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writing-culture-is · a day ago
Tip for those who struggle with maintaining constant motivation with your stories: try to always have two or three chapters ready to be put out in advance, so when you do go through a patch where you have absolutely no motivation, you've still got things to post :)
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imjustwritingg · 12 hours ago
🔹Chicago PD - The Real You - Review🔹
Tumblr media
Chicago PD’s second episode of the season had a little bit of everything last week — lots of emotions, a little chaos, some Burzek goodness for their fans, and some serious WTF moments for others. I review it here:
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joaneunknown · 2 days ago
Reading, why is it so important for writers?
"Reading is like breathing in, writing is like breathing out." - Pam Allyn
I would like to start by saying that reading is not only important for writers but for any person in this world. Reading is more than sentences laid on nice smelling pages. Reading gives you the freedom to walk thru different worlds. Or, if we are talking about non-fiction, it could easily insert new information into your brain without you even realizing it. In this post, however, I will be focusing on reading fiction and the reasons why reading is so important for writers and their writing.
1. Reading walks you through new worlds
Books are the doors to new worlds and reading is walking inside of those worlds. By walking and switching realities with other fantastic worlds it automatically helps the creative side of your brain (the right side) develop and with its development, the creativity and imagination raises, and new ideas are born. Although not all ideas are transformed into books, they could also be used for shorter projects which is still a great way to exercise your writing.
2. Reading let's you see how you could improve your writing
Personally, I love analyzing other writers' style of writing. You shouldn't try to write like someone else. Instead, I think it is way better to combine the things you like in other writers' writing and incorporate it in yours. Maybe you liked how they set the scene and that could potentially help you set yours using your own dynamic and ideas without even mentioning the vocabulary or the descriptive sequences from which you could inspire from. Maybe you want to make your introduction more interesting, then you should read more and more books, taking a little from each books' introductions and forming your own introduction.
3. Reading helps you find your books' genre
As a writer, I enjoy both writing and reading thriller/suspense and crime. Of course, I don't only read what I write about but if you like reading books in certain categories maybe you will also find a matching writing genre for your book. Now, books shouldn't fit under a label and each book, from my point of view, has a main category and two or three secondary ones. For example, thriller goes hand in hand with suspense and crime. When you are reading thriller, you are surrounded by suspense and thrill. Write the books or stories that you enjoy both writing and reading. Entertain not only the readers but yourself.
4. Reading makes you understand what your readers may like or dislike
You should look at the books you are reading not only from the reader's point of view but also from the writer's point of view. What would you change? What would you add? Do I like the dynamic of the action? Take the things you like from other writers' books and put them in yours, adding it to your own writing, and then learn from what you didn't like from other books. I absolutely hate when dialogues are flat, almost awkward and cringey, and that became my all-time writing fear because I don't want my characters to sound like robots. I need my characters to be as natural and humanly as possible. And, I don't mean to say that your writing should be perfect because no kind of art is perfect in the first place. However, you should learn not only from your mistakes but from others' mistakes because that is what evolving means after all.
5. Reading motivates you to write
Reading an amazing, well-written book could motivate you to start or continue writing your own book or story. Even if it may sound harsh, your idea means nothing if you don't put it on paper, so you better read to motivate and inspire you in order to get that idea out and mold it how you please.
In conclusion, you should go and read something right now. Something you like or something that you may have not had enough time to start reading. Read whenever and wherever you can. Get inspiration, develop new ideas from other books and don't be afraid to get inspired by other writers' writing. Every writer writes differently, and all writers should learn from other writers.
So, what are you waiting for? Like, follow, comment, share and then grab a book!
With all this being said, I am Joane Unknown, thank you for reading my post and get ready for another one next week! This post is part of my #TalkingUnkown series, more like these on my profile.
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tongue-like-a-razor · a day ago
I don’t know if this information might interest anybody but I get a lot of my character inspo from my hubby and just random things he says and does. So, what I’m trying to say is, y’all are basically just in love with my husband 🤭
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writingraven · 3 months ago
Writing Tips
Punctuating Dialogue
➸ “This is a sentence.”
➸ “This is a sentence with a dialogue tag at the end,” she said.
➸ “This,” he said, “is a sentence split by a dialogue tag.”
➸ “This is a sentence,” she said. “This is a new sentence. New sentences are capitalized.”
➸ “This is a sentence followed by an action.” He stood. “They are separate sentences because he did not speak by standing.”
