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Avengers: infinity wars (2018) dir. Russo brothers Abbott Elementary (2021- ) season 2 episode 6
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PH: "Keiid"
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But who cares? You fill your face with popcorn you dumb fat cows. Eat the slop before the slaughter you fucking pigs.
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You might have a gift for the mystic arts, but you still have much to learn.
WHAT IF... ? Season 1 (2021 - ...)
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CHRIS EVANS as STEVE ROGERS / CAPTAIN AMERICA Avengers: Infinity War (2018) | dir. Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
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#strongest avenger
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Elizabeth Olsen | MCU behind-the-scenes featurettes over the years
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Avengers: infinity war // Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness
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Stephen Strange x Reader
Summary: The Avengers never thought in a million years that anyone would put up with Stephen Strange, so naturally they’ll want answers as to why you happened to be his partner.
Warnings: typical-canon violence and some angst at the beginning, but don’t worry because it gets pretty lighthearted.
Timeline: post-endgame au where everyone lives.
WC: 3k+ words
A/n: the reader is a powerful witch btw. If you want information about the reader in MCU, read here.
dr. strange masterlist. | main masterlist.
Tumblr media
Stephen was so incredibly tired. Anyone would feel like that if they spent five years fighting nonstop to defeat a giant purple alien threatening to destroy the universe. As much as he wanted to go to sleep, he still had to fight the endless amount of aliens that Thanos commanded.
When he looked around him, he watched in silent pride as many of his friends fought valiantly alongside him. Each person contributed to the battle in their own way, and from the way the battlefield looks, he could only assume that they were going to win this battle quite soon.
Yet, he was afraid, worried about Tony. Even though this is the only outcome in which they win this battle, Tony was going to have to sacrifice himself in order to defeat Thanos and his armies. His fears only doubled when he saw Captain Marvel fighting Thanos on her own. He could only watch helplessly as Tony slowly looked over towards where Stephen was preventing the ocean from flooding the battlefield. When they finally made eye contact, Stephen held up his finger, silently conveying to Tony that he was the key factor to winning this war. Understanding his message, the armored man quickly rushed over to where Thanos stood with his arm already inside Tony’s gauntlet. These events were all he had expected.
What he didn’t expect, however, was your sudden appearance beside him.
His heart dropped. You weren’t supposed to be here. He purposefully left you out of this battle so you could be safe, yet here you were, stubborn as ever to fight for the sake of the greater good. He watched as you worked with Tony in determination to take the stones away from Thanos. However, like the Time Stone prophesied, Tony was the one who ultimately wielded all five stones. And with just one snap, the world grew quiet.
While his eyes readjusted from the sudden blinding light that spread across the battlefield, he panicked. He could care less about the enemies around him dissolving into dust. He didn’t even care about the cheers of victory his comrades shouted towards him. No, he was frantically searching for you in the midst of the dead bodies around him because the last thing he saw before the bright light came was Thanos slamming you onto the ground repeatedly until you were unconscious.
His frantic eyes searched for you, his beloved, the only one who inspired him to push himself harder for five years straight, just so he could see you again. Now that it’s over, he might not even be able to hold you in his arms ever again. He tried not to distract himself from that depressing thought as he pushed his way through the crowd of Avengers. However, when he finally made it through, he wasn’t expecting you to not only be alive, but to also be strong enough to nurse Tony back to full health with your water magick. His eyes widened in shock. This was not something he foresaw in this outcome. Was this ending allowed?
Everyone talked amongst themselves while your watery hand hovered over Tony’s cheek and sealed the last of the cracks on his face. You smiled at him faintly, not wanting to show to anyone how absorbing the Infinity Stones’ powers inside Tony in order to heal him had almost killed you as well. But, magick always came with a price, and you of all people understood that. You lowered your hand and collapsed tiredly against the large, upturned rock while Tony stood up. A woman you assumed to be Tony’s wife ran up to him and cried onto his shoulder in relief as a wave of people made their way over to hug Tony in gratitude.
