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A+ (18+)
Shuri x f!reader
Vibranium Strap Shuri, teacher/student rp between lovers (completely consensual smh), light bdsm, degradation kink, animal referencing lmao (but not in the furry way ew), minor window fucking, head but in the vibranium strap way, slut-shaming? (if you can call it that).
This is probably the worst thing I've ever written but...
The Wakandan sunrise streams through the blinds, momentarily painting the walls in rich gold. You turn over to your lover's side and see how the sunlight reflects against the cut of her jaw, making her look younger and worry-free. You unlock your phone and check the time: 12:19 P.M., enough time to get ready and leave quietly so you don't wake her up. You opened the wardrobe, taking out the bag with the uniform inside it.
Just as you open the doors, Shuri yawns and stretches her arms; "where are you going, baby?" You step back inside the room and smile at her, "school reunion. I didn't want to wake you up." She nods at the bag, "what's that?". You sit at the edge of the bed and tip out the contents; "it's my uniform, I was gonna change there".
Shuri lifts up the plaid skirt, turns it around and looks at you, "can I come?"
You're briefly shocked, "to the reunion?"
She smiles with her teeth and you swear you die inside, "yeah".
"Are you sure? You've been so overworked the past couple of days, why don't you sleep in?"
Your girlfriend shakes her head and feigns offence, "It's already late, you don't want me to?" You lean over and kiss her cheek, "of course I do, are you going to take long?", but she's already out of bed and heading to the shower. Your head tilts as you grin, she's so cute.
The car sits outside your school building, memories and feelings come flooding in all at once. The teacher you had a crush on, the first time you skipped school, the fun you had with your friends, the first time you got high; it all starts replaying like a film right before your eyes. You feel your eyes water and you get your bags, calling out to your girlfriend on the phone; "I'm going to change". She doesn't look up and signals with her hands an 'okay'.
You slip through the doors and head for the bathroom on the fourth floor. 'It looks so small', you think to yourself as you slip into the skirt. It fits better after the alterations but the shirt is just a little bit tight over your chest; not 'button about to pop' tight but it still is quite small. There's nothing that can be done now anyways so you shrug, stuff your real clothes in a bag and step out of the bathroom.
Shuri sits in the adjacent classroom, looking every bit the royal she is in a custom black suit. You enter the classroom and her eyes skim over the way-too-small-right-about-now uniform. Her eyes linger on your chest, the way the skirt flares at your hips and only slightly hugs your ass and your bare legs in the uniform. You can feel the tension rising in the small classroom, feel the drop in your body temperature as she devours you with her glare. It's been a week since your last fuck, and even that was cut short because of some important update that came through.
Shuri gulps, and you can see the bobbing of her throat. Finally, she opens her mouth, "were you a good student?"
I-What? She didn't just eye-fuck you to say that. "I was the top student in all of my subjects", you reply.
Shuri raises an eyebrow, "really? you didn't get into trouble".
A laugh escapes you, "hold on, I said I was clever, not well-behaved".
She moves towards you, all poise and grace, and lifts your chin to look into your eyes, "so you were a bad girl then”.
“Maybe, sometimes, mostly”
Your girlfriend moves her hands from your chin to to wrap one around the side of your neck, “were you ever punished?”
“Not always”
The next sentence is delivered right next to your ear “maybe if they did, you wouldn’t have turned out to be such a slutty whore”. ‘Whore’ is said with a bite to the tip of your ear, making it hard for you to regulate your breathing. Shuri continues her biting, “did you even work for those grades? Or did you just suck dick and clit to get them like the sleaze you are?”
You can’t answer, only breathe heavily as you wonder if there are other people in this building. “Shuri-”
Whatever you were about to say is stopped by a stinging slap delivered to your ass, “Shuri?”
She glides her tongue over those straight, white teeth, “I’m your science professor baby girl”
Eyes blown wide, you whisper an “oh”
You move closer to her, and trace your lips against her jaw, “then I really really want to pass this class”. You give a teasing bite to her bottom lip and purr “…professor”.
~ You can practically hear the snap of her self-control as she kisses you, her teeth biting your lips so hard you can taste blood. Her tongue finds its way into your mouth and she fights for dominance she has already won. When you both gasp for air, Shuri pulls you to the desk and takes out something you both know well.
A toy your pussy seems to remember well judging by the way it just got wetter. She goes back to sit on the desk chair and opens her legs, “come here baby”.
You start walking towards her, but Shuri shakes her head, “a whore like you is more of an animal than a human being. And the last time I remember, animals don’t walk on their feet.”
She crooks an eyebrow as your cue to shut up. The feeling is exhilarating, knowing anybody could come inside and see you crawling on the floor like a dog. It would be humiliation, and that feeling alone is enough to make you want to push yourself over the edge of ecstasy.
You crawl to her on your hands and feet until you come face to face with the strap. It’s huge, and it’s going to take you a couple of minutes to get used to the sheer size of it down your throat. Shuri brushes the pads of her fingers against your lips, “suck.” You tentatively open your mouth and take the tip in, swirling your tongue around it twice. Shuri growls from above you and you know she’s getting imapatient.
You don’t give any signs to move lower so she grabs your hair, “this is going inside you princess, so if it hurts you know who to blame”. The tip presses against your lip and you open your mouth wider to accommodate.
It takes a while for your lips to hit the base, your girlfriend professor now fucking your throat. With every thrust of her hips, her moaning becomes louder and raspier (A/N: The strap is built so whatever sensation it feels, Shuri feels)
When you graze your teeth along the edge of the strap, Shuri’s breath hitches in the cool breeze and she comes all over the chair with a moan.
She taps the empty space on her thigh, "come here". You get up from the floor and sit on her lap, "please, I want-"
Shuri puts a finger to your lips silencing you, "I don't remember dogs being able to speak human. Try again"
You hide your face in embarrasment because this is truly... It's mortifying. You point at her strap, "woof".
She strokes your hair, "that wasn't so hard now was it My little doggy? Can you sit on it? I want you to sit on it."
Putting your legs on either side of the chair, you push the tip in and you know it isn't wet enough. It hurts, you can feel it scraping inside you as your walls flutter around the length. "Come on, it's only halfway through. You want to pass, don't you?"
'It's so...big' is all you can think as you feel your eyes rolling before they flit shut, having lost all ability to form coherent sentences. And it's still not all inside you.
She lifts you up and pulls you over to the window where people are returning from work, "look at how hardworking everyone is. How does it feel to be a dog that's only good at being fucked? That's only good at crying?"
Shuri grabs your hips before pushing it all inside you to the hilt and you cum instantly all over her front, all over the table, and all over yourself with a scream. "God, you're so messy it's disgusting. Such a pretty messy baby".
Forget sentences at this moment, your mumbling is a mix of yes's and fuck's and god, yes I am's. She grabs the hem of your skirt and puts it between your teeth, "I wanna see me moving inside you, see your pretty cunt sitting all over this glorious length for me."
"Only you", you whisper.
Her hips find a rhythm and both of you moan every time she thrusts and her words run along the lines of "God, it's so tight, you're so tight" repeatedly until she cums a second time. You follow suit after a couple of minutes, denting the flesh on her neck with your teeth.
You rest your head on her shoulders, your face a mix of sweat and tears, her clothes a blend of the evidence of your escapades. Shuri kisses you long, hard, and deep; "did you like it? I didn't know if you would like it, because it was a bit much. Was it weird? It was pro-"
Lips meeting hers you cut her off, "it was perfect. All of it; start to finish, and you were so incredibly hot."
Shuri smiles at you, "I'm glad. I should probably tell you now that I cancelled the reunion as soon as I saw the skirt"
"Gosh I hate you"
She pecks your cheek, "Mhmm, love you too baby"
You look at her through your lashes, "But the most important thing is, did I pass...professor?"
"A plus"
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Pulchritudinous Promises
Summary: Sometimes, love can be found in the most unexpected places
Pairing: Namor/K’uk’ulkan x reader
Fandom: Marvel- Black Panther Wakanda Forever
Word Count: 8,262
Warning(s): !!There are/maybe spoilers!!, canon divergence, violence, slight/sort-of Hades-Persephone trope (I hope ☹), fluff
A/N: There are details in the story here that don’t exactly follow canonically, per se but I hope I got this right! I came across this post by @beautybyfire​ and I thought of giving the idea a shot. This is a very loooong piece too.
A/N 2: I hope I didn’t overdo it on the suit because I tried my best to keep it true as to the movies. And tbh, this isn’t exactly my best piece. But, enjoy and comments are appreciated! ;-;
Taglist: @beautybyfire​
Tumblr media
The day was solemn, the skies were shining ahead brightly yet the air was heavy. [Name] hung her head low, the white veil covered her expression from the others. Mother held Shuri as she sobbed on the black casket before them. She felt the tight squeeze in her heart, eyes closed as she took a step forward. A hand placed on Shuri’s shoulder while another on her brother’s casket. “Death is never the end, brother. May Bast grant you peace in the afterlife with the ancestors,” She muttered. Mother wrapped her arms around both of her children, gently tugging them back as the Royal Ship took away T’Challa’s casket. Mother moved a hand to [Name]’s chin, her eyes filled with so much sadness after the loss of her son. The princess leaned into her mother’s shoulder, her cries silent as she mourned for the loss of her brother.
Life has to go on. T’Challa would want that.
Tumblr media
A year has passed since T’Challa’s death. Everyday, by the river of her getaway home, [Name] prayed to Bast, praying that her brother was well with the ancestors and that She gave her the strength to push on every day. Life was hard after T’Challa’s death but she had to move on. As the middle child to Queen Ramonda and the older sister of Shuri, Princess [Name] was next in line to be Queen and the next Black Panther. She felt that it was too quickly for her to take up the mantle but she cannot leave Wakanda defenceless. So, she and Shuri got to work over creating a synthetic heart-plant. The siblings would spend days and weeks on the creation and even with the help of Griot, it was time consuming and everyday, [Name] prayed that their formula would work.
Her prayers did not fall on deaf ears because when they finally got the right formula, Shuri immediately instructed Griot to print the plant. Mother was present too and [Name] thanked Bast for the absolute miracle, Shuri bringing over the plant that was cupped in her hands.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” Mother asked and the princess looked up. She nodded, shedding her coat and folded it on a nearby chair.
“I want to, Mother. T’Challa made me promise him. A promise that I would always keep you, Shuri and Wakanda safe. How am I to fulfil his wishes if I do not take up the mantle of the Black Panther,” [Name] replied softly and her Mother smiled. The Queen moved around the table, bringing her daughter into a hug. [Name] sighed softly, returning the hug. She didn’t want to break her promise to T’Challa. After all, she was ready. All of her time spent training beside her brother led to this moment.
Mother pulled away, taking the plant from Shuri. “I will get the plant ready for the ritual,” she said, leaving shortly.
[Name] sat on the bed and Shuri approached her with a sad smile. The elder princess took Shuri’s hand, recognising the look on her face. “I know that look, Shuri. What’s wrong?” And at that, the genius woman sighed. “I’m just..I’m just afraid that I would lose you too. Taking up the Black Panther mantle..it’s a big responsibility, you know? What if you run into battle and never return? What if you fought and didn't survive? You and Mother are all I have left,” Shuri confessed. [Name] smiled widely at her words. “Shuri, little sister. You won’t lose me. I promise you this. Whatever happens in the future. Whatever threatens our kingdom in the future, I promise you this, Shuri. I will never leave you or Mother alone. Okay?” [Name] gently pinched her sister’s cheek and the princess grumbled at the gesture. “Why do you keep doing that? I am not a five-year-old anymore,” Shuri rubbed her cheek and [Name] laughed.
“To me, you will always be that adorable little girl,”
The siblings shared a laugh as Mother returned with a bowl in her hands. Shuri stepped back and [Name] laid on the bed, exhaling deeply. “You know what to do if this doesn’t work, right?” she looked at Shuri. The young princess nodded, removed her Kimoyo beads and placed them on her sister’s chest. Mother brought the bowl down onto [Name]’s lips and as the liquid seeped past her lips and down her throat, Mother and Shuri began chanting.
[Name] shut her eyes, praying to Bast that this would work.
[Name] awoke with a loud gasp, looking up into the purple skies. She swallowed, the sound of water caught her attention first as she stood up slowly. She noticed she was dressed in white, raising her head to face the river. [Name] took a step into the water. It was cold and shallow and the peace she felt was beyond anything. She wondered who she would see. Would it be an ancestor? Her father? Or perhaps her brother? She leaned down, her fingers dipped into the cool water. Her eyes fluttered shut, easing her mind and body.
But the silence was soon broken by a low growl behind her. [Name] furrowed her brows, regaining her posture as she turnt. A tall figure stood before her, a goddess, one with the head of a Panther.
“Bast!” [Name] gasped, moving to kneel before the Goddess but she was stopped by a hand under her arm.
“Please, my devoted child. There is no need for that,” The Panther said and the woman stood back up.
“You have suffered greatly, [Name]. The loss of your father, losing your family to the universe cleanse and now, you have lost your brother. Yet, with each turn, you sought me for help. Child, I admire your strength and your devotion towards me. You seek power in the heart-shaped plant and I am giving you so much more so you shall keep your promise to your brother. Your protection to your family and your kingdom will last endlessly,” Bast said, laying a hand on [Name]’s head. At her words, the princess allowed her tears to fall, tearing down her walls as she silently cried.
“Thank you, Goddess..Thank you..,” She wiped her tears, closing her eyes.
“My brother..is he with the ancestors?” Her voice was quiet.
“Yes, my child. He rests with the ancestors. He is very proud of you and Shuri, little one. Though he may have left the world, he still resides in all of your hearts. Never forget that, child,” Bast’s voice faded, leaving the woman alone.
[Name] sat up from the table, gasping hard. Mother and Shuri had their hands on her as the princess slowed her breathing.
“Who did you see? Did you see T’Challa?” Mother asked and she shook her head.
“No, Mother. I saw our Goddess. I saw Bast,”
Shuri gasped.
“But how is that possible? How could you see Bast?” [Name] swallowed, shaking her head. “I don’t know either. I thought I would see our father or our brother but Bast herself came to see me,” The woman moved, swinging her legs off the bed. She flexed her fingers, feeling normal so far. “If I met Bast..this would mean that the ritual worked, right?” [Name] questioned, approaching a mannequin. Examining it to ensure it was sturdy, she gave it a hard kick.
The mannequin was shoved backwards, hard, wedged into the wall.
[Name]’s jaw dropped, snapping her head towards Mother and Shuri.
“Woah..,” she said, attention turning to the small glass of water on the table. She furrowed her brows, moving a hand up in the direction of the glass. [Name] moved her fingers and the contents within the glass moved along with it.
“But…But that is impossible,” Shuri tilted her head. Mother too had a shocked expression but it returned to a smile.
“Bast has granted you the power of the Gods indeed. The Black Panther lives!”
“The Black Panther lives!” Shuri copied and [Name] knew this would be the beginning of her heroic life.
The testing lab was bustling with technicians and engineers, Shuri’s minions, of course. The youngest princess was busy working on the final touches of [Name]’s new Vibranium suit while the newest protector had spent her time assisting both her mother in the royal duties as well as her sister in testing out the new suit. Truthfully, apart from her new strength and enhanced abilities as well as water manipulation, she did not know what else she got.
“The suit is ready,” Shuri set down her holo-tablet, picking up the metal bangles from the table. [Name] approached the table as well. “This is still very new but I can promise you that this suit is perfect,” Shuri fastened the Vibranium bangles on each of her sister’s wrist. She stepped back, activating her Kimoyo beads to record.
“How do I activate the suit?” [Name] adjusted the bangles, stepping back just in case anything happens.
“I simplified it. Cross your arms over your chest,” Shuri instructed.
The princess nodded, crossing her arms over her chest. The bangles touched and soon enough, she felt her body engulfed in the nano-suit. The helmet covered her head and [Name] opened her eyes. They widened, looking down at her hands. Shuri was cheering loudly, ending the recording momentarily.
“Damn, sister. You look good,” Shuri took one of her sister’s arms and dragged her to the mirror.
[Name]’s jaw dropped, looking at Shuri’s new masterpiece. Her suit reflected most of the past Black Panthers but it came with many modern twists. The nano-tech was the first example but the colours, while it was traditional, instead of the usual black and gold or black and purple, her suit was black, blue with some bits of silver-white. There was a short cape that connected to the fur around her neck. “You know, maybe I should start getting you to design everything for me because Shuri, by Bast, this is amazing,” The nano-helm retracted back to reveal the wide smile on [Name]’s lips.
Shuri clicked her tongue. “Anyway, I designed this suit specifically to match your abilities. Strength, agility, durability, all the usual stuff. Flick your wrist for me,” [Name] did as she was told and claws shot out from the nails as well as her toes.
“The suit is water-sensitive. Which means, once it touches water, it will power up the suit. You will get stronger. Of course, in addition to your new water bending powers,” Shuri chuckled as the older princess relaxed her fingers. The sharp vibranium claws retracted. She brought the bangles together and the suit quickly disappeared back to the metal bands.
[Name] exhaled softly, the excitement slowly dying down upon realising that the first anniversary of their brother’s passing is in a few days time.
The younger stopped, turning around.
“Do you remember what’s coming up soon?” Her voice was quiet as she approached her sister. Shuri’s expression faltered, a frown clear on her face.
“One year since brother’s passing,”
“Yes..Do you have any plans for the day?”
Shuri pursed her lips as [Name] took her hands. It was clear the pain still rests in her heart.
“No. Not at the moment. I’m afraid that If I do something, I will reopen the wound,”
“I know. I’m afraid too. But Mother says she has plans and she wants the both of us to come with her,”
Shuri raised an eyebrow. “Where?” The older one shrugged. “Mother didn’t say,” And Shuri nodded, leaning in for a hug. [Name] sighed softly, returning the tight hug. She knew how Shuri felt, sympathising with her sibling. “I love you, Shuri. I won’t ever leave you, okay?”
Shuri gave a muffled reply.
The fateful day arrived and Mother had brought them to the Wakandan Rivers. Shuri had started a fire while [Name] gathered the stick for burning. The skies were dark but the moonlight above shone bright. The sound of nocturnal animals was somewhat comforting during this dark time.
[Name] stood by the water, kneeling before it as she prayed silently to Bast. Mother was speaking to Shuri. [Name] felt minor vibrations from the water, looking up to find a small herd of elephants approaching the water for a drink. She moved a hand into the water, feeling the vibrations. The water was calm, ripples light until the ripples got faster and heavier. Her head snapped up, a figure hovering over the water. “Mother!” She called out, alarming the older women and Shuri. Both moved to grab their spears and [Name] stood guard as the figure hovered to land. Water dripped from his body, the jewels he wore glinted under the pale moonlight. [Name] wore a calm expression, studying the potential threat before her. His ears were pointed, wings on his ankles which gave him flight. He wore nothing but a green short decorated with gold. His pectoral, a gorgeous shade of blue and gold, fulgent under the moon. He glanced over to the woman, his own eyes studying the woman’s form.
