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Yelena: Are you straight?
Kate: Don’t insult me.
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Y/n: I'm thinking about being an old ugly evil witch and scaring children when they walk by our house.
Kate: Oh, for Halloween?
Y/n: ... no
Yelena: I'm in!
Wanda: No...
Natasha: Yeah, we don't need another witch. One is enough.
Wanda: ....
Natasha: I mean, why do you guys want to scare children on daily basis? Pfff
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hi! can i request kate bishop x reader fic where theyre in a really packed subway and kate had to press r against the subway wall because of how full the subway was (r is a flustered mess bcz their bodies were pressed against eachother)
Busy, Busy Subways
Pairing: Kate Bishop x Reader (Platonic)
Summary: The busy subway gives you a little blessing
| Fluff? | 0.7K | No Warmings |
AC: Thinking about how Kate would be so cool about it while Reader is red as a tomato. 
Tumblr media
“Did we really have to get the subway?” you asked with a slight eye roll from how crowded the train was. “It’s not that bad” Kate replies with a playful smile. The subway is overcrowded, with only more people getting on than there are people getting off. You were pushed up against the window while Kate stood in front of you, holding onto the railing above her. “I’m literally never getting the subway again” you sighed when the subway came to its next stop. 
“Just think about something else, we’ll be off in the next few stops” Kate suggested. “Honestly, I just want to get back to your place and play with Lucky” you admit, the fellow pup being a good friend to you. “Sometimes I think you only hang out with me to see Lucky” Kate joked, “you’re not wrong” you chuckled, earning a playful slap on your arm. 
The subway took off from its current stop, a little too hard you thought as Kate was pushed up against you by the jerk of the subway and the passenger behind her losing their balance. “I’m sorry” Kate said softly, “I-it’s fine” you avoided eye contact, only to smell her perfume that brought back memories of the first time the two of you met. Her shampoo had a strawberry sent to it, making you crave the fruit. Kate placed a hand on your shoulder to help keep herself from crashing into anymore, not that it was possible at this point. You felt the redness in your cheeks grow warmer with every bump the subway tracked over, you’d never been this close to the woman you’ve crushed hard on since meeting her. 
“I can’t move back, I’m so sorry” she apologised again, you didn’t respond but give her a soft smile while you felt the warmness and comfort of her body so close to you, if this situation was different, you believed you would’ve smashed your lips against hers without a second thought, if you also had the confidence to do so of course. 
Just when you thought she couldn’t get any closer, Kate is pushed ever so slightly closer against your body. Her body warmth now stronger and you could see the finer details of the skin on her face and neck. God she’s beautiful you thought, hoping she couldn’t see how red felt but with the twinkle in her eyes and the slightly smirk, she knew. 
“How m-many more stops?” you asked with a slight stutter. “Only like 3 more I think” Kate smiled, “it’s getting stuffy in here” she adds. “You don’t say” you cocked a brow at her. 
With every bump in the track, Kate was pushed closer to you and each time she would take the smallest step back with the given room she had, you didn’t want her to move away deep down. “Are you okay? You look a litt- “
“I’m fine” you quickly replied before Kate could finished her sentence. In fact, you were not fine, you were pressed up against a friend, a friend you love, more than just a friend. The soft touch of her hand on your shoulder brought comfort and by the next stop you felt yourself melting into her presence, adjusting to her being only inches away from your lips as your eyes couldn’t stop flickering to them when she looked out the window. You took in how soft, plump, and full they were, how you desperately wanted to feel them on yours, to run your thumb softly over her bottom lip, to cup her face and kiss her with all you had but you were snapped out of your thoughts by yet another bump in the track, “okay maybe getting the subway wasn’t the best idea” she joked. It was the best idea you said to yourself. 
“Yeah, last time I follow you” you chuckled to hide your flustered look. 
Eventually the subway arrived at your stop and the two of you with Kate gently having a grip on your left arm, moved through the crowded transport, and exited safely. You looked at Kate as she brushed herself down, wondering if she felt anything the way you did back there. “I love you Kate” you spoke so, so softly. 
“What was that?” she looked up at you with a smile, your heart racing as you collected yourself. “I said, let’s go Kate, I’m hungry” you played it off but deep down you promised, one day, not today, but one day you’d say it again so she could hear. 
Tumblr media
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Hello, Again
Kate Bishop x Fem!MaximoffReader
Wanda Maximoff x Natasha Romanoff
Warnings: Steve Rogers, Violence.
Disclaimer: This will be following the premise that Wanda/Pietro were teens in AOU vs the newly founded info that they’re actual grown folks. (IE—19 vs canon 26).
