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midnightlovestories · a day ago
So here's the thing : The Addams Family is a very difficult fandom to write for (speaking as someone who arguably have some experience of writing for this fandom) - seriously, it is really really difficult to be creative here and here's why - they are perfect family unit, loving and supportive and whats not. Good. Great. This is why we love them, right?
Gomez and Morticia? Couple goals. Madly in love and absolutely devoted to each other. As parents - A+++ parenting. Their children are supported and encouraged to explore their independence and individuality. Brilliant. Perfect.
So where do you go with it story wise, what new content can you create that wasn't already done and recycled? Nowhere. There's no story.
There's a reason why majority of fan fiction in the TAF fandom are one shot smuts or (very few) significantly AU chapter stories (this goes for my own writing as well) because those characters are too perfect and too cartoonish to work with outside of parameters of what was already explored in the 60s tv show and 90s movies.
So what do you do? You create artificial drama - artificial, even cliché conflict which in the Addams Family works primarily between two characters Wednesday and Morticia. It's artificial and ooc but it's practically the only way to create something tangible within this universe without going wildly AU.
Charles Adams created cartoons, and those characters are just that - cartoonish. There's no depth and no real character progression to speak of, nothing to really sink your teeth in. As a writer, you practically work from scratch - 60s Morticia and 90s Morticia are practically completely different, beside the fact that they are both devoted to their family, loving wives etc.) but essentially, Anjelica Huston created her own Morticia. So realistically, where can Catherine Z Jones, in her own portrayal of Morticia, go from there? Or Jenna in her Wednesday? What can the writers do with those characters that would please the fans but without copying from what was done before because what's the point of recycling the material again and again? What story can they create within this universe that would be new, not recycled, not copied from what was already done within the Addams Family but would be close to the original idea? Honestly, I have no idea. Which is why I'm far from criticising netflix's Wednesday.
Is the new show rocking my boat? No. I have no interest in the school life of a teenage Wednesday and her friends. Zero cares given. But I can still appreciate what they’ve done to create, arguably, a completely new Addams Family content that seems to resonate with a lot of young people, Wenclair fans included - it is really not bad. Not bad at all. Not everyone will like it and that's completely fine, because not all content is created specifically for us and you're not going to enjoy every incarnation of the Addams Family no matter how devoted you are to the fandom.
Now, Gomez and Morticia are my OTP. Do I want to see the adventures of teenage Gomez and Morticia in Nevermore Academy? Fuck no, because I'm an adult and TV show about teenagers, even if it's Gomez and Morticia, doesn't tickle me at all.
Ideally? I would love Gomez and Morticia focused live action movie that would cater to older demographic. I want it dark and I want it sexy and not at all a family movie. What are the chances of that happening? Probably zero.
But anyway, this is my take on this.
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joejoequinnquinn · 2 days ago
@quinnyfairy In honour of your good news today, and because you’ve been a little under the weather. This is for you 💗 (I’m sorry it’s terrible but it’s all I have to give 🙈)
Scouts Honour
You swing the front door open with a huff, walking briskly along the hall with your heels click-clacking loudly in the dark. Joe follows quickly behind you, trying to catch up.
“That’s not what I said, love!” He says in a rush, using his heel to shut the front door with a soft thud “I swear!”
“It is, I bloody heard it with my own ears.” You grumble at him, flicking a lamp on and landing your purse down on the side table so heavily it rattles “You said I looked like Miss Piggy!”
“No…no!” He extends his arms in an effort to placate you, but is failing miserably at keeping the smile out of his voice “I didn’t - babe, all I said was that you reminded me of her!”
“Well that’s the same fucking thing!” You wail, folding your arms across your chest while you sulk.
“But you didn’t let me finish…” Joe protests, following quickly as you waltz off towards the kitchen “…I only said it because of the way you flicked your hair over your shoulder! I thought it was cute!”
You scoff, opening and closing the cupboards loudly even though you had no idea what you were looking for. In the end you give up, sighing and turning round to see the bugger grinning at you.
“Joe! It’s not funny, stop laughing at me!”
“I’m not! Scouts honour.” He curls his lips round his teeth and bites down hard to stop the chuckle brimming in his chest from escaping. You really were very cute when you were angry.
“You weren’t even in the bloody Scouts.” You mutter petulantly. His face cracks and a barking laugh flies from his mouth.
“Busted.” he scrunches one eye closed and smiles an apology at you, stepping closer into your space “I really am sorry if I upset you though. I didn’t mean to.”
He reaches for your hands but your arms stay folded and clamped to your chest.
“Baby…” He tries, dropping to his knees dramatically.
You weren’t actually mad at him. Not really, but it was fun seeing how desperate he was to get back in your good books. You purposely look away from him, jaw angled upwards towards the ceiling. You feel his hands creep up to squeeze teasingly at the backs of your thighs.
“Baby!” Joe begs, dragging out the vowel sounds so much it becomes comical and you can’t stop a little smile tugging at the corners of your mouth.
“There it is.”
“No.” You grin despite yourself.
“Oh yeah…” He insists “there’s that smile I love.”
Joe tugs you forward by your thighs until his face is nuzzled between them.
“Stop it.” You try to maintain the act “I’m still mad at you.”
“And I’m still sorry…” his words are muffled by your legs as he attempts to kiss his way through your dress.
He tilts his head back, loose curls flopping onto his forehead as his chin rests against you. His huge, brown, baby cow eyes are shining up in your direction and you play your bottom lip between your teeth, deciding in that precise moment that there is no situation where this man does not look utterly gorgeous. The bastard.
“Please forgive me, baby.” His bottom lip pouts and you physically cannot stop your hand from reaching down to tangle in his hair. He leans into the contact.
“I don’t know…” You run your hand down his stubble laced cheek until you have his chin between your forefinger and thumb “I think you’ve got some making up to do first, babe.”
A little growl bubbles up from his throat and his fingers dig tighter into your skin.
“Oh, honey, I thought you’d never ask…”
Joe stands suddenly, his turn now to look down at you. Your breathing quickens, even after all this time together and he sees the way your mouth opens ever so slightly. A wicked smile plays on his lips as he pulls you against him so he can assault you with his kisses. His tongue trails a line along your jaw to the spot below your earlobe that nearly makes your legs give way. He takes that as his cue and hoists you up in his arms, walking you both towards the bedroom with your body pressed firmly against his chest.
You squeal as he throws you on the bed and kicks the door closed, turning to you as he rolls up his sleeves. You can’t help but whine in anticipation and all but launch yourself at him once he reaches your side. You reach to fling your heels off but his hand grips your calf and stops you in your tracks.
“Uh-uh…” Joe shakes his head “these are staying on.”
Tumblr media
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justmeinadaze · 17 hours ago
Good Neighbors Part 7 (Steddie X Reader) 
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A/N: "Hi friend! Idk if ur taking requests but i had this thought for your neighbors fic. What if reader is either really fucking stressed out or just one day not wanting to fuck both of them so she either asks or it just happens where she makes "love" to eddie. Like its sweet and gentle but steve happens to see and notices the difference but eddie and reader assure him it was a 1 time thing. Maybe the following week she makes "love" to steve a day when hes really stressed out. Again just a thought i had. ☺️ -Anon" This request came at a perfect time because I had started writing one thing but then got stuck so THANK YOU FRIEND! I hope this does your request justice :)
Warnings: Steddie relationship and all that that implies (I regret nothing), Charlie is a big dick in this one. He does threaten the reader and snap at Dylan but protective Steddie is there <3
Word Count: 4709
Dylan hops down from his father’s truck and slams the door. His tiny eyebrows furrow together as he pouts, walking past you, and up the stairs to your apartment without saying a word. 
“He’s got an attitude today.” Charlie whines as he gestures towards him. 
“What happened?”
“Why do you assume something happened? He’s just being a pain in the ass.”
“Because this,” you point towards your home, “is not normal behavior for him. Not when he’s with me at least.” Charlie rolls his eyes as he turns to open his car door. “Has your lawyer talked to you yet?”
He pauses, turning back to face you. “No? Why?”
