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I don’t know if your requests are open or if you’re ok to write for more George and if you aren’t then feel free to ignore this this but maybe George (or Fred) falling for a Slytherin girl who is just his complete opposite like she’s quiet, studious, total resting bitch face, and all of that but the twin of choice is head over heels and does stupid things to get her attention and lands them both in detention? Your writing is magnificent, some of the best stuff I’ve read in a long time!
I indeed do take requests and thanks so much for leaving one! You’re so sweet. Enjoy <3 I’m always down to write for the twins, absolute snacks.
Slytherin reader and prankster George let’s go, he was stressinggggg in this.
George was out and about again, making it his sole purpose to get your attention.
Or anything that gets you to spare him one look.
Now, he wanted to admit that falling for a slytherin was the least on his radar but wow, you? You were so unreachable and it made him want to fight harder for your attention as each day passed.
Fred had obviously caught on George’s so ridiculous crush and was helping his brother make the perfect plan(s) to turn your head, whatever it takes.. George thought.
But how hard was that, oh how hard was that. You were a perfect A student who liked to rule alone, very outspoken about your independence across the students which reached George’s ears. Did that stop him from wanting to get you? Heck, absolutely not.
He tried many things, interrupting you in class. Throwing a paper your way, trying to stumble and fall across from you but you never cared, never spared him one look.
George wanted to give up but he felt terrible for that, giving up wasn’t his strong suit. And for that he tried to break in the slytherin common room, steal the password from a student but it didn’t work and he almost risked snape finding out.
“Fred help me please!” George succumbed across his brother on the floor, his hands over his brothers knees. His head thriving with a horrendous headache from the amount of thinking he’s been doing All day. Fred took a mental sigh and smacked George on the head lightly, wanting him to man up and stop moping around like a child.
“Did you ever consider that maybe- Just maybe.. she doesn’t bloody want you!” Fred shouted at his brother, George looked up with a pout as Fred cringed. “What the bloody hell has gotten into you, you could have literally any girl so why her? Why a slytherin?” Fred exasperatedly spoke, feeling done with his brother moaning and whining over a slytherin.
“You said you’d help me!” George slapped his brothers knees. “Yes but did anything we’ve tried worked? Maybe set her on fire, she’ll definitely notice you.” Fred decided it’s a good time to joke while George was mourning his failure of feelings.
“It’s not funny.”
“Come on I saw the grin, you wanted to laugh.” Fred mumbled, trying not to burst into a laughing fit at how ridiculous George looked right now, the almighty jokester.. brought down by feelings.
“Fred please, one last try. I’m begging you.” George folded his hands into a pleading gesture and Fred rolled his eyes so hard they might fall off his head. “One last one.”
Fred agreed to help his miserable brother to catch your attention, this time planning to catch a book you’re reading on fire, just a little bit and he’d put it out.
This was all Fred’s planning and George went accordingly as best as he could, finding out when you’d go to the library. Basically stalking you around school with Fred on his arms. “I’d rather be making out with Angelina than be here.” George smacked his brother’s arm as he caught you walking towards the library with books in your hands, your green and silver tie catching light.
Fred groaned in disgust as he followed George into the library and finally putting the plan in action.
You got comfortable on the couch and splayed out your homework in front of you, trying to get some of it done before you got to leave. Not planning to stay here for long.
George and Fred strutted their way into the library, catching all eyes but yours. Dipping your pen in ink and writing down your homework.
Fred nudged George’s shoulder to just go for it already, light the book on fire and putting it out the minute you turn your head to him. That was it, easy and simple.
Pulling his wand out, pointing it at the book you just got a hold of and casting a spill so quietly.
In a glimpse of a second, the fire caught on the edge of the book you were holding which caught you by complete surprise. You shrieked so loud and dropped it, making it light every single paper on the table in front of you.
Not just the book got entirely fried but so did your homework. “What the bloody hell!” You yelled as you tried to put it out with your bare hands.
“We need to get out.” Fred whispered, but George was stood there in shock. This was not how he wanted it to go, he wanted you to look at him not hate him.
“Not so fast.” The twins heard the All too familiar voice behind them, snape.
You heard your head teacher in the room, looking at whoever he was talking to. Fred and George, you immediately knew it was them.
You were so very aware of everything they were trying to pull on you, you’ve no idea what you’d done to them but lighting your work on fire was the last straw.
Feeling blinded by rage you picked yourself up and walked to the idiotic gingers and grabbed their backs and turned them around. “It was you! You bloody horrible people, what the hell is wrong with you!?” You felt your eyes stinging with tears over your work that got so badly fried, which you also needed to do all over again. Noticing how one of them seemed like he didn’t want to be here and the other completely guilty, you didn’t care who’s who.
Snape shut you up and grabbed both of them by their necklines to detention. You groaned in frustration and helped yourself out and back to the slytherin tower.
“Happy now? Idiot!” Fred yelled at George, in an empty class room. George was staring at the ceiling, feeling so terrible and the last thing he needed was Fred scolding him. “I screwed up, she hates me.” George flopped his head down into his arms.
“Whatever, we need to get out of here. I didn’t want to be locked in a detention.”
“Me neither, suck it up.”
The next day you were going back to the library, trying to get back on track with the work the twins ruined, having All last night to cry over it you pulled yourself together and you just decided it’s okay to start over. Still wishing you’d kill them, you knew snape’s detention would do the work but it wouldn’t be enough.
As you made your way to the library you bumped into someone, one of the twins was there. Staring down at you, the same look of guilt washed down his face and you couldn’t help but think this was the one that was taunting you from the start of the term. You couldn’t tell them apart, but maybe you were right.
“What do you want?” You harshly asked. George swallowed the lump in his throat. “I’m sorry, for burning your homework.” He mumbled, scratching the back of his neck.
“You’ve got plenty to apologize for, what did I do to you? Do we know each other Weasley?” You were so curious as to why he chose you to be so rude to, he was so horrible. You also knew he tried to break in the slytherin tower to maybe kill you in your sleep, you had no idea or recalled a memory of ever being ever involved with him in anything bad that he needed to get back at you to.
“You didn’t do anything.” George said, his eyes searching through yours. You were so beautiful and that green tie complimented your eyes so well, he couldn’t help but gawk.
“Then why are you so horrible to me?” George was surprised you knew it was him, the one doing all of this. You finally started telling them apart, his heart felt so heavy and his nervousness getting the best of him.
“That’s not- I didn’t mean to.. you just wouldn’t look at me.” George slipped, well. It was about time. “What?” You were so confused, feeling frozen in place.
“I like you, I really do. I know my ways are horrible but I swear it’s good intentions, I didn’t mean to hurt you.” George confessed, he felt like it was the right thing to do. Maybe then he’d stop chasing after you if you turn him down, which he knew you will.
“You could have just said you liked me.. not whatever bloody horrendous deathly pranks you pulled on me for the past three months, weasley.”
You said, feeling heated up at his honesty. You were not going to lie that most of your house lacked this bravery, you couldn’t help but find it intriguing.
“It’s George, I’m George.” He could have sworn he was blushing his cheeks and ears off. “Well, George..” you started; “I should go and finish the homework you lit on fire just twenty four hours ago.” You walked away and into the library, leaving George there completely shattered and heartbroken.
He knew the minute he’d confess and you blew him off that that was it, he couldn’t burden you with his tries anymore.
He couldn’t take the rejection lightly but he needed to and like Fred had said; you just didn’t want him.
Taking a shaky breath he walked back to anywhere else he could be instead of standing there like a fool.
But to you that was not the case at all, you couldn’t help but start feeling something for the disastrous ginger that had bluntly confessed to you without a second thought, you were much more than okay to be alone but you wanted to give him a chance.
He was willing to go out his way and grab your attention and you always were aware of him, he Just didn’t know that. So why not go out with him? It would not hurt you to lighten up this once, not at all.
It had been a week since your homework caught fire from George and the last day he’d had detention for a week straight with your head teacher. You certainly felt bad he had every night detention to attend to, but knowing what happened, he really deserved it. But you wouldn’t tell him that.
Catching him seated with his brother on the gryffindor part of the table at the great hall you waved to him, you certainly wouldn’t tell him you wanted to go out with him in front of this many people and you weren’t sure he still liked you anymore.. you didn’t know why someone would, feelings and emotions weren’t your strong suit and you never seemed to display them much.
George blushed and waved back, his heart raced and his palms sweaty he ran to you after you were done with dinner. Calling your name up the stairs. “George, hi.” You gave him a light smile, George returned it before he had to try his luck out just one more time, and the last time.
“uhm-tomorrow’s the weekend, what do you think about going to hogsmeade with me?” He rambled, looking at any signs that you may reject him but he wasn’t exactly that good at reading you yet. “It’s okay if you don’t want to.. I’ll not bother you again.”
“Will you not, George? You don’t seem the type to give up.” You interrupted, crossing your arms. “Uh- am I not?” George said, flustered from head to toe. You’d been right, he was standing here in front of you all because he couldn’t give up.
“No, you’re not. I’ll meet you tomorrow, George.” You said before turning your back to him and going to bed.
You loved how you made the almighty prankster that ruined your day every day for months was a blushing mess and at your command now, you’ll get used to have him flustered some more.
As for George he indeed won you after so many tries that he could take a break he much needed, thinking about the way his name rolled off your tongue he could get used to it.
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Tumblr media
[1.6k] or, in which james potter experiences the joys of muggle weed for the first time in his life.
It was two in the morning when you heard the boys stumbling into the Potter Manor.
The click of the door and creaky hinges, the hushed whispers and lost giggles, the scuffling shoes and the heavy footsteps. They were not subtle in any sense, and you couldn’t help but let the sentiment warm your heart. They were stupid but they were your boys, and you adored that even years later they were as childish and uncaring about the world as they were in their first years at Hogwarts.
It wasn’t unusual for you all to spend the last few weeks of summer at Potter Manor. The family adored you like you were their own, and something about spending long summer days laid out in the woods just beyond the manor, spiked drinks and river swims just filling the days before you returned to school beat any other vacation.
You had spent most of the day huddled away in the Potter library, cups of tea and a cosy blanket settled on your lap. The boys had decided to take a day out in London, leaving early in the morning kissing Euphemia on cheek and promising they would return at a reasonable time.
Which they clearly didn’t keep.
You made it to the doorway, slipping the door open enough to peak your head out as they made it to the top of the stairs—and the sight wasn’t one you expected.
Sirius and Remus flanking either side of your very giggly and very clumsy boyfriend, both boys a little dazed themselves but far less gone than James.
“Merlin,” you murmured as you pushed the door open further, stepping out into the hallway as all three boys lifted their heads up at your voice.
“Oh fucking hell—”
Your brows raised in amusement as you watched your boyfriend try to wiggle out his friends’ arms, his gaze set on you and nothing else on his mind except getting towards you.
“What did you give—oh, hello!”
You barely had a moment to even process the huge boy running towards you before his arms were around you, hoisting you a few inches of the ground as he held you to his chest.
“We, uh, may have…possibly…maybe…” Sirius began, a sheepish smile on his lips as he glanced a bit warily towards his friend.
“Sirius gave him weed,” Remus piped in.
Sirius spluttered.
“And he may have had a drink or two.”
“Moony, what the fuck!”
“He’s very gone,” Remus added, a sly smirk on his lips that told you he wasn’t as wasted as the other two. And it also told you he enjoyed winding up Sirius a lot more than people assumed.
“He wouldn’t shut up about you either,” Sirius grumbled as he pressed his fingers to his temples. “I love you but—”
“Hey, hey,” James’ head popped up from your shoulder, eyes narrowing behind his glasses as he stared at his friend. “Only I can say that.”
Sirius raised his hands in mock defence but there was a mischievous glint in his eyes.
“Guess there’s no chance I can get a smooch then?” he teased, hooded eyes making a point of glancing over at you.
“No,” James muttered with a pout.
“Piss off, Pads, stop messing with him,” Remus scolded lightly, even if he was thoroughly amused himself by the way James clung onto you. “It’ll be better in the morning when he remembers it.”
Sirius’ grin widened. “You’re absolutely right, Moony.”
“You both are trouble,” you said as your hands fisted the material of your boyfriend’s sweater, keeping a hold on him in fear that if you let go he would just run off. Drunk James was notorious for being a runner, you had no idea where stoned James stood in the spectrum.
“You love us,” Sirius sang.
“Yeah, yeah,” you waved him off but you didn’t deny it. You loved your boys, you loved each of them dearly. It just so happened you loved James in a way that was a little different to the way you loved Sirius and Remus.
Both boys quickly disappeared into their rooms, leaving you to guide a giggly James back towards his room in hopes of not waking up his parents who were just down the hall. It was surprisingly easy to get him to cooperate when you cracked the code—then again, he was James Potter. The boy would move a mountain just to kiss you, let alone be the centre of your attention.
“C’mere,” James whined as he tried to pull your body towards him, not even letting you step away from the bed he just settled on as you stood between his legs, his arms wrapped around your thighs and trapping you against him. “I missed you.”
“I saw you this morning, Jamie,” you teased, your hands settled on his broad shoulders as he rested his head against your stomach.
“Yeah but,” he let out a long, exaggerated sigh. “That was a long time ago.”
“Oh yeah?”
“Yeah,” he grumbled and he lifted his head, chin pressing into your stomach and his wild, unruly curls falling in front of his eyes. He let out a small hum as your hands worked through the curls, pushing his hair back until his bright eyes were staring back at you, a little red and dazed but still so pretty. “I don’t like being away from you.”
“That sounds unhealthy,” you remarked but the comment was light-hearted. James being affectionate and a little clingy was not something you were not used to. The boy practically lived and breathed every day to tell you how much he cared about you.
But this just felt a little different.
“‘S not,” James said with a small huff, his large hands squeezing the back of your thighs as though he was scared you would step away from him. “You’re my future. I don’t wanna be anywhere else but with you.”
And you didn’t know if it was your own cynical heart or maybe your unreasonably high standards, but there was never a time in your life where you expected a man to make you swoon. But in came James Potter with his pretty words and promises tied up in a bow and you couldn’t help yourself.
Your cheeks flushed and your skin heated as he flashed you a dopey smile with his words. Sometimes you weren’t sure he knew just how much he affected you, that those pretty promises made your heart beat wildly in your chest and remind you just what it’s like to fall in love with someone as adoring and devoted as James.
“You can’t just say stuff like that, Potter,” you cleared your throat, one hand raising to cup his cheek and your stomach flipped a little at the way he nuzzled himself into your touch. “Gonna give a girl high expectations.”
“I mean it,” he said and his arms tightened around you. He turned his head to the side and pressed a chaste kiss against the palm of your hand. “‘m gonna marry you one day, just you wait and see.”
Your cheeks were burning hotter than you could even imagine. “You not even gonna ask first?”
“I will,” James nodded with a dreamy sigh, his eyes drooping a little as the exhaustion started to settle deep into his bones and muscles. “Gonna get you the prettiest ring and ask you at the—”
“Alright there, pretty boy, time for bed,” you quickly interrupted, hands falling down to take a hold of his as you pulled your body away from him, despite his attempts to keep you close. “Trust me, you’ll thank me in the morning.”
You didn’t try and push your luck with the sleepy boy, deciding it was just best to get him into his pyjamas and hope for the best. You took his glasses off and gently placed them on his bedside table before making your way around the bed, to your side.
But a hand shot out to stop you.
“Where are you going?” His voice sounded so small, it made your heart clench a little. “Don’t go.”
“I’m not going anywhere, baby, just getting into bed,” you told him softly, thumb running over the back of his hand to reassure him.
“Then get in here,” he said and you could almost imagine the confused furrowed eyebrows on his face despite the lack of light in the room.
But the boy was as stubborn and insistent as he was when he was sober, and clearly just as strong as he yanked you towards him. The action was unexpected and left you ungraciously falling on top of him with a thud. You tried to scramble away so you weren’t squishing him but his arms caging you in prevented you from doing so.
“James, let me go.”
“At least let me get comfortable.”
And with a little reshuffling and shared kisses, you laid on the bed with your boyfriend wrapped around you and his sleepy voice lulling you asleep as he spoke, his voice trailing off the closer he got to falling asleep himself.
