jawsum · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Kisses in the sunrise
Adelaide kissing Karmen (who belongs to @slack-water ) It's rough having a vampire gf that you can only smooch in the safety of the dark.
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consult-sherlockholmes · 2 days ago
Why is everyone talking about Goncharov? Who is he and what did he do? Something important like a murderer or just a stupid boring celebrity?
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divine-knight · a day ago
(For lyla)
You would find yourself at the subcon forest, at first you would think it like any familiar subcon forest that you came from but would notice the difference as there seem to show more signs of where it lead to. One would say mushroom village, spooky library, the stores and the towers. Not just that, you would notice other beings aside of the minions who live here that seem to be walking by yet is wearing the theme of the said minions and snatcher, what a strange place.
Lyla blinked, confusion taking hold at first, before awe flooded her tiny being. The child's eyes grew massive, lighting up like stars in the night sky as she took in the familiar- yet clearly different- forest.
"Oh, my stars...!" she gasped, holding the sides of her face as she gazed at the village. "There's so much to explore...!"
Naturally, the child looked between the stores, library, and towers, tapping her chin and furrowing her brow thoughtfully. "Hmm... I think I should go to... there!" she said to herself, pointing at the spooky library. "I bet I'll find lots of stuff in there that will help me find secrets!"
With that, Lyla ran towards the library, eager to explore this strange new version of Subcon Forest.
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padmeamidela · 19 hours ago
I hope hayden christensen is having a good day today
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drgregoryhousemd · 2 days ago
The worst thing in the world is when I’m cornered by Wilson and Cuddy.
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getting baby fever again…
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snooganshq · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
CRUEL SUMMER ( 2021 ) • 270x150 • 236 GIFS
click on the source link below and you’ll be led to a gif pack of harley quinn smith in cruel summer ( 2021 ) ! harley quinn smith is a bisexual woman of caucasian descent ( white ), so please cast accordingly ! she was twenty-one years old at the time of shooting this project. i made these from scratch, so please be sure to follow our rules + please like / reblog if you use, it would be greatly appreciated !!
tw; smoking
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memestyles · 6 hours ago
THEY’RE CREEPY AND THEY’RE KOOKY. ↳ a collection of lines from the first season of netflix’s wednesday. these are in no particular order and will contain spoilers for the show. some lines have been edited for clarity or to give options.
“those are all traits of great writers. and serial killers.”
“the first boy/girl/person i kiss would turn out to be a psychotic, serial-killing monster.”
“how do you feel about scary movies?”
“we work. we shouldn’t, but we do.”
“hummers stick together.”
“being your friend should come with a warning label.”
“you giggle when you text, which is a 24/7 addiction.”
“[name], the mark you have left on me is indelible.”
“i act as if i don’t care if people dislike me. deep down... i enjoy it.”
“are you really going to make me ask?”
“i want to assure you i remain as cold and heartless as the first day we met.”
“i’ll survive alone. i always do.”
“i could die alone!”
“we all die alone.”
“as soon as the dirt hits the coffin, i’m out.”
“[name] always looks half dead.”
“i actually fillet the bodies of my victims, then feed them to my menagerie of pets.”
“if you need me for anything, anything at all, i’m only a crystal ball away.”
“everyone would know i failed to get the job done.”
“not hugging is kind of our thing.”
“the only person who gets to torture my sibling is me.”
“you guys are making me nauseous. not in a good way.”
“my personal philosophy is kill or be killed.”
“you growl in your sleep.”
“i don’t know who etsy is, but i doubt she was an outcast settler.”
“if i am the monster, then why haven’t i killed you?”
“for some reason i cannot fathom or indulge, you seem to like me.”
“seriously, you could cut the tension with an executioner’s axe.”
“i’m not friend material, let alone more-than-friend material.”
“i will never fall in love, or be a housewife, or have a family.”
“i swear on my late scorpion’s soul, my hands are clean.”
