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accidentally in love. (part five)
Summary: after bucky barnes gets injured during a mission, you end up moving in with the avengers where your life changes forever.
Pairing: Bucky x Female!Reader
Warnings: angst, humiliation, Natasha, explicit themes, 18+ (some things i cannot reveal due to plot issues)
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A/N: so here we have part five! halfway there, my dudes! now things are heating up for real! hopefully you'll like this one - don't hate me too much, ok?
A/N 2: reblogs and comments are always appreciated around here! your feedback is really valuable, so don't be shy! happy reading!
3 months ago
"You look gorgeous tonight, Y/N." The silver haired smiled at you.
You knew he was flirting with you but you tried to brush it off. You weren't really in the mood for any romantic endeavors. Especially not tonight.
It was the engagement party of Bucky and Natasha. That was enough for you to just mop around in the furthest corner of the room with a glass of champagne as you tried to swallow down your feelings with each gulp.
The happy couple had made an entrance. Bucky had an arm lazily wrapped around Natasha's waist as she leaned to his side. Both of them wearing their best smiles.
Sierra and Luke asked you what was going on with you tonight, but you just said you were tired and had a headache.
"How do you know my name?" You asked confused the speedster in front of you.
He shrugged smiling at you. "I heard your friends calling you." He nodded to where Luke and Sierra were standing, drinking and laughing. They both gave you a worried look but you just smiled at them, trying to reassure them you were ok.
"Oh." You said draining the fourth glass of champagne. You quickly grabbed another one from the salver the waiter was carrying around, offering people drinks. Of course, he didn't know you name, he just heard. Why would he know the name of a low rank agent?
"Don’t you think you drank a bit too much?" He cocked an eyebrow.
You rolled your eyes. "It's a celebration. We are supposed to drink." You took another sip from your drink.
He opened his mouth to speak, when you heard a female voice calling him.
"You better be going." You nodded towards the auburn haired girl who was waving at him to join them.
He sighed. "I'll see you around, Y/N." He smiled before he got lost in the crowd.
"Yeah." You let out a breath, finishing your drink.
The night was going to be a long one.
"You look gorgeous, Y/N." Pietro said as he scanned you up and down.
You, Bucky and the Maximoff twins decided to go shopping for Tony's birthday party, after Wanda insisted that you should all look absolutely dazzling.
You were still staring in the mirror in front of you, pulling, fixing the fabric in every place. You always looked a little awkward in formal dresses.
"I think we found a winner," Wanda smirked and turned around to Bucky. "What do you think, Buck?"
Bucky was staring at you from the mirror. You had your back to him but you were looking at his reaction from the mirror. He looked dazed. His blue eyes were drinking your form and you almost squirmed in your place under his intense gaze. He didn't speak and you felt disappointed.
"Maybe I should-" you started saying as a way to save your embarrassed state.
"You look beautiful." Bucky cut you off. "You are beautiful, Y/N. You are always beautiful." Your eyes were on his as he was looking at you with a feeling you didn't want to let yourself believe was real.
"Then, it's settled. You're buying this." Wanda stated, smiling.
You smiled back. You tried to hide your nerves, your beating heart and the sadness that suddenly overtook you.
As you undressed back into the changing room, you let out a shaky breath. You ran a hand through your hair. You had to be strong. You had to control this. 
You had to. For your sake. And for Bucky’s.
And for everyone else involved.
"All done." You said smiling as you fixed Bucky's tie around his neck.
"Thank you, Y/N." Bucky said as he took one last look in the mirror. He frowned a bit at the reflection.
"Is there anything wrong?" You furrowed your brows.
"I don't like these clothes that much." He touched the fabric of his shirt. "And my hair don't match the style." He ran a hand through them.
You chuckled. "That can be fixed." You said.
He turned around and looked at you confused.
"Sit down." You pointed to the edge of the bed.
You grabbed the brush and a hair tie and started working through his hair. You combed through them, getting rid of the knots as you heard Bucky sighing in content. You were glad he couldn't see you as you bit your lip to prevent your smile. You tied his hair into a ponytail, smoothing the hair that was flying out of the sides.
"Ready." You jumped up from the bed. "Now, if you excuse me, I need to change as well."
Bucky went to the mirror, whipping his head left and right, looking at the hairstyle you gave him. "I like it." He smiled.
And you smiled back.
There was a knock on the door and went to answer to find Steve all dressed up.
"Good evening, Y/N." Steve smiled at you, "Is Bucky ready?" He asked.
You called Bucky to the door.
"I want to go with Y/N." Bucky said to Steve.
"I'll be there in a little while. I need to change, Bucky. Wanda is coming to do my hair and makeup." You explained.
"I'll wait for you." He said stubbornly.
"Buck," Steve's eyes softened, "all the guys are waiting. We need to be with Tony. It's his birthday after all. We don't want to leave him alone with the guests. The girls will come later."
Bucky looked at you and you nodded softly. "Go, Bucky. I'll see you there."
"Fine." Bucky agreed.
But before he left, he leaned in and kissed you on the cheek, whispering, "Thank you for the hairstyle, doll."
When the door closed after they left, you were still trying to catch your breath.
“Last time I wasn’t able to charm you enough, since my sister had the worst possible timing, but now, I think I’m given a chance.” Pietro smiled widely at you as he took a spin. You giggled at his reaction.
You arched an eyebrow, your flute of champagne in one hand. “Oh so that’s what you were trying to do... I had forgotten about this.”
Pietro stopped in front of you. “How could you forget about me?” He placed a hand on his heart, fake-hurt. “But then again, you did have a couple more glasses...” He trailed.
You snorted. “I wasn’t drunk. Just... happy.” 
Pietro cocked an eyebrow. “Yeah, sure. You looked really happy." You rolled your eyes but didn't say anything; instead you took a sip of your champagne.
"Where's the soldier?" Pietro asked curiously. "He's usually your right hand man." He winked.
You scoffed. "He's with Steve. Steve insisted to show him around. Maybe this would trigger some of his memories back. The engagement, perhaps." You shrugged, looking around the crowd. You spotted them easily as their figures were hard to miss in a crowd.
Bucky was really handsome tonight, which of course didn't go unnoticed by you. You had actually helped him pick up the suit and tie.
Pietro followed your gaze and noticed the way you were looking almost nostalgic at Bucky.
"You know, I may not be the sharpest," Pietro spoke grabbing your attention, "but the way you look at him is exactly the way he looks at you all the time now."
You felt your heart stopping at his words. Your eyes fell to the glass of champagne in a desperate need to hide your blush.
"You don't have to feel embarrassed or anything." You shifted your eyes to him to find him smiling at you. "Just," he let out a breath, "I don't know if it's going to end well."
You chuckled dryly. "It's not gonna end, because nothing is going to start, Pietro." Pietro just looked at you, and you sighed. "This is just a temporary situation. As soon as Bucky remembers, I'll be out of the picture. I'll be the low rank agent I was and he'll be Sergeant Barnes who is engaged with Natasha Romanoff. Everything will go back to normal."
"Are you sure everything will go back to normal?" Pietro asked.
"Yes." You said. "Bucky may be living his amnesiac life, but I need to live in reality." You sighed and then smiled at him. "Do you mind grabbing another drink with me?"
"Oh," Pietro smirked, "so you're now trying to charm me?"
You shrugged. "Does it work?"
"Hell yes." He chuckled and grabbed your hand leading you to the bar.
You giggled at him, almost missing the look Bucky gave you two.
"Agent." Your body almost froze when you heard that voice.
Pietro had left after being called by Wanda and you were half pleased not having someone picking up on your sorrow. All you wanted to do was make yourself invisible in the corner of the room, drinking until the night was over.
You turned around slowly.
"Sergeant." You said almost choking.
Bucky's face was serious at first, looking at you like he always did during missions. But then, his face broke into a smile.
"Y/N, are you having fun?" He asked so casually that your eyes almost widened at his tone.
You took a couple of seconds to recover and make sure that he was really there, in front of you, chatting you up.
"Yeah," you stuttered unsure, "yes."
"How come you're on your own? Or maybe you are here with someone?" His eyes trailed to where Pietro was standing with Wanda.
"No, I- I'm here with a couple of friends." You nodded towards where Sierra and Luke were at the bar, having another go at the drinks.
"Oh." He said.
There were a couple of seconds of silence, but you decided to break it off.
"Congratulations." You smiled lightly. Bucky looked confused for a second. "On your engagement. Congratulations. I wish you the best."
Bucky smiled but he looked far away somehow as his eyes were focused on the glass of his drink.
"Thank you, Y/N." He looked at you and you felt your breath being knocked out of your chest. "I-"
"Buck! Come here a second. We need you to clear some things up." Steve called him, a grin on his face as he was surrounded by Tony, Clint and Bruce.
Bucky sighed. "I better go." He smiled apologetically and you nodded. "Goodnight, Y/N." He lingered a bit more before joining the rest of them.
"Goodnight, Bucky." You whispered to yourself as you drained another glass of champagne.
"Y/N." You saw Bucky approaching you and stopped laughing at what Pietro had just said.
"Hey." You greeted him shyly.
"You look stunning." He smiled and you felt your cheeks heating up.
"Y/N, I'm just going to catch up with birthday boy - more like old man." Pietro grinned before giving you a quick peck on the cheek which raised a reaction from Bucky.
Pietro vanished which left you and Bucky alone.
"What's the deal with him?" Bucky asked immediately.
"Pietro?" You asked confused. "We're friends." You shrugged.
"It doesn't seem like that." He muttered as he took a sip from his whiskey.
"I don't understand-" you were cut off by the presence behind Bucky.
"Bucky." Natasha smirked as her attention was focused on him, completely ignoring you. She looked amazing in that dress and instinctively you tried to cover up yourself.
Bucky didn't answer just looked at you as you were looking down on your glass.
"Care to offer me a drink? Or maybe a dance? You used to love old school dancing." Natasha was now in between you and Bucky trying to catch his attention.
She reached out to him, offering her hand and you dared to lift your eyes as your gaze met Bucky's. You just nodded to him mouthing a 'go' but he didn't seem to budge. You mouthed 'please' and he just looked at Natasha as she took her hand and led her to the dance floor.
You gulped the rest of the drink now.
It was like you were transported back.
Natasha and Bucky moved swiftly on the dance floor. One hand looped around her waist while Natasha's was resting on his shoulder.
They looked happy.
They had everything you never had and you never would.
You were miserable.
"Penny for your thoughts?" You jumped at the voice.
"You scared her, Luke." Sierra giggled.
"Awww little Y/N was in her own world." Luke said with a fake baby voice.
"Asshole." You muttered under your breath, taking another sip from a new glass of champagne.
Luke quickly took it away from your hands before your lips touched the glass.
"Hey!" You whined as you tried to reach for the glass but Luke held it away from you. He was a lot taller than you and right now, you hated him for that.
"Don't torment her, Luke." Sierra chuckled. "She looks cute when she's drunk."
"I'm not drunk!" You turned around quickly to argue with her. A little dizzy, you pouted at her. OK, maybe you were quite... tipsy.
"You’re not?" Luke quirked a brow.
You huffed as you marched to the bar to get yourself a new drink. Luke was calling you but you tried to block him. You felt the room spin a bit, but you made it to the bar. You ordered a new drink and you were ready to turn around and go to where Luke and Sierra were standing when you collided with another person.
You gasped as you felt the drink spill all over the other person.
"I'm so sorry-" you started to apologize when your eyes lifted to look at the face of the person you just had drained your drink on.
Like the drink, you felt your blood drain from your body as you looked at those green eyes which were looking at you with pure anger.
"You better be." Natasha hissed.
You were dead.
“Fancy seeing you here.” Luke whispered in your ear as you watched Bucky and Natasha dancing. Natasha was smiling, even though you couldn’t tell if it was real or not, while Bucky kept looking over her shoulder, giving you a small, sad smile, as his feet moved perfectly in sync.
You were still staring them, the glass of champagne touching your cheek that was heating up by the minute. 
Luke sighed. “I see you still like to torture yourself in public events.” 
You scoffed turning around to look at him. “How come you’re here?” 
Luke chuckled at your reaction. “You know, just because you’re an elite now, doesn’t mean that us, simple and humble agents don’t get invited to fancy events.”
You quirked an eyebrow.
“Ok, Stark invited me as a ‘thank you’ for keeping my mouth shut.” Luke said and you smirked. “But I see nothing changed since the last time. You’re still looking at him with those puppy eyes and you’re still drinking.” He pointed to your drink, which he swiftly took away and drained it.
“Hey!” You objected but he only smirked at you.
“I don’t want a repeat of last time’s events.” He said seriously and you sighed. 
“Y/N.” Bucky said and you turned around to find him, scanning Luke up and down.
“Bucky.” You said. 
Luke just gave a nod to Bucky but he didn’t seem intimidated by his presence as he used to be when Bucky was his Sergeant.
““Y/N,” Bucky turned his focus at you, “would you mind dancing with me?” He held his hand open. You stared at it, then back at Luke and back at Bucky again.
“Um,” you stuttered, “sure.” You said finally which made Bucky smile.
You offered him his hand and he clasped it in his.
“That’s definitely not what had happened last time.” You heard Luke mumble before you were whisked away by Bucky.
You were dancing for God knows how long. Bucky’s smile was so bright that you couldn’t help but smile as well. You were so wrapped up in your little bubble that you forgot that this place was packed with people that didn’t know about Bucky’s accident and that they still thought about Bucky being engaged with Natasha.
A camera flashing brought you back to reality.
Of course, they were photographers. It was Tony Stark’s birthday party. 
This was not good. 
You slowly detached yourself from Bucky, your smile long gone.
“What’s wrong, Y/N?” Bucky asked concerned. 
You tried to speak, but you felt an arm snake around your shoulders.
“Oh there you are. Come on. Birthday boy is ready to cut the cake.” Sam grinned at the both of you.
You gave him a nervous smile, nodding as you followed him to where the rest of the team was gathered around Tony while everyone else was standing opposite them, along with the photographers, ready to capture the great Tony Stark turning a year older.
When you reached them, you were ready to walk to where Luke and the rest of the guests were, but Sam grabbed your hand.
You looked at him confused. 
“You’re joining us there.” Sam smiled and you tried to object but he guided you towards the rest of them along with Bucky.
You felt so awkward being next to the Avengers at such an event, seeing the flashing lights of the cameras as Luke winked at you. God, what people might think about you sneaking into the Avengers. Everyone would hate you. This was just temporary and when you returned back to where you were, people whom worked along, would turn their backs at you.
“Relax.” You heard Wanda’s voice as she looked at you. She was speaking inside your head. 
You let out a shaky breath, as Bucky’s hand found yours. You tensed at the touch and tried to yank your hand away so nobody would see, but thankfully, you were half-hidden behind Sam and Steve, so you let yourself relax.
The lights were low as everyone was singing ‘happy birthday’ to Tony which you found so endearing. His smile was so bright, like a little kid and you couldn’t help but smile yourself. When he blew the candles out, everyone clapped and each one from the Avengers hugged and kissed him. 
When it was you turn, after wishing him ‘happy birthday’, Tony whispered in your ear, “I have a surprise for you.” 
You broke the hug, looking at him confused but he only winked.
Tony took the microphone and started speaking. “Thank you, everyone for being here tonight and celebrating this special day with me.” He smiled. “I appreciate it a lot that you helped me show the world that another year has passed making me wiser, stronger and more handsome.” The crowd erupted in laughter. “But let me take this opportunity, to also thank every agent that has done the best they could, helping us save as many lives as possible.” People started clapping. “And talking about agents saving lives, I would like to make an announcement.” He paused and turned around to look at you. Your heart was thudding so fast, palms sweating and you wanted to scream and bolt out of here. “Y/N Y/L/N has been a valuable agent that through her hard work has helped not only gain valuable information to save lives, but has saved lives herself while risking hers.” You took a quick glimpse at the crowd of people who were now staring at you. “So, with great pleasure, I would like to officially welcome Y/N Y/L/N to the team.” 
Tony grinned at you as he motioned for you to come near him. Your feet were stuck to the ground, as you felt hands, pushing you gently next to Tony.
“Welcome to the team, Y/N!” Tony hugged you and you awkwardly tried to hug him back as you were in pure shock. 
When the microphone was put in your hands, all you wanted to do was throw it away and run. 
“Thank you for this opportunity. I’ll try to do my best.” You only said before quickly giving the microphone back to Tony.
“She’s shy.” Tony waved to the audience. 
You quickly moved back to where you were standing, avoiding eye contact with everyone but Natasha who was clenching her fist so hard, her knuckles turned white.
The party continued as Tony said to everyone and you quickly bolted away and made a beeline for the bar. You needed a drink. Or many. 
You took your first sip and almost spat it, when you saw Natasha standing in front of you, gripping a glass of champagne in her left hand. “Congratulations.” She said sharply. 
“Natasha, I-” you started to speak but she cut you off shoving you back into the isle of the bar. 
“You,” she hissed, “you took everything from me.” Her green eyes were bloodshot red. Her breath was fanning your face. “You are ruining my life.” And with that, you felt the cold liquid of her drink all over your dress.
She detached herself from you as she smirked down to where your dress was stained with champagne. You looked in pure shock at your drenched chest down to your lower tummy. 
Everyone was now looking at you and Natasha’s face completely changed. 
“Oh my God, Y/N.” She touched your arm, “I’m so sorry.”
“What happened?” Steve asked as they were now all surrounding you. 
“I tripped and I spilled my drink on Y/N. Oh my God, I’m so sorry.” She kept blubbering in fake distress. 
You looked at her in shock.
“Y/N.” Bucky reached you but you took a few steps away. You looked at everyone. The team, the crowd. Wanda gave you a sympathetic smile while Pietro looked Natasha in disdain. The photographers kept taking pictures and you were just standing there like a clown in a circus. 
The nightmare of last time was repeating itself.
“I’m sorry.” You whispered before leaving the room.
You had to get away from there.
As soon as you were out of sight, the tears started spilling.
“You’re the dumbest person that I have met.” Natasha barked at you. “You fucking ruined my dress. Who the fuck invited you, a nobody, in my party?” She kept raising her voice, attracting attention. 
“I didn’t mean to-” you whispered but she cut you off.
“You didn’t mean what?! To ruin my special day?!” Natasha yelled. 
“Natasha.” Bucky touched her arm in an attempt to calm her down. “People are looking.” He said calmly.
“She fucking ruined my dress with her drink.” Natasha accused you as you tried to swallow the lump that was forming in your throat. 
“I’m sure she didn’t mean to.” Bucky tried as he gave you a soft look that only made you feel worse somehow. 
Bucky tried to calm her down as she kept whining about the dress. You found your opportunity to slip away from the scene. You needed to be as far away as possible.
This public humiliation was enough to make you hate yourself for the rest of the year. 
The tears were streaming down your face when you reached the bathroom. You took a look at yourself in the mirror and almost cried harder. 
You had to leave this party. 
You quickly wiped your tears away with a tissue before exiting the room.
“Are you ok?” His voice made you stop in your tracks. 
You turned around to find Bucky, one hand in his pocket, looking handsome as ever. 
“I’m sorry about Natasha’s, I mean, Agent Romanoff’s dress. I’ll make sure to pay for any damage-” You were cut off as Bucky was now standing right in front of you. 
You were looking down at your shoes, but Bucky lifted your head with his fingertips. His touch was burning your skin. 
You were staring at each other and he wiped a few tears that had managed to slip from your eyes. 
“Natasha is being dramatic.” He muttered. “Don’t worry about that.” 
You were looking at him in surprise. His tone, his touch, his eyes, were enough to make you speechless. 
When his hand dropped from your face, you felt cold again. Reality hit you.
“Goodnight, Y/N.” He smiled as he walked down the corridor, disappearing.
That night was still haunting you.
“I knew that I’d find you here.” 
You quickly wiped away the tears. 
When you left the party, you immediately opted for the rooftop. You needed the fresh air and the noise from the city the roof top provided.
Pietro took a seat next to you. “Wanda is trying her best to keep Bucky from storming in here.” You shook your head chuckling. “You have no idea the scene he caused in there after you left.” You furrowed your brows and Pietro smirked at you. “Oh yeah, Natasha had to bolt out of there.” 
You sighed. “Is this how it’s going to be?” You asked as you lip quivered at the thought that you had to co-exist with a person that hated your guts. “Am I going to be constantly looking over my shoulder?” You rasped and Pietro looped his arm around your shoulder bringing you closer to him. You let a choked sob as you hid your face in his chest.
“You need to talk to her, Y/N. You need to stand your ground. This is not your fault. She’s acting so entitled for something she shouldn’t.” Pietro was rubbing your back soothingly. 
You lifted your head to look at him. “She is kinda right though. I mean, who in the world wouldn’t be jealous that her fiancé is always with another woman. She loves him.” Pietro sighed and you saw that he was holding back from saying something. “They were the golden couple and now because of me Bucky doesn’t even stand being around her for a couple of seconds.”
“Look, Y/N, not everyone is how they appear.” You frowned at that and Pietro run a hand through his hair. “Just set your boundaries. You don’t deserve to be treated like this.” 
You sniffled. “What should I do?”
“Talk to her. Who knows? Maybe she’ll finally understand.” Pietro said and you nodded. “Now,” he stood up offering you a hand, “come on, Bucky is like a wild animal in a cage.” 
You chuckled as he helped you up. 
Now, all you had to do was talk to Natasha.
You were walking to your room as Wanda had informed you that he was waiting for you there, when you passed by Natasha’s room. 
Maybe that was an opportunity. You’d just knock, see if she was there and talk to her. You couldn’t take another day with you tiptoeing around her. 
You stood there; ready to knock when you heard movement from the other side. 
Instinctively, you hid behind the wall. Maybe you weren’t ready to face her just yet. What if she was still angry? Well, of course she’d still be angry. It’s been a couple of hours only.
You heard the door opening and you tried to take a glimpse of her.
Then, you saw it. 
Natasha was standing there with another man kissing. His back was turned to you, but you could definitely recognize Natasha’s red hair. 
They broke the kiss and Natasha was smiling at him. You couldn’t hear what they were saying, but Natasha seemed... happy. You never saw her smile like that. At least not when you were around. 
They kissed one more time, before the guy started walking away, his back still facing you.
“Oh, wait!” Natasha called and the guy stopped in his tracks. 
The guy turned around and his whole tall form was clear as day.
You gasped as your eyes widened in shock.
You walked back to your room.
When you opened the door, Bucky was immediately on you, hugging you tight, asking if you were alright.
“I’m fine, Bucky. Don’t worry.” You smiled at him softly. 
“Are you sure? I don’t want anyone to hurt you, Y/N. I won’t let anyone hurt you.” He mumbled as his face was buried in the crook of your neck. His body was covering yours and you inhaled deeply. 
You felt safe.
You felt like you belonged there. In his arms. You knew it wasn’t right to feel that way. That this was just temporary. But you were only human. And right there and then, all you could focus on was Bucky’s warmth and his heart beating. 
Bucky kept rubbing soothingly your back, the trails his fingertips were leaving almost burning your skin. You didn’t want this to stop. His breath was tickling your neck as his hair was touching the side of your face. Why was it so wrong when it felt so right?
You hated yourself for enjoying this. You hated Bucky for making you fall deeper in love with him when you knew that this would be over in an instant when his memories came back. You hated the bomb for ticking off and making Bucky losing his memory. You hated Tony for making you join the Avengers and you hated that you agreed to stay here, in the same room as Bucky, the guy you were madly in love with when he was engaged and in love with another woman. Right now, you hated everyone and everything that happened which led you to this.
You buried yourself in Bucky’s arms.
You screwed your eyes tightly, taking a breath to calm yourself. Bucky’s scent was the only thing engulfing you. He was all over you. In your mind, in your senses, in your arms and whatever you did, you just couldn’t break away.
When you finally changed into your pajamas, you laid next to Bucky who was stuck by your side. Your fingers were twirling a strand of his hair as he was peacefully sleeping with an arm wrapped around you. 
You looked at his face. How innocent he looked when he slept. You sighed as your mind replayed the scene you had just seen unfold in front of your eyes.
Natasha was with another guy. She slept with another guy.
She was cheating on Bucky with another man.
When you saw him turn around, your heart dropped to your stomach. 
That guy’s face was stuck in your head.
He was the guy that Natasha was cheating on Bucky who had no idea about anything that happened. Bucky who was in his own world, confused, didn’t know that his fiancé was cheating on him.
You almost wished you never saw that. That you never walked by Natasha’s door to talk to her.
You wished you never saw that guy’s face.
Because that guy - it was Luke.
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drdoomentia · 5 months
Banner: listen, hulk feels conflicted about training with you.
Y/n: what’s the matter hulk? Sounds to me like you are scared.
Hulk: Hulk is over his conflicted feelings.
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buckyalpine · 2 months
I love my Grumpy Bucky !! He’s secretly a softie , I know he is ! So I have another ask for him ! Bucky being a literal asshole to anyone and everyone !! Except his girl that he has heart eyes for . When he’s being flirted on he is borderline offended cause he very obviously has a girl and he’s not all that kind about turning girls down ! He’s ruthless when he’s training recruits , he’s an asshole to everyone . But his girl !? His sweet angel !? He is the softest human alive ! And Sam would tease him about it . One moment he’s longingly staring at you , tucking hair behind your ear and the next he’s staring daggers at Sam ! But then you hop on his lap and his back to being your sweet , soft boyfriend ! At home he’s laughing to something silly you’re doing , tackles you on the sofa and tells you how much he loves you ! He’s not shy of PDA either . Kisses too deep for people to be around , possessive hands . He just looks like a meanie when he’s out 😂
YES YES YES YES. Bucky's entire essence is being a complete teddy bear for you and you alone.
Honestly, imagine the new recruits are all whispering about getting to train with Sergeant Barnes.
"I heard he has a girlfrined through"
"I know right?"
"How cares, we'll see how loyal he is when I'm grinding on his fat di-
"Oh my god, he's going to hear you!"
"Good, then he'll know what to expect"
Bucky heard it all and he's absolutely offended. He feels sick. How could anyone think they could replace his angel, fuck no. He's already stoic around everyone, but knowing the trainees are trying to get into his pants knowing he has a girl? He's ruthless.
First of all, he doesn't let them touch him. No. Ew. He calls over some of the senior trainees and directs them on what to do with the newbies, critiquing their form the entire time (not for no reason, but he's much less kind about it)
Imagine their faces when you walk into the gym and he just melts. He's such a puppy for you, his eyes are sparkling, hes grinning when you make your way over to him.
"Hi babygirl"
"Hi Sergeant"
Oh what that word does to him when it comes from your lips. He kisses you deeply, keeping his hands on you for longer than necessary. The girls are rolling their eyes and avoiding eye contact and honestly he doesn't care cause he's not doing it to show them shit. He's doing all this cause he's just that in love with you.
Sometimes, he gets lost in how adorable you look, just staring at you with heart eyes while you telling him about you day. He's playing with a piece of your hair, tucking it back and Sam is having a fucking field day with this. He can't believe what he's seeing, Bucky Barnes blushing and simping and so deep in love. Bucky's heart eyes disappear when he narrows his eyes at Sam, who is still snickering.
You don't even notice, you happily sit on his lap, still talking about your day and your little puppy is back, his nose is nuzzling your cheek, hes peppering kisses onto your face.
The team is watching a movie and he's making his way downstairs. All he sees is you. You grin when you see your boyfriend approaching, giving him grabby hands. He tackles you onto the sofa, kissing you all over, wrapping his arms around you, trapping you.
"Hi angel!"
"Hi baby bear" You giggle, your nose nuzzling with his.
The team doesn't know what to do with themselves, they don't understand what's happening.
"Did she just call him baby bear?"
"Am I high"
They get used to it eventually, but only parts of it. Bucky gives no fucks; he will pick you up and pluck you onto the counter, making out with you like a horny teenager, fucking 8 in the morning while Steve just wants to grab his coffee.
Possessive hands. All over. You're always in his lap, he's always touching you in some way. When he's really in a mood, he marks you, sometimes in places only you can see but when this one agent gets too close to you, he makes sure he marks you in a way no one will look at your twice.
But when he's back with you, wrapped in your warmth, you have your sweet teddy bear again and he'll never let you forget just how much he loves you.
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themorningsunshine · 2 months
They don’t know you the way I do
Pairing - Bucky Barnes x f!reader
Based on the prompt, 'I am afraid you'll end up seeing me the way I see myself.'
Summary - Bucky overhears a conversation between some agents about the both of you and he couldn't help but agree.
