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One of the last commissions I did, Lady Loki and Tony Stark.
Commissions are still open ;)
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kids these day man
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Peter: Why is Morgan crying?
Tony: pepper has had 3 meetings with old men yesterday and only had 3 hours of sleep last night
Peter: Oh, well that's terrible but why is Morgan crying?
Tony: she asked Pepper why she wears make up all the time
Peter: and?
Tony: Pepper said "so I don't look like you"
Peter: *Spits out coffee*
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there is something about superheros taking a break & just chilling on a rooftop to eat that is so warm and calming and...human
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Peter: Call me biodegradable because I break down really easily. Tony: 鈥 Tony: Same, kid.
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Flirty bully coming your way
Summary: Midtown organizes a school trip at Stark Industries' where the one and only Y/N Stark decides to teach a lesson to Peter's bully.
Warnings: none really, just a tiny bit of language
Tumblr media
"May, I'm going! See you later!" Peter yelled from the kitchen, quickly grabbing a toast and running towards the door.
"Pete, school isn't for another hour!" May answered, poking her head out of her bedroom door.
"I know, but we have the school trip today and I don't want to be late." He explained, impatiently biting on his toast as he held the door open, ready to run.
May walked into the kitchen, still in her pajamas, looking at her nephew in amusement.
"Alright honey. Be careful, have fun and tell Y/N I say hi!" She smiled at how excited his nephew was in spite of his regular presence in the tower.
"Will do!" The boy smiled to himself at the only mention of your name.
Another reason, and also the main one, to be excited for this trip was the fact that he'd get to spend a whole day with you. Let's just say that between school, patrolling and choosing to keep your relationship a secret from your father, it was getting harder and rarer for the two of you to have some proper time to yourself.
He knew that the whole school was going to take part in this trip, but that wouldn't stop him from finding you the moment he'd get to his destination.
The moment Peter set foot in the school bus, he recognized the friendly faces of his two best friends.聽
"Hey!" He smiled walking towards them.
"You excited?" Ned asked, already aware of the answer. Peter nodded energetically as he sat beside his best friend, not able to play it cool the way he had planned.
"Hey Peter," A voice called from behind them. It was of a girl that Peter had seen once or twice around the school and who had taken a seat right next to MJ. "is it true that you have an internship at Stark's?"
"Yeah" Peter smiled shyly, not wanting to drag the attention to himself. "No big deal".
"Have you ever met Iron Man?" The girl asked, her eyes filled with curiosity and amazement.
"Well-" The boy begun to answer but was rudely interrupted by the well-known school bully.
"Obviously not. Do y'all seriously believe all the crap that Penis Parker makes up?" Flash laughed loudly, causing his group to giggle along.
"Just ignore him." MJ whispered as Peter's fists clenched. He decided that it was best if he just turned around.
"For your information, Peter has met Mr. Stark countless times!" Ned stood up to defend his friend, completely blowing off Peter's attempt to keep a low profile.
"Oh really? And do tell us, Parker," Flash continued, not willing to let go the matter. "Did you also have the honor to bring coffee to all the Avengers? Or are you exclusively the dog of Mr. Jerk?"聽
A whole lot of giggles erupted from the back of the bus, Flash' being the loudest. As the boy teased, he started getting closer and closer to Peter's seat, not risking to miss the expression on his face.
The spider-boy's fist started to clench and his whole body stiffened. "Mr. Stark is a perfectly respectable man." He mumbled.
He remembered quite well the time he found himself saving his bully's life, and he hated that he couldn't bring himself to regret it. He was a hero, after all. The only thing that helped him to keep his calm, together with Ned and MJ's words, was the memory of all the words of adulation Flash used to wash Peter's alter-ego with every day.
"Perhaps you even got to shag that hottie of y/n Stark?" He laughed even harder. "I know I would get her in no time." As the last word left his mouth, Peter couldn't take it anymore. He was used to getting insulted over and over again, but when it came to you he couldn't let it happen.
