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Dark Remus. Remus who turned to Regulus after the prank. Becoming a master at card games and taking shots. Remus sneaking out after dark with Evan and Barty. Remus switching his jumpers for blazers. The whole of Slytherin remember that one party where Remus punched Snape, liquor in one hand, Regulus’ mascara, blood on his knuckles. Barty teaching him guitar. Dorcas letting him borrow her guitar. Chipped black nail polish. Smirks over breakfast, dark laughter during lessons. Pranks they get away with. Remus and Regulus flirting shamelessly while doing homework, stares as he walked in corridors. Putting Lily’s concealer in the bin, letting the light see his scars. Remus embracing the monster inside him as he lives amongst them:
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masivechaos · 16 hours
drunk! remus lupin x gn! ravenclaw! reader
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Synopsis: you are late for a party and Remus has the great idea to drink while waiting
Warning/content: mention being drunk, alcohol, kissing, fluff, my English
a.n.: 1.5k words- first real fic for the first time in a month youhou
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“You’ll be there tonight?”
Remus turned his head, his eyes finding yours. He couldn’t get what you just said since he was too focused on forcing himself not to stare at you and your endearing features. “What?” he said as he cleared his throat, trying not to seem flustered.
You shake your head with a chuckle “You’ll be there tonight?” you saw his eyebrows knitted together in confusion “The party I mean” You really wanted Remus to go. You loved parties, it was a break from school pressure and allowed you to relax for a night. Sure, you were grateful to be a fast learner but burnout was easy for a gifted child who craved academic validation. Anyone in Hogwarts who wanted to have great grades needed to sacrifice a part of their mental health.
But parties were there to help you. And Remus too. You had a long week and just wanted to rest your brain and the party was a good way but it would be even better if Remus was by your side for the entire night.
You held your gaze on the boy, trying to let him know with the look in your eyes that you wanted him to be there. His lips tugged up “Sure” he offered you the softest smile, his cheeks light pink. 
It was rare to see Remus being shy, he actually was the type to be sarcastic and teasing with everyone if he wasn’t just wearing a blank face. But you didn’t remark this, you were maybe smart but totally clueless when it came to other people’s feelings. That’s something your friends always made fun of. You were a total flirt but never knew if they flirted back, liked you and were just shy persons.
You grinned a large smile “Great!” you got up and brushed off the grass that was stuck to your pants. Remus and you decided to spend some time together near the Black Lake and it was now time to leave, you had a long week and wanted to take nap before the party.
Remus watched you as you took your bag off the floor and slid it on your shoulder. When your eyes landed on Remus, it seemed like he really wanted to smile but stopped himself from doing it, his pupils were shining and he looked genuinely happy. He truly was handsome.
“See you tonight!” you bent down, pressing a brief kiss to his scarred cheek. You quickly walked away, not seeing the hard blush on Remus’ face and his wide eyes, he had to take a deep breath and a good minute to get up.
Remus lifted his head, hoping to see you enter the room as he saw a group of students coming from the corner of his eye but unfortunately, you weren’t there yet. He was wondering where you could be and just wanted you to be by his side.
As he was lost in his own thoughts he felt someone grabbing his shoulder, he turned around with a small jump, not expecting any physical touch.
He faced a very smiling Sirius “Waiting for your lovebird?” he said with a wide smirk. Remus looked back at the entrance of the common room, rolling his eyes at his friend’s comment.
James came by their side “Who are we looking for?” he nudged Remus in the ribs, showing the crowd starting to form with a head movement.
“Y/n~” Sirius sang as he sent a wink to the tall boy who let out a sigh, hating that he was right. Remus didn’t even bother listening to whatever his best friends were talking about, you were the only thing in his mind at the moment.
But as the waiting began to be long and he started to overthink, he drank a glass of firewhiskey. Then two. 
It was his fourth glass when you stepped into the room, it was just the only way he found to spend time. His eyes met yours and his lips immediately extended into a wide smile.
He got up from the couch and that was the moment he realised how much he had drunk without break. Lily next to him let out a chuckle, knowing very well why he was in this state “Go get her” she laughed and Remus nodded as he headed to you.
He approached you, his hand grabbing your shoulder. You turned your head, smiling when you saw him. Without thinking you wrapped your arms around his middle, hugging him to express how happy you were to find him.
“I’m sorry for coming so late. I forgot to set up an alarm and woke up like 40 minutes ago.” you said with an apologetic smile. But Remus beamed down at you and breathed a quiet ‘It’s okay’.
