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you heard the guy
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Flufftober 2nd: "You told your parents?"
Tumblr media
Summary: You and Steve are visiting your family for the holidays with big news. He's terrified of their reaction.
Prompt by: @flufftober Graphics by @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
You and Steve were in the car, trunk loaded with presents, heading up to your parents house for the holiday. If you were an outsider looking in, you would think that it was a perfect idyllic moment. But as you looked over at Steve, you saw the tight grip he had on the steering wheel. You noticed that he wasn’t humming along to the music and his jaw was set firm. You reached over and placed your hand on his arm, he was pulled from his thoughts as he looked over at you. He relaxed that arm and let you pull it over to your lap, placing your hand in his. 
“Steve, it’s going to be okay.”
He sighed a deep sigh. “I know you say that, but you’re not the one that’s going to be on the firing line here.”
“You’re not going to be on the firing line. My mom is already so excited.” At your words, his head snapped over to you.
“You told your parents?” He asked in a panic.
You caressed his hand. “Just about the engagement. I wouldn’t tell them without you.”
“Oh God, this is going to be a disaster. Your mom is going to hate me and your dad and brothers… they’re going to kill me.” He was full on panicking at this point. You couldn’t help but laugh a bit though. 
“I’m pretty sure you can take them, Steven.” He looked over at you and glared at you.
“Oh yeah, because that’s a great first impression. ‘Hi, I’m Steve Rogers. I’m the guy who’s marrying your only daughter and the baby of the family, and, oh yeah, she’s also pregnant. Let me beat you up with my superhuman strength.’ That will go over real well.” 
All you could do was laugh and hold his hand up to kiss it. “Maybe not quite that direct, sweetie.”
He groaned and you could tell that he was actually very nervous about all of this. “Sweetheart, I need you to listen to me. I know you are worried, but I am being 100% serious when I tell you that you have nothing to worry about. They are going to love you.”
He took a deep breath, still finding it hard to believe you but feeling slightly better.
Another hour had passed and you were finally pulling into the snowy driveway. Steve got out and walked around to your side, opening your door and helping you out. You weren’t showing too much yet, but your hips had been in pain, expanding to accommodate your growing womb, and he did all he could to help ease the discomfort.
The front door opened and your mom quickly made her way down the steps of the porch and hurried over to you, wrapping her arms around you. You returned the tight hug with tears in your eyes. It had been around a year since you had seen your family and you forgot just how much you missed them. 
You were all quickly ushered inside and into the living room. Steve set your luggage down and stood tall and proud. Only those closest to him would notice the nervousness just under the surface. Your three older brothers, sisters in law, and nieces and nephews wouldn’t be here until this evening. You had made sure to get here earlier to give Steve a chance to ease into it all. He had never had a big family and what family he once had, had been gone for a long time. 
“Mom, Dad. This is Steve… my fiancé.” He looked down at you when you said it and the look of love in your eyes gave him a boost of confidence. His whole life was right there in front of him and he would do anything for you. Even brave the next few hours of terror. 
He looked back up at your father and stuck his hand out firmly. “Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” You almost snickered when you heard him using his “Captain America” voice, but you weren’t going to push him right now.
Your mom surged forward, wrapping her arms around Steve. At first he tensed up, not prepared for the sudden embrace, but you could see him visibly melt into the hug. “Please, you’re marrying our daughter. There’s no need to be so formal.” Steve felt such a loving presence from her. Your father, well, he wasn’t cold, but just more reserved, waiting to pass judgment on whether he approved of his little girl's partner.
They ushered you into the living room, you sat beside Steve and held his hand. He was sitting up stick straight. Obviously incredibly nervous. “So,” Your mom started, “When are we going to be planning a wedding?” 
You took a deep breath. “Well, we are probably going to want to have it pretty quickly. Probably this spring.”
“Oh honey, there’s no need to rush. I’m sure you would prefer to take your time. Planning a wedding takes a long time.” 
“Well, we are wanting to have it sooner rather than later. We don’t want to wait.” You said, the nerves of telling your family finally starting to build.
