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Something Real: Part Thirteen
Pairings: Loki X Reader
Warnings: Language
Summary: Reader is missing and time is running out.
A/N: Any Charmed fans out there? The ending of this chapter is for you 💚
Tumblr media
Kelly looks at you pensively, “I think you need to talk to Loki about all of this…the possibility of Maza lying about all of this is more likely now…”
“You’re right”, you take out your phone to call Loki but another knock on the door interrupted you. Amira, the nurse manning the desk entered, “hey sorry to interrupt. There’s a few people out there…”. 
“I’ll be right there Amira, thank you!”, Kelly stands and then looks to you, “I’m gonna go help Amira out there, you call Loki and tell him what you just found out.”
You nod and when Kelly left the office you dialed Loki’s number, he picks up immediately.
“Y/n?”, you hear his voice on the other end.
“Loki, I just learned something about Maza. Can you come to the hospital?”, your heart is pounding, the information you learned proves that Maza lied about knowing about Loki’s illusion of Odin. This proves she could be lying about everything.
“Yes, Thor and I will be there in a moment.”, he disconnects the call quickly telling you he was going to be here shortly. You put your phone down on the table and then you hear a the distinct sound of a portal opening behind you. You turn expecting to see Loki but instead see Maza, “Maza? What the hell?”. She grabs you before you finish your questioning and she pulls you into the portal and it snaps closed behind you.
You balance yourself and take a look around, you don’t recognize where Maza has taken you. It’s definitely a basement, there’s a dingy bed with a tattered blanket and a side table with a pitcher with a dirty glass on it. You turn and look at Maza who has a twisted smile on her face, “what the hell is this? Where have you taken me?!”. You go to move forward to confront her in her face but you are stopped short, a metal chain magically wraps around your ankle preventing you from moving any further.
“Look at you…you’re pathetic! What is this you ask?…your end. The end to this farce of a family that you have created with Loki. Don’t get too comfortable…this is only a temporary stay for you until your true resting place is complete..”
“Maza…what are you talking about? Why are you doing this?”
“Why am I doing this…well…it’s simple really…Loki…he’s mine…He was always supposed to be mine and you are in my way…you were in my way on Asgard…if only I knew you were there at the time...I would’ve ended you then..”
“So..you didn’t know that Loki brought me to Asgard back then?”, you interrupt her tirade.
“Of course not, if I knew you wouldn’t have lived to see Ragnarok…No, I found out about you when Loki returned to Asgard on that ridiculous vessel…you both looked so touching…reuniting on the Rainbow Bridge…the concern in Loki’s eyes as he watched you run on the cursed thing to escape…what I would have given to have him look at me like that…just once…”, Maza looks off lost in thought.
“So you didn’t know it was really Loki and not Odin ruling Asgard?”, you ask. You already knew the answer, you just needed to hear her say that it was all a lie.
“No…to be honest I was…busy during that time…I didn’t even notice a difference in Odin before Thor revealed Loki’s illusion…”
“So the affair?..”
“Ha! You foolish mortal! Of course there was no affair…all you mortals have the same insecurities, am I tall enough?, am I thin enough?, will he bore of me?…blah blah blah…so terrified to lose something you unknowingly have all claim to…pathetic.”
“How have you been able to lie to Loki about all of this? He should’ve been able to sense your lie..”, you continue your interrogation.
She moves her hands in front of her and a book appears in them, “I was able to procure some spell books from Asgard before Ragnarok, specifically…Queen Frigga’s old spell books…”
Your eyes go wide. Using magic against Loki was one thing but using Frigga’s magic against him…yeeshh.
“So what’s your plan? Get rid of me and then what? Loki won’t let you live once he finds out you’ve taken me.”
“Oh he’ll be suspicious of me I’m sure of it…I will be his first suspect no doubt…but fear not, I still have a few spells I have yet to unleash…I just needed you out of the way first.”, she turns to leave the basement.
“Hey!! Where are you going?! You won’t get away with this! Loki will find me!”, you yell back at her retreating form as she disappears up the stairs.