Whispered hopes and dreams tickling the skin of your neck where his face was nuzzled close as he spoke about weddings and futures, dreams and desires. A future with James Potter was one you’d imagine would leave you happier than you had ever been.
A future with James Potter was everything you wanted and more, it was everything he had ever wished for.
And when the sun rose again and James was no longer spouting every thought that crossed his mind, he knew without a doubt he planned to spend the rest of his life with you, starting with a ring he wanted to put on your finger the second you walked out of Hogwarts with him by your side.
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I Don't Hate You
pairing: ex!remus lupin x potter!reader
genre: fluff
el's thoughts: okay, my brain was a little everywhere when writing this. so one- this wasn't proofread. two- it's 1130 words and that's the longest fic i've written in a while! three- the mood board is misleading... idk, hope you enjoy!
Tumblr media
Y/N sighed as she read the letter sent from Lily. Harry’s first birthday party invitation. Her nephew’s birthday party and part of her felt bad for feeling slightly hesitant about going but she had her reasons. Maybe they were more like excuses… But they were valid. Her brother and sister-in-law knew and understood why she didn’t come over anytime Sirius and Remus were over. 
The countless late-night talks she’s had with Lily and the tears she’s shed into James’ shirt. Most definitely not some of her proudest moments, but they were real and she’s not afraid to own them. It’s been a process trying to come to terms with how they ended. With how Remus broke up with her. She was happy for him, really… But at the same time, she hated knowing the fact that his eyes made him forget all about hers. 
Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. The it couple of the school during seventh year. And she hated to admit it, but they were perfect together. How she didn’t see it before, she didn’t know. It couldn’t have been more obvious. The stolen glances and constant whispers, all added up and it all happened right under her nose. She was blinded by how Remus loved her. But she was happy for him now, and that outweighed everything else.
“Whatever. It’s Harry’s birthday, I’m going.”
Lily’s voice snapped Remus out of his conversation with James and Sirius. Their attention went to the y/h/c-haired girl as she kissed her sister-in-law’s cheek and walked over to embrace her brother. “Where’s the birthday boy?” “Taking a nap, he should be up soon though.” 
She’s changed. A good change. She looked like she lost that childlike spirit she always carried with her. One of his favorite things about her was her outlook on life. She was always a glass-half-full type of girl and he really needed that in his life at the time. Even with that spark behind her eyes gone, she was still beautiful. 
Remus cleared his throat and looked away, he hated how the usually comfortable silence thickened. Unspoken words and their weight hung in the air. Remus wasn’t the only one to notice the shift in the room. James and Lily shared a look, “Y/N/N, come help me in the kitchen.” Y/N’s shoulders dropping forward in relief didn’t go unnoticed by the lycanthrope. 
It’s been over two years since they’ve seen each other, was it going to be this awkward the whole time? 
“Wow… I didn’t realize how long it’s been since we’ve seen her.” Sirius wrapped an arm around Remus’ shoulders. “I think the last time was at your wedding, Prongs.” The bespectacled boy nodded, “I’d say so, yeah, it’s been a while since we’ve all met up together.” He tried to ignore that Remus’ eyes kept drifting to the kitchen door. 
He abruptly stood up, “Excuse me.” Letting his feet take him to the kitchen door.
Sirius looked after him, slightly hurt. James sighed hoping everything wasn’t about to explode in his kitchen. “Just give him this moment.” 
“Y/N, can I talk with you?”
The unexpected voice behind the girls silenced their conversation. Lily moved to leave the kitchen but was pulled back by Y/N. “No.” The redhead rolled her eyes and leaned to whisper in her ear. After a sigh and a nod of agreement, Lily walked out of the kitchen, patting Remus’ shoulder on her way out. 
“Um…” Remus moved a bit closer only to have her move away from him, shifting the cutting board with her. “How- how have you been?” Y/N looked up at him questioningly, “Fine.” “Great. Yeah, that’s great.” Nerves settled into his stomach as he scratched the back of his neck. “Are you okay?” His voice was slightly concerned when he noticed how aggressively she started cutting the carrots for the salad. “Just fine, Rem. Remus.” She was quick to correct herself and it stung him slightly. She sighed, “You wanted to talk and you kicked Lily out. So talk.” She didn’t mean to come off so hostile but the shaking of her hand was a giveaway to her nerves. She took a deep breath and pushed aside the nerves and smiled softly. 
“Yeah, sorry. I- um… Just wanted to ask and see how you’ve been. I haven’t seen you in a long time.” 
Y/N placed the knife down and leaned most of her weight onto the counter. “You wanted to ask how I’ve been?” A nervous nod was all she received as an answer. “You don’t want to know how I’ve been, Remus.” A sigh slipped passed her lips, “You want to know how I’ve been after the breakup.” 
Remus’ cheeks tinted red as he felt as if he’d been caught. 
“If you want to know then ask.”
“How have you been… After the breakup?” 
She gave him a meaningful look, “If we talk about this now can we drop it for the rest of our lives? Especially today. I just want to enjoy my nephew’s birthday once he wakes up.” A nod. “It hurt for a very long time, and I’ll be honest it still does sometimes. I hated you for what you did. You know it would’ve been better if you just told me you were into Sirius rather than me finding out through whispers in the hallways. I hated that I didn’t notice it all. I hated how you somehow convinced me I was what you wanted. I hated how you lied and you called it honest. I hate how you loved me and then turned us into a cliche. It’s straight out of a book.” She let out a small chuckle, “But now…” She reached out to place her hand on top of his on the counter, “I’m happy for you.” 
Remus let out a sigh mixed with a chuckle, “I’m glad, thank you, and I really am sorry I lead you on like that. I hate the fact that I made you hate me.” 
“The most important thing now is that I don’t hate you anymore.”
The two of them stood in silence for a few moments before Remus spoke up, “Can we still be friends?”
Y/N smiled, “Of course, we can.”
Lily let out a sigh of relief when the pair walked out of the kitchen, moving onto the couch to make room for Y/N. The boys instantly fell back into a conversation about quidditch, giving the girls a moment to exchange a few words.
Y/N smiled, “Friends.” “Oh, I’m so glad!”
Finally, after too many years, their group was complete.
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lionizingheathen · 16 hours
I can do that (Warning that I've never written anything like this so I deeply apologize if it's not what you're looking for)
Remus Lupin x Sirius Black x James Potter x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Smut, multiple orgasms, watching, choking, slapping, throatfucking, degredation, spanking, unprotected sex, oral sex male receiving, hair pulling, multiple partners
Remus had you stripped naked before they even arrived, laying you across the bed. That'd been hot enough, but seeing the way that Sirius and James looked at you, like they wanted to swallow you whole... God, it was so much.
"Are you 100% sure about this mate?" James asked, and Remus nodded, placing a soft hand on your cheek to make you look over at him with a crooked eyebrow. God, you wanted to rile him up, see exactly what he would do when put in the right circumstances.
"Yeah, it's not a problem. She likes to put on a show, isn't that right?" He asked softly, and you nodded, chewing on your lip. You'd do anything that he asked you to do.
"Yes..." You responded, and James bent a little bit, clearing his throat. You didn't care, you were too busy daydreaming about what was going to happen.
"Hey. Y/N." James said, and you lifted your head, looking up at him. He placed a hand under your chin, rubbing a thumb across your cheek, making you shiver.
"Are you 100% sure that you wanna do this?" James asked, looking you in the eyes. You smiled, reaching over to squeeze his hand. He'd always been so gentle, it would be fun to watch him lose control.
"Yeah, because if you don't, James and I would be happy to just stay and like... watch one of your muggle movie things." Sirius offered, and your smile only grew as you shook your head. God, Remus had picked such good friends.
"No, I want this too... but it was sweet of you to ask me." You said, and he nodded.
"Wouldn't wanna do this if you weren't 100% okay with it." That was such a kind thing to make sure of... granted, it was also customary, or at least you felt it should be, to ask beforehand.
"Oh, I am."
"You're up, Potter." Remus said, pushing him forward. James took a deep breath and nodded, giving you a smile.
"Okay..." You got up on your knees, placing a hand on his face, feeling his hands come up to cup your breasts, his thumbs brushing across your nipples.
"What do you want, Jamie?" You asked, and he swallowed heavily before answering.
"Can you suck me off? I've been thinking about how good that would feel for years." He said, and you flicked your eyebrow up, giving him a smirk as you pushed him away a bit before letting yourself fall to the ground onto your knees.
"You want my lips wrapped around your cock, Potter?" You asked, and he nodded frantically, unbuttoning and pulling his pants down, letting his cock spring out. You swallowed back a groan as you wrapped your hand around it. He was about as thick as Remus, but a little bit longer which was daunting... but a challenge you would gladly welcome.
"Yes." He groaned, and you grinned up at him, leaning in.
"Good boy." You flicked your tongue across his tip, groaning to yourself at the taste, feeling him tense. "He tastes so good." You moaned before taking him into your mouth, taking him as deep as you could, letting him gently lead your head until your nose was pressed against his pelvis. HIs head was leaning back and you watched as his chest rose and fell quickly.
"Holy shit... Ohmygod her mouth is so fucking hot..." He moaned, pulling his hips back to gently snap them forward again, making you gag around him. He moved a little faster, but not too hard, clearly afraid of hurting you... which was a shame because you wanted to see him go feral.
"Calm down, mate. Don't get too excited, you'll never last." Remus said with a chuckle, and James let out a high whine as he glanced down at you, his mouth dropped open. You clenched your thighs together, trying to reduce some of the throbbing there, but it did nothing.
"Shut up..." You bobbed your head up and down, letting your fingers slip between your thighs to rub at your clit, making you moan around him. "Fuck." He whined, and you felt your face get hot. God, he was so fucking hot.
"You can fuck her throat, James. She likes it rough." Remus cleared his throat, clearly trying to get your attention. "How do you feel about that, baby?" He asked, and you pulled off, breathing heavily as you looked up at James, jerking your hand quickly up and down his cock, making him tremble.
"Please, James. Fuck my throat raw." You begged, and he looked down at you, his gaze softening for a moment.
"Are you sure?" He asked, and you rolled your eyes. The cute, respectful side was getting a bit overplayed, you just wanted him to take some goddamn control.
"Stop asking that and just fucking do it. Go with your gut, Potter. I know how to stop a man if needed." You said, and he chewed on his lip, nodding as he pulled you back onto his cock. You swallowed around him eagerly, letting him fuck your throat as hard as he wanted to. He let out a loud grumbling moan as he gripped your hair.
"Fuck... God, Remus you get this every night?" Sirius asked, and you blushed as you felt James fuck harder into your throat. He was so eager... you knew he would be, you knew how doting he was on Lily, there was no way he wasn't like this.
"Every night... every morning... pretty much whenever I want she's willing to get on her knees for me... or do pretty much anything else." Remus murmured back and you felt your cunt clench at this. You liked when talked that way about you. Sirius groaned in approval and you felt his eyes on you once again.
"Lucky bastard." He murmured, and Remus let out a throaty chuckle, undoubtably with the biggest smirk on his face.
"Should've acted quicker in seventh year. Could've had her at least once." He responded, and you whimpered around James's cock, gripping onto his thighs as he paused, buried in your thoat, making your eyes tear up around him.
"Shut up."
"Oh my god, fuck I'm getting close." James cried, and Remus let out a snort.
"Seriously? Already? Fuck, you finish fast." He said, and James whimpered, shaking his head as he strained, the veins in his neck popping out for a moment as he increased his pace.
"Not normally." He let out a high whine, holding your face against his pelvis as he doubled over, gripping the wall behind him. "Oh fuck." He gasped, and you felt him cum down your throat, frantically swallowing around him before you pulled back, giving him a wide smile.
"You taste good, Jamie." You said, getting up from your knees. He pulled you against his chest, tucking your face against him as he held you. It was sweet that that was his first instinct, to hug you tight and murmur quiet praises into your ear, it made your heart squeeze. Truly the best man. Lily was lucky.
"That was amazing. Fucking amazing, Y/N." He sighed, pulling away to give you a wide smile. You placed a hand on his cheek, rubbing your thumb across his cheekbone.
"Thank you, sweet boy. You're up Sirius, what do you want?" You asked, watching as he smirked at you, walking over with so much confidence that it made your knees weak.
"Oh, I want your cunt. Bend over on the bed. On your hands and knees." Sirius said, and you dropped immediately, smirking back at him as you did. You followed orders well, the boys were bound to know that by well.
"Yes sir." You said, and he gripped your nips, snorting as he saw your position. What?
"Come on, spread those legs futher for me. I know you can." He said pushing your further open before you felt the head of his cock prod against you, slipping inside a moment later, making you gasp. There was no need for prep, you were dripping already.
"Holy shit..." Your mouth dropped open as you felt him inside you. He was by far the thickest, causing a pleasent burning stretch as he began easing himself inside of you. "Remus, he's so big." You whined, and he let out a chuckle as Sirius continued to stretch you, making you see stars. How was he still going?
"You can take it. You can take anything, baby." Remus said, and you groaned, nodding as you felt Sirius slide the rest of the way inside, making your eyes roll back.
"Yes sir." You sighed, and Remus smirked at you, making you shiver.
"Such a good girl." He replied, and you nodded, chewing on your lip as you furrowed your brows. God, this felt good... Sirius was good, you knew that from conversations in school.
"Fuck, her cunt is so good, Remus. How could you wait so long to let us do this?" Sirius asked as he gripped your hair, yanking hard as he thrusted quickly, pushing the breath out of you each time. Heaven on earth.
"I agree, we should've done this sooner. It's fun to watch her get all fucked out." Remus said, and you felt Sirius's hand slap down hard on your ass, making you yelp. God, this felt so good... so fucking good.
"More... Harder... Please." You begged, and Sirius laughed, reaching forward to push your face against the mattress, pounding into you harder. The new angle made you want to scream, your eyes rolling back in your head as you tangled your fingers into the sheets.
"Look at her, James. She's such a fucking whore." James was practically trembling, his fingers digging into his trousers as he watched you.
"Yeah... she is..." He grunted, and you looked over at him, seeing his cock straining against his pants. You wanted to feel him down your throat again.
"You're hard again, mate." Remus commented, and he shot him a glare.
"I know." You knew what to do, what to ask. He seemed like he could follow directions well.
"Touch yourself for me, Jamie." You begged, and he whimpered, nodding as he shucked his pants down his legs again, gripping at his already leaking cock.
"Shit... okay..." He whined, and you chuckled, a large smile spreading across your face as you felt Sirius's hand smack down on your ass once again.
"He takes orders so well." You gasped, and Remus nodded in the corner, looking pleasantly amused at the exchange, though Sirius beat him to voicing it.
"Guess we know who's in charge in your bed, huh?" Sirius chuckled, and James gave him a look that was supposed to be a glare, but ended up as a pout at best.
"Fuck, shut up!" He groaned, his hand working his cock faster. So pretty.
"Sirius, please, harder!" You begged, and Sirius grunted above you, pushing you harder into the mattress as he increased his pace once again, making your mouth drop open
"Of course, beautiful." He murmured, and you felt yourself begin to fall over the edge, knowing you would be screaming within moments. God, this was good.
"I'm... I'm cumming, oh my god I'm cumming!" You cried, and Sirius chuckled, biting down on the skin of the back of your neck, thrusting harder as you saw stars, gripping hard onto the sheets, feeling yourself tremble beneath him.
"Good girl, good girl, cum on my cock, making a fucking mess all over me, fuck yes." Sirius groaned, and you whimpered, unable to come up with a thought, any words you had in mind completely wiped free as he ignored your sensitivity.
"You look so good baby... looks like James is gonna cum again." Remus said, and you looked over at the other man who was jerking his cock frantically, the tip angry and read. You let out a groan as Sirius reached around, wrapping his hand around your throat, tightening his grip quickly.
"Cum on my face, Jamie." You croaked out and he looked at you, completely gone as he stood up, walking closer as he hung his head back, letting out a loud groan.
"Really? Are sure?" He asked, sounding frantic, and you nodded, looking up at him, your mouth hanging open as Sirius used his free hand to rub roughly at your clit.
