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adharastarlight · a day ago
Sometimes I just can't be bothered to put my glasses on so I just squint until the blurs become shapes
- James Potter, probably
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floralembarrassment · 2 days ago
Wait, What? (1/1) (jegulus)
"He might actually kill you. Like with his bare hands." Remus let his hands fall to his sides.
"Don't you think I know that?" James groaned. And ran his hands through his hair.
Remus took a step forward, "It's his brother James, what were you thinking?"
"I was thinking there was this very pretty boy flirting with me and when he kissed me I kissed him back."
"But Siriu-"
"I can assure you Remus I was not thinking about Sirius at all when I was sleeping with his brother!"
"Merlin, you slept with him!" Remus said, throwing his arms back up in the air.
"Oh... did I not say that before?" James said averting his eyes and rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly.
"No you did not." Remus replied flatly.
James spun around, and took a deep breath in. "Well here we are Remus. What am I supposed to do? I love him." James sighed.
"Wait? What did you say?" When James turned to met Remus' gaze he realized that it was Remus who had just spoken. Regulus was standing there in the doorway, light from the sunset spilling over him as it shone through the window behind him. His stormy eyes were wide and his pink lips were parted softly.
James froze. Complete deer in the headlights. He opened and closed his mouth several times but he couldn't get the words to leave his mouth. Regulus walked in the room, pushed past Remus like he wasn't even there, eyes trained on James. He stopped inches from James. "James?" He promoted.
Regulus speaking again was what pulled James back to reality. "I... uh. I- I love you Regulus," It was barely louder than a whisper but he took Regulus' hands in his and kissed his knuckles softly. Regulus melted into him.
Somewhere in it all Remus left. He would scold James later. He was not going to get in the way of them being stupid and in love, especially since James was always so supportive of him and Sirius. Besides he knew Sirius was going to murder them both, so it would not be his problem to deal with anyway.
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regulusblacksworld · 11 hours ago
Sirius: Apologize Reginald! You practically strangled James' date to death with that hex!
Reg: If they're looking for sympathy. They'll find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis.
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oceanusprocellarumalex · 23 hours ago
Two fools in love...
Tumblr media
Personal headcanon: James Potter it's the kind of romantic that loves "Can't help falling in love" by Elvis.
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alxarasm · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Harry James Potter
Summer break 1995
Two posts? In a day???
Promise its still me, just had to draw the main man himself
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lolregulus · 2 days ago
James scrolling through his camera roll looking at pictures of him and Regulus when he misses him.
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alpha-canis-major · a month ago
Barty: Potter, you like Regulus, right?
James: Wha, n-no, what are you on about?
Barty: Okay, now that's sorted, do you want to fake date me?
James: Barty, I'm flattered but I have feelings for someone else.
Barty: Yeah I know, Regulus, that's the whole point.
Barty: Also, I said fake date Potter, get your hearing checked.
James: I'm sorry, but why would we fake date?
Barty: Salazar, I don't get what Regulus sees in you, you're as dense as fucking brick.
James: What?
Barty: I guess I have to spell it out to you. I am Regulus's ex. If we pretend to date it will make him so jealous. He'll see straight through it, realise what you are doing and you'll be going out in a few weeks.
James: Wait, what's the catch?
Barty: Catch? That is litterally it?
James: That plan doesn't benefit you at all? Of course there's a catch?
Barty: Oh, but you see it very much benefits me because Evan is going to react the exact same way as Regulus, towards me.
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girlboss-nahi-girlbas · 2 months ago
Regulus: James once texted me "your adorable" so i texted him back "no, YOU'RE adorable"
Remus: and?
Regulus: and now we're dating, we've been to six dates. all i did was point out a typo but i like him so hey, i'm not complaining.
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ladylokilaufeyson5 · 2 months ago
James: I will torture you now
Regulus: Kinky
James: You’re the brightest star in the sky
Regulus: What?
James: I think you are beautiful and lovely
Regulus, backing away: W-wait, no-
James: Your feelings are valid and you deserve to be loved
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englishboylover · 2 months ago
[ sirius and regulus are walking side by side ]
regulus : as a loyal person to family traditions, i'm sleeping with your brother.
sirius : *smacks regulus at the back of his head*
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marauderstars · 4 months ago
“My dad didn’t strut” bestie your dad would have paid the school band to play a disco beat every time he entered a room if he could.
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adharastarlight · a day ago
Regulus: *walks into the house, literally soaked and rain dripping off of him onto the floor*
Sirius, Remus and James:
Regulus: *straight faced* it's a bloody desert out there
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floralembarrassment · 13 hours ago
Wants and Prayers (1/1) (jegulus)
Regulus didn't ask for much. Growing up he knew he wasn't supposed to, that it would only get him in trouble. But materially he never really needed anything anyways.
He wanted though. His mother always taught him that he shouldn't get what he wants, he didn't deserve it, he hadn't earned it. He still isn't sure he would ever be worthy enough to have what he wanted. Oh yes. The Black heir, solemn prince of Slytherin, potion master... yes he may have been cold but he wanted one thing and one thing only... love.
In a desperate moment, under the protection of night, high on a potion he should have sold to a 7th year instead of taking it himself, he begged the page of his diary to understand. He wrote:
I want this agonizing and enduring love. This achingly painful and agitatingly itchy sensation that can only be dug out by nails scratching at skin. Drawing blood.
A love that can only be felt in the right clenching of a jaw, the gritting of teeth, the baring of oneself fully, completely. It's frost bite hot and blue flames cold.
I want the love that is hungry and emptying and passionate and hard. That's obsessive and infatuated and all around destroying.
The life altering
Heart stopping
Breath catching
A love that is also the sweetest story every told.
On his knees, he looked up at the sky. Almost in sync, his prayers were interrupted when someone walked into his space. James.
"What are you thinking about?" He asked softly. Never a hello with this one. Regulus, who was somewhere between the delusion of a delirious plea and desperation of a hopefully reality, turned to look at James. James' eyes widened just a bit, a breath catching that quickly blew out, knocked over but the flushed cheeks and watery stormy eyes and the pale skin of the face looking back at him.
James couldn't help himself. He closed the distance, dropping to his knees, and bringing one hand up to cup Regulus' face. Regulus' hand found James' wrist, and he spoke the truest words that ever came to him, that still no one would understand: "this is torture James. But I hear suffering feels religious if you do it right. And I want to feel holy again."
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regulusblacksworld · 11 hours ago
Reg: *gracefully stumbling into the room with a frown and mascara smudged down his face*
Sirius: Well aren't you a little ray of pitch black!
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nothingtoseeherebyeexx · 16 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
making jegulus fanart is switching between the taylor swift playlist and the lana del rey one depending on which idiot you’re drawing
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oceanusprocellarumalex · 22 days ago
Regulus never wanting to sit anywhere else and James not letting him get up
Tumblr media
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