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first doodle dump of many thor stuffs i’ve been poking at! he’s been living in my mind rent free as of lately 😗 more to come later!
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You know with the amount of amogus you hide. I'm surprised you haven't made an impostor joke with odin (especially since shapeshifting is an actual impostor ability)
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Look, I´m not creative...
I hope you can sleep at night, anon.
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Inhuman #4 - "A Thunder God in Attilan" (2014)
written by Charles Soule art by Ryan Stegman & Marte Gracia
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lesbian-deadpool · 2 days
Thor: Happy Thanksgiving!
Thor: I'm thankful for all the times you rode this dick.
Bruce: Thanks...
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THOR in GOD OF WAR: RAGNARÖK (2022) dev. Santa Monica Studio
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The Comic Art Of Dave Bardin
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by @wuhen678
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The Woman in the Desert (prisoner of my own mind series - s.r.)
Tumblr media
 summary: a hydra prisoner is found close to death in the middle of the desert after a raid. As she struggles to adjust to normal life, she finds herself wanting to live again, for herself and for someone who is becoming increasingly special to her.
a/n: this is probably gonna be a series, not sure if it will be a big one or not. I’ll post a chapter at least once a week, but probably more if I have time or feel inspired. Please reblog or like or follow or comment if you enjoy this, I put a lot of work into my writing! love you guys and thanks for the support. Anything that is a warning and is actually in this part of the story will be bolded. This is a y/n x steve rogers story. Some characteristics (particularly eye color) will be set as something that is probably different from your own (if you read further, you’ll understand why :))
warnings: ANGST, descriptions of torture (will be in italics in longer paragraph, the small lines of italics are just thoughts), blood, wounds, depression, suicidal thoughts, alcohol, drugs, violence, sex. 
word count: 2k
It was unusually hot, even for a desert. The kind of dry humidity that was unbearable, even with water and sunscreen and unripped clothes. The air plateaued around 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and the ground was even hotter. Her hands clawed at the sand as she collapsed, barely sweating. 
Her severe dehydration didn’t allow her the sweet release of sweat. She began to cry as she pushed herself forward, crawling as the ground made her skin tingle and blister. Not a single tear came out. The sand gave way to a darker, rockier clearing. Her moving slowed even more as the ground somehow got hotter and the sharp rocks cut into the skin of her knee and palms. She stopped and stood, stumbling back toward the sand as the rocks were just too hot. The bare skin on her feet ached and her previous cuts bled, leaving smears of red across the ground. Dizziness set in, and she fell forwards, mercifully, onto the sand.
            It was almost a relief from the hot rocks. She laid one hand over her eyes, covering the blinding sun as she turned onto her back. Her breathing was uneven as she swallowed, her dry throat making her cough. Her coughs turned to laughter, lips tinging with pain as they cracked open at her smile. Everything seemed to slow, her heart, her breath, her thoughts. I’m dying! She laughed harder. She craved the mercy of dying, her fear melting away as she felt her body slowly fade. Her laughter faded, leaving it almost silent. She let her arm drift to her side, closing her eyes even though the sun penetrated through her lids anyway. 
      She didn’t even open them when she heard a familiar sound of a helicopter. It was too far, and it probably wasn’t anyone who was going to save her either. I’ll die before they find me anyway. They can’t hurt me anymore. It was a pleasant realization that brought her immense peace as she laid still in the middle of the Lut Desert. It was also her last thought, as she drifted off, her small smile disappearing as her muscles relaxed. She was more than ready to go.
Tumblr media
 The helicopter flew closer, circling around the woman. “How did she manage to escape them?” Bucky shook his head. “They killed any prisoners they had when we got there.” He thought back to the raid that was just a few hours ago. He remembered walking through the halls of the underground base, checking each room to find people strapped to chairs, bullet holes through each of their heads. HYRDA hadn’t stopped experimenting, but they would rather kill their lab rats than let the Avengers save them. 
“No idea,” Steve frowned, unbuckling his belt as the helicopter lowered. He watched Tony land a few feet away from her, letting his Iron Man mask retract as he walked towards her. Vultures that had been near her body scattered, eyeing Tony from a few feet away. “You get the transport bed ready?” Steve finally asked as the helicopter touched ground. Bucky nodded. Steve gave him a small smile, then pulled the door open. The heat almost made Steve take a step back as it encircled him. It was ridiculously warm, and he felt sweat falling already. Oh well, just another thing to add to the blood and dirt on this suit. He continued, going to crouch next to the woman.