"Yes! Cum!" You begged, and James looked down, his brows furrowed and his glasses falling down his nose as his hips jerked forward, his cum spurting out to coat your face, making you gasp. You grinned up at him, appreaciating how frantic he was. So cute.
"Holy shit..." He hissed, the last spurt coming out before he fell away, collapsing onto his chair, breathing heavily.
"God, you look good all covered in cum, beautiful." Remus sighed, giving you a large smile. You glanced down at his crotch, seeing his cock straining against his pants. It forced you over the edge once again, seeing how badly Remus wanted you. God, he was going to ruin you after this.
"Fuck, I'm gonna cum again! Oh my god, oh my god!" You cried, your lip trembling as you collapsed flat against the bed, feeling Sirius grip your hips as you let out high moans with each hard thrust, your eyes rolling back in your head. You heard Remus let out a throaty chuckle from across the room, making your face flush.
"Still screaming after having your throat fucked raw... You really do love this, huh baby?" Remus asked, leaning forward. You nodded frantically, feeling a pleasant buzz over your body as Sirius thrusted frantically inside of you, getting closer to the edge himself.
"Yes! I love it, love being used." You cried, and Sirius groaned behind you, spanking your ass hard once again, making you gasp.
"Holy shit I'm getting close." He gripped under your chin, bending over you so you could see his face. He was straining, chewing on his lip as he looked down at you. So hot. "Where do you want me to finish?" He asked, and your brain went blank. Anywhere he wanted. You would take whatever the fuck he was willing to give you.
"I... I..." He rolled his eyes, shoving you back down onto the table as he thrust hard and fast into you again, addressing Remus as though you weren't even there.
"Remus, where do you want me to-." He didn't even get to finish his sentence before Remus was talking.
"Cum inside her, she fucking loves it." He said, and you nodded, feeling him still inside of you, gripping hard onto your hips as he filled you with his cum, making you tremble.
"Shit... Fuck! Take it, fucking take it." He groaned, pausing for a moment before he pulled out, both of you panting before you gave him a smile.
"God, Sirius... that was so good." You sighed, sitting up to walk over to Remus, resting your chin on top of his head, wrapping your arms around him. He placed his hands onto your arms, making your heart skip.
"Yeah it was... fuck, I gotta bring Lily next time." James looked at you almost nervously as he shifted around on his feet. "Would you want that?" He asked, and you nodded quickly. You'd wanted to be fucked by Lily for years.
"Fuck yes, that sounds amazing."
"I just know she'd love to cum on your face." James responded, and your heart pounded at the thought of that. Lily Potter had to taste like a goddamn dream.
"Sounds perfect." You said, and Remus stood up, stretching.
"Until next time, boys." He said, nodding at them to show themselves out before he turned to you with a large smile. "You were wonderful, dear." Remus said, and you pressed your hand to the front of his trousers, pressing frantic kisses to the side of his neck, making him let out a quiet grunt.
"You're hard." You murmured against his skin, and he sighed, pulling you back from his neck so he could look down into your face.
"I just watched you be fucked for an hour straight... Yeah. I am. Get on your knees." He instructed, and you let him guide you down before you unbuttoned his pants, pulling them quickly down his thighs
"Yes sir." You gripped his cock, leaning forward to lick the tip of his cock.
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flwrbo · 15 days
Everyone at Hogwarts just loves Professor Lupin’s pretty wife <3
remus lupin x reader | suggestive fluff 1.1k words
Tumblr media
Your shoes click-clacked through the school floors as you walked your way to Remus’ classroom. In your hands is a neatly wrapped lunch he had forgotten about until he was halfway to Hogwarts.
You, of course, noticed immediately and prepared yourself to take his food to his workplace, not wanting your fiance to be hungry all day. Students nodded kindly at you, excited to see your face again. After you had visited your Remus for the first time, rumor had spread around the school of the sweet young woman Professor Lupin had doted on him. You quickly became some sort of micro-celebrity amongst the students, especially when you’d bring in little baked goods for the children.
“Hello, Miss!” A small second-year waved up at you, cheeks round and red. 
A smile spread across your face as you stopped, and began digging around your tote bag. A small pastry, wrapped in brown paper sat atop your open palm. “Care for a treat, sir?” You crouched down a little to be face to face. The boy excitedly accepted the gift, running off after giving you a swift hug on the hips. “Make sure you split that!” You sweetly shout after him, watching as he runs to tell his friend all about the wonderful news. 
“I don’t suppose you have another of those for me,” A teasing tone drawls behind you. You turn to find Remus leaning against the door frame, dress shirt sleeves rolled up to his forearms. 
“I can do you one better,” You smile, holding up the homemade lunch he’d abandoned that morning. He grins a wide grin, walking to you and pulling you into a swinging hug. You’re led into his classroom, squealing excitedly as Remus held onto you tightly. 
He leans down to kiss you sweetly before you softly push the lunch into his hands. “My girl: always taking care of me.” He sighs, moving to drop the food onto his desk. “You came this whole way to drop off my food?” 
“And see you.” You grin, walking towards him and gently pinning him against his desk. His chest is warm when you snuggle against it, letting your body rest against his for a moment. “And give Mr. Longbottom a gift,” 
He sighs and shakes his head sorrowfully. “They’re going to begin to believe you have favorites, you know,” He scolds, mostly joking.
He can feel you shrug against him. “Maybe I do,” 
A breathy chuckle leaves him as he begins to sway the two of you back and forth, completely enamored in one another as if you hadn’t been tangled in bed the entire night - not only three hours ago. You land a peck on his chest, lazily where your head lays and he reciprocates in kind, leaving a sweet kiss on your forehead. 
“Okay,” You sigh, pulling away. “You need to eat, Professor.”
You perch yourself on Remus’ desk in front of him, watching him in his desk chair as he pulls out the perfectly wrapped and cut sandwich. 
The two of you continue the conversation, him asking you about your commute to Hogwarts and you inquiring about the first two classes he had to teach. Somewhere in the middle of the conversation, you had begun swinging your feet absentmindedly. Usually, your constant motion didn’t bother Remus, as he knew you tended to be fidgety. Your skirt, however, captured his attention. 
He attempted to keep his eyes on yours, though he did occasionally look down at the beautiful green patterns, attempting to identify the pretty flowers on them. He’s sure he’s seen you in this skirt before, but with your thighs stretching the material in his direct line of sight, and the flow of the garment down to below your kneecap - he’s never seen it like this. And, Merlin, was that a thigh slit? He forces himself to look away, neatly bundling the garbage from his lunch and tossing it. 
He tries to pay attention to the story you’re recounting about the adorable baby on the bus, but his hand is itching to reach out and feel the material beneath his fingertips. He tosses a look over his shoulder at the door, ensuring it's closed and more importantly ensuring your privacy. This, however, captures your attention and your story slowly trails off. 
“And so she leans over and…” You bring your lip between your teeth. “Rem?” 
He looks up at your smiling, blushing face. “Yes, my love?” He clears his throat, going on as if he wasn’t just entranced by your midi skirt for the last ten minutes. 
“What are you looking at?” You giggle, taking in his reactions. He flounders a little, flustered at the idea of being caught. Another chuckle leaves him, and he pushes his rolling chair closer to where you are still perched on the desk. 
“I,” He finally allows himself to reach out and feel. The material isn’t as soft as he thought it’d be, and it makes him sad to think your cute little thighs were anything less than perfectly comfortable. “Am looking at how beautiful you look,” He pushes his hand around the thigh slit, dragging his finger on the soft skin there. “My perfect wife,” He sighs happily.
You drag a hand through the soft brown of his hair, fingers massaging his scalp as he continues to silently admire your legs. It’s your turn to lean down and deliver a kiss to his forehead. 
The sound of footsteps and chatter begins to come closer to Remus’ door, and the two of you break away. Lunch was over. Remus stands up, leaning down to deliver a kiss to your lips. It was supposed to be quick and chaste, a loving thank you kiss for his lunch. He can’t help but lean into it, feeling a sudden pang run through him. His pretty little wife brings him his lunch that she made, all dressed up just for him. On his desk, in her cute little skirt that she put on just for him. He puts a hand behind her head, pushing her harsher into the kiss as his mind roams around. 
You pull away, a string of spit connecting the two of you until it drops messily on your bottom lip. He nearly goes in for a second when you pushes against him and laugh cutely. “Professor Lupin,” You nod your head towards the door as if you needed to remind him of the students passing by just outside. 
He huffs, sweeping his hair back and sweetly fixing the skirt where he had rucked it up sometime in the last five minutes. You tuck a strand of hair behind your ear, willing the flush on your body to go away before you could leave. 
“You know,” Remus thought aloud. “I could always cash in that favor Minnie owes me, and leave class early,” Your fiance looks at you, smirking as he plots. Before you could deny him, he’s already picking you up, and hauling you over his shoulder. Your joyous squeals gather the attention of the students, letting them make way for you and their DADA professor, giggling at the antics they’ve become accustomed to. 
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deepstydelight · 1 month
"are you the person who says goodnight to everyone at 9PM then stays up all night reading fanfictions at tumblr?"
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sweetiecutie · 3 months
smut where Remus wakes up reader by licking/loving readers breasts seems basic but I feel like he'd have a thing for his girlfriends titties 😅
A/n: holy fuck, that’s one of the sexiest things I’ve read, thank you anon💖💖
Pairing: Remus Lupin x fem! Reader
Warnings: NSFW, reader isn’t medically prescribed to wear a bra
Ever since the beginning of your relationships with Remus you have noticed his special interest in your breasts. He often, not so discreetly, snakes his arm around your torso, pressing you tightly into his side; huge hand making its way to rest on one of your tits, molding soft flesh through thick layers of clothing. And no one ever really pays special attention to that, only James or Sirius throwing occasional friendly taunts or teasing looks, but beside that - no one cares. Because, c’mon, it’s Remus Lupin we’re talking about! Not only he has privileges around Hogwarts, but also impeccable reputation - keeping a hand on his girl’s tits won’t do any harm to anyone, it’s not like he has ever tried doing anything risky or socially unacceptable, so mostly other students just let it slip
In his defence Remus always says that your tits help him concentrate - which isn’t completely a lie - the weight of your breasts in his palms, your nipples that harden the second his cold fingers touch your warm skin - it all does, in fact, help Lupin to concentrate his attention on the matter at hand. This dude literally uses your tits as some kind of anti-stress balls one uses just to busy their hands with something
Ever since Remus demands you to stop wearing a bra on daily basis. His reasoning is that going braless helps blood circulation, makes the skin of your breasts way more elastic and overall good for your health, but you knows better than that - this sly fucker just wants to have easier access to your boobs. And, well, you can actually understand that - slipping a hand under a tightly clasped bra isn’t exactly an easy task. Moreover, wearing a bra as if it’s some kind of obligation is such a misogynistic bullshit, so you gladly accept your boyfriend’s advice
And most of the time it’s not even sexual - Remus just loves your tits wholeheartedly, ready to worship them at any given moment. Don’t get me wrong - boy loves all of you, absolutely no exceptions or buts, with all your little ‘imperfections’ and ‘flaws’ - you’re the definition of pure beauty in Lupin’s eyes. It’s just something about your bust that always draws him in, making his mouth water and hands itch with desire to touch, to fondle
Every snuggle session with Remus ends up with his head under your (his) comfy t-shirt or sweater, his mouth latched onto your nipple, deft calloused fingers playing with your other breast, not leaving any of his precious girls without attention. His mouth works softly on you - tongue gently circles your hardened bundles, sucking and licking lightly, careful not to overstimulate such sensitive skin, knowing how sore your tits can get for the next few days because of him, bringing you a lot of discomfort. So Remus makes sure to switch your boobs once in a while, giving his undivided attention equally to both of your breasts, in order to not overwhelm you
The amount of times Remmy has fallen asleep in your arms, all cuddly and warm, comforted by your body heat and natural scent of you, one tit in his mouth as your fingers run through his chocolate-colored hair, massaging his scalp lovingly. At those moments he feels absolutely safe, huddled up in his own small world only with you by his side, where nothing bad could ever reach neither of you two
Way more often than you’d like to admit you wake up not from your annoying alarm clock or morning sun beams, but from soft licking and suckling on your nipples. You’d open your still heavy with sleep eyes, looking around the dark room; Remus feels your subtle shuffling, mumbles out quiet “Morning, sunshine”, muffled by your tit in his mouth. You just hum in response, closing your eyes again, hand finding boy’s broad back, rubbing comforting circles on his stiff muscles
So yes, Remus Lupin is absolutely in love with his girlfriend and her pretty tits
Likes, reblogs and comments are highly appreciated, they inspire me on creating even more content for you💖
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solemnarration · 4 months
the girl with the books | r.l
Tumblr media
pairings: remus lupin x reader (she/her pronouns) genre(s): marauder era, strangers to lovers, fluff, humour summary: james and sirius notice that it’s not the books that keep remus in the library, and are determined to know whether you – the object of remus’s affection – return his feelings. word count: 3.0k warning(s): none note: this is a 2022 update of the fic of the same name that i wrote back in 2016! my writing has improved by leaps and bounds and i couldn’t help but edit and improve the fic that a few of you seemed to really love :) i hope you enjoy it if you liked the original, or that you find something new to read
The Hogwarts library was the place where you found the most solace. Even on the few days that the Scottish countryside provided undisturbed sunshine, like today, you preferred to curl up with a book on one of the grand wooden tables. You enjoyed your time in the library; reading fiction or researching different topics that you were curious about. While your friends encouraged you to enjoy the warm day with them, you easily waved them off in favour of the dimly lit library.
Remus Lupin could be found in the library as often as you, except it wasn’t the books that kept him coming back. The sight of you sitting in a corner reading by yourself was enough to draw his attention every few minutes. He couldn’t even help himself, his eyes had no choice in the way they continually found your figure, but he was in no place to complain. 
Remus sat with his three best friends at the other end of the library, and they were less than happy to be spending the first sunny day of spring in the library rather than bothering the giant squid in the black lake. Now that the weather was no longer freezing, Sirius and James were desperate to cause some mischief, and Peter was happy to comply.
“What is it that you find so fascinating about a hall full of books?” Sirius inquired, lifting a book up from the table, grimacing at the idea of spending his free time reading, and carelessly dropping it back onto the table.
Remus flinched as the sound resonated throughout the library, capturing your attention as you gave the four friends an inquisitive look. For a moment, Remus held his breath, unable to tear his eyes away from you as you gave him a speck of casual attention. Realising it was just James Potter and his friends messing around, you happily returned to your reading without a second thought. 
“It’s not about the books, Padfoot,” Remus snapped quietly, glancing away with reddened cheeks, the heat of your gaze on him still warming his body. “And I didn’t force you to be here,” he reminded.
“Well, no,” Sirius sighed. “But it’s terribly tragic for you to spend the first nice day Hogwarts has seen in-“
“A decade,” James chimed in, exaggerating to help Sirius make a point.
“A decade,” Sirius agreed with a nod. “Inside a hall full of books instead of playing outside with us! As your friend, it’s our duty to convince you to abandon this wretched place and do something more fun.”
“Well said, Padfoot,” James agreed, tall frame spread languidly across three chairs in a makeshift bed. “Dare I say, revolutionary. So, black lake, Moony?”
“I’m perfectly content here, thank you very much,” Remus refused, thoroughly entertained by James and Sirius’s usual dramatics.
“Who could be content in such an oppressive place,” Sirius complained, as if he himself didn’t have good grades and didn’t spend time studying in this very library. “Other than Lily,” he added, recognising the smitten glint in James’s eyes that he got every time he brought her up.
“She’s so responsible, my lovely Lily,” James sighed, pleased with himself. “I’m going to marry that girl, just you wait and see. It’s the only reason I come to the library with her.”
“You come to the library to chat up Lily? No wonder you aren’t dating yet,” Sirius teased. As James and Sirius went back and forth poking fun at each other, Peter pondered Remus’s words.
“If you’re not here for the books, what are you here for?” Peter wondered aloud, causing Sirius and James to glance expectantly at their friend. 
Remus rolled his eyes, intending to fabricate a fantastic comeback that would distract his three friends, but even the thought of you caused his stare to drift back to where you were, now getting up to choose a different book to check out of the library. 