The chestnut haired boy got up quickly, turning to face his bully who was rather close to his seat.聽
"How dare you-" As words found their way out of his lips trough gritted teeth, MJ pulled his sleeve signaling that he should let it go.
"Oh, what happened? Penis Parker's crush is out of his league? Well, I'm not surprised. If she's breathing, she's already out of your league." And with that said, almost everyone was laughing.
Luckily enough the driver's voice interrupted their conversation.
"Take your seats in silence, this isn't an amusement park." He scolded grumpily.
"Heard that, Eugene?" MJ mockingly raised her eyebrows as the boy huffed, walking back to his seat.
Peter's eyes were still seeking revenge for all the years of bullying that had piled up, not being able to forget a single insult Flash had ever said to him. But this. Insulting Mr. Stark, insulting you- it was too much.聽
Ned slowly pulled him down to sit again. MJ's voice got close to Peter's ear, so that she wouldn't be heard by the girl sitting next to her. "You know how much I'd enjoy watching you completely disintegrate that guy but even so, it'd be useless. You'd just get in trouble. You won't prove your point because no matter what, you still can't tell him about..." She paused. "You know."
Peter nodded, breathing slowly to calm himself down and decided to patiently wait until they'd get to their destination. He knew his friend was right, so he put in his earphones to help himself ignore his bully.
The moment the class walked into the tower, following the far too enthusiastic teacher, the head of Mr. Stark's personal security team was ready to examine their backpacks and bags.
When Peter's turn came, he handed the man his backpack that only contained a sandwich for the day and a few other harmless items. Although, the man didn't take ahold of his bag, instead he looked at the boy and gestured him to pass.
"Don't worry Peter, I know you're clean." The man almost smiled.
"Thanks, Happy." Peter smiled, slightly embarrassed at the thought of the whole school watching. Some of the students who were closer and had witnessed the scene gave Peter a confused look to why Mr Stark's head of security would know someone like Peter Parker.
"Internship." Was all the boy said shrugging slightly, although it came out more as a question than as an explanation.
"Alright, let's move towards the elevator everyone! Mrs Potts herself will say a few words in the theatre in a few minutes!" The teacher announced excitedly, freeing Peter from all the stares.
Everyone made their way to the elevator, getting into the room-sized platform.
"Now, the theatre is floor 25. Or -19. Or maybe it's 44. Oh God, so many buttons!" The man quietly freaked out to himself while the rest of the class chatted about how unreal the experience felt.
"It's on floor 3, Mr Wilson." Peter spoke up. Mr Wilson looked at the boy with a puzzled expression, as if to say 'and how would you know that?'
"Mr. Stark always gathers his interns in the auditorium when he needs to announce something." Peter explained shyly. It was a lie, but no one needed to know that. The teacher sent him a grateful nod, then pressed the button that would lead them to the huge room.
As everyone took a seat, a woman appeared in the middle of the large stage. Starstruck eyes were all Pepper could see from her position, explaining the rules of what can and cannot be touched during the upcoming tour.聽
"Now, to make sure your experience here gets as pleasant as possible you'll be divided in groups for the tour, each one of which will be guided by a different referee. We'll alternate three groups at the time in each room. As I call your name please step on stage." Pepper started reading from her binder some names, causing several people to climb the stage.
Once everyone was settled into their group, - Peter ending up with both his friends and Flash - Pepper casually added "Alright, now your tutors for the day. For group number one, two and three we have Mr Clinton Barton, Dr Bruce Banner and myself. The following three groups will be following Miss Wanda Maximoff, Mr Stark and Mr Sam Willson. And last but not least, the remaining groups will be guided by Mr Steve Rogers, Miss Natasha Romanoff and Miss y/n Stark."聽
The moment these words left her mouth, cheers and screams erupted from each group. Not long after, Steve entered the stage followed by the others. The moment girls saw him in his suit, they were all about to rip their hair off, screaming and jumping.聽
You were sipping your coffee, ready to head on stage once you'd have finished.