You didn’t blame them for not caring about your condition. They barely knew you, since Stephen refused to talk about you or even let you participate in this war, but you were just grateful that you were able to break Stephen’s protection spells and make it to the battlefield in time. You smiled at the thought of Stephen finally being back after five years without him. Though your thoughts were peaceful, your body was still struggling to process the foreign power coursing within you, so you needed to think quickly about where to transfer this power.
Stephen was too busy thinking inside his head about how on earth you ended up in an outcome that he did not foresee. From what he knew about the Mystic Arts, what you did was supposed to be impossible. But his thoughts dissipated away when he heard the sounds of your pained grunts on the ground. He looked down at you crawling over to where Tony’s fried gauntlet was while your hands radiated the bright colors of the Infinity Stones. He was too afraid to even touch or approach you because he still couldn’t believe the you were here, right in front of him.
After you took Tony’s gauntlet into your hand, you shakily slammed your hand onto the five stones, causing bright lightning to spark and the warbling sound of sheer power to resonate across the entire battlefield. Immediately, this got everyone’s attention, a mixture of curious and fearful eyes turning towards you with the hope that you would be able to survive too. When all the power was finally transferred back into the stones, everything stopped and you collapsed onto the ground with a series of terrible coughs of blood. Everyone around Stephen immediately rushed over to you, Steve already assigning tasks to the others on how to get you to the hospital as quickly as possible. This was Stephen’s last straw. Nobody was going to take you away from him any longer.
He impatiently shoved everyone out of his way, not caring anymore if he sounded too rude to everyone else. This was all about his partner and he was about to be the only one out of everyone who didn’t get his happy-ever-after. All he wanted to do was cry in frustration about your condition, but he had to stay strong for you.
When he finally shoved Steve out of the way, his breath hitched in the back of his throat when he saw you bloodied and weakened from what you just did. When your eyes finally made eye contact with your husband’s, you felt like your whole world fell apart and rebuilt itself back up all over again. You didn’t know if you wanted to cry or if you wanted to slap him for being dead for five years.
“Stephen…” you trailed off, your eyes filled with the unspoken and raw emotion he knew you only had for him. Oh, how he missed staring into your beautiful eyes. Both of you didn’t care that you now had a crowd that was watching you two interact. But before you could hear him say anything back, your eyes blurred as your world suddenly went dark.
When you woke up, you had been informed by Rhodey that you were unconscious for four days now. You weren’t surprised, as those Infinity Stones really did drain you, but you knew you were going to be fine. When you asked about how your husband was doing, Rhodey only gave you a tired sigh and offered for you to come see him yourself. His offer only worried you more, so you accepted. He carefully set you into a wheelchair and took you to the living room, where you could see some of your friends awkwardly observing Stephen. You reached out to grab Rhodey’s hand and silently requested him to stand behind the door so you both could listen in on what the others were saying. He chuckled at your request but did as he was told. You two leaned in to listen.
“I’m not gonna lie here, Strange. I’ve never seen you so stressed out. Since when did you started caring about people?” You heard Tony say sarcastically to your husband. You suppressed a giggle at his words. “It’s none of your business, Stark,” your husband growled out. From his shaky, hoarse voice, you could tell that he’s been up for days in complete distress. Poor Stephen. The others protested to his words at the same time.
- “Why won’t you tell us??”
- “Is (y/n) really so horrible to the point where you can’t even tell us who they are to you?”
- “Why do you care about them so much?”
“Wait,” Steve cried out, immediately silencing the others. You heard him take a step forward. “Do you love (y/n), Strange?” he asked suspiciously. Everyone fell into a tense silence as they waited in anticipation for what Stephen had to say. You looked up at Rhodey and he knew it was your cue to go inside.
Before Stephen could say anything, you entered the silent room with Rhodey and it took everything within him not to cry out in relief. You looked as healthy as you could be. You saw how his eyes softened slightly towards you and you, in turn, smiled softly back at him. “Hi Stephen,” you said sweetly, causing the man to stutter in his arrogant stature. Just from one greeting from you, he was already melting like putty. He really missed you. He greeted you back, but he couldn’t hide from you the clear tension he had from holding back his feelings for you in front of the others. The other Avengers watched you interact with him suspiciously, Tony being the only one to be completely amused by this situation. He has waiting for a chance to make fun of Stephen and now was finally his chance.
