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hermiones-amortentia 2 days ago
Small Ron/Hermione canon moments that even most books readers don't remember.
1. Ron actually decided to follow his worst fear in COS with Harry after seeing Hermione's empty seat beside him at the great hall.
2. The 1st time Hermione apologised and accepted she was wrong in POA to Ron. She also hugged him and cried.
3. Ron actually read many books in his spare time to help Hermione with Buckbeak's trial.
4. Ron got detentions total 3 times in 7 years. 2 of them by Snape for defending Hermione against his bullying.
5. Hermione kissed Ron on his cheek to distract him from the horrible song Malfoy wrote in OOTP
6. Ron bought Hermione a perfume as a Christmas gift to make up for his atrocious behaviour in 4th year.
7. Hermione's the only person who caught that Twins were terrible to Ron and their pranks were affecting him emotionally.
8. Ron consoled Hermione the most when she was upset. At Dumbledore's funeral he was stroking her hair while she was crying on his shoulder.
9. Hermione asked Ron out on a date for the 1st time even though she said 'we are allowed to bring guests'
10. Ron is the only person who said 'I love you' those exact three words to his S.O in the whole series.
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madfantasy a day ago
Tumblr media
Extra witchy
I'm missed him so 馃枻馃挌
(This might be my last post cuz I have no net, I didn't get much commissions so:') allthelove
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thetalesofprince a day ago
Tumblr media
Posing for a nice pic. Am I worth it? You tell me.
Drawn in 2021.
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toshisurtsdottir 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I finished another Snape!!
I love difficult angles and this one just felt right to me :)
If you want to see my other Snape drawings, you can check out my art account @/theseaempress on Instagram :D
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luendland 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Chapter 2 of Day by Day is now on AO3 馃挅
If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me on Ko-fi鈽曪笍 or 鉁≒atreon鉁
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cavedogman 2 days ago
Tumblr media
snape鈥檚 got hair in his mouth
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聽馃挌馃枻 snapetober 2022 馃枻馃挌
dearest sniends and snovers! connoisseurs of all things snape! the time has come again to celebrate our favorite potion鈥檚 master via the annual angsty and whump-heavy prompt list 馃枻
like always, prompts are open to interpretation! that means you can take it in whatever direction feels right to you and so long as it touches the prompt in some way, you are doing it correctly! technically speaking, your beautiful contributions don鈥檛 even need to be angsty if you鈥檇 prefer to take a more lighthearted spin on the prompt. this year鈥檚 list is primarily angsty, but there are a few softer prompts (bolded) to act as a short break from the heavy content (and a bonus for november 1st, if you鈥檇 like to wrap up on a lighter note)
you can create for as many as you want; just pick and choose to your heart鈥檚 content. contributions can be anything - fic (any length, pov, au, or featuring characters), drabbles, art (any style or level of effort), gif sets, headcanon posts, plot bunnies you can鈥檛 be bothered to hash out, dialogue blurbs, moodboards, etc. there is also no true deadline! start early, post late, do the snapetober prompt list from 2020 instead. just keep it snape-centric (doesn鈥檛 even have to be his pov or have the angst directed at him; yk im always down bad for protective snape)
recycled prompts continue to give you a peek into my psyche bc i cant seem to let certain things go 馃槄聽
Hidden Injury
Full Moon
Potion Brewing
Assassination Attempt
Cup of Tea
Midnight (Sleeplessness)
The Dark Lord
Purpose (or Lack of)
(Unwelcome) Touch
Gentle Touch
Break Down
Last Words/Thoughts
November 1st Bonus: Perseverance聽
remember to tag #snapetober or #snapetober2022 (you can also tag me or @snapetober) and happy snape鈥檌ng!
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toujoursincorrect 2 days ago
Snape: I can鈥檛 believe McGonagall grounded me for a whole week just because I was a few minutes late.