All you hear is her laughter in response and the slam of the basement door. You take a look around to see if there was anything to help you get out of the chains around your ankle. You don’t see anything, your fear starting to creep in. How were you going to get out of this?
~~Back at the hospital~~
“Where is she?”
Thor’s hands go to Loki’s shoulders, “brother, we need to keep calm. We should retrieve the children from school and then go an inform Val, she should know y/n is missing.”
“Y/n’s missing?! I left her in this room not 5 minutes ago!”, Kelly hurriedly makes her way to them.
“Did you see or hear anything after you left this room?”, Loki asks her.
She shakes her head, “no..Loki…did she tell you what Birget told us about Maza?”.
“No…she called and asked for us to meet her here, that she learned something new about Maza..”, Loki’s concern rising.
Kelly took a deep breath, “Maza lied about knowing about your illusion of Odin, she had some sick obsession with you…it seems like she’s trying to get in the middle of you and y/n so she can finally get her claws into you..”
Loki looks at Thor with wide eyes and chest heaving, “I knew it. I knew she was lying.”
“But you didn’t know for sure…this still doesn’t answer the question of why you couldn’t tell she was lying to you both.”, Thor reminds him.
“More importantly…where is y/n?”, Kelly resets their perspectives. “Cameras!…there aren’t cameras in the offices but there are cameras in the hallways..”. She doesn’t wait, she just  takes off down the hall to the elevator. Thor and Loki jump in behind her just as she selects the floor, once they arrive she barely waits for the doors to open before she takes off again. After they jog down the hallway they arrive at a door that says security on it. Kelly bursts in, Thor and Loki see two guards sitting watching a bunch of monitors. Kelly immediately shoves herself in between the two seated men. “Which one is the first floor by the nurses station?”, she asks as she’s scanning each monitor.
“Uhh..1D”, one of the guards answers, too intimidated to ask questions with the two Gods behind them.
“1D…1D…1D…there! Ok..the office is in clear view…can you review the footage on this door from the last 15 minutes?”, Kelly asks.
“Uhh…yea…sure…”, the guard uses the control panel in front of them and enters some numbers and letters and the camera footage from that specific camera appears on the larger screen. He uses another gadget on the control panel to control the videos playback..they watch Birget knock on the door. “That’s Birget..she’s the healer that told us about Maza’s obsession and lies.”, Kelly informed Thor and Loki. The video moves forward and they watch Birget leave and then Amira is seen knocking on the door shorty after. “That’s Amira…she came to get one of us to help with the front desk…that’s when I told y/n to call you.”, Kelly looks to Loki. They look back to the footage and watch Amira leave to walk back to the desk and then Kelly leave shortly after that to assist her. All three of them watch the screen waiting to see it open and y/n exit but it never happens, the next image they see is Thor and Loki rushing into the room finding it empty.
“This doesn’t make sense..she never left the room.”, Thor says out loud.
“Go back..”, Loki demands.
“What? How long?”, Kelly asks.
“Right after you left to assist Amira. Just after the door closes.”, Loki instructs.
Again they all look at the screen, they watch Kelly leave and the door close behind her.
“Stop!”, Loki exclaims.
The guard pauses the screen, “look at the bottom of the door. Did you see that?”, Loki explains excitedly.
Kelly looks to the guard and then the screen, “back it up 10 seconds and then go frame by frame.” The guard does as instructed and they all zone in on the bottom of the door, just as Loki was about to give up hope. There was a flash that showed through the crack of the bottom of the door.
“There! Did you see it!”, Loki exclaims.
“What was that?”, Kelly turns and asks him.
“I’m not sure…it’s very possible it was a portal..”, Loki suggests.
“Birget did say that Maza would study the books you studied back on Asgard. Do you think she learned how to do that?”
“What books?”, Loki asked nervously.
“I don’t know, Birget said that she would read whatever books you returned to the library in Asgard…”, Kelly informed him.
Loki worriedly looks to Thor, “depending on what she learned…brother..we need to find y/n. I fear what Maza might do if she has indeed taken her.”