“What’s the rush, sweetie?” You mom continued to push. “I promise you, you won’t want to rush through it all. It’s better to have a good long while to plan everything. I mean when I-”
“I’m pregnant!” You hadn’t meant to yell it out. You mom was just starting to stress you out about pushing the wedding and you couldn’t hold it in any longer. You looked around and Steve was tensed back up, his face giving little away but you knew he was bracing for an onslaught of yelling. You dad looked taken aback and your mom’s eyes were wide. 
“Y-You’re pregnant?” Your mother questioned carefully. All you could muster is to nod your head. After a beat your mom clapped her hands together and let out a squeal of joy. “Oh Sweetie, that is the best news! I am so happy!” She jumped up, pulling you up into a hug. 
“We weren’t going to say anything until this evening but I couldn’t hold it in anymore.” You looked over and gave Steve an apologetic look. He nervously smiled at you, he cleared his throat, feeling like he needed to say something. Your father still seemed wary of him and Steve felt the need to change that.
“I want to assure you both that I love your daughter with everything in me. We had talked about me taking a step back and finally hanging up the shield after we got married. That decision became so much easier now that Y/N’s pregnant. I don’t want to put her or our child at risk and I don’t want to risk not being there for them. I’ve lived my life for others for long enough. It’s time for me to live for her, our child, and for myself.” Your mom seemed totally sold at his words but your father still looked slightly unsure. Your mom picked up on his hesitation. “Y/N, sweetie. Why don’t we go get everyone some dessert to celebrate?” She pulled you towards the kitchen and Steve nodded at you, knowing that he needed to have this talk with your dad. 
As you and your mother left to the kitchen, Steve and your father sat in awkward silence. Steve finally spoke up. “Sir, I just want to reiterate that I love your daughter and want to give her everything in life. I know that the timing of all of this is backwards and I, more than most, appreciate the old fashioned way of doing things. That being said, I wouldn’t change a single thing. I want to marry your daughter and I want to have this baby with her.”
He just nodded his head, letting Steve’s words process. 
Steve was confused. “When what, sir?”
“When did you decide to marry my daughter? Was it before or after you found out about the baby? I guess it doesn’t matter much at this point, but it would be nice to know that it was before yo-”
“October 2nd, 2022” Steve interrupted him. “Over a year ago, on our third date. We went to a fall carnival. It was still slightly warm out and she was wearing a white dress and a soft blue cardigan. We had just played a carnival game and she wanted some cotton candy. She smiled up at me and I saw my whole future flash before my eyes. I knew then and there that I wanted her for the rest of my life.”
Steve wasn’t sure how your father was going to react to what he said but was relieved when your dad let a small smile cross his face. “It was my fourth date with her mom. We had gone to the movies and I had chosen something scary, thinking it would help me get close to her. But of course, she had to turn my plans upside down. She laughed the whole movie. Every scary scene was one where she giggled. Turns out, she loves scary movies and always laughs at them. I was sold from then on out.” 
Steve smiled as he told the story, you had the same reaction. “I’m sorry that we sprung all of this on you. We had hoped to tell you tonight along with letting you know that we were thinking about moving back here. If I stay in the city, I feel like I’ll be drug back into the fray. We want to get away from it all and no better place than by family.”
Your dad seemed to light up at that. He had missed his little girl and the prospect of having her closer was a welcome thought. 
“Can I be honest with you, sir?” Steve asked. He nodded yes, prompting Steve to continue. “I’m man enough to admit that I am scared shitless.”
Your dad laughed at that. “I promise you, I don’t bite. Now her brothers? No guarantees.” Steve chuckled lightly at that. 
“No. It’s not that. Although there was and is some definite fear there as well. I don’t know if you know my history, but I didn’t grow up with much family. My father died before I was born and it was just my mom and I for a while. She died when I was just 18 and then it was just me. I didn’t have any father figures growing up. I’m just terrified that I’m going to screw it all up. Y/N and this baby deserve the best of everything and that includes a husband and father. I am just worried that that won’t be me.”
Your dad just walked over to the side table poured himself and Steve a drink, handing the dark amber liquid to Steve. “I’m gonna be honest with you, son. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. It’s mentally, emotionally, and surprisingly physically exhausting at times.” They both laughed at that. “But just expressing that you're worried that you're not going to do it right makes me know that you will. Will you make mistakes? Absolutely. Every parent does. There’s no manual to all this. But you try your best each day and love them with everything you can. That’s all there is to it. Oh and you gotta teach them to whistle. Y/N can’t whistle worth a damn, so that’s on you.” They both laughed heartily at that and they heard you and your mom coming back into the living room. The smile on your face making both mens heart’s ache. Steve’s for how beautiful you looked, hand resting lightly on your barely there belly, and your father as he saw the beautiful woman his little girl had now become. Your dad clapped a hand on Steve’s back. “You’re going to do just fine, son. Besides, anything you need, we’ll be here for you.”