➸ She said, “Use a comma to introduce dialogue. The quote is capitalized when the dialogue tag is at the beginning.”
➸ “Use a comma when a dialogue tag follows a quote,” he said.
“Unless there is a question mark?” she asked.
“Or an exclamation point!” he answered. “The dialogue tag still remains uncapitalized because it’s not truly the end of the sentence.”
➸ “Periods and commas should be inside closing quotations.”
➸ “Hey!” she shouted, “Sometimes exclamation points are inside quotations.”
However, if it’s not dialogue exclamation points can also be “outside”!
➸ “Does this apply to question marks too?” he asked.
If it’s not dialogue, can question marks be “outside”? (Yes, they can.)
➸ “This applies to dashes too. Inside quotations dashes typically express—“
“Interruption” — but there are situations dashes may be outside.
➸ “You’ll notice that exclamation marks, question marks, and dashes do not have a comma after them. Ellipses don’t have a comma after them either…” she said.
➸ “My teacher said, ‘Use single quotation marks when quoting within dialogue.’”
➸ “Use paragraph breaks to indicate a new speaker,” he said.
“The readers will know it’s someone else speaking.”
➸ “If it’s the same speaker but different paragraph, keep the closing quotation off.
“This shows it’s the same character continuing to speak.”
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madrewrites · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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badwritermedia · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
the elusive 7 act Structure
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writeouswriter · 3 months ago
No, I didn't forget about those WIPs, time just moves differently for me. For you, it's been years; for me, it's just been a few seconds, maybe a minute
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mywritingcannotbestopped · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Is this a problem?
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akmwrites · 2 months ago
Soft touch prompts
Those types of touches that are feather-like and make you feel tingly in a good way. Touches like:
The soft caress of your lips after the very first kiss.
Caress to the cheek after a moment together.
Gentle wipe of your spilled tears after heavy arguments, a simple gesture that shows you how sorry they are for making you shed sad tears instead of happy ones.
Gentle wipe of dirt on your cheek after enjoying your food too much.
Chin lift to make you look directly at their eyes that just make you follow aimlessly and without much force really. (bonus if they kiss afterward)
When they hold your face in their hands and just look into your eyes and just hold the other softly.
When they lightly wipe the blood off your lip from bitting it too often and softly "kiss it better"
Helping you gently put your earring on and tuck a hair behind your ear to inspect how the accessory looks beautiful on you with or without them.
Helping you put your necklace on and sneak a quick kiss on your neck before complimenting you.
Softly pulling your hair back after being food poisoned.
Worriedly inspecting your temperature after noticing your lack of mood and giving you a chaste kiss on the forehead.
Soft hand touches with a light comforting squeeze that instantly assures you they're there.
Softly massaging your hands when you ask them politely.
Loosely holding your hand while you watch and walk around on your date.
Cradling your cut finger after an incident with the knife and tending to your wound with a kiss afterward.
Caressing the back of your hand absentmindedly.
Softly toying with your ring and wondering when they'll get to replace it with a wedding ring.
Softly running their hands on your arms and feeling how cold to the touch your skin is before wrapping you in a hug to share their warmth.
Softly pulling your wrist to pull you closer to them.
softly intertwining your fingers together to hold your hand or twirl you in the middle of the night dance session.
Edit: holy heck guys!!! Thank you all so much for the notes and reblogs!!! I didn't expect this to get this much attention!!! Love you guys!!! 🥰🥰🥰
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being a writer is like HOLY SHIT I HAVE SUCH A GOOD IDEA THIS IS AWESOME *writes down the most horrifying idea to ever grace google docs*
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promptful · 3 months ago
70 Taunting Enemies Prompts
Remember, requests are open.
Tumblr media
1) “Is that really all you got?” 
2) “Come on, you can do better than that.” 
3) “I’m not even sweating yet.” 
4) “Think I broke more of a sweat petting my cat than I did fighting you.” 
5) “I’m sure you can hit me if you try hard enough. I believe in you.” 
6) “So close.” 
7) “You’re… boring me.”
8) “I expected more.”
9) “Why couldn’t the cops deal with you?” 
10) “Oh, no.” (said really sarcastically) 
11) “I’m sooo scared.” 
12) “Honestly, if you weren’t threatening actual lives, you’d be more of a nuisance, really.” 
13) “This is what I was called for? You?” 
14) “What… is this?” 
15) “Do you want me to slow down for you?” 
16) “If it makes you feel better, I’ll let you get a hit in.” 