“Let us go to the school and retrieve the children and speak to Val. It’s more likely that Maza has taken y/n…we need to act quickly.”
Loki nods and creates a portal directly to the school, he went to the main office and signed them out. The children came out shortly after, they both looked confused and then as soon as Val saw his uncle he sprinted for him. “Uncle Thor!!”, Vali runs into his arms.
“Nephew…”, he snatches Vali up in a tight hug. Thor looks over Vali’s shoulder to Loki and Narfi. 
“Narfi?”, Loki is looking at his son who has stopped short walking towards them.
“Daddy? Where’s mommy?”, Narfi asks quietly.
Loki panics, he can’t lie to him…, “we need to speak with Aunt Val and then we will speak of your mother.”
Narfi looks up to the ceiling and closes his eyes, “she’s scared…”
Loki moves like lightning in front of him, “you feel her, she is afraid?”
Narfi nods, opens his eyes and looks at Loki, “terrified.”
Loki’s eye’s grow wide, “come, we must go to see Val.” He scoops Narfi up into his arms, Thor kept Vali in his and they walked through the portal to Val’s throne room together.
Val was there looking over a map of New Asgard with Sylvie, some guards also fill up the room.
“So no more knocking? We’re just walking in now?”, Val snarks at Loki and Thor. She softens some when she noticed the children in their arms.
“My King, y/n is missing.”, Thor informs Val formally since they weren’t alone.
Val and Sylvie immediately straighten their postures, “for how long? When was the last time she was seen?”, straight to business.
“Daddy?”, Loki heard Vali call for him from Thor’s arms. “Where’s momma?”
Loki looks at Vali and then to Narfi, “come here boys.” Loki motions Thor to place the twins down so he can kneel in front of them. “Boys, your mother is missing.”, he looks directly at Narfi. “The fear you feel from her confirms that she has been taken by someone who means her harm.”. He looks to Vali, “we must move quickly to try and find her. I need you both to be brave for your mother, stay close to me, Uncle Thor and Aunt Val.”
“Ahem…”, Loki hears a throat clear behind him and rolls his eyes recognizing who it was coming from. “And Aunt Sylvie as well, we will keep you both safe..stay in our sight at all times…Narfi? Can you still feel her?”
Narfi looks at Loki and nods sadly, he whispers “she’s so scared daddy…but…I think she knows you’re looking for her…underneath all of the scared feeling is…”..he scrunches his little face.., “hope…”
Loki nods and smiles at Narfi, “good..she is the bravest lady your mother…she is the strongest person I know and she loves you both so much…that alone will help her get home..”
He opens his arms wide and envelopes them both in a hug, he gives them one last comforting smile and stands to face the group. Thor filled in Val and Sylvie while he was talking to the children.
“Right so where do we start?”, Sylvie asks the group.
“Well we know her employment and we have her home address. We should split up and go to both to see if Maza has been seen there. Sylvie you go to the restaurant and see what you can find out, Thor and Loki go to her home. I give you full authority to break her door down if need be.”, Val gives out directions. 
“And what will you be doing me King? And what of my children?”, Loki asks.
“I will be staying here with the guards to get a full search organized for y/n, the children will be safe here with me.”
Loki nods and they all move, he moves over to his children and comforts them before he leaves with Thor. “I will be back my darlings. Remember what I said, stay where Aunt Val can see you.”, they both nod and throw their arms around him. Loki closes his eyes, soaking in their embrace, “we will be back soon. I love you both.”
Loki stands and walks outside where Thor and Sylvie were waiting, “let us go brother.”
“Yes, Sylvie good luck.”, Thor nods to Sylvie.
“You as well…hey…”, she gets Loki’s attention who looks at her, “we’re going to find her and bring her back to you and your family.”, she says confidently.
Loki just nods and creates two portals, one for Thor and himself to use and one that would take Sylvie to the restaurant. She nods to him in thanks and walks through the portal, when it snapped closed Loki and Thor walked through their own.
“Val said this is where her home would be…”, all of the homes in New Asgard were recently built so it was one of the smaller single family homes. They both walk to the front door and Loki immediately senses magic. Dark magic.