He loved the way you did that. Even if you finished a book in your time at the library, you always made sure to bring a book with you.
Remus loved the way you did everything, really. He had always liked you, ever since you loaned him a quill when he forgot his during Defence Against the Dark Arts. Even now, it was his favourite class just because it made him think of you. 
“Moony?” Sirius waved a hand in front of Remus’s face in an attempt to grab his attention. “Remus, what are you staring at?” he followed Remus’s gaze and saw exactly what he was staring at. “Oh,” he said, finally connecting all the very obvious clues together. “It’s not a what, it’s a who,” Sirius practically giggled with glee.
James’s head snapped in your direction, scrambling to sit up and launch himself next to Sirius in an effort to get a good look at you. This commotion once again drew your attention, leading James and Sirius to act as naturally as they could. They picked up the books stacked in front of them and made a big deal out of reading the text aloud, the act so comical and over-the-top that it couldn’t possibly be convincing.
You grinned to yourself, shaking your head in amusement, and slipped behind a bookshelf to look over the Herbology section. Frank Longbottom had recommended a delightful title on growing Dittany and other healing herbs, and you took the older boy’s recommendations very seriously. 
Once you were out of sight, James tossed his book thoughtlessly aside, snatching Remus’s book from his grasp to gain his undivided attention. “Who is that, Moony my dear?” James asked, adjusting his glasses. They had slipped down his nose when he whipped his head around to look at you, and the act had made the boy a little dizzy.
“Who?” Remus asked, knowing that his performance was pitiful and unconvincing, and pretending not to understand regardless of this fact. “What do you mean?”
Frustrated that Remus was lying, and subsequently that he was an absolutely terrible liar, Sirius exclaimed, “The girl you were staring at!”
“Who is that girl? Do you know her?” James asked excitedly, taking a more enthusiastic approach than Sirius in hopes that it would make Remus open up about his crush.
“Girl?” Remus repeated, squinted as if he was giving this conversation a real good thought, before widening his eyes sarcastically. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, sorry boys.”
James and Sirius shared a look – having a silent conversation that Remus would promptly regret keeping them in the dark about his crush – before rolling their eyes and sighing. They had decided it: they were just going to have to catch you when Remus was gone.
A few hours later, it had darkened considerably since you first entered the library, and once you realised that you had been hauled up in the library for a considerable amount of time, you realised how hungry you were. Perhaps camping out in the library all day without a proper lunch wasn’t your best idea, but at least you knew dinner would be ready soon.
Rising, you stretched your legs before collecting all the books you had flicked through that day and moving to stow them back in their original places on the tall Hogwarts library shelves. Most of them were within a reasonable reach, slotting easily into their previous spots as you strolled happily throughout the library. However, one of the books was at a considerably higher place on the shelf, and you couldn’t put it away even on the tips of your toes. 
With a huff of frustration, you stood flat on your feet and were about to reach for your wand when someone took the book from your grasp. “Here,” a voice said from behind you. “Let me help you with that!”
You turned just in time to see Sirius Black easily putting your book away for you, his friend James Potter standing nearby with an uncharacteristic spring in his step. Though James and Sirius were always a ball of energy in the classes you shared with them, the grins they sported today were difficult to identify. Perhaps mischievous would be the best way to describe the perfect simpers on their faces.
“Thanks,” you acknowledged his help with furrowed brows, wondering what Sirius and James could possibly be so ecstatic about. When the two boys simply stared at you, unmoving, you figured that they wanted something from you. “Did you two need something?” you asked, their unwavering smiles growing slightly unnerving.
“Oh!” Sirius seemed to realise that they were staring at you, and how disturbing this might be to a girl they had hardly spoken to. “Right! Yes, actually. We wanted to have a word with you.”
“Okay,” you nodded as if this wasn’t unusual. James and Sirius certainly didn’t seem to think their behaviour was odd, so you figured they were harmless on this particular occasion.
“We were just wondering if you knew Remus,” James explained himself, barely keeping still with excitement. “I mean, you do know him, don’t you?”
You nodded, still weary of where the conversation was leading. Sirius and James were known to be pranksters, and you weren’t sure if you were the next victim of one of their jokes. “Yes, I know Remus,” you confirmed. “He’s your friend, right? I speak to him sometimes when we’re in the library at the same time.” When Sirius and James linked hands and started jumping up and down, utter confusion overwhelmed you. “Uh, why do you ask?”
Noticing your discomfort, James and Sirius stopped jumping in favour of smiling at you. “I’m sorry, what was your name again? We share a few classes but between listening to the Professor and keeping James in check it can be hard to keep up,” Sirius said, his natural charisma making him instantly likeable.
“Y/n,” you introduced yourself.
“Nice to meet you, Y/n,” James said politely. “Now, this may seem quite blunt, but we want to set you up with our friend Remus,” he said matter-of-factly, followed by an encouraging nod from Sirius.
Your eyes widened at the confession. “Oh,” you said awkwardly. “I’m not going to lie, I had no idea that’s what you were going to say.”
“We have that effect on people,” said James, nodding sympathetically, as if people often had this reaction to the things they said. “So? What do you say? Give our mate Remus a chance?”
“Oh, I don’t think that’s a good idea,” you shook your head, trying to smile politely. 
The smiles on Sirius and James’s faces faded. “Why not?” Sirius inquired, tilting his head to the side as he observed your nervous expression. “Do you not like Remus?”
“Why wouldn’t you like Remus?” James added, appalled and affronted at the mere idea of someone not liking their best friend. “You like reading, don’t you? Well, Remus might even have you beat! He’s the world’s biggest bookworm.”
“Incorrigible,” Sirius agreed. “Can’t get him out of this bloody library. And you aren’t helping, either,” he added.
“I’m not?”
“Of course not!” James exclaimed. “You only keep him here even longer than usual! Even on a day as lovely as this.”
“Perfect for wasting time,” sighed Sirius, lamenting the wonderful day outside they had missed out on. “So, how come you don’t like Remus?”
“That’s not it,” you said hurriedly, struggling to get a word in amongst their quick banter. “It’s just,” you sighed. “Why are you asking me this anyway?” you changed the subject, hoping it would take some of the heat off of you. 
Luckily for you, it worked. “Well, Remus seems to have developed a crush on you,” James said casually, as if he wasn’t bearing one of his best friends’ deepest secret. Well, second deepest secret. “It’s really quite adorable. All the typical crush symptoms. You know, longing gazes,” James began listing the many qualities he had noticed in Remus during the last few hours. “Romantic, hopeless sighing whenever you’re around, losing focus, refusing to play with his best friends even on a day as perfect as this.”
“The list goes on!” Sirius exclaimed. You had to smile at the two friends, not only were they quite comical, but they seemed to be buzzing with endless energy. “I think it would benefit you to give Remus a chance. He’s rather attractive, our friend.”
“Though, not as attractive as us,” James added, winking to show that he was joking.
“Well we can’t hold everyone to such impossible standards,” Sirius said sympathetically, nodding to himself. “Still, he’s quite attractive! Charming and kind, too. All the things girls like. So are you in?”
“Well,” you stammered, feeling your face burning with embarrassment when you saw how intently Sirius and James were looking at you.
To save you from your answer, the sound of Remus’s footsteps and voice interrupted your sentence. “What are you boys still doing here,” he froze when he came into view, noticing the way Sirius and James had cornered you. “Y/n?” he asked, the picture of you hanging out with his two best friends nothing short of foreign and unfamiliar. Remus sighed in annoyance when he saw Sirius and James exchange guilty faces. “What have these two told you?” he asked you, already dreading your answer.
“We didn’t tell her much,” Sirius said, quick to defend their actions. “We’ve just been… talking,” he added, purposely leaving out the subject matter. James nodded rigorously, smiling innocently at Remus with visible panic in his eyes. 
“I’ll talk to you both later,” Remus said to his friend, tone firm and borderline scolding. Then, he faced you with what looked like an apologetic smile. “Do you need help putting that away?” he asked, nudging his head to the last two books in your arms
You smiled, instantly more comfortable now that Remus was there. With a nod, you left Sirius and James behind in favour of putting your books away. “Listen,” Remus began, gently taking your books and putting them on the correct shelf in the Herbology section. “I’m really sorry for whatever Sirius and James said,” he let out a nervous laugh, easily reaching the high shelves thanks to his tall height.
“Don’t be,” you shrugged, charmed by Remus’s very presence. Something about Remus’s gentle spirit contrasted comfortably with Sirius and James’s craziness, and it settled your heart in a wonderful way. “They meant well, I think,” you smiled up at Remus. “Your friends are really nice.”
“I wouldn’t say nice, perhaps deranged is more accurate,” Remus joked, a pleased smile gracing his lips when you laughed. “But they’re pretty great. I can always count on them to say things I’m too scared to say,” he admitted, trailing off into a comfortable silence.
“I don’t know about them being deranged, but they did have some interesting things to say,” you admitted, fully intending to tease Remus once you realised his friends were telling the truth. He really did have a crush on you. “All about crushes, and longing gazes,” you added, grinning when you saw Remus turn slightly pink at your insinuation.
Remus groaned, lifting his hands to cover his face in embarrassment. “Oh Merlin,” he muttered, nervous laughter bubbling from his mouth. “I’m so sorry! If anything they said made you uncomfortable, I’m so sorry.”
“Don’t be,” you shook your head. “I wasn’t uncomfortable. Stunned by the sheer force of their energy? Definitely. But not uncomfortable. I guess it was just hard to believe,” you admitted. “Still is, really.”
“What, that I fancy you?” Remus asked, uncovering his eyes once you assured him that you weren’t upset. “Why is that hard to believe?”
“I don’t know, you’re… Remus Lupin,” you explained terribly. “You’re a Gryffindor and you’re funny and popular. Your friends didn’t even know what my name was and I’ve been in your class for nearly six years now,” you recalled, shrugging your shoulders good-naturedly. 
“Sirius and James hardly remember their own names, I wouldn’t take it personally,” Remus wisecracked, though there was a seriousness in his eyes that made you believe his words. “Besides, the trouble is only just starting!” he added. “Now that they know your name, you won’t be able to get rid of them.”
“Sounds terrifying,” you joked back, grinning.
“There’s no escaping those two,” Remus said dramatically. “I’ve been trying to shake them for six years now, but they don’t seem to care.”
“Maybe I should change my name,” you offered.
“Why didn’t I think of that?” Remus burst out, laughing at your banter. You grinned at each other, so absorbed with the other person that you didn’t notice Sirius and James poke their heads around the shelf to eavesdrop on your conversation. “Y/n, do you think,” Remus paused, intimidated by the adorable way in which you turned your head and smiled at him. You were overwhelmingly perfect, and it was really starting to distract the poor boy. “Would you maybe…”
“Would I maybe?” you encouraged.
“Would you maybe want to go to Hogsmeade with me? This upcoming weekend? If you’re not busy that weekend, I mean,” Remus said, barely getting the words out without struggling.
“Oh,” the smile on your face widened almost impossibly so. “I think I might be busy,” Remus’s face dropped, eyes averting to his feet to hide his disappointment. “Changing my name to avoid these two boys I just met. However, their friend is pretty cute, so perhaps I could postpone my plans,” you added quickly, not wanting your joke to go badly.
Remus’s head rose quickly to meet your eyes, a relieved sigh leaving him. “Really?” he asked rhetorically, and before you could confirm your answer, you heard loud cheering come from beside you. Within seconds, James and Sirius leapt out from behind you and tackled Remus into a hug.
“Yeah Remus!”
“That’s our best friend!”
“Our best friend is finally going on a date!”
“Don’t scare her off,” Remus warned, pushing James away as he started peppering kisses across his face. “Seriously, stop it,” he laughed, not meaning a single word. 
“No,” Sirius said proudly, pulling you in to join their hug. “Y/n’s just going to have to get used to us.”
You quite liked the sound of that.
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ohwowimlonley · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
James Potter + lactation kink
[warnings - unprotected penetrative sex, lactation kink, mentions of babies, sub!reader ish]
[word count - 928]
[kinktober list]
Tumblr media
“James!” You gasp, letting go of the sheet and smacking lightly on his chest, trying to move him back so you can cover your soaked chest. He tried to budge them, rutting even harder into you when he got a peek at the dampness spreading across your top, “Jamie, stop looking!”
“James!” You gasp, letting go of the sheet and smacking lightly on his chest, trying to move him back so you can cover your soaked chest. He tried to budge them, rutting even harder into you when he got a peek at the dampness spreading across your top, “Jamie, stop looking!”
“James!” You gasp, letting go of the sheet and smacking lightly on his chest, trying to move him back so you can cover your soaked chest. He tried to budge them, rutting even harder into you when he got a peek at the dampness spreading across your top, “Jamie, stop looking!”
“Stop it! Lemme look at m’girls,” he ducked his head down, distracting you with the jab of his blunt cockhead against your cervix to loosen your iron grip over your tits. James exposed a sliver of sopping cotton, and was quick to let his greedy tongue roll over the fabric.
“Shit- shit- James that’s so-“ good. You can’t say that, it’s weird. He doesn’t let up, licking and sucking over the fabric until it’s covered in more saliva than milk, leaving you panting and boneless from the unexpected release.
“Take it off! I wan’nit off, off off off,” teeth scraped over your nipple through your shirt, soft but firm and occupying your senses enough for him to push the white cotton up over your tits. As soon as they were exposed, James launched his mouth onto your dripping, aching nipple, sucking deeply and whimpering in satisfaction at the first splash of milk unencumbered by the lingering flavour of fabric softener and perfume.
“O- oh, fuck, Jamie!” It was a lot, the overwhelming fullness his cock gave your cunt combined with the indescribable feeling of him gulping down mouthfuls of your sweetness, “shit, don’t fucking stop, don’t you dare fucking st- ah, ah, stop,”
It didn’t seem like he was planning on doing so any time soon, tongue flicking greedily back and forth to gulp down more and more of your milk. God, it was filthy; having his lips pulling greedily at you tit and stuffing you full of his throbbing erection over and over.
“God, fuck, Jamie!” He pulled off, only briefly, so he could switch to your other nipple. He licked around it, down to your cleavage where your neglected breast had leaked before latching himself onto your tit yet again, “James this is so- so-“
God, how could you even form words? Between the way he was stimulating almost every part of you and the view of his blissed out face as he suckled. All of it was building to a crescendo bubbling under your skin, making you kick and writhe under his body.
“James, James I’m gonna-“ he sped up, hips crashing into yours desperately, “Jamie, please, I’m gonna cum!”
He couldn’t respond verbally, just snaked his hand down to thumb at your clit so he didn’t have to pry his lips from your tit and humming with delight when you clenched tight around him.
When he was finally able to pull his lips from your nipple, having successfully draining you all he could, James pushed his thumb against your clit in harder, faster circles, driving you ever closer towards your edge. What finally brought you over was his stuttered breaths, hot and needy against your exposed neck, “need you to cum, pretty girlie, need’a, need’a make you cum so bad,”
You came in seconds, walls clamping down on his dick and cum gushing over his thickness. He wasn’t far behind, cock pulsing with the feeling of your juices coating him and he finally gave in when you snuck a hand down to palm at his balls, rolling them in your hand until he exhaled a pitiful whine and shot his cum at your cervix with long, deep spurts.
“We- we could’ve been doing that for months,” he complained, going boneless on top of you and blanketing you in his comforting weight, “why haven’t we been doing this for months?”
“I dunno,” you gasped, locking your legs behind his back when he attempted to pull out, “but you better hope you put another baby in me, cos I never want that to stop,”
Tumblr media
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.☼︎. 𝑬𝒗𝒆𝒓 𝒔𝒊𝒏𝒄𝒆
Harry Potter x Weasley!Reader
Summary: Basically just Harry falling more and more for y/n Weasley.
Word Count: 10k
A/N: This is most ambitious oneshot, please, i hope you all like it.
Tumblr media
Second year:
The flight had been rather calm. For a fourteen-year-old, Fred had been driving quite well, a little wobbly at times, but not something that had made George, Ron, or Harry freak out. It had been dark when the flying blue car had suddenly appeared outside Harry's window. The three Weasley brothers had shown up at just the right time, helping him get out of 4 Privet Drive. Harry knew that his aunt and uncle would not have done what they did if it weren't for that elf. Dobby. But now he was away from there, and Fred had just landed the car outside a house that was built as if with time, more rooms had been built on it, adding on to the height. 
