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they can’t stop us now
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“lost focus and had a consensual workplace relationship”
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For September prompt TURN in @mcuchallenge
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Lost focus and had a consensual workplace relationship
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Steve about Loki: For pronouns, he selected 'He/Him'. For gender, however, he wrote, "No". For sexuality, he wrote nothing. For religious affiliation, he wrote, "Sure, why not".
Loki: Who am I to stop you from worshipping me?
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some cozy lokis before bed
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by 虎吠
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Every time I manage to draw a halfway decent Loki after dozens of attempts I cry tears of joy 💖😂💖
I'm working on a fluffy Lokius comic over on my Patreon if you'd like to read it! It will also be available as a purchasable webcomic after it's complete!
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Kinktober Day One || Begging and Orgasm Denial
Word Count: 1200
AN: Yes I am posting this at 11pm on September 30th but only so it's in the tags for tomorrow :D
Divider by @firefly-graphics
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“Ah, ah. Hands by your side, dove,” Loki chided. His voice rose smooth as velvet from where he knelt between your legs, each syllable fanning warm breath against your cunt that clenched with desperate need for him.
Always you needed him. 
The blood coursing your veins burned for him, setting every nerve ending alight and craving the soothing balm of his touch, something he was giving you freely tonight on the condition that you refrained from touching him or yourself. 
Foolishly, you had believed it would be easy. You had believed your lover would simply worship you to orgasm while you guided him to where you liked being touched best. You had believed that would happen once, maybe twice, until he fucked you to exhaustion with his cock. 
How wrong you were. 
The soft cotton of the bedsheets was bunched in your tight fists, the edges of sharp nails digging into the soft skin of your palm, though you barely registered the twinge of pain. “Loki, please. Please, I can’t…I need to come. Please, please, please!” Your own words were close to garbled, leaving your lips in a shaky, high-pitched whine that was raspy and hoarse with need. 
Loki had built you up to the beautiful edge only once, he had told you to ride it, and then he had made it skate away into nothing until the waves of pleasure in your core stilled to nothing. 
Then he had waited. 
And waited. 
And waited.
He had ignored your frantic pleas for twenty minutes before returning his warm mouth to your cunt, and you had felt him smile against you when a soft sigh of contentment floated from your lips, his touch having your entire body relax into the plush mattress. 
He looked like sin personified kneeling between your legs. His black hair was tousled, cheeks stained pink with desire, and emerald eyes glittering wickedly with lust and mischief. His skilled tongue lapped slowly at your cunt, but only giving you enough friction to feel the gentlest waves of pleasure. It was nowhere close to enough to have you racing towards the edge again. 
“Loki!” you whined, back arching off the bed in a perfect bow. You knew it was pointless, knew you would stay like this until he decided you could come, but the need to climax, to finish over his face, was making you brazen. “Loki, please! That’s enough, please! I need to come. I need to…ah!” Your words were stolen by his lips latching firmly around your clit, sucking lewdly and sending a sharp shot of glorious pleasure rippling through you. 
His laughter, dark and teasing, vibrated against your cunt and made you buck. “You do sound so lovely when you beg,” he taunted, rising from between your legs to hover over you. You caught the glimmer of your own arousal coating his chin. “But you want to come, darling. You don’t need to,” he said, his voice low and menacing. 
Your hands went slack against the tangle of warm sheets as cool dread began to seep into every limb and pore. He had done this only once before. You had hated it. You had loved it. You had been aching for him to control you in that way again, to have your most basic, primal need in his hands. It was infuriating. It was intoxicating.
“No, Loki, please! No! I need to come! I need your cock! Please!” you continued to beg, fighting valiantly to ignore the growing wetness between your trembling thighs. 
Loki’s cool hands glided to your breasts, his thumbs rubbing teasingly over erect nipples while he peppered small kisses and bites along the smooth skin of your collarbone. “But darling, you’ve pleasured me with that wonderful mouth of yours three times tonight in the hope that I would allow you to come. Just think of what else I could make you do if I kept you like this.”
A soft curse slipping from your lips betrayed your arousal. “Loki, please. I’ll do anything. Please let me come,” you tried again, but becoming all too aware that you were fighting a losing battle. What Loki wanted, he usually got. 