You swallow, preparing for his reaction. “My lawyer and I submitted a request for sole custody.”
Charlie chuckles under his breath. “Are you fucking kidding me?”
“You don’t follow the schedule and every time it breaks his heart. I’m not going to allow you to hurt that little boy anymore.” 
“He’s my son.”, he growls.
“You always get so upset when we have this conversation but you never act like you care when it’s your time. You bailed on him your last weekend, he went to the hospital and you didn’t even answer your phone! Now he comes back like this? I just—”
He reaches out abruptly, grabbing your arm and pulling you to his chest. “I’m not going to let you take him from me. I don’t care what I have to do.”
You try and pull yourself from his grasp but he just grips you tighter. “Let me go, Charlie.”
“Do you really think this is something you can win? I’m in a house, have a steady job, stable relationship.” You scoff as you keep trying to wiggle free. “What do you have? I’ll give you one chance to correct your mistake. If you don’t, I swear to God, Y/N, I will make you regret it.”
It happened almost in the blink of an eye. One moment your ex is threating you and the next he’s on the concrete, bleeding from his nose with Eddie in front of you. 
Charlie tries to rise to his feet but Eddie pushes him back down with his boot. “You better count your blessings that my friend is at work because if he saw you grabbing her like that? Whew, now that’s something to regret.” He reaches down and lifts your ex up by his collar to his feet, shoving him towards his truck. “Now I can’t guarantee he still won’t beat your ass so if I were you, I would leave.”
You both watch him as he climbs clumsily into his car and skids out of the parking lot. Eddie turns around as soon as he’s out of sight immediately checking on you. “Are you okay?”
“I’m ok. What made you come down here?”
“You son stormed into the apartment without saying hi like he usually does and then you weren’t with him.”
“Eddie, you can’t tell Steve.” He looks at you like you just told him the sky was purple. “Seriously. He will be pissed.”
“Yeah, he will. Come on, let’s not worry about that right now.”
When you and Eddie entered your apartment, you found Dylan in his room. He was laying on his side on his bed holding one of his stuffed animals. You gently curled up behind him, moving his hair out of his face. 
“Do you want to talk about it?” He shook his tiny head. “Okay. Do you want me to leave you alone?” Again, he said no, but he rolled over, encircling his arms around you. “I love you.”
After Dylan goes to bed that night, you search for Eddie to find he isn’t still in the apartment. When you open their door, you hear music coming from his room. You find the metalhead sitting on his bed, cigarette in his mouth as he strums his guitar. 
“Hey Sweetheart. Kid okay?” 
“Yeah, he said his dad left him at his grandmothers all weekend and yelled at him not to tell me.” You huff under your breath as you sit beside him, stealing the cigarette from his lips as you inhale the smoke. “You didn’t have to leave.”
“I know. I just thought he would prefer being alone with his mom.”
“Ow.” You flinch as Eddie accidently bumps your arm with the guitar.
“Oh my god…” You glance down to see what Eddie’s looking at. Your arm where Charlie had grabbed you was turning a nice shade of purple where his fingers had pressed into your skin. 
Eddie takes a picture of it with his phone before exiting his room and coming back with an ice pack.
“I didn’t realize he grabbed me that hard.”
“Has he ever done anything like this before?”, Eddie asks as he gently holds the pack to your arm. 
“It’s rare but yeah. It’s his go to intimidation tactic if being in your personal space doesn’t work. His stepfather used to do it to him.” 
“Has he ever…?”
“No! God, no. I would kill him if he ever did anything like that to Dylan.” 
You saw that sad look in his eyes that broke your heart. You leaned over placing a soft kiss on his lips. 
“Can I ask you something?” Eddie silently nods. ““What did you want when you were his age? Did you want your dad around?”
Eddie leans back as he lets out a long, deep exhale. “Honestly? I just wanted my dad leave me alone.”
“What if someone had come into your life and said ‘Come with me. I’m going to take you away and you’ll be happy but you just won’t see your dad as much if at all’?”
“Well, Sweetheart, that did happen for me.”
You felt extremely stupid all of the sudden. Eddie had told you that before and you two had talked about it many times. About how he went to live with his uncle after his dad was sent to prison but you never made that connection to your own situation. Yeah, Charlie wasn’t out stealing cars or doing other crimes but he was fairly absent for most of Dylan’s life. He never really seemed to care until his back was against the wall and you challenged him. 
Eddie smiled, placing his palm on top of your hand. “Do you remember what I said to you that one night on the steps out here? Steve and I never had a mom like you. You care about Dylan and his well-being. My life got better after my dad was out of it but I do wish my mother had done more. If you think it’s in his best interest to be away from his dad for right now then it is what it is, you know?”
“I hate that you had to experience that.”
Your hand reaches out to bring his mouth to yours again and this time Eddie deepens it, sliding his tongue past your teeth to reach your own. He leans back against his pillows bringing you with him as you straddle his waist. You reach down hastily pulling at his belt buckle and unbuttoning his pants. He lifts his hips to help you pull them down as his cock springs free.
He rolls you over on to your back and dips his fingers into your waistband, pulling your pants with your panties down your legs. Eddie’s lips trailed up your body pausing at your stomach as he lifted your shirt over your head. Your fingers reached up and grazed over his tattoos. 
He grins as he reaches your hand tenderly kissing your fingertips before throwing your arm over his shoulder. You giggle as you wrap the other one over his shoulder and around his neck. Your pussy flutters as you watch Eddie spit in his hand, reaching down to pump his cock a few times before guiding himself into your entrance. 
His head fell into the nook of your neck as he started trusting into you. It was at that moment that you realized this was probably the third time in your relationship with the two of them that Eddie was in front of you, not behind you. You had honestly never thought about it was just how they both usually ended up. 
You gently pull at his hair forcing him to lift his head. “I, mmmmm, I want to see your face. Please.” He swallowed down a moan as he nodded, eyes glancing over every part of your face. 
You two were so entranced into each other you didn’t hear the front door open or the footsteps stomp down the hall. 
Eddie’s pace started to pick up as he thrust into you harder and deeper. You mouth opened as you silently moaned, arching your back. 
“You’re so fucking beautiful, you know that?”
You smile as your hooded eyes become harder to keep open. Wrapping your legs around his waist you push him further into you till he’s hitting that sweet spot inside of you. “I’m…I’m going to cum.”
You pressed your forehead into his as the coil in your belly snapped and you repeated his name against his lips. Eddie’s body shivered above you as his hips sputtered and he released his seed inside of you. You softly pressed your lips to his. 
“You look so good when you cum. I love you.”
He smiles as he continues to pant, trying to catch his breath. “I love you to.”
Steve’s throat clears, startling you both. You grab your chest as Eddie rolls on to his back. “Jesus Christ! I’m buy you both bells to wear so I can hear you coming.” You and Eddie laugh but Steve just stands there leaning against the doorframe looking over you and his friend. 
“How’s Dylan? Eddie told me what happened.”
You glare at Eddie as he lights a cigarette. “Traitor.”
“What? He has a right to know.”
“He’s okay. Still upset but better than when he came home.”
He strides over and looks at your arm. “Charlie do that to you?”
You reach for his hand but he pulls it away. “Um, yeah. Eddie took a picture for my lawyer.”
“Oh, it looks like Eddie did a lot more than that.”
You and the other boy turn to look at Steve. Eddie scoffs as he climbs out of bed and into his bathroom, shutting the door. 
“What’s wrong, Steve?” He folds his arms across his chest defensively. “No. Don’t shut down and turn into my seven-year-old. Talk to me.”
He points to the bed. “How many times has that happened?”
“This is the first time. We were talking about Charlie and Eddie’s dad… it just kind of…” You look up at him as his eyes boar down into yours. “Does it bother you?”
He exhales deeply as his chest rises and falls. “No.”
“Tell that to your face.” Eddie comes out of the bathroom wearing a new pair of boxers. 
Steve scowls in his roommate’s direction as he turns on his heels, heading for his room, and slamming the door. You feel a gentle tap on your shoulder as Eddie hands you your pants and what you recognize as one of Steve’s t-shirts. 