“they couldn’t even spring for real pig’s blood. it’s only paint.”
“you know the old saying: never bring a knife to a swordfight. unless it’s concealed.”
“they want to turn me into a version of herself.”
“i find social media to be a soul-sucking void of meaningless affirmation.”
“it takes a special kind of stupid to devote an entire theme park to zealots responsible for mass genocide.”
“emotions are a gateway trait. they lead to feelings, which trigger tears. i don’t do tears.”
“you’re really bad at cheering people up.”
“this reminds me of when you got your first grave-digging kit. you were so happy you nearly smiled.”
“there’s that biting sense of humor that i always adored.”
“if he breaks your heart, i’ll nail-gun his.”
“why would i share information about an ongoing investigation with a high school kid?”
“don’t you want eyes and ears behind those ivy-covered walls?”
“did you think i was going to judge you over some lousy prank?”
“i consistently stalk my parents.”
“i brought my pocket mace. the medieval kind.”
“it’s not my fault i can’t interpret your emotional morse code.”
“there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being proven right.”
“i’d rather stick needles in my eyes. i’ll probably do that anyway.”
“if you hear me screaming bloody murder, there’s a good chance i’m just enjoying myself.”
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nithhaiahh · 10 hours ago
Caroline sits on the window ledge. "You Gona kill my dad? Is Thresh Gona?"
Her red eyes catch the figure standing at the side. Nith takes a deep breath and sighs smiling at the young one.
"No. Not anymore. I'm annoyed that your lovely father was so..." -she wanted to say stupid but she couldn't do that infront of his daughter- "Reckless. The chain warden has now a very important object thanks to it. But what is done, is done. I want to scare him but I wouldn't actually hurt one of my few friends. I'll try my best to keep my father at line as well. Come in."
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charmymemes · 11 months ago
feel free to tweak questions + all emojis r listed in text form bc i can't see some of them aAAaaAA! sorry if any of these questions are too similar i tried to avoid that but .. there's a lot lol! categorized by emoji type.
i wanted to make one because i could not find one on tumblr already that had a ton of questions. this was created by combining ones under the #oc ask game tag + my own contributions. hi charmymemes nation i'm back.
👁️ EYE - what colour are their eyes? do people notice their eyes? is there anything special about them (shows emotion easily, literally magical...)?
🤥 LYING - are they good liars? do they have tells to show they're lying?
👻 GHOST - do they believe in ghosts? what are their "ghostly experiences", if any?
💥 COLLISON - what emotions do they have trouble dealing with?
😭 CRYING - what makes them cry? do they cry easily?
👊 PUNCH - are they quick to violence?
💢 ANGER - what are some habits they have that will take some getting used to?
👪 FAMILY - what is their family like? what is your ocs relationship to them? does your oc have any siblings?
😨 FEARFUL - when scared, do they go into "flight" or "fight"?
💤 SLEEPING - do they fall asleep easily? what helps them sleep?
food & drinks
🥞 PANCAKE - what is their comfort breakfast?
🎂 BIRTHDAY CAKE - when is their birthday? do they like celebrating it?
🍩 DONUT - favourite sweet treat?
🍟 FRIES - do they order food often? or they prefer to cook their own food?
☕️ HOT BEVERAGE - do they prefer hot or cold drinks? what is their favourite drink?
🍓 STRAWBERRY - do they eat their fruit & veg? what is their favourite fruit or vegetable?
🍰 CAKE SLICE - favourite cake flavour? are they specific about types of cakes?
🍧 SHAVED ICE - do they still have any objects from their childhood? what significance does it have to them? what would their reaction be if they lost it?
plants & nature
💐 BOUQUET - create a bouqet for them! what do those flowers mean? are any of the flowers their particular favourite?
🌙 MOON - what is your oc's greatest wish? how far are they willing to go for it?