He went still against your collarbone, but his warm breath continued to tickle your skin. It took less than a minute for him to gaze down at you with a mischievous smile pulling at the edges of his lips. Almost instantly, your heart began to race furiously in your chest, feeling as though a small bird was attempting to break free through your ribs.
“Anything, darling? How very foolish of you.” He placed one last bite against the column of your neck, this one decidedly rougher than the last and making you yelp. “Beg me not to let you come,” he all but growled in your ear, the twitching of his cock against your thigh betraying his excitement. 
You attempted to swallow the moan that bubbled in the back of your throat, a futile gesture when the silken pad of Loki’s thumb slipped between your legs to circle your clit. The cry that left you echoed around the room and had you buck wildly against him in search of more friction. His touch was the perfect rhythm, the perfect pace, and in only a matter of minutes, you were skating close to that wondrous edge, the freefall to pleasure glittering before you like a new diamond with each swipe of his thumb. 
“Loki…please…please…” you tried, balling the white sheets in your fists again. The edge was shimmering right before you. All you needed was his expert push to blind you in bliss. 
“Please, what, dove?” Loki’s voice was taunting and filled with silent warning that he expected you to obey him. 
You whined beneath him, the searing desire to orgasm making your core throb and beg for release, but always you would obey your god. “Please don’t let me come,” you whimpered pitifully. 
Loki hummed his approval. “I’m not quite convinced that’s what you want, dove. Try again,” he taunted, brushing the tip of his cock torturously through your soaked cunt to brush agonisingly against your clit. 
A huff of frustration, tangled with a desparete cry of need, left your lips to rise into the air, lifting a tendril of Loki’s hair off his cheek. “I don’t want to come, Loki! Please don’t let me. Please!” 
A satisfied smirk spread across his face while he continued to ease his cock into you inch by beautiful inch. “As you wish, darling. I wouldn’t dream of making you do something you didn’t want to.” His cool fingers returned to roughly pinch a nipple, making you gasp with the sharp pull of pleasurable pain. “But don’t forget your manners.” 
You gazed at him in silent confusion, his words swirling in your addled brain until you realised he wanted you to thank him. Your core pulsed with fresh arousal. “Thank you for not letting me come, Loki.” Your words were delivered on a single breath, a breath shaking from arousal, but they seemed to appease him.
He pinched your nipple, hard, in response. “Good girl, and you’ll thank me again when I spill inside this pretty denied cunt.”
Tags: @cake-writes @sineads-art  @thedistractedagglomeration @joyful-enchantress @amethyst-dow @sailorholly @hyperfixating-on-loki   @vickie5446 @el-zef @all-envy-suyu @trickster-maiden
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The Proposal
Pairing: Sugardaddy Loki x f! reader
Warnings: Amber...I think she's her own warning, swearing, smut, mildly explicit smut(p in v), dirty talk (the word slut is used),
Summary: your new friend invites you for coffee and Loki needs you.....
Part Twelve-
Tumblr media
You grabbed your jacket and purse heading down the hall when you heard your name "y/n, wait up." You turned seeing Amber run up to you "hey, whats up?" You asked smiling. "I was wondering if you wanted to go grab a coffee or something?" She asked smiling. "Oh..umm sure I can do that." You said slipping your jacket on. You walked to the coffee shop around the corner looking for an open table "why don't you go sit down I'll order." She said smiling. You nodded telling her your order you grabbing a table in the corner.
A few minutes later she joined you handing you your drink "so y/n, tell me about yourself." She said smiling. "Oh, there isn't much to tell. I live alone, don't have many friends....God I sound so boring." You said laughing "no, not at all you sound responsible." She said "so, dating anyone?" She asked wiggling her eyebrows. You looked at her a bit unsure how to answer "umm..no, not at the moment." You said fidgeting with the cup. "How about you? Anyone special?" You asked smiling. "Oh, not at the moment, but I have my eyes on someone." She said smirking. "Oh, someone at school?" You asked sipping your coffee. "No, but I think you know him." She said watching you.
"Mm, I'll be right back." You said getting up running to the restroom. You washed your face looking in the mirror sighing. You wished you could tell people about Loki, tell the whole world how you felt but you knew what would happen if you did. You cleared your throat grabbing a towel drying your face you walked out to rejoin Amber seeing her holding your phone. "What are you doing?" You asked walking up to the table. "Oh, sorry! You got a text." She smiled handing you your phone. You snatched it from her quickly opening it seeing a text from Loki "y/n, are you home? ~L~ " you read, texting him back that you were at coffee with a friend he replied "I need you home in twenty minutes. ~L~" you read. "Yes sir." You responded putting your phone in your bag.
