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theplottery · 1 day
Sad plot ideas besides killing characters
Need sad story ideas that aren’t character deaths? I’ve got you covered! Here's 14 sad plot ideas that don't require character deaths!
Having to give up an item of huge emotional importance A leader being abandoned by their own people
Redemption arc that comes just a little too late Making a mistake that’s too big to be forgiven for
Unrequited love with a childhood best friend Betrayal by a sibling, parent or child
Realizing who they truly love when it’s too late Not being believed by those closest to them when it really matters
A character who’s completely at peace with their tragic destiny Relapsing on an addiction after doing so well
Making an honest mistake that leads to horrible consequences and endangers people they love Trying so hard time and time again, and still not achieving any results
Having to watch a friend or family get tortured without being able to stop it Realizing someone they love is in danger, but they’re the ones who sent them into it
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Thought #187
Warning: restraints
"Look up." Villain placed their finger under Hero's chin and pushed it up. "A lady shouldn't look at the floor."
Hero glared at them. "I'm not a lady, and you know that." She had been dressed to the nines and had a muff wrapped around her wrists which coincidentally hid the handcuffs.
Villain smiled and wrapped their arm around Hero. They touched their finger to Hero's nose. "I know who your parents are. You're a lady every weekend. What makes this any different?"
"Oh I don't know. Maybe you. Maybe the handcuffs." Hero said angrily.
Villain shrugged. "I needed someone to get me into this party. They have the best jewels." They pulled Hero closer. "And you are going to help me or I'm going to have to do something drastic."
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youseeingthis · 19 hours
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xoxoariellove · 2 days
Tumblr media
Do you ever miss her jawline
Where your fingers did their dance?
Do you ever miss that piercing stare
The one with blues and greys?
Do you ever miss her flushing cheeks
As you moved with her in time?
Oh do you love, ever think of her
When you feel dead inside?
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cosmicbirch8 · 2 days
My ancient soul sings and gently vibrates
The stardust settling into glittering lakes
The vastness deep and mesmerizing
Crystal clear and hypnotizing
Dancing comets fill the spirited air
Cascading lightly with a cosmic flair
Illuminating the boundless blackened night
With a soft opalescence ascending light
Birch trees reach up high and fill the space
Leaves fluttering delicately with celestial grace
Carelessly swaying majestically
Moving in time to the sweet melody
Cosmic Birch
Tumblr media
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living-muses · 2 days
I don’t stop myself from loving just because their love isn’t as pure as mine
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etcrow · 4 months
The more you reblog artists or writers' work, the more they kiss you on the lips passionately
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Tumblr media
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urtoospoiled · 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ok, I’m not playing any(more) games with myself. I’m buckling down and finalizing a body upgrade plan that I can bring into 3D fruition.
Im going to write down whatever resonates with the temple itself.
Mind. Body. Soul.
Reprogrammed thoughts
Ability to still the mind
Negative talk towards self is immediately dismissed by positive reassurance
Subliminal music
Visualizing current reality
Yoga infused with womb healing/divine feminine meditation
Cosmetic surgery upgrades
Practice intimacy magic (IYKYK)
Regular workout routine
Thorough body skin care routine (including waxes, exfoliating, healing habits, etc.)
Communicating with inner voice
Actively attracting soon reality of desired body by writing, visualizing & researching.
Breast massages with proper herbs and oils
Commit to self education of spiritual research, dating back to African royalty
Live life moving based on faith & trust
Daily gratitude
Music more (lyrical/favorite artists/instrumental)
Healing inner child
Deep shadow work
Reading, rereading and annotating
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fantasyfillsmysoul · 1 month
Writing about body pain
Body pain happens all the time in real life. When writing your story, you want to bring your characters to life. By creating characters and an environment that is immersive and realistic (as possible), it helps your readers relate to your characters. This is a quick guide to body pain, that is especially useful for all those adventures your characters will be going on. No one survives a dragon attack or war without some kind of injury. At the very least, some muscle soreness.
3 stages of healing:
1st stage: Acute This is the start of the process after getting hurt. Depending on the severity, often lasts up to a week. Characteristics: severe pain, inflammation/swelling, dark bruises (red, black and blue), muscle weakness, muscle spasms, reduced range of motion.
2nd stage: Sub-Acute This is when your body is starting to heal the tissue by creating scar tissue to replace or repair damage. Can last several weeks Characteristics: reduced swelling, bruises are clearing (yellow, green, brown), range of motion is starting to improve,less pain than before.
3rd stage: Chronic This is the final stage of the healing process. It can last months, if not years. Your body is finally adapting to the changes. Pain is no longer associated with the injury, but instead how the body healed. Characteristics: no bruising, little to no swelling, mature scar tissue (usually tough, and harder to move than other tissue), pain is more of an ache, not sharp. If not taking care of, mature scar tissue can cause muscle tension and reduced range of motion. Pain mostly comes on at the end range of a movement, or with stretching.
Visceral Pain:
Visceral pain is organ pain. When one of your organs are causing problems, or are in pain, it typically feels more like a dull pain, or a pressure. The pain is usually vague, so it’s hard to tell where it’s coming from. Thankfully, visceral pain usually follows typical pain patterns, and you can easily find charts online. Example: Lung and diaphragm pain is usually around your neck and shoulders.
Nerve pain:
Nerve pain happens when the nerve is being pinched, compressed or was directly injured. Characteristics: shooting, tingling, zaps, numbness, stabbing or burning. Numbness is not like an analgesic. It can be a reduced sensory feelings, meaning you may not feel it if someone touches that part, but it can be very painful. Nerve pain will follow the length of the nerve.
Bone and joint pain:
These pains are directly associated with a trauma. Pain is localized to the specific bone or joint. Characteristics: Usually described as a sharp pain, especially with movements involving the painful area.