He puts his hand out to stop Thor in his tracks, “brother wait.”
“What is it?”, Thor asks.
“The door is rigged to release a nasty hex should we attempt to go through it. Give me a moment.” He recognized the hex, it was one he would use frequently back on Asgard to keep unwanted beings out of his private chambers. He knew how to disable it but this didn’t leave him with a good feeling, this particular hex was not easy to cast…what else is this woman capable of? Loki holds out his arms and starts to whisper incantations and he feels the hex start to break down, the casters magic being but a whisper of power in comparison to Loki’s. Once Loki successfully broke the hex he motioned to Thor that is was ok to go inside. When they entered they were both taken aback by what they saw, the living room was filled with artifacts from Asgard. Gold and jewels filled the room, paintings of the royal family covered the walls. Upon closer inspection they found that the faces on the paintings have been all blasted away and only Loki’s face remained. 
“Brother..what is all of this?.”, Thor asks in wonder at all of the things.
“My shit.”, Loki says angrily. “She has been collecting my personal belongings for what looks like centuries…how did I not noti…”, Loki stops short. His entire body seizing in place as he looks down at a table with books laid out on it.
“Loki?”, Thor looks to his now silent brother, “what is it?”
Loki picks up one of the books, “mother’s books…these are…mother’s spell books…”
“How did she get mother’s books?”, Thor asks.
“Fuck if I know Thor but the type of knowledge that lives in these books is incredibly dangerous. What she has learned from these alone…”, he shakes his head, “who knows what else she has learned over the years.”. Loki’s eyes start filling with tears, “we have to find her Thor..”
Thor pulls his brother in for a hug, “we will find her Loki. Together. Come there is still more for us to search through.” They walk through the house and so far the most interesting thing they have found was Frigga’s books. Loki becomes frustrated and slams some glassware in the kitchen, “this is useless!”
“Brother..calm…there has to be something.”
Loki leans on the table in front of him and closes his eyes trying to center himself and calm the storm of his soul. He opens his eyes and he sees a trail of water oddly streaming towards a wall. He stares at the wall for a moment and walks over and feels the same tingle of magic he felt when they arrived. “Thor…would you be so kind as to pass me Stormbreaker?”
Thor looked at his brother confused but didn’t want to question him so he did as Loki asked and he passed over his beloved weapon.
“Thank you.”, Loki says calmly..too calm.
He immediately starts to slam the axe into the wall completely tearing in apart.
“Loki! What in Valhalla are you doing?!”, Thor stops Loki from doing further damage to the wall.
Loki out of breath, hair all over the place looking deranged looks over at Thor, “look for yourself brother.”. Loki looks at the hole he just put in the wall and Thor follows his gaze, he sees the damage and then when he looked closer he saw a quick glimpse of a light. “What is that?”…
Thor walks over to the wall and uses the back of the axe to pull at the broken wall to make the opening larger and he sees a room. He uses the axe and tears open the rest of the wall so Loki and him can walk into the secret room. What they see sent chills down their spines. It was a room filled with photos of the twins and Loki. Y/n was in the pictures too but her face was scratched out in all of them, violently.
“Gods..”, Thor exhales.
Sylvie walks through the portal to the restaurant and doesn’t see Maza..she walks around looking at all of the patrons and servers. She ends up seeing the waitress that waited on her and Val the last time they had a date night there.
“Excuse me…ms?”, Sylvie interrupts the girl politely from her work.
“Oh hello…how can I help you?”, she asks sweetly.
“I’m actually looking for someone…she works here…names Maza…have you seen her?”
“Um yea I think she’s working actually.”, she says with a smile.
“Oh really? Where might I find her love?”, Sylvie knew Val hated it when she flirted but she can’t deny the effectiveness of it. 
The girl blushes, “ummm…I think she was waiting on that section back there.”, she points to the very back of the restaurant.
Sylvie winks at her, “thank you love. You have a beautiful day, yea?”