 “Jarvis, what are her vitals?” Tony asked, kneeling down next to her. 
“Heart rate is 147 BPM, blood pressure is 70/40 and dropping. Body temperature is 109 degrees Fahrenheit, sir,” Jarvis spoke.
“Shit,” Tony cursed. Her skin was flushed, and covered in bruises, scrapes, dried blood, and marks. Steve couldn’t tell what was from Hydra and what wasn’t.
 “Get the med team on standby if possible. I’ll get her into the helicopter,” Steve commanded. Tony nodded, watching as Steve scooped the woman up into his arms. Tony’s suit surrounded him again, and Steve jogged over to the helicopter. Steve grabbed Bucky’s hand that reached out of the doors, and pulled himself up, holding the woman with one arm. He gently placed her on the stretcher, laying her head down softly as the helicopter began to rise. 
“Damnit,” Bucky shook his head as he stared down at the woman, who’s breathing was fast and shallow. “Think we’ll make it?” Steve looked down at her, swallowing hard. 
“Hopefully she’s a fighter,” Steve replied. They both settled into their seats, praying for a miracle. The next ten minutes went by painstakingly slow, but the helicopter finally descended, touching the roof of a private SHIELD hospital. Tony must’ve called in a few favors to get Fury to let him land here. As Steve shoved the door open for a second time, a whole complex of people in white coats rushed forward, immediately carting the woman off. Steve watched as they wheeled her off, speaking in rushed and frantic Persian. Bucky stood silently next to Steve, contemplating the odds of them finding the woman and then having her survive too. Tony, somehow now in a suit and tie, gestured at the men from a door on the roof. Steve and Bucky sighed, then began following Tony. They trailed behind him as they descended the steps. 
“How’s everyone else?” Bucky asked referencing the the other Avengers.
“Natasha has a headache, Clint broke his bow, Bruce is trying to figure out if that girl has powers, and Thor is sleeping,” Tony sighed. 
“Normal mission then,” Steve shrugged as they exited the stairwell, entering the main lobby. 
“Can’t forget Fury, who is pissed that we may or may not have saved a national threat,” Tony smiled.
“You really think Hydra made another soldier?” Bucky asked as they turned a corner and entered a waiting room. Thor was laying across seven chairs, Mjolnir resting on his chest. Natasha glanced up at them as they entered, a look of annoyance on her face as the door squealed. Clint sat on the floor, pieces of his bow scattered on the ground as he tinkered with it. 
“They’ve made two already, why not make a third?” Steve scratched his neck. Tony huffed, sitting down in an armchair. Bucky sat next to Natasha on the couch, and Steve decided to take the other armchair. 
“You guys talking about the woman you found?” Natasha asked.
“Yup,” Bucky sighed, slipping his shoes off.  
“Fury must not be happy with you,” Nat snickered, glancing at Tony. He rolled his eyes as he undid his tie, leaning his head back.
“Tell me something I don’t know,” he replied. Thor snored from his chair bench. 
“Are we sure he’s the God of Thunder? He spends more time sleeping than making rain,” Clint muttered, earning a chuckle from Steve. 
“Truthfully, I’m unsure. Remember the one time he fell asleep when-” Steve was cut off as the door swung open. Bruce stepped in, glancing at the Avengers, and smiling at Nat
“You all look thrilled,” he smiled tiredly. 
“How is she, doc?” Steve asked.
“She’s doing good actually- too good for it to be normal,” Bruce swallowed. Bucky raised an eyebrow. 
“What do you mean?” Bucky asked.
“Well, I cytogenetically tested her, and I found an abnormal extra set of chromosomes, and the structure of her DNA is very strange. I’m not quite sure what this means, but we did find evidence of it in a syringe at the Hydra base in an empty cell. I think they might have injected her with it today, otherwise the traces wouldn’t have been as strong.”
“Could it be related to her rapid healing?” Tony asked, making Bruce shrug. 
“It’s likely, but I’m gonna test more. Any of you want to see her?” Everyone stood up quickly. The shuffling woke Thor, who immediately bolted upright. Mjolnir fell off his chest, leaving a huge dent and web of cracks in the floor. Tony cursed, imagining the lecture he would get from Fury about letting Thor set foot in the hospital. 
“What are we doing?” Thor asked, yawning as he picked up his hammer. 
“Checking out the woman Steve and Bucky found,” Nat sighed. All of them filed out of the room, following Bruce. Natasha stood by Bruce’s side, giving a middle finger at the wolf whistle Clint gave her when she linked hands with Bruce.
