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marylily <3
by the wonderful @/likeafunerall on instagram (posted with permission)
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Peter: [to James] Prongs, you need to stop, drop, and roll. By which I mean, stop talking about Lily, drop the subject, and go get me a cinnamon roll.
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Hear me out-
A jegulus band au where the marauders and the slytherin skittles are two bands competing for some competition-
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i have so much respect for writers like you do not understand and seeing them being harassed just baffles me. as i am not a writer myself but i know that writing is art. it comes to you naturally you can’t rush it or drag it out of someone, and even if you did, it won’t be the same.
as phoebe waller-bridge said “writing is ninty percent procrastination.” so let writers have their time and appreciate them for it.
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marlene: marriage is such a stupid and outdated idea, like why would you bring contracts into love? that’s so dumb-
lily: okay hear me out: what about marrying dorcus?
marlene: oh my god you’re so right
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a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority or other controlling systems.
‘You can’t do this!’ Marlene shrieks and the other members of the Order can only watch with clenched fists. Remus was keeping a hold of all their wands and pointing his own threateningly.
‘Yeah? Watch us.’ Sirius spits back, venom in his voice as he holds Harry with one arm and clutches Remus’ old Prefect badge with the other. It was a Portkey.
‘You can’t just flee— This goes against the plan!’
‘What plan, exactly? The one that got James and Lily killed?’
‘Dumbledore will—‘
‘To hell with Dumbledore!’ Remus yells and throws one quick look to his wristwatch. He feels Sirius’ hand slide over his own, the warm metal against his skin. It was time. ‘We are out of here.’
With that, he lets the wands he had previously stolen fall and Marlene’s terrified face is the last thing they both see before the Portkey activates.
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You're on your own, kid
Tumblr media
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How do you think Regulus, Narcissa, Andromeda, and Bellatrix regarded James and other other Marauders at school, since they’re kind of the catalyst behind Sirius leaving his family?
Regulus probably had a great respect for Remus, but he didn't like him. He held a disdain for James, because he was Sirius' new brother, Regulus essentially saw him as his replacement. It's my personal headcanon that Regulus knows there's another one, but he has no idea what his name is.
Narcissa, like Regulus, views Remus with respect, but also some fear (because no way does she not know he's a werewolf). She doesn't really like James, because Sirius calls him his family instead of her and the others. She consistently forgets Pettigrew exists. However she doesn't see any of them as the reason Sirius left. She blames Walburga for that.
Andromeda loves them. All of them (although she is a little suspicious of Peter). They got her cousin out and for that she'll forever be thankful. She bonds more with Lily than any of them, though.
Bellatrix views Remus like a stray dog. A mutt, but a dangerous enemy. She sees James as an even stupider version of Sirius and doesn't even deem Pettigrew worthy of an opinion.
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How It Could Have Been
Remus Lupin x Reader Words: 1.6k Summary: After you broke up, you never saw Remus again. But at Lily and James' wedding, you can no longer avoid each other.
You weren't really a big fan of weddings. The ones you've been invited to so far
had always been terribly boring. Lots of old ladies gossiping about the bride behind her back while their husbands stared unabashedly. The younger men had always been quick to get drunk and their cackling girlfriends pushed each other out of the way to catch the bridal bouquet.
But you had to admit, James and Lily's wedding was beautiful. They had kept the circle as small as possible, which was more or less successful given the Potters' notoriety. Lily's wedding dress was stunning and you had to admit that even James didn't look half bad. You had never seen him in a suit before.
And although you had been thrilled by the wedding, you dreaded the reception afterwards. You knew that sooner or later you would run into him. And then you were forced to talk to him. You had already seen him out of the corner of your eye. He had been sitting in the front row. Next to Sirius and Peter.
The fact that you showed up at all had cost you a lot of effort. But Lily was your best friend and you couldn't just NOT show up to her wedding. It wasn't right. But now, as the wedding party dispersed around the hall to make way for the bride and groom for the opening dance, you wondered if it had been the right decision.
