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Give it to me, u littlshit.
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In one of @atopfourthwall's older videos about Doctor Strange, he points out that Stephen is not only the Master of the Mystic Arts, but he's also the Master of "Blinking in Photographs".
I laughed so hard at this that I had to draw it out afdsljg
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can you make a 616 stephen fanfic w the song sweet by cigarettes after sex? :) i love your fanfics btw! they get me through my obsession 🤭
Tumblr media
Sweet [Oneshot Request] || Doctor Strange x F!Reader.
Word count: 5.2K.
Summary: After sending Stephen a video of you wearing your new red lingerie. He wasted no time in latter you know how much he adores you.
Warning: SMUT OVER 18s ONLY. Oral (male and fem receiving), unprotected p & v sex, creampied, mild dom behaviour. Fluff/comfort.
A/N: RIP. I finally finished this request. I am so sorry this took so long dfilvbsd.
Standing in front of the window, you looked out into the clear cool night. Patches of clouds float through the starlit sky. You watched as a patch approached the nearly full moon. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. The air had the smell of freshly fallen rain. That always relaxed you somewhat. You opened your eyes and brought the glass of wine to your lips.
You took a sip in the light of the re-exposed moon and sighed quietly as a lazy cool breeze floated through the opened window. The breeze gently caressed your silk nightie and teased your freshly bathed skin.
You placed the glass on the sill and held the curtain up. Just as the curtain was securely tied to the side of the window, the moonlight hid behind another patch of cloud. You took a deep breath again and closed your eyes. You listened to the sounds of the night coming through your window.
You nearly cried out as you felt a warm pair of lips at the nape of your neck. You felt strong hands touch each of your arms. Then you felt his lips touch the side of your neck for another soft kiss.
"Hi." Stephen, your neighbour and your current boyfriend whispered quietly in your ear.
You formally met Stephen when both of you were coincidentally grocery shopping at the same time. It was ten at night and you just finished work; you stopped by to the snack aisle to grab chocolates and chips. However your favourite ones were at the top shelf, you've been there for a while hoping everyone in the aisle would just leave so you can jump up and get it without embarrassing yourself. 
Stephen on the other hand was standing at the end, totally aware of your problem after recognising you and trying to decide whether he should make a move and help you. Even though both of you knew each other by face for waving and greeting each other from your apartment window, he didn’t want to seem like a creep—but he did find you very attractive so that night he decided to take his shot.
Stephen wrote his phone number on a piece of paper before casually walking towards you and leaned up behind you, grabbing the box of treats you were trying to reach for and dropping it in your cart along with his number. He smiles at you and leaves without a word. By the expressions on your face, Stephen knew that you recognised him and your decision to text him back was the best decision of your life.
You didn't respond verbally, instead you leaned back slightly. You felt his warm hands leave your arms and touch your hips.
Stephen felt you lean back towards him. He leaned forward a bit to support you against him. He touched your hips with his hands but decided to hug you instead. He slid his hands over from your hips and clasped his hands in front of you. He then kissed your right shoulder.
"What are you looking at?" he whispered sweetly and quietly.
You weren't sure if it was the wine or his voice or the strength of his presence or a combination of all three but it felt good. You found herself closing your eyes and leaning your head back. Your right hand moved from the curtain to touch the side of his face.
Stephen felt your cool, soft hand on the side of his face. He kissed your shoulder again but this time he continued to kiss you. His lips moved from your shoulder up towards your neck. Slowly, his warm breath trailed its way along your smooth cool skin. You seemed to relax under the touch of his hot lips, pressing softly against you. He unclasped his hands and moved his right hand back to your hip. He placed his left palm gently on your stomach.
You felt his warm, almost hot, hand touch your stomach through your nightie. You felt yourself shiver with a sense of anticipation. Your hand, still touching his face, slid up into his hair as you felt his lips move up to your neck, massaging your skin.
He kissed you slowly and stopped as his lips reached the area where your neck and shoulder meet. He took a deep breath and lifted his lips from you.
He softly whispered, "You smell really good, y'know."
You shivered again as he whispered. You decided you were definitely feeling something. It was all triggered by his whispering voice. By his lips. By his touch. You felt his right hand travel up from your hip, slowly, almost teasingly. Your body responded to his moving hand by making you move slightly; leaning back, pressing yourself against him.
"You know that I'm obsessed with your body. I couldn't focus on teaching the new students at Kamar-taj because of that video you sent wearing that new red lingerie of yours. . ."
He felt your back press against his front. His hand moved past the side of your breast, barely touching his fingertips against her. He moved up under your right arm. He lowered his lips to the spot between your neck and shoulder, carefully resumed his kissing. His lips opened a little, kissing and massaging the skin on your neck. Slowly he moved up the side of your neck. His right hand, palm slowly sliding against the smooth skin of your arm moved towards your elbow.
"It’s my new favourite." 
You arched your neck towards the left as you felt his hot wet lips move up the side of your neck while he talks. 
"Do you want me to wear it for you tonight?" You let a soft sigh escape you as you felt his right hand caressing your arm. You didn't even know your skin was so sensitive there. Your body moved. Your legs shifted as you tried to steady yourself. Still leaning against him, you wanted to turn around and kiss him.
The man was incredibly handsome and undeniably sexy. His black hair and his infamous side streaks and goatee matched with his ocean blue eyes made any girl swoon. He stood at 6'2 with an amazing physique that the many hours he spent in training created. You began to reminisce on the first time you felt his full weight on top of you. It was the annual holiday party he hosted at his Sanctum and you took it upon yourself to tease Stephen all night. He then proceeded to drag you upstairs to his bedroom, throw you on the bed, and fuck you into the mattress. You clawed at his back throughout the whole experience, leaving scratch marks that took days to disappear.
You bite your lip and the memory before chastising yourself to focus on wearing that new lingerie in your walk-in closet, "Doctor?" You said gently. 
Stephen took a moment to drink in the vision in front of him. His eyes trailed up your toned legs accentuated by the straps attached on the stockings, your waist shown off by a red straps, and your breasts that were hidden behind the red lace that stuck to your skin so well, accentuating the rounded of them, and finally, his eyes came to rest of your breathtakingly beautiful face. If Stephen had his way, no one else would be allowed to lay their eyes on you. You were his to admire and his alone even if no one else knew it. 
"Come here." He said firmly and you obeyed. You walked towards the end of your bed where he sat and Stephen rose to meet you. You were close to his height, just a little over six feet due to the stilettos you had on. Immediately his hands cupped your neck and pressed his lips to yours. You let out a sigh of relief and felt yourself relax. You’ve been working all day just for this moment. Stephen's hands left your neck to cupped your breasts through the thin lays  that acted as your second skin. You gasped at the contact of his palms against your hardened nipples. Stephen pulled away from your kiss and looked down at you as he massaged your breasts. "Excited already, are we?"
"Wait until you feel me lower," You smiled. Without saying another word, Stephen spun you around so that your back firmly met his chest and lowered his touch and grazed his fingers over your cunt. He couldn't hold it in anymore and groaned. He reached out and pulled your hips into his. He rested his chin on your shoulder and his hands remained at your hips. You could feel his erection poking you in between your cheeks and grinned. He was excited too.
"Are you ready for me?" Stephen whispered in your ear and you nodded. "I want to hear it,"
"Yes sir," You answered. He planted a kiss on the nape of your neck before nudging your legs open with his feet and his left hand left your hip to venture between your thighs. His fingers ran the length of your slit, again feeling the wetness there. Pulling the lingerie aside his middle finger pushed inside, only up to the first knuckle, and gathered some of your juices. Stephen lifted the glistening finger for you to see.
"You're soaked," Stephen said before bringing the finger to his mouth and licking it clean. "Mmm and delicious as ever."
You turned around in his arms and kissed him, your fingers undoing the buttons of his shirt. Stephen's hand went up to your hair, pulling on the clip that was keeping your hair up. Your hair fell onto your shoulders but you were too occupied to notice. Your hands were busy feeling the hard muscles of Stpehen's abdomen. You decided to wander further down but he grabbed both of your wrists to stop you. You gasped and he tore his lips from yours.
"Kneel." He commanded. You obeyed once more and knelt to the ground, looking up at Stephen for the next command. "Suck my cock."
You did not hesitate and reached for his belt. You quickly did away with the belt and unzipped Stephen’s jeans. You maintained eye contact as you pushed his pants along with his boxers to be around his knees. Immediately, you wrapped your lips around the head of his cock. You stroked your hand up and down his shaft as you sucked on the tip. Your tongue swirled around the bulbous head, sucking somewhat harder, stroking him somewhat faster.
As you took a short breath, you sighed on his cock, bringing his full length deep into your mouth, and a muffled moan vibrated on his cock. You didn't waste a second bobbing your head back and forth every time you pulled back from his shaft, sucking hard. Your hand grew wet from his saliva-covered dick, creating a sexy squishy noise from you jerking him off into your mouth. Your free hand clung to his thigh, squeezing your fingertips tightly against the lean muscle. You looked up at him, dragging his cock from your hot mouth. You smirked, bringing his rigid pole back into your mouth willingly, sucking his cock hard until your mouth formed a perfect suction around him.
Stephen's breath caught in his throat the moment your lips sealed around the tip of his cock. Your bottom lip and tongue skimming over his tip's sensitive underside made him shiver with desire. He sighed, closing his eyes as you  worked up and down his rigid length with your hand, coaxing him into your mouth further. 
"Fuck," He grunted, opening his eyes as his length vanished between your wet lips. The vibrations from your throat vibrated across his hard cock as you moaned, resonating down into his groin. It has always been a turn on how easily you were able to accommodate so much of his erection in your mouth. He tugged on your hair, rocking his hips against your mouth instinctively.
You had to admit that the sounds coming from Stephen's mouth sounded so fucking hot. Each moan and groan raised your ego little by little. It was quite the turn-on knowing you were making him squirm and pant with want. You sucked a little harder on his cock every time he pulled on your hair. Your mouth filled tightly with his thickness, almost not fitting completely, but you took every inch and loved every second of it as time went by. You could feel his head pressing deeper past your soft lips as his hips began rocking into your  mouth. You lifted your mouth from his cock, needing a breather.
You took a little breath before guiding his shaft back into your mouth, bobbing your head with vigour. As you pumped your hand up and down his length, you twisted your wrist even more. You pushed your free hand between his thighs, grasping his balls that hung underneath his cock, softly massaging them in your palm. You were very determined to do a damn good job, just as you always do during a workday. Not bad, just wasn't going to cut it.
Stephen groaned deep in the back of his throat when you took his erection back into your mouth and wrapped a handful of your hair around his knuckles. The sensation of your fist twisting around him as you sucked his hard cock left him speechless. A soft gasp left Stephen's full lips as you brushed against his sensitive balls with your fingertips, lightly rubbing them. 
"That's so good," He said as he slowly maneuvered his hips back and forth to fuck your mouth. You felt a small swell of pride in yourself hearing him groan how good of a job you were doing, working his thick cock. You felt his head bumping the back of your throat as his hips pumped faster into your mouth. You grunted each time his shaft pushed back into your waiting mouth, slightly jerking your knees on the carpeted floor. 