Namor approached the three, Mother and Shuri had the spear tip pointed towards him.
“Stop right there!” Mother hissed. Namor raised a hand up, running his fingers through his dripping hair.
“Who are you and how did you get in here?”
Namor inhaled deeply, looking around. “This place is amazing. The air is pristine,” He faced the river. “And the water..,” The King turned back to Mother.
“My mother told stories about a place like this. A protected land with people that never have to leave, that never have to change who they were..,” Namor turned to [Name], keeping his eyes on her momentarily before returning to Mother.
“What reason do you have to reveal your secret to the world?”
Mother gripped her spear, [Name] was ready to defend her in case he decided to attack.
“I am NOT a woman who enjoys repeating herself. Who are you?!”
Namor had a smug look on his face.
“I have many names. My people call me..K’ul’ulkan. But my enemies call me Namor,”
“I need your people to do something for me. It is something..important to me and my people. Surface dwellers intruded my waters, bringing their technology to my sea in search of Vibranium. They talk of a scientist in America. I want you to bring her to me,” Namor stepped forward, placing the conch shell down.
“Should you have acquired this American scientist, speak into the shell. I will come. I leave that in your hands,”
Namor gave one last look to [Name], jumping back into the water.
The tension in the air left as soon as he swam away. [Name] looked ahead, a large piece of equipment sat on the grass. “How did they do that?” Shuri thought aloud as she laid the spear down.
“Mother, what should we do?” [Name] turned to the Queen, who visibly relaxed. The silence indicated that she was deep in thought, possibly planning out future situations should they not comply.
“We will take the device back to Shuri’s lap. Both of you will work on this together. This changes everything,”
Work could never be finished especially when the many lives within Wakanda are under threat. Shuri took apart the machine, examining each part closely to find out more about the device. She was impressed at the fact that this machinery was mostly made out of everyday materials. Garbage, to say the least. ‘Whoever made this is a genius and resourceful,’ Shuri made a mental note, pulling up the protective goggles as the piece of metal she was cutting fell off the side.
Meanwhile, [Name] was working on decoding the device’s internal drive, digging deeper on where the device came from.
“This is some impressive coding. Whoever did this..it’s clearly above their paygrade,” She told Shuri. “The codes are simple but they work so perfectly in what they do. How is it possible that that piece of junk can even detect Vibranium?” [Name] leaned back on her seat, tapping the tip of her pen against her lips.
“All of this is made of..trash,” Shuri set down a piece of equipment. She hadn’t realised Mother had entered her lab and was talking to Okoye. [Name] wheeled herself over to the big machinery, looking up.
“What do you think they’re talking about?”
Before Shuri could reply, both had turned to the siblings.
“Okoye is insisting that she takes the lead in the investigation in America and she wants to bring Shuri and [Name]-,”
“When are we leaving?” Both asked, interrupting Mother. The older woman sighed, lips pursed as she turned to Okoye. She worries for the wellbeing of her children going on his mission but she trusts the General and her oldest daughter.
“We leave as soon as possible,” Okoye nodded.
Just when [Name] thought things couldn't get any worse..
The trio had managed to track down Riri Williams, a student studying in MIT who had apparently made the Vibranium detection device. Shuri managed to persuade the young girl to follow them to Wakanda and she had agreed, not wanting to succumb into the hands of her supposed water hunters.
The team hid in Riri’s warehouse, red and blue lights flashing through the tinted windows.
“We meet at the rendezvous point. Shuri, get in the car,” “No, sister. I think it’s best if we separate. Don’t make us easy targets,” Shuri reasoned. [Name] thought her reasoning. It was true. Okoye was about to protest but the older princess raised her hand up. “General, take the wheel. Shuri, ride safely. Riri, watch the skies. Let’s get out of here,” [Name] got into the car with Okoye, the car revving to life with the help of Griot. Shuri had rode off with Okoye’s car following suit. The American authorities were hot on their tails. “Griot, follow Shuri. Don’t let her out of our sight,” Okoye instructed. A HUD formed on the windshield of the car, directions to their rendezvous point clear on the screen. [Name] turned around, bullets struck the back of the muscle car. “We have to get clear of their guns,” [Name] turnt back, her hands moving around the HUD screen to find their next best route. “Take a hard right into the alley. There’s a road on the other side that leads towards the bridge,” She swiped the GPS back to Okoye. The General swerved the car, the wheels skidding hard against the asphalt as she turned into the alley. [Name] was focused on her sister and planning on their escape route, the bridge was in view and the authorities were falling behind.
But, she snapped back into reality when a sudden force struck the car.
“Shuri!” [Name] screamed, the impact threw the bike mid-air. The car overturned, slamming down on the hard floor with a loud bang. The princess groaned, knocking her head to the side of the door upon impact. Something felt damp on the side of her head and she knew it was blood. “Shuri!” [Name] groaned out, tugging on the seat belt. It wouldn’t budge. In the distance from Shuri, she could see the authorities had stopped, guns in their hands as they approached the site cautiously.
Okoye groaned, lifting her head to assess the situation. “[Name], are you hurt?”
“I’m good. Check on Shuri,” Okoye carefully crawled out. A hook grabbed onto Riri’s unconscious form and the warrior woman didn’t hesitate to cut the wire with her spear.
The wire was pulled back over the bridge. Okoye rushed over to Shuri, shoving the helmet off her head. “Griot?” “The princess is well, General. She should return to us in a few minutes,” The AI confirmed, the Kimoyo beads on the woman’s hand lit up, showing Shuri’s stable heartbeat.
Meanwhile, [Name] still couldn’t get the seat belt off. She growled, flicking her wrist. The nanotech formed around her hand. She flexed her fingers, blue claws ripped through the belt easily. She fell with a soft groan, slowly crawling out of the car. Her eyes looked around, the cold wind bit on her skin. Shaking her head slightly, the princess moved to Riri, cradling the young girl’s head on her lap. She felt a pulse on her fingers and sighed in relief, turning to Okoye. “She’s well, princess,” Okoye reported and she nodded.
“Call for extrac-,” [Name] stopped, the sound of water splashing harshly. Five Talokanils jumped off the back of a whale and onto the bridge, weapons ready. The princess stood, rushing over to defend her family with Okoye doing the same.
[Name] had her eyes on the pair of blue-skinned people, studying them. They certainly did not look like some common soldiers. They wore elaborate garments and guessed that they should be Namor’s champions.
The large male looked at the woman, speaking in a language she didn’t understand. The female nodded, joining the other three soldiers to fend off the authorities. Okoye raised her spear. “How should we do this?” Behind, Namora and her soldiers easily incapacitate the men. “I’ll take on the four. Can you take the big one?” [Name] crossed her arms. Okoye removed her coat and threw it aside. “I got him,” She held her spear in a defensive position as the two circled one another.
[Name] had to help the Americans. She ran towards the four Talokanils, her suit wrapped around her like a glove. She lept in the air, swinging a kick to one of the unsuspecting warriors. He was knocked back, slamming on the side of the bridge. The next noticed her presence, twirling his own spear towards the Black Panther. She knew better than to hurt them so knocking them out was the better option. The second warrior yelled, jabbing his spear forward. It grazed [Name]’s side, her heart racing with adrenaline pumping in her veins. She grabbed the spear, pulling the Talokanil forward towards her. Then, she dropped the spear, a foot on it to prevent the Talokanil warrior from taking his weapon back. She rammed her shoulder into his chest, knocking him back with ease.
The third warrior lept in the air, slamming the spear on [Name]’s shoulder. She hissed, leaping away and landed on the hood of the car in a stalking position. The female spoke in her language but the Panther waved her hand, a wave of water grabbed the three and threw them into the water, hard. She doubted it would do much but hoped it was enough to stun them.
Namora whipped the end of her spear onto the last American, turning to the Panther. [Name] flexed her fingers as Namora slammed her spear down, both women facing one another.
“Túun, k'a'abéet a beel le leti'ob guerrero Wakanda,” (So, you must be Wakanda’s own warrior?),” Namora spoke, her head tilted, anticipating the fight to be a good one.
“K ilej bix a meetik justo ti' jump'éel ba'ate'el,” (Let’s see how you fair in a fight).
[Name] circled the Talokanil woman and she mirrored the Panther. Namora ran to [Name], twirling her spear in her direction. The Panther kneeled down, narrowly dodging the tip of the spear as it brushed the pointed ears of her helmet. She twirled around, spinning backwards to get up. A leg hooked onto the Talokanil’s spear, pushing her down from the force. The Panther hadn’t expected Namora to recover so quickly, already whipping her spear in her direction. The hits were sure to cause bruises but her training allowed her to take in every hit. Namor slammed the back of the spear into the Panther’s chest, slamming her down harshly into the asphalt road. [Name] groaned, hands on the body of the spear and lifting it to try and ease the pressure. She growled, waving her hand. 
Water slammed into Namora’s side, sending the Talokanil woman hitting the side of the car. Namora seemed surprised at the unexpected attack. The Panther jumped to her feet, turning around to find Okoye on the floor with the male warrior approaching her. She ran to Attuma, jumping on his back with ease and had both arms squeezing his neck. The Talokanil thrashed around, hands trying to pull [Name] off but she refused to let go. She flexed her fingers, claws on her hairs and dangerously close to Attuma’s neck.
“Enough!” [Name] growled. Okoye slowly stood, grabbing her spear as her chest heaved from exhaustion. Attuma stopped moving, head tilted back and away from the shining claws. Namora and the three soldiers had seemingly recovered and ran towards the end of the fight, the Panther getting off Attuma’s back. The helmet pulled back to reveal [Name]’s damp face, claws retracting back.
Shuri let out a soft groan, carefully standing up. The elder princess turned, running to Shuri to catch her sister in a hug. Shuri let out a soft ‘oof’ as she returned the hug. “You’re alright, sister. You’re alright,” [Name] patted Shuri’s back as she pulled away. The younger looked behind to find the five Talokanil soldiers.
“Did I miss something?” “No, not much. I want to make an offer with them,”
The Panther turned, looking at Attuma and Namora. She raised her wrist up, activating the kimoyo beads. “Griot, I need translation,”
“I am a Wakandan royalty. I have an offer to make to your King. Take me to your King but let them go. Namor has no more quarrel with the girl. I wish to make a peace offering with him,”
Attuma and Namora turned to one another.
“Leti' le realeza Wakanda,” (She is Wakandan royalty?)
“Míin le ajawo' aceptaría u ti'ibil óolala',” (Perhaps the King would accept her offering)
Namora turnt to the princess.
“Le ajawo' taak le ch'úupalo'. Yaan k bisikech ta yéetel le ch'úupalo', chéen ba'ale' P'at bin a kiik yéetel a guerrero,”
“The King wants the girl. We will take you and the girl but let your sister and your warrior go,” Griot translated and just as Okoye was about to protest, [Name] held a hand out to prevent her from furthering her actions.
“Fine. We will come with you. My sister and my General will return home. Take us,” [Name] flicked her bangle, her suit disappearing into the metal completely. Shuri grabbed her hand and tugged her aside.
“What do you think you’re doing?! You want to willingly give Riri away? He will hurt her, sister,” Shuri frowned.
“Shuri, please understand. We don’t fully know Namor’s capabilities. For all we know, his army could best us in every fight initiated. I want you to get ready Wakanda just in case my peace offering does not go as expected. I promise you that Riri will return safely to you. Okoye, take Shuri back. I don’t wish to discuss this further,”
[Name] turnt to Namora, a mask held in her hand. She placed it over her mouth and nose, a soft hiss emitted from the mask itself. Attuma had picked up Riri, making his way to the edge of the bridge. The princess felt her vision blur, Namora quickly catching the woman before she could fully pass out.
She could hear Shuri’s faint scream and that was the last thing she remembered.
[Name] felt hands on her, eyes fluttering open to the soft, blue light. Slowly, she sat up, finding Riri in front of her with a worried expression.
“Oh, I thought you were dead or something,” Riri heaved a sigh, sitting on the hammock. She pursed her lips, unaware of their whereabouts. It scared her.
“Where are we?”
[Name] rubbed her head, shaking it. “I..uh..I don’t actually know,”
“What happened on the bridge?” Riri turned to the princess, awaiting some answers.
[Name] furrowed her brows, recalling the events.
“A fight with the people who wanted to take you. I had to end it,”
“And..exactly how are you going to do that?” The young girl crossed her arms over her chest. “An offer of peace,” She said sheepishly, scratching the back of her neck gently.
“A peace off- Are you serious, right now? Man, you are crazy, seriously,”
[Name] laughed nervously. “Yeah, maybe I didn’t really think this through properly but this man..he has the power to hurt my people and you and I had to do something. What better way to talk, right? War and violence isn’t always the answer..,”
“Oh, I’ll show him violence,” Riri mumbled.
A pair of Talokanil maiden approached the two, one carried a basket of fruits and another held a garment in her hands. The second maiden held up the garment.
“Nook' teechi', princesa. Bey teech u le realeza, láayli' k'a'abéet a beel tratado bey tal way te' Talokan,” (Clothes for you, princess. As you are royalty, you are still treated as such here in Talokan)
[Name] took the garment, the material was soft but the dress itself was hefty.
“K ajawo' k'áato' wilech,” (Our King wishes to see you) The maiden gestured for [Name] to follow her but before she could leave, Riri grabbed her hand.
“Wait, where are you going? Don’t leave me here!” She squeezed her hand. [Name] smiled softly, gently taking her hand. “I won’t be long, Riri. I will be back soon,” The princess released Riri’s hand, following the maiden deeper into the cavern systems.
[Name] was led to a small area where she could change out of her clothes and into the dress. She had to admit, it was the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. A white and blue garment decorated with jade. She inhaled deeply, following the maiden once more towards a secluded part of the cave.
In the middle, was a small hut of sorts. Inside, she could see Namor with his back facing towards her. The maiden left the two alone. [Name] looked up, glow worms lit the cave gorgeously. There was a pool of water by the step stone and it looked very deep. She slowly made her way across towards the hut, swallowing as Namor slowly turned to face the princess. He had donned a cape to cover himself mildly. He was distracting but the art behind her pulled her attention fully. “It’s beautiful..,” She acknowledged the mural. It was painted in various colours and it told a story, one she couldn’t exactly figure out.
Namor moved to the princess.
“I thank you for your kind words, princess,”
[Name] tilted her head down, eyes meeting Namor’s.
“Thank you for agreeing to this meeting, Namor. I’m just disheartened it had to be under tense circumstances,” She began. Namor gestured for her to sit and she did.
“My warriors told me of a peace offering you had,” Namor adjusted his cloak and the woman nodded. “I’m doing this for the benefit of your people and mine, Namor. I hope you understand that I would do anything for peace and for my people. As a king to your own empire, I’m sure you share this with me…,” She trailed off, reading Namor’s expression.
“I don’t want war, Namor. I bring the girl to you to show that I do keep the end of our bargain. But I cannot willingly give her over to you. She did no wrong, Namor. It is her country’s people who have acquired her project for their usual selfish usage,” At this, Namor lit up. Her views were similar to that of his own. He felt his own heart skip a beat at that.
“My views are the same. Surface dwellers are the true monsters of our story. They are selfish, destructive and they cause harm to everything they touch,”
[Name] had to thread carefully now. She didn’t want to give Namor the wrong idea.
“What I’m trying to say is that, you have no quarrel with the surface world-,”
“No, princess. I bear hatred towards the surface dwellers,” Namor’s eyes darken and [Name] leaned back, afraid he might do something irrational.
He reached towards the table, picking up a jaded bracelet.
“This belonged to my mother. She gave it to me before she passed all those years ago,” Namor held the bracelet out to [Name] and she took it. She brought it up closely, examining its own beauty. “It’s so pretty,” She smiled softly, fingers dragging to study each carved jade.
“We were not always who we are,” Namor began, looking at the mural on the wall.
“My mother and her tribe were born human, living on the surface world where they thrived greatly. Then, one by one, they fall ill. Strong men would grow frail and die. Children barely reach the age of maturity, dying in the arms of their mothers and fathers. Their tribe was stricken with a sickness brought in by the colonists. As a final resort, the tribe shaman sought help from the gods, seeking for a cure to their ailment. The gods gave him signs, where it led him to a water hole,” Namor moved a hand over the mural of the depiction.
“The Shaman found a blue plant beneath the water hole and made a cure for the tribe. The plant alleviated the sickness but it left them with a gift. A gift you see before you,” He paused, turning to the princess.
“At that time, my mother bore me. Despite her wishes not to consume the plant, the shaman had begged her to do so, foreseeing that the child would not survive if she did not consume the plant. So, she did. I was the firstborn son of Talokan, a hybrid that gave me powers beyond anything imaginable. I was a mutant,”
[Name] stood, joining Namor by the mural.
“But my mother, over time, grew sick. She couldn’t bear the thought that she could not live on the surface anymore. She longed for it. She died not long after and as per her wishes, I buried her on her land. But, what I saw was the seed to my hatred towards the surface dwellers. My mother’s people became slaves, treated poorly beyond anything I have ever seen. So, I killed them all, burning everything to the ground and killing everyone,” He paused again, looking at [Name] in the eyes.
“A Spanish man of faith cursed me as he died by my hand. He called me, ‘El Niño sin Amor’. A child without love. And I took my name from there. Namor. Because I have no love for the surface world,”
[Name] understood his feelings. He was the ruler of a hidden tribe, one hidden for very good reasons. If she were to be placed in his position, she would have done the same thing.
“Why are you telling me this?”
“Why? Because you and I are the same. We would do anything to keep our people safe from the outsiders,”
Namor’s hand moved to [Name]’s, fingers moving to tie the bracelet around her wrist. Her heart raced at his sweet gesture, cheeks reddening under the blue light. He was such a strong warrior but his hands felt nothing as such. They were soft, warm and large enough to cover her own hands.
“Thank you, Namor,” Their eyes meet momentarily, until Namor pulls away. “Talokan is a beautiful city. I want to share it with you but the water down there..it’s enough to kill you,”
[Name] was taken aback by his words but then, a smile formed on the King’s lips.
“We have a diving suit for you,”
Oh, she couldn’t wait to see his world.
Talokan was unlike anything [Name] has seen. To see a home thriving under the sea, she fully understood why Namor was so driven to protect his people.
She sat by the water, Namor beside her.
“Namora told me of your special abilities. Do you love the water?”
She looked over to the King, her lips pursed to bite back a smile.
“I do. More than anything. When I took my own version of the blue plant, I was met with our god, Bast. I was a devoted pupil of hers and that pleased her. In return for my devotion, she granted me the power of the Panther, alongside with a few extras,” She waved her first finger, a small wave of water brushed against her bare feet.