Age Gap: Wanda & Natasha (12 Years)
Tumblr media
Wanda was sat in her bed, staring off into the distance in a completely stumped manner., "Sestra, what is the problem?," she turns to face Pietro with a relieved smile on her face., "Piet, I still don't understand how you survived that attack, I heard the many shots...," he smirks., "I'm just that good sestra.," then he winks for good measure, and she rolls her eyes.
She shakes her head at his deflection, he's never been the one to face things—no, that was always you. The youngest of the Maximoff's, and the one all those years ago who tried to lead them away from Hydra's reigns, but they really thought it was the right thing to do, and they held that semblance of seniority over you. You being four years younger never made much of a difference either, you'd always been the levelheaded one out of the three of you.
Now though, you've completely disappeared after refusing to help the robot that was later found out to be seeking out the end of all times. They'd pleaded with you to at least stay nearby, but you were stubborn, and decidedly left them in the dark on your eventual whereabouts. Then after everything with Ultron took place your siblings went back to search for you, hopeful that you had left Sokovia, but then they found your faux silver locket lying amongst the rubble; the one to match theirs with a photo of your parents, then one of you three, and that particular discovery broke them into pieces.
Pietro spent all of his time training with the Avengers, because had he just been better, been faster, even smarter you'd have listened. He was always the goofy one to make your pain settle with a good laugh, but maybe if he had been more mature you'd have seen him as a person worth following, and you'd still be here, training with them to become a hero as was always your dream.
Wanda was doing much the opposite, she spent her days hiding away in her room, watching sitcoms to escape the truth that you're missing—she refused to say dead, because you simply couldn't be dead, if you were she'd have felt it. After hours training as per her requirements to remain apart of the 'Avengers Initiative,' she'd cuddle up to that dingy stuffed kitten you'd always held onto whenever you were scared, and she'd mindlessly watch the screen bring to life your favorite show.
Even after months of working with them Wanda always cringed at the thought of this new alliance with the formerly sworn enemies. Pietro was never one to shy away from the new, he always fit in with relative ease, so his ability to acclimate to the team wasn't a shock to her. For the both of you it'd always been a smidge harder, even then you'd managed to do well enough, but she was always the one left to her own devices—if not for your pushy nature she's certain she'd have no social skills at all.
However—outside of Stark, over time she found them all to be relatively good people, and after they all found it within themselves to forgive her she had made these lifelong friends. One of them actually became more than that, and as she prepares to walk down the aisle she wishes even more that you were here to see it. A tear falls down her cheek when she closes her eyes, mind imagining your soft arms wrapping her up in one of your sweet little bear hugs, and she breaks down at the thought of how long it'd actually been since she had you in her arms.
It's been seven long years since she last heard your sweet voice, always singing along to those silly American songs that you'd learned from overhearing the Hydra guards stereos just to get your siblings to smile on the bad days. Wanda always admired the way you kept such a happy go lucky attitude even when the world around you all was clearly crumbling down, she reasons that you got it from your dad, he'd always been the type to go with the flow.
Wanda's unhappily pulled from her thoughts of you, but the voice of her lover settles her hurt., "Moya lyubov', it's me, can I come in please?," Wanda's quick to shout., "No, it's bad luck!," but Natasha opens the door anyways, and she approaches with a hand scratching at her neck, Wanda turns around to see her in the Widow suit, wearing an apologetic smile, and her heart once again fills with dread, but she quickly shakes it off, they were heroes first after all.
"I know I'm marrying the Black Widow, but that's not the suit I envisioned you to be in.," Wanda halfheartedly jests, her mind already coming to terms with switching into her suit. Natasha's smile eases up at her fiancé's clear understanding, and she settles her hands on her hips to pull her in for a 'practice kiss,' but Wanda stops her with a hand to her chest, and a soft glare., "Nat! That is even more bad luck!" The former assassin just chuckles, and resolves to holding her sweetest love in a warm embrace instead, soaking in the temporary peace she offers her before they have to run off to save the world once more.
Most of the Avengers were still in their wedding attire when they'd made it onto the jet, Steve was stood at the cockpit ready to inform them of their mission, and his eyes narrowed when he saw the newer recruits., "What are Bishop and Belova doing here?.," Yelena scoffed, being lumped up with Kate was never something she enjoyed, her talent obviously exceeded hers in all areas of life., "Because—.," Clint quickly cut the blonde off., "They're here because Fury claims this is a low enough risk with the whole team here for them to experience the world of Avenging, and quite frankly we all agreed so get over it Rogers."
Steve moved passed Clint's attitude, everyone aboard knew the man was ready for retirement, and it was no secret that Kate was his way out. After a long ten minutes it was disclosed that Hydra, who'd fallen off the radar back in 2015 was now back and up to their old tricks. They were experimenting on people with nothing, and using them as pawns in their game to win back the control they'd always sought out. Wanda and Pietro's blood boiled at the idea of a new wave of Hyrda lackeys; these young kids with no place to call home were being taken advantage of, and with their unresolved loss of you it just spurred their need to fight on.
