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Perhaps one day I'll tire of painting stars, but today is not that day.
A happy Tuesday to you all.
While I spend this day working on new star themed orders I thought I'd share a few images of past creations. ⭐
See something you like? Feel free to take a closer look at the shop. :)
Wishing you all a wonderful day.
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Anatomy of a Spell
This infographic is based on my Anatomy of a Spell post and is based on my own experience with spell work.
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Ofc tumblr butchered the quality but I'll try to find another way to post it so that it's more clear lol.
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Enter the magical forest  ❤️
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Star stuff
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for Drawolfiee ~ ♡
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✨ Magical Starter Pokémon Duo ✨
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A random sketch of Tomik and Ral Zarek enjoying the sunset! 🌇❤
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by Thomas Kegler
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How to support international stories coming out in English!
I've seen many English speakers ask when they see something not out in their language commenting "Will it ever come out in English?" "[…] Can't wait for for it to be available in English :) I bet it will be a success! 🎉" "I'm having a hard time finding these in English - are they available anywhere?" "I hope your books comes to the US! Looks cool!" "I've heard great things about your book! Is it translated to English? I was having trouble finding it, but I'd be interested in reading it ^_^"
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Well, on their website Seven Seas Entertainment has a monthly survey where you can send in stories, this is seemingly the easiest way although you can only send in 4* a month/survey (which I won't link directly to as they are monthly and we are already at the end of November and I don't know when December's will show up, so just scroll down to it). So it can take a while, and preferably no repeats, so have a list you can check off those you have already requested. You can also ask people you know to fill it, or borrow their devices, maybe even use the computers at the library, airport, school, etc. You can also send in all the ones you are interested in to Dark Horse Comics for example, but in my experience are the ones replying to this email address on their Instagram account: contestATdarkhorseDOTcom to be much nicer although they don't really reply if they are considering the suggestions or not, nor do they appear to take regular novels which is a bummer.
There's also OniPress which are going to publish Snøkattprinsen, and Arctis who has published Ravneringene, and while claiming to bring the best from all over the world to the US have they mostly taken from their German branch's library (and seem to be mostly taking novels only, but you can try convincing them to broaden their horizons). There's Yen Press, which seems to be going pretty international or at the very least East Asian, as well as Scholastic and Penguin although the latter two might not take much comics/graphic novels compared to the comic and art book exclusive Dark Horse. Apparently these prefer suggestions done by tweeting at them, so this depends on you wanting to use twitter or not. But I'd avoid DC and Marvel as then the stories might have to become part of their established universes which might be difficult for the creators, and honestly unnecessary. There's also Tokyopop that was revived in English recently with Disney and GL&BL stuff, but with their history, do I not know if I want to trust them... Especially since they are proudly showing off the stories which rights they stole from their original underpaid creators...
Whichever you decide to go for, do I personally recommend pasting the urls from the links below or write them as "[story] by [author]" to make them easier for them to find, they are only human after all.
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Picture from Alena Pons' Instagram
Want an inclusive story about a magical school that isn't written by a recist TERF? Or perhaps a comedy about monster children attending school and their shenanigans? Or about a non-binary ash elf and their dragon friend? Or about how a prophecy ruins the lives of the chosen ones as they have no choice how to live their lives? Then we have stories for you!
Arkin - Lysets Vokter 🗨️♿
Dinokid 🗨️🏳️‍🌈🖤
Born from Death 🗨️♿
El príncipe de la calamidad📖🗨️
Dragens Øye🗨️♿🏳️‍🌈🤍
Donde los Árboles Cantan 📖
Krypto 🗨️🖤
Gryphoon 🗨️♿
Leyendas de Parva Terra🗨️
Mia Myhr og barna som forsvant 🗨️
MiniMonsters 🗨️♿
Mørkalven 🗨️♿
Nordlys 🗨️♿🖤
Oppfinneren 🗨️♿🖤
Phenomena 📖♿🤍🏳️‍🌈
Ragnarok 🗨️♿🤍
Royalty Witches📖🏳️‍🌈❤️
Strawberry Moon 📖❤️♿
Underbyen 🗨️
Under Regnbuen 🗨️🤍🏳️‍🌈
The Urban Legend 🗨️**
Ville Poter 🗨️♿
보지도 못하고 듣지도 못해도 사랑해🗨️❤️♿
외발로 살다🗨️🤍♿
Legend: 🗨️=comic/graphic novel, 📖=novel, 🏳️‍🌈=lgbtqia+ characters***, ❤️=romance is a central theme, 🤍=some romance but not the focus, 🖤=no romance what so ever, ♿=disabled character(s) in a good light (counts by @cannondisabledcharacters rules), (some may change the more I read or as the story continues).
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Art by @cha-c-san
That thing from that country vs just another movie
So since 2012 has Innovasjon Norge where they gave money to fund an animation movie by a little unknown animation company known as Disney over a Norwegian series, that have continued doing that. So Norway's top 3 ways of making money are:
So because of the environment, they want to phase out the oil and find ✨𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔫𝔢𝔴 𝔬𝔦𝔩™✨. So first they tried increasing the salmon "farming", which led to fleas and birth defects. After the seemingly huge success of Frozen, they funded the side stuff and the sequel. Then they funded a Mission Impossible movie, to have a scene on Trolltunga, the scene was so brief and didn't really add anything to the movie so they had to beg so it wasn't cut. Then in one of the latest James Bond movies they funded it to pretend that a Norwegian mountain is in India. So why do they fund so many American productions? Well, to put it simply, tourism. If they sneak in a little of Norway into these, they hope people will want to go to Norway.