She hadn't realised that Namor was staring at her, one filled with admiration and adoration.
“K’uk’ulkan, there’s a reason why I offered myself here. I want to have peace between our kingdoms and there has to be a less violent way to do so. Riri, she’s only a child. What she made was merely for a school project. She had no way of knowing that her country’s government had intended to use it for their own. There has to be some other way, K’uk’ulkan. I am willing to offer a peace offering in return for peace. But, you should pick whatever peace offering you wish to have. I believe it’s only fair,” [Name] turned to Namor. He looked relaxed but behind those brown eyes, he already knew what he wanted.
“Anything?” He repeated.
She nodded. “Anything,”
Namor leaned forward, a hand moving to cup the woman’s jaw. “In that case, I believe the best and most traditional way for two kingdoms to form an alliance would be a marriage, no?”
She gasped, wanting to pull her gaze away but kept it firm. Her cheeks were hot and reddening.
A marriage?
Namor wanted a marriage..with her? The King of Talokan wants to get married to the Princess of Wakanda? What would mother think? What would Shuri think? [Name] closed her eyes, calming her erratic mind. She parted her lips to speak but Namor beat her to it.
“The marriage is one thing but the other thing..I want you to stay with me,”
“K’uk’ulkan..,” She began, taking a deep breath. She moved a hand over his, the one that laid on her cheek. She took his hand, placing her palm on his. “This marriage, I can agree to. But to stay with you? Please, Namor, I cannot simply abandon my family and my people. I am still their protector,”
Namor gently gripped her hand.
“Then for six months, stay with me. The remaining half, you may return to your kingdom but once it ends, you stay with me again. Do you agree?”
[Name]’s eyes met with Namor’s. She knew what she was walking into. If she had to do this for the safety of her people as well as form an alliance with Talokan, it would be a win for both parties.
She nodded, a smile on her lips. “I agree to your terms,”
Namor leaned in close and she did the same. Their foreheads meet, eyes fluttering close at the intimacy they shared. [Name] will learn to love the King.
The times the princess had with the King were well spent. Namor was relaxed around her and [Name] opened up to the King. He became her listening ear when she had to release the emotions she withheld about her late brother. He understood perfectly what it was like to lose a family member. He sympathises with her.
When Namor was busy, [Name] had Riri to go to. Riri eventually eased up around the Talokans but there was still some form of tension between them. She didn’t tell Riri of her arrangement with Namor.
The princess was unaware of the fact that Nakia had infiltrated Talokan. Her eyes darted to the silhouette beyond the far edge of the caves and she stood immediately, stopping her conversation with Riri.
Nakia had a rifle up, pointing to the Talokanil guard.
“Nakia!” She rushed over, the guard held her spear up. “They’re friendly, Nakia. They are friendly,” Nakia furrowed her brows. “What? But I was briefed-,” “Nakia, I have established an alliance with their King,”
At that, the other woman froze. “An alliance? The Queen told me they were dangerous beyond anything Wakanda has faced,” “Yes, they are but trust me on this..please?” [Name] begged, approaching her friend slowly. Nakia lowered her rifle and the guard, her spear. The princess nodded to the guard, who stepped back. She rushed to her friend, hugging her tightly.
“It is so good to see you, Nakia. I know you have your orders but take the girl,” “What?-” “Take Riri and bring her to Wakanda. Namor has agreed to let her go and our alliance in exchange for a peace offering. I will stay here but please, tell mother and Shuri that I am safe and I will return soon,” [Name] gestured to Riri to follow Nakia. Nakia wanted to say more but the princess urged them to leave. Soon, the two disappeared from sight. [Name] knew better than to argue with the princess. A soft, sad sigh left her lips as she made her way to Namor’s home. She allowed her mind to drift as she sat on a stool, staring up at the painted murals, thoughts filled with how she yearned to return home and to reveal to Wakanda of their newly formed alliance.
[Name] wore a wide smile on her lips as Wakanda came into view. She wore her suit, protecting herself from the water as she swam. With the aid of her powers, she moved quick, though Namor was quicker. The princess had got into contact with her Mother a few days back and the worries the older woman had almost drowned the princess. She had to assure Ramonda that she was alright and that Namor had done nothing to hurt her. He had finally agreed to go to Wakanda with [Name] and her kingdom prepared for their arrival. Talokanil soldiers rode on whale-back into the Wakandan waters, royal ships hovered overhead to lead them to the palace. [Name] resurfaced, jumping out of the water and onto land. Namor returned to her side.
“Are you ready, sthandwa?,” (my love)
“I am, princesa,”Namor nodded as a royal ship brought them to the palace.
[Name] could see that Mother, Shuri and the Dora Milaje were waiting for their arrival. The ship landed shortly. [Name] was out of her suit, running to her Mother and Shuri.
“[Name]!” Shuri caught her sister in a tight hug, faces buried in each other’s neck as Queen Ramonda approached her children, hugging her eldest tightly. Behind, Namor stood by the ship, his soldiers behind him. The Queen pulled away, her gaze dark as she glanced at the King.
[Name] pulled away. “Mother, Shuri, I know you have questions but we have more pressing matters. It is related to the future of Wakanda and Talokan,”
“Nothing is more important than the safety of my child,” Mother cupped [Name]’s cheeks, her shoulders visibly eased up knowing her first daughter had returned.
“I know, Mother. I have missed you and Shuri so much. I miss home so much,” [Name] turned, Namor had approached the family.
“Mother, Shuri, you know K’uk’ulkan. He isn’t here as a threat but as a friend to Wakanda,” She moved to Namor, arms brushing against one another.  
“Let’s talk inside, Mother,”
Mother glanced between her daughter and Namor, a frown clear on her lips and an obvious displeased expression. Shuri was confused, following Mother into the gathering hall.
[Name] turned to her lover. “Thank you..,” “For what, my love?” “For bringing me home. To see Mother and Shuri again,” [Name] reached up, arms around his neck as she pulled the King down for a hug. His hand gripped her waist comfortably, lips brushing her neck as she pulled away.
“I hate to see you unhappy, Princesa,”
[Name] smiled widely, turning to follow her family. Namor gestured for Namora and Attuma to stay with the other soldiers as he followed his lover.
Mother sat on her throne, Shuri beside her as [Name] and Namor stood before them. The elders were all here in the citadel, surrounding the pair.
“I know you have a lot of questions, Mother, Sister, Elders but what I did, I did it for a good reason. What reason do we have to seek war with Namor and Talokan? Yes, his motive at first may be unjustified but he did it to protect his people, to protect his kingdom from the touches of the outside world. Are we not the same? We protect Wakanda and her resources from the touches of the outside world and we would do anything to keep us safe, don’t we?” There were murmurs going around the hall. It seems the Elders were agreeing with her words.
“Did he force you to stay?” Mother asked, her voice was firm and hard.
This time, it was Namor’s turn to speak.
“No, I did not force her to stay. At her own will, she chose to stay with me in Talokan so we may talk about peace between our worlds. What she speak, is true. Princess [Name] has opened my eyes to the surface world, helping me see that there is more than just war, violence and greed. We share the same vision and the same mission. She made a peace offering with me,”
“And what is this peace offering exactly?” Mother hissed.
Silence fell on the Citadel momentarily.
“To ensure an alliance between Wakanda and Talokan is forged..I have agreed to marry K’uk’ulkan and to stay with him for half of the year,”
Loud gasps and louder whispers went around the Citadel. Mother stood up, horrified.
“What?! No, absolutely not. I am not losing my child again. I will not agree to this peace offering,”
“Mother..,” [Name] approached her mother, a small smile on her lips as she took Ramonda’s hands in hers.
“Mother…K’uk’ulkan has agreed to this alliance. Think about how it would benefit our people, how an alliance would mean that Wakanda would grow stronger. This marriage is for all of us, for both Wakanda and Talokan. I will come back for the next half of the month. I will always be your daughter, Mother..I will always be the protector of Wakanda. You will never, ever lose me. I promise you, Mother. I promise you, Shuri and the people of Wakanda,”
Queen Ramonda looked defeated, clear tears pricked her eyes. Her heart grew heavy, turning to her daughter. Her hand cupped her cheek, tears threatening to fall.
“Is there no better way?” Her voice was soft. The princess smiled sadly, shaking her head. “I..share feelings with K’uk’ulkan, Mother. He has treated me with nothing but kindness and my heart is for him,”
Tears fell as the Queen stroked her daughter’s cheek.
“I always told T’Challa that you would grow up to become a strong, independent woman who would be fit to be Queen of Wakanda one day.. If your brother could see you right now, he would be so, so proud of you,”
This time, it was [Name]’s turn to cry at the mention of her brother. She hugged her Mother tightly, sniffling into the older woman’s shoulders slightly. Mother gestured for Shuri to join and she did, hugging her family as tightly as she could.
[Name] pulled away, wiping her tears with her sleeve. Mother took in a deep breath, quickly wiping her tears. “Are there any objections to this alliance?”
The elders looked at one another, nodding in agreement.
“There are no objections from the River Tribe,” “There are no objections from the Mining Tribe,” “There are no objections from the Border Tribe,” “There are no objections from the Merchant Tribe,”
All eyes were on M’Baku, the Jabari Clan leader, who inhaled sharply. If all of Wakanda would benefit from this alliance, then it would be the same for his clan.
“There are no objections from the Jabari Tribe,”
“Then it is agreed. Wakanda sees Talokan and her King as our allies. Therefore..this marital alliance shall be the beginning of our endless alliance,” Ramonda announced.
[Name] turned to her mother and Shuri, a smile on her lips.
“Thank you, mother,”
Ramonda cupped her daughter’s cheeks.
“It would be wrong of a mother to hinder her child’s fullest potential. It pains me and Shuri to be separate from you for six months. I know you’ll return but the hole still burns in my heart,” “I know, Mother. I feel it too but I know you two trust me on this. This will work, I know it will..,” [Name] trailed off, glancing at Namor.
“Will you be staying?” Mother asked and she shook her head.
“No. There are some matters K’uk’ulkan and I have to attend in Talokan but I promise to keep in touch,” She brushed her fingers on the Kimoyo beads, smiling as she pulled away.
[Name] gave her family a last look before leaving the Citadel.
She found Namor speaking with his people and her presence made him stop.
“Don’t stop on my account, my love,” Namor wore his beautiful smile, one she grew to adore so much. Her cheeks felt hot.
“In yakunaj, words cannot express my adoration for you. My heart races whenever you are around and there is so much I wish to do to you,” [Name] gasped at his words, not expecting his confession. She smirked, leaning close to the King. An arm snaked around his neck, fingers tangling in his hair.
“Why don’t you start by giving me a kiss and then..we can continue once we reach Talokan,”
Namor didn’t hesitate next, capturing his future queen’s lips in a soft kiss.
This was a start of a new chapter for both kingdoms and a start of a beautiful relationship between the King of Talokan and the Princess of Wakanda.
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Natasha: It’s kind of chilly today.
Carol: It’s not that cold. You’re just wearing a cropped shirt in the middle of winter.
Natasha: But I’m also wearing a scarf, so they should cancel each other out.
Y/N: ... you’re supposed to be the smart one.
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rokuhoku · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pairing: Namor x Filipino!Reader
Rating: General Audiences, Comedy
Summary: You ask your... "sorta" friend what the meaning of his other name is. His answers break your heart, so you take matters into your own hands.
Word Count: 2,516
Content Warning: Mentions of colonialization
Disclaimer: Again, as mentioned before, Namor is slightly cold towards the reader! He isnt hateful or anything, just has his guard up bc of surface world resentment. Though, that guard can be taken back down sometimes ;)
Reminder: This fic is part of a Namor x Filipino!Reader miniseries, but can be read on its own! Miniseries fic(s):
a piece of your history. / "beloved."
The soft tune of a Filipino song played in the air, its melody dancing along with the sounds of the waves hitting the sand. Namor could only make out a few words within the song as he remembered the few phrases you had taught him. The melody was nice and eased his nerves, though he would never admit that to your face.
“What did they call you again?”
Namor blinked, processing your sudden question for a few seconds. Before you had suddenly asked him a question, you were both simply by the shore of the beach you frequented, with him in the water and you in the dry sand as usual, reading to him aloud a book that had come across your interests.
He looked at you questioningly, causing you to sputter over your words. “Oh! I meant what the Spaniards had called you when they…” You trailed off, fearing that you may have crossed a line with him this time. You knew how sore the topic was already, despite not knowing the full details as Namor refused to show any hint of vulnerability with you (or so you thought).
“What I mean is…” You cleared your throat, already bracing yourself for his reaction. 
“.... Why do certain people have to call you ‘Namor’?” You finished, closing the book, shifting to fully turning to him, indicating that you were paying special attention. The cogs clicked in place in Namor’s head as he finally understood your question. He noticed that you had said ‘certain people’ instead of enemies, likely the reason being you two weren’t exactly enemies nor friends in both of your books. 
“Uhm, you don’t have to answer if it’s too… y’know….” You quickly added, waving your hands in a dismissive manner. Namor’s eyebrows raised at you, causing your face to heat up. “I mean… alam naman natin na gago sila…” You quickly mumbled the last part. 
Namor seemed to be deep in thought for a moment, before he shook his head and chuckled. “No, I can answer if you would like me to.” 
Namor ran his fingers through the water, clearly contemplating on how he should approach your question. He smiled bitterly at you as he remembered the hateful memory. Your hands immediately went to your phone, turning the volume down on the classic OPM playlist you were playing.
“When my mother died, she asked to be buried in her homeland,” He started, playing with the wet sand underneath the water. Namor smiled, a loving look overtook his bitter expression.
“She wanted to show me the surface world and its beauty.” Her soft and caring smile flashed in his mind, it was as if he could still remember the days where she hugged him with such care. His mother was always so gentle, so sweet with him. 
The prolonged gentle expression on Namor’s face was an unfamiliar one, as it was often hardened or practically deadpanned at you. You were only used to the occasional soft glimpses in his eyes.
A small part of you wished you could see this type of his face more, but that was crossing the line in your book.
“But, when I arrived…” Namor’s expression soon darkened. “They were here.” You winced, knowing exactly who he was talking about. He grit his teeth.
“They called me… ‘El Niño sin Amor’.” 
He looked back at the sea, feeling that if he stared at you, you would see nothing more than hate and anger burn in his eyes, a look that would most likely scare you away. You don’t know if it helped, but you nodded understandingly, almost as if implying that he can feel if he wants to.
Namor could remember the look of fear and hatred in the man’s eyes, as if the Spaniards didn’t force him and his people to retreat in the ocean due to the illness inflicted upon them by the colonizers, before enslaving those who remained on land. 
“The child without love, as they boasted.” Namor spoke in a rather biting sarcastic tone. Though he was smiling, the grin on his face was one of anger, holding no genuine joy or happiness in it.
“I took Namor from that, because I have no-” His eyes locked with you for a brief second before he averted his gaze. “-love for the surface.”
Your fingers played with the cover of the book you were holding, as you frowned even more and stared at him in disbelief. 
“Luh? So bale, you were called a loveless child,” You began, a startled impression on your face, “just because you killed the colonizers after they basically enslaved and killed your people?” You asked for clarification, scrunching your eyebrows in confusion. Namor nodded, a rather grim smile on his face.
“Aba, ang kakapal ng mukha nila ah…” You grumbled, before muttering something about how hypocritical and barbaric they were. Namor smiled gratefully at you, knowing you shared the same sentiment. 
He sighed, as if tired of having to relive the same memory over and over again. Namor looked back at the sea, a subtle slouch in his posture now. 
For a moment, you both sat there in silence, contemplating the lives of those who lived before (at least in your case) you. So many of Namor’s people were enslaved and forced by the Spaniards, yet they dare to call him the loveless child?
You pursed your lips, your eyes looking over Namor.
He wasn’t a child without love. His mother had loved him so, it was obvious by the way his voice would hush into a gentle baritone each time she was brought up.
His people loved him so, or at least, that’s what you can make up from his stories. You’ve only ever been able to gaze at them from afar in the sea, whenever they occasionally came to check up on him. Though with the way they addressed him you could easily see the fondness.
An idea popped into your head, though you were a bit hesitant to actually do it. 
“Hey,” You called out, scooting closer to him, the waves licking at your feet. Namor rose an eyebrow at you, though your invasion of his personal space did not deter him.
Finally, you sat in the water next to him, perhaps this was one of the very few times you were both less than three feet apart. Namor’s mouth opened, about to tell you off that your clothes were getting wet and rather quite see-through.
You snickered, a mischievous look overtaking your eyes, a look that Namor was quite familiar with. Too familiar with it, he adds to himself. 
You pointed at his face, before your pointer finger came into contact with the scrunch between his eyebrows.
Namor’s brain went blank, processing exactly what you had done to him. Before he can even make a reaction, you cut him off.
You started slowly, gauging for his reaction. Namor’s eyes narrowed at you, confused but not offended. Your smile soon went into a toothy grin. 
Namor grabbed your wrist and pulled away from your finger, clearly puzzled. The soft, cool touch of his damp fingers sent goosebumps up your back, but you continued nevertheless.
You were practically giggling at this point, leaning your body towards him, as if to tease him about the words you were uttering, completely dismissing that he had not understood what you were saying.
Hesitantly, your hand went to reach for his, causing him to flinch. You took Namor’s hand between both of yours, softly tracing the palm lines on it. 
His senses were being overloaded, the low volume of the OPM Playlist still playing in the background, though it felt as if it was echoing rather loudly in his ears.
Namor’s eyes met yours, he remembers what the word “mahal” means. But that couldn’t possibly be what you’re saying, right? Were you instead perhaps meaning another thing? (He was sure that mahal meant expensive as well, were you just messing with him and calling him expensive?)
One of your hands stopped playing with his and reached towards his face, caressing his cheek softly. You contemplated running a hand on his pointy ears. However, you decided you wanted to keep your hand intact with your body.
Namor could do nothing but stare at you, his free hand coming up to hold yours that was on his cheek, though he made no move to remove your hand. If you were to look closer, it was as if he was leaning into your touch. 
Your thumb softly grazed his upper cheek.
With the way Namor talked fondly about his people, you couldn’t help but notice the love and adoration in his eyes. He truly loved his people and protected them with his whole heart. 
Even if Namor couldn’t fully understand what you were saying to him, he could still somewhat comprehend what you were trying to say.
Namor was not a child without love, he has loved and has been loved. He will continue to love and he will continue to be loved, you were sure of that.
To your and his surprise, his eyes fluttered close as he leaned into the warm touch of your hand against his damp cheek. The feeling was scorching against his cool skin, yet it brought comfort to him even so. 
A part of him wanted this moment to never end, the soft tunes of your mother tongue playing in the background, as you practically showered him with affection that you two had an unspoken agreement about.