When the jet landed Cap had no chance of giving off orders, the Maximoff twins led the way in, and the team followed them easily., "No please, do just go on, I'm just the captain...," he grumbles to nobody before following them. Once stepping passed the threshold he's caught off guard by a set of vines seeping in through the crack in the walls. They wrapped around his limbs, and pulled him flush against the rough brick., "Nice of you to join me Cap.," he turned to see Tony's suit beside him, and he realized he was doomed when no amount of energy was breaking the bondage of the vines.
Natasha, Clint, and their prodigy's Kate and Yelena were grouped up, and before anyone of them could see it coming they were forced into a small circle, their backs brushing as they were surrounded by a wall of fire. Wanda's heart skipped a beat when she saw her love in danger, but then she turned her gaze to see the source of all this chaos, and she nearly fell to her knees. There you stood, a far away look in your eyes, and a desperate Pietro was trying to run to you, but with every attempt he was thrown back by a harsh gust of wind.
Wanda looked further into the space, behind you was a control room of sorts, and she saw none other than Baron Von Strucker's son. Hugo had always been infatuated with you, and it took her less than two seconds to snap his neck when she saw the way he looked at you with an evil, almost proud smile on his face. Wanda knew they must've done something to your mind, because you would never have given them this, your resistance to their movement was what always got you in trouble.
"Is it bad that I think she's like really hot?," Kate whispers, and all parties trapped within the inferno glare at her., "Yes Kate Bishop, it is very bad!," Yelena scoffs, then all of their attentions pulled from the distracted archer when they hear Wanda's blood curdling scream followed only by the firewall fading, and Tony being thrown back into the wall he'd fallen from,. "Wanda! What the fuck was that for?," the captain shrieks, and the room plunges further into silence at the mans profanities.
Natasha looks over to see her fiancé in a state while hovering over your body, Pietro hovers over the both of you with a hand over his abdomen and a sickly pale complexion to boot. With no time wasted, and ignoring the others pleads for her to stay back, she walks over to drop to the ground beside the hurt woman., "Oh, moya lyubov', what's wrong?," she wraps her fingers around her lovers chin, and uses her hold to bring her to face her, but the distance in her eyes leaves her stumped.
Natasha shifts her gaze over to you, and now that she is up close she sees just how familiar you are, and her heart shatters for the twins. With two fingers she reaches out to check your pulse, sighing when she finds it to be strong, and then she stands, bringing Wanda up too., "Piet, get her to the jet, I'll get Y/N.," and the silver haired man looks at her confusedly., "What? You think I didn't know about her? She's going to be my sister in law and all.," and with that he smiles at her, then collects Wanda.
"Welp, let's go.," Natasha calls out, and Steve steps in front of her., "What are we going to do with her?," Natasha glares at him, then she looks back at your calmed face with a smile., "I'm taking her to the medbay, then home.," Steve went to rebut but the deadly glare she sent his way left him returning to Tony's side to assist him onto the jet, and everyone else that remained followed behind her intrigued.
Kate sat beside Yelena, her big brown eyes were permanently transfixed on your face., "Take a photo Kate Bishop, it'll last longer.," Kate's head dropped at the call out, her cheeks having darkened severely, and she was trying to figure out how you'd already been able to get her this flustered and she's yet to talk to you., "You are whipped already? Such a puppy dog.," Yelena cackled when the young archer elbowed her then got up to move closer to Clint who was praying for silence., "Yelena is the worst..."
Wanda was asleep in Natasha's lap, her hands were gentle as they ran threw the Sokovian's auburn locks, and her eyes stayed focused on the rise and fall of your chest, following the promise she'd made to keep an eye on you if the witch would only just give into her exhausted body's pleas for sleep. Natasha rolled her eyes when she saw the power dampening shackles around your hands, Fury was in for an earful from her come tomorrow.
It'd been about an hour since they'd gotten you evaluated, according to the on call staff you had a mild concussion, and it was also found out that you were decently malnourished and above all else dehydrated. Those tidbits left a permanent scowl on the former assassins face as she watched the necessary IV's dripping. Wanda had began to stir, and as she looked to her lover you also began to stir, Natasha's body shivered at the sort of strange sibling bond.
"Where am I?," Wanda's head popped up from her lover's shoulder so fast, and a fresh wave of tears fell down her cheeks upon hearing you., "Wands?," your voice cracked and lip trembled, your older sister jumped up so fast, taking your face into her hands while her forehead fell to yours, and Pietro sped over from the corner., "It's okay, we found you, you're safe now little one, I promise no one will ever hurt you again."
