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No. You took me for a purpose. What was it? Tell me!
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Tumblr media
Gator Loki as a baby from the most recent installment of the alligator Loki infinity comic
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Little Joys
Part of the Winter Warmers Collection by @lokisgoodgirl
Summary: Christmas is all about counting your blessings and enjoying the little things, right?
Characters: Loki + F!Reader
Word Count: 3000
Warnings: Mentions of alcohol, mild angst perhaps?
This is the first time I’m doing this (posting fanfic on tumblr) and I am frankly utterly clueless as to how this works. I’m probably doing it all wrong. A very big thank you to @lokisgoodgirl for this wonderful initiative that finally got me writing something after a very, very long time. And also for patiently explaining how to post this. I hope it gets posted. I’m going to be very inconsiderate and tag ALL my followers. Yes, all 29 of you. Because that’s the only way I think this will ever be read. Please forgive me and if you don’t wish to be tagged kindly let me know and I shall remove you. 
You pulled the shawl tighter around your shoulders, whilst trying to bury your fingers into the crook of your elbow and simultaneously wiggle your toes into producing some warmth, squished as they were in your four-inch heels.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE START~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It was cold. Way too cold.
You sighed. Who the fuck throws a party on the terrace of the forty-fifth floor on what has got to be the coldest night of the year?
Tony Stark, that’s who.
You would have sighed again if you could handle breathing in the cold air, but considering you were barely managing to not wobble like jelly, you settled for frowning and cussing mentally instead.
Damn these Avengers. Damn these superheroes and their superpowers that left them impervious and oblivious to any but the most unimaginable of physical discomforts, and those too they could tackle on a good day. Whereas you could barely get your teeth to stop chattering long enough to hold a coherent conversation. You looked to where Captain America was chatting with Agent Romanoff and Agent Barton - both gents wearing little more than a blazer or a jacket to ward away the biting wind. And Romanoff - oof! That little red sleeveless number dipped tantalizingly low on her decollete and cuddled her curves so nicely, falling just short of indecent to her mid-thighs...
You could practically hear your brain screaming at you, and you were pretty sure so could Natasha, as you quickly looked down into your glass while she turned to look at - NOT you. Phew!
While you pored over the dark red liquid sloshing gently in the goblet, your eyes happened to wander to your own outfit - or whatever was visible of it. Frankly at this point, you were wondering why you had even bothered dressing up. The shawl you had draped - NO, bundled - yourself into covered most of your dress, your shoulders and your arms, leaving only about three inches of the hem visible to anyone who might care to look. And well, while your dress was nice, the long black pashmina it was hiding under was just that - long and black. You wore nice shoes though - four-inch black peep toes with little silver bows embellished on each. They looked good. They made you feel good. Except now. Now they were killing you. You took another deep breath, belatedly realizing how cold it made your insides. Between the black blanket covering you and the updo you had tried to put your hair in, and the fact that you hadn’t moved from your place in at least thirty minutes, you probably looked like a scarecrow. An overdressed scarecrow - in mourning. 
You chuckled into your glass while you tried to stifle a laugh. See? You could be funny. Just not out loud. And not in a party while surrounded by Earth’s mightiest heroes. You caught sight of Thor and Mr. Stark himself in another corner speaking to some man in a suit. Thor had even taken off his jacket, standing in a linen shirt WITH sleeves rolled up to his elbows. IronMan was wearing…you stared at his outfit for some time, then gave up trying to figure out what it was. Miss Potts was apparently not in the country so that might explain whatever he had on. Either way both seemed very comfortable even in the face of the biting wind that was whipping around everything and everyone. You took two large gulps of your wine in hopes it would warm you up. It tasted awful.
You looked around at the noisy chatter around you. Frankly, you couldn’t blame the avengers. Every single person here was enjoying themselves - talking, laughing, dancing and drinking,, just as impervious and oblivious to the cold as the avengers. Why were you then frozen to the spot?
You couldn’t help it. Born and raised in a tropical climate you were not used to this weather. The cold had always bothered you. Right to the point of making you sick if you were cold for too long. You remembered the last time you’d stayed out too long on a skiing trip with friends. That had NOT ended well. You took one more gulp of the wine. Gah! You hated it.
You hated it all. 
You chided yourself. Anyone who was of any significance in The Tower was at this party. It was way more than you had expected - seeing as your work as an assistant was hardly exciting or glamorous or saving the world in any way - but yet, your boss had asked you to come along, graciously extending this invitation to a lowly assistant she had had for all of six months, over many of the others on the team who had been around a lot longer and no doubt did work of far more significance than you. But your boss seemed to like you. She seemed to like your work. And you were working hard to keep it that way. You liked your job, and you were hoping to be given more responsibility. If that meant accompanying her to Stark’s somewhat-private Christmas party on the forty-fifth terrace on a cold, cold night, then you were eager to appear eager. Now though, the cold had thoroughly whipped away most of your eagerness as you stood, shivering, against a wall, all by your lonesome.
That was it, wasn’t it? You were alone. An entire party of people and you had no one to talk to. It wasn’t their fault, they had no idea who you were, and they had come to have a good time. They weren’t here to make friends with the newbie. You had expected to tag alongside your boss, and hopefully be introduced to some of the guests. Perhaps listen to some interesting shoptalk. Maybe even add in a quip or two of your own, earn an odd chuckle or two. But three steps in through the doors your boss had turned around and handed you her jacket and purse, asking you to make yourself comfortable somewhere and she would find you when she needed to leave. That was the last conversation you had had - over an hour ago. You were normally not very shy but glancing around you were well out of depth here. Everyone was dressed to the nines, everyone seemed to know everyone else, and everyone seemed way more important than you. This was forty-five floors above your paygrade and comfort zone.
Well then, fly-on-the-wall people-watching it was. You occasionally glanced at your boss, who, it appeared, was becoming more and more animated the more she drank. At this moment she was talking with three other men, two of whom were hanging on to her every word, no doubt thoroughly charmed by her flirtatious smile and open demeanour. She now had her hand on the bicep of the third man, who seemed inordinately tall as he towered over them and- Oh!
That was Loki. The ‘Other’ avenger. You had heard of him. Word was that he had reluctantly joined the avengers as some way of penance for what he’d tried to do to the city. He was apparently dangerous and super-powerful - an alien and a - God? They called him? He looked pretty normal, from what you saw. An all black suit with a green tie. Long black shiny hair that framed his smooth pale face and touched his incredibly broad shoulders. His jaw twitched lightly at something your boss said and you could see his sharp, sharp cheekbones.. No! Make that cheekblades… you could see his cheekblades catch the light. He stood with his legs apart, or as apart as they could be in his, tight, tight pants. He had one hand casually placed in his trouser pocket while the other cradled a wine glass, fingers suggestively caressing the bowl, while he seemed to listen to your boss, lips pursed in equal parts mockery and amusement. Yep, he seemed perfectly normal. And you were completely NOT ogling him. 
Seriously, you didn’t think you had ever seen anyone as beautiful as this man. People were blinded by beauty, you were gobsmacked. Sure, all of the avengers looked great. But Loki was… something else. How had you never seen him anywhere in the Tower before? Ah yes, you were a lowly assistant - on the twentieth floor. Suddenly the forty-fifth floor didn’t seem all that bad.
You continued watching Loki, your loneliness all but forgotten. It was strange - you had been observing him for at least a good ten minutes now - and he was yet to say a single word. Perhaps he too, in a party of people, was all by his lonesome. You smiled and shook your head. He was an avenger - probably THE most significant person in this room. He wasn’t like you - no matter what your heart wanted to believe. 
You watched your boss lean more and more heavily against him as her inebriation took over, to the point where Loki was practically holding her upright with his torso. And then, without any warning, he just slipped slightly away from her. Not too much to be noticeable or rude, but enough to cause your boss to stumble in her stupor, before he immediately offered her his arm again. The slightest hint of a devious smile curved on the side of hip lips while your boss profusely apologized and generally made a fool of herself. You couldn’t help but giggle, and Loki’s eyes snapped up to meet yours.
 You stopped. Everything seemed to stop. He stared pointedly at you, making you feel like you were the only two people on the terrace. You felt nervous, as though you had been caught intruding a private moment. And well, you had. You’d been staring your eyes out at him, manners be damned. You looked away and took another gulp, hoping he hadn’t realized what you had been doing, or find it too offensive if he had. You busied yourself with observing the ornaments on the tree - a particular golden goat had the most beautiful horns. Wait, a goat?! Knowing Mr. Stark his choice of decor wouldn’t  surprise you but still-
“A bit too obvious, isn’t it?”
You yelped and turned around, spilling your drink on your shawl in the process. Loki looked at you in amusement.
“Each of the avengers has an ornament dedicated to them upon it,” he continued, pointing his glass towards the massive Christmas tree. “I see you’ve found mine,” he smiled down at you. You stared at him, before realizing you should reply. 
“Oh, Um…” You realized you weren’t able to think of one. 
“Shall I get you another drink?”
You looked at your now-empty glass. You had managed to spill most of it. Great. There were people who couldn’t hold their liquor, and then there was you. A small sigh escaped you before you realized you were again, delaying your response.
“No, thank you,” you said, meeting his gaze with a small smile. “I don’t really like the taste.”
“Why would you drink it, then?” He looked genuinely puzzled.
“It keeps me warm,” you shrugged. “I don’t do well in the cold.”
“I can see that,” he mused, eyes raking over the black fabric draped tightly around you. “I believe there are specific Midgardian beverages to ward off this season’s chill. And they taste quite good too.”
“Yes, but I don’t think asking the bartender for a cup of hot cocoa will work here,” you smiled at him.
“Ah well, good thing we don’t need to trouble him then,” he said, waving his hand and conjuring up a steaming hot green mug out of seemingly nowhere.