“Do you want me to walk you back to your apartment?” You glance at Steve’s door. “It’s best to leave him alone when he gets like this.” You quickly put on the clothes that are given to you, heading for the door. You give Eddie a hug and he kisses the top of your head. 
For the next couple of days everything is quiet; too quiet. You text both boys but Steve never replies. Eddie’s been swapped at work, picking up extra hours where he can. When he comes home he’s exhausted. You cook meals for them and Dylan but Steve never comes home before your in bed. Eddie promises to save him some, leaving leftovers in the fridge. 
“Mommy. Can we rent a movie tonight?”
You were on your way home that Friday evening after picking up Dylan from school. “Sure. What do you want to watch?”
“No not rent from the tv. Can we go to Steve’s store?”
Your heart cracked at his request. “Yeah, baby. We can go to Family Video.”
He claps his hands in the backseat. “I miss him. We haven’t seen him in forever!”
You blink back the tears that try to push their way through. “I miss him to.”
The little bell above the door rings as you both walk through the store’s entrance. Steve is behind the counter leaning against it as he watches a movie on the tv. Dylan calls his name and his head whips in his direction. 
“Hey dude!” He meets your son halfway, lifting him in his arms. 
A pretty girl comes up beside Steve and shakes Dylan’s foot. “Who’s this?”
“This is the little man that lives across from me.”
“Ooooh.” She extends her hand to Dylan, who reaches out and shakes it. “I’ve heard a lot about you. I’m Robin.” She turns to face you. “Which would make you Y/N.”
You smile at her as you shake her hand as well. “Yeah, weirdo here said he wanted to rent a movie tonight.”
“Hey, we got some new kids movies in. You want to see?”
Dylan giggles as he takes Robin’s hand and they walk towards the other end of the store. Steve clears his throat as he walks past you, heading back towards his place behind the counter. You quickly grab his arm. 
“Steve. Please. We miss you. I miss you. You know I hate when you act like I don’t exist.” You look down at your shoes. “I swear Eddie and I… that’s the first time we’ve ever done anything without you there.”
“That’s not the problem.”
“Then what is?!”
“It’s hard to explain.”
“Try.” You watch him as his body stiffens and he crosses his arms again, shielding himself. “Steve, please. I don’t understand. It’s not fair to me or Eddie. Just tell me what you’re feeling. Talk to me—”
“You’ve never looked at me the way you looked at him!”
Steve looked around, grabbing your hand as he pulled you towards the backroom. “Robin, can you keep an eye on him for a minute?”
“Yeah, no problem.”
“Steve, what are you talking about? I love you both.” The words come out of your mouth before he even shuts the door. “I love you as much as I love Eddie.”
“I watched you two. The way you moan, touched him, spoke to him…it was different than when you know I’m there.”
“Baby…” You reach out and caress his cheek. “What time do you get off?”
Steve looks at his watch. “About thirty minutes. Why?”
“Eddie’s spending time with Wayne tonight. You can come over and have dinner with us. After Dylan goes to bed, you and I can talk. Maybe get some alone time.”
He smirks slightly as a heavy sigh leaves his body. You wrap your arms around him, inhaling his cologne. “I missed you so much.”
You feel his own arms wind around you as his fingers come up to tangle in your hair, pressing your head to his chest. “I missed you to.”
“Hey daddy.”
You freeze at the top of the stairs outside your apartment. Charlie is leaning against the wall with papers in his hand. He looks furious. You cautiously walk towards the front door, opening it, and gently pushing Dylan inside. 
You paint what you hope is a believable smile on your face. “Hey, why don’t you go change and get ready for dinner while I talk to your dad.”
He looks between the both of you. “Mom…”
“Hey! You heard her! Get inside!” Dylan jumped as Charlie snapped at him. You reach out and reassuringly run your fingers in his hair down to his small cheeks. You ex reaches past you and slams the door shut. 
“Don’t talk to him like that.”
“I warned you. This?” He holds up the papers his lawyer had given him. “This was the worst mistake you ever made. You’ll be lucky if you see that kid once year if at all when I’m done with you.”
You straightened you back, trying to convey confidence. “Leave. Now.”
He moves forward backing you against the wall. “Or what? I know your neighbors aren’t here. Even if they were—”
“You’d run like the little bitch that you are?”
Charlie’s hand flies past your face slamming violently into the surface behind you. You flinch as he chuckles. “Always bark but never any bite.”
You suddenly shove him with the intention of running into your apartment and locking the door but as you begin your sprint you smack into something hard. Steve steps around you, placing you behind him. You feel yourself shrink behind his back; thankful he was there. 
“Leave. Now.” He echoed your previous words. His tone came out strong and authoritative. 
Charlie made a move like he was going to punch him but he slid back out of the way returning his own punch that connected with your ex’s mouth. Steve tilted his head as he looked down at him. “I can see from your nose that my roommate already warned you once so I won’t bother doing it again.”
He reached down, lifting Charlie up by the arm, and threw him against the wall by the stairs. “I think it’s safe to say for the time being you are not allowed anywhere near Y/N or Dylan.”
“You can’t do that, Y/N. We have a court order.”
Steve moves his body so he’s blocking you from your ex’s field of view. “No, no. You’re talking to me now. Given the fact that you hurt her last time you were here and you haven’t spent any time with him in the last two weekends you had him… She’s within her rights.”
Charlie tried to push Steve off of him but Steve was stronger, connecting his fist again with his face. “Now your son is inside and if I know that kid he’s probably listening. That’s the only reason I’m not tearing you in half for putting your hands on his mother but that doesn’t mean I’m going to allow you to keep speaking to her the way you are. Now, say goodbye to Y/N nicely and get the fuck out of here.”
He spits blood in Steve’s direction and in return Steve slapped him causing Charlie to fall to the floor. Your protector backed away from him until he felt your hands lightly grip the back of his shirt. Your ex rose to his feet, collecting the paperwork that had been tossed aside in the chaos. He started to move towards the both of you but when Steve took a confident stride forward, Charlie turned and stomped down the stairs towards the parking lot. 
Steve turned to face you and you fall into his chest, clinging to him. “Thank you.” You pull away from him quickly knowing you only have a short window of time. Reaching forward you zip up his jacket covering the blood that had landed there. Right as you were straightening up your own appearance the front door opened slowly. 
“Hey Weirdo. Look who I found.” You point to Steve who smiles gently over at him. 
His little eyes widen as he looks around. “Did Dad leave?”
“He did.” Steve walked over to him kneeling down to get on his level. “I came up when he was talking to your mom. He saw my hand and gasped, running away when I told him what happened!”
Dylan reaches for Steve’s blood-stained hand, inspecting it. “What did happen?”
“After you guys left the store, this HUGE creature came in and tried to take Robin! I had to fight him with only these two hands. I need Robin. I’m not going to run a store all by myself. Pfft.” You son giggles at his story. 
“Mom has a kit. We can help!” Dylan pulls Steve inside your apartment as you follow closing the door behind you. 
You disappear into your bathroom and come back with your first aid kit. You sit down at the table lifting Dylan on to it as Steve sits across from you. You gently clean the mess away before pouring some anti septic on a cotton ball and rubbing it against the cuts on his knuckles. 
He jumps over dramatically, startling Dylan. “I’m just kidding.” He beams over at you as you flash him your trademark nose scrunch. As you start to wrap his hand in gauze, your son stops you. 
“Mommy! Wait, you forgot.”
It takes you a minute before you realize what he’s talking about. “Oh honey, I don’t think that works for adults.” He looks at you with a pleading expression. You playfully roll your eyes as you bring the back of Steve’s hand to up lips, placing small kiss along his cuts.
“Well, I’m glad Little Man mentioned it. I feel better already.” He winks at Dylan as your son turns to you giving you a cocky smile. 
After putting Dylan to bed, you retreat to your bedroom as you close the door, leaning against it. 
“You okay?”, Steve asks from his place on your bed. You shake your head as you crawl in next him. He slides down so his head is on your pillow as you rest your own on his chest. “How much did he hear?”