You had lost sight of him. Admittedly, you tried not to focus too much on him. Your eyes were fixed on Lily. If you saw him, it would all be over.
The music started and as if they had never done anything else, Lily and James began to dance an elegant waltz.
"I would have thought he would have stepped on her foot at the first step," a voice behind you murmured in your ear. Startled, you flinched before stopping as if frozen. That was the very voice you had been afraid of. You were not ready to look him in the eye, but what other option did you have? You could hardly run away from him.
With a deep breath, you turned to him. He looked good. Blimey! Probably James or Sirius had paid for his suit, because you were pretty sure it was tailor-made. And he definitely couldn't afford that.
"Remus. Well, he's pureblood. Don't they get taught to dance before they can walk?"
He laughed and then looked at you as if he had just really noticed you for the first time. You wished he wouldn't look at you like that. An awkward silence hung between the two of you before he cleared his throat and took his gaze from you.
" Er...you... er... you're looking good. Long time no see," he finally began. You wanted to roll your eyes. Remus had never been very good at small talk.
"Thanks. You...look good too. That suit looks good on you."
The whole situation felt so strange. The last time you had spoken had ended with you fleeing in tears.
Remus had been your first and, until now, only great love. After you broke up, you thought you would never be able or willing to talk to him again.
"What do you mean you're not coming? We've been planning this evening for weeks," you asked Remus as you were already on your way out of your flat. A few weeks ago, you had managed to snag tickets to a cover band that Remus and you had been following for a few years.
"They're your tickets. You bought them..." your boyfriend began. With an annoyed look, you glanced at him.
"Remus, please. Yes, I bought the tickets, but as I've told you several times, I get to decide who I want to give the second ticket to. And you're my boyfriend and, to be honest, the only person who shares my taste in music, so please, just put on a jacket and your shoes and come. We're already late!"
But Remus made no move.
"Why are you here?" he finally asked after a short pause in which neither of you said anything.
"Excuse me? What do you mean...I'm waiting for you."
"I mean, why are you here with me?"
"Remus, please not again." You dropped your bag on the couch. You definitely wouldn't be able to make your concert today. You knew where this conversation was going.
"Remus," you began, your tone clearly weary. You couldn't tell how many times you'd had moments like this recently. Remus had always been pessimistic when it came to your relationship. In the beginning, you had been understanding. Remus was not in an easy position, but you had hoped that you could make him understand that you didn't care what he was or how much he earned.
But over the years his attitude had not changed.
"You should enjoy your life. With someone who can offer you more than I can."
"Remus. I am enjoying my life...with you. At least I would if you would just get up and get ready so we can get to the concert." But Remus didn't budge.
"I'm no good for you."
"I think I can decide for myself what is good for me and what isn't." You were getting angry. You couldn't stand it when he told you how to feel and what to think.
"Y/N, do you really think this has a future? We have a future?"
That sentence stabbed you like a cold knife in the heart. You knew where his words were going and you definitely didn't want to hear them.
"Remus, please..." Tears filled your eyes and you struggled to hold them back.
"I think it's better if we go our separate ways. I have nothing to offer you, I'm holding you back."
"But only because you tell yourself that. I love you, get that through your head."
"I'm sorry, Y/N."
You didn't know what to say, what to do. Your heart and stomach kept contracting painfully. You felt like you were going to throw up, to scream. You had to get out of here.
"If that's what you think, then I'm sorry Remus," you whispered and left the flat with one last look.
That was the last time you saw Remus.
You had gone back to the flat you shared with Lily to get your things. Even though you knew that Remus could not afford the flat financially, you could not and did not want to continue living there alone. Too many memories connected you to that place.
Lily had assured you that James would make sure Remus had a roof over his head. Even if you didn't want to see him, you still wanted to know that he would be alright.
Even though you tried not to think about him too much, you had to admit to yourself that you had never really closed that chapter of your life. Remus was your first great love. And losing him was the hardest thing of your life.
You had always looked longingly at Lily and James. They had had a difficult start to their relationship, but now you couldn't imagine one without the other.