🌋 VOLCANO - how bad is their temper? is it a slow boil, or a instant explosion?
🌺 HIBISCUS - do they have any allergies?
🍁 MAPLE LEAF - what is their favourite season? why?
🍃 FALLING LEAF - do they enjoy being in nature? what is their favourite outdoor activity?
☀️ SUN - are they a morning person? what is the first thing they do in the morning?
🕷️ SPIDER - what is their biggest fear? do they have any irrational / mundane fears?
🌹 ROSE - do they like valentines day? have they been confessed to before? have they confessed to anyone before?
🙈 SEE-NO-EVIL - whats a side of your oc that they don't want to show other people?
🙊 SPEAK-NO-EVIL - what is something your oc will refuse to stay quiet about?
🙉 HEAR-NO-EVIL - what is the worse thing your oc could hear from someone?
🌱 SEEDLING - what is their most vivid memory from childhood?
🍀 CLOVER - do they believe in luck? are they lucky?
🌏 EARTH - will they give up the world for someone they love? is this decision easy for them?
🌌 MILKY WAY - what was the inspiration behind your oc? what was the first thing you decided about them?
⚾ BASEBALL - can they play sports? what is their best position if they play a team sport? what's their strong suit (speed, power etc.)?
🏊 SWIMMING - can they swim? or are they afraid of water? how well do they swim? how do they feel about swimming in the ocean?
📣 MEGAPHONE - how loud are they? what do they speak like? got a voice claim?
📖 OPEN BOOK - do they like reading? what's their favourite genre?
🪤 MOUSE TRAP - what will always lure them into certain danger? a loved one in danger? a promise of something they are always searching for?
📸 CAMERA - do they enjoy having their picture taken? what's their go-to pose? do they like taking photos? what do they take photos of?
🎭 MASKS - do they act differently around certain people? what's different between the way they act around friends, family, strangers, etc.?
✂️ SCISSORS - what is the "last straw" for them to cut someone out of their life? how easily do they let go of people?
💡 LIGHTBULB - is your oc a planner? do they write down every small detail or just wing it?
💎 DIAMOND - how rich are they? can they live the lifestyle they want to?
🎁 PRESENT - what types of presents would they be most happy to receive? are they good at gift giving?
🍼 BABY BOTTLE - what are their thoughts on children?
🔪 KNIFE - how do they react to injury / misfortune befalling their loved ones (significant other, family, friends)? do they put themselves at blame?
👑 CROWN - what does your oc want to be remembered as? why?
✏️ PENCIL - is there a particular quote / lyric that you associate with them?
🎵 MUSIC NOTE - what is their playlist like? their favourite artists? do you associate a particular song with them?
🎤 MICROPHONE - are they good at singing? what is their go-to karaoke song?
🎷 SAXOPHONE - do they play any instruments? are they any good at it?
📚 BOOKS - how were they at school? what is their best subject? what is their worst subject? do they have a favourite subject?
👖 JEANS - what is their go-to outfit?
🎨 PALETTE - can they draw? what do they like to draw?
🎡 FERRIS WHEEL - are they someone who wants to kiss at the top of the ferris wheel?
⏳ HOURGLASS - are they usually late or on-time?
🔫 PISTOL - do they trust people easily? how easily will they turn their back to someone? have they been backstabbed before? will they betray someone if given an ultimatum?
🎀 RIBBON - how would they fit into other worlds / aus? what aus would you like to try out? what fictional world would they fit / not fit into?
📎 PAPERCLIP - a random fact.
📦 PACKAGE - what are some "most likely to..." that can apply to them?
🖍️ CRAYON - what advice would you give to them?
⚙️ GEAR - what are your ocs thoughts on science & art? which do they give more importance to? how much value do they place on each?
🔧 WRENCH - are they good at fixing relationships? or do they tend to avoid doing so?
❇️ SPARKLE - what is their most prized possession? what do they value?
