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incorrectquotesmcu · 22 hours ago
Wade: What are you talking about? I’m like, the backbone of this family!
Sam: You’re like the appendix of this family.
Bucky: No one knows what you’re here for.
Peter: Also prone to explosion at any moment.
Yelena: And a real pain to remove.
Wade: Okay, fuck you guys.
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haflacky · a day ago
Tumblr media
Bucky caught an angel 👼🏾
Happy birthday to captain America and happy bisexual day!!! 💖💜💙 (Not a coincidence)
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sumbacky · a day ago
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‘drunk’ for @samtember2022! also happy birthday to the best cap <3 
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samwilsonsb4be · 2 days ago
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samtember 2022 - Day 23
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barneswilsonrogers · a day ago
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they better give him what he wants! let sam kick some asses!
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maximons · a day ago
Y/n: I'm texting Wanda, I'm gonna ask her to dinner. How should I text it? 'Let's get dinner?' or 'Do you want to get dinner?'
Scott: Go with 'Let's get dinner', so you're like assertive and confident.
Y/n: For sure.
Kate: Actually, no, now you sound a little aggressive. You don't want to be like 'LET'S GET DINNER' like some sort of caveman.
Steve: You're supposed to ask her to dinner, not tell her to dinner.
Clint: Just say 'do you wanna get dinner?'
Y/n: Perfect.
Yelena: Actually, wait, now you sound kinda like a pussy.
Y/n: This is tough.
Peter: Last thing you wanna be is overly masculine, like 'LET'S GET DINNER! I'M THE BREADWINNER BITCH!'
Bucky: But women also love assertiveness.
Kamala: Say 'Dinner would be something that I would enjoy taking you on, if you were also interested in attending the meal.'
Carol: The more words the better.
Kamala: No wait, say 'I would like nothing more than to take you to the finest restaurant in town for a lovely meal that we call dinner, M'lady'
Y/n: Should I send that in a voice memo?
Sam: Fuck that! Say 'Dinner tonight, 7pm. Take it or leave it, you bitch!' Cause she's playing games now. Sign it, seal it, deliver it.
Tony: I don't know why girls gotta be so difficult all the time.
Y/n: I'm not saying that.
Everyone else: Yeah, definitely don't say that.
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the-kryomancer · 2 days ago
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nocturne-marvel · a day ago
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Just thinking they cross paths again having missions in a sam location and theyre just disgustingly cute(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
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criticaltrinket · 2 days ago
Happy Birthday Anthony Mackie!!!!!!
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marvelilovebucky · 2 days ago
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Love them❤️
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incorrectquotesmcu · 5 hours ago
Sam: Don’t say it.
Bucky: I wasn’t going to say anything.
Sam: Yes, you were.
Bucky: No, I wasn’t.
Sam: You were going to say “I told you so”. I know you were.
Bucky: Well, now that you mentioned it…
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fangirl0917 · 2 days ago
Anthony Mackie in Today with Hoda and Jenna! #captain is ready! #no donuts 😭
❤️💙🤍 #happy birthday Sam Wilson
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marvelflame2010 · 2 days ago
Y/n: While I’m gone, Bucky, you’re in charge. 
Bucky: YES! 
Y/n whispering: Sam, you’re secretly in charge
Sam: Obviously
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fenriswolflokidottri · 2 days ago
On your left Cap ❤️
Happy Birthday to Anthony Mackie ❤️❤️❤️
Can't wait to See you as Captain America on the Big Screen ❤️
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bisamwilson · a day ago
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my convenience store dream boy
sambucky | T | 7.9k | one shot | 5+1 | complete | ao3
a cap!sam/bodega owner!bucky au, written for @samtember2022 day 23: cake cake cake and @samwilsonbingo square N5: captain america (bingo #6!)
a wonderfully happy birthday to captain america himself, and the lovely anthony mackie! (why yes, i did get this in literally 15 minutes before midnight on the 24th in my timezone. technically not late!)
five times captain america sam wilson saved bodega owner bucky barnes, and one time bodega owner bucky barnes saved captain america sam wilson
“Do you think I’m gonna get to meet Hawkeye?” Kate asks excitedly, ignoring the throat-clearing cough from Clint. She looks over at Bucky. “Maybe you’ll get to meet Cap, Buck. He’ll fall in love with you like you always dream he does when you stare at the shirtless calendar he did that you somehow never seem to change from July of three years ago.”
It’s a lot harder for Bucky to ignore Clint’s laughter than it was for Kate to ignore his coughing. “I’m a busy man, Kate, keeping this place afloat. I don’t always have time to change the calendar or even buy new ones for the current year. Besides, I bought that calendar to help out homeless vets.”
The weight of the shelf is suddenly off of Bucky’s shoulders, and he looks up into the cutest gap-tooth smile he’s ever seen and two gorgeous brown eyes, pretty enough to make him just melt.
“I’m sure they appreciate your support,” Captain America says, setting the shelf back upright with ease. “If I do another calendar this year would you remember to buy one?”
Bucky tries for suave but his voice comes out a little too far on the side of squeaky. “It wouldn’t hurt.”
read on ao3
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wenellyb · a day ago
Happy Birthday to the one and only Anthony Mackie !!!!!
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samcky · 2 days ago
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Everybody loves Sam - Happy Birthday Captain America
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