“Pretty much everything until you showed up. He asked me if he had to go live with him. I told him no. Steve, he looked so relieved.” His lips delicately kissed your forehead as he held you tighter to him. You lifted your head, leaning down to connect your mouth to his. 
“You and Eddie are fundamentally different—”
“Hey, we don’t have to talk about this tonight.” Steve starts to sit up but you push him back with your hand. 
“Please? When it’s the three of us together I feel complete. I really do. You’re both so sweet, funny, fucking gorgeous,” he chuckles at your words. “So, when I notice a difference…I want to know more. Both your little quarks make you more beautiful to me. When Eddie was making love to me, I realized there had only been a handful of times he had been front of me. To finally really be able to focus on his face and his features… it felt like I was having sex with him for the first time.”
You trace your thumb over his lips. “I was going to suggest you and I get some time to ourselves but then everything happened—”
“I got mad.”, Steve interrupted. “I didn’t even give you guys a chance to talk to me.”
You nod your head flashing him a small smile. “Yeah. You’re a bit more ‘jump first, ask questions later’ kind of angry person.” He looks away guilty making your smile grow. “It’s ok. I can be that way to. Eddie’s more of a ‘I’m going to let my anger leak through with sass’. His is more annoying.” You both laugh.
Steve leans up, rolling you on to your back as his fingers softly glide over your body. 
You bring his lips to yours, wrapping your arms around his neck as you hold him to you. Usually, Steve’s kisses felt more determined and slightly hastened but as he kissed you now it was slower with an eager intensity as if he was tasting you for the first time and couldn’t get enough. 
His hand drifted into the waistband of your shorts. As his mouth travelled along your jaw and down to your neck, his fingers pressed against your panty covered clit making you moan his name. You grab his hand before flipping him over onto his back as you straddle his waist. 
You place tender kisses along his lips and neck until you reach the shell of his ear. “I missed you so much. I need to feel you.” Your hips start grinding against his. “Please, Steve. Make love to me.” The sound that left his mouth before he craned his neck to connect his lips with yours again was one of the most beautiful sounds you had ever heard.
Steve threw off his shirt, tugging his pants and boxers off, and dropping them to the floor. You had only managed to remove your own shorts and panties before he was pulling you on top of him again. Reaching between your bodies, you took him in your hand, placing the tip at your entrance before slowly sliding yourself down on to his cock.
You forced yourself to keep your eyes open, watching his face as you felt him bottom out. His eyes were completely blown as his mouth opened in a silent “O”. Steve’s hands gripped your hips as you began bouncing on top of him. Pressing your forehead on to his, you whimpered above him as his hips thrust up to meet yours. Your eyes fluttered closed, moaning his name into the small kisses you placed on his lips. 
Steve’s hands reached up to move your hair out of your face. “Hey. Look at me.” You opened your heavy eyes to his gorgeous smile. “There you go, baby. There are those beautiful eyes.” His thumbs gently grazed your cheeks as he pulled you down for another passionate kiss. 
“Steve, I’m—” He nods his head, his nose brushing against yours as he feels your pussy tightening around him. “Will you cum with me?”
He leans himself up into a sitting position, placing his hands on your ass, guiding you as you cling your arms around him. You bury your face in his shoulder to silence moans as the ball in your stomach drops and you cum hard against him. Steve continues moving your hips until you hear him grunt in your neck as his arms wrap around you, filling you up as he releases. 
He falls back against the pillow and you fall with him dropping to his side. 
“I see what you mean now. It’s different but in a good way.” Steve rolls over to his side facing you.
“I like when it’s the three of us but I like this to.”
He leans over to kiss your forehead before twisting his back to grab your shorts off the floor. “There’s a kid in the apartment.” He winks at you as you giggle. Steve pulls on some shorts, turning off the lights as he crawls back into bed with you. You both laid there talking for a while when you heard your front door open and a couple of moments later so did your bedroom door. 
“Oh my god. I am having a terrible influence on you people. Go to bed!” Eddie sneaks in and jumps into the bed behind you. You roll to face him and Steve automatically pushes himself closer to you being your big spoon. 
“How did you know we were here?”
“Well Sweetheart I think I would have figured it out if I went to our apartment and no one was there.” You scrunch your nose and he boops it with his index finger. “Steve texted me. He also told me what happened.” Eddie grabs Steve’s hand inspecting it as if he can see through your first aid. “You ok?”
You nod your head. “Dylan was upset for a bit but he’s doing better.”
“What about you, Stevie? Are you okay?”
When Steve doesn’t answer, you turn to look at him only to find he’s fallen asleep. Eddie shakes his head as he laughs. “Man can fall asleep like that,” he snaps his fingers, “I swear.”
You smile over at him as gets under the covers and reaches out to hold the hand that isn’t currently holding Steves. “He’s ok. I can’t say the same for Charlie though.”
“Eh fuck him. We don’t care how he is.” You chuckle as he laughs with you. He watches your eye lids slowly close as sleep starts to take over. Eddie leans over, placing a tender kiss on your cheek before lying back and crashing himself. ########
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Tumblr media
More ghost content soon. I have heard the people. Take this chocolate milk as a sign of my gratitude 💓
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I Like Watching You Dance - E.Munson
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary | In which nutcracker season is at its peak, and spending quality time with Eddie Munson is impossible. Eddie decides to surprise you after a long day of rehearsing, but ends up watching you in awe as you rehearse for your role as the sugar plum fairy in your academy's production of The Nutcracker.
tags | Eddie Munson x fem!reader, ballerina!reader, fluff, ballet fic, Nutcracker season, cute relationship, she/her pronouns used
word count | 1.2k
a/n | hey y'all!!! so I'd like to say that I am ballet dancer myself, so I know my stuff. This fic was very fun to write, especially because it's Nutcracker season right now, and that there was no research that had to be done! Bye!
⚠️ i will not allow anyone copy and pasting my work into any other social platform or site without consulting with me first ⚠️
Eddie arrived to pick you up after your rehearsal, but you aren’t anywhere to be seen. He looks back down to the note card placed in his lap.
“16700 Dawn Rd, Ronan IN,” he read aloud. “Where the fuck is she?”
Due to your schedule with ballet, you and Eddie were unable to go on any sort of date, even spending some quality time together. He knew how hard it was for you, dancing everyday and all, but he hated not being able to see your face everyday after school and wrapping you up in his arms after a long day.
He looked out of his van window to see the large building with big, bold letters, written, “Balanchine Classical Ballet Academy,” which stood out compared to the white concrete walls of the exterior part of the building. Deciding whether to stay in the van, or go out and see if you were there or not, Eddie chose to get out. As he opens the driver’s side door, a cold gust of wind hits him like a bullet. Quickly, Eddie slams the door shut and goes to find a spare jacket hidden in the trunk. As soon as he finds it, he puts it on, and opens the door once more. The cold air comes back again but because of the big, warm coat Eddie had put on, it wasn’t as bad as it was before. Eddie approaches the large building with a scrunch on his face, he hates how the melted snow feels on his skin.
Once he enters the academy doors, Eddie is met with a busy atmosphere with little girls in pink and blue Capezio leotards and dance moms sewing costumes together while gossiping. All studios were occupied with dancers rehearsing for their production of The Nutcracker which was just around the corner from now. Eddie looks up at the tall walls covered in awards from ballet competitions from prior years, and photographs of very famous dancers. On one part of the wall hung a collection of headshots of the older dancers who’ve won all of the awards as well as bring some pride to the academy. He gazed up to the top and was met with your face. You wore a bright smile with your hair in a neat, tight bun. Right under was a gold plate that had “Y/n L/n, 1st place Winner of the International Grand Prix” engraved into it.
Eddie was interrupted by a voice of an older woman, “Do you need help, sir?”.
Eddie looks back to see a rather tall woman with a cane in hand. He looks past her and sees the group of gossiping mothers with concerned faces staring at him. Eddie realizes the situation and immediately begins panicking.
“Oh, I wasn’t here to cause any trouble, I was waiting for my girlfriend, you see-“
“Stop,” the woman demands. Eddie quickly silenced himself, the woman was awfully frightening. “I know who you are and I know you mean no harm.”