Warnings - Deprecating thoughts, shitty agents and just some fluff!
Word Count - 2.6k
Tumblr media
Bucky tried to ignore them. He always did.
It had been this way since he joined the team. Steve asked him to not be bothered. It would fade away sooner or later. But it didn't. It's been a year since he came into the tower and if anything else, the whispers had increased.
Bucky didn't blame them. He didn't blame them when they didn't want to ride the same elevator as him even if it meant waiting extra for another one. He didn't blame them when they took the longer route because they didn't want to walk across the same hallway as him. He didn't blame them when they stared at his metal arm with fear and disgust in their eyes. He didn't even blame them when they would whisper about him behind his back but fall dead silent once he looked their way.
Truth was, he was convinced he would do the same if he could.
Sometimes, he could hear bits of what they were talking about him. Owing to his super hearing.
It was ....... not pleasant. They questioned his position in the team. Placed bets on how long it would take for him to get back to what he used to be. Made guesses on why Tony let him stay in the tower considering what he did to his parents.
Bucky tried his best to tune out everything they said. To not think much about their actions. They were just SHIELD agents and people working in the tower anyways. Bucky knew there was a whole world of people outside thinking about him this way.  At least the team didn't think about him like he was a timed bomb about to explode anytime.
After everything, Tony understood that it wasn't Bucky's fault. Nat was understanding considering the similarities of their past. Bruce just kept to himself, spending most of his time in the lab. With Sam, even though Bucky wouldn't admit this on his grave, he had found a friend in him. Or atleast a tolerable aquaintance.
Steve tried getting him to who he used to be. The outspoken charmer, who lived life like there was no tomorrow. But what he didn't realise was that Bucky could never be that person again. He couldn't just walk into the world picking girls, going to clubs, drinking and enjoying life. That's what 70 years with Hydra does to you.
Sometimes, Bucky felt guilty. His best friend wanted to see the Bucky Barnes from the 40s not the weapon Hydra made him or the broken, lost man he was now.
So, no, Bucky didn't really care about what the SHIELD agents had to say about him. Not until now, Not until they also included you..
You were like the morning sunshine. The kind you could travel across the country to see because just one glimpse of it could make you feel peaceful, like everything was going to be alright. With the prettiest smile he had ever seen, you could make anyone feel better, like there is always light at the end of a tunnel. Like this life is worth living.
You looked at him like he's safe. Like he's more human than weapon.
But Bucky knew better. And it was only a matter of time till you realised it too.
But that didn't happen. You didn't treat him like he was a timed bomb, or a weapon, or like he was delicate glass, who would break at the slightest pressure.
So, no, Bucky didn't like what he heard today. For the first time in so long,, the whisperings bothered him. Because, they were true and they included you.
It was a pretty much normal day at the compound. As normal as a house of the Earth's mightiest heroes could be. Bucky was walking in after his morning run when he heard it.
There were a couple of agents. Bucky didn't want to listen to them. He really didn't but to hell with his super hearing.
They were talking about him. Bucky sighed inaudibly. Why couldn't this elevator come anytime sooner? It was just the usual stuff. How he shouldn't be a part of the team. How he should be in a prison after what he had committed because even if Hydra asked him to do it, it was still him. Bucky almost scoffed at the word, 'asked him to'. Hydra did have a very pleasant way of asking.
Some of them were softer. Who suggested a mental asylum. Well, Bucky would rather go to a prison, he thinks.
The elevator reaches him and the doors open with a ding, that's when he hears it, your name. They were talking about you now and Bucky doesn't climb inside the elevator. That could wait.
One of the agent says how kind it was of you to get all of them cupcakes after the gruesome mission. How you were so humble even after being an Avenger. Bucky almost smiles at that. He could never get tired of listening to people talk good about you.
But then their tone changes. Their conversations include him now. And Bucky is stepping inside the elevator when he hears it.
"Hey, Nat. Have you seen Bucky?" You call out to your best friend when you find her looking into her phone. You have been searching for Bucky for the past half an hour and he was nowhere to be seen. There were no missions today and the training grounds were empty. If it had been anyone other than Bucky, you would have thought he went out but it couldn't be the case with him.
Nat looks up at you with a smirk on her face and you internally roll your eyes. It was stupid to ask her but the damage had been done so might as well go with it.
"I haven't seen him since morning. I thought you would know but it seems like your spying skills have gotten rusty." You take a jab at her and a smile crepts your face when the smirk is removed from her face.
"I haven't seen him too. He didn't show up for breakfast. Did you try calling him?"
"I did. It's switched off. I am surprised he didn't even show up for training today." You sighed as you realised this wasn't going anywhere. You had looked for him everywhere but couldn't find him. It was probably nothing, but you couldn't help but worry.
"What I am more surprised at is the fact that he knows how to switch off his mobile." Nat replies with a slight chuckle, amused at her own attempt at a joke.
"Nat." You gave her a pointed look.
"All right. Did you look for him in his room?"
"Of course. I - " You are about to tell her that it was obviously the first place you looked when it strikes you. You knew exactly where he was. It baffles you that you hadn't thought of that before.
"Ha. So, you forgot to look into his room? Great, smart ass." Nat breaks your train of thought.
You wanted to tell her that that wasn't the case but then that would be followed with more of her questions and you didn't have time for that right now. So, you just narrowed your eyes at her and walked out of the living room.
"I guess it's you whose spying skills are going rusty, but I get it. Love makes us do stupid things." She calls out to you and you couldn't thank the heavens enough that your back was turned towards her. You wouldn't admit it on your grave, but you liked Bucky, a lot, much more than a friend. Scratch that, who were you kidding? You were irrevocably in love with him. How could you not? Bucky was the most gentle, sweet and attentive person you had ever met. And the fact that he looked like that didn't help your case either.
But you hadn't told anyone. Nat had caught up to some extent but you would walk upto your grave before admitting it to her.
Before you had realised, you had reached the roof. You knew you would find him there.
You slowly walked on the roof and noticed how peaceful the sky looked today. It was beautiful and you would have stayed to admire it if it wasn't for the worry increasing inside you.
You looked around and your eyes finally landed on the slumped soldiers of the supersoldier. He looked defeated like he was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.
You slowly walked upto him and stood by his side.
"Buck?" You called out to him softly as the wind rustled your hair.
Bucky looked up and his eyes met your concerned ones. You were worried about him but he couldn't understand why. He couldn't understand why you cared so much.
"You didn't show up for breakfast or training. You should have, I kicked Nat's ass in the gym today. You should have seen her face. She blamed it on Steve distracting her." You let out a light chuckle and hoped that this would lighten his mood like it usually did, but when you looked at him, you were taken aback to see that he was still staring ahead with a grim expression on his face.
"Buck, are you okay? I am getting worried now." You asked gently, concern dripping from your voice.
Bucky opened his mouth to tell you that he was fine, that there was nothing to be worried about. But once he looked at you, all those lies died at his tongue. How could he lie to you when you were looking at him like that? With tensed brows, concerned eyes, parted lips, like you would do anything to ease his pain. He couldn't lie to you now, or ever, for that matter but he couldn't tell you the truth either.
"I - "
"Don't you dare say that you are fine, Buck. I can see it." Bucky let out a sigh and began again. "I was coming back from my run and - I - I just heard some agents talking."
Your concern changed into anger rather quickly. You hated the people who talked about Bucky that way behind his back. You couldn't understand why they just couldn't see him. Not the winter soldier or the Avenger, just him. "Bucky, don't listen to them. They don't know you. You are not what they say. You - "
"They were not talking about me. They were talking about us." Bucky interrupted you and looked away. He didn't want to see your expression when you realised what you had got yourself into by just being around him, by being his friend.
"Us?" You were genuinely confused. What could they be talking about the both of you? What could it be that got him so upset? It was common for people to assume that you were a couple. Did that bother him so much? This thought hurt you more than it should have.
Bucky thought about it for a moment. You deserved to know. Even if it meant the inevitable will happen and you would finally realise what being with him was doing to you, he had to tell you. "They were saying how bizarre it was for us to be friends. How exhausting it would be for you to have me around. How I was sucking away all your light. It's as if like - like we are the Beauty and the beast."
Your heart broke at his words. He didn't deserve it. He didn't deserve any of the harsh things that had happened to him and definitely not these words spoken by people who didn't even know him. You wanted to tell him what a lie those words were. You wanted to convince him till your last breathe that that was not so. That he was not sucking away your light, that he actually lightened up your world. But you knew those words weren't exactly the problem here. "And you believe them?" You asked in a small voice.
Bucky couldn't look at you when he nodded his head. He didn't want to believe those agents, but he couldn't help but agree. The both of you weren't supposed to be friends. It was silly of him to silently wish you could ever be anything more.
Your heart boke even more. How could he not know that you cared about him too much to even give the words of those agents any thought? That you were so concerned about him that you couldn't breathe? That you just wanted him to be happy? That you were in love with him?
"Buck.." You sighed and took his hands towards you so he faced you. When his eyes met yours, you realised there were tears threatening to come out of his baby blues.
"You should know this ... I don't care about what they think. I - " When Bucky opened his mouth to interrupt, you kept a hand on his mouth. "Please, just listen. I don't care about what they think, Buck 'cause I know that's not true. You are not a beast, you never were. You are the kindest, the sweetest, the most understanding, the most gentle, the softest and simply the best man I know. I understand that you don't think that highly of yourself right now, Buck, but trust me, I would convince you till my last breathe if that's what it takes." You removed your hand from his mouth and placed it on his cheek.
Bucky could never get tired of how gentle your touch was. In all honesty, he would hold you there for eternity if he could. If you were his. But for that to even be a possibility, he first had to voice his biggest fears, "I am afraid you'll end up seeing me the way I see myself."
You could feel tears pooling in your eyes for the man you loved, as you replied, "Look at yourself through my eyes, Buck. You'll know just how much you mean to me."
You had sad that with so much emotion, Bucky's heart skipped a beat. You were looking at him as if he had hung the moon and the stars, like he was the most precious thing in the whole world. You were looking at him the same way he was pretty sure he looked at you. Like you loved him too.
Before he could even realise what he was doing, he leans in a little.
Your heart is beating so fast, you are pretty sure he could hear it. Before you could change your mind, you lean in too.
As your lips meet, the world seems to stop. The whispers in Bucky's mind remind him not so politely how he didn't deserve it. How he didn't deserve you. But your kiss silences those whisperings and the whole world condenses around him until you are the only one comprising it.
As the necessity to breathe arose, you broke apart. But fearing that all this was a mere dream and the other will vanish, you keep close and lean till your foreheads touch eack other.
You stay like that for a long time. The only sound being your breathing. The silence conveys everything and none of you wants to ruin the moment with words.
After what could have been hours or mere seconds, you ask slowly, "Buck?"
When he hummed and you knew he was listening, you continued, "Who were the agents? I promise I'd just talk."
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jadedvibes · 2 months
A Little Superstitious
Summary: The school's football team needs a win and a certain blue-eyed player could use a kiss for good luck to help make that happen.
Pairing: college athlete!Bucky x reader
Warnings: lots of sweet fluff and a little shy bucky!
Word Count: 1.1k
Like, comment, and/or reblog to put a giant smile on my face ♡
Tumblr media
College was a stressful time, but a few things made it more bearable. The freedom, living down the hall from your best friends, social mixers, and sports. More specifically, football. 
Nothing riled up the campus and brought everyone together as well as football games on the weekend. 
And you were there for all of it. Not long after the semester started, your roommate turned best friend got into a hot and heavy relationship with the captain of the football team, Steve Rogers. 
All too quickly, they became official and this led to you attending all the socials, tailgates, and games because you couldn’t fathom letting her go alone. And of course, you were begrudgingly pulled to all the events – you definitely didn’t want to go because of the captain’s dark-haired best friend and right hand man. Your appearance at every event had nothing to do with Bucky Barnes, and you made sure to tell Sharon and Steve that every time. 
They simply smiled and nodded along, claiming that they believed you. Even when Bucky gave you his jersey so that you could match with Sharon as she wore Steve’s, the pair didn’t bat an eye. 
Steve made no mention of the way Bucky lit up when he saw you. Sharon never pointed out how much extra time you spent getting dolled up when you knew you’d be seeing Bucky. 
They didn’t say anything because they didn’t want to jinx it. The couple knew how good you two would be together, and they also knew how stubborn you both could be if they tried to push things. Steve and Sharon decided to let things happen organically, however, they certainly ran interference and made sure that their respective best friends had a clear path to see one another. 
It was the last game of the playoffs and the team needed to clinch the win to qualify for finals. Steve texted Sharon to meet him near the locker room for a quick pep talk, because nobody could motivate him like her. But you knew he really just wanted a quick makeout session to calm his nerves. 
“Let’s go, you have to come with me!” she exclaimed, jumping out of her seat. 
“No way, I don’t wanna see you getting tongued by Rogers,” you grimaced. 
“But Steve said Bucky wanted to see you,” she grinned. 
You bit your lip to suppress a smile, “He did?” 
“Yes, look,” she held up her phone to show you Steve’s text that read just that. 
“Well, okay. Maybe he needs some moral support,” you shrugged nonchalantly as you got up. 
Sharon narrowed her eyes before smirking. “I’m sure that’s it.” 
Steve greeted Sharon with a big bear hug as soon as you stepped into the hallway by the locker room. She squealed in surprise as he lifted her off the ground. 
You let out a laugh as he pulled her away to talk, muttering something about needing a good luck kiss from his best girl; leaving you alone with Bucky leaning against the wall. 
His dazzling blue gaze met yours, an amused grin playing on his lips. “Hi,” he mumbled shyly. 
“Hi, you um wanted to see me?” 
He ambled closer to you. “I did,” he cautiously reached down and grabbed your hand. The touch was gentle but the jolt that felt like a jumpstart to his heart was not; if only you knew that. 
Clear blue eyes were on yours as he brought your hand to his lips – a soft featherlight kiss that sent shivers down your spine. Bucky couldn’t stop himself from touching you, or perhaps he didn’t want to fight the pull that had enchanted him any longer. 
You tried to distract yourself from the hammering in your heart, but you couldn’t think of anything to say to fill the silence. 
“Wanted to see my lucky charm before kickoff,” he stated casually, intertwining your fingers with his.
“Bucky,” you whispered with a smile. “What’s gotten into you?” He wasn’t normally so affectionate, but you sure knew you could get used to it. 
“This game is important, and I just needed to see you,” he stated as your gaze held for one long beat.
Standing there, looking at each other like love struck fools, you started to wonder why you were dancing around something more with him. Maybe, it was time you let him know that you were ready. 
“Well I’m here. Did you want some kinda motivational speech or a kiss for good luck?” you teased, hoping you weren’t overstepping. 
Bucky’s eyebrows raised, his eyes briefly dropping to your lips. “Is the latter on the table? Because we really do need a win today,” he smirked sheepishly.
You smiled before subtly nodding your head. “I think I can take one for the team.” 
His large warm hands cupped the sides of your face before he leaned in and pressed the most tender kiss to your lips. His embrace was so delicate and careful, your heart melted in your chest. 
Tilting your head in his hold, he deepened the kiss; his tongue tracing along your lips, begging for entrance. You wrapped your hands around his forearms as you let him in, savoring the taste of him, knowing sincerely that you were already addicted. 
You didn’t part until you heard footsteps approaching, finally separating to look over at Steve and Sharon beaming brightly at the two of you. 
“Finally,” Steve blurted out, looking at Sharon with a relieved look on his face. “Hate to say it, but we’ve gotta get ready, Buck,” he smiled apologetically.
Heat rushed to your cheeks as Sharon gave you an enthusiastic thumbs up. After a playful eye roll aimed at his friend, Bucky’s gaze returned to yours – and just like that you were in your own little world. Unconsciously stepping close to him again, you leaned up to kiss his lips once more. 
Incapable of hiding his blush, he rubbed the back of his neck as you parted, suddenly shy for no reason. He couldn’t believe what had happened, and he was elated by the fact that he’d likely get to kiss you again real soon. 
“Go get ‘em,” you nudged him. 
Nodding with a bright grin, he pulled you into a bear hug of your own, pressing a sweet kiss to your forehead before leaving with Steve. 
Sharon gleefully hooked her arm with yours as you walked back to your seats in the bleachers. “So did you have a good talk with Barnes?” she teased.
“The worst actually,” you deadpanned, bumping her with your hip playfully.
She let out a laugh, “I’m happy for you guys.” Everyone knew it was only a matter of time. 
You scrunched up your nose, a dopey grin etched on your face. It happened, it finally happened, and you couldn't feel luckier. “Yeah yeah me too, now let’s go cheer for our boys,” you beamed, not even trying to downplay your joy. 
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angrythingstarlight · 9 months
The Perfect Place To Sit
Summary: Bucky loves all of you. From your pretty smile to your curves. But there’s one thing that he’s been begging for you to do. And all you have to do is sit. He’ll handle the rest. 
Tumblr media
Pairing: Beefy!Trainer Bucky x Plus size reader
Warnings: Smut, Oral (fem receiving), Body Worship, praise kink, Beefy Bucky is 6'4". Minors DNI.
Word count: 1.6
A/N: Written on my phone. Betad by the talented @cwbucky. Inspired by a tiktok @beach-daydreaming sent me.
|Masterlist|Beefy!Bucky Masterlist|Library|☕️|
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bucky is a smart man, one of the top in his profession. He can explain the best ways to gain muscle and change your physique. His extensive knowledge of anatomy is impressive. He can even explain the minute details of Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.
But Bucky genuinely doesn’t understand how anyone could have anything bad to say about you. Especially about the way you look. He’s perplexed when you discuss your prior relationships—unable to comprehend how someone couldn’t want you the way that he does.
He can’t fathom how anyone could let you go. Because you’re absolutely stunning in his eyes. Sweet, caring, intelligent. He chalks it up to pure stupidity because you’re perfect.
You’re everything he’s wanted, craved, needed, all wrapped up in one beautiful package.
He can’t get enough of how voluptuous and appealing you are, the way his hands fit around your curves, how your softness complements the firm, rigid planes of his body, you’re the missing puzzle piece he needed to be whole. Bucky wouldn’t change a single thing about you.
He’s convinced you’re flawless. And he’s proven that time and time again. He’s kissed and touched every stretch mark, every scar, every beauty mark with his lips, tongue, and fingers.
And he’ll spend forever in bed with you-rediscovering each one, creating a map of your body that allows him to find new ways to adore you.
You’re never too much for him.
He won’t even allow that thought to fester in your mind, not when he can’t get enough of you. Or the way your very presence makes his day better, the way your eyes light up whenever your happy, the way your body fits in his hands.
Not when he wants to devour you, love you, praise you, drown you in an ocean of pleasure and love only to revive you long enough to do it again, over and over, until it is-he is-surging through your veins. Until you feel him branded on your skin like a tattoo. Until you’re just as obsessed and captivated by him as he is by you.
You knew he was different from other guys you dated from the way he approached you. There was a sincerity and passion beneath his deep blue eyes that had you accepting his number and when he smiled at you, your heart fluttered, falling in one swift swoop to your feet. But it was the way he glanced back at you, unable to keep his eyes off of you with that same grin on his handsome face, nose scrunched, and god the way he bit his lip was positively sinful. You knew this man was going to be something else. 
And you were right.
Bucky treats you like you’re a goddess and his only purpose in the world is to kneel at your feet and cherish you. And when he can’t kneel, he’ll settle for you sitting on him.
Bucky groans under his breath, his large hands flex, digging into your ass. You know the rough pads of his fingers are going to leave bruises tomorrow.
Is there any part of you that he hasn’t left a mark on?
The thought crosses your mind, causing your eyes to slide to your chest. No, there isn’t. A laugh bubbles up as you admire the collection of hickeys he’s sucked on your skin. He’s so damn possessive, always leaving his claim engraved along every inch of you, from the curve of your throat to your sensitive thighs.
The very thighs wrapped around his head. Well, nearly wrapped around his head.
You hear his growl again, a displeased groan deep in his throat, and it snaps your attention back to him. Your pussy clenches down. Hard. Reminding you much you want his mouth on you. You’re getting wetter and wetter, throbbing so much its almost painful. All because Bucky Barnes is under you, his intense gaze is on your dripping cunt, his pink tongue slowly laving his bottom lip.
He’s staring at you with an undisguised lust; you’re his favorite dessert and all he wants to do is dive in. But there’s only one thing holding him back. Blue eye flick up to yours. Waiting. For you to give him what he wants.
Gripping the headboard, you let out a sigh. “Okay, but what if I...you know-“ you start, voice trailing off as heat floods your face.
Bucky is no help. “What if you do what, Bunny?” His smirk daring you to finish that statement.
You can’t say it aloud-your true fear thats holding you back. He knows this, but he patiently studies your face. So you switch tactics hoping to distract him.
“I can just hover and it’s fine. Really, I don’t mind. See,” you offer, lifting up another inch, your hands tighten around the edge of his headboard.
His eyes darken, and without a word, you know what he’s thinking. Wrong thing to say. And it’s definitely the wrong thing to do—taking away his pussy after he gave you explicit instructions.
Bucky lifts his head until his lips brush over your drenched pussy, his gaze pierces your wide eyes. You shiver as his breath caresses your skin.
“I did not tell you to hover. That shit is insulting, Bunny. I want you to sit. And when I say sit-“ he pauses to slap your ass, you hear the smack before you feel the heat of his hand ripple across your cheek, you jerk forward with a soft cry. “I mean sit.”
Bucky’s head falls back on the plush pillow and he grabs your waist, massaging you with his strong hands, your skin prickles from the contrast of his warm, calloused fingers and the cool, smooth metal fingers tracing circles on your hips.
“Suffocate me Bunny. Drown me. Let me eat until I can’t anymore. Seriously, if I leave this world with my face buried in your sweet pussy, then fuck yes-” he draws out the word, eyes closing briefly while he imagines it, “-that’s how I want to go and you better not take that from me. You let me go out doing what I love,” he passionately rants, his voice deepening with every word.
Your mouth drops open and you laugh, a shocked, breathy sound that echoes across the room until it slowly dwindles into a gasp. Oh, he’s serious.
His eyes drift down from yours and land on your pussy and he moans. The sound is so faint; you wonder if you imagined it, but then his lips part.
“Sit on my face, please Bunny, trust me. Let me take care of you.” He begs, the gravelly, almost desperate quality of his voice shoots straight through your belly, winds around your spine, and pulls you down.
“God yes,” he sighs, his hands bringing you even closer. “Thank you. Finally, Bunny.”
He licks a long, thick strip up your pussy. Languidly tasting you before flicking the end of his tongue around your clit in an intricate design. Bucky swears he’s in heaven, nothing has ever tasted or smelled as good as you.
“Oh, ohohyes.“ Your head drops between your arm, your hands clutching the headboard for dear life as he devours you. That’s the only way you can describe what Bucky is doing to your pussy right now. His obscene, deep moans are drowning out your own and you get impossibly wetter when you hear how much he loves eating your pussy. Flattening his tongue, he licks your clit in steady pulses that send pleasure up your spine. Bucky lets go of your hips, two of his warm, long fingers push into your cunt, gliding across your silken walls, thrusting slowlyslowlyslowly, in and out until you’re grinding on him. Soft pants escape your lips, your eyes flutter shut and you lose yourself in the sensations that pulse through you. 
That’s what he wants, he thinks, murmuring a soft good girl into your cunt. He sucks your clit into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue. It’s too good. Any semblance of control shatters when he curves his fingers and finds your sensitive spot, the one that has you dropping into his face with a strangled cry, your thighs squeezing his ears as you rock back and forth, smearing his face with your arousal. “Right there, please don’t stop,” you chant. “Don’t stop.”
He won’t.
Not when you’re riding his face the way he’s been dreaming you would. He slams his fingers back inside you, stroking your spot harder and faster in tandem with his tongue, swirling around your clit. All you can do is hold and let him take over.
Bucky feels your orgasm building, rising deep within, your warm, tight walls spasming over his fingers as you let out the sexiest noises he’s ever heard. You’re almost sobbing his name and damn, you have no idea what that’s doing to him.
Buckys determined to take every last ounce of pleasure he can out of your body. Maybe that makes him greedy, but he doesn’t care.
Your orgasm bursts inside you, fiery sensations uncoiling inside you until your back arches. Your mouth goes slack and something between a moan and broken wail leaves your lips. Bucky doesn’t stop licking and sucking until your thighs are trembling and he’s drenched, only stopping when you twist away with a breathless whimper.
Placing a soft kiss on your pussy, he eases you back on the sheets. Your entire body feels like it’s buzzing, your chest heaving as you inhale a much-needed breath through your nose. Bucky cradles your face in his hands, wiping your tears away with his thumbs.
“Was it good?” he asks as if he just didn’t turn your world upside down.
“You have no idea,” you giggle, covering your eyes with your forearm. “I-I-can’t even. I never felt like that-“ you stammer, shivering from the aftershocks of your orgasm.
“It was good for me too,” he responds, moving your arm so he can place his forehead on yours. “You were so sexy, Bunny. The way you came for me-" He breaks off into a moan. "I’m already hungry for more. I think I need another taste.”
You shake your head. “You gotta give me at least a week to recover.”
Bucky rolls you onto his chest, his hands drifting down to the small of your back. “Best I can do is thirty minutes.”
You laugh at his offer, propping your chin on his chest. “Three days.”
“Three days without your pussy on my tongue? After what you did to me?” He asks incredulously, frowning. “No. Thirty minutes.”
Oh yeah, he’s something else alright. You’re going to let him do what he wants, but you can’t help teasing him. “Gimme one day and I’ll return the favor.”
He doesn’t even think about it, doesn’t pretend to consider it. His mind is focused on you and only you. “Thirty minutes.”
He stops your next counteroffer with a kiss and a warning spoken sweetly against your lips. “You really should get some rest because what I just did was the warm-up. Now that I know how good you taste, I’m really about to enjoy myself.”
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slut4buckysarm · 9 months
— Chemical Reactions | B.Barnes
au; enemy.
pairing; bucky barnes x reader.
summary; bucky barnes joining in on your solo mission was the worst part of the night. that was until the both of you got dosed with sex pollen.
word count; 3.6k.
warnings; smut [masturbation (f), finger gagging, praise, no protection, p in v], sex pollen, language, fainting, angst, blood.
Do NOT copy, repost, translate or rewrite my work.
Tumblr media
—“oil and water weren’t supposed to mix and neither were they”.
[11:26 pm].
“James! What the fuck was that!” you yell, waving your hand in front of your face but the purple mist is too thick to clear.
“Get down. Now”!
The both of you drop your bodies to the ground and Bucky looks over to you with panic in his eyes. He moves closer to you and without warning he smacks his bionic hand over your mouth and nose and flips you on top of him. “James!” your words are muffled as confusion overtakes your body. You continuously elbow his chest from above but all he does is tighten his grip.
“Can you shut up?!” he whispers in your ear.
You furrow your eyebrows together when you start to go a bit dizzy. Your hits get sloppy and you can’t seem to focus on one thing. “James…” you mumble as your grasp on his hand starts to loosen.
“James I can’t breathe.” your words are slurred, the room becoming nothing but a blur of white.
The last thing you see is the ceiling light flicker a total amount of three times before the world goes dark.
[11:47 pm].
A sharp gasp leaves your throat when you gain consciousness and your body sits up straight. Your eyes frantically look over the room and finally land on Bucky. He’s sitting in front of the bed you’re on in a cheap wooden chair, bandaging his upper arm.
“What the fuck happened”?
“Hello. How are you? I’m good. What about you?” Bucky jokes, eyes still concentrated on his wounded arm.
“Don’t give me that shit Barnes. The last thing I remember is not being able to breathe because you hand your fucking hand over my face.” you sneer. “Now explain yourself before I break that hand”.
That gets Bucky’s attention.
“Where’s my thank you?” he asks with his eyes narrowed on yours.
“My thank you. Where is it”?
You get off of the bed and walk towards him ready to deliver on your promise of breaking his hand. “What the hell are you talking about”?
“Oh, you don’t remember?”.
“Remember what”?
“The lavender smell in the air? The purple dust blinding us”?
Somethings wrong. You can sense it in Bucky’s tone. He’s one sarcastic motherfucker but even he knows that sarcasm has its limits.
“You bite your tongue any harder, it might fall off”.
“Oh, wouldn’t you like that”?
You let out a deep sigh and Bucky knows that you’re scared. “James what happened?” you ask again although you’re not completely sure you want to know the answer this time around.