"Sorry, I have to go but I'll see you at school tomorrow." You said grabbing your things. "Oh ok, I'll see you later." She smiled as you hurried out the door to your apartment. You got in dropping your purse on the floor hanging your coat up running to the bathroom to freshen up when you heard the door open, turning to see Loki rush in closing the door "oh..sir I was just..." you started as he stormed towards you gripping your hair his lips crashed to yours, feeling his tongue run across your your lips you parted them, his tongue dove into your mouth making you moan. Pulling back he kissed across your jaw, down your neck. His other arm moved around your back pulling you to him "I need you y/n." He breathed against your neck. Tilting your head he sucked on the skin below your ear "I need to feel you...please." he whispered in your ear nibbling your earlobe.
"T..take me...sir." You moaned gripping his shirt. His hands slid down your sides grabbing the back of your thighs he lifted you up. Wrapping your legs around his waist his lips found yours again, walking you to the bedroom he kneeled on the bed, gently laying you down he leaned back on his knees looking down at you. "You are so beautiful" He breathed, reaching back he lifted your leg pulling your shoe off tossing it across the room, doing the same with the other he leaned down kissing you gently, his fingers sliding up your smock unbottoning it slowly "Please sir." You moaned rocking your hips againt him. "Mm patience pet." He breathed nipping at your neck. He opened your smock kissing down your chest growing seeing your green bra. "Mine." He growled nipping the top of your brest making your moan.
"Please sir...i...I need you." You moaned, lacing your fingers through his hair. "And you will have me." He groweled, sitting up he flicked his wrist making the rest of your clothes disappear, lifting your leg he flipped you over onto your stomach, pressing his front to your back feeling his erection press into your thigh. "How bad do you want it pet." He growled in your ear rocking his hips against you "god...sir please.." you panted feeling his fingers slide between your folds circling your clit making you cry out. "Mm so wet already, your a little slut aren't you?" He breathed into your ear feeling your cheeks heat up "I'm your slut sir..." you moaned feeling his fingers slide to your entrance "who do you belong to pet?" He growled nipping your ear "y..you sir.." you panted feeling him slip two fingers inside you "who does this cunt belong to hmm?" He growled curling his fingers inside you making you cry out "God sir....you sir....only for you." You cried out as he fucked you with his fingers "Mm Good girl." He said licking the shell of your ear.
He leaned back removing his fingers making you whine. "Don't worry pet, I have something else for you." He said. You gripped the duvet feeling his cock press againt your entrance. "Yes...please sir.." you moaned rocking back. "Since you asked so nicely." He groaned, pushing the tip of his cock in. "Safeword pet." He growled holding himself in place. "R..red sir." You panted as he pressed onto you "good...girl" punctuating the last part with a hard thrust bottoming out. "Norns pet your so tight." He panted pulling out slamming back in jolting you up the bed. "Aahh fuck...fuck me hard sir..." you cried out digging your nails into the bed. "Oh, I plan to." He groaned. He looped his arm around your chest pulling you up with him, pressing you down on him.
He spread your legs wider with his knees cupping your beasts as be snapped his hips up into you. "Aahh fuck..." you yelled, the new angle making him hit places you didn't know you had. You laid your head back on his shoulder, feeling his lips on your neck you reached back lacing your fingers into his hair "touch yourself pet, let me see you." He growled rocking into you. You reached between your thighs rubbing your clit, sliding your fingers back feeling his cock inside you. "Mm..do you feel how well you take me hmm? How tight you are around me?" He growled gripping your hips bouncing you on him. "Oh god sir...i...im..." you cried out gripping his hair. "Ah ah....not yet." He groaned stopping his moments making you whine. "Sir..please sir.." you whined looking at him, seeing his pupils blown wide licking his lips. Feeling his fingers crossed your cheek "you are perfect pet.." he breathed against your lips "so are you....daddy." You moaned rocking your hips.