If you were gobsmacked before, you were definitely dumbstruck now. Your mouth gaped and you were sure your eyes were comically wide. You stared at him as he smiled that devious smile again and offered you the mug. You hesitated, and perhaps he noticed it because his smile seemed to falter. But then you reached out and grasped the cup. Its perfect warmth seeped into your chilled hands like a tight hug from an old friend. You brought it close and its heady aroma filled your nostrils. Your eyes fell closed as you finally took in a deep whiff that didn’t hurt your insides. With eager anticipation you put your lips to the rim and took a sip, and holy mother of all that was perfect, if it wasn’t the best fucking cuppa cocoa you had ever had. You closed your eyes, took in a mouthful with a sound slurp, forgetting where you were as you swallowed and licked your lips, a large smile on your face and contentment in your heart. ‘Tis the season, indeed!
You suddenly realized where and with whom you were and looked up at your ridiculously handsome Santa, feeling overwhelmed by this tiny act of kindness he had done, but which had made such a huge difference to your evening. No longer was it cold, and no longer did you feel alone or out of place. This alien, god, avenger - a complete stranger - had, with the simplest of gestures and for reasons you could probably never understand, sought to put a smile on your face. Heck, if this wasn’t the spirit of Christmas, you didn’t know what was.
“Thank you,” you whispered, voice too thick with everything you were feeling. “I… You…. It’s delicious,” you said, meeting his gaze. “Thank you, so much,” you repeated, hoping you were able to convey how grateful you felt without sounding like a complete simp. His expression seemed to change as you said the words, almost as if he was surprised at them. You worried that perhaps you hadn’t sounded genuine enough. It seemed as if he almost didn’t believe you. But then his face relaxed and he smiled back, warm and genuine this time. His eyes softened as he spoke the words to you, “No, thank you.”
You looked up at him a bit puzzled, but his smile put you instantly at ease, and the steaming hot cup of goodness in your hand beckoned you again. You took another large mouthful, unable to keep a silly grin blossoming on your face as you savoured it. You stole another glance at Loki from over your cup and he smiled back at you, a mischievous glint in his eyes. You weren’t sure what seemed more delicious - him or the cocoa.
You finished the rest of the mug in silence, looking at Loki and beaming like an idiot as you downed the heavenly liquid. For his part Loki seemed content to be gazing at you so thoroughly ravishing his gift. Between embarrassed smiles from you and sly chuckles from Loki, you were almost on the last sip, tilting your head all the way back to get to the good stuff at the bottom when your boss’ high-pitched squeal jolted you, spilling some of the cocoa on your shawl, again.
Snapped out of your warm reverie you spun around to see your boss half-standing, half-swaying before you.
“Loki!!” she giggled, “I was just looking for you… Say buh bye… I have an important meeting..... Tomorrow”
She noticed you and stared at you as if trying to remember your name.
“Where is my bag?” she frowned, “and what’s on your face?”
You flushed with embarrassment and wiped the last bits of the cocoa that had spilled onto your chin, looking in dismay at the front of your pashmina that was now ruined. 
“Well go get it… I have to leave… It’s getting late!,” she continued to slur, trying to lean against Loki as she waved you off with a hand.
“I have your things right here Ms. Sharpe,” you offered immediately, grabbing her coat and bag from the chair next to you.
“Well then, let’s go. Bye Loki!” she heaved herself off of him, trailing a hand down his chest in the process and stumbled up ahead. 
You looked back at Loki, knowing you had a lot to say but not enough time to say it. “Thank you, once again,” you smiled at him. 
“Hey..! Hurry up will you?” your boss yelled from the elevator. A few people turned to look in your direction. You flashed Loki another smile, and tried to make it convincing, hoping it would salvage the embarrassing situation you found yourself in. You turned before it could get any worse and made for the door.
“Y/n! Wait!” his voice halted you and you turned back to him. He twirled his fingers, a slight smile playing on his lips - and suddenly you felt warm again. You looked down and wrapped around you was a gorgeous emerald green cape, made of the softest velvet to ever touch your skin. It moulded itself around you as if enveloping you in a hug and you had never felt more comfortable in your life. Your surprise and  joy must have been evident in your eyes as you looked at him, once again unable to come up with a reply. Your boss called out once more - this time sounding distinctly annoyed. 
“Merry Christmas y/n” he smiled at you.
You looked down at the cape, and back at him. “Thank you,” you said softly, then turned to join your irate boss.
As you sat in the backseat next to your now snoring boss, you ran your hands over the cape, a smile tugging your lips as you remembered the way he had smiled at you and the last thing he’d said to you, ‘Merry Christmas y/n’ you repeated to yourself and then stopped as realization dawned upon you.
You had never told him your name.  
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE END~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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I don't even remember what I was looking up lol but I ended up with these and got distracted...
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Pairing: Vampire Loki x vampire reader × Bucky
Warnings: all the smut, smut with plot(totally got away from me lol), M/M smut, oral (m recieving) hand job, smoking, mentions of alcohol, swearing, one night stand, hair pulling, minor mentions of blood, I thiiiink that's it (I'm really sorry if I missed anything!)
Summary: James tries to forget while Loki takes you under his wing....
Dividers by: @firefly-graphics
Part Seven--Part Eight-
Tumblr media
James leaned on the wall puffing his cigarette looking out at the dance floor. He hadn't seen Loki since that night at the mansion and honestly he was grateful. If he could be replaced so easily then maybe it was time for him to move on. The bass vibrated the floor as he glanced around for someone to take his mind off of everything for the night when he spotted him. Tall, short blonde hair, a broad muscular chest wrapped in a tight white t-shirt....the opposite of Loki. "He'll do." He said to himself throwing his cigarette down he made his way to the dancefloor.
He came up behind the man, tapping him on the shoulder when he turned smiling "hey." The man said. He had to admit he had a killer smile. "Hey, wanna go somewhere?" James asked looking around. He watched the man look him up and down "sure, where to handsome?" He asked smiling again. "Follow me." James said weaving through the crowd heading for the back of the club. He guided the man to a long dark hallway by the exit, turning around pushing him against the wall "don't you wanna know my name?" The man asked smiling "no, I don't." James said pressing his chest against him he ran his fingers through the man's hair gripping it pressing his lips to his.
He felt the man's arm wrap around his back, sliding down to grip his ass pulling his hips to him, his tongue sliding past James's lips hearing him moan. James slid his hands down his broad chest, leaning back the man's lips followed him, latching onto his neck as he unbuckled his belt. "Mmm..God your hot." The man said sucking on the skin beneath his ear. "Stop talking blondie." James panted pulling the man's belt loose unbuttoning his pants. He pressed the man back, kneeling down in front of him pulling his pants down enough to free his cock. He looked up at the man seeing his pupils blown, panting hard as he licked him from base to tip before taking him all in, feeling him hit the back of his throat.
"Aahh fuck..." the man groaned, lacing his fingers through James's hair pulling his head back before pushing back in. James closed his eyes, trying to block everything out as he hollowed his cheeks sucking hard as he pulled his head back. "Mm just like that baby..." the man breathed above him, increasing his pace he felt him twitch in his mouth. He reached up grabbing the man's thighs as he took him all in, holding him there as he spilled down his throat moaning. James pulled off with a pop, standing up seeing the man's eyes closed head tilted back against the wall "God your good at that." He panted smiling again.
James lit another cigarette while the man put himself back together "don't you want me to return the favor?" He asked buckling his belt. "Nah I'm good, see ya around blondie." James said winking as he walked back towards the dance floor. He walked up to the bar ordering a shot grabbing his jacket. He downed it wincing at the burn in his throat as he threw a few bucks on the bar walking to the door. The cool night air washed over him as he walked to where he was staying. He looked around before ducking into the trees sighing as he made it to the small clearing his stuff was in. He grabbed some kindling, starting a small fire as he leaned back on a fallen tree. He tilted his head up looking at the stars wondering what Loki was doing when a dark figure leaned over him "mortals..." he growled as James tried to jump up, feeling a sharp pain in his head when everything went dark...
Tumblr media
Loki opened the door ushering you inside "Alright, find us a table darling and I will order drinks." He said seeing you nod. He walked over to the bar, looking around at the dancefloor hoping to see a certain brunette. He sighed looking down, he'd been looking for James for two nights and so far came up empty. Movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention, seeing a tall muscular blonde man walk out from the hallway running a hand through his short hair. Loki could sense his heart racing making him lick his lips.
The man walked up to the bar waving at the bartender when he looked over at Loki "Well hello tall dark and mysterious, what brings you here?" The man asked smiling. "Just seeing what kind of trouble we can get into." Loki said grabbing his drinks "Oh, we?" The man asked as Loki nodded to you as the man looked over at you. He looked back at Loki smiling "Mm she's hot." The man said looking Loki up and down "would you care to join us?" Loki asked smiling back. "Let me grab a drink and I'll be right there." The man said running a finger down Loki's arm as he walked towards the table.
Setting the drinks down he slid into the booth next to you "the man from the bar will be over in a minute, show me what you have learned." Loki said sitting back sipping his drink. You fluffed your hair, pushing your breasts up as the man walked over "God, was he smiling like that the whole time?" You asked making Loki laugh, "actually yes." He said looking at you. "Hello beautiful." The man purred coming up to the table. You pulled your gaze from Loki to the blonde man. "Hey sexy, come sit by me?" You smirked patting the seat next to you when the man sat down. "So, what are your names?" He asked sipping his drink. "We prefer to leave that a...mystery." Loki purred from your other side.
You slid closer to the man, running your fingers across his chest "so...what brings you here?" You asked, trailing your fingers down his stomach "oh...umm...just looking for a good time." He stuttered when you dug your nails into his thigh "what a coincidence, us to." You smiled up at him seeing him shiver. You gripped the man's shoulders, lifting up to straddle him putting your thighs on either side if his. "Darling come here." You purred as Loki slid closer. "W..what are you..." the man started when you placed a finger on his lips "you said you wanted to have a good time right?" You asked kissing his cheek "so, let us show you a good time." You whispered into his ear kissing his neck.
You pulled back looking down at him as you reached for his belt "s..someone might see." The man said trying to brush your hands away. "No one's gonna see baby, it's alright." You shushed him pulling his hands away. "Darling.." you winked at Loki as he leaned up, unscrewing the light bulb above the table plunging the area into darkness. "See...all better." You purred, leaning down kissing his neck feeling his hips tilt up into you. "Mm..someone's eager." You said smiling looking at Loki seeing him smirk. You reached down unbuckleing his belt, sliding your hand down gripping his cock hearing him moan.