Soon, however, you couldn’t help yourself.
The hand on his face traced his cheek softly, before it came and pinched it rather aggressively. 
Namor’s eyes snapped open as he suddenly experienced a rather painful pinch to the cheek. Your ninangs would be proud of you if they saw the red mark on his skin right now. You snickered, making kissy-faces at him.
“Bebeluvs~” He deadpanned at you, fully knowing the sound of your rather trickster voice.
“My sexy, sexy love!” You finished, laughing so much your stomach hurt. You knew that Namor probably wouldn’t get the reference, but you couldn’t help yourself from quoting none other than the queen herself, Kathryn Bernardo. 
You were still laughing, peeving Namor a bit. This caused him to pull away from your touch and some distance between the two of you. The laughter soon died in your throat, as you instantly sort of regretted the fact that you ruined the moment. Shet, maybe you should’ve maintained the wholesome moment just a bit longer.
You fully expected him to stand up and leave you there in the water again, already used to him doing it with the many, many times you’ve tried to trick him into saying rather comically funny words in your language. Namor could always figure you out, though it may be because of the way you haven’t been able to stop yourself from laughing each time.
To your surprise, he simply stayed there, a contemplative look on his face as he looked down at the water he was in. 
You cleared your throat, scooting closer to him once again. You opened and closed your mouth, unsure of what to say next now that you have feared you may have offended him. Namor’s voice soon filled the one-sided awkward silence left in the air.
“Your words… What did they mean?”
You beamed at him, jumping at the chance to answer. “They can all actually mean different things! ‘Iniirog’ for example can mea-” A single stare from Namor shut you up from overcomplicating the answer, though it did not stop you from grumbling about the complex meanings of the words.
“Uhm, well, generally, they all kinda mean…” You whispered the last part, suddenly feeling shy and embarrassed that you had even started all of this. 
Namor sighed heavily, staring at you in dismay by your sudden bashfulness that always seemed to appear out of nowhere. “Ka a'alé, speak up.” His body turned towards you more as he leaned his head down in order to listen more carefully.
You shakily let out a breath, fully preparing to face his rageful wrath yet again. 
(You were exaggerating, the most he’s ever done is splash water directly into your face. Though it did go straight to your eyes once, you never forgave him for that.)
“Uhm, what I meant to say was…” You were stalling again, nervously fiddling with your fingers on your lap, flexing them under the water. 
Namor sighed. “If you can’t say them to my face, why say them at a-”
You practically shouted at him, shocking him to his core. You swore you could feel the water suddenly shift. Oh no, what if the Talokanil have been watching you all this time and you just shouted at their king?! 
“Or… Haha… Other things as well.” 
At this point, you were just trying to fill in the rather thick silence in the air. “But uhm, they could all also mean beloved.”
Meanwhile, Namor stayed silent at your confession. Have you been whispering to him such intimate words of affection all this time?
“All those words… were you calling me ‘beloved’?” At this, you shook your head slowly, confusing him even more.
“.... Actually, the last part means something else.” You felt like you were hyperventilating at this point. Perhaps you’ve ruined your favorite OPM playlist forever, as you will always associate it with this moment.
“The… The last part means ‘loving’...” You weakly replied, not daring to meet his eyes. You feel like you’ve royally screwed up, banished from the ocean even. Goodbye, night swimming, you will be dearly missed.
You slowly looked, bracing yourself for his reaction. The scene made your jaw drop, and Namor’s face would have been priceless to you if the situation hadn’t called for it. 
The flusteredness on his face would’ve caught anyone off-guard. The way his eyebrows raised as the corner of his eyes pinched at the corners. His lips were slightly open, as if to say that he was too shocked to even close his mouth. 
Soon, however, Namor finally came to his senses. He finally realized what you had been trying to say to him all this time.
They had called him “the child without love” in their spitting, hateful language.
And you had called him such loving words in your native language, as if to imply that they were wrong.
When you scooted closer to him once more, he didn't flinch or pull away this time. You blinked at his movements, noting the way he slightly leaned onto you again.
“... Dios bo’otik.” was the only thing Namor said after a few minutes.
You’ve talked to him enough to know what that means.
You gleefully smiled at him, before clearing your throat and relaxing your posture.
“Psh, ako pa? Wala lang yun, K’uk’ulkan.”
The soft tunes of the OPM playlist from your phone continued playing in the air, and the cold feeling of the water soon came to feel like a warm embrace instead.
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intothemultifandom · 2 days ago
servitude [1] → black panther [attuma]
Tumblr media
Pairings: Attuma x Reader, Wakandan!Reader, T’challa + Shuri Sister!Reader
Series Summary: In the aftermath of The Blip, you and Attuma–warriors turned interim leaders– build an unlikely relationship that evolves overtime as you bond over loss, grief and the weight of two different worlds. 
Meeting each other in secret for the past two years, the peace you’d maintained by having your Kingdoms kept apart is threatened when your Kings and sisters return from oblivion; ready to wage war against each other as they expect you to lead their armies, unaware of the bonds you’d forged in their absence. 
A/N: I was mentioned in a post by @tommymcartney​ (my first ever time being mentioned in a post) who reminded me that my work, while new, is appreciated on this site. Thanks for inspiring me to entertain my new obsession lol.
Servitude  [1] → black panther [attuma]
You lost your siblings during The Blip. 
T’challa had turned to dust right before Okoye, Shuri scattered somewhere out on the battlefield; and a weight unlike any other (the weight only your brother knew) settled around shoulders when the wind did not claim you, too. 
At only seventeen, you had been reduced to an only child by the snap of a Madman’s fingers. Expected to ascend the throne now that your older siblings could not. Not that you would, given your distaste of politics and the UN Embassy in general.
Where T’challa was King and Shuri led your scientific division, you had trained under the tutelage of the Dora Milage. Had become one of the best warriors of the country in spite of your youth, expected to surpass Okoye once you reached her age.  
Your natural skill had fuelled your desire to join the War Dogs before N’Jadaka had come into the picture (as Princess, you could not join the Dora Milaje officially), a dream you had to contribute to the safety of your Kingdom and your brother’s reign under the aloofness of being the youngest child.
In the eyes of the world that remained, however, this was not possible when your existence, your survival, received constant praise by Nations who hungered for someone young and naive to ascend the throne.
To their displeasure, you’d assumed leadership over the secret division of your country instead, entertained by the thought of Colonisers dictating what you did with yourself. Your amusement further peaked as you presented yourself publicly as Wakanda’s Consulate General alongside your natural title as Princess.  
With your Mother maintaining the throne and dealing with politics, you’d spent the first three years working diligently to forget your siblings’ absence. Your own grief and shame.
Someone had to stamp out the political unrest in your country, had to re-establish Wakanda’s spy-network in the midst of mounting political tension around the world.
And you had done it all at from seventeen to twenty, held together by the love of your Queen Mother and spurred on by the council of your closest confidants, Okoye, Aneka, Ayo and, surprisingly, the Jabari’s own M’Baku. 
The success of your network around the world had earned you the respect of many, though nothing cemented your legacy more than what happened during the Wakandan three-day-Massacre: 
The Marube Tribe were a relic of time, isolated from the rest of your country when they denounced the advancement of your technology.
Deep in the Mute Lands, they’d practiced old customs and studied even older texts where, in the shadow of Thanos’ terror, they’d turn to ancient techniques to make their warriors strong. Stronger than even the Black Panther. 
Since they could not ingest Vibranium through the heart-shaped herb, a group of their men had etched it into their flesh. Tattooed the raw substance into the planes of their body so they could flow better with nature.
And for a brief time, it worked. The process had given them unnatural durability and strength, the ability to run faster than the wind and yet capable of moving the Earth with a stomp of their foot.
Only, Vibranium itself is radioactive unless tempered with a substance only Shuri and her division knew how to make.
And with your sister and her team gone, ashes in the wind; the Marube tribe, without knowing the consequences, inadvertently kickstarted what might’ve been the doom of your people with the creation of the Madmen. 
As Vibranium had become one with flesh, the radiation did not blister skin nor melt flesh from bone. Instead, it drove the person to madness, to a murderous rage that would not end and was made even worse by the indestructibility of their bodies.
In a single night, the Madmen decimated nearly their entire village before they took to their neighbours. 
When the missive came the following morning, your Queen Mother demanded only for the Dora Milaje to go, for them put an end to the madness before it reached the Golden City.
What she seemed to forget was that the last Madman you fought murdered your siblings, so you could not, would not, simply remain in the Palace.
And so as stealthily as you could for someone who’d learned many tricks from Nakia, you followed your warrior-sisters beyond the throne room, grateful that Okoye turned a blind eye when she caught you amongst their numbers. 
The battle against the Madmen had been a ruthless and bloody affair. 
The people who fought with you and against you were your own people; the land you fought on once roamed by your Ancestors; yet no amount of familiarity could diminish the brutality of war as the Madmen slaughtered your people in masses, pushed your team deeper into the battlefield and towards the centre of their ruined Tribe like wolves surrounding sheep.
Just as you thought you had reached your end, had stood back-to-back with Okoye, Aneka and Ayo and readied yourself for death, Bast had smiled on you that day as the survivors of the massacre–women and children who’d hidden themselves beneath the ground–opened a hidden hatch and welcomed your group into their refuge.  
The Marube people may have denounced modern Wakanda; but they were Wakandan all the same.
For almost half an hour, you and the warriors huddled with them in the dark of their underground cave system where you’d grieved and planned, prayed for your Ancestors to see you through another day even when the Madmen waited for you above. 
It had been one of the Elders who survived, a woman named J’Kobe who weakly presented the idea of someone undergoing the same process as the men above to turn the tides of the battle. She who suggested bestowing a great power upon someone, anyone, so that they could end the Madmen’s bloodshed once and for all before madness took them.
It would be a sacrifice, went unsaid. 
As the determination settled on Okoye’s brow and Ayo and Aneka shared a sad, resigned smile (they’d realised too that the Madmen could not be beat as their weapons bent under the pressure of their strength)–you had stepped towards J’Kobe with the memory of your family and your people, the smile of a toddler who bared your brother’s name, as you knelt at her feet and offered yourself before they could.
Your siblings had been gone for three years, and in those three years you’d found no dignified way of joining them until then: ...though of course, you didn’t actually die as you thought you would. 
Even now, you could not remember what had happened down in those tunnels, how long your friends had argued against your decision before you laid on your back and then your stomach, the pain immeasurable as they and J’Kobe embedded the Vibranium along different areas of your body. 
Tattooed by your countries most fearsome warriors and one of the last practitioners of old, you did what many thought was impossible when you ascended the tunnels with fresh tattoos that glowed purple and a newfound strength to greet the Madmen as an equal match. 
On the third day of the three-day-Massacre, you gave your people a new protector as you stood over the Madmen who lay at your feet, defeated: 
Olumo, J’Kobe called you. 
Molded by God. 
After the battle had been won, and you’d marched with your Warriors and the survivors home to prepare to be put down, to apologise to your Mother one last time before calling Nakia; like the wind that did not claim you when your siblings disappeared, death did not take you in the end, too. 
Because your Father, his Father and so on, ingested Vibranium through the heart-shaped herb, they’d altered their genetics and granted their children and lineage invulnerability to the radiation of Vibranium. 
Meaning you would not be lost to madness from the procedure after all, a stroke of luck for your friends who considered sacrificing themselves. 
Since then, you’d fought many battles as Olumo, the disciple of Ptah and Kokou. Had accomplished many minor and major missions and battles that helped you carve your own legacy as you fought for True Wakanda, your Vibranium tattoos a symbol of your service and devotion. 
There were days, of course, when the power you’d been bestowed stirred uncomfortably. Days where you felt restless in your own skin, plagued with the undeniably urge to move, run and fight. 
You’d always been a warrior than a leader. 
The Dora Milage, adored as they were, were supportive in this regard; always ready to give you an outlet to rid yourself of this feeling as you fought and sparred them in the safety of your Kingdom. 
Even M’Baku and his warriors, through a rare sight in the Capital, sparred with you when they could. 
It wasn’t until you met him, though, that you felt more alive than you’d felt in the past three years. Felt seen and understood in a way that your friends and Mother could not and would likely ever understand, given the power and responsibilities you now held. 
His name was Attuma, and he called himself the greatest warrior in the underworld. 
This is Part 1 (context; your POV) of a three-part-story. 
Part 2 (snippets of you and him during moments in-between; his POV) will be coming soon. 
Also to note–
Your background is inspired by the BLACK PANTHER #7 (Origins of Vibranium) + BLACK PANTHER #3 (#200 Legacy) 
Ptah the Shaper is considered the god of metal alloys, mainly Vibranium whereas Kokou is considered the Wakandan god of War
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Wanda Maximoff x Reader - Thankful
Summary: The holiday serves as the perfect time to think of everything you’re grateful for.
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: 2,839
* * * * * * * *
Hands full, you struggle to unlock the door, a cheerful exclamation leaving your lips when it swings open.
“Delivery!” You jokingly call, kicking the door closed behind you.
Adjusting the bags in your hand, you frown slightly at the raucous coming from the kitchen: a clattering of pots and pans, the pattering of feet, something slamming shut. Which is quickly followed by your wife frustratedly calling your children’s names.
With a grimace you rush towards the kitchen to find your boys running around the island, Tommy with a spoonful of sweet potato pie filling and Billy with his nose in the pan of half-done mac and cheese.
Wanda’s face is the picture of contained annoyance but you can see it slipping. She looks at you with pleading in her eyes and you’re quick to move, setting the bags on the counter then snatching up Tommy and grabbing Billy’s hand before it can dig into the pan of noodles.
Both boys look at you, eyes widening as they see the stern expression on your face. They know they’re in trouble.
You set Tommy down, plucking the spoon from his hand and putting it back in the bowl.
“Boys, go sit in the living room and wait for me, quietly.” You instruct.
Heads dropping and sad expressions fixing into place, they trudge out of the kitchen without a word.
Turning back to your wife, you see the tiniest wrinkle of her nose and you know she’s very irritated. You also know it’s not entirely because of the boys.
Today would be yours and Wanda’s first time hosting a holiday at your home.
All your friends and family are going to be here in mere hours, expecting a grand holiday dinner.
Wanda has been adamant about everything being perfect. She cleaned the house top to bottom yesterday, with yours and the boys’ help. She’d done all the grocery shopping and prepping she could do and woke up early today to start cooking.
You know she’s been practically running herself up a wall to make sure everything goes to plan.
The boys being their usual energetic selves, is no doubt making her even more stressed.
“Wands,” you speak softly as you walk around the counter to her.“ Take a deep breath love,” your hands find her waist as she follows your instructions,“ I know how important this dinner is for you, it’s important to me too. But to me what’s more important is you and your mental state. If this is going to stress you out the way it seems to be, I’m going to suggest we move this to the compound and just let Tony splurge on some big dinner.”
“No,” she says, turning to face you with determined green eyes.“ I want to do this I just-” with a sigh she sinks into your embrace, forehead resting on your shoulder,“ I just need a minute.”
Wrapping your arms around her, you hold her closer, slightly swaying.“ How about this,” you begin to suggest,“ I go get the boys preoccupied, then you have a nap or some wine or both on the couch, and I’ll tackle some of this until you wake up.”
Your wife looks up at you, a pout on her lips and her eyes as soft as ever.“ Are you sure?”
“Positive my love.”
She presses up on her toes to place a kiss on your lips, one of your hands instinctively moving to cup her cheek, both of you melting into the kiss.
As cliche as it sounds, every kiss with her feels like the first. It makes you feel safe and loved, each kiss is a reminder of what you have, what you thought you could never have, what you’re eternally grateful for.
When you part, Wanda can’t help but quickly kiss you again, before you step away to go speak to the boys while she pours herself a glass of wine.
In the living room, Billy and Tommy sit on the couch, whispering between themselves. Until they hear you approaching, then their lips are sealed and their eyes are downcast.
You walk around the couch and sit on the coffee table.“ Boys,” both of them look up with sorry expressions to which you smile softly.
“We’re sorry,” Tommy is quick to say, voice low.
Billy adds,“ we didn’t mean to upset mom.”
“Yeah, we were just messing around.” Tommy finishes.
Taking a deep breath, you nod.“ I understand that and so does your mom. Your mom is not upset with you and we know that you didn’t have any ill intentions. However, today is a big day for your mom, for all of us.”
“Cause it’s Thanksgiving.” Billy says.
To which Tommy adds,“ yeah and everyone’s coming over right?”
You nod,“ yup, the whole family and we want today to be fun and as perfect as possible for everyone. And your mom is doing her absolute best to make that happen, so she’s a little stressed which means all of us should try our best to make today easier for her okay?”
“Okay.” They both nod and smile.
“Alright. Luckily for you two, making today easy for mom means you get to have some fun,” excitement lights across their faces at your words,“ you can do whatever you want as long as you do it in your room or in the backyard.”
“Whatever we want?!” They exclaim, no doubt a billion ideas shooting through their brains.
Holding your hands up, you stop them before they get out of hand.“ Slow your rolls. You cannot flood, set fire to, bury, or destroy anything and you keep the use of your powers in the treehouse, do you understand?”
“Yes mama, we understand.”
“Good. Now go have fun.”
With that they stand, Tommy grabbing Billy’s hand and speeding up to their room.
Having gotten them occupied and otherwise out of the way, you go back to the kitchen.
Wanda is putting the finishing touches on a Sokovian dish when you step up beside her, a hand wrapping around her waist and resting on her hip.
“Alright Mrs. Maximoff, time for you to get off your feet.” You kiss her head, top off the wine she’d been sipping, and steer her away from the stove.
“Once that timer goes off, move the goulash to a back burner and let it keep simmering. And the dressing is in the oven, it only has about ten minutes left.”
“Understood. Now go nap.”
She lets out a little yelp when you playful tap her butt on her way out the door, she sends a little smirk over her shoulder to you and you wink at her.
The second you hear the sigh of relief come from her, you turn to the array of food and dishes on the countertop.
Grabbing the apron and tying it around your waist, you take a deep breath before setting forward on your goal.
Luckily your wife likes to write down her recipes, having once stated that too many good ideas come to mind for her to remember them all, so all you have to do is follow the cards.
It’s become second nature for you to keep a keen ear and eye out for the goings on in your home even as you’re doing something that requires a lot of attention. So even as you flit about through the kitchen, you can still hear the boys playing upstairs as well as the laughs and quiet gasps that come from your wife in the living room.
A content smile subconsciously forms on your face, the domesticity that you’ve grown accustomed to never fails to make you happy. You’re a long way from fighting seemingly impossible battles and facing life threatening danger almost every day.
Settling down was one of the best decisions you’d ever made, doing so with the love of your life made it even better.
You’re just getting the turkey in the oven when a gust of wind and a blue blur shoots past you. You already know what it is, you still glance out the window.