But not everyone watching know that Arendelle is based on Norway, and it goes over to being just another Disney movie doesn't it? The clip of Trolltunga, I haven't heard anyone mention that scene as standing out, honestly, I haven't heard anyone talking about that movie. The James Bond movie, they are told that beautiful mountain is in India, India has many beautiful mountains, but pretending that mountain is in India in-movie will increase tourism there, disappointed when they don't find it. So unless you read interviews, you probably wouldn't know that you were lied to. And if hopefully the pandemic taught them anything, do not rely on tourism too much!
So after a while they just become another movie among many others. But if they support a Norwegian story making it as big as they deserve, it'd be remembered among people as "that Norwegian thing" wouldn't it? This is why I want to support stories not only from my home country but also from others. Among the ✨𝔱𝔥𝔢 𝔫𝔢𝔴 𝔬𝔦𝔩™✨ they've tried is timber, which Sweden is known for, and like oil, is finite. There's no end in creative people, and they deserve support. Here they get only 10% of what they poored their soul into while the publisher last time I checked get 70%. This the result of a print shop strike where as they only got 5%, where the boss took 90% of that and the actual workers got the remains. I don't blame the print shop workers, they deserved more. But that the publisher snuck in and took the hugest percentage, is just BS as they do the least (here at least, most authors have to advertise in their own free time themselves).
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Vegetarian vampires done right, comic by David Ramírez
* This November one asked for 1 Manga from Japan exclusively, 2 Manga/Graphic novels/Comics from wherever, 1 light novel from Japan exclusively, and 2 any kind of novel from wherever. If you don't read much manga but want to suggest any do I recommend (these have no "fan service") 五色の舟🗨️📖♿🏳️‍🌈 (Goshiki no Fune , about a found family of Japanese disabled people during WW2 as they try to survive, none of the opposing forces are demonized and just they trying to live their lives), I S―男でも女でもない性🗨️♿🏳️‍🌈❤️ (IS - Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei, about different intersex people and their lives), 放浪息子🗨️🏳️‍🌈❤️ (Hourou Musuko, about trans children and their lives, not perfect but also sweet, had an English translation that was sadly dropped due to lack of sales), Ballad of a Shinigami 📖🤍♿ (one of the first light novels Seven Seas published, but was cancelled as it was in the years light novels and visual novels weren't taken as seriously in the west, hopefully we can uncancel it), もののけ草紙🗨️🤍♿ (Mononoke Soushi , well, it has some nudity but not pervy nudity. It's about a young girl Tenome growing up right before WW2 and as an adult during the war, it's a love craftian inspired horror manga with Japanese folklore and she's really badass, and even if you are a coward like me is the art, story, and characters stronger than the horror so you'd probably like it,
+アニマ🗨️🤍♿ (+Anima, a darkly cute series about children gaining animal powers, was officially in English once, but deserves more love again), Luck Stealer by Hajime Kazu (story about an assassin taking lives by stealing their luck by coming near them, really satisfying and badass and understandable why he does it. There's one annoying character shoehorned in by an editor it feels like, but he doesn't appear much fortunately), 心霊探偵八雲📖🤍♿ (Shinrei Tantei Yakumo, a mystery series about a guy who can see ghosts, can get really dark), and finally 恋の神様 古味直志短編集🗨️❤️🤍🖤 (Koi no Kamisama, a collection of Komi Naoshi one-shots before he went mainstream with Nisekoi, a collection of weird and kind of psychological one-shots that are a lot of fun within few pages).
** Self published, but has been looking for an official publisher forever according to interviews.
*** a work not marked with this still could have some later, is not clear enough, I haven't read enough yet to know, or I haven't asked the author. But even if one seemingly does not have any does it not mean that the author is phobic or not part of the lgbtqia+ themselves, and as far as I know, no one on this list are phobic as far as I've checked.
Feel free to reblog with stories from different countries that aren't translated into English. The ones I suggest here are in languages that I understand or have accessed by other means. Also, many thanks to @godteri-takk for encouraging me and @ittibittium for making this post (which is very much have been the reason the series came out look at slide 2) and inspiring me. If you have any questions about the stories I've included here, feel free to ask ^^. If you wonder why I didn't link to Phenomena, Mørkalven, Under Regnbuen, The Urban Legend, and Underbyen on the booksfromnorway website is it that they're simply not there, the publisher haven't added them. I'd also link to Norway Comics more often as the website looks good, but haven't been updated in about a year for whatever reason, maybe they started to give up? I don't know. Thank you for your time and hopefully we can give more than a few authors a cool gift before the end of the year.
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Iron forge blacksmith pendants/keychains.
Troll Cross, Open Spiral (2) and Earth Troll Cross.
Available in Arte Feudo’s Etsy Shop.
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MtG: Protect the Negotiators (1 of 3) - Dominik Mayer
New artist tumblr!
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More Grog the Frog art 🐸🔮⚔️
In case you didn’t know Grog is my OC: an evil frog wizard, mostly interested in fashion and dark arts. Publishing his first comicbook next spring! 🐸💅🏻🔥🔮
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Your heart… let me fix it "Priestess Thickness" painted May 2022
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The most baseline heuristic for magical ethics is to simply treat magic as if it's actually real.
Don't bind somebody into doing something unless you'd hold them up at gunpoint about about, and don't curse anybody unless you'd bash them over the head with a shovel.
Do: curse bigots, especially politicians and famous personalities
Do not: curse that guy who cut you off in traffic
Do: bind fascists and abusers away from their victims
Do not: bind somebody into falling in love with you
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