You could tell he was fully enjoying your perfected oral skills by the way he continued to thrust past your wet lips. Stephen indulged in your skills for a bit longer before feeling a tightness within his balls. If he didn't stop you now he might cum and he wasn't nearly finished with you yet. 
"Get up here." He breathed, playfully tugging your hair to get you up to your feet. Once on your feet, he stood as well and his hands guided your hips to hit the edge of the bed.
"Are you going to fulfil your promise?" You smiled.
"I only make promises I can keep," Stephen lifted you into the air momentarily before setting you down on the bed, pushing your shoulders so you'd lay down. He leaned over you and kissed you softly on your stomach, the muscles trembling slightly, before moving down towards your eagerly awaiting pussy. Reflexively you lifted your legs and placed your feet on Stephen’s shoulders once he kneeled. You let out a tiny gasp when you felt his hot breath over your centre and rolled your hips upwards towards his mouth. You stopped moving when Stephen gripped your thighs, "Don't move."
"Please Stephen," You whined but stayed still.
He licked from your opening to your clit and stopped. "Have you been thinking about me?" He asked.
You whined again. "Yes, I've been thinking about you all day."
"Good," Stephen said before swirling his tongue around your clit. Finally. You cried in your mind but let out a moan verbally. You fought hard to maintain your stillness but didn't bother to control your mouth. You moaned and whimpered as loudly as you could to let Stephen know how much you were enjoying this.
Stephen grinned when he heard the noises you were making in response to the game his tongue was playing with your clit. He was flicking, sucking, and licking on the pink nub to his heart's content. "Do you like that?" He said coyly as he pressed his finger against your opening.
"Yes, more please." you groaned and spread your legs wider trying to expose as much of yourself to him as possible. You reached above your head and gripped the sheets of the bed, arching your back as you did. Stephen groaned when your mound pressed against his mouth, causing a vibration to run through your body and you had to tighten your grip but moaned at the sensation. Stephen's hand pushed your thigh harder against the bed for you to stay still, causing your back to stop arching, and continued to lap at your folds. His cock was rock solid from tasting your juices on his tongue, enthralled that he was the cause. 
He looked up for a moment and saw your perked up nipples rise and fall with your breathing and moaned again. This time Stephen's hands left your thighs to hold your breasts and squeeze them. At that same moment, his tongue entered your hole and began to fuck you with it. You gasped as Stephenpushed his tongue in and out of your soaked centre, drinking your wetness with every push. You were trying to control yourself but the speed at which you were approaching your orgasm was threatening your resolve. "Stephen—oh my god,"
Stephen felt you squirming under his tongue and it made him smile. The way your breathing get heavier he knew you were close to cumming. His hands, which were still on your breasts, massaged the masses and rolled your nipples under the lace. Stephen's technique was working and it wasn't long before you were whimpering, teetering off the edge. Stephen lifted his mouth from your core momentarily to spit into your cunt before diving right back in. 
You groaned at the sound and the sensation as he sank his tongue inside you, tasting your hot juices as they slipped out to meet his lips. Any other thoughts that were running through your mind were driven aside by the sensation of his tongue thrusting deeper into your wet cunt. The sensuous sound of your gasps and groans echoed throughout the vast bedroom, and Stephen grinned.
Stephen slid his hands from your breasts and laid one arm across your hips, keeping you pinned to the bed. He pulled back and spread your puffed lips with his fingers. You looked at Stephen as he suddenly leaned up and put two of his fingers against your lips. Immediately, you sucked them into your mouth and coated his fingers with your saliva. He retracted his fingers and rubbed your slit for a moment before pushing both of his fingers into your waiting pussy. When his fingers pushed forward, Stephen reattached his lips to your clit. Your hips tried to buck but Stephen's arm kept you in place. His mouth and fingers felt amazing and you were desperate for more. His fingers curled inside of you and he began to push back and forth against your g-spot and it did not take long for you to orgasm.
"Stephen! I'm cumming!" You gasped and your back arched off the mattress. You gushed on his fingers and the bed while your toes curled. You were seeing stars as Stephen continued to finger you during and after your orgasm. When you were finally lucid, you whimpered at Stephen's continued strokes. He finally slowed and withdrew his fingers. He held them up and they glistened with your juices.
Stephen locked eyes with you as he licked his fingers clean. You moaned and pulled him by his shirt collar and locked your lips in a kiss. You did away with the shirt and wrapped your arms around his neck. You could taste yourself on Stephen's tongue, making you moan. Your hands grabbed his erection that was poking your stomach. Stephen groaned at the contact and broke the kiss but pushed his hips forward, causing you to begin jerking him off. One hand stroked while the other stayed around Stephen's neck so you could stay close to each other.
"I want to be inside you," He moaned in your ear. You felt yourself get wetter if that was even possible. You pulled back and let go of Stephen's cock. You laid back on the table and pulled your knees to your chest before opening them, exposing yourself fully to your boyfriend.
"Fuck me then," You challenged. 
Stephen didn't back down and lined his cock up with your opening. He pushed the first few inches in and you sighed. The familiar feeling of Stephen's veiny cock slowly spreading your pussy wide was heavenly. He eased every inch inside of you until his balls were pressed against your ass. You looked up into Stephen's piercing blue eyes and nearly came. His eyes were swirling with lust but he was still staring straight into your soul. At that moment, it felt like Stephen could see every part of your soul and the feeling was transformative. You were so lost in Stephen's eyes you barely registered that he pulled out until he suddenly thrust forward. 
"Oh fuck!" you cried wantonly, throwing your head back.
Stephen stayed buried inside you for a few seconds before pulling out and slamming back into you. He began to rock his hips slowly, creating a slow torturous pace for both of you. Stephen closed his eyes, the warmth and tightness of you were overwhelmingly delicious. You moaned when Stephen began to thrust in and out of you, your breasts bouncing with every movement. You pivoted your hips upwards, creating a new feeling for the both of you. He groaned when you did and dug his fingers harder into your sides. You just knew there would be bruises tomorrow, but who cares? Just like everything else you and Stephen did, it was going to be in a place that no one else would ever see. Stephen shuddered at the feeling of being buried deep inside you. Your walls were a velvety embrace that he was so desperately craving all day and he could tell you missed him too. 
"You're so beautiful," When Stephen said this, he yanked your body even harder into his as the severity and speed of his thrusts escalated. With each pull of his impressive cock, you whimpered deep in your throat. Your clit was still throbbing from your previous climax and pulsed in little beats. Whenever Stephen brushed his fingertips across the pink bud, you rasped a sharp moan, shivering visibly at the slightest contact. "I know baby, I know it feels good."
Stephen's confidence extended far beyond his sex life, it was in all aspects of his life; it is what drew you to him in the first place. He always had an air of confidence about him which was enticing to you when you first caught eyes from your windows. When you first slept together and you experienced the confident Stephen Strange in the bedroom, you knew you would never be able to quit him. You were so caught up in your thoughts that when Stephen cupped your breasts, you visibly jumped and your nipples grew harder at the contact. He paused for a second and leaned over your body. "Focus on me and how good I feel inside of you," Stephen demanded.
"Yes Doctor. Sorry, Doctor." You apologised. He didn't say anything but he captured your lips in another kiss. You held his face in your hands as Stephen continued to pound away at your body while you kissed. Stephen's lips returned to your neck, kissing you and nibbling on your flesh between his teeth. One of his hands was still rolling and pulling on your nipple, while the other held your neck in place. The noises that can only be described as mewling that escaped your mouth only further encouraged Stephen's pace. Every time you thought he couldn't push his cock any further into you, he surprised you with a more forceful buck of his hips. Your hands gripped the sheets above your head, keeping yourself stable on the bed during Stephen's onslaught of thrusts. You could hardly catch your breath as the sensations of his cock pumping into you and his hands groping your slender body overpowered you.
Stephen grinned and kissed your lips once more. You pushed your body off the mattress, wrapped your arms around Stephen's shoulders, and kissed him back. Your bodies couldn't be any closer and you could feel your hearts beating in unison. Stephen was hitting the perfect spot inside of you and you could feel your orgasm approaching again. "Please Stephen, I'm so close," You whimpered when your lips parted for a moment.
"I'll get you there baby, I always do." Stephen ran his hand through your hand and you resumed your kiss. There's the confidence you knew and adored. Just his words brought you closer to completion.
You shuddered at the sensation. "Stephen..." you said. You weren’t whining or begging, you just had to say his name. Stephen tilted your head upwards towards your and placed his hand on your throat. While staring into your eyes his other hand ventured between you and began to rub your clit. Your abdomen immediately clenched and you took a deep breath.
"Does this feel good?" You nodded in response. His grip tightened around your throat. "Answer me, baby."
"Yes!" you choked out. "Yes, that feels amazing Stephen."
"You know I love it when you say my name don't you?" He smiled. "Hearing my name fall from your lips is the sexiest thing in the world."
"And I love saying your name," You said as you felt yourself get closer to an orgasm.
"Say it again," He commanded.
"Stephen," His hips pulled back before pushing forward, sliding his cock in and out.
"Stephen," He slid out again before slamming back in.
"Stephen," Another thrust.
"Stephen!" You tore your mouth from Stephen's and let out a primal scream as your orgasm tore through you. You's nails dug into the back of Stephen's neck and your walls clamped down on his cock as it spasmed in the height of your climax. With another thrust you came, squirting around his pulsating member. Your body was trembling but he paid no mind and built up a rhythm to get himself off. It only took another minute of thrusting before Stephen was on the verge of his ejaculation. The head of his cock hit your g-spot again and this time it was over. Much to your surprise, you felt Stephen's cock swell inside of you and coat your walls with warm, thick seeds. His body stilled as rope after rope of cum shot into you. When he finished, he didn't pull out but instead stayed buried deep inside you. Stephen rocked his hips back and forth, fucking his cum deeper into you. 
Stephen kissed your neck as his cock finally went soft inside of you. He eased his cock out of your body and watched with satisfaction as his loads leaked out of you. He smacked your ass before stating "Let's get cleaned up, shower?” He suggested and you nodded. He picked you up off the bed and he reached out and took your hand in his. You intertwined your fingers and he led you towards the shower just like the beginning of your day. You watched him turn the water on and test the temperature with his hand. He stepped into the glass enclosure and the water began to cascade over his body. You got in after removing your lingerie and let the warm water cover your body. You sighed as the water instantly eased your tense muscles. His eyes never wandered from yours and you smiled at him before turning around.
Stephen wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close to him, planting soft kisses on your shoulders, “You make me so happy it literally hurts my heart, darling.” 
You wrapped your arms over his arms and leaned your head back against his chest, the water warming the both of you, “As long as it’s a good hurt.”
“Trust me it’s one I haven’t felt in a while.” Stephen craned his neck and kissed you firmly on the cheek with a massive smooching sound, “I love you.”
“I love you too—now can we please finish cleaning up because we get excited again?” 