Natasha quietly stood, attempting to leave the room to allow the three of you privacy as you have years to catch up on., “Hey, don’t go.,” she turned back at the sound of your voice, both your siblings were now sat beside your bed, and you were looking to her with a soft smile., “I just thought you guys would want privacy.,” you playfully scoffed., “Nonsense! Family stays. You are my soon to be sister in law, right?”
Kate nervously entered the medbay, the way Friday whispered Wanda’s summonings made her wary, worried she was somehow in trouble. With a faux confidence she finally stumbled into the room, and she was confused when all that was there was a sleeping you., “Wanda?,” she called out quietly, but was met with uneasy silence., “They all left to get me some food.,” Kate nearly lost her footing at the sound of your voice, from the shock of you being up, or from how attractive she found your tone, she didn’t really understand yet herself.
“You must be here to get these off, yeah?,” Kate’s eyes followed yours, she realizes you are looking at the intricate shackles that were holding you uncomfortably to the medical bed., “I-I’m not re-really sure, Miss Maximoff hadn’t said what she wanted, she just called for me.,” You found her nervous ramblings adorable, stifling a giggle at her obvious fear of your absolute teddy bear of an older sister, you’d looked to her inquisitively. “Well…,”
“Kate Bishop.,” she answered your silence, then she nearly melted when you’d smiled at her., “Kate Bishop…” You slowly tried her name out, “I know what my dear older sister wants, but if you want to wait around for her to return I’d far from mind, it would be really nice to have a pretty girl here to keep me company.”
“Smooth sestra, you take after your big bro.,” Pietro teases as he whizzes past the flustered brunette with bags of takeout., “Bishop, focus up, and free my sister, don’t question it.,” you watched with wide eyes at just how quickly the precious thing had submitted to your sister., “Tell no one, you are free to go now. Thanks.”
“Hey! Be nicer to her, I think that’s my future.,” you chastised your sister with a wink after the young Avenger had sprinted out of the room., “Bishop?,” She asked, an air of shock to her tone, but then she was smirking at you., “Actually, no, that makes complete sense…,” the room filled with laughter when you gasped, but within seconds the only one laughing was you, the three of them now dangling from the raptors while you have your way with the food.
Wanda had told you no, that it was fine, and that she could wait, but you refused to be the reason her wedding was postponed a year. Dream venues were already booked out, but with a little help from your friends wind, and water, The Albertson’s, were effectively trapped back in Maryland, and a slot for the lovers had miraculously opened up.
That’s how you found yourself on this beach front property, between your powers and Pietro’s you’d been able to recreate your sisters dreams. Wanda had been anxious, but she was now a crying mess in your arms., “You did it Y/N, perfectly recreated the arrangement.,” you chuckled., “Glad to know you had faith in me.,” She pulled back, pecking your cheek, then you reached up to wipe her cheeks., “Save the tears for when you’re walking down the aisle sestra.”
Wanda was absolutely beaming, the glow of love surrounded her as she walked down the aisle, Pietro to her right in a suit similar to the one your father wore to work, and to the front there you stood, the spot she previously left empty was now filled, it was truly a blessing. When Pietro passed her along she stepped to you first, handing you her bouquet, and you made sure to flash her one of your softest smiles, hopeful in your efforts to calm your sister, and when you managed to catch her returned smile through the veil you’d known you were successful.
There wasn’t a dry eye in the open space as the women exchanged their wedding vows, and there were no cheers louder than your own when they ceremoniously ran off the altar with interlocked hands. A pang of longing filled you when you watched the lovers giggling as they symbolically crossed the threshold into their forever, and without intending to your eyes fell to the gorgeous brunette sat in the third row.
Kate felt itchy having your eyes on her, you’d yet to speak to her since that day a week ago when calling her pretty, and everyday since she’d been too nervous herself to reach out. The daggers Wanda sent her way when she got caught staring at you being the excuse she inwardly used, but truth be told you just made her nervous; in this moment it’s made so much more obvious when she jumps to her feet, her plastic chair goes tumbling, and she awkwardly smiles and waves back at your puzzled face.
Her heart stuttered when you shook your head with a knowing chuckle, a bit too far away for her to hear it, but she’s fortunate enough to remember the glorious sound from the teams movie night you had been at a few days ago., “Kachoo…” Kate looked to Yelena with a furrowed brow., “That was the whip sounding.” Yelena walked after you cackling, and Kate stood there dumbfounded, eventually being escorted across the way to the prepared deck by none other than the much older archer.
After having a few cocktails, and engaging in riveting conversations with your siblings team members you managed to sneak away from the crowd. The lovebirds far too wrapped up in one another on the dance floor, and your brother was busy getting his flirt on with a vast group of individuals. With an almost defeated sigh you’d settled into the sand, admiring the harsh waves at this hour, and silently you were wishing for them to just whisk you away.
