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karanfilsblog · 15 hours ago
İçim ağlar deme sakın dayan Gözlerinin rengi yıldızlardan Yanıma gel be pamuk prenses Kafamın içinde paniktir her ses
No.1 - kendine iyi bak
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parinko · a day ago
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antonio-teixeira · a day ago
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500000 curtidas!
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cinefairy · 9 months ago
this post was inspired by this tiktok: here
okay first realise..realise you have the power to change ANYTHING. its never too late to change your reality. dont think that you’re too “old” and that its late for you. people are in their 40s, 50s, 60s trying to find themselves and their true identity and trying out new hobbies! this idea that life ends when you’re 30 or whatever is such bullshit. you have so much time to change anything you want and nothing is impossible. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.
once you realise that, you can conquer anything. your problems are so small compared to you, because you’re magnificent. in this time of age we do not stop to congratulate ourselves because we are always comparing ourselves to other peoples lives on social media, or our parents are comparing us to other peoples kids. take time to CONGRATULATE YOURSELF for atleast wanting to try doing better for yourself. thats already an achievement and a step closer to achieving your dream life. some of you guys have been through hell and back, yet you’re still here. just congratulate yourself on that, because thats amazing. really.
now..lets start a funeral.
write down or take mental note of all your “bad habits” than can include something simple as procrastinating or idk nail biting. GET RID OF THEM. DECLARE THIS NOW that you will stop doing those habits, these bad habits do not benefit you. now, its pretty easy to cling back onto these “bad habits” so dont even worry about it. if you do it again do not belittle yourself, do not beat yourself up about it omg. literally dont you’re still amazing and hey..maybe you won’t completely get rid of them so start minimising how much you do those so-called bad habits
secondly, the mental glow up
mental glowups are also important aswell as physical glowups. mental glowups really do wonders and can impact your physical appearance!
• don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake.
i feel like its so normal for us to do this and i think if you were in a household that was not particularly great at emotional wellbeing you would struggle whenever you make mistake cus you would beat yourself up about it, its a tactic we’ve learned to do and its not a very good one.
• treat yourself with kindness.
how you treat a little child under your care, treat your mind and yourself as so. when you feel under pressure, when you feel caught up with everything. take it slow. and realise, you’re amazing and you can get through any obstacle.
• treat yourself like a QUEEN!
honestly, we should all start treating ourselves like the beautiful people we are?? like yeah i woke up messy hair and all but i am still beautiful. i am still shockingly pretty and i rock any hairdo.
• prioritise yourself. stop prioritising others.
now dont get me wrong, when the moment is right you can put others before yourself..BUT NOT ALL THE DAMN TIME! treat yourself, love yourself and prioritise yourself.
thirdly, the PHYSICAL GLOWUP!
now whatever you want to look like, visualise, script, command your subconscious or affirm that what you look like is IN YOUR REALITY! and nothing can stop that, literally nothing can. and in the meantime literally just love yourself, congratulate yourself..i mean your physical glowup is here and you look absolutely stunning.
take plenty of selfies cus you’re beautiful.
pretend you’re a celebrity on vogue doing your routine in the bathroom. literally have fun, do hairstyles you wanna try, spend a lil bit of money on skin care + makeup.
okay, now combine everything and just do it, dont be scared. why are you scared? you still have plenty of time to make mistakes and try again, and get your dream life, you still have time to love yourself and gain knowledge of YOU and stuff you like. now..you dont need the “perfect life” i feel like that is being so targeted towards young people nowadays searching for that “perfect life” that builds up so much more pressure, tbh. all you need is stability. become stable and consistent in habits, relationships, your body and your mind. (if u want, u can obvi have ur perfect life hun)
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staff · a year ago
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big day over here.
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lurking-latinist · a month ago
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4000 posts!
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sejalux · 6 months ago
"Não deixe a sua ansiedade e insegurança te controlar ao ponto de você deixar de ser você."
- Uma péssima contadora de história.
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123beergut · 4 months ago
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10 posts! I love a man with a beer belly p>
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dpcphotography · 6 months ago
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3000 posts!
I'm looking for the hottest pussy to fuck that I can fuck for free with all 11inches of my BBC I do have Snapchat so let's keep it 💯 NSA only Whites , latinos, Asians , peruvians contact
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karanfilsblog · 18 hours ago
17 yaşım büyüttü beni 30 yaşıma, 17 yaşım küçülttü beni tek bir sevgi sözcüğüyle. Ya büyürüm büyüdüm derim ya da çok sevdim çocuk oldum derim.
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tongue-like-a-razor · 6 days ago
I reached 1k followers! Ahhhh! And I thought, what better way to celebrate than to start a master list for my works? Not that I've been putting it off or anything XD
Requests: Open for Rooster & Maverick
Pete "Maverick" Mitchell
Tailspin (Complete)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Ride of a Lifetime
There Are Rules
Altitude (see under Rooster for chapters)
Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw
Faking It (Ongoing)
Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Show Me
Trying To Study
Altitude (Ongoing)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
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charlottan · a month ago
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100 posts!
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e-zlemm · 2 months ago
Kimseye ikinci şans vermeyin çünkü çakal leşten insanoğlu nankörlükten vazgeçemez...
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bademsi · a month ago
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kapına gelemem elde çiçekle*
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hollywantsmore · 2 months ago
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100 posts!
Oh my. And l still have my picture up. Yea me. Lol
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Enjoy our time together.
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catra-hordescum · 2 months ago
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