Eddie was taken aback, “How the fuck does she know who I am?,” he thought.
“Waiting for Ms. L/n I presume?” The older woman asks.
“Uhh yea, she’s usually done at 5:00, but she wasn’t outside, so I came in to see if she was here.”
The lady nods, “come with me,” she gestures to Eddie to follow her as they stride across a long hallway, studios on each side of the wall. Eddie’s eyes were glued to the floor, while people move out of their way for the lady to walk by. The loud noises were soon turned into hushes, and the only thing you could hear was the music coming from the studios, the whispering, and the click clacks of the woman’s heels.
Turning the corner, a group of dancers were all packed around a window, watching the rehearsal. They all stood in silence as they watched in awe of the beautiful ballerina. By the sound of the women's heels clicking once again, the dancers snapped their heads towards her away, and quickly gathered their bags and moved along.
“I guess I really am that frightening,” the woman chuckled.
“No shit, Sherlock, you look like you’d kill me with that cane,” Eddie thought, scratching the back of his head.
The woman stops right in front of the window where the prior dancers were standing. Eddie stops as well, and looks into the studio. A ballerina engrossed in the music made her away across the room and into a lift, a man held her high up into the air.
“Here she is,” the woman says, stepping to the side.
Eddie grows closer to the window and watches you. A navy blue leotard hugged your figure, and the black practice tutu you wore complimented it perfectly. The new pointe shoes you put on at the beginning of the day were now completely dead as the ribbons and elastic were holding by the threads. The shank and box were “soggy”, however, that didn’t matter at the moment. Eddie noticed how you moved your arms, it was almost as if they were in a fluid state. He marveled at the sight of you in such a graceful state.
As the ending of the Sugar Plum and Cavalier Pas De Deux came to a close, you sat yourself down while you gasped for air. The dance was so exhausting it left you breathless.
“Beautiful isn’t she?” the woman compliments. “I’ve taught her since she was nine years old. Never failed to disappoint me.”
Eddie nods, unsure of what to say.
You pack up your bags and replace the practice tutu with black trash bag pants. You take your dead pointe shoes off and put on normal everyday shoes. Your french twist, that had been neat and slick back at the beginning of the day, was now messed up with dozens of fly-always sticking at your skin. Your sweat creates a stain on your leotard, but who the fuck cared.
“Bye, Dmitri,” you wave. Dmitri, your pas de deux partner, waves back and says his goodbyes. You bring the bag to your shoulder and begin making your way out of the studio. Upon walking out, Eddie props himself against the door frame, making himself known.
“Eddie!” Your eyes brighten, hurrying over to embrace him into a tight hug. “I was going to call you to pick me up, but you're here!”
“Yea, I watched you do your twirling stuff,” Eddie said, in which he starts to mimic your en dedan turns.
“Wow, Eddie, you’re so funny. Ha ha,” you say, sarcastically of course. “Shit, sorry, you were probably bored. I didn’t think rehearsal would run for that long.”
“What! I like watching you dance, it was nice ,” Eddie wraps his arm around your shoulder while beginning to leave.
“Really? Do you think so? I say that sweat stains and bruised toe nails would say otherwise, but I’ll take the compliment,” you chuckle.
Walking into the lobby, hand-in-hand, the gossiping mothers turn their heads towards your way, staring at the two of you walk by.
“Did you see that?” One of them whispers.
“Yea, never thought someone like her would go for someone like him,” another replies.
“Well, I think they look cute together.”
“I saw them at the park this one time, they looked really happy.”
“I heard someone say that he’s a cult leader.”
“Oh shut your mouth, Carol. No one believes in that kind of stuff anymore.”
You and Eddie try not to laugh when you hear the gossiping. The pretty, kind, ballerina with the crazy, drug addict, metal head? Of course, no one would have thought that it would ever happen!
a/n: sorry for another authors note, hehe. srry for being gone for such a long time, i had like no motivation to write anything lol. I wrote this fic in honor of Nutcracker season! bye!
Reposts and requests are always welcomed! Make sure to go check ou my other stuff! My masterlist is linked at the top of the page! Thank you for reading my fan fic!
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I was thinking about writing a lucemond fanfiction for a while and I'm thinking about putting this to the summary, is it bad? Should i change it?;
"You owe me an eye!" Aemond shouted in a attempt to scare the younger prince, slamming his hands on the table in order to create more sound. To scare him more, to see the traces of fear all over his face. Aemonds grude never died, it stayed the same not even lessening in the years that has past over. Aemond wanted Lucerys to suffer in fear, for him to feel the frightening emotion he felt when the dagger crossed his eye out when he was only a boy.
However, Lucerys was burning. Lucerys was burning under his clothes, he wanted to rip everything off. His clothes, his skin and his muscles. To be left as nothing but a skinless corpse so he could finally breathe. He's vision blurry since the second he crossed out the training ground with the help of his brother, he stumbled two steps back and three steps forward to the table where everyone's eyes was directed to him and Aemond. He felt the heat getting more and more unbearable and his rage harder to subdue.
Lucerys Velaryon, son of the Black Queen and the next lord or the tides couldn't take it anymore.
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I Believe You Dropped Something, Mr Shelby - Tommy Shelby
Pairing: Thomas Shelby x Fem!Reader
Request: No. Find original here.
Warnings: Mentions reader is from London.
DISCLAIMER: The GIFS I use are not mine and I take no credit for them. I just find them on here and on Pinterest.
Peaky Blinders Master-List
Tumblr media
Y/N leaves her new flat and begins the walk to a pub she overheard a few men discussing, determining she needed to go out for a few hours. She'd been unpacking her belongings for three days. She was delighted to discover The Garrison was only a block away from where she currently resides.
The noise of the patrons inside quietens as she enters the drinking establishment. All eyes are on her as she saunters towards the bar. She tries to ignore the stares as much as she can. The bar is full of locals and she isn't one of them.
"Could I please have a whiskey?" she asks, her London brogue heavy.
"Scotch or Irish?" the bartender says, moving away from her as he pulls a glass from the shelf.
"Irish." She responds and  glances around the pub as he pours her drink. Most people have stopped staring at her, but a few are still glancing at her, some lusty, others puzzled and intrigued.
"You're not from around here, are ya love?" the bartender asks, placing the glass of whisky in front of her. 
"What gave it away?" she replies, smiling pleasantly at him.
"First and foremost, you have a lovely face, far too pretty for this place." He enlightens her.
However, she does not agree with him. "I'm sure there are a lot of women around here with pretty faces and I'm sure they are much prettier than mine."
"Not as elegant as you," he says as he looks her up and down.
"You said first and foremost," she responds to his remarks with interest. "I'm interested in hearing your other observations."
"Your accent certainly distinguishes you from the other women here. You don't just look fancy; you sound it too," He goes on. "Also, the ambience you exude." 
"My ambience?" She lifts her brow, having never heard that one before.
"You have a poshness about ya."
She lets out a low chuckle and extends her hand towards him, "Y/N L/N, from London."
"Harry Fenton, born and bred in Birmingham." He extends his hand to hers. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss L/N."
"Mr Fenton, please call me Y/N. I'm not as formal as you may think." She tells him.
"As long as you call me as Harry, Love." He proposes reaching an agreement with her.
The two converse for another hour, Y/N ordering another two glasses of whiskey until three men saunter into the pub like they own it, the ruckus from the other guests quickly dying down. Y/N's watches the three men as they make their way to a room off to the side of the bar. A chill goes down her spine as her E/C eyes connect with a set of vivid blue ones looking back at her. She knows she should look elsewhere right away, but she can't bring herself to do so feeling as though she's drowning in his eyes.
"Would you mind getting us a bottle of whiskey, Harry?" The man talks as he goes to pass through the entrance of the private room, the older and younger men already inside.
Her eyes widen slightly in surprise. She wasn't expecting his voice's smooth silky tone to be as alluring as his eyes and sounding as handsome as his face looks.
