apoetsparacosm · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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insomenixa · a day ago
Perhaps I’m dramatic. I act as if the sole reason the universe exists is for me to be with you, but oh you will never find another soul, ready to dive so deep for you, and only you.
-i made you the center of my universe… you didn’t
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autumnsunshine10 · 2 days ago
Runaway Thoughts
Billowing into the blue
Watching you through uranium glasses
Becoming another speck on the horizon
Masticating the bitter with the sweet
Like chewing the scenery just to pass time
On the way to a dreamscape paradise
Oops the Geiger counter goes off again
Nope just another false alarm
I came for you but didn't get far
Hitchhiker's thumb and Achilles' heel
Mirages appear appallingly real
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dolores-hazy · a day ago
Upside Down
Let all the blood flow
And drain to my head
Clearly I'm not thinking clearly again
Not sure it would help but
It won't hurt; diverting the flow
Sure couldn't make things worse
If I fall to the floor I'll just get a lump
One to go with the one in my throat
A matching set, would you look at that
Nevermind you only look my way
When I have something you want
My wet eyes shine like searchlights
Leading you through the dark
Only there's more darkness behind them
That's no fun, I know...don't blame you
For booking the next flight out
I could cut off circulation, give in to ex-
Sanguination but I don't have
Your steely determination 
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2soulscollide · 11 months ago
E.A. Deverell - FREE worksheets (characters, world building, narrator, etc.) and paid courses;
Hiveword - Helps to research any topic to write about (has other resources, too);
BetaBooks - Share your draft with your beta reader (can be more than one), and see where they stopped reading, their comments, etc.;
Charlotte Dillon - Research links;
Writing realistic injuries - The title is pretty self-explanatory: while writing about an injury, take a look at this useful website;
One Stop for Writers - You guys... this website has literally everything we need: a) Description thesaurus collection, b) Character builder, c) Story maps, d) Scene maps & timelines, e) World building surveys, f) Worksheets, f) Tutorials, and much more! Although it has a paid plan ($90/year | $50/6 months | $9/month), you can still get a 2-week FREE trial;
One Stop for Writers Roadmap - It has many tips for you, divided into three different topics: a) How to plan a story, b) How to write a story, c) How to revise a story. The best thing about this? It's FREE!
Story Structure Database - The Story Structure Database is an archive of books and movies, recording all their major plot points;
National Centre for Writing - FREE worksheets and writing courses. Has also paid courses;
Penguin Random House - Has some writing contests and great opportunities;
Crime Reads - Get inspired before writing a crime scene;
The Creative Academy for Writers - "Writers helping writers along every step of the path to publication." It's FREE and has ZOOM writing rooms;
Reedsy - "A trusted place to learn how to successfully publish your book" It has many tips, and tools (generators), contests, prompts lists, etc. FREE;
QueryTracker - Find agents for your books (personally, I've never used this before, but I thought I should feature it here);
Pacemaker - Track your goals (example: Write 50K words - then, everytime you write, you track the number of the words, and it will make a graphic for you with your progress). It's FREE but has a paid plan;
Save the Cat! - The blog of the most known storytelling method. You can find posts, sheets, a software (student discount - 70%), and other things;
I hope this is helpful for you!
(Also, check my blog if you want to!)
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introvert-unicorn · a month ago
Physical characterizations that can make your characters more human
Irritated skin, red spots and stretch marks
Acne on forehead, cheeks and chin
Dark under eyes circles
Dry skin
Uncovered scars and birthmarks
Unshaped teeth
Unshaved body hair
Messy/ curly hairs that won't be managed no matter what you do to them
Chewed and unpolished finger nails
Spontaneous smile
Nervous tics
The sound of their footsteps
The way they stand/ posture
Weight loss/ weight gain due to emotional antecedents
Putting on make up or none at all
Wearing extravagant clothes
Wearing unmatchable but comfortable clothes
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realistacademia · 5 months ago
the urge to learn everything, but do nothing. productive laziness right?
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queenmoriarty · 2 months ago
'I like the way your brain works' is literally one of the nicest compliments tbh
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adorningwords · 3 months ago
The human heart is a funny thing, it breaks so many times yet shamelessly it yearns for the same things that shattered it in the first place.
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wedarkacademia · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
-Benedict Smith, I wish I wrote the way I thought
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lostmoonchildsblog · a year ago
I'm once again fighting the urge to fake my death and move to a small city and open a little florist shop or cafe filled with books
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apoetsparacosm · a day ago
Screaming crying throwing up over the fact that some 2D chick has a fictional man fawning over her and I don’t
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eloueramuse · a year ago
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' I put my heart and soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process '
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— Vincent Van Gogh
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drunkenacademia · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
-the greedy heart.
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aurelius-xx · 11 months ago
Me??? Obsessed??? Over something I found only a few hours ago??? Yes
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angellfish · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
working title is: zoe learns how to sext
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lilllium · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
—Lilllium, from my piece This is How We Self Destruct
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