You wanted a relationship like they had for yourself.
They were still dancing across the parquet. Gradually, a few people from the wedding party joined in.
You weren't a gifted dancer, but the awkward silence between you and Remus had you praying that someone would ask you to dance.
"Have you ever wondered how it could have been?" Again, you startled out of your thoughts.
Remus looked at you with a sad smile.
"Could have been what?" you asked him, confused.
"Us. If I hadn't been such an idiot, do you think we'd still be together? Do you think we could have had a moment like that?" he asked you, inclining the dancing couple.
"I...I...yes," you finally admitted. Yes you believed that you would still be together. You believed that it could well have been your wedding. You had always seen this future. You knew that Remus had been struggling with his own personal demons and had lacked that foresight.
"That night you left... I wanted to go after you. I wanted you to come back. But I couldn't." You tried to ignore the lump in your throat. You didn't want to cry. You couldn't cry. For years you had tried to convince yourself that you were over your relationship.
"Why not?" Your voice betrayed you.
"Because I firmly believed it was the best thing for both of us. I thought you could be happier without me. And I thought I'd feel better if I didn't feel like I was holding you back."
"So, did you feel better?" With tears in your eyes, you looked at his face. It reflected the same pain.
"No. You were the only person in my life who fully understood how I felt. The boys tried, but they had their own problems. I was an idiot to let you go. I realised that. But it wouldn't have been fair to chase after you and rip you out of your life when I was the one who had caused that breakup in the first place."
"I've always loved you Remus. I never wanted this break up, I hope you know that. If I could reverse time and help you see what an amazing man you are, I would do anything. But you have to fight your inner demons yourself," you answer him quietly.
The dance floor was now so crowded that you couldn't make out any individual couples, just a large dancing crowd.
"Do you want to dance?" asked Remus finally.
When you looked at him, he smiled at you. Involuntarily, you had to smile too. The knot in your stomach had loosened and a familiar feeling of butterflies spread.
You felt as if you had returned your school days and Remus had invited you to the Yule Ball.
"I'd love to."
Perhaps you could learn from your past mistakes and look to the future together, more confidently.
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If Lily is Hedwig, Snape is two times responsible for her death
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commitment | sirius black x reader
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There were rushes of rose petals everywhere in the school. The soft, silk-like surface grazed against your fingers every time you reached a hand out to disrupt their patterns of hearts and proclaimed messages of love from one student to another. It was Valentine’s Day, and you loved it. 
Even though there was no one to celebrate it with, you did like the blushing boys acting as if the flowers their partners presented them with didn’t make their year. And the pretty pink peonies that sat in the vase on McGonagall’s desk. Her husband had given them to her. 
Sirius Black thought he had made it clear enough. He threw pointed glances at you, but you just blinked back at him, turning back to your conversation confused. He thought it was a good contrast to his usual air of nonchalance, of unbotheredness. 
A candy that landed in your hands signed off with his initials had been poached by Peeves, but you saw the three letters. S.O.B. You thought it had stood for “Society of Business”, and laughed the shameless, blatant advertising off.
As he sat next to you in class making constant conversation and throwing in the most obvious flirts, your ears simply glossed over them. He was infinitely flattering and infinitely smooth, but he was like that with every single girl, even the ones he never had any interest in. 
You, knowing he couldn’t be serious, didn’t mind. In a couple hours, he’d be flirting with someone else. 
“Does she even know I exist?” Sirius flopped onto James’ bed, eliciting an annoyed grunt from the latter. 
“Probably not,” James replied, “That or she’s bloody oblivious.”
A quieter voice piped up, “She just knows your reputation, Sirius. I don’t think she wants to get hurt if she believes that you like her and then she turns out to be so wrong.”
Peter’s comment left a silence in the room. 
“Insightful, Wormtail,” James agreed. 
Sirius groaned into a pillow. “What do I do?”
“Dunno, Pads, I’m no maestro, I’m still failing at wooing Lily.”
“Maybe you need to be more obvious, Pads,” Peter advised, “Be more forward, make an effort.”