You reached over, lacing your fingers through Loki's hair pulling him to you pressing your lips to his. Feeling the man beneath you rock his hips with your hand the grip in Loki's hair tightened, sliding your tongue past his lips licking into his mouth "god..that's hot.." the man moaned gripping your hips. You pulled back looking at the man under you "like to watch don't ya?" You teased, stroking him faster watching him tilt his head back closing his eyes. Loki reached up, gripping the man's hair holding his head back as you leaned down sucking and kissing his neck. "God yesss....like that.." he moaned rocking his hips.
You gripped him tighter feeling him twitch in your hand "come for me...let go baby..." you breathed against his neck, licking his pulse point as your fangs came down, scraping his neck. "Aahh...gooood...." the man gritted when he came hard in your hand when you sank your fangs into his neck, sucking hard as you rode him through his high, his hips rocking with your hand. "Darling, that's enough." You barely heard Loki through your haze, continuing to drink from the man when Loki gripped your hair pulling you back "I said that's enough." He growled pulling you to him licking your lips clean. "Y..yes master.." you groaned when he released you.
You leaned down, licking the man's neck clean reaching behind you grabbing some napkins to clean your hand. You tossed them aside grabbing the man's head making him look at you "you had a good time yes?" You asked seeing him nod slowly "good, get some rest and drink lots of water ok." You said "yes ma'am." He droned not breaking eye contact. "Good boy, you have a good night." You smiled seeing him smile back. Loki slid out the other side of the booth holding his hand out "come darling, I think we've had enough fun for one night." He said as you grabbed his hand crawling off the man. Loki looked around one more time before walking you to the door letting you out.
Tumblr media
The drive home was silent as Loki kept his eyes on the road. "A..are you mad at me?" You asked looking down. Hearing him clear his throat "no, I am not mad, but you must be more careful." He said sterntly glancing over at you. He sighed looking back at the road "You are a fledgling, inexperienced. Had I not stopped you you would have drained him." He said running a hand through his hair. "I'm sorry master. I'll be more careful." You said looking out the window when you felt him grab your hand. "It's fine darling, you will catch on." He said squeezing your hand.
He pulled into the driveway stepping out of the car Loki walked around holding his arm out guiding you up the steps when he froze "Loki..what is it?" You asked looking up at him seeing his eyes wide. Following his gaze you looked at the front door, a large dagger sticking out of it holding a piece of paper. "Umm...what..." you started when Loki drug you up the steps pulling the dagger from the door. "Inside...now." He growled opening the door. You quickly walked past him as he looked out into the night before coming in slamming the door. "Loki, what's wrong?" You asked pulling your coat off. Not answering he walked into the living room opening the paper.
You hung up your coat following him seeing him stand in front of the fireplace "loki..." you trailed off when he threw the dagger lodging into the wall "Fuck!" He yelled throwing the paper into the fire, sitting down in his chair holding his head in his hands. You slowly walked over, fidgeting with your hands coming to stand in front of him. "I thought I could do it..." he mumbled sighing "do what?" You asked watching him "I thought I made it this time." He said looking up at you. "Darling, there is something I need to do, I need you to stay here ok?" He asked grabbing your hand. "No loki, I'm coming with you." You said as he quickly stood "no! You will stay here do you understand? I cannot let him find you." He said sternly walking to the stairs.
"Who?..Loki what.." you started when he turned around "you will do as I say and stay here." He growled "y..yes master." You said looking down. You stayed in the living room while he went upstairs looking at the dagger in the wall. The blade was silver with what looked like an emerald embedded in it, the hilt was two snakes wrapped around eachother, the heads splitting at the blade. "Darling..." Loki called out getting your attention, you turned seeing him covered head to toe in dark green leather, long pieces of gold armor covering his shoulders and forearms down to his hands, black and green leather weaved across his chest holding another piece of armor. You were entranced as he fastened a strap across his chest looking up at you.
He walked over pulling the dagger from the wall slipping into a sheath on his belt. "If something happens, go into my room there is a safe in the floor under the bed." He said grabbing your hands "I have written the combination down on the nightstand, if I am not back before dawn take the money and leave." He said kissing your hands. "Loki no, I won't..." you stared feeling your eyes burn "you must! I will not be able to protect you, you must run. Swear to me." He said sternly gripping your hands. "Loki.." you trailed off "swear it!" He said louder making you jump "i..I swear." You said looking into his eyes. "Good girl." He said kissing your forehead heading for the door.
He opened it looking back at you "i..I love you." You said seeing him smile "remember what I taught you." He said as he walked out closing the door. You sat in his chair feeling a tear stream down your cheek. You wanted to help but had no idea how to. You ran a hand through your hair looking at the fire seeing a piece of the paper hadn't burned. You dove to your knees grabbing it seeing an address written on it you jumped up running upstairs you burst into your room, quickly changing your clothes opting for dark jeans and a black sweater. You pulled your phone out inputting the address as you ran downstairs "I'm coming Loki." You said opening the door running into the night.
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Stain Me (Loki x Female Reader Drabble)
Just a quick drabble inspired by the song Holy Water by Zippermouth. This is only my second time ever posting any writing on Tumblr so sorry if it’s kind of bad or rubbish 😅
Loki looked up at the woman hovering above him, her fingertips caressing and tracing every line, ever scar, every shadow of muscular definition on his bare torso. She inspected his form like he was a priceless art piece, with her gaze so fond and warm he thought he could burn up in her eyes. He felt so overwhelmed with emotion, to be doted upon and admired so earnestly, that he would surely be punished for it. It had to be some kind of sin, for someone as marred and dirty as him, to have won the affections of one so pure.
“Don’t…” he uttered softly, his hands trembling almost imperceptibly as he reached for his lover’s wrists, halting her movements.
Her eyes snapped to his, filled with confusion and concern. Concern. Concern for one so unredeemable as him. It was too much to bear.
“What?” she questioned. The fear that she had overstepped some sort of boundary shone plain as day on her features. “Loki, what’s wrong?”
He let out a shaking breath, tense shoulders shuddering as he exhaled. “You don’t want this,” he told her. “You do not want me.”
She cocked her head innocently, signalling she did not understand. The God could read her like a book, and he could virtually see the thoughts that would be whirring through her mind at that moment. Have I not shown you otherwise? Is this not enough? How can I love you more? How can I prove my love to you? Silly girl, if only she knew of the wretched acts he had wrought in his time, the pain and suffering he had caused, she would see the error in choosing him to love.
Of course, Loki knew she was aware of his past transgressions. There were few who had not heard tale of his evil deeds. But surely she did not truly comprehend the magnitude of his blackened past. For if she did, there was no way she would have given her heart to him as she had chosen.
“My dear heart,” he continued, his thumbs tracing gentle circles on the inner side of her wrists, “I am not a creature you wish to align yourself with. I am…” he swallowed the lump in his throat. “I am damaged, corrupted. You, who are nothing but kind and good, should not dirty yourself with the likes of me. If you are the holiest, most crystal clear of waters, then I am not but a murky, muddy pool, stained with the blood of my sins. You should not-” his words were silenced as she placed her lips upon his in a kiss that was hard and urgent, one which she did not pull away from for several seconds.
When she finally released his lips, her eyes were dark, swirling with something Loki could not quite place. For the first time, she was unreadable. “Do not preach to me of what I should or should not do, O God of Mischief,” she told him firmly, her voice deep and sultry with a passion the God had never before seen. She placed her hands upon his face, delicate fingertips caressing his sharp cheekbones. “I have chosen with which waters I wish to bathe. I would rather drown within your pool than dare to swim in any other.”
He took pause to gaze into her eyes, searching for any hint of hesitation, even the smallest of embers that would suggest she was not strong in her conviction. He found none.
“You may never be clean again,” he warned her in a husky timbre.
She merely smiled, her lips ghosting over his as she uttered two words. “Stain me.”
Loki was stunned into silence, his lover taking the moment to kiss him again with heated fervency, a kiss that led into a long night of irrepressible need and unbridled passion.
Perhaps if he were destined to burn within her love, then she was destined to drown in his.
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Never-seen-before still of Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Loki series season 1 episode 3 “Lamentis”
Tumblr media
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Character charts as some of my favorite characters
(These are all my opinions!!)
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My Dove
Summary: You knew that eventually your best friend Loki would marry. He was a strong magic user, crown Prince, and good warrior. Any woman would be lucky to have him as a husband, part of you just wished....it would be you.
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Words: 2019
Warnings: friends to lovers, mutual pining, arranged marriage, fluff
Feedback fuels me!
A/N: Thank you to @evergreencowboy​ and @multifandom-slxt​ for beta reading! This was a gift to a friend for her birthday this year, but doesn’t have any info about her, so I figured I could post it for ya’ll. ❤
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The walls were adorned with banners, swaying with the breeze. The floors were sparkling, reflecting the rich colors of the dresses and capes. Food adorned tables upon tables, wine and drink overflowing through the halls. Voices, laughter, cheers and music echoed through the halls, showing just how joyful Asgard could really be.
How could it not, though? Another victory won, with the crown prince at the head of the army, his brother beside him. The sons of Odin were alive and victorious, which was enough for Odin to celebrate with a feast such as this
You leaned against the wall, fingers toying with the sleeves of your dress as you watched the room, watched Crown Prince Thor cheer and laugh with his friends.
“Admiring the soon-to-be-King?” someone whispered in your ear.
You smiled softly, turning your head slightly as you responded, “Not at all. I am merely grateful he and our soldiers succeeded, and came back safely.” Your gaze turned to the second Crown Prince then, Loki. “Grateful that you came back safely.”
Loki smiled, his green piercing eyes soft as they met your own. “As I am, my lady.”
You rolled your eyes playfully, nudging him. “Well my prince, I was wondering where you were, I was searching everywhere for you.”
He scoffed back, holding out a glass of wine, clearly for you. “I had to fight off hounds to get us drinks, as always with nights such as this.”
You giggled and took it, tapping the rim against his own glass. “Well then…here is to victories and…safe returns.”