“We were dosed doll. It’s a HYDRA formula that was made back when I was being held captive. Essentially what it is, is a… sex pollen”. Bucky’s smirking to hide his fear. He knows how tense these situations can get and that if the both of you don’t reach the point of an orgasm, you can potentially die.
“What? You’re kidding right?” you chuckle in disbelief.
He stays silent.
“Barnes tell me you’re fucking joking! That shits only in fairytales”!
[12:38 am].
He looks handsome. Scratch that. He looks downright beautiful. The way his orbs darken when he catches sight of you. The way the blue contrasts with a splash of white perfectly is enough to mimic the Atlantic ocean. The way his chest heaves as he takes you in.
You know you aren’t supposed to feel like this. The both of you are practically dying after all. But god you can’t help the feeling of tingling in your lower stomach.
Neither can he.
Bucky watches you as he runs his fingers through his hair moving it out of his face, the sweat that first beaded only at his hairline now getting passed throughout the rest of his locks. It hurts him to see you in pain but hell if he can rip his eyes away from you. Getting dosed with sex pollen isn’t the same for the two of you. Not only does Bucky have super-soldier formula coursing through his veins, he now has a HYDRA-made toxicant and the two mix just as well as water does oil.
To you the poison merely makes you crave him. To Bucky it makes him want to devour you. Get lost in your tastes and your smells. Thrust into you with nothing but hunger until you’re a whining fucking mess. Until your little hole is clenching around him so hard that not only do you come, be he also comes. Hard.
And it’s not like it isn’t known by everyone else that you two want each other. That you’re not really enemies.
The thought of Bucky’s perfectly sculpted abs can’t leave your head while the thought of your perky tits bouncing as your pussy soaking in your juices cant leave his. He wants nothing more than to end both of your sufferings. To throw you onto the cheap bed and relish at the sight of you naked and coming undone all because of him. All because of Bucky.
But he can’t.
The two of you are sworn enemies and never so much as give each other a smile unless it’s the result of your sarcastic natures. The sex pollen will kill both of you but giving the other the satisfaction of winning will kill you faster.
Bucky scratches his stubble as he ignores the sharp pain in his abdomen while keeping his eyes trained on yours.
"The sex pollen didn't rid you of your staring problem I see." you smile at him.
Bucky keeps quiet.
"You know what? None of this would have happened if you didn't butt into my solo mission." you spit making sure to put emphasis on the word solo. "I had it under control but no, Bucky Barnes always has to get his way right"?
If he was lying he'd say that you calling him 'Bucky' didn't hurt him a little. That name is used by everyone but you. The name "Bucky" isn’t meant for you to say. You are always to address him as 'James' and nothing but ‘James’.
It was given to him by his late mother who he loved so dearly and it isn’t a bad name to him. He actually prefers it over Bucky but it didn't feel right coming out of anyone's mouth since his mother passed away. That was until you joined the team. When you called him James, even with nothing besides hatred, he was left mesmerized by the way it rolled off of your tongue with ease. Mesmerized by how beautiful it sounded even with a tint of spite.
You can see Buckys demeanour change by how your words affect him. He leans back further into his chair and spreads his legs wider. His head lowers but his eyes stayed glued to yours, watching as you laugh at the impact your one word has on him.
It’s amusing to you even throughout the pain in your stomach and thighs.
"Oh that's funny to you?" he finally speaks with a low, harsh tone.
"I mean that's why I'm laughing".
Bucky stays silent. As much as he wants to argue back, and god does he, he's too distracted by the way your body's sitting up against the cheap cabin bed. You're wearing a S.H.E.I.L.D regulated uniform. A white camisole under a black leather jacket and the same coloured cargo pants. You've discarded your jacket a few minutes ago and are trying your hardest not to rip your top off to allow the cool breeze coming from the slightly cracked open window to make contact with your burning hot skin.
“How long until we get a quintet out here?”
Bucky doesn’t hear you. Instead, his eyes move over your body— over your chest, and your legs, and your face. “Fuck” he mumbles under his breathtaking in how beautiful you look.
“What?” you can’t make out what he just said.
“What?” he responds quickly, snapping out of his trance.
“You said something”.
His expression quickly changes to the one of before. Eyes darkening, jaw clenching, eyebrows relaxing. “No, I didn’t”.
“Yes, you did”.
Just as he’s about to retort, a sharper pain than before practically stabs his torso causing him to let out a groan through his closed teeth.
“What was that?“ you ask as you sit up straight.
“Are you okay? That sounded bad”?
“Mind your business Y/L/N”.
For the first time ever you were concerned for Bucky’s well being and he still found a way to hate you for it. You’re done and more than that you’re in pain. You need to come so bad and it doesn’t look like there’s any other way to do it.
"Fuck this" you mumble as you get up from the bed, grabbing your leather jacket.
“Where’re you going”.
“We’re trapped in a cabin in the middle of nowhere without any cell reception and I feel like I might literally die if I don’t take care of myself so that’s what I’m going to do”.
You know that he knows what you mean when you say you’re going to take care of yourself and if this had been you yesterday, you probably would have been too embarrassed to say it but you don’t care. You need release.
“Are you-“
“Can it Barnes”.
“No! You’re gonna go into the next room and what? Masturbate your way out of this?” he chuckles.
“Well it’s better than just sitting around and-” thinking about going to town on you is what you meant to say but it came out more like “putting myself through the pain”.
Bucky can’t help but smile. He knows what you want to say, what your ego is stopping you from saying. “Tell me the actual reason”.
He stands up and walks towards you making your core heat up when his face is inches away from yours. You can feel his breath on your nose and you clench around nothing with the thoughts going through your head. God, why did he make you feel like this?
“Tell me that you want me too and I can make this go away for the both of us” Bucky whispers as he leans into your ear.
You contemplate it. You would get everything you wanted right now and you wouldn’t even have to be the one that gave in. Bucky was giving you an out and as much as you so desperately wanted it you couldn’t take him up on his offer. You couldn’t risk losing what the two of you had now.
“Never ever flatter yourself like that again Barnes.” you smile as you take a step back. “It’s a pathetic look on you”.
“That’s your big ass ego talking”.
“So a girl finally rejects your offer to sleep with you and all of a sudden it’s because of her ego”?
“You think I don’t hear the way your heart beats faster every time I’m around? How I can quite literally smell how much you want me”. Your eyes widen when you hear Bucky’s words. It was no news to anyone else that you had a thing for Bucky but you didn’t know that the man you like himself knew that.
“And I’m the one with the overwhelming ego”?
You don’t let him finish before you walk out of the room and enter the other one.
[1:06 am].
After minutes of sitting at the edge of your bed and thinking about whether or not you should ignore Bucky’s words and actually take the easy route out of this, you gave in.
Your white tank and black cargo jeans are now somewhere on the wooden floor tiles of the room you are in. You’re left in your white bra and matching coloured panties. Your fingers are under the fabric that clings to your hips and are between your folds. With pleasure now overtaking your body, it’s impossible to feel the pain you were feeling before. Moans are spilling from your lips as your clit aches with every rub of your finger.
In the other room, Bucky can feel his cock throb when he hears your fingers circle your clit. The sound of your muffled whimpers and screams into your pillow, every single sound coming from your room drives Bucky insane. He doesn’t know if he can contain himself much longer. At any moment he’ll reach the brink and rip your wooden door off of its hinges. No. You need to have some control.
Although his mind is telling him to stop thinking that way, his cock is telling him oppositely. His cock hardens against his jean fabric when he hears your whines. The sound of your fingers being coated by your arousal and being pumped in and out of your pussy in a desperate attempt to heal you rings in Bucky’s ears. But just as his hand palms his crotch his eyes snap open and his face flush’s pale as he recalls the horrific memories from his time at HYDRA.
Bucky jumps out of his chair and strides towards the room you’re in, his steps taken long and fast.
“Doll you need to stop,” Bucky demands as he pushes open the door with so much force you’re sure you hear a crack when it hits the wall.
You look over at him and can’t help but be drawn closer to the edge when you see the imprint of his dick against the cloth of his jeans. “James I can’t. I need the pain to go away,” you whine as you start to pump faster.
You know you’re close to your orgasm and so does Bucky.
He walks up to you and grabs ahold of your wrist, pulling it towards him and causing your fingers to remove from inside of you.
“What the fuck?!” you yell in disbelief.
“I can’t let you do that”.
“What’re you talking about?” you groan as you feel a sharp pain strike you by your ribs.
“That’s not how it works. You can’t do it yourself. It’s meant to be done person to person”.
“You mean you and I have to have sex.” you sigh, your eyes rolling to the back of your head.
“Well don’t sound too upset about it”.
The number of needles poking your body stops you from making up a comeback. Your body quivers and your knees fold up against your chest.
“Ahhh fuck!” an anxious groan rips through your throat and Bucky’s eyebrows scrunch together when he’s put in a state of worry.
“What’s happening? Talk to me doll.” Bucky speaks as his hands grab at your face.
“It hurts. So much”.
“Shh I know. I know”.
“God. Make it go away James. Please just make it go away”.
[1:10 am].
“Once I start I won’t be able to stop”.
“It’s okay. I can handle it”.
With that, he smacks his hands into your shoulders and you’re thrown onto the bed with his eyes basically ripping you open.
Before you know it Bucky is tearing your panties off of your legs and ripping your bra from your skin. His eyes widen in awe when he finally catches sight of your bare tits, his lips immediately wrapping around your hardened nipples.
“Ah”. Your breathing speeds up when Bucky’s tongue swirls around your skin, it being more sensitive than usual due to the pollen coursing through your veins right now.
“James let me feel you. Please”. You’re practically begging as your hands start to fumble with his belt.
“God, you’re so needy aren’t ya? And if I’m being honest doll, I’m not sure it’s entirely the sex pollen.” he growls as he slides his belt out of their loops.
“See I’ve been watching you. Listening to you. To every beat of your heart and every breath you breathe. You’ve wanted me for as long as I’ve wanted you. Admit that and I’m all yours doll”.
As much as Bucky wants to let you feel him, and god knows he does, he needs you to tell him that he wasn’t the only one that has been head over heels for you for practically months now.
“Are you serious? Of course I want you. I’ve been falling for you since the moment I saw you James. Now please, please just fuck the pain away”.
Bucky’s teeth catch his bottom lip and his eyes glare at you with nothing besides lust and hunger. He pulls his pants down along with his boxers and watches how your eyes widen when you see the length of his cock smack up against his stomach.
“Oh god”. Hearing you mumble that under your breath had Bucky’s face flush pink.
“You’re not really surprised are ya?” he chuckles.
“Just hurry up” you roll your eyes.
Hearing that, Bucky pumps his pre cum down his dick a few times and lines himself up with your entrance. “Take a deep breath for me” he whispers before he slides into with ease.
“Shit. You’re so fucking tight.” he groans as he waits for you to adjust your hips closer to his.
“Alright, go” you mumble and Bucky’s never been so delighted to hear those two words before. As his cock moves in and out of you, the pain you once felt starts to leave your body. “Ah fuck! James”!
With each thrust of his hips, not only does your throat release moans that drive Bucky absolutely feral but Bucky also grunts in your ear, his raspy voice driving you insane.
“Gonna need you to quiet down”.
But you can’t. Bucky’s cock is practically splitting you in two and you’re so close to the edge you’ve been wanting to fall off for a while now. You both are.
“James fuck"! Moans keep spilling from your mouth and Bucky’s had enough. He brings his metal hand to your mouth and clutches your bottom jaw with so much pressure you think it might shatter.
“Open.” he demands and you don’t think twice before you part your lips.
Bucky slips his index and middle fingers into your mouth and presses them to the side of your cheek. The metal digs into your skin and burns a bit but you don’t care. It all feels too good to care. “Oh, you like that?” Bucky asks with his lips slightly turned up when he hears you moan into the pillow with his hand against your face.
Not getting an answer from you slightly frustrates him. “Use your words doll or I’ll have no choice but to stop”.
“Yes! Fuck yes. I love it”.
“But you’re still being too loud. M’gonna have to shut you up aren’t I”?
Just as you are about to answer you let out the loudest moan yet and Bucky smirks.
“Yeah I am,” he grunts as he pushes his fingers down your throat.
Pleasure courses through your body in ripples as you gag on his fingers.
“J-am-es!” you yell when Bucky snaps his hips into you again.
“Ah fuck. You look so beautiful”. Praises run out of his mouth like water and although they’re mostly for him to hear, you can’t help but enjoy them too.
With both of you so close to your orgasms Bucky helps give you that extra push. He brings his free hand to your lower stomach and draws tight circles on your clit with his thumb. His other fingers keep connected with the skin above and push down to keep you from squirming away.
With his thumb stimulating your clit and his cock inside of your hole your walls flutter like they haven’t before and your body jolts up, back arching. “Shit!” you cry out with tears prickling the sides of your eyes.
“You gonna be good and come for me doll”?
All you can manage to do is nod your head when his electric blue eyes roam over your sweaty body and then lock with your umber ones. “Yeah, you are. Can feel you squeezing down on my cock. Gonna milk it real good aren’t ya”?
You can’t answer but Bucky needs one.
He runs his metal fingers through your hair and tugs it back slightly. “Aren’t ya”?
“Yes fuck yes. Just don’t stop James. Please don’t stop!” you beg and he lets go of your hair and rubs his thumb down your plump lips, the bottom one slightly swollen from his teeth attacking them earlier.
“That’s what I thought. Now open up,” he demands once again and your mouth separates without hesitation. He props his metal thumb inside your mouth and slightly raises his head. Close.
Your lips wrap around the metal of his thumb and your tongue runs circles. “That’ll keep that pretty little mouth of yours busy” he mumbles as he pushes his hips against yours again.
Bucky can feel his cock twitch against your soft walls and he doesn’t know how much longer he’s going to last but he needs you to come first. He needs to know that you’re not in pain any longer before he gets over his.
Pleasure clouds your thoughts and the cabin room starts to go white. Your eyes roll to the back of your head and your hand reaches for his neck. In a few seconds, your walls tighten against his cock and your right thigh starts to shake. You let go onto him, toes curling, screaming his name.
“That’s it sweetheart” he grunts through his teeth as he nears his orgasm. The overstimulation is making your body quiver but knowing that Bucky is soon going to be rid of his pain brings you happiness. With a few more thrusts Bucky comes inside of you, his body dropping down on you. His weight is enough to crush you so you thank the gods for his forearms catching himself.
“Oh fuck”. His lips are slotted over yours and you push his body aside.
Maybe Bucky butting in on your solo mission wasn’t the worst thing.
— la fin.
please give feedback and reblog if you enjoyed.
Tumblr media
@slut4marvelcharacters @hanahkatexo
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mackenzielovee · 5 months
a series of attempts — bucky barnes
Tumblr media
Bucky comes to you with everything — everything but his true feelings. He likes his sweet, little, innocent girl. Until you choose not to play the game anymore.
warnings: swearing, manipulation on bucky's part, kissing, smut (at the end, you'll see it coming — dry humping, kissing allusion to more)
     You’d never pegged yourself as one of those people who went to bed early. You’d never been too particular about it at all — you went to sleep when you wanted and that’s that. Although you had your share of late nights, getting older and settling into a steady job brought out the most adult-like tendencies in you. 
Which is why you find yourself ready to assault whoever is on the other side of your front door, brutally pounding on it and then switching to the doorbell when that attempt deems unsuccessful. 
“What the — Buck,” you groan, letting your face fall into your hands, “Seriously?”
He smirks, “Hi, sweetheart.”
Even at three o’clock in the morning, you feel your heart soar at his raspy, tired voice. When you look up at him again, you take in his appearance. He’s been beaten up pretty bad, but the blood dripping from his knuckles tells you that the other guy looks worse. Of course he does. Bucky doesn’t play around. 
“What happened to you?” 
He laughs now, stepping closer to the threshold of your home, as if he expects you to step out of his way so he can enter. Instinctually, you do, naturally letting go of every feminine instinct you possess when he’s within ten feet of you. 
“Comes with the job. You should know that by now. Clean me up?”
“Uh — yeah. Come in,” you reply, stepping aside so he can enter. 
He smirks as he passes you, taking in your little outfit with no subtlety whatsoever. His eyes wander down the front of your tank top and once he’s past you, he tosses his head over his shoulder to check out your legs in your sleep shorts. You swallow down your objection, feeling the need to please him, especially in his state, and follow him into the kitchen. 
“Well?” he turns to you, looking handsome as ever in his bloodstained button-up. 
You freeze, “Well, what?”
When he chuckles, you feel yourself shrink. Bucky’s always had a way of making you feel small, but not necessarily in a bad way. You almost feel as if your brain shuts down when he’s around, like you automatically know that he’ll do all the thinking for you. That he’s there, so you’re safe. Provided for. If only you were spoken for. 
“You’re playing nurse, baby. Tell me where you want me.”
He watches your throat constrict, but says nothing. Instead, he just allows the smirk to grow on his lips. 
“Hop up on the counter,” you say, your voice hoarse, “Let me get my kit.”
He watches as you hurry off to collect your first aid kit from your bathroom. You grab it from under the sink, then take a quick glance in the mirror. It’s fine. It’s Bucky. Just relax. 
But it’s impossible for you to relax around Bucky. He’s been dangling himself in front of you for the better part of two years; teasing you and haunting your dreams all while you refrained from confessing just how much you love him. 
You’d given up on anything happening between the two of you when he hooked up with your best friend at your birthday party last year. To make matters worse, you’d been the one to catch them — in your home, no less, but thankfully not your bed — and you’d cried for days. Not that Bucky knew that. He knew you were pissed, sure, but he didn’t know why. And the why is the most important part of it all. 
You stop when you pick up your lip gloss tube, then toss it back down on the counter. Yes, Bucky checks you out from time to time, but he always has. You just assumed that based on his lack of attempting anything, he didn’t find you appealing enough. That thought alone could make you tear up. 
You hurry away from the mirror and back to the kitchen, freezing in the doorway when you take in the sight in front of you. Bucky’s button-up rests folded up in his lap, leaving his perfectly carved, tan chest on display. That smirk spreads across his lips again, and sometimes you swear you could just smack it right off. 
“Sorry—” you blurt, “I couldn’t find the kit.”
“Here I was thinking you were getting all prettied up for me,” he teases. 
You let out a weak and unconvincing laugh as you open up the kit beside him, removing the materials you need. 
“It’s three in the morning,” you remind him, “You get what you get when you show up at this hour.”
He laughs like he can’t help himself, then turns to you, so close you can feel his breath, “I always like what I get, no matter what time it is.”
You recoil when the scent of alcohol hits your nose, and you realize all too quickly what it means. 
“Are you drunk, James?” you question. 
“No,” he says immediately, his eyes burying into yours, “I’m not, sweetheart. I’m not. Maybe a little. What’s the problem?”
“Oh, my God—”
You move to steps away, but he grabs your wrists and pulls you to stand between his legs before you can catch your balance. 
“What’re you saying ‘James’ for, huh?” he asks, watching you squirm at the proximity, “It’s Bucky. It’s me. I’m yours.”
“Don’t say that, Buck,” you mumble. 
The words — those words — coming from him should melt your heart. You should swoon and ask him to say it again just so you can commit it to memory. Instead, you yank your hands from his grip.
“Don’t say what?” he asks, teasing smirk still present on his lips. 
“Nothing, forget it,” you reply, “Hold still.”
He watches as you tend to his wounds, and the entire time, neither of you speak a word. His gaze burns your skin, intense as ever. It never leaves you. Not even for a second. You wipe a warm washcloth over his face, removing any traces of blood. You refuse to look him in the eye while you do it, almost relieved when you move down to clean his knuckles. 
You hold his rather large palm in your hand, secretly reveling in the feeling of his warm skin on your own. You take a few extra swipes over his knuckles just so you can hold onto him longer, even though you’d never admit it. 
“You should stop fighting,” you say quietly as you wrap his knuckles, “You could get seriously hurt one day.”
“You worried about me?” he asks. 
“I didn’t say that.”
He grins, “You didn’t have to. Every single fucking emotion you have gets plastered on your face. I can read you like a book.”
Inside, you panic slightly. You try not to acknowledge what he said; to play it cool and pretend like it didn’t impact you. You listen to his low laugh, but your eyes remain glued on his knuckles. 
After another minute of his stare, you cave and sigh. 
“Of course I’m worried about you, James,” you answer. 
His jaw clenches, “Bucky.”
“Sorry,” you instantly blurt, “I just — it’s part of the job, I get it, but—”
“But,” he interrupts, “I’ll always have you to clean me up, right?”
Slowly, you nod, “Yes.”
“Good answer, baby,” he smirks. You swallow, letting silence fall over the kitchen once more. Clearly, Bucky can’t stand it, so he speaks again, “So, I found out something interesting today.”
“What?” you ask as you dab Neosporin on the cut across his palm. 
He shrugs, “You free Friday night?”
You shake your head immediately, not even thinking through your response as you say it out loud. 
“No, I have a—”
“Date,” he finishes, “Yeah.”
“How did you know that?” you ask, furrowing your brows. 
“Take a guess,” he grunts. 
You think for a moment, and when all the dots are connected in your brain, your eyes widen. His hand drops from yours and you take a step back, watching him clench his jaw. 
“You said these injuries were part of your job!” you cry, “Now you’re telling me that you beat Steve up because he asked me out?”
“That is a part of my job,” he replies, his voice deadly calm, “In fact, I like to think that taking care of you is even more important than my job.”
You have no idea what that means, but had it been said under different circumstances, you’d have swooned. Now, all you can picture is Steve, bloody and alone, with nobody to care for him. 
“I’m calling Steve,” you declare, making a run for the door. 
Bucky is off the counter and tucking his arm around your waist before you can get two steps away. You tug on his grip, but it’s no use. Even injured, he’s still way stronger than you.
“Don’t you dare,” he hisses, “You’re here with me.”
You spin around to face him, and as he takes in your expression, he notices how that desire you always hold to please him seems to be gone.
“Why are you behaving like this?” you question, raising your voice as if to make yourself seem more powerful. Less weak. 
“Why are you going out on dates?” he retorts. 
“If you haven’t fucking noticed, James, I’m single,” you snap, “I’m allowed to go on dates with men that I find attractive.”
All at once, Bucky’s anger seems to melt away. His eyes trail down your body at a slow rate, like he’s taking his time. He watches as you squirm, taking a step back every time he steps closer. You whimper when your back hits the fridge, nowhere to go now. He cages you in, pressing his chest against yours and using his height to stare you down. 
“You are, huh?” he asks, smirking, “Tell me something, sweetheart. You find me attractive?”
You mutter a response, one so low that Bucky himself doesn’t even catch it. Instead, he uses it as an opportunity to get only closer to you, bringing one hand down to grip your waist. 
“Hmm?” he hums, “What was that?”
“Yes,” you repeat, louder, “Yes, I do.”
He grins, “More attractive than Steve?”
You sigh. Suddenly your mouth feels dry, your lungs feel empty, and your blood seems to halt in your veins. 
“Yes, Buck,” you mumble. 
“Interesting,” he says in a low voice, “And yet, you and I have never gone on a date. In two years, baby. That’s a little unacceptable, right?”
“I’m not your type,” you blurt. 
His face falls, the entire facade that is Bucky Barnes breaks for a split second. He collects himself and shakes his head in confusion, then stifles out a dry laugh. 
“Excuse me?”
“Lauren was your type,” you explain, reminding him of his night with your best friend, “She’s got the whole package. And I’m just me, so—”
“Okay, no, sweetheart—”
“It’s late, James,” you stop him, patting his chest lightly, “I have to work in the morning. You should crash on the couch, I don’t want you driving while you’re intoxicated.”
He shakes his head faster, stepping closer to keep you still. To keep you from walking away from him. 
“No, I’m not finished with this conversation,” he presses. 
“I am,” you sigh, surprised at your ability to speak up to him, “Goodnight.”
     Although Bucky is gone when you wake up in the morning, you know he slept on the couch. The living room smells like him, and the pillows have been rearranged — not to mention the snoring you heard at five in the morning. 
You’d barely slept, unable to get the conversation with Bucky out of your mind. He loves to play games, and you don’t. His games don’t make sense to you, and they certainly don’t justify some of his actions. 
Your work day passes in a blur. Meetings and conference calls and email after email kept you busy enough to stay out of your mind. You don’t bother checking your phone, because you know he won’t call. 
Having nobody to go home to keeps you at the office late a lot. You work and work until you can’t, or run out of work to do, then pack up and go home, where you drag out your nightly shower for as long as possible. 
So, when you pack up and leave the office around nine, intent on going home and starting a new book, you halt when you find Bucky standing outside with flowers in his hand. He looks good, but then again, he always does. His knuckles are still wrapped and his eye is still pretty blackened, but you don’t even see any of that. Just him. 
You stop so fast that your heel drags on the pavement, your step already planned before your brain had time to stop it. 
“You’re gonna scuff up your heels,” he says, “Those are too expensive to be so careless. Cost me a pretty penny.”
Of course you’d worn the ones he bought for you. Half your wardrobe has been purchased by Bucky, despite your demands for him to stop. He never listens.
“What are you doing here?” you ask him. 
His expression wears smug, “Did we have a fight last night?”
You can feel yourself recoiling already. All he has to do is flash those eyes at you and you’re putty in his hands. He knows that. As the wind blows, it carries his cologne across the pavement, and you swear a part of you melts right then and there. You bought him that scent for Christmas. 
“No,” you say quietly. 
He smirks, “So, how come I slept on the couch and not in your bed?”
“James, you’ve never—”
“Bucky,” he reminds you, “It’s Bucky, baby. You can’t call me ‘James’.”
“I’ve always called you ‘James’.”
He chuckles, nodding his head a few times before he crosses the pavement and drops his hand, the one holding the flowers. 
“Yeah?” he questions, voice low, “You know what happens when you call me that? Huh?”
You step back, “What are you talking about?”
His laugh is dry as it rings through your ears, and before you can take another step, he wraps his arm around your waist and pulls you right back against him. His face is only inches from yours by the time you regain your balance, and he stares down at you like he can’t decide what to do first. 
“I get so fucking hard when you call me that,” he mutters, clenching his jaw, “And unless you’re prepared to help me out, I need you to stop.”
You brain seems to short-circuit at the idea that you could do something that stirs Bucky up sexually. For so long, you’d thought he just looked, but never saw anything he liked. Now, he’s admitting that you saying his name is enough. You swallow down the questions you’re dying to ask, and instead, you nod. 
“Sorry,” you murmur. 
He smiles, “Good girl. Are we okay, sweetheart?”
This question comes as he leans in, brushing his lips over your cheek. It’s not enough, it’s not what you want, and he knows it. As he told you, every emotion you feel gets broadcasted out. You’re sure Bucky Barnes knows exactly what you want. 
“Yes,” you croak. 
“Hmm,” he hums, moving his lips to your forehead, “You smell so good.”
You feel frozen; rooted to the pavement in your now scuffed heels as he drags his lips across your face. He inhales, pressing his nose to your cheek, and you pray he can’t hear your heart absolutely racing. 
“Thanks, Buck,” you reply, keeping your voice as steady as possible. 
He pulls back at that, smiling widely, “You’re so cute.”
His words drop your guard, bringing a smile out of you. He really just came here to make sure you’re okay. You press yourself into him, letting the warmth radiating from his body heat yours, too. His grin only widens at that. 
“You’re wearing the cologne I got for you,” you observe. 
He nods, “‘Course I am. It reminds me of you every time I put it on.”
“Oh,” you smile, praying your eyes don’t give away how happy that makes you. 
His hand travels up and down your back, as if he’s trying to comfort you. You relax into his touch, practically begging for more. 
“Will you do me a little favor, baby?”
You immediately nod, “Yes.”
He smirks, and you’re sure he knows that if he asked you for anything right now, you’d do it. He brushes a strand of hair from your face, observing your oh-so-willing expression with dangerous eyes. 
“Cancel your date with Steve,” he says quietly.
Your heart plummets into your stomach at his request; realizing that he’s been acting so nice just because he wants something from you. When he feels you draw back, he tightens his grip around you, clutching your coat in his fist. 
“Why?” you demand. 
You clench your jaw, willing yourself not to cry as you find out that all of this attention had just been another one of his games. As always, you’d been stupid enough to fall right into it. 
“I have my reasons,” he replies. 
“Tell me.”
“It’s just business, sweetheart,” his voice is soft, “I don’t want Steve playing with my most prized possession, now do I?”
You shake your head, earning a smile from him. He thinks you’re agreeing with him, and you let him think that. 
“No,” you mumble. 