The seeming “light show” that was going on in the treehouse let you know that the boys were using their powers in there.
Over the next hour you finish up a good majority of the meal and cover the dishes up, before you snag yourself a glass of wine and move through the house to the living room.
Wanda’s attention is drawn to you almost instinctively.
“Throwing in the white towel?” She jokes, sitting up and scooting closer to you.
“More like I finished.”
Her eyes narrow, she glances back towards the kitchen, then back to you.“ You’re joking.”
You shake your head.“ Nope. The turkey has about another hour, the mac and cheese is also in the oven, cranberry sauce has been put in a dish, the goulash is still on a very low simmer, and everything else is ready to go.”
You can see the emotion in her eyes, you know she won’t express it out loud. Slight disappointment, wonder as to why you so easily did it when she didn’t.
“Nope, don’t even start to go there.” Setting your glass down, you pluck hers from her hand and set it aside, then you pull her onto your lap.“ The only reason it was easy for me is because you did all the hard work my love. I just put stuff in the oven and on the stove. Today is going to be perfect because of you.”
Word by word, a smile tugs on her lips. You never fail to make the negative thoughts go away. With a look or a few words you erase her every worry.
“It already is perfect because of you,” a hand slips up the side of your neck, fingers moving to play with the hair at the nape of your neck,“ thank you for always supporting me. Many things would be impossible without you detka and today I am thankful for you most of all.”
Humming happily, you lean in and kiss her. The hand on your neck pulls you impossibly closer, both of you taking advantage of the temporarily empty room and deepening the kiss.
You sink into each other, relishing in the first moment of intimacy you’ve had since this morning in bed.
It is short lived however, the shrill ring of your phone cuts through the silence. A groan from you breaks the kiss.
Wanda giggles, burying her face in the crook of your neck.
“Hello?” You answer, absentmindedly letting your fingers drift under the bottom of her shirt, tickling at her skin. A smirk forms on your face at the feeling of the goosebumps rising on her skin.
“Stop groping each other and come open the door Y/n Y/ln.”
“If it isn’t my favorite Russian.” You say in reply, lightly tapping Wanda’s waist. She slips off your lap and you cross the room to pull the door open.
Only to be met with a glare from your redheaded former teammate.
“Nat, hey. I didn’t know you two were coming together.” A glance over her shoulder reveals her sister cheekily wagging her phone, which clearly shows you on speaker.
The redhead scoffs.“ What, were you hoping it was just your favorite Russian?”
Smacking your lips, you hang up and pocket your phone.“ Nat, come on now. That was sarcasm at its finest. We both know you’re my favorite Russian.” You reach forward and wrap an arm around Natasha, gently guiding her into the house.
She still watches you with narrowed eyes, but the corner of her lips quirks up in a slight smile.
“It’s okay, Y/n.” Shrugging your arm off, she walks further over to the couch.“ Cause my favorite Maximoff is right here.”
Wanda pops up and the two of them hug as your jaw drops.“ Hi Nat.” Your wife greets, exchanging smiles with the ex-assassin before she moves to greet everyone behind you.
Not only had Yelena and Natasha arrived but alongside them was Kate, Clint, Laura, and the kids.
So half your party had arrived, the other expected guests being: Steve, Bucky, Tony, Pepper, Morgan, and Carol.
Wanda is quick to slip into the host roll and you of course assist. Sending the kids to go play with the boys out back, then getting drinks for everyone else.
The sitcoms get swapped out for the football game, yourself, Kate, and Clint being the most interested. Wanda goes to get the rest of the food out as the timer goes off and Laura offers help. Natasha and Yelena follow as they’re completely uninterested in the game.
You all enjoy each other’s company as the table is set, you flittering between the kitchen, dining room, living room, and backyard.
As you help set the table, the Starks show up, and it’s as you’re wrangling the kids into the house with the help of Clint, the rest of your guests arrive.
By the time all the little ones’ hands are washed, all the adults have gotten their “grown up” drinks and stand around the table waiting for everyone to gather.
Wanda stands beside you, your arm slipping around her waist naturally. She leans into your side, a small but bright smile on her face as she looks around at everyone around you all.
“Before we eat,” she grabs everyone’s attention,“ I’d like us to all go around and say what we’re thankful for.”
As could be expected, Tony makes a comment about that being “corny” while Bucky and Natasha seem to be a little reluctant about it. Then, oddly enough, Steve breaks the ice.
After him, Kate goes, followed by Laura, then the kids. Soon enough everyone, even those hesitant to do so, share what they’re thankful for.
Most of it is the same: good health, family, love. Tony hit the nail on the head when he called the idea “corny”, but the sincerity of everyone’s words makes it better.
“I’m thankful for everything I have.”
“Boooo,” Yelena says.
Clint agrees, stating,“ that’s a cop out.”
Laughter rings around the room and you roll your eyes.“ It’s not a cop out, it’s the truth. I’m thankful for my home, for all of you: my friends and family, I’m thankful for my boys,” you smile down at Billy and Tommy, the latter wrapping his arms around you,“ and I’m thankful for my wife, the absolute love of my life.”
Wanda absolutely beams, her hand taking the one you had on her waist.“ I’m thankful for you too. I always am, everyday.”
The urge to kiss her rings high and you choose not to ignore it, though you do keep it brief.
“Alright alright, enough of that, we’re hungry.” Bucky teases.
Chuckling amongst the laughter, you agree. Wanda tells everyone to dig in and it’s a true feast from there.
Plates are made: a little bit of everything being dished out, drinks are filled and refilled. Everyone divides between the dining room and living room as there aren’t enough seats at the table. The kids are told to sit around the coffee table in the living room.
The game plays on, Steve and Bucky now added to the group of watchers. Chatter about how amazing the food is fills the home as well, Wanda’s goulash being a main hit.
By the time the game goes off, dinner plates are empty, being refilled, or replaced with dishes for dessert. The kids have taken their dessert to Billy and Tommy’s room, content with keeping each other occupied.
Kate snatches up the remote and she and Yelena insist on turning on the parade, Yelena claiming she wants to see the silly little floats.
You, having no preference as to what’s on, sink further into the couch. The big meal you ate makes you feel a little sluggish so you don’t plan to move from this spot, even though everyone is making dessert sound like heaven.
As if having read your mind, your wife appears. She sits on your lap, careful not to drop the bowl of sweet potato pie and ice cream in her hands. With familiarity and comfort she leans her side against your front, getting cozy before she scoops some dessert onto the spoon and offers it to you.
You accept, humming satisfactorily as the creamy goodness melts on your tongue. Everyone was right, this is heaven.
“That is delicious,” you compliment with a smile given to the redhead on your lap,“ everything was perfect.”
She smiles, nose wrinkling in the cutest way as she blushes a little.“ Thank you my love. I couldn’t have done it without you.”
“I’m sure you could’ve, but I’m always happy to help.”
Wanda leans down, softly kissing you, humming much like you did as she tastes the sweetness of the dessert on your lips.
“I love you.” She whispers, very aware of the people who can hear you but not caring in the slightest.
Smiling, you reply,“ as I love you.”
* * * * * * * *
Taglist: @owloftheshadows @blackxwidowsxwife @yumusak-yastik @b-5by5 @lostandsearching @iliketozoneout​ @alotofpockets @caspianalexander @yeeterthekeeper @ecruzsalaz @natasha-danvers @fayhar
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angelltheninth · 2 days ago
If u feel comfortable can u do mcu characters plus James Rhodes boobs or ass pls<3
These are always a whole lot of fun.
Pairing: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Loki, Natasha Romanoff, Steven Grant, James Rhodes, Clint Barton, Matt Murdock, Carol Danvers x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, titfucking, blowjobs, grinding, clit stimulation, overstimulation, praise, scratching, marking, nipple pinching, spanking, cum marking
A/N: Boobs. Love them so much.
Tumblr media
Steve likes both equally actually. He loves to have your boobs in his face while you're riding his dick. He knows your nipples get very sensitive when he's thrusting into you and you're getting really close to an orgasm. He likes to bite them, to get you to finish all over his cock while he digs his fingers into your ass cheeks. Due to his strength he leaves imprints on your ass cheeks quite often while you're having sex.
Tumblr media
Bucky is an ass man. He will come up behind you while you're making food and grab a good handful of your cheeks. Loves to bite it while he's in the process of making his way to your pussy from behind. Likes to think you like his ass too and sometimes, it's a little silly, but he will do exercises specifically for those muscles. Call him a show off because he definitely is one. Presses you against his body, kisses a path from your mouth to you neck, makes you buck into him, all the while massaging your cute looking ass.
Tumblr media
Sam loves to see your boobs bouncing up and down while he's busy fucking every drop of his cum into you. He thinks it's cute how you try to cover up but he doesn't want you to, you're beautiful and he wants to see all of you, he wants to see you while you're in thorns of pleasure that he's giving you. You want to please him as well, you want him to touch you, to press his thumbs into your nipples and leave then stiff right before you pull his mouth to them.
Tumblr media
Loki coming all over your tits is something he does almost as a ritual. He'll never get tired of it, never not going to get hard while thinking about seeing his cum rolling over your nipples and down your boobs. Often he loves to hold off from finishing inside of you so he can mark your tits with his cum. Or if you really want him to finish inside of you then you bet he's gonna get hard all over again to give you another big load over your tits, and your tongue, he's always up for seeing you swallow.
Tumblr media
Natasha knows that you're looking at her ass often but for her it's your boobs that she likes. When you're out in the field with her, wearing that skin-tight suit she can get distracted pretty easily. Honestly she can't wait to get you back home, into the shower and help you wash up, paying very close attention to your brests. When she offers to lick them clean you have to restrain yourself from pinning her against the wall and having your way with her in the shower.
Tumblr media
Steven likes both. He can't keep his hands still when you're having sex, he always needs to be touching you somewhere. Incontrollable when you offer to give him a titjob, whimpers and moans until he shoots his cum all over your boobs. When he's fucking you from behind he loves to feel your soft ass pressing against him, smacking against his lower stomach while he thrusts into you.
Tumblr media
James is always up for a little dry humping against your ass. Not only that but he also likes teasing you when you're having sex by rubbing his hard cock between your ass cheeks, barely lowering it to tease your pussy opening. Hearing you moan and whimper and beg for him to hurry it up, you don't care which hole it is, you just want to feel him inside of you, becoming one with you. When he dry humps you he ruins his boxers quite a lot, which is why he always packs extra when he knows he's going to be in a hotel with you during a mission.
Tumblr media
Clint is a man on a mission when he sees your naked breasts. He has to mark them, he just has to. With his tongue, his mouth, his teeth, his cum. Anything you'll let him really. Loves laying his head in your lap, one hand on your breast, his mouth busy biting the other to full hardness while you jerk him off. Will thrust his cock against your clit, making you whimper and whine while he pinches your nipples before soothing them with his mouth before burying his dick inside you and giving you a thick, heavy load of cum right in your pretty pussyhole.
Tumblr media
Matt loves all of you. Really all of you. There's no place he won't touch, kiss, squeeze, bite, mark or come onto. He memorized your body by touch, the way your boobs feel under his fingers and the way they taste in his mouth, your whimpers and moans of his name as he delivers a slap on your soft ass until it's red while he hammers his hard cock into your cunt, filling you up with his cum.
Tumblr media
Carol always pays a lot of attention to you ass when you're having sex. She likes to play with your clit while also spanking you, making you cum from the combined pleasure and pain before she flips you over, cups your ass cheeks in her hands and eats you out like her favorite meal. Of course when she notices your ass is getting a little red or when it has her handprints on it she will always kiss them gently before the two of you go take a nap or cuddle up bask in the afterglow.
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thatonewriterchicksposts · 15 hours ago
Taking it Slow
𝘗𝘢𝘪𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨: 𝘔𝘢𝘵𝘵 𝘔𝘶𝘳𝘥𝘰𝘤𝘬 𝘹 𝘧𝘦𝘮!𝘢𝘧𝘢𝘣!𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘳
𝘚𝘶𝘮𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘺: 𝘠𝘰𝘶 𝘪𝘯𝘷𝘪𝘵𝘦 𝘔𝘢𝘵𝘵 𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘳 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘢 𝘴𝘪𝘮𝘱𝘭𝘦 𝘯𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘪𝘯. 𝘐𝘵 𝘦𝘯𝘥𝘴 𝘶𝘱 𝘣𝘦𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘢𝘯𝘺𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘣𝘶𝘵 𝘴𝘪𝘮𝘱𝘭𝘦.
𝘞𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴: 18+ 𝘖𝘕𝘓𝘠!! 𝘔𝘐𝘕𝘖𝘙𝘚 𝘋𝘕𝘐!! 𝘛𝘦𝘢𝘴𝘪𝘯𝘨, 𝘴𝘭𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵 𝘥𝘰𝘮!𝘮𝘢𝘵𝘵 𝘮𝘶𝘳𝘥𝘰𝘤𝘬, 𝘰𝘳𝘢𝘭 (𝘧 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘮 𝘳𝘦𝘤𝘦𝘪𝘷𝘪𝘯𝘨), 𝘱𝘦𝘵 𝘯𝘢𝘮𝘦𝘴
𝘞𝘰𝘳𝘥 𝘊𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘵: 2.1𝘬
You had been planning this dinner for weeks. You had been rushing things with Matt for too long. Quick kisses while you two grabbed a coffee during lunch, fast paced moments in his office late at night before he ran off to do his other job. You wanted something slow, something you could take your time with.
It would have taken ages to get a reservation at one of the nicer restaurants, so you opted to cook something instead. You hummed quietly as you stirred the contents of the pan, swaying your hips to the soft song you’d been listening to. A grin worked its way onto your face as a knock sounded from the front of your apartment. “It’s open!” You called, knowing the person on the other side would be able to hear you.
Matt’s footsteps were all-too-familiar. You didn’t turn your attention away from the stove as he set his things down on your sofa. The smell of freshly done laundry and his cologne enveloped you as he stood behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist. His chest pressed against your back as his chin rested on your shoulder. “Hi.”
You chuckled, leaning your head against his as you set your stirring spoon down. “Hi. Dinner’s almost done. I wasn’t expecting you so early.” 
You tilted your head slightly as his nose nuzzled against your cheek. “Smells delicious.” He paused, his stubble grazing your skin as he nipped at your neck. “Food smells good, too.” You smacked one of his hands that rested against your stomach, drawing a soft laugh from him. “Sorry, sorry. I’ll be good.”
You knew better than to believe him, especially as his fingers toyed with the hem of your shirt, his knuckles just barely brushing against the skin of your waist. “Matthew…” He hummed in response. “We’re never going to get to eat dinner if you can’t behave yourself.”
“What if I want dessert first?” He muttered against your shoulder, pressing his hips into your backside. If his touch wasn’t so overwhelming, you’d laugh at him for the cheesy line. You could feel yourself melting against him, searching your brain for every ounce of willpower you had. 
Slowly, you peeled his hands off of you. “You are ridiculous, Matt Murdock. Go sit down. And try to keep your hands to yourself until after we’ve eaten.” You roll your eyes at the sigh that leaves his lips, smile still stretching your lips.
It doesn’t take the two of you long to finish your meal. Perhaps it’s because you skipped lunch. Perhaps it’s because the insatiable man in front of you can’t wait to get his hands back on you. You’re inclined to think it’s the latter.
As you wash up, Matt reclines on your sofa. His hand reaches over to brush over the cover of the book on the end table. The words on the cover aren’t braille, but they are indented into the material of the book. “Is this new?” He asks, his voice slightly raised so you can hear him over the running water.
You shut off the tap, making your way over to the sofa. You settle in beside him, his hand finding your thigh almost immediately. You reach over him, grabbing the book in question. “This? Fairly. I’ve read it before, I’m just re-reading it now.”
“Must be good if you’re reading it more than once.” His arm slinks around your waist, pulling you closer into his side. You hum contently, resting your head against his shoulder. He had taken his suit jacket off, along with his crisp button-down. He was clad in just his slacks and a white t-shirt now. He looked beautiful like this, you thought. His hair was slightly messy, and you had to stop yourself from running your fingers through it. His red-tinted glasses were gone, letting you see his warm brown eyes. Their unfocused gaze never once bothered you. You loved looking into them, regardless of whether they could look back. “Will you read it to me?” He asked softly, his fingertips drawing lazy circles against your side.
“You want me to read to you?”
Matt shrugged. “I like hearing your voice.” The words almost sounded sheepish, causing your heart to leap into your throat. After all this time, he could still stir the butterflies in your stomach.
You, of course, would indulge him. You settled further against him, opening the cover of the book. It was a fantasy novel you’d picked up a few months ago. Something a friend recommended to you. You hadn’t gotten more than two sentences in when Matt’s hand began wandering.
It started somewhat innocently, his fingers slipping under your shirt and grazing the skin just below your breast. You attempted to pay it no mind, continuing to focus on the words printed on the page in front of you. You stumbled over your words as his other hand came to rest on your thigh, just below the hem of your skirt. “Matt.” You warned.
A quiet “hm?” was his only response.
“I can’t focus when you do that.”
“Yes, you can, angel.” The feeling of his fingertips dragging along your thigh made your legs part just slightly, like your body was responding to silent commands from the man next to you. “Keep reading.” He demanded, his left hand traveling up to cup your breast.
Your breaths were short as you attempted to focus, to keep reading line after line. Matt’s head dipped down, his lips brushing the skin of your bare neck. Your head spun as he caressed you, finding every inch of skin he could. The hand on your leg drew further up, his knuckles ghosting over where you needed him most. You gasped, clenching your legs together and capturing his hand in the process. Matt growled above you. The sound alone was enough to make you tremble. “Keep your legs open, angel. Be a good girl for me.”
His words were almost torturous. Slowly, you spread your knees for him. His teeth nipped at your neck as his index finger slipped under the fabric of your underwear. The book fell from your hands as his finger slid through your folds, drawing a chuckle from him. “P-Please…” You whined.
His thumb connected with your clit, your hips bucking upward in response. “All worked up for me already, sweet girl? I’ve barely touched you.” His thumb drew short circles around the sensitive bundle of nerves at your core. He slipped one finger into you as he bit into your neck. It was hard enough that you knew there would be a mark tomorrow. His other hand squeezed your breast, his slim fingers gently tugging at your nipple.
Your back arched as you let out a soft whimper. Your body was always so responsive to Matt’s touched, and he loved it. You couldn’t form a coherent thought, let alone tell him how you were feeling. You settled for a quiet moan instead as he added another of his fingers into your core.
Your hips rutted against his hand as he began to pump his digits in and out of you. You skirt had hiked its way up your legs, bunching up around your waste. “You’re always so good for me, angel. So responsive. I love those cute little noises you make.”