You flinched as Thor and his friends cheered loudly, everyone else joining them. “Must they be so loud,” you whispered, glaring softly at the man.
Loki’s hand slid to your back, caressing your shoulders. “Come, dove, I think we have made enough of an appearance to appease our mothers.”
You let him guide you out of the room and through the halls, both of you knowing the path but Loki leading the way. Soon enough, you both were at the small garden, Queen Freya’s preferred garden. You had teased Loki since you could remember about it, swearing it was the only reason he liked the gardens because they were his mother’s. He, only a teen at the time, had blushed and sworn you were wrong. Though you both knew you weren’t.
Sitting on your normal bench, you smiled at Loki as he moved around the rose bushes, checking the buds and blossoms. “The battle was alright then?” you asked softly, cradling the wine glass in your hands. “You weren't hurt?”
You knew, logically, that if he or anyone else was hurt, they had been healed after returning. But still, you worried about Loki. He was your best friend, after all, had been for as long as you could remember. As a Lady, your father an advisor to Odin, you had been in the palace since you could walk, taught magic since you could read. Loki had been taught with you, both of you the strongest magic users in the royalty besides Loki’s mother.
“Only slightly,” he admitted. “Just bruised.”
Your eyes followed him as he moved towards you, an all too familiar furrow on his brow. “Then what worries you?” you pushed.
He sighed, looking up at the clear night sky. “...my father informed me upon our return that he found a suitable wife for me.”
“A wife?” you repeated, eyes growing wide. “But…Thor is not married, nor crowned or close to being crowned.”
“I know.”
“So why marry you? Why worry about any of that? It’s-”
“My dove.” Loki took the wine glass and set it aside, taking your hand. “I know.”
You sighed, taking a breath. “...then why Loki?”
“I do not know,” he admitted. “I asked but he just said that the marriage would…help the kingdom.”
You squeezed his hand. “...I’m sorry.” You knew this wouldn’t be easy, marrying a stranger. “I’ll be here, the entire time.”
He smiled and squeezed your hand back. “I would never doubt that, darling.”
Tumblr media
The next day, as you went about your normal duties in the library, you heard your name called. Turning, you smiled as your mother approached you. “Is everything alright?” you asked, setting the book aside.
“It will be," she assured, rubbing your arms. “But…I must discuss something with you.”
“Alright…” You pulled her aside, out of the aisle. “About what?” You knew that is she was searching you out here, it was important.
She sighed softly. “You know I only want what's best for you, sweetheart.”
“Your father and I have been…working on finding you a husband.”
Your shoulders and gaze fell at her words. You were expecting this, eventually, but it still felt too soon, so sudden.
“We’re meeting him and his parents tomorrow,” she continued, rubbing circles on your arms. “I wanted to give you time, so you would be prepared.”
“Thank you, mama,” you whispered. Taking a breath, you smiled softly. “I will be ready.”
She nodded and smiled back. “Good. I will see you at supper tonight.”
You nodded in response and watched her leave. Sighing, you decided to focus on your duties, and push the thought of marriage away. Especially since it was most likely to a man you didn’t love.
Tumblr media
The next evening came too quickly, and you silently mourned the fact that you hadn't seen Loki since the celebration. You wanted to warn him that you were also being betrothed, that on top of his own marriage, you two would most likely see each other less and less.
Part of you just prayed that you could see him again before your future husband stole you away for good.
As the time for dinner came, your mother and father escorted you to a part of the castle, a small dining room that would be perfect for the meeting. Your mother was going on about preparations, both for the wedding and your future, while your father was quiet as he normally was.
You took a slow breath as the doors swung open, your parents moving through and greeting those inside immediately. “Thank you so much for meeting us,”  your mother cooed.
“Of course, a small meeting first is important,” a familiar female voice responded.
Your mother looked back before ushering you inside. You gasped softly as you saw three familiar figures sitting at the table: King Odin, Queen Freya, and….Loki. You met his gaze, smiling slowly. He smiled back, shoulders falling in relief as you sat across from him.
Freya, clearly seeing the exchange, smiled softly as she noted, “I hoped this might work well.”
“I think it will, mother,” Loki responded, holding his hand to you on the table.
You slowly slid your own hand across and resting it against his own, feeling your heart skip a beat as his fingers closed over your skin, his touch gentle and soft. “Yes,” you whispered softly. “I think it will.”
Tumblr media
You had tried to focus during the meeting, but your head was swimming with the idea that you would be marrying Loki, the joy and shock of it all. You had loved him for years, but never acted nor said anything, because you had known he was destined to marry someone important.
You had never thought it would be you he’d be marrying.
Eventually, you had figured out why the king and queen as well as your parents had agreed on the marriage: the magic you and Loki both possessed. They figured marrying the two most powerful magic wielders would create even stronger magic, helping future generations. It made sense, but…seemed too good to be true. Was fate helping you? Rewarding you with one of your deepest desires?
You all discussed the wedding, living arrangements, and titles. You and Loki didn’t have much input, and part of you wondered if his silence was from shock of happiness or uncertainty.
It wasn’t until the next day when you had a true moment alone with your thoughts. Your duties for the day were done, and you were relieved to find time to think in the garden. Twirling one of the leaves you had found on the gravel, your mind wandered to the man, your friends, the prince….your fiance.
Even thinking that word felt unreal, as if merely a dream you would wake from any moment.
You looked up, freezing as you met Loki’s gaze, the man stopped at the entrance to the garden. “Loki,” you whispered.
“Am I disturbing you?” he asked softly, his eyes locked onto you.
“No, not at all,” you responded, smiling softly.
He smiled back and stepped into the garden, taking slow steps around the garden. “How are you…feeling?”
“In general? Or about…”
He chuckled, his gaze dropping to his feet. “I am not subtle, am I?”
You giggled softly. “Not with me.” You paused, before whispering, “Never with…me.”
Loki looked up then, meeting your eyes. “...I know,” he whispered.
You let out a breath at the intensity of his gaze, the burning emotions focused solely on you. Did he…
“Can I admit something?”
You nodded in response, too scared to speak, break whatever tension was growing.
He moved towards you, his movements slow and calculated, but not cruel. He looked almost nervous.
“I…had hoped for many months, years even that…I would marry you.”
“Me?” you whispered. “But-”
“We have known each other for so long, my dove,” he muttered, growing closer. “Some days it feels as if no one else sees me like you do, and I…” Loki stopped before you, taking a breath. “I fear I have fallen in love with you.”
You felt your breath leave you entirely as he knelt before you on one knee, his eyes sparkling with a plead that felt unspoken. “Loki…”
“I do not wish to make you uncomfortable or force anything upon you that you do not wish,” he continued, the worry and concern lacing his voice. “All I want is for you to be happy, my dove, and-”
You raised a hand and pressed your fingertips to his lips, stopping him immediately. “Loki,” you whispered, smiling gently. “It is hard to speak when you keep rambling on.”
He chuckled, raising his hand and taking it in his own. “I am sorry…I fear had that effect on me.” He took a breath, keeping your hand in his own. “What…do you wish to say?”
Taking a breath for courage, you spoke softly, “...I have wanted to be yours and yours alone for years. I never said anything because I…didn't want to get my hopes up.” You smiled, squeezing his hand. “I love you, Loki. With all I have.”
He smiled back, raising your hand to kiss your palm. “Oh, my dove…I don't think I could be happier than this moment.”
“Not even when we become husband and wife?” you teased.
His eyes sparkled with mischief. “Well, perhaps…we shall see.”
You laughed softly, shaking your head. “Oh, what shall I do with you, my prince?”
“I suppose you shall just have to marry me,” he muttered, rising enough to press his lips to yours. You let your eyes flutter closed as you kissed him back, falling into him.
Tumblr media
-Two Years later-
You furrowed your eyebrows, looking between the books in front of you, comparing the two. Sighing, you closed one book and shoved it aside, into the pile of books to correct at a later date.
“My dove?”
You perked up and turned around, smiling as your husband moved into the library, a large smile on his own lips. “There you are,” he muttered, leaning down and stealing a kiss.
“Loki, I thought you weren't due home till the day after tomorrow,” you muttered, cupping his cheek.
“I wanted to surprise you,” he whispered back. “How are you feeling?” You felt his hand rub your barely curved belly, his touch gentle and soft, as it always was with you.
“Better, now that you are back,” you responded. “Now sit, tell me about your trip.”
He chuckled, pulling the empty chair closer to you. “Well, it started fairly well.”
Tumblr media
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Dark!Loki x F!Reader
100 word drabble
Warnings: fingers at play, noncon/dubcon undertones, read at your own risk
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You stop his hand when you feel it creep up your thigh underneath the table.
He digs his nails into your flesh. You hide your wince and pull your hand back, allowing him to reach further, fingers tickling your inner thigh.
“You know better than to stop me, pet.” He scolds under his breath, hand clenching against the table when he cups your sex.
“I’m sorry.”
“You’ll be forgiven once I’m sated.”
You bite your lip when you feel his digits brush against your panties, moving them to the side, suppressing a moan when he rubs slowly against your clit.
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The witchling and the god [Loki x Witch!Reader] Chapter 13
Summary: The Avengers were looking for someone to help Loki fit in with the team. To become socially acceptable, so to speak. He had been given the choice of sitting in a cell in Asgard or serving some sort of community service probation on Midgard. The Avengers and Shield both felt that as long as Loki was on Earth, he should be under supervision. This is now your job. Why? Because you’re a witch. You’re not sure why this qualifies you, but here you are, giving it a shot. What could possibly go wrong?
Tags: Witch!Reader, Magic, Witches, slow burn, everybody lives in the tower, character development, Loki‘s redemption, Stephen Strange is a friend, Loki and Stephen are frenemies, Tony Stark is a good bro, kids love Loki, Tony has stupid nicknames for everybody, eventual smut
Main Masterlist | Series Masterlist | Read it on AO3 | Previous | Next
Chapter's Note: Beta by @zaria-04
Tumblr media
Chapter 13: Have you ever thought about it?
"We're not alone," Loki says quietly. "Someone is following us."