▪︎ ▪︎ ▪︎
You wake up and feel safe in his arms. You look over, his hair tousled, his nostrils flaring slightly, matching his slow, breathing pattern in his sleep. You snuggle up against him, chest to chest, your heartbeat slowly catching up to him, as if your bodies reacted simultaneously to our warm touch. Even though both of your bodies are hidden by the blankets, you can still make out his silhouette thanks to the low light that is leaking in.
The light made body shine, very little beads of sweat glistening on his small forehead. His lips, softer than the softest thing you can think of.. you couldn’t think of anything better to do than kiss them.  You move your fingers down the length of his trapezius muscle, and then move them down to his deltoids.
You kiss his cheek lightly, and close your eyes for a second, silently inhaling and exhaling. When you open them, you see him slowly opening his eyes, like a baby opening its eyes for the first time. A smile slides across his face, his gorgeous blue eyes staring back at you.
You press your chest against his, your heartbeat starting to pace with his again. You grab his hand and intertwine your fingers with his. Our lips meet at the slightest and softest touch, then they part.
“Good morning, beautiful.” You hear Stephen’s voice say. You’re so engulfed in your passion for him, that you don’t even realise his lips moving. You smile at him, playing with his hair lightly. 
“I love you..” You finally say, slowly and Stephen laughs, you feel his vibrations on your cheek and you tilt your head slightly, “What’s so funny?”
“All the things they say about love, it’s true.. You know how I know? Because I get to wake up in your arms every morning. You prove it to me every single day, by not doing a single thing, except being here in the morning. That’s all you have to do, and my day is already going to be just fine.” He smiled, and kissed your nose. “I think you’re my soul-mate.” he said. 
“What makes you say that?” you asked curiously.
“Well, I love you. You wanna know why? Because I don’t have to work at being happy when I’m with you. Any time with you is the right time. Nothing is ever wrong if you’re by my side. What I feel for you seems so inhuman at times. You make me into this person I’ve never been before, a person I’m proud to be. The same me that I love, you love as well… that’s amazing. I’m not the easiest person to love and you make it seem like a walk in the park.”
You laid there for a while longer, looking for more words to say. But maybe it’s true what they say, that silence is golden, because the look in his eyes told you everything you’d ever wanted to hear.
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feral-for-strange · 2 days ago
It’s Only Me
Tumblr media
Pairing: (838)Stephen Strange x Fem!reader, Sinister Strange x Fem!reader
Summary: Stephen has complained about having a headache all morning. When he suddenly collapses you panic. You’re about to call for help but he reassures you everything is fine. All he needs is you.
Word count: 2,167
Warning: Sinister is dream walking and possesses 838 Stephen, dubious consent, deception, p in v sex, slight Daddy kink, creampie, marking
~Do not repost, copy, or translate any of my works without permission~
Stephen had been careful in his choice of worlds while dream walking. Never staying any longer than he needed to in order to look for you. Much to his dismay, in most universes he never met you. You were living an ordinary life far from his fucked up world of magic. With a family or career that you’d worked hard to form. Despite how desperately he wanted to feel you again, he never interacted with you in those worlds. Was he happy in those universes? No, and he took care of that problem quite easily. But he saw how content with your life you were. After what had happened to you because of him you deserved a safe life. So he would leave you be and search out another world. One where he hoped to find a version of you that loved him still.
In all honesty he hadn’t known about your universe. He had stumbled across it one day on accident when he heard you calling his name. He’d never moved so quickly in his life to track your voice through the multiverse. He’d found you in a teal jumpsuit and lab coat as you wandered through the Sanctum. He’d stood there in the middle of the music room simply watching you for the next few hours. You were just the way he remembered you; most importantly you loved him in this world.
He formed a plan over the following week to infiltrate your universe. Normally he would’ve been brash and simply taken over his alternate self then and there. However this time was different. He wanted to be able to spend as much time with you as he possibly could. Which meant everything had to go perfectly.
He had waited until his alternate self was at his lowest. He hadn’t slept well the past few nights as Stephen haunted his mind; crafting nightmares to hinder his sleep. Once his other self began to struggle, Stephen carefully pried away the defensive spells on his mind. Applying enough pressure to cause him pain in an effort to distract from what was really happening. He had done it so many times it was practically muscle memory at this point.
He could hear your voice asking him what was wrong and his alternate self struggling to speak. Stephen was so close to breaking him. To finally being able to hold you in his arms once more. Just one more spell and he’d be within your world.
Stephen’s vision flickered in between universes as he began to grasp hold of his other selfs mind. His shoulders heaved with labored breath as he struggled to keep control over this new version of himself. He was putting up more of a fight than any other Stephen he’d possessed. In all honesty he wasn't surprised. This version of himself had you to protect after all. Speaking of which—
A smile danced to life on his lips when the last of the defensive spells crumbled away. He was in complete control now. He opened his eyes to find you peering back at him with worried eyes. Oh how he had missed you.
“I’m going to call Reed,” You said, turning away as you pulled your phone from your pocket. Fuck! That wasn’t part of the plan.
“No, wait!” He yelped, startling you. He was quick to recompose himself as he cleared his throat. When he spoke he was far more calm and level headed than before.
“I’m alright. There’s no need to bother him with this.”
“Stephen, you locked yourself in a cell and then collapsed," You shot back. He put his hands up in surrender before noticing the cuffs on his wrists that contained the sands of Nisanti. How amusing. His alternate self had attempted to block him out of his mind using these. Sadly, it had allowed Stephen to shatter the last of his defenses and take control of this body.
“I know, I know, darling. But I promise it’s nothing serious," He replied, following alongside you as you headed for the control console near the cell.
"How can you say that? You were talking about dark magic and something being inside your head," You scowled. He pursed his lips, trying to come up with a believable excuse.
"I...I have to confess I don't recall that part. I haven't been getting enough sleep and with the threat of Agatha hanging over my head I must have had a meltdown," He frowned, rubbing at his chin. He paused when he found his face smooth and unhindered by stubble. That was new. All of his alternate selves thus far had always had goatees or beards. Yet this one didn’t. Not that it mattered really. Any body he could possess in order to worship you would do.
You studied Stephen carefully, taking in the sullen look on his face and his slumped shoulders. He didn't look any different than before and it was obvious he felt bad for scaring you. You chewed on your lower lip as you glanced between the console and him. You knew you should perform a scan to ensure he wasn't hurt, but Stephen had done this once or twice before when he'd worked himself to the point of burn out. When that would happen you’d just take him home and force him to sleep for a few hours. Maybe he was right. This wasn’t something to bother Reed with. You could take care of him on your own. After all, you’d done it before.
Stephen's lips tugged upwards in a smug smile as you typed in your override key. The door to the cell slid open with a hiss and he made his way down the steps towards you.
"Are you sure you’re okay? You didn’t look so good before,” You said, concern tinging your voice. "Maybe we should do a bio-scan just incase.”
He placed his hands on your hips before drawing you close against him. Your heart skipped a beat as he gazed lovingly at you. Something wasn't right with his eyes. They were paler than before. Maybe it was just a trick of the light but it had your stomach twisting into knots.
“Darling, I assure you everything is fine. And the scan would show you exactly what I’ve been telling you,” He said reassuringly. He could feel his alternate self straining against the dark magic that bound him. Not that it would do him any good. Stephen was far stronger and would only yield his grasp on this body when he was satisfied with his need for you.
"Now, can you please let me out of these cuffs? As much as I enjoy the thought of you taking control, they're starting to hurt," He chuckled, holding up his trembling hands. While his body may not have magic currently, his mind still did due to his connection to the dark hold. He could easily remove the cuffs himself but he needed you to believe he was your Stephen. That he was powerless before you and not capable of channeling his magic into his shaking hands.
He saw the hesitance in your eyes before you reached into your pocket for the remote. You were still as clever as ever. Despite his reassurances you could tell something was off about him. However, Stephen had plenty of practice when it came to deceiving you. You pressed the remote to the cuffs and they fell away with a soft clank.
Stephen cupped your face in his hands, brushing his thumbs along your cheeks. He’d almost forgotten what it was like to hold you. To feel you.
"See? There's no boogeyman here. It’s only me,” He smiled, kissing your forehead. He felt you relax beneath his touch as you started to accept that he was truly the Stephen you knew. He had you exactly where he wanted you. All he had to do was coax you a little further to get exactly what he wanted.
“There is something you could do to make me feel better.”
“What is it?” You questioned in bewilderment. He let out a slow breath as he admired how innocent and sweet you looked as you peered up at him.
“I need you,” He murmured, dipping his head down to kiss your jaw. “I need you, crying my name as I split you open on my cock.”
“Stephen,” You chided in an effort to stop him. He gave a soft hum as he trailed his lips lower along your skin.
"Yes, my love?"
"You just barely recovered from passing out. I don't think sex is a good idea."
"You want to help me rest don't you? What better way to do that than to tire me out?" He hummed, sucking at a spot along your neck that had you whining his name. He lifted his gaze to meet your eyes, drinking in the dazed expression on your face as you slowly gave into his desires.
"Besides, coming inside of you has always helped me fall asleep before. Why wouldn't it work now?"
Tumblr media
Stephen’s skin glistened with sweat, but not from the past two hours of fucking you. He was starting to lose his grasp on his alternate self’s body and it was taking all of his will power to stay tethered to this universe. He let out a string of curses as his vision began to flicker back to the crumbling world he lived in. He hadn’t had enough time with you. He needed more! So much more.
“I love you, darling. More than anything in this multiverse. Do you know that? How I’d do anything for you?" He panted, biting at your neck. You whimpered as his hips pounded into you mercilessly.
"Yes, Daddy. I know,” You keened, tilting your head back against the mattress at the pleasure that was building in your lower belly yet again. He crushed you against his chest as he thrust deeper inside of you, drawing a sharp cry from your lips as you teetered on the edge of your release.
"Only I can make you feel like this. Only I can love you like this," He grunted, swallowing your whimpers in a smothering kiss. Your legs trembled as he pressed the pad of his thumb to your clit, winding the coil in your gut tighter and tighter. Tears slid down your cheeks as you clutched onto his shoulders to try and keep yourself grounded.
"Say you love me, darling," He breathed, adding further pressure as he rubbed harsh circles against your clit. You choked back a sob when your walls clamped down on his cock as you came undone beneath his touch. Stephen groaned before resting his arms on either side of your head. His lips ghosted against your cheek as he pleaded with you.
“Please, say it back. Need to hear you say it.”
"Love you, Stephen."
He drew in a shuddering breath, his voice tinged with desperation as he continued to push into you with powerful thrusts. You squirmed in an effort to push him away at the overstimulation but he didn’t budge.
“S’too much. Too much, please.”
“I said, say it again,” He hissed, striking a spot inside you that had you seeing stars. Your fingernails dug into his back leaving angry red marks along his skin.
"Fuck, I love you!” You shouted, squeezing your eyes shut. The pleasure had bled into pain at this point and you just wanted it to stop.
“Love you so much. Nobody can make me feel the way that you do. I love you, Stephen," You rambled as his hips stuttered to a halt. A familiar warmth flooded your pussy as Stephen came with a low moan. He crashed his lips against yours in one desperate last kiss as the bond between worlds was severed.