You chuckled “How much have you drank already?” Remus let out a sigh before bringing you to his chest so you would shut up, with your face pressed against his shirt.
“Take a drink and leave me alone” he said grumpily but you could hear his smile as he talked. You pushed away from his embrace before walking to the buffet, shoving a few appetisers in your mouth and filling a glass.
You joined Remus on one of the couches, you could see he was more tactile than usual but you weren’t going to complain, his arm looped over your shoulders you felt protected and relaxed.
You felt his gaze on you as you did anything “What?” you laughed, your eyebrow raising as he was staring down at you.
Remus blushed and looked away “Nothing” he let out a long breath before looking at you from the corner of his eyes “You- You’re just really pretty” That’s it. He just said it. What he wanted to tell you since he first met you months ago.
“O-oh” you weren’t expecting this and warmth raised to your entire face. You had a foolish smile on your lips “You’re pretty too”
Remus didn’t know if it was because of the alcohol in his blood or just the genuine comment you just said, but he wanted to kiss you. His mouth was agape, looking at you in such admiration, he was adorable when he was flustered. 
It wasn’t the first time he had the urge to kiss your soft-looking lips but he never dared, you were so confident, he was even surprised you weren’t taken, every sane person would love to date you. But the new form of adrenaline gave him the confidence he didn’t have sober. He leaned down, his right hand cupping your cheek.
You knew what he was going to do. And you wanted the same thing as him. The only problem that was floating in your mind was ‘does he really want to kiss you? Or it’s just the euphoria of the night?’ “Wait” you whispered when his lips almost touched yours.
Remus cocked his head to the side. “Do you really want this? It’s not just alcohol?” you asked quietly.
The boy nodded eagerly “Of course, I wanted to since I first led my eyes on you” you grinned when he talked, that was the sweetest thing someone ever told you.
“You’re not going to regret this tomorrow morning?” you were scared your dream will disappear when you will wake up and Remus shook his head with wide eyes, he was begging you in silence and you couldn’t resist anymore.
“Just one.” his lips tugged down in disappointment “C’mon, if you still like me in the morning we will have plenty of time to kiss” This time you were the one initiating the kiss, your hand on his scarred cheek, tilting his head down so you could reach for his lips. He didn’t wait before kissing you back, his hand coming behind your neck.
Fireworks exploded in Remus’ stomach, he couldn’t believe what was happening. He never wanted to stop, he loved you too much to break the kiss right now.
You pulled away for air but Remus chased for your lips and you giggled. “I said one” Remus sighed, burying his face in the crook of your neck with a muffled groan. When you tore your stare away from him you saw all his friends looking at you with big smirks and you let out an awkward laugh.
Remus could feel your embarrassment and he gazed up at where you were looking. He grunted when he saw his idiots of friends “Leave us alone” he told them with furrowed brows before grabbing your hand to lead you to a more quiet place.
The said place ended up being his dorm. He just plopped down on his bed, waiting for you to join him. He made sure his face was close to yours, and it made you laugh “So I can kiss you when I wake up” he let you know before hugging you to sleep.
── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.───・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚.──
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narcissa97 · 2 days
Sirius: *tries to slap Remus's ass as he walks past by* Sirius: *misses, trips and falls* Remus: *tries to catch but overbalances* Remus: *tries to hold a chair for support* Chair: *breaks* Remus: *falls on top of Sirius* Marlene, watching: It's like watching two animals do an out-of-sync and very destructive mating dance.
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beatrixrozalie · 2 days
Sirius is book smart. Remus is street smart.
I said what I said.
Also James is social smart and Peter is like bright??? Idk what word to use but he’s like observant ad sneaky and sort of a Slytherin kind of smart, there’s probably a word for this but I currently can’t remember axfhsvsvsg
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marauders family dinner... olive garden edition
james: orders the biggest fucking plate of pasta known to man, eats every last breadstick on the table
sirius: orders basically every kind of wine they have, tries them all, sends them all back, orders apple juice.
remus: takes forever to pick out what he wants, which absolutely pisses regulus off, until sirius threatens to kill him if he doesn't leave moony alone
regulus: has one airpod in the whole time, until James shows him how to play games on the little table ipad thingy. speaks to no one until he beats the highscore on plants vs. animals.
peter: orders off the kids menu, starts coloring on the kids menu with help from everybody else-- they fight over the crayons
lily: starts off trying to control the situation, gives up and flirts with the waiter
mary: probably tops regulus' high score, orders some fancy sparkling water drink
marlene: shows up looking absolutely gorgeous, somehow manages to get a group picture with everybody before they get kicked out
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4remus · 2 days
i finished the hunger games franchise two days ago, i’m traumatized and i kept having nightmares. i felt like this when it’s people i don’t even know you want me to read that about the marauders???? MY people?? my family???
you crimson rivers readers are stronger than me because you’ll never be catching me putting myself through that
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Sirius: You may be mother and father's favourite child but I'm Remus and James's favourite person.