“I am.”
So Sirius did. He asked one of your friends for your timetable, which they gladly gave him, giggling. 
It was labelled with thoughtful things like “McGonagall’s favourite flowers are pink peonies.” And “Slughorn enjoys pineapple crisps.” 
“So, what’re you planning on doing with it, Mister?” She asked him and if he was embarrassed or nervous, he didn’t show it. 
He said coolly, “Remus needed it to consolidate the times for prefect duties. He’s at the library right now.” 
She giggled again, “Sure, sure. Run along, Ravenclaw house needs me to change the riddle.”
He bumped into you on the way to the library, after seeing LIBRARY written in your handwriting underneath the last class for today. 
You weren’t headed to the library, but away from it, and collated your things which had wobbled in the jostle, smiling politely at him. “Evening, lovely.”
“The evening is quite lovely, isn’t it?” You replied confusedly at his poor phrasing, “Remus isn’t in the library, Sirius, it’s far too beautiful of an evening for even a bookworm to be cozied up in the library.” 
“I wasn’t looking for Remus,” he smiled at you, pearly white teeth flashing and dark grey eyes looking so, so, sweet. 
“Oh, well I must let you be on your way then,” you clutched your books to your chest and regained your steps. 
“Don’t. Let me hold those for you.”
“They’re not that heavy.” You still held the books out for him. 
“I’m sure, lovely,” he says as he takes them out of your loosened grip.
“How was Valentine’s Day?” 
“First, no, second Valentine’s that I’ve third-wheeled Peter and Mary.”
“Really? Set your eyes on someone, have you?”
“Matter of fact, I have.” Your eyes sunk momentarily in thought, a sadness forming and dissolving within you. You sort of liked Sirius, despite all the girls and the glamour. He was harmless underneath his cold front. 
“Damn. I would’ve never thought of the day Sirius Black, Gryffindor casanova with the sparkling grey eyes and stoic attitude, would settle,” you joked. 
“Well you can think now,” he insisted, “And you know the girl.”
He hoped you might’ve connected the dots. 
“Sally, Polly, Harriet…” you rattled off name by name, and to no avail, because you never saw that special glint in his eyes. 
“A little closer to home.”
“One day you’ll get it.”
You huffed, “This is stupid. I’ll never get it.” 
“Why doesn’t she know, Moony?” 
“Pads, you can’t expect her to, it isn’t so obvious on her part at least.”
“I swear I’m making it as obvious as I can!”
 “Really? Because you’re being pretty secretive about it all.”
“Am not!”
“Maybe you’re just not ready, Sirius.”
And Sirius thought about it. He surely was ready to love you, but he wasn’t ready to outwardly express that. 
“It’s okay if you’re not comfortable with it yet, Pads. Feelings are complicated, and these ones especially are all so new to you.”
“Maybe I’m not ready yet. Is that- is that okay?”
“It’s perfectly fine.”
“Would you, like, commit though?” Your friend asked, head in her boyfriend’s lap. 
“I don’t think I can. Having another person rooted deeply in your life makes it harder to navigate it freely. I enjoy the liberties of being young, and I don’t want to give that away.”
“Your…admirer…would you date him if you knew who he was?”
“I don’t think so, why, I’m barely old enough to form coherent thoughts, I can’t establish a relationship this young. My prefrontal cortex is still developing!”
The boyfriend chimed in, “He’ll wait, I’m sure.”
“He doesn’t need to,” you smiled wistfully, “This will just be a fond memory I’ll look back on and say, ‘Wow, it sure felt nice’ to my grandkids. I’m not ready and that’s perfectly fine.”
Through the rest of your years at Hogwarts, you kept on receiving random but thoughtful gifts, things in your favourite colours, patterns, catered to your hobbies. As Lily grew closer to James you found yourself around Sirius quite a lot. He had grown even prettier than last summer, you thought, he looked more relieved, less reserved. His hair curled into little tendrils and his grey eyes had lightened a little. 