“Please, Matty…” You breathed, whimpers freely leaving your parted lips. “Need you…”
Matt hummed. You whined as he slid his fingers out of you. You opened your mouth wider as he raised them to your lips, gently pressing them against your tongue. You heard him groan as you sucked your arousal off of him, running your tongue over his calloused skin. “Not yet, sweetheart. Wanna taste you first.”
You watched as he sunk to his knees in front of you. His fingers looped into the waistband of your skirt, and you lifted your hips just enough for him to slide it off along with your underwear. You hummed as he pressed his lips against your inner thigh, his hands resting on your knees to spread you wider for him.
You keened as his tongued licked up your seam before flicking the sensitive bud at the center. You felt him grin against your skin as he lapped at you, fingers finding their way back to your dripping cunt. The familiar build in the pit of your stomach told you that you wouldn’t make it much longer.
Your head dropped back onto the couch as he worked a third finger inside of you, still sucking and licking at your clit like a man starved. Your fingers found their way into his hair, pulling him impossibly closer to you as your climax drew closer.
Matt moaned as your release finally washed over you. He licked up every drop of your arousal before sitting up on his knees. He grinned up at you as his hands wrapped around your arms, pulling you down to him. Your lips met his instantly, and you could taste yourself on his tongue.
“Your turn.” You managed between breaths, standing up on shaky legs. Matt stood with you, hands still on your arms as he caressed your bare skin. Your hands smoothed down his chest until they reached his belt. You fumbled for only a moment before finally tearing it off of him.
You slid his slacks off with ease, feeling your stomach tighten at the sight of the prominent bulge in his briefs. Matt let out a shaky breath as you trailed your fingers over the outline. You gently palmed him through the fabric, smirking when his hips bucking into your touch. “Angel, you’re going to kill me if you don’t do something.”
You chuckled, sliding his briefs down his legs. His erection sprung free, thick and long and throbbing at the anticipation of your next move. Matt’s fingers held your hair back as you slid to your knees. He groaned above you as you placed a chaste kiss to the tip. You slipped just the head of his cock between your lips, fingers wrapping around the base.
By the way Matt tensed above you, you could tell it was taking every ounce of restraint he had not to thrust into your mouth. You moaned at the thought, causing him to grip your hair tighter at the sensation. “Sweet girl, it’s not polite to tease.”
His scolding had you clenching your thighs as you sunk your mouth further down on his cock. The shaky breath he took only spurred you on as you bobbed your head over his length. Your tongue brushed over a particularly sensitive spot on the underside of him, and that last bit of restraint left him. He thrusted into your mouth as he groaned, hitting the back of your throat. “Fuck, sorry. I can’t… you’re too good to me, angel. I can’t help myself.”
You pulled back for a brief moment, replacing the movements of your mouth with your hand as you caught your breath. “So don’t. I want you to use me, Matty.”
Another breathy curse left his lips as you sunk your mouth back onto him. He didn’t hold back this time, thrusting into your mouth until tears welled in your eyes. Unrestrained moans flowed from his parted lips, and you had to clench your thighs to relieve the pressure building there.
You loved seeing him like this, so worked up and hard for you. You loved watching him, his face contorted in pleasure as he drew closer and closer to the edge.
Matt reached his climax without warning, burying himself as far as he could and painting the back of your throat with ropes of come. You moaned at the taste before pulling off of him, swallowing everything he had to offer. Soft curses left his lips as he pulled you off of your knees. 
You chuckled softly as he brushed his fingers over your swollen lips. “Are you okay?” He asked softly, pressing his forehead to yours.
“Of course I’m okay, Matt. You’d know if I wasn’t.”
His fingertips trailed down your cheek, your neck, skimming over your collar bones before tracing the valley between your breasts. “Good, that’s good.” He breathed. “Because I don’t think I’m finished with you quite yet.”
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solitaryearthperson · a day ago
Genius Princess
Summary: The reader wants Shuri to go to bed with them.
(The reader is 18+ and uses they/them pronouns. The ethnicity/race is preferably black.)
Tumblr media
Each step I took down the circular stairs leading into Shuri's lab made a chill go through my body and I wrapped my blanket tighter around myself, sighing as the closer I got to her lab, the more I heard Wakandan music she was playing, and frustrated whispers made under her breath.
"Shuri," I tried to yell over the music.
"I can hear you," she yelled.
I took quicker steps down the stairs and fully entered the lab to see her standing over her desk, her back to me. She had her ipad in her hand, still working on the schematics of a new invention.
"How," I yelled over the music. It was louder tonight than usually it is.
"You have such heavy feet. Like hearing a rhino come down the stairs."
"Did you just compare me to a rhino," I asked, walking over to her, keeping the blanket wrapped around me.
"No, my love," she chuckled, putting her ipad down on the desk and facing me.
Letting the blanket slide down a little off my shoulders, I wrapped my arms around her middle and leaned into her. "Sounds like you just called me a fucking rhino."
"I'm sorry, baby." Wrapping her arms around me, she looked at me and for a second, I thought she was going to kiss me, but she just kept silently looking at me with what looked like exhaustion in her eyes.
"You need to sleep," I told her, the bags under her eyes worrying me. Me, T’Challa, and Queen Ramonda are always concerned that she spends a little too much time down here, obsessing over her next invention.
"I know," she closed her eyes for a second, before opening them, even more exhaustion showing. "Let me finish this real quick. I promise it won't take long."
"Please? Just need to fix a few tweaks."
Sighing, I nodded, ready for her to come to bed so we can cuddle and go to sleep.
"Thank you," She smiled and kissed on my forehead before quickly unwrapping her arms and turning back to the desk.
My genius princess, I thought, pulling the blanket back up around my shoulders and turning to leave.
I was beginning to drift off into sleep, when I heard the soft open and close of the bedroom door, and I didn’t need to open my eyes to know it was Shuri. She took off her clothes and put on pajamas quietly, trying her best to not disturb me. When I felt come into the bed behind me, I turned over and looked at her. 
“Did I wake you,” she asked, grabbing my hand.
“Are you worried about me?”
“Yes,” I answered, already knowing the next words to come out of her mouth.
“You do not have to worry. I’m fine.”
“Sometimes you spend too long down there, Shuri,” I scoot my body closer to hers. “I worry about you. Me, the Queen, T’Challa, we worry. We can’t help it.”
She leaned her head into mine and laid a sweet, sleepy kiss on my lips and I couldn’t stop the smile that spread across my face at her.
“I want T’Challa to be surprised with a new suit when he becomes king, my love. It has to be perfect.”
“I’m sure he’ll love it, baby,” I told her, kissing her back, making her smile. T’Challa will become the new king of Wakanda tomorrow and me and her both agreed that he is in desperate need of a new panther suit. “Now get some rest, princess.”
“Don’t call me that,” she told me closing her eyes with a smile still on her face. It didn’t take long for me to hear soft snores falling from her mouth and soon I joined her in sleep with a smile on my face.
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space-mermaid-writing · 23 hours ago
The witchling and the god [Loki x Witch!Reader] Chapter 13
Summary: The Avengers were looking for someone to help Loki fit in with the team. To become socially acceptable, so to speak. He had been given the choice of sitting in a cell in Asgard or serving some sort of community service probation on Midgard. The Avengers and Shield both felt that as long as Loki was on Earth, he should be under supervision. This is now your job. Why? Because you’re a witch. You’re not sure why this qualifies you, but here you are, giving it a shot. What could possibly go wrong?
Tags: Witch!Reader, Magic, Witches, slow burn, everybody lives in the tower, character development, Loki‘s redemption, Stephen Strange is a friend, Loki and Stephen are frenemies, Tony Stark is a good bro, kids love Loki, Tony has stupid nicknames for everybody, eventual smut
Main Masterlist | Series Masterlist | Read it on AO3 | Previous | Next
Chapter's Note: Beta by @zaria-04
Tumblr media
Chapter 13: Have you ever thought about it?
"We're not alone," Loki says quietly. "Someone is following us."
You perk up, but you can't hear more than a rustling in the undergrowth. Loki takes a step between you and the trees, you feel the density of his magic increase around him as if he were gathering it. A low growl sounds from between the trees, and it is picked up by two or three more creatures. It is menacing, but still you can’t see any beast.
But you know exactly what lurks there. You step up next to Loki and put your hand on his, which he has raised, in case he has to defend you.
"It's fine," you tell him. "Lower your magic. It's threatening them."
Now it is he who looks at you questioningly. You smile reassuringly at him and look in no way concerned. So he does as you say. Instantly, the growling stops.
Still holding his hand, you make your way through the undergrowth into the forest, pulling the Asgardian with you. Directly to where the growls had come from.
You hear rustling, from your steps and from whatever else is out there. It's familiar to you, and you're actually sorry that you're actually on your way to make a delivery and don't have time for an extended meeting.
After a few yards you find a small clearing, at the edge of which you stop. You glance back, but the open field is no longer visible from here.
"You can come out," you tell the forest.
There is another rustling sound and then a wolf appears on the opposite side. He is much larger than he should be, nearly twice as tall and wider as well. The proportions of his legs are odd, a little too long, and if you pay attention to his paws, you see that they are not quite correct for a regular wolf either. His black eyes are on Loki, following his every move.
You wave at the wolf in greeting.
A pup jumps out from between the wolf's feet. He wags his tail and seems quite happy to see you, for he makes an excited 'huff'. He briefly turns his head up at the larger wolf and then, as if given some sort of silent permission, comes running to you. Smiling, you crouch down to greet him.
"Bonjour Noah, it's nice to see you."
You are pleased to see that the medicine you had given Yvette seems to have held its effect, for the puppy looks well recovered and fit. You hold out your hand for him to sniff and sign to your companion to do the same. "This is Loki from Asgard. He is a friend."
You speak to the cub, but your words are loud enough for his pack to hear. Noah seems fascinated by Loki, probably never had the opportunity to smell an Asgardian before, because he walks around him curiously.
There are noises from moving twigs and leaves all around you and more wolves step to the edge of the clearing. Eight of them in total. They have different colors ranging from gray to brown, but none is as large as the alpha across from you. Still, together they are an eerie sight. You wonder if they were on their way to you or just happened to be in the area. Normally, they move at dusk or in the dark so as not to be seen by walkers. But since none of the Bullions shift and you don't understand them in this form, you don't get an answer to that question.
Yelping, Noah tries to jump up at Loki. Young pups always have a lot of energy no matter whether they’re dogs, wolves or werewolves. A warning tone from the alpha calls him to order. A little reluctantly, Noah breaks away from you and trots back to him.
Loki and you rise again. "I'm afraid we're on our way to the town right now, but I'll be back soon," you say, and the wolf moves his head as if nodding in agreement. Then he turns and leaves, and with him the other animals disappear into the forest, as silently as they came.
You both step back onto the path.
"Shapeshifter?" You are asked by Loki, who had remained quiet all this time. He trusted you to have the situation under control and didn't want to provoke the pack by saying a wrong word. He, of all people.
You nod. "Werewolves."
Loki makes an amused sound. "You have interesting friends," he says as you continue on your way.
"Of course," you grin, "Only the best. You're one of them."
He chuckles.
The retirement home is located on the outskirts of a small town. Your path crosses onto a paved road that leads downhill to the large building. It has many windows and small balconies, and there is a terrace in the back, but nobody is sitting outside today. It's too cold for that.
The main entrance leads you into a large foyer where a young woman sits at the front desk to greet you. You've known Suzie since she started working here a few years ago after graduating from high school. Her father is a nurse here at the house, and her mother works in accounting. Her grandparents were also from this town and Suzie herself would never think of moving away from here. She loves this little countryside place way too much.
When she sees you, she greets you with a smile before her eyes wander curiously to Loki.
"Hi Suzie, is Eloise here? I'm bringing her order," you ask her.
"Yes, she should be in the dining hall or kitchen."
Thanking her, you lead Loki left through a door and then down a wide hallway. Suzie's gaze follows you until she can no longer see you.
"She was ogling you. Be prepared for her to ask for your number later," you tell the Asgardian.
"I don't blame her." Loki shoots you a quick look. "Jealous?"
"So, what if?" you ask, amused.
"I could decline her number – if you want."
"You don't even have a phone."
Loki snaps, making an expression as if he hadn't even thought of that. "Oh, yeah right."
It's clear he's joking and you shake your head fondly. This kind of banter feels comfortable.
The dining hall is a large room with tables arranged into groups. Retirees are sitting there, eating. It's just about lunchtime. You wave to some who look up and recognize you. You know some of them by name, you have treated them or simply spent afternoons here helping out.
You can’t find Eloise, so you go to the serving hatch on the wall. From there, a cook sees you and calls into the kitchen. "Eloise, a visitor for you!"
You see her head pop up from behind a kitchen shelf, and when she spots you, she comes to you through a door to the right of the hatch.
"Ah, I was wondering when you'd finally get here," she greets you with a hug. Eloise is a middle-aged strawberry-blonde woman, petite in size, but with a big heart. Always wearing high heels, even though she's on her feet all day. That's an impressive feat.
Her gaze wanders to Loki and she extends her hand to him. "Hi, I'm Eloise. I run this facility."
"Nice to meet you." The Asgardian wears his best smile as he shakes her hand. "My name is Loki, and I'm afraid I'm to blame for our lateness."
Eloise's eyes move to you curiously, but you let it go uncommented.
"We bring the delivery," you say instead, pointing to the bottles in the basket.
"Great. Can you put them on the shelf behind the counter there?" she instructs Loki, who nods and takes care of it.
Eloise seems to have sent him away just to have a quick word with you, because she takes you aside.
"You never mentioned you had such a handsome boyfriend. You can bring him around more often. If you're not too busy." Her meaningful look tells you what kind of business she means. Before you can object, though, she keeps talking. "Do you want to stay for dinner? Fish is on the menu today."
Loki pops up next to you and answers before you can. "We would love to." At that, he puts his arm around your waist like that would be a normal thing to do for him.
"Excellent. Get your food at the hatch, I'll find us a table."
Loki grins with satisfaction and winks at you as you grab your plates at the kitchen pass-through. You let him have his fun; it could be quite amusing. Besides, you suspect he's expecting a reaction from you, and not showing one might irritate him. At least that's what you think. As you toss him a quick glance, it only seems to encourage him in his fun.
You sit down at the table with Eloise, who only takes a coffee. She is at least polite enough to wait with her first question until the both of you have put down your plates and sat down.
"So, where did you two meet?"
"At work," you reply rather curtly, suspecting that her curiosity knows no bounds if you give her too much information.
Loki silently disagrees with that course of action. "She was hired for an important project. Really did an excellent job," he tells her.
Eloise raises her eyebrows. "You didn't tell me about a new project," she says, turning to you, but again it is Loki who answers.
"Of course not, there was a high level of secrecy. The client is very rich and famous." He puts his arm on the back of your chair and turns his face to you as he continues to speak to Eloise. "She is one of the best. What can I say? It's hard not to recognize her worth."
His words actually make you blush a little as you are so unexpectedly praised by him. Especially when he then leans in and gives you a kiss on your hair.
You give him a warning look while Eloise lets out an "Aaww".
"I'm afraid this project is also to blame for her not having as much time for the rest of her work." To an untrained listener, he sounds almost apologetic, but you know that's not the case. Of course it isn't. He loves to play these kinds of games. "And I'll probably keep her busy for a while. Maybe I'll even steal her away for a romantic vacation trip."
"How about the Mediterranean? I heard it‘s great for vacation," you suggest, just to add anything else to the conversation.
"You know I prefer cooler temperatures," he reminds you, as if you'd forgotten. "How about Scandinavia? I could show you the northern lights."
"That would be nice..." you mutter quietly, because it really would. You decide to stay out of the conversation before you say any more that gives you away. Loki and Eloise are having a splendid conversation, with the Asgardian never tiring of praising you. It's unusual, but not unpleasant. You only wish that he really meant all those things and that they weren't just for show.
You leave soon after dinner. You thank Eloise for the meal and take the empty basket. When you leave, Suzie is not at the front desk, so you don't know if she would have really asked Loki for his number.
Meanwhile, the sky has become even more overcast with clouds. "That was fun. I should join you at work more often," Loki notes.
You can well imagine that Eloise and Suzie wouldn't mind seeing him again. But before you can answer, it starts to rain thick drops and a few seconds later there is a downpour. The Asgardian puts his arm around your shoulder and the next moment you are standing in front of your cottage. This is just fine with you, because you don't feel like walking through the rain.
You unlock the door and step indoors.
"Then you'll have to keep our ‘relationship’ going," you continue the conversation as you put the basket down and walk into the kitchen.
Loki follows you. "Would it bother you?"
"Moral-wise, maybe." Using some magic, you light a fire in the stove against the chill of the rain. And while you're at it, you also put on some water for tea.
"So, it's the pretending that bothers you?" Loki asks and you can hear the smirk in his voice.
"It's lying," you insist, "You're the God of lies."
"I don't lie. I merely imply. Sometimes I exaggerate. But I mean the things I say."
"You would actually take me on a romantic vacation trip?" You turn to him - and almost trip into Loki, who is standing right behind you. You didn't even hear him step up to you.
"Have you ever thought about it?" he asks you, his voice like liquid honey running down your spine. "I mean us, on a romantic trip, kissing."
You're so perplexed by his sudden closeness, his question, that the words fall out of your mouth before you can think about them. "Can't say it never crossed my mind."
The corners of his mouth twitch upward. "I wouldn't be aversed to it either." He said it teasingly, a hint of humor behind the words so that you could play it off as a joke easily - a fun little imitation and nothing more.
But your reaction was instant. Your eyes widened in surprise, your body shivering involuntarily. And there it was: that blush; your face turned that beautiful shade of red that Loki had been picturing all week since he pinned you at that small hallway wall during the mission.
He leans in for a kiss, you expectantly close your eyes but the awaited feeling of his lips enclosing on yours never happens. Your eyelids flutter open and you see that he's staring, conceited, pleased by your expectations.
Betrayed, you raise your hand, but before you can slap him with your magic right across his face, he grabs your wrists. His grip is not tight, you could break free if you wanted to. But you don't. It suddenly felt real. Far too real in your tiny kitchen.
His breath ghosts over your tingling skin and then he is finally kissing you. It's a slow, seductive and sweet kiss. You melt into his touch.
To your liking Loki lets go of you much too soon. Almost searchingly, he looks down at you. Your prayers must have been answered. You pull him into a new kiss, more longing this time. A satisfied sound escapes Loki's throat.
It was probably predictable. Like the rightful ending of a good book. It had to come down to this. It's not unexpected, but surprising nonetheless. Surprising that it's real – even after all the flirting between you. Loki had been suggestive from your first meeting, and made his intentions clear. A small, warning voice rises in your head, in the part that can still somehow think clearly. Loki had been out to get this from the start.
You push him away a little, breathless. Your lips are swollen, your cheeks still red. Loki spreads little kisses over your temple toward your ear.