As they entered, Harry was hit by a domestic feeling. The house is homely. As they entered the house and entered the kitchen, Harry noticed how each chair was unique. Even the cabinets were an assortment of different styles. The water at the sink was running and a pan was being washed by nothing. It was a spell.
Harry continued into the house and stopped at a clock-like thing where he could see pictures of all the Weasley siblings he'd met. The three pictures of Ron, George, and Fred moved from standing on "Lost" to "Home". The green-eyed boy scanned it and could even spot the three other siblings' pictures on the clock. Percy, Ginny, and y/n all pointed to "bed". Signalling that the other three were still asleep just at this moment. His eyes stayed a bit longer on the picture of y/n before he turned to what was left of the living area. In an armchair, it was as if someone was invisible and knitting, a pair of tapestry needles moving and knitting something Harry had no idea of what.
"It's not much, but it's home." Ron said this while chewing on a cookie from the table.
"I think it's brilliant," Harry breathed and looked up in amazement. Still in awe of it all.
The quiet and peaceful feeling soon left, however, as it felt as if his soul had left his body when Molly Weasley appeared out of nowhere.
"Where have you been?" She exclaimed at her sons, but quickly softened on seeing Harry for a split second. "Harry, how wonderful to see you, dear."
Ron, George, and Fred looked down as Molly continued. "Beds are empty. No note. Car gone. You could've died. You could have been seen. Of course, I don't blame you, Harry, dear. "
"They were starving him, mum, and put bars on his window!" Ron protested, and Harry nodded along with his friend.
"Well, you best hope I don't put bars on your window, Ronald Weasley." Fred and George, behind Ron, pulled faces at what their mum said. "Come on, Harry, time for a spot of breakfast."
Harry had piled a good amount of food onto his plate just as rapid footsteps bombarded down the stairs of the house, making Harry turn his head. "Mummy, have you seen my jumper?"
It was Ginny, or well, her real name was Ginerva, but it was George who had come up with Ginny since she didn't like her name. "Yes, dear, it was on the cat." Molly answered.
When Ginny came face to-face with Harry, she smiled a little mischievously, but was still in shock that he was there. But Harry simply smiled at the youngest Weasley. "Hello,"
Within seconds, Ginny bombarded up the stairs again, giggling as Harry and Ron gave her confused looks, but Fred and George snickered at Ginny. "y/n!!" They could hear the younger girl call for her older sister, making Fred and Geroge almost burst out laughing right there and then.
"W-what did I do?" Harry asked, confusion flooding his voice whilst taking a bite of his food.
"Ginny. She's been asking about you all summer. It's kind of annoying actually. " Ron said to his raven-haired friend.
Then someone came walking down the stairs of the house once more, but this time not with the same rushed tempo but a rather calm one. And to Harry's delight, the footsteps belonged to the one girl he was just as ecstatic to meet again as he had been with Ron. Her voice was what broke the silence at the table. "Mum! Can you tell Ginny to quit being a little gremlin?" y/n's voice had gone from pitchy to a more even one over the summer, from what Harry could hear.
"Oh, what is she doing now?" Molly asked just as it seemed y/n stepped down from the last step of the stairs. 
"She isn't shutting up about...Harry?" y/n cut herself off as she turned the corner and saw Harry sitting on Charlie's chair beside Ron. Now this was strange. Weren't they supposed to meet him on the train?
"Hello." Harry smiled at the girl. She had clearly grown quite a bit over the summer. Even from where he sat, Harry could see she had gotten a bit taller. She wore long pyjama bottoms and a long-sleeved shirt, clearly having just gotten up. Harry didn't know it then, but his cheeks felt so hot because of the fact that he was slightly flustered. But how was a twelve-year-old supposed to know that?
y/n still stood glued to her place by the stairs, squinting at Harry, who furrowed his brows in confusion at her. Her eyes then travelled between the two twins, who seemed to be having a hard time breathing and then over to Ron. She didn't even bother to look over at Percy. She knew he had been sound asleep, judging by how out of it he looked.
Just as she was supposed to ask her brothers, however, it was Arthur Weasley walking through the door that stopped her. "Morning, Weasleys!"
"Morning, dad!" All the Weasley siblings greeted their dad, and Harry chimed in with a lower 'Hello' but still a smile on his face.
Arthur walked up and hugged y/n since she was the only one standing up and then just gently pushed her to go and sit down, which she did. "What a night, nine raids! Nine! "
"Raids?" Harry turned to Ron and y/n who had sat down beside her one-year-younger brother.
"Dad works in the Ministry of Magic, in the misuse of muggle artefacts office." Ron explained it to his friend as Arthur hugged Molly behind them."
"Dad loves muggles, thinks they are fascinating." y/n joined in with a smile, and Harry was slightly confused by the work Mr. Weasley did, but most new things in the wizarding world were confusing.
"Well, now." But Arthur stopped at seeing Harry as he sat down by the table. "And who are you?"
"Oh, sorry, sir. I'm Harry, sir. Harry Potter." He said, which made Arthur's eyes go just a little wide looking at the boy.
"God, Lord, are you really?" Arthur breathed. "Well, Ron and y/n's told us all about you, of course. When did he get here? "
Harry glanced over at y/n who was looking at her mum to hear how he got there. "This morning, your sons flew that enchanted car of yours to Surrey and back last night." Molly told, making both Arthur and y/n look at her with wide eyes.
"Did you really? How'd it go? " Arthur asked bewildered with a smile. To try to explain it, all the boys started talking about it to the man, but Molly made them all shut up when she hit her husband's shoulder.
"I mean, that was very wrong indeed, boys, very wrong of you."
"So that's what you sneaky little gits were doing!" y/n said pointedly at her brothers. Harry smiled to himself as Fred, George, and Ron all looked down a little.
"Well, you looked so peaceful when sleeping," George started.
"Besides, didn't you tell us just yesterday to let you sleep?" Fred asked to make an argument start between the twins and y/n. Harry and Ron shake their heads but still smiling. Arthur then asking Harry about rubber ducks.
Harry let out a deep breath of air as the memory of Tom Riddle was destroyed. In his hand he still held the basilisk's tooth, which was now bloodied along with his hand from stabbing the diary with it. The diary, which had once been intact with a black leather cover, was now completely destroyed by the vicious stabbings Harry had delivered to it.
He sat back, just as y/n's eyes opened. Her pulse had, without Harry's knowing, gone back to a more even one every time he stabbed the diary. Her eyes were wide as she breathed deeply, letting the oxygen enter her lungs and make her more and more stable.
Harry looked over at the girl as she began to sit up slowly, pushing herself up from her back with her arms. She was clearly very disoriented as she looked around to find herself in the Chamber of Secrets, Salazar Slytherin's secret creation.
"y/n?" Harry caught her attention, holding his hurt arm. y/n turned and found Harry sitting there; dirt and grime had stuck to his face and clothes. A few splashes of blood from the basilisk here and there.
"Harry," She breathed, clearly still a bit out of it, but soon started to apologise. "It was me, but I swear, I didn't mean to. Riddle made me. I just found the diary in Ginny's cauldron when we left Flourish and Blotts and... Harry, you're hurt. "
y/n had cut her explanation and apology off at seeing the boys' arm. He quickly covered it. Even though he knew she was a year older, she seemed very confused and scared just there and then. As if she wasn't already one of the smartest of her siblings. "Don't worry. y/n, you need to get yourself out. Follow the Chamber and you'll find Ron."
It was just then that the screech of Fawkes echoed through the chamber, the red phoenix standing out against the dark and gloomy place. Fawkes lands between the two, and he makes his way up to Harry. Seeming to look at him with sad eyes.
"You were brilliant, Fawkes. I just wasn't quick enough." Harry told the Phoenix, through gritted teeth, the pain was still very intense in his arm.
Fawkes took a look at Harry before leaning his head down towards the boy's arm. Tilting his head, tears, shockingly, fell from Fawkes' eyes. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. And with that, the circular wound from the basilisk bite was just a memory that had vanished with smoke. y/n's eyes went wide as she just stared at Harry's arm.
"Of course, Phoenix tears have healing powers. Thanks. " Harry thanked the phoenix. It's alright, y/n. It's over, it's just a memory. "
y/n's shoulders went from tense to relaxed. It was over. But this year, y/n had not been there to help through it all, she had caused it all, a burden that would loom over her for years to comeBut Harry couldn't help but crack the smallest of smile at seeing the girl alive again instead of dead like others pressured her to be. He knew how relieved her siblings and parents would be to see her alive again, and just as she looked up at Harry, he had to look away for a second. His cheeks were slightly warm under her gaze, and he had a boyish smile on his face.
Oh sweet little Harry, he really had no clue what all these feelings meant.
Third year:
The weather had gotten worse during the train ride to Hogwarts. The sky had grown dark and gloomy, with clouds covering the better part of it. Harsh drops of rain thundered against the window of the train. Sliding down the glass as if the drops of water were competing to see who could be the fastest.
Inside the compartment, it was luckily warm. Harry was talking about everything with Sirius Black that Arthur had told him just before they left for the platform. Ron sat with Scabbers and Hermione on the left side of the compartment, all while y/n sat beside Harry on the right one with Crookshanks having crawled up in her lap. By the window on the right side, sat an unknown man to the four. He was sound asleep. He wasn't snoring, but he hadn't moved an inch in response to the four talking.
"Let me get this straight. Sirius Black has escaped Azkaban to come after you?" Ron asked, slightly horrified at the thought.
"Yeah," Harry simply answered.
"But they'll catch Black, won't they? I mean, everyone's looking for him. " Hermione said.
"Except, no-one's ever broken out of Azkaban before and he is a murderous, raving lunatic." Ron added after his sister attempted to reassure him. y/n gave him a 'really' look as she petted Crookshanks.
"Thanks, Ron." Harry thanked him sarcastically.
The train suddenly started to stop, breakes screeching. The sudden stop made all four tense, and Crookshanks quickly jumped over and curled up beside Hermione. Harry had reached out to steady himself at the stop and happened to lay his hand on top of y/n's. It made her turn her head quickly and just glance at it, making Harry quickly remove his hand.
"Why are we stopping?" Hermione asked with confusion. "We can't be there yet."
When Harry had recovered from his embarrassing move just seconds before, he stood up. He opened the door to the compartment and looked outside to see if he could get any idea of what was wrong. It seemed other students at Hogwarts had the same idea, as Harry could see fellow schoolmates doing just like him. But when the train shook vigorously, it caused the green-eyed boy to get thrown back into his seat inside the compartment as the compartment door closed. y/n squeaked as Harry stumbled back and moved out of his way. Pressed up against the wall of the compartment door.
"What's going on?" Ron looked around.
"Dunno. Maybe we've broken down. " Harry suggested it to the other three, but the lights went out just as he said so. Hermione and Y/N gasped as they looked up at the newly turned off lights.
"Ouch Ron, that was my foot." Hermione huffed at the Weasley boy who had moved to look out the window. Pressing his face against it and trying to just get a glimpse of what it might have been that caused the sudden stop. The light suddenly flickers on again.
"There's something moving out there."
y/n looked towards her brother, and her face held just the slightest bit of fear. Harry turned to her and saw the look. Her brows were pulled into a frown as she bit on her lip whilst looking from the window out into the hallway.
"I think.. someone's coming on board," For a second time, the lights had gone out and the train shook again.
The water on the window slowly started to freeze, frost painting it in various designs as it moved eight over where Ron's had been placed. The water bottle, along with the door window, began to freeze. It went from being warm to cold in a matter of seconds. Their breaths could be seen as they fogged into the air.
Harry began to rub his hands together to try and warm up, glancing at y/n who hugged herself. He reached out and put a hand on the girl's arm as he could still see her worried expression.
"Bloody hell! What's happening? " Ron asked as the train shook once more. All four teens had to reach down and steady themselves.
A tall shadow moved outside the compartment. It was cloaked as they could see something waving in the wind that the shadow had seemingly dragged with it. Moving slowly. All four of them were quiet as the only thing heard inside the compartment was their wavering breaths.
The shadow, or whatever creature it was, stretched out a bony looking hand, and without touching the door, it started to open. y/n, who sat closest to the door, wore a scared face as she moved from it and happened to move just a little too much so that she bumped into Harry. He didn't even bother that, but she moved from sitting shoulder to shoulder but still close to him. A slight fear takes over his mind.
The cloaked creature had fully opened the compartment door and now looked between all four friends. Crookshanks hissed at it as the only thing except it's cloak being seen was a black hole, like a mouth. It breathed deeply though.
The creature turned to the left side of the compartment where Harry, y/n and the man whose last name was Lupin sat. They all looked at it as if something had suddenly happened. It was just a matter of seconds before Harry started to grow pale, the creature moving closer to the boy who lived. y/n turned to Harry and shook his hand to get him out of it, but just as she did, the man beside Harry jumped up and a bright light was emitted from his wand. And then, Harry was out like a light.
When he came again, the train whistled loudly in his ears. The darkness that had consumed him for a few minutes was fading. "Harry? Harry, are you alright?" It was y/n.
He opened his eyes, and they hurt at the bright light from the compartment. He looked around, squinting as the world was a blurry mess for him. But as he looked around, he found his glasses being held out to him. 
"Thank you." Harry took them from whoever it was and put them on. Finding it was y/n sitting on the floor in front of Ron and Hermione, smiling a little but still her brows were furrowed. Right by where his head had been, Crookshanks laid and looked up at him as he sat. Hermione, who sat close to Ron, a man who had to be Lupin sat, a calm smile on his face.
"Here eat this, it'll help. It's alright, it's chocolate. " The man held out a piece of chocolate for Harry to take, and he reluctantly took it. Looking weirdly at the man.
All four of them looked at Harry while he sat up and glanced over at the compartment door where the creature had been earlier. Finding it empty and back to normal. "Wha... what was that thing?" He asked, turning to the older man.
"It was a dementor. One of the guards of Azkaban. It's gone now. It was searching the train for Sirius Black. " Mr. Lupin said, staring at his feet. "If you'll excuse me, I need to have a little word with the driver." 
y/n moved Crookshanks over to Hermione's lap and sat herself down by the window, right next to Harry. "Eat, you'll feel better." Mr. Lupin said as he left.
Harry nibbled on the piece of chocolate, staring off to the side whilst trying to make sense of it all. "What happened to me?"
"Well, you sort of went ruched. We thought maybe you're having a fit or something. " Ron's voice carried concern for his friends as he spoke.
"And.. and did either of you three, you know, pass out?" Harry looked between the three.
"No. I felt weird though, like I'd never be cheerful again." Ron answered.
"But someone was screaming, a woman." Harry looked at Hermione, then y/n, who both shook their heads.
"No one was screaming, Harry." Hermione answered for both, and he looked out the window to see the rain still pouring down.
The match against Hufflepuff had been going quite well. y/n, Angelina Johnson and Alicia Spinnet had been making loads of goals as chasers during the time they had been playing. Harry had to admit that the three girls were, without doubt, a good trio. Fred and Geroge had been doing their best to keep buldger away from the three girls, along with Harry. At times, the twins would focus on just one of the players to keep them secure from the Gryffindor team. Oliver Wood keeps on doing his thing. Keeping the quaffle away from being scored, though the yellow team had made a few goals. 
Even through the wind and rain, Harry had heard Lee Jordan's commentary on the game. For some reason, he had grown a bit jealous of the commentator. Why? Well, it was quite simple. Lee was the only close friend except the Weasley siblings, Harry, and Hermione that y/n was friends with.
What Harry had understood, y/n, had been sticking out when she started at Hogwarts in 1990, the year before he did. The others just froze her out of anything that had caused Fred and Geroge to let her be with them and their friends. Leading to y/n and Lee Jordan being close friends. Maybe it was the whole linking arms thing Harry hated? Or maybe how Lee would just listen to y/n without even looking away, reminding Harry of how he looked at her.