“Thank you—”
“I mean,” you stop him, pushing him back and removing his hand from you in the process, “No, I’m not canceling. You don’t get to ask that of me, Bucky, not after Lauren.”
“Oh, my God,” he groans, “When the fuck are you going to let that go?”
“Let it go?” you cry, “You hooked up with her on my birthday. It was humiliating.”
“How is that humiliating? What does me getting my dick wet have anything to do with you, huh?”
“Because—” you stop yourself before you can confess, immediately clamping your mouth shut. He stares at you, waiting expectantly for you to continue. When you don’t, he just repeats his demand. 
“No,” you repeat, “I’m going home. Don’t follow me.”
He calls out your name, but remains standing in the same place on the sidewalk as you walk away from him. Your heels click on the pavement, and you almost feel powerful with your back to him. 
“Baby!” he tries, but you don’t stop, “You’re my fucking type, alright?”
You stop at that. You don’t turn around, you can’t, because you know if he’s laughing, your heart will break in two. You listen as he jogs to you, squeezing your eyes shut when he gets close enough. 
“Did you hear what I said?” he asks. 
He’s played too many games with you tonight. Your eyes remain shut as you nod to affirm that you heard him, and when you let them open, his expression almost fools you. He looks serious. Then again, he always fools you. 
“How dare you,” you whisper, “How dare you try to manipulate me into canceling a date. How dare you use my feelings for you against me. How dare you.”
“Feelings for me?” he repeats, swallowing roughly. 
You scoff, “Don’t. Just — don’t.”
You shove past him and walk away without another objection from him. He remains there, frozen in place, processing your words. You don’t bother turning around, and once you reach your car, you leave immediately. You wait until you get home to cry. 
     The dim lighting of the restaurant lights up Steve’s facial features in all the right places. You can still see the cut on his lip and the bruise on his left cheek bone, but he remains handsome in your eyes. You’re on your second glass of wine and doing all of the things an interested woman does on a date. You bat your lashes at him, laugh at his jokes, and even cover his hand with yours when he tells you about his family. The two of you order, and neither of you seem to mind when they take their time bringing the food out. 
You’re having fun. In fact, a part of you can’t even remember the last time you felt so wholeheartedly happy in a male’s presence. With Bucky, you feel all sorts of emotions at once. Happiness is there, of course, but so is embarrassment, sadness, anxiety, and a hell of a lot of fear. With Steve, you don’t worry about any of that. 
“So, I’ve gotta ask,” Steve warns, sitting up in his seat, “How come you said yes to me when I asked you out?”
You shrug, feigning nonchalance, “I figured it was time to give you a shot.”
“Is that right?” he asks, smirking, “Because, rumor has it, Barnes has his claws sunk into you already.”
You cough to cover the way you choke on your own spit, opting to wet your throat with a sip of your wine before you respond to that. 
“Bucky?” you practically laugh, “No way. We’re barely even friends anymore.”
This is partially true, you think. Bucky had made no effort to contact you since you walked away from him on the street, and you hadn’t either. As far as you know, you may never hear from him again. The thought makes your throat close. 
“Guess I heard a bad rumor, then,” Steve replies, reaching for his wine glass. 
“I’m glad you clarified,” you reply, smiling slyly. 
Steve grins, and for one peaceful moment, everything seems good. That is, until a shadow steps into the light that illuminates Steve’s face, and the voice that follows suit makes your heart jump. 
“You know, I’m glad you clarified, too, Rogers,” Bucky says, his voice low, dangerous, “It’s always good to know where I stand with this one.”
“James—” you hiss, watching Bucky slide into your side of the booth and scooting you over, making himself comfortable and fixing his blazer once he’s still. 
“What did I tell you about using that name, baby?” Bucky raises a brow, “Is this your wine?”
You inhale sharply, your jaw clenched firmly as you debate chewing him out in front of Steve. When you don’t answer him, he shrugs and grabs your glass anyway, taking a good, long sip. After he sets the glass back down, he leans over to you. 
“I was asking to be polite, you see,” he explains, “I could tell it was yours by the lipstick print.” You watch him turn to Steve, whose eyes flicker between the two of you and his jaw hangs partially, as if debating if this is real or not, “Well, the print and the shade. It’s called Down To An Art. And, fuck, Rogers, if I say so myself, that’s a damn fitting name for this woman’s lipstick.”
Steve clears his throat, but you’re too busy trying to shove Bucky out of the booth to pay attention to him. 
“Can I have a word?” you ask Bucky through gritted teeth, “In private?”
Bucky smirks, not budging even with all of the weight you try to put on him to force him away. 
“That would be rude to your date,” he protests, remaining still. 
“Barnes, I told you I wasn’t backing off,” Steve mutters. 
“And I told you that I’d cut out your throat clean open if you so much as looked at her. Should I make good on that promise, since you made good on yours?”
Steve leans forward to speak, a hateful glare present on his face. You hold your hand up, elbow on the table, earning both of their attention. 
“Enough,” you say calmly, “Steve, I’m so sorry. Can you give us one minute?”
He doesn’t nod, but he doesn’t deny you, either. He clenches his jaw and tosses up a hand, to which you shove Bucky one last time. Bucky smirks and rises from the booth, extending a hand out to you as if intending to help you out. You level him with a glare and stalk past him, walking toward the exit with the understanding that he’ll follow you. 
As you walk, you try to calm yourself down. You’re fuming — and rightfully so. You shove open the front door before Bucky can try to open it for you; stepping out into the cool, dark evening. 
“Personally, I wouldn’t have picked this place for a first date,” Bucky remarks, glancing up and down the sidewalk as if to see who is about to witness your fight. 
You take a deep breath in and release it slowly, trying to keep your emotions at bay. You’re angry, yes, but you’re also upset. You’d voiced your feelings right there for him weeks ago, and he hadn’t so much as sent you a text since then. Now, on your first date in a long time, he’s showing up and ruining everything. 
“Baby, let’s just get out of here—”
“I’m done, James,” you declare, still not brave enough to face him, but instead, let him stare at the side of you. 
He chuckles, “Done dating? I should hope so. Rog clearly isn’t right for you, anyway.”
“No,” you sigh, swallowing the lump in your throat, “I’m done with us.”
Out of the corner of your eye, you see Bucky freeze. His gaze is still on you, but he doesn’t move, or laugh, or speak. He remains rooted where he stands, shifting his jaw back and forth as he thinks. 
“I don’t know what the fuck gave you the impression that you could just walk away,” he says, his voice deep, “Is that what you’re trying to tell me? That you want to get rid of me?”
You laugh dryly, finally coming up with the courage to look at him, “I never had you, Bucky! Not in the way I wanted, anyway. You’ve kept me as that perfect little submissive doll, always there to clean you up when you get hit or give you a place to crash when you’re high out of your mind. And it’s my fault, honestly, because I let you do that, I let you make me that, but I’m done. You’ve pushed me too far. I don’t even get why you’re here, I mean, why do you care if I’m out on a date anyway? It doesn’t matter to you—”
“Are you done?” he asks, his jaw wound tight, “Are you fucking finished with your little tantrum?”
“Fuck you,” you spit before you can even think twice about saying it. 
“You want to?” he fires back, but he looks too mad to mean it. 
You step back from him, realizing that you’re wearing the same heels he’d bought for you. Bucky’s eyes drop to them, too, and he seems to realize the same thing. 
“I want you to leave,” you say calmly, meaning every word, “Because you’ve made it clear that you don’t want me like that. So, let's just part ways on amicable terms. Alright?”
That looks like the furthest thing from what he’s thinking when you look back up at him. He straightens his blazer, his lips pursed in a tight and serious line. 
“No,” he says simply, “But I’ll show you a sign of peace. Go in there and finish your little date. Let him pay and drive you home. I’ll be waiting for you inside when you get there and we’ll finish this discussion.”
It’s far from what you want, but it’s the best offer you’re going to get here, now, without wasting Steve’s entire night. 
“Fine,” you reply weakly. 
He smirks and steps forward once, then twice, until he’s directly in front of you. He looks down and his smirk widens; his right hand coming up to cup your jaw in his palm.
“One more thing,” he whispers, “Don’t let him kiss you.”
You have to actively hold back from whimpering, given the way he stares down at your lips. He’s never looked at you like this so openly, and the view makes you feel as if there’s warm honey spreading in your lower stomach. 
He angles your head up further, and before you can object again, his lips brush yours in a faint, teasing, non-kiss. Instead, he moves down to your neck and places an open mouthed kiss on your jawline, taking the skin in between his teeth and drawing a gasp from you. 
“You’re mine,” he growls, “Do not let him kiss you, baby.”
You nod in agreement, and that’s when he drops his hands and mouth from you. His smirk is victorious, and a part of you wonders if he’s playing with you. If you’d fallen right into it once again. 
You stare at him for a moment, then clear your throat and straighten your dress before walking past him without another word. You’re determined to finish this date with Steve, even if you know it won’t be him in your home later on. 
     “I had a great night. I’m sorry Barnes had to fuck it up.”
You give him a small, but hopefully convincing smile, tightening your grip on your sweater as you stand in front of your front door. 
“I’m the one that should be sorry,” you reply halfheartedly. 
Your heart skips a beat as your eyes flicker down the street, meeting Bucky’s car parked neatly in your neighbor’s driveway. He’d paid him off, you’re sure, knowing Steve would never notice it if it’s not out of place. 
“He’s a psycho, you don’t have to apologize,” he murmurs, stepping forward bravely. 
You swallow, your throat suddenly dry, “He’s—”
“Let’s not talk about him when I’m about to kiss you, alright?”
He takes another step, reaching his hand up to cup your cheek, when you step back. Your heel meets the pavement and you level your weight, and Steve lets out a dissatisfied grunt. 
“I’m sorry—”
“I figured it was a fifty-fifty shot on whether you were really over Bucky or not,” Steve laughs to himself, “Guess I got my answer.”
You glance at Bucky’s car again, because it’s easier than staring at Steve’s expression. 
“Steve, I’m sorry, I just— I can’t.”
He nods slowly, wiping his palms on his pants, “Sure, I get it. You don’t owe me anything, Y/N. Thanks for a good night.”
“Steve, I really—” you step forward when he steps back, feeling as though you’re losing something you know you never really had in the first place, “I’m really sorry. I had a good time tonight, though.”
The small smile that he gives you makes you relax, because for a moment, he really looks genuine. 
“He’s waiting,” Steve says quietly, pointing to your front door, “Goodnight.”
You open your mouth to speak, but no sound comes out. He’s leaving —- and you can’t blame him. Not even for a minute. You watch as he goes, emotions spilling over in your chest. Steve is everything Bucky isn’t; he’s selfless, kind, gracious, and he never, for one minute, has played games with you. 
Hanging your head, you let out an exhale as Steve drives away, then turn and unlock your front door. Bucky’s blazer hangs on your coat rack by the door, where you place your sweater. You smile at the material as it hangs there together, thinking for a brief moment that you wish it could stay that way. With someone. 
As you make your way into the kitchen, you find Bucky standing with his white button down sleeves rolled up to his elbows, leaning against the counter with his ankles crossed. 
“You listened to me,” he says quietly, keeping his jaw tight. 
You nod, tossing your purse on the counter beside you, “Of course I did, Buck. I mean, do you seriously think—”
He’s across the kitchen in two strides, fast enough that you barely even notice him approaching until you taste him. His hands come up to cup your face; your entire jaw resting in his palms. His tongue forces your lips open and he slides in with ease, laughing into the kiss when your knees buckle slightly and he has to bring one arm down to support you at your waist. 
His taste, his smell, his laugh, is all too overwhelming for you. The feeling of his warm skin heating you through your dress has you forgetting to continue kissing him back —- if it weren’t an instinct, you’re sure you would. 
“Mine,” he growls in between kisses, “Always has been, always will be.”
You pull back after another minute to catch your breath, smiling through your puffy lips when you see his dilated pupils. 
“I still think you’re a selfish prick,” you mumble, watching as he grins. 
“I still think you’re a naive—” kiss, “Beautiful woman. Nice heels.”
“Nice ass,” you retort. 
He laughs then, making you smile wider than you think you ever have. You run your hand up his forearm, feeling his warm skin for yourself without feeling the need to have an excuse about doing so.
“Let’s go to the couch, baby,” he says, still trying to catch his breath as he starts guiding you out of the kitchen. 
Bucky moves you backward to the living room while he works his lips on yours, seemingly unable to stop once he’d started. He collapses down onto the cushions first, wasting no time tugging you down on top of him. You straddle him while he pushes your heels off your feet and onto the floor, then moves his hand up to cup your cheek. 
“Buck,” you whisper as he kisses down your neck, “What changed?”
“Nothing,” he mutters into your skin, “I’ve always wanted this. Always wanted you.”
“But you’ve never… tried anything.”
He scoffs at your statement, “You think I come over here every time I get my ass kicked just for you to clean me up? I can do that myself, sweetheart. I come because I love that look in your eye every time you see me all bruised and bleeding. Like you just can’t wait to get your hands on me—”
“Hmm,” he hums, rolling his hips and grinning when you gasp at the sensation, “Now you can feel what you do to me, huh?”
“James,” you repeat, taking matters into your own hands and grinding down into him, “Please.”
“You want me to make you feel good, baby?”
You nod, continuing your motions against him. He can feel you becoming more desperate, more needy, and he’s starting to feel the same. 
“Yes, please,” you whimper. 
“Say it.”
“I want you to make me feel good,” you recite, gasping when his hips buck up. 
Even through the clothes, you can still feel him. His hands squeeze your hips as he guides you, moving you faster and harder until the room fills with pants and pleads and begs — most of them by you. 
“James, please, I’m so close, don’t stop,” you whine. 
“Me too, sweetheart, shit,” he grunts, “You can cum, baby. Let me feel it.”
Your release comes not long after, and as your eyes roll back, Bucky guides you down to rest your head on his chest, cradling you through your orgasm. He lets out a loud groan as you convulse; both of you coming down from your highs at the same time. 
The deep breaths and low pants from both of you fill the room once you realize what you’d done, how he’d made you putty in his hands so quickly after you’d walked in the door. After a minute to regain his composure, Bucky laughs. 
“Maybe next time I’ll get to take your clothes off.”
You grin, “Maybe.”
You feel him laugh above you, making you laugh too. Out of all the ways you’d thought tonight would end, this is definitely not even close. However, something about it just feels right, like things are finally falling into place the way they should have when you first met him. 
“Sorry I hooked up with Lauren at your birthday party,” he says quietly, “Didn’t know you even remembered that.”
“It was the night I gave up on anything happening between us,” you admit. 
“And now?”
You bury your face in his chest to hide a smile, ignoring the laugh he lets out because of it. 
“Now, I’m thinking, maybe.”
He grabs your chin in his hand and pulls you up to look at him, smiling when you do so. His lips meet yours in a gentle, light kiss that makes your brain fuzzy. 
“That’s better, I guess,” he teases, “I’m gonna go shower. You’re welcome to join me. Are you gonna let me sleep in your bed tonight, or am I still on the couch?”
“We’ll see how the shower goes, first.”
He scoffs, “Fucking tease.”
You giggle and kiss him again, gripping on tight when he stands up and wraps your legs around him. You can feel the wet patch in his pants, but you don’t say anything. You just smile and kiss him one more time, trying to force your brain to catch up with your heart as you start to believe that you get to kiss James Barnes whenever you want, now. 
“Baby,” he whispers, stopping in the doorway of your bathroom, “I love you, you know?”
Your lips tip up, “I love you, too, Buck.”
He kisses you again, and a part of him feels more vulnerable. More willing to open up, to let you know him in all the ways he’d been hiding himself from you. And that’s all it takes for you to fall even more in love with him —- just a little bit of trust and a few kisses to go along with it.
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kikixreverie · 9 months
Sleepless nights
Roommate!Bucky x Fem!reader
Summary - Weeks of not being able to get off leave you restless and without sleep, and after hearing your troubles through the thin walls, your roommate, Bucky, decides to help you out.
Word count - 4.6k
Warnings - (18+) Smut, masturbation, oral (f receiving), fingering, pet-names, dirty talk, friends to lovers, fluff.
A/n - Well. Let's just say I did not expect to write over 4k words of pure smut, but I'm not mad about it.
Tumblr media
Hours. It had been fucking hours of you tossing and turning and there was still no sign of sleep coming anytime soon.
Your eyelids were heavy but your mind was running a mile a minute, refusing you the simple release of rest.
It wasn’t just tonight that you lay awake half the night, for about a week now you’ve been running only on caffeine, barely sleeping at all and you were starting to lose hope that you’ll ever get a decent nights sleep again.
You could give a decent guess to why you couldn’t sleep.
Bucky had only moved in three months ago, but living with somebody else in a tiny apartment with very thin walls proved to be more difficult that you had expected.
You hadn’t been able to get off in weeks, and it was the most sexually frustrated you’ve ever been in your life.
There was a rule you made for yourself when he first moved in.
Never masturbate with Bucky home.
It was a simple rule, one fairly easy to follow. Your walls were thin and Bucky’s enhanced hearing was something you were very aware of. But your resolve was cracking.
You need it.
You’re fucking desperate.
You groaned quietly into your pillow, opening your eyes to adjust to the darkness of your room. There’s no point in trying anymore. You’re never gonna sleep again.
Your bed was too warm, your pillow too flat, everything uncomfortable for no apparent reason and it was driving you insane.
You adjusted your position again, lying on your back to stare up at the ceiling.
You can’t do this anymore.
The thought of finally feeling that release was enough to make you clench your thighs together, images and scenarios filling your desperate and horny brain as you let your eyes fall shut.
You thought about feeling the weight of someone above you, kissing your lips, slipping their tongue inside before lowering their mouth to your neck, marking you, then lower, teeth catching on your nipple before soothing the sting with their tongue, lower, lips against the soft skin of your stomach, lower, brushing against your navel, lower.
You thought about his lips on your clit as a teasing kiss as he looks up at you with a smirk when you moan, his blue eyes sparkling mischievously in the dim light of your bedroom.
You ripped your eyes open, your gaze shooting to the wall to the left of your bed.
The image of him between your legs stayed vivid in your mind.
It certainly wasn’t the first time you’d imagined sleeping with Bucky, but it was the most vivid daydream you’d ever had about him.
He was the most gorgeous man you’d ever seen, of course you’d grow to have feelings for him, he was sweet, charming, caring, and too goddamn smooth for his own good.
It was agony sometimes, the way he’d flirt so shamelessly with you when you were sexually frustrated beyond reasoning, it led to a rather dangerous dynamic between you, both teasing the tension more and more until someone finally did something about it, but you were certainly just as stubborn as Bucky, and there’s no way you'd admit to your feelings first.
Your hand was resting on your stomach your body begging you to slide it down further, to feel the mess you’d already made of your underwear.
He’d most certainly hear you if you weren’t careful, but you couldn’t wait any longer, your clit was throbbing with need, your eyes falling closed again as your hand inched lower and lower, slipping under the waistband of your shorts and then into your panties to press two fingers against your clit, gasping at how sensitive you were before quickly snapping your mouth shut, taking a moment to listen for any noises from Bucky’s room and then making gentle circles with your fingers when you felt the coast was clear.
Your head sunk into the pillow, your hips lifting to grind against your hand as the tension in your body started to melt away, your teeth pulling harder at your bottom lip in attempt to keep any noises at bay, but when you started to speed up your fingers, a quite whine slipped out and you were to invested in your own pleasure to notice.
Bucky did though, he noticed everything, heard every damn squeak your mattress would make every time you shifted in bed, heard the quiet noise often playing through your phone as you scrolled aimlessly through social media, he could practically hear you think, so he most certainly heard the soft, whiny moan that made his cock twitch in his boxers.
He knew you weren’t getting much sleep recently, he knew that because he wasn’t either. It’s not like he blamed you, Bucky had his own problems, chronic insomnia being one of them, but knowing that you were also awake all night, tossing and turning just as he was, for some reason made it worse.
The noise wasn’t the problem, he’s had over 70 years to get used to his enhanced abilities, hearing the thump of someone’s heart in their chest was normal to him, the constant noise was more normal, more natural to him now, than the expected quiet he'd hear without the serum.
He liked that he could hear your heartbeat, he liked that he could hear your gentle humming as you showered, he liked hearing you laugh at whatever you were looking at on your phone, so loud and so clear through the thin wall that he could almost imagine that you were laying beside him, giggling at something he had said.
But god he fucking loved hearing the moans kissing his ears right now.
It felt wrong, it felt dirty, but you were making the most beautiful noises, and Bucky couldn’t help but imagine you laying in bed, your hand between your thighs, touching yourself like you needed, your pretty lips parted and eyes closed- no, eyes open, watching him as you let him hear you, let him watch you.
Bucky hissed and cursed quietly when he squeezed his dick through the fabric of his boxers, a soft groan escaping him when you moaned again.
This is wrong. It’s so fucking wrong, but how could he not.
He tried desperately to justify himself when he shifted in his bed, moving closer to the wall to his right to hear you better, his hand sliding under the waistband of his underwear to wrap around his cock, but the guilt and shame of it made him quickly come back to his senses and he ripped his hand away, sitting up in his bed and resting his head back against his headboard, closing his eyes.
He jumped forward, a sharp intake of air catching in his throat at the sound of you saying his name. At first he thought he had been caught, and the guilt worsened, but another moan followed and suddenly he was breathless.
“Fuck Bucky, please.”
He groaned again, his cock so hard that he could feel precum weeping from the tip, making a small damp patch in his boxers.
It took everything in him not to get up and burst into your room, the knowledge that you were thinking about him as you touched yourself was driving him insane, fucking feral.
His fists were clenched in his lap as he breathed through his nose, pushing away the urge to touch himself as he told himself that he could wait it out without being too much of a creep.
He didn’t have any headphones yet, that was still on his list of things to invest in, so he couldn’t exactly stop himself from listening. Not that he wanted to at all, but for your sake.
He waited, listening to your heavy breathing that was steadily speeding up, your quiet moans getting slightly louder as you drew closer and closer to release.
Bucky's cock was throbbing, begging for him to touch himself along with you.
Both of you were on the edge of your seats, waiting for you to climax, waiting for the release, but as you got closer, the tension in your core depleted, and you lost your rhythm, letting out an upset, frustrated cry when you couldn’t cum.
Bucky froze, listening to the muffled, annoyed groan you let out into your pillow, a whispered, “fuck.” escaping your lips.
It was silent for a moment.
Bucky could hear the loud beating of his own heart in his ears, but not a sound from you, not until he heard the quietest sob and he was standing in an instant, his previous lust discarded as he ripped open one of his drawers and pulled on a pair of grey sweatpants and a t-shirt.
He could hear your cries getting louder as he left his own room and walked to yours, his forehead falling to the cool surface of your bedroom door as he gathered enough courage to knock.
You froze when you heard the gentle knock on your door, startling you as tears continued to stream down your cheeks.
Did Bucky hear you? Was he at your door to tell you to shut up so he could get some sleep?
Your face heated with embarrassment and you sniffled and cleared your throat, calling out a small, “yeah?”
Bucky swallowed down his nerves, and cleared his own throat, “I heard you crying. Just wanted to check on you, make sure that you’re okay.”
You rubbed your hand across your forehead, there’s no way he didn’t hear you moaning the way that you were only minutes ago if he managed to hear your frustrated crying into your pillow, however, the worry in his voice made your heart swell despite the awkward circumstance.
“I’m okay Buck, just- just tired.” You replied and Bucky sighed, his eyebrows furrowed.
“D’you want me to come in? Could give you a hug if you want one?” He offered.
You bit your lip as you considered his offer, Bucky did give really good hugs, and you most certainly needed one right now.
It was probably a bad idea, and given the fact that you were just masturbating to thoughts of him certainly didn't make it any better, but you found yourself answering before your brain could catch up with your mouth. “Yeah.”
Bucky smiled to himself, reaching for your door handle and letting himself in, tutting gently at the sight of you sat in the middle of your bed with your knees tucked up to your chest, tear tracks drawing lines down your cheeks as you sniffed.
“What's the matter, honey?” He walked to the edge of your bed, his eyes soft when you reached your arms out for him, wanting that hug he had promised.
He sat on your bed and pulled you to him, his metal arm cradling your back as his flesh hand rested on your hair, holding you close to him as you tucked your face into his chest.
He laughed when you grumbled something into his shirt, “What was that, doll?”
You took a deep breath and moved your head to the side, your arms slipping around Bucky’s waist to squeeze him back, making warmth spread across his chest.
There’s no point in pretending what just happened didn’t happen, so you decided to just say it, “You heard me didn’t you?”
Bucky’s hand that was stroking your back stuttered in its movement, and you immediately knew the answer to that question.
“Uhh... heard what?”
You groaned in embarrassment and Bucky blushed, “I appreciate you trying to not make this awkward, but we both know that you definitely heard me.”
Bucky didn’t reply, he didn’t know what to say, he felt disgusted with himself.
“I’m so sorry, I obviously thought I was being a lot quieter than I actually was. Fuck, this is so embarrassing.” You pressed your face into his shirt again and Bucky’s arms tightened around you.
“Hey, you got no reason to apologise, you live here, you have every right to do whatever you need to do whenever you want. I’m the one who needs to apologise, listening in on you like some fuckin’ creep, I’m so sorry Y/n.” He frowned into your hair, the self-loathing was practically rolling off him in waves.
“Bucky, you did nothing wrong, what could you have done? It’s not like you could’ve turned your hearing off or anything.”
He went quiet again, his frown deepening at your words. If only you had known the thoughts that were running through his mind as he listened to you, the way he imagined how you would feel squeezing his fingers, or his cock, how you’d taste.
“You don’t understand, Y/n I-“ He trailed off, unsure on how to word his confession, he didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, but he couldn’t sit there and lie as he held you in his arms. You pulled back slightly, just enough so that you could look at him, and you took in the guilty look in his eyes as the blush deepened on your cheeks, connecting the dots yourself.
“Oh.” Was all you could say, your hands were suddenly clammy, your throat dry as you imagined Bucky touching himself to the sound of your moans, it made your heart thump harder in your chest and he most certainly heard it.
“I didn’t come in here to embarrass you or anything, and I definitely didn’t come in here to try to start something, I just couldn’t sit there knowing that you were crying in here by yourself. I can leave if you’d like. I should probably leave.”
You quickly shook your head, holding him tighter to stop him, “No, stay. I’m not upset Buck, I still think you have no reason to feel bad.”
Bucky pulled a face, his confusion obvious, his dark eyebrows furrowed, eyes squinted and you pulled away from him to switch on the lamp on your bedside table, smiling when you could finally see his features better in the soft, dim light.
“But I- the things I was thinking, doll. Had no right to creep on you like that, I even-“ He stopped himself again and you bit your lip, sitting on your knees in front of him.
“Did you touch yourself?” You asked quietly, watching Bucky’s adams apple bob as he swallowed, his tongue darting out to wet his lips like he so often did.
He nodded and you squeezed your thighs together.
"But I stopped myself. It was wrong.”
Bucky watched you chew on your lip and the sight made him breathless, the previous excitement from earlier making a quick return.
“So you didn’t cum?“ You almost whispered it, your face inching closer to his and he shook his head, “Neither did I.”
You didn’t know where this boldness was coming from, but you weren’t about to question it when Bucky was staring intensely at you like you were a goddess to be worshipped.
His hand slid to your waist, squeezing slightly and urging you to move forward, onto his lap.
"You never told me why you were crying." He reminded, gently running his hands up your bare thighs as you made yourself comfortable.
The two of you had never been so close before, so close to crossing the lines you've both been longing to cross since you'd met, and after a three month long game of cat and mouse, you were finally ready to bite the bullet.
"I needed to get off so bad, it's been so long Bucky and I needed it, but I just couldn't." You didn't care how whiney you sounded, all you cared about was feeling Bucky's erection straining against his sweatpants between you.
“You want some help, kitten?” He asked, his voice rough in the early hour of the morning, his eyes gleaming with hunger, just like the image of him that your mind had made earlier.
You nodded and glided your hands into his hair. Your face so close to his.
“Want me to make you cum, sweetheart? Make you feel good?” You kept nodding his words sending shivers down your spine, eyes falling shut as you grinded your hips against his, earning a hoarse groan from Bucky.
“Please,” You begged, raking your nails through his hair as he hummed, letting himself relish in the sensation before he wrapped his arms tightly around your waist and stood, walking to the end of your bed and laying you down before crawling on top of you.