You perk up, but you can't hear more than a rustling in the undergrowth. Loki takes a step between you and the trees, you feel the density of his magic increase around him as if he were gathering it. A low growl sounds from between the trees, and it is picked up by two or three more creatures. It is menacing, but still you can’t see any beast.
But you know exactly what lurks there. You step up next to Loki and put your hand on his, which he has raised, in case he has to defend you.
"It's fine," you tell him. "Lower your magic. It's threatening them."
Now it is he who looks at you questioningly. You smile reassuringly at him and look in no way concerned. So he does as you say. Instantly, the growling stops.
Still holding his hand, you make your way through the undergrowth into the forest, pulling the Asgardian with you. Directly to where the growls had come from.
You hear rustling, from your steps and from whatever else is out there. It's familiar to you, and you're actually sorry that you're actually on your way to make a delivery and don't have time for an extended meeting.
After a few yards you find a small clearing, at the edge of which you stop. You glance back, but the open field is no longer visible from here.
"You can come out," you tell the forest.
There is another rustling sound and then a wolf appears on the opposite side. He is much larger than he should be, nearly twice as tall and wider as well. The proportions of his legs are odd, a little too long, and if you pay attention to his paws, you see that they are not quite correct for a regular wolf either. His black eyes are on Loki, following his every move.
You wave at the wolf in greeting.
A pup jumps out from between the wolf's feet. He wags his tail and seems quite happy to see you, for he makes an excited 'huff'. He briefly turns his head up at the larger wolf and then, as if given some sort of silent permission, comes running to you. Smiling, you crouch down to greet him.
"Bonjour Noah, it's nice to see you."
You are pleased to see that the medicine you had given Yvette seems to have held its effect, for the puppy looks well recovered and fit. You hold out your hand for him to sniff and sign to your companion to do the same. "This is Loki from Asgard. He is a friend."
You speak to the cub, but your words are loud enough for his pack to hear. Noah seems fascinated by Loki, probably never had the opportunity to smell an Asgardian before, because he walks around him curiously.
There are noises from moving twigs and leaves all around you and more wolves step to the edge of the clearing. Eight of them in total. They have different colors ranging from gray to brown, but none is as large as the alpha across from you. Still, together they are an eerie sight. You wonder if they were on their way to you or just happened to be in the area. Normally, they move at dusk or in the dark so as not to be seen by walkers. But since none of the Bullions shift and you don't understand them in this form, you don't get an answer to that question.
Yelping, Noah tries to jump up at Loki. Young pups always have a lot of energy no matter whether they’re dogs, wolves or werewolves. A warning tone from the alpha calls him to order. A little reluctantly, Noah breaks away from you and trots back to him.
Loki and you rise again. "I'm afraid we're on our way to the town right now, but I'll be back soon," you say, and the wolf moves his head as if nodding in agreement. Then he turns and leaves, and with him the other animals disappear into the forest, as silently as they came.
You both step back onto the path.
"Shapeshifter?" You are asked by Loki, who had remained quiet all this time. He trusted you to have the situation under control and didn't want to provoke the pack by saying a wrong word. He, of all people.
You nod. "Werewolves."
Loki makes an amused sound. "You have interesting friends," he says as you continue on your way.
"Of course," you grin, "Only the best. You're one of them."
He chuckles.
The retirement home is located on the outskirts of a small town. Your path crosses onto a paved road that leads downhill to the large building. It has many windows and small balconies, and there is a terrace in the back, but nobody is sitting outside today. It's too cold for that.
The main entrance leads you into a large foyer where a young woman sits at the front desk to greet you. You've known Suzie since she started working here a few years ago after graduating from high school. Her father is a nurse here at the house, and her mother works in accounting. Her grandparents were also from this town and Suzie herself would never think of moving away from here. She loves this little countryside place way too much.
When she sees you, she greets you with a smile before her eyes wander curiously to Loki.
"Hi Suzie, is Eloise here? I'm bringing her order," you ask her.
"Yes, she should be in the dining hall or kitchen."
Thanking her, you lead Loki left through a door and then down a wide hallway. Suzie's gaze follows you until she can no longer see you.
"She was ogling you. Be prepared for her to ask for your number later," you tell the Asgardian.
"I don't blame her." Loki shoots you a quick look. "Jealous?"
"So, what if?" you ask, amused.
"I could decline her number – if you want."
"You don't even have a phone."
Loki snaps, making an expression as if he hadn't even thought of that. "Oh, yeah right."
It's clear he's joking and you shake your head fondly. This kind of banter feels comfortable.
The dining hall is a large room with tables arranged into groups. Retirees are sitting there, eating. It's just about lunchtime. You wave to some who look up and recognize you. You know some of them by name, you have treated them or simply spent afternoons here helping out.
You can’t find Eloise, so you go to the serving hatch on the wall. From there, a cook sees you and calls into the kitchen. "Eloise, a visitor for you!"
You see her head pop up from behind a kitchen shelf, and when she spots you, she comes to you through a door to the right of the hatch.
"Ah, I was wondering when you'd finally get here," she greets you with a hug. Eloise is a middle-aged strawberry-blonde woman, petite in size, but with a big heart. Always wearing high heels, even though she's on her feet all day. That's an impressive feat.
Her gaze wanders to Loki and she extends her hand to him. "Hi, I'm Eloise. I run this facility."
"Nice to meet you." The Asgardian wears his best smile as he shakes her hand. "My name is Loki, and I'm afraid I'm to blame for our lateness."
Eloise's eyes move to you curiously, but you let it go uncommented.
"We bring the delivery," you say instead, pointing to the bottles in the basket.
"Great. Can you put them on the shelf behind the counter there?" she instructs Loki, who nods and takes care of it.
Eloise seems to have sent him away just to have a quick word with you, because she takes you aside.
"You never mentioned you had such a handsome boyfriend. You can bring him around more often. If you're not too busy." Her meaningful look tells you what kind of business she means. Before you can object, though, she keeps talking. "Do you want to stay for dinner? Fish is on the menu today."
Loki pops up next to you and answers before you can. "We would love to." At that, he puts his arm around your waist like that would be a normal thing to do for him.
"Excellent. Get your food at the hatch, I'll find us a table."
Loki grins with satisfaction and winks at you as you grab your plates at the kitchen pass-through. You let him have his fun; it could be quite amusing. Besides, you suspect he's expecting a reaction from you, and not showing one might irritate him. At least that's what you think. As you toss him a quick glance, it only seems to encourage him in his fun.
You sit down at the table with Eloise, who only takes a coffee. She is at least polite enough to wait with her first question until the both of you have put down your plates and sat down.
"So, where did you two meet?"
"At work," you reply rather curtly, suspecting that her curiosity knows no bounds if you give her too much information.
Loki silently disagrees with that course of action. "She was hired for an important project. Really did an excellent job," he tells her.
Eloise raises her eyebrows. "You didn't tell me about a new project," she says, turning to you, but again it is Loki who answers.
"Of course not, there was a high level of secrecy. The client is very rich and famous." He puts his arm on the back of your chair and turns his face to you as he continues to speak to Eloise. "She is one of the best. What can I say? It's hard not to recognize her worth."
His words actually make you blush a little as you are so unexpectedly praised by him. Especially when he then leans in and gives you a kiss on your hair.
You give him a warning look while Eloise lets out an "Aaww".
"I'm afraid this project is also to blame for her not having as much time for the rest of her work." To an untrained listener, he sounds almost apologetic, but you know that's not the case. Of course it isn't. He loves to play these kinds of games. "And I'll probably keep her busy for a while. Maybe I'll even steal her away for a romantic vacation trip."
"How about the Mediterranean? I heard it‘s great for vacation," you suggest, just to add anything else to the conversation.
"You know I prefer cooler temperatures," he reminds you, as if you'd forgotten. "How about Scandinavia? I could show you the northern lights."
"That would be nice..." you mutter quietly, because it really would. You decide to stay out of the conversation before you say any more that gives you away. Loki and Eloise are having a splendid conversation, with the Asgardian never tiring of praising you. It's unusual, but not unpleasant. You only wish that he really meant all those things and that they weren't just for show.
You leave soon after dinner. You thank Eloise for the meal and take the empty basket. When you leave, Suzie is not at the front desk, so you don't know if she would have really asked Loki for his number.
Meanwhile, the sky has become even more overcast with clouds. "That was fun. I should join you at work more often," Loki notes.
You can well imagine that Eloise and Suzie wouldn't mind seeing him again. But before you can answer, it starts to rain thick drops and a few seconds later there is a downpour. The Asgardian puts his arm around your shoulder and the next moment you are standing in front of your cottage. This is just fine with you, because you don't feel like walking through the rain.
You unlock the door and step indoors.
"Then you'll have to keep our ‘relationship’ going," you continue the conversation as you put the basket down and walk into the kitchen.
Loki follows you. "Would it bother you?"
"Moral-wise, maybe." Using some magic, you light a fire in the stove against the chill of the rain. And while you're at it, you also put on some water for tea.
"So, it's the pretending that bothers you?" Loki asks and you can hear the smirk in his voice.
"It's lying," you insist, "You're the God of lies."
"I don't lie. I merely imply. Sometimes I exaggerate. But I mean the things I say."
"You would actually take me on a romantic vacation trip?" You turn to him - and almost trip into Loki, who is standing right behind you. You didn't even hear him step up to you.
"Have you ever thought about it?" he asks you, his voice like liquid honey running down your spine. "I mean us, on a romantic trip, kissing."
You're so perplexed by his sudden closeness, his question, that the words fall out of your mouth before you can think about them. "Can't say it never crossed my mind."
The corners of his mouth twitch upward. "I wouldn't be aversed to it either." He said it teasingly, a hint of humor behind the words so that you could play it off as a joke easily - a fun little imitation and nothing more.
But your reaction was instant. Your eyes widened in surprise, your body shivering involuntarily. And there it was: that blush; your face turned that beautiful shade of red that Loki had been picturing all week since he pinned you at that small hallway wall during the mission.
He leans in for a kiss, you expectantly close your eyes but the awaited feeling of his lips enclosing on yours never happens. Your eyelids flutter open and you see that he's staring, conceited, pleased by your expectations.