When you graduated, directed right into Auror training at 17, you and Lily agreed to share an apartment right by Hogsmeade, where Lily was training to become a professor. And as the war approached steadily, Lily soon received her position in Potions, and her and James moved to be a little closer to Hogwarts. She found out she was pregnant and became anxious about how close the war would breach so she moved to the establishment with the highest level of protection- Hogwarts. You were shipped to Albania, barely twenty years old, in the rocky, unsteady terrain, fighting the Death Eaters. The battle lasted for a year, and it ended in a Ministry victory. It was a ghastly matter but the Minister had ensured many hundreds of doctors, therapists and psychologists were hired to keep you safe. The Death Eaters treated their own forces terribly, resulting in a rebellion and eventual dismantling of the force. Voldemort had left a lightning scar on Harry Potter, who was to be heavily connected to him, but He Who Must Not Be Named was killed right after.
 You didn’t come home a different woman. Maybe you had changed a little though. War had toughened you up but the scars had been healed nicely on your body. Perhaps you had also grown up. Most importantly, after seeing so much lack of longevity and mortality in Albania, all you desired was steadiness. 
After being promoted to Head Auror, your role became managerial and consistent, and at the ripe old age of 21, barely old enough to drink, you reunited with Lily and the Marauders. Peter, you realised, was now in Azkaban for his crimes. Sirius still looked the same, he modelled for famous magazines, clothes brands and looked painfully similar to his Hogwarts years. Remus was enjoying a peaceful life in Wales with Tonks, a fellow Auror. 
You always blew by pictures of Sirius sultrily staring into the camera, clad in a trench coat worth thousands of dollars, or shirtless. It made you miss him, the soft underneath the cold, the warm underneath the hard. It made something in your heart yearn for the first time just to look into those grey eyes again. It also made you irrationally angry. They didn’t know the best side of Sirius, they knew this side. 
As you did sweep past large posters and flashing screens, you made your way to the ToysRUs. Harry was turning 2 in the next week and you were looking for a fake broomstick. As your fingers brushed along the plastic of a toy guitar, a deep voice boomed, “Sweetness? Is that you?”
You looked around and met familiar grey eyes, the owner smiling so gently as he ran a hand through his hair. Pink rose onto his cheeks and he stumbled ever so slightly whilst striding up to you. He stopped before you, stalling, and there was a moment before he was scooping you up, hugging you till you couldn’t breathe. 
“I can’t believe you’re back, darling,” he whispered, and your heart swelled, “Marlene, she’s back!”
Oh and your poor heart, falling faster than your head over your heels. Of course Sirius had someone now, he would always have someone anyways, just never you. 
“So I was right in that conversation,” you murmured, and he grinned. 
“Were you?” He felt much more confident and ready for commitment. He only hoped he might be able to win you over. 
Marlene appeared, grinning and you screamed, tackling her, squealing in her ear. 
“Why can’t I get this reception?” Sirius asked. 
“Black, you’re the one who facilitates it. It’s always been like this, I remember,” Marlene winked at Sirius who scowled handsomely. 
“Oh Marls, I’m so glad to be back, for heaven's Albania has not a single charming view. It’s all rubble now anyway. At least the beast is gone. It’s all done. Harry’s safe, James is alive and can inherit Monty’s shampoo business. How are you, Marls?”
Marlene smirked, very feline-like. She really hadn’t changed. 
“Perfect. Sirius and I are sharing an apartment and I’m just about to move out. Say, why don’t you move in? Sirius bought it anyway.”
“Yeah, I could, I’ll pay rent too,” you nodded towards Sirius, who pulled Marlene aside. It made your heart ache. 
“Marlene, we didn’t agree on this.”
“Dorcas and I are moving in together anyway, I’m doing you a favour.”
“I’m going to be flustered 24/7! They do shoots at my house, you know? I’ve got to look put together.”
“You’ll be fine. Keep shopping with her, I’ve got to run.” 
“C’ya dude.”
As she fled the scene, she winked at you and you turned to Sirius.
“Anyway, how are you, Sirius? Jeez, you look exactly the same as you did five years back.”