Becoming one with the elements that power you was always at the forefront of your mind. Especially on days like today, this whole being free thing just feels unreal. Your sisters love story almost seems too good to be true, but it didn’t shock you one bit either, Wanda was always sought after back home, even in all her emo glory, or some would say especially so… Hopeless Romantic perfectly applied to your siblings trio; Pietro the romantic, you were hopeless, and Wanda was the true combo.
Love never found you well, constantly leaving you broken hearted, and wary of intentions. There was that one Hydra guard, she was pretty, and in private she was the sweetest lover, but in the end it was all just a game to get you to acclimate to their shady agendas. Then there was Hugo, the son—of the bitch—who tortured you for years, and boy was he obsessed with you in every way one could be.
Wouldn’t it be just your luck that he found you after that horrible battle in Sokovia, the one you’d been in attendance for the whole time, and where you exhausted yourself saving countless lives, Pietro’s amongst them. You’d passed out amongst rubble after rerouting the bullets, and in a manner of self preservation your body cocooned you up in sturdy vines. Hydra made you into something so beautiful, but only to the right person, and as time has passed you felt like they’d likely never exist.
Who’s going to love the freak of nature with the fire in her veins…?
Kate was pouting at the bar, she finally built up the liquid courage to approach you, but when she looked out you were gone, and now she is sulking., “Whoosh.,” Kate rolled her eyes., “I get it, I’m whipped.,” Yelena snorted., “Yes, but no, that was the sound of the waves that your little girlfriend is sitting by, and look Wanda is too busy with the googly eyes to stop you now.”
Kate did a double take of the dance floor to ensure Wanda was preoccupied before she allowed herself to peer out onto the beach. Upon hearing her gasp at the sight of you Yelena chuckled then promptly walked away. Kate was at a total loss for words, but beautiful did continue to echo throughout her mind. The setting sun had cast a perfect glow over you, and the serenity that seemed to billow off of you came with a magnetic force, her heeled feet the first to feel it as she mindlessly trekked her way out to you.
With the presence behind you quickly approaching you’d slowly stood to your feet, turning to face her with a friendly smile, and a twinge of hope began blossoming deep within., “Hi…,” you nodded, “I-I was wondering if you might—.,” Kate was cut off by her own squeals, the heel of her shoe getting sucked into what was a deceiving sturdy pile of sand, and fortunately for her dress you’d caught her.
But boy were here nerves shot when you were helping her back to her feet by a loose hold around her waist, her face now mere inches from your own, and your cocky smirk had her on the verge of self combusting., “If I could what Kate Bishop, catch you falling for me?,” she blushed hard, mouth opening and closing, but no words were forming in her fuzzy mind., “Because I promise you I will.,”
There was this insecurity swirling around your eyes, and she could see it as clear as day being as close as she was to you, and her heart ached, because there was no reason for you to be., “You would?,” she asks, still a bit disbelieving, but she’s taking a chance anyways., “I would.,” Kate leaned into you, her lips ghosting your own, but before either of you could close the gap she was leaving an imprint on your cheek., “I-I want to do this all the right way Y/N…”
It warmed your jaded heart to hear her interest in you went further than the physical., “Good, because I know I’m hot, but I’m so much more than a pretty face.,” the girl squirmed in your hold, groaning embarrassedly ., “You heard?!,” “Yeah, my firewall is an extension of me, it’s good for hearing the enemies plans, or in this case that a pretty girl found me attractive.”
Kate tried to shy away from you, but you were surprisingly strong, so she found herself stuck, and you used your hold on her to shift her to face the water., “Kate, Do you trust me?,” she nodded, because she did, but being flush against you left her untrusting to her voice, you smiled widely at how easily she trusted you., “Close your eyes then.,” and she did just that.
Taking both of your arms off of her you found the way she huffed at the loss a bit endearing. Shifting your focus to the water you mirrored her, eyes closed in concentration and your arms were slowly raising along with the water. Releasing a slow breathe to in hopes maintain your work you slowly opened your eyes to see the beauty of your magic before you., “Open.” Kate gasped when in her direct eye line was a jellyfish, her hands cautiously reached out to waddle through the raised water, a slight push could be felt as she reached into the water, she giggled when a fish swam right on through her open hand, the new feeling a bit strange.
“You’re phenomenal…,” she quietly admits, you felt your entire body warm at the simple words; your heart was hammering in your chest when she shifted to face you, her front now flush to yours, and her eyes were screaming for more. In a split second you leaned in, inexperienced lips meeting those of the eager college girls. Kate’s quick to guide you, she moves your fumbling hands to her hips and she smiles against your lips when you catch on, squeezing the thinly covered flesh and managing to pull her even closer than before as she wished.