📏 RULER - is your oc well educated? where did they get their learning from?
🚆 TRAIN - what is their answer to the trolley problem?
🚲 BICYCLE - can they ride a bike? what do they remember from learning to ride a bicycle?
🌩️ LIGHTNING - are they scared of lightning?
💧 DROPLET - random angst headcanon
❄️ SNOWFLAKE - do people consider them cold? if so, what made them this way?
🌪️ TORNADO - what is the biggest change you've ever made to them? how have they changed from their original version?
🌈 RAINBOW - what advice would they give to their younger self?
🔥 FIRE - do they have any self destructive tendencies? what habits do they have that hinder them from becoming their best self?
☁️ CLOUD - a soft headcanon
🌟 GLOWING STAR - what do they think about when they look at the night sky? is there someone they want to star gaze with?
🌠 SHOOTING STAR - if they could make any wish with no repercussions, what wish would they make?
☄️ COMET - what do people assume about them? are they right?
💓 BEATING HEART - what gets their heart racing?
💘 HEART W/ ARROW - what traits do they look for in a relationship? do they believe in love at first sight?
💗 GROWING HEART - if they have a crush, is it noticable? what changes when they're in love?
❤️ RED HEART - their love language(s)?
💙 BLUE HEART - do they miss their s/o easily? how do they act when their s/o isn't around?
💚 GREEN HEART - what things make your oc feel comforted? hugs, kisses, food?
💖 SPARKLING HEART - are they a subtle or a showy lover?
💌 LOVE LETTER - do they like love letters? what kind of messages do they leave for their partner?
💔 BROKEN HEART - what could their partner do that would absolutely break their heart?
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saphire-sweater · 2 months ago
Patient Love
As much as she hated to admit it, Asta wanted to find love. She had kissed many frogs in her life, and had yet to find her prince or princess. Which was why she was sitting at a restaurant for yet another blind date. This time her date had decided on the venue for their first meeting, and Asta was impressed by the setting.
High ceilings, candle light at every table, soft music, and an outdoor entertainment space of multiple balconies, private gardens, and a dance floor decorated with lights under an arched glass roof.
She was seated indoors, on the exclusive mezzanine that overlooked the restaurant and could be accessed by elevator-only.
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restoringhopeau · 2 months ago
Today is Akira’s (and Taka’s) birthday! Akira, for some reason, wakes up at 6:45. He cuddles his Monokuma very tightly, kissing the top of his head.
- @morals-and-florals
Monokuma groans happily in his sleep, sleepily wrapping his arms around Akira.
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consult-sherlockholmes · 2 days ago
Okay, hypothetically speaking if I had a friend who I’ve known for a few years and we were super close yeah? Now we’ve started to drift apart but I still want them in my life, what should I do? Genuine question.
Do I look like the friendship expert to you? You realise who you sent this ask to, right? I do not have any friends. Or are you just throwing it into every inbox available hoping at least one would give a good answer, increasing statistical probability and choosing quantity over quality.
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sluggishserpent · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
RP with @jencilthepencil and @fluffffpillow
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memesomething · a month ago
ways to respond when someone says, "I'm okay."
this is a rp meme it's for roleplay purposes please feel free to reblog it & use it for that purpose, it's what it was made for!
"[Name.]" (gently)
"I mean it. I want to know."
"I'm worried about you."
"Are you hurt?"
"What happened?"
"Do you need me to come home?"
"Have you eaten anything?"
"That's probably true, but let's get you checked over anyway, alright?"
"I believe you. Let me help, anyway?"
"The shower's running."
"Well, I'm not."
"I miss you."
"I don't believe you."
"I know."
"Will you stay with me?"
"Is that true?"
"That really scared me."
"You're crying."
"You're bleeding."
"Don't move yet."
"It looked bad."
"I brought you some water."
"I called your work to tell them you weren't coming in."
"Let's stay home today."
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drgregoryhousemd · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
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