17) “This is stupid. Goodnight.” 
18) “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be good enough to beat me one day.” 
19) “Come and get it.” 
20) “That actually hurt. Wow.” 
21)  “Compared to my usual crowd, you’re nothing.” 
22) “Get out of my way.” 
23) “Move.” 
24) “Having fun?” 
25) “Aw, you’re not hurt already, are you?” 
26) “I was just playing. Surely you can take more.” 
27) “Oh my, is that blood? Just from that?”
28) “You have to get through me!”
29) “Shut up!” 
30) “I can keep going.” 
31) “This— this is nothing.” 
32) “I’ll make you regret saying that!”
33) “Then let me make this a little more challenging!” 
34) “Of course it hurts, dipshit.” 
35) “You should be scared.” 
36) “Stop— stop taunting me!” 
37) “Fun? Fun? Don’t insult me.” 
38) “I’ll show you better!” 
39) “I can’t stand you.” 
40) “Get out of my way!” 
41) “Over my dead body!” 
42) “I won’t let you get to them.” 
43) “I’ll make sure you can’t hurt anybody else.” 
44) “Over my grave, you bastard.” 
45) “Dammit, all right, here we go!”
46) “I’ll take you down if it’s the last thing I do.” 
47) “If I can’t take you down, I will never forgive myself.” 
48) “Try and move me, I dare you!” 
49) “You’re gonna regret that!” 
50) “You want to see what I can do?” 
51)  “You’re nothing.”
52) “Keep taunting me and see what happens.” 
53) “I’ll give you one chance, walk away.” 
54) “Fine, I guess we’re doing this.” 
55) “Y’know, talking during fighting isn’t very professional!” 
56) You have a stupid smirk on your face, and I’m just trying to be serious. Why are you like this? Can we fight already? 
57) Why are you taunting me? Stop— stop dancing. We’re in the middle of a fight. 
58) When the cops/superhero/my friend told me what you were doing, I wanted to stay in bed. And now that I’m here, I’m thinking that maybe I should have. 
59) Is that bomb fake or real. I can never tell with you.
60) I’m bleeding from your knife/kicks/punches, but I’m not gonna stop fighting until you’re finally taken down. 
61) Every time you taunt me, I see red, and you know this. I should be stronger, but I’m not. 
62) I won’t let you hurt the people I love. Not while I’m still breathing. 
63) You notice that I’m breathing heavy, and you just keep smirking. I— I can keep going. I can. 
64) We used to be friends, what happened to us? Why do we always have to fight? 
65) If you’d just put that gun/remote/knife, we could go home, y’know? We don’t have to keep fighting. 
66) You’re not fighting like you used to, what happened? 
67) This is pathetic and a waste of my time, you’re in my way. 
68) You’ve gotten weaker, I can’t help but let a smirk cross my lips, this is almost… funny. 
You stumble against the wall with half-lidded eyes. It’d be so easy to just stroll by you, but for some reason, I can’t help but keep taunting you. 
69) You hate me. I hate you. Yet, taunting you is one of my favorite things to do. 
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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writing-culture-is · 3 months ago
Friend/relative: Oh, you write? That's so cool! What do you write about?
Me: Actually, I usually just zone out for an hour and then call it a day
Me: Sometimes I write down the occasional adjective or verb
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writingraven · 3 months ago
Writing Tips
Descriptions in Between Dialogue
⤠ how characters interact with the environment
⇝ moving something, picking something up, looking somewhere
⤠ how the environment interacts with the characters
⇝ weather, other character’s actions or movements
⤠ gestures
⇝ facial expressions, body language
⤠ shifts in position
⇝ standing, sitting, leaning, shifting weight, crossing arms/legs
⤠ physical reactions
⇝ body temperature, fidgeting, heart rate, character quirks
⤠ environmental descriptions
⇝ descriptions using the five senses, setting, character’s appearances
⤠ internal dialogue
⇝ emotional reaction to what was said, reflection of past experiences, connections to other characters/settings/actions
➵ I want to reiterate… descriptions using the five senses ; when in doubt, think of the five senses your character is experiencing and pick what best moves the story forward
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etcrow · a month ago
Guys, I am begging you. Please, please, PLEASE REBLOG FREE CONTENT CREATORS or they will never have enough interactions and their blog will die or they will simply lose intest and leave Tumblr. Don't complain if writers or artists leave fandoms. They need reblogs to go further.
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badwritermedia · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
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