Kate’s fingers thread through your hair, she subtly tilts your head so she could move her lips against yours at a better angle, the gentle way she continues to tug at your hair works you up into unfamiliar territory, an unexpectedly harder tug has you involuntarily moaning. Kate’s tongue then entering your mouth shocks you, and effectively ends the kiss as you lose your hold on the sea surrounding you, and both of you are drenched by the falling water.
You were absolutely mortified, eyes widened, and heart thumping fearfully, but after a few beats of silence Kate was laughing boisterously. Hands having shifted to your biceps, she holds onto them as her head flies back, you join in on the ridiculous laughter, heart grateful that she found amusement in this over being angry., “I’m sorry, I-.,” she laid a finger over your lips., “No, please, don’t apologize… It was perfect.”
Kate found your contorted face adorable., “I said I didn’t want to rush it, but I got caught up in the perfect moment, this is exactly what my thirsty ass deserved.,” you smirk., “Perfect?,” she playfully rolls her eyes., “Yeah, this is like a scene out of a romance movie, and I think that means that when I ask you to accompany me to dinner tomorrow night, you have to say yes.” Though she delivered the message with ample displays of confidence, internally she was the opposite, her nerves through the roof, and her eyes searched yours for anything.
“Well, aren’t you going to ask?,” she chuckled, then she stepped back to create some proper distance between the both of you., “Y/N Maximoff, would you like to go out for—.” Kate’s throat dries when she sees an angry Sokovian with red around her hands., “Run!” The archer abandoned her heels, but not you, her hand slotted with yours perfectly, and you ran without hesitation towards the lot of cars.
Once she began to fumble with her car keys you couldn’t stop from laughing when you saw the “threat” that was being held back by her wife, “Kate, she’s harmless!” She scoffs., “No, she’s most certainly not! I’ve seen her mind melt someone before on a mission, goop falling from their ears, that’s when I knew she was crazy.”
“Kate, my sister is an actual teddy bear, stop letting your fears rule you, it’s just her tactic to test you, and so far she’s beating you .” Kate deadpans., “We’re watching Chucky when we get back to mine, that’s the closest to a toy your sister comes.,” then she drives off out of the parking lot, and you happily settled in for the bumpy ride with your hand over hers…
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❤️ Kaitlyn 🤪
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Kate: that’s no fair!
Y/N: hey I won our match fair and square
Kate: says who?
Y/N: says the one who wants to treat the loser to her favorite restaurant and movie
Kate: okay you won fair and square. Just as long as we cuddle afterwards
Y/N: deal!
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
'oh no, you're a morning person!' | flufftober masterlist | @flufftober
first nights | kb
Tumblr media
Kate couldn’t be more nervous. You and Kate had been dating for a few months now but between your work and Kate joining the avengers, there hadn’t been a moment where you’ve both spent the night together. However, in a few days both of your schedules lined up and neither of you had work or missions which led to Kate planning to ask you to stay the night.
Yelena rolled her eyes every time Kate would pace around, freaking out over how she was going to ask you to stay the night at hers, ‘Kate you are overthinking this,’ Yelena stopped Kate from pacing and made her sit on the chair next to her, ‘They are bound to say yes. The two of you are disgustingly in love. Stop worrying,’ 
Kate took Yelena’s words in and worried slightly less, and Clint was on the receiving end of endless one way phone calls where Kate would talk until she calmed her thoughts down. Everyone eventually told her the exact same things but it never made any of it easier. She even thought about backing out and not asking you but then your date rolled around faster than she expected. Now she was standing in front of your door waiting for you to answer.
‘You get more beautiful every time I see you,’ You blushed as Kate spoke.
‘Always the charmer, Bishop,’ You playfully rolled your eyes and pulled Kate closer to you, hands resting on her waist. You leaned in, placing a soft kiss on her lips, smiling when you felt her smile against you, ‘Should we go?’ After pulling away, earning a whine from Kate as she tried to continue forgetting about dinner reservations.
‘Hmm about tonight,’ Kate trailed off before finding the courage to continue. There were only very few times where you had seen her internally doubt herself, she normally acts so sure of herself and confident, ‘I was thinking that since you have a few days off and I have a few days off and we haven’t done this before but there’s also no pressure or anything either like you can say-’ You kissed her, getting her to stop rambling.
‘I would love to stay the night,’ You smirked knowing what she was going to ask. Being around Kate a bunch meant you had become friends with Yelena and she had told you Kate’s plans in a roundabout way. You had been on the receiving end of Yelena complaining about how annoying Kate’s pacing and panicking had been. You found it endearing, ‘I’ll go get some things,’ The night went as planned and now you and Kate were cuddled up in bed for the night for the first time in your relationship. The best and most peaceful sleep either of you have had for a while.