The feel of your body vanished from beneath his scarred hands and your tender voice faded away into silence. He kept his eyes closed for a moment despite knowing he was back in the hell that was his world. Trying to cling to the faint connection he still had to you and that world. He needed to feel your love again. He had to get back into that universe no matter what it took. It would be difficult now that his alternate self knew he was there but that man’s magic was child’s play compared to Stephen’s.
His anger flared when he heard his alternate self comforting you. Telling you of the monster you had just surrendered yourself too. Stephen’s jaw clenched as the candelabras around him shattered into splinters of metal. He might be a monster, but so was his alternate self. He had felt the corruption of the dark hold within his body. He was a hypocrite to believe he was any different than the monster he claimed had taken hold of his mind.
But if he wanted a creature of darkness, Stephen would show him just how monstrous he could truly be.
Tumblr media
Tag list: @classickook @bakerstreethound @ironstrange1991 @thealleydog @evelynrosestuff @polytheatrix @kentucky-criedfricken @thealleydog
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shiftingkenz · 2 days ago
eddie munson - halloween headcanons
tw: none, fluff
a/n: this is my second fic/headcanon on here since i just started on tumblr, but i have a tiktok that has eddie headcanons/imagines on there i you’d like to check it out! (@shiftingkenz)
summary: eddie on halloween yk how it is, spooky season’s coming up hehe
word count: 646
Tumblr media
-he sneaks through your window at like 1 in the morning dressed as michael myers to scare you awake while you’re asleep, but to his surprise, you’re still awake at your desk reading your new book.
-he was surprised you didn’t hear him come in, but you did have your headphones blasting whatever cassette was in your walkman at the time, so you were completely oblivious as to what was going on.
-eddie saw this opportunity and snuck up and you and aggressively put his hands on your shoulder (not so hard it hurt you, but hard enough it startled the shit out of you)
-“AHH!” you screamed, throwing your book across the room. all he did was burst out laughing (to be fair though it was kinda funny)
-“EDDIE?? what the hell?? you know i hate it when you sneak up on me, especially when it’s literally 1 in the morning!!” you say heart beating faster than ever. -“i’m sorry!! i’m sorry! it’s halloween and i had to do something to scare you!!” (btw he was in fact not sorry at all lol he enjoyed it way too much then he should’ve) -“you’re a fucking asshole munson. i almost had a heart attack.” -“my bad, my bad!!!” -once you both settled down, he ended up falling asleep with you i your bed, and in the morning you both had some breakfast and then finished up your costumes. -you guys dressed up as your d&d characters. this was a project that you’ve both been working on for about a month or so, you guys were really proud of how it ended up turning out.-later you guys went around the neighbourhood stealing all the candy out of bowls. -at the end of the night you guys ended up having 2 1/2 pillowcases full of candy. -once you guys made it back to eddie’s trailer, he went to the family video to go and get some movies. he rented 3, halloween, nightmare on elm street, and nightmare on elm street 2. -lucky for him, robin was working that night, so she told eddie to just take them, but to have them returned by the following day so she didn’t get in trouble. -while eddie was out getting the movies, you started making some popcorn. eddie seemed to REALLY love EXTRA buttery and salty popcorn, so thats what you made. (tbf the way he likes his popcorn si actually really fucking good, but its just horrible for your health lol but so worth it to your taste buds) -once he got home, you guys started the movies right away. -half way through the second movie, you ended up falling asleep in your lap. -eddie noticed pretty quickly and he thought it was the cutest thing ever seeing you sleep. he took a mental photo. -5-10 minutes later he really needed to go pee, but he didn’t want to wake you up, so he etried holding it a little longer but that wasn’t going to work. -he took a pillow and put it under your head as he shifted off of the couch so he didn’t wake you up. -it did end up waking you up. he muttered out a “sorry” before he rushed to the bathroom. he felt a little bad since he woke you up -but he didn’t feel as bad when he returned and you were once again knocked right out. -he sat right beside you and finished watching the rest of the movies he brought. -afterwards he was pretty tired, so he put away a few of the dishes and then carried you right to bed. you woke up again, but you didn’t mind since you were being brought to bed by the love of your life.
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writingliv · a day ago
A Hard Lesson (Professor!Benedict Cumberbatch x Reader)
Chapter 43/? (Previous Chapter) (Chapter 1) (Chapter Masterlist)
Summary: mean history professor, horny student that wants to please him at all costs.
Tags: Fluff, jealousy, a bit of sexual language at the end.
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Tumblr media
“Or I’ll make sure you can’t talk until I am done with you.” You felt a coil tighten in your belly at his words, getting him exactly where you wanted him. “Don’t fucking smile at me like that. That’s what you want, isn’t it? God, you fucking want it so bad.” He looked at you with disgust, but you knew he didn’t mean it. “You want me to show you who you belong to?”
“I think it is best if I show you who I belong to, sir.” You smiled at him before moving away from his touch, placing your palms on his chest and silently asking him to move till he was the one giving his back to the bed. “Lay down.” You spoke clearly, looking at him as he scrutinised your face, unsure of what was happening. His attitude soon switched as he realised you were not kidding, his expression changed from a dominating desire to sweetly entertained. 
“Since when are you the one to give orders, Angel?” He chuckled slightly, almost as if he couldn’t fully accept you speaking to him this way.
“Lay down, or I’ll leave.” You pulled away from him, removing all contact from his body. He stepped forward, but you stepped back. He finally complied, sitting on the bed.
“Did I say sit?” You spoke short of patience, keeping a stone-cold expression as he smiled at you childishly, trying to break you. 
“No,” he answered, trying to put on a severe expression. 
“Then do as you’re told,” you repeated yourself and watched him sigh entertained before he moved further into the bed and laid fully down. 
“Thank you,” you whispered, biting your lip as he turned his head slightly to meet your eyes anyway.
“What now, Miss Angel?” He asked, his right hand moved to his crotch as he fixed his trousers, surprisingly aroused by your newly found assertiveness. 
“Now I cover your eyes with something,” you smiled at him and walked to his closet as his eyes followed you closely, stopping at your ass, an adoring smile stamped on his lips. 
“How would that help you show me who you belong to?” Benedict asked as you looked through his closet.
You didn’t answer until you had found a silk scarf, coming back into the room smirking. “You ask too many questions, professor.”
“I’ve always been an inquisitive man, Angel,” He lifted himself on his elbows, cocking an eyebrow as you stood in front of him. “Here comes another, why are you not naked right now? And why am I not eating you out until the entirety of West London hears you?”
You bit your lip and looked away from him, hoping he wouldn’t notice the effect his words had on you. “That’s two,” you finally answered, regaining some self-control. 
“Two questions. Not one.” 
“Smartass,” he chuckled, reaching for you with his arm, begging look on his face. You moved towards him, climbing onto the bed and straddling him. His hands immediately pulled you even closer till his erection brushed against your covered cunt. You gasped silently at the feeling, trying your best to keep your composure. Benedict noticed your reaction, giving your a crooked shit-eating smile, “are you sure my plan does not sound better now, my love?” You didn’t answer, simply lifting the scarf to his eyes and tightening it softly around his head as he held onto it, helping you. “How awful of you to deprive me of my favourite sight.” 
You shushed him and got off the bed as soon as the scarf was secured, causing the smile on his lips to disappear. Benedict held onto the sheets tightly as he tried to understand where you were, the darkness letting the sound of his heart take over the room. 
You took off your shirt and then your trousers, standing in front of him in complete silence, watching him swallow harshly at the lack of control. 
“Are you still here?” He finally broke the silence, making you chuckle. You didn’t answer, simply moving closer to him and climbing back onto the bed. He was still holding himself up, leaning his weight on the palms of his hands, head tilted as he felt the weight on the mattress shift. 
You straddled his lap again and he finally exhaled, his hands immediately reaching for your body. You stopped him immediately, placing your hands on his writs, pressing his hands onto the mattress. “Not yet. Not until I say so,” you whispered and watched as he swallowed again, pressing his lips together. “Don’t reach for me or I’ll tie you up,” you spoke matter-of-fact causing him to break into a soft chuckle. 
“Yes, my love. Anything you want.” He responded once he noticed your hold on his wrist wasn’t softening. You finally let go and watched as his index finger lifted, struggling to keep himself from reaching for you. 
You lifted yourself slightly, moving slightly forward until you were hovering over his crotch. Your hands reached for the buttons of his shirt, opening one at a time and lowering yourself a bit more as they came undone. Benedict felt his self-control waver as his left hand moved slowly towards your outer thigh, too needy to touch your skin. As soon as the tip of his fingers brushed against your hip, you halted immediately, lifting yourself completely and grabbing the wrist of his traitorous hand. “You are that desperate? So desperate to touch me, you are willing to be left here alone and frustrated, just for a touch?” 
Benedict pressed his lips together as his jaw tightened. Your free hand took him by surprise as you reached for his neck, wrapping around it and pressing your thumb under his chin, raising it. “Answer me, professor. Do I make you so pathetically needy that you must risk it all for a touch of my skin?” He shook his head slightly against your touch, a slight smirk appearing on his lips as he felt his trouser growing impossibly tight. 
“I think we both know I am willing to risk it all for a mere touch of your skin, Angel.” He answered back, his voice dark and velvety. You were glad his eyes were covered as your reaction to his words had been immediate. 
“Will you be good now?” You tried to regain the upper hand. 
“Anything for you,” he responded, and you moved your thumb from his chin to his lips, running across them before letting go of both his wrist and neck, returning to the buttons. As you reached the last button, your covered folds came into contact with his trousers, causing both of you to groan silently. 
You rocked your hips once, thankful for the friction, but then lifted yourself completely, removing any contact and hovering over his crotch. Your hands reached for his now uncovered chest, touching his pecks first and then letting the tips of your fingers trace down his toned torso.  
“You are killing me,” he groaned out, fisting the duvet in frustration. 
“I am just enjoying what is mine.” You replied coldly, going back up his chest. “That is because I know what is mine. I wouldn’t let anyone else tell me otherwise. Unlike you, I know what belongs to me. So it seems like I need to teach you.” 
You reached for Benedict’s right hand, pulling it away from the sheets. You softly guided his hand to your naked chest, letting him finally touch the skin of your left breast. “This is yours. The same way you are mine.” Benedict knitted your skin, as his entire expression softened. He needed you, his entire body burning for you. The feeling of your body against his hand was so much more pronounced now that he couldn’t see you, now that his fingers had to look for your hard nipple before playing with it. 
You moaned slightly at the feeling, arching your back before continuing. Your right hand moved down his chest again, capitalising on each word, “and just like your body reacts like this just for me.” Your hand reached his crotch, cupping his covered erection causing him to part his lips. “So does mine for you.” You pulled your touch away, grabbing his hand from your breast and guiding it down, encouraging him to feel the wetness that had soaked right through your panties. 
Benedict could have cum just from that, exhaling in pain at the mere thought of your wet cunt. The darkness made it just so much more vivid in his mind. The professor pressed his index against your covered lips, causing a wave of electricity to spread throughout your lower back. You gasped at the feeling, pushing for more before remembering that you needed to stay in control. 
