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Good Morning, Big Bad (White) Wolf
Tumblr media
Pairing: Buckyxfemale!reader
Summary: After experiencing a breach at The Compound, Tony sets you up with an apartment of your own....next to Bucky.
Warnings: Fluff, angst, flirting, sarcasm, slight cursing, play fighting, emotional discussions about relationships, Y/N, minors: No I/A please!
Wordcount: 3.2K
Notes: Thank you so much for reading! Requests are open! Likes and reblogs are most appreciated!
Waking up the following morning, you swear it was all a dream. There is no possible way that Bucky had admitted to having feelings for you the night before. Opening your eyes, you're overcome by a wave of warm butterflies in your stomach. An instantaneous smile takes over your lips as you stretch out like a cat just waking up from a nap. Looking around the room, it feels familiar and yet completely new. For now, due to a possible safety breach, this is your new home for the foreseen future.
Sitting up in bed, you look around. It's like a hotel room; Simple, beautiful, but nothing personal. The thought saddens you a bit. You get out of bed, walking out from the bedroom and into the living room to find Bucky sitting on the sofa with a newspaper. He's such an old man. Hearing you walk in, he puts the paper down on the table in front of the couch and stands up. "Morning, Sunshine." He says warmly, but doesn't make any forward advancements. It's simple yet complicated just how chivalrous he is. But at the same time it’s comforting, knowing how patient of a man he is.
As if it were instinct, you saunter over to him to put your head on his chest, arms hanging lazily down at your sides. Bucky let’s out a small laugh as he wraps his arms comfortingly around your body, resting his chin on top of your head.
“Not much of a morning person, huh?” He speaks softly, and although you aren’t looking at him, you can tell he’s smiling through the words. Groaning faintly, you nuzzle your face into the crook of his neck. Holding onto you for a few more moments, Bucky starts trying to encourage starting the day by lightly rubbing his hands up and down your arms. As he starts pulling away you whimper at the sudden absence of heat, getting instant goosebumps.
“So…” Bucky starts, taking a few steps back. “I know how you are with ‘personalizing your space’.” He says, almost nervously. “I… went back down into your office and grabbed some of your things.” He points to the tv stand behind you. You turn to follow his gaze and find the picture of yourself and your brother, Luke. Your all time favorite picture. The one you look at every time you miss him. It’s the one thing you use to answer that age old question; If you could only take one thing from your house in the situation of an emergency, this would be it.
Bucky gently puts his arm on your lower back and slowly eases your body to turn towards the windowsill. There you find a vase of the brightest and most perfect yellow sunflowers. Next to the bouquet was a classic record player. He tenderly moves his hands to your shoulders, leaning in he says, “Sunflowers for my Sunshine.” in a low voice. Is this even real life?
In pure excitement you spin around, jumping up into Bucky’s arms, your legs closing around his torso like a small monkey in a tree. He supports your weight by holding you underneath your thighs.
“Is every morning going to be like this?” Your voice sounds just a bit too excited. Bucky laughs quietly “It can be, if you want.” He responds, looking up into your eyes and grinning.
“Don’t say it if you don’t mean it.” You say, half teasingly and half truthful.
He smiles, “My word is all I have.” Returning the smile, your hand runs back through his soft, short hair as you plant a small, dainty kiss on his lips. His reply is to press his lips back into yours.
Straightening your legs to imply you want to get down, he helps ease you down onto the ground. Looking down, your fingers intertwine with each other in front of you. “I um… I was going to try out the gym downstairs. Might as well check out the amenities.” You awkwardly laugh. Bucky smiles and walks over the the island in the kitchen. On the counter is a rather full paper bag. “Good thing Nat stopped by and dropped off some clothes for you to borrow.”
You excitedly walk over and peek in the bag. Oh good, no leather or spandex. They really do think of everything here. Settling for black leggings and a oversized gray Motley Crue band t-shirt, you turn back around, “Thanks.” You say, impressed. “I’m going to go change, would you want to come with me?” You offer, hopeful that he’ll say yes. Any excuse to be with him, close to him, and cracking that exterior shell he hides behind.
“Yeah! I just have to change and take care of Alpine, I’ll meet you down there.” Bucky says with a tiny smile as he heads out of the apartment.
The door latch doesn’t even fully close before you grab the chosen stack of clothes and dart into the bedroom. You start your morning routine. (Well, rather as close as you could get to your typical regimen under the circumstances.) As if the apartment was completely set up in case of situations like this, it was completely stocked. Toiletries, brand new toothbrush, chargers, etc. Changing into the borrowed clothes, you finish by putting your hair up into a high ponytail, performing oral hygiene, and of course, deodorant. (Actually an extra amount for the gym.)
The gym is located back on the first floor. Walking in, you feel a sudden wave of insecurity seeing everyone training. Nebula and Gamora are sparring with one another while Clint and Nat are making small talk as they spot each other lifting weights. Sam is sprinting effortlessly on a treadmill without breaking a sweat. You decide to take the safe option, taking one as well. Stepping up, you press the 'Start' button and break into a casual walk. After warming up, you increase the speed to a light jog. Although, next to Sam it looks like a real life demonstration of The Tortoise And The Hare. But, Sam being Sam, he would never say anything.
"Where's the moody teenager?" He breathes, looking over at you through the mirror in front of you both. A small laugh escapes as you try to control your breathing. "He's a little hard to keep track of." Sam laughs. "You're telling me!"
Finishing up two miles, you hit the 'Stop' button with a little extra force. Normally you would have only done one mile, but Sam made the run look so easy that you decided to push yourself. Stepping off of the treadmill, you lean forward, resting your hands on your knees as the air feels tight in your chest. The sweat is quickly turning into a cool dampness on your skin. Finally feeling like your heartrate is calming down, you stand up to find Bucky. So much for managing my heartrate. There he stands in a plain pair of gray sweatpants and a loose fitted t-shirt.
"Speak of the devil!" Sam calls from a few feet over, still keeping the same pace on the treadmill with an eighth of the perspiration . This is embarrassing.
Being constantly surrounded by heroes, super soldiers, and enhanced individuals didn’t seem like it would be that much of a challenge. You grew up a military brat, constantly having to adjust and then start all over again. This is like apples and oranges. Maybe it was naive to think that they would be similar, but that’s what a learning curve is, right? We all have one thing in common though, how to manage loss.
“You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Sam. For someone who relies on flying so much, you sure do focus on cardio.” Bucky grins at Wilson in the mirror.
“Hey…” you say, pretending to sound offended. “What’s wrong with cardio?!” You tease.
“Not a thing.” He smiles.
“Well then…” you start, walking backward towards the open room filled with padded martial arts mats. “Show me.” You grin, stepping onto the mat. Bucky puts his hands up in front of him in a truce manner.
“Come on, Y/N. I don’t want to hurt you.” He says, sounding concerned at even just the thought.
“I guess you have nothing to worry about then.” You smirk. “Let’s make it interesting… whoever lands the blow gets to ask something personal about the other. Nothings off limits.”
“I could just ask.” Bucky says taking a step onto the mat.
“Yeah but where’s the fun in that?” You say, daringly. Bucky's head rolls forward, a small laugh escaping.
"There's no winning this, is there?"
"Nope!" You say as your hands curl into loose fists, knees bent with feet firmly placed, and your dominant hand closest to your chest. Bucky lazily mirrors the defensive stance, obviously taking this as some sort of practical joke. You take advantage of him only half paying attention and snap forward, pushing his right elbow down and away.
"Wait!" Bucky says, letting his arms hang down. His eyebrows raised, eyes wide, and jaw hanging open just slightly. You let out a small laugh, but don't let your guard down.
"You ought to be ashamed of yourself, Mr. Barnes." You repeat the words teasingly as he had done to Sam. Still stunned, Bucky continues to stand there.
You lurch forward again but this time with a stiff right cross, which to no surprise, he blocks. Still in shock, Bucky is searching your face, occasionally looking at your hands which you use to your advantage. Using a swift kick to the left side of his abdomen. "Ugh!" He exclaims stepping back.
Laughing, you stand up straight. Someone else has joined in the laughter. Looking to the side of the mat is Wilson with his arms crossed, shaking his head.
"Man, what is it with you and getting your ass kicked by women?" Sam says, genuinely amused. Bucky shoots him a look through narrowed eyes.
"Yeah, Buck. What's up with that?" You say innocently taking a step forward and intertwining your hands together, looking up at him sarcastically sweet. Bucky, still flabbergasted just looks between you and Sam, still trying to find words. You take another step in closer with a flirtatious smile looking up into his eyes while leaning in. He does the same, so you utilize his distraction with a quick palm to his stomach. Only so slightly does he stumble back, but you take the opportunity to ever so swiftly sweep his feet from underneath him with your right foot.
He lays on the mat looking up at you in amazement.
"I'd say she's passed initiation." Cap says with a smirk. When did he even get in here?
Looking around, you see that a number of Avengers have gathered around.
"I know who I'm calling in for backup next time. Sorry, Nat." Clint jokes.
You crouch down and offer your hand out to Bucky. A truce. He laughs and reluctantly takes your hand. "I don't know if I should trust you." He says, apprehensively. Helping him up in a show of good faith (not that he actually needed help getting up) you laugh. "I guess I get to ask whatever I want then." You smirk.
Both standing up straight, you grin. "I know it's not just about the cardio." You laugh.
"Alright...everyone go back to....whatever it is you were doing." Bucky says, slightly embarrassed. Grabbing two bottles of water from a fridge on the way out from the gym, you hand one to him and crack open the other for yourself. Of course the coolness is more than welcomed after a nervous but fulfilled gym session.
"How?" Bucky asks, still blown away.
"Listen." You start, shaking your head. "My ego is not big enough to know that you could have laid me out flat in front of everyone. But, thank you for letting me humiliate you for a bit." You smile, nudging him slightly with your shoulder. He smirks in response.
"With having generations of military in the family, my dad thought it would be important to at least know how to defend myself."
"Your father's a smart man." Bucky says in agreeance. There's a small hint of awkwardness in the air.
"So..." You start, walking straight and not looking in Bucky's general direction. "About Sophie."
"What about her?" Bucky asks, nonchalantly.
"The situation still just seems so..." Your hands make little circles in the air, trying to find the right words. "So personal." You admit.
"Ah." Bucky breathes. "Still on that train, huh?"
"No seriously." You stop walking in the hallway. He turns to face you and stops as well. "This isn't meaningless to me, Bucky!" You sigh. "I need to know..." You whisper.
Taking a step towards you cautiously, he places both hands on each of your shoulders and looks down into your eyes. "I didn't-" He sighs. "I didn't know how to approach you about these...feelings." Bucky confesses. "Back in the 40's I would take you to a carnival and out dancing. Within a year we would have a house and be married, probably trying to start a family." Well that went from 0-100... Your face must have mimicked the thought because he starts quickly shaking his head. "Which is not how it works today, I know. I was trying to get an objective opinion from a woman who isn't an Avenger. Aside from you and Sophie, I don't have anyone else I could ask." Bucky admits.
His hands move upwards from your shoulders to cup your face gently. "This...is new for me." He breathes. Your hand reaches up to your cheek, delicately placing it over his. "Me too." You say in a nervous whisper.
"How about we figure it out together then? Just you and me, no one else?" Bucky offers. You nod your head and smile up at him. "Just us." You say in agreeance, placing a small kiss on his lips.
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Thank you sweet @potatothots for this request and apologies for how long it took me to write this! I hope it's ok and you enjoy it!
Comments, reblogs etc fill my heart with joy so if you wanna do that.... That'd be neato ❤️
Warnings: Dub con / possessive Bucky / innocent reader / fairytale au / sexy sex / female recieving / little bit of murder at the start
Tumblr media
He could hear your mother shouting from the tower high above him. The faint sound of you pleading and crying reached his well trained ears, and he felt a twinge of something in his chest. He had been sent by the royal family to find you, seek out the long lost Princess and return her home to the Royal Palace.
What they didn't know was that he had found you a long time ago, he just kept it to himself. Kept you to himself and he had no intention of returning you.
He might have visited you once in a while, brought you little gifts, kissed your hand and marveled at your beautiful long hair that he had climbed up one afternoon. An afternoon that changed his life.
As he stood musing, you long hair was thrown from the window, The witch would descend soon and the first part of his task would be complete. He removed himself to the forest edge and waited for her, his knife sitting comfortably in his hand, almost with a mind of it's own, ready to strike. Suddenly she was level with him. A step, a gasp, a copper like smell in the air, then silence.
Two nights later he returned to you. "Rapunzel....let down your hair" he called out softly. A quiet shuffle was followed by you hair descending once more. He wiped his hands before grasping the locks and climbing upward, You looked shocked at his arrival, a dark bruise had formed on your cheek and tears in your eyes.
"What are you doing here?" You asked him, clearly worried about the danger of your mother finding him here. The soldier walked over and wrapped you in his arms. "Sweet angel, I came to tell you... your mother...is dead."
You gasped and sank down onto the bed, he helped you to sit and sat with you quietly while you came to terms with the news. You glanced up at him, face full of concern. "What happened? When? Who did it?" He spun you a lie about gangs of theives and dangerous forests, which seemed to ring true with you. You had told him once of how your mother warned you of the dangers of the world and that's why you remained hidden away in your tower.
You suddenly gripped his arms. "Does this mean I can leave?" He had prepared for this too, and slowly he shook his head. "No my angel, it's not safe out there." Your shoulders slumped and tears filled your eyes. "Well who will take care of me then? What will happen to me up here all alone?" He then pressed his lips to your forehead. "Don't be silly little dove - I will take care of you from now on, your mother asked me to, long ago." Another lie, this one you seemed more skeptical of. Your eyebrow cocked in confusion but he maintained his steady, easy gaze and stroked your arm. "How? Mother didn't know you visited me here..."
He chuckled, "well how do you think I found you in the first place? She told me all about you, although, not how pretty and perfect you are..." he twirled a long strand of you hair around his finger and you smiled softly. "I suppose that makes sense" you said quietly and you leaned against him, "I can't believe she's gone."
After a few hours Bucky had settled you down, made some dinner and you ate quietly at the table with him. He watched as you placed your fork down and sighed again. "Little Dove?"
You perked up at the pet name and looked up, he patted his thigh and you slowly walked over to him, you long hair draging behind you. You sat down and wrapped his arms around you, stroking your thighs gently. "I hope you know I'm not going to be anything like your mother. I would never, ever hurt you." He pressed a soft kiss to your cheek, just below your bruise. You nodded and let him press innocent kisses to the rest of your face, his hands now squeezing at your thighs. He felt himself slowly losing control, knowing he finally had you to himself. But he had to be patient, just a little bit longer.
"All I want is to make you happy little angel" he gave you more kisses, this time landing some on the corner of your mouth. You pulled away gently and looked at him with wide eyes. "I've never been kissed before." He chuckled and bounced you on his knee a little. "I'm sure there are lots of things you've never done before...but I'm here now. I'll teach you. Do you want me to kiss you? My sweet dove?"
He squeezed you gently again, his keen senses picking up a sweet scent of your arousal, only subtle but perfect all the same. You nodded and let him kiss you, his lips dominating yours, but very gently - not enough to scare you. If anything the gentleness seemed to spur you onward, your arms reaching around his neck to place your lips better on his. Your little whines were music to his ears, you're so easy and pliant in his arms. He couldn't have asked for more. But he wouldn't be asking. You would be begging.
He told you he would stay the night in the tower. To make sure you were safe of course. Your eyes widened again but you said nothing, just nodding, your fingers drifting to your lips.
He sat and watched you tidy up and get ready for bed. You passed him the brush and he began brushing your hair as you undressed, your hair keeping you modest, much to his disappointment. But he made no fuss. The time would come and he'd take his time exploring every inch of you.
You'd changed by the time he finished brushing your hair. You seemed satisfied by his work and stood in front of him waiting for what to do next. But Bucky had ideas. "Help me undress little Dove, I'm tired" he said casually and you helped him out of his jacket and boots. You fumbled a little with his shirt, which he pulled over his head revealing his tanned, scarred chest, He watched your eyes flicker across his body and he smiled. Your hands lingered at his pants but he let you struggle until they were undone before he kicked them off and pulled you into bed.
You lay next to him, your warm breath fanning over his chest as you pressed yourself against him, your cotton dress creating a barrier between you. "You feel hot angel, why don't you take your dress off?" Your bright eyes met his in the dim light, he kissed you gently and you nodded. Sitting up slightly he watched as you pulled the clothing away, your beautiful body finally exposed to him.
"That's better" he said more to himself that you. Without waiting he grabbed you and ran his rough hands over your body, a growl building somewhere in his throat as your soft body gave in to him.
"You're mine now little Dove, it's going to be different. I'll take care of you and you can take care of me. Take care of me now sweet thing, and I'll take care of you." You whined again and let him kiss you, his body pressing you into the mattress, his thick cock rubbing precum over your stomach as he rutted against you, teeth scraping at your neck and hands gripping you tightly.
He kissed his way down your body, pushing your hands away as you chased him away. He leant back on his heels and looked at you. He grabbed your wrists and a thick strand of hair. He tied them to the bedpost with your own hair, making you whine his name again. "Little Dove, hush. I'm going to love you, make you feel beautiful. Be still now and let me." You stilled at the word love, you'd never heard it before and you wanted to know what it felt like to be loved by your soldier.
He pushed your thighs up and held them in place, exposing your perfect pussy to him, your arousal soaking and sweet smelling. Leaning down he takes a long lick along your folds, before sucking harshly at your clit. He lets you wriggle and whine, it barely slows him as he sucks and licks at you. His finger presses into you, slowly as you adjust but he keeps you whining with kisses and bites.
He pauses for a moment, his finger still pumping as he leans in to kiss you, your arousal over his face. "Tell me how it feels angel?" he growls and you gasp as he curls a finger deeper. "Tight.....good.....good" you breath as he drags you closer to your end. You are rewarded wiht more kisses before he dives back down and sucks your clit again which brings you squealing to an end.
His finger removed he rubs his throbbing cock over your sensitive folds. He spits on you, his dominance unfurling like a beast, but he can't stop it now. All he can do is take what's in front of him, and you are a more than willing prey.
He sinks in, kissing away the little tears that form from the sharp pain he causes. To him, your tightness is heaven. A vice that brings only joy to him. He can feel you flutter around him, your arousal drenches him. Your voice breaks as he kisses you, he can hear you chanting his name. "My girl, my sweet little dove" he growls in your ear and claims your mouth again.
He pumps into you, chasing his own relase which is coming closer and closer. His hands grasp your breasts, grip your throat, attach to your hips. He needs every part of you and you willingly give it. Finally he peaks, his come coating your walls and filling you to the brim. He releases your hands from their binds and pulls you closer. You cling to him and he wraps you in warm, strong arms. "You are perfect my little Dove."
The next morning he wakes you with more kisses and a surprise. He wants to keep you safe from others, any other intruderss who might want to claim you for themselves. He worries you might be afraid, but you nod keenly when he suggests it. "If I cut it, then no one can climb up here except me" he says as he slides scissors through your long locks, leaving you with a much smaller haircut and a lighter head. He rewards you with kisses and dancing, twirling you around with laughter.
Later that day he leaves via a rope. cutting you off from the world again, but this time he knows... You'll be there waiting for him and him alone. His perfect Rapunzel.
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Y/n: *At the police station*
Y/n: I’m here for my boyfriend
Officer: Who’s your boyfriend?
Y/n: You must be new here
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Title: Patience
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x F!Reader
Rating: 18+ Only! Minors DNI!
Word Count: 2,934
Tags: SMUT, angst, fluff, cockwarming, submissive Bucky, handcuffs, drinking, flirting, pet names, maybe slight degradation if you squint, slight dom/sub, masturbation, fingering (female receiving), clit play, permission to cum, edging, orgasm denial, unprotected sex, begging, crying, explicit sexual content, explicit language, and I think that's it.
Written For: @buckybarnesbingo, @sebastianstanbingo, and @anyfandomangstbingo
Square(s) Filled: Y1 - Kink: Cockwarming for Bucky Barnes Bingo // G5 - Submissive!Bucky Barnes for Sebastian Stan Bingo // G2 - Handcuffs for Any Fandom Angst Bingo
Dedicated To: @buckyalpine - I love you, bby ❤️ I really hope you like this 🥺 It's a thank you for all of the amazing content you've put out for us.
Beta(s): Just Grammarly
A/N: I'm so sorry this is bad... I've been so busy these last couple of weeks with Thanksgiving and yesterday was my stepdaughter's birthday and today is my daughter's so I've had basically no time to write. I really hope this isn't terrible, but I'm so sorry if it is. Also, have I already used the below GIF before for one of my fics? Yes. Am I using it again? Yes. Will I probably use it for a future fic? Also, yes. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Tumblr media
You sip your drink as you watch Bucky from the bar. Currently, he's smiling at something Steve said, his flesh hand patting the blonde super soldier on the back while his metal one holds his glass of Asgardian mead.
You're not one for parties, but you know it means a lot to Bucky that you're here with him. He's finally rid of the Winter Soldier, the assassin side of him that he's battled to overcome for years, and in true Stark fashion, he threw your boyfriend a party.
It feels like everyone Tony has ever talked to is here, and crowds make you anxious, so the bar is where you'll be until Bucky's ready to go.
Natasha refills your glass and smiles at you warmly, "he's come a long way."
You swirl the amber liquid around a bit before taking a healthy drink.
"He has. I'm so grateful to Wakanda and the Dora Milaje for helping him. It took a while, but we're finally here."
She nods and pours herself a shot, "it's been a long time coming."
"Speaking of coming, I feel like everyone and their mother came to this thing. I don't even know half the people here..."
Nat snorts, "it's Tony, what did you expect?"
A comfortable silence settles between the two of you and you feel yourself starting to unwind.
You finish your second drink and motion for Natasha to refill it again. She sets the bottle down and glances over your shoulder shaking her head.
"Looks like one of the secretaries has taken a liking to Barnes."
Well, so much for being able to relax.
You turn in your seat and watch as a pretty blonde touches his arm softly, batting her eyes at him like a giddy schoolgirl.
Bucky doesn't reciprocate, but he doesn't shoo her away either. He looks up at you momentarily and bites his lip before smiling at the girl in front of him. You know he's not really interested in her. He'd never cheat on you. It still doesn't change the fact that he's deliberately flirting with her in front of you though.
Your fingernail taps on the side of your glass as you grow more and more irritated. She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and trails her index finger down the front of his shirt.
You grip the glass so hard that your knuckles turn white.
"I'll pay you later, Natasha," you down the rest of your whiskey and slam the glass down on the bar top. "Right now I've got something to take care of."
You push through the crowd and tap the blonde on her shoulder. She whips around and gives you a pointed look, "can I help you?"
"Yeah," you raise an eyebrow, "you can help me by stopping yourself from eye fucking my boyfriend."
Her eyes go wide as she looks from you to Bucky. He shrugs and she huffs before walking away.
You glare up at him and he takes your hand, "oh, come on doll. I was just teasing you."
"Don't doll me, James. You know I don't like seeing you giving someone else that kind of attention."
His free hand wraps around your waist and pulls you into him, "come on, baby. Don't be like that."
Steve chuckles, "I don't know, man. That girl was looking at you like you put the stars in the sky, and it's not like you pushed her away when she touched your chest."
"Who's side are you on, pal?" Bucky narrows his eyes at his best friend.
You've had enough. This party, that girl, Bucky's attitude, all of it, and it stirs a possessiveness inside of you that you haven't felt in a long time.
"It's time to go."
Bucky's eyes go wide, "go? But the party just star-"
"I said it's time to go."
Steve whistles as you drag Bucky toward the elevators, "good luck!"
Once you get him back to your shared bedroom, you shut and flick the lock.
"F.R.I.D.A.Y., please tell anyone who comes to our door that we aren't taking visitors."
"Yes, Miss Y/L/N."
Bucky leans against the wall and looks down at you softly, "I swear I didn't mean to upset-"
"Well, you did. Take your clothes off and lay on the bed."
"Y/N, please just let me properly apologize to you."
Your hands move to your hips and you give him a stern look. To anyone who isn't familiar with your relationship, it would be quite comical seeing your tall, muscular, super-soldier boyfriend being so submissive to you. You know he needs this though, to be able to let go and give himself completely to someone he knows won't hurt him. And who are you to deny him that? Especially since you love the rush of taking control sometimes.
"Don't make me ask you again, James."
Bucky bites his lip as he stands up straight. He pulls the red henley he's wearing over his head, and you watch the movement of his well-defined muscles with hooded eyes. He undoes the button on his jeans and slides them and his boxers down to his ankles before stepping out of them.
"I really am sorry, baby"
"I know you are." You gesture behind him, "I've changed my mind. Sit with your back against the headboard."
He turns to walk over to the bed and you groan at the unimpeded view of his ass. Fucking hell, he's perfect.
He settles on the comforter and looks at you with curious, blue eyes. You don't say anything to him as you walk into the closet. Moments later you return with two pairs of silver handcuffs dangling from your fingertips and you watch his cock twitch in interest.
"Y/N, I don't see how this is a punishment," he drawls.
You smirk and cuff each of his hands to the small metal hoops that jut out from the side of the headboard. These were no ordinary handcuffs either, they were made with raw vibrainium which means he can't get out of them easily.
"Trust me," you step back and reach behind you to pull the zipper on the back of your dress, "you'll see."
Bucky watches as the little black dress falls to the floor and pools around your feet, his eyes darkening with want.
"God, you're so damn gorgeous, baby."
You smirk, "and it's too bad you won't get to touch me." You smooth your hands over your soft skin, your fingertips barely catching your nipples making you gasp. "I was really looking forward to those big, strong hands all over me, Buck."
He groans and watches you take off your bra and panties, "come on, pretty girl. Please let me touch you...please?"
You climb on the bed and straddle his chest, his cock beginning to leak in anticipation of your touch. You ignore the urge to and slide two of your fingers between your soaked folds instead.
"Mmm, you should have thought of that before ... fuck ... before you flirted with that secretary.
He watches you circle your clit slowly, his eyes nearly black now as he tugs harder at the cuffs.
"Baby... fuck, baby please!"
"Shit, I'm so wet for you, Bucky...feels so good..."
You bring your glistening fingers to your lips and close your mouth around them, licking them clean of your arousal. Bucky whines and raises his hips in frustration.
"Let me have a taste, please baby? Please! I'm so sorry for even looking at her... God, please...need you so bad..."
You tilt your head to the side and look down at him. His eyes are desperate and you almost give in and undo the handcuffs.
"Aww, do you need a taste? Do you want me to sit on your face, baby boy?"
Your tone is teetering the line of sincere and condescending, and it makes another bead of precum spill from the head of his cock. Your words alone are making him fall apart. You've never been this dominant with him and he'd be lying if he said he didn't like it.
It's merely a whisper, but you hear him nonetheless and decide to take a little mercy on him.
"Lay on your back for me, baby."
Bucky scoots down, his arms suspended slightly upward and out to the side as he lays flat. You move so your legs are on either side of his head and hover your dripping pussy over his lips.
"Since you love using that pretty mouth to tease and flirt so much, why don't you put it to good use and make me cum. Maybe if you do a good job I'll let you fuck me."
Bucky licks his lips, "I'll make you feel real good, doll. Please... just please let me taste you..."
You lower yourself down to his mouth and he immediately begins ravishing you. His tongue skillfully slides between your folds, alternating from your hole to your clit making you moan.