“Any idea if she’ll have more powers, if she does have rapid healing?” Bucky asked, swallowing. Steve noted his hesitation, sighing quietly. He knew this whole situation would be tough for Bucky, not to mention how this woman might feel when she did finally wake up. 
“I have no idea. The abnormal DNA is reminiscent of yours, but not in the same ways. It’s hard to explain, but my best guess is yes. Your DNA was altered, but it wasn’t added to if that makes sense,” Bruce finished just as they arrived outside a door. 
“I’ll pretend it did,” Thor remarked, yawning. Bruce shook his head and opened the door, giving way to a large hospital room. There were all kinds of monitors and wires attached to the woman who laid in the bed. A nurse was gently cleaning her face with a washcloth, but she stopped when the Avengers entered. Bowing her head slightly towards them, she took the cloth and quickly left, letting the door shut behind her. Tony walked up to the woman first, Natasha following. Tony frowned as he looked down at the peacefully sleeping women. Her h/c hair had been brushed, and it rested gently at the sides of her face. 
“She’s pretty,” Nat mumbled, before sauntering over to a couch in the corner of the room. Tony, followed, but took a seat on the other couch across from Natasha. Clint sat in a chair near a small desk after glancing over the woman. Thor walked over next, looking like a giant above the small woman. 
“She’s very... miniature,” Thor turned his head, before making his way to the couch next to Tony. Tony gave an annoyed look but said nothing as he typed on his phone. Bruce watched all of this happen from his seat next to Natasha, who had snuggled into Bruce’s side. Bucky and Steve walked up together, each taking one side of the bed. Bucky breathed out loudly, before putting a confused look on his face. 
“She’s familiar,” he almost whispered, but everyone turned to look at him.
“You recognize her?” Steve asked, glancing down at the woman. She was pretty, and small like Thor and Nat had said. 
“I think so. I think- I think she was a prisoner when I was there,” Bucky looked around at his friends, eyes wide.
“That was seventy years ago,” Steve whispered. The realization was like a gut punch to everyone in the room. This poor woman had been a prisoner for seventy years, somehow. Did that mean seventy years of torture and experiments? Bucky wanted to throw up. Bucky had hurt people for over 70 years, but Hydra’s torture had only lasted two. He couldn’t even imagine what they were trying to do to this woman. He didn’t want to, so he simply said nothing in response to Steve and sat down in an armchair next to Tony’s couch. Steve looked down at the girl, silence drifting over the room. He knew Bucky had been through a lot, and he knew how hard it was for him to function even now. He couldn’t imagine how scared this woman might be when she woke up. Steve gently took her hand. It was bruised and scraped, but her palms and fingers were still soft. He was surprised by the smoothness of them. His eyes traveled up her arm to her eyes, which were closed. He wondered what color they were. 
He didn’t have to wonder for long, because they flickered, and she blinked a few times before they steadily opened, shooting over to Steve. Their eyes met, and they both froze. She was awake. 
Tumblr media
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A/n: I’ve decided to pick Thor since I’ve already written one for Kratos. Time to give the God of Thunder some love…😙😏.
Also! Please never ever apologize! I love writing spicy content and I’m old, these requests give me joy.
Note: Sif and Thor are no longer a thing, the reader and Sif share a sisterly bond and Thrud thinks of the reader as a second mother.
Warnings: implied smut, breast play and all the good stuff.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You were different from the other gods, you aren’t tall like Sif, or Grace as Odin would say. You weren’t thin like Heimdall. The man practically would sneer at you to cover your self up.
It’s not like it was your fault, sure you were a bit bigger than most of the woman here. Some would say you had curves while others would whisper that you were just chubby but the thing that made you stand out the most were the size of your chest. You had a rather large bust, your breasts always having an issue fitting in certain tops or dresses but these so called issues did not stop Thor from loving you.
Thor was a big man, the god dwarfing everyone in size and height alone but he would always melt when he was with you. He’d love to fall asleep on your chest, calling them the perfect pillows. Loved holding and clutching your hips, squeezing them and while Thor loved every inch of your body the one thing he’d play with the most were your breasts.
His throat he hands cupping the soft mounds that practically spilled out of them. His thumb playing with the nipples and how perfect his dick would fit between your tits.
He would never admit that when he would get clothing tailored for you that the tops be made a bit small than it should be just for a slight chance your breasts may spill out or how the minds may be bit to lose for the off chance of them coming undone. He had no issue with giving them a squeeze or doing his best to cover your chest when exposed but help anyone that happens to be in the close proximity because your naked body is for his eyes and his eyes alone.