“Of course, honey.” He whispered gently, and then his lips were on yours, softer than you could’ve ever imagined, sweeter than you’d ever dreamed. His tongue was like silk as it slid against your bottom lip, teasing you before slipping into your mouth, exploring in a way that wasn’t too much, just enough to leave you wanting more.
You moaned into his mouth, pulling gently on the hair at the nape of his neck and he responded by nipping at your lip, making you gasp.
“I heard you say my name. Were you thinking about me? While you touched yourself?“ He spoke in between kisses, moving to the spot just below your ear and leaving open mouthed kisses there to give you the opportunity to respond.
You could barely form the words, so focused on how Bucky’s body felt pressed against your own but he nibbled on the lobe of your ear to get your attention.
You nodded, holding his head to your neck to tell him to keep doing whatever he was doing when he traced his tongue below your ear, sending a shiver down your spine.
“I always think about you.” You replied breathlessly and he moaned into your ear, his breath hot on your neck.
“Fuck.” His left hand shifted to your waist, slipping under the hem of your t-shirt and slowly easing it's way onto your skin, you gasped and clenched your stomach when the cold metal met your skin, Bucky almost pulled away, but you arched your back, pressing yourself against his hand, "I always think about you too."
The confession sent you dizzy, along with Bucky's touches as he carressed your soft skin, slowly returning his lips to yours when he felt that your neck was appropriately marked up for him. His hand moved higher and higher, until his fingers brushed the underside of your breast and you arched your back even further, pushing your chest to his.
"Please, buck-" You gasped against his mouth and he pulled back to get a good look at you, his fingers drawing teasing patterns around your nipple.
Your eyes were half-lidded, lips all pretty and swollen from his kisses as you writhed under him, fucking desperate to be touched.
He swore the sight was enough to send him delirious.
"Please what, honey? Talk to me, tell me what you want and I'll give you exactly that." His voice was sweeter than the nickname he'd given you, the pretty words whispered into your ear and all you could do was moan back at him.
"I want-" You paused, you wanted everything, you wanted all of him, all at once, wanted him inside of you, but you thought back to the way you had imagined him pleasuring you earlier, and suddenly you wanted to feel that soft, hot mouth of his in between your legs.
Bucky took in how gone you were, pushing your hips up to grind against his, you needed the release so bad.
"Want to know what I want?" He offered and you nodded instantly, your legs wrapping around his hips to push him down onto you, grinding against him.
"Fuck- wanna taste that pretty cunt of yours, wanna eat you till you can't form a fucking thought, doll." He rolled his hips as he spoke to you, feeling how soaked you were through your shorts, "You want that, honey? Want me to clean up that mess you're making between those pretty thighs?"
You nodded breathlessly, drunk on the feeling of Bucky's hand roaming your skin, you needed more.
You tugged at his shirt, making Bucky chuckle when you struggled to get it off him, he sat back on his knees and reached behind his back to grip the soft material, pulling it over his head and tossing it away, revealing to you his beautifully ripped torso.
It was hard not to gape up at him like he was carved by the gods, because he was, and Bucky almost blushed at your unabashed staring.
He loomed over you with those broad shoulders, silver dog tags hanging from his neck, hunger in his eyes. Of course, you noticed the scars, hundreds upon hundreds of them, scarred tissue that had been broken and left to heal without care, decades of anguish and pain and torture, written deep into his skin, carved into his left shoulder, where skin met metal.
You reached forward, your hand caressing his chest with a barely-there touch, brushing over his dog tags, tracing lightly on a pink scar that stretched across his right collarbone, and settling over his heart, feeling the steady beat beneath your finger tips.
"Beautiful." You breathed and watched as Bucky's lips parted in surprise, it wasn't often he'd receive pretty words in response to the ugliness that was his scars. His tongue darted out to wet his lower lip and pull it between his teeth before he let go and breathed a short laugh, head shaking as he leaned over you.
"That's my line." He lifted your shirt ever so slightly and pressed a kiss to your sternum, his eyes darting up to meet yours as his lips touched your skin, "Can I take this off, sweetheart?"
You let your fingers glide along his back, nodding before lifting your arms to let Bucky guide the shirt over your head.
You didn't feel self conscious to be exposed to him, you didn't really get the chance to before Bucky was groaning out a soft 'fuck' and his mouth was already wrapped around your left nipple.
Immediately, you were a mess again, moaning out in pleasure as Bucky's hot tongue laved over your peaked nipple, sucking it into his mouth before pulling away and blowing cool air onto your heated skin.
He then swapped sides, paying his attention to your right nipple and sending shockwaves down your spine when he used his metal fingers to twist and tweak at the left.
"Fuck, Bucky please-" You groaned, lifting your hips off the mattress, needing to soothe the ache between your legs, he hummed against your skin.
"What is it, honey? You getting all desperate for me huh? I can practically feel you throbbing, sweetheart."
God, this man and his mouth.
He smirked when you didn't respond and lifted his head from your chest, kissing your lips and dipping his tongue into your mouth for a moment before pulling away and kissing your throat.
You shivered as he travelled lower and lower, another kiss to you nipple, lower, a slower, sweeter kiss to your stomach, lower, just below your navel, lower.
He tucked his fingers under the waistband of your shorts, licking his lips and meeting your eye, "Off?"
He smiled at you and nodded, pulling them from your body without hesitation, taking your ruined panties with them. Then he parted your legs.
"Fuck." His lips parted, completely breathless as he stared down at you layed out before him, "God, Y/n- So fucking pretty, never seen anythin' so fucking pretty."
You were soaked, your cunt glistening and throbbing, and all for him.
Bucky felt like he had died and gone to heaven.
He laid on the bed, between your legs, staring at your pussy with half lidded eyes, and just as you thought he was about to finally touch you were you needed it, he turned his head and kissed the inside of your thigh.
You whined out in protest, wiggling your hips and glaring at him when he smirked at you, moving to the other thigh and nipping at the soft flesh with his teeth.
Your eyebrows were pulled tightly together, your hands gripping at the bedsheets. The anticipation was fucking killing you.
"Bucky- shit- just-" You were cut off by a throaty moan when Bucky suddenly moved forward and licked a long stripe through your folds.
Your legs practically wrapped around his head, your hands gripping his hair as he circled his tongue around your clit, teasing you in the most delicious way before finally wrapping his lips around it and sucking hard.
Bucky groaned against your cunt when you pulled his hair, the vibration sending a jolt through your stomach.
His hands then squeezed your thighs as he moved his head lower, tongue-fucking you and moaning at the taste.
"Taste so fucking good, pretty girl." He moaned against you, before burying his face impossibly closer, his nose nudging your clit.
You were a mess, pulling harder on his hair as every swipe of his tongue sent waves of ecstasy through your veins.
His right hand drifted from your thigh, caressing up the inside of your leg and reaching your cunt, Bucky pulled away to watch you.
He parted your folds with his fingers, gently rubbing your clit with the soft pad of his thumb long enough to have you writhing beneath him. You watched as he bit his lip, his eyes gleaming as his hand travelled lower, his index finger sliding inside of you, feeling you clench around him as he fingered you slowly, adding a second finger shortly after.
"God, you're fucking soaked." He murmured, and then his mouth was back on you, sucking on your clit with his fingers pumping inside of you.
It was heaven.
You could already feel the coil in your stomach tightening and you wrapped your legs tighter around his head, pushing his face against you as you rocked your hips below him, urging him to add more pressure.
You'd always imagined he'd be good at this, but the orgasms you'd achieved at the hand of the wet dreams you've had about your roommate paled in comparison to the earth-shattering orgasm that tore through you when Bucky rubbed your clit in tight circles with his pointed tongue and curled his fingers inside you at the same time.
Black dots filled your vision, your heart thumping in your ears as Bucky rode you through the orgasm, his tongue replacing his hand at your entrance, lapping at your soaked entrance, only stopping when you hissed at the oversensitivity.
It was only as you came down, returning to your body and mind, that you realised you were holding onto Bucky for dear life, your hands fisted in his hair and your legs wrapped around his head, ankles crossed at his back.
"Sorry," You breathed, releasing him and softly raking your nails across his scalp, making him smile and shiver when they reached the nape of his neck.
"Never apologise for anything like that, doll. That was fucking amazing." He pressed a kiss to the inside of your thigh, and then another one to your hip as he crawled his way back up your body, finally kissing your lips again.
You blushed when you tasted yourself on his lips. He chuckled and kissed you deeper, his tongue sliding against yours.
He then pulled back and kissed your nose, taking note of the tired smile on your face.
He was practically throbbing with need, but you were exhausted, so he pushed the unholy thoughts to the back of his mind and took a deep breath.
"C'mon, kitten. Time for bed." He whispered, kissing in-between your eyebrows when you furrowed them and standing from the bed, walking to the side and lifting you into his arms.
"But Bucky-" You started as he knelt on the bed and laid you down on the sheet.
"No buts. You're exhausted and you need to rest."
You tried to protest, but your eyes just grew heavier as you sunk into your mattress. Bucky slid into the bed beside you after taking off his sweatpants, leaving him just in his boxers, and you felt the perfect warmth of his body wrapped around yours from behind, his arm wrapped around your waist and holding you close.
It has been weeks since you'd gotten a proper nights sleep.
"What about you?" You whispered sleepily, very aware of his erection pressed against your ass, Bucky laughed, his hot breath fanning against your shoulder.
He tucked your body closer to him and pressed a kiss to the nape of your neck, "What about me?"
"I didn't get to touch you." You were half asleep already, your tired voice way too cute for the vulgarity of your words, "Wanted to make you cum. Wanted you to fuck me."
"Oh honey, we have all the time in the world for that, gonna make you cum more times than you can count, but I need you rested."
You moaned at the thought, pushing your ass back against him, smiling when he groaned, "Promise?"
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sgrantsgf · 3 months
YOU ASKED LOL. Smutty request for bucky x female reader.
You let it slip that you’re looking forward to trying to have his baby some day soon. It ignites a good old fashioned 1940s FIRE inside of him. (Breeding kink, pregnancy, conception, INTENSE p in v, etc.) Reader has a kink for bucky then eating himself out of her. 😅
the good old-fashioned way.
thank you sooo much for requesting, it means a lot to me, hope i make justice to your ask and you like this <3
bucky barnes x cis fem!reader tw. breeding kink, lactation kink, penetrative sex, cream pie, oral (female receiving), squirt, talks of children, mention of reader having big boobs, unprotected sex, dirty talk, let me know if i miss anything.
It was an intimate dinner, just friends, almost family were sitting around the big table on the Stark Tower, you had no intention on saying something like that, not when you knew Bucky was just adapting to life and a drastic change like that could impact – not necessarily in a bad way but you knew the probabilities of being in a good one were little – too hard on him.
"Well I would like it anyways" You said, nonchalantly, eating another portion of the fancy dinner the Stark household had prepare. Everyone turn their gazes to you and you just shrug,
Pepper smirked, she liked your comment, she thought Morgan needed friends, and the compound was in need of another kid. Steve looked at Bucky worriedly, the brunette just staring at you with his big blue eyes; "Yeah, like, I wouldn't mind the mess, honestly. It could drain me I have it in mind but I would love to have James' babies"
It did it for him. His uncomfortable sitting made Steve feel bad for him, it took him by surprise, and he knew Bucky wanted to give you everything you could ever want, no matter if he had to go to the ends of the world. But Steve knew (thought) he wasn't ready for kids.
He looks at you, pleading with his eyes to stop talking, he didn't want his best friend shifting uncomfortable the rest of the lovely night.
You just ignore Steve's pleads, truth to be told, you can't say you're overfond of him. Maybe it was the obsessive mania he had of interfering on yours and Bucky's marriage, but you never listened to you and you weren't planning on starting anytime soon.
Bucky took a deep breath, not because he was uncomfortable but because he was hard. He was so fucking horny it was crazy, he knows he loses all his senses when it comes to you, he knows it's not a surprise for his body to react with a boner around you.
But this. God. This felt fucking different for him. It was an intense feeling, an animalistic desire, the carnation of his most deepest dreams, his biggest wish just catching form in front of him, and he can do anything but stare at you, throwing your big family dreams around as if it was your new Padre Nuestro*.
And he could only respond with a boner, painfully trying to scape his trousers.
"Having kids would be amazing, like, I can picture myself pregnant, I think I'll look really hot" You smile, knowing it would make Steve fucking mad, not even thinking about Bucky and his painful boner "Like, I wouldn't use any of those ugly maternity clothes, totally not my style" You smile and look at Bucky with what he thinks it's the prettiest and cutest smile he has seen in his life "... right, Jamie?"
He swallows the bulge in his throat, he thought it wasn't fair. The sweet way you were looking at him, a dreaming smile, completely focus on your future as a family and not in how he'll fucking fill you up with his cum.
"S-sorry, love?"
Steve murmurs a tiny 'Stop it', you can see his lips while anyone else can't. "I'll look hot pregnant, don't you think?"
He opens his eyes, big wide open blue eyes staring deeply at your soul, not worrying or panic a bit but trying to have a look at your face, trying to remember how it looks when you orgasm thanks to him.
"Yeah, yeah, you'll look really pretty, darling"
You smile, happy. You defeated Steve, won everyone's respect on the table for having such a soldier as James Buchanan Barnes eating from the palm of your hand, and you had Bucky blushing.
You drive back home, Bucky never liked to do it and you can't ask him to, you enjoyed anyways, and you were pretty sure that if you get tired, you could always ask him. After all, he would never say no to you.
"Bucks..." You start, looking quickly at him and smiling when you feel his eyes glued in you, his body slightly turned to look directly at you. "about what I said tonight, umm, sorry if I crossed some boundaries. Like, I know we should've talk it first before I let it out in front of any of our friends, but it just slipped out. The first time;" You chuckle "The rest of the conversation was totally on purpose"
Bucky felt his jeans tightening again. It took him around forty five minutes in the bathroom and a mix of disgusting thoughts to get rid of it. But then he remembered everything.
'I think I'll look hot pregnant', and his mind did wonders trying to get the picture. Your breasts big and heavy, a few drops of milk seeping out of your nipples and your big, round belly.
You eyed him when the silence lasted too long, worried that he could've feel really uncomfortable by it, but the first thing you notice is his crotch.
"Oh, God, Bucky" You say, half amused, half surprised "Are you turned on by this?"
You park on your department building parking lot and turn to look at him. You smirk at him, looking how shy and embarrassed his face looks.
"Oh, baby. Was I making you horny? I'm so sorry, Bucks. No problem, we can take care of it, wanna do it, Buck? Wanna be my baby daddy? I'm sure you want me to have all of your babies, love. And fuck I'm so fucking ready for it"
You start, moving his seat to have more access and sitting on top of him, moving your hips causing a friction on his dick.
"I can't wait to be all pregnant with your baby, Bucky. All round and big for you. Imagine me being your useless little house-wife, would you like it, babe?" He nods, closing his eyes.
"Fuck, yes, yes, baby" He answers between moans "I want you waiting for me at home. Expecting me to do something because you can't do shit by yourself, fuuuck, all because how pregnant you are"
"Bucky let's go home, mhm? Please, please, fuck me properly. I want all your cum inside me, don't let me waste any drop of it"
"Doll, you ask too much of me and I'm just a man" He answers, only to then correct himself "Fuck, no, I'm a super soldier, baby. God, you're so lucky, aren't you? You have a fucking super soldier all for yourself, who would fuck you until you're screaming for me to stop"
One thing you loved about Bucky is that he always keeps his promises. You've been married for about two years now, and never, not even while dating, he has break a promise. And he proved you he doesn't intend to start with this one.
Bucky lays you down on the bed, he knows it's your favorite place, even though you've try on many surfaces, he knows you, and he knows you feel better there.
He puts your knees as close to your head as he can, caressing your thighs and lifting up your tight dress, he palms your cunt covered by your panties and he pulls them aside, teasing you with his fingers, getting you wetter and ready for him, he wanted to slip in and out of you like in a water slide.
You moan, quietly, softer. Bucky likes it when you sound like this, so calm and relaxed by his fingers, as if sex with him was some kind of nervous medication. You take his hand as he fingers you faster, your wetness coming out of your pussy and your moans intensifying. You move your legs, trying to close them, crushing his forearms while your hands try to grab the sheets. He can see your cum dripping down your pussy and he feels jealous for a moment, completely desperate to replace it with his.
He doesn't wait for you to ask him, the look in your eyes is more than enough. He moans when his hand touches his hard cock, he puts it aligned to you and as fast as he's in, he starts to move his hips back and forwards. Normally, he'll start slow. He'll wait for you to adjust to him, but he couldn't. Not today at least, the images of you pregnant repeating in his mind, completely ready to take that out of his imagination and make it real.
For him, your moans intertwining with his are music for his ears, he thrusts deeper and slowly into you only to start to move faster again. His cock is too big for you and that's something you've been knowing.
Bucky's balls are hitting your skin and you start to moan louder, a high pitched voice this time and; fuck.
"Sweets" He calls between moans while his thrusts went deeper into you, completely smashing his balls against you. He can tell your dripping, and you know it too because you're feeling it. He can't go slower. Not when you're moaning like this. At the feeling of something like water hitting his cock when he gets it outside of your cunt, he looks at you, completely enamored "Did you just squirted?"
It was intense, the whole sheets were now wet, you look at him with doe eyes, feeling a bit embarrassed; "I'm sorry, Bucks"
"No, no, baby. None of that. That was. Fucking. Hot"
He says, not wasting time to being thrusting into you again, his thighs completely covered by your squirt.
"Doll, you're so fucking needy. I can feel how much your pretty pussy needs me right now, she's begging for me to fill her up, make you all heavily pregnant with my babies"
You look at him, your eyes completely shining and he's about to stop everything to kiss you right there, looking all cute and innocent, until your slutty moan caught his attention. He smiles and keeps his movements, feeling his cum finally finding its way into your pussy.
"Feel that, doll? Your cunt feels warm now with my cum? Take it all, baby. I promise you I'm getting you pregnant, fuck, fuck, you're gonna be such a beautiful wife. Can't wait to see you all dolled up for me, your maternity dresses allowing me to see your, fuck, your cute round belly. God, fuck, fuck, doll, just imagine, aaah, imagine your breasts, baby, they're big enough for me now, just imagine them full of milk"
"Please, please, Bucky"
"Please what, doll?" He laughs "I already cum inside. You want more? Your wifey whore cunt wants more?"
"Yes, yes, please, Bucky. Pleaseee"
"Only because you ask so nice"
He says, putting his dick inside of you again and moving his hips, thrusting into you. He goes faster every time you ask him to because how could he deny you of anything. His cum is already dripping all the way to your back, it's wonderful sometimes how Bucky doesn't care at all for your underwear, if it was for him, there would be nothing protecting you under your regular clothes.
"I'm coming again, princess. You think your pretty, little pussy can take it? Take me two times, baby? Yeah? Yeah, let's see that. Let's see how much of a super soldier you can take love. Don't waist a single drop, got it? I'll fucking punish you if you do"
"Buckyyyy" You whine and he looks at you.
"Doll, I already gave it to you two times. You know I can't go more"
"Wan' more, Bucky. Please, please, for me?"
Bucky sighs, you know and he knows he's obliged to do anything when you say the worlds 'for me', because he would never forgive himself to let something slip if it's for you.
So he starts again, his movements are sloppier and low, he's sensitive and he knows you are two, the sound of his cock pushing his cum into your pussy gets louder with every movement, and fuck your moans, Bucky could heard them for years and never get tired of them.
Bucky pulls out of you and he sees the cum dripping from your pussy and he lowers his face to have it on your pussy, his amused eyes looking at the thick white track of cum gets out of it.
"I'mma clean you up, doll. How does that sounds"
You nod, tired, just trying to catch your breath and relax, being interrupted by the moan that scapes your lips when Bucky licks your pussy. He passes his tongue around it, moving it skillfully, yeah, this is not the first time he eats you out. But it's definitely the first time he does it while his cum is dripping from you.
He kisses your cunt, playing with it and causing your moans to never end.
"No more, Bucky, please" You say, crying at the overstimulation "No more, Bucks"
"But, doll, you were the one being times before? You don't want it now? Your pussy wants it"
"No more, Bucky. Tired, please, just want to sleep"
But he doesn't listens, how could he when your moans were telling him another thing, when your cunt was getting wetter by his tongue he could almost drown. He keeps playing until you finally cum, a gutural moan escaping your lips and he knows you're exhausted when you let your head fall into the pillows, not feeling like holding it anymore.
"You did so good, babydoll. What about a shower?"
"Wanna sleep, Bucky"
"But I have to treat you right. Can't send my baby mommy to sleep this wet, can I?"
You shake your head with a pout and if it wasn't because he knows you can't take more, he would've fuck you right there.
"If I keep fucking you like this, I think we'll get pregnant by the end of the week"
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autodeprived · 1 year
“My child is fine”
Your child has an obsession with multiple people and they’re not even real.
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drdoomentia · 2 months
Wanda: pleaseeeeee, it would look so cute on you
Y/n: Wanda, I am a demon, I have four arms, my body is covered in tattoos and markings, and my mouth is filled with sharp teeth, there is no cute in this equation.
Wanda: it would make me happy
*30 minutes later*
Y/n: the zipper won’t zip and I had to create new arm holes, but I think I managed *walks out in a size too small stitch onsie*
Wanda: I- thank you honey *lets out a small giggle and takes a photo*
Y/n: NO! There mustn’t be evidence!
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buckyalpine · 6 months
18+ Minors dni
Virgin college Bucky x Virgin college reader (Steve’s sister) 
A/N: Wanted to write something with both Bucky and the reader learning together, will probably add another part cause I love them. Please leave all the comments, reblog and like! <3 
Warnings: SMUT, swearing, fluff
Word count: 4.2k hehe sorry 
Also part of this AU: Tongue Twister, Date night, Tipsy 
You trudged down the hall wondering why you brother had sent you an SOS text message, stating it was an immediate emergency at 12:30 AM forcing you out of the deep sleep you were in. You opened his room door, groaning at the ridiculousness that was taking place yet again this month.
Steve and his friends were in the middle of a very important Call of Duty game and given the seriousness, they had to have both hands on the controllers at all time.
“Seriously!? What the hell is the emergency Steve?!”
“Pizza. Hungry” Steve sheepishly grinned at you before returning his attention to the screen.
The emergency. Feed him the now stone cold, dry pizza that had sat untouched from lunch.
“Hi y/n” Sam, Tony and Bucky greeted you in unison without tearing their eyes off the screen.
You shook your head, picking up a slice and shoving it into Steve’s mouth.
“enku ub”
“Huh?” Steve swallowed; “Sorry, thank you bub”.
 “Did you try to recreate the setting of your game in here, it looks like a warzone”
You were speaking to no one at this point as they refocused on their game. You picked up some of the garbage that was scattered on the floor taking it down to the kitchen to throw out. You finished putting away the last few beer cans in the bin when Bucky walked in the kitchen carrying the leftover pizza from Steve’s room. You were bent over and he could have sworn you were not wearing any underwea-
“Thanks Buck, you can leave it in the fridge” Bucky nodded, walking over but his eyes never left you. “Sorry mini, we woke you up and now you’re cleaning up after us too”
You giggled, “Its okay, not like I have to be up early tomorrow. You want something to drink?”
“You sure?”
You nodded, opening two beers handing him one while plopping down on the sofa.
Bucky felt his heart rate pick up. Maybe it was how you looked, seeing you in just your over sized t-shirt, hair tied in a messy braid, just so comfortable and at home. Your bare legs slightly tucked under you, sleep still evident in your face.
His mind started to wander. What it’d be like to just hang out with you alone, the feel of your legs, how sleepy you’d look if you spent the night letting him fu- Stop it Bucky. Bad Bucky.
He sat down beside you, his thoughts racing a million miles an hour desperately wanting to refocus onto something other than the growing strain in his pants.
“How’s….college life” Smooth Bucky.
You snorted. “It’s okay. Not as wild as everyone painted it out to be. That or maybe I just don’t hang out with the right people” “You mean feeding Steve cold pizza at 1 in the morning isn’t a rave?” Bucky grinned at you loving the way your nose scrunched as you recalled your brothers antics.
You shook your head, your own heart racing sitting beside your brother’s unnecessarily hot best friend. “What about you, I’m sure you must be keeping yourself busy” “Busy how doll?” God the names he had for you made you melt.
“You guys are always out, I’m sure you have fun and stuff, parties….girls” You didn’t mean for the last part to slip out but it did. Part of you was curious to know what Bucky got up to when he was out but you also didn’t want to know, feeling a tiny pang of jealously. Ugh, he’s not even yours, relax.
“I haven’t-
Bucky look flustered, refusing to meet your eyes, his change in demeanour caused butterflies to erupt in the pit of your stomach.
“Uh girls….I’ve never….”
“You’ve never…?”
“Done….anything? I mean I’ve kissed girls but…that’s it?” Bucky sounded confused by his own confession but he felt embarrassed. He was always busy with sports, gaming and school.  He never felt comfortable initiating anything. Until now. God he wanted the floor to swallow him whole.
“Oh. Um. I haven’t either” You gave Bucky a small smile as he looked up at you confused, his cheeks flushed red, fuck he was adorable. “Done anything I mean. With anyone”
Something in the air shifted.
“Uh, I should get going” Bucky stood up, uncomfortably trying to hide the raging tightness in his pants. Your confession stirred something new in him and he knew he had to leave.
“Is everything okay?” You worried you made him uncomfortable; first you accuse him of being some partying play boy and then open up about your nonexistent sex life, as if he asked. This isn’t the sharing circle dumbass.
“No! I mean yes! It’s just getting late, you should head to bed, see you y/n” Bucky gave you a quick peck on the head before speed walking to the door.
“BARNES, where the fuck are you going?!” Sam yelled at him from the top of the stairs, watching Bucky stumble to get his shoes on.
“Out. Home? My room? Tell Steve I said bye!” and with that he ran out. Sam shook his head confused, returning to Steve’s room.
Bucky had never stripped his pants off so fast. As soon as he got home, he was in his room, his cock aching in his hand, as he stroked himself, desperate for some type of release. Something about that moment with you was different; both of you just on the couch, he could smell the strawberry shampoo you used. How soft your legs looked, your hair messy as if you had been fucked thoroughly. He noticed the way you were bare under your sleep shirt, your nipples faintly peaking through.
He thought about what it would be like to feel your body, touch you in places no one else has. What it would be like to have your soft hands on him, how your pretty lips would look sucking his cock. His strokes grew faster as his mind continued to race through his dirty thoughts. What kind of pretty sounds would you make for him, would he be the first one to make you feel good? He thought about what it would be like having something so warm and wet to cum i-
“Fuucckkkk” Bucky groaned, his head thrown back as he let warm ropes of him shoot onto his chest and hands. He cleaned himself off before falling back onto the bed as you continued to cloud mind; he was fucked.
A week later
Bucky peeked out into the hall from Steve’s room, eyeing the bathroom, praying he wouldn’t run into you. He wasn’t sure what was going on with him but ever since that night, he felt unhinged. He wanted to explore intimacy with you, learn how to make you feel good; discover things that would make him feel good, figure out things together. There was something about discovering all of your firsts together that got him ridiculously off. It felt wrong; thinking of his best friend’s sister like this but he couldn’t help it. You were beautiful, sweet and the crush he had on you for ages was at an all time high.
Once he was sure there was no chance of running into you, he made his way to the bathroom only to have it swing open.
You stood there still dripping from your shower with a poor excuse for a towel clinging around your body.
“I should- I should go” Bucky started to make his way to the stairs, his mind foggy. Fuck you were gorgeous. “Bucky wait!” You grabbed his wrist, pulling him to turn towards you. “Did I do something wrong?”
“No! y/n no, doll it’s not you, its me fuck-” Bucky shook his head, scrambling for words.
“You’re avoiding me”
Your bottom lip jutted out slightly with the cutest pout on your face and fuck what he wouldn’t do to just feel your warm lips all over his ba- Stop. Take a cold shower Bucky. He took a deep breath,
“Y/n I don’t want to ruin what we have” “What we have? I don’t understand”
Bucky sighed, running his hand over his face. Now or never.
“I-I like you. I’ve liked you for a while but your Steve’s sister and I can’t- we can’t. I care about you, I don’t want to do something stupid and ruin than y/n”
You were stunned. Never in a million years did you think Bucky would see you that way let alone feel the time. You took a step closer to him, his breath hitching in his throat.
“Why would it ruin anything, I like you too”
Bucky let out the breath he was holding, closing his eyes, resting his forehead against yours.