You pulled away from his touch, and he put his hand back on the bed. You started working on his trousers’ button while you moved your lips to his ear. “So every time you see me with Tom or with anyone for that matter, just remember they don’t have me risking my career for them, and if the doubt ever persists, take me to whatever empty room, bend me over and fuck the doubt out of your mind, understood?” You emphasised the last words pedantically as the button opened, moving back to massage his impossibly hard erection over his trousers. “Now, you are going to lift your hips for me, so I can pull this off of you. Then I am gonna show you how much I want you and am gonnamake sure you will never want anyone else.”
Benedict didn’t speak again, suddenly at a complete loss for words. He lifted his hips as requested as you pulled down his trousers and underwear, freeing his hard cock. You could feel your mouth watering at the sight, wanting to feel him fill you up in every hole. 
You reached for it, wrapping your hand around it and pumping it slowly, watching as he let out a thankful sigh. Your free hand moved to his chest, pushing him down onto the bed, giving you the necessary space to align yourself properly. Your hand stayed on his chest for balance as the other one aligned your slit with his tip. You lowered yourself until the tip touched your wetness, and both of you held your breaths. Your hips moved slowly, grinding against his shaft, letting the hardness rub on your clit and send you into a state of pure bliss. “How could you even think I would want anyone else?” You closed your eyes and shook your head, letting the feeling take over your entire body. “My body is yours. You can do anything you want with it. You can share it. You can keep it all for yourself. It doesn’t matter because it will always be yours.” You moved your hips again until the tip reached your slit, and you sunk slowly, “fuck… I am yours, Benedict. Just yours.”
As you reached the bottom of his cock and your hips met, you grabbed his hands, putting them on your body, “touch what’s yours. Touch me while I ride you.” Your voice cracked in between an order and a plea as you started to move your hips, letting his cock trace your walls. 
Benedict didn’t make you ask twice, moving his hands all over your body, touching all of you. He couldn’t get enough, letting his hands guide him to the image he was missing out on. You moved incessantly on top of him, milking his cock with a voracity he hadn’t experienced before, fucking him to show him everything. Your love, your body, your passion, you wanted him to feel it all. 
 You removed the tie from his face, meeting his impossibly blue eyes and watching him as he looked at you with adoration. You continued moving, not even chasing your own pleasure per se, in ecstasy with every single movement, no matter the angle, speed or strength. Simply overwhelmed by the connection between your bodies. Benedict thrust up, splitting the bliss as you reached your own orgasm without even trying, lowering yourself until your chest was flush against his, almost as if you were trying to melt under his skin.
You were telling him something, not even sure yourself what you were saying. Words of love, desire, and reassurance, all of them slipping from your lips with so much ease as your brain let the endorphins take over your body. 
Your lips found his, kissing him for the first time since you had entered the room. It was a kiss broken by moans, promises, and gasps as the two of you melted into each other bodies. His arms wrapped around your body as he fucked you. You were not sure how long you lasted, frozen in time at this moment so perfect it couldn’t be possibly computed. 
He came inside of you, whispering how much he hoped he could do this forever, how lucky he was to see you, how beautiful you were. You laid on top of his chest for a while, pressing kisses on his face, chest, and every part you could reach until you finally dropped to his side.
“Why did you cover my eyes?” He finally asked as you came down from the high and cuddled up to his chest, kissing it softly. 
“If you couldn’t see who I want, I was gonna make sure you felt it.”
Liv's Note
this is impossibly lateee aaaaah I had miscalculated how much smut I could write around my best friend without feeling uncomfortable so I had to wait until she left to write which was todayyy. ANyway we had all been waiting for thisssss I HOPE IT MET THE EXPECTATIONS
ANYWAY today was my first today of uni and it is 10 pm and I just finished my last work task so yeah. I am gonna go lay down and hope you all tell me what you think so I can have some serotonin to tackle the rest of the week. I LOVE YOU my babez
if you ever feel like buying the most stressed out writer on the whole of Tumblr a coffee (bc she studies full-time and works 40 hours a week unpaid) this is my Ko-Fi link :) ko-fi.com/writingliv
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thedelusionreaderbitch · 15 hours ago
Wanda Maximoff x fem! Reader - Saving you from control
A/n: We're all slaves for Wanda lets be honest
*Vision does not exist within this universe! I don't know how age of ultron works than but we won't get into that!*
Summary: You're just living your life when the first splash of color comes into it, specifically a flash of red
Warnings: spicy (heavily making out), illusions to smut, manipulation, toxic, technically cheating, death, I think that's it? You have been warned!
The three P's:
[Pov: second person] [Pairings: romantic/main! Wanda Maximoff x reader kinda romantic! nameless male character x reader parental! billy and tommy x reader] [Pronouns used: you/your but the reader is meant to be a girl]
Tumblr media
Your life seems to be dominated with blacks and whites, there's no color to reveal just a black and white wall of memories. Even you have to admit life is boring, you get up call whatever family member you're supposed to be calling, go to work in your tiny office job, and come back home to your boyfriend. Your boyfriend, who's also awfully boring, you want to think you love him, but you don't really think making up lies will give life to your boring life.
You won't break up with him though, he's safe, and your family loves him. Plus your family seems to be always on edge around you, you can't seem to figure out why though. It's like that piece of information was stripped from you.
It's also tied into the feeling that you were meant for something more, but alas there would be no world saving in your books.
Your in bed with your boyfriend when you see it for the first time.
It's nothing really, just a flash of red from behind you, but all the same you knew that flash's of red don't just happen out of no where. You shift your body more upwards to see if you could see anything.
Nothing there's nothing, of course it's nothing, it must have just been a trick of the light. Your eyes messing with you, or your brain having too much imagination. So you just go back to bed and take your sleeping boyfriend hand in yours and try to take comfort from it.
It happens twice more before something else happens.
After it happened twice more you were a bit paranoid, and on your way to the eye doctor to see if there was anything wrong with your eyesight.
You go to check your mirror and instead of cars you see a woman with red-orange hair with something that looks like devil horns placed as a crown on her forehead.
She was smiling at you.
Your car weavers to the right, you can hear cars honking in the distance, and CRASH! Echoes, as your ears ring and your car somersaults across the highway.
The next thing you know you're waking up in the hospital with that same woman beside you.
Gasping you grip onto the sheets and try to move, but a red mist keeps you down covering everything but your head.
"What the- Where's the doctor!"
She smiles down at you and laces her hand with your own and you can't help the feeling it gives you. It's different from when your boyfriend takes your hand, when he does you feel a small sort of happiness. When this random woman takes your hand the accelerating feeling you get is overwhelming from just a touch.
"Don't you worry your little head treasure, the doctor was just trying his best but I decided it would be better if I took over."
You looked down at yourself and saw no injuries nor did you feel any. Considering you got into a pretty nasty car accident you should be casted up to the brim, yet you weren't. Someone would call you crazy for thinking this but you're pretty sure the person crouching beside you, saved you.
(Your mind doesn't seem to remember very well how she might have just be the cause of the accident in the first place.)
"What's your name?" You manage to say as you gaze upon her beautiful figure.
Laughing she takes her other hand and places it under your cheek like a lover would. "Missy, I'm surprised you didn't recognize me! That's okay precious, they did insist on wiping your mind. It isn't your fault."
A new part of you is unlocked and her words must have triggered something because a flow of memories come back to you and tears surface to your eyes as you start to remember.
S.W.O.R.D had taken you from Wanda, they had said they were saving you, saving you from giving up complete control. Funny how the irony comes back at them considering they didn't give you a choice in the matter.
You remember your powers, similar to Wanda's but nearly the exact opposite of hers. While she had chaos magic, you had order magic, meaning you could place order back into things and see the future.
That's another thing S.W.O.R.D had taken from you.
Then you remember further, with all the little things with Wanda, to all the big things with her. That you had children with her (through both of your magic of course) and how they took you away from them. The things that balanced you and Wanda so well, chaos and order. Now that you had them back though...
"Wanda." You croak tears adorning your face and the red mist dissipates as a dark calming cyan covers the floor.
Standing up she pulls you into her as you sob into her chest.
"Oh, my princess how I've missed you."
"I- I didn't know that they were going to wipe my memories of you. And- and our children. When I started to realize they weren't doing what they told me they were doing I started to panic and I was so scared." You cry.
"Shh," You rubs your back as you shake in her arms. "Everything is alright now treasure, we're together again and no one is taking you away from me ever again."
You don't have the time to analyze her words further with your powers before her lips connect with yours and your mind explodes.
Wanda kisses you hungrily, like you're her last meal and you eagerly reciprocate the sentiment. As she bites on your bottom lip, it surprises you slightly as you feel like you haven't kissed her in centuries so you've forgotten how chaotic she can be. Nothing like your past boyfriend, who when he kissed you was bland and colorless.
Your mouth opens and you let her take dominance, she nearly always did in the past, it's just the way Wanda is.
Pinning you against the bed with her own body her lips start traveling down further and you feel her hand go underneath as they two go further down.
"Did he kiss you like this?" She mutters against your throat.
You blink and her civilian clothes from before are gone and come has the scarlet witch. The deviled horned crown embellished on her head.
You've transformed too though, a suit covers your body much like Wanda's but it has more blue and green under tones. There's a white diamond arched upon your chest and it has a purple point in the center with eight lines different shades of blue, and green.
You don't answer her you just let your head fall back as a halo falls around your head.
Stephen Strange doesn't expect to see you when Wanda finally has America at Wundagore, he thought your memory had been wiped. However you stood in front of him furious, and your mind fully intact.
The cyan magic enveloped America, you shouldn't have been doing this. You were order, you can see the truth if you wanted, if you saw it he's sure you would have been helping him.
So why haven't you?
"You can stop this Y/n!" He calls out to you voice strained. "Look for the truth with you're powers! You'll see that this is all wrong!"
Slowly you're head turns to face him and your eyes glow an unnatural dark teal.
"I already have."
Strange is astonished and terrified. The outcome in his brain that you already had looked into the truth didn't serve him. He didn't think it was possible, Wong even said it was impossible.
Improbable, it was improbable not impossible. Oh god, he's such a fool.
"The only thing that conflicted." You go on as you lift a hand on Miss America's face, stroking it like a mother would a child as Wanda's power envelopes him too.
"Is her."
You tilt your head and a flash of red goes through your eyes and suddenly Chavez is getting prepared for Wanda and the two of you trade off and you block Strange from getting to Wanda and Chavez and from seeing what's going to happen.
"This is you're endgame? You help Wanda and she gets the children? She'll throw you away the moment she gets them!"
Giggling you turn around and behind you is Wanda looking more powerful than ever with America Chavez's dead body behind her.
She pulls you in for a passionate kiss as her left hand flicks to make the portal to the other universe.
"We made our children together." You growl to Stephen right before the portal opens.
He had really underestimated how much the two of you love each other, and would do anything for one another. Everyone did.
Now they would have to pay the price.
