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cj-etc · 21 hours ago
Negative Traits for Your Characters
Talks over others/interrupts
Always has to one-up others
Can’t take criticism
Always plays the victim
Pathological liar
Makes everything about them
Bad at sharing
Guilt trips others
Makes special events about themselves
Their way or no way at all
Makes up excuses for everything
Has a reason why nothing is ever their fault
Not a team player
Does jobs halfway
Makes everything a joke
Can’t take a joke
Is overly literal
Can’t let others enjoy anything
Stingy with money
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dialogue4urocs · a day ago
"Kiss Me" Response List:
"Wow, someone's demanding."
"A little commanding, don't you think?"
"What makes you think I want to kiss you?"
"Telling me to kiss you isn't exactly consent-positive."
"I'd love to!"
"Oh god, the day's finally come!"
"Wait, you want me to kiss you?"
"Since when did you even like me?"
"Kiss you? Where do you want me to kiss you? 😏"
"Ooh! Your command is my wish!" "Wait, what? It's your wish is my command." "Oh, sorry. I was just so excited!"
"Uh, no."
"Maybe another time."
"Don't you see I'm busy trying to fight off the bad guy right now!?"
"Um, maybe after I save your life, y'know? So you don't die while I'm kissing you?"
"How about you help me kill this guy first? Then we can kiss over his corpse."
"Awww, someone's awfully eager, aren't we?"
"Eh, no thanks."
"Never gonna happen."
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mxpotter · 2 days ago
The Sandman Drabble
(but it's an incorrect quote)
I made some thing I think. I saw the opportunity and took it
(Plus this has been on my mind for a few days)
This is also my first incorrect quote so be nice pls and thank you.
*Morpheus playing with his and Y/N's Kid at the family reunion*
Morpheus: How are you doing, little one?
C/N: Father, say it in your girl voice why do I have to keep asking you-
Morpheus: Look at way-
*Morpheus in his girl voice* How you doin'?
*Desire cracking up while Death and Y/N record everything while trying not to laugh*
Desire: He said- He said how you doin'?
Morpheus: Desire!
*Morpheus gets up to hurt Desire*
Yall know Matthew would be laughing too if he was wasn't banished from annoying Morpheus. And that Lucienne is just happy Morpheus is happy. If Merv/Despair were there they'd definitely be silently judging(cause they knew they get banished too-)
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coffeewritesfiction · 2 days ago
We are our own worst critics. You are doing so much better than you think. Even if what you're writing seems like the worst thing you've ever put down - even if you're not writing anything at all - reality is so much kinder than what's in our heads. Ask a friend, or someone else you trust, and I bet they'll tell you, you're doing fine.
Don't give up!
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tangypeels · a day ago
Tumblr media
GENRE : horror ? thriller ? AUDIENCE : young adult, i guess. STATUS : outlining.
maude has spent the last three months with her hands submerged in someone else's heart and the ghost of a dead man's past keeping her alive. she's become the death they speak about when it knocks on their doors, and she's become the knife that finishes them off.
she's become, she's become she's become. maude's spent the last three months with her hands submerged in someone else's heart.
WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT : girls who kill. girls who go insane. ghosts who are insane. a twisted kind of love. lesbian main character. small town horror kinda vibes.
pinterest board | spotify playlist. ask to be added to the taglist!
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drunk-on-writing · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(cc, 22)
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scratched-fountains · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
me and @midnight-and-his-melodiverse are planning some things ………… inscryption lovers gather
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silentcitystreetart · 2 days ago
The edging in the wild flower field just yonder has been crushed. Flora stomped harshly against the earth. Thus begins the tracking of unfamiliar fauna, otherworldly signs from veils too thin to conceal.
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badwritermedia · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
the elusive 7 act Structure
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gender-luster · 4 months ago
reblog to give the person you reblogged this from the motivation to finish a wip
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skriveting · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
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toomanystoryideas · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
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lord-of-the-prompts · 2 months ago
descriptors; ample, athletic, barrel-chested, beefy, blocky, bony, brawny, buff, burly, chubby, chiseled, coltish, curvy, fat, fit, herculean, hulking, lanky, lean, long, long-legged, lush, medium build, muscular, narrow, overweight, plump, pot-bellied, pudgy, round, skeletal, skinny, slender, slim, stocky, strong, stout, strong, taut, toned, wide.
descriptors; bushy, dark, faint, furry, long, plucked, raised, seductive, shaved, short, sleek, sparse, thin, unruly.
shape; arched, diagonal, peaked, round, s-shaped, straight.
shape; attached lobe, broad lobe, narrow, pointed, round, square, sticking-out.
colour; albino, blue (azure, baby blue, caribbean blue, cobalt, ice blue, light blue, midnight, ocean blue, sky blue, steel blue, storm blue,) brown (amber, dark brown, chestnut, chocolate, ebony, gold, hazel, honey, light brown, mocha, pale gold, sable, sepia, teakwood, topaz, whiskey,) gray (concrete gray, marble, misty gray, raincloud, satin gray, smoky, sterling, sugar gray), green (aquamarine, emerald, evergreen, forest green, jade green, leaf green, olive, moss green, sea green, teal, vale).
descriptors; bedroom, bright, cat-like, dull, glittering, red-rimmed, sharp, small, squinty, sunken, sparkling, teary.
positioning/shape; almond, close-set, cross, deep-set, downturned, heavy-lidded, hooded, monolid, round, slanted, upturned, wide-set.
descriptors; angular, cat-like, hallow, sculpted, sharp, wolfish.
shape; chubby, diamond, heart-shaped, long, narrow, oblong, oval, rectangle, round, square, thin, triangle.