Tumblr media
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Dark!Nomad Steve x Innocent! Reader x Dark! Bucky
You stumbled over your feet sleepily, green blanket dragging across the floor. Tears stained your rose colored cheeks. Mr. Cuddlesworth sat in your left arm, while your right hand reached for the doorknob. You sniffled, blinking thick tears away that clouded your vision.
Opening the door as quietly as you could, you carefully tiptoed inside. An unfamiliar voice startled you. “Uh, dovey? What’re you doing?”
Your eyes widened, realizing you were in the wrong room. “Sorry, I-I thought this was daddy’s room. Didn’t mean to wake you, Bucks.” You sniffled again, nervously petting your panda’s fur. “Was just upset.”
Bucky stared at you for a moment. He could tell you had been crying, due to how puffy your eyelids were. “Did you have another one of your silly nightmares?” He mocked, or consoled. You couldn’t really tell.
You wiped your cheek. “S’ not silly,” you pouted, “was scary.” You could still visualize the entire dream vividly. It sent thrilling chills up your spine.
Bucky grinned. Your terrified body only gave his mind the permission to run wild. He paused the video he was watching and pulled his hand out of his underwear. Oh, he was going to have fun with this. “What do ya say we cuddle for a bit? I know you like huggies.”
You squeezed Mr. Cuddlesworth. You looked back at the door, still yearning to find Steve. However, it wasn’t often Bucky comforted you. It made you feel warm on the inside, he was actually being nice to you for once. Slowly, you nodded.
Bucky’s grin only deepened. He patted the spot beside him, watching as you innocently crawled into bed next to him. “There we go,” he soothed, wrapping an arm around your waist, “now tell me, what scared my dovey?”
Your lip wobbled. Unconsciously, you leaned into his calming touch. “I-I accidentally tripped an’ scraped my knee. So I yelled for daddy, but he,” your eyes watered, “he never came. There was no one around and I-I was alone.” You hiccuped, burying your face into the brunette’s neck. “Don’ want everyone to leave m-m-me. Don’ want d-daddy to leave me.”
Bucky rolled his eyes. Steve. Steve was all you talked about, the only person you cared for. It was really annoying, and it really started to piss Bucky off. Never, in a million years, did he think he’d be competing with the skinny kid from Brooklyn over a girl. Yet, here he was, consoling you, wishing you were his. What did Steve have that he didn’t?
Faking his sympathy for you, he placed a small kiss to your unbrushed hair. “Ssh, it’s alright dovey. You don’t need Steve now. I’m here. Right here for you.” He raised your chin with his finger, revealing your tear-filled eyes that turned him on so much. “How about I show you something? It’ll take your mind off that silly dream.”
You nodded, attempting to stop your tears from falling. As you tiredly wiped your eyes, you noticed Bucky grab his phone from the nightstand. You bit your lip in anticipation, wondering what he wanted to show you.
“Promise this’ll help you relax,” he reassured, as he resumed the video he was watching earlier, “one of my favorites to help me wind down.”
Chewing on your lip, you gasped. A man and a woman were indulging in dirty, sexual acts. The woman, who’s body was alarmingly similar to yours, was tied down to a bed. She moaned, or cried—you couldn’t really tell—as the man used some kind of rubbery whip on her. It made you feel sick. “D-Did daddy say we could watch this? I don’t know if he would like it…” you whispered.
Bucky grouched. “Daddy this, daddy that. I’m Steve’s best friend, I think I’d know what he’d allow you to watch. Don’t you think?” He looked at you, a sinister gleam in his eyes.
You gulped. You had to admit, he was right. Bucky was daddy’s best friend since before you were even born. He probably did know what Steve allowed and what he didn’t. “Guess so,” you shifted uncomfortably, “but…”
“Ssh. Don’t worry your dumb baby brain anymore. Just watch the video, dovey.” He kissed your cheek, hand slowly sliding between his legs again. “Be a good girl for me.”
