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sinisterchristmastree · 2 days ago
"Please don't look at me like that"
"Like what?"
"Like you could love me. Like you want to learn how. It makes me think I deserve it"
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givethispromptatry · a day ago
“Why are you here?!”
“Hanging out with friends.”
“I was promised chaos.”
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Writing Prompt #2079
"I did love you; I promise I did."
"Did?" She could hardly see him with the tears welling in her eyes. "What changed?"
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depressed-werewolf · a day ago
Hero glared at the dark silhouette by their window. If it was anyone other than Villain they might’ve been intimidated but currently they we’re just annoyed. It was far too late for them to deal with Villain right now. "Why the fuck are you in my house."
Villain inhaled. "I needed your help."
They sighed as they sat up in bed. “What do you want?”
“Sooo, I’ve been thinking of changing my suit and I needed your advice.” They pulled two suits out of their bag and held them up, one in each hand. “Which one do you like better.”
Hero rolled their eyes. “Villain, I swear to God.”
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Thought #154
"That's cute." Villain said draping an arm over Hero's shoulder.
Hero rolled their eyes and continued crocheting the blanket.
"What are you making that for?" Villain asked softly.
"My sister is having a baby." Hero pulled more yarn out of their bag.
Villain stood and sat down next to Hero. They grabbed some of the yarn and felt it. "Could... could you make me a hat out of this?"
Hero froze and looked up at them.
"It's just so soft. I want a nice warm hat for winter."
Hero sighed. "Sure. After I finish this blanket."
Villain smiled and continued petting the yarn. "Thanks."
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maddieanonymous · a day ago
Dialogue Prompt
"And here I thought you were a decent human being."
"I wonder what on earth gave you that idea?"
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incorrectprompts · a day ago
Prompt #316
“I won’t- I will not-“ They hiccup through sobs, head buried in their hands, “I can not become them.”
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seaside-writings · 2 days ago
Prompt #456
"I'm sorry I threw up on your shoes,"
"Hey, don't be sorry it was an accident, and shoes can be replaced,"
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seafoamicecream · 2 days ago
“Don’t think I forgot about that sprained ankle-what did I say about putting too much weight on it? Do you want to end up with a permanent limp?”
“No doc, but this is me we’re talking about, it’s going to take way more than a little bruise to stop me. It doesn’t even hurt anymore.”
“Then you won’t mind if I examined it for a moment?”
“You don’t have to, I’m fine. Healing factor takes care of everything.”
“You don’t have a healing factor.”
“Ok, not really, but it’s been weeks-”
“It was two days ago.”
“-since I sprained it, so it’s way better now.”
“Look, I know you want the best for this city but you have limits just like anyone else, you can’t keep denying it.”
“Denying? I’m not denying anything.”
“Oh man, I just remembered I need to go make up an excuse to get away no questions asked, I’ll see you later doc!”
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givethispromptatry · a day ago
“Move along. I’m here to meet with the head of house, not an unfortunate, ne’er-do-well son.”
“That’s funny, because I am the head of house and don’t have any children.”
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random-writing-thoughts · 13 hours ago
Thought #155
"Why are you being so paranoid?" Sidekick asked watching Hero run around the room.
"Because someone keeps leaving me notes. I found one in my shower today. Who even knows where I live?"
"Are you sure there was a note and you weren't just imagining it?"
Hero stopped and reached into their pocket. They started becoming frantic.
"I had it with me. Where did it go?" Hero looked at Sidekick with fear in their eyes.
"I don't know. Can you just sit for a second? Let's think about this?" Sidekick sat on the couch.
"No." Hero ran up their stairs and locked their door.
Sidekick sighed and cradled their head. "Why can't we just talk about this?"
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promptful · 3 months ago
70 Taunting Enemies Prompts
Remember, requests are open.
Tumblr media
1) “Is that really all you got?” 
2) “Come on, you can do better than that.” 