James: Well you deserved it. I mean, getting everybody鈥檚 hopes up and then showing up again
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arielsdevil 2 days ago
*Hogwarts , 1994*
Draco: Pansy, I stayed up all night making badges to make fun of Potter
Pansy: Draco, your gay is spilling out
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ironborealis 2 days ago
It occurred to me recently that Lily is a secondary victim whenever James is bullying Severus, because he's only tormenting Severus to show Lily that she should be paying attention to him. Watching your friend get abused because the abuser wants a reaction from you would be awful knowledge to sit with. Plus, when Lily doesn't give James the reaction he wants, he threatens to hex her. I imagine that Lily reported the Marauders when they were younger, may have even been jinxed/hexed a few times as well, trying to defend Severus and herself. Only to get met with bullshit "boys will be boys" and "he's just pulling your pigtails because he LIKES you" responses.
Eventually she stops bothering to complain because no one does anything, and then she starts to believe the peer pressure that James being a prick is because he likes her and he "just doesn't know how" to tell her. It twists the abuse of her friend into something that is flattering, because he'd go so far to get ANY attention from her.
Add in everyone around you telling you that your friend is an evil creep who deserves everything he gets and that you shouldn't hang out with him, as well as the guilt of knowing that one of only reasons he's getting picked on is because of you -- it's very easy to decide to cut that "friend" off once he hands you an excuse.
It's easier to choose the lie that James' unwanted attention is flattering than it is to live with the fact that your friend is being tormented because of you and no one will do anything to stop it.
We rag on Lily because of how she decides to refuse Severus' apology in the end with her unwilling to listen to anything he says -- but maybe she thought she had to be cruel to be kind. Maybe, she hoped that James would leave Severus alone once they weren't friends any more. Which might explain, partially, why James stopped bullying Severus publicly.
Unfortunately, it just left her isolated with a bunch of idiots who encouraged her to think of this whole situation as romantic instead of gross.
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zephahhhh a day ago
Snape's ankles...馃憖
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strangersinwinter a day ago
Love how Snape speaks with all the grace and beauty of a poet laureate but isn't above just calling someone stupid and smelly, the duality of man
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somesnapefan2 a day ago
Severus Snape as Gordon Ramsay
That鈥檚 it, that鈥檚 the post锟
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thetalesofprince a day ago
Tumblr media
I realized I never posted this one鈥
Hold me, fold me up in your arms. We all sometimes need to be held. So please hold me鈥
Drawn in 2021
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dranna 2 days ago
*grumpy noises *
Tumblr media
Severus likes the rainy weather excepts when it interrupts his potion ingredient collecting afternoons
graphite on paper
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snucius 2 days ago
Lucius: God you鈥檙e so annoying.
Severus: Then let go of my hand.
Lucius: No, wtf!
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bamposworld 2 days ago
Synopsis: You're a spy from Dumbledores secret army. Severus just needs to figure out a way to prove it.
Genre: Explicit
Pairings: Severus Snape x F!Reader
Triggers|Content: Dub-Con, Revenge Sex, Sexual Coercion, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Twenties!Severus, Me rewriting lore cause I'm God.
Tumblr media
Sometimes Severus liked to think that he had something called dignity.
It was small, unnoticeable, and completely smothered underneath each act of genocide he committed but it was there.
Sometimes he even liked to imagine that it worked.
That it didn't crumble at the slightest push or turn to dust with just a whisper.
This was his last line of defense after all. His own personal wall that prevented him from turning into something else. The barrier that prevented him from morphing into something close to Mafloy or even worse, Rosier.
A dignified person had limits after all. Even towards a dark lord. No matter how much blood he spilled there was a line made. Unlike Malfoy he knew the difference between killing a family and killing a group of strangers. The fine line between blasting someone and skinning them alive.
It was a good mentality. It was even supposed to last. Yet, as he lay in his chair, legs splayed out and looking upon the mess he gave himself. He came to the realization that this so-called dignity was gone. What was left behind simply being cruelty decked in a sparkly, pink dress.
Because only someone without dignity could think of a plan like this. Or even worse, go through with it. No, a dignified man would鈥檝e burned this plan to the ground. He would go as far as to say that a dignified man would鈥檝e killed him on sight. Actually, good men have tried to kill him on sight.
For he was not a man but a snake. The type of thing you looked at and shot twice, just to make sure that it wouldn鈥檛 spew another head. Severus knew what he was. And sadly, dignity wasn鈥檛 apart of that package.
It didn鈥檛 survive Him and it certainly didn鈥檛 survive the moment you walked into His lair.
