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Don’t try to create and analyze at the same time. They’re different processes.
John Cage
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Chúng ta kết hôn là vì hy vọng trên đời này có thêm một người yêu thương chúng ta, luôn ở bên chúng ta; khi đau nhức sẽ có người đưa chúng ta đến bệnh viện, khi trời mưa tầm tã sẽ có người đón về, khi đêm khuya tĩnh lặng có người ngủ bên cạnh giúp chúng ta yên tâm say giấc, khi tủi thân oan ức có người vỗ về và nói "Đừng lo, có anh ở đây rồi".
Nếu tất cả đều không tồn tại, chỉ dư lại việc nhà làm mãi không hết, quở trách nghe mãi không thôi, những tháng ngày khổ sở không hồi kết, nước mắt xót xa rơi hoài không ngơi, bản thân bỗng dưng có thêm một người và một gia tộc gò bó khống chế trói buộc mình, vậy một cuộc hôn nhân như vậy có ý nghĩa gì đây?
Ý nghĩa thật sự của hôn nhân không phải để trốn tránh sự soi mói của người đời, cũng không phải để cha mẹ hài lòng, càng không vì sinh con đẻ cái, mà chỉ để bản thân sống hạnh phúc và sống tốt hơn lúc độc thân.
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Showing when writing: Emotions [part 1]
hiding their face in their hands
wide eyes
crossing their arms around their body
shifting their weight from side to side
exaggerated movements
nervous quirks appear such as picking at their nails, playing with their hair, and rocking on their heels.
avoiding eye contact
glancing or staring at random objects
stiff smiles
scratching the back of their head or neck.
subject changing
forced laughter
big smiles
wetting their lips
constant movement
can't concentrate
wide eyes
slack jaw
harsh or erratic breathing
open mouth
slack jaw
wide eyes
covering their mouth with their hands
raised eyebrows
stepping back
stutters or stammers
Tilting back head and yelling out
fist pumping in the air
bright smiles
Shaking fist
crossed arms
Stabbing with finger
Slamming fist against something
Veins throbbing
Jutting out their chin
Clenched fist
Clenched jaw
flushed face
Eyebrows lowered or furrowed
Teeth bared
Wide stance
Tight-lipped smile
Rapid breathing
aggressive stance
Flared nostrils
Puffed chest
loud voice
lip biting
biting nails
stepping back
awkward laughter
dry lips
dry mouth
darting eyes
wrapping their arms around themselves
repeatedly folding and unfolding their arms
clutching at themselves, their hip/shoulder/stomach
drawn in/furrowed brows
avoiding eye contact
pitched voice
no appetite or nervous eating so a bigger appetite
toying with things
bouncing leg
rubbing at their face
sweating trembling
if you want to support, take a look at my story - Thoraway villain
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tbartss · 2 months
say what u will about wattpad but one thing those bitches got right was the ability to annotate and comment as you read the chapter and see what other people thought about it like that shit was genius
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writers-hq · 1 month
Ten types of fuckery that stop you from writing the thing:
1. Imposter syndrome
You think you're not good enough or everyone else is better than you and you're just winging it AKA ye olde imposter syndrome bullshit. Yeah nah you're fine. No really, you're exactly where you need to be right now, and you'll keep getting better and better so long as you don't stop. Chances are, if you're filled with doubt about your abilities it means you've actually improved to the point where you can really start to understand what makes good writing. It means you know where you wanna end up and goshdarn it you're gonna get there.
Read this: 4 tips to kick imposter syndrome in the face and also genitals
And also this: How to silence the inner critic
2. Fear of rejection and/or failure
Yeah, us too. It fuckin sucks. BUT. Not all rejections are equal. And rejection is a necessary part of the process. Sometimes it takes a rejection to realise that a story isn't ready. Sometimes a rejection is entirely subjective and has ZERO reflection on the quality of your work. But shying away from the very idea of possibly maybe hypothetically getting rejected is only going to hold you back from even trying. And knowing why you got rejected and how to learn from it is one of the most valuable writing skills.
Read this: The different types of rejection (and how to deal with 'em)
Then read this: How to cope with rejection
And also this: Writing lessons from Groundhog Day
3. Not enough planning / too much planning
Leaping into a new story with nothing but a glimmer of an idea is exciting as heck (and can sometimes be a great way to begin) but at some point you're gonna need some sort of outline or plan to keep you on track. HOWEVER. Planning your story to within an inch of its life can also sometimes be a hindrance - leaving you stuck in the hypothetical stage of the process where your story doesn't quite exist yet (and therefore avoiding the prospect of it sucking). The sweet spot is in the middle. Having just enough of a plan to know where tf you're going, but enough freedom and flexibility to let the story lead the way...