Facial Hair
beard; chin curtain, classic, circle, ducktail, dutch, french fork, garibaldi, goatee, hipster, neckbeard, old dutch, spade, stubble, verdi, winter.
moustache; anchor, brush, english, fu manchu, handlebar, hooked, horseshoe, imperial, lampshade, mistletoe, pencil, toothbrush, walrus.
sideburns; chin strap, mutton chops.
colour; blonde (ash blonde, golden blonde, beige, honey, platinum blonde, reddish blonde, strawberry-blonde, sunflower blonde,) brown (amber, butterscotch, caramel, champagne, cool brown, golden brown, chocolate, cinnamon, mahogany,) red (apricot, auburn, copper, ginger, titain-haired,), black (expresso, inky-black, jet black, raven, soft black) grey (charcoal gray, salt-and-pepper, silver, steel gray,), white (bleached, snow-white).
descriptors; bedhead, dull, dry, fine, full, layered, limp, messy, neat, oily, shaggy, shinny, slick, smooth, spiky, tangled, thick, thin, thinning, tousled, wispy, wild, windblown.
length; ankle length, bald, buzzed, collar length, ear length, floor length, hip length, mid-back length, neck length, shaved, shoulder length, waist length.
type; beach waves, bushy, curly, frizzy, natural, permed, puffy, ringlets, spiral, straight, thick, thin, wavy.
Hands; calloused, clammy, delicate, elegant, large, plump, rough, small, smooth, square, sturdy, strong.
Fingernails; acrylic, bitten, chipped, curved, claw-like, dirty, fake, grimy, long, manicured, painted, peeling, pointed, ragged, short, uneven.
Fingers; arthritic, cold, elegant, fat, greasy, knobby, slender, stubby.
colour (lipstick); brown (caramel, coffee, nude, nutmeg,) pink (deep rose, fuchsia, magenta, pale peach, raspberry, rose, ) purple (black cherry, plum, violet, wine,) red (deep red, ruby.)
descriptors; chapped, cracked, dry, full, glossy, lush, narrow, pierced, scabby, small, soft, split, swollen, thin, uneven, wide, wrinkled.
shape; bottom-heavy, bow-turned, cupid’s bow, downturned, oval, pouty, rosebud, sharp, top-heavy.
descriptors; broad, broken, crooked, dainty, droopy, hooked, long, narrow, pointed, raised, round, short, strong, stubby, thin, turned-up, wide.
shape; button, flared, grecian, hawk, roman.
descriptors; blemished, bruised, chalky, clear, dewy, dimpled, dirty, dry, flaky, flawless, freckled, glowing, hairy, itchy, lined, oily, pimply, rashy, rough, sagging, satiny, scarred, scratched, smooth, splotchy, spotted, tattooed, uneven, wrinkly.
complexion; black, bronzed, brown, dark, fair, ivory, light, medium, olive, pale, peach, porcelain, rosy, tan, white.
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winterandwords · 2 months ago
[27th September 2022: I've turned off reblogs on this post because it's absolutely overwhelming my notifications on Tumblr. I can easily filter out likes from my notes and I don't mind a few replies, but if I filter out reblogs I miss things pertaining to other posts. I've tried everything to find a way to still allow this post to do the rounds without it making my notifications unmanageable because it's lovely that people are getting something from it and want to share it, but this seems to be the only way other than deleting it or making it private, which I don't want to do]
I'm not sure I can express this sentiment strongly enough, but I'm going to try via the medium of large bolded text.
Write what the fuck you want.
Write what makes you happy. Write what makes your soul sing. Write what fucks you up and makes you cry. Write what comforts you. Write what distracts you. Write what you want to read. Write what you want to watch.
Write what you want to dream about tonight.
Write what you can't get enough of. Write what you're completely obsessed with. Write what wakes you up at 4am and drags you out of bed because you can't stop thinking about what your characters are going to do next.
Write what turns you on, if that's your vibe. Write characters you're in love with and characters who inspire you and characters you want to be friends with and characters you fucking hate but oh my god they're so much fun.
Write about things you would sell your soul to do in real life and things you would never do in real life. Write about things that are happening right now and things that happened a thousand years ago and things that might happen in the future and things you wish could happen.