Any thoughts of dignity and morality destroyed the moment you fell to your knees and asked no begged for his Lord鈥檚 mercy. He couldn鈥檛 even remember how you got in there. The castle they were in was shelled off and secured from outside eyes. That was his first red flag.
The second was that Severus barely recognized you. Hogwarts was a blur by now and war echoed off all of them like a beaker. Yet, you seemed to be hit the worse.
Vaguely, he held memories of a preppy Hufflepuff dipped in naivety. That was not you. You were more of a husk of that person. The effects of war hung off your every pore.
You sounded good too, had a sob story lined up about betrayal and the lies of the ministry. He could practically see the gleam in his lords eyes as you continued. You were pathetic, alone and desperate. Severus鈥 own fingers twitched. You were the typical death eater recruit.
So predictable and boring...You were accepted instantly.
Severus could only pretend to be surprised. Like his Lords reasoning was understandable. Ever since the attacks, recruitment had become His number one priority. Yet, at risk of his own life Severus couldn鈥檛 help but admit disappointment.
His Dark Lord out of all everyone should know just how deceiving Dumbledore's Army of emotionally stunted children could be. How they tipped the line of morality with the guile of a toddler. At least death eaters accepted the cruelty of their actions.
If not his clan, then Severus himself. While he accepted his actions he knew that Dumbledore simply excused his own. He knew that much about the old man and he knew even more about you.
Hufflepuff. Herbal lover and all around Gryffindor whore if the way Potter and his gang of monkeys pawed at your heels said anything. So yes, he knew you. He hated you.
So when you came to him one day, asking for your next assignment; your face still somehow bright-eyed despite the blood crusted on your neck, the mark on your arm and all you had to do to get it, he contemplated something.
This was not a good plan and it was not a dignified plan but dignity never won a war.
So he made up a lie, something about the dark lord, a plan, a test of faith. Severus couldn't remember the details. What he could remember was the look on your face. The plan disgust that blanketed over as he told you what He wanted.
'An assault', he said.
Something quick and harsh to create a sense of humiliation and loyalty. Not an unusual request for his Lord, but you stood moving anyway. "You're hesitating," Something close to a leer spread across his face.
"Don鈥檛 tell me that your loyalty has limits, Hufflepuff," Noticeably, you choked down a sneer.
鈥淯gh, has the grease in your hair finally seeped into your brain, Sniv?" 'Snivelous' his mind supplied, you still called him bloody Snivelous.
Of course, he didn鈥檛 rise to the bait. Severus just continued to look at you with that awfully bored expression. Thankfully, you weren't like Lupin or even worse Potter. If they were here Severus knew with a certainty that he'd be blasted to the floor for even having this conversation. Thankfully, you only shifted in your boots as he sighed.
"Is that so?" he shifted again in his chair, his eyes now hardened.
"Then why aren't you getting undressed?" The question rung through the air. And Severus waited for it. For the denial and the confession that you were a spy, a dirty little soldier for Dumbledore before you groveled at his feet for forgiveness. That didn鈥檛 happen. Instead, you simply looked at him, took a deep breath and moved.
Your fingers working quickly as you unbuttoned your collared shirt, unzipped your trousers. The way you stripped was methodical, straight to the point and efficient.
There was no tease to it, no faux nervousness, no sultry glances that Lucius' women would do when Malfoy decided he needed a treat of some sort. And yet, his hands gripped the chair with a ferocity nonetheless.
He never had a woman do this for him specifically, but you weren鈥檛 doing it for him were you? Semantics. What mattered was that he was self-aware enough to admit that he didn鈥檛 know to handle it.
This was new territory after all..until you stopped. Your body now completely bare as you looked at him with an expression that only made him antsy. Did you figure him out? Was it obvious? What will you tell Him?
Questions worse than the last piled onto his head until he slumped beneath it鈥檚 weight. "So are you planning to do this clothed or?"
Severus blinked.
You sighed, an impervious expression now stretched across your face. 鈥淢erlin, that was a simple yes or no question, Snape,鈥
Severus couldn鈥檛 even bring himself to be relieved. Everything in his body only jerked with anxiety as his voice trembled with a reply. "Pfft, you don鈥檛 have authority to ask me anything鈥
Your eyes only narrowed in response. Severus could only shift in his seat. "Are you trying to look doltish or is stupidity your natural expression?鈥
"I'm waiting further instruction," you sneered.