You whimpered, but nonetheless nodded. Bashfully, you watched as the lewd sex scene continued to play out. Bucky had turned up the volume, so the only thing you could hear now were nasty moans and squelching. Red welts had begun to appear on the woman’s body. You shuttered. The video reminded you heavily of the bruises Bucky used to leave on you when you had special playtime together. Thank goodness Steve put an end to that, but the mental pain still lingered.
Though you were not turned on by the filthy video, you couldn’t help but clench your thighs together. The pressure made you whine, and you nervously buried your face in your panda. You were tingly again. “Bucky, m’ starting’ to feel funny…” you began to cry, embarrassed of what was happening to your body, “want daddy.”
“Steve’s sleeping…” Bucky removed his hand from his cock. He was undeniably hard now; Watching your stupid brain try to understand porn was incredibly appetizing. “…But how about I help you, hm? I bet I can make the funny feeling go away faster than ol’ Stevie can.”
You drew in your lip. You shook your head at the assailant as his hand inched towards your gown. “No…”
“Just let me, dovey.” He kissed your cheek, licking up your salty tears. “Promise it’ll feel so good.” He continued to kiss down your trembling face, while his fingers slowly moved your panties to the side.
“Buck, have you seen sweetpea? She wasn’t in her—” Steve stopped in his tracks. “Get the fuck off her.”
Your head immediately whipped towards the door. Like an angel sent from heaven, your savior was here. “Daddy?” You reached for him, emotions beginning to stir. Tears streamed down your face as he lifted you from the bed. “Was so scared…” you mumbled against his thick beard.
The blonde pet your head, and placed a tender kiss to your nose. “No need to be scared anymore little one. Daddy’s got you.”
Bucky groaned. He threw his phone to the side, adjusting his position on the bed. “God, Steve. Couldn’t have waited five more minutes? I almost had her.” He blatantly fixed his boner.
Steve glared. “You can be such a dog sometimes.”
The brunette rolled his eyes. “Like you haven’t done worse Mr. “fuck my wife while she’s asleep”. At least she’s conscious when I try to do it.”
“Don’t patronize me.” Steve said as he snarled his lip. He swore, living with Bucky was like living with a Frat brother sometimes.
Bucky scoffed. “Whatever. You guys are moving out soon anyways. Planning on finding a girl to move into Y/N’s room once your gone. Preferably one that has a brain.” The man then pulled the covers over himself, and flipped over.
You frowned, Bucky’s comment only making you weep harder. With nothing left to say, Steve carried you, bridal style, back to his suite. He let you cry into his neck, though he was mad at you.
Sitting you down on his bed, he gave you a stern look. “Why were you in his room?” He questioned, fire behind his eyes.
You squirmed, not liking confrontation. “Was lookin’ for you… didn’t know he was awake..” you mumbled.
“Did he touch you anywhere?”
You shook your head, but the disapproving look on Steve’s face made you want to curl in on yourself.
“I don’t believe you,” the captain stated, “stand up and strip. I want to check you.”
You squeezed your eyes shut, hiccuping as tears ran like a river. You hated when daddy checked you. You didn’t even know what he was checking for. It’s not like you were sick down there or anything. Slowly, you stood from the bed. You cautiously removed your gown, revealing your panties and bra. You could feel Steve’s gaze, and you felt like you could’ve melted from embarrassment.
The blonde watched as you stripped down to nudity. His eyes combed over your body. Taking a step forward, he pushed on your chest. You carefully seated yourself on the edge of the bed. You dreaded this part.
“Spread ‘em.” He demanded.
You sniffled. “Do I have to, daddy?” You begged him with big wide eyes, hoping he would just cuddle you until you fell asleep…
…And he would, but not until he was through checking you. He had to make sure there were no traces of semen or cum. Steve knew you would never cheat on him, why would you? You thought the sun rose and set on this man. Yet, he was still paranoid. Nobody was going to impregnate you unless it was him.
“Spread your legs, Y/N.” He repeated harsher.
You whimpered. Daddy was getting mad. With great reluctance, you opened your thighs. You closed your eyes, and turned your head away. Immediately, they snapped open when two thick fingers entered you. “Daddy…”
Steve only hummed. He twisted his fingers inside your baby cunt, searching for anything out of the ordinary. You lightly panted as his fingers slid in and out of you.