Even now, as he had been racing around the quidditch stadium for the Golden Snitch, Harry couldn't help but feel jealousy bubble inside him when Lee had commented on y/n scoring a goal. He had to shake it off, but only for a split second before resuming his pursuit of the golden little devil. Harry looked down to see y/n having just flown past Fred and Geroge, who had cought up to their sister and was protecting her as she had the quaffle but soon passed it on to Alicia.
A second later, gold flashed before Harry's face, and in a matter of milliseconds, he flew right to where he saw it fly off. Cedric Diggory, captain of the Hufflepuff team and seeker, quickly followed after Harry. When they flew right past Ron and Hermione, Harry could hear Hermione cheering him on.
Harry and Cedric raced for the snitch, going further and further up into the sky. Right now, Harry was grateful to Hermione, who had cast an impervius charm on him and y/n, making it easier for both of them to see in the pouring rain.
A bolt of lightning then hit Cedric's broom as they had reached far up, almost to the clouds. It made the seeker freeze and start to fall down. Harry does not care one bit and continues further up to catch the snitch and win the game. But slowly, his broom began to freeze as an umbrella blew past him. But something more blew past him too. A cloaked thing.
It was not until he looked in front of himself properly that Harry saw the dementor that had flown past him. Quickly ducking it, Harry immediately started flying up, being chased by the dementor as one more joined in and more and more. When he reached a certain height, Harry let out a breath and stopped his broom from going further, letting himself fall down. He fell past a few dementors before diving at full speed with his nimbus. He then had to stop, however, seeing the sight below him.
Hundreds of dark-cloaked dementors flew around below him. Their faces were dark and empty as they looked at him. The rain was still pouring down and drenching him. When he was about to dive again, he just turned his head and came face to-face with one. The dementor made him lose consciousness and fall. The last thing he heard was the woman screaming once more.
"He looks a bit peaky. Doesn't he? " Harry could hear Ron's voice above him.
"Peaky? What do you expect? He fell over a hundred feet. " George told his younger brother.
"Yeah, come on, Ron, let's walk you up the astronomy tower," Fred started.
"See what you look like." Geroge finished just as Harry began to open his eyes.
"Probably a right sight better than he normally does." Harry spoke up and smiled, hearing all the others chuckle. This includes Seamus Finnigan, Neville Longbottom, the twins, Ron, Angelina Johnson, Hermione, and y/n. Or well, Hermione just let out a breath of air.
"How are you feeling?" Hermione's asked as Harry began to sit up and squinted to see as well as he could.
"Really, 'Mione?" y/n had her hands on Hermione's shoulders as she pointed out how foolish that question sounded.
"Oh, brilliantly." Harry remarked sarcastically to Hermione as y/n handed him his glasses. Giving her a shy smile as thanks.
"You gave us a right good scare there, mate." George said seriously, while sitting down beside Harry's bed in the hospital wing.
"What happened?" Now Fred and George would have laughed if they were not around Harry, as he looked over at y/n while asking that. 
"Well, you fell off your broom." Ron stupidly tells as if he thinks Harry was a complete idiot.
"Really?" Harry once more spoke with sarcasm, which made y/n have to hold herself from laughing. "I meant the match, who won?"
y/n glanced over at a Hufflepuff student being taken care of, and it seemed that it made Harry catch on as he sighed in annoyance. But Hermione was quick to try and save the day. "Uhm, no one blames you, Harry. The dementors aren't supposed to come inside the grounds. Dumbledore was furious. As soon as he'd saved you, he sent them straight off."
Harry looked off to the side and earned a squeeze on the shoulder by y/n, silently telling him it was fine. He didn't say a word, but if y/n had looked close enough, she would have noticed the red tint that had painted his cheeks at her action.
"There's, uh, something else you should know too, Harry uhm," Harty looked at Ron, who held something wrapped in his arms. "When you fell your broom, it sort of blew into the Whomping Willow and, uh, well, it's uh.."
Harry only sighed harder when Ron showed him his broken broom. He knew that he would have to find another broom for the rest of the season until he could buy himself a new one. It was all so annoying. If Harry hadn't gotten so affected by the dementors, then he would have surely coughed up the snitch and made Gryffindor win. In his head, he cursed himself for being so affected and all.
It was clear to Fred that the boy wasn't in the mood to have people around him, so he began to usher the others away. "Come on guys, enough staring; he's not a muggle TV."
All the others, except y/n, Hermione and Ron, left. The three just stood there and watched as Harry stared up at the ceiling. But y/n who had glanced towards the door of the hospital wing could see no one else but Lee Jordan standing there. He waved at her, and she waved back. Having promised to help Lee and her brothers with a prank on the Ravenclaws later.
She turned back at Harry, who had a blubbering Ron above him, profusely apologising for his broom. y/n shook her head at her brother and patted his shoulder. "Oh, calm down, Ron. Harry knows you couldn't help it. No need to rile yourself up. "
"Exactly." Hermione agreed. "It is the dementors' fault for being inside the grounds in the first place."
"And it was the Whomping Willows' fault for the broom. I swear that tree is absolutely mad. " y/n added, making Harry feel better as Hermione and Ron laughed at her comment. which was, in fact, very true. The Whomping Willow was very strange and just absolutely mad. Not really the safest tree on the school grounds.
"Anyway, don't beat yourself up, Harry." y/n walked to the end of his bed and placed a hand on his leg with a sincere smile. "We'll beat Slytherin in our next match when Malfoy doesn't have a 'broken' arm. I've got to go, but I'll see you three later. "
With a last smile, y/n had walked away from the trio and over to Lee, who had been waiting. Harry's gaze followed her as she walked over to the referee. Something inside him was bubbling, making him look away from y/n, walking off with the older boy.
Maybe that was why she'd never liked him. Harry was a year younger, but he knew that not many girls would choose someone younger. He looked down at his hands. His pale face got painted a crimson colour right across his cheeks. It almost matched his quidditch jumper.
Hermione looked at Harry strangely, then over to where y/n had disappeared. She thought back to how it was as if Harry almost always sought to know what the older girl thought of something or how she was doing. A grin then broke on the bushy-haired girl's face, unable to keep her laugh in as she came to her conclusion.
It made the redhead beside her turn and give her a confused look, then she looked over at the ravenhaired boy, who had no idea what Hermione was laughing at. "What? What got you laughing like a lunatic? " Ron asked, but Hermione didn't answer, a few tears escaping her eyes from laughing.
"Hermione, what?" Harry also asked. This time, Hermione whined her eyes and took a few deep breaths to calm down.
"No, it's just... you know what, it doesn't matter."
Oh boy, oh boy, had Hermione just won the lottery in figuring something out?
Fourth year:
Harry had really been dumb enough to think that his fourth year would be a normal year. He should have understood that this year wouldn't be any calmer than the last three when he had all those nightmares over the summer. Then at the Quidditch World Cup, both the dark mark were cast and the death eaters destroyed the fun. He really should have taken all of that as a sign that this year wouldn't be calm. even when the Triwizard tournament was announced.
But still, here he was. Almost three months into the school year, pacing back and forth in the Champions tent. Waiting for the first task to start. Harry was oblivious to the sympathetic looks he earned from Cedric Diggory and Fleur Delacour of the Beauxbatons Academy. Victor Krum, from Durmstrang Institute, is focused on himself.
How Harry had entered into this was beyond him. However, it appeared that people did not understand that he was not interested in the eternal glory that this tournament would bring. He was already known around the world as the boy who lived. If he just said his last name, everyone knew who he was, which he didn't exactly love.
"You really think I believe you'd want to put your life at risk when a dark wizard is already out for you?"
What she had said, what y/n had said, played over and over in his head. Once more, she showed that she understood him. She was at least intelligent enough to know and notice how much Harry hated the attention he already got for just being himself.
The roar of a dragon made everyone in the Champions' tent look towards where the arena supposedly was. Harry shook his head, and when he met eyes with the Hufflepuff boy, he nodded at him before continuing to pace around.
"Psst!" Harry whipped around at the sound with furrowed brows. "Pssst!"
He walked over towards the back of the tent and listened in. It seemed whoever was there noticed someone else was on the other side, and soon they spoke up. "Harry, is that you?"
"Yeah." He answered, y/n. Her voice calmed him down at least a little. Knowing she trusted him had made it a tad bit easier.
"How are you feeling? Okay?" She didn't get an answer. Only a low sigh. "The key is to concentrate. After that, you just have to—"
"Battle a dragon." Harry stated bluntly, however, when y/n began to scurry around on the other side, it only took her a second before she hugged him. A low whimper left her as she was scared for the boy.
It took him a second to steady himself as y/n had her arms tightly around his neck, hugging him close. But he didn't waste a second in hugging her back, making sure to take the opportunity since they never really hugged like that.
It was the bright flash and click of a camera that made the both of them let go. Both of the teens looked over to where the flash came from, only to find Rita Skeeter. The same journalist who had written the overly exaggerated Harry page in The Daily Prophet. "Young love," The woman sighed dramatically.
"How... stirring." Rita's appearance in the champion tent made all the other champions turn and watch. "If everything goes unfortunately today, you two may even make the front page."
"You have no business here." Viktor Krum appeared behind Rita, an irritated look on his face. "This tent is for champions and friends."
y/n was relieved as she had talked with Viktor on one occasion earlier with Hermione. He happened to not know where the potions class was and asked the two girls for directions. And, maybe, he had been flirting with Hermione then.
"No matter, we've got what we wanted." Another photo of Viktor and Rita disappeared. 
Just as Harry turned to ask y/n something, Dumbledore appeared from the back entrance where y/n too had come from. Barty Crouch was behind him. "Good day, champions. Gather 'round please." 
Harry moved to stand next to Dumbledore, and y/n, who had no idea of what to do, only grabbed a hold of Harry's wrist. One hand held his sleeve and the other interlocked with his hand. It was hard for the boy to concentrate, but he did his best, holding the Weasley girls' hands gently.
"Now, you've waited, you've wondered, and at last the moment has arrived, a moment only four of you can fully appreciate." y/n looked at Dumbledore as he spoke, still holding onto Harry.
When he was done, however, Dumbledore noticed that something was wrong and looked over at y/n who stood beside him with Harry. The girl looked away from the headmasters, embarrassed. "What are you doing here, Miss Weasley?" Dumbledore curiously asked.
"Oh, um, sorry. I'll just go. " y/n shot a look at Harry as she backed away, relaxing her hold on his hand and quickly sliding out of the tent. causing Harry to look back, slightly perplexed, at the look he received from the older students
Harry watched from afar as The Weird Sisters finished the song, all the students at the Yule Ball cheered and stopped dancing.
Just like everything this year, the Yule Ball has not gone much better for Harry than anything else. Even though he wanted to ask y/n he chickened out and tried to ask other girls, but did the same there. Then when he decided that he needed to ask y/n to the ball, he got to hear from the twins that she already had a date. Which he tried to know who it was but y/n refused to tell him.
So now he's sitting there at the ball. He ended up going with Parvati Patil, who had ditched him for a Durmstrang guy, someone older. And Harry now knew who y/n had gone with. Of course, it was Lee Jordan. When he had walked into the great hall for the champions to dance, the green-eyed boy had spotted y/n with Lee.
Just as The Weird Sisters had stopped playing, Harry could spot y/n who had been dancing all night, giving Lee a hug before making her way out of the sea of students. She was beautiful, and Harry hadn't expected anything else. She had a silk dress like many other girls, but hers was the most beautiful to Harry. Her hair done to suit her and a pair of heels.
"I'm leaving." From beside Harry, Ron grumbled, standing up and downing the last of his drink. "You coming?"
"I'll be a bit longer," Harry said, and Ron just shrugged his shoulders before leaving. Clearly not in the mood to see Hermione happy with Viktor, she danced on and on.
Just as Harry turned back to find y/n he saw her walking towards him. When she knew she had cought his attention she pulled a overdramaticly pained face. It made Harry raise his brows in question and when the girl was close enough she sat down on a chair next to him.
"Ouch." She groaned. "Remind me to never dance in heels again." With that she kicked off her shoes and sighed in relife.
"Can't be that bad." The statement earned Harry a slap on the shoulder. Causing him to chuckle at y/n as she got comfortable beside him.
It then got quiet. Harry thought about what to say or ask next. He cast a gaze over his shoulder to see Lee Jordan chatting with Fred and George. Angelina sat by Fred's side as the four older students chatted away. "So, you and Lee, huh?"
It took y/n off guard as she whipped her head vigorously towards Harry with a scrunched up face. "Lee, no, ew. What makes you think me and him are someone? "
"Sorry. I just thought, you know, you went here with him. " y/n and Harry were both flustered. Harry because of his assumption and y/n of how quickly she had denied liking Lee in that way.
"That's because of Fred and George. I didn't have a date and neither did Lee, so they suggested we go together. " y/n explained. "Now, don't get me wrong, I love Lee. He's a close friend of mine and all. But this all he is to me, a friend. Plus, Lee isn't exactly the kind of guy that goes after his best friend's little sister." 
Harry felt completely and utterly dumb. So for the past year and a half, he had gone around thinking that y/n liked Lee and Lee liked her. But, it turned out, he still had a chance.
"Oh, okay."
"Well, don't you sound happy?" y/n joked, shaking his head, a smile spreading across his face. "Anyway, your date left you. Did you screw up that badly or is your charm just not working, Potter? "
"Haha, very funny." 
They both laughed, not saying anything more. But y/n sighed, bending down and putting in her heels again, making Harry look at her with suspicion as she smoothed out her dress. Turning to Harry, she held out her hand for him to grab, but only earned an even more confused face from the boy.
"Now I won't accept a no. Come on, let's dance." Knowing full well that she wouldn't accept a no, Harry grabbed her hand and, with a smile on his face, let her pull him along to dance.
"One sickle that he confesses first." Fred challenged his twin as they watched the two from afar.
"Two sickles that she confesses first and before she leaves Hogwarts." Geroge shot back at Fred.
"Okay, two sickles that he confesses first."
"Are you two seriously betting on which of your sister and Harry will confess first?" Angelina questioned. The two brothers shared a look before shrugging.
"Okay, then I want two sickles if she confesses first before she leaves Hogwarts and kisses him at the same time." Lee added.
Angelina frowned and sighed, "Oh my god."
Fifth year:
"Make it a powerful memory, the happiest you can remember. Allow it to fill you up. Keep trying, Seamus!" Harry encouraged as Dumbledore's army were in the room of requirement. Harry was teaching them all to produce a patronus charm, though he warned all of them that not every wizard or witch could produce one, so if they were unable to, they shouldn't beat themselves up about it.
Harty walked around and watched as all the students in the army tried to produce their patronuses. Some stood and thought about what happy memories they had as others went straight to try and cast the charm. It was hard. "A full-bodied patronus is the most difficult to produce, but shield forms can also be equally as useful against a variety of opponents." 
Harry explained as he walked around. Gratifying Ginny when she produced a unicorn that ran around in the air. It was hard to teach, though. If Dolores Umbridge hadn't taken over as Defense against Dark Arts teacher, they would all have learnt these things. But the pink-wearing woman had only been placed at Hogwarts as a control mechanism for the Ministry.
Harry continued to wander around and explain as Hermione produced an otter as a patronus. It swam around her, making the bushy-haired girl smile. Then he passed Ron, who produced a dog. It ran around the floor and somehow was able to make Neville fall as it ran straight at his legs.
He then continued to walk around, his eyes almost every other second cast towards y/n who stood and thought. Harry frowned as he watched her just stand there, her wand in hand. But what he didn't know was the memory playing in her head.
"No, Harry. I'll be sick if we continue. " y/n laughed as she leaned against the wall in the Great Hall. Watching Hermione continue to dance with Viktor. 
"So you drag me to dance and then won't when we do?" Harry asked as he leaned against the wall beside her.
"Potter, you've been spinning me 'round like a mad-man. Of course I'll grow sick of that. " The Weasley spoke matter-of-factly.
"Well, excuse my poor dancing skills then,"
"Shut up."
They both let out sighs. Looking around. y/n was actually quite sad that Ron had left early, but oh well, his problem, not hers. A great number of students had left for bed during the night, but many still danced. Some of these people were Fleur, Cho Chang, Cedric Diggory, Viktor and Hermione, Fred and George, Angelina Johnson, Lee Jordan, Seamus, Dean Thomas, and so many more.