He's always been so good at this. Taking you apart over and over again until you're a shaking, quivering mess. But this? The way he's delving his tongue into your dripping cunt, devouring you as if he needs you to survive, it's another side of him you've never seen before and it's one of the hottest things you've ever experienced with him.
"Fuck... yeah, baby just like that."
Bucky groans and moves back to your clit, sucking it and flicking it with the tip of his tongue. His untouched cock is leaking profusely now. He's determined, desperate to feel you cum, desperate to make you fall over the edge and taste you.
It isn't long until the familiar coil begins to ignite and your legs start to shake from the amount of pleasure your boyfriend is bringing you. Your hands tangle in his hair, pulling it as your hips rock against his mouth.
"Oh, Bucky! Don't stop, baby! Don't you fucking stop... oh, my god...fuck, you're gonna make me cum!"
He moves his tongue faster, tugging at the cuffs and wishing he could grip your luscious thighs.
Your eyes flutter closed and you throw your head back as your orgasm shoots through you like a bolt of lightning. Bucky doesn't stop, and you let him work you through your high until it becomes too much. Finally, you climb off of him and lay on the bed at his side, moving your fingertips up and down his thigh slowly while he breathes heavily.
"Did such a good job for me, baby. You made me cum so hard."
Bucky turns to look at you, "does that mean I can fuck you now?"
You bite your lip and just barely graze his thick shaft.
"Oh, sweetheart, you didn't think it would be this easy, did you? You thought giving me one orgasm would warrant forgiveness for deliberately flirting with someone else in front of me?"
Bucky gasps and whines from your touch, his cock twitching in need.
"Doll, p-please...," his eyes shine with tears and his fists clench and unclench, "I'll never do it again, I promise! Please I...I need you so bad...so bad, baby..."
You kiss his lips and shush him, before carefully straddling his hips. His eyes are wide and needy as he looks up at you, and your heart thuds hard against your ribcage. He's so fucking beautiful like this. All spread out for you. Needy and begging for your touch.
Bucky is so good at being in control when you need him to, but at times like this, he's the prettiest submissive you've ever seen.
"Sit back up for me, honey. I'm going to give you a reward, okay?"
He nods and scoots back up so his back is against the headboard again. He watches as you rise on your knees and reach behind you. His eyes roll back into his head as you wrap your fingers around his cock, and you immediately pull them away.
"Ah, ah, ah...keep those eyes on me, baby."
Bucky nods and you curl your fingers around him again before lining him up with your entrance. You're so wet that you don't even need him to prep you.
Ever so slowly, you sink down on his thick, hard cock. Bucky's so worked up that you can feel him throbbing as you take him to the hilt.
"You're so fucking big, baby. Mmm, you fill me up so well. Does this feel good, sweetheart?"
He shudders and resists the urge to raise his hips so he'll go deeper, "so good...feels so good."
"Is this what you wanted, honey?"
Bucky swallows thickly and lets out a shaky breath.
"Wanna...wanna feel you ride me. Please...please just wanna cum for you."
You cradle his face in your hand and brush the pad of your thumb over his stubble, "only good boys get what they ask for, baby. Besides, I love feeling you just like this. So deep inside me, the head of your pretty cock kissing my cervix, you make me feel so full."
Bucky whimpers and you lean forward to kiss him again, your mouth moving against his slow and sweet.
He kisses you fiercely and you reciprocate with just as much fervor. Bucky could stay like this forever, just drowning in the way you feel around him, in your touch, and your taste.
You pull away and smooth your thumb over his bottom lip, "if I uncuff one of your hands, are you going to be good for me?"
The thought of being able to touch you makes his eyes fill with tears as he nods enthusiastically.
"If you can be a good boy for me I'll ride you, baby."
You reach for the handcuff keys on the bedside table and uncuff his metal hand.
"Rub my clit, baby boy. Make me cum around your cock."
Bucky reaches down to where the two of you are joined and touches the cool metal of his thumb to your bundle of nerves. You gasp at the contrast of temperatures as he begins making tight circles.
"Fuck, Bucky..."
You rock your hips slightly back and forth, cupping your breasts as hot sparks of arousal shoot through you. A low rumble sounds in Bucky’s chest when he feels you clench around his cock, and he has to force himself not to cum.
"God, baby...can feel you squeezing me. Wanna watch you come undone with my cock buried inside of you. Please, princess? Please come for me..."
The way he's begging for you, the feeling of the smooth metal of his gold and black thumb moving over your clit, and how fucking good it feels to have his thick cock stretch you open sends you falling over the edge for a second time. His name tumbles past your lips over and over and spots dance in your vision as you cum hard for him.
You're both panting when you finally open your eyes again. Bucky's shaking, his eyes are still wide and shining as he silently begs for release and you finally, finally give in to him and plant your palms on his chest.
"You've been such a good boy for me, honey. I'm gonna ride this beautiful cock and I want you to tell me how good it feels, but you can't close your eyes. I want you to look at me when you cum."
You know he's not going to last long. Not when you've worked him up this much, so you don't bother starting slow. You move up and down at a steady pace, listening to his needy, desperate moans.
His metal hand grips your hip and helps to guide you as you start to go faster, and you can feel how close he is, his cock throbbing inside of you as his lips part in a silent scream.
"Oh, my god, babydoll... feels so good... m'so close! Gonna cum so hard for you, pretty girl. Please! Please am I allowed to cum? Can't hold it anymore...s'too much...feels too good... please ... please!"
You brush away his tears and lean down to capture his lips in a passionate kiss.
"Fill me up, baby boy. Come on, let go for me. Show me, sweetheart."
Bucky slams you down on his cock and holds you in place as he groans loudly into your neck. His orgasm crashing into him like a tsunami as he nearly sobs in ecstasy.
You pepper kisses all over his face and shush him as he shakes in your arms, sweet nothings falling from your lips as he comes down from his high. Eventually, you move to get up, but he whines and pulls you closer to him.
"I need to uncuff your other hand, honey."
"But I wanna stay inside you...please? Just wanna feel close to you."
Your eyes soften and you free his flesh hand, rubbing his wrist gently.
"We can stay like this as long as you need to, Buck. I'm not going anywhere."
He moves so you're both on your sides and slides his softening cock back inside of you gently. He sighs happily and buries his face in your neck.
"Love you, princess... love you so much," he whispers sleepily.
You kiss his forehead and rub his back tenderly, "I love you too, baby. Close those pretty eyes and sleep for me, okay? I'll be here when you wake up."
It isn't long until you feel his breathing even out, and you continue to hold him close as sleep begins to take you too.
You're happy and safe inside the embrace of the love of your life.
You're home.
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Haunted Past (Part 2)
Here is part two of my series! I still don’t know how long it’s going to be so we’ll just roll with the punches! I hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it.
He smirked as he looked at you. You were frozen, you didn’t know what to do. You didn’t think you would ever see him again, but you were wrong. You were so very wrong. No one knew where you were. The only one who did was… but he wouldn’t. Would he?
“How did you find me?” Your voice was cold and stern despite what you were feeling on the inside. His eyes grew hard and icy. It was a look you had seen many times before.
“I told you I would always find you, dove.” He stepped closer and extended his hand to cup your face. You stepped away from him which made his eyes harden. “You know better than to run from me.” You felt yourself bristle at his words.
“Do I, Brock, because I think I’ve already done that and did a pretty damn good job considering it took you five years to find me.” The words were cold and stern when they spilled out of your mouth. You weren’t sure where the spark of confidence came from but you were glad it made an appearance. Brock’s entire body stiffened at your words and he came close enough so that your breaths mingled.
“You’ve gotten quite brave since I’ve seen you last, dove,” he clicked his tongue, “we’re going to have to change that.”
“Think again. I’m not going back with you, ever.” You stood your ground and never looked away from his eyes. You saw a familiar flash in his eyes and you wanted to hit him, but you were at your workplace and you didn’t want to lose your job. “You, stay away from me.”  You turned away to climb into your car when you were shoved up against it. He pinned your wrist behind your back.
“You will come back with me, dove. Have you forgotten who you belong to? What I can do?” He hissed into your ear.
“I won’t go with you. Trust me, I remember who you are, why do you think I left in the first place.” You seethed. You yanked your hand out of his grip and climbed into your car without looking back. He yelled something at you but you ignored it. You drove home as fast as you could without getting pulled over. You weren’t sure if you could handle that along with the last man you ever wanted to see coming back in your life. You thought about it and you couldn’t figure it out. How in the hell did he find you? You covered your tracks, you got rid of your phone and everything that had to do with the life you left behind. There was only one person who knew where you were and you knew he would never rat you out, ever. Right?
You happened to look up and you pulled into your driveway. You weren’t sure how you got here, but you had so much to think about and figure out. You climbed out of your car when you saw it. There was another car in your driveway and it wasn’t Bucky’s. You froze.
 No. No, no, no, no, no. He couldn’t be here, he couldn’t. With your heart in your throat you ran inside scared of what you would find. You were shaking so much you couldn’t get your key in the lock. You took a deep breath and finally got your key in and unlocked the door. You didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary right off the bat, but when you entered your kitchen your heart stopped. There was a knife on the counter, covered with blood. Without thinking you started yelling for your boyfriend.
“James? JAMES!” You must have sounded hysterical because you heard his footsteps pounding on the floor and you could hear someone else behind him, which scared you even more. The next thing you knew Bucky popped around the corner with wide eyes and grilling tongs in his hand. You noticed he was completely unharmed. Seeing he was perfectly fine, your knees gave out and you started sobbing. Bucky ran to you, barely catching you before you hit the floor.
“Doll, what is it? What happened? Are you okay?” He held you while you cried into his shirt. Bucky had never seen you like this, he can count on one had the number of times he has seen you cry over the last four years you had been together. You kept trying to tell him something but he couldn’t make it out. He just gently shushed you and told you everything was all right. Finally, you started to calm down, your sobs turned into hiccups and sniffles. During all of this, you had forgotten about the second set of footsteps running through the house, until you heard someone speak.
“Is she okay, mate?” The person asked.
“I have no idea, I’ve never seen her like this.” Bucky rubbed your back until you looked up at him. “Love, are you okay? What happened?” Concern laced his voice as he spoke to you.
“I am now. I’m sorry, I- I don’t know what happened. I saw the knife on the counter and freaked.” Your voice had a rasp to it from crying so hard. Bucky looked over to the counter where he saw the knife laying.
“I used it earlier, sweet. I was fixing the steaks I bought for dinner, I forgot to clean it up.” Bucky explained as he looked back to you. He continued to rub your back as the two of you sat on the floor. Finally, you started to stand up and Bucky followed you, helping you stand. When the two of you were up you looked over to the person, standing in the kitchen. Your eyes started to water again.
“Clint.”  He smiled at you.
 “Hi, bird, it’s been a while.” You nodded, stepping toward him. He engulfed you in a hug and you melted into it. You stood there for a while just holding each other until Bucky cleared his throat. You stepped back wiping at your eyes, Clint doing the same, although you acted like you didn’t see it.
“You know him, love?” You nodded at your boyfriend.
“I grew up with him. He’s like my brother.” Bucky was wary but nodded. “Remember the one I told you about that taught me how to shoot a bow?” You saw when it clicked.
“So, he’s the one you’ve told me stories about.”
“Yes, this is him.” You smiled looking at your best friend. Clint smiled down at you.
“Teaching this one was rough. Couldn’t understand why she wasn’t good at it right away.”
“It looked simple enough! It shouldn’t have been as hard as it was.” Clint laughed at you. Bucky laughed too. He knew exactly what Clint was talking about. Bucky made his way to you. 
“If you’re okay, doll, I’m going to go finish dinner.”
“I’m okay, I’m gonna catch up with Clint for a little while if you don’t need anything.” Bucky kissed your forehead.
“You go catch up. I love you.”
“I love you.” You smiled at him as he walked out the back door. Clint was glad to finally see you happy. You deserved it after what you went through. You turned your attention back to Clint and sighed. “I know why you’re here. Let me make some tea and we’ll talk. Do you want any?”
“Yeah, sounds good.”
“You take it the same way?” You asked, walking into the living room. Clint nodded. Tea was something the two of you would have when a difficult topic would come up. You hadn’t done it in years. It felt nice yet ominous to do it again. You fixed both cups of tea and handed Clint his. You curled your legs up underneath yourself as you got ready for the conversation at hand.
“How did you know?” You sighed again running your finger over the design on your mug.
“He showed up at my job this afternoon.” Clint’s eyes widened. That explained the state you were in when you saw the knife when you walked in.
“What did he do?”
“He sent me roses and was waiting for me after I clocked out. Said I knew better than to run from him, said I had to go back with him. I said I wasn’t and he needed to stay away. He didn’t like that, but he shoved me against my car, I got loose and I left. He yelled at me when I pulled out, but I don’t know what he said. I know if he knows where I am then my dad does too.” You explained as you continued to look at the mug of tea in your hand. You had been so careful the last five years, there’s no way he should have found you. 
“I only found out this morning, bird. I got here as soon as I could so I could warn you. You know you’re the only reason I stayed there. I wasn’t gonna let either one of them find you if I could help it.” You looked to your best friend. 
“I know and I’m so sorry you felt like you had to stay.”
“You know I would never let anything happen to you. I hate that you ended up there. You have no idea how many times I tried to talk to your dad out of it, but you know how he is.”
“Is? So he’s not dead yet. That’s surprising.”
“I know, I’m shocked too. I’m sorry they found you. ” The two of you grew quiet. The weight of the situation was heavy in the air. You were so caught up the two of you didn’t hear Bucky come back in and jumped at his voice.
“Dinner is ready. Clint, you can stay if you want. We have plenty.”
“No, I couldn’t intrude.”
“Please stay, I’ve missed my brother.”
“Okay fine, but I’m telling embarrassing stories the entire time.”
“Finally! I need to know embarrassing stories about this one. She doesn’t tell me a thing.”
“No! There was a reason for that!” Clint walked over and slung an arm around Bucky.
“Oh, just wait until you hear about the time she tried to cook for a ‘Friends-giving’ we had about six years ago.”
“Don’t you dare, Barton!” You could hear Bucky start laughing. You rolled your eyes at your two favorite people. You couldn’t help the smile that crossed your face. You were terrified of what was going to happen, but right now, all you wanted to do was spend the evening with your two favorite people.
You were sitting on the couch with Bucky after Clint had left. The two of you were perfectly content. You looked to the man that held your heart and you knew you had to tell him about your past. You had to, especially now that Brock had shown back up. You didn’t say a word as you put your legs on either side of his hips and laid your head on his shoulder. 
“I don’t know where this is going, but I like this a lot.” Bucky looked down at you and winked.
“Not going there tonight, Buck. I need to talk to you.” You sat up straight and looked him in the eye. “It’s about why I’ve been having nightmares.”
“Okay, doll. I’m listening.” You took a deep breath. 
“Have you heard about the Pierces? The mob in New York?”
“Yeah, I’ve heard of them. Who hasn’t?”
“Right, well, the head mobster, Alexander Pierce, that’s my dad. That’s my family.” Bucky was silent as he took this in. He looked you up and down. He picked you up off his lap and sat you down beside him. He got up and started pacing in front of you.
“So you’re telling me, you’re the daughter of the most notorious mob boss in the country.” You nodded. “And over the course of our four year relationship you never felt the need to mention this?” You could tell he was mad, but he was trying to contain it.
“Yes, because I ran from them.” Bucky’s eyes almost bugged out of his head.
“You ran away?! Do they think I’m the reason? Do I have a hit on me? Is that why you’re telling me this?”
“No! I’m telling you this because something happened today and I needed you to know about it. This person could show up unannounced like he did today and I needed you to hear it from me.” Bucky stopped in front of you.
“Was it Clint? He showed up unexpectedly.”
“No, it’s not Clint. Clint had always tried to keep them from finding me. He showed up today to tell me that they found me.”
“They found you?”
“Yes and they’re not the only ones.” Bucky sat down across from you on the coffee table.
“Who else is there?” You sighed again.
“If you know the Pierces then you heard of the Rumlows?” Bucky’s face paled at that. You immediately knew something was up. “What is it?” Bucky opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by the doorbell. You looked at Bucky who was as shocked as you were that the doorbell rang.
“I’m not expecting anyone, are you?” Bucky shook his head.
“No, but I’ll go see who it is.” Bucky walked over to answer the door. You had so many thoughts going through your head. Would Bucky leave you now? Especially after you tell him the rest of your story. You heard the door open.
“What the hell are you doing here?” He sounded furious. You had only heard him like that a couple of times so you got up to see who could make your loving boyfriend so angry. When you rounded the corner your heart dropped. The person didn’t answer Bucky. He just looked straight at you.
“Ahh, there you are, dove.” Bucky looked between you and Brock. 
“What are you doing here? I told you I wasn’t going back.” 
“Now, now, dove, is that anyway to speak to your husband?” Bucky blanched at this revelation.
“Husband? You’re married to him?”
“Now, Barnes, is that anyway to speak to your employer?” You felt your entire body grow cold. Bucky worked for Brock?
“Former employer, I don’t work for you anymore, Rumlow.” Brock was reveling in the chaos he was causing. He loved every second of it. Between the look on the two of your faces had him cackling on the inside.
“Sure, sure.” Brock waved his hand and looked at you once more. “Time to come home, dove.”
“I told you, I’m not going back.” Your voice was so cold you didn’t even recognize it. Brock looked angry while Bucky looked heartbroken. 
“You know the rules, you do as I say.” Brock then stormed into your home while going right for you. Without missing a beat your self-defense kicked in. You grabbed his hand, hitting a pressure point that took Brock to his knees. 
“I don’t follow your rules anymore.” You dragged Brock back to the door he came through and released the pressure point while throwing your hand forward making him fall back. “If you ever show back up to my home, I’ll kill you before you reach the door.” You slammed the door in his face. You felt your body become your own again and that when you were reminded about your boyfriend behind you. You turned to Bucky. It was like you didn’t recognize him anymore. He worked for the man that made your life a living hell. Bucky’s heart broke when he looked at you. He could see it in your eyes that the wall he had torn down over the last four years was back up again and he was the cause of it.
“Doll, I-” You held your hand up before he could even finish. Without saying a word you walked up the stairs to your shared bedroom and packed a bag. When you came back down Bucky tried talking to you again but you just shook your head. 
“I’m going to ask you something and I need to know the truth.”
“Of course, doll, anything.” 
“Did you know?” Bucky was silent. You tried again. “Did you know about the marriage? How it was against my will? Did you know?!” You couldn’t help but yell the last part. What Bucky said next made your entire world shatter.
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buckyalpine · 2 months
Okay best friend Bucky is all I’m thinking now after the party thoughts … but with a different scenario in mind . You and Bucky getting high together at a party ! And suddenly you act more like a couple than friends . He pulls you on his lap and kissing your neck making you giggle . He comes behind you and hugs you while you’re on the kitchen fixing yourself a drink and talking to a friend , burying his face in the crook of your neck and telling you he missed you . The moment you see a girl talking to him or even touching him you’re on him , hugging his waist and kissing his chest , instantly pulling his focus away from the other woman . Swaying together and kissing each other dangerously close to the others mouth . Just a bunch of tension, touches and pda
Tumblr media
18+ minors dni
Yup this is sexy as hell and while this screams college Bucky just imagine how hot this would be with sexy super soldier Bucky.
Cause he uses weed to relax and wind down, let's say alcohol does nothing for him but getting high hits different. He snuck out of Tony's party to smoke and you're searching the crowd looking for him. You finally find him outside taking a long drag before
"Hey Sergeant" You smirk, plucking off the little tiara you had on your head, putting it on him instead. "Was wondering where you were"
"You were looking for me?" He gives you a hazy smile, already feeling lighter, his heart fluttering a little. Why did it do that. Stop that.
"Mhm, I see you're busy" You snort, nodding to the joint he's holding. He hands it to you, letting you take a few hits. You both smoke until its finished, the effects of the weed taking place nicely because you've never felt more relaxed.
You both make your back way back inside making your way through the crowd. Bucky finds the lounge area the team is sitting at, grabbing your hand and pulling you along with him. You're about the sit on the arm of the couch, letting out a squeak when he pulls you to sit on his lap instead.
He gives you a goofy grin, his eyes glazed over while you feel your skin heat up, his lips brushing on your neck. He kisses your skin softly, his nose nuzzling against your neck while his hand strokes your waist.
The team stare at you both wide eyed, completely unsurprised by what’s happening in front of them, there was a betting pool about how long this would take. They soon realize you're both idiots who still haven't made anything official but now the stakes are high. (hehehe)
You giggle as he keeps gently kissing your neck, his eyes are focused on you and nothing else. He loves how warm you feel, the scent of your perfume, how cute your laugh is, how perfectly you fit on his lap, how adorable you are, how much he loves you, how much he wants to fucking rail you-
Woah. When did he feel all this.
He blinks, though not stopping what he's doing because he can't help it, you're too addicting.
"M'gonna get a drink, I'll be back" You hop off his lap, making your way to the kitchen not noticing the way Bucky pouted as soon as you got off his lap. He waited for a few minutes before coming and hugging you from behind, not bothered at all that you were talking to one of your friends (It was at this moment, Tony raised the bet to $500 that tonight is the night).
You giggle, feeling his beard tickle you when he snuggles his face into your neck, his arms hugging you tighter.
"Hi Buck"
"I missed you" He pouts again, kissing your shoulder before hiding his face against your skin. "missed you so much"
"I just came to grab a drink Bucky"
"Ya, so far away"
Eventually he lets go because you need to use the restroom. When you come back, you find some girl talking to him, her arms caressing his bicep, touching his chest. You’re not a fan, you don’t like it. You don’t know what it is that you’re feeling here, your happy high is still present but there’s something else that gnaws at you. Who does she think she is. 
You slip in between them, wrapping your arms around his waist, your head resting on his chest. You press a kiss onto his chest, nuzzling your face in like he’s your pillow. His arms instantly wrap around you, he’s kissing the top of your head, he doesn’t register the girl huff and stomp away. 
He has his baby in his arms, nothing else matters.
Then he pauses, because why did he just call you baby, you’re not his. His train of thought is interrupted, feeling you kiss his chest again, you’re eyes closed, happy in your own world. He’s swaying and rocking you in his arms, trailing kisses from your forehead to your nose to your...cheeks. 
You giggle, looking up at him and his lips are so soft and you shouldn’t be thinking this about your best friend. You kiss... the corner of his lips, the both of you dangerously close to each others mouth. Kisses keep inching closer, his hands gripping you tighter, theres only so much self restraint one can have...
Back at the lounge area 
“For fucks sake, just kiss already”
“They did kiss”
“But close to the mouth doesn’t count, it has to be full on tongue”
“I say they’re together, they’re like a tongue slip away from making out, just call it already”
“I’m calling it, I win the bet, suck it”
“I’m not sucking anything, not until-
(Bucky picks you up by the back of your thighs, carrying you out, your hands tugging on his hair while his tongue is tangled with yours) 
“shut up” 
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infictionalwonderland · 2 months
beefy bucky barnes being drunk and obsessed with you???? 😩😩😩
heart implosion xo
warnings: drunkenness, fluff, perhaps some crude comments 💕💗💞
You couldn’t help the giggle that fell from your lips as your large, super solider, crime fighting boyfriend drunkenly whined and tried to crawl up your body as you both lay on the same, his large and veiny arms either side of your torso as he crawled upwards.
“I don’t why you’re laughing,” he drunkenly mumbled, “but I love it please continue.”
Bucky buried his head into your chest contentedly, drunkenly mumbling in pleasure as you ran a hand through his hair.
“Buck.” You laughed lightly, squirming underneath his large body as he whined out, clinging to you. “Bucky, you need to move. Please, love.”
“But you’re so comfy.” He mumbled, slurring and happy. “And I love being close to you. ‘M favourite thing in the whole wide planet.”
“Is it?” You coaxed softly, gently trying to detach yourself from his large arms, his relentless embrace radiating unfathomable warmth.
“Oh, yeah.” Bucky easily agreed, nodding lightly as strands of his dark hair fell to frame his structured face, “you always smell so good, if I could sniff a scent for the rest of ‘m life, it’d be your smell.” He slurred.
“What a little angel.” You teased, giggling.
“Say that again.” Bucky pleaded, opening his eyes to give you a stupidly pretty pout with his clouded over gaze.
“My little angel.” You grinned.
“Your little angel.” He hummed happily, you could feel his elated smile against you skin as he snuggled closer.
“Hmm, see, so good.” Bucky smiled lazily, as he stuffed his head in your hair, lifting his head to gently grasp a lock of your hair and bring in to your own nose. “‘M favourite smell. You.”
You kept in your laughter as you willingly sniffed your own hair, watching a smile break out on your boyfriends lips as you stared at him adoringly.
“And your face..” Bucky mumbled, sighing exaggeratedly as he lay on your chest, gazing up at you in admiration— “best bit. It’s so pretty, makes my heart go wooosshh.”
“Aw.” You pouted at him and he smiled wider, a red hue now gracing his face. “What’s your least favourite part of me?” You prompted, teasingly.
“No!” Bucky replied firmly, pulling his body off yours slightly and staring down at you with furrowed brows and a small, adorable frown. “Ent got a least favourite. No such thing. All of you is perfect.”
“You little sap.”
Bucky shook his head, softly collapsing onto you once again and holding you tightly in his muscular arms— “no. Your little angel.”
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buckybabieboy · 2 months
So I've read several smut fics about Bucky's first time after 70+ years but never a combination of these:
- touch starved Bucky, him begging the reader to touch him where he needs it the most
- him being iper sensitive, just a simple touch makes him whimper
- cumming a lot, reader can't even manage to suck him or stroke him properly
- still being hard after cumming several times
- he's just a moaning mess who needs attention, his metal hand isn't enough anymore
- his thrusts getting harder and deeper while he loses himself in the feeling, not even able to form a sentence
...could you please write something like this? If the f!reader and Bucky are friends, friends with benefits, in a relationship, how it starts, how it ends... it's up to you.
Wow. Here goes nothin’ BAHAHA.
Tumblr media
⚠️TW: NSFW, sub!touch-starved!bucky, dom!fem!reader, blowjob(m!receiving,) p in v sex, unprotected sex, creampie, slight overstimulation, cockwarming, Bucky being a touch starved and needy little thing, much more lol just read it
☁️Summary: You make Bucky cum for the first time(s) in over 70+ years. Your touch starved little baby.
📝A/N: Thx for this request babie. I tried my very hardest to include everything in here! P.S: I’ve been a very busy person lately, which meant no time for writing. I’m so very sorry! You guys sending in requests really motivates me though. <3 I even used some of your exact words if you look closely, anon ;)
You and Bucky had a relationship that was indescribable. He was honest and open around you, which was something that nobody else could ever say. Wherever you were, so was he, and you didn’t have a problem with that. 
During the time you’ve spent getting to know Bucky, you’ve come to 2 conclusions; James Buchanan Barnes was a broken and damaged man, but that will never mean he’s any less worthy of love. You also noticed a certain desperation in him. The slightest touch would make him go rigid.
You can recall multiple occasions where you’d grab his hand, kiss his head, or simply pull him in for a hug and he’d be all flustered and glossy-eyed. He’d beg you to do those things again. To touch him literally anywhere. It didn’t matter where because to him, any sensation was a good sensation, just as long as it came from you.
Which led you to your second conclusion; Bucky was longing for touch. He was a touch starved, delicate, little thing that just needed to be taken care of. And you had no problem being the one to fulfill his needs. 