Eventually, Steve pulled his fingers from you. He brought his index and middle finger to his face, eyes scanning for sperm. You watched as he obnoxiously sniffed his fingers, and the sight made you blush. You were filled to the brim with embarrassment. “A-Am I all clean, sir?” You squeaked.
Lewdly, the soldier slid his gooey fingers into his mouth. He moaned at the taste, coming to the conclusion that Bucky hadn’t entered you this evening. Good. “Yes, you’re all clean princess.” He picked you up by your thighs, and held you to his chest.
You breathed out, relieved, and snuggled into his neck. “Thank you, daddy.” Albeit, you didn’t know what you were thanking him for.
“Your welcome.” He kissed your cheek. “My good girl. My perfect fiancé...”
…and soon to be mother.
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Steve calling Bucky Irish terms of endearment. 🤍✨🥺😭🤍Bucky calling Steve Hebrew and Yiddish terms of endearment. 😭🤍🥺🌟
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The Deal
Steve Rogers x reader; Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 1273
Warnings: My blog is 18+ so minors DNI. Some smut, horror, minor gore, non-con, demons, mentions of rituals, murder, pregnancy, prison, Dark Steve, Demon Bucky, deals with demons, drunken behaviour, misogyny, breaking into places, brutally honest rejection, masking behaviour, drugging and possession.
Prompt: Orange and Black
A/N: This is my second instalment for Screamtober 2022. This one involves my two loves of the MCU – Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes. I thought I’d turn Steve into something dark, but Bucky is darker despite not necessarily showing it. I do love it when there is a dark streak to them as it’s fun to write.
My work isn’t beta read and my mistakes are my own. I do not give permission for my work to be posted elsewhere. Please feel free to like, comment and/or share as feedback is always welcomed. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
If you looked at him, you’d be forgiven for thinking he was the pinnacle of perfection. Steve Rogers – the man with a plan, America’s golden boy and a man out of time. Those blue-green eyes and sunshine smile were a façade. They hid a black heart, disguising it in the form of an angelic hero. Men wanted to be like him, women wanted to be with him, and kids looked at him like he was the ultimate hero. The truth was that he was a man with little compassion. His mind warped by his values and the false reality he told himself that he lived in. It started after one of Nat’s friends rejected him calling him a boring old man. It was the last thing she ever said to him. That night he broke into her home and saw to it that she would never speak or see again. Keeping her eyes and tongue in a preservation jar, he saw them as a trophy. He felt that modern women had overstepped their mark and needed to be reminded that they were the weaker sex for a reason.
Two months later he struck again after he was rejected by a woman at a bar while he was out with Sam. Janine was a friend of Sam’s and he introduced her to Steve that night. Sam was dragged away by his old hook-up Leona leaving Steve with Janine. He tried to strike up a conversation with her, but she told him that he had no idea what was trendy and that he might be hot but had little else desirable. His ire was raised, and he left almost immediately. Hiding in the alley way, he waited in the shadows with bated breath. Janine stumbled out of the bar, inebriated and unaware of the direction she was headed. Knowing there was no-one else around, Steve rapidly grabbed her from behind placing his hand over her mouth as he dragged her down the alley. Her fight was futile, with one effortless twist, he snapped her neck and once again, took the eyes and tongue. Little remorse for his actions, he put them in a second jar.
This pattern kept repeating itself. Then there was her. She was different, special, innocent. Yet she was also his temptation. The way she dressed in those pencil skirts, blouses and cardigans, it cried out how much she wanted him, not that she ever verbalised it of course. And the look in her eyes, the smile and sparkle in them that told him she was his, but more importantly she spoke to him with respect. The genuine interest in big band music, his art, stories from his past – everything told him she consented. The admission that she’d never has a serious boyfriend before and was still a virgin confirmed, in his head, that she said she was waiting for him.
She had agreed to go on a date with him – taking her to the funfair. He had been the perfect gentleman, sweet and respectful. He asked her if she wanted to go back to his and she agreed without hesitation.
Sitting in his living room, he handed her a mug of coffee.
“Y/N, I’m so glad you and I went out tonight” he tucked some of Y/N’s stray hair behind her ear as he sat next to her, facing her.