Harry looked over at y/n with a smile, still feeling stupid about how he had been thinking y/n liked Lee. His eyes stayed fixated on the girl. She was always able to attract his attention. He knew that in a room full of girls, she would be the only one he'd be looking at.
She turned to say something, but instead caught Harry, who was staring at her. He felt his face heat up, and he looked down at his shoes. It made y/n smile mischievously, turning so she leaned her shoulder against the wall instead of her back. Now fully facing him. "Something the matter, Potter?"
Harry shook his head, looking up from his shoes. But he was caught off guard by y/n moving some of his hair away from his face. It made Harry look at her, a sweet, soft smile plastered on her face. Her e/c eyes were gentle. It made him smile too. A boyish one. A cute one, in y/n's opinion.
"Expecto Patronum," y/n said just as Harry had come over to help her.
A blue, silvery light emitted from her wand as she spoke those two words. The flow of magic made Harry stop and smile as he watched it form into a doe, but something was off about it. The magic animal stood right before the girl, and as he looked closer, Harry could see the faint outline of horns, like it was somewhat becoming a stag. The same as his patronus.
The patronus stag slowly walked around y/n, who wore a smile at the great animal. The horns are still visible. Hermione, who had seen it, walked slowly up to Harry. Her eyes were on the patronus that faded into nothingness when it stopped once more in front of y/n and bowed its head. Hermione tapped Harry's shoulder.
"Harry? Not to be like that, but ehm... doesn't that seem like a stag to you?" Hermione whispered to her friend and earned a look that told her yes.
"And you have the same type of patronus, correct?" Harry nodded, and the look on Hermione's face made him frown.
"What? What's wrong? "
"Oh no, nothing, just... just keep doing your thing." Hermione slid away from her face with a grin like a Cheshire cat. Getting Ginny's attention.
"What is it, Hermione?" The youngest Weasley asked with curiosity.
"I think we can confirm it now." Hermione whispered lowly, which made Ginny gasp.
"Are you sure?" A nod came from the greatest witch of her age.
y/n walked through 12 Grimmauld Place. The summer had come quicker than expected. y/n had been helping her mum and dad clean up all their things so they could return to the burrow. But before she left, she had to find him. She needed to check in on him.
She had been looking through the whole place, making her way from room to room. That was until she had walked up to the third level. Looking through the rooms, she had just passed one with the letters R.A.B on the door. y/n had figured out that each bedroom had the family member's initials on them. Further down the hall, one of the doors was closed. She looked into the open room that was a study room, but it was empty. Looking back at the room with the closed door, y/n found the initials she was looking for. S.O.B. Standing for Sirius Orion Black. 
She took a breath and gently knocked on the door. She didn't hear anything from inside, so y/n opened the door a little, glancing inside. Inside the room, y/n found Harry sitting on his godfather's bed. His back against her as he looked out through the window. 
"Harry?" Her voice was gentle as she opened the door up a little more, waiting for him to give her a sign to leave. But he didn't. Harry only cast a glance over his shoulder before turning his head back. To y/n, that was Harry's way of telling her it was fine to go inside, which it was.
She closed the door gently behind her. Not wanting her parents, siblings, or anyone else from the Order to hear their conversation. She valued Harry's privacy and whatever he told her didn't need to be told to the whole world.
y/n moved slowly around the bed, so she stood at the foot of it. Not far from where Harry sat. She could see him holding the picture of the original Order of the Phoenix. It had been folded so the side facing his face showed his parents, Lily and James Potter, and beside them stood a younger looking Sirius.
"My family is done packing. We're leaving soon if you want to come with us over the summer. " y/n offered to him, unsure of what to say. But Harry only stayed silent. It made Y/N sigh as she moved to stand more in front of him. 
When she did, she got a better look at his face. His eyes were slightly red, and his face pulled into a pained look. She didn't sit down if Harry wanted her to leave. "Harry? I'll leave you alone if you want to. " She waited for any sign that she should stay, but when he gave her none, she started to leave.
It was the tugg on her wrist that made her stop walking away. His grip on her wrist was firm, but his gaze was fixed. It made her kneel down in front of him on the bed and move to hold his hand so she could hold it, but his grip tightened. "Don't leave."
"Harry—" "Don't leave." His gaze finally met hers, a few tears streaming down his cheeks. y/n frowned and moved to wipe away the tears, shaking her head.
"I won't. I'll always be here. "
She stood up, brushing Harry's hair out of his face. He didn't care anymore about trying to stay strong, but instead broke down. Harry wrapped his arms around y/n's midsection, catching her off guard as he pulled her towards him. It took a second before she slowly wrapped her arms around Harry's head gently. Hugging him close. She could feel the slight shaking of his shoulders.
"It's fine, I won't leave." Y/N reminded him as she gently stroked his hair.She pulled away slightly from him, but Harry's arms stayed wrapped around her midsection. She looked down at Harry and pulled his face between her hands. 
He didn't have his glasses on; they lay on Sirius's nightstand, so he didn't see her very well. But he could make out her face as she looked down at him. y/n brushed his cheek, then the lightning bolt scar on his forehead before hugging him close. And she stood like that, in front of Harry, who quietly let his tears fall as he hugged the girl close, finding comfort in her presence. At times, she whispered comforting words to him while stroking his head. After some time, y/n had leaned her head down to rest on Harry's. 
After some time, you suddenly saw the door open. Harry didn't hear it when it squeaked. As the door opened fully, it revealed Ron, Ginny, Fred, and George standing there. They were all quiet as they looked at the two. Ron mouthed something which made y/n move her hand to show them to be quiet. George motioned that it was time to go, clearly feeling sympathy for the boy around y/n's waist. But y/n only waved for the four to leave and close the door. They were doing as she wanted.
So y/n stayed there with Harry, not caring how much time went by. She just wanted the boy to feel better
Sixth year:
The Gryffindor common room was buzzing with happiness from all of the students. Everyone was happy that the Gryffindor Quidditch team had won against Slytherin in the snowy weather. It is definitely one of Harry's proudest moments at Hogwarts. He was the captain and they had won.
Harry walked back into the common room with Hermione beside him. The girl had finally calmed down from the heartbreak of seeing Ron with Lavender Brown. Harry patted Hermione's back with a small smile, and the witch smiled in appreciation of her friend. "I'm gonna—"
"Go, Harry." Hermione sighed and smiled at the boy. "I already know what you're planning on doing. You've been nervous all day." 
He stayed quiet. He thought he had been very good at hiding the fact that he fancied the older Weasley sister. However, he appears to have been unsuccessful. "How did you—?" 
"She's over there, by the window." Hermione pointed out to her friend as she made her way over to Ginny and some other girls. Leaving Harry to stand by himself.
Harry turned and found y/n, as Hermione said, by the window. The older girl stood with a bottle of something in her hand, taking small sips at times. The boy took a breath before making his way over.
"Hey," Harry said, as he awkwardly made his way closer to her. y/n turned with a tired and lazy smile on her face to face him. 
"Hi," Harry could tell she was tired because she had been studying for her NEWT level exams, which she had a lot of.He had found her sleeping by the table in the common room a few days erlier, having fallen asleep while studying. 
"Tired?" He earned a hum in response as y/n took another sip of her bottle. "Let me guess, Fred and George helped you get that in?"
y/n let out a quiet chuckle at him and nodded her head. He was quick to understand what it was. Of course, it was a smaller bottle of beer. "I haven't been drinking much of it though, if that's what you think."
"No, no, just.. asking." Harry moved to stand beside her. 
"Poor 'Mione," y/n told as she looked out through the common room. "Ron really is blind." 
Harry hummed. Mind elsewhere as he tried to figure out how to do this. He didn't know if now was the best of times, seeing as y/n were exhausted from quidditch and studying. But Harry also knew that if y/n had taken over as Captain for the team this year too, she would be asleep already. Hence why she'd given over the role as Captain to Harry. 
"You're not going to celebrate, Captain? Are you just going to stand here with boring old me?" y/n teased, knowing full well that Harry didn't exactly like to be the centre of attention.
When she got no answer, y/n put her bottle of beer in the indent of the window. She turned so she faced the boy who lived. She could see how deep in thought he was and it made her smile. His green emerald eyes were staring off into the distance. So, she did as she'd done two years earlier on the Yule Ball, the day when the tension between them really grew. She brushed some of his rvaenhair out of his face, the scar becoming visible. Harry turned his face towards her, his eyes locking with hers. His cheeks got red from the eye contact, and y/n could feel hers heat up as well.
Harry found his courage, one of those elements Gryffindor students were to have to be placed in the house to even start with. He moved closer to y/n, eyes at times flickering from her eyes to her lips. y/n thought he was going to make a move, but when he didn't, she leaned in and connected their lips. Her hands gently held his face.
It was a quick kiss, one that was so quick that Harry wasn't even able to react before y/n pulled away. She held his face still in her hands, the boy looking at her slightly shocked. She was now unable to keep from telling him, because who knew what would happened with Voldermort back. "I love you, Harry. I have probably ever since my fourth year, but I really like you." 
"Really?" Harry breathed with a boyish grin growing on his face, which made y/n smile at him.
Harry did not waste a second as he leaned in and connected their lips once more, smiles on both their faces. y/ns hands were still on the sides of his face as Harry's hands landed on her hips. After all those years of pining after her, he was now kissing her, and she liked him back, and it was brilliant. Her lips were as soft as he'd imagined. She teased faintly of the beer she's been drinking. This was just perfect.
Fire encircled the burrow as Harry sprinted out of it and passed Remus, Tonks, Arthur, and Molly. Both older men called out for him as he ran straight for an opening in the fire, following the evil and psychotic laughter that belonged to Bellatrix Lestrange. The murderer of Sirius. Harry's wand was already in his hand as he rushed after the mad woman. Tonks and Remus followed behind him, but the fire closed the small opening, as if they weren't supposed to leave.
Tonks tried to manipulate the fire with her wand but was not successful in getting a good opening for Remus to run through. Just then, y/n had rushed down the stairs after Harry as they had just talked, pushing past her parents with her wand at the ready. "y/n!" Molly cried after her daughter as she ran straight for the fire and jumped when she had a chance at getting through. 
"I killed Sirius Black! I killed Sirius Black! I killed Sirius Black!" y/n heard Bellatrix chant as she followed Harry through the tall grass. Following both the sound of Bellatrix's chanting and the running of Harry.
She continued running as the grass slapped her in the face at how fast she was running, but she didn't care. It was hard to know exactly where Harry had gone. Once heard herself step in what sounded like water, and she stopped. The legs on her pyjama bottoms were getting soaked. 
When she heard the sound of someone moving in the tall grass, she turned around. Trying to spot the person. "Harry?" She asked, the wand still in her hand. 
But it wasn't Harry. Instead, out stepped Fenrir Greyback. The most known werewolf in the wizarding world, the same werewolf that bit Remus and turned him. The man smiled evilly at y/n who'd started to back away further into the shallow water. She then jumped slightly as Harry came running up behind her and moved in front of her. "Stupefy!" But Fenrir repelled the spell easily.
"Harry!" Remus could be heard calling out as y/n and Harry cautiously turned in every direction to make sure no one was there. But in seconds, Bellatrix and Fenrir began to shoot spells at the two teenagers mercilessly. Harry and y/n standing back to back and repel each spell.
"y/n!" Arthur called for his daughter.
Finally, Tonks, Arthur, and Remus reached the two and stood protectively around them. Harry grabbed Y/N's arm and pulled her towards him as they stood close to one another. They are waiting for another set of spells, curses, jinxes, and hexes to be sent their way. But no more came as the three evil wizards disappeared into black smoke and flew towards the burrow. Seconds later, the house stood in flames.
"Molly." Arthur said in shock as he turned, seeing his house on fire and began to run. 
y/n stood wide-eyed before she began to run after her father. Harry followed her swiftly through the tall grass and when they were close y/n slowed. Her childhood home stood before her in flames as all her other siblings, Fred and George, Ginny and Ron, stood and watched on as the house became ash. Molly was hugged by Arthur as they watched. 
Harry came up beside y/n, seeing the troubled look on her face as he brushed his pinky finger against her hand. showing he was there. Without a second thought, y/n grabbed his hand and moved closer to him, holding on to him for dear life. 
Everything was to get worse. This was just the beginning, and all of them knew it. 
And Harry could feel it.
Seventh year (before going for horcruxses):
"I won't leave my family, Harry." y/n told the boy as he sat on her bed. Having come to her before going to bed. Having just gotten to the burrow that night. 
He looked up at her from where he sat, his eyes begging her to go somewhere she could be safe instead of staying with her family. He knew that she'd be threatened as she was a known close friend to Harry, or well, for the past six months, known girlfriend.
"You'll be in danger if you stay here, you and your whole family. I don't want you to get hurt because of me anymore. " Harry argued.
"You can't tell me what to do. You may be Harry Potter and my very caring boyfriend, but I'm still old enough to decide whether I want to fight or flee.
"Darling," Harry sighed at her; she was and had always been stubborn."Please."
"I'll be fine, Harry." y/n sat beside him. "I'll be staying with Fred and George at Weasleys' Wizards Wheezes." 
Harry turned and faced her, reaching out and brushing some hair out of her face just like she usually did with him. Then, leaning in and placing his forehead against hers, y/n melted into it. sighing as she held his hand.
"I'll be fine," 
"Don't get my hopes up," Harry told her.
"And I want you to come back alive." Y/N stated solemnly.
"I'll be fine," 
"Don't get my hopes up." 
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writers in the shower: yess and that would happen mmm such a plot twist YES THIS MAY BE THE BEST THING I WILL EVER WRITE
writers when they’re about to write on the blank paper: tf was i gonna do again
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igncrantbliss · 3 days
oh my god i absolutely adore your writing and i’m so grateful for your blog !! could you maybe write something about ron x ravenclaw female reader who is a lil shy and always gets all flustered around him especially in the bedroom or when he dirty talks?
You’re the sweetest angel ever thank you so much! You ask and I shall serve, I hope you like this and again thanks for your kind words <3
Kid you not all these Ron requests are just so- DELICIOUS.
You sat down in the library with a book in your hand, finding time to relax after studying for so long for your exam term and general studying you liked to do in case.
Loosening the blue tie around your neck your fingers found their way around the page you left off, sighing in relief and settling in your seat.
A hint of red appeared in the corner of you eye, knowing well who it was. Ron Weasley, your boyfriend.
You’ve started dating him few weeks ago and this was all new to you, you were not sure how relationships worked because for one you felt like you didn’t have the time for one and two you were insanely shy, like downright too shy to function.
And of course Ron was making this slightly harder than you could manage as your shyness got in the way of almost everything and he never failed to make you even more flustered than you already were and made sure he’d point it out making you melt in a puddle right then and there.
You really liked him though, like is an understatement when it came to the blue eyed ginger. He was amazing and you were willing to work through your shyness with him.
“Hello.” Ron interrupted your reading, placing a kiss to your cheek as he took a seat next to you and earning hushing from everyone that sat near you. Your cheeks heated from the peck and turned to face your boyfriend.
“Ron.” You gave him a shy smile, addressing his attempts at getting your attention and wanting to talk at the library.
“I missed you.” Ron mumbled, you were still trying to read and maybe using the book as an excuse to hide your burning face. He tried to get it off with a gentle hand and to make sure you wouldn’t lose the page you were in, he was so thoughtful and you felt like you were going to explode.
“Ron, please not here.” You said, folding the book closed. He figured you were only flustered and truly didn’t want him to go away, but to Ron. He saw that as a challenge, you always thought gryffindor guys were obnoxious and had to get their way. Ron was not any different, except you liked how obnoxious and needy he was but you wished he didn’t make you feel like your chest didn’t heave with butterflies and face feeling on fire.
Nervously glancing up at him he smiled, he felt a good sense of pride for grabbing your attention like this. Noticing your red face he wanted to go slow on you but damn how much he loved to fluster you..
Convinced you shouldn’t stay in the library anymore you left to hang out with him, assuming you could do that. You were surprised he had not been bored with you yet, but Ron wasn’t bored in the slightest.