As of right now, Bucky has made himself comfortable in your arms, eyelids shut and mouth agape as he indulges in your soft, delicate touch. He’s on your lap and facing you, so you notice even the slightest twitches of his beautifully flushed face. Your fingertips slowly scratch at his scalp, and you feel him fall limp in your arms, as if he’d given himself up to you.
“l- I love that, y/n. please don’t stop...” Bucky mumbles. 
“when you touch me.. f-feels like m’ floating...” Bucky continues to babble and whimper from your simple movements. He’s literally shaking in your lap, which makes your mind wander into filthy places. You’re still awed about how the simplest touches from you make him go mad.
“yeah? feels good?” You ask quietly in response, and he nods his head yes. You feel subtle, but noticeable movements against the skin of your right thigh. His metal fingers were lightly tapping your thigh, as if he needed something to hold on to, to ground him here on earth so that his now ‘normal’ headspace wouldn’t become a fuzzy and floaty one.
“my sweet boy..” you whisper to him, brushing his hair away from his face and behind his ear. He gives you a weary and desperate look in response, and you give him a soft kiss on the nose as an attempt to calm him down. You began to feel something on your thigh again, but it wasn’t his metal fingers. You look down and see Bucky grinding against your thigh, whimpering and hyperventilating while doing so.
“f-fuck, I c-can’t! need more…” Bucky whimpers, hot tears falling from his baby blue eyes. He was so frustrated that he could never do it for himself, it was humiliating for him. You know he’s tried to cum by himself, but his metal hand just wasn’t enough. Poor little baby just couldn’t get himself there, and he needed you to do it. You wipe his tears with your thumb and begin to shush him. He was stiff in his pants, and the fact that he was wearing his comfy gray sweats didn’t make it any less obvious.
“shh… you’re okay James. What is it that you need, hm?”
Your voice was soft and delicate to his ears, which was something that Bucky appreciated. He was feeling so many things right now, it was all so overstimulating for him, but you’re sweet, sultry voice reminded him that he was okay.
“please do something. anything! it hurts, y/n… make it stop, please…”He whimpered, avoiding your eyes. His cock was leaked and stained his sweats.
 His whimpers have gotten even more high pitched as he’s become more desperate for you. You palm him through his sweats which makes him jolt in your lap, practically screaming at the sensation. You haven’t even touched him yet and he’s already so spent.
“get up, baby. gonna take care of you now.” You whisper to him. He gets off of you and sits on the edge of your shared bed as you get down on your knees in front of him. You take off his shirt and undo the drawstring to his sweats, taking them off along with his boxers. You stare at his body in awe. He was so beautiful, so ethereal. All his scars and bruises were so perfect in your eyes. Even that metal arm of his, the one that he would be insecure about from time to time. Your eyes trail down to his aching cock, loads of precum having spilled out from before.
You get up to kiss him on his adorably pink lips before coming back down to leave a trail of kisses down both his trembling thighs.
“y/n, please! Please touch my cock, I need you there!” Bucky yelps at the feeling of your soft, plush lips kissing his legs. He’s so sensitive and whiny, just needing you to touch him where he needs it most. You hum in response and move up to his twitching cock. You plant a kiss on his tip, causing him to let out a gasp and buck his hips up towards you. You notice how stimulated and sensitive his cock is, which wasn’t very surprising. His cock must be aching from being hard and not releasing for so long.
“you’re so hard, sweet boy...let me know if it’s too much, okay?” You say before taking his red tip into your mouth, sucking on it softly. You make sure to make your movements slow at first, not wanting to overwhelm him. The moment your soft, moist lips wrap around him, you hear him stifle a pathetic whimper. When you’re halfway down his shaft, you begin play with his balls with one of your hands.
“keep goin… please don’t stop!” Bucky cries, both his hands gripping the sheets. You finally take his whole cock in your wet mouth, hollowing your cheeks as you go. Bucky had no idea such ecstasy existed; the feeling of your wet tounge on his sensitive cock was almost driving him mad. You could feel his poor cock pulsating in your mouth, which motivated you to continue your movements. You reach down into your shorts and rub yourself through your soaked panties. You didn’t even notice how wet Bucky’s pathetic sobs and whimpers made you.
“f-fuck, y/n that's so good! feels so, so good! gonna make me c-cum!” Bucky continues to babble and cry, the poor little baby couldn’t even manage to speak one complete sentence. He was literally finding it hard to breathe because of the way you were making him feel. This would be the first time in over 70 years since he’s last had an orgasm, so he could feel every little thing. Every flick of your tounge, the vibrations of your moans, the way your fingers fondled with his balls. 
Bucky’s chest rises and falls as he pants heavily, shaking and trembling as he cums in your mouth, his cum painting the back of your throat. He didn’t even notice how much he was cumming until he felt the cold air hit his sensitive cock after you let it out of your mouth. Replacing your mouth with your hand, you start to pump him. Loads of cum continue to spurt out of his cock in long white strings, coating your hand and his spasming thighs. 
“y/n...can’t stop..” Bucky whimpers wearily as he thrusts his hips rapidly into your fist.  
“awh, can’t stop cumming, sweet boy?” you coo at him, continuing to pump his spasming cock, milking him for all he’s got. His cock and your hand were now painted white with his cum. Once you’ve pumped out the last of his creamy warm liquid, you sit next to him on the bed so you could check on him. He immediately falls into your arms, whimpering and babbling like a little baby. 
“need more..wan-wanna be inside you...please? please let me be inside you, i need it!” Bucky cried. Your sweet baby boy was sobbing, visibly frustrated because he still wasn’t satisfied, and you didn’t expect him to be after only one orgasm.
“shh, of course you can, baby. you can have anything you want.” you assure him, understanding how overwhelming this all must be for him. You take his hands in yours and kiss them, and an adorably pathetic whine escapes from him.
His precious eyes glistened, tears falling from them. He was so desperate for you; he’d probably take anything you gave him at this point.  You take off your clothes before scooting back on the bed, laying down and spreading your legs for him. You smile at how Bucky just stares at you, eyes wide at the sight of your wet, glistening pussy.  
“you can touch me, y’know” Bucky's precious turquoise eyes narrow at your words, as if he wasn't certain this was real, as if none of this was, and he was merely dreaming of this euphoria he was experiencing right now. Before you knew it, he’s scrambling to get above you as he thanks you over and over again.
 His flesh fingers glide over your silky skin, traveling from your cheek, down to your neck, before hesitating over your boobs. His cheeks have become flushed, and you giggle softly at how adorable he is. You take his hand in yours and place them on your tender breast, and you watch at how his once flustered and shy expression became a hungry and erotic one.  You give him a soft kiss on his plush lips before gently grabbing his aching cock and aligning it with your entrance.
“m’ ready whenever you are, baby” you coo. Bucky nods his head in response, and slowly enters you. He gasps at the sensation and remains motionless inside of you for some time as he tries to get used to the intense and overwhelming sensation of your warmth.
 “too much f’you?”  You ask him, more than willing to call it quits if he wanted to. Your main focus was to keep him comfortable. You only receive a breathy “nuh uh” in response, and before you knew it, Bucky was pounding into you relentlessly. “Bucky!” You moan blissfully, throwing your head back against your pillow, and wrapping your legs around his waist to pull him even closer.
“f-fuck y/n, s-so warm! feels so good!” Bucky slurs as he continues to jackhammer into you, the feeling of your wet pussy tightening around his cock sending him into overdrive. He buries his head into your neck, whimpering and whining for you. 
You bring your hands to his hair, tangling your fingers in his soft brown locks, which is something that Bucky couldn’t get enough of. You were practically screaming at the way he thrusted in and out of you rapidly. Each time he’d thrust back into you, he’d hit that spot inside you that sends you right over the edge.
“Bucky, you’re doing so well, making me feel so good!” you praise him. He rutted into you even harder at your praise. The sounds you were both making were those of a pornographic film, one you would definitely watch.
 Bucky was a pathetic, babbling mess for you, tears streaming down his face from how good you feel.
“m-my cock... s-so deep inside you...!” Your sweet boy was so pussy drunk; he couldn’t form a complete sentence. His thrusts only got harder and deeper as he loses himself in your feeling. He sobbed, the thought of filling you with every last drop of his cum making his balls tighten. 
“fuckfuckfuck, so close! can I please cum in you? can i? want to cum in you, y/n! I need it!” Bucky pleaded as he continued railing into you balls deep like a savage animal. 
“Go on, sweet baby. cum in me, fill me up.” You say between heavy pants. Your back arches, your hips meeting his as you chase your own orgasm. Bucky’s mind went blank as he released his load into you, his cock pulsating extremely fast in your pussy, which in turn makes you cum right after him. He never stopped his thrusts into your now sensitive and fucked out pussy.
“James, too much okay? m’ sensitive..’’ you mumble shakily, trying to recover from that intense orgasm you just had. 
 “please, y/n.. one more, just feels so good..”
 You nod your head, giving him permission to cum a second time. You tried to pay no mind to how overstimulated you are as Bucky begins to fuck you into the bed, chasing his orgasm for the third time today. He gripped your hips and angled you so he could get deeper inside you. 
You scrunch your face in discomfort at the almost unbearable sensations you were feeling, but the pain quickly subsided into an undeniable pleasure. Your legs begin to tremble around Bucky’s waist, and you bite your lip to stifle a whimper.
Bucky leaned down to bury his face in your neck again, and you felt hot tears fall onto your skin. He wanted to scream out-- his third orgasm was only seconds away, but he couldn’t manage any words. Only broken and pathetic whimpers came from him, as he railed in and out of you, over and over again, neither of you caring how overstimulated you were. An intense shiver runs down your spine and through your body. You almost couldn’t take it anymore, the feeling of his swollen cock hitting your g-spot making you lose all control,
“fuck Bucky, gonna make me cum again!” You wail. You can feel that he’s close too, his cock twitching madly inside your velvety walls. Bucky lets out the most broken and pathetic cry as he bites your shoulder, making you wince slightly.
“y/n..feels so good, feels so fucking good..” Bucky cries softly in between thrusts. “f-fuck! m’ gonna cum inside you again!”
“go ahead, baby. m’ right behind you..” You whisper as you stare at his beautifully fucked out face, nearing your orgasm as well. His thrusts become sloppier and more desperate as he cries out for you.
 You watch Bucky’s eyes roll back as his warm cum fills you up. You follow after him, pussy fluttering around his pulsating shaft. Your liquid drips out your pussy and onto the bed. He thrusts in you balls deep a few more times before falling limp on top of you, cock still buried inside you. 
You and Bucky were both too exhausted to move as you lay there panting heavily. Your fingers massage his sweaty scalp, and his breathing begins to even out slowly.
“that was so.. you made me feel so-” Bucky tries to speak, but only manages to make a few words come out. You kiss his head softly, and he sighs contently as you continue to play with his hair. 
“you did so well, Jamie...” You praise him before looking at the alarm clock on the nightstand beside you.
“come on, Buck. It’s getting late. let’s clean up, okay?” 
Bucky shakes his head no at your words as he buries his face deeper into your neck. 
“don’t wanna pull out just yet. you feel so warm..” Bucky mumbles, pulling the covers over the both of you. He was already exhausted from cumming all those times today, and the feeling of your fingers playing with his hair ever so softly made him even more sleepy. Just this once you would make the exception of sleeping on sheets this dirty. If it were anyone else you would have refused immediately. 
“okay love, we’ll stay here for a while then.” you coo at him, shifting slightly and relaxing in the position you were in. Bucky lets out the cutest little yawn, and a few moments after, begins to softly snore. You stay there, watching your little baby looking the most peaceful you’ve ever seen him.
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grippingbeskar · 3 months
win you over | bucky barnes
Tumblr media
bucky x fem!reader
warnings: adult content minors dni (mxf intercourse, dirty talk, bathroom sex??) swearing, mentions of death, guns, slight mention of ptsd
a/n: special shout-out to @everybirdfellsilent // @kyberblade bc as always u hype me up and now i’m posting this. HOPE U ALL LIKE IT!!
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
“Bucky? You nearly ready?” He hears your voice outside his door, and nearly trips over with how fast he moves to let you in. When he swings it open, your eyes take their time, travelling his suited figure up and down. “Damn. You clean up nice.”
“You don’t look too bad yourself.” He manages, seeing the thin material shaping every curve of your body. “Good thing I can throw a punch. Might be beating off more than Hydra agents with you in that dress.”
You roll your eyes and waltz into the room, but Bucky doesn’t miss the slight smile that creeps on your face as you walk past. It’s always been like this between you and him, constantly walking the line between flirting and taking the piss out of each other. It’s one of the only things in his life he can count on these days. You’d always be there.
“Wanna match?” You pull out a bright red tie and hold it up to his chest, the same colour as the dress you were wearing. He nods, unable to tear his eyes away from the way your body looks under the fabric. Seriously— it was hardly classified as a dress. All it would take him was a well placed tug and the thing would tear right off.
Shit. He really shouldn’t have thought about that. He shouldn’t think of the way he would pull it off you, either. How maybe he’d rip it off in one go, or maybe he’d take his time, unwrap you like a gift, inch by inch revealing the prize he feels like he’s worked his whole life for.
“Buck. Focus. Steve’s out the front waiting.” Your arms come up and wrap around his neck, beginning to tie his tie.
“Where’d you get this?” His hands fall on your hips, steadying himself, and he swears you arch into the touch. He keeps his hands where they are; as much as you two flirt, neither of you had gone further than a few compliments and longing glances.
“Just something I threw on.” He scoffs, the material under his real hand feeling expensive. Like silk. “Natasha’s old wardrobe. Steve didn’t really give me much time to shop. What about you? You just pull this from the ‘suits that make me look like a God’ rack?”
“Just something I threw on.” He tucks his head down, watching as your swift fingers finish off the knot and pull it up, fingertips brushing the skin of his neck.
“You know, I was sort of wishing we could just go in and shoot the place up instead of dressing all fancy and going through the inside, but then I wouldn’t of gotten this view.” You take a step back, not far enough that he has to drop his hold on your hips, but just so your eyes could roam up and down again.
“Not sure you could hide a gun in that dress.” Instead of answering, your hand covers his real one, sliding down over your hip, stopping just at the top of your thigh. He feels nothing but the curve of your waist, silky material and skin almost having him closing his eyes at the pure pleasure of it. Then his index finger bumps the strap of the garter wrapped around your thigh, holding a small revolver.
He sees you smirk as you bring his hand back up to your hip, and it’s then he realises what your really trying to show him. His grip gets tighter because there’s something very apparent he should be able to feel. He should, but he can’t, and the very idea that he can’t makes everything inside him jolt forward. Were you— no, you weren’t wearing any underwear.
“Some things go with the outfit. Some don’t.” You see the realisation in his face, how his eyes go wide and he tries to cover his choke with a cough. Smiling, you spin around, looking at him through the mirror. “We look good together. What was it Steve said we were playing? Husband and wife? I think we pull it off pretty convincingly.”
“You look gorgeous.” Bucky whispers in your ear, unable to focus on the usual back and fourth you were so used to with him. Your back was pressing against his chest, hands stilled around your waist and you were right. He thinks you look damn good together. At this angle, his metal arm is covered by your figure, and he thinks he almost looks normal— a couple in love. Especially with the way you're staring at each other.
“You’re gonna make me blush, Barnes. Save it for the real thing.” He blows out a laugh, feeling you shiver as he exhaled onto your exposed neck. He’s so close, he can smell your perfume. Always the same one, smelling just this side of sweet and it practically makes his mouth water. God— he wants to see you blush. Wants to make you lose that bravado and composure and have you fall apart. He knows all this joking around is a front, he just can’t figure out what it’s hiding.
  “Are you guys nearly ready?” Steve bangs on the door obnoxiously loud, knowing the way the two of you are. You’ve never been physical, not even so much as a kiss, a fact Bucky is painfully reminded of right now as you look up at him and tilt your head.
He thinks for a second he should go for it. This back and forth thing is driving him almost insane, and the only reason he hasn’t acted on it yet is because he doesn’t want to lose this— whatever it was. You were always around, always seeking him out and talking to him, he couldn’t go back to how it was before. Hanging around these Avengers, he knew he wasn’t built for this like Steve, or even Tony. You were like him in that aspect, never trained to do good, only to hurt. It’s what connected the two of you, and as soon as you arrived at the tower, you’d been inseparable. He can’t lose that, even if you made his brain go to shit and his cock—
“Guys!” Steve bangs harder on the door, frustrated. Bucky was going to kill the little punk, because before he can make a decision, your pulling him to the door and its swinging open, and his opportunity flies out with the handle.
“Mr and Mrs. Barnes. Reporting for duty.” You fake salute and walk past Steve. Fuck— that shouldn’t do something for him. You’ve never even kissed; he shouldn’t feel possessive over you like that, but hearing you call yourself his... well, maybe theres something to be said about his old school ways, because he was about ready to drop down on one knee as soon as he saw you in that dress.
  “You alright there, pal?” Steve teases, shoving him on the shoulder.
“Shut up. You just have the best timing, don’t you?” He shoves his best friend right back, and Steve swings an arm around his shoulder, forcing him to remember he actually has to move.
“Don’t act like you were actually going to make a move there. It’s been months. Poor girl probably thinks you’re not interested.” Bucky grumbles and shoves Steve off, ignoring the muffled laugh he hears behind him.
  There wasn’t a way in hell you didn’t know he was interested. Bar the fact you gave him a fucking semi just standing in front of him, he’s made it known just how much he wants you over and over again, but you’ve never said you wanted anything but to blow off some steam by teasing each other. One thing he doesn’t miss about the 40′s was how simple this shit used to be. You like a girl, you take her out, and before you know it your settled down with two kids.
Now he’s out of his league, out of game, really. All he’s sure of is he wants you, bad. Tonight, there wouldn’t be any room for confusion, because you’d have no choice but to stay close to him all night, and he’d have the chance to tell you exactly all the ways he would take that fucking dress off.
The car engine revs and he sees a sliver of your leg poke out as you climb in the back seat, and, as if it was a call to arms, Bucky half sprints to follow you in. Tonight he was going to prove Steve wrong, prove himself wrong. He could only hope to God you gave him the chance.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
“Alright, once you guys are ready, find the busiest points of the area. Put a cam at the bar, the bartender will know who you are and take it from you. Order a dirty martini, and he’ll give you a glass to put it in.”
“Have you ever had a dirty martini, Steve?” Natasha’s voice echos in your ear, and you have to bow your head to hide the grin. “Maybe you should come in here and order one for yourself. Lots of pretty girls at the bar.”
“Focus on the job, then find me a date, Natasha.” The way he says her name is full of their usual teasing, and you catch her eyes from across the room as she makes her way to the bar, smiling to you.
“I’m multi-tasking.” She offers, and Bucky’s arm tightens around your waist as a man walks past in front of you. You look up accusingly, smirking as he shrugs.
“Protecting my wife. Saving it for the real thing, remember?” He ducks his head so he can whisper it in your ear, eyes up scanning the crowd in front of you. He doesn’t even need to try and he makes you shiver. You wonder if he has any idea the effect he has on you, or if he knows full well and just enjoys seeing you squirm. “We should head over. Drop this at the bottom of the stairs.”
The small mic in his pocket will hopefully be able to pick up any passing conversations about Hydras next hit, giving you and the rest of the Avengers time to prepare and hopefully cut them off before they can do any real damage. Their numbers were dwindling fast thanks to you, but ever since finding out Bucky’s story, you were always sure to stick close to him during these events. The fact that him keeping his hands on you was one of your favorite things in the world was just a bonus.
“Make sure you blend in. If anyone looks too long, you might get recognised. Keep a low profile and don’t draw attention to yourselves.” You can almost see the way Steve would look at you in particular when he says that.
“What are you trying to say, Steven?” You gasp as best you can while being discreet, and the action earns you a laugh from Bucky, his face turned into your neck. The comms cut out again as Steve refuses to answer you, and Bucky takes your hand, leading you into the middle of the dance floor.
“Come on, doll. Let’s dance.” He says it a little louder than he needs to, but the way he grins and spins you around has your entire body heating up. He always manages to do it without seeming to try, and playing house with him tonight only gives him every reason to flirt with you.
Not that you would ever want him to stop. Having Bucky’s attention was about the best thing that has ever happened to you, even if you were pretty sure he only saw it as a way to lighten the mood.
You didn’t, though.
The longer you spent with him, the more you longed for something else, something more with him. You had made every possible hint as obvious as you could that you wanted him to make a move, even going so far as to tell Steve about your little crush, hoping he would slide a hint Bucky’s way. That was about a week ago, and all pouring your heart out had gotten you was a new mission, where Bucky was about to show you an entire night of feelings you would probably never get to feel.
Even with that insatiable longing in your heart, you couldn’t help but smile when he spun you around again, then pulled you against him, his hand landing on the small of your back. With his face inches from yours, his smile fades a little, and you wrap your arms around his neck, urging him to be closer still.
  “I meant it before.” He whispers under the music, moving you slowly to the beat of the song.
“Meant what?”
“That you look gorgeous.” His forehead is pressing into yours now, and your eyes have to close, because looking at him makes all of your bravado melt away.
  “Thank you, Buck.” He turns, your dress kicking up as you move. He moves swiftly, feet guiding you backwards across the dance floor, leading you in a dance you’ve never even done before, but somehow he manages to make you look good. “You’re surprisingly good at this.”
“Advantages to being a hundred years old. I picked up a few tricks.” He turns again, letting your bodies fall apart just slightly, before pulling them back together again, your chest pressing tight to his.
“Oh, so this is how you used to get the girls?”
“One of the ways.” Your eyes open to find him smirking down at you, and a hand slides down from his neck to lightly slap him on the chest.
“Mr. Barnes! I thought old guys were supposed to be gentlemen.” Spinning again, you almost whine when his hand slides off the small of your back, but he drops the mic on the table near the bottom of the winding staircase, the cool touch of his metal hand replaces the contact and you can’t help but arch into him.
“What’s more gentlemanly than making sure your lady is satisfied?” His voice is lower now, and instead of keeping your faces in front of each other he chooses to whisper in your ear.
  “I’m guessing you’re not talking about taking her to eat after a night of dancing?”
“Of course I am. Why? What did you think?” He pulls back to look at you, eyebrows raised. You laugh and he walks you backwards again, back through to the center of the dance floor. “Now what do we do?”
“Both of you, move to the bathroom. Target just walked in with a woman in a blue dress.” Steve's voice cracks through both your ears, and you tilt your head.
  “You want both of us to follow another couple into the bathroom?” Bucky smiles down at your amused expression as you reply to Steve’s order for him.
“Move. Now.” He’s clearly not finding it as funny as you and Bucky are, and even though you are both walking to follow his instructions, neither of you miss the opportunity to mess with him.
“I think you should focus on landing one girl, Steve. Leave the group activities to the pro-” The line drops out again before Bucky can finish the sentence, and both of you laugh, reaching the entrance to the bathroom. “How do you want to play this?”
“Well, we are husband and wife, right?” He nods, and you feel his metal hand wrap a little tighter around your waist. “I think we can figure something out.” When the words leave your mouth, you are almost surprised with how confident you are able to get them out. His eyes sharpen on you, lips parting slightly as he realizes what you mean.
“You are going to be the death of me.” He mumbles into the crook of your neck, face buried as he opens the door to the bathroom. Fast, so to not be spotted, he drags you into the next available stall, right next to the only other occupied one. It’s fairly obvious theres two people in there, the clacking of your heels only just audible over their conversation.
You know your ear piece is feeding straight back to Steve outside, so instead of focusing on the two Hydra agents discussing their plans between heated make out sessions, you focus on how Bucky has you pressed up against the bathroom stall. Theres not that much room, but he’s using none of it, hands on your waist pressing your hips into the wall while his own press into you. He’s taller than you, so he looms over head, hair brushing your forehead as he looks down your body. Your eyes are half lidded as they manage to catch his, and both of you are breathing heavily.
Its all happening in slow motion. The mission is forgotten, at least to you, because Bucky’s hands both start to drift higher and higher up your sides, languidly taking their time memorising your form and how it feels under him. The thin fabric of the dress hides nothing from him, and you think thats why he seems so wrapt with whatever it feels like, but everything he does has you biting your lip to stop a moan. You don’t want to blow your cover, but more than that you don’t want him to stop.
Months of flirting, of mixed meanings and stares, everything is too much. You just want him to do something, anything to stop the way every muscle is locked up while he just stares at you. His hands start to go back down to your hips, and you can’t take it anymore. A small sound comes from your mouth, and when it does, the conversation next to you stops.
“Shh!” One of them whispers to the other, and Bucky’s eyes go wide. Not with fear, but surprise at the fact you were the one to lose your cool first, not him. The door of the stall next to you creeps open, and before you can lean over, you see the lock on the stall you were in has not clicked over all the way.
The footsteps stop out the front of your stall, and Bucky was still staring at you. If they opened the door and looked at you, Bucky’s cover would be blown. From the small parts of their conversation you absorbed, they were high ranking, and you only had a small hand gun wrapped to your thigh, but the way Bucky was against you made it impossible to reach in such a small amount of time.
You really hoped he wouldn’t hate you for this.
“Bucky.” You say his name and he leans forward, just an inch. As the Hydra agents kick open the door to your stall, you grab his face in your hands and kiss him.
You know the door is open, and the agents are standing there, staring at you both make out. Your hands were covering his face as best you could, and his metal arm was obscured by your body, but all you could think about was the searing heat pouring into you as you drank in the taste of him. He was kissing you so hard that the back of your head was digging into the wall, but you were still pulling him closer, closer, closer...
“Oh, sorry. We didn’t know this was occupied.” The female Hydra agent drawls in an accent you can hardly place, and just as quick as it started it’s over. Bucky turns his head away from the agents, choosing to bury it into your neck and leave soft kisses on your collarbone as you attempt to keep your cover.
“It’s fine. Newly weds. You know how it is.” One hand tangles in Bucky’s hair as the other flashes the fake ring you put on, and the female nods, smiling a little before she turns and pulls the man out of the room. His gaze lingers a little longer, but with a final tug and a word in another language, he turns, heading toward the exit.
Bucky’s teeth graze along your skin, and your world rotates back to focus entirely on him. Hot breath kissing your skin as his mouth finds a sensitive spot, just between your neck and collarbone. You gasp and he pulls back slightly, only for you to push him back with the hand in his hair. He must be keeping up the ruse - you haven’t heard the bathroom door open yet. You feel the low sound he makes at the encouragement, and he buries himself further into your neck.
It’s just a part of the plan.
You try to focus, hearing the footsteps of the two Hydra agents milling around outside the stall. Buckys hands pull your hips into him, and one hand slips down your leg, grabbing at the skin just below your ass. It encourages your leg to lift slightly, and at the new position you wrap your leg around him. When he rolls his hips into you, you can’t stop the moan that rings out through the bathroom, and finally the door opens and shuts behind the targets, leaving you both alone.
The sound of the door slamming shut makes Bucky freeze between your legs. He’s still holding you tight, metal hand taking the weight off the leg around him, the other tucked between your back and the wall, curling around you. Your own were lost in his hair and around his neck, keeping him so close neither of you had space to breathe.
“That’s all we need. Everyone get to the back exit. I’m coming in - Natasha, I’m down the bottom of the stairs. Meet me there.” Steve’s voice rings in your ear, but you could only hear Bucky’s laboured breathing, and feel the way he was pulling you towards him in the tiny stall.