After properly introducing himself - not that it was needed - Cap spoke up. "Alright, shall we get star-" But a loud noise cut him off, causing everyone's heads to shoot up toward the now open ceiling.
Iron Man's suit descended slowly from above them, causing Pepper to pinch the bridge of her nose and shake her head in frustration. After placing itself on the ground, the red and golden armor shot open revealing a formally dressed Tony Stark. "Starting without me, are you Cap?"聽
"You're late." Steve replied in a straight face.
"Forgive me for wanting to make an impression. Grand entrance, ever heard of it?" Tony's voice dripped with sarcasm as he adjusted his tie.
"What a showoff." You exclaimed as you too walked on stage, earning glances and causing loud whispers to rise.
"Alright everybody!" Pepper tried to reinstate order before the situation could worsen. "Let's get started. Stick with your group and your Avenger and...have fun!" She smiled in frustration, sending the groups off to the tour.
"Hey Cap!" You smiled batting your eyelashes at him the way you always used to do when you needed something. "Looking good today!"
"What do you want y/n?" He playfully rolled his eyes as he waited for the group to tag along.
"You see...I couldn't help but notice that...well, Peter's in your group. I was wandering if maybe we could-"
"Switch?" He completed your question. "Not in a hundred years of life."聽
"I only have eight more to go then, so you'll be 101." You chuckled, causing him to join in.聽
"You know what? Alright. But my eyes will be on you two the whole time. And if I see something I don't like, I'm telling Tony."
"Roger that." You smiled excitedly right before hugging him. "Thank you!"
"Now let's go." He giggled as our groups finally came along. You immediately spotted Peter and you sent a quick wink his way after eyeing up and down. You then started leading everyone out.
"Did y/n Stark just wink at you?" Ned asked in disbelief.
"Why are you surprised? I've been talking about her for the past six months, dude." Peter remarked in disbelief.
"I know, I know! It's just- it's real!"
"Wow. Thanks for the trust, man." Peter playfully shook his head in disbelief.
"Don't take this the wrong way but...it's just- she looks so out of you league when you're not in your suit."
"I know." Peter smiled goofily. "She's perfect isn't she?"
"Yeah." Ned nodded, still not able to take his eyes off you. Somehow, you were even more beautiful in real life.
"Man! That's my girl you're drooling over!" Peter whispered then chuckled lightly.
"And this is where the weapons used to be assembled." You said as you set foot into another room of what used to be a death factory. "Feel free to look around for as much as you'd like. Just- don't touch anything, we really would rather if you didn't blow up." You commented sarcastically, causing Cap to speak up.
He chuckled nervously before sending you a death glare that only made you laugh harder. "She's joking, no one is going to explode鈥opefully."
"Anyways, if you have any questions we'll be here." You smile as you watched everyone explore a different part of the room.
"Hey, why don't you let me show you how to actually get a girl?" Flash cockily asked as a smirk played on his face the moment his eyes fell on you.
"Flash, don't." Peter threatened.
"Or what? You'll hurt me?" He challenged in a mocking tone.
"No. But she will."
"Oh please, she's a chick. Watch and learn."
Buzz! Buzz!
Your phone had just gotten a text. You took it out of your pocket and saw it was from Peter.
Flirty bully coming your way...
I got this ;)
"I have a question!" An approaching voice caused your head to snap up.聽
"Yes?" You ask politely as you put your phone away.
That boy must've been Flash, the guy Peter told you about a couple of times. He's a real jerk and Peter's too clever to screw with his strength and powers for someone like that. He knew that if he wanted he could take him out with a touch but Peter grew kind, selfless - and hotter - everyday more, which made you constantly fall more for him, even though you didn't think it was possible.
"Did it hurt when you fell from the sky, angel?" He overconfidently approached you, ready to kiss your hand.