She blushes, smiles and looks down getting back to her work. Sylvie moved to the back of the restaurant, the smile she put on her face to charm the waitress changes to an intimidating scowl. Patrons taking one look at her and moving out of her way not wanting to test the wrath of the town’s mysterious resident. Sylvie takes a quick look around and sees Maza waiting on some drinks to be completed for one of her tables. Sylvie rapidly moves in Maza’s direction and roughly grabs her on her upper arm.
Maza whips her head around and looks at whoever grabbed her, “excuse me?! Get off of me!”
Sylvie drags her into the kitchen and slams her against the wall, “where is she?”
“Don’t play dumb with me girl. Where. Is. Y/n.”, she sneers in Maza’s face.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about lady..”, Maza smiles at Sylvie.
“Y/n! Where is y/n!”, Sylvie feels hands on her she looks to her left and right and sees other employees coming to their friends aid. Not wanting to hurt innocent people Sylvie releases her and shoves the people holding here off, “get off of me!”.
Distracted by what was happening she didn’t see Maza slip out the back, all she saw was the back door closing. Sylvie pushed herself away from the kitchen staff and ran out the back door after Maza but when she got outside she didn’t see her. Like she completely vanished in thin air.
Your sitting on the bed rubbing at your ankle, the chains rubbing you raw. You were still looking around the room for anything that might help you escape but the feeling of dread was creeping in. There was nothing else in this room. Just a bed, a blanket, a table with one pitcher of water, one glass…and you. You sat on the bed and cried, this crazy bitch was going to tear apart your family. You’re so angry at yourself, you let your insecurities get in between you and the man you love. Would he even forgive you after this was all said and done? If you survive… You take a deep breath to calm yourself and to try and stave off the panic you were starting to feel and then the basement door slams open. 
“Well everything’s going to shit. It’s time to move up my plans for you.”
Before you can question her everything goes black.
Back in Val’s throne room, Val was currently waiting for a report from the guards, Sylvie and the Odinsons. Val looked on to the children, Vali was holding on to Narfi who was rocking back and forth in his seat. Poor thing was feeling all of his mothers emotions. Just then Loki and Thor walked in, “anything?”, she asks.
Loki went straight to his children, Val looked over to Thor for answers.
He shook his head, “we found rooms filled with Loki’s old possessions from Asgard, mother’s old spell books and enough hex’s to curse the entire Asgardian populace. Has Sylvie returned?”
Val shakes her head, “not yet.”
“How have the children been in our absence?”
Val looks to the children hugging tightly to their father, “quiet. Narfi is fighting an invisible battle. But at least we know she’s alive.”
Thor nods and looks to the door when he hears Sylvie enter.
“She’s a real bitch that one.”
“Language!”, Thor scolds her and points to the children.
She holds up her hands, “sorry…Maza was in the restaurant…”
Loki’s attention immediately snapped to her, “is she still there?”
“No, I confronted her and she ran off like a coward.”
Loki runs his hands through his hair in frustration, “how could you let her get away?!”
“I’m sorry Loki I was busy trying not to kill any of the innocent people coming to her defense.”, Sylvie defends herself.
“Nothing else matters but y/n! Nothing! You wasted precious time and now she knows we are on to her!”
“What would you have me do? Kill a building full of innocents to find her?! Do you think so little of the woman you love? To think she would be ok with you sacrificing innocent people in order to find her!”
“Stop! Stooopppp!!!!”, Narfi’s scream stops their banter.
Loki looks over at his son and sees he is covering his ears tightly, his eyes shut so tight he’s shaking. Loki moves over to his struggling son, “I’m sorry Narfi…I’m sorry.”. Loki hugs his son to him and quietly cries into his little shoulder. He feels terrible, he knows Narfi is dealing with an onslaught of emotions on top of his own. Then it his him and he stands up straight, “where is your map Val?”
“Yes, a map of New Asgard.”
Loki picks Narfi up in his arms and looks over to Vali, “come.”