Wanda is the one that goes in for the children, you know you'll have to go in later to save her from her own fate but you know that she still has to experience it first. She just needs to think she got over it on her own.
The children throw things at her and she snaps at them and as the next Wanda comes in she something to her and for a second Wanda looks like she's going to stop everything.
Then her eyes flash cyan and she kills the other (weak) Wanda and force the children in her arms into their rightful universe.
With the two of you.
They scream and cry but you crouch down to face them and you gently take both of them into your arms.
"Let's put some order into your minds shall we?" You whisper into their ears.
A dark teal mist covers their eyes and then in another second it's gone and they look up to you and abruptly hug you.
"Ma!" They cry.
You nod Wanda over (as she's now the one who has a hold of the sorcerer.)
Standing up you turn your boys around and when they see Wanda they yell out for their mom and cry into her neck.
Facing Strange you get close and place a hand next to his head.
"You know what I saw was the biggest threat to this universe was?"
You lean in so your lips are right next to the cuff of his ear.
Instead of saying anything else your hand next to his head begins to move as magic exhumes from it pulling his sorcery into you. Eventually the light fades from his eyes and his body falls to the ground.
Wanda may of been playing the long game with you - manipulating you and making your truth vision weak but so were you. You saw a threat to the universe long ago and back then you didn't want to believe it so you ignored it. Then Wanda came along and showed you something different, Wanda may have been weaken you and manipulated you but you also weakened and manipulated her.
Together though, together to the two of you are strongest thing in the universe.
So you turn back to your happy family, and pull Wanda into a kiss.
Words 1866
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webtrinsic1122 · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
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filmlock · 18 hours ago
MDNI. NSFW content, oral (giving).
Just thinking about Stephen Strange’s thighs.
Those thighs that he keeps spread openly and consistently cause he likes to take up all the space he has, but to you he’s always making room for one more between them.
They can be perfect pillows, where you can rest your head and hide yourself from the world. Sometimes they’re a nice place to sit, fall asleep and wake up on, so comfy to nuzzle yourself between when nothing else but the squish of Stephen’s body can suffice.
Sometimes those same thighs need constant prying to stay open while the tip of his cock kisses the back of your throat.
Stephen needs consistent coaxing, a reminder, numerous pleas—keep them spread for me? I know, I know, you feel so good right now but you’re squeezing me really tight. Stephen, open your legs, baby. And he opens them with whimpers and apologies, but as quickly as he relaxes, he’s back to squeezing you between his tensed thighs, succumbing to your gentle scolding while he paints the flesh of your mouth with himself.
Stephen’s thighs shake and quiver because they can’t handle his weight when he’s standing up. When he’s standing, it’s harder for him to pull himself to his release, and watching the way your head jerks back toward the wall—openly letting him invade and own your sweet mouth—it sucks out all the strength he fooled himself into harvesting before you got to him.
“I can’t—I can’t this time,” he gutters, settling the tip of his cock on your slippery lips. “I can’t take it. My thighs—my thighs are giving up on me, I’m sorry.” He wipes his face with his scarred hands then laughs into them, embarrassed by his inability to keep his composure, and heated and sweaty from the robes on his back.
You’re quick to grab hold of the rear of his thighs to ease all of him back into your mouth. Stephen has to grab the shelves behind you to catch himself.
“You know I can’t hold myself like this. It’s torturous,” he growls, balancing himself on the shelves with one hand so he can tip your chin up with the other. He pulls himself out of you. “As much as I love seeing you like this, it’d be better if I sat down.”
So he does. Stephen spreads himself wide on a cornered chair in the library, pulling open his buttons and belts so you’re granted full permission in rubbing up on his skin the way that makes him dizzy—squeezing the fat on the inside of his thighs, rubbing on the bare skin below his happy trail, right under his belly.
The air around you is wet from sweat, spit, and Stephen’s tea stained breath. The thickness of it is ripped into by your saliva being massaged into Stephen’s cock—the sound waltzing with his heavy moans and shaking breaths. The burning incense next to you wafts smoke between you two, and Stephen’s drifting in and out of a gooey haze before you.
In and out of consciousness his mind goes, and his body follows suit.
When he feels he wants to thrust all of himself into you he grips the arm of his chair, squeezing you once more with his legs and letting his body betray him with an incredibly rancid moan—one that he surprises himself in expressing.
You push on his thighs again and they go limp on either side of you. Stephen’s near fucked out. His hair’s wild and his head is thrown back against the chair, body exposed so vividly and so grossly under the prickled spotlight of the sun from the windows that you have no other choice but rub your own legs together.
You wobble on your own knees and Stephen instinctively captures you between his thighs again, and the jolt causes the chair to scream out under him.
With everything you do, you have to keep prying open his thighs, and you can’t take yourself away from them. The muscles contracting underneath the skin, the way he goes between grabbing them and squeezing the arm of the chair. How they spread and close when he pushes his way through your lips, the way they jiggle when he taps his heel on the hardwood and tense right back up because he’s trying to delay his own orgasm. In everything, it’s always something with his thighs, his thighs, his thighs.
God, those thighs, now bare and sticky, oscillate between shaking and squeezing your body. You can wiggle your hips to loosen the grip, but his force keeps you stuck. Ultimately, though, you stay, accepting this invitation as his plus one in this space he’d been inviting you into for a long time.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mads Mikkelsen on the front page of a Danish magazine called "Ekko" in 2008/2022
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annesthaeticc · 2 days ago
Sweet November | Dr Strange x Fem!Reader
Tumblr media
Sweet November : Chapter Seven-November 15
| Series Summary: “One month.” Stephen said, his gaze intense. He raised his hand, offered it for you to shake. “One month.” you agreed, and shook his hand. The sign of a closed deal. Then he smiled at you, and from that instant, you realized, you just broke rule number one; no falling in love.
| Chapter Warnings: fluff to make up for the angst last chapter!! and some domestic stephen cause i love a good malewife
| Word Count: 2813 words
| A/N: hello hello! how are you! hope you enjoy this chapter! sending you some much needed love, anne 😘
Tumblr media
“What?” Stephen asked as he was pulled back into reality by Billy. 
Said man was sitting right across from him. He was busy encoding something and Stephen was lying on the couch, his hand absently flipping and twisting his phone. 
“Send her flowers, or better, give her flowers,” Billy suggested, eyes still trained on the screen. 
“How is that any different?” Stephen replied and sat up. He ran his fingers through his hair, probably for the hundredth time that day. 
"And why would I do that anyway?"
"Because she's not calling you back." Billy chuckled and finally looked at his boss. 
It had been three days. Three long days since Stephen saw you. And the last time you did, he feared you walked out on him for good. Sure he could survive a few days without seeing you, without even thinking about you. But that was then. 
Now, it's different. 
He struggled to understand why you were in his mind. Constantly reminding him how this mess was all but his fault, that always led him to thinking, he must do something. He needs to do something. 
So he tried calling you and God only knows how many missed calls and voicemails he sent you. After his surgery the other day, the very first thing he looked for was his phone to check if you called back. But you didn't. 
You were giving him the silent treatment, something he had experienced before, yet this time, he wasn't backing down and letting you go without another word said between you. 
"She told me," Billy said. 
"Oh you're on form today, you keep zoning out," 
"Oh fuck off," 
"That's the spirit!" Billy cheered and laughed. Stephen, on the other hand, was not pleased at all. 
"Uhm, when I called the other night to check up on her, she told me most of it," Billy said, clearing his throat. 
"You really messed up this time, boss." 
"I know! I just— I didn't mean it! I said that because Evans got her number and I didn't know what the fuck was I gonna do with that," Stephen rambled, not stopping for breath. 
"Whoa whoa whoa, you were jealous of Dr. Evans?" Billy asked and Stephen groaned. 
He sat back on the couch, bowed his head and sighed. The fuck was I supposed to answer to that? Stephen thought. He stared at the tiled floor, his eyes following the lines of the marble, thoughts still buzzing in his head. Should he follow Billy’s advice? And why would he? It’s not like him to chase after the girl, beg, and look desperate, but something inside him makes him want to. 
He wants you back. Even if that needs him to grovel and be on his knees. 
“Do I have anything scheduled this afternoon?” he suddenly asked and stood up, making his way to his office. 
“Uh, just a department meeting.” Billy replied, looking at the calendar. 
“Tell Ray I’m unavailable.” he said before closing the door behind him. 
The next time Billy saw his boss, he was dressed, ready to leave; bag slung on his shoulder, lab jacket tucked on the crook of his arm. The assistant smiled to himself, basking in silent triumph. 
“Why are you smiling like that?” Stephen asked as he clicked the door open, ready to step out of his office. 
“You’re buying her flowers,” Billy teased. 
“No, I’m buying and giving her flowers.” 
“Huh, so you’re going to visit her. Do you know where she is right now?” Billy challenged him. 
“I know exactly where, now shut up before I cut off your bonus completely,” 
“I think you should give me a raise, Stephen. My dating advice needs to be compensated.” 
“Nice try.” Stephen finally said and left. 
Next thing he knew, he was holding a bouquet of flowers in his hand, waiting for you to come out of the building. He leaned against his parked car, the delicate bunch of flowers was in his right hand. He watched the school doors open, the children piling out and running down the steps. 
He raised his wrist to check the time and he cleared his throat. His saliva kept on getting stuck by his throat, a sign that he’s uncomfortable and nervous. He doesn’t get nervous, never. Not even during the most complicated surgeries. He carried himself in confidence and built himself to be tough. 
But this simple act of waiting for you outside of the daycare where you volunteer, a bouquet in his hand, and an apology at the tip of his tongue makes him nervous. Stephen knew himself completely, but the moment you entered his life, he started to doubt that. 
He was different man around you, and that scares the fuck out of him. 
“What are you doing here?” he heard the familiar tone of your voice; sweet yet there’s an underlying menace in it. It shook him out of his reverie and he stood up straight. 
“You weren’t answering my calls.” he simply replied and watched you as your brows deepened. 
You tutted and looked away before saying, “That was a clear and sure sign that I was avoiding you and I don’t want to talk to you, Stephen.”
“Well that ends now,” he replied, the words out of his lips before he knew it. He heard you scoff and instantly regretted it. 
“Fuck, I’m sorry. Diana, Diana!” he chased you down the street as you angrily stomped down the pavement. 
You dodged the look from strangers as Stephen followed you. Silently fuming, you started to practice your breathing as you quickly walked down the path that leads you home. 
He caught up with you, and walked beside you. You didn’t dare to look at him. He was apologizing, flowers still in his hand. You looked ahead, maintaining a stony facade. You feared that if you gave him the slightest glance, you would break down, accept his apology and move on from the misunderstanding. 
“Why do you even bother, Stephen? You made it a clear point that we’re not dating and I’m not that important to you, so why? Why do this?” you sighed as you stopped in front of the steps of your apartment building. 
“Because I need you, Diana.” 
“No, you don’t.”
“Yes, I do.” 
“You don’t fucking need me, Stephen.” 
“Yes, I do, Diana.” he sternly said, hoping you’d believe him. 