“Fine, lovely, modelling and all that.”
“Just all that? You own your own apartment, Sirius, you’re 21. That’s amazing!”
“What about you, sweet thing? Heard you’re working in the Ministry now.”
“Not the politics side, just the Auror department. Did you hear? Rowan Gregory…”
You eased into your old conversations, and your eyes settled on a beautiful mini broomstick. 
“That one?” You looked up at Sirius. 
“That one.”
He took the broomstick off the shelf and grinned at it, “Jimmy’ll love this one.”
“Lily won’t,” you laughed, “I’ll go get some books.”
As he stood there dumbfounded, a worker stacking boxes grinned at him. “Whipped.”
“Like cream,” he replied, smiling back.
“You might want to tell her,” the worker nodded and he just shook his head, “Am I really not being obvious enough?”
“What enough?” You reappeared, carrying a stack of books. 
“Let me take those,” Sirius interjected before the worker opened their mouth. 
“They’re not that heavy,” you sighed, even though your grip had loosened and you were already handing him the pile.
“I’m sure.”
You smiled to yourself. He really hadn’t changed much. 
You felt trapped in this party, the flashy colours flamboyant for your taste and intriguing music nothing you could snob about. 
So you slid into a room, presumably the host’s. You didn’t even know why you were here, you were tagging along with Lily to this party that everyone had been raving about. Sirius was here, and so was James. 
Lots of couples stumbled into the room, before running out, as they saw you gloomily looking around. One flicked you a twenty dollar note and told you to “have some fun, babe,” before she left with her boyfriend. You sat on the floor, properly exhausted. 
Knocks on the door followed and you were surprised at the person’s politeness. “Come in,” you say and they stride in. 
It was Sirius. He hadn’t been drinking, partying or dancing too hard. 
“Hey,” you greeted.
“Hey,” he offered you a little mug of hot chocolate, “Gracie said you weren’t feeling very well.”
You grimaced, “Gracie was correct. Return the twenty to her, will you? Say she can keep it for her honeymoon to Madagascar.”
He pushes it gently back into your palms, “I will. Do you want to talk?”
“I just don’t like this party, I guess. The music reminds me of Albania.”
He replied with a thoughtful, “You know, this is my apartment.”
“It’s nice,” you say genuinely. 
And Sirius felt lame. He really couldn’t do anything with you looking up at him, eyes burning with interest. 
“I can’t do this,” Sirius groaned, “Do you like me or not?” 
“I- of course I like you, Sirius,” you reply, delicately. 
“No, do you have feelings for me?”
“I might.”
“Do you?”
“I like you, okay?”
Sirius sat there frozen and you sighed, waiting patiently. 
“I couldn’t- I couldn’t like you.” Immediately his eyes snapped open, “Wait- that’s- no, that’s not what I meant.”
“That’s okay, it’s okay, it’s fine,” you whispered, more to yourself than to him, before exiting quietly.
You never told anyone about the incident, moving in with Sirius seamlessly. But you buried yourself in work and friends, trying to ignore the way your heart ached whenever you saw him. This would just be like the school days, and those had passed eventually. 
You almost had forgotten about it all when you received a text message from him. 
Meet me at Bonnie’s Cove.  
At the same time, Marlene wrote to you;
We need you at Bonnie’s Cove. 
Bonnie’s cove was a lovely expanse, filled with inky orange and crimson hues as the setting sun waned into the pearly whiteness of the moon. The masts of boats were illuminated by the constellations of the navy sky, and rails guarded the rocky shores from passerbyers. 
Your hair was whipped by the evening gusts of dry wind as you stared into the distance. You would have never imagined your life taking this certain turn of events. You were tapped on the shoulder gently and swivelled to find Sirius, an earnest look on his face, donning the most beautiful ochre coat. 
He leant over the railings, hair falling and quickly being swept back. 
“I wanted to clear up what I said the other day.”
“You don’t need to, Sirius, really,” you reply quickly, smiling, “I’ll be over it in some time.”
“No, when I said that I couldn’t like you, I only meant another thing.”