His tongue dove past your parted lips, devouring your mouth as his hips slammed into you making you moan in his mouth. He pulled back looking at you "I can feel you squeezing me pet.." he groaned. Closing your eyes you felt the coil tighten in your stomach. "Aahh fuck..daddy i...im...." you moaned "look at me when you come pet." He said sternly. Your eyes flew open meeting his. "Come for me y/n..come now." He growled as your orgasm slammed into you gripping his hair hard feeling him twitch inside you "come daddy...come inside me." You cried out hearing him moan spilling inside you. He thrust into you a few more times riding you through your highs before he slowly pulled out laying you both down. You felt his fingers run up and down your arm as you both tried to catch your breath. You rolled over facing him seeing him smile "that...was...amazing." You panted hearing him laugh "I still have so much to show you." He said kissing you gently.
You laid like that for a few minutes before he cleared his throat "I must get back, and you need to rest." He said sitting up. You couldn't help the disappointment that coursed through you seeing his clothes reappear. "Stay right there." He said walking to the bathroom, coming back with a warm towel he gently moved you to your back cleaning you up. "I will see you Friday pet, do not fret." He smiled tossing the towel aside, were you that obvious? You thought to yourself. You got up grabbing your robe following him to the door. "Rest pet, and I will see you soon." He said gently kissing you "I will sir, I promise." You said smiling. He ran his fingers along your neck. "Goodnight y/n." He said smiling "Goodnight sir." You smiled back as he opened the door slipping out.
You went back to your room dropping your robe climbing in bed. You closed your eyes picturing his beautiful emerald eyes that always seemed to entrance you. You sighed rolling over. You had a plan for him this weekend and you hoped he would enjoy it. You drifted off to sleep hoping Friday would hurry.
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I noticed that TR and Loki show fans often call Loki weak.
My only question is have they ever watched anything before TR and Loki show, because they look so surprised when I tell them that Loki is actually able to easily beat Steve after being tortured, be equal in a fight with Thor and kill a bunch of dark elves with his bare hands.
Also, if he was weak, Thanos wouldn't be so interested in torturing and controlling him in order to use him.
Also, a little reminder:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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The Night Screams at The Slumber Island (Loki x Female Reader) (Horror Romance) (Dark) (Au) (18+)
Series Masterlist
Chapter 1
Summary: You enter the Slumber Island and meet your new neighbour.
Warning: Mentions of recurring nightmare and trauma, spooky stuff
Tumblr media
The sound of the ferry horn woke you up from the nightmare you were in, the same old nightmare again, but it happened to you and it was your reality just a few months ago. You had fallen asleep at your seat, the woman in front of you was staring at you so you smiled at her. 
"You off to the Slumber?" She had an accent of sorts as she spoke and you shook your head,
"No I just, I haven't slept in two days" you told her politely.
"I mean the Island, the Slumber Island, you goin ther to live?" You nodded your head as you understood what she meant, it would take a bit getting used to living in a place that has the word slumber in its name.
"Well that's a one way ticket" she mumbled and you raised your brow, you didn't want to indulge in one more conversation so you just nodded and smiled. At the port you grabbed the two suitcases you had with you and looked around. It looked gloomy..even at 2 pm the island looked sad and dead, there was no sunlight, it was cold and the clouds seemed heavy, you walked away from the port, your realtor Tony had told you that there would be a taxi to drop you straight to the house.
"Hello can you uhh drop me to this address" you gave the address slip to the driver and he smiled. 
"Get in mam, you are the new resident of the Minola house right?" You looked at him surprised as he said that, but then it was a small island so you should have expected it.
"Yes..I ..uhh how did you know" you chuckled nervously and he smiled, he had a kind smile but for some reason you couldn't trust him.
"I'm one of the people in the selection committee, we approve who gets to board here, by the way it's Phil" you smiled as he introduced himself, on the way he kept talking to you and you hummed in response to not come across as rude. He dropped you a few meters away from your house and it made you confused,
"I have two bags, can you drop me in front of the house please?" You asked him politely but he denied and turned the taxi around to leave. 
"What the hell..Great welcome jeez" you cursed under your breath as you felt extremely annoyed.
"Need assistance darling?" You jumped on your spot as you heard the voice, then you turned around to look at the man, he had a maroon oversized shirt on with a wife beater underneath? Who wears a wife beater still? The black pant was snugged around his legs, his long below the shoulder length raven hair was scruffy but not in a dirty way but more like I didn't condition after shampooing way. 
