt your walls clench around him.
“You like me tellin’ you that you’re my good girl?”
He took the opportunity to begin to pump his finger in and out of you. Your walls sucked him back in as he continued to move back and forth.
“Of course you do.”
“Bucky, please.”
He twisted his hand, rubbing the heel of it against your sensitive clit. God, he’d barely touched you and you’re already a writhing mess beneath him.
“Such a dirty girl.” Another pump. “Getting all hot and bothered from a movie,” He removed his fingers, circling your clit, “then begging for my touch?”
Your mouth dropped open as he pressed a kiss to the hinge of your jaw. Bucky quickly replaced his digits, resuming his steady rhythm.
“Be a good girl for me.” He whispered into your ear as your legs began to shake. “Come on, cum for me.”
“Bucky.” Your hand reached his bicep, nails digging in and leaving little crescent shaped marks.
Moon shaped badges that he would brandish with pride.
“That’s it, just let go, Y/N.”
Your body stilled in his arms as he continued pumping his fingers, the wetness pooling there thoroughly coating his digits. He smiled into your skin, covering your mouth with his metal hand to muffle your moans.
“I told you I don’t share, dolly.” His pace slowed as the lights in the theater room brightened. Bucky watched as his teammates began to rise from their seats, grasping blankets at their waists while they stretched their arms above their heads.
“That includes your little noises.” Bucky shifted you from his lap to the cushion beside him, his arm still wrapped protectively around your back. He stood from the couch, leaving his skin in contact with yours for as long as possible.
“We’ll continue this later, little dolly.” Bucky watched your eyes widen as he brought his fingers, the ones covered in your cum, to his lips. He fought his eyes rolling back to take in your shell shocked expression as he moaned from the back of his throat at your taste.
Your fist hovered near the door. You’d been debating on how to broach the subject with Bucky since the team movie night. Just as you went to pound on the door, it swung inward. Your eyes darted up to the mass of a man standing in front of you.
“Hiya, dolly.” You felt your face flush and Bucky’s eyes roamed your figure.”How are you doing today?”
“I’m alright.” You hesitated for a second, wringing your hands at your waistline. “Actually, I wanted to talk to you.”
“Sure, come on in.” He stepped back, revealing the room that you had become acquainted with over the past few months.
You walked in, pausing at the foot of his bed. Bucky’s hand rested on your bicep.
“You sure you’re okay, Y/N?”
You whipped around to face him, eyes wide as they focused on his face that was closer to yours than you originally thought it was.
“I’m fine. Swear, Scout’s honor.” You held up three fingers to which Bucky snorted.
“You weren’t a boy scout, dolly.”
“I could’ve been a boy scout if I wanted to.”
“Oh, I have no doubts about that.” He inched closer to you, bumping the back of your knees into the plush edge of his bed.
You chewed the inside of your cheek as Bucky’s chest pressed against yours. His hand lifted to your face, cold fingers tracing your cheekbones before swiping your hair behind your ear.
“Didn’t you come in here for a reason, dolly?” You started to stammer out an answer when Bucky continued talking, eyes roaming your face. “Don’t get me wrong, I love having you all to myself, but you seemed to be on a mission.”
“Right.” You evacuated his immediate vicinity, facing the window on the opposite side of his room. You fumbled with the drawstring of your sweats, twisting the string between your fingers.
“Are you okay, Y/N?” His hand reached out, resting on your arm to turn your body toward his.
“I wanted to just talk about what happened with us the other night.” Bucky nodded as he took a seat on the edge of his bed. Bucky followed your movements as you paced in front of him.
“Well, it’s just like I’ve never actually done that before or had that done to me so it really kind of made me nervous. But then like it happened and I tried to kind of just forget about it and put it out of my mind because I knew it was probably a one time thing. But it’s been occupying more space in my head than I feel like it should if I’m going to be able to forget it. And now I just want it to happen all over again. And I really liked experiencing that with you and I hope that you liked it too because I mean well you had your hand down my pants and then you, ya know? With the fingers? And then your mouth? And the sucking?”
Bucky sat attentively listening to your rant with his head tilted to the side. You continued to wear down the patterned rug you had claimed ‘looked like him’ in the store. The same rug he wanted to get carpet burn from because he was on his knees for you.
“So I just assumed that you liked it too but now I’m freaking out because what if you were just being nice and you didn’t actually enjoy it and I had just happened to be the closest to you at the time when you were feeling a little frisky?”