He quirked an eyebrow. "Patience? Hm as a friend of Potter, I never thought you capable of such a thing,"
You don't respond, just continuing to stand there in full confidence. Somehow that made him even more peeved.
You were naked now, bare to the world..but you weren鈥檛 embarrassed. Despite the circumstances you actually looked confident, self assured and brazen enough that Severus was a little pinged with jealousy. Were all non-bullied people this confident?
Before he could say anything else though, you found the audacity to let out a stifled laugh. He frowned. "....Something funny?"
"No, no, I don't want to speak out of turn," you lied, Severus raised an eyebrow.
"it hasn't stopped you before,"
You could only dig your feet into the floor before replying. "Hm well,鈥
you stifled another laugh. 鈥淚s this your first time seeing a woman Sniv?" The Slytherin clenched his teeth, no you weren't embarrassed at all.
"Face the window," That caused you to freeze.
The window he was speaking of was next to his chair; a crude and imposing cutout that faced the bustling outdoors.
"I thought this was supposed to be humiliating, not public," Severus only quirked an eyebrow before you huffed again.
"Do you want Voldemort to find us locked up for public indecency Snape?"
He didn't bother to respond, just murmured something quick just before the wall was gone entirely, or not gone but translucent. Suddenly, you both could see the entire street from end to end.
Unfortunately for you, each edge was packed with shoppers and wizards alike. Each and everyone of them completely ignorant of what was going on only a few floors above.
Snape smirked. "Is that better?" In the moment he knew he had you.
Sweat dripped down the sides of your face. And with each glance towards the wall, your hands shook and trembled. You were going to surrender. This was a fact. He just needed to let the silence fill up the room. Have it dig into every corner of this desolate space until you were pulled at the seams and split down the middle.
Within moments, Severus found a place by your side. He wanted to hear your defeat with the utmost clarity. Then you rolled your shoulders. Your pink tongue coming out to lick your lips as you eyed the now broad street and shrugged. "Alright then," Merlin.
"Let's just get this over with,"
Merlin, you couldn't be serious. You couldn't be this loyal to the old git. He closed his eyes. After that everything happened in a blur. Within a blink, you鈥檙e bent over the window ledge.
Your legs spread and without thinking his trousers are unbuckled. The cheap slacks collected by his ankles as he shifted closer. His own knees bent as each step rammed his heart against his ribs.
Why was he still doing this? Severus wasn't Malfoy. Nor was he Rosier. He took no pleasure from sexual humiliation. Nor did have the personal experience to pretend to. Torture and simple life taking was always his expertise. This wasn鈥檛 him. But then you're widening your legs even further, your cunt on full display.
Something in his brain crackled. Were they all this pretty?
He wanted to put his mouth on it but he doesn't think that's something someone even as crazy as the Dark Lord would require him to do. So he stamped down the urge and slid his finger along your slit instead.
Exploration and conquering. He thinks as his thumbed your entrance and oh-
Inside you were a furnace, your cunt gripping him/pillow tight and soft like silk. He couldn't keep his hand still if he tried. So he started out slow, his fingers natural clumsy as he pushed one inside, then two, then three until his fingers were soaked and you were beginning to shift.
Not moaning, not withering in pleasure like the women in the porn prophet magazines, just taking it like it was a chore. Like you were simply waiting for him to be over and done. Glumly, he didn't ponder on why he's disappointed. Malfoy usually had women begging by now, what was he doing wrong.
When he finally deemed you ready, your arousal had begun to drip down his fingers. The flow, Slow like honey and sweet when he discreetly sucked them dry. Before he could dip in for another taste, you slumped your shoulders and sighed. With surety that you were faced away from him, he hoped to get another taste before with slumped shoulders you sighed.
"Are you almost done,"
"I thought you were patient,"
"And I thought this was supposed to be humiliating,"
He paused, the spell he was under now gone. You were right, this was supposed to be a test after all. You weren't supposed to sit here and be prepped and pleasured. That wasn't the point.
"My apologies," and then he undressed completely. Now Severus knew he wasn't big per say, but he had width. Enough it seems that you were gasping. Your knuckles clenched on the window sill while he slid inside and oh...
