Peter: [to James] Prongs, you need to stop, drop, and roll. By which I mean, stop talking about Lily, drop the subject, and go get me a cinnamon roll.
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amphorographia · 1 day
Unpopular Opinion: I'm convinced that after The Prank, Sirius didn't regret pushing Snape into a situation where his curiosity (and animosity towards the Marauders) would get him killed. We get plenty of evidence that Sirius had a malicious streak and it makes sense that his home life would also leave him desensitised to violence, cruelty, and manipulation (and what crosses the line). I think if anyone asked him why he did it, his response would be something dismissive like, "he had it coming" or "it's Snape's own fault."
If he felt any remorse, I feel like it came from realising - probably for the first time - that Remus and the wolf were not actually different beings; that the wolf wasn't some foreign, feral thing which regularly possessed and hurt his friend, it was Remus, and Remus would bear the consequences of its actions.
Essentially, Sirius's only regret was that his choice of murder weapon lacked the plausible deniability he expected himself and the rest of the Marauders to have. At the time, he genuinely thought none of them could be held responsible for Snape's or the wolf's actions and any consequences of his/their involvement would be relatively minor.
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that-bitch-kat3 · 2 days
when someone asks what the marauders dorm is like:
lily: like a crackhouse
james: it’s not a crack house!
peter: yeah it’s a crack HOME
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marauderswolf22 · 3 days
Marauders in forest:
Remus: babe you have spider on your hair-
Peter: but full moon is in two weeks, how we tranfsorm?
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wolfstardaughter-jj · 2 months
Regulus: *sleeping*
Peter: ..... what's that thing he's holding onto?
Sirius: Oh that's just his emotional support knife for when he sleeps
Peter: His what?!?!?
James: Don't worry, he always sleeps with the knife sleeve on so he's safe.
Peter: ......ooookay then *both concerned and terrified*
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siriusorionblackiii · 7 months
regulus: care to explain what happened pour moi?
james: uh- oui oui, so i had a little too much café on an empty túmmy, so i had a - how do you say - panique attaque.
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steddierights · 2 months
peter and james whenever sirius gets drunk and starts flirting with remus
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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James: *sits down and rests his legs on Regulus’ lap*
Regulus: Move your legs before I break them, Potter
James: You know, it’s kinda hard to hate you when you’re threatening to beat the fuck out of me all the time
Regulus: *exasperated* I swear to god
Sirius: is anyone else a little uncomfortable right now?
Remus: extremely.
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Tumblr media
such a sunny day outside… but homework first unfortunately😔
Open for better quality!
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fearlesszenik · 2 months
95% of the things we know about the marauders are made up by the fandom.
we wrote the most heartbreaking storyline ever, we did that to ourselves.
and with every new hc, we choose pain.
we collectively decided to stay depressed.
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[after seeing Remus transform into a werewolf for the first time]
James: Merlin's pants!
Peter: *screams*
Sirius: People, please! We're all frightened and horny.
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messrmagpie · 2 months
Tumblr media
Marauders: First Wizard War (lovers, brothers, killers, friends)
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that-bitch-kat3 · 17 days
peter pettigrew be like:
Tumblr media
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waltzedintherain · 5 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
wolfstar fluff 🐶 🫧
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wolfstardaughter-jj · 2 months
Remus: Arithmancy isn't that hard.
Regulus: Tell that to me when I'm not having a breakdown
Remus:... That's like never- no offense.
Regulus: No offense taken since you're absolutely right. *Sobs in "I hate numbers"*
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stargazedmoony · 7 months
sirius: can we build a blanket fort?
remus: to keep out annoying people?
sirius: to keep out all people
remus: ... you are the best boyfriend
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