“You need me because you need a pretend girlfriend? Is that it? Flash news, Doctor Strange, you can look for another girl—”
“I need you, Diana. I just do. Whatever arrangement we have, I need you and I want you back,” he said and you stood there, eyes wide in shock. 
“I know you don’t believe me, I don’t believe it myself. The point is, I’m sorry and I need you, please? I don’t expect you to do anything right now, but here, at least take the flowers,” he offered the bouquet to you and you gingerly accepted them. 
It looked so pretty and fragile. 
You nodded and took a step, ready to enter your building. But as you planted your foot on the second step, you turned back and said to him, “Do you want to come up?” 
Stephen gave you a smile and you couldn’t help but do the same. You swear, his smile is infectious yet rare. If he did it more often, you’d have more smile lines. 
The two of you silently made your way to your place. You instructed him to keep his shoes by the door and he quietly acquiesced. You proceeded to your kitchen to find a vase for the bouquet, quickly spotting your mom’s antique that you only used once. 
“Shit,” you quietly muttered to yourself as you looked at the contents of your fridge. A few beer bottles. A carton of eggs. Milk. A container of grapes. A bottle of maple syrup. It dawned on you that your fridge looks so sad. 
“What’s wrong?” Stephen looked up curiously and started to make his way to the kitchen. 
“I have nothing to feed you,” you sighed and pulled two bottles of beer. You offered him the other bottle and he nodded in agreement. 
“Don’t bother, it’s fine.” he said and took a quick sip of his drink. 
You continued to rummage through your cabinets, in hopes of whipping up something. “Fuck it, let’s have breakfast for dinner,” you said, pulling out a box of flour before closing the cabinet. Stephen, who was sitting on the breakfast stool, quickly leapt up and offered you help. 
“No, it’s fine. I don’t want you to ruin your shirt,” you said as you started gathering the ingredients. 
“We’re not ruining my shirt, we’re just making pancakes,” he rolled up the sleeves of his turtleneck up to his elbows and you had to stop yourself from gawking at him. 
After you expertly poured the ingredients to the bowl, he slid the bowl up to him. You just lost your chance to mix it all together as he gripped the whisk in his hand. Before you knew it, you were looking, really looking at him. Your eyes were trained on his arms, his hands. It was hypnotizing, and you wondered what his arms and hands could do other than expertly mix pancake batter. 
He caught you looking and smirked, and he just knew how to make you snap out of it. He dipped his finger in the batter and wiped it on the tip of your nose, the sudden contact breaking you out of your trance. Stephen saw you cross your eyes and a chuckle escaped his lips, he set aside the bowl and bent down so that you were face to face. 
“You were staring,” he said, slowly leaning close to you. 
“How could I not?” you whispered. Your eyes met for a second and you watched as his gaze started to travel down from your eyes to your lips. 
“You’re staring,” you said, his lips curling into a smirk. 
“How could I not? Besides, it’s all I could do for now,” he replied. 
You raised your brow for a moment and an idea struck you. You swiped off the batter from the tip of your nose, and slipped it into your mouth, putting on a show. He took in the scene and he couldn’t help but part his lips to suck in a breath. You even closed your eyes, eyelashes fanned against your cheek. 
He could’ve backed you into the counter behind you and kissed you hard, just like what he did the other night. And remind you that it’s best you don’t tease him like that, especially with your complicated arrangement. 
When you opened your eyes, his eyes were on you, except this time, you could only see dark blue rings surrounding his pupils. Stephen wanted to tell you that your eyes looked just the same as his, darkened by desire. 
“How does it taste?” he asked to distract, slowly standing up straighter. 
“Like an uncooked pancake. Good job,” you replied with a smile and he laughed. 
He helped you cook, insisting that he should. Every now and then, the two of you would play with the batter, at one point his shirt got stained and you offered to give it a quick spin in the washer. It was a good thing it happened after the batch of pancakes finished cooking, otherwise you would have burned your hand, looking at his toned back as he slipped off his shirt. 
You quickly excused yourself to grab a spare shirt from your room and load his shirt in the washer. You found him sitting on your couch, shirtless, setting two plates of pancakes on the coffee table. You couldn’t help it but smile, and silently wish that you could relive this scene every night. 
He curiously looked at you when you passed him a black t-shirt and you rolled your eyes, “It was my step-brother’s,” you explained. “Was?” he asked and you nodded. 
“Car accident,” you said as you sat on the carpet. He nodded and quickly slipped on the shirt. 
You were on your third bite of fluffy goodness when he suddenly asked, “You know, I never got to ask what you’re studying.” You smiled and tucked the stray piece of hair behind your ear. 
“Masters in counseling, specializing in art therapy,” you said and he hummed. “That explains the books, and the paintings.” 
Your eyes followed his, trailing towards the canvases; some blank and some painted, some were halfway through, the bottles of paint, and the brushed. “Can I tell you something?” you asked him and shoved a forkful into your mouth. He nodded and did the same. 
“I really want to be a painter, an artist. And not just paint, I want it as my career, have my works hung in galleries and in museums, all the works, you know? But I’m happy with what I do for now, psychology and art, it’s pretty cool,” you said. 
“But do you love what you do?” he asked you and you answered him with your eyes trained on his, “I do… sometimes.” 
“Sometimes?” he probed and you hummed, “Yeah, I easily enjoy and love what I do but sometimes, I want more.” 
“If you want more, then you’ll have more. You’ll just have to wait it out and work it out, I guess,” he said distractedly. You agreed and finished the last remnants in your plate. 
The clock struck nine when the two of you finished eating and cleaning up. You let him settle on the sofa as you comfortably stretched out on the carpet. You turned on the tv to choose a film as your background noise, Stephen not minding your choice at all. 
“Do you mind if I ignore you for a bit? I just need to scan my notes real quick, I have a quick test tomorrow,” you confessed, slightly turning to see him reclining on your sofa. 
“Not at all, go ahead.” he replied with a smile. 
“You can leave if you’re bored, I don’t mind,” you suggested. 
“Do you want me to leave?” 
“No.” you admitted, your voice small. 
“Then I won’t leave. Just do what you have to do, I’m sure I can entertain myself for an hour or two.” The two of you exchanged a smile before you turned to your book. 
The sofa silently squeaked as Stephen shuffled again, so you closed your book and said, “Come here.” He sighed and let himself crawl down the sofa, you planted a pillow on your lap, hoping he’d get the hint. Lucky for you, he did. He let out a breath of relief, stretching his legs fully, his head resting on the pillow on your lap. Nothing was said, the silence of the room was filled by the tv show you put on. 
He was on the verge of sleep, hypnotized and lulled by what you were doing to his hair. His hand drifted upwards to his hair only to find it in little braids. “I’m sorry!” you chuckled and quickly started to undo the braids. He laughed and assured you it was all fine. 
“You’re being too agreeable tonight, Stephen. Are you sure you’re not sick?” 
“I’m fine, thank you.” he snapped his eyes open to see you smiling down at him. 
“Can I ask you something?” he asked you and you nodded. 
“When I said all those words, things that weren't true and I didn’t mean, you believed it easily. But when I told you the things I told you early this evening, you didn’t believe me. Why is that?” 
“Because it’s easier to believe a lie, Stephen,” you said, “and it’s all I’ve ever known.” 
He sat up and sat next to you, your thighs lightly touching. Your bodies instinctively leaned in towards each other, slowly meeting in the middle, but before your lips could meet, before you could get a taste of a sweet kiss from his lips, a loud ringtone broke out, echoing against the walls. 
“You really should get that,” you chuckled and drew away from him. 
He pulled his phone out his pocket and read the message and checked the missed call. “Everything okay?” you asked as he stood up. You followed suit and watched him gather his things. 
“They need me for an emergency surgery. I’m sorry I have to leave,” he explained as he slipped on his coat. 
“It’s okay.” you quickly reassured him and opened the door as he started lacing his shoes. You held the door open for him, understanding he had to leave, ready for him to leave. 
You expected him to cross the door and leave altogether but he leant down and kissed your temple. When he took a step back, he said, “I’ll see you.” and parted from you with a wink.
Tumblr media
TAGLIST : @migurin @damiensoda @inas-thing @peachywoong @ruevxz @sammiisnotonfire @srapalestina @winchestersgirl222 @taramaria @alexag-barnes @sleutherclaw @willowfairy @vexedvalerie @lovecleastrange @evelynrosestuff @dragonqueen89 @sobeautifullyobsessed @geeky-politics-46 @azu21 @getlostsquidward @bubu890 @strangefilms @ice-ksk @mirikusashes @doctorswitch @josiestark @lizzy-g9 @tuitiononlivings @windchaser1990 @swds @andrewgarfieldsloml @princessnnylzays @jocktears @xoxabs88xox @sherlockstrangewolf @softmullet @andysnewgroove @the-royal-petals @lostfleurs @cumberbitch @whosgywneth @strangeobsessed @slvtforstr4nge @lucimorningst4r @gracecaldwellx @jyessaminereads @dancerpanda04 @starryeddie @cemak @valoaes @paola-carter @siredlust @frostandflamesfanfic @stupidthoughtsinwriting @guyfieriii @strangeions @khanswife @lonadane @bobateadaydreams @emii-chuu @bloodyxsaint @allie131313 @stylesstrange @chief-hopper11
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vickie-mcmuffin · 4 hours ago
Could I maybe request a nsfw thingy, where it’s a soulmate au aka love at first sight but Stephen is basically a horny touch deprived teenager with a side of soft Dom Stephen :)
First glance
Word count: 2.5k
Pairing: Doctor Strange x Female Reader
Trope: Explicit Smut (18+ Warning)
A/N: Hope this idea fulfills your request. I am open to some more requests for any Strange variants x female reader, so feel free to send me your ideas to my ask box. :)
Tumblr media
You had only just started your journey at Kamar Taj. It was scary. But it was also worth it. You had already met Wong and he had been more than happy to show you around and help you get familiar with the place. But you were still adjusting. It was only your second day there.
You awoke with a yawn, stretching your arms above your head. It was a new day – which meant more training. It would have been lovely to lay there in your warm, comfortable bed – but you knew you couldn’t be late. Not when you had just started with your training. You got out of bed, jumped in the shower, and put on some clothes. Once you felt ready, you left your room and made your way outside. The morning air was cool and crisp and it helped to calm you down.
You caught up with Wong and gave him a nod before you noted all the other students. There were quite a few of you. Standing up straight, you watched as Wong cleared his throat.
“Good morning, everyone,” he spoke loudly and clearly. “Today someone else will be joining in. They will be keeping an eye on you all as you train. And so will I, of course.”
You raised your eyebrows, curious as to who would be watching you as you trained. Wong didn’t mention any names. You instead focused on your training, wanting to make a good impression. And you were focused, getting lost in all of the instructions that Wong was giving you.
But then you saw someone from the corner of your eye. You turned to focus on him, to see who it was that was watching you all, and you were pretty sure you felt your heart skip a beat. You weren’t even certain if your mouth was hanging open in shock or not – but you were willing to bet it was, because the man you were looking at had taken your breath away.