The was until she felt you move away and as she sleepily chased your warmth Kate felt the edge of the bed. Groaning knowing you were no longer in bed, she opened her eyes and peaked at her watch. Eyes widening and head whipping around to look out the windows and see the sun hasn’t fully risen.
‘Oh no, you’re a morning person,’ Kate groaned and face planted back into the pillows. You stifled a laugh while you pulled on your running attire, ‘The sun isn’t awake yet, come back to bed,’ You were close to caving just by how cute she looked when she pouted at you and held out her arms trying to grab you.
‘Before you know it, I’ll have you up and joining me,’ Kate let out a huff knowing you were right and she would do anything you wanted or asked her to do. Even though you know she would much rather stay in bed until a proper time. Which you could tell as she hugged the blankets closer, ‘You don’t want to join me for my morning runs,’ You feigned hurt.
‘How about I just stay here and run with you in my mind. I can do anything in there,’ Sleepy Kate was your favourite, the softness in the way she spoke combined with her sleepy thoughts always had you wanting to scoop her into your arms and smother her in kisses. 
Which you made the mistake of leaning down to leave one last kiss on her lips before heading out. Before you knew it, her arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you back down into bed with her, ‘Ha, try and escape now,’ You attempted to wiggle free, not putting in much effort because you could never resist when she had you in her embrace like this. She always made you extra soft.
‘I’m not going anywhere anytime soon, am I?’ You kissed Kate’s forehead and thought she had gone back to sleep, ‘Not that I’m complaining. I love this. I love being wrapped in your arms. And most importantly, I love you,’ Whispering out, not seeing the smile widen and take over her face, you didn’t realise she had heard you.
‘I love you too. Now shh, we talk once the suns awake, okay? Okay good,’ Both you and Kate fell back asleep, just enjoying the warmth and comfort that you supplied to each other. 
‘How was your run this morning,’ Kate smirked, ‘Admit that staying in bed was much better,’
You rolled your eyes and cuddled further into Kate, not that you could really get any closer, ‘You’re lucky you’re cute,’
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lizzieblopaz24 · a day ago
Kate showing off Yelena in her stories before their romantic date in Paris💜💜💜
Tumblr media
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dazzlingblue4u · a day ago
Take Care of You
Tumblr media
Pairing: Kate Bishop x Reader
Summary: Kate comes home after a rough mission and you take care of her
Word Count: 501
You’re sitting on the couch reading a book while you wait for your girlfriend. She had gone on a mission two days ago and was scheduled to return sometime today.
As you get more and more engrossed in your book, you don’t notice that the archer is home until you hear her wince as she closes the front door.
Her mission suit is torn in some places and even in your dimly lit living room, you can see a bit of blood trickle down her face. That's just the injuries you can see, there's no telling what you're dealing with under the suit.
“Oh my god baby. Are you ok?” You throw your book aside and rush over to her. Taking her face in your hands you look her over. You can see a small cut on her cheek as well as a rapidly forming black eye.
“I’m ok baby,” she says, sensing your fear. “I just need to shower and clean these cuts.”
“Ok,” you agree. “But I wanna help.” You can feel a slight pout form on your lips at seeing your girlfriend like this. Despite how many times she’s come home bloody and bruised, it never gets easier seeing her like this.
“Lead the way princess.” She takes your hand in hers and you drag her to the bathroom. You have her strip and climb into the shower.
You turn the showerhead on, making sure the water isn't too hot. As gently as possible you get your girlfriend's hair wet and massage some shampoo into her scalp. Next you apply some conditioner before rinsing it all out.
"Turn around baby," you say. Kate turns around and you gently bathe her with a wash cloth.
"You know if you wanted to touch me so bad all you had to do was ask," Kate says after you had accidently brushed the side of your hand against her boob. You can feel a blush forming on your face.
"Kate," you scold.
"Fine. I'll be good," she says. The next few minutes are spent in silence until you help her out of the tub and dry her off.
"Thank you baby," Kate says. She leans down and places I soft kiss on your lips.
"You're welcome darling. Now let's get you to bed."
"In bed huh?" you can hear the smirk on her face.
"Not in that way Bishop. Not until you're healed."
You see your girlfriend pout at this, but she doesn't argue. You help her get dressed and into bed. You turn on the tv and eventually land on friends.
"Come here," you tell your girlfriend. She scoots closer to you, and you feel her lay her head in the crook of your neck.
"Thank you for taking care of me, I love you," you hear her muffled voice say.
"I'll always take of you baby. I love you too." You lay a kiss on top of her head and slowly drift off to sleep with her in your arms.