“I just. I like you a lot. You do something to me; I don’t think I can control myself around you. After you said you haven’t done anything I…I can’t think about anything else. Not that that’s the only thing I want with you its just…I can’t. I haven’t felt this before and I want it with you but I don’t want you to think I’m using you because you’re beautiful and sweet and I’d be so lucky if you’d have m-”
You grabbed Bucky’s head smashing your lips onto his, cutting off his rambling. Bucky momentarily froze before melting into your touch, moaning when he felt your hands tug his hair. His hands trailed down to your ass, giving it a squeeze before gripping the back of your thighs, effortlessly picking you up and wrapping your legs around his waist.
He carried you to your room without breaking his lips away, dropping onto the bed with you, grinding his hard length on your scantily covered core.
“Bucky….” You were a panting mess, lips swollen, core aching and throbbing, searching for some type of relief. “Need you”. You were tugging at his shirt, signalling him to take it off.
Bucky stripped off his shirt and sweats, leaving him in his boxers. He looked down at you, gently pulling the towel until you nodded giving him permission to take it off.
“Fuck princess you’re so beautiful” Bucky marveled at you, the curves of your body, how soft your skin felt, how you blushed looking away from him. You shifted, trying to cover yourself but he was having none of that. “I can’t believe I get to see you like this baby, you’re angelic” Bucky gently pinned your wrists down, peppering kisses from your jaw, pausing at breasts. “Is this okay?”
Your heart raced as you nodded. Bucky took one of your nipples into his mouth, gently swirling his tongue around, sucking your sensitive peak groaning when he heard you whimper. “How does that feel baby?”
“S’good Bucky” you moved your hands to play with his hair, relishing in the way his mouth felt. Every time you moaned, his cock throbbed, pre-cum dribbling, practically soaking the front of his boxers. He found himself rutting against the mattress, trying to control the primal urges he had to stuff his cock into you. Watching his hips rock, you badly wanted to know what he tasted like, how heavy his cock would feel in your mouth.
“I- can we try something?” Bucky looked up at you, his hand cupping your face. “Anything y/n”
“Can you lay down?”
He lay back as you sat up, hooking your thumbs into the waistband of his boxers, looking at him for permission. His breaths grew shaky as he nodded, letting you slip them off. His cock sprung free, slapping against his stomach, pre-cum smearing onto his abs. He was fucking huge; his cock was long but also thick. How no one had ever touched his man before, you had no idea.
As soon as you took his cock into your hand Bucky moaned, practically drooling at how you looked stroking him. You pushed your hair aside, brining your lips close to his cock. “Is this okay?”
“Fuck, yes, please baby” God he never felt this needy in his life.
You hesitantly took the tip of his cock, licking up the mess he had already started to make. The second he felt your lips touch him, his hands flew to your hair moaning. “Suck me baby, please”
You slowly started to take his length into your mouth, fumbling till you made yourself comfortable, hollowing your cheeks, moving up and down his cock. You swirled your tongue around the tip, humming when you could taste him leaking in your mouth.
“Oh God FUCK Y/N don’t stop, shit- do that again baby” Oh, he likes that. You kept swirling your tongue, focusing on the tip, ignoring the growing ache in your jaw.  
Bucky pulled your lips off his cock, panting.
“Shit baby, you’re going to make me cum, just. Fuck. Give me a second”
You giggled, sitting back onto your heels, looking at Bucky staring at the ceiling in a daze.
“How did that feel? Was I okay?”
“Holy shit….fucking amazing baby, more than okay. If that’s the first time, can’t imagine how that’s going to feel after you’ve practiced” Your jaw dropped as Bucky smirked at you, laughing when you playfully slapped the side of his thigh.
“You want me to practice? I’m sure Sam would be more than happy for me to practice on hi-”
Before you could finish, Bucky grabbed and you pinned on the bed, firmly gripping your wrists above your head, his full body weight resting on you making it impossible to move. His eyes turned dark, blown with lust.
“Don’t. The only cock you practice on is mine. Understand baby?”
You whimpered, nodding up at him. You loved the hint of possessiveness in his voice. You squirmed under him, the feeling of his heavy cock pressed against you making you moan. “Bucky…I want…”
“What is it babydoll, tell me what you want?”
Bucky sat up, rubbing his fingers gently through your soaked core. “Can I?” You nodded, letting out a high pitched whine as he pushed a finger into your throbbing entrance.
“Buckyy!” Your head was pressed back into the pillows, gripping onto the sheets, wincing at the sensation when he started to move his finger in and out of you.
“Princess, you’re soo fucking tight” Bucky groaned, his cock leaking again wondering how tight you’d feel around him. “Can barely get a second finger in there” He brought a second finger to your entrance, tracing around your throbbing core.
“M’gonna go slowly okay? I’ll stop if it’s too much, just tell me, okay y/n?”
You focused on your breathing, feeling the sting of his second finger stretching you. Bucky lay beside you, his face in the crook of your neck while his fingers continued to slowly pump in and out of you. He placed soft kisses on your shoulders and cheeks, comforting you as you got used to the feeling.
“Are you okay bubba, you want me to stop?” “No, I want- I want you. Please?”
Bucky heart raced, he wanted this so badly, not just out of lust but to be that close and connected to you, he only ever imagined it in his dreams.
“Baby, are you sure? If it already hurts, then I don’t want to-”
“I need you, want to feel you baby, please Bucky?”
Bucky nodded, letting out a shaky breath as he positioned himself between your legs. He moved his cock through your slick folds before stopping at your entrance, already clenching for him.  
He gazed down at you, falling for you more with how much you trusted him. You held onto him, eyes wide with anticipation. “I’ll go slowly, please tell me if you want me to stop” You nodded as you felt his cock pressing into you.
“AH fuck” You cried out, clinging onto Bucky, feeling a sharp pain as he started to nudge the tip of his cock in you. “Too big Buckyy, it’s too big” You felt tears stinging your eyes, your core burning and struggling to stretch around his thick length.
Bucky halted his movements, pausing to wipe the tears that kept falling. “M’sorry baby, shh it’s okay”. His face was full of concern has he looked down at you, his hand cradling your face, his thumb caressing your cheek. “We can stop, try another time” You shook your head. “Are you sure you want to keep going baby?” “Please, I want this just-,” your grip on his shoulders tightened as you braced for him to fully push inside you “- go slow please”
Bucky continued to press into you, kissing your face, lacing a hand with yours, comforting you as he pushed his cock in slowly.
“Shh, babygirl its okay, I’m here angel, it’s almost in, you want me to stop?”
You shook your head, biting down onto his shoulder to keep from crying out. “N-no, keep going Bucky”
The second he fully sheathed himself, he let out the most obscene moan. Bucky knew he was done for. Your walls were squeezing his cock; the warm wet tightness was too much. It felt good, so fucking good; he never imagined it would feel like this. His balls immediately tightened, cock aching, threatening to spill loads into you without him even moving.
“God fuck you’re so tight, holy fuck I’m gonna cum y/n”
Bucky’s breaths grew heavy as he rested his forehead on yours, desperately trying to collect himself so he didn’t bust before he even got a chance to move.
You whimpered under him, still adjusting to the feeling of him inside you. Bucky looked down at you, stroking your forehead when he saw your discomfort, placing soft kisses to your temple.
“Y/n, bubba are you sure? ” He wanted to move so badly, he had never felt this way before. Still, your comfort came first and he wanted you to feel cared for and safe. He used all his restraint to keep from moving while his cock continued to throb inside you.
You nodded, your breath hitching as Bucky started to slowly rock his hips.
“Sweet heart I can’t, m’not going to last babygirl, you’re so fucking tight, making my cock feel so sensitive y/n” Bucky was moaning into your shoulder, nearly sobbing at the way your body was sucking him deeper. “H-how do you feel so good baby, what are you doing to me, fuckk”.
You clung onto Bucky, your legs wrapped tightly around his waist. Your arms hung around his neck as you looked up at him, his beautiful fucked out expression almost melted the aching burn you felt. “Fuck Buckyy, you’re so bigg” You whined under him, feeling every ridge and vein of his cock each time he moved. “Why are you so big baby”
“Y/n…….” He was close, he didn’t care if he was going to be like every other hormone crazed boy, cumming in two strokes for their first time, it felt too good, so tight and warm, the way you squeezed around his cock, and he couldn’t take it. “Y/n I’m cumming baby, fuck- you’re making me cum, making my cock feel so good, fuck I’m cumminggg oh FUCK” Bucky was practically sobbing into you, as he had the longest, most intense orgasm he’d ever felt because of you. You could feel his cum gushing out of you, your walls gripping him as he whined, overstimulating himself, continuing to sloppily grind into you. “M’still cumming baby, just can’t stop, oh God, it’s so sensitive, so fucking sensitive”
He laid on top of you, catching his breath, his cock still throbbing inside you.  You moved your hands to softly stroke his hair, kissing the side of his head as he rested on you. You winced slightly, feeling the soreness start to set in.
“Fuck, sorry bubba” Bucky groaned as he pulled out of you, he had never felt this sensitive. His cheeks turned red as he realized he barely lasted. He looked away, avoiding your gaze. “Sorry…I just..you felt really good and I couldn’t help it”
Your heart melted at the blushing mess he turned into. You kissed his nose, holding his adorable dimpled chin in your hand. “Its okay baby, I wanted you to feel good” You giggled as he moved to hide his face in your neck.
“You didn’t get to finish” He mumbled, his words muffled as he continued to shy away from you.
You shifted, cradling his cheeks in your hands, making him look at you “Bucky, it was our first time. For everything. I just wanted to feel you baby, all of you with no expectations. I want to learn with you” Bucky continued to pout at you, unsatisfied that you didn’t get to finish. You kissed his lips, nipping the bottom one that protruded out. “Such a big baby”
“Can you show me? What makes you feel good?”
You looked away, suddenly felt shy, not knowing where to start.
“Baby please? I want you to feel good too, show me what you like”
You took Bucky’s hand, placing his fingers onto your swollen clit. “F-fuck, I like…” Just knowing he was touching you there set your body ablaze. “Just-play with my…” You hesitated, not wanting to say it out loud.
“Play with your what baby” Bucky smirked, teasingly brushing over your sensitive clit, not giving you the satisfaction you needed.
“My clit Bucky, my clit, please”
Bucky gently started to move his fingers around until he found a pace that your body responded to, watching your chest heave and your lips part as your breathing got heavier.
“Please James don’t stop, please baby rub me faster, just like that fuck just like that” You squirmed on the bed, legs restless, eyes screwed shut as you started to grind your clit onto his hands for more friction.
Bucky felt his cock stir hearing his first name falling from your lips. He sat back on his heels, slowing pumping his cock while he applied more pressure to your clit, groaning when he saw his cum dribbling out of your swollen entrance.
“Fuck baby you look so sexy like this” Bucky continued to rub your clit, stroking his cock in the other hand. You were a fucking dream to look at, your skin flushed, glistening in the soft light. Bucky moaned watching the way your back arched off the bed, your hands flailing to grab anything to ground yourself, grasping onto his bicep.
“y/n you’re gonna make me cum again babyy”
“JamesJamesJAMES” You cried out as you felt yourself so close to the edge, just a little bit more…
Bucky grabbed your face, forcing your eyes open.
“Look at me baby; keep your eyes on me when I make you cum”
You moaned at the sight of Bucky stroking his cock, tugging at his balls while he rubbed rapid circles onto your clit.
“I’m cumming Bucky, I’m cumming, m’cumming fuck, baby, cum on me Bucky please”
He didn’t have to be told twice. Bucky hovered above you stroking his cock onto your sensitive clit, groaning at the feeling.
“Look at what you do to me y/n, look baby FUCK look at the mess I’m making for you babydoll”
Bucky’s head was thrown back as ropes of cum spilled onto your stomach and nipples. He sobbed looking at you run your fingers through the mess he made, licking it off your fingers, humming at his taste. “You dirty fucking slut, you’re all mine, all fucking mine” Bucky let the last few drops dribble down his cock, before collapsing on the bed. 
“That was….” Bucky smiled hazily at you, giving you sloppy kisses all over you face before nuzzling his face into your stomach.
“So good” You giggled, gently raking your nails on his scalp. Bucky practically purred, leaning into your touch, smiling against your tummy.
“So soft” He mumbled against your skin, feeling a strong wave of sleep wash over him. You continued to let your fingers run over him, sleep starting to wash over you as well, adoring the soft snores you heard moments later. The warmth of Bucky’s body lulled you to sleep soon after as you felt complete in his arms. 
Back in Steve’s room:
“Where the fuck did Barnes go?” Tony huffed, annoyed that they had to pause the game when Bucky had gone to use the bathroom.
“Let me go check, I swear you’d think the bathroom was in Spain with how long he’s taking” 
Sam got up, barely reaching the door pausing immediately. 
“Do you guys here that?”
“Hear what?” Steve’s eyebrow cocked up, confused.
“Uh that….” Sam turned back to his friends, wide eyed wondering if the ghosts in the walls were getting busy because if it wasn’t them then it was...
“What the hell are you…” Steve got up, also stopping as he neared the door, his face flushing, his heart threatening to give out any given moment.
“Either you’re sister is banging another dude who also goes by Bucky and James or…” Tony had a shit eating grin on his face now, practically howling hearing you scream over Bucky’s size.
“I’m going to fucking kill that punk” Steve shook his head, hiding a small smirk that crept to his face.
It wasn’t a secret, he knew you liked Bucky and knew Bucky liked you.  Still, you were his baby sister (by like a year) as your brother he rightfully would have to punch Bucky in the face. At least once.
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jadedvibes · 1 month
Summary: An impromptu night out at a local speakeasy results in you waking up next to your crush.
Pairing: Bucky x reader
Warnings: 18+ only, alcohol, shy!reader, drunk shenanigans, dancing, lots of fluff, flirting and cuddles, swearing, very minor angst, modern au.
Word Count: 4.2k
Like, comment, and/or reblog to put a giant smile on my face ♡
Tumblr media
“C’mon, you have to come out with us tonight! It’ll be so fun,” Sharon exclaimed. 
Steve walked into your living room. “Yeah, come with us, it’s been forever since we all went out together.”
“Ahh, I wish I could. There’s a new episode of my favorite murder podcast that dropped and I need to catch up. Busy night,” you insisted. 
You couldn’t help but feel like a third wheel whenever you went out with the couple. While you loved spending time with them, getting drunk and being in their company usually led to you feeling quite lonely. You weren’t usually a sad drunk, but lately whenever you drank you couldn’t help but long for something similar to what they had. Pairing alcohol with a sappy couple to watch felt like a recipe for a minor breakdown, and you weren’t up for that. 
“What if I said I got the password for that newly renovated speakeasy we’ve been wanting to check out?” Steve quirked an eyebrow. 
Your ears perked up, you had all been wanting to check out that elusive bar since it reopened. Taking a moment to contemplate, you considered sucking it up and going just for the cool venue. But unfortunately it wasn’t enough to change the way you were feeling, so you shook your head. “Maybe another time.”
Steve nodded, “That’s too bad, Bucky’s coming out with us tonight and I thought it’d be nice for the four of us to spend some time together.”
Your wide eyes flickered to Sharon, a subtle smirk on her lips. You cleared your throat and looked down, not wanting Steve to know you had a crush on his roommate. “He’s um, gonna be there?”
“Yeah, he texted me confirming it a little while ago.”
Sharon chimed in, “It’ll be fun, promise. And if you’re not feeling it, we can go home or stop at a diner before calling it a night.” 
“Well I guess that’s true… okay yes, I’ll go.”
The prospect of spending some time with Bucky would have gotten you to tag along just about anywhere. And while you didn’t know him very well, boy did you want to. 
Sharon noticed the way you were eyeing him after you met him for the first time a few weeks back, and ever since she’s tried to convince you to make a move or stop by their apartment with her. You’d only seen him a few times in passing, but he had made an impact. Enough for your brain to fantasize and wish to know more. 
Nevertheless, you were scared, afraid of the potential rejection and subsequent embarrassment that could come if you put yourself out there. 
Meeting up as a group at a dusky bar was a good alternative. 
The ride over was faster than expected, stepping out of the subway, you trailed behind the happy couple as they walked hand in hand to the nightclub across the street. You missed the dark-haired man lingering near the entrance until Steve greeted him.
“Hey Buck, you didn’t wait long did you?” Steve asked.
“No, I just walked over a minute ago. Nice to see you ladies,” he gave you and Sharon a broad, radiant smile. His gaze lingered on yours for a second before returning to his best friends. “Shall we?”
Steve nodded and the four of you headed inside. Bucky let Steve and Sharon walk in first, then trailed closely behind you – you suppressed a smile when you felt his hand ghost along your lower back, gently navigating you through the throngs of patrons. 
The front end of the bar was busy, with loud music blasting as people lined the bar, others sitting in the booths on the opposite side of the room. A little ways in was a dance floor, with lasers beaming over the people gleefully dancing. 
The dance floor was packed, so Steve looked to you and Bucky, gesturing towards the black door at the very back of the club. Your final destination was through that door. You nodded and he went on to lead Sharon through the crowd. 
Before you could feel yourself get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people you’d have to amble through, you felt Bucky’s hand leave your lower back to grab yours firmly. With your hand securely in his, he guided you through the swaying people with ease, ensuring your path was clear, until all too quickly you were in front of the door. You felt a tinge of disappointment when he released your hand, but he had no reason to hold it any longer; it was lovely while it lasted. 
Steve spoke the password through a small retractable window in the door, and then the door opened. The moment you all walked in you felt an entirely different vibe; red smoky dim lighting, a live band playing soft jazz in the corner, vintage boudoir art lining the exposed brick walls, and a couple bartenders in vests and bow ties to complete the aura. It was a stunning blast from the past, and as an added bonus there weren’t nearly as many people inside the speakeasy. 
You settled into a crimson leather booth seated next to Bucky, opposite Steve and Sharon. The ambience was more laid back inside and you felt at ease because of it. 
A waitress in a black flapper costume came over to take your drink orders – the novelty of the place was their specially crafted beverages; mint julep, white linen, gin rickey, the bees knees and numerous more carefully chosen to fit the prohibition era theme. Sharon quickly suggested a round of vodka for the table to start, and you all placed your drink orders to get those going too.  
“It’s good to see you out, Buck,” Sharon said. 
“Yeah, it’s been a while. It’s really nice to see the both of you,” he turned and grinned at you. 
His adorable smile brought a flutter to your chest, and you were grateful that the waitress reemerged with the vodka shots before you had to reply. 
After you all grabbed a shot glass, Steve raised his, and you all followed suit. “Alright, to a great night, with even better company,” he beamed. 
Everyone clinked their glasses together in agreement and then to the wood of the table before throwing their shots back. The clear spirit warmed your chest as it went down, and you knew you were in for an interesting night. 
“I love this bar, Steve. I’m so glad you picked it,” you finally chimed in. 
“Oh it wasn’t me, it was Bucky. He sent me the password.”
Turning to the man beside you, “You’re into this kinda thing?” you asked in disbelief. 
He gave off dive bar or maybe EDM club vibes, you’d never peg him for a jazzy gin joint kind of guy. 
Bucky let out a laugh. “Well, you mentioned it was finishing up with renovations the last time I saw you. It sounded interesting, so I figured why not check it out with you guys.” 
“Hmm,” you nodded with a grin. You were surprised he remembered. 
The waitress returned with your drinks once more, and this time you put in the order for another round of shots. Bucky looked at you amusedly and you shrugged – you were in a beautiful bar with the best company, and you were gonna enjoy it. 
Conversation flowed easily, just as the drinks; the liquor making quick work of easing your shyness. Not long after you were very glad you came out, because you were enjoying yourself immensely. Bucky’s company and attention made you feel comfortable and nowhere near how you felt when you third-wheeled. 
Whenever Steve and Sharon would fall off into their own tangents, you had him to goof around with. You were happy and far from lonesome. 
In no time at all, Steve pulled Sharon away to dance on the little dance floor in front of the band, leaving you alone with Bucky. You smiled to yourself when you saw Steve pull her into him, swinging her around to the beat. Seeing the way Steve cared for her, how well they meshed together, gave you some hope in the matter of love. Good guys did exist, and perhaps they were closer than you thought. 
When you returned your attention to Bucky, he had his elbow on the table, propping up his chin as he gazed at you softly. Heat rose to your cheeks and you mirrored his form, propping up your own face so that you could look at him. This was the first moment you had alone with Bucky, and you were happy about that. 
“Hi,” Bucky whispered shyly, his eyes holding yours. 
You couldn’t fight the smile that graced your lips. “Hi, Buck.” 
His smile broke free when he heard you utter his nickname; your voice softly enchanting him with just two words. “Thanks for coming out tonight, I really wanted you to,” he confessed. 
“You did?” you asked, unconsciously letting out a dreamy sigh. 
Bucky nodded his head before chuckling to himself. “Big time.” He looked at you with a dopey grin on his face, the alcohol or more likely his nerves brought a blush to his cheeks. 
You giggled, bringing your hand up to cover your smile because he was just too damn cute and he was making you feel things; the kind of things that sent butterflies to your belly and a stirring warmth to your chest. He reached out for your hand upon its descent to the table, clasping his large one around yours. His relaxed grip felt casual – as if holding your hand was second nature and normal. 
The hammering in your heart at his touch begged to differ; his hold was new and exciting.
The waitress returned with another round of drinks, and you settled on trying the mint julep this time. Bucky thanked the waitress but kept holding your hand as he reached for his old fashioned. You followed suit, clinking glasses before taking a sip, relishing the close proximity you shared with your crush. 
“Oh my god, Bucky. This is so good! You have to try it!” you exclaimed enthusiastically, sliding him the drink. 
“Really?” He picked it up and took a sip. His eyes widened, a satisfied smile crossing his features. “Wow, that is really good.” 
“Right?” you happily sipped your drink. Your heart finally calmed to a normal rate because of how effortless it felt to be with him. No awkwardness, no self-consciousness, simply the wonderful present moment. 
Steve and Sharon returned to the table excitedly, the song ending and another slowly beginning. You thought about releasing Bucky’s hand, but decided against it; he made no move and you were happy as you were. The couple slid into the booth, gleefully knocking back their new drinks, paying no mind to you and him. 
Bucky squeezed your hand. “Hey, did you wanna dance?”
The new ballad was much slower and more romantic. Biting your lip, you nodded your head. 
With his fingers intertwined with yours, you followed as he led you out of the booth and onto the dance floor. 
You wound your arms around his neck as he splayed his hands across your back, holding you close. Swaying together, you were oblivious to anything but the music and him. His deep blue gaze held yours, and he hoped you couldn’t feel the way his heart was pounding. And when he brought his thumb up to gently stroke your cheekbone, you wished he couldn’t feel your heart speed up just the same. 
“You’re really pretty, Buck,” you blurted out before your mind could process your words. Your eyes widened upon your realization and you quickly tucked your face under his neck to hide your embarrassment. 
Bucky’s chest rumbled under your ear as he chuckled. “Baby, don’t go all shy on me now,” he gently coaxed you to look at him, nudging your chin with his fingers until your eyes were back on his.
Staring at him blankly, you waited for the mean joke that your honest admission would elicit. Instead you felt his warm lips press a kiss to your forehead. “You are the most beautiful girl, and you’re so damn adorable too. You never have to hide from me, okay?” Gracefully he spun you out, letting you twirl, before pulling you back up against his hard body. 
“Okay,” you murmured, entranced by his eyes, heart racing as he pulled you even closer. His chest was pressing against yours, and if you weren’t drunk already you knew you would have been from his proximity alone. 
This was what you wanted. The chance to see if the gorgeous guy you’d only met a handful of times was as nice as he seemed. Surprisingly, he was even kinder. 
Being with him felt natural. The conversations, the playfulness, and the ease you felt in his presence. While you anticipated apprehension, instead all you felt was familiarity despite the limited time you’d known him. It didn’t make sense, but in your inebriated state you weren’t going to question it. 
You were going to embrace it.
The song ended and he wordlessly led you back to the booth, releasing his hand, you slipped into your seat. But as soon as you were both situated back in place, you wrapped your arm around Bucky’s, clinging to him and his comforting warmth. Bucky grinned to himself before softly kissing your temple and settling his hand on your knee. Inhibitions were out the window and neither of you could keep your hands to yourself.  
Steve and Sharon looked at you two amusedly, cheeky smiles spread across their features. 
“Hey guys,” Sharon broke the silence. “Good dance?” 
“Mhm,” you mumbled, taking a big sip of your drink. Bucky whispered in your ear asking if you wanted the luxardo cherry in his drink, and you giggled before nodding. 
Steve nudged Sharon, wordlessly asking her not to press you two about your sudden affection. The couple watched on as Bucky playfully brought the cocktail skewer with the cherry toward your mouth before you captured it between your teeth. 
“Thank ya, old sport,” you babbled before chewing. 
Bucky let out a laugh, his eyes alight with amusement. “You’re most welcome, doll,” he said, booping your nose. 
You both broke out into a fit of giggles, and the couple before you could not believe their eyes. Sharon was over the moon inside because she knew how you felt about Bucky, and Steve’s hunch about Bucky’s feelings towards you were confirmed quite apparently. 
“Did you guys wanna get another round?” you eventually asked, remembering that you had company. 
Steve turned to Sharon, and she shrugged. “I could go for another shot. What do you guys think?” 
The guys nodded in confirmation, both deciding to head over and grab it from the bar themselves. Once you were left alone with Sharon, she got to interrogating.
“Girl, what is going on with you and Bucky?!” she grinned. 
You hiccuped before beaming at her. “I don’t know, but I like it! He’s so nice, and he thinks I’m adorable and he’s so handsome, Sharon. I wanna take him home, keep him forever,” you blabbered, trying to maneuver your straw into your mouth with your tongue.
She pressed her lips together to stop the laughter that bubbled up inside. Her best friend had it bad for her man’s best friend, what a perfect situation. 
“You should, you both look good together,” she smirked. She wanted you to experience the world with someone great and from what she knew, Bucky was definitely one of the good ones. “Do you want to stay over at their place tonight?” she asked with a raised eyebrow. “They’re like a five minute walk from here.”
Your eyes widened, that was such a good idea. “Oh my goodness, yes. Let’s ask them!” 
The guys returned with the shots, and Sharon asked Steve and Bucky what they thought. 
“You both are always welcome over,” Steve said kindly.
“Of course, always,” Bucky reassured with a smile. He’d happily sleep on the couch if it meant getting to spend a little more time with you. 
“Then it’s settled.” You curled yourself up into his side, his arm wrapping around you. You were gonna seduce the hell out of Bucky Barnes. 
You didn’t register the way he maneuvered your body so that you were tucked in under the sheets or the shift of his weight on the other side of the bed. 
It was only as the sun began to rise that you realized that you felt cozy – drowsily observing that you were much more snug and secure than normal. This wasn’t a cause for concern for your groggy brain, until you heard breathing and noticed that you weren’t alone.
What the hell. 
Cautiously opening your eyes, you saw Bucky’s sleeping face. His breathing was evened out, chest rising and falling under you. Only then did you realize your head was resting on his shoulder, your hand splayed out across his broad chest. His arm was around your waist, and your thigh was drawn up and across his legs.
Did you hook up with him last night?! Oh god, you did, you totally did. 
You were moments from freaking out when he shifted underneath you, squeezing your waist and placing his other hand on your bare thigh. You were trapped in the hold of the man you must have thrown yourself at last night, and that was bad. 
“I can hear your racing thoughts, baby. Go back to sleep,” he muttered without opening his eyes. 
Unable to contain your gasp, you watched as Bucky smiled to himself, still trying to sleep. 
“Bucky,” you whispered. 
He groaned under you, mumbling out a soft “no” as he refused to move or speak. 
You bit your lip to stifle a smile. He was so cute and grumpy in the morning. Taking a deep breath, you nuzzled your face into his chest. Maybe you could postpone your freak out until after a couple more hours of sleep. 
Bucky woke up a little after nine, your warm body still surrounding him. He smiled to himself, enjoying the feeling of having you so close. He vaguely remembered you waking up earlier, and he was glad that you didn’t leave. 
Peeking down at you, he couldn’t stop himself from gently brushing his finger over your cheek, taking a moment to admire you. He could get used to waking up like this, your perfect soft curves against him – his ideal blanket. 
Lightly he traced the outline of your lips with his finger, looking forward to tasting them soon. 
Your eyes slowly fluttered open, and you saw Bucky watching you with an adorable smile.  
Embarrassed, you quickly brought your hand up from his chest to cover your eyes. If you can’t see him, he can’t see you, right? 