You were smart and beautiful and you cared about him, you surely knew how to talk when he needed it. He’d never give you up for anything, and you didn’t like to rot in self pity which was why Ron liked you in the first place.
“How’s your studying?” He asked, he knew you had been studying none stop and that you liked to do it anyway even if you didn’t have to. “Good, thank you.” You smiled up at him, hugging your book closer to your chest. “Good, good. I’m glad.” He started walking in front of you and backwards, your cheeks flushing all over again.
“Do I really make you that nervous?” Ron finally asked as you both entered a quieter area, less people. Just you and him.
“Yeah.. yes.” You looked down but he lifted your chin to look him in the eye, his eyes so blue you could drown. Fighting against the urge to look away from how nervous you started to get Ron took the chance to kiss you, his hands around your waist and bringing you closer to him.
This was the first time you kissed, Ron always tried to sneak in a kiss but he didn’t want to make you uncomfortable. It’s the least of what he wanted, your stomach erupting butterflies you stood on your tiptoes and kissed him back. You liked him too much for shyness to get in the way, his lips were much softer than you imagined.
“That’s not so bad, is it?” Ron said after he pulled away, you nervously chuckled and shook your head. “Good.” He smirked and pecked your lips lightly, continuing the walk you and him had been already doing.
It was few weeks later and quidditch practices were taking place, Ron at many of them which made you not see him as much as you wanted.
And you couldn’t help but start missing him, it’s like he’s never there. Always worried about quidditch which you were excited to see him play, he was really good. But knowing Ron he probably was ghosting you because he had not been doing well at the practices, you just wanted to be there for him.
not being in the same house made it impossible to see him after time, you were not allowed at the gryffindor tower just like he wouldn’t be allowed at the ravenclaw tower. It was making you so anxious, you wanted to see him so badly. You tried to sneak in and seek him out but he wasn’t anywhere to be found, he’s either late or you’re early enough to miss him.
You sneaked out of the ravenclaw tower once again maybe sneak in to the quidditch field, you hugged yourself from the extremely cold breeze that hit you in the bones. Spotting Harry you quickly sprinted to catch up to him.
“Harry!” You called out to your boyfriends best friend, Harry turned around with his muddied red quidditch robes, his glasses askew and maybe broken even. He looked terrible. “What are you doing here?” Harry said, not catching his breath from all the way to here.
“Have you seen Ron?” You asked, hugging yourself tighter from the cold. “He’s right behind me, boys room. We just finished our practice you’ll find him there.” Harry didn’t finish before you made your way to a room that’s probably filled with boys at this second but you didn’t care, you wanted to see where he was. Check on him, trying to be reasonable except for jumping into conclusions which you’d do anything but.
The room was a lot quieter than you expected, walking in you wasted no time; “Ron?” You called, robes and brooms were hanging everywhere as you took your turns to find him. The familiar red hair and blue eyes peaked at you, Ron quickly caught you before a smile made its way to his tired face.
“Ron- hi.” You shyly said, his hair was a mess but you’d no idea why him looking so dirty looked so good. “I made it into the team.” He gave you another adorable smile of his before he tried to hug you, seeing as he was extremely handsome in dirt you couldn’t mind.
You jumped into his arms, your face in the crook of his neck with his arms around your small body laughing in your embrace. “That’s so great!” You pulled away just a little to stare at your boyfriends face, and for once in the while you’ve been dating him you felt no ounce of shyness as your lips were on his in an instant.
Ron was surprised by you making the first move but it also drove him crazy, you jumped into his arms and initiated a kiss? He must be dreaming.
He placed you down a bench before he pulled away, noticing the dirt he’d gotten on your shirt finding the opportunity to fluster you.
“You look really good in that shirt, too bad it’s dirty now.” Ron said. The way he was staring at your body brought heat to your cheeks and somewhere else you couldn’t have guessed was possible.
He went to take it off before you stopped him. “Not here, someone could walk in.” You shyly stated, Ron still had that smirk on his face before he clicked his tongue. “still shy are we?” He asked, you felt tongue tied to say the least.
“I can tell you that your body looks ridiculously good right now.” He continued, his eyes on every inch of you. Your cheeks burning up at this point, shifting under him just a little.
“You know, you can tell me to stop if you want.” Ron said, you knew he was testing your waters.. you didn’t want him to stop but you didn’t think you could take him talking to you that way without vanishing into a melted puddle.
“Do you still want me to tell you that you’re the hottest most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.. touched?” He continued, you felt weaker the more he spoke and it was not what you expected.
You came here to see him, you expected him to be mad or angry with you and maybe break up with you. But this? This was better than anything that was in your head, still not knowing how to respond or function through it. You weren’t sure if you should answer him, or maybe run your hands through his slightly darkened hair from the dirt but so very orange nonetheless, or kiss him or just get up and run because you felt too flustered to breathe.
“Is my girl okay? Do you want me to stop, because I can..” his lips were on your neck, sweet kisses placed on your skin and the first thing that came out of your mouth was a soft gasp from the contact.
He pulled away and looked down at you, he could tell you were still nervous but he’d take his time with you. Pulling back and away from you he helped you sit up, fixing your hair in place. You stared at him in awe, he was being patient with you and you felt too grateful for words. “I’m happy you made the team.. you’re really good you know.” You finally said, reaching for his hand and holding it with your own. Ron blushed before he kissed your nose.
ending the night with him all clean and cuddling with him before you needed to stick to curfew and go back to your own houses.
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vivwritesfics · 3 months
Lupins Lady
Ugh I wanna write some poly marauders stuff so baaaad
Word count: 1k
Summary: before Y/N, everybody was scared of the Marauders. But the terrorising stopped the the pranks became harmless. All thanks to Lupins Lady.
Inspired by a tiktok that I can't find now
Tumblr media
Everybody knew of the Marauders and the mischief they got up to. Well, they knew of James and Sirius, and occasionally Peter. At first people couldn’t understand how they got along so well with Remus Lupin. But back then, people couldn’t understand the Remus Lupin was actually the brains behind the entire operation.
It was easy to tell when a prank was orchestrated by James and Sirius or by Remus. And, recently, they were all James and Sirius. Silly things like swapping around books in the library or holding Snapes things above his head. Without Remus, James and Sirius looked like downright bullies.
But Remus was rather preoccupied. At least, that was how the other boys saw it. What else were they supposed to think when every time they walked into the common room (after nine at night) he was sat in the arm chair, sleeping in front of the fire. But that wasn’t all. Dressed in one of his sweaters Y/N L/N would be sleeping against his chest.
The couple hadn’t told anybody they were together, but they didn’t have to. One day Remus just appeared by her side and he didn’t left it, seemingly. The PDA wasn’t packed on, but they weren’t shy about it. Sat cuddled up together for breakfast, when the boys would be trying to make plans. Completing homework together that seemed to be Remus either correcting hers or just doing it himself.
Even at her young age Y/N L/N thought she’d found her life partner in Remus Lupin. He was kind and sweet and caring and oh so so handsome. He was the full package, wrapped up in a scruffy little bow.
Of course, she didn’t know about his furry little problem, but that was a story for another day.
On this particular night, just as every night, the boys strolled into the common room, dripping with confidence. They hadn’t even pulled a prank, but three girls had just sent him that flirty wave and batted their eyelashes at him. And Lily had actually looked at James today!
But the fourth member of their party was nowhere to be seen.
Instead of joining them in their escapades around Hogwarts, Remus was sat in front of the fire, his girl on his lap, bundled up in his sweater. The moment she climbed onto him and planted a kiss on his cheek he knew they were both going to sleep there, at least until he woke up with his back hurting and moved her to his bed with him.
“Whatcha reading?” She asked, tucking her head into the crook of his neck. Remus hummed and held out the cover for her to see. Once she’d made the noise of approval he’d been waiting for, his arms snaked around her and he held the book open, this time reading out loud.
This had become routine now. And by the time the other Marauders had arrived, they’d both be asleep. It was sickeningly sweet, every other Gryffindor would tell you that much, but they couldn’t stop the ‘aww’s from escaping each time it happened.
Before they fell asleep, Remus and Y/N would get through at least one chapter of whatever book he was reading. She kept him out of trouble, at least that’s what the boys said. Before Y/N he was their leader. He was the one to threaten the younger kids when they caught the boys doing something they shouldn’t have.
James was standing in front of the stairs leading to the dormitories, Sirius in front of the portrait hole. Only first years were gathered in the common room, sat around the fireplace. In front of the fireplace was Remus, the Marauders map sticking out of his back pocket.
It was the start of his and Y/N’s relationship. She was sitting in the armchair in the common room, waiting for them to finish up. After Remus was done with the first years he had promised her a picnic in front of the fireplace made up of food he and the boys had taken from the kitchens.
“This is a lesson I like to call ‘so you caught James and Sirius doing something they shouldn’t have’,” Remus said to the first years. He casually pulled his wand out of his pocket and tapped it against his head. “Anybody who can tell me what they saw wins a prize.”
Y/N hated to admit it, but this side of Remus was a mixture of scary and hot. She looked up from her book to watch the whole endeavor.
“What do we win?” Asked a brave first year.
Sirius stepped forward slightly from the portrait hole. “Ever heard of Obliviate?” He asked with a smirk. A few of the first years started trembling.
That was when Y/N finally stepped in. She put down her book, walked over to Remus and kissed his cheek. “Okay, Rem,” she whispered as he wrapped his arm around her. “I think they get it. As long as they don’t squeal they get to keep their memories, right?”
“That’s right, Sweetheart,” he said and kissed the top of her head. After that he dismissed the first years, not before James and Remus gave them a good scare.
That was the last time the boys got to scare the first years with Remus. He was still their leader, just spent most of his time with Y/N instead. He still made time for the boys, but that time was spent thinking of Y/N.
In truth, by keeping Remus out of trouble, she was keeping all of the Marauders out of trouble. Their schemes became less and less.
Before Y/N everybody was scared of the Marauders. If it wasn’t for her Lily would never have given James a chance. But that was a story for another day.
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lionizingheathen · 2 months
Everything - J.P.
James Potter x fem!Reader
Making boyfriend James Potter be rough with you for the first time
Warnings: Roughish smut, unprotected sex, vaginal penetrative intercourse
Smut under the cut hope you enjoy
James is a wonderful partner.  Truly, he was the best person you'd ever been with, nice and gentle, kind and sweet... but he was almost too gentle.  For example, it'd taken a year to get him to fuck you hard, and even then he'd been too gentle... So in order to make him treat you how you wanted, you spent the whole day teasing him -short skirts, fleeting touches, all of it.  Anything to make him take you.  What had finally pushed him over the edge was you giving him a handjob in the bathroom during dinner.  Now he was fucking you harder than he ever, making you see stars... and all you wanted was more.
"Fuck, James!  Harder!" You whined, letting your face fall to the mattress as he continued to pound into you from behind, making you gasp.  He leaned over you, pressing your bodies together as he groaned in your ear, kissing you just under it.
"Are you sure?"  He asked, his voice sounding strained, and you nodded frantically.  It'd been hard to convince him to be rough with you at all, he was worried about you getting hurt... and you wanted to take full advantage of him being in this kind of mood.
"Stop asking that and fuck me, Potter!  Please!" You begged, and he let out a chuckle in your ear, straightening up to grip your hips as he increased his speed.
"Right."  He grunted, and you chewed on your lip, pushing yhourself back up as you moaned, pressing back against him.  He shoved you down flat on the mattress, thrusting harder, making you lose breath with each one.  You grinned, chewing on your lip as you took whatever he was willing to give him.
"Oh my god, just like that, just like that, please!" You cried, feeling him slap his hand across your ass, making you cry out before he reached forward, picking your head up by your hair.  Fuck, he was so hot.
"You like that?  Hm?"  He asked, and you nodded, letting your mouth hang open.
"Yes!"  You gasped, and he let your head fall again, picking up your hips so he could more easily slam into you, making you cry out at the new angle.
"Merlin, you look good like this, I've always thought so.  Always wondered how it would feel to just wreck you." He said, and you nodded, feeling him fully. He was big, he always had been... But this was the first time that you'd actually felt his size, let it affect you... and you never wanted it to stop.
"You're so fucking big."  You whined, and you could practically feel his ego growing as he leaned forward, roughly circling your clit.  It made you shiver and gasp, reaching back to place a hand upon his cheek.  He kissed the side of your face gently.
"Love this... Love feeling you like this, babe.  Love it."  He mumbled, and you felt the knot tightening in your stomach as he continued to abuse your clit with his fingers, rubbing it in quick circles."James... James, I'm close." You moaned, and he increased his pace, practically making you see stars.
"Cum for me.  Do it."  He said, and it was like those words were what sent you over the edge.
"Ah!  Oh fuck... fuck!"  You cried, your thighs trembling as you came around his cock, hands fisted in the blankets.  James didn't let up, instead increasing his pace, making you let out a long moan, your eyes rolling back from how sensitive you were.
"'m not done, baby.  Hold on.  Take it."  He murmured, biting down on your earlobe as his pace increased once again.  God, how the fuck was this even possible?  Fuck.  Fuck.  This was the side of James that you'd been trying to coax out for months.  You knew you had it in him.
"Yes sir."
"So polite.  So good." He praised, flipping you onto your back, shoving your legs over each of his shoulders.  He looked beautiful like this, muscles tense, head to the ceiling as he huffed, his hips stuttering.
"Fuck, James..." You whined, and his mouth dropped open, his brows furrowing as he collapsed on top of you, thrusting erratically, hard and deep inside of you.  He whimpered in your ear as you felt his cum release inside of you.
"Oh!  Oh... Take it all, take it all... you're mine.  All mine, want to prove it."  He moaned, before collapsing flat on top of you, breathing heavily.  You ran your fingers through his hair, feeling like you were flying as he tucked his face into your neck.
"Oh my god..."  He pulled out of you slowly, sitting up so that he could pull you to his chest.  "That was amazing, James."  You sighed, wincing a bit at the soreness.  He noticed and put a finger under your chin, furrowing his brows in concern.
"Did I hurt you?"  He asked, and you smiled at him, placing a hand on his cheek.  Not at all.
"No, baby.  That was so hot, I want you to do that more, I wanna see how rough you can be."  You explained, and he looked worried, holding you against his chest as he leaned against the headboard, running his fingers through your hair.
"Are you sure?"  You lifted your head and nodded, giving him a smile as you sat up.  You wanted to literally have to limp your way out of bed every morning.
"I love being ruined by you, James Potter." You murmured, kissing up his neck as you reached between his legs, gripping his cock, jerking it until he was hard again.  You swung your legs over him, sinking down, making you both groan as you pressed your foreheads together.
"Fuck." James whined, thrusting his hips up to meet yours, over and over.
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flwrbo · 26 days
roommates. (marauders)
moving out of your cheating bf’s house, into some apartment u found on craigslist. the three men seem nice enough, charmingly annoying if nothing else, and you fall into step with them quickly. 
the nicest of the three is remus, who is always up the latest, usually donned in an oversized grandpa sweater he no doubt got from a 50cent bin at the thrift shop down the way. (he eventually shows you the place to get you your own clothes when you steal one too many of his jumpers.) he can’t be mad though, not really. not when you look so pretty in just his sweater and a pair of pretty undies, drinking tea and making pancakes with him in the late afternoon.
you first meet sirius out of anyone else when he answered the door in only a fluffy towel. it was nearly enough to send you running off, though you’d never admit the handsomely placed tattoos that decorate his body was enough to get you to stay. he shows you how to play his bass - or rather, he lets you lean into his chest as he plucks at the strings in his free time. he even rested his hands over yours as you showed him the simple ballad he teaches you. your favorite, though, was james.
james... who wakes before anyone else to complete his morning runs, bringing junk food for everyone else to eat for breakfast. james, who always guides you away from the street onto the safe side of the sidewalk when you join him for early morning strolls. james, who looks down at you with those glasses that are always gliding down his nose. james, who reached out to you after you placed the offer from the ad in the first place. the moment he and the boys saw you, they knew they’d do anything they could to make sure you joined their cozy little nest. <3 
masterlist here <3
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siriusly-parker · 2 months
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