Muscle Pain:
Muscle pain is extensive. Muscles work hard to protect your body while injured. Muscles will tense when the body is in pain, which usually results in more problems. This pain can be caused by overuse, injury, emotional and physical stress, or compensation for other injuries. Characteristics: deep steady aches, sharp, shooting pain, soreness, burning in muscles, spasms. Muscles will have two main problems if not injured: tension and trigger points. Trigger Points (aka knots) happen in very tense muscles. Trigger points follows specific patterns in each muscle. Example: a trigger point in the upper traps muscle is felt in the head, neck and shoulders. Pains and tensions like these can often be the cause of headaches.
Pain priority:
Your brain processes pain in a specific way. Most often, your brain is so busy running everything, when it comes to experiencing pain, it can’t do it all at once. Thankfully. This means, if you have pain in your neck, your back, and your feet, there will usually only be one as the most painful while the others are background pain. The worst pain will usually be associated with your activities, and which part of your body you’re using the most. When getting rid of one of these pains, the next most painful one will be most noticeable. Have you ever had pain on one side of your body, then had it fixed with physio or a massage, then all of a sudden you notice pain somewhere else? It may not be new, it’s just that your body wasn’t focusing on that problem.
Let me know if this was useful to you, or if you have any questions or comments. Please let me know if something I wrote is wrong.
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Happy Writing!
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urfriendlywriter · 29 days
Academic Rivals to Lovers:
(feel free to use! tag me when yall writee ;] requested by @field-mouse-queen and @indiansapphic )
"i don't agree with you!" "nobody asked you to."
arguments in hushed tones during lectures!!!!
^ "with this level of knowledge, i can probably-" "even with that level of whatever, you're still 5 feet 2." "HEY-"
sitting together to trash talk a professor you both mutually dislike
when they always sit at your spot in library, just so they could see you pissed off
"Are you reading?" "Are you blind?" "Heh, apparently you're. You're reading the book upside down, you moron."
"you like me now or what?" "i've learnt to bear your presence" *mimics them* "i've learnt to bear your presence"
being forced to work on a project together
"You're so stupid." "Yeah, I know."
"Why did you hurt yourself?" "None of your-" "Yeah, then fuck you. My bad for caring."
"hey-" "can you please not rub it in my face and leave?." "i just wanted to ask if you were okay.. "
attempting to comfort them when they're upset
"why do you care, [name]?" ".. you really don't know?"
"never have i ever liked my rival?" you search the room for their eyes, the glass is ALREADY RAISED TO THEIR LIPS.
"that mouth of yours does nothing but talk dumb shit?" "you wanna know what else it does?"
there's tension between them, sitting close while studying, arms grazing, pulling away of hands at the slightest touch :)
^ flustered, one asks, "what-? you're not interested in biomolecules?" the other whispers, "no, but i seem to be interested in you..," they come closer, "what have you done to me?"
"you know, love, I've always liked to win," they pause, "and I'd like to win one more thing--you."
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lyralit · 7 months
character motivations:
being pressured
desire / hunger
belief they are doing something good
vengeance / revenge
honour / dishonour
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youseeingthis · 19 hours
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theplottery · 2 days
Why most writers fail
Trying to throw some gritty inspiration at you guys today! Have an inward look and think about what writing really means to you, and whether you enjoy writing or having written, because the difference might seem subtle, but I believe is a very important distinction to make.
Here’s why 97% of writers never finish their books.
Almost every other person has once had an inkling to write a book, and so many have started writing, only to give up a few pages in. Why?
This can happen for a lot of reasons, and if you haven’t finished your book yet, you might find yourself in one of these reasonsYou’ve never finished a short-form story before.
You’re not familiar with story structures or you go straight in without planning. You expect it to be perfect on first go. You have a serious fear of failure. You’re not dedicated enough or you lose your passion and interest. You’re bad at taking feedback. You keep restarting.
And these reasons are all valid - But the real truth of it all?
Writing a book is mighty difficult.
It’s a long-process, and one that’s not instantly-gratifying. Humans love instant gratification - and when they find writing won’t give them that, they give up.
The fact of the matter is: writing is not a hobby driven by gratification, but rather by perseverance, hard work, and a lot of thinking and rethinking. It’s likely that even with a finished book, you’ll still feel you could have done better.
But that’s also the beauty of it. Writing is not made to be a seeking of gratification, but rather an attempt to understand more about ourselves and our world.
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Thought #188
"I really don't think Villain did anything." Sidekick said walking into the room. Hero was laying on the couch looking at the wall of screens, all pointed at Villain's room.
"What did you say?" Hero said sitting up.
Sidekick swallowed. "I... I don't think they did it."
Hero stood and walked towards Sidekick.
Sidekick backed up until their back was against the wall. Hero walked towards them until they were inches from them. They put their hand next to their head against the wall and leaned down until their face was inches from Sidekick's.
"Say. That. Again." Hero said slowly.
Sidekick swallowed and looked around the room. "I... I don't think Villain did it." They whispered.
Hero chuckled. "I thought you said that." They straightened and grabbed Sidekick's arm. "Now you get to learn what happens when you question my decision."
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the-stars-collided · 3 months
The feminine urge to become the kind of woman your father always hated
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syrma-sensei · 3 months
Me, shamelessly, leaving all my WIPs behind my back to start working on a new fic I just had ideas for.
Tumblr media
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she-writer · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Damn those pretty little forget-me-nots!
I had one pressed in my book, on the same page with the paragraph you had underlined for me back when your love language was still loud and unhinged. But then you forgot how to talk and I went blue realising those damned flowers never meant the same thing to you.
Tumblr media
•pictures not mine, credit to the owners, but the text belongs to me•
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