You sighed. 
“I meant that I have feelings that are too elaborate to be just like. I love you, and I have since we were sixteen.”
“I know, I messed up, and I’m sorry, but I’m being serious,” he paused, his eyes slates of authenticity, “If you will,” he adds with a tiny upturn of his lips. 
You stand over the railings, and it feels liberating as you see him against the sunset.
“What do you want to do now?” you speak softly. 
He seems to regain himself, “Maybe a date or two,” he reciprocates your quiet tone, “Or a hundred. We can go from there, take it slow.”
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I am in shambles after chapter 53 of crimson rivers
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pluto-theplanet · 2 days
Tumblr media
Painter Regulus but he refuses to paint boring stuff like still lifes and human figures. He prefers to paint emotion.
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4remus · 10 hours
i finished the hunger games franchise two days ago, i’m traumatized and i kept having nightmares. i felt like this when it’s people i don’t even know you want me to read that about the marauders???? MY people?? my family???
you crimson rivers readers are stronger than me because you’ll never be catching me putting myself through that
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Hey December
December 3: Foot Fetish
James Potter loved the rain, especially at night. He would wait for the rain to turn into a drizzle, and then go outside to walk amongst the mist and shadows. He’d watch as the rain soaked the pavement so that the streetlights would bounce back in an orangey hue. Being that it was close to Christmas, the rain was making the glow of multicolored lights look more like a scene off a nightbright screen thank anything. There was something so magical about the aura, and its why he found himself wandering the streets so late at night.
He’d taken the wrong turn, but it was University, so he’d simply ended up on sorority row. Most of the houses were silent, filled with an ambiance of sleepiness that exuded off the old bricks. He hadn’t expected to see anyone as he made the circular loop back to his dorm rooms, until he almost crashed right into a girl.
“Sorry!” She squeaked, green eyes glistening remorsefully, “I’m blind as a bat at night!”
James had taken hold of her shoulders to keep them both standing, and he didn’t let go. “It’s okay, I’m wearing glasses and still ran into you.”
She laughed, a slight blush creeping up her cheeks. James thought she was beautiful. The rain had made her dark hair turn into damp ringlets that fell over both shoulders. She wore a Delta Gamma sweatshirt, ripped jeans, and was surprisingly barefoot. It was freezing in the rain. James blinked at her sparkly painted toenails before she dragged his eyes back up to her face.
“My eyes are up here, Glasses.”
“Lose your shoes, Cinderella?” He shot back, while respectfully lifting his eyes.
“The name is Lily.” She said as she tucked her phone into her jeans, “I’ll have you know that glass slippers are not a uniform standard for me.”
James motioned at her bare toes, “clearly.”
She leaned into her left hip. “If you must know, I was uploading pictures of my feet in puddles onto feetfinder for some extra cash because I’m famished, and all I have left in my pantry is stale break and jelly.”
It was the oddest admittance he’d ever heard in his entire life, and it made him throw his head back and laugh out loud. Lily tossed her wet hair back and then crossed her arms at him. The tree above their heads was covered in blinking white lights that flashed little halos over her head every few seconds. He thought it only made her appear even more strange, since the green of her eyes kept shifting in the light fluctuations.
James tucked his hands into his pockets, “is feetfinder very lucrative these days?”
“Hit or miss,” she had an infectious smile. “But I’m banking for at least fifty dollars to get me through to my next paycheck.”
“Your feet can sell for that much?”
“I once made two hundred dollars from a dude who just wanted me to paint them neon green.” She bragged, “rainy feet pics will be bought up by someone.”
James scratched his head, “well I guess it’s your body, do with it what you will.”
“Thanks.” She stuck out her hand and he took it, shaking it lightly. “what’s your name?”
“James.” He said, “James Potter.”
“What are you doing on sorority row at midnight?” She tilted her head like a quizzical puppy. “shouldn’t you be at a frat house playing beer pong right about now?”
“One, I’m not a fraternity brother.” James said, “And two, I had a date.”