 “Baby,” he let out a laugh, rubbing circles into your hip with his thumb. “I thought I told you last night that you never had to hide from me,” he whispered soothingly. 
You wondered how he was so calm and cool, but then you remembered that he always was. His relaxed demeanor is one of the first things you noticed about him. Cautiously letting your hand fall back to his chest, you loosened up when you saw the softness and sincerity in his gaze.  
“Sorry,” you mumbled nervously. “Um, did we?” you didn’t know how to ask, so you vaguely gestured between you two. You had hoped that you would remember your first time with Bucky, but unfortunately you didn’t even recall how you got in his bed or how you ended up in his shirt. 
“No, we got back, and you asked me for something to change into while I got some water. I didn’t hear movement for a bit and I thought you’d fallen asleep so I set myself up on the couch. But then you came out all groggy, saying that you needed cuddles,” he smiled as he recollected the memory. 
Even though he was completely drunk, he still remembered how precious you were. “You tried to get those cuddles on the couch until I decided to bring us back here.”  
You weren’t ready for all the details of what you did, but you distinctly remembered a different plan that involved more seduction; it was hard to believe that you ended up opting for cuddling instead. Although, given how peaceful the sleep was, you were grateful to your drunk counterpart. She knew what was best at the time. 
“Wait, so really nothing happened?” you asked disbelievingly, alcohol had a tendency to make you amorous and you needed to be sure. 
He grinned as he shook his head again. “I think we might’ve wanted to earlier in the night, but we were too tired and drunk by the time we got back,” he answered honestly. 
Heat rose to your cheeks, he knew you wanted to, and that was supposed to be your secret. You were about to shrivel into embarrassment again but then you realized he said he wanted to as well. 
Finally, you gave yourself full permission to open up to the sweet man. You didn’t need alcohol to fuel your confidence, he liked you and you liked him – there was nothing to bottle up or overcomplicate. 
“Do you think we kissed?” you bit your lip. The night was coming back in bits and pieces, but you couldn’t recall that. 
Reaching out, he dusted his thumb over your lip, before stroking your jawline, subtly relaxing you. “I know I’d remember that, so no, not yet. Soon though,” he stated with certainty, as if it was an indisputable fact. 
You smiled coyly. “So what happens next?”
“I’m thinking bagels with my girl, if she’s up for it,” he squeezed your hip. 
His girl. 
Bucky was so straightforward and direct, you didn’t have to guess where you stood with him, he made his intentions apparent. You adored that about him. 
“I’m very up for it. I need a cure for his hangover. But… I also don’t want to leave this bed. You’re ridiculously comfortable.” 
He beamed, “I can run down to get some, it’ll only take me ten minutes.” 
“You could, but then I’d lose my new favorite pillow,” you teased, fingers dancing across his chest. 
“Well then it’s a good thing your new pillow likes doing his job and will happily do it some more after he gets some food in your system.” 
“Yeah?” The prospect of spending the morning cuddled up in bed with bagels and Bucky was too perfect. 
“Yeah,” he sat up with you still in his grip, reaching out for his water. He let you sip some before drinking a bit himself. “Give me ten minutes, I’ll give you a change of clothes in case you wanna shower, then we’ll be right back here, okay?”
Nodding your head you leaned over and kissed his cheek. He made a dramatic show of getting out of bed, not wanting to leave, but knowing he’d have you back in his arms before he knew it. 
Quickly he brushed his teeth, then let you know there was a spare toothbrush on the counter. He also set out a big henley with some boxers for you to change into if you wanted. In a flash he pressed a kiss to your forehead before lugging a sweatshirt over his shoulders and nearly running out the door. 
It seemed he really was eager to get back to you. 
You took some time to shower and clean up, needing a refresher after the night out. Bucky was back by the time you got out, and he slipped in right after you. You were out in the kitchen drinking coffee with Steve and Sharon, when he stepped out of his room, wet and shirtless with a towel wrapped around his waist. Your heart skipped a beat at the sight of his well-built muscles, you couldn’t believe he had all that going on. 
“You’re coming back right?” he pouted adorably. 
The two of you spent the morning in bed, munching bagels, recovering from your hangover, and getting to know one another. The night before expedited a few dating steps, but you liked learning more about Bucky while snuggled up in his arms. He told you all the little things about you that made him develop the biggest crush, and you told him your many reasons for crushing on him too. 
Not long after, you shared your first kiss. His lips warm and soft as they moved against yours, slowly as if he was memorizing the way you felt. You didn’t know it then, but he was. His tongue glided into your mouth, his hands coming up to move your face, changing the angle of the kiss. 
He wrapped his arms around you as he kissed your lips unhurriedly, discovering how right you felt in his grasp, and kissing you some more. Until the need for air became too great, until you both realized how intoxicating the connection between you felt. 
As his beautiful blue eyes held yours, you could feel that this relationship wouldn’t be a difficult one. He was too considerate and honest for you to have to worry.
Your heart knew without a doubt that your future with Bucky would be joyful, silly, sweet, and easy. 
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Do I wanna know? | chapter ten
summary: honestly bucky and you don't even get along when you are rescuing the other, petrovich needed his lesson and if your teachers of the red room saw you at the moment, they wouldn't be proud.
warnings: blood, violence, torture, kidnapping... you get the gist. and also smut!!!!!
listen to: notice me -role model (playlist here)
word count: 5.6 k
series masterlist + read the next chapter early on my ko-fi!!!
Tumblr media
Bucky immediately knew that something was wrong as soon as he reached the end of the hallway, the midpoint that you’d described it and you weren’t there. 
You were supposed to reach a point and review the path to see if there would be a way out, but you hadn’t arrived. If Bucky was being honest, it had been a while. The act of the injured Winter Soldier came easily to Bucky, so the men didn’t even manage to see his attack coming. He took all of the tasers out on their way to Bucky’s lab, stepping on them or throwing them so hard against the concrete walls that they turned to pieces. He knocked them out easily, one after one, and managed to do so without raising any alarms. But he knew that if in the lab they realized that the men hadn’t arrived with the Winter Soldier, they would quickly alert everyone. 
“Fuck, where are you?” Bucky muttered. You would be in a type of trouble, he knew that you just did. Maybe they’d caught you, maybe they’d strapped you and knocked you out. Bucky tried not to think about Petrovich touching you or killing you, and he tried to remain as calm as possible as he walked through the hallways and looked for you. 
Bucky ran as fast as he could, his heart beating faster in his chest as he tried to reassure himself that you were okay. And then, he ran into some men. They stared at him for a moment, debating if they should fight him or not but Bucky didn’t give them time. He quickly glanced at the guns in their hands and with a disgusted growl, Bucky yanked the guns out of their hands and quickly give them a long knee before knocking the other down upping his knee to their face. 
Bucky didn’t know if he’d knocked them out completely but as he shoved another man out of his way, fending the attack, he ran through other hallways, in the corner of his eye he recognized a door that was full of packages and he knew that you both needed to run through that door to get out. He kept running until he found a dead end, breathing hard as he tried to figure out which room you could be in. There were too many different rooms and he knew it would take too much time to search every single one without a plan of attack. 
And then he heard it. 
A cry of agony so deafening and anguished that Bucky’s heart stopped for a moment. 
Bucky felt for a moment that he’d blacked out. He didn’t realize that he got to the door down the hall from which the noise had come too or how fast and without hesitation he’d planted his boot right in the center, kicking it brutally open. He felt that he’d just recovered his mind as his eyes dropped to the image before him, while the door crashed with a loud bang and cracked the wall. 
You were there, battered and bruised, and with an alarming amount of blood on your face and hair. There was so much blood running down your face that Bucky couldn’t tell where it was coming from until he identified the blade that one of the doctors that were surrounding you had in his hand. 
They couldn’t even put you to sleep properly before the surgery. 
The sick bastard.  
He did it on purpose so you could feel the pain. Suddenly you looked up blearily in slight shock, your y/e/c looking worn and with sorrow, you had a white sheet covering your body but by the last threats of your body, he knew that they’d cut your clothes. 
You were being tortured and Bucky saw red. 
Bucky didn’t give them time to think, with an enraged snarl, Bucky ran and knocked the doctor off with a well-placed, harsh kick on the chest as you hissed from a final cut on your forehead. Bucky continued, knocking out and punching his way through each doctor that was surrounding you before men started to get near you, he suddenly recalled he had a gun. 
He didn’t miss a beat as he fired at the men, they didn’t even manage to get close to you as you lay on the exam table. You winced at the way the bullets ricocheted through the room, glass breaking, people screaming, while you tried to force your limbs to work. Maybe it was the fact that adrenaline was pumping now throw your bloodstream but you managed to glance at Bucky as he continued to fire around, you managed to grab his thigh and press it with your hand. 
“Bucky,” you whimpered and he glanced at you. “Bucky, get me out,” you breathed as you struggled. 
He quickly let go of the gun as he tore apart the belts that were holding you down and he glanced at your face. There was a nasty purple bruise under one of your eyes, and Bucky felt his anger increase tenfold. 
“What the fuck happened?” He snapped as you quickly sat down at the table exam and glared at Bucky but your eyes fell behind him. Bucky understood your glance immediately as he kneeled down just enough for you to kick the last men remaining in the room, you tried your best to gain enough momentum and you did. Raising your leg towards his jaw and probably breaking it immediately. 
Nonetheless, your body didn’t seem to have it together. You quickly fell from the exam table with a hiss but Bucky quickly and tenderly picked you up, holding your weight with one part of his body, his hand on your hip, pressing you up to him. You sighed, the feeling of relief passing through your body was almost all-encompassing as your eyes met with his steel blue eyes.
“See those scratches on his face?”  
“What are you,” Bucky asked but soon his eyes followed your gaze to where Petrovich was watching you behind glass, or what was left of it. “You could’ve waited for that!” he scoffed as he glared at you. 
“Are you really chastising me?” you snapped at him while you held onto him. Bucky realized that although you were bleeding and hurt, you still had that same dangerous spark in your eyes. “I don’t need your help!”
Bucky rolled his eyes. “Are you sure? cause it sure does like it,”
You glared at him suddenly. “Just come with me,” he stated, pulling you closer to him before turning both of you around and walking you through the door. 
“You are leaving now?” Petrovich asked as he got out of the small room behind, passing over the bodies of his men, without a care in the world. “My other men are coming any second. You won't be leaving any time soon,” he stated as he gritted his teeth. 
“I told you not to fucking touch her,” Bucky growled but he didn’t turn around, though you knew that you couldn’t leave just like that. 
In a swift movement, you took Bucky’s gun out of his hands, and with a growled you turned around and pierced Petrovich with a contemptuous glare. Before Petrovich or Bucky could react, you’d fire at his leg. A howl of pain escaped his lips, a cloud of blood stained his blue suit for a second and he fell among his men. 
Your eyes narrowed dangerously, your eyes blazing with rage as you tried to squirm out from Bucky’s hold on you. All you wanted to do was shoot him, so badly. If you did that, pop a cap, everything would be over. You wouldn’t have to live in constant fear, you wouldn’t have a constant threat over you, and you could be free. 
“y/n,” Bucky stated from your side. But you simply gritted his teeth as you pointed the gun at Petrovich, your hand shaking from your anger. All you had to do was pull the trigger. “Come on, y/n. This won’t free you,”
You glanced at Bucky, at his soft steel blue eyes. They were as calm as the ocean and you didn’t know what they did to you, but you closed your eyes momentarily, taking a deep breath, and soon your hand was lowering. 
Bucky felt like he could breathe once more and he quickly pulled you out of the room. At that moment the alarms went off and you felt as if someone had placed cold water over you. Your eyes met immediately with Bucky’s and you knew that you had to get out. 
Bucky didn’t really ask as he quickly pulled your legs up, carrying you as if you were a child, with a gasp he began to run. For a second, you eyed him in irritation at the thought of him moving you around but you knew that it wouldn’t be worth the fight. Soon, as you ran to the hallway, you could hear people shouting to find you coming from another hallway where your cell was. You rounded the corner to head to the door, and promptly you managed to reach the door where the packages were left off. 
“There!” you gasped as you pointed out. 
Suddenly, you felt the screaming and boots louder than before and as you turned behind Bucky, there they were. A group of Petrovich men, jumped at you with shouts, trying to stop you from leaving. Without a hitch, you took the gun into your hands and a loud bang at Bucky’s ear almost left him without hearing, he glanced at you and there you were, firing your gun at multiple men. To his credit, he was too in awe of you for a moment but he didn’t falter, instead, he pushed through and continue to run. 
It wasn’t until you finally reached the door that Bucky felt a sharp, stinging pain in his right arm, he then felt the blood going down his skin as he hissed.
“Fuck that,” he heard you stating before you fired another and even more aggressive round. He was startled by it and turned to you, who literally shot the guy that had hurt him multiple rounds. 
“Rich coming from the girl that tried to kill me,” He smiled mostly to himself, as he opened and then closed the door as quickly as he could. 
It wasn’t a very bright day, it was raining but you were finally out and you felt tears pooling in your eyes, even though bullets were still coming for you. Bucky let you down softly before bending and twisting the door handle with his vibranium arm so it would be locked up. You tried to force yourself up as you turned around and caught a truck on the corner of the warehouse where you’d been held. 
“Bucky, there!” you pointed out and Bucky without much prelude tossed you over your shoulder like a sack of potatoes. You squeaked in surprise and blush wildly as he held you and marched seriously toward the truck. 
But suddenly you gasped behind him. “They’re coming!” 
Bucky shook his head and as soon as you reached the truck, Bucky placed you on the passenger’s seat before he started to drive. Until then, did the bullets begin to hit the truck. You did your best to move on the seat, pulling the window down and looking through the window, firing at the last few men that were fooling you but soon the bullets ran out. It wasn’t until then that you glanced at the rearview mirror and saw yourself. You looked like a bloody mess, and then you glanced at Bucky.
His eyes were focused on the road, he seemed too okay but you could see how his right arm was bleeding and how his breathing was thick and uneven. You wondered if it was the adrenaline or the pain, you realized right there that the bullets weren’t common bullets, it shouldn’t hurt him so much. You quickly tore one of the final pieces of the shirt that you had on your body and wrapped it around his bicep. Bucky flinched as you did so but his eyes continued on the road, you weren’t sure where you were going but you hoped that he did. 
That you were safe. 
It wasn’t until half an hour later that the sharp pang of pain came from your face and your body began to feel much more intense. It’d been a while since you’d been hurt like this but you knew that you needed to keep it together, at least that’s what Bucky kept asking for you as soon as you reached a stop and he hurriedly took you out of the truck, forcing you to walk a bit as you winced in pain while he stole another car, it wasn’t until then that your eyes began to close and you slipped out of consciousness. 
Bucky wasn’t sure at first about where he was going to take you. He was aware that you were on the outskirts of New York but he didn’t want to risk returning to the city, knowing that they might look at both of you over there. It was until then that he recalled Steve’s safe house, the house that he’d left when he’d passed. It was a bit farther away but you managed to reach it at night, it was raining harshly but he didn’t care. 
Bucky brought the stolen car to a stop outside the doors and hopped off carefully not wanting to wake you up but you still did. 
“Where are we?” you groaned, your eyes half-lidded as Bucky pulled you to his arm. Still worried about how hurt you were. 
“Some place safe,” Bucky said softly as he tried that the rain didn’t touch your skin as he covered you with his body. He failed but you still appreciated the gesture. 
You had no idea where you were and you definitely couldn’t tell if this was your last stop, but you felt safe knowing Bucky was leading you somewhere you’d get to be with him. 
Bucky placed the code that he knew by heart and entered the small place. It was empty but furnished, he had been there during Steve’s last day and although Steve had given it to him at his will, Bucky didn’t feel too comfortable returning. But in all honesty, he didn’t care about it at the moment as he held you in his arms. 
“Hey,” you said softly as he climbed up the stairs. “I can walk,” 
Bucky chuckled as he watched you softly for a second and as soon as he reached the top of the stairs he let you down. You smiled as you took in the top floor of the house. It was immaculately cleaned but seemed a bit too empty. You quickly wobbled a bit as you walked towards the main room. It was large with a large bed decorated with dark navy sheets and a comforter. You could tell that the walls had been covered in photos at some point but now there were just shadows in their places.
You could tell people had lived there for a while, but it didn’t look lived in, at least not recently. 
“Would you like to shower? or a bath?” Bucky suggested as he watched you from the frame of the door. 
You felt like your body screamed at you at that moment and you simply nodded quickly. 
“Perfect,” Bucky whispered as he walked towards the bathroom of the room. 
You heard the water running and you lingered in the main bedroom, arms crossed and bottom lip nibbled between your teeth as your eyes wandered in the room. Although, your eyes came to a halt as soon as you saw yourself in the mirror. It came as a surprise to you that you were still wearing rags of your clothing, most of it was torn and you were basically in your underwear, which was already stained crimson while your skin was covered in dry blood. Moreover, bruises and cuts decorated your skin and you wondered how long they’d linger on.
Bucky’s head poked out of the bathroom and cleared his throat. “The bath is ready for you,” he stated as you nodded and walked towards him. “I’ll take the bandages off and I’ll replace them once you get out,” he stated so carefully while you simply nodded. 
Unsure of what to say as you walked towards the large bathroom. 
“Could you,” you started but the words died down as you motioned at him to help you remove your clothes without saying so, at least what was left of them. 
Bucky sucked in a breath as he quickly ripped off your clothes softly as you stared at him intently. He tried to be as careful as he could as you were left in your underwear and you saw the slight blush on his cheeks as he helped you take off your bra, his hand lingering on your spine a bit longer as he also took your bandage off, not wanting it to get wet. He then kneeled down and helped you get your panties off while you held your breath as you felt his eyes on your naked body. 
It was the first time in the days that you had been locked up that you’d ever felt self-conscious about being inappropriate and about your body on display. Nonetheless, you tried your best not to let him face you, instead, you eased your sore body into the bath that Bucky had prepared for you, placing your head against the back of the tub and groaning with pleasure as you felt your body relaxing. 
“I’ll come with comfortable clothes so you can sleep in,” Bucky offered as he picked up the rags of crimson clothes and threw them in the trash, forcing his eyes not to linger on your figure in the water. 
“Thank you,” you whispered softly as you closed your eyes and allowed the hot water to soothe your muscles. 
Nonetheless, you couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened between you on those days, your mind couldn’t stop going back to the way he had held you, to the way he’d tried his best and had protected you, to the way that he gazed at you, to the way he’d saved you. 
You’d been in dangerous situations all of your life, you always knew that you could get yourself killed at any moment. At one point in time, you were always trying so hard not to get yourself killed but the reality of the situation was that you were willing to die than go back, you were willing to get yourself killed and you were so ready for it, for death. 
And if Bucky wouldn’t have been there, you might as well have been. 
Bucky came in a few minutes later with the clothes. “I’ll leave the clothes here,” he stated as he glanced at the mirror, you glanced at him back, knowing that he was looking at you. “I’m in the bedroom if you need anything,”
“Don’t go,” you whispered before you could even understand the implications of what you were saying. 
Bucky froze in his place for a second but it didn’t take long for him to sit on the floor with his back resting against the side of the tub as he waited for you. 
Oddly, the fact that he’s sitting on the bathroom floor and the only thing separating him from your naked body is the tub, doesn’t make you uncomfortable. 
“How’s the bullet?” you whispered as you realized how red and dirty the water that was surrounding you had turned. 
Bucky smiled as he glanced at the makeshift tourniquet that you did. He knew he would be healed in a couple of days but it still hurt like a bitch. 
“It will be better once I take it out,” he stated, a beat of silence surrounds you. “Thank you for asking,” his voice was gentle and you felt your heart thundering in your chest loudly. 
“Thank you for saving me,” you whispered, voice breaking a moment as you tried not to seem completely rattled to the core as you kept reliving the last moments with Petrovich. 
Bucky turned around to face you, he quickly reached out to grasp your hand and brought his lips to your palm, kissing it gently, which only caused your heart to beat even faster. 
“Thank you for saving me,” he replied with the same gentle tone. 
You smiled at him and for a moment neither one of you spoke. You just stared at the other, sitting with just the sound of the water on the tub and the rain outside. Suddenly, Bucky’s fingertips touched your cheek softly, his hands rotating to cup your face as you closed your eyes and leaned into his hand. Your mind screaming at you, asking you what the hell you were doing naked in a stranger's house with your target touching you like that. 
And yet you could help but think about how good you felt while he touched you as if you were porcelain, showering you in affection. 
You gazed at him, wondering where the hatred went and how on earth could you feel something for the Winter Soldier, how on earth could you be in that position? It was so dangerous and so awful what you were doing, it made your stomach twist but suddenly what scared you the most was the feeling as if you didn’t lean forward right now, you wouldn’t be able to breathe. 
It happened quickly and you had no idea what you were thinking but you just did it. You leaned forward and pressed your lips to his, the water moving as you did so. Bucky could feel your heart beating erratically from where he was as you pressed your lips to him purposefully, just as you had when you’d kissed in that alley where you’d tried to kill him. 
“I,” Bucky swallowed hard as his eyes glanced at you once you pulled away while looking down, scared that he might not want the same as you. But your courage made you watch him, steadily holding his steel blue gaze. “I’m overstepping,” he said as he stared at you, not wanting to take advantage of the situation but still aware of the fear in your eyes.
You were looking at him like maybe he would regret it, maybe he would back down, maybe he didn’t want it. 
Impossible, he thought. 
“Maybe,” you breathed out before you finally press your palm against his chest and got closer to him. You leaned forward and kissed him again, fully and deeply, water spilled on the floor but Bucky didn’t care. He immediately relaxed against you as he slid his hands down to hold your waist in the water. 
Bucky had watched your lips over the days for so long. He knew how you smiled and how they stretched when you laughed or how they turned when you were angry, he had the memory of your first kiss engrained in his memory but as he felt his lips against yours, each of you breathing the other, he couldn’t help to whimper into your mouth and groan as he pulled you as carefully as he could from the bath. 
You quickly looped your arm around his neck as you pressed yourself as closely as you could to him, accepting his scorching and aggressive kisses that took your breath away and made your vision blurry. It should be dangerous for you to be doing this with your target, with the Winter Soldier of all people, but you couldn’t find yourself minding at all as he slipped his tongue into your mouth and pulled you out of the bathroom, guiding your legs around his waist as he kissed you harder, while he walked you to the bed. 
The kisses were feverish, intense, and fiery and you gasped into his mouth when his hands slid down, and you could feel his fingers on the skin of your ass as his hips rocked forward against yours while he sat on the bed and held you tightly. You hummed, arching your back and pushing yourself into his crotch. Bucky pushed harder against you before he nudge your jaw with his nose and started to leave open-mouthed kisses on the skin of your neck, soothing each one of his bites with his tongue while you could only handle grabbing his shoulders tighter. 
And then, he dropped his mouth to your chest. He left open-mouthed kisses on your chest as you pushed your hips eagerly against him, moaning as soon as he massaged your breast with one hand and a tongue danced across your nipple. If for some reason you were again in the Red Room, you knew your teachers would’ve discarded you right away because falling into bed with a target was one thing if you wanted to achieve your goal, but this was so much more and you knew it. Your mind was racing as you realized that you felt safe with him, that you’d never experience something quite like this and that you had infinite trust in him, there wasn’t anyone else in the world that you wanted to experience this with. 
“Bucky,” you moaned, and Bucky knew right away there was no way he would ever get over the way that you said his name. It caught him off guard for just a moment as he raises his gaze to look at you. 
You were perfect. 
“You’re sure you want to do this?” he whispered as he kissed your chest once more and your eyes met with his. 
There was no hesitation. No question in your mind that you wanted him. 
“I really,” you breathed out, trying to find the right words. “I want you,” you whispered as your hand came to caress his cheek. His face was full of cuts and bruises, and he seemed still dirty from the last days but your heart felt as if it was going to burst. “Don’t you?” you asked. 
Bucky felt like he could breathe. Softly his palm held the small of your back as he pulled you closer to him as he finally dipped his hand between your legs and you gasped into his mouth, holding the back of his neck tightly as he trailed his fingertips along your core. Your body felt as if it was on fire as if it would combust by the way he was touching you, and kissing you. 
“You’re so beautiful,” Bucky cooed, and you couldn’t help but part your legs a little further for him. He groaned at the reaction before he started to trace delicate patterns on your clit as he kissed your collarbones and you moaned louder as applied gentle pressure to your entrance. 
“I want,” you breathed, words caught in your throat, unable to express your feelings. 
“I know,” Bucky muttered before kissing you while he slid his finger inside of you, you gasped at the movement before you push your hips against his hands. 
Moving to your own accord, he started to work you open for him as slid a second finger while you swallowed hard, eyes closed in concentration as you fuck yourself on his fingers. Bucky couldn’t look away though, it was as if he was in a spell as he looked at your features, frowning but your mouth opened in ecstasy. He moved his fingers in and out steadily, curling them upwards into you expertly, his thumb finding their way back to your clit. Your eyes rolled into the back of your head as you moved your hips too. 
Waves of pleasure started to invade your body, clawing your hands into his skin thanks to the overwhelming sensation, making Bucky groan into your mouth before he captured your lips into a deep kiss, tongue slipping through your lips and caressing yours. Suddenly, a bolt of shattering electricity ran through your body like white lightning, scorching everything in its path. And just like that, he brought you to orgasm, just with his fingers. 
You took some time to recover as Bucky praised you as he gave you sweet pecks through your throat and collarbone and lips, but as soon as you felt like you could move your limbs again, you started to struggle with his shirt before Bucky realized and pulled it off easily before kissing you again. You could feel the hard planes of his body, he was all sharp and strong and you felt a shudder once you touched the skin that quickly turned into vibranium. 
“James,” you whined
And he understood. 
You didn’t know how quickly he flipped you over but you fell backward and your head hit the pillows behind you as Bucky hovered over you, he tried to be gentle as he tried to remind himself that you were still weak, even though you seemed okay with it. He kissed you softly and deeply before he started to kiss his way down your body, kisses and strokes of his tongue in your chest turned to kisses on your stomach before he kissed your thighs softly, until then you hadn’t noticed the stubble until it was touching the skin of your inner thighs. He kissed them both before he buried his head between your legs, his tongue pressed flat against your sensitive clit. 
He unlocked something inside of you and you screamed at how he moved his tongue inside of you. It was almost involuntarily how your back arched up and your hands found their way to his hair, holding them tightly as he slide to fingers while he sucked at the sensitive bundle of nerves before he removed his fingers again and buried his tongue back into you while you moaned. 
It was too much. 
Your body was burning and you couldn’t think straight. 
Once again, you fell apart, snapping as you felt him groan softly against your core, making you writhe against him. Shockwaves of dizzying pleasure rippled through your body, you gasped for air as your body trembled because of his touch. 
Bucky climbed again, kissing your body before capturing your lips in a soft kiss, lowering yourself on top of you and you could taste yourself into his tongue, which only made you whimper, jutting your hips up to him but Bucky quickly broke the kiss as he closed his eyes as if he was trying to control himself. 
“Please, I need to hear you say it again,” Bucky growled softly as he opened his eyes and looked at you. 
You felt like crying, just seeing how soft and gentle he was with you. His delicate touch as he caresses your cheek and your eyes looking at you make it hard to believe that you’d wanted to kill him. Those blue steel eyes now just seemed like pools of calm blue water and you’re not afraid of what might come next, you don’t care if you’re with him. 
“I want you,” you muttered and before you knew it, Bucky slid out of his pants and boxers. 
He leaned forward in nothing but his dog tags as he planted his forearm beside your head and guided his cock between your legs as he glances down between your bodies. It took a second before he pushed forward and buried himself deep inside of you. You inhaled sharply, wincing a bit at the stinging as he filled you but it subsided soon. Bucky’s eyes close gently as he pressed soft kisses to your face while you dug your nails into his shoulder and bicep as he continued to stretch you. It felt for a second as if you were out of breath but then you relax into his touch as he continued to press sweet kisses to your temple, muttering how good you were doing.
And then your eyes met his and you gave an experimental roll of your hips, which only served for Bucky to grunt softly. He kissed your lips gently as he moved inside of you, while you whimpered, adjusting to the hot, thick stretch of him. 
“You’re okay?”
