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ineffectualdemon · 21 hours
Bit of advice if you really struggle with social interaction especially if you're young
Do not comment on anything about a person that involves a number
Basically if it's something about a person you can write down in numbers then it's probably considered sensitive
That includes the price of anything they own. Unless they offer a number up themselves you do not ask and most importantly you do not guess
I know a lot of people are going to think this is obvious but it's not obvious to everyone so I wanted to share
Also if you accidentally tread on one of these topics the best way to handle it is to say "I'm sorry, that was rude of me. I didn't mean it rudely but I shouldn't have said that." And then change topics. Lingering on it, even to apologise, will just make it worse
Just words of advice from a 39 year old autistic person who fucked this up a lot as a teenager. Learn from my mistakes
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hi unique! i dnt kno if u remember me but when u first started ur other blog, u entered the void for me and at first nothing happened and i got mad and pissd off but once we had another talk i left tumblr. im back with an update! i entered the void about 3 times and manifestd my dream life thanns to u! u entered the void for me twice nd now i am living my dream life! i have money and my df and db and the perfect boyfriend like my life is great now! all i did was lay down nd did what u told me to do nd i entered it was so easy! im not stayin up here but wanted to update u nd say thank u for all ur help!
Yes I remember you of course I do! I’m so happy for you! I missed you too but go live your dream life sweetie! 💖🥹
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Taemin in 540px - Day 611 of 673
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agave · 3 days
hey can we start a list of actual life hacks/little tips for each other
crush aspirin, mix with water, and apply to a bee/wasp sting to take the pain down quickly and effectively
if you dip the end of a spoon in very hot water and hold it to a mosquito bite for as long as you can stand it, the heat will break down the enzyme that makes it itch (you can also gently squeeze some out if you're careful. it's clear)
there exist chemical exfoliants which don't cause microtears in your skin, don't put microplastics down your drain, and can be really good to use every once in a while (cis men, talking to you too)
if you're really overwhelmed or feel out of sorts and don't know why, especially if you're neurodivergent, sometimes just sitting in the dark for a while can be helpful. if that doesn't help, drink a ton of water
MSG is actually really delicious and can take the place of salt in most savory recipes. you can just buy it in a little shaker online or in a lot of grocery stores
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odinsblog · 16 hours
All good stuff™ to be sure, but #6 tho 🤣
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Here’s one: How to get out of jury duty. Lots of people try that don’t they? And they do. A lot of them get out of jury duty by lying. You don’t have to lie tell the judge the truth. Tell them you’ll make a terrific juror because you can spot guilty people just like that. Well, today’s suggestions are a little different.
George Carlin
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lavender-pebbles · 3 days
Looking for advice from practitioners who do spirit work and/or channeling!
A friend of mine recently discovered they have the ability to communicate with entities/spirits through automatic writing. It’s an incredible thing to witness and they enjoy it but it also causes them a lot of stress. They feel an immense amount of pressure to properly convey the messages they receive and have anxiety about getting in the way of the transmission. It is also insanely draining for them and once they form the connection it’s very difficult for them to “hang up the phone”.
I would greatly appreciate any input on behalf of my friend! How do you manage your energy doing spirit work, how do you close out the session, how do you deal with the stress of it?
Thank you in advance :)
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yesterdaysprint · 4 months
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Daily News, New York, New York, June 14, 1931
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daily-lifeprotips · 6 months
If you have a senior to check on ask them to "borrow" something small so they think they're helping you.
My mom (72) recently downsized and moved close enough to me that checking on her in person regularly is not really out of my way, but when I was obvious about it she wouldn't let me "stop-by" because she was, "fine".
Well, one day I actually needed some aluminum foil so I called and asked if I could borrow enough to cover a baking tin because I didn't want to run to the store. She said sure, but when I got to her house she needed furniture moved, a wasp nest removed, and her coffee pot fixed. After I got the foil I mentioned each thing cautiously and she let me take care of them for her. So next weekend I'll need a cup of rice and check on her again.
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notabled-noodle · 5 months
learning to stop hating yourself isn’t something that happens overnight.
it’s a series of negotiations you make with yourself over your whole life. it’s making one less self-deprecating joke. it’s looking at yourself in the mirror with a little more generosity. it’s forgiving yourself for that little mistake.
it’s not one thing and then you’re good. it’s many small choices you can make that slowly make your brain and body a little less uncomfortable to live with
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lover-suggestion · 11 months
It's gonna work out. It's gonna work out. It's gonna work out.
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quailkeeperr · 1 year
I dont know who needs to hear this but if your hobby starts to not be fun, put it down. It's a hobby, not a full time job or something, don't burn yourself out on something that should be entertaining. Physically can't bring yourself to draw? Put it down. Bored with a crochet project? Put it down. Dropped stitches while knitting and filled with rage? Put it down. It'll come back to you
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