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trashedinpluto · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
tommy shepherd is a dog person (possibly)
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marvelstuffx · a day ago
kate: it's time yelena: time for what? kate: to be cool like you! *kate jumps through the window* yelena: how did you feel? kate: awesome kate: kate: i think i twisted my ankle... yelena: i'm coming.
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gorillaz2d7914 · 2 days ago
Kate: What would you do if one day I came back with six kittens?
Y/n: Kate, what's in the box?
Y/n: What's in the box, Kate?
Kate: I think you know what's in the box?
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kurosakiichigoat · 7 hours ago
Kate: I turned out perfectly fine!

Yelena: Kate, this morning you thought a ghost made your toast

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car1y-quinn · 7 hours ago
Clint: *sees Kate and Yelena chasing each other around*
Clint: what are they doing?
Greer: Playing tag
Clint: Oh. Why aren’t you two playing?
Franny: Cause Yelena is a tough bitch and it triggered Kate’s need for competition and now they won’t stop chasing each other around
Greer: More like Kate chasing Yelena
Clint: *laughs* Makes sense
Kate: *out of breath* Yelena! Get your ass down here!
Yelena: *climbing up a tree* You’re gonna have to catch me Kate Bishop!
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marvel1stan · 2 days ago
Kate: I like your dress!
Yelena: Thank you, it was 50% off.
Kate: I’d like it 100% off.
Yelena: The store cannot just give out free stuff.
Kate: No, that’s not what I-
Yelena: That is a terrible way to run a business, Kate Bishop.
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worldgreatestarchersimp · 2 days ago
Don't save her, she don't wanna be saved
Navigation | Marvel Women Masterlist
Kate Bishop | Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Kate Bishop x fem!wintersoilder!oc
parent figure!Bucky Barnes x fem!wintersoilder!oc
Peter Parker x fem!wintersoilder!oc (platonic)
Kate Bishop x Yelena Belova (platonic)
Summary: Kate Bishop is the new Avenger. Clint Barton told Kate to not go to the basement, but she doesn't listen to him, like always, and found a girl around her age alone. Since then she tries to make the girl feel better and finds out why she's mostly alone and tries to get close to the mysterious girl.
Oc Name: Alex (Barnes) but you can use another name if you want to
Warnings: angst, fluff, mention of murderer, mention of torture, mention of death
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Chapter 1 (coming soon)
Chapter 2
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kram6496 · a day ago
A-Force Headcanons
When you accidentally get them a relationship coupon book…
Wanda Maximoff
Wanda blushes profusely. You didn’t realize you got a relationship rather than a friendship coupon book.
“I didn’t know you felt this way” she smiles, “can I cash in this coupon?”
You look at the coupon: one free kiss. You meet her eyes and nod.
Natasha Romanoff
Natasha raises an eyebrow and smiles, “can I cash in multiple coupons?”
She hands you the following: (1) back massage, (1) foot massage, (1) cuddle session.
Carol Danvers
Carol looks at you in shock and looks at her other birthday guests.
“What did you get Carol?” Jen asks
“A lovely card” she sheepishly replies. She pulls you close and whispers in your ear.
“We’re doing some of these tonight”
She shows you the coupon in mind and your face goes beet red.
Yelena Belova
Yelena looks at the coupons, and then you confused, “why are these coupons labeled spicy?”
You go beet red with embarrassment
“These are just things I want to do to you” she says nonchalantly.
Kate Bishop
Kate lets out a little giggle, “I’m cashing in this one right now!”
She hands you one labeled: (1) music serenade by the window.
“I’d love to hear your singing, lover” she jokes before giving you a peck on the cheek.
Jane Foster
Jane laughs at seeing the coupons.
“This one for playing doctor,” she laughs, “I’ll let you use my telescope”
She gives you a wink.
America Chavez
America smiles mischievously, “I think I know a couple universes where we could do some of these”
She gives a wink before opening a star shaped portal, “you coming?”
You quickly follow her.
Jennifer Walters
Jennifer smiles and pulls out the coupon labeled: one foot massage.
“I could also use a cuddle if you’re okay with that”
You smile and begin giving her a foot massage
Kamala Khan
Kamala stutters, blushing as red as her super pants.
“I don’t think I can cash in a few of these…yet”
She tears out two of them: (1) hug and (1) kiss on the forehead.
Riri Williams
She smiles and pulls out one of them labeled (1) custom mixtape
“I want something I can listen to over and over again,” she gives you a kiss and a wink.
Valkyrie smirks at seeing the coupons. She looks at you with those bedroom eyes
“I’m cashing in these right now” she grabs your hand and yanks you off to her room.
She didn’t even allow you to explain the mix up.
Tumblr media
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nyranerys · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
hailee steinfeld as kate bishop
→ 2/∞ — so this is christmas
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