“A bit eager?” Natasha teases, and Bucky’s hand comes out from behind you, drifting slowly up your side. Warm fingers trail over the thin silk of your dress, your body leaning into it, subconsciously desperate for what you’ve never had, but now know you need. It was like an ache, a pain that only he could remedy, and you didn’t know how bad it was until he gave you a taste.
His hand comes up to the side of your face, thumb running along the high point of your cheekbone, and then hooking around your ear, removing the small comm. He drops it into the toilet bowl, before ripping his own out with none of the gentleness he showed you.
“Bucky.” You say, your lungs burning.
“Tell me to stop and we can leave.” Your mind is screaming no before you have a chance to speak, but you are already shaking your head in answer. “You have to say it. Need to hear you say you want me.”
“I want you. Need me to spell it out for you?” You lean forward to whisper it in his ear, and he rewards you with a roll of his hips, even with your attitude. He presses you back into the wall so you can feel nothing but him. He dips his head, brushing his nose under your jaw to encourage your head up, and you easily follow his instruction, giving him all the access in the world.
“You wanted this all along, didn’t you?” He’s almost mean about it, biting along the sensitive skin under your jaw, trailing it with his tongue. “Teasing me all night with this fucking dress.”
“Thought you—“ You suck in a gasp when he sucks harshly at your neck, only to smooth it over with soft kisses, trailing back up to your mouth. Your eyes are closed, unable to focus with the way he’s got you under his thumb. “Thought you liked my dress.”
“Doesn’t matter what you wear. You’re still a fucking tease. Making me trail around like a lost dog after you.” His thumb plays with your bottom lip, and you manage to look up at him through your lashes, earning a low sigh from him at the sight. He pushes slightly, opening your mouth, and you eagerly take it into your mouth. If he wanted a tease, you would give it to him. “Am I right? You just playing with me right now, doll?”
“Mm-mm.” You shake your head, mouth still full of him. He tastes salty and sweet at the same time. All too soon, he drags his thumb slowly out of your mouth, ruining your lipstick with the way he drags it down over your lip, stopping at your chin.
“Always wanted you, Buck. Everyone knows but you.” The clouded lust in his eyes cracks just a little, and you see a genuine surprise flash on his face. “You really didn’t know? I made it pretty obvious.”
“You flirt with everyone.” He says, still keeping his hand on your chin, pulling you closer.
“Not like I do with you. I’ve tried everything but stripping down and begging you.” His eyes close after you finish your sentence, and for a second you think you’ve been too forward.
Maybe he’s just playing a game. It’s too much for him - the man has enough on his plate, the last thing he needs is to hitch himself to your mess. His eyes remained closed, and you held your place, sure that if you moved from this spot he would stop touching you, and you hadn’t gotten any of the things you dreamt about from him yet.
“I could work with that.” He uses his left hand to make sure the door was locked this time, and when his body returned to pressing you to the wall, his thumb slipped back in your mouth. 
It could have been by accident, but you took it anyway, wanting to show him just how much you wouldn’t tease him. How ready you were to take him. For all the comments, all the play fights, when it came down to this moment, there wasn’t a damn second to waste. 
“You are such a good girl when you get what you want.” You nod, leaning forward to take more of him into your mouth. Your eyes flutter closed, which is why a gasp of surprise leaves your mouth when he pulls his thumb away, only to be replaced by two of his fingers.
“That’s it.” He praises and you arch your back, feeling the cold digits of his metal arm trailing up your side. “When I first saw this dress, all I could think about was how I’d take it off you. I wanted to be fast, rip it off. It’s so thin, baby. Were you hoping that’s what I’d do? Rip it off in front of all those people? Show them just how bad you wanted me all this time?”
He pulls his fingers out of your mouth, trailing them lightly down your chin and between the valley of your breasts. The metal arm works swiftly to pull up the fabric, exposing your leg to more and more of the air. Without underpants, in a second you’d be completely exposed to him. You lose the sensation of his real hand as it drops to his side, but the loss is replaced when he kisses you deeply. Hard. Desperate.
His tongue searches for purchase in your mouth, tasting you in a way no one has before. Everything feels new and electric, hot and cold at the same time, swirling together in the pit of your stomach. You moan into his mouth and he swallows your sounds, the dress being pulled up mechanically, now bunched at your hips. He presses his forehead to yours as he pulls his mouth back.
“I bet you wanted me to fuck you here. Telling me you weren’t wearing any underwear before. Pretty little thing like you - any man could have seen.” You feel the wet digits of his hand slip along the top of your thigh, hovering just above your already wet pussy. “Bet you wanted someone to notice. You sure wanted me to notice.”
“Just you, Bucky. I promise —please.” You dragged his bottom lip between your teeth and tugged, eliciting an almost growl from him that had your toes curling in your shoes.
“Fuck. That’s it, doll. Just me from now on.” His hand finally reaches the right height, but he doesn’t touch you where you need him. Not yet. “We do this, there’s no going back. I can’t see you flirt with those fucking guys anymore. Just me.”
“So posses-“
“Say it or I stop. Just me.” He nips at your earlobe with his teeth and you melt right there on the bathroom floor. There wasn’t any question. It had always been just him to you. “Can't stand seeing you with anyone else.”
“Just you. Just. You.” You moan his name when his fingers press into you, drawing strong circles on your clit. He finds a pace just this side of punishing, and the final bit of fight you had with teasing him was as good as dead.
He moans with you, like the feeling of touching you is giving him just as much pleasure as you feel shooting up your spine. The knot in your stomach grows fast —too fast to keep up with, and before you know it your pulling on his hair and gasping for breath. You don’t so much as work yourself up to the edge of that blissful release more so you are shoved towards it, teetering with no option to let him push you closer and closer.
“There you go, doll. Shit, look just as pretty as I thought you would.” He kisses you again, teeth and tongue messily catching you between gasps and moans of his name.
“Fuck, Bucky more. Please.” The heat of his body so close compared with the cold ice of his left hand on your bare hip has you feeling all kinds of burn, and you think you’ll cum as soon as you feel yourself stretching over those fingers - the same ones you’ve dreamt of having inside you, having wrapped in your hair for what feels like years.
“Only if you keep asking so nice.” You string out an embarrassing amount of pleas and you think you hear him laugh at you but you don’t care. He gives you what you want, one finger sliding into you easily with how close you are, curling up while keeping that same pace.
“Oh, fuck—” You practically sob, and his metal arm hooks underneath you to hold you up. You could feel the release in the pit of your stomach, the knot untangling with every small circle of his fingers.
“You’re okay, baby. Let me see those eyes when you cum all over my hand. Want you to make a mess for me.” You choke on your inhale and your going to c—
The bathroom door opens, and just as you are about to scream out his name Bucky slams his lips into your own, muffling the sounds enough that whoever enters doesn’t notice. You were practically shaking with how close you were, and you were two seconds away from pulling out the revolver still strapped to your thigh and shooting whoever ruined it. Bucky’s hand slowed, unsure, and you thought for sure he would stop and wait, no matter how much you didn’t want him to. You wouldn’t be able to control yourself, though.
He doesn’t stop. In fact, he speeds up. Your eyes go wide as his metal hand covers your mouth, a smirk appearing on his face as he drags his thumb over your clit, a second finger sliding inside of your heat.
“You were just beggin’ me to keep going. You want it, don’t you?” Whimpering under his hand, you nod, because the only thing you care about more than being caught is Bucky touching you. “Such a good slut, hm? Letting me take care of you when theres people right outside?”
The harsh words whispered in your ear should make you want to slap him, but the way he says it with such sweetness almost makes it sound like a pet name, so you just nod and try your best to keep your head screwed on to your shoulders.
“That’s alright, doll. I’ll take you out on the dance floor and fuck you in front of all those boys that looked at you if you want.“ It was those words that pushed you over the edge; the way his mouth was kissing at your neck, teeth dragging down the thin straps of the dress so he can see the small part of skin not exposed to him. “Show them how good you are— what they can’t have. Cause you’re mine, aren’t you?”
  You were positive whoever was outside could hear you, but there was nothing able to hold down the orgasm that almost exploded through your stomach, head falling forward and eyes crossing as the white hot pleasure ran like liquid over you. Bucky was murmuring in your ear, not giving a fuck if they could hear outside, telling you how pretty you looked with his hand up your dress.
At some point the people must hear you, or leave, because Bucky isn’t whispering anymore, now he’s talking loud, kissing you, and the sounds his hand is making between your legs brings you back to reality, hearing how wet you are.
“Christ, baby you are so fucking hot. You still with me?” Nodding, you grab him by the suit jacket and yank his mouth back on you. The sudden switch in your energy catches him by surprise, the adrenaline taking over as your feet find the ground and you start to take his jacket off. It falls onto the dirty floor, and then you start with the buttons. It’s a tight space, so you don’t have a lot of room, but with how desperate you are both grabbing at each other’s clothes, you could be anywhere and still have the drive to rip his clothes off.
“Fucking hell. Don’t worry about it —just, fuck. Turn around.” He gets frustrated trying to take off his tie, just undoing his belt and grabbing your hips. Your hands go to his chest, forcing him to take a second and watch as you undo his tie for him, just like you put it on hours ago.
“Wanna feel you everywhere.” You kiss him lightly, and turn around, letting him guide you into a position he can easily slide into you from behind. When he leans forward his bare chest presses against your back, your dress slung over the door. If anyone walked in now, they would know exactly who you were and what you were doing, but you have a feeling that’s exactly what Bucky had planned.
“So beautiful.” He leans down and kisses the back of your shoulder, and then he slides inside of you in one, long stroke. Both of you gasp in relief, like you’d been waiting far too long for this moment, which you had, and it was finally happening, which it was. “Oh —god.”
“Fuck— you’re so big, Bucky.” He hits the deepest part of you and your hands reach back, only to be slammed into the wall in front of you, Buckys fingers intertwining with your own.
“Y-You okay, doll?” He chokes out, struggling to keep still against how far he’s stretched you out over him. You nod and hum out in satisfaction, so he moves his hips slow, his metal hand keeping you in place while the other stays locked tight with yours. “Feel so fucking good, made for me.”
Something about the words must work for him, because the pace picks up and he’s driving into you from behind with an entirely new endeavour. The lewd sounds of your bodies colliding only spur you further into the practical dream he drives you towards, mind only able to drift into thoughts of him, him, him—
“Fuck. So tight. Should of fucked you sooner.” He curses behind you, and you can’t help the words that fall out of your mouth.
“You should of James! God. Made me wait so…fuck. So long. You fit me so good I-“ You were a babbling mess, coming apart with him inside you, leaving no room for your pride, the only solace being that he was right there with you.
“I’m sorry, baby. Promise I’ll take care of you all the time now. Make it up to you.” The hand on your hip holds you tighter as you both work towards your end goal together. He almost gets bigger inside of you as he gets harder and faster, you swear you can feel him in your stomach with the way he was snapping into you.
Your back arched, you screamed his name and he sung yours back, and within another minute you felt him finish inside you, stringing your own release out of you with practically just the way he sounded when he came.
He still drove his hips into you, slower but just as hard as he drew out your release as long as possible. You heard him almost whimpering behind you at the overstimulation, but he wanted to make it good for you, and the idea had you standing up straight on legs like jelly, to spin around so you could kiss him.
He sighed into your mouth, just as weak in the knees as you were, and kissing each other allowed you to both breath some semblance of life back into each other. Your eyes fluttered open, and you took in the sight of Bucky, completely unraveled.
His hair was a fucking mess, shirt half undone with his pants halfway down his legs. He was slumped over, chest heaving, but a lazy smile was plastered on his face, and you were sure you looked exactly the same as he did.
“Wow.” Bucky sighed, and you couldn’t help but laugh at him. At the ridiculousness of the situation. You lived together, yet the first time you fucked was in a ballroom bathroom on a mission, where everyone was waiting for you. You couldn’t count the amount of times you and Bucky had ample opportunity to capitalise on alone time, but you wouldn’t have changed a god damn thing about this.
“Yeah. Fucking wow.” Your eyes were wide, hand running through your hair.
“You still look gorgeous.” His eyes trail down your naked body, and you let him look as long as he likes.
“So do you.” He laughs, his head falling to the side as he straightens and starts to put himself together. As he slides his pants on, doing up the belt, you take the dress down, but his hand comes up to stop you.
“Let me.” He says, and takes the fabric from you. “Arms up.” Gently, he lets the silk fall over your fingertips, then down your arms, making sure his hands touch every part of you on the way down. When he reaches your shoulders, he plants a kiss just on your collarbone, and as the dress falls down your body, he follows it, going down with the red covering as if watching the curtain fall on his favourite show, trying to catch the last glimpse of the act.
“Steve’s going to be so pissed.” You say with a smile as you help him put his tie back on.
“Whatever. That little punks probably taking his time laying on the moves with Nat. He’ll never get anywhere, moving that slow.” He rolls his eyes, and you laugh. “What?”
“You’re one to talk?”
“I think I just made it pretty obvious, didn’t I? Or do I need to remind you again?” He grabs a handful of your ass and you press against him, knowing full well if Steve wasn’t going to beat both your asses for holding the team up, you would be up for a round two, three, and however many he would give you.
“Get me home, and you can remind me all night.” The door unlocks, and Bucky stays right behind you, interlocking his fingers with your own.
“Not just tonight, right?” His eyebrows furrow, and you have to stop him before you leave the bathroom, kissing him a final time.
“I meant what I said. I’ve been waiting for you, Bucky. Only you.” He makes a noise against your lips as he leans in again, and then steps in front of you, opening the door to the ballroom.
Threading through the crowd, a few eyes drift to your dress then back to your face, and you feel a heat rise to your cheeks at the possibility they might know what you have been doing, but Bucky squeezes your hand and you forget the embarrassment. It is replaced only by lust, and another emotion you aren’t ready to name yet, but have known for a long while.
The back exit comes into view, and once you round the corner, you see Natasha and Steve. Well, technically, you see Natasha boxing Steve against a wall, on her toes, pulling him down by the suit jacket and kissing him lightly. Keeping your hands linked, he swings one arm around your shoulder, and clears his throat. Steve pulls back immediately, while Natasha lingers, clearly not as bothered about being caught as he is.
“Where did you guys…” Steve looks at the two of you, and a little proud smile crosses his face before he looks down, realising what he’s just been caught doing. “We just-“
“You took too long. Passing the time.” Natasha winks at you, her face full of promise of a long night of filling each other in, and all four of you walk out towards the car waiting out front. “So, did we get the intel?”
“Yeah. The two agents conversation lined up with what we already suspected. We can set up and anticipate the hit in three days, should be able to catch and cut them off before they even reach the hit point.” Steve relays, and if you were listening to the conversation instead of getting lost in Buckys gaze, you would probably say something.
You don’t. Instead, you slide into the car next to him, and swing your legs over his thigh. His hand rests over the garter holding the gun to your leg, the other swinging over your shoulder, holding you close.
There would be a thousand more missions to go on, a thousand more times of Steve droning on about tactics, but nothing would replace the way he was staring down at Nat like she held the world in her eyes, and nothing would compare to the way you caught that very same look in Bucky’s as he stared down at you. You blocked out his voice - anything else but Bucky, and fell asleep, feeling more at peace than ever, knowing you’d wake up right where you left off.
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kjmalfoy · 2 months
Sugar Daddy• 18+ Content
Warnings- Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby Dynamic, Age-Gap, Heavy Daddy Kink, Innocence Kink, Exhibitionism/Voyeurism, Praising, Masturbation, Teasing, Overstimulation, Pet Names (Sweet Girl & Princess)
Summary- After a long weekend without James, your body becomes needy and desperate— aching with the slightest touch. Once James finally comes back from his business trip, he shows you how much he missed you by helping you get off.
Pairings- Bucky!Barnes & Female!Readed
Words Count- Roughly 3k
Author’s Note- I apologize for the long wait for another fic, I’ve been so stressed and overwhelmed my writer’s block has prevented me from getting any writing or ideas down. But! I hope you enjoy this, and I know the ending is a little choppy.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You wandered into your high-end apartment, sighing loudly in relief as you kicked off your Gucci heels— bare feet thumping against the black floorboards as you walked into your bedroom.
You plopped the Chanel and Prada bags onto the floor— not a care in the world as you bounced onto your king-size mattress. The expensive fur blankets sending a chilling effect feeling to your body— feet chafing together underneath the blankets.
You had the life, living as if you were a Barbie. Spoiled, Rich, and Unemployed. Your only job was being extremely ravishing, and that’s all you needed in life. You were a natural beauty, no injections or fillers needed to amplify that.
And that’s why every businessman in Manhattan was at your feet. They worshiped the way you held your head high— your confidence radiating over your body. But, you just blinked an eye at them.
You had everything you could ever imagine, all thanks to billionaire sugar daddy— James B. Barnes. James had your whole body wrapped around his pinky— the hefty weekly allowance and rough sex ruined you for anyone else.
He gave you everything you wanted and more. He paid your bills, paid for your car insurance, and even paid off your college debt. Just being his baby was a treat in itself, and giving him the sugar wasn’t an issue.
His allowance only increased when he was away for business; leaving you in your New York penthouse by yourself– no surprise visits or late night cuddles. Of course, you knew what you signed up for, but you couldn’t help but feel lonely without him.
Every night, you would find yourself rubbing your clit; moaning James’ name as you dreamed of his hands touching you— but nothing worked. Not even the rubber toys he bought you, declaring to spice up your sex life.
Your body was failing miserably to cum without him, your body completely and utterly lost without his touch. James treated your body like a temple, he knew every secret within you— and knew exactly how to satisfy every inch of you.
Without James, you were nothing but a dog in heat. Your body was overheating, the sizzling feeling in your core taking over as your hormones got the best of you. Head spinning— your hands moved on their own, pushing themselves underneath your dress.
Your chest was rising slowly, your breathing becoming lethargic. The back of your head tipped into your silk pillows, your eyes fluttering shut as the stretch of your lingerie dampened. Your mind imagined James— illustrating the last night you two spent together.
The digits of your fingers slipped into your soaked hole, pumping your wrist slowly for maximum pleasure. The flow of your wrist made your mind hazy, your pent-up orgasm slowly ripping through the flesh of your core.
Your hole clenched around your fingers— your body forcing itself to push through an orgasm. Your cheeks flushed, your back arching, and toes curling. Just as your mouth opened, the rattling sound of keys washed your orgasm away.
Your body jolted up, ripping your hands away from your abused cunt— pulling your dress down and fixing your messy hair. You peered around your open door, looking down the empty hallway.
“Peter? Is that you?” You called out, slowly making your way towards the living room— cold feet still thumping against the dark floorboards.
You heard a deep chuckle, the sound of dress shoes clacking against the wooden floors making you squirm. “Peter? Oh, has your little boy toy taken my place, Princess.”
You felt your heart skip a beat— turning the corner into the living, Bucky spread out on the couch— a cocky smile plastered across his scuffle. Your legs twitched, the swollen ache in your pussy throbbing at the sight of him.
Bucky sat promptly, watching you intently as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt— revealing a peek of his tense abs. “Come here, Sweet Girl. Daddy missed you.” He purred, using his middle and index finger to signal you over.
Your feet moved on their own, thighs comfortably spread as you straddled his lap. Bucky wrapped his muscular arms around your waist, his hands gliding across the cress of your ass. You moaned sweetly at his touch, rocking your body against his lap— desperate for friction.
Bucky cocked an eyebrow, roughly gripping the flesh of your ass— pushing your cunt further against his groin. “Excited, Princess? Mm, I missed you too.” He mumbled, pressing a chaste kiss against the bare skin of your shoulder.
“Daddy, please.” You whined, eyebrows scrunched together as you looked up at Bucky— begging him to touch you. Your body was hot, distress thick in your veins, nothing but lust clouding your brain.
Bucky chuckled, “Tell me what you want, Princess. I want you to use your words.” He gave you a mocking pout, his fingers snaking underneath your dress— pushing the fabric up your body.
“I want you to make me feel good, Daddy. Please.” You moaned, pressing your chest against Bucky— arching your back into the cup of his hand.
Bucky smirked, his hands clasping onto the skin of your waist. “Good girl, Princess. I want you to ride my thigh, okay? I promise it’ll feel good.”
“Yes, Daddy.” You mumbled, adjusting your body— rubbing the warmth of your cunt against his thigh. Your arms draped around his neck, burying your face in the crook of his neck— letting your delicate moans trickle down his pale skin.
Bucky hummed in delight, keeping a firm grip on your waist— guiding your feeble movements. He smirked in pleasure, watching your hips buck into the clutch of his palms— listening to the broken fragments of your wails.
Your fingers tangled into his hair, playing with the smooth ends of his brown hair— tugging slightly each time your stomach turned. The friction of his trousers made your head spin, the tight feeling engulfing your core— making your body sear with lust.
“Just like that, Sweet Girl. Ridin’ my thigh so fucking good.” Bucky praised, pressing butterfly kisses against the skin of your shoulder— his hands creeping their way up your back.
Bucky latched his fingers into the strands of your hair, gently yanking your head back— your eyes staring down at him with passion. “C’mon, Princess. Move those hips faster, I want you to cum all over me.” He whispered, his sweet lips still caressing your heated skin.
“Y-Yes, Daddy.” You whimpered.
You gulped down the dry lump in your throat, sharply inhaling as you moved your hips in rigid circles. Your nostrils flared with each heavy breath, your body engrossed with electricity— feeling friction with every sway of your hips.
Bucky watched you unravel on his thigh, watching as your thighs quivered— hips bucking into the forceful hold of his hands. You felt your stomach turn— tight, uncomfortable knots forming the pit of your core, making your head spin in delight.
“Fuck, Daddy. Th-That feels so good.” You yelped loudly, your eyes enlarged as you felt Bucky’s thigh bounce against you— holding your body weight like it was nothing.
Bucky smirked, watching your eyes roll back— the most beautifully lewd expression washing over your face. “Like that, Princess? Tell me how good it feels.” He demanded softly, pressing butterfly kisses against your collarbone— his wet lips making you shudder.
“Oh, fuck. It feels so good, Daddy. I’m so close!” You moaned loudly. You could feel your stomach turn, the tight knot in your stomach threads away from snapping.
Bucky playfully nipped your skin, his teeth just barely leaving marks. “Go on, Sweet Girl. Cum all over my leg, leave me a mess.” He guided, slowly bucking his foot— your body jumping with each bounce he made.
The thickness of his voice sent you overboard, the hoarse rasp of his tone making your body tremble in his grip— your legs spasming against his thighs. The wet liquids of your release squirted onto his slacks, staining the light-colored fabric.
Your breathing trembled, blinking your eyes roughly as you came down from your orgasm— an erotic post-orgasmic expression washing over you. Your fingers ripped themselves from Bucky’s soft strands of hair, draping around his neck.
Bucky chuckled as he watched you attempt to catch your breath, the hot minty feeling trickling down the skin of his neck. “Too much, Sweet Girl?” He asked, looking up at you with gentle eyes, tracing his fingers down your back— grabbing onto the mid of your waist.
“No, it’s okay.” You assured, receiving a wicked smile from Bucky.
Bucky hummed, adjusting your body— placing you on your knees, making you kneel in front of him. His leather shoes tapped the sides of your thighs, signaling you to spread your legs. “Open, I want to see that pretty little cunt.”
You did as told, pressing the heels of your foot into the flesh of your ass— spreading your legs fully, letting your slick trickle onto the floorboards. “Like this, Daddy?” You purred with innocence, looking up at Bucky with purity.
Bucky smiled proudly, adoring the messy sight in front of him. He tucked his fingers under your chin, his thumb caressing the corner of your lips as he tilted your head upwards. “Such a pretty little slut, just for daddy.” He mocked you playfully, pushing his thumb between your lips.
Your body was high off his praise, the creamy slick dripping onto the floorboards— a puddle of your release pooling underneath you. James cupped the flesh of your cheek, looking at you with wide— mocking eyes.
“James.” You mumbled, nuzzling your face into the warmth of his palm. Your body was hot, nearly melting into the wooden floorboards— deeply craving more of James’ touch.
“I want you to use that pretty little mouth of yours, let me hear you.” James teased, looking down at you with hungry eyes.
“Please, I want more.” You pleaded, “I need more.”
James chuckled, releasing his grip from your cheek. He laid back on the couch, his legs spread perfectly. “Touch yourself.” He ordered, fiddling with the zipper on his trousers.
You looked up at James with blank eyes, mouth ajar as you watched his hips buck— letting himself tug down his pants. Your body withered at the sight of his cock, his erection smacking against his stomach— showing the slight curve from the hardness of it.
“C’mon, let’s get off together.” He said playfully, his rough palms wrapping themselves around the bottom of his shaft— his feet moving to kick your legs further apart. “Let me see that perfect little body, Sweet Girl.”
“O-Okay, Daddy.” You mumbled sweetly, swallowing the dry lump in your throat. Your fingers slipped underneath the hem of your dress, gripping the thin fabric before pulling it over your head.
You pushed your body back, using your palm as support— keeping yourself propped up for James’ pleasure. Your left hand traveled between the cleavage of your breast, softly nipping at the flesh of your nipples— twirling them between the tips of your fingers.
You moaned sweetly, lazily watching as James tipped his head back— watching you through the hoods of his eyes. “Like this, Daddy?” You teased, slowly trickling your fingers down your abdomen.
“Mhm, just like that, My Sweet Girl.” James groaned as he pursed his lips together, a string of spit connecting to his pink tip.
You moaned at his praise, gliding your nimble fingers across your sticky folds— collecting any juices before circling them into your clit. Your body trembled, nostrils flaring as you teased your stimulated clit— a warm sizzling knot already forming in the pit of your stomach.
“Shit, Y/n. Let me see you finger yourself.” James grunted out, his hand steadily pumping his cock. “Moan my name, tell me who owns you.” He added on.
You did as told, slowly dipping your fingers into your tight hole. You curled the tips of your fingers, gliding your wrist as you pumped the pads of your fingers against your sweet spot. You nibbled on your bottom lip, nearly sucking on the pink flesh— trying to contain the volume of your moans.
James huffed, his muscular body sinking into the leather cushions. Short and soft whimpers trickled off his lips, his abs flexing underneath his button-up. “C’mon, Princess. Let me hear those pretty moans of yours.” He nearly pleaded, his palm tightening around his cock.
You pulled your foot off the ground, hooking your arm around the center of your thigh— giving James a full display of your stretched-out cunt, letting him watch as you worked your fingers deeper inside. “Oh, fuck. Oh just like that, James.” You moaned sweetly, throwing your head back as your orgasm built up.
James hummed in pleasure, his cock jumping at the sight of you— twitching against his tense grip. “That’s my good girl, keep going. Moan my name until I cum for you, Sweet Girl.” He praised you with a gruff voice.
You let your hips buck into the palm of your hand— stomach curling as you chased your high, riding your hand as you pumped your fingers faster. Your hips cramped, strong tension in your muscle flexing with each sway of your hips— body becoming hot with each flow of movement.
James’ nostrils flared, jawline flexing as he gritted his teeth. His veins popped, biceps flexing underneath the skin of his arm— aimlessly stroking his cock, desperately watching you in glory as you wrecked your body for his pleasure.
“Oh, James. Mhm, fuck— Daddy!” You wailed, letting the overstimulation of your pussy making your head spin. Your vision blurred, tears glossing over your eyes as the pleasure became unbearably intense.
James’ eyes never once left your body, his tongue rolled over his lips— wetting the pink flesh before digging his teeth into his bottom lip, “Mm, fuck. Say it again, louder.” letting out a low, lustful growl as he spoke.