“What were you all talking about?” you asked, feigning innocence. Rhodey snorted under his breath as he settled you next to where Stephen sat on the couch. Stephen’s hands twitched in his lap, desperately wishing to touch you. Steve coughed in embarrassment. “Uhh… nothing, (y/n). We were just talking about how we hoped that you would wake up soon and—“
“Wait, I thought we were talking about the wizard man having a crush on Mx. (Y/n)?” Thor asked innocently. (Was it innocent, though? Nobody would ever know). Everyone grew silent and felt the wrath of Stephen’s glare before they all looked at you sheepishly. You blinked a few times at Thor’s blunt words while Stephen tried to explain himself.
“W-well, uh. You see… (Y/n)—“
You leaned back in your wheelchair and chuckled at your husband.
“You have a crush on me, Stephen?” you gasped lightly, amusement sparkling in your eyes. He was about to utter more grumpy protests until your bandaged hand reached out to caress his cheek. All previous stress and anger melted away the moment he felt your skin against his and his eyes shone bright with unyielding love and adoration for you. He couldn’t hide his affection for you any longer. He turned his head slightly to kiss the palm of your hand with all the tenderness that he could muster up for you. “I should hope that our wedding vows would be enough for you to figure out that answer, Mx. Strange,” he shyly replied back. He was practically gushing from one sentence and a simple cheek caress from you. Though it was humorous to hide your marriage for so long from everyone else, you were relieved to finally be able to show your affections for him in public.
Meanwhile, everyone was shocked beyond belief.
“Okayyyy, pause on the romcom scene,” Tony stated while everyone was murmuring in confusion. You chuckled and looked at the others. You felt Strange tense up again, so you gestured for him to come to you. He smiled gratefully and simply wrapped his arms around you and buried his face into your neck. He could hear Tony’s disgusted groans and Peter and Thor’s ‘awww’s’ but he just couldn’t care anymore. You were finally in his arms again.
Tony crossed his arms. “So let me get this straight. Since the time I knew Strange and you, you guys have been hiding the fact that you two were married? Why?” You shrugged nonchalantly while you slowly rubbed your husband’s back. “Many people wanted him dead and many people wanted me dead. If word got out that we were each other’s weaknesses, all of our enemies would have a field day,” you mused. Your husband sat up properly and turned to glare at everyone. “Exactly. And if Thanos was your first rodeo with intergalactic, powerful beings that want to destroy the universe, think about how all of our enemies want do the exact same thing, or worse— destroy the multiverse,” he boasted grumpily. You hummed and pat his back lovingly. He wasn’t going to get away with being arrogant in front of you this time. “That, and this stubborn man here wants every one of you to think that he has no weaknesses because he wants to be superior to everyone! Isn’t that right, darling?” You cooed innocently while pinching his cheek.
Everyone just stood there stunned as they watched you exchange loving coos to a man who they thought was unreachable, and watched as said man grumbled and pouted when you doted on him. Witnessing this was a bit of a whiplash for them, they had to admit. They stayed silent for what felt like a very long time before one of them spoke up. 
“Um, Mx. Strange?” Peter called out timidly. You stopped your attacks towards Stephen and looked back at the young Avenger. “Yes, Peter Parker?” He smiled back at you nervously before shuffling his feet. He was probably going to get in trouble for this question, but he really had to know. He looked at Tony before looking back at you. “Is Doctor Strange like really soft like a teddy bear or is he always really mean to everyone?” he blurted out quickly before mimicking gluing his mouth shout. Everyone burst into laughter, Tony’s laugh being particularly heard in the room. Peter started apologizing profusely to everyone in the room while Thor used this outburst as a cue for him to walk up to you. He knelt down in front of you and took your hand into his own. “I would only hope that your husband is treating you like you are royalty, for it is the duty of a husband to make sure that a beautiful creature such as yourself is treated as such,” he said smoothly to you before leaning down to kiss the back of your hand in reverence. You choked at his action and stuttered out a series of compliments back towards the god, as you weren’t exactly sure how to process the fact that an actual god is giving you such high compliments. 