"I can ask my daddy to take you for a fly with his suit and drop you so you feel for it yourself." You snapped with a misleading kind smile before starting to walk by him, leaving an unsatisfied Flash frozen in his tracks.
Before moving onto the next phase of your plan, you leaned to his ear and teasingly whispered "Besides, I've met cuter guys."
You knew that that was a straight up insult to his honor and his ego, and you knew exactly what your next step would be.
"Like who?" He asked, crossing his arms to his chest and raising an eyebrow.
"I dont know, Steve?" You answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world - which it was.
"Thanks, kid!" Cap shouted from across the room, making you giggle lightly. Your move and his response to it confirmed that he, in fact, had his eyes - and ears - on you.
"Don't you need someone more...your age?" He asked flirty, obviously meaning himself.
"Maybe you're right." You smiled mischievously. "There'd be Spiderman..." The moment his alter ego was mentioned, you couldn't help but see Peter's head shoot up in your direction.
"Oh please!" He scoffs. "He's just an arrogant jerk."
At that comment you had to hold yourself back from punching him right in the face - which would have made Nat and Tony proud, for sure.
"You, on the other hand..." You mumbled as your eyebrows shot up. He obviously didn't even get close to get the sarcasm dripping from your words and just winked.
"Well," I continued "when he saved you from that mugging attempt and you kept rambling on about how much of a fan your are, it seemed quite the opposite." You cockily comment while sarcastically inspecting your nails.聽
"And he's a liar, too." He snapped after a couple of seconds, not being able to think of a comeback fast enough to avoid seeming pathetic.
You sighed, trying to hide the amusement given by the situation. "You're right, he can be a bit or a git sometimes. Plus, he's too cocky and definitely too stubborn." You falsely described the superhero, trying to send any suspect away from Peter. "He's just not my type."
Especially since you knew exactly what your next move would be.
"And what is your type, then?" He asked after gulping loudly, trying to keep his confident attitude up.
"My boyfriend." You spoke, although your words didn't seem to intimidate Flash at all. "He has been working here for just a few months but my father loves him! He is sweet, kind, fun, cute, but I still think he's way out of my league." You chuckled lightly.
"C'mon, I doubt there's someone in this universe who's out of your league." He flirted again. "If you show me a closet or something, I can make you forget about him in no time." He was the one now whispering in your ear. As opposed to the effect that you had on him, though, his flirtatious words did nothing to you.
"I'd never want to forget about him. But thanks...Eugene." You simply replied before turning around, ready to walk away.
"How do you-"
"I'm y/n Stark. I see everything. I know everything." You cockily cut him off, then you swung your hips as you walked towards an amused Cap, who was attentively watching the scene, and a smirking Nat, who held out her fist for you to bump yours against.
"And now?" She asked.
"Now it's time for phase two." You grinned, proud of how everything had gone according to plan and confident in the way you were avenging your boyfriend.
"I'm not sure I like the sound of that." Cap admitted. "Closer than three feet and I'm telling your father."
"You better start heading your way, then." You smiled mischievously, causing Cap to sigh and Net to giggle.
"Didn't go so well, did it?" Flash' friends teased him as his ears had gone red out of embarrassment and anger.聽
"Told you." Peter muttered as he couldn't help but laugh along.
"Excuse me?" Flash turned around to face the boy, ready - as always - to let his anger out on Peter.
"I told you that you couldn't get her." Peter spoke up as a proud grin found its way on your face.
"And you could, nerd?" He asked as everyone started to laugh along again.
The loud laughs and Peter's clenched fists were your cue: time for phase two. You walked straight up to the group, not having to pretend as a lovestruck smile found its way on your lips.
"Flash!" You called sweetly causing him to turn around, a little taken aback from the sudden change in your mood.
"Realized your mistake, doll?" He teased.
"You never told me you knew Peter!" You exclaimed, completely ignoring his question.
"P-parker?" Flash' tone was filled with anger, embarrassment, jealousy and shock.