His thighs spasmed as he continued to stroke his cock, the tip of his pale skin becoming red and abused— his pre-cum oozing down the sides of his shaft. James could feel his orgasm build up with each delectable moan that trickled off your lips— his stomach curling each time his hands squeezed around the head of his dick.
You could feel the knot in your stomach tighten, your second orgasm slowly approaching— James’ praises only adding to the speed of it. You pumped your fingers faster; wet, slurping noises filled the living room. “Ah! Oh, James. Oh, fuck! I’m so close.” You cried out as the cramping feeling in your calves trembled.
“Let it out, Princess. I’m so fuckin’ close.” James could feel his balls tighten, the euphoric feelings of his orgasm coursing through his veins— the tense pit in his stomach slowly starting to snap.
“God! Fuck, Yes!”— You felt your toes curl, the heel of your feet arching into the back of your ankle— body desperate to get away from the movement of your fingers. Your orgasm washed over you, thighs aching as they spasmed— the creamy white substances coating your fingers as you fucked yourself through your orgasm.
The knot in your stomach snapped— a lustful, intense heat rushing to your face. “Oh, Daddy. Oh, James! Don’t stop, please!” You continued to moan, fingers still working their way inside you— pushing yourself to reach every inch of the pent-up orgasm.
James let out an exasperated sigh, his hand falling flat at the bottom of his balls— massaging them gently as his thick cum squirted onto his abs, painting his skin white. James threw his head into the soft cushion, continuing to massage his balls as he milked himself dry— his body trembling with pleasure with each delicate touch to his testicles.
His lethargic breathing filled the room, the windows in the distance becoming foggy— heavy exaggerated inhales shared between the both of you, bodies still punch-drunk of your conjoined orgasms. You let your hands fall flat on the floor, your feet finally coming into touch with the slippery puddle you left.
You looked up at James, his eyes closed— head resting on the pillow cushions. His white cum was dripping down the indents of his abs, his stimulated cock still jumping against his abdomen— cum still leaning from his tip. “Daddy?” You mumbled, your voice still hoarse from the constant moaning and wailing.
James opened his eyes, greeted the sight of you crawling towards him— positioning yourself perfectly between his legs. You placed your hands on the apex of his thighs, letting James tuck his fingers into the strands of your hair— pulling your body closer. The feeling of his palm was warm and dominant, forcing your body into submission with a simple touch.
He looked down at you, those icy eyes melting into yours. James’ tongue rolled over his lips, dampening the dry skin before he spoke. “I know you’re tired, My Sweet Girl— but, clean my mess, will ya?” He pointed to the dripping cum on his chest.
You smiled sweetly, running your hands up his thighs— gently tracing your nails against his trousers. You lowered your face, pressing soft butterfly kisses against the rim of his belly button. James watched you with careful eyes, loving the feeling of your soft lips colliding with his skin.
You held eye contact with James, poking your tongue between your lips— licking a long stride up his abs, letting his thick cum cover the flatness of your tongue; the salty taste of his release making your head spin in disgust. You licked his chest clean of any leftover semen, nuzzling yourself back onto your knees.
“Daddy’s little helper.” James praised you, “I think you deserve a shopping spree, huh Princess?”
Tumblr media
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tmpestuous · 1 month
One Step at a Time
Tumblr media
summary: when you get brutally injured on a mission with no way to contact anyone, bucky goes out to find you.
pairing: bucky x avenger!reader
word count: 4.5k
warnings: angst, slight protective!bucky, mentions of death and killing, mentions of torture, blood, injuries, trauma, injured!reader
a/n: here’s another avenger!reader one shot from the long list of ideas i have… i’m thinking of making them all connected so it’s the same reader from six days (: i promise my next fic won’t be so depressing i apologize
Trying to fight off the hand currently clasped over your mouth, you were only repeatedly unsuccessful. Steve hadn’t seen you get dragged off, turning around and panicking immediately.
You could hear his calls for your voice become increasingly faint as the men dragged you to a secluded room you assumed Steve wouldn’t be able to access. 
“What do you mean you don’t know where she is, Steve?” Bucky sat, still in his disheveled state from being woken up abruptly by Sam for an emergency meeting.
“Buck, wake up man,” Sam said, clasping Bucky’s shoulder lightly and shaking him a bit.
Opening his eyes reluctantly, Bucky wondered what could possibly be so important this early in the morning. He never got much sleep when you went on your missions, feeling the bed to be a little too empty and thus, leaving him lonely with his thoughts.
Looking at the clock, it read 4:17AM. 
Looking back at Sam, Bucky knew something wasn’t right. Sam’s usual, playful nature replaced with one that looked remorseful. 
“What’s going on?” Bucky asked hesitantly. “Everything okay?”
“It’s Y/n, Buck,” Sam responded, rubbing his hand against the back of his neck. He looked nervous, almost as if it was his fault. “She’s missing. Steve wants to have a meeting with us.”
“What do you mean she’s missing?” Bucky said calmly, though he most certainly felt his heart drop from his chest.
Sam was just as distraught as Bucky in the meeting, bobbing his knee up and down in his seat. He had told you Steve was swapping with him for the mission, second guessing himself after taking it up in the first place. You were upset he wasn’t joining you, having been the only person you trusted enough to go on missions alone with besides Bucky since you recovered from the explosion. It made him feel guilty that it had resulted in your disappearance.
It had taken you a while to feel comfortable enough to start participating in any missions, and even when you did, you always made the effort to stay in the same room as someone else. You couldn’t bear to be alone again, more than just fearful to end up in another situation where you had no idea what to do with no immediate help. 
Plunging the knife into the chest of the last man, you exhaled a few shaky breaths. 
You had been fighting these men for what felt like hours. One of them had managed to stab you in the side while you weren’t looking, and to your eventual disadvantage, you pulled it out of your suit and used it to deal with about ten other men on your own.
Staring at the last man only pushed you to look at the vast amount of bodies around you, about twenty of them laying in pools of blood everywhere, most of which you barely recalled finishing off.
You had experienced your fair share of moments with blind rage before, most of which came from your time with Hydra. But you made the effort never to kill someone. A vow you made to yourself, which was now broken.
Choking on a sob you didn’t realize was coming, you stood up and placed pressure on your stab wound before searching through the room for medical supplies. It was clearly a doctor’s room, one that reminded you of the office you spent a lot of time in while captured by Hydra.
Finding a first aid kit, you did your best to stitch and patch the stab wound with so little supplies. Once you were finished, you put the jacket of your suit back on, knowing it was freezing outside and you had to find some sort of shelter.
If there were more men coming to the building, the last thing you wanted to do was try to fight more of them off in your current state. You had hoped Steve made it out, now doing everything you can to do the same for yourself.
Finding a nearby exit, you walked out into the cool air. 
It was gonna be a long walk.
Steve was still in his suit, dirt covering his face though it did nothing to mask his solemn expression. 
He wasn’t sure how the two of you got separated. He was keeping a close eye on you since the last time you were paired together, things went bad. Hell, you almost died. Steve was simply starting to think he gave you bad luck when you were around him.
“I– I’m not sure,” Steve choked out, and he wasn’t lying at all. “We had made it inside and were met with some resistance, but we didn’t split up. We got caught up fighting and when I had turned around, she was gone. I didn’t leave her, Buck, you have to believe me. I wouldn’t do that to her. I wouldn’t do that to you.”
Bucky believed him, but he couldn’t help but overthink the fact that you’d been caught up in a bad place in the last two missions you’ve spent with Steve. It was his best friend and, of course, he knew he’d never have ill intentions with you. 
He just hoped you were okay.
“It’s okay, Steve,” he reassured. “We’ll find her. Don’t worry.”
God, you had hoped they’d somehow find you. 
You swore you’d been walking in circles for ten hours, searching for the safe house Tony had informed you and Steve was near where your mission was taking place. 
You were so tired. You had barely managed to fight off all of the maniacs who had tried to hold you captive in the old Hydra base you and Steve were assigned to get rid of. You recognized a few of them from your days in the organization, but it took you a lot longer to fight them on your own after getting stabbed in the side and a few hits to the head. 
You had never done any killing with Hydra, seeing as they never got you to commit to it, but something had triggered you to kill almost all of them. The only ones who didn’t reap such consequences were the ones who had ambushed you and Steve when you both had found an entrance into the building. 
You felt sick to your stomach because of it, along with all the energy being drained from you slowly but surely with every step you took towards nowhere at this point. You had lost your transponder somewhere in that god-forsaken building, so on top of losing Steve, it wasn’t like anyone back at the compound could track your location either.
You assumed he’d started to look for you after you lost each other, but you had no idea if he was still in this general location. He might’ve stayed or gone back to the compound to tell the others you were missing.
It genuinely wasn’t his fault you got separated, and you’d only hoped he knew that. Someone who might not know that, on the other hand, is Bucky. You then hoped he wouldn’t give Steve a hard time, not wanting them to have any more tension than the last time you suffered while paired up with his best friend.
“She still has to go to the debrief, Bucky,” Steve pushed. “It’s been long enough and we’ve pushed past protocol longer than we ever have.”
“What if she doesn’t want to talk about it, Steve? We all went to debrief, why does she have to do it too?”
“She experienced what none of us did,” the blonde countered again. “No one knows what happened in that room but her. We need every detail.”
Reluctantly, Bucky gave in. But he regretted it the second things were rough in the meeting. 
“You have to remember, Y/n,” Steve tried to encourage you, but it wasn’t really working.
“I told you I never found where it came from, I’m not making that up,” you defended. 
“You said you didn’t remember if you found where it came from.”
“The last thing I remember was seeing one blink of a red light before the explosion. I don’t remember if it was actually the source or something else. I never found it, Steve,” you urged softly. 
Bucky was getting irritated. You hadn’t talked much to him about what happened because you hated how you felt afterwards, and now you were sitting here getting interrogated by Steve who hadn’t been there every step of your recovery.
“I think that’s enough, Steve,” Bucky said before grabbing your hand and standing up. “We’re done here.”
Your recollection of the memory was short-lived when you felt your suit starting to feel a lot wetter than before, peeking down to see it staining with fresh blood which means your wound had reopened. Limping towards what looked like an empty house, seeming freshly abandoned, you winced at the pain in your side. Walking up to the front door, you quickly jammed it in, glad to feel warmth in contrast to the cold air from outside.
Looking around to see if anyone was inside, you found yourself alone. Settling on a first aid kit from the bathroom, you plopped yourself on the couch and ripped the jacket of your suit off, almost peeling it with the dried blood making it stick to your skin a bit. 
You did your best to restitch and patch the stab wound, but you knew you’d certainly have to redo it in a few hours. You could feel yourself getting lightheaded, likely from the loss of blood and lack of nourishment. Trying your best to stay awake didn’t work as well as you hoped, but you held on for as long as you could.
Back at the compound, Bucky was packing everything he possibly needed. He didn’t know how long it was gonna take to find you, but he sure as hell knew he wouldn’t stop searching until he did. He had told Steve it was best for him to stay for this one, knowing he was feeling the guilt of having you go lost in the first place. 
Bucky heard a knock at his door, turning around to see Sam in his doorway.
“Ready to go?” he asked, seeing Bucky zip his bags. 
“Let’s find her.”
It had been less than five hours since Steve had broken the news that he lost you. First, he told Bucky and Sam, knowing it’d be of most importance to them. Then the rest of the team had joined in on the meeting, immediately making plans on how to find her. 
Sam, Natasha, Tony, Bruce, Clint, and Thor had agreed to go with Bucky to help find you. Bucky had no problem going on his own, but Natasha assured that it’d be best for everyone to join in. They attributed your last known location to the last signal your transponder gave off, and thus decided to start there.
Steve waved them off as they left on the jet, but everyone was aware he’d be tracking from back at the compound. 
Upon making it to the location of your mission and where they knew you had been at some point, they found your (now dead) transponder in the middle of a pool of blood. There were bodies everywhere, and Bucky had only grown anxious. 
You had never enjoyed getting unnecessarily violent, and in that, you always reminded him of himself. He was aware Hydra hadn’t toyed with your head nearly to the extent they did with him, but it was enough to do some damage. 
You’d confided in him with all of your stories, never going into extreme detail out of compassion for his own experiences and not wanting to trigger him into those thoughts. However, he knew that you’d never killed anyone. Beaten some people beyond a general healing point, definitely, but you couldn’t bring yourself to take a life. Hydra had their fair share of punishments for you because of that but it hadn’t broken you to the point of reaching that point.
Seeing all the dead bodies scattered across the room, there had to be about twenty of them. Bucky didn’t want to admit it, but it undoubtedly scared him. If you were in that much trouble to cause such damage, he was worried about what state he’d find you in. 
Seeing everyone make their way out of the room, Bucky shook the negative thoughts from his head. He didn’t want to distract himself from his priority: finding you, regardless of what state you’d be in.
“If she’s injured, she couldn’t have made it far,” Natasha stated, staring around at the outside of the building from an open window. “She might still be around here somewhere, maybe hid–”
Lights from a series of vehicles appeared outside. About four dozen Hydra men made their way towards the entrance of the building, murmuring about how they needed to find you before the Avengers did. 
“We’ve got company, boys,” Natasha stated instead of finishing her previous thought. 
Bucky made his way to the window, seeing that horrid insignia his memory would never let him forget. “Hydra. There’s more of them still around than I thought.”
“Cut a head off, two more take its place, huh?” Natasha recalled the organization’s motto. “We need to do this quickly, we don’t know how much time Y/n’s got and we still don’t know where she is–”
“Go,” Bucky said. “Go find her, I’ll handle them.”
“Buck, is that really the best ch–” Sam started.
“I said, go.”
“I’m sticking with you, everyone else can go.”
Bucky sighed before nodding in agreement. Natasha made her way out with Tony, Thor, and Clint, finding a back entrance. Bruce was still in the jet, tracking nearby buildings you could possibly be in. Thor, Natasha, and Clint decided to split up and search each one, Tony trying to find heat signatures that could somehow match yours.
Bucky and Sam made their way to the ground floor, watching all of the men surge in. Bucky loaded his rifle, Sam releasing Redwing to count how many men there were.
“There’s 40 of them,” Sam whispered loud enough for only Bucky to hear him.
“20 for each of us, huh?” Bucky adjusted his hold on his rifle from around the corner of the hallway. “If Y/n can do it, so can we.” Feeling a boost in confidence, Bucky started to make his move, knocking out a few men right away as Sam did the same. 
He knew he couldn’t let anyone get to you before anyone from the team did, even if it meant letting the others go ahead of him. He felt a lot more calculated than he usually did, knowing your life (or death) was in the gamble of the entire operation. 
You, on the other hand, were about to give up. Staying awake has never been this difficult, but with your pulse going faster by the second and the sudden chills you were feeling, you had a feeling this was it. 
Your wound hadn’t opened at all in the last two hours, but you attributed it to pure luck at this point. The way you were feeling could only be coming from the gaping hole on the side of your torso, even covered. 
You still tried your best to keep your eyes open, knowing you weren’t going to let yourself die cold and alone in the middle of nowhere. You felt awful, a few tears shedding from your eyes from how sick you were starting to feel. You wanted to sleep, but you were scared to go under and then not wake up.
Not to mention, you couldn’t sleep knowing the nightmares that were inevitably going to come. Feeling physically awful was one thing, but watching all those lifeless bodies fall to the floor after you killed them only made you feel worse. You couldn’t get the memory out of your head, only sobbing slightly to yourself thinking about it.
The thought that lingered even more in your head was how you were gonna tell Bucky. He knew you’d never resort to such drastic measures and you were afraid he’d look at you different once he found out. 
If he even found you alive at this point.
The team had searched about 40 houses in the last two hours, eventually teaming up with Bucky and Sam who had dealt with all forty men in the span of half an hour. They even checked the safe house in case you had made it and passed out before communicating with them, but you weren’t there either. 
“There’s only one house left on this entire street,” Bruce spoke through comms. 
Bucky’s anxiety was only going sky high with every second they hadn’t found you yet. They had no idea what your condition was like and he was doing his best not to think of the worst possible scenario. He’d hoped the tricks he taught you while on missions with him had helped somewhat, like knowing how to stitch a wound or finding a safe place from danger.
Bucky’s racing mind was interrupted by Tony’s voice on comms; he had gone to check the house and determine if there was anyone inside.
“Heat signature matches Y/l/n’s, and it’s not looking too good,” he said as he landed back on the ground.
The team rushed over, Bucky running faster than he’d ever run before. Opening the door in a rush, he saw you laying on the couch, taking staggered breaths with your eyes closed. Everyone had walked in behind him, Natasha alerting Bruce that they had found you and telling him to prep the jet. 
Bucky’s only focus was you. He placed his hands on your cheek, startling you enough to push him back before your eyes landed on him.
“Bucky?” you said, definitely not believing your eyes as you looked around and saw everyone else in the room.
Bucky approached you again slowly, not wanting to scare you further since you were probably in shock.
“Hey, baby, it’s me,” he assured you as you stared him down frantically before you started to sob. “We came to take you home, alright? We’re going home.”
As the jet landed outside, Bucky picked you up in his arms. You instinctively curled up against him, hiding your cold face in the warmth of the crook of his neck. After everyone boarded, the jet made its way back to the compound. 
Bucky had looked at your wound, replacing the dirty gauze for a clean one. You’d cried almost the entire ride, all of your emotions rushing in like a freight train. 
It hurt Bucky to see you in such a state, knowing you were tired of all the losses in life. He knew exactly how it felt, but he’d also felt you deserved it much less than he did all those years. You didn’t kill anyone like he did, you didn’t ruin anyone’s life like he did, you didn’t make people scared of you. He tried to shake those thoughts from his head, knowing you’d scold him again for thinking so low of himself in comparison to you.
Running his hands through your hair, he stayed next to you the entire time, reassuring you that you were safe and soothing you as best as he could. 
Once you all had arrived to the compound, it only got worse. 
A gurney was waiting for you on the landing pad, which you didn’t want to be laid on, to begin with. Once they had strapped you down, your cries only got worse, screaming Bucky’s name out as they took you to the medical bay. Bucky wanted to follow, but Sam stopped him, saying it was best to do the debrief right away. 
You refused to let anyone touch you unless Bucky was there, and the doctors in the medical bay were getting so frustrated, the only choice they had was to sedate you in the meantime. When they had finally patched up your wound properly, they left you to rest.
Rest was very much not in your cards, however, with your crying fits continuing and Bucky’s hearts breaking into about a million more pieces than before when he walked into your room to see you crying to yourself. 
“Y/n…” he spoke softly, sliding into the bed with you carefully and pulling you into his arms, cautious enough not to hurt you further. Kissing the top of your head multiple times, he rubbed your arms up and down until your cries eventually stopped. 
“Y-you’re gonna hate me, Bucky,” you said with a shaky voice. “I don’t want you to hate me when you find out what I did.”
“Baby, what are you talking about?” he looked down at you, but Bucky was well aware what you were thinking of. “I could never hate you. Ever. Not after everything we’ve been through together, okay? Don’t ever say something like that.”
Bucky heard you sniffle and saw a few tears fall down your cheeks, heart aching at the fact that you might start sobbing again. You slowly wrapped your arms around him, hiding your face from him in his chest.
The following days were still rough. Bucky felt lucky enough that you’d have your meals with him, but you didn’t feel like leaving your room. Steve had checked in with you and said you wouldn’t have to update anyone on what happened after you got separated. Not until you were ready to talk about it.
Bucky stayed with you more often, even after you pleaded with him to not tear up his schedule for you. He skipped out on a mission just so he could stay with you, which he assured you was okay because it meant his next mission would be with you. 
The only way you got him to go back to his routine was to offer to train with him. He had asked you a million times if you were sure, knowing what most likely occurred back on your mission’s complication. Eventually, he gave in as he always did, but he knew he wasn’t going to rush you into anything.
Picking up your normal tools for your usual, more-intense sparring sessions you always had with Bucky, your hands started to shake. Bucky noticed and rubbed your shoulders smoothly.
“We don’t have to do anything you’re not ready for,” he whispered lowly in your ear. “Just take it one step at a time, okay?”
You nodded up at him, putting your tools down. You thought it’d help to move slow, but the second you knocked Bucky down, you kneeled down next to him, anxiously asking if he was okay with tears in your eyes.
Bucky looked up at you quizzically, knowing you knew in the back of your mind somewhere that you couldn’t hurt him detrimentally from a normal sparring session. 
He wiped your tears away as you stared at him with fear in your eyes, only making him feel even worse about you experiencing what you had experienced alone. 
“Baby, hey,” he said as you shut your eyes and cried. “Look at me.”
Blinking a few times, you sniffled and looked down at him, completely uncaring of your tears that had fallen on his shirt. 
“You could never hurt me, my love,” he rubbed your cheeks with his calloused thumbs, though it was the comfort you surely needed. “The only way you could hurt me is by breaking my heart and I know that’s not gonna happen anytime soon, right?”
You shook your head.
“Then don’t worry so much, baby,” he leaned up and kissed your lips softly. “I’m more than okay. You were just better than me. Let’s go shower and watch a movie.”
Standing up and lifting you up with a helping hand, you both walked back to Bucky’s room which was the closest. Stepping into the bathroom, Bucky let the water run from the showerhead so it could get warm. You stripped yourself of your clothes as he did the same, before getting into the shower. 
After cleansing yourselves, Bucky rubbed your tense shoulders once again as you leaned into him.
“I killed them,” you muffled into his chest.
“Hm?” Bucky questioned, not quite hearing you over the running water and with your face down. Lifting your chin up to look at him, your eyes were puffy and red from all the crying you’d done all day. “You don’t have to talk about anything, Y/n. Okay? We can talk about it some other time.
Shaking your head, you sighed in faltered breaths. “I killed them, Bucky.”
Bucky looked at you with sorrow. He didn’t know how to tell you that he already knew, he didn’t even know if it was the right thing to tell you. All he did was brush your tears away and kiss your forehead, nose, then lips. 
“You need to relax a bit, baby, okay?” he spoke in a soft tone. “We can talk about this tomorrow.”
Staring up at him in confusion, you shook your head again.
“You know already,” you confirmed to yourself, knowing Bucky too well to know he would usually ask if you wanted to talk further about something before putting it to bed. “You know I killed all those people.”
Bucky sighed, staring into your eyes before closing his and nodding slightly. “I do.”
“And you don’t look at me differently?” you asked, your voice a lot more calm and collected now. “I broke my promise, I didn’t even show them any mercy, Bucky—”
“Do you look at me differently knowing all the people I killed?” he interrupted, placing his flesh hand on your cheek and rubbing it slightly with his thumb. “You don’t, you never have. You knew who I was when you first got here and never looked at me differently. Why would I do that to you?”
“That’s different,” you countered. “You had no idea what you were doing, Bucky. I did.”
“You were defending yourself,” he retaliated, doing his best not to downplay your feelings. “If you hadn’t killed them, who knows what they would have done to you? It’s Hydra, they don’t care who they hurt or how they do it. If I were you, I would have done the same thing.”
He was right and you knew it. You laid your head back on his chest, scared to look him in the eye.
“I didn’t want you to look at me like I was broken,” you admitted. “I don’t know who I was when all of that happened and I just— it felt like I was trying to escape them all over again and I’ve never experienced that before. I was scared.”
“And that’s okay,” Bucky reassured you the same way he always had, wrapping his arms around your shoulders. “You’re not broken, you’re just healing. There’s nothing wrong with that, baby.”
You sniffled again before leaning into him more. “Can you just hold me for now?”
Bucky kissed your head again, squeezing his arms around you in all the warmth he could possibly transfer.
“You don’t have to ask me twice.”
I promise this is the last of my desire to write angst with injuring the reader… thank you for reading!
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tee-swizzle · 3 months
Mafia Bucky losing his shit when one of his men hurt his innocent angel 😩 please I need it okay
Tumblr media
mafia!bucky barnes x fem!reader
summary: what happens when one of Bucky's enemies hurts his sweet girl?
[500]warnings: mafia!bucky, injury, broken leg, mentions of hospital, fem!reader, hurt reader, etc.
a/n: originally posted this on my other bucky account but wanted to share here as well :,)
Bucky was the last thing you remembered seeing — his crystal blue eyes laced with distress and anger as he held your bruised and beaten body while you waited for the paramedics. He was the last thing you saw as he ran beside the stretcher down the corridors of the hospital and he was the first thing you saw as you stirred awake. You took in your surroundings, the white hospital walls blinding you. You let out a grunt as you tried to turn over and it got Bucky's attention. 
“Hey, sweet girl. Welcome back, baby.” 
He stood over you, smiling as your scared eyes met his soft blue ones. 
“Buck —“ 
Your voice was dry and hoarse from the surgery you had undergone to fix your broken leg. 
“Shh, here baby. Drink this.” 
He said, bringing the cup of water up to your lips and allowing you to sip through the straw slowly, the cool liquid soothing the desert in the back of your throat. He pulled the cup away from your mouth and sat it on the table before sitting in front of you on the bed, his body twisted so his legs hung off the bed while he faced you. 
“Buck —, what happened?” 
You questioned, eyebrows furrowing in confusion. 
“You were attacked baby, I’m so sorry.” 
He spoke, tears lining his eyes. 
“I’m okay, right?” 
You wondered out loud. 
“You’re okay, Baby. He broke your leg pretty badly but they fixed it in surgery. You’re gonna be okay and I’m gonna kill him. I promise you that.” 
“Buck, lay with me please.” 
He nodded his head, shifting your body so he could slide in underneath you. He brought your head to lay right over his pectoral muscle. 
“C-can you take your s-shirt off, Buck? I need to feel you right now.”
He smiled in response letting you help him unbutton his dress shirt before sliding your cheek against the tan skin of his chest. You let out a soft sigh — your favorite place being exactly where you were. 
“Is that better, baby?” 
He asked, letting out a small giggle at the simplicity of what brings you comfort. The warmth of his skin enveloped you like a blanket on a rainy day. He ran his fingers through your hair, gently coaxing you back to sleep in an attempt to keep the pain at bay. 
just tagged some of the besties for this one, if you'd like to be added please let me know !
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In the Blink of an Eye | Bucky Barnes (Mafia AU)
mafia!bucky barnes x f!reader ✧ oneshot
Tumblr media
Summary: With Bucky Barnes, the mafia lord of New York, as your boyfriend, you're usually safe from any and all harm. With a date night gone wrong and your boyfriend distracted, though, anything can happen in the blink of an eye.
A/N: Another one of my favorites because come on, who doesn't love mob Bucky? If you couldn't tell by now, angst is my thing lol, but I'm working on some fluffier oneshots! True to my word, this one's a reader insert for all you lovelies, enjoy and as always keep dreaming 🤍
Warnings: mafia!Bucky, violence, angst, kidnapping, drugging, language, mentions of torture, fluffy ending because I just can't help myself.
Word Count: 5,896
I knew the dangers when I started. I knew the risks. I welcomed them, I embraced them. They did not scare me and they haven't even now, so many months later.
We always seem to think we know ourselves so well, that we know what we'd do in every situation. I thought I knew.
Then I fell in love.
When you're in love, well, everything changes. For the first time, there's another person that you cannot live without. For the first time, you begin to realize just how far you'd go to keep that love, to strengthen it. I used to avoid love, used to think it was worthless.
Then I met Bucky Barnes, Wolf of the North and mafia lord of New York, and I fell harder than I ever have before.