But not only did being with Thor meant you were loved, it also leant you gained a sister in Sif. The goddess always taking care of you, dressing you in more finer clothes that did nothing to hide your body, it gained you a daughter in Thrud. The young girl hanging on to every word of your training advice, how you to shared such similar personalities.
And now you’re going to be a family, the red dress did nothing to hide your curves, the cloth barley covering your breasts.The red dye matching your husbands beard as Sif placed the last of the jewels in your hair. The goddess then placed a shall over your shoulders, you couldn’t wait to marry your soulmate.
“Shall we be off? I hate to keep everyone waiting for seeing a work of art.”
Feeling your cheeks warm you grasped Sif’s arm as the other clutched the edge of your dress. “I am.”
“Oh an Y/n, never be ashamed of who you are, you are a beautiful woman and thank you. Thank you for loving Thrud, for loving Thor and thank you for bringing him back.”
Breathless, that’s how you were feeling. Breathless from the dancing, the laughter.
The wedding ceremony was beautiful, everything you ever dreamed off and you owed it all to Sif. Your friend, your sister made your dream come true.
Glancing up at your now husband you placed your hand on his chest smiling. “I love you.”
Grabbing your much small hands, Thor brought it to his lips giving the tips of your fingers a gentle kiss. “And I love you too.”
While he may have had to glance down at you, he couldn’t help but grin, the man owed his ex wife a thanks. The dress you were made his mind run wild that he just had to hold you close, your large breast pressing into his side as he nodded you off the ground.
“What do you say we go and break in our new bed, wife.”
A laugh escaped your lips as you felt Thor lift you higher. Your arms now wrapping around his neck as you placed a kiss on the edge of his lips. His beard tickling your skin. “I’d love nothing more”
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Santa gave me the Tesseract! I have been good this year!
📷: Darkseaphotography
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Play This Whenever You Need Us- Chris Evans/ Steve Rogers fan fic
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Chris makes a video recording one day with some of the other cast members as their characters after filming Avengers Endgame for reader since he knows it’ll be hard for her to say goodbye to the original team and Chris has her watch the video after rewatching all the movies again after a few years and Chris comforts her
Warnings: angst, fluff, mentions of feeling sad, happy memory flashbacks, comfort fluff, soft Chris, mentions of anxiety and depression, let me know if I miss anything, spoilers of endgame a bit
(Chris’s POV)
Ok so I got this idea after I had filmed Avengers Endgame with my other co stars and I knew Y/N loved Steve and the others and after she saw Endgame she was having a hard time and I wanted to do something special to help her smile again. I made a video for her dressed as Steve and I had asked a few of my co stars to be in the video as their character and they like Y/N and they were happy to help me put it together and I couldn’t wait for my girl to see it knowing it would make her smile. I went to go check on Y/N to see how she was doing and I saw her looking through movies and said “hey babe you doing ok?” She looked up at me with a smile and said “oh hey Chris yea I’m alright just wanted to watch a movie but couldn’t choose which one, maybe you can help me decide?” I knelt down by Y/N and Dodger who was by her side and I saw the marvel movies and I picked up the first one and I wanted her to watch that video I made for her but I wanted her to see if after seeing Endgame again and it’s been a while since she’s watched a marvel movie which I understood.
I handed Y/N the marvel movie box and said “here how about we binge watch every marvel again? I know they’re your favorite Y/N.” She smiled and said “oh Chris you know me too well babe, I would love to!” I kissed her and said “great, why don’t you pop in the disc and I’ll go get us some snacks and drinks hmm?” She nodded and said “sounds good honey.” I got up and went to go get us popcorn and drinks and made sure I had that video recording on stand by after Endgame. I couldn’t wait to see Y/N’s reaction afterwards, I love making my girl smile.