"On the house, Mr. Shelby," Harry replies, his tone shifting from one of delight to one of trepidation in a matter of seconds. It's enough to divert Y/N's attention away from the mystery man with the lovely but cold eyes.
Hearing the door close, she turns to face Harry, whose cheery grin has faded. "Who exactly are they?"
"Peaky Blinders," he says quickly, taking a bottle from the shelf and heading to the private room. He returns a few minutes later, his mood worse than when he stepped inside the room.
Despite knowing she'll regret it once it's done, she can't suppress the curiosity building inside her and asks anyway, "Who exactly are the Peaky Blinders?"
"It's best you not know," he asserts.
"I'm going to need to know since this is now my home."
"All you need to know, Love, is keep out of their way and they'll stay out of yours," He cautions.
Deep down, she got the feeling that, that would be easier said than done.
Tumblr media
The city girl heeded Harry's warning for the following three weeks. She socialises with a couple of the locals in the pub and befriending her new neighbours. They weren't as hesitant as Harry to tell her all about the Shelby Brothers, what they stood for and how they dealt with things around Small Heath. There is Arthur - the oldest and most chaotic of the three, John - the youngest and best looking, according to the many women around town, of the three, and then there's Thomas, Tommy Shelby - the one in the middle who didn't hesitate to take over the family business when he needed to, pushing his older brother from leader to right-hand man. The more Y/N learns about the Shelby Brothers, the more she heeds Harry's warning, which she repeats whenever one of the Shelbys is mentioned or seen.
But just while she's paying attention to the warning, it didn't stop her from making eye contact with Tommy, his gaze constantly sending a cold chill her spine, but she still couldn't bring herself to look away. She gets a feeling there is more to Thomas Shelby behind his cold, hard, and beautiful blue eyes. He intimidated her while also captivating her.
Walking into the Garrison on a Tuesday night was a little odd for Y/N. She normally stayed at home on Tuesday evenings to go through the weekly newspaper job ads before going out on Wednesdays to apply for any job she had expertise with. She's been turned down everywhere she's gone so far. But there is one place she has yet to try.
"Good evening, Y/N," Harry cheerfully greets the young woman. Since the first night she stepped into the Garrison, Harry and Y/N have grown close. In some ways, he's taken her under his wing, teaching her everything she needs to know about Small Heath and supporting her as she settles in to her new surroundings.
"Good evening, Harry," she returns his greeting with her own, and looks around the bar, waving hello to the few people she gotten to know. "Quiet night tonight?"
"It's a bit on the quiet side," Harry says, taking a glass and a bottle of Irish whiskey off the shelf and pouring her a drink. He never needs to ask because she always orders the same drink.
"Can I ask you a question?" She enquires  a little anxiously.
"You already did, Love, but go ahead," He teases her a little but encourages her to continue.
"How desperate are you for a new barmaid?" She asks him.
"If you're going to recommend I hire you, you can think again," He frowns at her. He has no intention of hiring a woman like her to work at his pub. Sure her pretty face would attract the customers but a majority of the drunk men would only cause trouble for the young lady. 
"I know a majority of your regulars, I get along with them just fine, I've proven I can handle drunken men, and I know how to pour a drink," she claims.
Harry looks at her as if he's still not convinced. He would never allow his daughter to work in a place where there is alcohol and rowdy men whose only way to escape the war is to drink themselves to death, and he would not let a lady who is quickly becoming like a daughter to him work in one either.
"Please, Harry," she begs quietly. "No one else will hire me, but if you do, I'll be eternally grateful, and you can quit fretting about not having any help."
Her words are breaking him down as she continues to list all the reasons why the middle-aged bartender should hire her. It doesn't take long for him to succumb to the young beauty's charms.
"Alright! You can start tonight but on a trial basis. You'll remain here till midnight. If everything goes well, we can talk about a payment schedule tomorrow."
She smiles at the bartender, pleased.
"What are you waiting for?" He exclaims, unable to disguise his smile as he hurls a smock at her. "Put on the apron, get back here, and start pouring some drinks."
She follows his orders and begins taking orders. When she has a minute to spare, he pulls her to the side and reminds her of the Shelby Brothers rule, speaking it as if it was a law. "Remember, when the Shelbys arrive, all their drinks are on the house."
"Do the Shelbys ever pay for anything?" She asks, and quickly regrets it when a voice other than Harry's answers her.
"When we feel like it," On the other side of the bar, Thomas Shelby stands in front of her.
Y/N's cheeks heat with embarrassment. She was unaware that Tommy had entered the pub. Her entire body is frozen to the spot, and she is speechless as her eyes are locked on his icy blue gaze. He smirks to himself, enjoying the effect he appears to have on this woman he's never spoken to before now.
For a brief period, Tommy's gaze shifts to Harry. Y/N diverts her attention by wiping the small spill on the bar top, then moves to the shelf containing the bottles of alcohol, where she discovers her voice. "What would you like, Mr. Shelby?"
"Whiskey, Irish," He tells her.
She gets the bottle from the shelf and brings it over to him with some glasses, while avoiding eye contact. "It's on the house, Mr. Shelby."
"Thank you, Miss L/N." He smirks, causing her head to snap up to meet his gaze, her eyes as wide as saucers. She hadn't expected him to know her name. He says nothing further, his smirk staying as he places some money on the bar before heading to the private room.
"I believe you dropped something, Mr. Shelby," Her voice stops him.
He smirks again, "Keep it, it's not mine."
Peaky Blinders Master-List | Main Master-List
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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After the Fire ~ Chapter Forty-Two
Fandom: The Hobbit - Post BOTFA AU Where Everybody Lives
Summary: Following the Battle of the Five Armies, a grievously wounded Thorin is brought back to the kingdom of Erebor, which is still mostly in ruins. Although he’s survived the wounds he received at the end of Azog’s blade, his recovery is far from complete. Grief, regret, anger, all are making his journey that much more difficult and the physical recovery isn’t quite the most difficult challenge he faces.
Jasna Stoneham is no stranger to loss, as she is a survivor of Smaug’s wrath upon Esgaroth. When she is asked to help the dwarves healers of Erebor, her instinct is to say no, but she needs the job, and so agrees to it. However, no one told her that of all the patients, she would be responsible for the king himself, Thorin Oakenshield. 
Unfortunately, the road to recovery isn’t necessary a smooth one, but if there’s one thing Thorin will learn, it’s that Jasna is just as stubborn as he is and for every step back he takes, she is there to push him three steps forward. And Jasna will soon find out that there is a gentle, softer side to the dwarf king, one that very few people have ever seen and one he fights to keep hidden from her as well. But like his recovery, that is also easier said than done. 
Summary: And we come to the end… 
Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x ofc Jasna Stoneham
Characters: Jasna, Thorin
Warnings: None
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,569
Tag List: @tschrist1 @i-did-not-mean-to @lathalea @linasofia @fizzyxcustard @legolasbadass @kibleedibleedoo @xxbyimm @arrthurpendragon @exhausted-humxn-being @rachel1959 @laurfilijames @sketch-and-write-lover @sherala007 @enchantzz @knittastically @notlostgnome @myselfandfantasy @medusas-hairband @guardianofrivendell @jotink78 @sorisooyaa @ruthoakenshield @frosticenow @quiall321 @dianakc
If you’d like to be added (or removed) to the tag list, please just let me know!
Previous chapters can be found here. 
Tumblr media
It was well into the night when Thorin came up behind Jasna and slid his arms about her waist. “How are you faring, mesmel?”
“I’m a bit tired, actually.”
He gave her a gentle squeeze. “Perhaps it’s time we took our leave and get started on our wedding night?”
She sank against him, smiling over her shoulder. “I could muster the energy needed for that, I think.”
He offered up a teasing squeeze. “Oh, think so, do you?”
She looked around at the many guests who remained under the white tent, showing no signs of crying quarter any time soon, then looked back at him. “If I’m properly motivated, sure.”
He smiled, gave her another squeeze, and released her to catch her by the hand instead. He whisked her away from the tent, and as the sounds of the party gave way to the peaceful silence of the plains, she looked up at him. He looked just as tired as she felt, as if the last weeks had finally caught up with him as well. A bit more silver streaked his hair and there were shadowy smudges beneath his eyes.