Write to get a publishing deal or to sell your books yourself or not to sell your books at all. Write for your friends or for strangers or for the people who reblog your posts on Tumblr and send you songs that remind them of your characters.
Write for yourself.
Fuck any system that tells you there's only one right way to create or one valid way to share your writing. Your story, the way you tell it, has so much value. Make people smile or piss people off or do both of those things because art is divisive and fascinating and beautiful.
Start writing. Keep writing. And write what the fuck you want.
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akmwrites · 2 months ago
Soft touch prompts
Those types of touches that are feather-like and make you feel tingly in a good way. Touches like:
The soft caress of your lips after the very first kiss.
Caress to the cheek after a moment together.
Gentle wipe of your spilled tears after heavy arguments, a simple gesture that shows you how sorry they are for making you shed sad tears instead of happy ones.
Gentle wipe of dirt on your cheek after enjoying your food too much.
Chin lift to make you look directly at their eyes that just make you follow aimlessly and without much force really. (bonus if they kiss afterward)
When they hold your face in their hands and just look into your eyes and just hold the other softly.
When they lightly wipe the blood off your lip from bitting it too often and softly "kiss it better"
Helping you gently put your earring on and tuck a hair behind your ear to inspect how the accessory looks beautiful on you with or without them.
Helping you put your necklace on and sneak a quick kiss on your neck before complimenting you.
Softly pulling your hair back after being food poisoned.
Worriedly inspecting your temperature after noticing your lack of mood and giving you a chaste kiss on the forehead.
Soft hand touches with a light comforting squeeze that instantly assures you they're there.
Softly massaging your hands when you ask them politely.
Loosely holding your hand while you watch and walk around on your date.
Cradling your cut finger after an incident with the knife and tending to your wound with a kiss afterward.
Caressing the back of your hand absentmindedly.
Softly toying with your ring and wondering when they'll get to replace it with a wedding ring.
Softly running their hands on your arms and feeling how cold to the touch your skin is before wrapping you in a hug to share their warmth.
Softly pulling your wrist to pull you closer to them.
softly intertwining your fingers together to hold your hand or twirl you in the middle of the night dance session.
Edit: holy heck guys!!! Thank you all so much for the notes and reblogs!!! I didn't expect this to get this much attention!!! Love you guys!!! 🥰🥰🥰
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taytjie-creator-of-worlds · a month ago
Showing when writing: Emotions [part 1]
hiding their face in their hands
wide eyes
crossing their arms around their body
shifting their weight from side to side
exaggerated movements
nervous quirks appear such as picking at their nails, playing with their hair, and rocking on their heels.
avoiding eye contact
glancing or staring at random objects
stiff smiles
scratching the back of their head or neck.
subject changing
forced laughter
big smiles
wetting their lips
constant movement
can't concentrate
wide eyes
slack jaw
harsh or erratic breathing
open mouth
slack jaw
wide eyes
covering their mouth with their hands
raised eyebrows
stepping back
stutters or stammers
Tilting back head and yelling out
fist pumping in the air
bright smiles
Shaking fist
crossed arms
Stabbing with finger
Slamming fist against something
Veins throbbing
Jutting out their chin
Clenched fist
Clenched jaw
flushed face
Eyebrows lowered or furrowed
Teeth bared
Wide stance
Tight-lipped smile
Rapid breathing
aggressive stance
Flared nostrils
Puffed chest
loud voice
lip biting
biting nails
stepping back
awkward laughter
dry lips
dry mouth
darting eyes
wrapping their arms around themselves
repeatedly folding and unfolding their arms
clutching at themselves, their hip/shoulder/stomach
drawn in/furrowed brows
avoiding eye contact
pitched voice
no appetite or nervous eating so a bigger appetite
toying with things
bouncing leg
rubbing at their face
sweating trembling
if you want to support, take a look at my story - Thoraway villain
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introvert-unicorn · 11 months ago
The Language Of Flowers
Acacia: Hidden love, beauty in withdrawal
Amaryllis: Pride, a hard won success
Anemone: Vanishing hopes
Bells of Ireland: Wish for good luck
Carnation: Fascination, love and distinction
Daffodil (Narcissus): Honesty and truth
Dahlia flower: Warnings and change
Daisy: Innocence, loyal love and purity
Delphinium: Open heart, ardent attachement
Gardenia: Symbol of secret love
Gladiolus: Remembrance, faithfulness and sincerity
Hyacinth: I'm sorry, please forgive me.
Iris: Eloquence
Lily (general) : Purity of the heart and refined beauty
Lily of the valley: Return of happiness
Marigold: Passion and creativity
Orchid: Beauty, refinement and love
Peony: Happy marriage
Lavender: Love at first sight
Red rose: Love, respect, courage and passion
White rose: Purity, secrecy, silence, innocence and charm
Sunflower: Good luck and ambition
Tulip: Irresistible love
Violet: Faithfulness, modesty and delicate love
Zinnia: Lasting affection, daily remembrance and good memories
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