That, and with how jealous you could see Stephen getting from the corner of your eye, you couldn’t help but selfishly indulge a little in the compliments Thor gave you. 
While you simply watched the god kiss your hand, you decided to answer Peter’s question. “Since my husband is in the room right now, I would rather not answer that question, as I would actually like to be able to sleep in the same bed as him tonight,” you joked lightheartedly. Looking down at the man before you, you slowly slipped your hand from his gasp and pat his cheek. Thor took the hint, stood up, and walked back to his place behind the couch. Stephen immediately grabbed onto the hand Thor was kissing earlier and started to rub it, as if he was actually trying to scrub off Thor’s kisses. You turned your head to stare at him in confusion, but he only leaned in to kiss your lips in a brief, but passionate kiss. Stephen pulled away and glared at everyone. “I’ll have you know that our marriage and relationship is none of your guys’ business. This is exactly why I didn’t want to tell you guys about our relationship,” he growled out irritatedly. In response, you hushed him, patting his hand to calm him down. To everyone in the room, it was like you were the sun itself and Stephen was as icy and dark as the moon was. You two were opposites, through and through. 
Rhodey walked back into the room and handed you a glass of water and you took it gratefully. He sat down next to Tony while you sipped your water. “So wizard,” Tony started, already receiving a frown from your husband. “How’s it like to be in a relationship with someone who is better at magic than you?” he challenged, wishing to relish Stephen’s embarrassment for just a while longer. Stephen grew furious when Tony spoke up, but when he finally processed his question, he calmed down. Instead of lashing out, he grew smug. “Actually, it’s amazing. (Y/n) is the most powerful witch I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and it’s almost unbelievable that I get to call them mine.” As if to emphasize his point, he leaned down to kiss your hand tenderly before he looked back up at you. “They are mine...”
He looked at you like you held his entire world in your hands. He trusted you with his life, just as much as you trusted your life with his. Despite how different you two were, you two were always a team. It had taken you too many years to get to the stable marriage you both now enjoyed, and all those years of hardship and heartbreak was worth enduring when you got to feel his lips against your skin and hands intertwined with yours. You were his and he was yours. No one and nothing else mattered, as long as you two were together.
You heard someone clear their throat and you both turned to where Steve sat, his own face red from the situation he had gotten himself into. “Well, I guess we should leave you both to it, then?” He declared. The rest of the Avengers grumbled and proceeded to leave the room after Steve indirectly told them to leave you both alone, for now.
When all of them left the room, Stephen finally let out a sigh of relief that he had been holding in since he saw you. He immediately pulled you into a loving embrace, clinging onto you as if you were about to flutter away from him at any moment. “Finally, alone time,” he grumbled against your skin. Lovingly, you pet his hair, making sure he felt all the love you had to give him in your embrace. You were content in staying like this for the rest of the night, but of course, your stubborn husband had other plans in mind.
When he thought you were surely about to fall asleep in his arms, he started kissing down your neck, causing you to groan out in protest. “Noooooo,” you whined out teasingly, trying to tug yourself away from him. He, of course, refused to let this go and excitedly stood up to grip onto your wheelchair handles. “Come on, darling. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do,” he said cheekily before speeding down the hallway towards the golden portal at the end of the hall. You laughed happily and gripped onto the handle bars tightly, your wedding ring glinting brighter than before. Though he will always be an arrogant man to everyone he meets, he is your arrogant man, and you wouldn’t have it any other way; avengers or enemies be damned.
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Art by: https://shuaibiyonghufh365gfcdb.lofter.com/post/1fa5d724_1c69efcff
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Everyone is big and bad until Ms. Maximoff shows up at the party
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Chris Evans as Steve Rogers in Avengers Infinity War
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