Whatever he felt before didn鈥檛 compare to the now. Around him, you were wet and silky soft. Pleasure that made his eyes blur, knocked the air out of his lungs as he rocked forward. Your walls convulsing with each movement.
Glorious. It was wickedly glorious. Before he planned to rut into you, to go for the punishing pace he wanted to do in the first place. But you were so warm and he'd never been inside of fuck-
"You doing good back there?" You teased, but Severus couldn鈥檛 answer. This isn't wasn鈥檛 how it supposed to go, he wasn鈥檛 supposed to be this frazzled, this unwired. But he couldn鈥檛 gather his wits to save even himself. It would be just a loose silly attempt to not look as affected as he was.
He couldn鈥檛 pause either. Each recess only causing him to pick up the pace and keep going. Each jolt, only getting more sensitive to something that was getting wetter by the second, more hot by the second. He didn鈥檛 realize he was cumming till it was over.
In that moment, you both fell silent. The sound of the people below being the only sound that filled the decrepit flat. Children roared, couples whispered and then you were laughing. A loud and infection howl that had your head dipped low into your shoulders and himself to wince. The realization only making you louder.
"Bloody hell, did you just cum?"
"Oh my god, that's hilarious,"
"Are you sure this punishment was for me,"
"Shut up," he whispered as his face bloomed red. His eyes practically brimming with tears.
"Maybe Voldemort should let Lucius do this instead,"
"Shut up!" Yo could only giggle at that. Not a lick of fear on your face before with a choked up sigh you shot him a impish smile.
"Get out of me Severus," your tone was firm, it took everything in him not to listen. To not show his belly and admit defeat. Till he stomped on the urge all together. If he let you get away with this he鈥檇 never hear the end of it. He鈥檇 have to leave and move to the middle of no where if that happened.
So he gripped your hips, pulled out slow and gradual. Just enough to see his seed leak before he drove back inside. You both gasped at this, you out of surprise, him out of pain. The overstimulation forcing him to focus on something else, something different.
"Are you serious?鈥
"You're done Sniv, have you never heard of a refraction period?"
Yes he has and honestly the whole experience was becoming uncomfortable for the both of you. He was growing flaccid and it hurt, felt like needles in his pelvis but you still felt hot inside. Gooey and soft with his cum to make things easier than before. Enough that Severus started to feel himself stiffen up.
You were glorious inside, his pace was punishing this time. Trying to find a angle that wasn't so punishing until he's fucking up into you and you're gasping. You try to stamp it down but Severus hears it nonetheless and he keeps doing it. Keeps fucking at that angle until you're crying.
""Let them see you," he growled as his fist digged into your hair. A harsh grip forcing you to look out the window. The unknowing commoners below who only needed to look and focus to see what was happening.
Overstimulation caused a whine to get leak through his teeth. His stuttering fingers barely able to keep up but he kept going. Kept driving into your warmth until you became louder than he. Loud enough that the occasional onlooker began to look around.
"For what?" He growled, "For who?"
You only babbled something incoherent inr response. You were like him now. You didn鈥檛 know what you wanted. Everything now was too much, too little. You didn't know what to focus on, what to bring your attention to.
Severus didn鈥檛 quite know if he was even doing this right but you were beginning to scramble away. Your legs that were previously so wide and welcoming now trying to find a way out of his grip. A pretty polyphony now flowed from your lips. A rhythmic staccato streamed now from your lips.
The sounds of skin as it slapped against skin and the gushing of your cunt filled up the room.
It was too much, too quickly. He watched you bite your lips, his chest now pressed against the line of your back as you attempted to hide your face in your arms once again.
Did you think that he didn鈥檛 know that you were feeling pleasure? And yes, there it was. That look, that expression that could only be akin to an animal occurring to their fate. Humiliation bled all across your face. An overwhelming tsunami of shame and obloquy crashed over you.
It made sense to Severus. What could be worse than this? It was one thing to give pain, it was another thing to force pleasure. The humiliation of knowing that you were having a good time despite everything. Despite knowing exactly who was fucking you. Despite the circumstances of why the fucking was even taken place.
Severus couldn鈥檛 help himself from laughing. The inkly black of his hair blending into yours as he palmed your breast. "You take me so well, are you used to this?"
"Some of us aren't virgins," you snarked. Your voice bellowed in a stutter.