3) “I’m not even sweating yet.” 
4) “Think I broke more of a sweat petting my cat than I did fighting you.” 
5) “I’m sure you can hit me if you try hard enough. I believe in you.” 
6) “So close.” 
7) “You’re… boring me.”
8) “I expected more.”
9) “Why couldn’t the cops deal with you?” 
10) “Oh, no.” (said really sarcastically) 
11) “I’m sooo scared.” 
12) “Honestly, if you weren’t threatening actual lives, you’d be more of a nuisance, really.” 
13) “This is what I was called for? You?” 
14) “What… is this?” 
15) “Do you want me to slow down for you?” 
16) “If it makes you feel better, I’ll let you get a hit in.” 
17) “This is stupid. Goodnight.” 
18) “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be good enough to beat me one day.” 
19) “Come and get it.” 
20) “That actually hurt. Wow.” 
21)  “Compared to my usual crowd, you’re nothing.” 
22) “Get out of my way.” 
23) “Move.” 
24) “Having fun?” 
25) “Aw, you’re not hurt already, are you?” 
26) “I was just playing. Surely you can take more.” 
27) “Oh my, is that blood? Just from that?”
28) “You have to get through me!”
29) “Shut up!” 
30) “I can keep going.” 
31) “This— this is nothing.” 
32) “I’ll make you regret saying that!”
33) “Then let me make this a little more challenging!” 
34) “Of course it hurts, dipshit.” 
35) “You should be scared.” 
36) “Stop— stop taunting me!” 
37) “Fun? Fun? Don’t insult me.” 
38) “I’ll show you better!” 
39) “I can’t stand you.” 
40) “Get out of my way!” 
41) “Over my dead body!” 
42) “I won’t let you get to them.” 
43) “I’ll make sure you can’t hurt anybody else.” 
44) “Over my grave, you bastard.” 
45) “Dammit, all right, here we go!”
46) “I’ll take you down if it’s the last thing I do.” 
47) “If I can’t take you down, I will never forgive myself.” 
48) “Try and move me, I dare you!” 
49) “You’re gonna regret that!” 
50) “You want to see what I can do?” 
51)  “You’re nothing.”
52) “Keep taunting me and see what happens.” 
53) “I’ll give you one chance, walk away.” 
54) “Fine, I guess we’re doing this.” 
55) “Y’know, talking during fighting isn’t very professional!” 
56) You have a stupid smirk on your face, and I’m just trying to be serious. Why are you like this? Can we fight already? 
57) Why are you taunting me? Stop— stop dancing. We’re in the middle of a fight. 
58) When the cops/superhero/my friend told me what you were doing, I wanted to stay in bed. And now that I’m here, I’m thinking that maybe I should have. 
59) Is that bomb fake or real. I can never tell with you.
60) I’m bleeding from your knife/kicks/punches, but I’m not gonna stop fighting until you’re finally taken down. 
61) Every time you taunt me, I see red, and you know this. I should be stronger, but I’m not. 
62) I won’t let you hurt the people I love. Not while I’m still breathing. 
63) You notice that I’m breathing heavy, and you just keep smirking. I— I can keep going. I can. 
64) We used to be friends, what happened to us? Why do we always have to fight? 
65) If you’d just put that gun/remote/knife, we could go home, y’know? We don’t have to keep fighting. 
66) You’re not fighting like you used to, what happened? 
67) This is pathetic and a waste of my time, you’re in my way. 
68) You’ve gotten weaker, I can’t help but let a smirk cross my lips, this is almost… funny. 
You stumble against the wall with half-lidded eyes. It’d be so easy to just stroll by you, but for some reason, I can’t help but keep taunting you. 
69) You hate me. I hate you. Yet, taunting you is one of my favorite things to do. 
Tumblr media
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seaside-writings · 2 days ago
Prompt #455
"How in the hell are you alive?"
"Pure spite, Baby Doll,"
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