Bucky dropped his head to his hands. His weight shifted forward as he leant his forearms against his thighs as you kept talking. He knew you were really talking to him, you had already made a decision before coming in here. He had done this same routine with Sam about you.
“But no that wouldn’t make sense because I feel like we’ve been building up to this the past few weeks, but I thought that you weren’t interested in me because I was too young for you but if it turns out that you are then I would be super excited about that because I’m super into you too and then it would make this whole thing less awkward for me and then we could just bang it out, right?”
He pushed up, halting your movements by placing his hands on your shoulders and turning your body to face his. He titled his head forward, raising a single brow as he spoke.
“Of course I want to bang this out, dolly. But, I need you to understand a few things first.”
Bucky stepped around you to stand beside the door. He watched you from his new position, nudging his head to his bed for you to take a seat.
“I don’t plan on this being just a one time thing.” Bucky took a step forward, crossing the rug he bought in hopes you would spend more time in his room— with him.
“If we do this, you’re mine and I’m yours for as long as we both want it to happen.” A few more steps and he dropped to his knees in front of you. He tipped his head backwards and lifted his hand to reach your knee.
“Now,” he rubbed your thigh up and down, “do you want this? Do you want me?” Your eyes were slowly widening as the words left Bucky’s mouth. Your head began to bob back and forth, pupils blown with desire.
A half laugh escaped through Bucky’s lips, “No, dolly. I need your words, Y/N.”
“Yes, Bucky.” You leaned forward, tracing your fingers against the day old stubble growing on his jaw. A wide smile split his face, and he bit his lower lip as you touched your forehead against his. “I want this. I want you. I want us.”
“Oh thank god.” He shot up, shifting your body up his bed. Bucky’s lips attached to your neck, lightly biting the exposed skin there as your head fell back in what he hoped was ecstasy.
“Do you know how long I’ve wanted you for?” He felt your blunt nails dig into his shoulders, sucking in a harsh breath against your skin at the feeling.
“No need to be greedy, dolly.” Bucky leveled his face with yours, easily melding his lips against your slightly chapped pair.
“I’d give you anything you’d ask for. Without. Question.” He punctuated the last words with small pecks to your cheeks.
“Bucky.” His head snapped up, that breathy little whisper of his name engraving itself into the grooves of his soul. If he died right then he would be content.
“Will you go out on a date with me?” Bucky hands, which had previously been tracing the hem of your t-shirt, found their new home on either side of your head.
“Did you just ask me out, dolly?”
A nervous huff escaped your lips, the subtle scent of your mint toothpaste permeating Bucky’s skin. He hovered over your body, watching every little squirm and shift as he remained silent. He took pity on you, saving you from any further discomfort.
“I would love to go out on a date with you.” He brushed his nose against yours twice.
“Now, can I fuck you into oblivion?”
“Yes please.” You squealed as he shoved his face into your neck, blowing cool air onto the sensitive skin.
“Thank fuck.” His hands dug into your hips, pushing you into the plush mattress below.
Your hands gripped his shoulders, balling the soft fabric of his shirt. Bucky shifted his weight, settling a thick thigh between your legs to press against the heat radiating from your soon to be throbbing center. He groaned as your dull fingernails indented half moons into his exposed skin, badges of honor in his opinion.
“Dolly, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to be with you.” He pressed open mouthed kisses to your neck, feeling his dick begin to pulse against you.
You felt Bucky’s hands trail down your body to your waistline, tugging at the soft material of your sweatpants. Your breath began to quicken as he pulled your pants down your legs. Just as they dropped to the floor, Bucky’s eyes immediately met yours, foregoing the newly exposed skin.
“Let’s make this even, dolly.” He pulled you up, standing at the foot of his bed and placing your hands on the band of his shorts. You could feel the elastic material of his boxers cutting into his skin just under the plush fabric of his shorts.
His pants joined yours on the ground as he went to remove both of your shirts. You hadn’t been doing anything terribly important earlier in the day so the decision to not wear a bra was one of comfort. Now though, you kind of wished there was yet another step Bucky would have to take to see you.
Bucky’s hands fell to your rib cage, thumbs grazing the sides of your boobs. One slight reposition and he would be cupping your boob in his hand. Your fingers grasped his wrist, eyes darting to his before he could move any further.
“What’s wrong?”
You swallowed the lump stuck at the base of your throat, “I’m just-- nervous? I guess.”
Bucky leant forward, cupping your cheeks. “I’m not going to push you to do anything you’re uncomfortable with. If I do, please stop me. Okay?”