I love him more than anything else in my life, and so I took on the risks willingly. When you love someone that deeply, that ardently, nothing is a risk. Besides, I knew that he would do everything in his power to protect me. Bucky would never let anything bad happen to me.
That's where I went wrong. Not in overestimating him, but underrating what can happen in the blink of an eye.
"Bucky, I think that guy's following us"
He acts as though he's heard me, but his eyes are glued to the phone in his hand as we weave through the crowds in the New York night. He never usually ignores me like this, and even though I'm growing annoyed, I'm hurt by his lack of attention too.
"We'll be fine, even if he is he wouldn't be stupid enough to try anything" Bucky brushes off, not even looking up from his phone. I let out a small huff as we approach the front of the bar and nightclub he owns.
Before we make it to the doors, I grab his well-muscled arm and gently tug him to face me. He looks up now, his usually softened ice blue eyes plagued with business and stress.
"I thought tonight was just for us, my love" I remind. Something softens in his gaze but he ices it down and doesn't as much as touch me.
"It is, but I have some business to attend to first" his gravelly voice replies.
"Business?" I ask, lifting an eyebrow and smiling softly at him, "You can get business any night, but I-"
"Just give me ten minutes, Y/N." my boyfriend interrupts, and if it were any other day I'd say something back. Too exhausted from work to want an argument, though, I simply sigh and decide to show him patience.
"Alright, you have 10 minutes."
We walk inside, but before we do I cast one more glance back towards the man who I saw following us. My heart hits the floor when my eyes connect directly with his across the street. His mousy brown hair and disheveled brown leather jacket and white shirt set me on edge, so I quickly turn around and follow Bucky into his club.
As soon as I'm back by his side, he presses a gentle but burning hand to my back, his touch, however small, still intoxicating me after all this time. Normally, he'd lean over and whisper sweet nothings or promises of love in my ear and I'd shiver at the whisper of his voice so near, but now he barely even touches me. His mind is so preoccupied with work, I know that, but it has been all week since this weekend is his rival's gala.
But I feel ignored and unappreciated and it's killing me.
The pounding music of the club wraps around me, making it harder to keep my thoughts straight. Bucky and I walk straight to the back of the club, where his business no doubt waits. He pulls away from me without so much as a goodbye, and my heart tugs. Quickly I grab his hand, making him glance at me.
"Bucky, this guy is really freaking me out," I repeat, and I know he said I'll be fine but I need him to be here with me, "Please, stay with me."
"Doll, you're gonna be fine. Now-"
I cut him off, getting frustrated.
"No Bucky! I can fight, sure, but if he-" I interrupt, only for him to cut me right back off.
"Drop it, Y/N. Just go to the bar or something" Bucky growls, pulling out of my grip and walking into the office without a single glance back at me.
My heart cracks.
He's never like this, ever. He's usually so protective it's overbearing, and yet the one time I need that to feel secure, he refuses. I can take care of myself, but I'm not stupid. And no matter how capable and independent I may be, Bucky brings a level of safety to me that I can't describe.
And yet here he is, leaving me alone in his bar with someone following us.
I huff out a sigh and try not to look too forlorn as I traipse over to the bar. Almost as soon as I've arrived and sat at an open bar stool, the bartender who has become somewhat of a friend over the last few months approaches me.
"And how is my favorite customer?" He asks, his hands busy preparing a drink. I shrug, offering him a soft smile.
"I'm alright, Lee," I respond, playing with the edge of my sleeve, "Just a whiskey please."
"Sure thing, Y/N," Lee says, his brows furrowed as he steps away to make my drink. When the glass slides in front of me, I grab onto it with tired fingers.
"So, do you want me to ask what's really going on or do you want me to believe the lie?" The bartender asks, making me raise my gaze from the amber liquid and to my friend's face. He must see the tears gathering in my eyes because a hint of concern grows. I never break like this.
"Believe the lie, please" I nearly whisper, desperate to not have this conversation right now. Lee stares at me for a second longer before nodding.
"Let me know if you need anything else."
When he walks away to take care of another customer, I'm left feeling alone and forgotten in my boyfriend's bar. I sip on the alcohol and seconds turn to minutes, and ten minutes soon becomes twenty. I feel patience slipping and am seconds away from barging into that room and giving my boyfriend a piece of my mind when another voice pipes up beside me.
"I thought tonight was date night," The voice says, and I can't put a face to it. When I turn, the haze of alcohol clears instantly and my spine snaps straight. The music dulls into a hum. The lights grow darker. The color leeches from my body. My hand trembles around the almost empty glass.
It's him. He's got the same messy hair, the same brown jacket. The same hungry eyes.
Instantly, I clamp down hard on my rising panic. I refuse to fall into hysterics of any kind right now. This is the safest place for me to be right now, so I should have nothing to worry about. Instead, I simply shake my head and turn forward, downing the last of my second whiskey.
"You're another kind of stupid if you think anything is going to happen to me in here," I inform, my tone even and calm despite the throbbing, tearing panic within me that makes me want to sprint for Bucky.
"Oh sweetheart, I'm not going to do anything," the man responds, his tone just as even as mine.
I furrow my brows at the ease of his response, but all at once it hits me. My head begins to spin and with each second that passes, my mind begins to fog. No. No. No.
He drugged me.
How did he get it into my drink?
How did I not see it? Smell it? Taste it?
I shove out of my chair so fast that the stool screeches against the hard floor. The sound is absorbed into the mass of the club, though, and an arm snakes around my waist.
"No," I manage out, but the connection between my body and brain seems to be almost severed. The words come out sluggish and far away and when I try to pull from the stalker's hold, my body barely moves.
Instead, I'm left stumbling like I'm drunk with this man guiding me towards the exit as if he's helping me to a cab. The bouncers. Ed and Damien, they won't let him take me. They'll stop him, they'll get him away from me.
"Don't make a scene, Y/N. Your boyfriend isn't even out of his office." My kidnapper's voice slithers into my ear, making my stomach church with nausea.
My boyfriend. Bucky. Oh God, where is Bucky? Why can't I seem to remember where Bucky went? Why he's not here? Why I was alone?
"Bucky, Bucky's gonna-" I slur out, sounding absolutely wasted to the unknowing ear.
"I know, Mr. Barnes going to be so glad I got you home safely," he says suddenly, his entire body shifting tone. I furrow my brows and manage to look and see us just passing Ed and Damien at the door. Even though I can really see straight, I see the two bouncers block the exit when they see me.
"Hey man, what's going on?" I hear Ed ask.
"Nothing much to see, Boss just wanted me to take his lady home," the stalker says, his grip on me tighter than it must appear, "She had a little too much to drink."
Too much to drink? Did I? Why can't I remember what's happening? I didn't think I did but...but maybe I did. Who is this man? He said he's taking me home, maybe Bucky had to cancel date night. It was date night, right?
Both Ed and Damien furrow their brows and look to me, immediate concern drawing on their features when they see the state of me. Some lucid part of me screams to alert them of something, anything, but the thought doesn't come to fruition. It dies somewhere along a neuron and leaves me tripping over my own feet and speechless.
"I've never seen you before, man. How do we know that boss told you to take her home?" Damien asks. My escort doesn't miss a step.
"The Wolf is in states nowadays, isn't he boys?" The stalker replies, and that lucid part sparks up again in protest at the familiar words. That's the code phrase to ensure safety in moments like this.
He knows the code phrase.
They're going to let him take me.
I do what I can to struggle as Ed and Damien step aside, but it only comes across as trying to walk on my own, because the bouncers chuckle slightly.
"Relax Y/N, don't overdo it" Ed quips.
"Rest up, miss. I'll let boss know you got home safely." Damien follows up.
And the lucid part of me fades into the drug haze as my kidnapper guides me out of the safest place on earth without so much of a gun fight. The cool night air slaps me in the face and I whisper, trying to struggle again only to forget why I'm struggling in the first place. My body feels like I'm running through neck-high mud, anyways. Any sharp movements I try to make end in my hands barely moving.
"Bucky," I breathe, an urgency in that word. Beyond the haze and the forgetfulness and the confusion, there's a deep and piercing need to scream out that name. I can't figure out why, but I need him. I can't...I need...
My head's spinning, or maybe it's the world. My stomach is twisting and turning and twisting and turning and tw-
"He can't save you now. He didn't even put up a fight to protect you," that ugly, slimy voice says as a car door opens, "What a shame. A treasure like you should be guarded. But I guess finder's keeper's."
Then I'm shoved into a car and everything goes black.
||| James Buchanan Barnes
Y/N's going to actually kill me. As in my liver on a plate kill me.
The meeting that I promised would only be ten minutes has now gone for forty, and by now she's probably restless, hungry, and a little tipsy.
Great, and I pissed her off earlier so tonight is going to be so much fun.
I pull a hand through my dark hair with a slight groan as the man I was doing business with finally leaves my office. I sit for a second in the semi-quiet of my room, the pounding of music and laughter dulled by the walls. I know I shouldn't have gotten short with her earlier, but damn she wouldn't let up on me with the whole "stalker" thing.
My club is the safest place for her. I would never let anything happen to her, so for her to even think that...I sigh again, shoving it from my mind. It doesn't matter anymore. All that matters is finding my girlfriend and making all of this shit up to her. I rise from my leather chair and walk out of my office, the dulled sounds roaring into full force.
My eyes immediately shoot towards the bar to find my girl only to see an absence of her. With furrowed brows, I sweep my gaze towards the dance floor. Even crowded with people, I don't see her. I roll my eyes instantly, knowing what probably happened. She probably went home, probably's pissed as hell at me. I brush off my suit jacket and walk up to Lee at the bar, immediately garnering his attention. He smiles at me.
"Hey boss, can I get you anything?" He asks.
"No I'm good, thanks Lee," I respond, leaning on the bar with one arm and pinching the bridge of my nose, "Have you seen Y/N? I think I pissed her off."
There's a pause that makes me look over at my bartender. He's looking at me weirdly as he slides a drink to a customer and laughs slightly.
"Real funny, boss," Lee says, cleaning out a few glasses. I straighten up slightly, my brows furrowing deeper and my jaw setting.
"What's so funny, Lee? Have you seen her or not?" I ask, quickly losing my patience. I always thought he had a thing for her, always was too-
"Are you fucking with me right now?" Lee asks genuinely, cutting off my thoughts. When I don't respond, he realizes I'm not joking and his face goes grave, "So you didn't send her home twenty minutes ago?"
The world tilts around me and every ounce of anger, annoyance, and frustration leaves me in an instant. My heart drops like an anchor at sea and I don't dare to believe what Lee's words mean.
"She left twenty minutes ago," I begin slowly, trying desperately to hold myself together and not jump to a conclusion, "With someone who said I sent them to take her home."
Lee's face is slowly falling as he realizes the situation at hand. I feel so sick to my stomach that I can barely stand when Lee gives a faint nod. My world stops and then starts and then stops again.
"I never gave that order." I breathe.
"Bucky, I think that guy's following us"
I brushed her off.
"Bucky, this guy is really freaking me out. Please, stay with me."
I ignored her. I snapped at her. I prioritized work over the light of my life. I told her she'd be fine.
I left her.
Lee is saying something to me but I don't hear it as I shove away and storm over to Ed and Damien, my bouncers. My face is a painting of fury and shame and worry and panic and it's a storm that catches Ed and Damien's attention. They stop what they're doing and look to me, their brows furrowing.
"Boss, what's-"
"You let her leave?" I strangle out, my heart slamming in my chest and my fists balled by my sides, "You let a stranger take her away?"
The two share a confused glance before looking back to me.
"A stranger? Boss, the man who took Y/N home knew the code," Ed informs.
"Did you not send him?" Damien suddenly asks, his face tightening in instant panic.
He knew the code. He knew the code and he somehow got my doll, my fighter, out without so much of a warning.
And it's all my fault.
"Shut the club down, get everyone out. Call together all of our forces. Tell them-" My voice breaks, raw emotion clawing up my throat, "Tell them Y/N's been taken."
I don't wait for a response and shove out into the cold night, gasping for air like a fish out of water. I was so obsessed with the gala this week that Hydra, our arch nemesis, was putting on, that I stopped paying attention to the only part of my life that matters. I have a lot of things, all of which I could live without, but I cannot live without her.
And I left her.
I left her and now she's gone.
She tried to warn me, she tried to tell me someone was following us. She tried to get me to stay with her, to not leave her. And yet I walked away. I just walked away like she didn't even matter and I left vulnerable and alone the only person in this entire fucking universe I love. It's all my fault, and I'll spend every second of the rest of my life trying to make it up to her.
If I can even find her in time, before she-
No. I will find her and she will live. I will burn down this whole damn world if I have to, and I will not stop. Not until every person who laid a finger on my girl is dead. I will paint the world crimson with their blood until I find her, and once I do I will never, never, ignore or leave her again.
That's not a threat. It's a promise.
||| Your POV
The collar secured to my throat is too tight, the metal no doubt leaving red grooves in my skin.
It hurts worse when Alexander Pierce, the mafia lord of Hydra, tugs the matching chain leash attached to it, pulling me closer to him and almost making me stumble mid-step.
The gala is glamorous, and my gown is nothing short of it as well. Pierce even went through the trouble of having someone do my hair. What he didn't do was my makeup.
That way anyone could see the dried blood and bruises littering my skin.
It's a scare tactic, I know that. A way to signal to everyone here that he's in charge and that he can't be defied. But I think he's got a bigger reason in mind for it all, the collar and the hideous marks on my skin.
And that reason is my boyfriend.
I can practically feel people's eyes follow me as I walk as steadily as I can at the end of Pierce's leash. Despite the radiating, excruciating pain that each step incurs, I keep my body steady and my chin high. I let the policemen and officials that are on his payroll and all of the members of his mafia see my bruises and cuts. He's parading me, so I'm going to put on a damn show.
A show to hide how mind-numbingly terrified I am right now.
Behind my set jaw and my cold eyes, I'm fighting back tears. The pain is mixing with the fear of the last few days to make a perfect storm within me. I'm terrified that any moment could be my last, that more pain could await me, that Bucky might never come for me
Or worse. That he doesn't even care.
Regardless of whether or not he cares, I'm still not going to give a single detail out. Even when Pierce himself tortured me until all I knew was blood and pain and fear, I said nothing. He didn't get a single word out of me. I just sat there, strapped to an iron chair, and took it. Every blow, every slice, every shout. At times my mind spared me and allowed me to slip into the sweet nothingness of unconsciousness, but it wouldn't be long after that I awoke to my head shoved into cold water to revive me.
And here I am, now taking a seat at the Dias of his gala room beside the mafia lord of Hydra, my boyfriend's sworn rival, with a collar around my neck tied to his wrist.
The music that wafts from the live orchestra is disturbingly jovial and light, filling the air with a sense of peace that provides such a stark juxtaposition to my insides that I almost puke. I sit ever so stiffly in my chair beside Pierce, my back burning with each movement because of the new stripes across its tender flesh.
As I feel warm liquid slide down my skin, I suddenly understand why Pierce insisted my dress be a dark maroon. I thought it was as at first just a beacon to everyone to show who I was with because it was his signature color, but I know better now. It's to hide the blood that seeps from my still-healing and probably infected wounds.
"Exquisite, isn't it?" Pierce asks, and I don't even have to turn towards him to know he wears a devilish smirk. A cruel man's trademark of victory.
I stay silent.
I hear him click his tongue as he sits back in his ornate chair, "All this quality time together and all I've heard from your voice has been your screams. No matter how pretty they are, doesn't seem polite to me."
This time, I can't hold myself back.
"Neither is kidnapping another human being and treating them like a prisoner of war," I announce, my voice raw and hoarse from the screaming and shouting of the past few days, "So pardon me if I'm not feeling too polite."
It's a bold move, but I make it anyways, gambling that he wouldn't lash out in the midst of his party. A little breath of relief escapes me when he chuckles.
"And here I was under the impression you were a sweet, soft-spoken sort of woman. My sources misjudged you." Pierce responds.
Of course he's been watching me. A scheme like this doesn't happen overnight. He's been planning this for a while, now. Pierce knew exactly when Bucky would be most vulnerable, when the defenses would be the loosest. It makes me want to scream.
"You're going to die for this," I whisper, quietly but not softly. There's his laugh again.
"Oh honey," Pierce starts, his voice condescending as if I were a toddler, "Careful with blind faith. What makes you so sure Barnes will make it out of this alive?"
His words unsettle something so deep within me that if I spend more than a few seconds touching on it, I'll shatter. Instead, I turn to look at Alexander Pierce for the first time since we've sat down. My eyes are cold and harsh upon him and the shining metal of the collar that tethers us.
"What makes you so sure it will be Bucky who kills you?"
He has the good sense to look the slightest bit unnerved, and I give him a smirk of my own, "Like you said before, your men sorely misjudged me."
Before he can respond, one of the guards that stands behind us steps forward and whispers something in the mafia lord's ear. Whatever he says makes Pierce grin fiercely as he looks back to me and gives the collar a tug.
"Your White Wolf is here."
My heart jumps so hard that I forget how to function. For a moment, everything else fades and dims away, even the biting pain wrapping me like a blanket of thorns. I snap my head back forward and when I see him I swear I almost break right then and there.
Because his eyes are already on me, and they're coated with fury.
It takes every ounce of strength I have to not dissolve into tears, to not let my fear show.
He's here.
He's here.
Bucky found me.
When our eyes meet, something so primal and raw ignites in his features. He looks seconds away from shattering as his chest heaves, his eyes scouring every inch of me. I feel undone before him, as if the dress doesn't hide a single thing that Pierce and his men have done to me.
"James Barnes," Pierce announces, snapping the connection between us swiftly, "I thought you'd never come. I hope you don't mind, I think I've stolen your date for the evening."
Then he wraps his palm around the chain leash and yanks it so hard that I nearly tumble out of the chair. His hand is there to stop me as it grabs my jaw in a bruising grip. Pierce hums, turning my face side to side before forcing it forward to the crowd that now watches. Bucky is painted with dark rage and looks seconds away from ending Pierce's life.
"She makes quite the pretty pet."
Bucky begins to storm forward only for two of the guests who belong to Pierce's mafia to grip onto his arms and prevent him.
"Take your fucking hand off of her, Pierce, or I swear I'll-" Bucky growls, and hearing his voice is enough to ease some of the knot that's wound in my chest these last few days.
"You'll what?" Alexander asks, releasing my chin but remaining ever so calmly in his seat beside me, "You must not care that much for my pet, after all you were the one to ignore her."
There's a bone-crushing silence and I see that same something shatter in my love's gaze.
"You shoved her off, you left her alone," Alexander cuts out, reaching out and running a hand through my hair, "You so carelessly let her slip through your fingers and here you are pretending to care."
"What I did was unforgivable, I know that," Bucky says suddenly, and I see even from here the silver lining his eyes as he speaks, "But she is a good person. She doesn't deserve this. If you need to punish someone, don't let it be her."
"You don't deserve her," Pierce says, and I want to scream that he's wrong but Bucky cuts me off. His eyes clash with mine and I fall in love all over again.
"I know," he says so softly that I almost miss it. I try to shake my head 'no', but Pierce tightens the collar, making me whimper.
Bucky shoves off the two men holding him, composing himself and standing stiffly a good ways before us.
"Let her go, Pierce," Bucky reiterates, his tone harsh once more and his stare pure murder, "I won't ask again."
Pierce clicks his tongue beside me, letting up on my leash to let me relax slightly.
"Oh Barnes, did you really waltz in here thinking you'd walk back out?"
There's a deadly silence and I swear you can hear my heart smash into the floor even though I expected this. With every second between his last words and his next, I grow more panicked.
"I have you surrounded, Barnes. You're not getting out of this," Pierce announces. Bucky doesn't look the least bit unnerved, though.
Pierce reaches you to an ear piece I didn't know was there and touches it, "Guns at attention."
From my spot next to him, all I hear is static. There's no response coming back, and the confusion becomes evident on Alexander's face at the same moment I realize what's going on. Hope like a new sunrise breaks in me and I look over at Bucky to find him smirking. He winks at me once before furrowing his brows at Pierce.
"What's wrong, can't reach your men?" Bucky taunts.
And then all Hell breaks loose.
Guns are firing and people are screaming and within seconds, Bucky's mafia that's already infiltrated the gala hall appears from the woodwork, their guns raised and keeping the few mafia members left under gun point. Bucky just stands coolly in the midst as another deadly silence blankets the room. I can practically feel the rage draining off of Alexander.
"Get him!" Pierce suddenly shouts, and what few men are left charge at Bucky. Including the personal guards around us. The gunfire begins again, and the classy event is soon painted crimson.
I take the brief moment of chaos to my advantage and shoot up from my seat. As soon as Pierce registers that I'm moving, it's too late. Despite the screaming of my body, I sprint behind Pierce's chair and brace one heeled foot at its back. Then, before he can reach for a gun, I wrap the leash he's collared me with around his neck and pull back, strangling him with the own device he subjected me under.
His hands claw desperately at the chain and I feel my exhausted muscles trembling, but I refuse to let up. I keep holding the chain tighter and snap my gaze up in Bucky's direction just in time to see him shoot a guard between the eyes.
"Bucky!" I shout, gaining his attention instantly.
I know I can't hold Pierce off much longer, so Bucky will need to help me take him down while I've got him strangled to the chair. The metal is cutting deep into his skin when Bucky begins fighting desperately to reach us. Before he can, though, Pierce gets a purchase on the chain and yanks with such force that it sends my body flying over him and the chair. I land flat on my back so hard on the tile that the air rushes out of my lungs and every cut and tear rips open.
"Y/N!" Bucky roars, and it rattles my very bones
I gasp and groan in pain simultaneously, desperately trying to get air into my lungs. The second I can breathe again, Pierce is dragging me backwards by the chain.
"No!" I shout, reaching up and gripping the chain before yanking it.
We tug back and forth as he drags me, but I manage to hook my foot around one of the overturned chairs and use the leverage to yank the chain so hard that I hear a snap followed by a shrill yell.
I just broke his wrist.
When I pull again, the chain comes free and a weight lifts from my shoulders. I scramble to my feet, about to sprint away and towards where I last saw Bucky when Pierce's hands grip my shoulders and rip me back. I don't even have time to scream when my back is slammed into a hard wall and Pierce is before me, a knife in his unmangled hand that's pressed to my cheek.
"You little bitch" he seethes.
My chest is heaving with breath and panic as I read back and spit in his face as hard as I can. He recoils slightly and I relish in it. My happiness only lasts a second, though, because his knife is pressing into my cheek. I try to squirm but his body is pressed firmly to mine and pins me to the wall.
"I so didn't want to end you this quickly," Pierce whispers, his voice slithering against my skin.
I keep trying to be strong, to be so strong, but it's getting harder to keep up. I try to not show my fear, but it's getting harder and harder to hide. I feel myself finally breaking after the hell that these last few days have been and just when I think he's going to end it all, he's gone. In a moment, he's off of me and unconscious on the ground.
And Bucky is standing before me, his chest heaving and his eyes wild.
"Bucky," I breathe, already feeling my strength slip away.
I don't have to be strong anymore.
Bucky drops the gun he just rendered Pierce unconscious with, every inch of his face softening upon my bloody, trembling form. He looks a minute away from crying when I stumble forward and crash into him, letting myself break down in his arms that already wrap around my waist and keep me upright. He keeps me so tight to himself that there is no room between us. I bury my face into his neck and let out a sob, my tears mixing with the blood on his suit. I can't tell which of us is shaking harder, but all I can tell is the warmth and security that Bucky's hands bring me.
"Oh doll," Bucky whispers, sending a shiver down my spine, "You're alive. You're alive."
I mumble some sort of affirmation, but I can barely think straight.
"I'm so sorry, doll. I'm so sorry." Bucky repeats it over and over again, "God, Y/N I'm so sorry."
"It's okay, Buck. It's alright," I whisper, but he keeps shaking his head. He pulls back far enough to meet my gaze.
"I've been shitty to you. I should've listened to you, I should never have left you. I am never leaving you again."
"It's okay, I forgive you," I repeat, brushing a bloody hand against his jaw, "Of course it's gonna cost you at least four new pairs of shoes."
At my joke, a laugh of pure relief to have me back in hands escapes his lips. I chuckle softly too, taking in every inch of his breathtaking face. A tear drops down his cheek and he leans his forehead against mine.
"I love you so much, I love you more than life." he breathes.
"I love you too. That's all that kept me breathing, loving you,"I respond, and his lips are on mine in an instant.
Even though it's only been a few days, kissing him feels like I've been in a drought and he's my water. The kiss is desperate and pleading and consuming. It steals whatever strength is left in my knees and I link my arms around his neck to support myself. When he finally pulls away, he leaves a trail of kisses to my nose and then my forehead before tugging me to himself again.
"I'm going to tear him apart for this," Bucky vows, and I know it shouldn't but I still let out a breath of relief at that.
"Is that why he's not dead yet?" I ask, chuckling softly. He does the same, kissing the top of my head.
"That's exactly why," Bucky agrees, pulling back and rubbing a finger along my cheek. He becomes serious again and I feel my heart flutter.
"When I found out you were gone, I lost myself." He says, his throat bobbing as he Cho's my face with his large hands, "Y/N, there is no me without you"
I turn to kiss his hand before leaning into it more.
"I'll always find my way back to you. You're all I have, James"
Another tear works down his cheek before he finally steps to the side. The gala is trashed, but the gunfire is over. Apparently, his men were here hours before anyone else got here. I feel my strength abandoning me, so I lean my weight onto Bucky. He feels this and immediately scoops me into his arms, holding me close to his chest.
"I'm going to kiss every one of these scars when we get back" His voice rumbles, and I smile as I lean my head further into him.
"Let's go home, my love"
And he held up his promise. He never left me again.
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buckgasms · 4 months
"Bunny and Clyde"
I have no excuse for this.
How do we feel about dark!mob!Bucky and dark!crazy!slut!bunny!reader???? Well we're about to find out. I'm really outing myself as a slut here but you already all know this so 🙊
But still.... Damn...
Warnings: mob boss Bucky, mob violence, rough sex, blackmail, pet name (bunny), choking, come play?
Tumblr media
It was without a doubt that you were Bucky's favourite girl. You might not currently be his girl, but for sure he favoured you over anyone else at your job.
You were a dancer at Bucky's nightclub, a popular hangout for the rich and infamous in the city. Bucky was certainly one of those, the biggest and baddest in fact. He stopped by the club frequently, and when he did, he always made sure you danced for the biggest tippers and would reserve a seat on his lap for you when he wanted to entertain guests. He would press kisses to your shoulders and pinch and squeeze your soft skin when he talked to you.
That was the extent of it, but you wanted more. Much more. He was gorgeous, strong, powerful and he clearly adored you. So there was no way you were going to let him slip out of your hands for some other girl to sink her claws into. You didn't know how you were going to do it, but that man was going to be yours, whatever it took.
One evening you found yourself in Bucky's office. He was chatting to some mob type about a deal that had appeared to have gone wrong. Bucky was furious, evident by his leg tapping, bouncing you up and down in his lap and in the way he squeezed at your thighs. The action which had your pussy fluttering as the build of his anger and frustration made you desperate to help him.
Abruptly he motioned you to stand and he pressed a little kiss to your cheek. "Will you stay here and wait for me Bunny? I got some business to deal with..." You nodded and sat down in his comfy leather seat as the two men left the room. You were immediately bored and started spinning the chair and rifling through his desk drawers.
