puri-curi · 2 days
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sachsoup · 2 days
if wenclair not canon then why wednesday hug enid when i thought she wasn't a hug person...
if wenclair not canon then why did enid's departure hurt wednesday too much ("for the first time it didn't feel so good..")
if wenclair not canon then why matching snoods?
if wenclair not cano-
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enidsinclesbian · 2 days
i want a future episode of wednesday thats just titled “woe” and the main plot will just be wednesday or enid muttering “whoa” after she and enid kiss btw i think that would be neat™
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jnlletrry · 1 day
Howdy! I'm trying to make a few extra bucks for the holidays, so I'm making and selling pride flag keychains! As you can see, they're perfect for your keys and can be nice stocking stuffers!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
They're $15 a piece, shipping included. PayPal Goods ans Services.
These are all handmade and take me at least two days (if not more) to make. These are the only ones I have made at the moment, so anything more would have to made by request.
I didn't make any flags with black in them because I used black as the border color, but I can make them - nonbinary, aromantic, asexual, etc. - with a color of your choosing as the border, as well as any of the above flags with a different border color, if you'd like.
Please send me a direct message if you're interested, and if you're not, a reblog would be greatly appreciated!!
Please and thank you!
- Janelle
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localbabygurll · 2 days
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Wanna have some outdoor sex?
Be honest, did I make you stop scrolling?
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midnightsweaty · 2 days
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I took a shower and then I took this picture
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bass-alien · 22 hours
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beck404 · 2 days
i just know Charlie gets so happy and excited every time he gets another one of Nick’s jumpers
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idontdotears · 3 days
wednesday didn’t like any form of physical contact. wednesday and tyler kissed BUT THEY NEVER HUGGED!!! wednesday did (blankly) lean forward for the kiss BUT SHE DID NOT CARESS TYLER!!! the only physical contact she had ever emotionally requited was enid’s hug. #iykyk
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anthrouvallier · 2 days
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Making a comeback after getting deleted lol. Hoping to reconnect with old mutuals 👀
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merememberjust · 2 days
Credits to the tiktoker that made this video
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Come play?
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enidsinclesbian · 3 days
yasmin khan saying what would the doctor do 🤝 enid sinclair saying what would wednesday do and having both of them be so abundantly queer is just so *chefs kiss*
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cherry-midwest · 2 days
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paintfroge · 2 days
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bi and pan solidarity!
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witchyuria12 · 3 days
Is it possible to kin a relationship? Because I feel like, individually, I'm only partially like either of these characters. But as a pair, I'm like "that's so me!" And "✨Gender✨"
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