"Were," he corrected, "I'll send my thanks for fixing that later,"
And then his lungs were taking in too much air. His base function malfunctioning as his hands tightened on your hips and with that he's coming. Harder than before cause of the overstimulation. He again didn鈥檛 even realize until he's seperated from your lips and ground pnto you.
You sighed in relief, it was over. Despite the, orgasm the feeling in the air was still heavy, a little lighter enough that you think you're both going to laugh it off until you feel linthe fingers traveling from your waist. Down your stomach and right over your clit. Your stomach dropped on contact.
鈥淵es,鈥 the snake hissed as lithe fingers circled their way around your clit.
It鈥檚 fumbling at first, his hands not used to the movement. The prophet videos never really got into that much detail so he's forced into awkward movements until you jerked away gasped.
It was low, a whisper even, but he's close enough that it's audible. Close enough that he attached to it like a viper before his fingers made the same movements again and again.
And Merlin you're already keyed up. He could feel it, sense the way your spine went taunt and your legs went stiff.
You were close and Severus was going to make it worse as he made little soaked circles around your soaked clit. All slippery and firm from your arousal, just enough that he knew you were beginning to feel it. That bloom.
The unexplainable sensation that caused everything to shut down until you had nothing but the urge to chase. But you still jerked your head and you still hid your face, while your hips rode his fingers.
Two different desires fought against each other. You wanted it but you didn鈥檛. You wanted to jerk away but you couldn鈥檛. At this point, neither of you were focusing on the now blushing outsiders.
Severus could only sigh in disappointment. "You're rather difficult, just give in,"
"F-Fuck you,"
He chuckled, "I believe I already did,"
"Or would you鈥檇 like a redo, maybe I'll get the others to have a go next time, use you one by one until you're more of cock sleeve than a death eater,"
"No? Then stop being so difficult and just fucking-"
Then everything went still, and Severus watched fascinated as your eyes rolled to the back of your head cause shit you鈥檙e coming. Your entire body in the midst of a convulsion as the floor gave way from beneath your feet.
Severus could only grab you so quickly. His hands gripped your waist as you rode the high out against his chest. Long fingers rubbed familiar circles into your back. You lazily jerked away. "I don't need your help,"
It would be a lie. Severus didn鈥檛 think you even had it in you to stand before with a flick of his hand you were both in his bedroom. Your back flopped onto his sheets and his back still pressed against yours.
It felt soft. So soft that the sorrow growing in his stomach quickly replaced the pleasure. They鈥檇 probably never do this again anyway, the realization was like ice over his veins.
"Shut up," he simply replied before with a raised hand your clothes were quickly being wrapped around your body. Not harshly, but soft and quick. As if you were going to break beneath the fabric of your own clothes.
With sweaty shoulders, you sighed as your trousers fitted themselves around your waist. "So, are you going to tell me His plans now?鈥
Severus paused for only a moment before he went to slip back on your jewelry. How could he forget? It was a valid question but he was too tired to think of a good response, a well enough lie. But of course you only asked again, how cumbersome.
"You finding out wasn't the point of this," he supplied, simple and straight to the point.
"At least give me a hint," you urged, curiosity biting you and for the first time, Severus understood why Gryffindor's circled around you like flies to honey. They too never knew when to quit fucking talking.
When he didn鈥檛 answer again you ripped his hands away in agitation, the ring he tried to put on it slipping to the floor. He frowned, mood ruined.
"Just-" he turns to look at the exit, fully expecting Him to walk through and Avada Kedarva him to pieces but the snaked man wasn鈥檛 there so he turned back to you and with uncharacteristic courage open his mouth.
"Keep an eye on your Gryffindor friends, Hufflepuff" his eyes are full of intent but you clearly don't understand his warning as you glared with a scoff.
"Is this really the time for threats, Snivelous?"
Disappointed, he turned away. Clearly, it was time to leave. So with a few jerks of movement, he wrapped his coat around his shoulders and allowed his trousers to find their way wrapped around his legs. His hands are on the knob of the bedroom door before you spoke again.
"What are you going to tell Voldemort?" Snape could only laugh this time. Youthful and free, it shed years off his face before with that he left the room. The door slammed shut just as you slumped on the mattress and groaned.
Dumbledore wasn't going to be very happy about this.
Tumblr media
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