They all go with Val into the observatory and see a large map of New Asgard laid out on the table. Loki places Narfi down and focuses on reaching into his pocket dimension, he pulls out a single crystal and a string. He then proceeds to wrap the string around the crystal and once done holds it in front of him and swings it around to test the strength of the string, making sure the crystal won’t go flying off of it.
“Ok my boy..up you get.”, Loki reaches down and picks up Narfi, stands him up on one of the chairs and hands the crystal over to him.
“Alright Narfi, impromptu magic lesson..I’m going to teach you how to find someone using scrying.”
“Scrying?”, Narfi asks confused.
“Yes my son, we are going to use your powers of an empath to locate your mother.”
“How?”, he asks nervously.
Loki looks at his son adoringly, “with magic my boy. Now, I want you to think of your mother. Give in to the emotions she is feeling.” Narfi closes his eyes and Loki knows he can feel his mother’s emotions from the way his little chin wobbled. “Ok..good boy…now I want you to dangle the crystal over the map and I want you to swing it around in a circle.” Narfi does so slowly. “Faster..”, Loki encourages him and the crystal picks up speed. “Faster…”, the crystal is moving rapidly in a circle and then the crystal falls on the table on a specific spot on the map. Exhausted, Narfi’s eyes roll in the back of his head and he falls off the chair he was standing on, Loki catches him in his arms and tried to rouse him. “Narfi…Narfi…son…please”, Loki’s voice starts to break, hoping he didn’t push his son’s magic too far too soon. Narfi’s eyes crack open and he looks at Loki, “did I do it? Did I find mommy?”
Loki looks over at the table and sees everyone’s gaze is on the crystal. It was standing straight up, hopefully indicated your exact location. He looks down at Narfi with pride in his eyes, “I believe so my son..I’m so proud of you..”
“Loki…”, he looks up to Val trying to get is attention. She’s fixated on the map.
Loki looks at the location the crystal landed on and his heart stopped.
It was New Asgards cemetery.
To be continued…
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Me and @shambelle97 think the Loki Show would have been much better if:
-Loki's genderfluidity had been represented correctly.
-Sylvie had been the real Amora and not a Loki variant and a fusion between Sylvie Lushton, Amora and Lady Loki.
-The Loki variant attempting to destroy the TVA was Old Loki.
-The fem-presenting Loki variant was the Lady Loki featured in the comics and was played by a trans woman or a fem-presenting non-binary actor.
-The TVA had not used collars with the people they captured but electronic bracelets with the same function as the collars. It would have been less dehumanizing.
-Loki's TimeCell scene with Lady Sif had never existed. It's not funny at all and we're sure that if it was Loki who beat and insulted Sif everyone who found that scene "funny" would have said that Marvel promotes violence against women.
What would you have liked to see in the series? 💚
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gottabescientific · 1 year
Honestly Loki is basically the only morally complex character marvel has tried to write and he's been through like seven different directors' intentions and rewrites and the most fucking inconsistent characterization fiction has ever seen so kudos to Tom Hiddleston for actually pulling a semi-compelling character out of that mess but also for not going fucking feral on every new director who, thinking theyre god's gift to marvel and cinema, has turned to him and said "I think we're gonna do something a little different with Loki this time"
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Loki selfcest fine in theory but in practice they made girl Loki blonde and explicitly cisfem and not named Loki so that it would be less weird . Coward move. There should have been two tom hiddlestons kissing each other
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vilf (villain I'd like to fuck)
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writerandrocker · 1 year
Tumblr media
I’m thrilled that Loki is canonically bi now, but you’ve got to admit this is (kind of) funny
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Im sorry miss minutes…
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Marvel and their secrecy are scary
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jimsrippedshirt · 1 year
Me: Wow I can’t believe it’s canon that Natasha and Tony both survived Endgame :)
MCU: That’s not canon though
Me: You just made every possible timeline real with the Loki season 1 finale so aCTUALLY—
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Tumblr media
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ravennazane · 1 year
Technically, everything is canon now 
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Tumblr media
By Keiidakamya
I highly encourage you to check out the artist! They have a lot of good stuff.
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When you’re both the protagonist and antagonist of your own series
Tumblr media
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