"Hey, y-y/n. H-how are you?" Peter stuttered, a little embarrassed by all the attention being on the two of you. His smile caused a blush to take over your cheeks.
"Hey, babe. Is that the Star Wars shirt I gifted you? It looks so good on you!" You cheered confidently as your arms found their way behind the boy's neck.
"Thank-" Before he could get out another syllable he was cut off by your lips on his and, although he was taken aback by the action, it didn't take long for him to melt into the kiss. You brushed your fingers through his chestnut curls, signaling to him that it was alright to pull you closer by the waist.
You could have sworn you heard Flash's jaw hit the floor, or everyone's jaw for that matter.
The kiss quickly came to an end when your father's shouting voice echoed through the room nearby.
"They WHAT?"
Damn you, Cap! You thought.
You chuckled and rested your forehead on Peter's for a second as you sarcastically whispered to him "Glad he caught up after only six months."
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DC and MARVEL cross over art
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Tumblr media
Don't worry, Tony is that surprised just because this is happening very early on in their relationship, and isn't yet used to all the casual displays of affection. But he is very happy to be the meat in a supersoldier sandwich (I mean who wouldn't?? 馃槀)
(Also I like to imagine a world where Civil War never happened, and they're all just living together in the tower, fighting baddies and being happy)(Also also Thanos who?)聽
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The fucking BEAUTY of DC x Marvel crossovers where Tony and Bruce are old, sassy friends who get together for a gossiping brunch and kid picture sharing.
Meanwhile Clark and Steve are acting like suburban white husbands; That specific brand where they'll diss eachother while still being chummy because their husbands are friends.
It's all theatre and scripts, thought. Steve heard Clark say Bruce's suit is more efficient and vowed to rip his head off with a smile on his face.
" We got a stand up comedian over here! What are you gonna say next, that he has better fashion sense? No offence, Bruce."
This is such an ordinary occurrence that Bruce simply shrugs, " I know, Steve."
And Clark smiles, wolf sharp, no friendliness, " Are you trying to bite the ice again, Grandpa? Don't make me come there and do what Tony couldn't. No offense, Tones."
" None taken, wonder boy."
" Oh you're such a joke." " I'll put you in that frozen grave you crawled outta." " I'd love to see you try, you fuckin' air rat" and just laughing while Bruce and Tony exchange food recipes in the background.
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man of iron
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Tony, walking into his house: "Hello, people who do not live here."
MJ: "Hi."
Ned: "Hello."
Harley: "Hey."
Tony: "I gave you a key for emergencies."
Peter: "We were out of Doritos."
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Armored Lady Monday
i did a dumb today in my ironman character in old school runescape
i had full iron armor right, was killing chickens for their feathers having a blast, and i got a random event that gave me around 600 gold and was like thats PROBABLY enough to get steel legs and plate, so i went, i sold all my iron armor, and guess who didnt have enough for the steel plate
so i did what i always knew how to do, go to draynor village and fish with fellow adventures that are DEFINETLY human chopping trees, so i can use the excuse to draw my character with huge biceps and armored legs
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*Peter meets the avengers*
Clint: Hey! Nice to meet ya!
Steve: Hey, so your Tony's intern?
Nat: You must be pretty smart then
Peter: mhm
Tony: okay, that's enough, kids kinda shy. We're gonna go down to the lab now
Sam: bye mini stark!
Bruce: I guess the kid's really shy then. He didn't even go crazy about meeting Captain America
Bucky: Yeah, must be real shy to not care you've just fulfilled every kids dream
Clint: honestly, I'm offended
Nat: Clint, shut up, it's probably just scary meeting us all at once
Peter: *later* People think I'm very shy, anxious and quiet, but my Aunt just taught me that "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". I don't say much now
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Peter: So, how's the best hero in the world doing?
Tony: I don't know, how are you Peter?
Peter, in tears: Oh uh I-I'm doing fine.
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