"You should leave," you bring out softly. Your voice is a small plea. Your fingers clawed into the fabric of his shirt, screaming just the opposite.
Loki stops, puts his hand to your chin and turns your face upward. You only dare a quick glance at him. Loki's eyes are darkly on you. You detect a hint of glee, but mostly lust and hunger. Quickly you avert your eyes down.
"Or I could stay,” he suggests.
It's just a game to him. Everything is.
What's so bad about it? - another voice in your head asks. Why not just have some fun? You can worry about the consequences later.
You're about to give in, already opening your mouth to keep him here. But not a single word comes out. With the last part of your mind telling you that this is a stupid idea and that he will only hurt you, you push him back a bit more.
"I'll see you tomorrow." You don't look at him as you do this, don't see the remorse that briefly appears on his face. Slowly, he nods and takes a step back.
"As you wish."
Your fingers release his fabric. Actually, you don't want him to go, want to grab him and hold him tight forever. You put your hand on the tabletop behind you to resist the urge.
Loki gives you one last look, but you don't stop him. And he objects no further as he steps to the door frame and activates the rune that takes him back to New York.
When he's gone, you take a deep breath, sighing as you do so. You are so confused. How can a single person have such an effect on you?
Tag List: @lokisgoodgirl @lokixryss @itsybitchylittlewitchy @yokshi-unbeliebubble @fictional-hooman @elennair @all-envy-suyu @purplekitten30 @elisadmaggiore @nothing2113 @baebeepeach @ceo-of-stfu @moonlightreader649 @ronipiamka @fluffybunnyu @ninjarose23 @ozymdias @huntress-artemiss @thedistractedagglomeration @rosaline-black @sofi786 @moonlightreader649 @paetonnn @eldriidd @r4inlov3r @maeisonline @marvel-love24 @sinsandguilt @kalinaselennespeaks @ohtellmelove
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book-place · 2 days ago
Broken Glass
Warnings: none (I think), let me know if I missed any :)
Pairings: Eddie Brock x reader platonic, Venom x reader platonic
Request: Hi! Requesting a fluff/comfort fic with eddie Brock/venom (if you write for them) with a reader who has an emotional attachment to a small milk pouring porcelain/China dish thats smaller than their palm and when he knocks into their arm they break it and he comforts them? I broke something like this today and had a total meltdown so I really want comfort to this exact scenario if possible! /nf. Preferably fem reader or nb with soft features, if not that's completely fine! Love your writing, A.S
Request by: @angelic-simp
*not my gif*
Summary: Chaos always ensues when Eddie and Venom are around
A/N: I wanted to make this better but I really hope you enjoy anyway!!
Please don’t plagiarize my work, you may reblog if you like but I’m asking that you don’t steal my hard work
Tumblr media
You hummed an unknown tune softly, taking a towel and gently rubbing it against the delicate surface of the porcelain to rid it of the water droplets that sat upon it from you just washing it.
The small milk pouring porcelain was arguably the most precious thing you owned. It was your first ever purchase when you were young and saw it in a store window. You had saved every penny you earned from household chores so that you could buy the beautiful dish, and it had been with you ever since because of how well you had taken care of it.
The tune continued to play across your lips as you moved about the kitchen in a slow sway to the self-made music, completely unaware of the disaster heading your way.
Eddie and Venom were fighting. Again. It seemed to be a never ending cycle with the two of them. One would say something particularly awful and then would have to apologize eventually after a lot of fighting.
There were also the smaller fights though- such as the one they were currently stuck in- where there was just a back and forth of endless, but petty, bickering over nothing.
“I do not want pizza tonight!” Venom's deep voice boomed, to which Eddie glared at the head.
“What the hell does it matter?” He hissed back, throwing his arms out to the side, “You just stuff the food into your mouth without even tasting it, anyway!”
The aliens' eyes narrowed, “That doesn’t mean I’m in the mood for it.”
A scoff escaped from Eddie’s lips as he turned on his heels and made his way to the kitchen, both of them completely unaware of the other presence in the room.
With a grunt of displeasure, Venom conjured up a hand and used it to push Eddie in the back and send him stumbling. Right. Into. You.
Your shriek was the first thing they heard, followed by the crash and shatter of your dish, causing both of them to freeze.
You dropped to your knees, frantically picking up the broken pieces as if it could save what had been broken in the fall.
“No, no, no,” Your words came out muffled and in between tears that had begun to slip out of your eyes and cascade down your face.
“Oh shit,” The horrored words left Venoms mouth only a second before he disappeared, apparently deciding that Eddie could be the one to deal with the situation.
“Oh shit,” Eddie echoed, quickly falling to the ground beside you, trying to pick up some of the thousand pieces, “Shit, shit, shit.” He turned to face you with wide eyes, “Oh my god, I’m so sorry.”
You didn’t even have the strength to answer as another sob racked through your body and you cradled a couple parts of your beloved porcelain to your chest before standing up and rushing off.
Venom's head slowly appeared once you were out of sight, and Eddie turned a harsh glare to him, “Look what you did to her.” He hissed dangerously, and this time, the alien didn’t even have a comeback.
A couple hours later, you had finally run out of tears, so you sat on the couch, staring at the blank television screen with puffy eyes and a red face.
You had done so well keeping it intact for so long, only to have it ruined by two of the people you cared about most in the world.
Deep down, you knew that they hadn’t meant to do it, but you couldn’t help the slight resentment you felt for the two of them for what they did.
Even at the sound of shuffling feet across the floor, you didn’t look away from the screen, knowing exactly who it was.
“Hey,” Eddie called hesitantly, earning a scowl in return from you, “Look, I’m- we both- are really sorry.” His voice was slightly begging, “We know how much it meant to you, but Venom has something for you.”
That drew your attention, so you slowly turned your head to where Venom had taken Eddie’s place, kicking his large feet back and forth in front of the couch and he pulled something out from behind his back, holding it ever so delicately in his monstrous hands.
A small gasp escaped from your lips and you flew from your seat, peering down at the object he held.
There, very badly glued back together, was your milk pouring china dish.
Though it wasn’t just like it was before, it was still something, and you couldn’t help the wave of appreciation that overcame you in that moment.
Without a thought, you threw your arms around Venoms neck and pulled him into a hug, sniffling slightly and not even noticing the way he stumbled a little to make sure the dish didn’t go crashing against the ground once more.
“Thank you,” You whispered for both him and Eddie to hear, knowing that neither of them could have done it without the other.
And though you were still angry, there was a sense of happiness inside of you that you couldn’t ignore, knowing that they had cared enough to even try to put it back together.
We Are Groot 🤎- @lovanitu @jvdethirlwall @ineedmorefanfics2 @sambucky8 @spidyyparker @irethepotato @femalemarvelself @mukbee @its-hell @ip747 @i-writes-things @popfishjr
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takenbypeter · a day ago
Round The Roller Rink
Tumblr media
Steven Grant x reader
Words: 497
Tumblr media
“C’mon Steven you have to let go sometime,” you chuckled seeing how he clung to the walls of the colorfully walled rink.
“Yeah I will, I will…just not right at this moment,” he said, eyes glued to the floor in front of him.
Now you weren’t the best at roller skating, the most you could do was make your way around the rink without falling but when you heard that Steven had never tried roller skating before you knew you just had to take him.
Steven was so ecstatic to go anywhere with you that he didn’t realize how difficult it would be to balance on the set of four wheels on each foot.
Eyes stuck to the wooden floor as his hands pulled him further along when he heard your voice again, “Steven I promise you it’s not as hard as you’re making it. Just remember to keep your knees bent and slide in a v shape, which should be easy to remember because you’re Steven with a V,” you teased with a wink, alluding to a story he mentioned on your very first date.
His gaze finally left the floor to see you holding back a laugh, “oh ha ha, aren’t you just funny,” Steven fought an embarrassed smile from appearing at the phrase he had said back then.
“No but I promise you will not fall.” Not so convinced Steven ignored your words and continued to pull his weight.
“Steven come on,” you held your hands out, keeping your balance in place, “I will not let you fall.”
Steven didn’t even know why he thought to argue against you, he knows the firm power you had against him. So, hesitantly he put one hand in yours and you slowly tugged him away from the railing.
He takes your advice pushing off his legs in a v shape and gradually he moves. One hand tightly gripping yours while the other is a few feet from the railing now.
After a few laps you loosen your grip, his expression turns sour as his hand searches for yours. “Relax, you’re doing great.”
You shook your head, attention fully on him, “you’re doing it.”
“Yes but you—“
“See I told you I wouldn’t let you fall,” you said, skating a little further from him, eyes not leaving him. Right as those words left your mouth you lost your footing. It was almost straight out of a movie with you, stumbling and stumbling then almost getting your footing, before you ultimately fell to the ground.
Steven watched in horror, unable to stop his own feet as you pushed yourself off the ground. He didn’t know what to expect but he was relieved when he heard your laughter.
Eventually coming to a wall Steven pulled himself back to where you lay. “Are you okay?” He asked worriedly. With a grin you nod getting up, “I’m fine but I think I’m gonna stick to the wall just for one lap.”
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deepstydelight · 21 days ago
"are you the person who says goodnight to everyone at 9PM then stays up all night reading fanfictions at tumblr?"
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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wwinterwitch · 13 days ago
nothing compares | namor x fem!reader
Tumblr media
summary: there's not really a plot, it's just filth
pairing: namor x human!fem!reader
word count: 1,8K
warnings/what to expect: SMUT 18+ (MINORS DNI), grinding, oral (fem receiving), overstimulation, fingering, p in v sex (unprotected), multiple orgasms, dirty talk, kinda softdom!namor, established relationship, not explicit but reader is latina/has latin american roots, spoilers free
note: I just really needed to write something involving this painfully hot man or I would've combust. I hope you enjoy!
note 2: My fic used to include Namor talking in spanish but it's been edited out to be respectful of his background. I will keep the reader's expression in spanish tho because it's my own little way of celebrating my latine roots after watching the movie and I don't want my fic to lose that because it does mean a lot me.
a reblog and/or comment on my posts really help me out as a content creator so thank you in advance if you take the time to do either!
main masterlist | marvel masterlist
There's nothing that could compare to this feeling. The sensation of his body against yours, his lips exploring your body with a devotion you've only seen in the way he makes love to you.
Everything's just perfect. From his teeth marking your neck to his hands gripping your hips just a little bit tighter whenever you pull his hair. From your fingers tracing down his firm back to his erection repeatedly rubbing against your soaked underwear.
He pulls away from your neck to meet your lips once again, practically melting into you as he leans impossibly closer, sharing a kiss so passionate you felt dizzy as your legs wrap around his hips to keep him as close as you possibly could.
A grunt left his lips when he moved his hips once again, his cock fully pressed to your clothed pussy. It was impossible to control himself as he started to move, trying to keep the slowest rhythm possible as he felt your wet underwear against him.
He moves back from the kiss, smirking when he realizes how you lean up in an attempt to continue kissing him. A hand reaches your neck to keep you in place just instants before he rocks his hips in one slow, sensual move, making you moan in response.
"You have no idea how much I missed you," Namor says, his hand around your neck still.
"Missed you too...," you're able to say, a moan escaping your lips again when he moves again, "...so much."
"Yeah?" he asks with a smirk, enjoying seeing your desperation grow with each movement of his hips. You were only able to nod. "Tell me."
"I missed you so much...I was hoping you'll come to visit me soon. It's been so long, and I can't make myself cum the way you do...I need you, mi amor. Please..."
You could feel his grip on your neck tightening as you spoke, his eyes dark with desire and his cock twitching after your confession.
Encouraged by your words, he let go of your neck to grab both of your legs, moving them away from his body to spread them open again. His hands were resting on each of your knees before trailing down the inside of your things, eyes never leaving your face as he admired your reaction to his touch.
Namor takes your panties off in a rushed, determined move. He keeps his hands on your hips right after throwing the piece of clothing to the floor, moving down your body. His tongue licks up your belly before he moves further down.
You look down to find him already looking up, smiling like he won the biggest price before he licked a single strap up your folds, the contact of his tongue against your clit sending shivers down your spine, moaning softly. He continued to taste you with his tongue. At first he was very gentle, but then he started to move his tongue way faster, his eyes looking up at you while you continued to moan for him.
He had no mercy. Sucking on your clit as hard as he could, tongue occasionally teasing your entrance, the way he didn't care to be loud and messy...he was determined to make you cum as soon as possible.
And you could feel your orgasm approaching. The fact that he repeatedly looked up at you and the work he was doing with his skillful mouth were driving you to the edge.
You cum with a loud moan, Namor's arms hooking around your legs to keep you as still as possible while he continues. It's not like it was necessary for him to move back to breathe anyway.
Managing to stand up just enough to get a better look of him, you felt like you could cum again just because of this sight. Namor holding onto you and keeping your legs open for him, eyes closed as he enjoys savoring you, almost humming against you as he continues to eat you out like it's his favorite thing in the entire world.
It was a matter of time before you felt your second orgasm approaching. By the time it hits you, you collapse back on the bed as you feel Namor's grip on you tightening to keep you from closing your legs.
The fact that you just had two orgasms only encouraged him to continue his attack at the fastest speed he could possibly achieve, his mouth creating the filthiest sounds against your wet cunt.
You had to hold onto the sheets of your bed, feeling the tears in the corner of your eyes while he sucked on your clit. Your legs shake and your whole body spasms with your third orgasm, and you felt like crying out loud when you realized he's still not going to stop.
He gave you just a couple of seconds to relax, pulling his mouth away from you but quickly moving his hand to your pussy. The feeling of his thumb barely rubbing your clit made you tremble all over again, whimpering.
"Please...," you say. It was unclear to you if you were asking for a break or for him to put his fingers inside you already.
"Please what, my love?" he questions, mouth and chin all covered in your juices. The fact that he just didn't seem to care, not wanting to clean himself off after his attack on you was slowly driving you insane.
"I– I don't..." you attempt to say, whimpering once again. "Can't...think."
Namor gives you a quick and sympathetic "Aww" in a clearly teasing manner before leaning down so his entire body would be closer to you again. His fingers start exploring your folds until they're at your entrance, making you shudder again. "What's the matter? Can't think properly when I make love to you?"
You nod eagerly, whimpering against his lips when he's kissing you again with as much devotion and need as ever. As soon as you feel two of his fingers entering you, your arms wrap around his neck in a desperate attempt to just do something. He was fucking you stupid, barely making it possible for you to move or talk without him instructing you to.
His tongue explores your mouth as his fingers curl inside you, and the taste of your own arousal invading your mouth mixed with the way his fingers move in and out of your still sensitive core only makes your situation worse.
You were so dizzy you were practically his doll right now. He could move you around however he pleases and you won't dare to complain because everything he does to your body just feels too good.
Due to how sensitive your whole body was, and the fact that his fingers kept curling inside you with no intention of ever slowing down, it was inevitable that a third orgasm would flow across your entire body. It forces you to move your head to the side to escape his kiss, panting as he whispers praises to you against your cheek, his hot breath hitting your skin as his fingers are still buried deep inside you.
"You think you can take my cock now?" he asks in the sweetest tone, contrasting with the words he just spoke and the way he didn't want to give your body any rest.
He awaits for your answer while he fixes your messy hair, moving it away from your face before one of his hands holds onto your chin, looking down at you. "Yes, please," was your response, earning a smirk from him.
"Always so polite," he comments in a joking manner, secretly enjoying the way you'd always ask for him to do things to you...how you never care to beg for him. He'll never get enough of it.
His fingers finally slip out of you and he moves his hand up to your lips. You understood the message fairly quickly, licking his fingers clean while he observes you proudly. He then uses that same hand to stroke himself a few times before he starts entering you in the slowest way possible, wanting to enjoy the feeling of your walls stretching around every inch of him.
You hold onto him as he enters you, every inch that disappears inside of you makes you that much desperate, rocking your hips up until he starts to hold you tighter, keeping you in place. Despite being so sensitive, you needed him to move already.
He's finally completely inside of you, and he takes a moment to take in the feeling of his cock entirely buried deep inside before moving his hips back, his cock sliding out of your tight hole as both of you moan at the feeling of it. It didn't take long for him to lose all sense of self control, starting to rock his hips in a faster rhythm as you hold onto his bicep, looking up at him with pleading eyes.
Namor completely gives in to the feeling, fucking you in a fast yet incredibly loving manner, trying to show you how much he loves you while also making it clear to you the way your body drives him crazy. To have a literal God worshiping you in this way...it was impossible for you not to let that go to your head.
He's gripping your hips with such strength, leaving a trail of sloppy kisses all around your neck, cock repeatedly hitting a particularly sensitive spot deep inside you...all of that is only contributing to your fourth orgasm rapidly approaching. You can tell he's close too, his grunts, praises and curses crashing into the skin of your neck like the waves were crashing against the shore the first time you met him.
"Fuck, just like that," he mutters close to your ear. "Keep squeezing me just like that," he added, the comment making you realize the way your walls are tightening around him as you're about to cum yet again thanks to him.
You finally cum with a loud call of his name, holding onto him for dear life as you spasm underneath him once again, tears falling from your eyes as you feel yourself in heaven for the fourth time. He keeps fucking you as you bite onto his shoulder in an attempt to muffle your sounds. Namor rocks his hips a few more times, his loudest grunt yet falling from his lips when he's filling you with his cum, giving a couple of hard, decisive thrusts to secure his cum inside you.
After a few seconds of entire bliss, you feel his fingers wiping your tears away before he once again makes sure to brush your hair away from your face. His eyes were looking down at you with such love, it was once again contrasting with the way he just fucked you. You run a hand up and down his arm affectionately in response, eagerly receiving his kiss when he leans down closer to you.
"You did so good for me," he praises you in a loving voice.
And as he continues to gently kiss your lips, cock still inside you and hands carefully roaming across your body, you once again could confirm that there is absolutely nothing in this world that could ever compare to this feeling. Absolutely no one could ever compare to Namor. You're entirely his, just like he's entirely at your mercy. You wouldn't have it any other way.
— translations.
"mi amor" = my love
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mooncleaver · 6 days ago
My Queen, My Sun and My Sea
Tumblr media
talokan once had a queen. one who loved her people with all her heart—with the same heart she had given to her k'uk'ulkan for what felt like millennia ago. but they lost her to the hands of the enemy; it was a tragic tale painted on the walls of the king's mural, the pain searing itself onto his heart uninvited. he rules now with a darkened hole in his chest, fueled by the loss of his true love and a force to protect his people even more. after all, only the most broken people can be great leaders.
pairing: namor x fem!talokan!reader
warnings: bpwf spoilers!! death (i was lowkey evil for that), colonizers, inaccurate translations, nawt very proofread lol
Tumblr media
El Niño Sin Amor.