You nod hurriedly as you grabbed onto the back of his neck to ground yourself as he started to move. Soon, the pangs of pleasure returned to your body, sending waves of heat through your limbs as he fucks into you. It became desperate all of a sudden, panting against each other’s lips as he drove himself deep into you. Your whole body trembles from the intensity, by the way, he hits that spot just right, so perfect that makes you feel dizzy. Moaning, whimpers and grunts filled the room as he pounds into you. The rhythm was blinding, desperate and so filled with something that you didn’t dare to say, he held you tight and so softly that tears started to build up in your eyes. You felt so fucking good that Bucky felt like he might be in heaven as he pounded into you, but then he felt your walls clenching and he knew that you were close. 
You could feel it too, how you shuddered around him as you started to come apart in seams. The feeling of euphoria took over you as you wrapped your legs around his waist, pulling him closer to you as the pleasure coursed through your veins. Drowning, you were drowning in him, in pleasure, in those eyes. Soon, Bucky’s lips parted softly at the sound that you made, his breathing caught, thrust a little bit sloppy as his knuckles whitened around the sheets and he lets out a strained groan as he spilled into you. He sought out your lips and kisses you hard, desperate. 
Panting, you both stay there for a second. He kissed your head, and your lips and held you closely while you complied. You stayed there until you fell asleep, never wanting it to end. 
author's note: FINALLY CHAPTER 10!!! I hope that you like it and enjoy it as much as I did writing it. things from here are going to get angsty and so good. I hope that you like it. as always thanks for reading and lmk your thoughts!!!
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mackenzielovee · 5 months
loveless — bucky barnes
Tumblr media
synopsis: hating Bucky Barnes is easy. Sleeping with him and keeping the feelings away proves to be much more difficult.
warnings: swearing, slight mention of anxiety symptoms, SMUT (oral: f&m receiving, PinV sex, unprotected sex, breeding kink, slight orgasm denial, degrading language (not to reader), kissing)
     His eyes are darker than usual today. 
That’s the first thing you notice as you sit across the table from him, glaring at him with a clenched jaw. He’s glaring right back, neither of you trying to pay attention to your boss as he goes through the quarterly figures. 
“Got it, Barnes?” Tony’s voice brings both of you out of your hateful gaze. 
You watch as Bucky clears his throat and looks over, nodding his head, “Yeah. Got it, boss.”
“I’m sure you do. You looked very engaged,” Tony mutters sarcastically. 
Bucky laughs at that, “Oh, I was. In fact, Y/N’s got some ideas to increase sales this quarter. She was telling me about them last night—”
“When I was working late,” you cut in, not wanting to give the wrong impression, despite knowing Bucky’s actively trying to make you look bad, “Bucky came into my office to drop off the expense reports, and—”
“And, we got to talking,” Bucky takes over, “Tell him your great ideas, Y/N. I especially like the strip poker idea. For charity, of course.”
“That’s enough,” Tony glares at Bucky, “Y/N, any real suggestions?”
You swear your blood stops in your veins, because no, you didn’t have any real suggestions. In fact, part of this job makes you feel like you’re drowning, and the ability to think outside the box is far out of your reach when you can barely think inside of it. 
“Um,” you stutter, listening to Bucky chuckle victoriously across from you, “Sir, I—”
“No, then. Great. Let’s move on. Rogers, how are things on your end?”
Your eyes close under the embarrassment and you're sure you look about as incompetent as anyone can get. After a moment, you look over to Steve, who’s preparing to speak. He gives you a compassionate smile, which you return. He’s always been nice to you. Your first day on the job, he walked you all the way to Tony’s office. He brings you coffee from the breakroom frequently, and he always backs you up in meetings when he can tell you’re nervous. Your favorite part about it all is that he doesn’t have to do any of it. 
Bucky rudely clears his throat, earning your attention back. You narrow your eyes, trying your best to show your annoyance in one glance. He just smirks and raises his elbow up on the arm rest, waving his metal fingers at you. 
     Once the meeting clears, you take your time collecting your things. Bucky escapes without a second thought while Steve hangs around, giving you a gentle and reassuring smile when you stand from your chair. 
“Strip poker, huh?” he teases. 
You roll your eyes, “I never suggested that.”
Steve laughs easily, leading you out of the conference room. He holds his arm out, allowing you to walk through first, and the blush that rises to your cheeks doesn’t go unnoticed, you’re sure. 
“I know you didn’t. Bucky’s brain is… unique.”
He watches you smile as he walks by your side down the hall, where you spy Bucky himself, leaning against the wall and flirting with Tony’s intern. Your eyes roll once again as he leans in closer, grinning like a fool as she smiles up at him with hopeful eyes. You’re sure he’s loving it. 
“It sure is,” you mutter, “How’s Sam?”
“He’s good, you know, he’s spending some time with his sister and nephews…”
Steve’s voice trails off in your head as you pass by Bucky and his beloved intern. You catch his eye as you pass, glaring at him. He smirks, his eyes shamelessly checking you out even while he’s in the middle of flirting with another woman. 
“Excuse me, sweetie,” Bucky mumbles, pushing himself off the wall and following behind you. With a smirk, you start swaying your hips a little bit as you walk just to fuck with him. You hear a groan from behind you, which widens your smirk greatly. “What are you two gossiping about up there?”
Steve sighs, “Do you have to be a dick every second of your life?”
“Makes things more interesting,” Bucky shrugs, “Hey, great idea in the meeting today, Y/N. I really enjoyed that panicked look on your face at the idea of disappointing Tony.”
Before you can muster up a response, Steve stops and turns around, setting his wide palm on Bucky’s chest. 
“I think that’s enough, Buck,” Steve warns, “Come on, man.”
Bucky’s jaw clenches as he looks from Steve down to you, trying to stand tall even though both men tower over you — even when you’re in heels. 
“You come on, Stevie,” Bucky mutters, “She can take it. Can’t you, Shortcake?”
“Stop calling me that,” you snap. 
Bucky laughs, “It’s all friendly fun. I embarrass you in meetings, you get to sit across from my handsome self—”
Your eyes narrow, “You really don’t know how to apologize, do you?”
“Of course I do,” Bucky scoffs. 
“Sure,” you mumble, spinning around and preparing to walk away, “You embarrassed me, Bucky. When you’re ready to apologize, I’ll be waiting.”
As you walk away, your heels against the tile being the only thing breaking the silence, you smirk when you hear Steve speak. 
“Nice, Barney.”
     A few minutes later, Steve drops by your office with a full mug of coffee. He’d perfected making it the way you like it, adding just the right amount of cream and sugar. You thank him and then get back to work, stopping only when Bucky sticks his head in your office as he passes. His white button down and baby blue tie work wonders for his eyes, even though they still look darker than usual to you. 
“Pizza or Chinese?” he asks, raising an eyebrow. “Chinese,” you reply, not bothering to look away from your computer screen. 
He taps your doorframe with his hand as a signal that he heard you, then hurries away as quickly as he came. The smile that graces your face is the only thing that sticks around. 
     “Fuck. Oh, my God. Right there.”
You pull on his hair as he buries his face in between your legs, expertly switching between tongue-fucking you and sucking on your clit. You arch your back even further, dying to get closer somehow. Your moans grow louder as you feel his scruff brushing against your thighs every time he switches positions, which only fuels him to continue. 
“Jesus— please don’t stop. Let me cum, please, I’m so close. So fucking close—”
He pulls back then, a smirk plastered on his face as his lips glisten with your slick. You whine, trying your best to pull him back down to your core by his hair.
“So, you forgive me, Shortcake?” Bucky asks. 
“Yes, I forgive you, please, Buck,” you beg. 
He grins and yanks your body down even closer to him, settling your legs over his shoulders. He leans down and presses a kiss right above where you want him, listening to you cry out for more. 
“God, I wish the guys at the office could see how you fucking beg for me,” he mutters, more to himself. 
“Prick,” you mumble. 
“What was that?” he questions, sucking your clit in his mouth for a second before he pulls away again, listening to you groan, “I don’t think I heard you.”
“Bucky,” you mewl.
“Alright, I’ll let you cum. But only because I’m so fucking sorry,” he remarks. 
“Thank you, thank you— fuck.”
With one swipe of his tongue over your clit, you clench your thighs around his head as you release. Your eyes roll back and you have no idea what noises you’re making, but you’re too blissed out to care. He holds your hips steady as he continues tongue-fucking you through your orgasm, not faltering or stopping even once. 
You come back down slowly, soft moans escaping from your lips as Bucky continues. The overstimulation sets in, and when you whine and push him away, he snickers. With one last gentle kiss to your core, Bucky pulls back and licks his lips clean, smirking as he does so. 
“I fucking love the sounds you make when you cum, Shortcake,” he grins.
You sigh, “God, I wish you weren’t so good at that.”
“Why? Then you’d have an easier time not wanting to fuck me?”
“Yeah, actually,” you reply, sitting up on your elbows. Bucky had stripped you naked and then himself, although you hadn’t so much as touched him. He owed you, first. “I’m hungry.”
“Pizza’s in the kitchen,” he tells you, standing from the bed and sliding his boxers back on. 
You frown, “I told you to bring Chinese.”
“I know,” he grins, earning a swat on the chest. He tosses his white button-down to you and watches as you cover yourself, lazily buttoning a few buttons before you stand.
He follows you out into the kitchen, where you collect the plates while Bucky grabs two beers out of the fridge. You open the pizza box and start tearing the slices apart to put onto the plates when Bucky leans his front to your back. He buries his face in your neck and presses his boner into your back, which has you swallowing harshly. 
“Can we please have dinner like civilized people?” you grunt, doing your best not to arch into him. 
Bucky scoffs, “There’s nothing civilized about the things I want to do to you, Shortcake.”
For a second, you consider giving in. You consider letting him bend you over this counter and fuck you before he feeds you. You fight to gain control of yourself, and when you do, you elbow him in the chest. 
“At least let me eat before you get your fill and leave,” you mutter, shoving him off of you and grabbing your plate and your beer. You walk over to your kitchen table and sit down, centering yourself before he joins you. 
Bucky grabs his plate and walks over, gripping his beer bottle tightly. He drops his plate down on the table like he would junk mail; his eyes beading into the side of your head. 
“What does that mean?” he questions, “You’re the one who kicks me out every time. You stand up from the bed and say ‘You can go, Barnes’, then go shower me right off of you. Don’t think for one second I’m using you when it’s obviously the other way around.”
“Whatever,” you mumble, “Don’t yell at me.”
“If I was yelling, you’d know,” he replies, finishing off his beer and grabbing another, “Maybe you should apologize to me, now.”
“Fuck off,” you wave him away. 
He takes his seat across from you and collects his plate, taking a huge bite of his food once he has hold of it. You keep your eyes focused down on your pizza, amazed that even after all this time, you never know what to say to Bucky. You don’t talk to him the way you talk to Steve — you never have. 
“So,” he breaks the silence, his voice muffled through his food, “How long are you gonna let Rogers bring you coffee before you suck his dick?”
“Jesus, Bucky,” you shake your head, pushing your plate away from you, “Are you serious?”
“What?” he laughs, “You know that’s all he’s after, don’t you?”
“It is not,” you protest. 
He snorts, “Okay. Finish your food.”
You just shake your head and finish off your beer, but don’t bother with another. Bucky finishes eating and sets his plate in the sink, then makes himself comfortable in your living room. The room is visible from the kitchen, and you watch as he flips on the TV from the couch. 
“By all means, make yourself at home,” you call sarcastically. 
He chuckles, “Yeah, yeah. Come ride me.”
You ignore the shot straight to your center that comes with those words. Imagining riding him makes your stomach flip, but doing so while he drinks beer and watches TV just feels like you’re any other girl. With how often you and Bucky fuck, you don’t want that to be the case. 
You enter the living room and snatch up the remote, turning off the TV. He furrows his brows and looks up at you with an accusing expression, to which you shrug. 
“My house, my rules.”
“Fine,” he mutters through gritted teeth, “Come here.”
He wraps his arm around your waist while remaining seated, his need practically plastered across his face as he pulls you closer. 
“We need a condom,” you remind him. 
“No,” he growls, “Let me fuck you bare. Just this once.”
“Fuck no. I don’t know what you might have—”
“I’m clean,” he promises. 
“Or who you’ve been fucking—”
“I don’t fuck anyone else, Shortcake,” he admits, his eyes never leaving yours. 
“Yeah, right,” you roll your eyes, pulling away from him to go get a condom, “Good one, Barnes.”
“I’m serious.”
He’s gripping your waist like his life depends on it, dying to keep you still. He maintains eye contact, and when you look at him, you know he’s telling you the truth. You tuck your bottom lip into your mouth as you think about it; the idea of Bucky inside of you with nothing between you an intimidating thought. 
“Please,” he continues, “We’ve been doing this for how long, now? I want to cum inside you. Mark you as mine. Just this once.”
Mark you as his? 
As far as you’re concerned, this is just about the sex. You’d never pegged Bucky as into that type of shit, and before now, you thought you knew all of his kinks. Even though you hate to admit it, hate to give in, the thought of satisfying every single one of his kinks excites you. 
“Okay,” you practically whisper. 
He grins, and without wasting any more time, he pulls you on top of him. His mouth meets your throat in a frenzy as he frees himself from his boxers, then tugs his dress shirt up, the one you have on, bunching it at your hips. 
“Y/N, can I–” he stops himself and meets your eyes, feeling your warmth as you hover over him and wait for him to enter you, “Can I kiss?”
Kissing is rare in your sex with Bucky. The only times he really kisses you are in the office when he finds you all alone in the break room, not having enough privacy to shove his hand up your skirt. Occasionally, he kisses you before he leaves, but that’s only if you don’t get up from the bed first. 
“Mhm,” you hum, rocking your hips back and forth, “You can kiss me.”
You see his smile for about half a second before he kisses you, tongue invading every inch of your mouth immediately. He swallows your moans as he guides you down onto him, moaning himself when you grind your hips. 
“Holy shit,” he pants as you start to bounce, “God, you look so pretty when you ride me. Need this shirt off.”
He fumbles with the buttons and eventually gets so frustrated that he tears his own shirt open, tossing it away from you like it’s personally offended him. He pulls you in for another kiss, seemingly unable to get enough now that you’ve given him permission. 
“Feels so good like this, Buck,” you tell him. 
He grins, “It does, baby, it does. You’re perfect. Take me so fucking well. I have to cum inside. Who knows, maybe I’ll get you pregnant. What would people at work say then, huh?”
“Fuck, you just want Steve to know you’re fucking me,” you pant. 
“Hell yes, I do. I can feel you squeezing me, Shortcake. You want me to cum inside you, don’t you?”
He shoves his hips up, his tip prodding that perfect spot inside you and forcing a gasp from your lips. 
“Yes, Buck. Please.”
“Need you to say it,” he demands. 
You’re close. So fucking close. All you need is his thumb to press lightly on your clit, and you’re sure you’d explode right here. That feeling, that desperation, would lead you to say anything to Bucky if he asked, just as long as he throws you over the edge afterward. 
“Cum inside me, please,” you beg. 
“Oh— shit, shit shit, cum for me, baby, now.”
His thumb meets that bundle of nerves right as he finishes inside of you, filling you to the brim as you ride out your own orgasm. The sex with Bucky has always been great, but something about this feels next level. It feels different. You don’t pinpoint it until you collapse on his chest, panting wildly as your brain catches up with your pleasure. He’s not treating you like any other girl. He’s making you feel special, cared about, praised. He’s never done that before — at least, not that you’ve noticed. 
“Wow,” he mutters, “That was our best yet, I’d say.”
“Yeah,” you agree softly. 
“You let me kiss you,” he observes, “Surprising.”
You swallow, hiding in his chest, “It’s a sex thing, Barnes. Don’t get cocky.”
“Right,” he remarks, “So, I guess you want me to go, then.”
He’s still inside of you, his cum slowly dripping out around him, and he’s talking about leaving. You frown and sit up, catching the vulnerable expression in his eyes. 
“You could—” you start, watching his eyes light up, “I mean, if you want—”
“I want,” he says eagerly, “You have the softest fucking sheets.”
You laugh, and before he can help himself, Bucky leans up and pecks you on the lips. You’re taken aback by it, and for a moment, you don’t react. He pulls back and purses his lips, letting his eyes roam around the room so as to avoid yours. 
“Um,” you swallow, “We could shower. I have some decent movies recorded.”
Bucky playfully rolls his eyes, “Legally Blonde does not count as a decent movie.”
“Hey,” you pout, “It’s a really good one. Just for that, we’re watching it.”
He grins, “Fine. But just so you know, Shortcake, I’m a cuddler.”
That shouldn’t make you smile, but it does. The butterflies that erupt through your chest should make you uncomfortable, but they don’t. In fact, the only thought your brain holds on a loop is how okay this all feels. Like maybe, just maybe, it doesn’t have to be just sex with him. 
“I can deal,” you tease, “But, seriously. Shower. Your cum is dripping out of me.”
You watch Bucky’s face fall into seriousness and shock at once. He opens his mouth to speak, then presses his lips together, and gradually, his eyes fall to your center, where his cum is, in fact, dripping around him. 
“Oh, my–” he stops, shifting you to his right so you lay out on the couch. Gradually and carefully, he pulls out of you and watches as it comes gushing out, leaking onto the couch.
“You’re gonna ruin my sofa,” you groan. 
“I’ll buy you another,” he waves you away, eyes wide as he takes in the sight, “Fuck, that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”
“Alright, alright, come on,” he takes one last look before he lifts you up, carrying you to the bathroom without a care in the world about the stain he’s left on your couch.
     Bucky had certainly been right when he told you he’s a cuddler. You wake up with your back pressed into his chest, both of you taking up only about a quarter of your bed. His arm is tucked tightly around you, palm grasping your breast like it’s keeping him in place. Your alarm wakes you up, and for the first time in forever, you don’t want to get out of bed. 
“Turn it off, Shortcake,” he groans, his morning voice waking you up more than any coffee could. 
“Sorry,” you mumble, turning around to crawl over him to grab your phone off the nightstand. 
“Mmm, stop moving.”
“You’re whiny in the mornings,” you fire back, shutting off the alarm. 
“Let’s call out of work,” he decides, his eyes still plastered shut as he manipulates you back into your original position, “Nobody would catch on.”
“We’re not calling out,” you insist, “And you should go if you want to swing by your house and get clean clothes.”
He shakes his head, “I’ll wear what I wore yesterday. Steve will call me a slut, but I don’t care. Know why?”
“Why?” you indulge him. 
“Because I came inside you last night, and that’s way more than he’ll ever get.”
“Jesus,” you mutter, sitting up, “That really went to your head.”
He smirks and turns on his back, sliding his left arm under his head. He flexes his muscles and watches you stare, wanting nothing more than to climb on top of him. You resist, given how you'd awakened in the middle of the night and kissed his neck until he woke up too, ready and willing to fuck you back to sleep.
“What are you thinking about?” he asks teasingly. 
You narrow your eyes, “Which skirt Steve will like better. The blue one really shows off my curves, but the pink one makes my ass look amazing.”
“Mhm,” he nods, and without warning, he pounces on top of you, pushing you back onto the mattress. You squeal and giggle uncontrollably, squirming to try and break free. 
“Teasing,” you say. 
He smiles from above you, “Better be. I want you in that white dress today.”
“It’s at the dry cleaners. Try again.”
“That sexy white top and blue pants. White heels. I love that one on you.”
You bite your bottom lip to hide a smile, “Okay.”
Bucky’s eyes glisten with emotion, and when his gaze moves down to your mouth, you freeze. 
“Can I kiss you good morning? Or is that against your rules?”
You swallow, “I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.”
“Neither have I,” he confesses, “But with everything I’ve ever done to you, that’s hardly the most inhumane.”
He watches you purse your lips, waiting patiently for you to give him the go ahead. With an impatient sigh, you nod, pulling him down for a kiss. 
His kiss feels more gentle, more passionate than it has before or did last night. By the time he pulls back, you’re desperate for more. He laughs when you whimper, already trying to pull him back in. 
“If you’re ready for work by eight-fifteen, I’ll give you more,” he promises, “Go shower.”
His laugh fills the room when you hop up from the bed, shamelessly rushing into your bathroom and turning on the water. 
At eight-eleven, you wonder when you became such a softie for Bucky Barnes. Thinking about where the two of you were yesterday versus today, you almost don’t believe it. At eight-thirteen, you don’t care how you got here, you just want more of him. At eight-fourteen, you rush into the kitchen with your heels on, smiling when you see him holding two thermos’ full of coffee. 
“One minute to spare,” he smirks, standing in the same exact clothes he wore yesterday. His blazer is buttoned up, you notice, though it wasn’t before.
“I’m good,” you grin, “We have to get all this in now, because the second we walk into that building, I hate you again.”
“Same here.”
You smile, glancing down at his jacket, “Why is it all buttoned?”
He smirks again, “I may have ripped a button or two off when I gently removed it from you last night.”
“Oh, my God,” you deadpan. 
“Come here. We don’t have a lot of time.”
He cups your cheeks in his hands and pulls you in for a kiss, sliding his tongue into your mouth the second he has the opportunity. Quickly, his hands wander down to your ass and he palms it gently in his hands, grinning into the kiss as he does so. 
“What?” you ask him. 
“I’ve always wanted to grab your ass in this outfit.”
You roll your eyes, “You’re such a boy.”
“Mmm,” he hums, kissing you again, “We should go before I suggest moving to the couch.”
He waits for you while you collect your things, and it’s not until you stand in your driveway that you realize two things. Bucky’s car was parked outside your house all night — not too big of a deal, but still feels weird when you think of it — and the two of you have to go separately to work. 
He walks ahead of you, unlocking his car and tossing his belongings onto the passenger seat. 
“See you at the office, Shortcake. Don’t you dare come onto me,” he jokes. 
You laugh, “Wouldn’t dream of it, Barnes.”
He grins and gives you a semi-shy wave before he climbs into his car. He drives away the second you get into your own car, and you wait a few minutes for him to get up the road. You process the events of the past twenty-four hours as you drive to work, trying to figure out when exactly Bucky put those butterflies in your stomach. You push one thought in particular out of your head, wondering if, maybe, he’ll spend the night again tonight. It’s Friday, after all, so no work tomorrow. 
By the time you park your car in the lot, you’re determined to ask him. He’s not fucking anyone else, right? That gives you confidence that he won’t reject you. 
Bucky parked across the lot from you, and when you climb out of your car, he gives you a fake-friendly smile and wave. 
“Morning, Y/N. How are you today?”
There’s one other employee walking from the lot to your building, so you know he’s just putting on the show to be funny. He watches as you roll your eyes and lock your car, heels tapping against the pavement as you walk. 
“You’re getting a pretty early start with annoying me, Barnes,” you call over your shoulder. 
He laughs, “Given how my morning went, I actually think I’m pretty far behind.”
He follows you into the building and both of you scan your badges, then head for the elevator. Steve’s standing, waiting, hands in his pockets and navy blue tie tight around his neck. At the sound of your heels, he turns and grins, earning a loud sigh from Bucky behind you. 
“Good morning, Y/N,” Steve greets you. 
“Good morning, Steve,” you reply. 
“Good morning, Bucky,” Bucky mutters, narrowing his eyes at Steve, “Hey, buddy. I’m here, too.”
“Morning, Buck,” Steve laughs dryly, “You’re earlier than usual. Is this all a part of your plan to apologize to Y/N?”
Bucky snorts, “Oh, I apologized to her many times. She even forgave me. Loudly.”
You elbow him in the ribs then, giving Steve a fake smile, “He’s already pushing it.”
Steve laughs, “I can tell. Hey, did you get a chance to look at that loan file I sent you? It needs approval as soon as possible.”
“Not yet. I’ll look at it first thing,” you reply. 
The elevator dings and the three of you file in. Steve motions for you to go first and then he walks in behind you, leaving Bucky last. Steve settles in to the left of you and Bucky to the right, where he takes advantage of Steve’s position. His knuckles skim your own, and when you yank your hand away, he grins. 
“How was your night, Stevie?” Bucky asks, “Get laid?”
“No,” Steve replies, “I texted you, actually. Never heard back.”
“Oh,” Bucky shrugs, “I was getting laid.”
You choke on your own spit, earning both of their attention as you cough. Steve places his hand on your back, and if you weren’t choking, you’d see how Bucky tenses. 
“You alright, Shortcake?” Bucky asks, a teasing hint to his voice. 
“Fine,” you grunt, “Just not sure who would want to have sex with you.”
Bucky grins, but when Steve laughs, his face falls, “You’d be surprised. She’s pretty insatiable.”
“Right,” you roll your eyes. 
“In fact,” he continues, “She woke me up in the middle of the night begging me to—”
The elevator doors open, and you step out before Bucky can finish his sentence. You take a deep breath and give them both a tight smile, then hurry away to your office before Bucky’s words can get to you even more. 
     It’s after lunch when you hear from Bucky again. He sent you an email, one which you took a while to open. 
If you can find the time, please come to my office after your lunch break. I require your assistance on a very hard task. You’re the only one who knows how to fix it. 
James B. Barnes 
You knock on Bucky’s office door, noting how he closed all of his blinds. Part of you is nervous, the other part is desperate for a glance, a touch, a kiss, anything. 
“Come in,” he calls. 
You open the door, watching as he smirks when he sees you. His eyes skim over the outfit he asked you to wear, to which his smirk only grows. 
“What is it, Barnes?” you question.
“Come in,” he repeats, “Close the door.”
You do as told, and once the door is shut, you smile at him. He ushers you over, pulling you into his lap. You’re barely comfortable when you feel him guide your ass over his boner, telling you exactly what he needs.
“Buck, we can’t,” you mumble. 
“Yeah, we can. I have a meeting with Rog in ten minutes.”
You furrow your brows, “So, I’ll come back later.”
“No,” he grumbles, “I want you under my desk when he comes in. I want you to suck me off while he’s in here.”
“Oh, my God, so it’s a power thing?” you sigh, “That’s ridiculous.”
“Don’t like how he looked at you,” Bucky mutters, kissing your jawline, “Please. I’m so hard.”
“I have to get back to work—”
“The meeting will take twenty minutes. Fifteen if you make me cum. Please.”
“Of course I’ll make you cum,” you remark, “What if he sees me?”
Bucky’s desk has a slit in the middle at the bottom, allowing air to flow up where his legs rest. If Steve were to look down, granted he’d have to get very low to look underneath, he could see you. 
“He won’t. He won’t see you. I promise.”
“Fine, but—”
A knock sounds on Bucky’s door again, and Steve’s voice rings through, “Barnes?”
“Under my desk, Shortcake,” he commands, helping you off his lap and onto the floor, “Come in, Steven.”
Bucky tucks himself under the desk, careful to leave room for you, while you hear his office door open. You reach up and work open his belt, feeling him tense already. You know this will be fun if he’s already so sensitive. 
“Hey, man,” Steve greets him. 
Bucky lets out a scruff laugh, “I’m really comfortable, Rog, I can’t stand and shake your hand.”
You freeze, wondering if you should zip his pants back up. 
“Fair enough,” Steve replies, and you hear him sit. 
As they start to talk business, you take Bucky out of his pants. He’s red and throbbing, clearly in need of some assistance. You spread his pre-cum around, and when you lean forward to kitty lick the tip, his hips buck. 
“You alright, Barney?” Steve questions. 
Bucky’s voice comes out harsh, “Fine.”
You grin and grip him tighter in your hand as you work him up and down, finally taking him into your mouth and sucking. You work your hand along the area you can’t take in your mouth, hollowing your cheeks every so often just for laughs. Bucky’s shoe taps your leg, as if a warning to tell you to slow down, but you pretend like you don’t understand him. 
“What the fuck is your problem, seriously?” Steve asks him, “You’re sweating, dude.”
You know it’s because he’s trying not to fire off his load into your mouth too soon, which only makes you braver. You take him deeper, smiling around him when his palm covers the top of your head and tries to yank you back. 
“Shit—I’m fine. Just a little, uh, anxious.”
“About the numbers?”
“Um, yeah, sure, about the numbers,” Bucky replies, “Fuck.”
“Hey, Buck, didn’t you wear that tie yesterday?” Steve asks. 
“Yeah, I, uh, told you I got laid last night.”
You can’t see Steve, but you slow down, shifting your weight and tucking your legs under you from where you sit. 
“Yeah, but you don’t usually spend the night, do you?”
Bucky groans, “I don’t know, man.”
Steve seems to let it go, and with another few words, you hear his chair shove against the floor. 
“I’ll see you later, Barnes— uh, is that Y/N’s heel?”
You freeze, pulling your leg up closer to you, and listening as Steve audibly gasps. You free your mouth and peak your head forward enough to catch Bucky’s expression; his mouth hanging open and his eyes wide. 
“Oh, shit.”
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