Betrayed, you raise your hand, but before you can slap him with your magic right across his face, he grabs your wrists. His grip is not tight, you could break free if you wanted to. But you don't. It suddenly felt real. Far too real in your tiny kitchen.
His breath ghosts over your tingling skin and then he is finally kissing you. It's a slow, seductive and sweet kiss. You melt into his touch.
To your liking Loki lets go of you much too soon. Almost searchingly, he looks down at you. Your prayers must have been answered. You pull him into a new kiss, more longing this time. A satisfied sound escapes Loki's throat.
It was probably predictable. Like the rightful ending of a good book. It had to come down to this. It's not unexpected, but surprising nonetheless. Surprising that it's real – even after all the flirting between you. Loki had been suggestive from your first meeting, and made his intentions clear. A small, warning voice rises in your head, in the part that can still somehow think clearly. Loki had been out to get this from the start.
You push him away a little, breathless. Your lips are swollen, your cheeks still red. Loki spreads little kisses over your temple toward your ear.
"You should leave," you bring out softly. Your voice is a small plea. Your fingers clawed into the fabric of his shirt, screaming just the opposite.
Loki stops, puts his hand to your chin and turns your face upward. You only dare a quick glance at him. Loki's eyes are darkly on you. You detect a hint of glee, but mostly lust and hunger. Quickly you avert your eyes down.
"Or I could stay,” he suggests.
It's just a game to him. Everything is.
What's so bad about it? - another voice in your head asks. Why not just have some fun? You can worry about the consequences later.
You're about to give in, already opening your mouth to keep him here. But not a single word comes out. With the last part of your mind telling you that this is a stupid idea and that he will only hurt you, you push him back a bit more.
"I'll see you tomorrow." You don't look at him as you do this, don't see the remorse that briefly appears on his face. Slowly, he nods and takes a step back.
"As you wish."
Your fingers release his fabric. Actually, you don't want him to go, want to grab him and hold him tight forever. You put your hand on the tabletop behind you to resist the urge.
Loki gives you one last look, but you don't stop him. And he objects no further as he steps to the door frame and activates the rune that takes him back to New York.
When he's gone, you take a deep breath, sighing as you do so. You are so confused. How can a single person have such an effect on you?
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In The Lap Of The Gods
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Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5: Honeymoon | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7
A tryst brought you to Asgard.
A crime ended in an arranged marriage.
Now bounded to Loki you have to try not falling in love or killing each other.
Word Count: 5.1k
Warnings: Honeymoon (not in that kind of way :c), our pairing cannot stop bickering, Loki being the Trickster God he is and some nudity.
A/N: You can read this chapter on Ao3 too. Here!
I am currently taking one-shot requests if anyone's interested!
Just in case, Ránfjord is a fictional place I invented after some brainstorming (?
Tumblr media
You were forced to move into the palace as soon as the wedding was consummated. Frigga and Valdis, your new handmaiden, offered you a guided visit around Asgardian court.
The Allmother's garden was your favourite part. Everything was properly trimmed. There was not a single wilted petal in sight. It was full of colourful flowers, bushes and herbs which were unknown to you. You needed to ask Frigga if you could take samples for potions. You offered your services to work at the healing ward but all you received was an awkward shrug from her. She mulled your words to then say that Asgardian healing methods were mostly magic based and members of the royal family were frowned upon working.
Being Asgardian descendant you would be expected to wield Seidr. Who your ancestors were and how you ended up in Midgard was still a mystery to everyone. Frigga's theory was since you never got the chance to grew up between magic users that part of you was still not awaken. You took a few Seidr lessons with her until Odin found out. You weren't able to conjure anything, though. The Allfather was reluctant towards a criminal learning magic that could be used against his kingdom. He forbid you from even trying. Regarding your parentage, Frigga said no one knows how you slipped from Heimdall's watchful eye and there is an ongoing investigation.
"May I ask you a question, dear?" The Allmother interrupted your daydreaming while you were walking arm in arm back to the palace after roaming around the broad gardens. Valdis followed silently steps behind.
"Of course, Your Highness."
She smiled. "Did you ever feel weird among midgardians?"
"How so?"
"Have you ever felt that something was different when comparing yourself to them?"
"Actually, yes. I was the only one who never got sick," you chuckled. "And thinking about it, I was taller and stronger than most women."
She hummed.
"Midgardians are too frail. Us, Asgardians are more resistant and we live longer," the three of you were walking towards the cooking area when Frigga made you detour to a secluded part of the palace. "Ah! How could I forget about showing you this?"
The Allmother pointed at an old wooden door down the hall which lacked natural light. Its long iron hinges and lock were rusty. When she opened the door it made a creaking sound. You walked in to find a dark place. Frigga clasped her fingers and candles dimly lit the room. It was a library. The room had tall bookshelves on every wall. You came closer to one and brushed your fingertips to the surface. They turned into a greyish tone and you cleaned them with the skirt of your dress. No one came here in ages. The dust and spider webs were pretty evident.
"I know it needs deep cleaning but you must feel that everything is happening so fast..." Frigga explained. "I thought maybe you would like a place for yourself?"
You inspected the room, losing yourself between bookshelves out of The Allmother's sight and you found another door in a far corner.
"As you can see, no one came here in centuries. They are too interested in partying and drinking mead until losing consciousness. What do you think?"
"I really like it, Your Highness. What's behind this door?" you asked while trying to unlock it.
Before Frigga could answer you were able to open it. This room did have windows. Natural light came out of them. The stone walls had shelves full of vials and flasks in different shapes and sizes. Some were empty, others were labelled and contained ingredients. Firewood was stacked up in a corner underneath a cauldron.
You could hear Frigga and Valdis footsteps coming but you decided to ignore them. You approached the hard wood table in the middle of the room to inspect ancient manuscripts that laid there. They had scribbles and gibberish in a language that you couldn't understand. The author seemed to be a very impatient person since some runes were crossed out and written all over again. It looked like someone was doing experiments here. The Queen and your new lap dog finally walked in.
"It reminds me of my old workplace," you mentioned while staring at a recipe for a magic enchantment. "Who do I need to ask permission to use this place, Your Highness?"
"I was not aware of the existence of this room honestly," she admitted. "But I allow you to use it as you please unless someone claims it."
"Thank you so much, Allmother. I'll always be in debt with your hospitality."
Frigga smiled. "Now, let's go back to your chambers. Tomorrow you shall depart to your honeymoon trip and I want you to be well rested."
The reminder of a honeymoon with Loki made your stomach churn. You cursed words under your breath when Frigga nor Valdis were not watching.
The blonde handmaiden a few years older accompanied you to your chambers. She opened the door and you walked inside.
"Good night, My Lady. Is there anything else you need before going to bed?" Valdis asked after helping you undress. Her non-existent brows were up in concern, ready to follow any order.
"Thanks for the help, Valdis. I want to be left alone," you said not facing her but a mirror.
"If you change your mind, you can always ring the bell," the servant bowed and left the bedchambers.
You grabbed a brush and began to untangle the braid you chose for today as a hairstyle. You heard someone knocking the door.
"I said I do not want to be disturbed," you raised your voice.
The person knocked again and you repeated your words. Did Valdis forget something? Whoever it was behind did not give a damn about your orders and unlocked the door. "M'Lady, do you want me to change the bedsheets?" a female voice asked.
"What did I just say!" you exclaimed and turned around.
The brush fell out of the grasp of your hand to the carpeted floor. You couldn't believe your eyes.
Tumblr media
You felt a sharp pain in one of your temples. You winced trying to open your eyes and she was there. Olaug. She was sitting next to you in your large bed patiently waiting you woke up.
"What happened?" you asked while bringing a hand to your sore forehead.
"You fainted," Olaug plainly explained. "And injured yourself with the drawer in the way."
You groaned. "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be dead? And how did you manage to work in the palace?"
"Long story. I don't have the time to explain. What about you? I heard you snagged a prince," she said amused.
"Long story. I don't have the time to explain," you mocked.
You giggled while Olaug rolled her eyes. You stood up to analyse how bad the blow was in front of the mirror. A bruise began to form. Your old friend came close to you and stroke your temple. All of a sudden it started to heal. You realized that Olaug and her reflection were slightly different. An illusion. While her thick jet black hair only changed in length, her facial features were altered.
"Since when do you have magic?" you inquired.
She ignored your question. "There. Nothing happened."
"Why are you here?" you tried again with another question.
"I cannot tell you much. You would be too involved," she shrugged. "And I don't know if I can trust you."
You gasped. "Excuse me? We have known each other for ages. Do you think I am happy here? I am being held against my will," you gave her a mirthless laugh and pointed at your wedding band. "I am not the one who suggested making a living of scams and shenanigans..."
"I know, I know... I am deeply sorry," Olaug pleaded with her hands. "I cannot disclose information right now but you'll be hearing from me any time if you are to be trusted."
"I obviously am to be trusted! We're friends. Right?"
"I have really missed you," Olaug did not respond and hugged you. "I won't be close to you so as not to raise suspicion but I'll be watching you. Until next time. Get some rest, you'll need it."
That being said, your longtime friend was gone and left you alone to your own thoughts.
Tumblr media
A bustling crowd was outside the castle expecting to see you and Loki depart to Ránfjord. The place where you were going to spend the honeymoon. It was a coastal estate in Asgard. And that was all you knew thanks to Valdis.
The handmaiden finished lacing your gown while you were peeking through a window what was happening outside. Stablehands were getting the carriage ready, fastening the luggage, feeding the horses and such. Einherjars stayed guard outside to keep the royal subjects in order, leaving a path for the horse-drawn vehicle.
Valdis escorted you to the stables to meet Loki. You received a demeaning look from above and he didn't greet you. He offered you his arm begrudgingly. You took it. Unsure. His entire presence made you uncomfortable and wary. Best way to describe him was unpredictable. You didn't know when he would became erratic, charismatic or have a trick up his sleeve. You still could not get over the serpent one.
"Let's get this over with," he grunted.
