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allfandom24 · a day ago
i want more if the “marauders raising harry”!! not just wolfstar, not just jily, not just jegulus! give me the whole squad! mary, marlene, frank, alice, dorcas, pandora, barty and evan! gimmie all of them!!
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roseroserosees · 2 days ago
the urge to write a fanfic abt the marauders and make literally everyone aspec and focus on all of the platonic relationships?? not that i've ever written a fanfic before and i have no clue about plot or anything and i'm 99% i will never do it but... it's an idea i guess...
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pluto-theplanet · 14 hours ago
I love the possessive Regulus narrative
Regulus whispering mine mine mine as he kisses James
Regulus tracing his name on James' body
Regulus writing his initials on whatevet part of James is close enough.
Its not unusual to find James potters hands inked with the letters R.A.B
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mrsfrecklesmarauders · 2 days ago
Sirius: *on the phone* No, father. I cannot go to the Family dinner...
Sirius:... Why?
Sirius: I am on a date... Yeah with a girl...*nods* Aha...
Sirius: What? You don't believe me?... Here...
Sirius: *passes the phone to Marlene*
Marlene: *to the phone* Yeah, Mr. Black? Yeah... Yeah your son and I love each other so much...
Marlene: *makes sarcastic kissing noises to the phone*
Marlene: Okay bye!
Marlene: *passes the phone to Sirius*
Sirius: *to the phone* See? OK. Bye dear father... *rolls his eyes*
Sirius: *hangs up and sighs*
Sirius: *to Marlene* Cheers for that
Marlene: *shrugging* Yeah alright.
Marlene: Good luck with Remus.
Sirius: Good luck with Dorcas.
Marlene: *smiles in lesbian*
Sirius: *smiles in gay*
They both leave.
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winniewritesstuff · 2 days ago
This is about a very specific fic but…
Peter “I’m rolling with the lgbt” Pettigrew is my favorite version.
Honorable mention of him spiking his shoe at a homophobic arse’s head<3
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queerdeadwizards · a day ago
her cold hands against their body, and her lips against theirs;
isn't that funny how war's love story ends?
bittersweet and anguish, and yet to seek revenge
for someone that had once been loved, a ghost of the past?
marlene whispers soft i love yous in the dead of the night,
and dorcas, riddled with grief, thinks they are out of their mind
and maybe they were, falling on their knees and whispering prayers of grief and love,
howling to god for an answer, begging for her
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themarvelmarauder · a month ago
Barty: what in merlin's balls is this?
Regulus: he's my boyfriend you intolerant shit
Evan: woah! Pump the hate breaks fox and friends
Pandora: we're just surprised anyone would date you
Dorcas: especially the sun baby from teletubbies
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idk-idc-wtf-lmao · a month ago
Reg, Barty, and Sirius 🤝 saying “that’s kinda gay” when their respective boyfriends ask for a kiss
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adharastarlight · 11 days ago
Pandora: when did you fall in love with Reg?
James: last spring
Dorcas: when did you fall in love with Potter?
Reg: *without looking up from his book* 3rd of October, 2.53 am.
Pandora: ...thats so specific
Reg: it was that really cold night and he put socks on my feet when he thought i was asleep
Pandora and Dorcas: awwwww
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another-regulus-kinnie · 2 months ago
Regulus: I’m so good at telling lies, that came from my mother’s side.
Sirius: Reg, we don’t have a mother’s side. Our family tree is a circle.
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canyouhearmyfear · 2 months ago
Marauders as couples:
James “Which hoodie do you want? Actually just takes all of them” Potter
Sirius “I don’t care if I’m shorter, I’ll give you forehead kisses goddamnit” Black
Peter “I like long walks on the beach” Pettigrew
Remus “Ideal date is everyone shutting the fuck up while I study; and sometimes going to the museum” Lupin
Lily “I can beat you in Wizarding Chess any day” Evans
Mary “Quidditch dates” MacDonald
Marlene “When we grow up we’ll be like Poppy and Minnie” McKinnon
Dorcas “Let’s sleep in” Meadowes
Regulus “Why am I dating you” Black
Evan “One more kiss” Rosier
Barty “Wanna smoke together” Crouch Jr.
Pandora “Lets go on a date in the Forbidden Forest” Lestrange
Frank “I wanna spend every waking moment with you,” Longbottom
Alice “We’re going to grow old together” Fortescue
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tragicromanceftus · 5 months ago
the marauders fandom be like:
Tumblr media
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suzucommentarius · 2 months ago
regulus: i have something to confess
evan: is this you finally coming out?
barty: is it potter? must be. i bet 10 galleons
pandora: i would be very surprised if it wasn't james
dorcas: truly, all those eye-fucking that happened
regulus, dumbfounded: i was...going to say me and sirius are...okay now
all of them: oh...
barty, after a while: yes very charming but is it potter? im not letting my money be wasted on nothing
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daddiesdrarryy · 22 days ago
Regulus: Mary, come sign this birthday card for Sirius. James is gonna be here any minute
Mary: Oooh, James is going to the party too, huh?
Regulus: Well, he's my brother's best friend, he has to be there
Dorcas: Oh, is today the day you're gonna tell Sirius about you two?
Regulus: Yeah. It's my brother’s birthday and I decided to give him a stroke
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mooomoony · 2 months ago
Regulus: James and I are dating.
Sirius: *gasp*
Remus: *gasp*
Peter: *gasp*
Barty: *gasp*
Evan: *gasp*
Lily: *gasp*
Mary: *gasp*
Marlene: *gasp*
Dorcas: *gasp*
Pandora: *gasp*
James: *gasp*
Regulus: Really James?
James: I didn't want to ruin the streak!
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pluto-theplanet · a month ago
James: So are we flirting right now?
Regulus knife in hand: I’m literally threatening to kill you
James: mixed signals, love. That doesn’t answer my question
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