————time skip———
A few days later Y/N and I finally got to Endgame after binge watching every movie during the week and we were watching Endgame together and laughed at the humor and jokes and we would point out stuff and each time something emotional happened I would take Y/N’s hand in mine and hold her close to me making sure she was ok and every so often I’d have us pause the movie and I’d hug Y/N and comfort her. I looked at her with a smile and said “you wanna stop for tonight? We can pick it up another day?” Y/N shook her head and said “no I’m fine babe, plus it’s getting to a good part the team is getting ready to arrive back with the stones, but I appreciate you checking Chris I’m ok I promise.” I kissed her forehead and said “alright honey I’m proud of you.” We got more popcorn and drinks and resumed watching and we got to the big battle scene against thanos and his teams and Y/N squeezed my hand and we both laughed at everyone’s humor and then when tony got the glove with the stones I noticed Y/N started crying and when she was watching she turned towards me after she watched him snap his fingers and cried and said “no…” I hugged her tight and said “I know honey I know I’m sorry doll.” I held her for a bit after pausing it and just let her cry it out while holding her. Y/N calmed down after a bit and said “thank you for comforting me babe, I’m ok now but can you hold me while we watch the rest?” I kissed her cheek and said “of course sweetheart but are you sure you wanna watch the rest?” She smiled and wiped her tears off her cheeks and said “yea I wanna see Steve get his happy ending.” I blushed and said “I love you, you know that right?” Y/N leaned in and kissed me and said “I love you too Mr. Evans.”
(Y/N’s POV)
Chris held me close while watched the last few minutes of the movie and seeing everyone at Tony’s funeral except Natasha wasn’t easy but when I saw Bucky in the back I was happy knowing he would be there. After I saw Steve say goodbye to Bucky to go return the stones I cried a bit and when Steve ended up with Peggy I got so happy and I got up to hug Chris said “Steve really deserved his happy handing I’m glad they gave it to him, such a powerful movie thank you for suggesting it.” Chris kissed the top of my head and said “anything for my girl, I also have a surprise for you though sunshine, I have something for you to see.” I was curious and said “oh? What is it??” He handed me his phone and pulled up a video and said “push play honey, you’ll see.” I pushed on the video to have it play and I saw Chris was dressed as Steve Rogers and he said “hey I hope this is recording, ok so if you’re watching this doll it probably means you just watched endgame again. I wanted to make this video for you for whenever you need it. I know we might not be around in movies anymore but I just wanted to tell you that we will always be there when you need us I promise you’re never alone, oh I think Bucky would like to come say a few things hang on.”
I saw Bucky sit in front of the camera and he waved and said “hey there Y/N it’s Bucky here and I heard you just watched Endgame again and I wanted to come see how you’re doing and wanted to come say we’ll always be around and that we’re not gone forever just push play and watch the movies from the start and we’ll be there to make you smile we love you doll, oh and I think Wanda wants to come say a few words, love you doll.” I smiled while crying and said “love you too..” Wanda sat down and said “hey there sweet girl I know you just watched Endgame and you’re probably having a tough time but hey look at me? You’re not alone Y/N we’re here and we love you.” Thor walked by the camera and said “hey you, you’re strong and can make it through anything and Loki and I are watching over Midgard remember that.” Loki came in the video and said “hey darling I’m here to say I love you and here to support you don’t ever give up.” Steve showed up again and sat with the others and said “so just remember doll we will always be there when you need us so just watch this video whenever you need it and we’ll be right here we love you doll take care of yourself, see you soon.”
The video ended and I handed Chris his phone back and cried in his arms and said “thank you so much for this Chris, I love you more than anything.” Chris kissed the side of my head and said “I love you twice as much honey, anything for my baby I love you.” I hugged him tight and said “thank everyone for me ok?” Chris smiled at me and said “you got it Y/N I definitely will I promise I’m always here Y/N you’re never alone.”
Ok so I thought the idea for this was cute 😊♥️🥹 hope you all enjoy xx
@chrisevansdaughter @jessybarnes
If I forget to tag anyone please let me know xx
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Ok one more Thor for today. Puts a funny shirt on him
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lacm-ac · 1 day
Perhaps it is hasty of me to ask for (Y/N)/Anon to be giving GOW Thor a hug? I like them a normal amount 👁👁
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And you shall receive!
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Tumblr media
Waiting for that sun to shine on us ☀️
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hawkofkrypton · 1 day
God Of WarRagnarok is…
Tumblr media
Ultimately NOT the horror-esque apocalyptic story I was expecting.
And that’s actually pretty great.
Tumblr media
Look… when I first saw THIS image back in 4, I was imagining all kinds of horror/lovecraftian stuff, like Jormungandr somehow materiliazing out of Atreus’s mouth while carrying his father’s corpse, the skies taking the color red, all kinds of giant beasts ravaging the land as satanic choirs blasted on the soundtrack. N stuff.
Tumblr media
But what I got instead was a story about… many things. Choices, grief, trust, love, fate, family, trauma, consequences, redemption.
I got choked up multiple freaking times not because the world was ending, but because of the character’s reactions at the ends of theirs, for the better or worst. It’s just… man, outstanding fucking game.
Tumblr media
“Atreus remains.”
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