You had never been one to believe in that love at first sight bullshit. It had always seemed like a dumb, little fairy-tale to you. But after seeing the man before you, you were pretty sure you had changed your mind. He stood there calmly, dressed up in a blue tunic and a red cloak. It was your first time ever laying eyes on him, but you needed to see him again.
Your head turned when you saw Wong walk by and you quickly called out his name.
“Who’s that man?” you nodded at the stranger.
“That’s Doctor Stephen Strange,” was the only answer Wong gave you.
You focused on the man. On the mysterious and handsome Doctor Stephen Strange. You had quickly forgotten about your training, your eyes entirely stuck on him and only him. And that was when he looked at you. You caught each other’s gazes for a split second and you quickly averted your eyes. Your cheeks went red after you had been caught in the act. You kept your eyes on the floor for a long moment, thinking that when you looked back up, Strange would have been looking somewhere else.
But he wasn’t.
He was still looking at you intensely – at nobody else but you.
You weren’t quite sure how to react. His gaze felt so intense, so lingering. You just smiled at him, and then you watched as he sent you a smile back. It was a small one. But still. He smiled at you.
With that, you carried on with your training. It was hard to focus on it after that little incident, and especially when you could feel Strange’s eyes on you the whole time. You couldn’t help but look at him every now and then. It was hard not to meet his eyes. You were just so intrigued by him.
Wong snapped you out of your thoughts when he announced a lunch break. He dismissed all of his students and you decided you would go back to your room to get some rest. But your eyes couldn’t help but fall on Strange again, and you watched as he gestured for you to follow him.
You already felt so addicted to him. You couldn’t say no. You just couldn’t resist him. So you followed him quietly, not saying a single word as he led you to an empty room. He shut the door behind you both, still so silent. He was silent as he stared at you, his eyes dark.
His hand was suddenly on your wrist, yanking you towards him. Your chest collided with his before you even had the chance to let out a single word. He pressed his lips to yours, his mouth warm and eager as he pushed his tongue in between your lips. He shoved you backwards as you got lost in the feeling of him, your back up against the door. You then gasped and wrapped your arms around his broad form.
You stayed there up against the door, your lips planted to his as he held you tight against him. The both of you were letting out little moans as you kissed, your mouths moving together in synch, like you had kissed each other a million times before. It was deep, hot, and intense and you were loving it.
Strange suddenly reached down and picked you up with ease. You whined into his mouth, letting him place you down on a surprisingly comfortable table. Your legs quickly spread and Strange stood in between them. His lips were then back on yours, his tongue darting into your mouth with a long moan. He was rough and eager and intense, almost as if he hadn’t been with someone in a while. Almost as if he was just aching for it. But you didn’t mind. No, you didn’t mind his heavy hands and deep kisses.
You carried on kissing, with Strange pressing into you. You gasped when you felt a definite bulge right there, pushing up against your centre. His cock was hard. And you could feel yourself getting wetter and wetter, so eager for him to take you. He seemed to know exactly what was on your mind, because he was yanking off his bottoms while you pulled off your own pants and underwear.
He was kissing you again a second later. While he did so he held your legs, pulling at you so that you were right at the edge of the table. He seemed so eager, like he needed to have you closer, like he didn’t want a single inch of space between your bodies.
Then he looked at you closely.
“You sure you want this?” he asked you seriously.
“I do,” you nodded. You meant it. You wanted him so, so bad.
That was all he needed. Because a second later, he was grabbing a hold of his cock and pressing the swollen tip to your entrance. He pushed into you nice and slow, his actions gentle. You let out a soft whine at the feeling. He felt as good as you had imagined. Long and thick and stretching you out in just the right way.
You felt him pull out and then push back into you, filling you up nice and slow. He felt so good inside of you, your hole tightening around his length as he moved gently.
“Is this okay?” he asked lowly, his lips pressed to your ear.
“Yes,” you managed to let out. It felt more than okay. God, it felt like heaven and you needed more of him. You wrapped your arms around him as he carried on fucking you slowly, his thick cock continuing to stretch you out in just the right way. It felt so good, but you needed just that little bit more. You needed it fast and hard and prayed he’d give it to you. “Mm, please, faster. Please, please, please.”
He grunted and pulled out of you before slamming back inside of you. He picked up the pace, his thrusts suddenly fast and hard and so, so deep. His actions were eager, like he was a little desperate. His hands were running all over your body, like he was trying to touch every inch of you, like it had been so long since he had last felt someone’s touch, like he had a craving.
He was fucking you hard and fast, giving you every inch of his cock. He felt so thick inside of you. You couldn’t even fight the cry of pleasure that left your lips. You gasped as your eyes shut, letting out moan after moan. Strange was quick to cover your mouth with his hand, his eyes on you as he fucked you.
“Shh,” he whispered. “People might hear us.”
You nodded and let out a muffled apology from behind his hand. When he pulled his hand away from you he shot you a smile before pushing his tongue back into you, the two of you sharing yet another wild kiss as he pumped in and out of you. He was fucking you even faster than before, his length twitching between your lips. He was fucking you so hard that the table you were on was literally wobbling.
The heat between your legs was quickly growing as pleasure took over your whole body. You moaned louder and quickly pressed your face into his neck, trying to muffle your moans. You left little kisses on his neck before you eagerly gave him some love bites.
He carried on fucking you and filling you up to the hilt, letting out the deepest of groans. They sounded so sexy as they escaped his lips. You loved it so much. You lifted your head up, staring at Strange before you gave him a kiss, and he quickly deepened it as his tongue played with yours.
Strange then gave you one deep, hard thrust that had you shaking. He had hit that sweet, sensitive spot deep inside of you. You were unable to keep your voice down at that point.
“Oh, Stephen!” you screamed. “Feels so good.”
“Fuck, I know,” he grunted in response.
You pressed your face to his neck yet again and sighed when you felt him kiss the top of your head. He kept fucking you. Kept giving you every inch of his perfect cock, your toes curling as he pumped into you so good and so deep. You could feel every vein on his cock as he moved in and out of you, the sensation just adding to the pleasure as he pounded into you.
You then clung onto him when you suddenly felt your orgasm building. The feeling came out of nowhere, your eyes fluttering shut as you let him hit that spot again and again. You moved your head so you could tell him. You needed him to know.
“I’m gonna cum,” you whimpered out.
Strange managed to fuck you even harder. You could hear the distinct sound of skin hitting skin and feel the table shaking beneath you, the legs rubbing up against the floor and letting out sharp, squeaky noises. He was fucking you so good, so hard, so fast, so deep. It was all mixing together, making you see stars as you pressed your body up against his. All you could feel was his thick cock as he filled you up, as he took you, as he made you his and his only.
“Oh, God,” you cried out, holding Strange tight.
He kept fucking you. Kept pumping into you nice and deep, his tip always meeting that spot inside of you. Your whole body felt like it was on fire, the wetness between your thighs growing more and more. The room was spinning and your heart was racing, and all it took was one deep, hard thrust from Strange to push you right over the edge.
“I’m cumming!” you cried out. It blossomed a second later, your body shaking as he fucked you right through your orgasm, dragging your pleasure out for as long as he could. You could feel his cock twitching between your lips as you clenched around him, still experiencing your high. You could tell he was close to cumming as well.
He gave you three more thrusts before his grunts got so much deeper and louder. His final thrust had him pushing his cock all the way into you, filling you right up to the hilt as his length throbbed right between your lips. He moaned and shot load after load right into you, coating your inner walls. He was moaning as he moved, his cock still pushing in and out of your pussy as he pumped out warm, sticky ropes of cum.
He pulled out of you a moment later, his breathing hard. You were panting as well as you looked at him. That had been… Intense. He stayed there in place, standing before you as he huffed. You rested your hands on the table, in the exact same position as him: you were also out of breath. You could still feel his cum deep inside of you, the sensation oddly alluring.
The two of you put your clothes back on, your hands trembling as you got ready. You wondered how long it would take for your body to settle down. You both stayed silent as you finished getting ready, and it wasn’t until then that you realised your break was over. So much for resting.
“I better get back to training then. It starts again really soon,” you said, your words a little shaky and your breath still slightly staggered. Strange had fucked you so good you were surprised you could even talk properly.
“Okay,” he nodded at you.
You cleared your throat and made your way to the door. Your hand was on the doorknob when he spoke up suddenly.
“Wait,” he called out to you.
You turned to face him, giving him a curious stare. You wanted to know what he had to say after you two had shared such an intimate moment.
“I never asked you what your name is,” he said.
You closed the gap between the two of you, taking slow steps towards him. Standing on the tips of your toes, you gave him a slow, sweet kiss. He tasted so good and his lips were so soft, so addictive.
“My name is Y/N,” you whispered.
He smiled at you. A sweet, kind smile. You returned it quickly, beaming as you looked at him.
“Can I see you again?” he wondered.
“Definitely,” you nodded at him.
That was the last thing you said to him before you left the room. You exited the room casually, walking away from Strange like you hadn’t just fucked him, like you hadn’t just had sex with a man you had literally just met. You could only hope that all of your breaks would be as fun.
Maybe love at first sight was real after all…
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fanartka · a day ago
I really love all the moments from the filming of my favorite films. I like to watch how worlds are created, into which we, fans, gladly dive head first, how our favorite characters are formed. This is a modern miracle, when technologies, skills, enthusiasm are directed to create something new that did not exist before or existed only on the pages of comics. A whole new universe.
And here's one of those people we have to thank for Doctor Strange's costume, which fits him like that.
Low bow to you Alexandra Byrne and your entire team.
Part 1.
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nerdbrazil · a day ago
Tumblr media
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doctorstrangeaskblog · a day ago
Do you go to therapist to help with your trauma?
Tumblr media
Stephen's therapist probably needs a therapist
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lilbitofmac · 15 hours ago
It’s almost midnight, and I’m thinking about Tony and Stephen’s height difference.
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strangelockd · a day ago
Tumblr media
Real life update time:
Not me having a very hyper realistic dream last night of OG Stephen Strange. I tossed and turned most of the night with anxiety to have sleep finally creep in. He sling ringed into my room wearing his usual hero attire. Instead of fear, I felt safe…the foreign feeling of sweet relief flooded me. I ended up snuggling between his legs against my bed holding his soft calloused hands with mine. Cloak wrapped around us forming a cocoon. Examining every beautiful scar and imperfection upon them thinking they are works of living art. All the sacrifices he made, not expecting anything in return. The pure definition of selflessness. Leaning against his chest I whispered, “what happened to your hands Stephen?” To which he responds with a soft nuzzle whispering into the shell of my ear, “lets save that for another time. I love you. But I have to go…I’ll come back for you. I promise.” Kissing softly on my temple.
This dream felt so real…Like I felt the muscular strength of his pristinely-broad shoulders…his breath on my neck. Mind you, I never remember my dreams let alone have happy ones. But this one haunts me in every positive way imaginable. Our stories are so paralleled, I’ve never related to a character on this level in my life. To have a very positive fluffy dream of my muse/earthly hero who helped save my life was a gift and I cannot wait to make a story from this. I’m just sorry I had to wake up from it.
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