Regulus, smirking: Is that so?
Remus: You know I might switch brothers.
Sirius, shocked and horrified: Moony, how could you?! At least I have James that will never betray me!
James, sweating nervously: I plead the fith?
Sirius: At least I'm for sure Peter's favourite person.
Peter, always down to help create chaos: Well your brother is better looking.
Sirius: You're all traitors. So mean, all of you.
Regulus: You know, Remus, if you ever did want to see what it's like to date the better looking brother...
Sirius: *throws a pillow at Regulus's head*
James, definitely not jealous: Now, wait a second!
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enigmaticemperor · 22 hours
I'm scared of a Marauders movie/trilogy. There I said it. Don't get me wrong, as a hardcore Marauder and Jily fan, I really, really want a trilogy, but I'm scared that they'll get the characterizations all wrong and portray James and Sirius as reckless bullies, Remus as a super calm and collected student at the top of his class, lecturing James and Siruis while they plot mischief with Peter, Snape as a misunderstood kid who did no wrong, was relentlessly bullied by big bad James and Sirius, was misguided, hence he joined the Death Eaters, how Lily was "there for Remus during a time when no one ever was" (WTF movies??!!), how James "stole" Lily from Snape (she's not a prize to win, you dumbasses), and all that.
Considering the mistakes they made in the past (looking at you movie!Hermione and movie!Snape), despite me really wanting a Marauders series (how about a Netflix series with like 3 seasons, 10 episodes each?), I don't exactly want it at the same time, if that makes any sense.
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teaformoony · 18 days
sirius: you know what? whatever. who gives a shit about regulus? his entire personality is just being gay and mean
james: you forgot pretty
remus: you did forget pretty
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themarvelmarauder · 1 month
Marauders on vertiaserum:
Remus: for the record, this is self destructive
Sirius: for the record, I'm aware of that
James: for the record, I've been picturing Regulus' body, draped over the sofa wearing nothing but his tie
Peter: for the record, you're all screwed up
Sirius: my brother, really Potter?
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oxydiane · 4 months
remus, commenting quidditch: if anyone’s keeping track of how many times potter has been distracted by the slytherin seeker and missed the quaffle so far in the match my count’s eleven
remus: in other news sirius black wants me to publicly state that if gryffindor chaser potter doesn’t take his eyes off his brother and start scoring he will piss in potter’s cornflakes for the rest of the year
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idk-idc-wtf-lmao · 1 month
Reg, Barty, and Sirius 🤝 saying “that’s kinda gay” when their respective boyfriends ask for a kiss
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adharastarlight · 1 month
Peter: fuck the French.
Remus: already on it.
James: bet.
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fenix-films · 4 months
james, remus, peter, regulus + sirius playing never have i ever:
peter: *grins* never have i ever kissed both black brothers
james: *bangs his head on the table*
james: *takes his shot*
sirius: WHAT
remus: *giggling* never have i ever, kissed three people in this room
james: *scrubbing his hands down his face*
james: *fully sends his shot*
sirius: W H A T
regulus: *already pouring james another shot* never have i ever been someone’s first kiss in this room
james and remus: *side eye each other*
james and remus: *both take a shot*
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aconfusedsimp · 2 months
Sirius: Hey, James, do you support gay rights?
James: I am gay.
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pandorcas-endgame · 2 months
Sirius: You may be mother and father's favourite child but I'm Remus and James's favourite person.
Regulus, smirking: Is that so?
Remus: You know I might switch brothers.
Sirius, shocked and horrified: Moony, how could you?! At least I have James that will never betray me!
James, sweating nervously: I plead the fith?
Sirius: At least I'm for sure Peter's favourite person.
Peter, always down to help create chaos: Well your brother is better looking.
Sirius: You're all traitors. So mean, all of you.
Regulus: You know, Remus, if you ever did want to see what it's like to date the better looking brother...
Sirius: *throws a pillow at Regulus's head*
James, definitely not jealous: Now, wait a second!
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