"Hii sorry..I got..umm spooked" you mumbled so he walked towards you and grabbed both of your trolley bags,
"Well you better get used to that on this island, the name is Loki" he raised his hand forward, removing it from the handle of the trolley. Pretty veiny hands. No stop, the whole reason you got here is to escape them. Men like him. He had an accent, probably English, he seemed too good looking to live on an island like this. His green eyes bore into you as you didn't respond to the gesture, 
"Uhhh hii..it's y/n" 
"I know" 
"Are you on the committee too?" You chuckled and he smiled, he was a perfect specimen for the peak male beauty you couldn't deny that.
"Something like that" As you reached the door, you took out the keys from the purse and fumbled with it. 
"You live nearby?" You asked him and he hummed.
"Right in front of you, we are neighbors darling" 
"I'm not your darling, stop calling me that" you got agitated all of a sudden and you could tell he was confused by your reaction. He helped you and you didn't want to doubt his intentions but you couldn't help it either.
"I'm sorry I am just..very tired, thank you for the help..I really appreciate it" you smiled at him and he returned it but there was one thing that still bothered you "I was told there were no other houses in one mile radius from here" you told him and he raised his brow in response,
"That's weird because I'm right here with my house" he pointed towards his house and you chuckled, 
"Yeahhhh I'd invite you in for a coffee as thank you but..I need to settle in, thanks anyways" you told him as you stepped inside quickly to not engage with him any further.
"No worries dear, if you need anything you can always knock on my door" 
He winked at you as he made his way towards his place and you closed the door. It was dark in there so you turned on the light. There were two rooms, one kitchen, two bathrooms, it looked different in the picture, cleaner, there was a portrait of a woman hanging above the fireplace and she seemed to be staring right into your soul so you walked towards it. 
"Well I have a roomie it seems..hey there" you read the name at the bottom of the portrait and it registered as the name the taxi driver Phil said.
"Minola Wright" maybe this house belonged to her at some point. You went on your day cleaning and stocking up, there was a fruit and vegetable market that ran from 8-10 am in the morning and if you didn't get there on time you would have to get to the mainland for shopping, for milk and meat there was a vendor named Steve who had a small shop by the beach. 
Life seemed here as if it was pushed back fifty years but maybe that's exactly what you needed because you were done with the life in the city. 
After cleaning up your room and having dinner you got showered and ready for the bed, you ingested your sleeping pill and waited for it to knock you down but it took its own sweet time. 
You had a cellphone but there was no reception on the island expect the main cellular service, you had saved your favorite songs and movies in there to watch if you feel like it, opening the photo gallery your eyes teared up as you found a picture of yourself on your 26th birthday two years ago, taken at a club in NYC, you looked happy and drunk, surrounded by your friends and him. 
You turned your phone off before you could dwell in deep, that's not why you came here.
You fell asleep soon after but it didn't last long because you woke up to the sound of a woman screaming and it scared the life out of you. 
At first you thought you were experiencing a hypnagogic jerk or an exploding head syndrome but you were wide awake and you heard it again, it sounded like it came from a farther distance but the sound kept getting closer and closer with every passing minute.
You got off the bed, turned the lights on and it didn't make you feel any better because you could still hear the sound of a woman wailing. She sounded distressed. You can't be imagining this right?
You got to the living room as your heart sped up with fear and anxiety, then you looked at the portrait and Minola seemed weird, something different. Her eyes, she wasn't looking at you anymore, she was looking to the side. 
"No no no that's just, fuck you're tired y/n" you closed your eyes to rub your temples and when you opened it, Minola was staring at you again. 
Living alone on an island didn't seem like such a good idea now. 
You walked towards the door and set aside the curtain on the window next to the door. The neighbor's house was all lit up, so you did what he asked you to do.
You knocked on his door. 
Taglist @mcufan72 @stupidthoughtsinwriting @fraoid3 @wheredafandomat @michelleleewise @daddylokisqueen @123forgottherest @usagishira @elegantcheesecakecrown @sashas-recs @lukira1337 @vickie5446 @spageddyhoes @witchypandamonium @javagirl328 @slpnbty2001 @mochi661 @lovingchoices14 @annoyingsweetsstranger
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Tumblr media
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Did you notice that when mcu "reinvents" the character, they ruin it?
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Tumblr media
"-I can't be the problem anymore, Mobius.
-Who said you were?" ✨️
black and white ink on a4 paper. | art PRINTS here✨️
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Tumblr media
Incorrect Loki Quotes [90/?]
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