You found a couple of guns which didn't really surprise you, lots of cash and some papers. You also found a little usb stick and you picked it up, fiddling with it until you decided to stick it into the laptop that sat on Bucky's desk. Your heart pounded as you clicked through the files.
Endless evidence of Bucky's misdeeds flashed before your eyes. Nothing that really shocked you, but the fact he had pictures and documents just seemed mad to you. If anyone had this, they'd own Bucky forever.... That had your mind spinning.....
You decided not to wait in Bucky's office as he had asked and you moved through the club, round the back corridors until you found what you were looking for. The door to the 'Red Room'. No one was allowed in there without Bucky's strict permission, and you certainly didn't have that.
You inched closer to the door and heard the sound of fighting or more like a beating. There were sounds of talking and occasional grunts and you almost turned heel and ran, but you had a mission to finish and that kept you rooted to the spot. You shivered a little in the cold hallway, your skimpy dancers outfit not doing much to keep you warm. Suddenly the door you were creeping behind burst open. The burly guy from Bucky's office was glaring at you and behind him you saw some poor soul bruised and bloodied in a chair in the room.
"What the fuck?" You heard Bucky call out and the man grabbed your arm and dragged you into the room. Bucky's anger was evident and he ran a hand over his face. "Get him outta here" he said quietly and the burly man dragged the man out of the room and left you both standing there alone. You gave him a look over, you couldn't help but feel a rush of lust as you noticed the blood on his knuckles, the rolled up shirt sleeves, the sweat on his brow and the anger in his eyes.
"I didn't mean to interrupt" you offered with a faux innocence that did nothing to calm Bucky's temper. "What the fuck you playing at Bunny?" He spat and you walked towards him. "I could fucking kill you y'know" he raged, grabbing your throat and pressing you up against the wall but you just giggled. "Well that would be a terrible waste wouldn't it?"
Your attitude shocked him into slightly letting loose his grip on your throat but he kept his eyes fixed on you. "Plus, if you did, a copy of your naughty files would end up all over the news... And that would be so sad..." You held up his little usb and waved it in front of him. He narrowed his eyes and let go of you.
"What do you want Bunny?" You rolled your eyes and wrapped your arms around his neck. "Everything. I want you." He pressed you up against the wall again, and glared at you. "You're telling me, you're willing to risk me throwing you in the Hudson, to be my girlfriend?" You laughed again, fingers smoothing over his shoulders, your legs slotting between his. "Not girlfriend, you cheat on all your girlfriends..." You pouted and he smirked as you ground your heat down on his thigh. "I want to be your Bunny. You're only Bunny. Wanna be spoiled and fucked and make you happy all the time." He pressed his thigh harder and you gasped as the pressure sent pleasure shooting through your core. "Besides, everyone knows I'm your favourite girl, why not make it official?"
He moved in close, his lips brushing yours and you whimpered as he squeezed your throat tight. "Reckon you can handle it Bunny? Think you can manage everything I got to give you?" You captured his lips in a kiss and you nodded making him chuckle darkly, "I don't think you can Bun Bun."
You tugged at his shirt and mewled at him, "I can, I can take it, give it to me Bucky please?" With that he lifted you off the floor and carried you over to a little table and pushed your shivering body to lie down. "Such a stupid little Bunny, all this for some cock huh? Always knew I had a little slut sitting on my lap, didn't take much did it? Have you desperate for me to fuck ya? Think you're so fucking smart huh?" You whimpered and whined as he tore your pretty costume apart, exposing your body to him.
He spread your pussy lips apart and spat harshly on your cunt before using his cock to spread the wetness around. Your eyes widened at his size and you were about to protest when he pushed your chest so you were flat on your back again. "Bunny, you said you wanted everything. Don't be fucking ungrateful now you're getting it..." He sank in, stretching you painfully, making you cry out and claw at him. He stilled until you had adjusted, but he spent the time slapping and pinching your breasts, leaning down and biting at you, kissing you roughly and pinning your hands down on the hard surface.
Your whole body was on fire, everything you ever wanted in this moment. You wanted to laugh and cry all at once. Deciding to rile him even more you pulled him into a kiss, biting his lip hard enough to draw blood before rolling your hips. "Are you just gonna lie here panting on top of me, or are you gonna fuck me?" He barked out a laugh before gripping your throat again and starting to pound into your cunt with no mercy. You cried out and filled the dark room with your begs and pleas as he hit every spot in you perfectly.
"Fuck bunny, so fucking tight" he strained and tightened his grip on your throat until your face turned pink. "Taking me so goddam well... Jesus always knew you'd be a good girl for me..." He rubbed your clit with his thumb and you desperately gasped for air as pleasure streaked through your body, down to the tips of your toes. He growled as you squeezed him but he managed to hold himself in check. "Get on your fucking knees Bunny" he ordered and dragged you as you scrambled to kneel at his feet.
You grabbed his cock and helped him jerk it off over your pretty face, sucking at the sensitive head, making him groan as you licked him up and down until he pulled you away. He rubbed the come into your face and pushed some into your greedy mouth and you sucked hard on his fingers, happily swallowing them and letting him choke you a little with them. He looked at you and you grinned up at him, "told ya" you teased as you clung to his thigh and kissed his cock one more time.
"You tryna kill me Bunny?"
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becca-e-barnes · 4 months
do you have any pornstar dbf!bucky thots👀
The Video
I've had this thought in my head all damn day and I just needed to write it. I'll link this piece on both my Dad's Best Friend!Bucky master list and the Pornstar!Bucky master list because I don't want to choose.
Consider this the piece I wrote to celebrate my birthday today 💗 here’s to 23 with you lovely folks! 🥂
Tumblr media
Pairing: Pornstar! Dad's Best Friend!Bucky x Reader
Word Count: 3K
Summary: You find out what your father’s best friend does for work.
Warnings: Age gap (reader is in her mid 20’s, Bucky is in his late 40’s), vaginal fingering, masturbation, unprotected sex, creampie, size kink, praise kink, mentions of rough pornography, dirty talk, pet names, degradation
Minors, do not interact
Avoiding Bucky had never been your plan, purely because it would’ve been a fucking stupid one.  Realistically, it wouldn’t have been easy to avoid someone who probably spent more time at your house than they did their own.  When he wasn’t at ‘work’, your father’s friend seemed to spend his time at your house, mowing the lawn or polishing your mom’s car or watching some pointless sports game with your dad.
You’d never really questioned what Bucky got up to for work.  You imagined growing up that he must’ve practiced a trade since he was always the one your father called to fix the kitchen sink when it sprung a leak or tinker with the garage door when it became difficult to pull down.
Now that you were fully clued in however, it all made painful sense why Bucky had been so evasive when you had come right out and asked him what he did for work the year before you graduated from college.
“What do you think I do, sweetheart?”  He had asked with a smirk tugging at the corners of his soft, pink lips.
“I have no idea, Buck!  You seem to have as much free time as you like, I just don’t understand how you pay the bills.”  You had mused, sitting in your own garage on a work bench, swinging your legs in front of you, secretly hoping that Bucky would notice just how cute and tiny those shorts you were wearing are.  Unfortunately for you, he didn’t look up from under the bonnet of your dad’s jeep.
“I guess you could say I’m self-employed, angel.  I pick and choose the jobs I want.  I have plenty of offers.”  He tried to keep it as non-descript as possible, dodging the question rather than lying about it.
“I bet you do, you seem good with your hands.”  He could tell by the genuine innocence in your voice that you truly had no idea.  You weren’t leading him to answer one way or another.
He huffed out a laugh as he grabbed the rag beside him, wiping the oil from his hands, muddying the white cloth with the dark residue.  “Oh sweetheart, you have no idea.”
It all made perfect sense now though, scrolling through picture after picture on your phone.  Every drag of your fingertip brought a fresh wave of video thumbnails, each somehow more obscene than the last.  The titles certainly weren’t much better.  
Pictures of beautiful young women flooded your screen.  Some had their makeup thoroughly ruined, mascara tracked down their cheeks and a fucked-out look in their eyes.  Some were on their knees, their hair grabbed into a rough ponytail while they rested the tip of a cock on their tongue.  Some were bent over, evidently ‘trapped’ under their bed with their ass in the air. 
Curiosity got the better of you, after ignoring a warning from your brain that this might be an invasion of Bucky’s privacy.  It was all posted on the internet after all, it’s not like he could keep it a secret forever.  
One video caught your eye, titled ‘James Barnes fucks tight brunette, HUGE cumshot’.  The crude objectification made you wince a little but the short snippet of video that the thumbnail provided you with seemed a little bit gentler than the rest.
Skipping the first few minutes helped you feel like you weren’t too invested.  This was research.  Plain and simple nosiness.  You had no intention of watching this for any purpose other than to see whether Bucky Barnes had perfected his craft or not.
“Shit, that’s it.  So fuckin’ pretty like this.”  The voice from your phone was familiar but so much lower than you’d ever heard it before; so deep, you could only have described it as a growl.
The girl whimpered, almost pathetically.  You couldn’t blame her.  Bucky wasn’t small by any stretch of the imagination and judging by the reaction of the woman he was buried inside, he managed to hit all the spots he needed to.
You’d heard fake moans before.  Hell, you’d made plenty of them yourself.  Enough to know that the woman you were watching wasn’t orchestrating hers for the benefit of the camera.  No, those were real.  Right down to the trembling thighs either side of Bucky’s narrow hips.
“You have no idea how perfect you feel.  Tight and wet and warm.  You take me so fuckin’ well.”  You watched as he slid inside her, painfully slowly.  Admittedly, her body did take him well, letting him sink in until he had nothing left to give.  This poor woman was already looking somewhat blissed out, begging him to fuck her but that’s when you skipped forward to about a minute before the end.  That same woman was now clawing at his muscular back, whimpering and sobbing delightfully while Bucky pounded into her.  He wasn’t holding back in the slightest, letting the same filth tumble from his lips.
“Oh baby, you sound like you can’t take any more.  Are you done?”  He was so condescending, it made your gut tighten with lust, a dull throb settling between your legs but the woman only shook her head.
“Good girl.  God, ’m so close.  You’ll never get enough, will you?  Just a needy fucking slut for me.  Gonna have you all cock obsessed.  Bet you’ll think of me every time you touch that pretty pussy of yours from now on.  You’ll be begging to see me again.”  Bucky sounded wrecked, finishing his sentence with a drawn out, low groan.  Within a couple of seconds, he had pulled out, splashing his seed all over the woman’s tummy, pearlescent spend rolling down her sides and onto the sheets while some pooled on her heaving chest.
Over the next few days, you tried desperately to get what you had seen out of your head.  You tried hard, you really did.  Perhaps it didn’t help that late at night, you found yourself going back to watch more.  Perhaps it also didn’t help that you found your hand drifting under your panties as you watched, taking care of that familiar throb that seemed to turn into an ache when you watched for too long without touching yourself.
Dodging Bucky was simple enough but you knew you couldn’t keep it up forever.  Hiding in your room couldn’t become a hobby just because you found out your father’s best friend, the older man you had been so innocently crushing on, was a porn star.
The first time you bumped into him though, it was game over.  He could tell just from the way you looked at him that something was up, or rather, the way you couldn’t look at him.
“Everything okay, sweetheart?”  He asked, watching you make yourself look busy in the cereal cupboard late one afternoon after he had walked into your kitchen.  You saw him coming and very obviously tried find any excuse that meant you wouldn’t have to talk to him.
“I’m fine, looking for cereal.”  You replied, your head almost buried in the cupboard.
“Well, I hope you find it.  If you can’t see it from there, you’ve got a problem.  I bet your nose is practically touching the box, you’re so deep in there.”  He sounded too damn amused and it only made you more embarrassed.  This really was the last thing you needed.  “Why are you avoiding me, honey?”
There it was.  You were called out.
“I’m not!”  You tried to sound sincere but you weren’t awfully successful; you knew even as you were saying the words that it wasn’t going to fly.
“Mhm, and the fact you saw me coming has nothing to do with how you’re buried shoulder deep in the cereal cupboard?  Don’t think I’m stupid.  I know you’re avoiding me.”  In hindsight, you maybe could’ve handled that a little bit better but now here you were, pulling yourself back out and forcing some painfully awkward eye contact.
“I’ve seen the videos.”  You mumbled, looking away and making yourself busy with your nails.
“Okay.”  He dragged the word out a little, slowing it down and only adding to it’s gravity.  “And?  You’re an adult.  You know what porn is.  Things don’t need to be weird but if you’re uncomfortable having me around, I can leave you alone.”
“No, you don’t have to, I don’t have a problem with it.  It’s all just very… Rough?”  You weren’t really sure this was a conversation you wanted to be having, shame burning in the pit of your stomach because clearly you’d just admitted to watching more than a video or two.
He paused for a second, nodding his head, the couple of light grey hairs at the crown of his head glinting in the light.  “You’re right, sweetheart.  It's a little rough at times.  That’s not my preference, that’s the script I’m given.”
That made sense and somehow settled you just a little.  “So you just stick to the script?”  You quiz, holding eye contact with him again for a few seconds before it got too intense.
“For the most part.  It doesn’t tell me what to say, that’s all up to me.  It just gives me direction.  It’s a running order of the scenes we’ve agreed to shoot.  Most of those videos certainly aren’t a representation of how I would want to fuck if I got the choice.”  His lips were curled in a soft smile, watching you lap this all up.
“A-and how would you want to fuck if you got to choose?”  You couldn’t quite believe you’d said it but apparently you did because the question hung in the air longer than you might have wanted it to.
“Well sweetheart, that depends.  I’d treat a pretty little thing like you a bit differently.  I’d have to be slow with you.  Really ease you into it.  I bet I’d have to spend a lot of time working you up to take me.  I think I’d start by giving you my tongue until I can slip a finger into you.  Then a second finger.  Maybe a third if I think you can manage it.”  He could see the effect this was having on you.  You’d wanted to imagine it while you’d watched his videos but you couldn’t bring yourself to fall into the fantasy.  Now he was dragging you into it.
“Then I’d put you on your hands and knees.  I’d tell you to rub yourself while I press inside you, so slow you’ll be begging me to give you all of me.  And when you’re at that point, ruined and desperate for more, I’ll fuck you nice and slow.  I’ll have you just as addicted as those other girls but with a kinder pleasure.  I’d tell you how beautiful you are and how badly I’ve wanted to kiss every inch of your skin I can.  I’d tell you how gorgeous you look when you cum and how it’s better than I ever imagined.”
God, this was something close to a dream come true.  “I-I’d like that.  That sounds… Nice.”  Words were really failing you, hoping this was a genuine offer and not just some hypothetical situation that would never play out.
“It does sound nice.”  Bucky huffed out a laugh.  “It sounds real fucking nice.  I shouldn’t want my best friend’s daughter cumming around me.  I know I shouldn’t.  I know I think about it far too often but nothing gets me off the way you do.”
Your breath caught in your throat, an embarrassing arousal throbbing its way around your body, settling in the pit of your stomach.  Heat blossomed in your chest, hoping beyond hope that this wasn’t some sick joke.  
“I want that.  But I don’t want you to be too gentle.  I want you to fuck me the way you want to fuck.  Not what you think I need.”  Your confidence almost caught him off guard and he didn’t expect to find it as sexy as he did.
“God, you’re a tease.”  He muttered under his breath, crossing the short space between you both to crash your lips against his.  You could feel the heat of his body against yours, the difference in size almost making you shudder because you’d never felt this small against a partner.
His lips were soft, his hands wandering seemingly everywhere at once and it was so much to take in.  Fuck, it was perfect.  Intense and hungry but not overwhelming.
“Bed, Buck.”  You pant between fervent kisses before he’s grabbed you by the back of the thighs, helping you wrap your legs around his waist so he could carry you to your room. 
You both had your clothes stripped off in a frenzy, not giving much thought to anything other than the way your lips slotted together.  Your bottom lip felt perfectly at home between his teeth, the slight pain of his bite only making you moan.
“You’re such a good girl.”  He whispers, tugging your panties off and groaning when he realises how slick they are already.  “Fuck, I should’ve known how bad you’d need this.  It’s always the ones you least expect.”
His breath feels so hot on your neck, littering the skin with kisses and gentle nibbles, panting tiny groans against you while his fingers slide over your core.
You’re wet and messy, aching with a need you didn’t know you were capable of.  “Oh sweetheart, I could slip right into you.  You’re soaking wet for me.  God, you’re a dream.”
“Buck, please.  I want your tongue later.  P-please just fuck me first.”  You could hardly manage a conhesive thought with the way his fingertips played with your body ever so gently, alternating between rubbing little circles on your clit and teasing your hole with the tips of two fingers, pressing them in just to the first knuckle.
“This is wrong, sweetheart.  So fucking wrong.  I shouldn’t get this fuckin’ excited hearing you beg for my dick but it’s all I’ve wanted for months.”  His voice is just as low as you heard in those videos, dripping with arousal.
“The only thing ‘wrong’ here is the fact you’re not inside me yet.”  You giggle quietly, rolling over and presenting your ass to him, exactly how he had described earlier.  
Whatever self-control he had was gone.  Long gone.  The sight of you offering your slick, hot core was more than enough to ruin him but the way you watched him over your shoulder with an excited smile almost had him trembling with need.
“This is wrong.”  He whispered, lining the tip of his dick up with your entrance, grunting at the feeling of the wet heat.
“So wrong.”  You repeated quietly.  “S-so fucking wrong.  We shouldn’t be doing this.”  You were breathless already, pressing yourself back until his tip had just slipped inside you.  “We shouldn’t need this as badly as we do.”
Bucky’s groan was beautiful, watching as you shifted yourself back to allow the rest of his length to slide slowly into you.
“You know damn well what you’re doing to me.”  He sighed, looking away from the sight of his thick length gliding home.  “Play with yourself.  I won’t last long this time sweetheart but trust me, I’ve got all night with you.”  
You’d never seen him this wrecked so early on in any of his videos so you did as you were told, letting two fingers circle your clit the way you often did when you watched him slide into those other women.  
You heard him take a deep breath, pulling back out as far as possible without slipping out before pressing back in again, dragging a soft groan from both of you.  This was everything you’d both longed for and more.
His huge hands squeezed the cheeks of your ass, admiring the how soft and plush it felt under his touch, dragging himself back out only to press back in, earning another groan.
You could’ve taken this forever, enjoying the way his tip nudged that delicate spot inside you while your fingers worked exactly how you like them to.  This was bliss in its truest form.  This was the passion you had craved, the gentle touches and soft praises but accompanied by an all-consuming pleasure.
“Faster Bucky, please.”  You whined and hell, you looked like a goddess, fallen forward onto the bed, so consumed by sensations that you wanted to have no control over and he could recognise that so clearly.
“Tell me you need me.”  He panted, speeding up his thrusts, letting each one land beautifully before forcing himself momentarily from the heat of your body once more.
“Oh God, I need you.  I need you, Bucky.  I need you to fuck me faster.  Fuck me harder.  It feels so good.  I’m gonna cum for you, I just need more.”  You couldn’t help but sob, drowning in the litany of groans and curses falling from the older man lips.
Your fingers worked faster, in time with the thrusts you were receiving until it all come crumbling down around you.  The knot in your tummy tightened unbearably, your heart pounding as the sensation took over entirely.  It was a perfect release, your body clenching and tightening rhythmically while you sobbed the ecstasy into the pillow under your head.
“Oh good girl, that’s it.  Cum nice ‘n hard.  O-oh God.”  You vaguely registered Bucky coaching you through your orgasm before reaching his own but unlike any of his videos, he didn’t pull out.  He stayed buried inside you, pressed as deep as he could go.  You felt the weight of his seed inside you, the position allowing it to drip deeper, pooling at your cervix and the thought alone made you shudder.
“My God, that was…. Wow.”  He laughed, kissing down your spine before pulling out and flopping onto the bed beside you.  
“Yeah… Wow.”  You giggled, kissing his cheek and curling up against him, not really worried that you were both a little sweaty.  
“I meant it though.  I’ll be gentle with you later.  I’ll take my time with you.  I just needed that.”  He kissed your forehead, running a hand down your back and damn, he certainly wouldn’t hear you complaining.
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khimili · 4 months
fly me to the moon
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Pairing: Bucky x Reader Summary: Bucky loves to flirt with you, and most of the time it just leaves you flustered and confused. Because you like him, a lot, and he’s infuriatingly handsome. He's quite a ladies' man and it shows. He knows exactly what to say and where to touch you to sweep you off your feet. But maybe there’s more to it. Word count: 7.5k Warnings: cocky!bucky, mutual pining, two idiots in love, teasing, flirting, banter, sexual tension, a bit of angst, smut (dirty thoughts, masturbation, dirty talk, dry sex, edging, oral sex, unprotected penetration, praise kink), fluff Author's note: I’m literally obsessed with cocky!Bucky and I’ve been dying to write something like this for ages. It’s long, it’s messy but I was inspired and I hope you’ll like it. Banal, ordinary, conventional, predictable, exceeded, seen and reviewed, flat, unoriginal cliché ahead, bear with me please!
Tumblr media
“Listen Y/L/N,” Bucky said casually, looking at you with a boyish smile of his own. “If you want me to take you out for dinner, just ask.”
You shook your head and tried without success to find your voice. It seemed to be jammed in your throat somewhere, and even though you had already done it multiple times, your eyes insisted on taking another inventory of tall, broad and handsome man standing in front of. He didn’t seem to mind you looking. In fact, if that cocky smile of his was any indication, he liked it rather a lot. Heat crept up your cheeks and he laughed, the sound reverberating somewhere deep inside you, drying your mouth and wetting other portions of your anatomy.
“If you think I’m going to purposely spend one of my few nights off with you, you’ve got another think coming.”
“Now, now, is that any way to talk to the man you love?”
“Don’t be so full of yourself, Barnes,” you teased, rolling your eyes playfully. “You’re not even as charming as you think you are.”
“Doll,” he sighed, suddenly grabbing his chest dramatically. “You’re breaking my heart.”
“You’ll get over it, I’m sure.”
You tried to play it cool, just waiting for him to quit fooling around. You crossed your arms over your chest and gave him your best tough-chick-with-an-attitude look. Unfortunately, he seemed less than impressed. God, why did he have to be so gorgeous? His clingy shirt showed off a broad, powerful chest tapering into a lean waist that you knew featured a six-pack in the ab area. He caught you staring and flashed you a satisfied smile. You were pretty sure smiles like that were against the law in some state. Suffering from a severe case of jelly-knees, you had to look away.
“Come on, there has to be something you like about me,” he said, leaning back into his chair, arms behind his head. “Be honest.”
“Barnes,” you warned. “Your little mind games don’t work on me.”
“Admirable deflection, doll,” he laughed. “You never struck me as the type who would be afraid of her own desires. But if you prefer to pine, gazing longingly from across the room when you think I’m not paying attention, shutting down any feelings that get in the way of–“
“Fine!” you interrupted him, nearly shooting. “Parts of you, maybe.”
“What?” he asked, his amusement instantly replaced by interest.
“There are parts of you I like,” you mumbled, as if it was something to be ashamed of.
And it was a blatant lie. Because there were so many things you liked about him.
“Care to be a little more specific, doll?”
“Your hands,” you admitted, watching him looking at his flesh hand. “Both of them.”
“My hands,” he said faintly, stretching his vibranium fingers, making you shiver from head to toe in the process.
“Yes,” you admitted. “You have– You have beautiful hands.”
“I’d like so much to know what sinful fantasy’s going through you head right now.”
“Don’t. Barnes, just– Please, don’t,” you begged, a hint of desperation in your voice.
“Jesus, doll,” he said, his flesh hand closing around your arm gently. “Do you expect me not to use this to full advantage?”
“Well, I– I was told you’ve been raised to be a gentleman.”
You said it in a very calm, steady voice, even though your heart was jackhammering. His hand felt wonderfully warm and solid on your arm, and his body seemed to radiate a comforting heat. Up close, you could smell his perfume, along with an exotic, musky scent you couldn’t put a name to. It was difficult to think properly when he was invading your personal space like this, and lately he was doing this a lot. You fought your arousal as hard as you could, but when he was standing so close to you with this very predatory look on his face, it was a battle you couldn’t win.
“Do you wish to know what I like about you, doll?”
“Barnes,” you whispered as a warning.
For a moment, you thought he was going to kiss you. And to be honest, you wanted him to kiss you, wanted to lose yourself in sensual pleasure. But he didn’t, and it was just as well. You were ashamed that he could reduce you to a whimpering puddle of lust from barely doing anything. That he could take control so quickly.
“Relax. I’m not going to ravish you on that worktop,” he laughed gently, handing you a clean mug from the dish rack. “Would you be a dear and put that back in its proper place for me?”
Slowly, you turned around on shaky legs, taking a deep, steadying breath. You pushed up onto your toes and raise your arms to reach the top cupboard, sliding the cup in its place.
“This,” he said quietly, his fingers gliding over the exposed skin along the curve of your waist, making you shiver. “I like this a lot.”
“Fine! Take me out for dinner,” you suddenly exclaimed, shutting the cupboard door and pushing him away. “Now, back off.”
“See?” he asked, smug satisfaction spreading across his handsome face. “All you had to do was ask.”
Before you could fully process what he had said, he stepped in close and bent down. He brushed a light kiss to the corner of your mouth.
“You’re the worst.”
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes was a fucking tease. That’s what you were thinking, trying to regain your composure in the ladies’ room. He had spent the whole evening playing with your nerves. Small touches here and there, charming smiles and fine words, making you gradually lose your mind. He was good at that. Almost too good. And that was what scared you the most with him. You had no intention to become another notch on a rather long belt of meaningless one-night stands. You knew too damn well how he were, but that didn’t prevent you from being attracted to him like a stupid moth to a flame. A very sexy flame. Tall and broad and handsome. And–
Fuck. You clearly needed to get your shit together. That dinner – which you insisted wasn’t a date, would soon be over and you would go on your separate ways. You would go to your bedroom and lock the door. You would probably touch yourself to get rid of your nasty thoughts, trying your best not to moan his name out loud. You’d think about his large hands, his tempting mouth, his hard cock pounding relentlessly into your pussy as he’d fuck you face-first into the mattress with your hands behind your back. That sole idea made sucked in a breath; hands wrapped tight around the sink. You nearly jumped out of your skin when the door opened behind you.
“What the fuck, Barnes,” you exclaimed. “You’re in the ladies’ room!”
“Oh, come on, as if you didn’t want me to follow you there,” he laughed with a cocky smile, walking toward you like a fucking predator. “Are you going to deny it?”
You found yourself unable to answer as you watched him coming closer to you. You wanted to run, and at the same time you wanted to throw yourself at him. In the blink of an eye, he was facing you.
“Barnes,” you nearly begged. “Don’t…”
“Kiss me,” he asked, his lips nearly touching yours. “Kiss me, and I swear to god, if you don’t feel anything I’ll leave you alone.”
“One kiss?” you asked, your voice full of hope.
“One kiss.”
You could do this. You were an adult, not a goddam horny teenager. All you had to do was kiss him and be done with it. What was the worst that could happen? You just had to pretend that you were not attracted to him. Because even though he was a lady’s man, you knew he would keep his word. Your eyes went from his to his lips, and back again. You were rooted to the spot, unable to move, unable to speak. One of his hands went to your cheek and you stopped breathing for a moment. You couldn’t think. And when he bent down and brushed his lips against yours, you rational thoughts flew out the window.
“Nothing,” you lied, almost breathless, but he made no move to let you go. “Barnes, you promised. You promised you’d leave me alone.”