To her surprise, though, he didn’t lead her back toward Erebor. Instead, as they passed by, he said, “Take care, Jasna. The path is still a bit rocky.”
“Thorin, where are we going?”
“I wish to bid farewell to some old ghosts.”
She caught her bottom lip between her teeth as he led her up the still-somewhat crumbling stairs toward Ravenhill and as the rush of water grew louder, she gave his hand a squeeze, remembering the last time they were there, the day she was convinced she’d ruined Thorin’s chances of being given the approval he’d needed in order to marry her.
But now, it was all peaceful and mostly quiet, aside from that soothing rush of the river. The full moon glowed overhead, bathing everything as far as she could see silver. 
She looked up at Thorin, who stared out over the river and without thinking, she slipped her hand into his. His fingers laced with hers, tightening slightly. She lay her head against his shoulder. “What are you thinking?”
“I came out here that day to end Azog, to end his relentless pursuit of me, of Fíli and Kíli. I’d had enough and it was going to stop then, no matter what I had to do to make that happen. And instead, I led my nephews, Dwalin, Master Baggins even, into a trap.
“I planned to die out here.” He glanced down at her, his voice a low rumble, just barely audible of the sounds of swiftly flowing water. “And I’d made my peace with it, Jasna. I left my armor behind. I’d given my mithril shirt to Master Baggins.”
“The diamonds and emeralds were mined here,” he explained, fastening it at her nape. “But, the chain is from Khazad-dûm. Moria. It’s mithril—silver-steel—and is stronger than any other metal found in Middle Earth, and is far more delicate than the lightest cord.”
She glanced down at her wedding ring. “Why would you give him that?”
“I had to protect him.” Now he looked down at her, a half-smile on his lips. “And before you say it, know this, it had nothing to do with looking out for him at all and everything to do with my needing him alive to find the Arkenstone for me. That was all I cared about, mesmel. That stone. I was obsessed with it. I went mad because of that obsession.”
“Mad, Thorin?”
He nodded. “I cared only about finding that stone. After Smaug was gone, the Arkenstone took over my every waking thought. I’d found my grandfather’s crown and his robes and donned them myself and ordered everyone about. I threatened them with death if they didn't do my bidding and find that blasted stone. And when I found out Master Baggins had betrayed me…” 
His voice trailed off and she murmured, “You started to tell me this story in the infirmary, but you never finished it. What happened?”
“Nothing I am proud to speak of.”
“Thorin,” she faced him, catching his free hand as well to give them both a gentle squeeze, “if you wish to truly b-bid old ghosts f-f-farewell, you need to be honest with me and with yourself. What happened?”
“He’d found the stone. And gave it to Bard to force my hand to avoid war.” Thorin let out a laugh that held no humor in it. “And when he told me, I ordered him thrown from the ramparts.”
“I told you I was mad.” He met her gaze, his eyes sorrowful and shimmering slightly. “I trusted him, Jasna, and he stabbed me in the back. At least, that’s how I saw it at the time. I know  now he was but concerned for me. But then? Oh, I was furious with him. But, when it came down to what happened up here? The halfling still worried for me. He followed me up here to warn me of Azog and Bolg’s plot. He stayed with me so I wouldn’t be alone when I died.”
Her throat tightened at the soft matter of factness in his voice and her fingers tightened along with it. “He loves you, Thorin. And I do not mean it as you and the other dwarves love one another. I mean, he loves you as I love you.”
“I know.” He nodded slightly, then looked back out over the water. “But, I think he mistook my greed for love in return. I didn't give him that shirt because I wanted him to be safe because I cared about him. I did it because I wanted him safe because I cared about him finding that stone.”
“But have you forgiven him? Have you forgiven yourself?”
He drew in a deep breath and as he exhaled, bobbed his head. “I have, yes. I was not in my right mind. But, when I regained my clarity, I knew what I had to do. I had to end Azog and the only way to do that was to let him have me first.”
“You said you left your armor in Erebor. Did anyone notice?”
He offered up another slight smile. “If they did, no one said anything. In all honesty, I think they all thought I deserved whatever fate I met. I’d been a piss-poor king, the saying goes. But, then I made my way up here, and I made up for it.”
She stared up at him. “Made up for it.”
He nodded. “I thought I’d bested him, you know. He had a flail and must have assumed that being smaller than him meant I was weaker and slower. I wasn't and by the time he’d figured it out, I need only step off the floe and into the river he sank. But then, I grew smug. I didn't look at my blade, and if I had, I’d have seen it was blue.”
“The Orcrist is Elven made. Its blade glows blue in the presence of orcs or trolls. He leapt from the water and tried to run me through, but I was too quick and blocked him with the Orcrist. And that’s when it came to me. If I let him have me, I should have enough time left to deliver a fatal blow. So, I pulled the Orcrist to the side and he did exactly as I thought he’d do.”
The scars on his chest and belly leaped to her mind, and her throat felt tighter still as she remembered the shape he’d been in when he’d been brought to the infirmary. “He tried to save you, you know. Your Master Baggins, I mean.”
“I know.” Now he gazed down at her and smiled. “And because of him, I survived long enough to be brought to you.”
His hands slipped free of hers, came up to cradle her face, his thumbs sweeping ever so gently along her cheekbones. “If someone had told me a before I left to face Azog for the final time, that I would not only survive, but would meet the love of my life in the infirmary, I’d have told them they were mad. And yet, here we are, Jasna. And everything is just perfect.”
She slid her arms about his waist. “I fought Bard on coming here, you know. I thought I’d be m-more a hazard than a help. But he had faith in me. Óin and Narnerra had faith in me. You and your nephews had faith in me. And be-because of that, I learned to have faith myself.”
“I’m glad he was able to talk sense into you. You have a gift, you know. And I am ever so thankful you were here.”
“That makes two of us, dwarf,” she whispered. “I love you.”
He bent and caught her lips in a soft kiss and as he carefully urged her down into the soft, wet smelling grass, he murmured back, “I love you, too, Jasna.”
No more words passed between them and the sounds of the river, of the party, of the ravens gathered at Ravenhill and the thrushes in the trees, tucked in for the night all faded into the darkness as she surrendered once more to the magic of her husband. 
The End
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suzy-queued · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
These Foolish Games, chapter 15: Very Right It's the next May, and all of TigerZone is abuzz with Sandy's return.
Read the final chapter here. Start from the beginning here.
What am I supposed to do with myself now?! Enjoy Thanksgiving Day like a normal person? Go about my day and not dream of the next chapter of these laser tag boys?! Ungh.
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tiny-wooden-robot · 13 hours ago
An Unusual Entanglement
Tumblr media
This lovely piece of art was done by the uber-talented @ikemendaniel, who somehow knew all the right words to say to give me a little of my writing confidence back. Drew, you inspire me in so many ways, and this fic was born from just a small part of my awe for your talent. 😌
Dew in a spider’s web. 
It’s the first thought that comes to mind as he stares down at the man sleeping fretfully before him. Tears much like drops of moisture at dawn cling to lashes every bit as delicate and beautiful as a spider’s web, and it makes Jean’s heart ache in a way he hasn’t felt in a very long time. 
“A sparring partner.” If anyone were to ask Jean about this man, that is the answer they would get. Someone to help him hone his skills - no longer as a soldier, but simply as a swordsman. Someone to pass the afternoons with, someone good enough with the blade to keep Jean from venturing into rusty, out-of-practice territory. 
There would be nothing in Jean’s tone of voice to indicate that he has learned a great deal about this sullen and taciturn prince. Nothing of how the melancholy look in those deep crimson eyes ever escapes Jean’s notice, nothing of how sometimes when they spar, Licht fights as though his life depends on it… or as though he cares very little about that life and is aiming to toss it away. 
Jean does not know what hangs over Licht’s head and casts those long shadows across his life. There are no details in the space there, only the shape of something far-reaching and deep that has likely been with Licht for a very long time. 
Jean D’Arc knows all too well what that sort of pain feels like. The wave of memories that washes over him is so powerful he finds himself driven to his knees, his chest heaving in an attempt to even his breathing. 