Trumpets buzzed meaning it was time to depart. You and Loki walked out of the stables waving your hands to the crowd. People were cheering and wishing you an idyllic honeymoon. You only wished you didn't end up killing The Prince.
The coachman opened the door of the carriage. Loki insisted you entered first. You were still cautious after the stunt he pulled days ago but obeyed him. Both of you settled into the cushioned seats next to each other and a soldier gave the order to leave. The driver tugged the horses' reins and the animals began to walk in a steady pace.
When you were finally out of sight and far from the palace, you and Loki stopped waving. He moved to the seat in front of you with a disgusted grumble. Loki wave his hand and summoned a book. He reclined into his seat, licked his fingertips and searched for the page where he left off. You noticed he was an avid reader. You observed him for a while. His thick thighs were opened wide. His left leg propped to his right knee. The book was placed on his bended leg, left hand supporting it. Sometimes he dampened his fingertips to change pages.
"How... How far is Ránfjord...?" you asked trying to make conversation.
He didn't switch positions nor raised his head to answer you. Loki's eyelids fluttered opened. His eyes full of scorn were boring into yours.
"Two hours or so," he answered and his eyes went back to the book.
"And... What are you reading? Is it good?"
"Essential Compendium To Divorce Your Wife," Loki jested. "I am trying to read. Do not interrupt me."
You sighed in defeat after failing to engage in conversation with him. Anxiety was taking control of your body. The carriage just left the capital and was now at the outskirts. There were no longer buildings but a dense forest ahead. You began to feel groggy. You took deep breaths and decided to look out of the window. The movement of the carriage made it worse. You went pale and bile was going up and down. Loki glanced at you. He quirked a dark eyebrow in question.
"Travelling makes me sick," you explained.
"If you dare to throw up in here, I will not hesitate to strike you," he threatened and looked at you defiantly
That just worsened your nausea. "Please! Stop the carriage!" you pleaded after gagging.
Loki quickly ordered to stop it. You opened the door and run to the side of the road to empty your stomach. When you finished you took a handkerchief from one of your pockets and cleaned your mouth. Relieved, you went back inside and controlled your motion-sickness till the end of the ride.
After hours of traveling the coachman announced you were entering Ránfjord. You looked out of the window.
Named after the goddess of the seas, the estate was located on the north-east side of Asgard. If you managed to get out of the dense rainforest, you would encounter the Ránfjord estate. You could sense humid weather and smell. A long and narrow path was ahead of you. It had copper undertones and green foliage covered all the way to the castle. Water was pattering against rock creating soothing sounds. The waterfalls along the river that disembogue into the ocean were the answer.
Tumblr media
The driver stopped the horses after arriving to Ránfjord estate. Loki stood up and walked out of the carriage first. You expected he would leave the door open for you. That was not the case. He closed the door, almost hitting you with it. You muttered insults and descended the vehicle with the help of one of the servants that were taking care of the luggage.
A handful of servants welcomed you inside and showed you where everything was. You decided to retire to your chambers early to take a bath. You felt dirty after emptying your stomach on the side of the road. The bathtub was set up so you took your gown off and got in. The lavender scented water was warm. It made your muscles relax. Dealing with Loki has put you through stress. A lot.
When the water turned cold that's when you cut short your moment of relaxation. You grabbed a linen cloth to dry your body. Next to the bathtub they also were golden silk robes. You put on one of them and walked into the bedchambers. You were getting ready to sleep when someone barged in.
"What are you doing here in my chambers!" you exclaimed while Loki came closer to the mirror you were standing.
"These are our chambers now," he sneered.
Loki briskly flickered his gaze down to your almost bare chest. Self-conscious that you husband was checking you out, you brought your arms to your chest.
"I do not understand..." you frowned confused.
Loki started to pace around the room like he always did when he was annoyed. "It looks like The Allfather enchanted the Ránfjord estate so there's only one set of bedchambers."
"Nonsense. I will find another one."
"Good luck with that," he laughed. "I've already checked."
You grabbed your cloak in case you came across anybody. "Do not dare to touch my stuff," you warned and left Loki chuckling alone.
Tumblr media
You didn't like to admit it but he was right.
After an hour or so of wandering around the halls, you checked every room, every floor and every single corner.
There was not a single bed in sight.
Resigned you went back to the bedchambers. Loki changed the armour to his nightclothes. He was waiting for you in an armchair, reading a book.
"Did you have any luck with your quest?" he said jokingly.
You huffed and slammed the door shut. "You were right..."
"I am always right," Loki stood up and walked closer to the four-posted bed with hands behind his back. "And since I am always right, I'll take the bed and you, kerling... The floor."
"Over my dead body!" you cried out while walking closer to the other side of the bed. "I want to sleep comfortable as much as you so we will share it.
Loki sneered at you before answering.
"Fine. You take the footboard side. We will sleep head to toe," he undressed by taking his dark green tunic off. It ended up in Loki giving you a full-frontal. He stood up proudly only to annoy the sake of you.
You felt your cheeks growing hotter and you turned around flustered. "Was that necessary!?"
Loki chuckled in a husky voice. You heard him coming closer to you in lazy footsteps. "Does that bother you, kerling? I want to sleep comfortable too. And it's nothing you haven't seen before."
You felt his hot breath in your neck. "Oh, absolutely! You will sleep in your nightclothes as I!" you demanded. "Have some little respect."
Loki sighed and you heard the rustling sound of fabric. He cleared his throat to let you know he was decent. You turned around and saw him settled in the middle of the bed, ready to sleep.
"Move over and give me a pillow! I deserve one."
"Not a chance."
"You have four!"
He turned around and ignored you. Cheekiness took over and you stole one of the feather stuffed pillows he was using. When Loki turned back to protest, you smacked him right on the face with it. All his demeanor changed and you freezed. That was not a good idea. Now he was going to suffocate you in your sleep. Suddenly you saw a small smirk and before you could apologize, he threw the pillow back. It was in a more playful way than an angry one. Loki clapped his hands and he turned the lights off
"Good night, kerling."
The night went by and you couldn't fall asleep. He pulled the bedsheets, leaving you with nothing to cover with. You tugged them back. You felt a sharp pain in your nape. The bastard kicked you with his heel. You wanted to return it but decided not to. The last thing you wanted was a brawl with Loki. The two of you were now married and Norns know for how long. It wasn't worth it.
You did end up falling asleep. You cannot recall for how long but you began to dream. Or was it a premonition? You weren't sure. The image was blurry yet you realized what was it about. Flesh. Two naked bodies clashing together. A coupling. Hands were urging and giving pleasure. One of them had long and dark hair. While you didn't see their faces it obviously was Loki. The scene was lewd but that seemed to turn you on. Wetness gathered in your nether parts. You brought a hand down your body. Your breath hitched.
And you woke up.
An amused Loki was watching you with a side-glance while dressing up. Your hand was still between your legs and you quickly removed it
"My, my, did you have a wet dream about us?" Loki teased while fastening the last pieces of his armour.
"I wouldn't be having them if you knew how to satisfy a woman," you barked.
The smirk he had fell apart. It turned into a scowl and he left the room without saying goodbye.
Tumblr media
Time flew by. There were still a few days left of honeymoon. The aim of this trip was to bring you and Loki closer but The Allfather plans were failing. Or not?
It was torture.
Aside from meals and random encounters, you didn't see His Highness a lot. Loki most likely wanted privacy and found a room to sleep in. Far from you. There was more room in bed left for you, his bad.
A servant told you about the healing properties of the water here in Ránfjord. That picked your interest. Maybe you could boil some of it to alleviate your breathing condition. That is why you wore a light gown and a hat with a large brim to bear the heat.
Fan and flask in hand, you asked for directions to go. The maid said you had to walk across the village. You avoided all the flying bugs willing to bite you and hostile folks in order to arrive to the closest waterfall near the coast.
To your surprise (and disappointment) the place was not deserted. Laid down in a wooden deck chair near the shore, there he was enjoying the warm weather. Loki. You were going to run away but The Prince noticed your presence and invited you to come closer. Begrudgingly, you obeyed him.
"Do you have to be everywhere go?"
"Why, hello, my darling wife," he greeted you with a cocky grin. "I thought it was the other way round."
You huffed. You left your belongings on the ground. You easily unlaced the back of your gown leaving you in nothing but stockings and underclothing. Loki stopped reading his book to watch what you where doing.
"Pray tell, kerling, what are you doing?" he inquired.
"I came here to swim. And that's what I'm going to do," you answered as you took off the last piece of clothing.
It was the first time Loki saw you completely naked. An eye for an eye. You stood unabashed while you saw a startled Loki almost drop his jaw. You could swear you saw him pull his crotch down. Ignoring him, you walked towards the body of water. You gauged the temperature of it by using your feet. It made you shivered. It was freezing. Yet it was now or never. Little by little, you went deeper until you barely touched the ground. Loki began to pace back and forth near the area you where swimming.
"What do you want?" you barked.
"Nothing, nothing..." Loki raised his hands innocently and laughed. "I'm sure you are aware of the wildlife here in Ránfjord."
"I do," you confirmed. "Your point is...?"
"It is the warmest place in Asgard. It wouldn't surprise me the fauna lives off mostly water to survive. Even in this very lake...
"Loki! Beat around the bush or go to Hel."
"What I'm saying is I would be careful... You never know what's beneath the surface."
He was suppressing a laugh while you kept swimming and eyeing Loki suspiciously. Until you noticed you weren't the only one in the water. You gulped and turned around towards the nearest cascade. Something long and scaly dived into the lake and it was now coming towards you. You swam as fast as you could and shouted at Loki to help you. He just looked at you amused and did nothing. He really was determined to get rid of you to end the nuptial union. The sea animal was about to catch you when you fortunately reached the shore. You laid in the ground exhausted trying to catch your breath. Loki, instead of ailing you, he was laughing. You looked back at the lake. There was not a hungry animal in sight.
What a fool you were.
You fell for another illusion of the God of Mischief.
Now you were seething. You stood up and punched Loki hard on the chest. And then again. And again. He defended himself by restraining your wrists and shoving you backwards.
"Tsk, tsk, you are no fun," Loki shook his head amused. "Good luck going back to the castle."
