takemurahoe · 2 days
Petition for men to have shower scenes in horror movies more.
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bogleech · 1 day
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It’s December! It’s the last month of Halloween! Every day we’ll try to look at another strange, unconventional movie monster!
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zaifonart · 24 hours
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The skin problem was dealt with. (2021) Extra panel:
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trxy-land · 3 days
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halloween candy
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fullcravings · 1 day
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Chocolate Cookies with Caramel Chips
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seafoamboy · 2 days
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Have some nice, clean, and transparent gifs of Hololive CouncilRyS halloween chibis! Why post this a month late? Because I recently found a way to automate the gif rendering instead of doing it slowly by hand 
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deadslugart · 1 day
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The spooky witch
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enigma-system · 2 days
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Now which do I work on 👀
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redskullspage · 1 day
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avocadoraisin · 2 days
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getting festive :)
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ivydoomkitty · 3 days
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I'm dropping spooky club perks and all new spooky photoset tomorrow at the place you pat trees on! You won't want to miss out! Go to sto ries! Or the tree of l1nks! #latina #witch #witchyvibes #halloween #gothgirls #plussizemodel #weekendvibes #halloweenparty #pumpkinspice https://www.instagram.com/p/ClkP5fpJakU/?igshid=NGJjMDIxMWI=
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mothmanwife · 3 days
Imagining giving some slashers a massage.. (nsfw mention)
•Michael Myers- I imagine he would not ask for one but if you started to touch him and start massaging him he’d let you continue. I think he would be still as a rock but wouldn’t relax enough for it to be at max effectiveness but he still enjoys it. (Otherwise he wouldn’t let you do it). Doesn’t make any noise (shocker) but sometimes you can hear his breath slow into a more relaxed rhythm. He would be tense just because he’s always alert and doesn’t like to be vulnerable. Mostly likely won’t do any for you in return, sorry. His favorite places for you to massage would be his shoulders and back.
•Bubba Sawyer- You might offer him for a massage once after a hard day and now hes hooked. Might not always ask first but will be very ecstatic about it. He views it as a great intimate bonding time and will most likely offer to return the favor! He might also easily get flustered by your touch and make moaning noises, maybe even popping a boner. Might get embarrassed at first and be a little squirmy. He will relax his muscles enough for you to do a deep massage if you tell him to, though. Doesn’t have any favorite areas, he enjoys it all.
•Bo Sinclair- He doesn’t admit it at first but he LOVES massages. Hell once you start doing it more, he’ll start bugging you about it saying he needs a massage since he worked his ass off today. It’s one of the few times he’ll be fully vulnerable. He’ll be a bit tense at first but once you start rubbing his skin he melts in your hands. He definitely will ask for the massage to turn sexual. Tries not to make noise but occasionally will release a soft groan or ‘fuck’. May occasionally offer to give you one in return but mostly with the intent of it becoming sexual. His favorite areas to be massaged would probably be his thighs and lower back.
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bogleech · 2 days
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Forgot to show anyone this great mummy I got on clearance and I didn’t even know it was a glow in the dark one until later that night
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zaifonart · 2 days
Halloween Skinsona Animatic (2021)
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blimpcat · 3 days
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Halloween KHUX Dandelions Charm designs made back in 2020 
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fullcravings · 23 hours
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Homemade Almond English Toffee
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