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wedarkacademia · a day ago
i ruined myself for you, and now you blame me for my damnation
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wordsonwordsonwords · a day ago
I am what I do in the dark now, I bleed only for myself.
Matt Murdock, Daredevil
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koko-poetry · a day ago
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whiskeyrevel · 2 days ago
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blackholesun · a day ago
Finally reading They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us and i had to go grab a pencil to annotate the damn FOREWARD. Real chance this books remakes me as a human being
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youshouldntsleephere · 3 months ago
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/“The Kiss” but gay, Evie Freel/ Eileen Myles, Peanut Butter/ Sappho, translated by Anne Carson/ The New Bracelet, Henryk Siemiradzki/ Radclyffe Hall, The Well of Loneliness/Orlando, Virginia Woolf/ Best Friends, Malcom T. Liepke/
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why is deep dark so common. i just want to mine some diamonds, not summon an unearthly being of death and destruction. it’d be fine if it was its own biome or like kinda rare or something, but every time i’ve found a cave that goes down below y=0, i see THIS
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introvert-unicorn · 10 months ago
A list of winter aesthetics
Holding hands under blankets
Listening to old songs and letting them carry you to an another time
Owning a journal and filling it with your favourite moments of the season so you won't forget about them because they will become moments from your past one day so they are important
Picking up a random book from your dusty shelf and daring to finish it
Covering yourself with tones of clothes from head to toe
Sleepovers with friends
Having lunch dates with friends in their car while the rain is pouring outside
Hydrating and moisturizing
Drawing symbols on the windows covered with humidity
Spending your free time napping or getting cozy under your blankets while watching your favorite movie
Making handmade cards then sending them to your dearest people
Rescuing stray cats and giving them shelter
Romanticizing your life by thinking that everything you do is worth the care and admiration
Reading, reading and reading
Going to art exhibitions of artists you've never heard of
Long walks alone or with your friends and making up back stories for people you see on the street
Waking up early than usual when the world is still asleep
Listening to some playlists made by strangers on the internet
The agreeable warmth of your cocoa cup between your hands
Feeling the delicate coldness of the snowflakes on your skin
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awfulmuse · 3 months ago
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richard siken, you are jeff // stranger things 04x08
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actuallyxnotshy · a year ago
I searched for love in the heavens above.
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wedarkacademia · 3 months ago
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― Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms
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foxesjostens · 4 months ago
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radio silence - alice oseman / wishbone - richard siken / night shift - lucy dacus / a primer for the small weird loves - richard siken
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lotshusband · 8 months ago
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Jenny Holzer, Plague Series from the Living Series, 1980-1982, bronze
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whiskeyrevel · 3 months ago
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winterxwrites · 5 months ago
There was this one weekend, a million summers ago, when I sat on the shore drinking a frozen limeade, and I realized the only thing I wanted to look at was the way the sun hit the girls swimming in the lake. The problem has always been this: When I look at you, I taste lime, and I see light on water.
-i kissed shara wheeler
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weltonboys · a year ago
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intangible - madisen kuhn
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loverboyromanroy · 3 months ago
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the roy family + "anthem" by noah hawley
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