That was a name that echoed deep inside Shuri's head, its bitter aftertaste lingering still; a piece of Namor that she'd just uncovered.
He was an enigma; a powerful being who rose from the sea, unannounced with his presence but has always been there, deep in the waters where he and his kingdom have flourished in the city of Talokan. He'd just finished recounting about his and his people's origins, how the colonizers brought a disease that left his ancestors to drink a concoction from a vibranium-infused plant found in an underwater cave to save themselves, turning them into water-breathing individuals; the Talokanil.
She turned to Namor with many questions unanswered, only to see him staring at something with a look akin to pain and longing on one of the surfaces on his murals, caressing the painting with a gentleness she had yet to seen from the god.
She shifted to the side quietly, trying to see what he was gazing at. When Namor bowed his head, Shuri saw a painting of a woman beside his serpent, posing regally with what looked like a staff in her hand.
She wore a beautiful jade and gold headpiece, green and brown feathers lining the outer layer, fading in its design as if the light was shining on them. It towered atop her figure, framing her perfectly like she was always meant to be there. She was adorned in jewelry, from the large, circular green jade plugs that hung from her ears to the tessellated necklace that she wore—a striking amalgamation of gleaming silver beads, plated viridescent tiles to carved gold pendants and everything that complemented her beauty. The woman had a tan clothe wrapped around her body, washes of terracotta and hues of sage and cream woven in stripes on the fabric. She was covered in jewels—just like Namor.
One thing for sure, she must have been of royalty in Talokan, or a goddess, perhaps. The corks in Shuri's head turned as she tried to figure out where the woman in the mural fit in Namor's story.
"Who is that?" Her question seemed to break him out of his reverie. She could see the way his body tensed at her question, and whether it was because she cut him out of his thoughts of because of what she asked, she didn't know.
It took a quiet moment before Namor answered, looking in deep contemplation with his eyebrows furrowed deeply and his eyes growing darker. The next thing he uttered was so full of emotion that it flooded through the sentence, his voice sounding thicker than blood.
"Leti' ka'ach in reina. My queen. In k'iino' ka, in k'áak'náabo'."
(She was my queen. My sun and my sea.)
For a second her words refused to make it out of her mouth. The Wakandan princess' mind didn't wonder to Namor having a queen.
The Namor now wasn't like the Namor she had met in the shores of her land with her mother. The Namor now felt like a broken man who would go the farthest lengths to protect his people. With every counting second of being in this underwater cave, Shuri seemed to discover more and more about the man, slowly laying bare the walls he had built around himself.
"Is she-"
"She was.. she was killed by surface dwellers." The god cut off, as if he couldn't bear to hear the words coming out from someone else's lips. He closed his eyes for a moment and Shuri felt the sea grow quiet for a split second. It was like it remembered their lost queen.
He took a deep breathe before speaking out and if one were to listen closely, they could hear the slight shakiness in his voice, like talking about this particular incident tore his wounds open again. "Years ago the surface dwellers tried to find Talokan. They were told of an underwater city filled with glittering gold and diamonds, with a palace of precious metals whose value exceeds all else."
"They are greedy, always taking and taking what is not theirs—beasts who ravage land with no mind of its consequences. She was there where the land met the waters along with the young ones, and those monsters crossed paths with them." Namor shook his head, disdain present in the way he moved his body and his words.
"The first thing they did they raised their weapons, pointing it at her when all she did was offer them her hands. She tried to speak to them, to negotiate with peace and kindness. But they are blinded with hatred." He spat that word out and Shuri almost flinched at his tone.
"With no mercy they killed her and the children. They took their lives as if it was nothing to them."
"When I emerged to the surface.. she was already dying."
One of your handmaids had been the one to inform him of the situation, barging into his mural room right when he got back from a trip with a growing panic in her eyes as she screamed in anguish, 'Le reina! Le reina!'
"I turned to those murderers and treated them with how they treated my wife and the young ones; I killed them with no mercy."
The feathered serpent god will never forget the possessing rage he felt when he saw what those killers did to his wife. Without a single doubt in his movements he flew towards them like a strike of lightning and sliced their heads off before they could even scream.
Something that would always haunt his dreams was seeing his beloved die in his arms, unable to do anything, running out of time.
Sometimes, if the K'uk'ulkan thought too much about it, he could still feel the way he held you in his arms, the jarring coldness of your body that surged across his skin like a bloodthirsty frostbite.
Your hair fell in a pool beneath your head, encrusted with blood that he didn't know where it came from. There was too much, too much of it that slithered around your body. With trembling hands he supported the back of your neck, bringing your face closer as he cradled your cheeks in his palms.
"Ma', ma', in puksi'ik'al.. jaap wicho'ob, láayli' ma' jach a súutuko'," he pleaded, heart racing a thousand beats at your weakened state. His fingers stroked your temples, tracing the skin from your eyebrows to the high point of your cheek and you swore you would forever savor the feel of his skin on yours.
(No, no, my heart.. open your eyes, it's not your time yet,)
"It's al-..right, in amado." You choked out, holding the hand that held your face and leaning onto his palms with whatever energy you had left in you. It was getting harder to open your eyes or even speak, the hole in your chest rampaging your body like an unquenched beast.
"In ku. Let go, K'ukulkan. Ts'o'ok in meentik le ba'ax táan des-.. destinado in beetik waye'.. je'el u páajtal in je'elel bejla'e'.."
(They call me. I've done what I was meant to do here.. I can rest now..)
He ignored your terrifying acceptance and gently quieted you, pressing his lips onto your forehead in deep fervor. "Save you words, in yaakunaj-"
Namor's heart threatened to jump right out of his chest when he felt your hand go slightly limp, desperately taking it above the crook of his neck, right where the ends of his jaw met his ears. The king held onto you so tightly, trying to keep you grounded with him in the world of the living as if the warmth of his body would spread life to your decaying one. He saw you smile peacefully, like his touch rejuvenated you for a single beat, slowly yet surely stroking the tip of his pointed ears as you've always done whenever you had the chance to. It was a small act of affection that Namor fell weak to, and he couldn't contain the abrupt cry that fell from his lips at the familiar gesture.
"K'a'as a puksi'ik'al yéetel a-.. a yaakunaj, in ajawo'," but even then your stubborn and insistent nature persevered. You spoke with only him and your love for him in mind, silently telling him that this will not be the end. That despite after all this when you will no longer be there to tell him just how beloved and brave he is, he should still remember what he had learned—what he had taught you. You hoped that it would keep him grounded and true, still fierce but with compassion and empathy.
(Remember your heart and your love, my king,)
"In.. yaakunech," and you let our your final breathe, the light in your eyes no longer shining as you stared up into nothing. At the least you looked content to pass to the afterlife in your husbands arms, a gentle lift on the corner of your lips to signify that you've moved on. But along with your departure you tore apart of Namor that he didn't think could ever be replaced—left him with a half-ripped heart and as a shell of the man he once was.
(I love you)
Now, kneeling on the prickling pearly sand tainted with weeping carmine, he was not a god. He was not the king of a powerful underwater nation, he was not a lethal mutant, a hero, a villain, or a protector. No, he was just a man. A man whose heart had been punctured with a hole in the shape of his beloved.
He screamed at the world with the voice of someone who had just lost everything, scorning the surface dwellers with a burning pit of anger and vengeance in his blackened heart. It echoed around the area, bleeding onto every rock, every blade of grass and every tree with his promise of death. The sea grew restless, mirroring the raging currents in his soul.
Namor choked a cry, closing your eyes as his hands shook with grief and pain, body threatening to collapse under his heartbreak. He brought your face closer to his, resting his forehead against yours while he scrunched his eyes closed, disbelieving and mourning of the loss of his beloved. Because no matter how much he begged, how much he cried for you, you would never come back to him, never blessing him with that delicate smile on your face again. The god stayed there for what felt like hours and days, whispering sweet goodbyes, harrowing sobs and promises to avenge you.
When he carried your cold body to Talokan, the people could only stare in shock and despair over the loss of their darling queen. In their eyes you were one of the most powerful people in the kingdom, not just because of your position, but because of your compassion and your love—something that knew no bounds.
It was a painful and gut-wrenching experience, to bury his own wife. It brought him back to the time where he had to do the same to his own mother, to cover her in clothe and put a piece of maize inside her mouth.
"The surface dwellers have taken so much. Talokan's queen, our home and our freedom. I will not let them do so again." Namor had a scathing look in his eyes, a latent tone of tiredness from facing a world that only took from him.
"She must have been an amazing queen and a strong woman." Shuri could only utter these words with a solemn expression on her face, unable to reply to such vulnerability of someone she had considered a dangerous enemy. Despite that.. there was an underlying empathy between the two. Shuri understood him. She knew the pain of losing someone you love.
"She was." A calm visage eventually spread around his face as he looked up at the glorious mural depicted on the walls of the room. "She had the biggest heart and the kindest soul."
Namor couldn't help but get lost in his memories of his beautiful wife. He speaks no lies when he describes you. You were the people's queen, as what the Talokanil called you. You'd always visit the people, play games with the children and scour the underwater markets that sold all kinds of trinkets and foods. Whenever the people needed you you were always there, willing to help them without a second glance as you opened your heart to them all.
After you death, whenever he would swim around Talokan and talk to his people—laughing and joking around with them—there would be this.. serene melody inside his heart, a gentleness that ran through his veins. Namor would feel the water pulsing on the pads of his skin and he'd always take a moment to close his eyes to relish the feeling. Then a smile would make it onto his face—the kind of smile that you would always tell him to show more often. His people felt it too, like a warm embrace to their soul, as if you were watching over them, still caring about them even when you were gone.
It was not only to Talokan's people, but to the ocean's animals too.
If there was one thing about his queen, it was that you had a deep affinity with the marine animals. Whenever the king couldn't find you anywhere in your room or in the palace halls, Namor would only smile to himself and swim to the clearing of the sea just outside of Talokan, watching his wife croon along the whales and the orcas, taking care of them as if your love spoke a thousand languages.
"In ch'ujuk, ko'oten paakat!" You would shout, gleefully waving your hand up in the air with no care in the world.
(My sweet, come and look!)
Sometimes he would only stay back and watch you with eyes so tender that it looked like he was entirely captivated by you. By your voice, your laughter, your smile; your everything. Other times, Namor would be too taken by you (as he always was), deciding to join you play with the creatures that you'd called 'your babies'. Whirling and chasing them around them felt like dancing in the water and Namor was too in love to ever deny you of your little joy.
Even now whenever the whales would call out to the sea, or when the orcas whistled and clicked along, he could still hear your radiant laughter singing along with them and oh how he longed to hear that sound again, to hear the melody of the ocean in its fullness.
You were simply the glue to Talokan; everyone adored the queen.
Until now, your throne still sat next to his, the jade and vibranium never ceasing to glow. Every time he sat there, watching over his people and celebrating his kingdom with defiant shouts of "L'ik'ik Talokan" he would always remember your face, remember the proud look you had when you would raise your fist to your chest along with everyone. Your memory will never fade in the heart of Talokan, always lingering in the brightest places, comforting during troubling times, because you will always be a precious piece of the kingdom that neither he nor his people would forget.
If he brought the sun to his people, you were the sun to him.
"You and I, we are not so different, princess." He broke his train of thought.
"Those people only see us as threats because they know we are powerful. They will not stop until they have what they want. It is a danger to my kingdom and my people—a threat to your people too."
Finally, Namor turned his head to face Shuri, a determined aura lingering in his voice and in his expression. She felt compelled to stare back straight into his eyes, the conviction in his tone like a true king. "And so I offer you again."
"Join me, and we will never have to see our people suffer, to see our loved ones suffer. We will no longer mourn our losses and bury the dead for unjust cruelty."
"Together, we will watch the world burn."
Tumblr media
lawd this man singlehandedly got me out of a writing slump like.. making a fic with angst + namor = too easy 😩💳💥
this is my first time writing for him, so i hope it was okay! im so in love with him and i wanted to contribute my own piece to the fandom.
also, i'm pretty sure the yucatec mayan was not properly translated, so i apologize from my heart for the inaccuracies. please tell me if i have to fix anything!
dividers by @delishlydelightfuldividers and @rpinkling
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munsonsins · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
ღ. steven grant x reader x marc spector
steven is a patient man. marc? not so much.
╰➤ beware — SMUT, f! switch! reader, brat taming, daddy kînk, edging, choking, crying, femdom to f!sub, subby! steven and dom! Brat tamer! marc, pûssy slaps, unprotected sèx, daddy kînk, begging, very slight praise, that's all I think?
╰➤ wc — 1.3k
╰➤ note — here it is, the smut that I wrote for a friend and STRUGGLED to finish aha
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The room is silent except his shallow pants, gasping for breath everytime you move, tears of torment pebbling in his eyes. 
“Steven,” he whimpers in response to you calling his name, shivers running down his spine as you trail your finger down his bare chest. 
“didn't you say you'll be good, what's the matter?” your hips grind against his, cunt clenching tight around his throbbing cock and it has his eyes rolling to the back of his head, 
“please, please, I've been good, haven't I?” his large calloused hands grab your hips in a frenzy, fingers digging into the plush of your skin as he ruts up into you, “can I cum?”
His hand runs up your shoulders, fingers tangling in your hair and pulling you down to bury his face in your neck, “Please let me cum,” his whimpers are appealing, you'll admit but you're not done teasing him yet. You quite enjoy seeing him cry out for you like this. 
Grabbing his wrists, you pin wrench his hands off your body and pin them above his head. With a smirk gracing your lips, you lean close to lay a tentative kiss on his trembling lips, “s'soon? Now where's the fun in that?” 
Steven's hips thrust up in hopes of getting himself off, tears blooming at the corner of his eyes from how long you've been edging him, “ah— god, y/n, I can't no more,” he let's out little gasps followed by heavy breathing, “please,” Hands desperately grasping at your body, he watches you bounce on his throbbing cock
“but I love to hear you beg, baby.” dragging your fingers along his jaw, you kiss him sloppily, all tongue and teeth. his neck strains forward, chasing the kiss when you pull away cruelly. Your thighs straddling his hips holding you upright as you stilled above him just as you felt his leaking cock twitch with the need for a release,
“fuck,” Steven's head collapses against the pillow with a loud groan. You almost took pity on him, debating if you should end your onslaught now when you noticed it— his eyes glowing a bright hue and his body moving under you like he's having a seizure, “steve—”
His large hand wrapped around your neck, your words dying on your throat in turn. 
you're flipped over, back meeting the soft mattress. Meanwhile Marc smirked, having fronted the body now. Bringing his lips to your ear, he whispers, “someone's been a fuckin brat, hm?” he's blinking away the tears to see your sudden shock at his arrival, “what's the matter, baby?” marc's lips ghost on your parted ones as his fingers press down against the sides of your air column, “not so mouthy now?” 
“Marc,” you choke out his name, palms clasping around his wrist. He clicked his tongue at that and you stumbled upon words to correct yourself, “sorry— daddy,” a condescending laughter floods your ears, Marc giving a tentative thrust that had you whimpering from how deep he went, “did you have fun edging us like that?”
Your mind was going dizzy from his grip on ur neck, “daddy asked you a question, baby.” he sneers and you can feel the veins running along his cock pulse against your walls when you manage to get out a coherent response, “yes, yes I did,” 
“well then,” he drags out his cock, leaving your pussy fluttering around empty air. With his fist around his cock, he smirks down at you, “tell me why I should fuck you.” 
“marc—” his palm hits your bare cunt with a sudden slap, chuckling at your cry of pain, “please, daddy, please, need your cock inside me,” 
Lining up with your entrance, Marc slaps your clit with the tip of his cock, “hm, I don't know, do you deserve it after what you did?” he's dipping the head inside your cunt for a split second before pulling out again, relishing in your disappointed agony, “no please, daddy I'll be good—” 
it's embarrassing how quick Marc has you falling in line but you know not to test his limits, he can be quite cruel when he wants to. Steven on the other hand, oh sweet Steven who let's you do whatever you want. Even letting you get away with anything but Marc is there to punish you the moment he is in control. 
Pulling his cock out, Marc snickers, “but I love to hear you beg, baby.”
with your eyes wide at the words, you grab onto his shoulders, trying to tug him closer but the mercenary doesn't budge. He grabs your chin, thumb swiping over your lower lip, “so go on and beg.” 
“beg for me, brat.” 
You are gasping out pleas, desperate and needy, hoping he'd cave. Smirking satisfied at your desperation, Marc finally thrusts his cock in, “fuck, such a tight pussy and yet you're such a brat.” his growl brushes against your skin while his cock splits you open. The bed creaks with how hard he's pounding into you, not giving you a moment to catch your breath,
“daddy slow down, please,” Your whimper makes him chuckle breathlessly, “I think I like you better like this.”
Marc's eyes focus on the tears cascading down your face as he continued to fuck into you, the loud wet sounds ringing sloppy in the room tangled with your moans and his own grunts, “crying under me, squirming and begging all pathetic.” 
Your back arches off the bed when he hits your sweet spot with an erratic thrust, “daddy! ’m close,” your mind stops forming thoughts because he's hitting that spot deep inside you with every thrust now, relentless and punishing. Your hands come up to his shoulders, digging your nails in his skin and dragging them down his back where you felt his muscles contract from him fucking you. 
“why don't you apologise for what you did before?” his hands collected your wrists in one of his and pushed them above your head, “that is if you wanna cum.”
“nuuh,” you shake your head in defiance, Steven allowed you to do that, it's none of Marc's business. 
“bold words for someone who can't even take my cock without crying.” his taunts are accentuated with his hips rolling harshly against yours, “c'mon baby, don't be stubborn now.” 
“be good for daddy, apologise and I'll let you cum.” he breathes, lips hovering over yours and you give in, wanting the ache between your legs to be dissolved, “I'm sorry, daddy, so sorry for being mean to Steven.” 
“good girl.” Marc kisses you, rough and hungry, teeth and tongue. You can never get accustomed to how different he is from Steven. They share the same body and yet, they're literally the opposite. 
Pressing his forehead against yours, Marc whispers, “cum for me, baby.” 
You feel the pressure in your tummy grow as his thrusts get faster and sloppier, he's close too, “cum with me, hm?” 
You're nodding, eyes closed and lips parted to regulate your shallow breathing while your cunt convulsed around his cock, “want me to fill ya' up?”
Gasping out a frantic "yes" you felt him spill warm ropes of cum deep inside you. The wet sounds of him fucking you both through your orgasms making you bury your face in the crook of his neck, “I love you.” you don't know who you're referring to and they both know it doesn't matter because you've claimed to love them both equally. 
“I love you too, you did s'good, sweetheart.” a soft kiss was pressed to your forehead and you heard his voice distantly as your eyes fluttered close, “now lemme take care of you.” 
Tumblr media
#tags: @fvshguro @thelimited-unlimited @bxnten @festive
Tumblr media
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