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superdogbiter · 2 days ago
Hob:”Back me up Morpheus”
Dream:”Whatever he said,he’s right.And fuck you Desire”
Desire:”I wasn’t even part of this conversation.Wtf”
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Plo: You didn't have a happy childhood?
Boba: My favorite toy was a knife. You finish the puzzle, Jedi
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incorrectmoonknight · 2 days ago
steven: i’ve met a lot of pricks in my time, but you, khonshu, are a fucking cactus.
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sariahsue · 5 hours ago
Nino: I told Adrien his ears turn red when he lies.
Marinette: Do they?
Nino: No.
Marinette: Then why'd you tell him that?
Nino: Because I can do this.
Nino: Hey Adrien, do you have a crush on Marinette?
Adrien, covering his ears with his hands: No...
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Evie: Since I'm gonna be gone for a while, I've left a complimentary bowl of advice.
Evie, picking a paper out of the bowl: For example, "Jacob, stop doing that" applies to everything.
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cyber-streak-2 · 2 days ago
Soundwave: I have an idea.
Starscream, turning in fear: Where did you come from?
Soundwave: Starscream, ive been walking next to you this entire time.
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superdogbiter · a day ago
Desire:”I saw you walking home with Hob yesterday”
Dream:”Of course Hob is my friend”
Desire:”You were holding hands”
Dream:”We were crossing the street”
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Oppo: Teens don't know how good they have it with lyrics sites
Oppo: We used to sing shit wrong for years until the truth destroyed us
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incorrectmoonknight · 19 hours ago
steven: jake, what does IDK, ILY, and TTYL mean? 
jake: i don’t know, i love you, talk to you later. 
steven: alright, i love you too, i'll ask marc. 
jake: wait— steven, no—
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incorrect-guilty-gear · a month ago
Testament: But be careful, men aren't allowed to step foot in the Grove.
Bridget: But I've been standing here for five minutes and nothing happened?
Testament: Strange.
- Ten Years Later -
Bridget: Motherfucker -
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incorrectquotesmcu · 7 hours ago
Wade: What are you talking about? I’m like, the backbone of this family!
Sam: You’re like the appendix of this family.
Bucky: No one knows what you’re here for.
Peter: Also prone to explosion at any moment.
Yelena: And a real pain to remove.
Wade: Okay, fuck you guys.
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capryuk · 5 months ago
{in a meeting}
Y/N: *Gently taps table*
Pietro: *Taps back*
Natasha: What are they doing?
Wanda: Morse code.
Y/N: *Aggressively taps table*
Pietro: *Slams hands down* YOU TAKE THAT BACK-
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missmonsters2 · a month ago
Natasha: why isn't Wanda speaking to you?
Y/N: she was playing loves me/loves me not this morning with a flower I gave her and it landed on loves me not
Natasha: and she's holding that against you??
Y/N: ...
Natasha: but she's your wife???
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incorrectmarvels · 2 months ago
Thor: Did you have to stab him?
Loki: You weren’t there. You didn’t hear what he said to me.
Thor: What did he say?
Loki: “What are you going to do, stab me?”
Valkyrie, nodding: That’s fair.
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sariahsue · 4 months ago
Marinette: I don’t know if they’ll notice, but I slipped a little note in each of my friends’ bags to let them know that I love them.
Adrien, pulling a 100-page letter out of his bag: What the—
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