“Okay.” You met his eyes before pushing forward and locking lips with him. Bucky released a grunt of approval before returning in kind.
He broke the kiss before you, replacing his hands on your ribs. “Lay on your stomach for me dolly.”
Your heart began to pound hard enough you thought Bucky could hear it. Turning away from him, you attempted to seductively crawl on top of his bed, but you’re sure you looked like an injured gazelle.
Bucky’s hands came in contact with the backs of your calves, the juxtaposition of his hands causing a shiver to race up your spine. He breathed a laugh onto your skin, stamping butterfly kisses on your back.
Everytime Bucky got close to where you wanted him, he would immediately back off and start the process over again. Tracing his hands up your legs, little kisses on your shoulders, the dip of your spine, blowing cold air on your lower back, then retreat. He seemed to revel in your whines as they only served to prolong his torture.
“Bucky please.” You breathed into the comforter below you. He mumbled into your skin, words you couldn’t make out.
“I’m getting there, dolly.” He flipped you over, making you release a squeal and then stare at him with wide eyes. “Let me enjoy my meal.”
His tongue darted out, tracing the gusset of your underwear. A breathy moan left your lips and Bucky took the time to wrap his arms around your thighs to keep them spread. His nose nudged against your clit, loving the sharp intake of breath that met his ears.
“Oh goodness.” Your thighs tensed at the feeling of Bucky’s lips beginning to suction around your throbbing clit. He continued to mouth at your center, the fabric starting to become sticky with your juices. Shots of pleasure ran through your body as Bucky licked.
“I’ve never been happier than right now.” He pulled back a bit, turning his head to press the words into your thigh. You felt his right arm shift as his fingers began to trace your slit.
“Dolly, you’re so wet for me. Am I making you feel good?” He tilted his head against your lower thigh, watching your face as he continued to feel your wetness.
“Am I? Talk to me, Y/N.” He pressed harder at the top of your slit, feeling the engorged clit underneath the thoroughly soaked fabric.
“Yes-- yes, you are.” You reached down, fingers winding into the dark locks on his head. “Please, Bucky.”
His eyes lulled up to yours, watching your reaction as he pulled the crotch of your underwear to the side. It took everything in you to not let yourself completely disappear into the sheets, but god you were glad you didn’t.
“Fuck me, dolly.” Bucky leaned forward, flattening his tongue up your slit. “You taste so good.” He continued to lick, repositioning with both of his arms around your thighs. Bucky pressed his face further into your center, He groaned as the gusset of your underwear attempted to interrupt his meal.
“Fuckin’ hell.”
You let out a small groan when Bucky removed his mouth only to feel the fabric of your underwear down your legs.
“You still doin’ okay, dolly?” He suctioned around your clit as he saw your mouth open to answer him. You felt him smile into your slit, then abruptly felt his tongue roll against your clit.
“Bucky?” You were nervous to ask, but you wanted to experience this.
“Mmhm?” His head tilted to the side, but he didn’t stop his fondling.
“Will you--” You paused as Bucky crawled up your body, pressing kisses into your skin. “Will you make my legs shake?”
Bucky’s head whipped up, eyes meeting yours with a fire blazing behind his. His jaw tensed and you weren’t entirely sure what he was thinking.
“It would be my goddamn pleasure, Y/N.”
You felt fingers in your hair as you were roused from a peaceful sleep. Your nose scrunched as you buried your face further into the warm pillow beneath you.
“Don’t start something you aren’t ready to finish, dolly.”
Bucky’s gruff voice sounded off from above your head, his fingers still fumbling in your hair. His opposite hand was tracing random shapes onto your exposed shoulder. You pulled back a bit, a smile working its way across your face as you looked up to him.
“You feel okay, dolly?”
You went to answer when the door of Bucky’s room burst inward with Sam tossing a water bottle toward the bed.
“Yo! If we’re going to get this run in this morning we’ve gotta get cracking!”
“Sam!” Bucky yanked the covers over your shoulders, concealing you from Sam’s view.
“Oh my god!” Sam backed out of the doorway only to turn his head and shout, “Nat! Nat! Natasha!”
“Why the hell are you yelling at me?” Sam pointed into Bucky’s room where you were cuddled against Bucky’s bare chest. “What’s up, Y/N?”
“Hi, Nat.” Your voice was soft as Bucky played with the ends of your hair.
“Leg shake?”
“Big time.”
“Okay! Everyone out of my room, I’ve got a girl to ravage again!” Bucky quickly turned and covered your body with his as Natasha and Sam left the room in a fit of giggles.
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