Read this: Planning vs pantsing
Then read this: Five plotting techniques
And also this: The perils of overplanning
4. Your WIP just isn't working
Sometimes things just fall flat. Sometimes you work on the same story for yeeeeears and then it just kinda... dies. Sometimes you have the best plans (see above) and the best intentions and things still don't work out. Sometimes it's just time to move on. And sometimes it's not! Sometimes a story can be revived, fixed or changed. Sometimes you just need time. Sometimes YOU'RE the one that's changed and this isn't the story you need to be writing right now. Many variables. Muchly personal. Read the things below for more advice cos this is a big question:
Read this: What to do when your WIP isn't working
And also this: Give it space - how to grow a story in your head
Or how about this? Editing 101
5. You keep deprioritising it
Ah the irony of writing being the thing you love/want to do most of all AND YET the thing you procrastinate over and avoid and shove to the very bottom of your to-do list all the freakin' time. Maybe it's the comodification of art destroying our freedom to create without pressure. Maybe it's late capitalism sucking up all our available time and energy. Maybe it's a lack of self-belief subconsciously telling us our 'little hobby' doesn't really matter. Maybe it's maybelline. Whatever it is, you have the power to reclaim and revalue your writing. To say, "I'm a fucking writer, goddamnit!" and mean it. To ringfence your creative time so nothing and nobody gets to interrupt it. To do that thing you love.
Read this: Prioritise your writing
Read this: How to write in 30 second bursts
6. Shiny Thing Syndrome
You know that feeling when you're just getting stuck into a writing project and then — SQUIRREL! — you get distracted by another, better, more shiny writing project? Or maybe you're deep in the editing phase and your current WIP just isn't feeling very shiny at all and pretty much ANYTHING seems more exciting? Or you simply can't decide which of the many squirrelly writing ideas to actually start? You, fine writerperson, may be suffering from Shiny Thing Syndrome (STS). But fear not! There are a few ways to combat it, depending on the cause, and most of them involve embracing the squirrel-brain and injecting a bit of fun into your writing, like so:
Read this: Shiny thing syndrome - a writer's malady
Aaaand read this: Get excited about your writing again
And also this: Write like a kid
7. Perfectionism/self-sabotage
Look. Writing is scary as shit. What if someone READS it? What if they don't like it? What if they see into your soul and gain a deeper understanding of you through your words? Writing your truth, being vulnerable, smearing your heart juice all over the page? No thank you. But also, that's where the good shit is, so actually yes please. Just make sure you smear responsibly. And rest assured, even the most 'successful' and experienced writers ALSO feel like this sometimes, so you're in good company. It's just part of the art, bruh.
Read this: Why writing is scary (and why that's a good thing)
Read this: Beginning a story - what stops us starting?
And also this: Get out of your own way
8. The dreaded blank page
Oh godddd the blank page. It should be an exciting palimseset of possibility but is somehow also the most terrifying thing known to humankind. You wanna write something but where to start? HOW to start? You type that first line and immediately delete it. You watch the cursor blinking at you—taunting you—until you just give up and shut your laptop again. It's probably tied up with a bunch of things we've already covered so far: perfectionism, imposter syndrome, fear of failure, maybe a lack of planning or faith in your story or whatever. But it doesn't have to be this way. A blank page IS exciting and full of possibility. We just have to get over ourselves and learn to embrace the unknown...
Read this: Don't fear the blank page
And also this: The moaning method
9. Not enough time/energy/motivation/gnuuuughh
Dude, same x 1000. But you don't have to get up at 5am, do hot yoga, drink a kale smoothie and write a thousand words before sunrise to be a Proper Writer. You don't even have to write every day. But what you can do is hack your writing brain and figure out when, where, how, and why you write most effectively. Then tweak your schedule, your habits, and your attitude to ensure you're making the most of your time. Productivity is a big ol' lie but finding the secret to getting in your own personal writing zone is actual MAGIC.
Read this: Maximise your writing time
And also this: Get in the writing zone
And also unto this: The Writers' HQ Guide to Productivity
10. You're just fucken stuck
Got the writing morbs? In need of some literary sudafed? Stuck as a pig in a poke? Writing is a whole puzzle of a process—and to be honest that's what makes it so fun and exciting and addictive, because your writing brain is hardwired to both create AND solve the wordy puzzles within your story. Sometimes the answer is time. Sometimes it's a second opinion or a fresh eye. Sometimes a totally different approach or just a hefty kick up the bum. But whatever the problem, there IS a solution. You just gotta keep going and trust that you'll find it...
Read this: Troubleshoot your writing - why are you stuck?
And also this: Break through the writing blockage
And also also this: Write yourself into a pit (and then dig your way out again)
Alright, that's it for today. Now go write, you flithy animals.