That being said, Loki disappeared in a cloud of green smoke. Taking your clothes and belongings away with him.
Tumblr media
Returning to the castle was something you didn't know how you were going to do. Naked and in the middle of nowhere with plenty of animals who either want to bite you or eat you. Word was going to be spread to Asgard if they find out the wife of the Trickster God was parading around naked. It was not a good idea either staying here until the sun went down.
One last bit of courage took you to come back to the Ránfjord estate. You stealthily hid when walking from hut to hut to avoid being seeing. Instead of walking in to the castle from the main entrance you decided to use one of the windows. You were lucky the maids cleaned the shared rooms on Thorsdays. You saw a tapestry hanged near the opening and an idea came to you. You tore it from its place and wrapped it around your body to hide your modesty until you were able to change into decent clothing.
Just when you thought you succeeded in not being noticed, a group of maids appeared. You were that close to your room. They mumbled unintelligible things you couldn't understand. Naked and wet from head to toe didn't put you in a good light. Taking a deep breath, you tightened the tapestry to your body. You gave them a death stare crossing the room in a rush and slamming the door of your bedchambers shut.
Tumblr media
Tonight Loki decided to sleep in your bedchambers. It was the last day of honeymoon and the last thing you wanted to see was his face. You weren't able to forbid him from entering. Loki did what Loki wanted. As always, you slept head to toe. Luckily he didn't put up a fight whether who gets more pillows or sleeping naked.
It was past midnight. Loki kicked your nape with his heel when there was no reason to do so. You ignored him.
Until it happened again.
Annoyed, you got up to lit up a candle. You wanted to figure it out what was wrong with him. You came closer to his bedside and understood why.
Aside from kicking you, he also kicked the bedsheets down. He was soaked in sweat. The nightrobes were sticking to his skin. His long, perfect hair was getting matted. Loki's facial features were wrinkled in disgust as his body trembled.
You could have ignored him. It would have passed. You didn't owe him anything. He was nothing but rude. However, seeing Loki in such a vulnerable state was something you wouldn't wish to anyone.
So you tried to wake him up by carefully placing a hand on the clammy skin of his shoulder. You didn't want to be strangled by Loki. Accident or not.
"Loki..." you murmured.
He heard you. After a low whimper his eyebrows shot up but didn't wake up. You tried again two more times until he was able to stop dreaming. Loki gasped, met your eyes and sat down in bed abruptly.
"You had a bad dream. Everything is fine," you tried to assure him.
Whatever ailed Loki, it left him shaken and hazy. He couldn't come up with sentences. You rubbed soothing circles on his back.
"Wait here. I'll draw you a bath to calm down your nerves," you promised.
Tumblr media
You gathered everything you needed and fetched Loki. You helped him undress to his undergarments and enter the empty bathtub. You opened the tap water to fill it with the help of a bucket. You carefully threw the liquid to Loki.
"It's scalding!" he shrieked.
Loki grabbed the borders and splintered the wood trying to bear the heat. His outburst startled you. You run to fill the bucket with cold water.
"How can it be hot? I checked and it was warm," you said while pouring the fresh water to sooth his burns.
Loki shrugged. "I've always had some kind of sensitivity to high temperatures," he explained.
"I see."
You wanted to ask more questions about his sensitivity yet decided not to. You soaked a cloth in cold water and you scrubbed the sweat out of him. You began with his face. You placed your hand on his chin and he closed his eyes. You paid attention to his features to realize that he had dark circles. The Prince was popular for his unblemished skin and poise. Another illusion.
"How long have you been having nightmares?"
He kept his eyes closed and took a deep sigh.
"A long time. It is very rare for me to fall asleep."
"... Take your shirt off and turn your back to me."
You hummed. You walked to the other side of the tub and knelt down to scrub his back. You found pale, marred lines across his shoulder blades and upper waist. You traced with your index finger one of them. That made Loki flinch. You drew your hand as if touching him burned. You blinked twice.
"W- What?" Loki asked while his eyes were flooded with tears.
"Own your punishment and stop crying like a girl," Odin said while unbuckling his belt. Loki closed his eyes and choked back a sob. He obeyed but couldn't stop shivering. Forcing the urge of not crying was difficult. "Start counting."
"Who did this to you?" you asked.
"One-" the belt whipped against his pale skin and he had to suppress the urge of recoiling.
Loki took his time to answer. You didn't pressure him, though.
"It doesn't matter... It was a long time ago," he shrugged.
"Despite being the God of Mischief and Lies I must admit this is one kind of a lie that you nor me will believe."
"It was Odin's fault," Loki sighed. "I... did something wrong and got what I've deserved."
"Did he continue with the physical punishments?"
"Not entirely. Why are you asking, pray tell?"
"When I arrived to Asgard, I remember The Allmother being livid for something Odin did to someone," you explained while carefully cleaning his back. "Putting two and two together it looks like she was defending you..."
"It looks like it..." he confirmed shy and crestfallen.
You stood up and surrounded the bathtub to talk face to face to Loki.
"Will you manage to dress up and go to bed?" you asked with concern. "I want to go to the kitchens to prepare you something to fall asleep."
Loki whispered a barely audible 'yes'. Satisfied with his answer you went downstairs to prepare a potion with somniferous effects.
Tumblr media
His Highness was already in bed as he promised when you went back to the bedchambers. He was even wearing a new pair of nightclothes. You approve the bed and offered him the herbal tea presented in a porcelain cup.
"Drink this," you said. "It will help you sleep."
"How do I know if this is not poisoned?" Loki jested while grabbing the tea.
"I guess you'll find out soon," you dryly said.
He chuckled.
"I'm sure you want to get rid of me to put an end to this marriage," Loki added soon after taking a sip of the soporific substance.
"As if you haven't thought about it either," you stated."I don't need to put my old claws in you to get what I want."
"Fair enough."
Loki yawned and stretched his long limbs prior to closing his eyes and falling asleep. You stayed a few minutes watching him before you grabbed the bedsheets and tucked them up. You brought your ear closer to hear his breathing. You caressed his cheek and went to sleep to your side of the bed.
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You also felt tired after the kind of honeymoon you had.
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kalinaselennespeaks · a day ago
Can I have a loki x plus size reader where he maybe gets on their computer and sees the horrible stuff the internet says about him and stuff? And she shows him the stuff her social media says about her for being bigger? and he ends up breaking the computer?
Sure sweetheart! Great concept!
People look for things to hate | Loki x Plus!Size Reader
Summary: You and Loki have a lot more in common than you thought
Cw: Mean comments, overall haters on the internet, angst, comfort, fluff
Tumblr media
It was past 1 pm when you were cooking in your apartment, Loki had come to spend time with you away from his clingy brother and to get some stress out of his system, and a visit to your place always came in handy, when he saw you, no matter what he would instantly be happy, his day would become better
But due to the curiosity in him, he had to go into your open laptop at your room, seeing you were on Instagram having just posted a picture of you two, he found it so cute that you always posted pictures with him
But when he opened the comments he didn't expect what he saw
Why are you dating Loki? He killed people
Put a trigger warning for Loki pls some people have trauma with him
Ugh I'm unfollowing you, Loki is my trauma causer
Okay but why Loki? Thor was right there
Loki really? Girl you could do so much better
"Honey lunch is ready! I made lasagna just for us, you could take some for Thor- what are you doing hun?" You asked seeing him frozen in front of your laptop
"People... They... They hate me..."
You walked over and saw what he was talking about, mean comments about him on your latest post
"Oh honey no, don't look at that, people are mean these days"
"They're right... You could do so much better..." He felt like crying
You sighed, going on his Instagram now, under a post with you and showing him the comments
Ew that's literally a grease bag
Loki you're so handsome you can get someone even better than that
Y/n is so fat it hurts to see
Loki please leave her sweetie she will break your bones with her weight
He didn't say anything, you sat on his lap, knowing that he could carry your weight and even more
"Loki honey... Listen to me, people look for things to hate... While on my account people hate you, on your's people hate me... We can never apply to everyone, there's always someone who will be offended or won't like something and they say things like that... People on the internet are really bold and don't care about other's feelings..." You kisses his cheek making him look at you "What matters is that we love each other... Okay?"
He nodded "Yes dear, you're right, I will always love you, no matter what you look like, I always will find you attractive"
You smiled kissing his lips now "Let's go eat honey, the lasagna has 3 sauces, chicken, meat and cheese" he rolled his eyes back
"Gosh that sounds heavenly"
You giggled dragging him to the kitchen
Omg you guys are the cutest! I love you guys together!
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fi-recs-fics · a day ago
Tumblr media
Week 4, here we go! I'm sorry for the shorter list. I've hit a bit of a slump, but I have a couple more series to check out for next week and my asks are always open for suggestions! Until next week, happy reading..
Tread Carefully by @bi-disaster-yn Peter Parker x Reader- sweet one-shot with neighbor Peter. 🥺🥺
Work of Art by @blackleatherjacketz - 18+ Baron Zemo/Female reader one-shot 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Safe In Your Arms by @ironstrange1991 - 18+ Defender Strange/Female Reader - a soft and spicy comfort fic 😭🥺🔥
Stupid and Contagious by @xorpsbane Loki/Reader a sweet one-shot of assumptions being rectified. 🙂🥺
Glitter and Doom by @gigglingtigger - 18+ Loki/Sigyn multi chapter- in progress - an alternate story taking place when Loki escaped with the Tesseract. 😭🔥 I'm still reading this one!!
Right Place, Right Time by @those-late-night-feels loki x female reader with daughter. I'm looking forward to reading a second part to this if and when it's available. 🥺🥺
I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas | Loki x Fem!Reader - by @joyful-enchantress - super sweet Christmas one-shot 🎄 💚🥺
The Power of Pie ao3 by @lokiprompts - Loki x GN Reader - a super sweet holiday fic where Loki meets the reader, Pepper's sibling. 🎄💚🥺
Here And There - Book One of The Strada Series by @lokilickedme - 18+ multi chapter- in progress - original work featuring Tom Hiddleston and OFC - I've only just started this, but I know it's going to be great. 🔥💥
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