Licht stirs in his sleep, one dew-like tear pulling itself free from its web of lashes and making a tiny river down his cheek. Jean’s hand does not ask his brain for permission - suddenly he has reached out, brushing his knuckle across skin that is softer than it looks to wipe the tear away. 
Crimson eyes look up at him, blurry with fatigue and grief. “Jean---” Licht cuts himself off, his mouth turned down in a frown and his gaze moving past Jean to the window. The last of the sun’s light is reaching tentatively into the room as it sets. “I missed our sparring session.”
Almost unconsciously, Jean slides his thumb against his knuckle. The moisture dries but the memory of the tear is still a phantom feeling on his skin. His mouth twitches up at the corners. It is the best he can do; after so many years of twisting his face into grimaces and frowns, this mimicry of a smile has a long way to go before it can be considered anything other than a poor approximation of mirth. 
Still, it hits its intended mark, and he follows it up with the sort of reassurance he thinks he might like to hear if their roles were reversed. “There is always tomorrow,” he offers simply, that attempt of a smile still on his lips. He pauses, groping awkwardly at the air for the right words. “Are… you ill?”
Licht shifts to raise himself upright in bed. When the sheets fall away from him Jean’s gaze is drawn to his arm, where a series of angry-looking scars criss-cross along Licht’s skin. 
“I’m not,” Licht answers quickly, tucking his arm against his side. For just a moment there is a tense silence in the air as he waits for Jean to acknowledge what Licht has inadvertently shown him. 
Instead, Jean once more offers him the sincerest smile he can. “For so long,” he begins, his voice low and hushed in the quiet of the room, “I believed that what I wanted most was death. I believed that I deserved it for all I had done, and that it was the only just punishment to balance the weight of the sins I carried.” He looks up, his violet eyes meeting Licht’s. In the light of the setting sun they glow with something unidentifiable. “The things I did… terrible, unspeakable things… I thought the only way to absolve myself of them was to die.” 
Licht says nothing. He is simply watching and waiting, listening to the story Jean seems almost desperate to tell. 
“When the time finally came for me to die,” Jean goes on, “I was convinced I’d prepared myself for it.” He chuckles, but there is no humor in it. “I could not have been more wrong. The man who was responsible for granting me a taste of eternity told me that when he found me, I was pleading for someone to save me. I wept, screaming at the top of my voice for someone to deliver me from the end I thought I was ready for.” 
He pauses, taking a deep inhale and letting the breath out slowly. “I still carry the weight of the things I have done,” he goes on. “And admittedly there are times I still feel I need to be punished for those things. That is… likely something I will have to live with for the rest of my life - however long that will be.”
“...but?” Licht utters the word so softly Jean wonders if he’s imagined it. His doubts are put to rest when he sees the openly expectant expression on the prince’s face. 
“But eventually, I found something that made the prospect of living more appealing than that of dying.” Jean stands, the expression on his face softer than Licht has ever seen it. “And I am sure that given enough time, you will too.” He turns toward the door, then turns back as though remembering something. “Will I see you tomorrow?” 
There is only a second’s hesitation. And then, “Yes.” 
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gardensgatedaisy · a day ago
Tumblr media
This pic does go very well @streamingcolors-gvf 😘
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haley-protega · a day ago
Tumblr media
If it's good enough for Marvel, it's good enough for me 😅
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90soldsoul · 2 days ago
Everett & Nakia - Fan Fiction Prompts
Fics are scarce for these two and if there’s anything I love, it’s non-canon stuff.  Decided to make a master list of “Everkia” fan-fiction ideas/prompts to see if the fic writers out there in the world would like to take a stab at it.
*This post will continue to be updated so if you have any ideas, comment or let me know and I will add them. Also, if you or anyone writes something -- say something! So it can be viewed/read whether you found ideas from here or you thought them up yourself. :)
NOTE: Black Panther Wakanda Forever spoilers may be contained in this post
Tumblr media Tumblr media
First Everythings First meeting/first impressions First date First moment of confusion First kiss First time working together First time First time spending the night First time learning something new about each other First disagreement/argument Catching and denying feelings First holiday in the states First holiday in Wakanda First holiday in Haiti First time making up after a fight
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Agent & Spy Missions / Work Life Stuff
-Somebody at work hates Everett with a bloody passion and decides to target him -Nakia takes on a mission and gets captured -Someone catches Everett & Nakia "together" in any capacity of the word, while at work -While on a mission together, either one is tortured in front of the other
Tumblr media
Everett Protecting Nakia -Nakia is a victim of a hate crime -An ex of Nakia's becomes jealous and violent (NOT T'Challa) -Someone verbally attacks Nakia while in line at a Starbucks -Nakia has to defend herself in court and somebody opens fire -One night someone emerges from a darkened alley towards Nakia -An officer targets Nakia -Everett's ex wife Valentina frames Nakia for a crime -People being unkind to Nakia / People insulting Nakia
Tumblr media
Nakia Protecting Everett -A Wakandan tribe attacks Everett one night while they take a stroll -Someone tries to poison Everett at a foreign bar -Everett is captured and enslaved -Someone tries to shoot Everett in the neck with a dart -M'Baku name-calls Everett one too many times -Everett is teased about his height
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Injury / Sickness / Illness -Everett gets shot while working on a case -Nakia catches some sort of virus while on a mission -Nakia gets stabbed in the leg -Everett goes to a therapist -Nakia suffers a miscarriage -Everett is attacked while jogging in the woods -Nakia breaks her ankle/leg on a mission -Nakia catches a cold/Everett catches a cold -Everett gets tied up/restrained -Nakia gets imprisoned -Trip(s) to the doctor
Tumblr media
Deep Conversations / Heavy Dialogue / Personal Discussions
-The people of Wakanda are disapproving and untrusting of Everett -Everett's social circle is disapproving of Nakia -T'Challa isn't happy about their relationship -Nakia overhears Everett making a decision she doesn't approve of -Okoye isn't happy about their relationship -Shuri wants to move to the states after Nakia moves in with Everett -Everett is thinking about leaving his job and moving to Wakanda -Nakia is employed to go on a dangerous mission and Everett doesn't like it -Everett tells Nakia about his childhood and his difficult relationship with his mother -Everett tells Nakia how he was bullied as a child -Nakia wants to introduce her son to Everett -Everett wants to know what Nakia thinks about marriage -Nakia thanks Everett for saving her life -Everett expresses annoyance with being called a 'Colonizer' -Nakia meets Everett's ex-wife Valentina -Nakia asks Everett what was going through his head when he jumped in front of her (and why?) -Everett gets jealous -Nakia gets jealous -Everett asks Nakia about her parents -Nakia asks Everett about his days as an Air Force pilot
Tumblr media
Weather Conditions / Survival mode -Nakia is visiting the states when a blizzard occurs -Vacationing on an island and a hurricane occurs -It's a beautiful winter day and then an avalanche occurs -Everett is visiting Wakanda and the heat levels are record breaking -Wandering in the desert looking for sources of water -Out in the Amazon Jungle with no sources of communication -Trapped in a cave in freezing cold temperatures -In the rainforest avoiding a mudslide -Trapped in a burning building -Someone sets a forest on fire
Tumblr media
Saving the World / Hero Tropes
-Erik still holds his position as the ruler of Wakanda -Namor wants to rule the world -A country is in need/suffering -The president/president's family gets kidnapped
Tumblr media Tumblr media
What If���s / Moments / (Extended MCU) Scenes
-What if Nakia was shot and Everett hadn’t taken the bullet? -After Erik killed T’Challa, what if Nakia hadn’t went to go get Everett? -What if M'Baku attacked Everett after threatening to feed him to his children?
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fortiche · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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strideofpride · 5 months ago
ao3 went down in the middle of the night and everyone went crazy in the down detector comments
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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jedi-valjean · 3 months ago
Exits my Google Doc covered in blood not to imply I have been killing off or otherwise torturing my characters, but to convey that my WIP is currently lying on the operating table with its organs in the process of rearrangement
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