(And if we missed anything, stick a question in our ask box or check out the rest of our shit here)
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wanderingfairy73 · 4 months
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2soulscollide · 5 months
How to get rid of this writer's block NOW!
oh, yes, you read it right! you're getting rid of your annoying writer's block like right now with these tips. ready? let's get started.
stop. being. a. perfectionist (please)
i knowww, i know. you love to do everything right and make sure it's the best you can do. trust me, i feel you. however, being a perfectionist can stop you from writing because you're always looking at everything you've wrote so far and rewriting it over and over again (oh gosh, this feels so so familiar to me...)
so, rach, how can i stop being a perfectionist? you ask me. well... let me do a quick research:
focus on maximizing the impact of your effort so you can concentrate on what’s important. similarly, learn to calibrate your standards. - from Harvard Business Review
now that we know how to stop trying to make everything perfect, it's time to:
get rid of distractions
imagine this: you open your laptop to write a chapter of your novel but, just before you do so, you open youtube to play your favorite song (but watch three recommended videos first), then open tumblr to check the notifications and, when you look at the clock, it's time to do something else. what did you write? exactly, noting! (i'm not judging you, this has happened to me countless times)
if you get distracted by your laptop, get a distraction blocker; if you get distracted by your tv, turn it off and put the controller away from you; if you get distracted by your surroundings, try to find a peaceful place where you can be free from distractions.
suddenly you feel like everything you write sucks. yeah, i've been there. the best you can do is to pick up a book you love and read it. touch its pages, smell it (i swear it is not as crazy as it might sound). imagine that your book will be someone's favorite book, and they will love the smell of it, too.
manage your time
you never, ever, have time to write, right? maybe it's because you don't plan your writing sessions ahead.
try doing this: when planning your week or month, include a few minutes every day on your schedule just to write (ten minutes will always be better than zero).
maybe you don't stick to your plan... try timeblocking! it's life changing, i swear. when you look at your calendar you see how organized your life / routine is, so hopefully you'll feel less anxious. you got everything under control, so there's still time to write.
to finish the post, i want to tell you this: PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF IF YOU DON'T FEEL LIKE WRITING! it's okay, you'll eventually feel inspired to get back on track. in the meantime, lay back and relax. practice meditation, listen to yoour thoughts, and breathe. you got this!
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writing should be fun.
make oc playlists. spend hours on moodboards that have no purpose. write self-indulgent fluff that’s never going to be published. scribble three lines of poetry in the back of your history notebook. draw fanart of your own characters. write stupid dialogue that your publishers might hate. start new wips that you might never finish but write those three chapters that make you happy because if you don’t write them, who else will?
writing shouldn’t always be about “will publishers like this” or “i have to reach this word count” or “how do i get the most likes”.
have fun with your writing.
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maehemthemisfit · 5 months
character: *dies*
fanfic writers: sike! ✍
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writingdotcoffee · 3 days
I don’t want just words. If that’s all you have for me, you’d better go.
F. Scott Fitzgerald
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whatmakesagod · 26 days
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the-writer-muse · 9 months
i know we writers complain about writing a lot as a joke, and that's completely fine, but it's also important to remember why we love it and what we find in it!
we keep coming back to the blank page because we believe we can fill it. we build something from nothing more than our own imaginations. we transfer thoughts to words to paper to people. writing really is one of the most beautiful things we can do, and that's one of my favorite things about it.
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Showing when writing: Emotions [part 2]
open mouth
wide eyes
pounding/accelerated heart rate
backing away
mounting panic
panic attacks
fake smiles
hugging themselves
hands stuffed under armpits
disturbed sleep patterns
difficulty concentrating
dragged breaths
shrill/pitched voice
trembling lips and/or chin
difficulty swallowing
hair lifting (such as by the neck)
hunched shoulders
shrinking away
shrinking into themselves
leg muscles tightening
gripping things
clinging to someone
flinching at nothing/small sounds
muttering to themselves
love is a combination of intimacy, passion, and commitment. Counting on the combination of these three, you will feel a different type of love.
Passion = Infatuated Love
Commitment = Empty Love
Intimacy + Passion = Romantic Love
Intimacy + Commitment = Companionate love
Passion + Commitment = Fatuous Love
Intimacy + Commitment + passion = Full/complete love
Note: there is a lot more to love than this. These are more focused on love with a partner. It's very basic to help with writing.
looking up through lashes
crossing and uncrossing legs
lingering hugs
eye contact
leaning forward
unconscious touches
tilting head back
parted lips
licking lips
constantly looking for/at their interest
turning to face the interest while in a group
stuttered and stammers,
awkward laughter
racing thoughts
biting nails
anger/angry outbursts
can't concentrate
irregular sleep patterns
lip biting
eating problems/ loss of appetite
low sex drive
weight gain
constricted/harsh breathing
hasty choices
sleeps a lot or not enough
Which emotions do you want in part three?
Read my web novel!
To show support. You can find it at - Royal Road, Webnovel and scribblehub
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Whoops 😅
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