“But you didn’t kiss me, doll,” he purred. “I did. Come on now, be a good girl and do as you’re told.”
Your thighs clenched to his words. This man would be the death of you. You pushed up onto your toes. Shoving one hand into his hair, you gripped the back of his head and pulled him down. Bucky watched your eyes until your mouth touched his. You saw his lashes lower, felt a small quiver run through him. You had intended a little, teasing peck to his lips, but that tremble made something snap inside you. You tipped your head and kissed him hard, nails scratching through his hair and down the back of his neck. To your delight, he growled, hands snapping up to wrap around your waist.
Suddenly, he dragged you forward, shifting his feet beneath you. He set one on the inside of your legs and pulled you onto his thigh. He traced your lips with the point of his tongue and you pressed closer to him, your hand slipping under his shirt to rest on his abdomen. He was solid, and warm, and goddammit, an incredible kisser. He dragged one hand up your back and wrapped the length of your hair around his fist. He tugged, tipping your head further before giving a quick, exploratory sweep of his tongue across yours, making you moan.
Before you could stop yourself, you wriggled. His leg was solid between yours, pressing exactly where your wanted. You whimpered again and sank your teeth into his lower lip, your nails still digging into his nape, holding for dear life. Bucky made a small sound that seemed half-caught in his throat and you pulled back, scraping his lips between your teeth, to look at him. His eyes were closed, his cheeks were flushed pink, and his pulse were fluttering above his collar. You hated to admit it, but he had proven his point. You were obviously attracted to him, but that didn’t mean you had to give in you urges.
“That was–“ you started with a hoarse voice. “That was not–“
His eyes shot open and in one swift motion, he made your turn around, pressing your back to his chest.
“Look at you, Y/L/N,” he whispered, grabbing your throat to make you look at your own reflection in the mirror. “Wearing this– This fucking dress… You like to torment me, don’t you?”
“Nothing–“ you whimpered, shifting your heels to give him better access. “Nothing to do with you.”
“Is that so?” he asked with a low growl, grazing his teeth along your neck, his flesh hand finally finding its way under your dress. “Jesus… That’s why you went commando tonight, right?”
You opened your mouth to argue, but your tongue appeared to be glued to the roof of your mouth. You had too many brain cells focused on the pulsing heat at the small of your back to unstick it. You were literally swimming in arousal at this point, and you suspected you would expire of frustration if your demon were to stop his mind game. As if on cue, Bucky’s tongue flicked out, tasting the shell of your ear. When a sound finally escaped your throat, it wasn’t the protest you had been planning; it was a low, urgent moan.
“Please,” you sighed, clenching your thighs together against the sudden surge of your desire.
“Good girl,” he cooed, tightening his grip around your waist, making you feel the entire length of him in your back.
You expected him to take advantage of the situation. In some ways, it would have been easier for you to hate him. Against all odds, he simply took your hand and guided it to the juncture of your thighs, leaving warm kisses on your neck while doing so. You fought against his urging for about half a second before giving in with a strangled moan. Your desire was just too much for you to fight it. It felt like you had to come, or you would break into tiny little pieces, never to be put together again. It was his fingers you craved, but you’d rather die on the spot than admit it out loud.
Slowly, you slipped your hand between your legs and stroked yourself, his fingers laced to yours in a possessive embrace. The touch was gentle, barely there as you drew lazy circles over your sensitive clit. Your cheeks burned in shame when you realized how wet you were. Closing your eyes, you put just a bit more pressure on your clit, sending an electric shock through your nerves. Your shallow panting turned into a moan against your better judgement. There was something far too intimate in the way the both of you were standing.
“You drive me crazy, doll” he growled in your ear, biting your lobe. “You have no idea what’s going through my head right now.”
“Tell me,” you begged, fastening the peace of your fingers without even realizing it. “Please.”
“My, my, Y/L/N, you’re something else you know that?” he asked with a chuckle. “D’you wish to know what I’d do to you if you were mine?”
“Yes,” you moaned, grasping the back of his neck with your free hand to stop you from tripping because of your wobbly legs.
“I’d spread your legs and put my fingers inside your sweet cunt, finding you soaked just for me,” he purred, grinding against you. “I’d hold your hips still and drag my tongue all along your slit. I’d eat you out and make you come so good, doll.”
“James,” you moaned, your hand tugging at his hair.
“Maybe I’d push your face down to worship and suck my cock, would you like that? Put that tempting mouth of yours to good use,” he resumed, and even though you didn’t answer, the loud moan that escaped your lips spoke volume. “You’d let me do anything to you, wouldn’t you? I’d bend you over and fuck your tight little cunt, make you come all over my cock again and again ‘til you beg me to stop.”
“I– I’m coming,” you whimpered.
“That’s it, good girl, come for me,” he praised, smiling against your skin. “Let go, Y/N.”
It was your name on his lips that sent you over the edge and your vision flashed white with pleasure. The tail end of the orgasm rippled through you as you realized you were in the middle of a public restroom and your hand was still between your leg. Muscles quivering in the aftermath of the massive release, you lay your head on his shoulder and breathed like a runner at the end of a marathon. For a long, breathless moment, you bathed in the warmth of the afterglow. Bucky’s vibranium arm was tenderly wrapped around you and he was still peppering kisses along your neck.
“Well,” he said quietly against your skin. “That settles it.”
“Hm?” you asked, lazily, your mind still clouded by your mind-blowing orgasm.
“You were right,” he explained with a smug smile. “There’s absolutely no chemistry between us.”
“Cocky bastard,” you muttered under your breath, hiding your smile in his neck.
Tumblr media
You were roaming inside the kitchen, suddenly craving for your favorite brand of cookies. You were pretty sure there was one box left but you couldn’t get your hands on it. By now, the rest of the team had learnt not to steal your food, but you had still covered your cookie box in, ‘Don’t eat my cookies you fuckers’, ‘Y/N’s property, back off’, ‘I don’t know who you are, but if you eat my food, I will find you’, ‘Ask Tony for a raise if you can’t afford your own food’ and ‘Don’t you dare’ sticky notes. Reaching for the top cupboard, you pushed up onto your toes just to see that if was empty.
Well, not exactly empty. There was a sticky note. ‘Sorry doll, midnight munchies. BB’. Motherfucker. Why did he have to be so infuriating? In a fit of rage, you slammed the cupboard door and left the kitchen. This bastard was clearly making your blood pressure shot up beyond the safe limit. You rushed through the corridors, hammering the floor with your feet, and went to the elevator. First floor. Fourth floor. Hurry up, goddammit! Fifteenth floor. Finally. You charged out of the elevator like a water buffalo, directly to Bucky’s room. You didn’t even bother knocking before entering.
“What did we fucking say bout eat–” You stopped dead in your tracks, greeted by the sight of Bucky wearing nothing but his boxer-briefs. “Jesus fuck! Why the hell are you naked?”
“Well, last time I checked, I was in my room.”
“You could have warned me!”
“You kinda burst in here like a cannonball,” he laughed, not even trying to hide his partial nudity. “What am I supposed to do? Put a sock on the door or something?”
“A sock on the– Who does that?” you asked, dumbfounded, before you remembered what you were coming for. “Nevermind! I don’t care. You fucking ate my cookies! Again!”
“Your coo– Oh, you mean these?” he asked with a devilish smile on lips, grabbing the empty cookie box on his desk. “Were they yours?”
“You know damn well they were mine!” you nearly shouted, crossing the distance between the two of you to pull the box out of his hands, hitting him with it to punctuate each of your words. “It’s. Got. My. Name. All. Over. It!”
“Ouch! Why are you so mad?” he asked, laughing, as he threw your makeshift weapon away and pulled you gently into him. “Is it so important?”
“Yes, it is,” you whined, not even trying to fight his embrace. “I wanted cookies…”
“I’ll buy another cookie box, I promise,” he said, gently kissing your nose, but you were still pouting. “Okay, two more. Ten. Fifty. An entire truckload of cookie box just for you!”
“Yeah, just so you can eat everything as soon as my back is turned,” you accused him, hiding your smile and letting your hands roam his broad chest. “And that’s completely beside the point, because I’m hungry now!”
“You drive a hard bargain, doll,” he purred before pushing you gently onto his bed, covering you with that big, strong body of his, pinning you in place. “Let me makes this up to you.”
“Get off me, you cookie monster,” you growled, struggling helplessly.
Forbidden arousal tugged at your center as you remembered that night you had shared a few weeks ago. It had been your own hand that brought you to climax, but it had been Bucky’s dirty talk that had made that climax inevitable. You swallowed on a dry throat, your emotions ping-ponging wildly, moving too fast for you to identify them all. You hated the sensation of being trapped underneath him with nowhere to run, hated the fact that he was playing with you like a puppet. And yet, it was hard to deny the desire to find out what would come next.
“Trust me,” he murmured, and you didn’t know whether it was his words or his tone, but the shiver that ripped through you was equal parts excitement and fear.
Bucky’s weight shifted above you. He was smiling down at you, his baby blue eyes glowing faintly. Your breath came in shallow pants and your mouth was dry with desire. He lowered his head slowly, giving you time to push him away if you wished. But you didn’t. You couldn’t. You wanted to feel his lips on yours. A feeling of desperation rose through you and you kissed him deeply. You moaned into his mouth, and he responded with a soft grunt, his tongue exploring your mouth. Your hands, animated by their own will, slid against his torso.
His lips touched the skin of your neck, and it was like your body went up in flames. A decidedly unchaste moan escaped you, and you wrapped your arms around him, your hands buried in his gorgeous, silky hair. His lips were soft and warm, but there was nothing soft about his kiss, as if he was trying to eat you alive. If he had kissed you any harder, it would have left bruises. One of his hands went up your chest, his finger curling possessively around your breast, and his teeth suddenly closed around the juncture of your neck and shoulder.
He hadn’t really touch you yet, and you were already a moaning mess. You were pretty sure you could have stayed like this forever, forgetting the outside world existed, but he used his knee to nudge your legs apart, then settled between them. Even though he was still wearing his underwear, desire clouded your mind and you felt yourself arching against him. He pressed himself hard against you, eliciting a deep moan out of your lips, and your hips bucked against your will. You dress had ridden up and he was almost directly pressed against you. You wanted more. You hooked your fingers into his boxer-briefs.
“No,” Bucky whispered in your ear with a husky voice. “I won’t make love to you, doll. You’d regret it afterward, and that I cannot allow.”
“Why are you being– Such a tease?” you asked, fumbling with your words as he bit on your skin again.
“I can still take care of you,” he purred, squeezing your breast while doing so. “I can make you feel good. So good. I just need you to use your words.”
“Yes,” you pleaded, writhing under his touch. “Please…”
“Good girl,” he praised, his lips ghosting your skin.
You desperately wanted to rip off his underwear to feel him inside you, but you kept your hands buried in his hair to resist the temptation. His hips began to move, his cock stroking you beneath the thin layer of cloth. It shouldn’t have felt so amazing, not to a mature woman who had already had sex before, but there you were, writhing under him. Bucky was in full control and the sensations were almost too good to be true. Feeling him thrust against you, his cock hitting your clit just right with each stroke, had you on the verge of orgasm in no time.
You arched up against him, wanting to take that next step into bliss, but he slowed his pace and lightened his strokes, tormenting you and making you ache for release. You tried to hurry him along, your legs wrapped around his waist, but he would have none of it. And when you released his hair, meaning to hurry yourself along since he was not cooperating, you soon found your hands pinned above your head. He was in charge, and he was letting you know. You were too busy moaning out loud to find the force to protest.
He kept you hanging there, right on the brink of orgasm, for what felt like forever and a bit more. The anticipation tightened every muscle in your body, and every once in a while, you had to remind yourself to breathe. But it also felt so good to be on that brink, knowing with total certainty that he would eventually push you over and that it would be worth the wait. You almost didn’t want it to end, though it didn’t stop you from straining your body up toward him. You realized he was probably edging himself at the same time, and it fueled your desire.
“Tell me what you need, doll.”
“I need to come,” you moaned, fighting his grip on your wrists. “Please make me come.”
Just when you were beginning to think you couldn’t bear it for another moment, Bucky gave one last hard, perfect stroke, and the pleasure exploded through your body. You screamed something incoherent as your back arched and your toes curled, you heart threatening to hammer its way out of your chest. He kept trusting against you until he had milked every last spasm of pleasure he could out of you and you lay there completely limp and panting for breath. It was a while before coherent thought returned. When it did, you realized Bucky hadn’t come, still hard against you.
“You didn’t come,” you stated awkwardly as you felt heat creeping up your cheeks.
“I wanted it to be about you,” he said quietly, caressing tenderly your cheek. “My beautiful, beautiful, Y/N.”
“Stop it,” you said playfully, pushing his hand away, straddling him in one swift motion. “Don’t go sweet talking me!”
“Are you finally falling for my charm?” he asked, raising an eyebrow. “Are we about to finally admit our feelings to each other?”
“You wish,” you answered, trying to pretend your heart didn’t climb the millions at his words and hoping the warm flush that had crept up your face would go unnoticed.
“Put me out of my misery, Y/N,” he whined dramatically.
“Put you out of your misery, right?” you asked, silently wishing he was being serious. “Let me do something for you then.”
“Y/N,” he whimpered, closing his eyes as you pulled his boxer-briefs down. “You don’t have to– Fuck…”
He gripped the sheets as you pulled his cock upright and wrapped your fingers around it. Anything else he might have said disappeared from his mind. All he could focus on was the feel of your hand on him. He'd wanted this for years, dreamt about it night after night, imagined it every time he stepped into the shower or laid back in his bed with his fingers sliding down his length. You stroked him, your grip loose around him as you moved from head to base. Bucky gritted his teeth, breathing heavily through his nose.
You slid your fingers up to the head of his cock and slid his foreskin up and down before gently dragging it back. He bit back a grunt when you trailed your thumb down the underside, brushing the sensitive part of his shaft. He tipped his head forward, watching your hand move, and you looked up at him. You met his eyes and smiled as you rose up a bit, free hand wrapped around the back of his neck to pull his head to you. You kissed him, tongue sliding over his with the same rhythm as your fingers on his cock. Bucky shuddered and jerked in your grip.
“Like that,” he muttered, his head crashing back down on the pillow as you circled the pad of one finger over the head of his cock. “There, just– There, fuck, like that. That's so good, doll. Just how I like it.”
Humming to yourself, you followed his whispered directions. Long glides, shorter pumps, firmer at the base and lighter near the head. He could feel his heartbeat in the shaft under your fingers, could see it in each throb as you stroked him. He stared at you, mouth open and panting for breath, as you leaned forward. You looked up through your lashes, eyes locked on his, and wet your lips. Flattening your tongue, you dragged it up the length of his cock, one long lick from root to tip. He grabbed the edge of the sofa and swore in a deep rumble.
Your hair swayed around your shoulders as you worked your tongue over him, around the ridge, across the head. You took your time, peppering kisses along his shaft, sucking on the head, before opening up and taking as much of him in as you could. Bucky clutched the sheets again and swore, groaning when he felt the back of your throat. Lashes fluttering, you pulled up quickly and focused on the head. Bucky watched you in awe, forcing himself not to buck up into your mouth each time you licked a bead of precum off his skin. He felt a tightening in his abdomen, core muscles tensing, and he put a shaking hand on the back of your head.
“I’m close," he mumbled. “Don't want– If you don't like–“
You shook your head. You stroked him again, watching his eyes. Faster, both hands around his length, pumping him in your fists. You kept your eyes on his face, never looking away from him. He felt his skin tingling, heard his heart thrumming in his ears. Without taking your eyes off his, you ducked your head and closed your lips around him, latching around the head of his cock as he came. Bucky's eyes snapped wide open in surprise and he groaned deep in his throat, unable to stop the short, quick thrusts between your lips. You held the tip in your mouth until the last spasm ended, then sucked gently as you pulled off.
“Fuck,” he moaned deeply. “You’re a little witch, you know that?”
“Hmmm,” you purred as you swallowed his cum, giving him a knowing smile. “Are you finally falling for my charm?”
“Yes,” he laughed, still out of breath. “A thousand times yes!”
“Stop fooling around, Barnes.”
For a brief moment, he seemed… Hurt? But in a blink of an eye, it was gone. Maybe– Maybe he had meant it. This thought caused you great distress until common sense came back to you. Of course, he didn’t mean it. You waited a bit more, but Bucky gave no reaction. After a few moments, he finally got up of the bed with a heavy sigh and pinched the bridge of his nose briefly. Next thing you knew, he was his normal self again, relaxed and smiling. He put back on his boxer-briefs and gave you a flirtatious wink when he caught you staring.
“Like what you see, uh?” he teased you, raising his eyebrows suggestively. “My dearest Y/N, just admit it already.”
“Shut it, punk,” you answered in a playful and gentle tone, unable to hide your smile. “And don’t think I’ve forgotten about the cookies you owe me.”
Tumblr media
Every Friday was movie night. The room was a bit chilly, but the plaid cover thrown across your legs provided you some comfortable warmth. The rest of the team were off outside the building doing whatever it was that they preoccupied their time with. Well, not exactly all the rest of the team.
Bucky was sitting beside you on the couch, his body a second source of warmth that soaked into your pores and relaxed your clenched muscles. Your lips curled up in a tender smile, driven by a will of their own. It felt good, kind of domestic. And for once, you deserved to feel good, if only for a little while. You let your eyes slide shut, still smiling faintly. Bucky’s fingers traced over your face, caressing from forehead to chin and back again. You sighed and turned your face into the caress, your body relaxing even more.
His hand cupped your cheek, and he pushed you away a bit so he could look into your eyes, his gentle smile warming you in ways the plaid cover couldn’t. It was so easy to fall under his spell, to let yourself relax and open up in his presence. Something deep inside you longed to let go completely and to entrust yourself entirely to his care. You were tired of being always so vigilant and guarded. The idea was as tempting as it was scary, because you knew you could easily end up with a broken heart.
You started to pull away from him, confused by your own change of mood, but he just held tighter until you could barely move. His sensuous lips curved into a smile, but he didn’t say anything. Holding the back of your head, he bent his own head toward you.
“James,” you whispered, battling to say calm despite your racing heart.
“I love it when you say my name,” he whispered with a husky voice, his lips maybe an inch from yours. “I could get used to it.”
As he closed that final distance between the two of you, his lips touching yours, you felt a fire burning in your chest. You made an incoherent sound, half protest, half pleasure, as he feathered kisses over your lips. You wanted to tell him to stop, but when you opened your mouth to say the word, nothing came out. Your tried once more to squirm out of his grip, but your body refused to move. And though it seemed completely out of place, a bolt of affection shot through you. He took advantage of what he must have considered an invitation and slid his tongue into your mouth.
One of your hands slid along his chest while the other tugged at his hair almost desperately. His free arm sneaked around your waist as he tasted the inside of your mouth with gentle, delicate licks. A moan rose from your throat, and even you could hear the longing in that sound. You wanted to be his. You wanted him to be yours. It suddenly became obvious to you. Kissing him felt like abandoning a part of yourself in the process, and you were more than willing to do so. All you could think of was how your heart ached for him.
When Bucky’s tongue stroked yours more firmly, you felt like your body might melt with the pleasure of it. He tasted so good you thought you could never get enough; a bouquet of flavors you would never get tired of sampling. His lips were soft and moist, his body a reassuring cocoon of warmth surrounding you. Although you couldn’t miss his massive erection with his legs tangled with yours, he wasn’t trying to take this to the next level; you would have been more than willing. When he broke the kiss and released you, your first reaction was a mewl of protest.
“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, doll,” he growled, his voice hoarse with desire.
“I want you…”
“Falling in love, at last?” he asked with a chuckle.
“Yes,” you admitted in a small voice, your heart dropping into the depths of your already nervous stomach.
“My, my, you’re– Wait. You– What?” he stuttered, staring at your face wide-eyed.
“I love you,” you said, caressing his skin tenderly with shaking fingers. “I should– I should have said it before, but I was just scared. But now… Now, I’m not scared anymore. I– Do you–?”
All of a sudden, he grabbed you, hauled you up against his body and kissed you. Your resistance to that kiss lasted perhaps a total of ten milliseconds. When you gave in to it, you gave in with all your heart, wrapping your arms around his neck and clinging for all you were worth. It felt almost surreal to feel his body so close against yours.
When his tongue dipped into your mouth, you let out an uninhibited moan of pleasure. His hand cupped the side of your face, and the warmth of that touch melted some of the ice that had formed around your heart. You never wanted him to stop. While his lips were on yours, your mind went on vacation, wandering in the most amazing places. Instead of thinking all the time, you merely felt. His lips were soft and wet on yours, just like you liked them, and in that thought, your heart started beating staccato.
Unfortunately, it seemed that Bucky had more to say to you, so he broke the kiss long before you were ready. You made an incoherent sound of protest and tried to capture his lips again, but he put his hands on your shoulders to hold you off. He was breathing hard, and his eyes were dark with desire, but somehow, he found to willpower to stop. He lowered his head, resting his forehead against yours. There was no denying he was a treat to look at. Baby blue eyes framed by thick lashes, sun-kissed skin, muscles in all the right places. A dream came true.
“I love you,” he whispered, closing his eyes. “You have no idea how much I love you.”
“Show me…”
“You shouldn’t say things like that, doll,” he chuckled quietly. “I could take advantage.”
“Please,” you moaned. “I need you, James. I need–“
Once again, he interrupted you with a kiss and you abandoned yourself to his warm embrace, relishing his taste and smell. Fire burned through your veins and your heart hammered in your chest as you straddled him on the couch. With a moan, he shifted so you could feel his erection pressing firmly between your legs. Your hands moved with a will of their own, plucking open the buttons of his shirt and smoothing over the skin of his chest. Still kissing him as if your life depended on it, you found his nipples and tweaked them, making him moan and jerk beneath you.
He pushed your shirt and bra up until your breast were bared, not bothering to unbutton or unclasp anything. He just couldn’t wait to see you. Without any warning, he surged forward, seizing one of your nipples between his clever lips. It was your turn to moan, and your back arched without your conscious volition. His tongue rasped over the hardened bud, and he sucked just hard enough to be almost painful. Then he fastened his hands under your butt to lift you from the couch, eliciting a moan out of you.
He set you on your feet by the couch, then attacked your button-fly jeans. You took advantage of his moment of distraction to pull the shirt off over your head and lose the bra. You pushed his hands away before he has finished with the buttons, but his cry of protest died when you slid his shirt off his shoulders. You reached for his belt as he tackled the remaining buttons on your jeans. He got rid of his socks as you shoved his pants and boxer-briefs down his legs. You meant to go down on your knees and take him in your mouth, but he was too impatient to get to the main event.
He pushed you onto the couch, dragging your jeans and panties down, then cursing when everything got tangled around your ankles. He cursed some more and finally successfully freed your legs from the bundle of clothing, making you laugh in the process. You knew from personal experience that Bucky was usually a slow and gentle lover, loving the foreplay and the buildup as much or even more than the climax itself. Tonight, finally assured of your love, staring at your nude body for the first time, he was too desperate, too needy. But then again, so were you.
He fell on top of you, using his knee to shove your legs apart, and planted his lips on yours. The brush of his tongue was so incendiary that it felt like every nerve in your body spontaneously combusted. You wrapped your arms around his neck and clung, a greedy, whimpering sound rising from your throat. Taking a deep breathe to cool off, he pushed your hands out of the way, circling your wrists with his fingers and pinning them to the couch beside your head. He raised his head just enough to give him room to speak. You could easily see the mingled heat and determination in his eyes.
“You make me lose my mind,” he shuddered, planting a gentle kiss on your nose. “Keep your hands to yourself, let me take care of you.”
“I want to touch you too,” you begged, writhing under him.
“Behave, doll,” he warned, nipping at your lower lip, then soothing the sting with his tongue. “I’ll give you everything you want.”
You wanted to argue with him, but he plunged his tongue into your mouth, and the only sound you could make was a moan. As soon as you surrendered, he let go of your wrists, using one hand to draw maddening circles on the slope of your breast while his tongue tangled with yours. Instinct urged you to wrap your arms around him again, to hold him close to you and feel the warmth of his skin under your hands. You fought those instincts, kissing him back with every drop of your passion while you lay still beneath him. There was a raw hunger in his eyes and you shivered, not sure if it was because of anticipation or desire.
His head lowered and he trailed kisses down your throat. You had to curl your hands into fists to keep from running your fingers through his hair. As he worked his way down, those circles he had been drawing on your breast finally shrank until a single finger brushed your nipple, over and over. Your back arched again into that touch, but his hand move away far before you were ready. The good news was his mouth was moving steadily south. You didn’t completely understand the game he was playing until his mouth started circling your nipple.
He mimicked the pattern his fingers had made before, and his hand slid down past your navel. When you realized that his mouth was going to continue following the trail blazed by his fingers, you moaned loudly. You groaned when his fingers circled your clit, knowing that with just the tiniest hint more speed or pressure, you would have gone off like a rocket. But he knew how to read every nuance of your responses so he could keep you on that razor’s edge without pushing you over. Inside your chest, your heart was racing.
You took a certain savage satisfaction in the fact that once Bucky had made his way down to the juncture of your thighs, some of his inhuman control seemed to suddenly snap. Instead of teasing you mercilessly as he had with his fingers, his tongue took only a brief sample before he settled in to word in earnest. You were already on edge, and pleasure overrode every other thought and sensation until you almost forgot how to breathe. Your hips slightly raised as if seeking out his mouth in case he planned to leave, and he obediently sucked on your clit.
“Right there! Oh my god, James,” you cried, coming undone under his tongue with a loud and deep moan, finally gripping his hair as you thrust your hips against his mouth.
“Y/N, Y/N,” he moaned out loud, giving your pussy one last lick. “Tell me,” he panted, his lips curved into a smirk as he crawled back to you, kissing you on the mouth. “Tell me you’re mine,” he growled, letting you taste yourself of his tongue.
“Yes, yes, yes,” you chanted against his lips. “I’m yours.”
You felt him nudge at your entrance. He moaned again in your kiss as he slowly sank into you, stretching at your walls. You were wet enough to let him bury himself in one thrust, and though it was a first for the both of you, it felt like coming home. You pulled his head down to yours, and he kissed you with all the pent-up tension of a man who has been separated from his true love for months. You drowned in the reality of him, in the natural fit of your bodies, in the dizzying rush of his desires, in the terrifying intensity of his love.
Emotions rioted within you, bumping into and tangling with each other so wildly that you couldn’t have named a single one of them. A trickle of sweat ran down the side of your face, but you barely felt it as your concentration narrowed and focused on the place where Bucky and you were joined. Every other sensation became inconsequential as you felt the tension building there, coiling tighter and tighter, until you thought you couldn’t stand on the edge of that cliff for another moment. When the coil finally released, you screamed. Dimly, you were aware of Bucky reaching his own release, his cry seeming but a shadow of yours.
He cuddled you in the aftermath, your head cradled against his chest, your legs intertwined, both of you panting desperately for air. One of his arms was wrapped around your waist in a solid, unbreakable grip. His chin rested on the top of your head. You inhaled deeply and caught the delicious sent of him. He felt so warm and strong against you that it sapped all your will. You could stay there forever and you knew he’d let you. He cupped gently your cheek in his hand, tilting your head up toward his. For a moment, you thought he was going to kiss you, but he didn’t.
“I don’t know what I ever did to deserve you,” he whispered, kissing your forehead tenderly. “You’re too good for me. Almost too good to be true.”
“You’re not so bad yourself,” you chuckled playfully.
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