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huariqueje · 17 hours
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The Long Way  -  Kayla Martel , 2022.
Irish, b. 1980s
Oil on canvas , 24 x 30 cm.
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the book of the lover and the beloved (c. 1300) - ramon llull
“my beloved: medieval babies” (talking about the guy below)
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illustraice · 8 hours
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pre-order here now
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z0v · 14 hours
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Pepe Shimada `Secret Life Of Cats Notebook Collection
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garadinervi · 2 days
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Robert Lax, 3 or 4 Poems about the Sea, Drawings by Emil Antonucci, Journeyman Press, New York, NY, 1966
(via Peter Foolen)
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fidannazimqizi · 2 days
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new moon | "when you left... and he left... you took everything with you"
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the---hermit · 2 days
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My months of rest and relaxation // day 21
completed the first step of my inscription to get my master's degree (and it was a nightmare as usual)
went to get my new glasses (they are not the ones in the picture, those are my beloved, now old glasses)
continued my re-listening of the magnus archives
finished reading The Bloody Chamber and other stories by Angela Carter and failed to choose a new book to read
worked on a couple of future posts
practiced Irish on duolingo
Self care:
did not set an alarm in the morning
didn't drink coffee
read first thing in the morning
wore a nice outfit that made me feel confident
lunlun's reading challenge // day 1
What are you reading now?
At the moment on my currently reading shelf I have Frankenstein which I am rereading very slowly in order to savour it as it is one of my favourite books and I am finally annotating my physical copy. And I am also currently reading The View From The Cheap Seats by Neil Gaiman, which is collection of short non-fiction I am really enjoying. I'd also like to start an additional book to switch with, since I really like to read depending on my mood but I am struggling to choose one from my physical tbr.
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badliteraturememes · 2 days
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Awkward fr
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randomreasonstolive · 4 hours
Reason to Live #8285
  Live for that last season of your favorite show, book series, podcast, or anything else that makes you excited! – Guest Submission
(Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)
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fannyseneart · 13 hours
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Resultful Research! ✨ Personal project with briefing chosen in mentorship w/ @sulamoon I would like to thank Sula and Marco Alvares for their feedback! 💗😌
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geekynerfherder · 2 days
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'Kirah' by Diana Dworak.
From the novel 'Raybearer' written by Jordan Ifueko.
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Και αν για ένα πράγμα νιώθω ένοχη ακόμη, είναι που εκείνο το βράδυ που κρατούσα το πρόσωπο σου στα χέρια μου δε σου είπα όλα αυτά που παρακαλούσα να πεις εσύ σε μένα.
-σκέψεις σε παρένθεση
Ελίζα Σουφλή
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hasel-anne · 12 hours
Presenting a book I created as my loveletter to DnD  The story unfolds through the journal and notes of a researcher captivated by owlbears. It tells about preconceived notions, experiences in different landscapes and exciting discoveries on how to live alongside nature. Half the pages are filled with watercolor illustrations and three photographs that capture the owlbears ;) The illustrations are professionally printed on off-white paper and hand bound into a leather or paper cover. The buyer can choose which color and material which makes the cover more unique to you. Order it here: https://annevanstormbroek.nl/my-owlbear-journal/
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prosedumonde · 16 hours
Dès le réveil, la perspective de devoir traverser une journée entière accable déjà les pensées et les corps. L’absence d’horloge fait de chaque jour un moment suspendu et interminable. Entre ces murs où l’on attend d’être vue par un médecin, le temps est l’ennemi fondamental. Il fait jaillir les pensées refoulées, rameute les souvenirs, soulève les angoisses, appelle les regrets - et ce temps, dont on ignore s’il prendra un jour fin, est plus redouté que les maux mêmes dont on souffre.
Victoria Mas, Le bal des folles
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