“Lucky girl,” her green eyes glinted with a hint of sarcasm, “what is her name? I might know her.”
“Yeah, I had a date with the rain.”
“Oh, with the rain.” She chewed on this concept before she blurted out, “sorry for crashing your date.”
His smile flickered up an inch. James crossed his arms too, but there was a distinctive charge between them. Something in the air changed from pleasant banter, to charged electricity that made his blood boil. He noticed she had Rudolph the red nosed reindeer earrings in, something so adorable, that he wondered if he ought to just ask her out on the spot.
The rain had started up again. It splattered across her face, making little rhinestones of color drip down her cheeks. James watched as she licked the raindrops off her red painted lips. She had a really nice-looking mouth.
He needed to focus on something else, so he looked up at the clouds. Rain pelted him in his eyes, and he dropped his head again to find that Lily was ogling him diligently.
“How was the date?” Lily enquired, “or should I directly ask the rain, herself?”
“She’s an unreliable narrator.” James said, “you know, since she’s inanimate.”
“Rough date then?”
“I’m used to my dates being a little more intimate.” James brushed the rain at his face, “And a little less wet.”
Lily didn’t miss a beat when she jested, “that’s always a good sign if they’re a little wet by the end of the first date.”
James snorted and leaned closer to her, “your mind seems to be following the rain into the gutter, Lily.”
Finally, her full smile erupted, showing off a cute gap between her two front teeth. “I like to read smutty Marvel fanfics in my spare time, so that should tell you where my mind is most of the time.”
James roared through another laughing fit before he admitted to her, “you are the strangest sorority girl I have ever met.”
“Thank you.” Lily gave a bow at her hips and then saluted him, “and with that, I shall take my leave.”
She tried to turn away, but he grabbed her wrist to keep her from going. Her green eyes cut through the midnight rain, sparkling with a cleverness that James would love to keep around.
“Sorry to be blunt, but I think you’re funny and pretty, and I’d really like to get to know you better.”
She somehow turned redder. “I just told you I sell feet pics and read fictional porn…are you fucked in the head?”
James barked another laugh, “I have a good feeling about you, is all.”
“I have a good feeling about tequila and that never ends well,” she countered, “I might be your tequila.”
“I’ll take my chances.”
Lily stood there for a moment before she nodded her head with a firm resolve, “alright, then you’re taking me out for pancakes right now.”
“In the middle of the night?”
“Absolutely.” She said, “when else is the better time to get to know a stranger?”
James tilted his head at her, “you’re a very trusting person, aren’t you?”
“A tragic flaw,” Lily took his hand, “now lead the way, I gotta finish uploading feet pictures so I can buy us dinner.”
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beesinabiscuit · 2 days
Ice Ice Baby 
Chapter 2: Lily Has A Burger And Watches Baz Luhrmann's Best Movie (and also James is there)
Lily let out a string of swears that would make the executives at HBO proud. Her greatest nightmare was coming true. James found out that she was hopelessly in love with him and was calling to tell her that he was embarrassed and horrified that his longtime friend and teammate had lied to him all these years. He was going to say that their friendship was over and that he couldn’t continue to work with her and that he didn’t want to ever see her again and-
“Lily, I strongly doubt that’s what James is calling to say,” said Remus, who had apparently gained the ability to read minds all of a sudden. Or she had just said all that out loud. She had probably just said that all out loud.
“How do you knowww,” Lily whined, drawing out the last word until Sirius cut her off.
“Because you’re his favorite thing in the whole world, now hush up and answer the call.” And then he hung up. Which seemed rude, until Lily saw something far ruder:  Her thumb slowly drifting towards the button to answer the call. This was it. It was all ending. A sixteen year friendship, over. The world was crumbling around her. Was this the rapture? It was probably the rapture. The heavens were opening and the angels were descending down upon the earth to wage their war against hell or whatever it was that happened in season 5 of Supernatural, and it all began with accepting James’ call. Which she was currently doing. 
Her thumb pressed the green “answer call” icon. 
The trumpets of the lord began to sound, signaling the end.
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