“Me too Steve, I had a great time” she smiled softly, “I love spending time with you; you’re funny, smart, interesting and a complete gentleman with a moral compass that I appreciate” she admitted wincing slightly as she drank her hot coffee. Steve took her mug from her and set it down on the coffee table. Shifting closer to her, he cupped her chin in his hand.
“With your permission, I’d like to kiss you” he whispered. She nodded as he placed his lips on hers. The tenderness of the chaste kiss teased her as he tested the waters, the kiss deepened hastily, both hungry for each other. Steve had never felt so happy, he had found his one and was determined to keep her – at any cost. As their lips parted, she began to feel weak and dizzy. Before she could complain, she passed out in his arms. Steve’s sickly-sweet smile became dark as he lifted her up and carried her to the bedroom.
She woke up bound to a bed, naked with Steve on top of her, his pace as he thrusted into her was one of a man possessed.
“Steve… no… please” she begged beginning to cry at the invasion of her body.
“Sweetheart you asked me for this, you wanted this and I’m giving it to you. I’m going to fuck a baby into you, the three of us will be a happy family” he spoke intermittently between his thrusts as he focused on his mission. She tried to look around, but the room was filled with jars containing eyes and tongues. Bile rose in her throat as hot tears were streaming down her face. He came in her without care for her emotions as she felt that icy seed burn within awakening something dark within her. Without warning, doors were busted down and special agents entered arresting Steve before he could do anymore damage.
Steve sat there in orange; the special high security SHIELD prison unit kept him under control using various creative means. He was led to the visitation room. She entered, her tummy swollen with his child and a malicious grin on her face. She sat opposite him and held his hands.
“He is due on the 6th” she grinned.
“He? I have an heir” he checked. She said nothing at first and studied Steve sitting there looking smaller somehow.
“I have followed the rituals as the book said, 7 women and 6 men all taken and offered”
“And the master?”
“He is the one I have brought forward; he is here today” she looked back at the door as they heard screams of pain and terror with bodies and blood being splattered as the door opened. He stepped in, a long black woollen coat, black trousers, black polo neck jumper and black shoes to match. His shoulder length brown hair neatly brushed and looking better conditioned than those in adverts. His footsteps were measured. He smiled at Y/N, slipping an arm around her waist and kissing her passionately before looking at Steve. Anger displayed itself on Steve’s features, he was confused.
“Steve, I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful woman. She now carries my son and heir. You did your job and I’m grateful” he spoke with an eerie calmness in his tone.
“Grateful? Grateful!! To hell with grateful, we made a deal!!” he shouted standing up and kicking his chair away.
“Sure, we made a deal but like anyone who makes a deal with me, you are an expendable asset” he explained to Steve. With a snap of his fingers Steve’s body was torn in all directions in a bloody mess. “And you’ve just been expended pal” the man grinned as he shook some blood off his patent black dress shoes. He turned to Y/N and kissed her once more. “You’re free from that mere mortal, doll” he grinned.
“Thank you, Bucky” her voice was soft for the red eyed man in front of her.
“I should be thanking you, let us go – now that everything is in place, we are ready to bring my heir into this world” he spoke running a hand lovingly over her pregnancy bump before escorting her out not caring for the mess they left behind.
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Tumblr media
Whatcha watchin, Steve?
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Captain America 😍
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Tony: *pats his lap looking for a while at the man next to him*
(Y/N): *actually sits there*
Tony: I knew you couldnt resist me anymore *goes back to previous conversation with somebody*
Steve: *moves closer to (Y/N)* are you ok with this?
(Y/N): I had put up with that behaviour for more than 20 years of our friendship and 8 of marriage, this is nothing-
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
by 薄荷气泡美式
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New photo of Anthony ☺️
Cr: Twitter
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Marvel Treasury Edition #9    September 1976
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From the article:
Anthony understandably couldn't reveal if Sebastian might appear in Captain America 4 (Kevin Feige has eyes and ears everywhere, after all), but he did tell Distractify this — "Sebastian and I work really well together. We have a lot of fun together. We're old enough now to where we can't get in trouble anymore. So, you know, I think it's inevitable that at some point in time, we'll cross paths in the universe again."
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Tumblr media
Chris missed the leaves change so he search one up😂
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Tumblr media
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A night out with the boys ✨️🤎
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